Chelsea’s $3M Wedding Paid By Foundation? Emails: Tax-Free Funds Floated a “Decade of Her Life”

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: Would anything the Clinton’s allegedly did be enough to constitute a “scandal”? It is questionable whether even (rumored) video of Bill Clinton engaged in sex acts with minors would raise media eyebrows. It isn’t a question of what “is” is anymore, it is a question of what the supposed ‘watchdogs’ of the political scene (in all their official and self-appointed capacities) are willing to put on the table. For Alt-Right supporters of Trump, anything and everything is fair game, and there is plenty of detritus to bring to the surface; but for CNN and even FOX, many of these bombshell scandals may well not even exist.

    The establishment is in the battle of its life to spin the great political realignment and rebuke of its powers into a new mandate for control. Whether that plays out in Hillary, or in some bastardized control of Trump’s administration after the fact, it is quite clear that the “Teflon” candidate is being allowed to sweep everything under the carpet. No matter what Wikileaks emails, Guccifer 2.0 hacks, whistleblowers and witnesses reveal, it is smooth sailing for Big H.

    For any other politician, a mere fraction of the dirt piled up on this family would have ended careers, stirred media scrutiny and ended in prosecution, even if it is all just formality ending in suspended sentences. Instead, Hillary only becomes more inevitable in spite of, or possible even because of, the scandals that have emerged (both inside and outside the White House, the federal government, the State Department and the rigged DNC process). It is entirely possible that the electoral college is so locked-up that literally nothing could block her path. Let’s see how they tally the score come Tuesday night…

    Doug Band Accuses Chelsea Of Using Clinton Foundation Money To Pay For Her Wedding

    by Tyler Durden

    A couple of days ago we shared a Podesta email from Doug Band about Chelsea talking openly in public about her “internal investigation” into the Clinton Foundation.

    As with many of the Doug Band email chains, the rabbit hole just got a little deeper today with Band accusing of Chelsea of “using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade” among other accusations.  He also concludes with another veiled threat on the consequences “once we go down this road….”

    The investigation into her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade, taxes on money from her parents….

    I hope that you will speak to her and end this

    Once we go down this road….

    Doug Band


    The implications are troubling: as our friends from the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation point out, “*If true* people (then) worth well into 8 figures used 501c3 $ to pay for a wedding.

    The latest Band email comes after he previously accused Chelsea of talking about her “internal investigation” in the Clinton Foundation with “one of the bush 43 kids.”

    I just received a call from a close friend of wjcs who said that cvc told one of the bush 43 kids that she is conducting an internal investigation of money within the foundation from cgi to the foundation

    The bush kid then told someone else who then told an operative within the republican party

    I have heard more and more chatter of cvc and bari talking about lots of what is going on internally to people

    Not smart

    Something tells us that Chelsea and Doug may not be on speaking terms for a while after all the WikiLeaks revelations.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Daah thats why mom dad and here name is on it cus its nothing more than a tax evading money laundering trust fund for Chelsea and future clinton generations.

        • You mean there are more Clinton’s coming? God help us!

          • The Clintrashians are set to invade the White House.

            • You mean cuntarshians, there I fixed it.

              • What makes it worse is that Chelsea is married to a member of that disgusting ‘tribe’ with connections to GOLDMAN-SACHS.

            • Thankfully, they already have all the WH silverware from last time already

      2. For the life of me I just cannot believe the endless amount of corruption that goes on with this crew. Maybe it’s the way I was raised. You got your ass whooped for lying in our house, no questions asked. It makes my stomach hurt just watching these people go on and vilify anyone who actually accuses them of what they’re guilty of in the first place. So with that said, I’m not going to be commenting anymore. If this woman “wins” I fear that it won’t be anymore than a couple years before it all comes crashing down. But the ride to that point is gonna be very uncomfortable, especially for a certain group of people. I’ll still be lurking but just won’t be commenting. Thanks Mac for the room to vent and thanks to all who contribute something worth saying. I wish you all the best but it’s just that time.
        Stay quiet Be smart.

        • JF,

          You’re not alone. It dumbfounds me how anyone can even vote for her. This is not even politics; it is about the rule of law. It clearly does not apply to her, and someone in good conscious can vote for her?!

          I do, however, take solace in the fact that the next stage of the financial crisis is essentially upon us, and the “masters of the universe” will soon find out that they think they are. I was, however, hoping I would not have to deal with private military contractors function as “law enforcement” during this time, whose involvement might have been forestalled with Trump. At this point, I have no faith that Trump can be elected because of the corruption. And, with a Hillary victory, their involvement is a foregone conclusion.

          Also, for the rest of the community, the comments are generally pretty good. I would however caution you take a good look at which wolves will be on your doorstep. It won’t be FEMA. It won’t be DHS, and it won’t be the military. It’ll be private military companies (mercenaries) whose soulless employee have no issue torturing people for their own amusement – which may include you. If you don’t believe, read up on DynCorp (owned by none other than Cerberus Capital). And, I suspect that they will come very quietly.

          God Bless!

      3. The entire Foundation, from concept to operations, is a front for money laundering and personal enrichment of the Clintons.

        That explains the private server, the pay-to-play, all of it.

        • FBI was clearly paid off to ignore the Klinton crimes.

          • Maybe he is in fear of his or his families life?
            Google “Clinton Murders” there is a list LITERALLY a mile long.

            Clintons act like any other Mobster Criminal Enterprise.
            Except the Clintons are obviously better “protected”.
            Clinton-Obama Above the Law. No laws apply to these TRAITOR-Criminals.
            Thumbing their nose at you. NO consequences to TREASON and breech of National Security.

            How can this be allowed to continue?
            They just keep killing people.
            They just keep destroying the USA.
            Clinton will start NUCLEAR WW III with Russia if she steals the presidency.
            WTF? Why can’t they be locked up?
            Why isn’t Obama Impeached and sent to prison?

          • Comey loves his family…

            you know, accidents happen…

            Good luck tomorrow America.
            Destiny has delivered a messenger, with a simple message;
            SLEEPERS AWAKEN.

            Destiny will now deliver a Leader we deserve.
            We shall see.
            Either way, I would learn old time skills. Because both of the candidates, have their heads so far up their asses, they can’t see the sunshine. And regardless of which one gets selected, civil war II is coming.
            The ‘loyal opposition’ has ramped up to ‘enemy mine’, and rhetoric has ramped to violence, there will be no calming down, no acceptance of The Other Candidate as ‘my’ president, no ability to govern in either case, except by extreme measures, which will have unintended consequences…

            God bless us every one.

            • PM, good to see you back. Like mother and father, like daughter. Definitely applies to the Clintons. The apple NEVER falls far from that communist tree. I’m at my BOL since last Wed. to avoid the shitstorm that’s coming. Take care.

              • Hi Brave!
                Been offline for many days… long story.

                God bless you and yours, no matter what happens…
                Since I live at my BOL, my BOL is about a quarter mile back in the woods next to the creek…

                Catch you on the flip side…

                • PM, your BOL is next to a creek? SHAZAM like Gomer Pyle would say, LOL! I’m on 30 acres bordering on one side of a year-round creek. Take care.

      4. Looks like the so-called “counter coup” failed, so after the demon career criminal psychopath Hillary is placed into office we can expect to see a sharp increase in alcohol and Big Pharma sales. We can expect to see the cowards swarming to the golf course, bars, and nightclubs, they will hide their cowardly boot licking drunken bum asses in the gyms and at their favorite fishing holes, they will stampede to the “bread and circuses” sporting events, and the keyboards cowards will stare at mindless entertainment and video games like never before as the drunken bum toxic dump boot licking cowards watch their children’s freedom, health, and future being whored out to Globalist psychopath demon monsters from the inner pits of the bowels of hell…..Sorry to be harsh and living in REALITY, but everyone knows this is the absolute TRUTH about the current state of the cowardly programmed indoctrinated American people.

      5. Upon further review, I have determined that there is no way to turn this around. Not even a full blown revolution or civil war. The government and corporate America have combined to push the same agenda. Communists and Capitalists together. They openly state that they will increase the GDP by continuing to increase the population through unrestricted immigration. Growth is the goal. Growth at all costs. There are few available white people to migrate to the US, so we will be a non-white country. The West will be non-white. That was the goal of the Marxists back in the 1930’s. It is now also the goal of the Capitalists. For profit, of course. I apologize to my ancestors and to my progeny for failing to stop the agenda.

      6. Oh how could I forget, buy stock in Strip Clubs, the drunken bum boot licking cowards will be packing those dens of sin every night in a desperate attempt to forget what complete Globalist fascist totalitarian dystopian horror they are leaving the children they should of NEVER had.

        • I am NOT a fan of Huxley, but he did get this one correct:

          “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, *******because they love their servitude.**** To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers…. The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.”

          I think of my idiot neighbor with Demcr*p signs all over her yard. Same person on “disability” that goes out jogging a mile or two every day.

          • TEST, did I read that correctly? You have a neighbor who JOGS every day but is collecting ‘disability’? SCAM-BAM-JAM-A-LAM!

            • Yes, Brave, you did. It’s disgusting. Their yard is absolutely plastered with everything but “Vote for Lenin” signs. Whenever I work out at the gym, I will see her there – obviously been there a while when I arrived, and when I leave, still there (I barely have enough time to breathe, but if I dont work out, I get really sore, can’t sleep, etc.)

              Worse, I have a sister in law (nice person don’t get me wrong) who retired from a regular teaching job (not administrative) at age 56. Was making $110k/yr working 9 months a year, then early retired pulling in $7k MONTH, if you can believe that (you should, as it’s true).

              Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, former treasury official under Reagan, now at Boston Univ., said that if you count ALL unfunded liabilities (state, fed, municipal, corporate, etc. etc.) the total unfunded liability now (last I looked) is $222 TRILLION.

              Tell me, HOW will that be funded? Can Hilary make miraculous cattle future trades for the whole nation?

              Truth is, we are now a non-Christian, amoral, self-absorbed filthy generation (can you say “Kartrashians,” “Mahdoona BJ for a Hilary vote” or Miley Cysleaze?)

      7. It appears that a Galts gulch approach is the only and best realistic option, there is no way to fight this that will have any appreciable effect so its best to just remove oneself from the fray, how long can we go undetected though? Hiding in plain sight

      8. It breaks my heart to say this. But, it appears that there are just more Sheeple in this nation that DO NOT care about corruption and dissolving of our constitution, than those of us that do. These Sheeple vote and it matters not to the Washington cartel as long as they win and get to control the treasury and the Sheeple. America will be destroyed from within.

      9. Hey Mac, why dont you link this? Great article!

        ht tp://

      10. The corrupt think they have struggled in life, and that we should all learn from their successes.

        They’re not embarrassed by it. They think you’re out of touch.

        • Holy crap that was funny….Southpark…..

      11. Ok we know this. We all know that they are doing. NO ONE IN POWER WILL DO A FUCKING THING TO STOP IT!!!!

        Very soon it all comes to an end. We will live in hell, we will all be slaves (even more so than now). Then about 500 years from now some one will rise up, and kick the shit out of these types of people. Thank God I’m in my early 60’s. Maybe I’ll be gone in the next 25 or 30 years. GOD HELP US!


        • Just what I have been trying to tell you, now you understand

          • Ron, WE get what you’ve been saying for a long time. Many of us recognize the causation of this cluster fuck. Many are still not clued in to THE root of it all. I thank you for your zeal of grammar and delivery… You DO get your point across. I myself am turning 62 thismonth and I have promised myself that my grandchildren will NOT be growing up as some boot licking slave. If it means that Poppop goes down in a pile of spent brass, SO be it. This shit came to a head on OUR watch, SO WE better Damn well DO something about it… stay quiet, stay small IS a good concept to practice, until THE time IS right… Then,, spring forth AND resolve this issue with great prejudice…

      12. Remember people its all about risk. So I have gotten my food, water, ammo, fuel stocks and misc prep supplies back in-line with the election. I over ordered on ammo since this is a high risk item.
        Remember how it has always gone down through out history. The four boxes of liberty are: “There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.” We all know where we are at…

        • R
          soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.” We all know where we are at…

          Soap Done didn’t work, jury box rigged system for the TPTB, Ballot Box Rigged & letting illegals vote, AMMO the only one left and if they get their way they will try to take that away. AMMO BOX THE ONLY ONE LEFT. WHAT A SHAMNE!!!!

          So you did over order your AMMO supply.


      13. Why would even Slick molesting underage girls, if true, not raise an eyebrow of the mindless left? Simple.

        “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
        – John Adams

        Or, as the fascist left media incessantly told us during the late 1990s, given that the economy was OK (we were setting the stage, e.g. Henry Cisneros at HUD putting in place the rules for the housing collapse of 2008, but that’s another story), the mantra from the Goebbelian media was “Ethics don’t matter.”

        There was also the leftist and media meme during that period, “It’s only sex” re. Bill. Too bad the vile, filthy, lying, disgusting, arrogant, ignorant and – oh.. did I say vile yet? – media could’t apply that to Trump’s comments.

        What the left is too utterly stupid to see is that, while the ignorant left doesn’t care, a lot of us hate the hypocrisy, arrogance, oppression, etc. That’s why I woke up years ago, or my best friend, a Ph.D. candidate in math, left the fascist left years ago. I’ll bet a number of you here are similar in your own backgrounds.

      14. Amen!!!!

      15. Remember, a Trump victory would be a delay in the march of the enemy. Not a total victory over all that is wrong. A Hillary victory is the virtual end of the West. The end of the standard of living, or what’s left of it. The new supreme court justices that she would appoint will bury us until the demographics finally change enough to end our civilization. From now on, if Hillary wins, there will never be another conservative justice on the court. Ever. This is where we are right now. The final battle draws near. You will be a combatant or a victim. You can’t escape the battle. It will find you. Brace yourself. You don’t have enough ammo.

        • Excellent post, Him. You are a combatant or a victim is utterly perspicacious. Lots of people would rather watch DWTS, the latest meaningless NFL game, or the Kartrashians. They will find, as you note, that there will be nowhere left to hide, any more than the “good Germans” who nevertheless put up with the Nazis couldn’t hide when the firestorms in Dresden started.

          But then, leftists always were utterly ignorant. That’s how they *became* leftists. As Samuel Adams said, “[N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.”

          Heck, the Kartrashians, Smiley Cysleaze, Mahdoona (BJ for a Hilary vote) or Katy PScarry could put it better.

          Again, EXCELLENT post. Thank you.

      16. All in all..nothing will be done. Just like the Roman Empire we are going to fall and fall hard. We have no one in our government who will stand up to these illegal activities because they all have blood on their hands. Power breeds psychopaths. That is why they get caught in numerous sexual and illegal activities because they feel they are above the law.

      17. One more day. The only hope is for a giant space rock to strike DC.

      18. Just in time for Christmas (oops, sorry. That word probably offended some leftist doing her 8 yr bachelor’s degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology. Call it Saturnalia then.)

        “It’s Beginning to Look Like Jailtime”

        At least we can hope!


        • Actually wwti told Mac to stick his website up his asshole cause he’s not posting any more Intel until the nazi moderation no free speech is turned off. I agree with wwti. Mo.

          • I was very clear with wwti — he has persistently attacked and denigrated users on this site, to the point where some chose to stop commenting.

            my apologies if you feel I am violating his “free speech” by deleting such comments.

      20. Anyone from MT, WY, ID in here? If Texas turns blue, I am out. Been looking for a small place up there in these states just in case. Advice???

        • Look at Nova Scotia, NTexP. Why? First, you get your money diversified out of the US. Litigation? Good chance they won’t find you. You can’t open a bank account without the police state tracking you outside the US, but you CAN buy property with no problem at all. N.S. is on the Gulf Stream so it isn’t so cold (ave high in Halifax is around freezing in Jan.); summers are great, very moderate. If there is no meltdown, Halifax metro is just under a half million, with two universities and int’l airport, etc., so very livable with arts, night life, etc. Right on the ocean for fishing, of course. Muslims have no idea N.S. exists, and even if they did attack it, no one at the fascist lamestream left media would even know where it is. But, of course, you wouldn’t like in the city – you’d be north, up around Truro, or out where we have a spot on Cape Breton island. Tell me… how many of the golden horde, if it comes to that are going to go NORTH? One person? Two? And in a less severe meltdown, they wouldn’t make it across the border. We used to buy our property – felt we got a reasonable deal. Also, the Canadian dollar is now down around 75 cents, so you get an even better deal.

          The Annapolis valley is well watered, very fertile, and low population density.

          Yeah, the fascist left under Boy Wonder Trudeau is in power now, but diversification is a good idea. I might recommend Newfoundland, but that is really expensive to get to, and Prince Edward Island is horribly socialist. Another idea is Manitoulin Island, largest freshwater lake in the world, in Lake Huron. However, there you will get quite cold, so probably not for a Texan.

          Remember, there is no poor weather, only poor clothing!

          • LOL…quite the response. I guess I just like the rural setting up there in MT, WY, ID. But, I heard of several places in N.S. that will give you a couple of acres if you just build a home there. Something to ponder, but I know that I like Texas the way it is, and not interested in living in a Blue state. Thanks.

      21. If your wife or girlfriend is a stripper, she will be making bank for Christmas money in the coming weeks.

      22. This is the strangest election in American history. There is one which resulted in the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. The closest thing was Joe Biden and Donald Trump talking about duking it out behind the high school. It should be interesting to see what comes next!

      23. I wrote a novel in 1992 about the 2016 election. It included a former first lady running for president against a billionaire real estate developer. It read like it was taken from current events. I discarded it because it sounded too unbelievable. In the book, a massive solar event opens doors to alternative realities on election day. From two of these realities, Darth Vader and Voldemort come to earth and wage war on each other. Don’t worry! The leprechauns save us.

      24. The US is finished as no one is going to address the corruption. The corrupt will be elected and the cycle of depravity will continue. Probably to a point where they attack Russia. At that point corruption will end.

      25. President Elect Donald Trump may look into the Clinton Foundation. The Haitians claim that the Clintons used the Clinton Foundation to rob Haiti. Those poor Haitian people it turns out are rich. The island is a source of all kinds of valuable minerals. So the earth quake was either a convenient natural occurrence, or who knows, maybe a Tesla earthquake machine was implemented. Tesla, the great forgotten genius, made a machine which was able to focus energies into a direction and it practically shook NewYork buildings into a collapse before Tesla stopped it. The story is that he took a hammer to it. I don’t believe every account of the machine being destroyed. Other accounts say the machine survived.

        Tesla, like everybody who gets in the way of the Rothschilds money making monopoly, is made out to be mad. In this case Teslas’ idiosyncrasies are exaggerated like those of Howard Hughes.

        Tesla said someone was trying to kill him. He died in apartment 33 on the 33rd floor.
        A 33rd degree Mason is the highest known rank of Free Masonry. Masons established their secret society in the year 43AD. These J*ws aim was the extinction of Christianity. Thus the highest level 33 coincided with the age of Christ at the time of his death.

        The corruption of the Clintons is but the tip of the iceberg. Look deeper. The problem is international ****power and money and ruthless organized crime. Organized Supremist J*ws rule the world. They steal the discoveries of others and take credit for them. That is why Tesla practically vanished and was and still is, barely ever spoken of at all.

        That’s my opinion.

        Now about Chelsea. I don’t pick on people’s children. And in my opinion, neither should anyone else. Unless, she, too, becomes a politician like Bill and Hillary. She would be wise to live a quiet life away from the glare of political intrigue. Her parents have paved a path to hell, leaving to many bodies along the way for anyone following.

        Four million for a wedding is a bit much, but I don’t hold it against the young couple. After all, look at her role models. She must be totally brainwashed. I feel sorry for her. Where were child protective services. They only take kids away from middle class people. Never rich perverted druggies/dealers like Bill and Hillary Clinton.


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