Caught on Video: Tigers Hunt Down Quadcopter Drone “Releasing Plumes of Smoke”

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Entertainment | 26 comments

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    Ever wonder what nature thinks of all the strange creations of man?

    As technologies take on a life of their own, animal life finds its own balance.

    These Siberian tigers, held in captive in China zoo got pretty pissed off a surveillance drone that was capturing amazing footage of them running in an ambush formation.

    After stalking the flying contraption, a lead tiger batted it down, and it was subsequently destroyed, until the tigers cause the device to go up in smoke, literally!

    via RT:

    Incredible footage from a Siberian tiger enclosure in China’s Heilongjiang Province has captured the moment a drone was taken down and torn apart by a group of the wild cats.

    The drone belonging to reporters from China Central Television (CCTV) fell victim to the animals as it was being used to film aerial footage of the tigers playing in the snow.

    The curious big cats then gather around and inspect the gadget. They gnaw on it’s frame, perhaps annoyed it wasn’t edible, before chewing through the motor and releasing plumes of smoke.The bemused beasts then wisely back away, drone destruction complete.

    Strange and fascinating. Pretty unprecedented footage, as new clashes appear in our world.

    Similarly, an eagle was caught on camera recently taking down a drone, with strategic use of its talons, just as it would any bird of prey.

    The bird was not wild either, however, but being trained by a Dutch police unit to hunt and take down drones – as authorities take to atypical ways of controlling the use of this popular aircraft.

    Meanwhile, here is one way that man is dealing with the unwanted invasion of drones, as SHTF previously reported:

    Mankind thinks it will replace nature and improve upon it, but in the long run, nature remains a formidable foe, as every prepper, survivalist, and realist knows.

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      1. Drones are opening a whole new avenue of pro’s and con’s for many things in this world. we will see how this plays out, the military are using them extensively and so ???

        • Just the old pros and cons presented in a newer venue, really. Trample on other’s rights and you forfeit your own.

          • vocalpatriot,
            Yes and at present it seems our rights are in jeporady, the lawyers have taken over and that is MOST of the problem.

      2. This is off topic but much more important than this headline. Serious as a heart attack.
        Go to X22 Report and listen to podcast 1212. We are in deep shit and the outlook is not

      3. #8’s?….or should i use #4’s when i find one in MY A/O?

        • Yes I’m going to shoot it down and then hunt down its operator.

        • “B”
          I think #8 would be too light. the plastic is pretty tuff. So I think #4 would do just fine.

          Where I live We have Bald Eagles all over the place. I would love to see one of those big buggers tear into one.

          Don’t forget that in some places shooting one down can get you arrested, which I think is B.S. Flying over your house looking at thing they shouldn’t be looking at you should be able to take them out.

          Wait build a killer drone! Because you need a license to own and Eagle.

          • Police helicopters seem to do it all the time.

          • I’m in the sticks . Someone flying a drone over my place would not be accidental. Nor would my response.

            • keep yer bug spray handy or yer flame thrower haha
              Secret Insect Spy Drones
              ht tps://

      4. as Horace said (65 – 8 BC), “you can drive nature out with a pitchfork, she will nevertheless come back.“

      5. My next door neighbor told me he had a drone hovering over his back yard for a while & when the operator realized that it had been spotted… it took off. I hope it come over my property as I want to try out the 12 ga on it & see what shot works. I wish my marlin goos gun was not destroyed in the fire…. as that 36″ barrel allowed you to ” reach out & touch someone” … LOL !
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

        • RT1957, I watched both of those videos and they were interesting. I’ll take out a drone with 00 buck if it gets within range.

          • The use of 00 buck has only 9 pellets; #4 buck has 27 pellets (S & H) about .243 size. Should work great.


            Son of Liberty

            • Find a new handle troll. Ive been using SOL for awhile and have many discussions with real peepers like sgt dale and BH

          • @ D Braveheart : I like the buck shot idea.. just not sure that I can get the distance & accuracy I would need with the large projectiles. If I was not concerned with where the projectile ends up , I would just use the 300 Win Mag. Deadly accurate. That is why I was thinking like turkey shot. Let us know if you get to take one out how you fare ! ?

      6. Europe Take Note: ‘Refugees’ Molest Russian Women, Get Throttled by Russian Men and Thrown in Prison

        Russia has the world’s best “migrant” policy

        Feb 23, 2017

        Watching the chaos in France, Germany, the U.K. and Sweden unfold, we’re honestly amazed that common sense hasn’t triumphed yet over obtuse political correctness.

        Bullied into submission by their incompetent leaders, Scandinavians and Western Europeans watch silently as waves of “refugees” with no intentions of cultural assimilation hold an entire continent hostage.

        This would never be acceptable in Russia.

        It’s been a year since we first reported this jewel of Russian justice, but it’s worth rehashing for educational purposes:

        We can’t speak for Europe, but in Russia, molesting women in public places is not advisable.

        A group of approximately 50 “refugees” who were deported from Norway for bad behavior decided to partake in a bit of groping at a Murmansk nightclub.

        Being Russia, the results were predictable:

        The refugees allegedly groped and harassed women in a similar manner as the assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. A group of male Russians took them aside to “educate” them that “Cologne is 2,500 kilometers south of here.”

        The refugees tried to flee but were quickly captured by the Russians. They then took them out to the street and gave them a beating they will remember. Police arrived to break up the fight but locals report that they threw a few punches at the refugees before arresting 33 of them. Eighteen refugees were in such bad condition they had to be taken to hospital.

        We don’t want to romanticize vigilante justice, but in a civilized society, assaulting women (or anyone, for that matter) should have swift, painful consequences. Ball’s in your wimpy court, Europe.

        • I would expect no less from the russians as they seem to be the only ones with any sense left.

        • That is such a beautiful story.

      7. Can they do that to politicians? Please?

        • Him, it would’ve been nice to see the tigers in that video getting a politician instead of a drone.

          • looks like that one fatty likely swallowed a politician whole

      8. The tigers were lucky not to have the thing explode in their faces. The lithium polymer battery in the drone doesn’t take kindly to being punctured by a tooth. It would bypass the electronic overload protection in the battery with toxic or explosive results.

        • social justice carried out here via divine intervntion. karma can be a beaach

        • karma can be a beeaach
          social justice carried out here via divine intervntion.

      9. It’s conceivable, to detect and track moving objects, outside of your visual range, particularly, as they are metallic and emit radio signals.

        While BattelleInnovations’ direct engagement is highly entertaining, there is no literal need for a live human, to stand on watch, 24/7.

        This could be automated, by simple robotics, within the grasp of a highschool science fair, if spending money and free time were no object.

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