Why You Absolutely Must Have Food Supplies, Hard Assets and Reserve Cash

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    While many refuse to believe that it can happen, evidence for why it is absolutely critical to stock up for hard times and worst case scenarios is and has been staring us in the face for the last several years (never mind the thousands of years of historical precedent).

    The latest warning signs are, once again, popping up in Europe and should be taken seriously, as it is only a matter of time before such events play out in the rest of the world, including right here at home:

    Via Adiconsum Italia – Translated via Google

    BNI depositors unable to make withdrawals / payments, payments of utility bills, mortgage payments, taxes

    Peter Giordano, Adiconsum: “Grave of the Bank of Italy’s attitude that takes action without considering the impact on depositors, and especially on single-income families and pensioners”

    The Bank of Italy authorized the suspension of payments by Bank Network Investments SpA (BNI) without communicating anything to the depositors.

    Very serious and unacceptable – says Peter Jordan, Secretary General Adiconsum – the attitude of the Bank of Italy SpA in each BNI, because highly prejudicial to the interests of customers.

    Bank of Italy, in fact, after extending the receivership of the bank, thus giving the impression of an imminent rescue, then gave the green light for compulsory winding up, without giving any prior notice to the depositors, leaving them in no condition to perform any type of operation, even basic ones for daily survival, such as withdrawals / payments, utilities payments, rates, taxes.

    This is not an isolated incident and we have, in fact, seen a similar scenario play out right here in America in the recent past with the collapse of Indymac bank (no affiliation with SHTFplan Mac), which left depositors without any way of accessing funds. The same happened across the pond in the UK with the collapse of Northern Rock.

    Anxious customers wait to get their funds all over IndyMac banks in California after regulators took control in July of 2008:

    Thousands all over the UK headed straight for Northern Rock Bank once they learned it was no longer solvent in 2007:

    We have enjoyed relative stability in our banking system since the crash of 2008 as the Federal Reserve has pumped out trillions of dollars in funds to save banks that are, by all accounts, totally insolvent already. With the collapse of Europe now upon us and a similar disaster awaiting the United States in the next couple of years as our debts (private and public) exceed our abilities to repay them, we can fully expect “bank holidays” across the entire country.

    There are those who may argue that these are the ramblings of a fear monger, but make no mistake, a nationwide bank holiday was already considered in the United States – and no, we’re not talking about Franklin Roosevelt’s closing of the banks in the 1930’s.

    When? On the very first day, as the very first action of the new Obama administration in January of 2009.

    Things got so bad after the financial and economic collapse of 2008 that the entire system as we know it was about to go under.

    So much so, that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson reportedly warned congressional members that if no bailout was passed in November of 2008 that the government would literally have been forced to declare martial law.

    That was nearly four years ago. And, as we well know now, not a single thing has been done to resolve the fundamental problems we faced then.

    We are now so far gone that there is a real possibility that the next phase of this crisis – which is near critical in Europe now and will soon come to the United States – will be totally out of control of the government and central banks, which will leave them no other option but to shut down the banks before we have Great Depression style bank runs.

    While we realize the mainstream media and the majority of Americans believe it to be an impossibility that they would not have access to their bank funds, online bill pay systems, or ATM’s, we’ll play devil’s advocate and suggest such an event may actually occur.

    What if banks were closed? And what if when they reopened again your dollar was worth much less than when they closed for business?

    This happened in 1934 after FDR devalued the dollar against gold during a bank holiday, it recently happened in Venezuela when Chavez devalued the local currency by 50%, and most notably in North Korea where residents lost 99% of the value of their wealth over night.

    How would you pay your rent or mortgage? (Banks may be closed to your withdrawals, but be assured they will still want your monthly payment)

    How would you buy food or toilet paper?

    How would you pay your utility bills? (or what if your utility company couldn’t pay their bills?)

    How would you pay for medical care or emergency medicine? (Or what if there were no medicines left to buy?)

    How would you even get to the grocery store with your devalued dollars after economic martial law was declared and gas prices were so high you couldn’t afford them or gas itself wasn’t even available at your local gas station?

    Are you planning on the National Guard giving you a ride?

    Then again, this is America, and we have a centrally planned economy, so there is no way this is going to happen.

    Nothing to see here. Carry on.


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      1. The bailout just given to Spanish banks leaves little for if anything goes wrong in other failing countries.

        When the bailout bank gets to the point of needing a bailout to stand up to its commitments, you know there’s a big problem.

        Take care, be aware and prepare

        • @ Burt the Brit. Excellent point! It is kind of like when the paramedic that is trying to save someone from a heart attack suddenly is lying face down with a stroke is the only one to save the heart attack victim, both of them are doing to croak. The banking systems are barely on life support right now all over the world and it is only going to get worse. The true “money” will likely be what people can use. Barter items may be worth more in weight that gold soimeday.

          How far the mighty (the financial giants) have fallen that they might be in the same position as those begging on the street, the same people that they foreclosed on and put them there. Poetic justice if the bankers don’t take a header out some multi-story building’s window.

          • And three…. or third cases of water.

            • Fraud confirmed in Texas. Election judge says votes were switched.


          • I’m running out of Federal Reserve Notes as I have been adding a lot to my retreat infrastructure. I usually like to keep a few thousand in greenbacks, but my retreat and vehicles are all paid for so don’t have a lot of use for money. I have more than enough of everything else.

            • a few thousand is certainly enough. any more is just a hazard frankly.

            • PP; you are so correct, remember in the 70’s when you could NOT give away the equities market, but hard assets were the way to go? That is happening NOW. We are the future, once 6.5 billion get taken out of the game, I hope we meet one day, and are looking back on the “good old days” when life was “easy”.
              I, myself and others are teaming up to survive, and prosper. I wish the best to all, but when most do not see what is happening, well, you get what you deserve. If you trust the Govt. you get what you deserve. You have helped so many people with your advice, I hope I have helped also, but others on this board seem to take this as a joke. To everyone, this is not a joke, life WILL get rougher, I just hope that we preppers survive and make a difference with what is left of humanity.
              “If you are not prepping, your just inepting”.

            • good for you pastor…many of us are jealous.

            • Nothing wrong with holding some cash as long as it is outside the criminal banking system. Those thieves will take everything they can, but especially when the collapse comes. It will be a nation-wide MF Global moment.

              As a light prepper, I still have too much fiat currency and paper “wealth” that has not been converted into useful things. Do have a decent food, gun, silver, and tool supply though. My garden is doing well, although more sun would definitely help it along. More work remains to be done for sure and time is running out. :-/

            • I’m also running out of federal reserve notes. I have been investing in precious metals… brass and lead!!

        • the bailout has not been given yet burt. they dont even know where this 100 billion euros is going to come from. its jsut another smoke screen.

          • Yjust got on a roll today. Hope you didnt wear out your keyboard.

            • facebook page, yeah and whats it to ya bud, …. problem?

            • you worry about your keyboard and i will worry about mine. try doing this more in your whole life. just carry on about your day without being facebook page! try it. one day of not spying, of not being a commie, of not being a pathtetic pissant!

        • Burt

          Amen to that..not to worry though..they will prop up every country collapsing financially and then depose duly elected leaders and replace them with technocrats..dutiful bankers..to extract the monies owed by negative derivative based bonds issued to those once sovereign nations..

          Oh well..stay well
          Stay focused

          keep on prepping


          • Possee

            You got that spot on, it will just continue on….until it stops

            Take care

        • Burt: Love your comments, but Knowing you are in Brit; When do you work and, sleep? You show up here at hours I’d think you should be in bed.

          • Hiya Paranoid

            Up at 6 bed at midnight everything else gets done in between lol

            Take care

        • Who needs a bank anyway? If you have your money stored by criminals you kinda get what you deserve.

          • Maybe so, GC, but I would not wish a financial screw job on anyone. Lots of good folks out there simply do not know any better. Yeah, a lot of us try to tell them but like a lot of big bad things, a financial crash has to be felt before most folks can understand it. This whole situation reminds me of the folks along the gulf coast. It’s not until a hurricane is coming that the store shelves get emptied out. Knowing that this is always a possibility down there, why not get ahead of the curve and stock up BEFORE a disaster threatens? Lots of inertia out there, I’m afraid.

      2. Full speed ahead. Brace for ramming!

        • … or brace yourself for a collision as the economy hits reality.

      3. i’m prepared as much as possible except for a cash reserve i have a small silver reserve but thats it.

        • and where do you live? Fight Club 1st and 2nd rule, sssshhhhhhhh!

          • They know already. And with the new drones with the radiation scanners on board unless you dig very deep they can count the number of rounds you have inside your safe. There is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed. Nowhere to run and you can hide only for a time.

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

            • And exactly what KIND of radiation do my rounds give off for them to scan?
              Do .22 rounds give off the same as .45 and silver rounds?
              Can you explain how “digging deep” helps hide stuff from drones? You know, the ones that fly OVER your house no matter how deep it goes?
              Dude- your foil hat is leaking.

        • When I was young gas was .25/gal. Guess what? Gas is now worth less than a silver quarter.

          • That’s a fact. Heck, I remember when gas was $0.18 a gallon and when you pulled into a station, 3-4 guys in snappy uniforms would come running out to check the oil, the tires, under the hood, clean the windows, and fill the tank. Afterwards they gave out free drink glasses or green stamps that could be traded in for various merchandise items.

            These days, gas is $4 a gallon here; less than the silver value in two US pre-1965 dimes. If that doesn’t tell us all we need to know about the money-stealing inflation game and how not to play it, I don’t know what will.

      4. What is so frightening is that these collapses and other drastic Earth changing events come on so quickly and suddenly. Again and again I hear this that the time to prepare was yesterday. It is still not too late for those that haven’t started yet, but soon it could be. It is horrible to think about not even having any water and becoming dehydrated and looking everywhere for a drink. Having your stomach rumbling from lack of food. ETC., ETC, ETC.

        There are just too many people out there that have to have some sort of Earth shattering event to change their view on preparation. Time is running out. When your inner thoughts keep telling you that you must get going, and yet so many fail to listen it is no wonder there is such a “zombie movement” now. I don’t know about all of you out there, but I would find it wonderful if even 5% of the population starting to prepare. There are still some good people out there that haven’t started to prepare yet, I sure hope they wise up before…………..

        • If you look at the largest empires/cultures down into phases from 3000 BC to current your find the average civilizations usually don’t last 400 years. With exception of the Romans. Looking at the United States being some 237 years young we are set for a drastic change.

          Watch out people the change is coming weither you like it or not and either way its time to prep and stay safe, train, develope your rebuilding skills etc., let the jackles and wolf eat each other and the one who made the mess..

          Stay safe

        • Exactly right, BI. When we ignore that little voice inside each of us, we do so at our own peril. Don’t know if this is just us, angels, or some tap into the knowledge of the cosmos but whatever it is, it is right much more often than not. It’s a bit like kids. You can tell kids, “Don’t touch that stove – it’s hot!” Some will listen but others just HAVE to touch it to see if you’re telling the truth. The ones who listen probably grow up to become preppers. 😉

      5. Have FOUR buckets of food on hand…

        • Heavy on the Four, some people say forth…. but i like to say four.

          • Ihope this is a joke because if you dont have at least 400 (Hundred) You just ready for a week in the woods. Get back to prepping. Or let us in on the joke.

            • Ya i was 4th yesterday….. Hooray for me!

          • Only 4 buckets? You need to build a trough.

            • You guys are so stiff that you cant adapt. Ya gotta laugh more…..

        • Is there a joke I’m not getting?

          • you see all though govt guy! the all seeing eye. civil servants are a joke to me.

          • tell me , as a govt guy, how much money have you made (had given to you) besides your salary?

            • We are not allowed to accept cash gifts.
              Knowledge is power.

            • take your catholic israeli act to israel please.

            • Eeder the peter-beater is at it again! Just ignore his sarcastic self-absorbed ass!

            • tell me anon who do you work for? jamie dimon? barack obama?

        • Four????? you should put a number after the four and your getting closer.

      6. Wow… based on those 49 seconds, Brad Sherman can step right in as President after the MASS ARRESTS take place. I’m ROTFLMAO every time I hear about martial law in America. The Nazi war machine took heavy casualties attempting to dislodge humans living like rodents and armed with stolen small arms who were holding out in the sewers of Warsaw. They eventually gave up and had to level the city with the costly use of 15 inch cannons and aerial bombs that were needed against the Soviets. Martial law in America… ain’t never gonna happen!

        • It could go either way.

          • Either way?
            Why would they declear Martial Law across the entire country? I think they’d limit it to the areas they want immediate control over. Why would they waste resources trying to Police massive areas with limited or even zero populations?
            My guess would be, they’d lock down the major air hubs and ports first, just to deny people an exit route. Then they’d secure the areas of importance to them, maybe even a couple big cities. Theyd secure the power grids, food and water sourse’s first. Everything else would become a free fire zone.
            They just have to sit back and switch the power and water off at will and halt fuel to the trucks that suppy food to the masses. After six months, when the dust has settled and all the major cities and urban areas are empty, that’s when they’d begin to impose their will on those that are left.
            Just my take on it ….. Not asking to be red thumbed

            • So millions of veterans and active duty soldiers are going to stand idle and let “them” impose martial law and starve their families, neighbors, and countrymen? Not happening…

            • 3rd rule of fight club, Everyone is a sniper! and there is no red thumb from me.

            • Hey ‘Still Watch N Wait’… I have to agree… The military has always trained it’s officers of command to understand that ‘amateurs worry about tactics, professionals worry about logistics’.
              Military strategy would most likely incorporate the procedure of ‘turning off’ the grid – by doing so, they would instantly take control – on a massive scale – the ability to control virtually all forms of ‘communications’ (local and long distance) of the opposing forces (that’s us folks) and within days, they would also be able to greatly / virtually restrict every form of mass traveling (by engine powered equipment).
              At that point, they’ve turned a major disadvantage (manpower numbers) to their advantage. Consider this: the NRA (several years back) estimated that there were approximately 70 million gun owners in America. Lets say that just a small 10% became actively involved in presenting themselves as ‘resistance’ against those wearing a ‘uniform’ on behalf of the government (intent on imposing martial law) and that 10% used the battle proven tactic of gorilla warfare (take one shot and relocate / wait… repeat), that would be 7 million Americans against (say) 2 million (tops) martial law troops – the bad guys (that’s the martial law guys – IMO) wouldn’t stand a chance – not really – and yes, I fully understand they have (on average) the better equipment – but it’s as Sun Tzu points out: in so many words he noted that in order for a ‘foreign’ force to come and occupy / capture its opposing force (that’s us), the manpower needed would be 10 to 1. (They don’t have it under traditional warfare tactics and protocols.)

              However, by dropping the grid – cutting communications and food / production & supplies – that same 2 million (bad guys) can now start with one or two cities at a time, break it up into ‘grids’, and then systematically go through out a grid ‘in force’ and easily remove any resistance.
              It’ll only take time – and if they’re smart – they’ll wait awhile and let the resistance thin itself out – when there’s no food or communication – it won’t take long before a community that was intent on being self-reliant will become a ‘every man for himself’ community.

              As a historical marker / reference, go re-read what happened to Jerusalem when the city came under siege by an opposing force… it wasn’t very pretty… 2 Kings 6: 28,29 (and highly implied in 7:13).

              Myself, while on the one hand I’m a full blown prepper, it’s on the other hand I fully embrace the outcome of the story line in 2 Kings ch. 6 & 7 – God ultimately intervened and handled the situation personally and directly – after the people of Israel (seemingly repented… that’s an open ‘in-house’ debate)

              The bottom line is this: Do what you can, and leave the rest to God / His Son… ultimately, Christ WILL return and get all this mess straightened out…

            • @JC – “but it’s as Sun Tzu points out: in so many words he noted that in order for a ‘foreign’ force to come and occupy / capture its opposing force (that’s us), the manpower needed would be 10 to 1.”

              I would agree with that as long as both sides have the same technology. Unfortunately, that is not the case with civilians vs. military. Fortunately, I do not believe that the US military would fire on Americans. Even the Russian military did not do that back in ’89. Aren’t we at least as decent as the Russians?

        • Ultimate government intrusion, control and lack of a true republic is exactly the same thing, it only happens a bit slower.

        • as well as john mccain, lindsey “war piggy” graham “cracker” and peter king. im not sure who the most vile member of congress is, but peter king has got to be up there! what a turd!

          • I think pete and barney used to do the stinky way, back in the day…

          • Trolls know turds

            • turds are trolls. you are one knight owl77

        • Look all around you. The evidence for martial law is so overwhelming that is is beyond denial. Locally, when I hear people in denial about martial law, I detect fear. They feel if they don’t say the words, don’t read them when they are printed, don’t listen to those who talk about it; it won’t happen. They, at some level, actually believe this. By the way, your description of events in the Warsaw ghetto only tells a third of the story. They too were in denial about the death camps and actually assisted the Nazi’s in sending their own to the camps. Only when the remnant was about to be sent, did they fight.

          • It’s not that I am in denial, I’m just not sure how well it could be enforced in remote areas like mine. I believe they would likely focus on the 600 cities with populations over 50,000 none of which are in my state.

            • Thats why we need to prep. They may not bother us in the sticks, but they probably won’t let us in the city for supplies.

            • Charleston and Huntington are both in your state, Pastor, and do have populations right at 50,000 or so.

              I agree that WV has a small population, lots of rural space, and nothing that the Feds will feel that they have to control, however.

          • Marshal law will be welcomed by the public when crime (due to unemployment rising) skyrockets as the economy falters (notice I didn’t say crashes). Localized unrest coupled with fear from the general public will cry out to the government to save them. And the hand of salvation will be in the form of absolute power. In the name of safety and security the public will exchange their liberty for their next handout.

            The government will not force it upon us. The people will beg for it. (Not most of us, but most of the public.)

            • I figure I will not run out of work as long as the shit stays hitting the fan. Many men traveled and had certain expertise in security and law enforcement back in 1700 & 1800’s. I’ve never been much good at anything else since I left the military. Only thing is there’s many other vets to compete with. I think there’s going to be work in this area in towns all over the US from gangs, mc’s etc. Of course some of us vets may be busy with UN blue helmets or others and that may throw a wrench into my business adventures. Meanwhile I guess I’ll just stay bored.

            • It would be welcomed in shit-and-piss countries with low rates of gun ownership. Any real attempt at real martial law in the U.S. would be slapped with in a matter of days by armed Americans. Get real…

          • “The evidence for martial law is so overwhelming that is is beyond denial.”

            Couldn’t agree more with that statement, martial law will be upon us all soon. All signs point to yes and the facts coincide with the ever increasing police state that we have already entered. Watching CNN today and heard Navy drone crashes in Maryland, can’t help but think, well what the F*ck is it doin there in the first place?

            • What are you smoking? Never in the history of facist police states would the bad guys be facing what they would be facing in America… tens of millions of po’d gun owners. Instead, hundreds of traitors from Obama and Brenanke on down will be arrested, stripped of their citizenship, and paraded in chains long before election time.

        • Martial law is the US is already on the books, and has been for quite some time. I don’t know what thought process makes you think it can’t happen in the US, but you need to dispense with it, quickly. The US already has historic precedent for martial law, so it HAS happened already, and WILL happen again.

          • Worthless unenforceable paper… just like most other laws. Does anyone here even know the definition of martial law?

            Martial law is the imposition of military rule **by military authorities** over designated regions on an emergency basis—(usually) only temporary—when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, and provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread. In most cases, military forces are deployed to subdue the crowds, to secure government buildings and key or sensitive locations, and to maintain order.[1] Generally, military personnel replace civil authorities and perform some or all of their functions. In full-scale martial law, the highest-ranking military officer would take over, or be installed, as the military governor or as head of the government, thus removing all power from the previous executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government

            Based on the “full-scale” definition, I’d welcome the imposition of “full scale” martial law BY OUR MILITARY. The government has definitely lost control over pretty much everything but the lie-machine press. What most of the clueless individuals are referring to and picturing as “martial law” isn’t anything like martial law. Instead, they envision some situation where the current government is still fully in charge and the military (and/or some foreign force) suddenly clamps down on civilians and obediently enforces the will of that government.

            This isn’t happening. Not now. Not ever. Please get real people. The current administration is hanging on by a thread. The NWO is being systematically defunded and is on the ropes and going down. The U.S. military would laugh if the Kenyan or Mittens called for martial law regardless of the excuse. The oath fakers will soon be separated from the oath fakers… at all levels. It’s gonna be scary, but not the end of the world.

            • right on “too many”, been trying to get people to understand for ever that FEAR is their only weapon (unless they go real nasty with some kind of bio “attack”), they may TRY to implement Martial Law and it may work for a awhile in some bigger cities, but nationwide, no frickin way. They do not have the manpower, even if all available were on board, to pull off such an astronomical undertaking. Ask most any military,both ex and current, and they will tell you “nope, can’t happen”

        • Should there be any kind of widespread attacks on vital infrastructure you can bet there will/could be martial law. The ones doing the martial law may very well be the ones committing the attack. Nothing would surprise me. Anyone living by a dam or nuclear facility can be ordered to evacuate at anytime, whether there is any real danger or not. Let us hope that we are all being paranoid.

          • Have you read the definition of martial law? Every spent a day in the U.S. military?

          • There will be no official declaration. The gooberment creep will continue and the pace will quicken. Many will welcome their “saviors” at first. Nobody will try to lock down the entire country at once, because the economy would screech to a halt. If the producers stop producing, what good are we to the gooberment?

        • They will tell the masses that it’s for their own safety, just like the Nazis did to the Jews. Don’t be afraid, we must secure your towns and communities with fences and barbed wire to keep those that would hurt you “out”…please board this train, we are locating you and your families to a “safer” place.

          And that’s how you enslave and kill millions, by speaking in soft tones and soothing assurances that all is well as you lead them down to slaughter!

          When they come on the News and shows the videos of rioting and burning and destruction, do you really think enough people will rise up and say “NO” to Martial Law to “Protect the Peace”?

          The American people (and i am a citizen) will welcome it if it’s orchestrated the right way…

          • Your fantasy would depend on millions of veterans and active duty soliders standing idle and allowing it.. not to mention tens of millions of po’d gun owners suddenly going limp and rolling over. Not happening!

            • “too many” is correct no friggin way they could implement effective ML…what you need to worry about is when “they” realize the military is NOT on their side and that martial law won’t work, what lengths will they go to to maintain the status quo? Will they enable an invasion from foreign entity? Release a “bio bomb”, or pick a nuke war with Russia or China?…be afraid of actions trapped rats would take.

            • If the US government declares martial law and the US military does not support it, the military will be forced to seize the government to avoid the purge that will follow. Once they declare themselves, it will be all the way or not at all. I believe that they will make the correct choice but like others here am preparing for either choice.

        • I’m not willing to bet my life on it. I’m prepared and ready either way.

        • They will let the cities crumble and fall prey to gangs. This does 2 things. Reduce population without effort and allows the criminal element kill each other off and fix them for later destruction.
          Unfortunately (For Us) the law abiding citizen is the foundation of this country, we are found in the suburbs, countryside and farmlands were the food is.

          Battle in the countryside and suburban areas is far easier for an Army then the death trap of a city.

          In the end it will depend on the purpose of martial law and what the goal is, I would say destruction of the cities falls right in line with agenda 21, and if the people do it for them it makes the job that much easier.

          • Sheer fantasy. Same comments as above.

            • A fantasy is an invented story, what I and many on here post are from a Military standpoint possible COA’s (course of action), people like you lack an imagination for evil much like Chamberlin when confronted with Hitler.
              Civil wars happen all the time, we have many going on right now and yet somehow America is immune? I think not, but believing in fairytales.

            • “but keep believing in fairytales.”

          • “They will let the cities crumble and fall prey to gangs. This does 2 things.”

            Actually, it does THREE things. The 3rd being that centers of vital industrial production would be damaged or destroyed. Can they really afford to let that happen? Probably not.

        • Someobody in our government sure thinks martial law might take place. They enact laws to make it easier to declare, they buy enough bullets to enforce it, they build up the ranks of the enforcers they plan to use, they buy more coffins for the ones that don’t “co-operate, they set up entire new government agencies just to deal with the transition to martial law….. I know I’m leaving something out.

          • Don’t buy into the fear that is being peddled by the media and repeated and rehashed here. Read up on martial law and make sure you understand the basic definition. It’s sad to see how many well meaning people here and elsewhere have no clue about the actual situation “on the ground”. The Kenyan’s administration is utterly impotent and hanging on by a thread. The global financial system is a sick joke being held together with bubblegum and bailing wire. The NWO is cornered and soon to be made extinct. This country and the world is going to get an enema on epic proportions thanks to the efforts patriots here and abroad. Once the shit is flushed, mankind can move on and evolve.

            • @JW – No telling but it gets more and more likely as the number of drones increases. A drone crashed in Maryland recently. How long before one crashes into a school, an old folks home, or a hospital? Hard to spin that kind of a fubar situation.

          • The FAA gives the ok for 30,000 drones over America! They will put the drones under DHS and therewith they will bypass the military with their martial law enforcement.

            Or maybe not. All of this still can work out with America on top! The good guys and the bad are squaring off!

            What’s it gonna be? Bail out a few thousand super rich control freaks or everybody including them go down but with total debt forgiveness and a new beginning?

            • How long before one of these drones performs a unplanned midair with a commercial airliner. Won’t that be special. I believe there already has been a near miss. Back in the early seventies two military jets dog fighting each other did a mid air with a DC-9 over Southern Ca. All onboard killed.

      7. Keep some cash on hand.Also PMs as a hedge.If they outright devalue the FRNs, it won’t really matter if you have them in the bank or in your hand. But if they call a bank holiday you will need cash in your possession.

        • @ JRS –

          You’re correct in your belief that you should have cash in hand as well as PMs come a bank holiday or other financial disruption. I got out of the 401k just as soon as I could after turning 59.5 yo so that I didn’t pay the 10% early withdrawal penalty, only the income tax. I did this over 2 years so as not to take too bad a hit from the IRS.

          A safe deposit box at the bank is the worst place possible to store anything that you ever want to see again. During a bank holiday these will be opened and PMs will probably confiscated.

          I ALWAYS work to maintain the lowest possible minimum balance in the checking account. If things suddenly go SOUTH on us and the ATMs and debit/credit cards no longer work; you may well find those still willing to take cash for those last minute items that you can get.

          God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

          • Who would pay to rent a place to accumulate items for some bankster to keep? Might as well let them hold onto the key for you.

        • besides fiat and pms what you really need to focus on is what you will need to survive! i cant stress this fact enough. your cash and pms will not be of alot of use to you. lets be serious. also lets stop being cowards and stand tall and say NO very loudly to tptb.

      8. economic collapse
        one person at a time
        one community at a time
        one country at a time


        and just more evidence that the noose is tightening
        as the economy gets worse and social breakdown accelerates
        governments everywhere will become more and more draconian



        • Satori,

          I agree…the economic collapse is not a single event, but occurs “one wave” at a time.

          TBTB tried to “bail out” the financial crisis in 2008 – even though that meant borrowing .40 for each dollar spent.

          Now, just a few years later, the country and American families are both financially weaker.

          Net Worth of the American Family Falls 40% in 3 Years


          • guys, who do you think tptb are at this point? we need to be serious here. we can either roll over and let them finish us or we can stand tall and give them a storm they have never seen .. the choice is yours. i think its obvious we live in a lost society that has no captain at the helm… its a rudderless ship! we must take control!

          • I think you are right. Pay attention to these waves that happen. Just as the ocean can have rogue waves that can bring death and destruction without warning, the same can be said of the economic waves. Any one wave can be the straw that breaks the camels back. seems like the wave crests are getting more and more frequent with each pasing day.

        • “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” – Princess Leia

          Take your fear-based bullshit elsewhere. The noose tightening you are referring is the last desperate gasps from a global criminal cabal that is about to be fully exposed and made extinct. The FEMA camps are going to be used on them… not us. Obama, Brenanke, and hundreds of others in chains before election time!

      9. mac, what you fail to understand is that no one will pay their mrotgage. its up to the ptb to keep this going. theyve gone on too long now. the time to stand strong in the face of these monsters is now.mortgage?hahahahaha good one, i think tptb will have alot more to worry about than collecting fiat this time.

        • Do I hear the infamous eeder the peter-beater flapping his blubbery lips? Nah, it was just an aggravating pesky fly that was just swatted! **POOF**

          • FUCK OFF FAGGOT

      10. I fear for those who have no cash and supplies on hand when this all goes down.

        And I hope that I’ve been smart with my preps. I know that I will be having to share with a bunch of non-preppers…

        This is going to be a wild ride…

        • But the privite sector is doing just fine….it must be true……the president said so…..LOL

        • @ michelle. The more of those people that can at least something with them to add to you stockpile, the better off all of you will be. You can compare it to a “potluck” to them where everyone brings something or they are not invited. Even when someone brings a 24 pack of toilet paper, it is something and better than nothing.

          Remember my formula for survival time when extra people are added to a survival group.
          x= number of days of survival items for you group
          y= number of people presently in your survival group
          z= number of additional people added to your group

          x(y) / (y+z) = the new number of days of survival supplies with additional people.

          Let’s say you have 6 people with 180 days worth of food, water, and other supplies. and you add 9 people that bring nothing. You multiple 6 times 180 to get 1080 then divide this by 6+9 or 15 and you get 72 days. As you can see someone’s 6 months of food and supplies now is ONLY 72 days with 9 extra people added. 108 days less survival time for EVERYONE.

          Michelle, if you showed some of the people that you expect to be added to your group this formula, maybe, just maybe you could guilt ridden them enough so they would bring supplies with them. If someone can afford it, showing up with nothing and dwindling everyone else’s time of survival is not very nice.

          Another simple formula to show people unwilling to contribute is the financial burden it will have on the person preparing. Where:
          x= the total cost of all your supplies
          y= the number of people presently to use your supplies
          a= the average present cost per person of your supplies
          z= the number of people added that won’t be bringing anything to your group.

          First determine the average cost per person x/y = a
          Then take a and multiple by (y+z)
          Let’s say someone has spent $5000 on 6 people. To maintain the SAME survival time for those extra 9 people look how much more money must be spent. $5,000 divided by 6 is $833.33. Now multiple this by (6+9) or 15. You get $12,500. To support those extra 9 mouths and maintain the same amount of survival time the prepper must spend an extra $7,500 on top of the $5,000 already spent. They can do this or expect a much shorter survival time for their supplies. You can use any figure as I tried to sort of guess cost 6 people would be, but the math still shows how much more money it costs for each additional non-prepper.

          I hope this helps and perhaps shows others how necessary it is to somehow get the non-prepper that plans to be part of a survival group to contribute to everyone survival.

          • This is why I will not be bugging in and also why other than my immediate family and those already living in my retreat community, no one knows where it is. The risk of walking the trail to my retreat (if necessary) is much smaller than the risk a lot of unprepared people will show up at my house.

          • Sounds like an Alamo Fantasy without all the explosions and automatic weapons fire.

          • The only non-preppers welcome at our place once the SHTF will be a couple of very close friends, a couple of neighbors that I can think of, family members, and perhaps someone with vital survival skills, such as a doc or a nurse. No others need apply. Survival is not about being nice or kind. It is about having the will to do what is necessary to make it through some extremely difficult times.

        • Who needs cash when you have 5 years worth of preps on hand for 3 families, and seeds stored to grow with a current garden, and enough ammo to hunt the deer, pig and other game, and defense. I think its time for a reset in the country, I don’t see them coming to my part of the mountain anytime soon.

          IMO I see those who have their heads in sand a lost cause at this point of no return. There is too many of them and they sure a heck are not pulling their heads out anytime soon. At this point in the game if everyone woke at once the mass panic will speed up the agenda for control. Time to cut loose the helpless/blind that will be the weak link in getting you killed, arrested, or 🙁 and help those who at least still have a fighting chance.

          There is a reason wht they used to say “don’t tread on me”…

      11. another point mac. it is good to have SOME cash on hand, however , the cash you hold will suddenly be worth less at the same time the money in your account becomes worthless.also , if the utilities cannot provide me with service anymore, ive got news mac, …. i aint paying! lets be serious. this is about saving the entire system. if they cant keep the banks open and the utilities going, they aint getting paid… period! ever! really we need mass default/forgiveness on ALL debt, worldwide, and we need to figure out what countries exist after than we need storng gold backed currencies. we do not need a reserve currency. we just dont. after this mess gets cleaned up a bit, i suggest we ban partisan politics, institute term limits, and reasonable pay in whatever currency exists. direct lobbying whould be punishable by time in prison.the other choices are anarchy or communism.not good choices to me.

        • Eeder, the fix is in. The parasites will destroy the world before they allow themslves to be held accountable for the misery they have, and continue to cause. There will be no arrests, except of those who dare to stand against them. There will be no term limits on the representatives of fraudulent government. More likely we will end up with communism, because most people are scared and stupid.

          • yes just me, but we must not accept it. if you and i roll over and give up, than we are done. finished. dont give up the fight… itll be ok , but we need you to stand up NOW!

          • Nope. The military will back the patriots and the toilet will be flushed once and for all. Mao was right on one thing.

      12. If you are not prepping, your just inepting…

        We know not what the future brings, but would it not make a difference to your immediate family and neighbors to set aside food, water, guns and ammo, and other amenities to make life more pleasant? You have home, car and health insurance, can it hurt to have these other insurances to fall back on? People think, everyone who chimes in on this site, knows what is going on, we have been discussing this scenerio for years. Are you ready for anything that will happen on the horizion?
        “My people perish for the lack of knowledge”.
        I myself am ready for most anything, and by chance it does not happen, what have you lost?
        20 visits to a nice restaurant?
        50 movies that you will see in a couple of years?
        Maybe a few $5000 vacations?
        What are a few sacrifices now worth for security in the future or the ability to sleep at night?
        I pity the ones who are not prepped.

        • @ eppe. You bring up something that I have been thinking about a lot, sacrifice for the future. Most people now are so into the “me” syndrome and living for the moment that unless they are required to buy any insurance most would not do it. They waste big money, often maxing out credit cards on junk that they grown tired off quickly and it ends up at a garage sale or thrown away. Those unprepared will come to those that have prepped like hoards of locust because they “expect” you and everyone else to give them what they need. They don’t see all that you and others in your family went through to save up, they just see the prepper as a resource or an end to their need.

          The one really positive note to all of this is the shear ignorance of people that will sell perfect good and very usable survival items at garage sales, usually for cheap. People sell candles for pennies not even realizing just how essential they are for light during a power outage. People sell camping equipment only with the notion it is for camping. Storage units are usually at every garage sale. Blankets, tarps, hand tools, etc, items that a prepper would never sell are going for 25 cents a lot of the time. A small fraction of what they are worth. The prepper can get much for little.

          I personally don’t tell someone what they are selling will be used for, it wouldn’t matter to change their minds about preparing, it would only alert people that I have survival supplies. It is nice to get more supplies real cheap for the collapse that is coming, but it is also very sad and gives me a terrible disquiet feeling inside to see and witness firsthand just how totally in the dark so many people are to being ready even for a lightweight SHTF event.

          • Years ago I rode motorcycles, and found out quick it was not my driving I had to worry about, just everyone else.
            Now in my years of prepping, I have the same feeling, I do not have to worry about me, just everyone else.

            If you are not prepping, you are just inepting.

        • “If you are not prepping, your just inepting…”

          Lol, thanks for the Johnny Cochran moment!

      13. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of thier currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corparations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until thier children wake up homeless on the continent thier fathers conquered.” – Thomas Jefferson

        Most people in this country are still unaware that the fix has been in for almost 100 years. Most people do not understand that the situation we are currently in is just a temporary prop, set up until the nwo parasites are ready for thier end game.

        We are way past the time when “voting” will change anything, but the next figurehead. The nwo parasites are cranking up the bread and circuses, but say nothing of QE3…

        It is sad to watch Western Civilization being destroyed from within. But hey, beer is still available and there’s a really stupid game on TV….

        • just me, i know, but we must keep up hope that we can defeat them or that a move from within is underway. their endgame is not something anyone wants to see. them included at this point imo.

        • +1 to you sir.

        • Except for a few bright spots, I’ve concluded that this website is primarily a circle jerk of fear. I’m well prepped, but not because I forsee or expect any of the natural disaster or Alamo Fantasy type situations presented here to come to pass.

          • You should think about this: I have seen articles here that had over 30,000 readers and only a few hundred comments, most of those by perhaps 30 people. I’m old enough I really don’t care about opsec, even this stupid gov is unlikely to figure I’m a threat. Having worked for them for years I know I have a file. But what about the 99% of readers that never post? What are they?

          • TooMany,


            My post is based on decades of observation. I’ve heard for a long time about “things are turning around, arrests, term limits, dump the fed res, etc, etc.” Where is it? Where are these miraculous actions going to come from?

            I see nothing changing, except the noose tightening…

      14. have some cash, yes, but more importantly have what you need to survive, and have real things you will be able to trade and use as currency. YOUR CASH WILL BE WORTHLESS very quickly.

      15. and remeber this as well. gold, though very important, is only wroth something really when a viable fiat currency exists. even if it isnt backed by gold anymore like the greenback. gold is essentially worhtless with out a fiat currency in place. your gold should be hidden and put away for when a new fiat curency comes along. and it most likey will. we can have no order until one exists. especially with the number of people around in todays age.

        • So you are saying that gold only has value when it is measured in a fiat currency? Ummm…no. Not true. Gold, which is finite like every other natural mineral and resource, has been used as a medium of exchange and store of value for thousands of years. You can trade it for a chicken, or a wagon, or a gun. The LAST thing I would trade it for in most circumstances is any fiat currency.

        • Eeder, let me amplify what Nehweh Gahnin said. Farmers will have still have crops and livestock and they will be desperate to find people to have something of value to trade. FRNs (federal reserve notes) will be of little value to them. People with hard goods (like Nehweh Gahnin astutely pointed out) will be the favored trading partners. But precious metals will be next in line, becoming the de facto currency after things settle down a bit and commerce returns.

          If you’re lucky enough or skillful enough to have, make, or acquire things of true value, you will be richly rewarded. But in the short term, having the precious metals will give you a head start while you build your skills and resources.

          Here’s a tip: Figure out how to convert filthy pond water into fresh drinking water without the use of electricity, fuel, or chemicals. I predict you’ll become the most popular and useful person in your post-apocalyptic neighborhood. If 3% of the population are preppers, and every prepper acquired this skill, that’s 10 million people quenching the thirst of a hungry and appreciative nation. Let’s start with us!!!

        • How does this explain the 100+ years of US money success when gold and silver were our currency?

          And no, the US greenback is NOT backed by gold or anything else and hasn’t been since 1971.

      16. Something everyone should do is check the ratings of their bank if they are worried about their solvency. You can go to http://www.bauerfinancial.com and type in your state and bank name and a rating of up to 5 stars will come up. My local institution is 5 stars.Not sure how reliable this is, but they say they are not affiliated with any gov agency. I have no skin in Bauer Financial.

        • the above is another tent salesman….

        • My thought is that anyone dealing with a bank is just asking for trouble. If you have money in a bank, GET IT THE H*** OUTTA THERE! RTFN!! If you must keep some money in a financial institution, a credit union is WAY better than any bank.

      17. Lately my husband and I have been touring local auctions houses buying lots of “old fashioned” hand tools among other things. All the things that will come in handy during a SHTF situation. These things are from an era when things were built to last…..You know as well as I do, they don’t make things like they use to.

        Most people don’t place bids on things like axes, saws, hand planes, hurricane lamps and hand water pumps because they frankly don’t see a need and, as I overheard someone say “it looks like too much work”. We are getting them for next to nothing (sometimes a whole box at a time) and feel they will be invaluable when the time comes. We even bought a super heavy duty hand crank sausage maker in excellent condition with all the different blade attachments for $6.00…..works great!

        • We do the same thing. My latest effort is to find cast iron cobbler boot repair/making tools.

        • Tell me about it… I found this rusty old made in U.S.A. C-clamp in a friends basement. It is built like a tank and worth more than 100 slave labor assembled, shit-metal, made in China C-clamps.

        • Great plan, Tina. Well done! Another tool that a lot of people would not buy but which is very useful is a hand-powered auger. I have one that belonged to my grandfather. It has a 15″ long bit and can drill through most any wood. This is great for building things using wooden pegs instead of nails. It even has a short hollow bit for making the pegs.

      18. Eppe, you are dead on, we will be the ones who survive, and will be the winners, just wish our families felt the same. It is tough to prep for 25+ people, but in the end we will prevail. If only everyone could see the writing on the wall. I am glad we are buddies, the future is not in stone, but we can make it better for some.

      19. i like the idea of little house on the prairie time but lets be serious. we wont get there again without depopulation of the planet. and though i actually believe there should not be more than 500 million people on earth, i also dont believe in killing people to get there. we need to keep trying to live and feed the people that are here until a natural disaster , naturally decreases the population.

        • How gracious of you eeder!

          • tina, its not like that. it s just reality. its the truth!

            • Hey eeder….what if all that 500 million was just women (or just men)….be careful what you wish for….LOL

        • Eeder…

          “I actually think there should be 500 million people on earth”…


          • I think we need a WYF button we can push after some of Eeder’s comments……Just a thought Mac

          • I think we need a WTF button we can push after some of eder’s comments……Just a thought Mac

          • Iowa, Just ignore Eeder. Watching a fool pretend he sits at Command Central with all of the power is nothing more than a big joke and a waste of time. We have serious issues to consider. Eeder isn’t one of them.

            • If everyone has a problem with Eater, Eater is obviously the problem.

        • Why not 8 billion or more? The technology to support that many and more certainly exists. Once mankind is freed from the technology-supressing NWO (which is actually the OWO), hundreds of life-supporting supressed technologies will explode on the scene.

        • OK, eeder, on what objective, scientific basis did you come up with the figure of 500 million? Please enlighten us why the figure of 502 million, or 3 billion, is not equally ‘desireable’.

          Also, is that 500 million proportionate the world’s diverse cultures and population groups now existing, or would the world be ‘better off’ without say, Han Chinese, Turks, Frenchmen, or something like that?

          • geez , testy little commies. holy f! read what i wrote. we must try our best to feed the world , but it is becoming increasingly difficult. this is just a fact. i dont know what the exact optimum population of the planet is, but i believe 500 million is a more reasonable amount for the resources of the earth long term than 7 billion. its nothing to get in a big huff about. if we have a depopulation event , no one is immune. i will likely die. the fact is about 1 out of every 15 people would only survive if it happened in one event.you people are extreemly detached from reality. you have a disease. get help. its not my fault. if its all men or all women that survive, than we wont be far from extinction tina… what else do you want me to say? maybe we should start moderating your ridiculous comments and insults. you have very little of substance to contribute.

            • Is that your objective explanation of your beliefs? No insult intended, eeder, but you need more than bumper sticker phrases and anger to make your point.

      20. i think those of you rolling over and giving up are missing the bigger point. WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO KEEP FIGHTING! until they come and get us, until they have complete control. and i will not be staying around this world if they do finish the grand master plan. i consider anyone who does , to be a COWARD and a very pathetic individual.

        • stand for something or fall for anything

          • hang together or hang alone

      21. see, when we had ron paul momentum, many (most) on here just ho hummed and oh yeah. well who knows, because you cowards rolled over , yeah he isnt gonna be president. when you smell bood guys, you must be prepared to deliver the knockout blow. right now the people and tptb are both so shell shocked , neither is willing to make a move. it is ridiculous at this point. its time to take back what is ours.

        • I listen to what people say, but I also watch what people do and Ron Paul’s investment portfolio showed either he did not believe he would win or could not change anything if he did. As one analyst put it ”This portfolio is a half-step away from a cellar-full of canned goods and nine-millimeter rounds.”

          I voted for him anyway.

          • ” As one analyst put it ”This portfolio is a half-step away from a cellar-full of canned goods and nine-millimeter rounds.”

            I voted for him anyway.”

            Hell, I would have voted for him BECAUSE of that, not in spite of it!

      22. I’Ve been trolling the survivalist boards for some years now. This is the best one I’ve found. I have 2 questions

        first question: what do you do when people close to you won’t believe you? My family does not believe the economic crisis will occur. They refuse to store gold/silver or gas. They believe I’m parinoid and hysterical. Unfortunately I live with them due to my illness.

        second question: I have a long term illness and poor economic prospects….. I want to leave my family with something to help them in the xrisis
        I’m flat broke. What other non monetary contribution can I make for their future well being. I don’t care about my own wellbeing at this point.

        • Have any skills you can teach them that they won’t necessarily think of as “prepping” until they actually need to use the skills? Gardening comes to mind….

        • Garden. Save your seeds. Gather wool cloth suitable for socks from thrift stores, or learn how to darn them. Build a bicycle from spare parts. There are lots of things you can do, and you are only limited by your imagination.

        • JT

          Write down your thoughts, ideas and possible solutions for situations that may arise, getting them to read it may have more of an effect that just talking about it.

          You should care about yourself, if you do not your family will not see the fire in you, the belief that you have that it is all going downhill.

          Where there is life there is hope.

          Take care

          • Well said. We can’t stop trying to help those we love, even if it is discouraging at times.

        • JT ~ If you figure out the answer to question #1, please let me know.

          As for #2 knowledge is the most valuable freebie there is. Download useful information and categorize it into binders. There are so many topics that people will need information on and in a post-Google world, they won’t have the resources to find it. Any skills that you can teach and pass on would also be a gift to treasure.

          I’m sorry to hear about your illness. Best wishes.


          • Daisy

            Caught the wrong button…so sorry. Nails need cutting.apologies

            Take care

        • Adding to what’s been said already, you’re not alone in felling frustrated that family doesn’t want to prep. It’s something that many, MANY, of us face, myself included. I never force anything on them. They are some distance from me in that if something catastrophic should happen, it’s unlikely I’d ever see them again. It sounds horrible and like I’m writing them off but one person can only do so much before they get emotionally exhausted.

          If you have time, learn a skill and demonstrate your knowledge to them. In time, as they are helping you learn your skill, it’s a good chance they too will pick up that knowledge. Even a bed-ridden person can be read to and by pure involvement the reader learns something new.

          Good luck,

        • knowledge…

        • if you care, id give them a little starter kit maybe some beans and something cheap in a can, maybe take a couple of your things and not spend money and give them enough for a week or 2 would be you care. maybe a box of ammo and a older gun and just basics. i think like you too.

        • Here is what you do:


          If you are moronic enough to let them in you can be assured they will betray or murder you when convienent to get your goods; this will leave your family at thier mercy.

          You did your job by warning them. Do no more.

        • You tell them, JT, that IT WASN’T RAINING WHEN NOAH BUILT THE ARK!!!…end of story, point made, nuff said!!!!

          • Organize your preps by expiration year. Four months after that date donate the goods to the needy and be grateful that you did not need them. Replace with preps that are two or three years out. What can you lose except a few bucks. How much is your life worth.

            • Sorry I disagree. Look around there are lists of foods that Never go bad. Sugar. salt, honey, Coco powder, Whiskey, corn starch, Metal canned coffee, canned potato flakes, lots of stuff. I have a case of GI pound cake dated 1943, been stored in a garage for 30 years and I know it’s still good. (The little paper cups it’s in taste about the same as the cake, but not bad) Right now I have canned corned beef that’s 10 years old and I know it’s good. You don’t have to buy expensive stuff to last. On the other hand I just bought some Freeze dried carrots (25 year life) that cost within a few cents a pound of what I dried fresh ones cost.

        • JT,

          Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand. – Tribe Unknown

          Convey to your loved ones, your thoughts, fears and wisdom. If you portray these things in the proper way, with love and patience, they may truly listen and learn what you could teach them. I wish you luck, and perhaps a prayer could not hurt.

        • Noooooo… it’s like the damn oxygen mask thing on an airliner. Put YOUR OWN MASK ON FIRST so you can breathe and help others around you. Same thing when it comes to prepping. Help yourself first, so are still around to help others later.

        • Sign up for welfare. Buy a little extra or have them buy YOU a little extra at the store. If you are able hide it. They will find it or you can tell them where the extra is.

        • Learn how to make tasty wonderful bread with a Solar cooker or bread machine. And that includes grinding wheat seed. If you do it right, they will bug you til you make the bread.

          Make a bio sand filter and filter water. If it tastes much better than the faucet water, again. They will beat a path to your door step.

          And many other home made things.

          Sierra Dave

      23. as I have always been saying… It will happen here.
        When they just announced the bank holiday in Italy, remember my post on the 6th responding to our friend Manos and the message I got from my relatives in Milan?

        Again, #10 cans, ammo, silver, water, crisp $10 bills and a good bug out plan.

        You can never prep enough.

        • Are you Mushroom?


        • Bugging out is fine if your current position is indefensible. If it is defensible, prepare and bug in. Defend what you have with everything you’ve got. I don’t like hearing about folks who do lots of good prep and then run away from all that they have done when things get nasty. Plan for some nastiness and how to deal with it.

      24. I currently live in Switzerland.

        I don’t know if that’s good or bad if Europe goes down the tubes.

        On the one hand, I’m in one of the most well armed (not per capita, that’s the U.S., but in terms of distribution) and orderly societies in the world.

        On the other hand, I’m in the most well armed society in the world…..and I can’t own a gun. doh!

        • Dan – If I had to pick a country to move to, potentially knowing what’s ahead of us, it would be Switzerland. Consider yourself lucky as that will likely be one of the last bastions of stability. (That said, you might experience goods / services interruptions so it never hurts to prep anyway.)

          • I looked into emigrating to Switzerland. It’s not easy.

        • Yeah, coming here for anything other tourism is hard unless you either marry a Swiss citizen, transfer here for work (our family), or have millions to invest. Otherwise, the Swiss are extremely protective of their identity, and have plenty of rules to ensure that non-Swiss folks remain tourists unless they have a very good reason not to be….so much so, that even as an American, if we were to have a second child here, that child must then live here for 10 full years after their birth to gain Swiss citizenship. Compare that to the U.S. policy….pretty hardcore. Also, if you want to become a citizen yourself, you have to live here for something like 12 years straight before you can even apply for consideration….then it’s a super drawn out process. I imagine there are VERY few people who decide to come here, and manage to someday become a citizen.

          All that being said, I’m happy to call this home for now. Despite having left my guns back in the states (no choice unless I were a competitive shooter belonging to a club here), I feel extremely safe here. I mean, if the Nazis didn’t invade, I doubt a bunch of unemployed pillaging Spaniards or Italians will ;-0

          • See, they take that ‘well-ordered militia’ bit really seriously.

      25. Reply to Tina. You are doing the right thing. Practice seeking out the Embodied Potential of all items that many regard as obsolete. Regards Crafty.

      26. tptb are almost begging us to rebel en masse so they can change. can we please stop this cowardice and stand up! the time is now.

      27. I agree with the sentiments of some others. If the banks freeze up (my income is all by direct deposits) paying my mortgage (and income/property taxes) will be the least of my concerns. If 90% of us are in default, how can we possibly be foreclosed on or prosecuted? Government and mortgage are my largest expenses, in that order.

        If there was a shortage of cash in the economy, what cash was in circulation would seem to increase in value, at least in the short run. Silver and fractional gold would likely have a place. Cash and real assests on hand are better than computer blips in stocks or savings accounts at this point. If the bankers went broke it wouldn’t bother me, but it seems the system is set up so that the taxpayers are backing the banks, which are backing central governments through bond purchases. The line separating the financial system and governments is very blurry.

        I really don’t give a flip. My garden is doing fine, archery antelope season starts in August, and the sun is shining. Everything else is just details.

        • I’m onboard… plenty of preps in the basement, sun is shining, scope mount came in the mail today, thousands of traitorous bankster-politicians and their henchmen about to be arrested over the summer. Life is good.

          • I’ve heard this rumor for a few months that something is brewing. Could be deception however.

        • If the fish are biting, I would agree that all is well… at the moment. 😉

      28. The time of Jacob’s trouble is almost upon us. Get ready for 7 interesting years.

      29. Agree with the title, “You Absolutely Must Have Food Supplies, Hard Assets and Reserve Cash”.

        While I dont agree that it’s going to be so bad, you’ll need to know how to grow your own food; I do see before it’s over that there will be some periods, like your local store being out of bread for 2 weeks, your local bank closing for 2 or 3 days while someone else takes over, 2 or 3 days of power outages as your city figures out how to pay to keep its power on.

        You’ll need resveres for those periods. I don’t think that that’s until 2014 in the US but things are going bad faster in greece and spain faster than I thought; so maybe 2013.

      30. Think about the 1930’s depression. Bank failures, people stripped of their money, major unemployment and the banks that were left forcelosed and sold farms/homes for penny’s on the dollar. The government still functioned and you still could by fuel and food. If the collapse follows the 1930’s pattern you will need money, PM’s and food. If you are in debt, your(on hand)PM’s may appreciate to the point to pay off your debts.
        You may want to think in terms of having your money and PM’s in “hand” and NOT in a bank. I am a firm believer in “trading” (labor,having trade items), 12 ga. protection and food. I am prepping for 10 people to eat for 90 days and I still have a way to go. Jesus be with you in the future and as you prepare.

      31. So how much longer do you think they can keep all the balls in the air? Spain’s bank bailout is all bullshit, they are just going to use the money to buy those new Spanish bonds to keep the government running. The banks will do fine, even getting a wind fall profit from buying the new bonds. Two or three months from now they will be broke again and looking for another bailout.

        The Citizens will be the biggest loser all over the globe. But don’t worry the president said the private sector is doing fine. Government is the problem all over the world they consume everything and produce nothing. When will people wake up? The government doesn’t spend government money, it spends your money.

        • IMHO, a while. When it comes right down to it, and it all seems like the euro is lost, the Fed will infuse the ECB/IMF to hold the eurozone together. The powers that be, that are moving toward a goal of a single global currency need the euro. They have an entire region already working on a single currency and that’s very important to them. This will play out and markets will fluctuate but just at that tipping point, monetary infusions will take place. You may not hear about them but they will.

          If the euro becomes obsolete, I’ll eat my words. It may become very weak, but it is the starting block of an agenda.

          • no, it WAS the starting block of the agenda. the bloody agenda is dying! it isnt working! it is FAILING! the NWO plan is failing. but you are all too weak and tired and cowardly to stand or fall … youre all very pathetic. its sick what the agenda did manage to accomplish. but it will never be completed.may we please pray that you people start waking up and getting mad soon.

            • I agree. Instead of Atlas Shrugging- Atlas (the world, collective) needs to continue to PUSH back! KEEP PUSHING- NEVER GIVE IN OR GIVE UP!

          • The euro will fail. You just can’t have a sovereign country without a sovereign monetary policy and a sovereign currency.

        • (Bullwinkle)Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Nothing up my sleeve……guess I got to get me a new hat…….

          • It’s all a global scam to fleece the citizens. Try a Tin Foil Hat.

        • The people will wake up when all they can get on cable T.V., satellite, and the internet for a week is wall to wall coverage of Obama and Brenanke in chains.

        • As long as the wise guys can make more by keeping the game going it will continue. When the time to go short and make the big bucks arrives the game will most likely be over.

        • “Government is the problem all over the world they consume everything and produce nothing. When will people wake up? The government doesn’t spend government money, it spends your money.”

          Hear, hear! Runaway governments are consuming the nations that formed them. When a parasite gets too large, it kills the host and then either both die or a new host must be found. Finding a new host will be virtually impossible for a government, given their record of care for the previous host.

          We are rapidly approaching the time when a choice must be made between preserving the nation or preserving the government. Libs will not be able to see the difference. Others will and will take any actions they can to reduce government. Cutting government spending is a cliche with little meaning. We must cut the size of government itself so that what little of it remains simply cannot spend us into utter destitution.

      32. Well i see everyone talking about saving up supplies but that is a short term solution. There are ways to make safe drinking water from empty 55 gallon drums and u need to be able to hunt and grow food. A greenhouse is a good thing to have if you have the room for one as u need food year round not just in your local growing season. I would say it is important to be able to renew your resources not just save them, its unrealistic to think u can save up more than u will need. I liked the comment about about buying old farm implements and tools in general. I have bought a hand pump to install at the top of my well head which happens to be in y basement so no one can see i have one lol. when the power goes out all i have to do is switch the valves and I’m hand pumping water. Not knocking anyones methods as there are multiple ways to get along but just think about being able to sustain for years as we won’t be through the bad stuff in 6 months time if it indeed does hit the fan

        • Perhaps true, but think on this. The Agriculture people indicate we have about 6 weeks of extra food in the system at it’s low point during the year, If we didn’t have the seed, fertilizer, pesticides, tractor fuel, etc my bet is world food production would drop about 90%. But people would continue to eat till there was none left, they could find. Then it looks to me, way more than 90% die off. That’s in ONE YEAR! If the end comes people will be like locusts for a very shout time. At that point whoever is left should have lots of land and stuff left. Making it past 18 months will be hard from then it should get much easier

          • Paranoid

            I agree, to an extent,even though the numbers give a different result. The global death rate would have to increase over 12,000% for this to happen.

            I think it is more likely that those who practice old days farming methods will continue on as before. The larger die offs will be in countries that rely on mechanisation to feed their populations. There will be pockets of people across the globe that have no idea a crisis has even taken place as they are so much more less reliant than the first world, and others who know about it but are minimally affected.

            I think the end result will be as you describe, but not in a year, I think we will have to survive several years to get to the point where life becomes easier.

            Take care

            • Mot of those “primitive’ countries import a significant portion of their “city people” food, US exports about 1/4of what it grows. Problem in Somalia was not weather,it was the farmers didn’t plant because the crops got stolen and they got shot. Look at it this way, if I have food for 100 people or two years and I have 120 people, without more food; how many starve in two years?Not 20, ALL of them. Why? Well they don’t shoot the 20 extra at the start, they feed everyone until they run out, or start killing each other. At the end of two years when it’s over they have no seed and all left are to weak to plant, unless they ate each other early.

        • “I have bought a hand pump to install at the top of my well head which happens to be in y basement so no one can see i have one lol. when the power goes out all i have to do is switch the valves and I’m hand pumping water.”

          Sounds like a terrific idea, Aaron. Have you tried hand pumping your water? Some hand pumps have a lot of trouble delivering water if they have to raise it 30 feet or more. How deep is your well?

          • its under 25ft so shouldn’t be a problem and since its already installed on the head the water is already primed to the top so that is covered as well 🙂 and no i should take a minute an test it like a good installer would do lol

            • Aaron – Did you dig your own well? What a great idea. I never thought of the basement.

            • Sybil,that is just where my well head was when i moved in the house, they added on to the back of the house and the well head ended up in the new basement. since it was already there it was grandfathered in code wise. If u put a hand pump in i suggest having it on a line with a electic well pump as well. The electric can have the pipe pre-primed for you and save alot of trouble. Anyone who already has a well can attach a hand pump in the existing line in the house that way it remains concealed. If u live somewhere with city water and no existing well u might be screwed as far as finding ground water 🙁

            • Aaron! Thanks so much. In regards to city water – I think there are always ways around everything. Never say never!

      33. Obviously, this is probably the wrong forum to ask, but here goes.
        I would like somebody, anybody, to give a synopsis of how this whole situation can end good. I have been looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, and I just can’t see how the world gets out of this whole.
        Heard a great quote, offered as an old German proverb; “Better for a situation to come to a horrible end, than for a horrible situation to never end.”
        I am past “the sky is falling”, and believe it’s just down to timing.
        By the way, rememeber the “exponential function”, how humans don’t relate to the EF, and Chris Martenson’s excellant example of the stadium filling with water as told in the “Crash Course”
        When it happens, it will be fast and somewhat unexpected, IMO.

        • rick, it could end not too badly , but sadly, it very likely will. people need to get a grip on reality. thats the big problem. it is mind boggling to me.

        • exactly, a resolution itself will be much better than endlessly flailing…. i dont know why more people dont get this. let the debt and fiat fall and we will start anew and have some certainty for awhile. it will be different but not the end of the world. accept it , embrace it .. DO IT!

        • Everyone should hear his drop by drop/fill the stadium explanation of how long it took us to get here and why it’r really late.

        • WE are in the Last Days, for however long they last. Europe is a signpost identified for US 2000 years ago.

          It doesn’t get better. Eventually it gets worse, but not before war and a 7 year peace treaty at the end of that war, after which the sheeple believe that there is peace and safety.

          WE know better, but there will be peace and safety for 3.5 years, THEN the SHTF. This is a dry run folks but it gives US time to prep.

          A leader emerges in the Euro Zone from a small nation. Three of the original ten leave the Ten Nation Confederacy. Its all there for US to read.

          Just saying … 🙂

          • Yes Durango…..”It is written”….all people have to do is READ it to know what is coming in the next few years.

        • Morning Rick

          If we, as individuals, we’re allowed to be individuals, encouraged to grow food instead of being prosecuted for doing so, encouraged to take responsibility instead of rely on the state, if we were not watched, monitored controlled and corralled life at ground level would in my opinion improve.

          If those that say they represent us, our views and desires, actually did so, life in my opinion would improve.

          If those who seek to dominate the world for their own ends ceased to exist the whole world would be a better place and the possibility of a good outcome would increase exponentially.

          Sadly, the situation we are in cannot end well if the current route is followed.

          Take care

        • Yes, it is possible for the world’s financial situation to be re-set via collective action on debt forgiveness, ending derivatives, revaluing currencies, partly backing currencies with gold or silver, etc. Unfortunately, those in power do not seem to have a lot of interest in doing this or anything remotely close to this. While possible for the current situation not to end very badly, the odds look very long to me. Like a lot of folks out there, I certainly hope for the best but prep for the worst.

      34. i found out from some thing on cnbc , alot of these trolls on here are actually security guards for multi millionaires and billionaires. they track people like us and if we say something about, for example, jamie dimon, they keep an eye on us and sites like these to see if we are serious about it or just talking crap. im sure the government employs many more of these trolls. this is ridiculous. if they would jsut stop thier vile actions, they woldnt have to worry! we must collapse fiat.we must collapse debt and put these guys in their place. they are out of control! they steal form us to pay some stooge to protect them from us! NO MORE!

        • But I am as serious as I can be…….

      35. I don’t believe that there will be a shortage of money in the US. Unlike Greece and other nations the US makes it’s own. The FDIC “insuring” deposits was very important when the USD was pegged at $35 per ounce of gold. With EQ 3 looming a shortage of money is not the concern but rather it’s value. Unless there is some rapid shift in thinking the PTB intend to print their way out of trouble.

        Most likely in a collapse in the US you will have money but few goods to buy and those will be expensive well beyond your ability to pay with conventional currency. Even it there is a nonsense “price freeze” (which the US has done and the USSR had as a policy) things are still available through what is called the “grey” market. The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker will have a little something tucked away for “paying customers”. My friends wife experienced it in Belarus when the USSR came crashing down.

      36. We have a year’s supply of food and water, guns and ammo. A way to cook our food and heat our home without electricity. What’s coming to America is a complete economic collapse following the loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

        • All world reserve currencies eventually lose their WRC status, so no big surprise there. What will surprise a lot of folks is the impact that this will have. For one thing, all imported goods will rise in price by about 1/3 virtually over-night. This will be a huge shock to everyone who is used to the idea of being able to buy whatever they need on the cheap. Stores that specialize in selling imported goods will be hit VERY hard. Got WalMart stock? Oops.

      37. Alfred E Newman: What me worry!

      38. “What if banks were closed? And what if when they reopened again your dollar was worth much less than when they closed for business?”

        Why would banks close when their Uncle Sam has ink and paper? Most likely your dollar just buys less continuing at an accelerated rate of decline. Food bill this week $200, next week $300 and the following week $450. In relatively short order you have exhausted your savings and only hard currency and “things” have value. Labor lashes back with strikes as the workers are unable to provide for their families even though they just received a 20% raise prices went up 50%. Shortages then develop and things get real ugly at that point.

        Cash might be useful for a very short period of time before the “masses of asses” pull away from Monday Night Football when the beer runs out and think, “Hay cash money ain’t worth nothing”. They then figure out that the term Fiat currency was not the down payment on an Italian car.

      39. I like David Stockmans investment advice


        “TGR: Finally, what is your investment model?

        DS: My investing model is ABCD: Anything Bernanke Cannot Destroy: flashlight batteries, canned beans, bottled water, gold, a cabin in the mountains.”

      40. Hey, where are whe going? And why are we in this handbasket?

        • Ask Toto, he got out of the basket.

      41. I hear you.

      42. I am thinking a little different today. I am not sure our money will be worthless because all the big wig millionairs that are prepared for whatever this event is are still gambling with stick etc. they are not putting all they have in pm’s although they are well diversified. I am sure there will still be a need and use for cash. Again I think it will be hyperinflation and that is why THEY will be ok and us lil people will be the ones to suffer. And I am thinking that half the population will die off fsst, water, hunger medical shortages. Climate alone in conjunction with health issues could knock off many a people. Think the heat of FL and all the reired folks and no air conditioner, anyone with a respitory illness is doomed. a simple cut could be life threatening with no medication. TPTB will allow the natural course of death take hold midway through they will call for martial law.
        I am not sure about bill paying. I am sure things will shut down I guess. I am screwed as far as a roof over my head cuz we have a mrtgage and we enterd the prepp game a lil late. I have a tent and in a moderate climate. can get cold though for a few months in the winter. Only know of one family that owns thier house outright and they are far from preppers. They are buying trucks ans boats and toys but not even a weeks worth of food in the house. I am thinking that the last thing on the minds of tptb will be kicking people outta houses. Of course unless they are rounding up the folks for fema, in that case I will be heading out into the woods and finding a hut to live in I guess. I have no BOL I have a home that I owe and pray I have more time to prepare. I now the clock is ticking and soon the alarm will ring, I can only do what I can and I am scared I will just prolong the suffering of my family and not be helping as I am nowhere near where all you guyz are in the prep inventory. Although I I have struggle with a garden I am now attemting containmer gardening, hopefully woth a better outcome than last year

        • You can do a lot fast and cheap: Rice, beans, wheat, a grinder, Gravy mix, Veg oil (Not Corn, it goes rancid faster than about anything else)salt, vitamins, powdered milk. A few other things will get you a huge head start and cost very little.

        • Justincase, You will more than likely be safer if you stay home and NOT start “heading out into the woods and finding a hut to live in.”

          To do well, you must strive towards self-reliance NOW. If you have no means to cook food without using your kitchen stovetop and oven, get a basic cooking method started. A fire-ring, metal tripod, or rocket stove all work. Learn to cook with a cast iron “dutch oven” (campfire cooking). You can also make your own solar oven with aluminum foil and a few large boxes.

          Buy some canned foods: fruits, veggies, and canned hams so that you have these in storage NOW. Store these for later. Buy rice and beans in quantity and store them, too. Then buy wheat berries and a grain mill — learn to make bread by grinding your own flour. Learn to make basic breads with baking soda since store-bought yeast has a short shelf-life.

          STORE WATER! Also, set up rainwater barrels, then find a way to filter/treat collected rainwater from your roof.

          Crisco has a longer shelf-life than veggie oils. Olive oil is the best oil nutritionally and can be frozen but remember, there may be an off-grid scenario you must adapt to.

          Get pro-active, not re-active — your attitude will change. If you think it’s hard now, just wait….

          And paying the mortgage won’t be the biggest issue you have in the future, and it’s not one of the steps of survival!

        • hyperinflation is good for debtors…if a loaf of bread goes from $1 to $100,000, your mortgage becomes worth a loaf of bread….

          Deflation good for savers and the rich…bread goes from $1 a loaf to 25 cents a loaf, your mortgage effectively grew 75%

      43. I declare my property a sovereign society no outside rules or goverments apply, step across the border, i dare you. GAME OVER!

        • Ummmmm… did you get that from the Wilcox-Drake Interview? Sovereign states, counties, towns, plots of land, and individuals are about to make a roaring comeback after the MASS ARRESTS go down.

          • That is the real reason behind The War Between The States. I am not raciest and do not think one race is better then the other. I am stating a fact.

          • I agree with you on your Martial Law statements…but Wilcox is a fool and a fraud

      44. Nope, thats just my two cents,never heard the interview,but got to hand it to the guy he might be on to something.

        • Let me know what you think: http://tinyurl.com/cd5cyjo

          It’s set to start at the one hour mark, but you may want to listen to the whole thing.

      45. Why You Absolutely Must Have Food Supplies, Hard Assets and Reserve Cash … HUH ;0p ???

        PUCK THAT !!! Wrong Priorities … Arm Up First !!!

        GOT 12 GAUGE ??? GOV .45-70 ??? GOT .44 MAGNUM ??? … ;0P pssszzt

        then get the rest of your shtf stuff STARTING WITH 6 MONTHS WATER FOOD .

        Arm Up First folks !!!

        If you want to Live !!!


        • OMG! NinaO lives! 😉

      46. @ justincase-breathe! Don’t worry about your mortgage or other bills in shtf, just keep current now. I suppose at least ½ the people here have mortgages and/or car payments too. And maybe less than ½ have a BOL.
        Continue to do what you can and lay low, forget the clueless neighbors, the unfortunates who will perish and focus on prepping everyday for you and yours.

        The list ‘The first 100 items to disappear first’ might help with important basics.

      47. Greetings Everyone!
        It looks like things are getting worse(no news there!).Prepping should be about setting aside a reasonable amount of supplies,not “waiting for Godo”.There are so many different ways to “buy the farm” it’s becoming a French Farce.Trying to “outgun” and “out-wait” the current PTB’s is a dead end option.Perhaps a NEW way thinking may be in order.Personally,I believe(just my own view,make of it what you will)that we’re seeing just about everything appearing that tells us that God’s Kingdom and His Judgment “Day” to be VERY near at hand(just how close no-one knows but God himself,and he didn’t tell me a specific date!).In general,People seem to be losing their rational minds(even some who post here!)world-wide.The Scriptures say that “men will become faint out of fear due to the things coming upon the Earth”.Sound familiar? They also speak about people no longer caring about their fellow men or even their families.Yet in spite of this the Scriptures also speak of better times ahead after this current system passes away.So much so that:”the former things will not even be called to mind”.Even so,they warn us that in the meantime:”faith without works is dead”.Prepping is a goodly part of that one.In the near term,the USA is going to undergo many different and severe and VERY painful changes.Not all at once,not everywhere at the same time,but like the incoming tide,very much ongoing without letup.Money and “wealth” will diminish in value,there will be no “safe havens” and government services will decline or just disappear.As the world-wide economy races to the bottom we’ll be seeing the “Greek Failure” syndrome coming soon to your locale.When people can no longer afford “stuff”,then the S.will really Hit The Fan.The “folks” from the ghetto areas WILL be extremely desperate(when the monthly “deserved money” check will barely buy a loaf of bread)and already have “attitude”, then there will be no “safe houses”,even for the UBER-RICH in their mansions.Their paid shills in the media will be speaking endlessly about how “peace and security” is around the corner as the fires burn.Frankly,it won’t matter who wins in November when the prize is a ticket to sit and dine in the first class car of a train heading toward the cliff with no bridge.
        Just my views,I’m sure others abound with a different take on our current conundrum.
        Best to All
        (esp. Manos and family)

        • GFG… I have been having similar thoughts. My view is that America has shunned God at every opportunity and that we are coming to a time where pay-back is imminent. I think of the coming time as “The Testing”. This will be a test of faith and perhaps a call to those who have lost their way to regain it. It will also be a time of terrible tragedy for a great many people. As a nation, we need to be shown the error of our ways and, brother, will we ever!
          Keep your faith and your family strong and healthy. Prep as much as you can. Help others. Be a symbol of all that is good and right with America and reject all that is bad about America these days. Others will respond to that.

      48. Of COURSE it can’t happen here! This is the United States of America, the greatest country in the world! (waving flag madly) This isn’t Argentina, you know. We are a military superpower! We have the strongest economy in the world! Etc, etc. blah blah. Same thing the British said about 150 years ago. Same thing the Romans said about 1,800 years ago.

        For those who think there’s no chance of an economic collapse happening here in the good ol’ USA, realize that the law of gravity applies everywhere on this planet. So do the laws of economics.

        We are not immune. And it WILL happen here.

        • Add the USSR to your list of “It can’t happen here” states. I’m sure that they thought this as well… and they were right… until it did.

      49. Yesterday afternoon I stopped at a rest area outside Missoula, Montana. It had been rainng earlier, but now the sun was out. Going back to the truck, I noticed a huge rainbow stretching from the south right up to the rest area. In fact, the end of the bow was just behind the restrooms, in a little wooded area. I hopped the fence and walked over.
        Sure enough, the end of the rainbow was right on the ground in front of me. And there was the pot of gold. What really got my attention though, was the little leprechaun. He was leaning against a tree, sleeping. I thought I recognized him, so I tossed a pebble and bounced it off his nose. He leaped up, startled and swinging his tiny fists like a miniature Mike Tyson.
        “What the…! Who in the…oh, it’s you again,” he said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
        “Hi ya, Leppy! Long time no see.”
        “How’d you know it was me? You humans think us leprechauns all look alike.”
        “You’re the only one I know with ‘I Love Gina The Gnome’ tattoo’d on his forearm.”
        He looked at his arm and smirked, “Heh heh, I guess I am at that. So, how you been okie?”
        “Fine, Lepster. How’s things in the world of the munchkins?”
        He frowned, “Don’t call me Lepster. My friends already poke fun at me for the Leppy nickname you gave me. And we are NOT Munchkins. We are Leprechauns. Munchkins don’t exist.”
        I’d forgotten how touchy he was about that. “Sorry,” I said, “so how’s business?”
        He sighed, sat down, and began to take off his right shoe. “Business is lousy, if you must know. Absolutely lousy….Say, oakster, have you got any Tinactin? My athlete’s foot is killing me.”
        “No, but I have some peroxide in the first aid kit in the truck. I’ll get it.”
        I wasn’t sure he’d be there when I returned. But he was. I handed him the bottle and he puored a generous amount over the sole of his foot and rubbed it in.
        “Aaaahh. That’s much better, thanks. I’d get the doc to prescribe something for this awful itching, but I can’t afford it.”
        “Don’t you have health care? I thought the leprechauns had a guild or union or something?”
        “We have TWO unions. And we have to belong to both, but the healthcare is awful. In fact, they’ve dropped it entirely. We’re all stuck with Obamacare.”
        “But you’re in Montana, I thought that was a Right To Work state?”
        He sighed again, “We’re headquartered in Sacramanto. So it’s California laws that dictate our union membership. And, under Obamacare, right there on page 1,217 it clearly states ‘Podiatrist services are excluded for all persons under 4 feet tall.’ And that’s not the worst of it. The Fairies get NO treatment at all for their Sparklie Lung Disease, and they’ve all got it from tossing that pixie dust around every day. Plus, to add insult to injury, they DO get coverage for birth control! How crazy is that? Everybody knows the Fairies are 99% male, and they’re all celebate. They never need birth control. And the few who are girls are all lesbians, so they sure don’t need it. It’s just crazy, I tell ya!”
        I decided to change the subject, “You say you have TWO unions?”
        He dried his foot on the grass and slipped his shoe back on, “Yeah. We’ve got the North East Organization of Confederated Leprechauns. The Neo-cons. And the Leprechaun International Brotherhood, the Libs.”
        I smiled, “The neo-cons and the libs. That sounds familiar.”
        “But our politics are different than yours. In fact, it’s the Libs who are backing Romney and the Noe-cons support Obama.”
        I was incredulous, “You’re kidding!”
        “No,” he insisted, “the Libs are backing Romney. It has to do with some political favors his old man did for us, back when he was governor. And the Neo-cons are behind Obama because they like his ears! Is that crazy or what?”
        I smiled at him, “Well, now that you mention it…his ears do sort of-”
        He interrupted me, “Oh, I don’t care about what his ears look like! And, honestly, I don’t give an ogre’s ass about all the politics. It’s just that the unions are DESTROYING our industry! They’ve gutted our pension funds. Do you realize, I’ll have to work til I’m 235 years old to get my retiremnt. And it probably won’t even be there by then.”
        I began to feel sorry for the little guy, “That’s too bad.”
        He was really worked up by now, “Oh, it gets better, my friend. It gets better!” He took a gold coin from the pot and tossed it to me. “Just look at that!”
        I examined the coin, “It says APMEX but the lettering is sorta shaky. Is it a mis-stamp from the mint?”
        “Check the other side, okie.”
        I flipped it over, “It says ‘.999 pure GLOD.’ Wow! They misspelled gold?”
        His head sank, “It’s fake. Just steel with a micro thin covering of gold. There aint a dollars worth of real gold in a whole potful of them. The unions buy them for about a nickel a piece from China. I’m ashamed to even show up at a rainbow these days.”
        I started to hand the coin back to him, but he said “Just keep it. It aint worth nothin anyway.” He looked so sad, I really wanted to cheer him up.
        “Look, Leppy. I’m sorry for all of this, but I tell ya what. Next time I see you, I promise to have lots of blonde leprechaun jokes. We’ll skip the politics and just have some good laughs.”
        “Thanks, okie, I appreciate that. I gotta get going now. There’s another rainbow scheduled for Kalispell, just before sundown.”
        “Take care, Leppy. Hope to see you again soon.”
        He turned and gave a jaunty wave, then walked off. I went back to the truck.
        Later that night I stopped off at a truckstop in Butte and went into the restaurant. The food was lousy, the coffee tasted like dishwater, and the waitress never got off her cellphone the whole time. She acted like I was a genuine pain in the butt, an interruption to her conversation.
        I tried a couple bites of the runny scrambled eggs and decided to skip dinner. I paid the check and started to leave, then had another thought. I went back to my table, scribled a note on the napkin, and laid the fake coin on the table for a tip. The note said, ‘This is one ounce of pure GLOD. Don’t spend it all in one place.’

        • Looks like Leppy should have voted for Vermin Supreme.

          • looks like faggot anons mother should have swallowed.

        • Thanks much, Okie. I needed a bit of cheer. 🙂

      50. The world will not end. God will not allow that to happen. But, we need to take care of ourselves and our families during the great tribulation. My husband is against prepping, I do it anyway. What is TBT,and all these abrevations i do not understand? New to the prepping world.

        • And your husbond will greatly appriciate your prepping when the time comes !.

        • The Budweiser Team?

        • “The world will not end. God will not allow that to happen.”

          I wonder if any of the dinos thought that. Hmmm…

      51. As a reply to some comment way up.

        I suspect the useless Occupy protests, as they are, are to pass laws and restrictions. So when decent Americans try to have a serious protest for real reasosns. They won’t be able to.

      52. I look for a bank holiday and reopen with new money, trade your green backs for new at 25 cents on the dollar. Stock up as much as you can now, remember the basic’s. Water and defense first, then shelter and food. Also put back as much as you can of ammo. It’s coming quickly, be prepared to face what ever head on. Never back down stand up for what is right.
        This is just me.
        Live Free

      53. Took a trip to the Country this past weekend. Dropped off more dry goods, pickled and canned stuff. Even seafood/chicken/saysage gumbo! Witha pressure canner, we can preserve anything we like. Also made another batch of beef jerky after buying real cheap chuck roasts…liquid smoke, brown sugar and a cup of mortons curing salt. That is ready for vacuum packing tonight.

        Checked the old hand dug well, dropped a magnet on a very long rope, no junk down there that was ferrous. Dropped a sample bottle and brought up about a pint, water is murky and has sediment. Will get it tested but none the less, I will have that as back-up water supply and will distill it before use.

        Went out back, deer sign, wild hog sign, good trails and they ate all the corn left out over the winter. I put 50 lbs out and will check it in couple weeks. Will be oding other things proven before to attract all the various wildlife.

        Checked the sugar cane planted last winter, some came up, some didn’t. No big deal, will plant more and definitely will plant sugar beets and potato for future, in mean time while prices are still affordable putting up as much “staple” as I can, hurricane season is upon us. time for makin fuel is near.

        Also workin on peeps units, making progress, if you read this and are waiting, have patience, the end result will be worth it…garanteed. I build to last.

        Keep on, God Bless all,
        Terry W. Reed

      54. T.R.Reed- How much beef to the cup of curing salt, amount of brown sugar, and smoke in the bottle.

        • I believe it was about 10 lbs of beef. Remove any fat, cut into 1/4″ thick pieces. A 2 lb package of brown sugar, 1/2 cup curing salt and if you like it a bit more salty (I do) I add another 1/2 cup of canning or kosher salt (it has no filler, pure salt) 4 small bottles of Liquid Smoke, bring the salt, sugar and liquid to boil, you may want to add additional seasoning, we add fresh rosemary…let cool pour ingredients over meat in a container and let sit in refigerator for 24-48 hours, it will be completely cured at that point, then dehydrate it. Vacuum pack for long term storage.

          You may also use the “breakfast” pork chops, boneless as they are also thin and lean, actually any kind of meat, including wild game and fish. I have used other jerky recipes, but this one is simple. I have tried teriyaki and adding soy sauce, but those seem to make things taste a bit odd.
          So I go with liquid smoke, the cure, salt and sugar. If you buy 100% cure, do not use a 1/2 cup, this is too much, I buy Morton;s “TENDER QUICK” in 1 lb bags, looks like regular salt and has mostly salt in it but also has the “cure” in it, I believe Sodium Nitrate, which is not good in large quantitys….but heck, what is….lol.

          Here is a vital thing to remember, smoking meat WILL NOT CURE IT, you must have salt, sugar etc…people have become very ill thinking smoking preserves.

          I hope this answers your question.

          Terry W. Reed

          • A big Thank You.
            Live Free

      55. After leaving the Corps I went into the freight forwarding business and I can tell you things are not pretty. About 1/3 of the agents, especially the Mom & Pop shops operating in our rural areas have gone out of business. What killed them was the cost of fuel. The rest are barely hanging on. I realize things are worse in some parts of Europe, but we all are no more than 2 paychecks away from total turmoil. I think it would be wise, if you are a prepper or not, to have about a $1,000 in small bills and about 30 days of food stashed away. From essential items to comfort food AND household essentials like toilet paper, etc. If you are on any type of medication which you need, it would not hurt to stash away a 90 day supply. Look if you never need your supplies, great, but if you need them and have none, you will be, well, you get my meaning. It might not be the businesses around you which will collapse, but what about the businesses which supply your local stores? “Sorry, you just have to wait until the next shipment comes…” – which might not come for a long period of time. Don’t even dream about Uncle Sam providing for you. By the time the govt. is mobilized you could be dead. Besides, when things get real bad, what makes you think Uncle Sam is going to provide for you? He will provide for the lower 10,000 and the upper 10,000, the rest, the Middle Class, “well, you will just have to fend for yourself, after all we are Americans…we have survived worse” will be the advice from the govt. I do not belong the Soldier of Fortune clique of survivalists, or the tin hat brigade, but I see for the first time some real concerns and indicators that the worst is still to come. We simply can’t continue with our spending like we have been and most politicians are only talking about cutting back. When the time comes, when there is no more money to be printed which has any value, we will see radical cut backs, in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. This is not meant to scare anyone, but just think about it, how long can we continue to spend at the levels we have been for the past decade? Once we run out of money in one area, other problems will surface as everything is interconnected. It will get ugly in the major metro areas where many people are residing. It will start with bartering and end up with people just taking what they want. Our law enforcement agencies are not large enough to handle such an uncontrollable mob. Remember, they are fathers and husbands too and when their families will need them, to heck with the job. Remember in New Orleans, most of the force deserted. I think it would be smart if everyone would just prepare themselves and their families a little. If I am wrong, well hate me, but if I was right, all what can be said is: “I told you so…”

        • @Gunny: RIGHT ON guy you hit a home run. Time to prepare is now. One thing I think it will last longer than 90 days or so, when it go’s down so will the refinery’s so no fuel. Thanks for your service to our country. To bad you were in the CORP. (lol) this is from an old army guy.

        • GUNNY… Very well said.. and thank you. But, don’t you agree, that if the typical lunkheads haven’t done anything yet, they may as well forget about it? The roving gangs of looters, killers, and rapists are going to have to have SOMEBODY to get, don’t you think? It will be like watching prides of lions in Africa feasting on wildebeasts…. I hope I have a good vantage point, so I can film it and send it in so Mac can see it!


      57. I understand the need for food and hard assets, but what good is fiat cash going to do anyone when in the midst of a hyperinflationary collapse?

        I will be using any greenbacks left on hand to either wipe my soiled bum or start a cooking fire.

        • cash will still be used. question is how much.

          it was interesting that i was reading a post on another site(warning – its a religious site)(http://www.internetmonk.com/archive/at-jss-pray-at-the-pump) that said this guys grandfather still had buried cash in the backyard in 1970 because of bank runs in the US in the depression.

          hmm, just 40 years later; we may be about to put up another generation that will do the same, way to go US government !

          from the post, “In the 1970′s, my father had money buried in jars in the back yard. Because he lived through bank runs and closings, he never entirely trusted banks.”

        • Slappy, no one really knows exactly what will happen when the SHTF. It is entirely possible that cash will still be good and perhaps for a considerable period of time. I am more concerned about bank holidays and not being able to get at my money than I am about the money itself. Yep, I could be wrong. I was wrong once before, so it could happen again, I suppose.

          It could also come to be that dollars will become worthless. A wise person looks at all possible scenarios and then preps for the ones that seem most likely to them and for which they can actually prepare. I don’t waste any time or other resources worrying about a meteor strike that wipes out most of the life on Earth, for example. There’s nothing I can do to alter that one bit. Economic collapse and hyper-inflation, however, can be prepared for and many of us on here are doing just that.

          • If everyone is pretty well stocked i’d say pay your most pressing bills up for the next year so the bank can’t piss in your cornflakes about why u haven’t paid your mortgage with your massively worthless dollars, if we have massive deflation instead of hyperinflation then this would be wise, its kinda hard to cover all your bases u just need to make sure the family is safe and fed in my book, u can always live in a tent but u can’t eat a house 😉

      58. Hi!, Patrons Of HTFPlan.com Et Al:

        There are a lot of posts here by healthy young people but what are the elderly and infirm to do? Pledge allegance to the flag and then die? We are living in a very narrowly focused, self serving society aren’t we?

        [email protected]

      59. I live in portugal ! this rotten socialist wellfare state
        And go figure, we are in the leading front of the crisis !
        That I admit, caught me off guard !
        But I have been preparing like many of you for when an urban society cannot absolutly exist with this kind of criminal fiat system. Is the guy in the grocery shop keep accepting my paper knowing it is worh nothing ?
        I’m 100% dependent on others here in the city
        I have a piece of land with a little house (off the radar of the finances), independent water supply. I stored plenty of food (I keep rotating the most perishable goods) I bought a gun I have 500watt in solar panels, inverter and batteies, medicine and plenty of tools. I also have a few hundred ouces of silver a bit of gold and some cash stored away.
        Still I’m thinking of other ways I can protect myself and my family from what this rotten, criminal currupt system has done to society

        • Wow. Didn’t the 96-month finance for cars in 2006 tip you off that something was up?

          I see a short period of chaos before the children of the Salazar’s bunch take over again. (that’s the neutralist Fascists for our American readers). It’ll be rough but survivable, largely because so many people still have country roots in Portugal.

          Nothing will be off the radar of the Financas for more than 6 months after domestic secret police start working again.

      60. It is critical for people to simply get out of debt, not buy anything they don’t have to, and just save. Don’t monetize your lifestyle.

      61. Like-minded people need to come together.

      62. This SHOULD have been a good, informative article.

        But it was not.

        Ending with a series of “How would you pay ….” questions, the author drops the ball by providing no answers, no solutions, no suggestions, nothing at all.


        Because it is not an answerable question.

        You cannot pay for any of these things now, with gold or silver. Nor will you be able to pay for any of these things in the future with gold or silver. No grocery store, utility company or hospital will accept them as payment, now or then.

        It times of crisis, gold and silver “sell” (trade) for junk prices (in collapsed countries). But never at spot value, at values less then 1/3 of their alleged worth.

        The need to pay for things will always exist. But inflation / deflation is nothing you can do anything about. The claims that we can “hedge” against this by purchasing gold and silver are uttely bogus. You must convert this metal into cash (at whatever rates you are offered) to pay for you bills or food. Which means you are going to pay the going rate for the price of these commodities, making your ‘investment’ nearly useless.

        How would you pay? With whatever “widely accepted form of currency” there is. Probably fiat dollars. Probably electronic currency. But NOT with gold or silver, this is a MYTH.

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