Why America Will Burn: People “Behave Utterly Helpless To Change the Situation”

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 143 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. “Before you answer “Molon Labe” and Hodges is full of …., you might want to look behind you to see who, if anybody, is with you.”

        Mr. Hodges, while I will grant you that this country has far more cowards than courageous men and women, I do believe that there are at least 3% or more of us that will fight the good violent fight.

        • Sad where this USA is headed.

          Eyes open, no fear…

          • Its really sad, the worst part is that mos go along willingly, too scared to upset their apple cart,
            I give up, figure i wont live too terribly long but damn sure im not going to go along just so everyone around me can be safe and snug, fuck it

            • I think once the shit really does hit the fan here
              A lot of those fence sitters are going to realize it’s time to rumble
              Some of the most meek folks I know have an under current that could surprise you
              I know a sweet little gal only 5’3″ and 120#
              Literally will let a bug out of a house than to kill it
              I saw her kick the living shit out of a man 50 to 70 pounds heavier and at least 10″ taller
              And it was all because he copped a feel as he passed by her
              It was something to see man
              There are wolfs out there in sheeps cover
              Or sheep dogs laying back to see how this all plays out
              The obvious ones to write off ?, well those might never come around , but I doubt those would make it passed the second day, or week for that matter

              • It will be amusing to say the least,
                I just look around and realize that the vast majority of people around here are useless beyond giving lip service to a fast food joints ordering speaker
                Too many people who believe that the status quo is better than stepping back a bit, dealing with some discomfort so that things might get back on track, they would rather just pay their taxes and not make any noise so they wont be on the radar,,,
                I say fuck it

                • Oh I hear what your saying and agree
                  But sometimes when that comfort is taken away from a sleeping schlub
                  It might just jump to its feet and nail one out of the park

                  I guess one can hope

                  I don’t think we have long to find out

                  • If they don’t cowgirl up we ar 60% down. No more bimbos.

                  • If they don’t cowgirl up we ar 60% down. No more bimbos.

              • I can’t believe that millions of Americans hit the streets to protest Wall Street and the Bankster control of our politicians and everyone on this site pretends it did not happen. MSM took a couple pictures of gay boys and a few homeless that got fed…and the rightwing screamed like jackals against them. Divide and conquer had you Boyz sitting on your butts pouting because why? Millions were standing against tyranny and for all your talk… you refused to stand with Americans tired of tyranny and corruption. I stood with them in Seattle. So did my daughterinlaw. I guess you were asleep.

                • Rebecca,

                  You are so right. The problem is the press, will always find a way to package resistance to their agenda as some sort of right or left wing nut activity, or just silly foolishness.

                  The battle is spiritual, which I suspect you already know.

                  Problem is internalizing that reality, when we are swatted down by it.

                  I loved reading the Sci-fi book “Dune”, it’s down right prophetic to today’s age.

                  • Had a job dealing with your c words . And I will tell you right now . When the SHTF I will have no mercy for your c words . I don’t care what you say about your woman isn’t a PC bimbo and she didn’t vote for Obama. I don’t believe you. She is a liar. And she goes by by .

                  • Thanks. Yes, the battle is spiritual.

                  • I haven’t read Dune. I will get it at the library next week. People are easily divided.

              • Are you sure the person who copped a feel wasn’t you?

            • Just the other day I had an argument with a friends 29 year old daughter. She is a single mother, collecting about $2000 per month from the gov, She works as a waitress under the table and goes to Art school on a “Lets help the poor single mothers grant”.I had talked to her over the years a little. She is the daughter of some friends of mine.
              I was there fixing a old guitar amp for her father.
              Her father and I were just talking and the subject of H clintons Emails came up and I mentioned how all the corruption showed thru in this case. The Daughter about had a stroke. She started screaming at us saying how could we think that way about such a great woman. A woman who is responsible for everything she has (all her free bees). The hate was shocking, almost complete change in personality. She ranted for a good 10 minutes about how great clinton was then she just up and left. The next week she came to me and asked me to sign a paper saying I was renting a room to her so she could get mote money. When I said no she exploded again blaming me for her predicament.
              This is the type of people we have to deal with. We are screwed.

              • Yes- had a friend who transformed into a leech on society. She didn’t need to do that but she made unwise choices in life that we all ended up subsidizing. We all paid for her social work degree while she cranked out child after child with different men. This continued well into her 30s when she and her (then) art major husband couldn’t get any more loans and the jig was up. She asked me to pay her mortgage once. Um no. Of course, in her eyes, she is entitled to whatever she can get from people, seeing that she has had such a rough life. But I remember each time we talked… I would say, whatever you do- don’t have another baby. This was when her teenager was setting fire to her hair and her son was out of control. As for her social work, it really is the blind leading the blind.

                • I read that and heard the refrain ” America, America, God shed his grace on thee…”

                  I don’t know why. It was a hint I think.

              • “This is the type of people we have to deal with. We are screwed.”

                No. These are the type of people who will starve to death.

                • Minorities single mothers ,gov. Employees voted this guy in . It’s by by time.

                • Well said.

              • Ed, do her a big favor, REPORT her to the different government departments she’s getting money from!!! Tell them that she is working under the table,and scamming them!!! Maybe that will be the kick in the ass she needs to become a worker, not a taker!!!

                • Amen! Enough of this ridiculous bullshit. This is now the land of the TAKERS!!!! And don’t give or produce anything in turn, just take and bleed and bleed over and over.

              • Ouch, but you know what…fuck the GIMMEDATS, they need a healthy dose of reality, and even the failure that comes with it. They will either survive it for the better or perish due to it..So what. you did the right thing.

                “Experience is its OWN best teacher, provided you survive its lessons”.

                That is my saying I use on my own kids as well…they sort of get it, but are also learning I am right, day to day.

              • Wow, that girl should have 100b weight tied to her worthless fucking leg and tossed into a very deep lake along with the rest of them!! But yes, this once great nation is now full of those types. My God, WTF has happened to this country? Wake up white America…before it is way too, too late for us…

        • ‘MURICA

        • United Nations website refers to no Planetary Initiative headed by David Spangler (aha!, you say, hidden just like the black helicopters!). The United Nations website does not refer to any employment of David Spangler (aha!, hidden just like the implanted microchips!). I can find no evidence that this quotation exists anywhere but in the minds of the people who spread it.

          Where did the idea come from? The Findhorn Foundation, with which he had some involvement three decades ago, proclaims that it has been an officially recognized United Nations nongovernmental organization. The United Nations specifically states of nongovernmental organizations that work with it:

          Please note that association of NGOs with DPI does not constitute their incorporation into the United Nations system, nor does it entitle associated organizations or their staff to any kind of privileges, immunities or special status.

          Could this very loose and decades-past association with an organization that indeed is currently associated with the United Nations as an NGO be what sparked this notion?

          And why David Spangler? He provides the non-Christian aspect of the conspiracy, as a teacher of online courses through the Lorian Association and the a number of books about spiritual “manifestation”. He’s been in touch with “non-physical entities” and “inner plane beings” for many years now, apparently. If you think that’s especially weird, ask Auntie Gertrude about her weekly habit of drinking God’s kid’s blood. It’s different-enough sounding for somebody to make the “Lucifer” connection and to have it stick, apparently.

          The United Nations Lucifer quotation claim appears to be utter baloney. But what a strange and interesting baloney run it has been.

          • Thank you for posting this. You saved me the trouble.

        • Most veterans if able will fight.

          • More people are waking up and preparing to fight back. You should jump over and watch this short video by Judge Pirro on arming yourselves to survive. You know what to do with the space between the TT

            ht tp://insider.foxnews.com/2015/12/06/judge-jeanine-after-san-bernardino-terrorists-here-time-start-fighting-survival

            • These PC bimbos must be exterminated . If not we will be exterminated. Take your pick.?

          • We will all fight.
            Question is fight who?

            We need to decapitate the federal
            government, cut funding to the Federal
            and states governments, and get
            the support of the military.
            Who can pull that off?

            • Looks like they are going to throw the muslim garbage at us first which is fine. It’ll be a warm up to the foreign troops under the UN banner that follows. Active duty must step up to remove the traitorous threat that only they have access to.

          • Maybe that is why Bush 1 and 2 nuked our soldierz, so they can’t fight the government with all that training. Hmmmm mm look up depleted uranium in soldier munitions.

          • We’re Treading on Dangerous Ground. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • Yes if they are in states that allow them to have weapons. A lot of us are just plain fucked because we can’t be armed in this fight.

        • Yes, they will fight all right. But they don’t know who their real enemy is. Therefore their victory will be useless.

          • Their cute little innocent children will make good dog food. Total war.

            • Ok now moron boy, go take your meds and lay down and let the adults talk for awhile, you’re drooling commentary has lost it’s shock value.

              • Amen Dave, this misogynist asshole wouldn’t know a real enemy if he tripped over them. Take your purple pill Lone (any wonder why that’s his prefix) and play pretend warrior. Let’s hope the real heroes can figure a way to not be marginalized by divisiveness,and will be able to know when the bell has rung and spring into action.

                • Meant to say little blue pill. Thinking about the purple pill I have to take for the heart burn this creep gives me every time I read his crap.

                  • Freedom Woman,

                    Don’t let that idiot get under your skin. He’s got mental problems that go way back to before he ever started posting here. He’s got nothing but keyboard courage, he says the stupidest shit and thinks he’s really bad. All he needs is a good put down or two and he runs off for a week before he gets the courage to act out again.

            • Don’t be foul. That is exactly what we don’t need more of.

              Add something relevant.

        • I agree there are many people- the 3%- that would fight but why hasn’t something already been done!? By the generals Obama has fired, by the veterans, by the military. We are all just sitting around waiting for someone else to start and do something… we have already let him trample all over the Constitution, the White House, our reputation.. how much more will we take until we do something!?

        • I must be part of the 3 percent…I have no intention of going down.

      2. “I should have stated that the main reason that America is going to burn is because we have turned away from our God.”

        Ahh … for christ sake Dave, not this shit again?
        If people truly believe that God is punishing America for it’s behavior, then why isn’t God punishing those who are perpetuating the problems?

        God is going to punish all in America, because a small fraction of political hacks are wreaking havoc within and outside of it’s nations borders?

        Nice loving God you have there Dave!

        • Yeah what irony

          That line of crap is so over used anymore
          Right there with you FTW

          It feeds into the reason I’m such a misentrop

          • Enemy, pardon me but your ignorance is showing again. Get a clue, sheep.

          • Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or contempt of the human species or human nature.

            A misanthrope or misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings.

            • Who doesn’t ?

        • FTW, this is an old Jewish myth that is a repeating theme throughout Judaism but has been told over and over in the Bible it is false.

          The book of Job was written to disprove it.

          While doing bad things has its consequences and you won’t avoid them forever, God doesn’t punish you in any substantive way. I see people getting away with evil and laughing about it their whole lives and dying with a grin on their face still doing it, never get caught and God never punishes them.

          …and least in this life. There are a lot of things religion has cooked up about God that makes no sense. Yeah, why would he punish all of America for the sins of a few? Yet, all you hear from the Christian church is about that “personal relationship”. So, what good is a “personal relationship” with Jesus if you’re going to be punished with rest of the dumbasses in your country? I says its not any good, UNLESS, maybe they’ll be punished and you won’t? But, see, then, you would just live and let live and not try to listen to the script and try to control/influence the evil doers. This way everybody is vested in the control mechanism.

          I believe a lot of the Bible is lost in translation between language barriers and cultural barriers. I believe it, I just believe its difficult to understand it. After 30 years of studying it, I’m starting to get a clearer picture. I think the punishment the good people will receive will simply be the fact that they won’t be able to save the rest of the people. Some people will have survivors remorse, so to speak.

          I’m ready for this party to start. I’m seeing all this evil and I’m ready for it to just all go haywire. People have taken a great system of prosperity and turned it into a sesspool of complete and utter criminality. When it blows, I’ll be laughing all the way to my grave. Saying, “Well, what did you expect? Unicorns pooping skittles?”

          • Modern Christianity has made itself irrelevant. It’s people like Joel Olstein who perpetuate it further.

            We need to get back to historic Christianity to get through this.

            Most Christians are well meaning but completely clueless in their approach to how they are to live and how to spread the gospel. It’s become cotton candy Christianity, no substance. And yet they stand on the street corner witnessing in a fashion that doesn’t change people, rather it mocks and offends.

            Just live a moral life. You don’t need to pound God into anyone, He can handle that. Do the right thing and for the love of everything holy, quit feminizing Christianity.

        • I don’t believe God is punishing us either. According to the SAME Bible these people swear by, it says we shall “Stand In Judgment Before God”, meaning after we die, we shall be judged by our works. What would be the purpose if we are already being punished for our actions BEFORE WE DIE?

          What is the point of giving is free will? I don’t believe God sees us as rats in a maze, or like the dogs in the above example. We are judged…and punished, only once. Group punishment punishes the innocent along with the guilty, and that goes against everything The God of the Bible stands for.

          People need to think, IMO.

          • Sixpack, EOTS, and FTW, that’s only ONE reason I turned away from organized religion. Another Hodges article? HO HUM.

            • He may be off base for some people on the religious rant, BUT, whatever it takes to get people’s attention. Sometimes I say stuff in such a way that it gets a response. Personally, I am a Christian, but I realize that people don’t have to believe in a God to be just and good.

              I often think organized religions go too far. Events in my life lead me to believe there is something beyond here, yet I still do not play PC games with a church. They can kick me out of their church if they want to, but they can’t take away my beliefs, and they can’t take God away from anyone.

              God is in the ❤, not the ✞.

              • With the symbol of a cross, I assume you mean “church”, because if you are a Christian….Jesus is God.

                Not to become a theological debate, but if you are a Christian, you should read the book. It is pretty clear that being “good”, “feeding the poor” or just having a good heart will NOT get you into heaven.

                Some churches are good, some are deceit-filled houses of fraud. Still, far too many people call themselves “Christians” but won’t read the book. The answer is there.

                For some of you others, just being a believer won’t protect you in this life. Bad stuff befalls the righteous and unrighteous alike. The real hope is in the cross and the world to come.

                I’m just passing through…..so are you.

        • FTW, you’re a good example of the state of our nation.

        • Psalm 73

          Ps 73:16 When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me;

          Ps 73:17 Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end.

          • It’s the free will thing. They get more than we know for eternity. Keep the faith.

      3. Enough talk. Get to burning.

      4. I actually believe there will be many people behind you,as well as some ahead of you,they will just be well hidden until they need to act.The person who has little/nothing to lose really no longer gives a fuck except exacting a toll on those that put them in that position,may be late in coming but do believe will come.

        • WD

          A person who has nothing more to lose but everything to gain.

          That is the transformation our entire country has to pass through to become whole again.

          That is why there is no change.

          • I would be inclined to reverse your quote.

            A person who has nothing more to gain but everything to lose.

            We have not reached that point yet, but that point is fast approaching.

            The vast majority of citizens will not rise up until the fear of violent death at the hands of law enforcement has been removed.

            • The people are the only ones who can remove that threat, AJ. When the powers-that-be are surrounded by a squad (or whatever strength) of mass-commanded Militia on a given block, or the other squads of a company of Militia on the given street, supported by other companies from other streets of the county at the ready, in formation, positioned to maneuver in support of each other and self-armored to withstand assault, then the powers-that-be won’t be any more, regardless of what they inflict on the Militia. Americans (like others in the world who are almost all soccer fans and such) are all “experts” on sports strategies and tactics yet, they can’t relate even that much knowledge and teamwork to defensive warfare? Maybe they can!

              • Anon

                We shall see.

              • The problem is those damn drones!! They won’t fight a fair fight. If they would, we would stand a chance but with drones all the we will get I’d a fast death.

                • There are a finite number of drone pilots.

            • AJ


        • War child is right.

      5. Mr. Hodges, you make some good points, however don’t give up on the American spirit. History tells us that Americans were extremely reluctant to enter WW II. It was a rude awakening for Hitler & the other creeps when Americans finally entered the war & kicked ass. We tend to be slow to ignite but its hell-to-pay when our anger is inflamed. Why do you think so many Americans have armed themselves during Obama’s time in office?

      6. Well I’m tried of this movie I’ve looked at for the past 15 years on TV. I have never liked horror movies but this one seems so real that its time to just say we have had enough and protect ourselves. It looks like no one else is going to do anything to help us. We are on our own.
        Good Luck and God bless you.

      7. “Before you answer “Molon Labe” and Hodges is full of …., you might want to look behind you to see who, if anybody, is with you.”
        Great advice.
        Talk is cheap, while actions may require the ultimate price. I wonder how many actually will be willing to pay it than the day comes.

        • Your right Al, many let their mouth overload their ass, or maybe I should say they let their mouth out run their brain. Free Speech is a great thing, but on a public form such as this, a person should be very careful of what they say, because once said it will be out here for a life time, and it could come back to bite you. Trekker Out. Freedom Ain’t Free!

          • Aint that the truth!

      8. I think alot of people do know what’s happing, but just don’t know what to do about it as myself. I do what I can to fight the system as many here at shtf, there is no leadership. Trump is stirring things up and he could be that leader, and if he can get elected witch seems light years away, because this administration is on cruise control with no signs of stopping maybe he could be the answer.
        Trump 2017

        • The biggest problem with that is the rest of the government is still screwed up, he will just be the latest operator trying to swing a 1950s backhoe like he does a 2014 Komatsu excavator, all the good ideas or intentions cant get past the broken bullshit of congress and doesnt trickle down to local politics. The whole pile o shit needs to get reset.

          • Kula I agree, that backhoe might be old and slow but it will dig. While we’re trying to figure out how to get that excavator that backhoe could be getting the job done. O-blowjob is their excavator and he is covering a lot of ground. If we don’t get in this fight some how I feel the fights gonna be over. We need to be organized, I don’t know the answers but I’m open to suggestions.

      9. The conclusion of this article is way off. The UN will not take over America. The more likely scenario is that America will be taken over by the FEDS with a fascist socialist agenda. We will have our own Hitler in America.

        You will be taken to the Death Camps if you:
        1) don’t believe in Climate change and global warming.
        2) own guns and are pro second amendment.
        3) Anti-Abortion, anti-Muslim, Anti socialist agenda….

        The FEDS will seize your house and make you house other less fortunate people to enforce social justice and because you have white privilege.

        Don’t believe me, Democrats are already talking about jailing people that go against them. It is coming. That is why there is such a rush to disarm the citizens, so we can’t fight back.

        • I’m for one man, one woman marriage only. ONLY.

          Will they round me up for that?

          • Yep.

            Especially if you bake cakes.

      10. I don’t believe politics is going to save us. When it comes to Trump I have to say, it amuses me to no end how he exposes the established party line (demorat and repubic) bullsh*t…

        The homeland’s (America is now myth) population wants at least a pause on bringing in Syrian , male fighting age refugees. 68% of us last I saw…

        But TPTB couldn’t care less about us. It doesn’t fit with their plan to collapse borders and destroy national sovereignty…

        Put a man or animal in a position where all is lost and you had better not take your eyes off them. The time is coming when the call to action will be obvious to all.
        Act too soon and you will be put down quickly and be called a rabid dog and your efforts dismissed…

        I personally don’t know of a vet or neighbor out here in Texas that will not stand beside you. Now I can’t speak for Austin but out here the sky is big, as is our absolute fidelity to the myth.

        Because here in the heart of Texas, as in Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado and all across this great Nation the myth still breathes and has life. They try to strangle the dream but still America calls to her sons and daughters…

        Don’t believe all the crap you read and imagine that we are all lost before the fight even begins. That is what they want you to believe, to sap your spirit of strength so you can be meekly led to slaughter…

        Their absolute power and strength is illusion. Federal forces will never take Texans by force and put them in FEMA camps, because we would make the cost too high. There would be no one left to man the camps…

        ps-Don’t dismiss a higher authority because of others actions and words or your own misconceptions. There is great solace and courage to be found in the bosom of one’s creator…

        • 1vet…

          So well stated. Good to see some folks speak out with some common sense and decency.

          ” the myth still breathes and has life. They try to strangle the dream, but still America calls to her sons and daughters”

          Awesome line my friend.

          Gonna go seek some solace with my creator… Thanks again.


          • I appreciate the kind words and have a good one…

        • I agree that people may stand up and resist, but how many are really prepared to do so? All our government needs to do is implement chaos, and the sheep will be right back into line. Take one EMP device over the center of the country for example. It is estimated a lot of people would be killed once the lights went out. People will beg for food, warmth, and security. Also, how many Elmer Fuds with guns have enough ammo to mount a serious resistance? I would like to think people are out there, but I think there are far too many pansies in this country.

      11. The People themselves as the Militia can be the troops in the streets. No one has to be with anyone yet, if they are with one another, they can do so as squads on their blocks, companies on their streets and roads, battalions in their cities, regiments in their counties and divisions in their states. Whoever will fall in can do so.

      12. I was just a local range today having a conversation of parallel substance. America is falling to the wayside. Morally and ethically any movements to cease the demise of America have been either fearmongered in to submission, or co opted by devisive rhetoric. The true problem lies in fighting these ideologies. Generation after generation Americans have been conditioned like sheep to follow the leader. I truly fear a day when groups like ISIS dominate social media and popular media, Hollywood, or trendies start emulating them.

        Don’t think it’s too far fetched either. Look at what we except as “normal” today by comparison to what we were like just 20 years ago. Think even further back to Water Gate. Had President Nixon passed similar executive orders or done half of what Obama has I have little doubt he would have been charged with treason and placed in front of a firing squad on national television. Maybe that’s a stretch, but you get the idea.

        The only chance we, not as a nation, but a people sharing a common ideology have to survive is by having those difficult conversations with family, friends, and coworkers. When the time comes you’ll need all the help you can get. Thinking that 3% of Americans will have your back is a fantasy in my humble opinion. Out of all the Preppers I know and have consulted for I’d say perhaps fewer than 10% actually had a clear idea of what was going on and the physical and mental fortitude to be worth while. Most Preppers, being totally forward, have lost their way or have been broken by PsyOps.

        I apologize for the short novel. I read daily and rarely submit any feedback unless it’s worth while.
        Merry Christmas To All

        • We have a local range near my small town USA.

          Every day, and I mean EVERY DAY, we can hear the practicing going on.

          The Saturday after black Friday, I thought the war had started!

          • I can hear our local range sometimes. Lots of practice going on.

      13. The people are waiting for a leader (who the powers-that-be can snipe and take out, thus destroying the cohesion of those who rely on leadership to follow). Leaderless, but self-disciplined Militia, mustered as squads on blocks, companies on streets or roads, battalions in cities, regiments in counties and divisions in states can be mass-commanded (and are, thus, already positioned to maneuver) to make even the most rudimentary armaments of the Militia superior to the enemy’s sophistication by sheer numbers and morale of purpose. The units themselves are the “leaders” whom Militia can follow. That’s in the true Spirit of ’76.

        • Anon

          Are you sure about that. I couldn’t get seven people together and you are talking Battalions.

          • It’s like 1941. Without Pearl Harbor, we’d rather be Christmas shopping or something other than getting ready for war and violence.

            When the time comes, they’ll be enough people.

          • Most cities (incorporated towns) have more, some far, far more than the usual “battalion”. In this usage, “battalion” as only a standard unit level–not necessarily an exact strength of unit. Nevertheless, in a city of 100,000, for instance, a battalion of exactly 200-500 strength might be all that can be expected to turn out. If ten times, or more than that many turn out, well, you’ve just got a huge, decagonal battalion, etc. The Pentagon-style of “command-and-control”, logistics and such are out the window and useless to a realistic Militia (the People, as a military unit)–especially when shtf. Militiamen need to be independent of each other yet, operating to mutually support each other, as they see the need. That’s more of a “consensus command”, though by immediate action as is a battle drill on the spot. That’s how units such as the real Free Syrian Army succeed so long and gain so much ground against fully-commanded-and-controlled, and fully-quartermastered state militaries like that of Assad’s, even though the FSA is pummeled (“daily” they say) by the West and the West’s allies, and covert ones like Putin, to keep Assad as their colonial governor over the Syrian people or, to “replace” him with their decoy of the real Free Syrians, “ISIS”, whom they’ve supplied and staffed for that purpose (and for battling the American Militia by terrorizing the unmobilized masses to be against the Militia and to clamor for more statist government–to fight the Militia). Hence, the statist model of Militia is perfect for the statists to capture–likely by just capturing (“arresting”) the commander(s) of such or, by attacking the umbilical supply lines of such a modern, Big Business-dependent (and benefiting) military as is theirs. That’s why the statists and their shills want the Militia to operate like the statist militaries, so the Militia can be easily beaten by them, regardless the huge superiority in numbers that is possible with the Militia. The independent Militiaman model, however, works well no matter what the strength of unit, whether millions, thousands, hundreds, tens or ones.

        • We seem to be in that awkward period of time when the offence against the people (tyranny) is only partially implemented and we’re in the just sort of hang on mode.

          I would not misconstrue this as an ultimate failure of the will of the people to fight…

          I still think Bundy ranch was a kind of slap in the face for TPTB. Their hand was called and the outcome was to be war. As I recall they loaded up and went back home???

          The second amendment has to be overcome and the right to bear arms rescinded. I believe several scenarios are possible: anything from WWIII or an EMP attack would make it a moot point in a way…

          There’s a reason why TPTB don’t just come out and declare the 2nd amendment invalid and start confiscating weapons. As one of our Texas police chiefs recently pointed out, it would start a revolution…

          We may it seems be in check but the game has not yet begun to played in earnest…

      14. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

        yes, there is a huge amount of the country that will just give in and the suffering will be bad during that period; but after that period; the root of America will rise up and defeat whatever is needed.

        unfortunately we have to go thru that period to get there.

        • Simply hilarious. You need to share.. What you may ask do you need to share? You need to share whatever great drugs you are on to actually believe/type this.

      15. Is (only) Maryland really Sodom, and (only) New Jersey really Gomorrah, as implied by the maps?

        • Anon

          You can mix and match. It’s the politically correct thing to do. No winners or losers.

      16. Laughable, “Hell no, we won’t go”, now that was protest in great form. I remember the draft card burning protests by draft eligible citizens who spoke out against the war publicly. “Drugs, sex and rock and roll”, that one is pure BS!, had nothing to do with antiwar protests. This author’s aim is to denigrate moral “hippies”, who at least had the nerve to stand up against corrupt government. This is the same mindset the warmongers used in media to support the war and portray opposition as “hippies”.

        • aljamo

          Interestingly the very leadership of the anti war movement, most famous being John Kerry, is now a chief Neo-Con. Is there some kind of difference between Hillary Clinton and Richard Nixon?

          The hypocrisy would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

        • What was laughable is how the antiwar movement died down to nothing the very day the draft ended.

          It wasn’t about war, it was about ‘not me, I want to stay here, be a college sophomore forever, and smoke dope”.

          We all saw it, don’t try and deny it.

          • I saw it as a kid and that’s the way it went down.

            Like “WhiteWolf” pointed out had Nixon started being a wanna be dictator and started ruling via executive order he would have been tried for treason.

            When more of us start to say “NO” I expect more of this:

            “Loring Wirbel, board member of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Colorado chapter and co-chair of the ACLU’s Colorado Springs chapter, called for supporters of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump to be shot before they vote for the billionaire businessman”

            The left can’t intellectually argue a point, they would murder because of all that pent up infantile emotion…

      17. Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

        Jon Parker Captain
        Lexington Militia

      18. In WWII during the fall of the Philipines some took to the buck wheat and others surrendered What was the difference?_ Those who took to the buck wheat largely came from the Pacific Northwest and had experiece camping, hunting and fishing, the forest was not an enemy to them. the people from large cities and the east coast surrendered rather than face the woods on their own. Then came the Bataan death march. History is full of cases where people could have escaped easily from captivity and yet they stayed in a fatal situation6 for them not wanting to make trouble. they died easily rather than simply walk away in many cases Never ever surrender period. IF you are killed let your last act be to hand your weapon to another to contin6ue the fight

        • I grew up in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest. My 1st cousins fought in Vietnam. They were more reresilient than city boys. Not like we had a hard life, I thought it was the Garden of Eden, had trouble in Sunday school over that one.

          • Rockmanr and Rebecca, I had an uncle who was born and raised in the Appalachians; north GA more specifically. He was stationed in the Phillipines when the Japanese attacked. He and hundreds of other troops headed for the hills when the surrender came. No prison camps for them. My uncle and others waged guerrilla warfare against those gooks all the way until Macarthur came back. Hiding out in the jungles of the Phillipines was nothing to him. In one of his battles with the Japs, he took a pair of binoculars from a dead Jap officer. They were made by a company called NIKKO which after WW2 became NIKON. He gave me those binoculars as a parting gift while on his deathbed in 2010. I still have them today. I’m grateful the thieves overlooked those when they broke into my house 2 weeks ago. They’re in a metal case and to my knowledge no one makes any kind of optics in a metal case anymore. I use them on occasion and they still work just as well now as they did in WW2. Supposedly all of the troops who went to the jungles to fight were from rural areas. those are men who are really owed a debt of gratitude.

            • I talked this evening with a friend, she grew up on a farm, we agreed that my backwoods and her farm background made us stronger, emotionally stronger to deal with things than those raised in town. We’re both older now and shake our heads about the tough part. But the film (below) of that stupid woman screaming for the government to fix everything is bizarre. I like being a hick from the sticks.

      19. I did not read the Run up, but I am in agreement with most of the Posters, I am Tired so forgive my verbage, Its a Damn shame we are down so Low on Patriots, and others that are willing to pick up the Banner and Soldier On. I have been surprised that This Fool In the WH has not been Impeached, but as the Last Disaster in California Plays out, you will see the Entire Congress and all is as Worthless as The Bastard In The WH..We are on our Own …Stay Ready..stay alert..Stay Armed ! Time is Short,,,

        Semper Fi

        • Fred, I remember that idiot from Superstorm Sandy. She’s the poster child for nonpreppers.

      20. I always check things against my mother-in-law, who is a libertarian. And she is wise: we have a population accustomed to vast levels of wealth, security and comfort. And if any of that is disrupted, either by ‘green’ legislation, or ‘socialism’, war, etc., people will go ape and demand government restore the comfort level. Because of this, the government walks a fine line between its attempts to control and reduce living standards and the fact it has a vast population of coddled ninnies who have never suffered hardship in their lives or understand what true sacrifice is.

        This means the government, despite its desire to move into a third world war and set up a Luciferian, one world planetary regime, cannot bear to oversee the large number of casualties this would cause. Look at how much liberal hand-wringing is going on with the Syrian refugees. This acts as a check on their plans. They fear and do not trust the general population, mostly because they know people are weak, selfish, greedy and unable to endure discomfort for more than a few days. That is why they are buying off more and more of the population with welfare. This, I predict, will reach the majority of the population living on welfare. We will be like the Middle East Gulf States, where most people live on government subsidies and payments.

      21. An old man, who lived in Italy through WW2, when under Nazi occupation, told me this story:
        Every morning when he got up, he would look out his bedroom window to the flagpole in the town center square. When he saw what, or whose, flag was flying that day he would then dress for that day and go out and do his business.
        He survived.
        I guess the moral of that tale is, “If you want to get along, you have to go along.”
        Do you?

        • Pretty much. One thing is that most of the humans on the planet have put up and shut up under vile regimes for probably 6 millenia. Every time they rise up they get a new vile regime. So… it takes a lot to get people moving. What is missing is a leader.

      22. It would be a mistake to think we are helpless.

      23. We all hope the culling will be complete . If we must be the cullers so be it.we all know what the alternative is. Let’s finish this now. No PC. If you don’t like it you are the enemy.

      24. People see how the Feds come down on anyone who questions or stands up to them. No one is safe in this country from aggressive prosecution not even the police . When your convicted you are thrown in to prison to be raped and robbed and abused . Our hero military are all over the world following orders of their zionist task masters. While the real terrorists and destroyers of the constitution are safely in the Capitol. Our troops should be here defending the constitution from domestic enemies ie our government.People will rise up when the dollar collapses and people are starving that will be the great motivator.unfortunately the people will be guided into a racial civil war instead of a revolution to remove the traitors in our government.

      25. All of these problems can easily be solved just by typing.

      26. “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” — Thomas Jefferson — The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill, (1809)

        Just a little food for thought was this guy right on or what?

        • Marty: and the Only person who actually Did what that great quote on banksters says to do, and who is only one to do so in at least 800+ years, ended up with a huge global coalition of nations used by zio banksters to destroy his nation of germany.

          Reseacrh another great founding fathers Benjamin Franklins quote statement spoken during a intermission at the orig usa const convention and recorded word for word in another constitutional delegats private diary/journal.

          Frankiln Implored the others to agree on a const clause to keep the zios tribe from ever being allowed citizenship within this brand new nation of america, that as franklin stated they were endowed with a once in a millenia aka once per 1000 years chance to create from scratch a new country and write what will become its main basic Law Frame of said nation.

          His explainations and reasons to why they should be banned forever from obtaining citizenship, in every detail was as prophetic as the very greatest prophets of the ancient bilical types….He also stated that if not done…Then in aprox 200 years after his era, americans yet to be born, are going to be worker slaves TO that tribes folk whom are going to infiltrate, gain first Bank controls, then newspapers/info systems, then end up with total fed govnt control and do so in aprox 200 yrs time….Then actual european american derived orig stock peoples aka White folk, will end as slave workers that have lost homes, private property rights, and all other rights and reasons to be a decendant of the orig founders generation who invented this great nation, Paid for it and in not just cash but in Blood and even some with own deaths too….All ending like every other prior nation which became an unfortunate Host nation to said tribe.

          Too bad even with George Washington first proposing that clause and later Franklin seconding the motion and giving his now prophetic speech to try and convince the rest it still failed to happen…Now its just a bit more than 200 years later and Both Washington And Franklin were 100% as correct as can ever be.

          And Good luck to try to awaken the aprox 1/3rd of white folk who so defend and support the Nation Wreckers this nation still Hosts…And as for Black folks ever awaken to these issues too?…hahahaha!! Doubley Good Luck on that one!

          If you seek franklins speech and cannot locate it I will Post it up here in its entire full page long speech…Weather or not it actually gets posted up or as per usual censored and deleted here is another story.

          I wish I could email it To another person here to post it whom never gets censored nor deleted regardless What They write or copy paste and post here…But I do not know any of them folks here to do so with.

          Otherwise I’d have just posted his speech here now and be done with it…Nobody can deny the total 100% accuracy of franklins speech that day once they read it..

      27. Americans are physically and mentally not up to the challenge. The South was the greatest source of heroes and had the most Metal of Honor winners is no more. A gun is good but war is a physically and mentally demanding endeavor for which none in this country are able to endure.

        • MR. KENT: Excellent, straight to the point comment. War is exactly what this nation is facing and it is extremely mentally and physically challenging. But I do hope some of us are up to that challenge. I’ve lost all confidence in our veterans though, but there will be a few legit taxpayers that will be willing to die for what they have worked for (I hope). God bless and stay alive as long as possible.

          • When push comes to shove, what ya gonna do???

            Options are submit or not???

            What someone else thinks doesn’t mean a thing…

            Options are to submit or not???

            In your heart you already know the answer as to what “you” will do…

            I will fight until the fighting is done. When I lay my rifle down it will be in victory or a hand off to a patriot nearby as I lay dying…

            No one lives forever, when my life is tallied I will be counted as having been true to myself and having lived my life with honor…

            What you gain in selling yourself out is short lived and in the end death will find you too…

          • Keep in mind the Bush 1&2 authorized the use of depleted uranium in weapons for our soldiers. They and some of their children struggle with the effects of being nuked by their own government. Nope, a lot of them are not healthy enough to fight our battles anymore. Who called for their impeachment? No not one.

        • Fast food, GMOs, flouride and other hazardous cancer causing chemicals deliberately put in municipal water supplies, street narcotics, pharmacological narcotics, constant propaganda, deception and lies in media, magazines, radio, and entertainment have this nation in large part out of touch with reality, dumbed down, sick, and conditioned.

          • Maybe they will start putting sedatives in the municipal water to keep people under control. Hell they may already be starting to do it slowly so no one will notice. I’m afraid most of this society will only sit by and watch as we go down the tube, recording it on their cell phones.

            • California drinking water is very doped up. They say it is their own fault.

              • What Water? Shit, they have NO water and that is an entirely other major problem. . . . . . .

                • California water comes from other states. I read an old book called Cadillac Water. If you live in the Southwrst, like me, it is quite interesting. It had me buy in the mountains and not along the Rio Grande. Water is everything.

      28. The ‘supreme crime’ of international law is the Crime of Aggression. America is the greatest international criminal in the world. How did America become so blood thirsty? What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12) America now has a generation that knows of nothing but perpetual war. America abandoned God. And we wonder why America is bleeding out?

      29. Why oh why does SHTFplan, which is a very credible site and forum, keep on insisting to post malarkey from DAVE HODGES… who is one of the most notorious internet hoaxers and liars in this world?

        Who here behind the scenes believes DAVE HODGES?

        Nothing that Hodges posts, pontificates upon, predicts, or claims has ever, ever come true.

        He has a track record of ZERO.
        Nothing. Zip.

        The man is a complete zipperhead and black helicopter jockey.

        Hodges does the liberty movement a great disservice with his malarkey.

        SHTFplan would do well to not post his material in the future.

      30. ST

        Why oh why does SHTFplan, which is a very credible site and forum, keep on insisting to post malarkey from DAVE HODGES… who is one of the most notorious internet hoaxers and liars in this world?


        He fills a niche. Sort of like Obama in the White House.

      31. I grew up in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest. My 1st cousins fought in Vietnam. They were more reresilient than city boys. Not like we had a hard life, I thought it was the Garden of Eden, had trouble in Sunday school over that one.

      32. History is full instances where people could have easily saved their lives by walking away but did nothin6g at all. When it comes to taking to the buck wheat to stay alive and free white folk from the Pacific Northwest are more likely to do that than city dwellers or people from the east coast. Black folk are not likely to do that. it is not to say that some people are not as brave as others but it is life styles. City folk view the wild as hostile territory to be avoided. You have to get past the herd instinct idea and think for yourself Dont follow the herd and stop thinking. Perfect example Polish officer jumped out of a POW train in 1939 in the dark He lived no one else jumped to freedom Be the jumper

      33. “In the 1960’s, America was nearly torn apart by the younger generation’s refusal to accept the lies being perpetrated by its government with regard to supporting the immoral Vietnam War.” BULLSHIT.

        The hippie generations could give a rat’s ass about the morality of JFK’s-LBJ’s war. Their resistance came from two reasons, high morality (pun intended) had little to do with it:

        1. The younger generation of that time simply wanted to save their skins. They cared nothing about Vietnamese except to use them for moral preening purposes.

        2. Many of the younger generation supported the communist takeover in that crappy place called Vietnam because they themselves were communists. With some good reasons at the time, young folks thought communism was the wave of the future,and, being in a moral vacuum, embraced the concepts of that ideology.

        During the sixties surplus wealth generated by FDR’s unnecessary war against Germany, to save his buddy Stalin, allowed hundreds of thousands of young kids to engage their fantasies. These pursuits were, by and large, buying and taking dope, buying and listening to crappy music, being sluts, and following embarrassing gurus seeking the so called truth. All of this delayed many in that generation from growing up and accepting the responsibility of sifting for themselves.

        Today aging Vietnam War protesters arrogate to themselves the key factor in stopping the war. Nixon ended the war. He sent B-52’s blasting over North Vietnam, mined Haiphong, cleaned out the sanctuaries in Cambodia, and allowed the Battleship New Jersey to play havoc along the NV coast. After this beating, NV came to Paris ready to surrender, but the victory was frittered away and ultimately betrayed by the communists (AKA Democrats) in congress.

        The Hippie Dippie phenomenon was a monster grown primarily in Hollywood with spinoffs in San Fran-Wacko. Hollywood will attach itself to any fad and degeneracy where quick billions can be had. This was the case with the anti-war dope toking, free sex “culture”, birthed in Laurel Canyon. For much of the sixties, anti-establishmentism and Hippie cool became vogue. It was the time old Dixie was finally driven down with the resulting fruits being once great cities turned into black ghetto no-go zones.

        There’s a saying that “he who rides a tiger with the illusion of gaining power, will end up inside.” This fits the Hippie generation which self destructed and took formally great America down with it.

        Sharon Tate’s murder is symbolic of the end that generation. God granted Sharon amazing physical beauty with an equally amazing gentle and loving personality to match. Unfortunately she aligned herself with destructive fads of the anti-establishment types, dopers and what not. She took Playboy photos wearing a t-shirt with a NV star on it and at her death scene she lay on the floor dead in front of her couch which had a US Flag draped over the back, upside down. She was done in by the ultimate anti-establishment gang, the Manson crazies.

        Sharon is symbolic of the sixties boomers. Millions of white kids, naive and hopeful, burst forth on the scene eagerly seeking their glory. It ended in destruction by way of feminism, abortions, porn, black holes for great cities, egalitarianism, and the election or a dumb pervert president Bill Clinton, followed a dumb W and an equally dumb black racist Muslim president, British citizen by way of Kenya. Hillary, alleged conspirator in the murder of Vince Foster, is next in line which will be the end of the line.

        • Sharon Tate was murdered by psychopathic idiot kids who were brainwashed by Charles Manson. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. To suggest her murder was due to her political leanings is insane. The Labiancas were also murdered by the same people, they were middle aged and conservative so how the Hell did THEIR political views cause them to end up the same way as Sharon Tate? That’s right, it had nothing to do with their murder, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. America had NO business going to fight in Vietnam, 58,000 dead Americans who died for NOTHING will confirm that fact. It’s unfortunate that it took people too long to understand that, I still remember that idiot LBJ at a press conference, looking down over the rims of his glasses and declaring ” The enemy has met his master in the field”. Well, maybe that’s true, but LBJ met HIS master in Ho Chi Minh, whom LBJ tried to buy off with a massive hydro electric dam project if he would agree to a cease fire. Of course Ho refused, the stupid Texan tipped his hand he was desperate to get out of the quagmire he created by ginning up the Gulf of Tonkin incident to start the damn thing to begin with. LBJ should have just surrendered then and there, he was way in over his head in something he didn’t have the intelligence to comprehend and his favorite general William Westmoreland didn’t have the guts to fight, defeat was inevitable for America at that point.

          • Bob:

            You say “She (Sharon) was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The LaBiancas were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

            Since when is being in your own home in the middle of the night the wrong place at the wrong time?

            Sharon Tate was a fairly high statues actor. Her father was a military officer in MI who had served in Vietnam. I pointed out the irony of Sharon’s antics to illustrate that she fell victim to the extreme elements of anti-establishment in vogue at the time which she went along with to some extent.

            I have no idea if the LaBiancas were conservative as you, Bob, speculate. Anyway it wasn’t their political proclivities that mattered, it was those of the killers that counted and what they thought. A hint might be that the always lovely Krenwinkle left a knife protruding from Leno LaBianca’s stomach and Bernardine Dohrn, Obama’s buddy, said that that was pretty damn cool.

            You say Bob, that Manson brainwashed the “kids”? Linda Kasabian was with the Manson gang only one month before she went on the Tate-Labianca kill missions. Pretty fast work by the old hair head would you not say Bob? They all pulled the brainwashed excuse from their butts, after conviction, except for Leslie who hewed that line with her lawyer. The court ruled that the whole bunch was sane enough to stand trial.

            Psychopathic “kids”? Ages at the time of the murders: Pat Krenwinkle-22, Susan Atkins-21, Linda Kasabian-20, Tex Watson-24, and Leslie Van Houten was a few days short of 20 when she did her knife work on Rosemary LaBianca.

            You said that “America had NO business going to fight in Vietnam, 58,000 dead Americans who died for NOTHING will confirm that fact.”

            Wow!!! Some 450000 Americans who died in WWII will confirm they died for NOTHING, except to elevate the monster Stalin.

            Some 600000 plus Americans who died in the Southern War for Independence will confirm that northern and southern soldiers died for NOTHING, except the destruction of the original constitution which ceased to exist on that fateful day at Appomattox.

            Concerning Vietnam again, the thinking at the time was that the Vietnam War was made NECESSARY because of FDRs UNNECESSARY war in Europe, Truman’s failure in Korea and his lose of China.

            Nixon had the Vietnam war won in the context of LBJ’s goals he established early on. Communist Democrats (redundant)in congress stabbed in the back all the 58000 dead in Vietnam.

            You say Bod that “…his favorite general William Westmoreland didn’t have the guts to fight, defeat was inevitable for America at that point.”

            Westmoreland fought the battle of Ia-Drang in 1965 where he defeated a large contingent of the North Vietnam Army. The NVA retreated to safe havens in Cambodia and Westie begged for permission to lift elements of the 7th Cavalry over and behind to cut off the retreating NVA, and bag them. Permission denied. Westmoreland, according to WP, saw combat action in Tunisia, Sicily, France, and Germany. Yeah, you’re right, Bob, Westmoreland didn’t have the guts to fight.

            This article started out claiming the high moral principles of some young people during the Hurdy Gurdy sixties. I call bullshit on that. By and large they wanted to save their own asses at best, and at worse, they wanted the Communist to win. That’s why they vote for Democrats to this day and why we got pervert Clinton and dumb as a sack of hammers Obama. As their last gasp,they’ll give us Clinton II.

      34. Please see my edit:

        America has NO SMALL NUMBER of roll over and surrender artists who want to gladly take anyone NOT surrendering with them…

        In WWII they were called Quislings, today they are called Progressives.

        • QUISLINGS? Their country was invaded by the Nazis and QUISLINGS were collaborators with the Nazis. At what point did North Vietnam invade the United States of America and turn progressives into collaborators? Bobble head non thinking there. Like Syria, our government got in there for a little military-industrial complex play… and our children were a blood sacrifice for profits. I did not serve in Vietnam, my first cousins did. It was a nightmare of taking ground and giving it back the next day because the government did not want to win the war in 30 days. My cousins came back from Vietnam knowing they were betrayed by their President. What happened after that? They all sent their sons to the Middle East for the Bushes and their Presidents nuked them with depleted uranium bullets in their guns. QUISLINGS won’t fight for their own land. Bobble heads call them cowards for not wanting to fight for corporate profits. Bobble heads are similar to chicken hawks. Big mouth, no skin in the game. I am no warrior, but my family has had skin in every game.

      35. ” since when is being in your own home in the middle of the night the wrong place at the wrong time?”

        I don’t know, kind of like of being in your car at the wrong intersection when somebody runs a red light and crashes into you perhaps? Maybe like driving down the street when an oncoming driver has a heart attack and crosses over into your lane and hits you. Maybe somebody who walks down a city street and gets mugged by somebody they never saw coming from behind? This is a thing called LIFE, and bad things happen in it that sometimes happen to good people for no reason at all. Perhaps that will give you some understanding to the situation. So the Labiancas political views had nothing to do with their murders, yes, that’s true it was the killers political views that had everything to do with it but for some idiotic reason { sounds like hatred mixed with jealousy} you still insist it was Sharon Tates fault for hanging with the ” wrong” crowd and thinking the ” wrong” things. So if she had been a ” good” Republican conservative it NEVER would have happened to her, right? What unmitigated crap that is!

        And yes, I think people in their early twenties are still kids, they don’t have a lot of life experience and are barely removed from being teenagers. They’re still developing mentally and emotionally, even if the are adults at age 18. They’re easily distracted and brainwashed. Why the Hell do you think the military wants them at the age of 18? Because they’re so damned easy to mold into trained killers with a few months of training, that’s why. Pretty fast work for the ole’ Army to accomplish there wouldn’t ya say ole black heart?

        Now you say the ” thinking” at the time the war in Vietnam was made necessary, well, WHOSE thinking was that? Communist democrats in congress BACKED lbj’s Golf of Tonkin incident and Americas going to war, though nobody really wanted to call it that. Yeah, ten years of fighting and it wasn’t a ” war”, real cute trick there. Regarding the civil war, that was an act of total stupidity on behalf of hot headed hillbillies with more temper then brains. They didn’t have the resources to win a war they started, how stupid can you be to think that you’ll just secede and start your own country? And somehow I get the feeling that all the guys who fought against Japan in the Pacific theatre didn’t do so with the thought of ” elevating” Joseph Stalin as their primary incentive to fight. And sorry, But ” westy” had a Hell of lot more opportunities to win the war over the next three years after 1965 but somehow never quite managed to get around to doing so. Once the Tet offensive was over, it was clear that Vietnam had the will and the patience to defeat America, and Nixon didn’t ” Win” shit, he was desperate to get the hell out of there before the elections of 1972 because he told everybody in 1968 he a had a ” plan” that would end the war. So he couldn’t very well get himself re-elected if he didn’t get out of Vietnam now could he? So he bombed the cities of the North, which should have been done back in 1965 before they became the most well guarded places against air raids on Earth, thank you lbj and company for pussying out on the one aspect that would have ended the war early. So, Nixon did force the Vietnamese to sign a peace treaty, so we could declare ” victory” and go home. And less then 3 years later they violated the ” treaty” they signed and took over the whole country. And all without so much as a whimper from America, yeah, what a great ” victory” we achieved, right? Got our asses handed to us and ran away as fast as possible and you think this was all the fault of ” hippies” who didn’t want to fight? Talk about being brainwashed, you have no clue as to whose fault it was America got it’s ass kicked in Vietnam, and I’ll give you a clue, it had nothing to do with ” hippies”.

        • Thanks, Bob. I lived through those times too.

      36. I say!
        Some good points posted. Who shall we fight? I go to jail for murder dont help me none, or being arrested for assault and maybe battery don’t sound great. So I will bide my time for now.
        If Assils terrorist attack the mall im in I will do whatever I can even if I am alone.
        You shoot first or threaten to I will act. No point being hauled off too soon. I have a family to protect.

      37. I wish I could feel sorry for ANYONE who comes DEMANDING me to “help” them with the expectation if I wont they will sic someone else on me to get what they want..

        My empathy/sympathy reserves are gone. Nobody demands shit of me in an emergency as I try to cope with it for myself and my kids…It would result in my saying, get the fuck lost and unheeded no other warning before bullets fly.

        Ants and the grasshopper story. Mother Nature sides with those who can survive and are aware, so I will defer to her wisdom. GIMMEDATS and other useless leeches, will get what they deserve.

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