When the Power Goes Out: “It’s Like a Bunch of Savages”

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    What happens when the power goes out?


    Mass panic, chaos and intolerable conditions.

    The most recent breakdown of a Carnival Cruise liner gives us a prime example of what it looks like when it hits the fan. And for the 3000 passengers on that boat, that’s exactly what happened.

    It hit the fan, the walls, hallways and everything else.

    “He said that the conditions have gotten so bad that they’re asking them to use the restroom in bags, and they were eating onion sandwiches,” McKerreghan said.

    The call was the last she has heard from them.

    Much of the ship’s electrical power went down in the fire, causing widespread malfunctions, including taking out sanitary systems.

    Passengers have reported sewage sloshing around in hallways, flooded rooms and trouble getting enough to eat.

    “It’s disgusting. It’s the worst thing ever,” passenger Ann Barlow said.

    “From what I understand, they’re walking around in a lot of urine and fecal matter, and the sewers are backing up,” McKerreghan said. Her doctor gave her antibiotics to give her daughter as soon as she gets on land.

    Via Click Orlando

    The sanitation situation was gross and “the stench was awful,” according to a 50-year-old from Dallas woman who spent her birthday on the ship.

    “A lot of people were crying and freaking out.”

    Via Jezebel

    Ttrapped aboard a “floating petri dish” without power, air conditioning, or fresh water…

    Via NY Daily News

    Soon after, she said some passengers panicked.

    ‘People were hoarding food — boxes and boxes of cereal, grabbing cake with both hands,’ she said.

    Toilets stopped working and the 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew had to urinate in sinks, she said, and eventually red plastic bags. She saw sewage dripping down walls. Sometimes people slipped on it, she said. Soon, the ship began to smell.

    Via KRCU

    And people have stopped being polite. 

    “It’s like a bunch of savages on there,” said Brent Nutt, whose wife, Bethany, is onboard. “If you get on the blogs, they’re saying that people are fighting over food and stuff.”

    Some quotes from passengers:

    “All I can do is cry.”

    “My mother is a diabetic, and they would not even come to the room because she cannot walk the stairs to help her with insulin. She hasn’t had insulin in three days.”

    “Just imagine the filth… People were doing crazy things and going to the bathroom in sinks and showers.”


    “It was horrible. Horrible.”

    “It was inhuman.”

    “It’s degrading. Demoralizing, and then they want to insult us by giving us $500”

    This Carnival cruise was just a closed microcosm of what conditions will look like should it happen on a regional or national scale. Lucky for them help arrived, and passengers have disembarked and many are now headed home.

    But, consider what it would be like should the power go out in your city – for an extended period of time – and there is no ‘going home’.

    Though unlikely, it can and has happened. In fact, in recent history we have examples of conditions deteriorating so severely that thousands of people have died as a result.

    Hurricane Katrina is one well known incident where tens of thousands of people were left without power, food or even clean water. They were packed into a makeshift FEMA shelter and promised help, which didn’t arrive for nearly a week. Those who didn’t make it to the FEMA Dome were left to fend for themselves in contaminated flood waters and without a law enforcement presence.

    After the Haitian earthquake, large groups of people were left with no basic essentials, which resulted in the rapid spread of disease – not just for a few days, but weeks and months. When Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast and took down the power grid and transportation infrastructure, people were rummaging through the trash to find anything of sustenance. Within 72 hours they were begging their government for a bottle of clean water.

    It took days before help arrived, and even that wasn’t enough.

    Powerful earthquakes, once in a lifetime weather events, nuclear power station meltdowns, Tsunamis, region-wide power outages and rogue attacks – all are unlikely events.

    All have happened in the last fifteen years.

    Plan on the schumer hitting the fan, because one of these days it just might, and probably will.

    The first things to go will be food, clean water, sanitation and human decency.

    Do you want to be the one fighting for a piece of stale cake and walking in your own sewage?

    As disgusting and horrific an image as that is, this is what awaits the non prepared.


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      1. *BWAHAHAHAHA*

        • Thanks Eisen you made me laugh! As Bob Bitchin would say: “The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude”. Look at the bright side; at least the boat wasn’t sinking and surrounded by icebergs or sharks. The downside is, it was probably carrying more Mrs Howells than Gingers & Mary Ann’s 🙁
          In response to Kula down below; how much work can one get done between sun up & sunrise? I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound like a very long day to me 😉

          • I agree with you. It was more of an adventure than a crisis. However people are so spoiled that they wouldn’t know a real crisis if it slapped them in the face. And oh….here come the blood sucking lawyers because someone had to poop in a bag. Big F’n deal. After 20 years in the military, I’ll take a dump in front of a group of people if the scenario dictates it. Humility went out the window YEARS ago. Ok, they had some inconvenience, but in the grand schem of things, was it that awful. Next time the cruise goers think about hardship, how about thinking about our military who often don’t get baths for days, are continually taking fire, eating whatever kind of nastiness they can scrape together etc. Americans have been pussified down to the point, that disgusting seems a rather inadequate word for it. As a nation, we are on the path of destruction, and they are too dumb to know it. Oh my, my toiled is clogged. Who gives a shit? Get over it and realize what the important things are in life like watching our politicians destroy the fabric that made this country great. Before you know it, we will be some type of 3rd world country, and our cruise goers will be in for a hell of a rude awakening then. Just my .02

            • “Oh my, my toiled is clogged. Who gives a shit?”

              Based on the story of feces everywhere it sounds like everyone was giving a shit 🙂

              • Why do people say they are going to take a shit? I generally leave one.

                • I concur, we left the biggest piece of shit in the White House for anothet 4 years.

                  • “We” didn’t leave him in at all, he was selected and it doesn’t matter if Romney, or any of the other republicans would have received DOUBLE the votes of Obama, the votes are changed, and were changed to make it look like a close election. I have seen actual vote totals, “after ran through “their” re tabulations/calculations” and it is very apparent that votes are changed to whatever “they” want. I cannot believe people still can even talk about “so many people voted for him or him” it is totally fraudulent. All of this said, you probably know all of this already, but if ever I am in a discussion about the election, which I don’t even bother with anymore, that if someone brings up anything about vote totals I just laugh, because it is all made up, at least at the federal level:)

            • Roger that. When you built a home in a mud hut in the middle of Afghanistan and a 10 by 20 foot room is the shitter for 100 plus men. And everytime you go to dig a new 2 or 3 foot hole your stick your shovel in the ground and stike a big hole of shit…. And u do this 3 or 4 ties in a row before u find a spot that doesn’t have a 3 foot pile of shit in and u dig it and everyone fills it with shit shitting in a bag and throwing it into the ocean just doesn’t seem that bad. Or when u live on your combat outpost and there is Port O Johns but ur chain of command is incompetent as fuck and doesn’t schedual any local afghan shit truck to empty the johns and you go in there and it’s full up to the tip top of the seat with shit and maggots and flys everywhere. There is only one solution. U get the shit stick outside and u try to push the shit to one side or the other or tamp it down so u can squeez ur 1 little shit in there. Makes shitting in a bag real nice. Trust me u soft fucking people don’t know a god damn thing about filth.

              • Eight years active duty – yes, I know quite a bit about filth.

                When I decided to do some “prep” work, the first items on my list were sanitary items and enough of ’em to last years. People may think that it is all about guns & ammo but after, say, two or three weeks in the same filthy clothes, one will do just about anything for a shower and something clean to wear.

                • @ nickelthroweR;mmmmmaaannn ain’t that the TRUTH and like you that was first on my prep list cause it’s a good feeling to wipe and not smell;makes you sleep better.

              • “Trust me u soft fucking people don’t know a god damn thing about filth.”

                No, they don’t. But this story tells us all we need to know about their grasp of “hardship”.

              • I was part of the 1st Cav “deployed” to new orleans for katrina relief… We were housed in a parking structure near some naval base, turns out ALL the birds in the area weathered the storm in the same structure and there was about an inch of their dried white shit on every level and we slept in it. As for human shit, we drove through sewage regularly and we were ordered to utilize the latrines that literally were overflowing. Nothing like being forced to live within piles of shit to let you know where you belong in the pecking order.

                • just another first hand account by a vet of how those in charge view our troops and humanity.


                • 5 Gallon bucket, while rebuilding after Katerina wife and I used and we were thankful.

                  • I gotta say that all these post are great and is funny shit although the pussies aboard dont have a clue to go shit out in the woods if there life depended on it.They would be up a SHIT creak not knowing how to shit in a bucket or out in the woods or where ever.

                • Yeah shit all around. When I say you people its in reference to our civilian counterparts . Most service members who’ve been over seas and done any dick in the dirt work know how it is. I’ve literary looked down and saw my dick in the afghan mule shit human shit dog shit rat shit dirt. Katrina is the perfect example of shtf . I guess that’s why we say when SHIT hits the fan.

                • Try a Vietnamese jungle for 3 weeks at a time. Your clothing and boots will rot off your stinking body……..a thousand years of shit to play in……

              • A sobering look at shit for many. People in cities will have this problem in a grid down scenario.

                Thanks for your candor…just some shit to think about.

              • The cruiseline gets fined if they allow any polluting of the ocean, so there was no throwing the bags out the window into the water, at least not while they were looking.

                A couple of years ago this couple up early caught crewmembers throwing garbage in the sea in the very early morning hours on videtape on a different cruise. When they got back to port they turned it in the the EPA and got a large cut of the fine that the cruiseline had to pay, like a couple hundred thousands of dollars cut of the fine. You can google it.

                • Jesus that’s insane. Regardless shit in a bucket and rinse the bucket out. I’m not pissing or shitting in a toilet that doesn’t flush. Americans prove to me everyday that they will all die. Minus a somber few . Good luck men and women . One day some day real soon.

                • Are you serious? Those dicklicks at EPA have no authority in international waters. Maybe we should force the EPA to scuba dive to the ocean floor and clean up the whale shit.

            • cuzzinjim
              well it seems that someone or i should say a bunch DID give shit,,


            • Right on target! The USA is royally pussified! I a glad for my military training decades ago. Start fishing, get a match, break some damn furniture and cook. Poop off the “poop” deck. Jeez, no one is trying to kill, bite, or eat you. Think , use your brains instead of complaining.

              Just looking around at any mall or grocery store, most Americans look like buffalos and NEED to go for a few weeks with duct tape over their pie hole.

              Whining and crying? Attorneys, counselors….it is just shit. We are FUBAR as a species.

              • Excellent advice. A pair of post hole diggers (a tool available at any hardware store) will dig a small poop hole in the dire where poop can be covered. Another hole to pee in, and after it is full, cover it also with dirt.

                Rain barrel or just a plastic bucket under the end of a gutter for water, burn some furniture and boil it and filter it before drinking. Keep clean. Store some food, and eat small amounts. Don’t waste energy and you will use less food.

                Matches and lighters for small fire and light.

                Knife, stick or gun or all three for protection. Block all entrances, and try to look poor and hungry like everyone else. If you look hungry and cold and poor, people will see no need to rob you.

                Avoid all fights, but if you have no choice be deadly serious in the ones you engage in, and then run like hell and hide.

                SHTF is no time for heros. It is time to survive.

                Just common sense.

              • Break some furniture and cook… It’s probably MDF, plywood or some plasticised shite. Wouldn’t put my burgers on that, brah.

            • Yea…Americans are pretty pussified. I worked Katrina as a guardsmen…hell on earth. These people don’t get. They will tho when somebody’s got em bent over Cummin in there ass because they didn’t prepare.

              • No joke, I really saw people sodomized to death…man up,arm up and prepare.

            • Think of the worst possible cruise of all… Standing behind a steel door which suddenly flies open, and there lies the beaches of Normandy in front of you and going forward is the only option you have; now that’s a nightmare. And if you think it can’t happen today; a different beach, field, hillside… keep your eyes closed and it will. Forget the past and it will come up behind you and bitch slap you like you wouldn’t believe and sometimes it plays for keeps!

            • Right on. It really did sound pathetic to hear them talk as if the end of the world had arrived. No one died, no one starved, and they had to put up with some smell. Oh my. Oh dear. How shall we ever survive. I’m sure they will all suffer PTSD from this horrific event.

            • There is a bit of difference between this incident and SHTF.

              Okay, a huge difference…

              1) If I were a passenger, I’d do okay, but I would still have a lawyer go after the cruise line at least for lost wages (they had to burn extra vacation or go without pay for those extra days), and to compensate for any additional expenses on my part. I’m afraid that the $500 they offered wouldn’t even cover 1/3 of a week’s wages on my part, not to mention any shift in airline tickets, hotel, and etc. Plus, any legal fees incurred should be added to the total. It would all still be comfortably within range of small claims court, but I would definitely pursue it out of principle. Note the lack of “pain and suffering” or any other over-used BS that most litigants whip out.

              2) The folks on the ship knew that there was outside help. Hell, they didn’t even have to worry about being w/o Internet connectivity for more than a couple of days, and had access to it on the ship as help arrived (via the other ship’s WiFi).

              3) Given the vast difference between this incident and a global collapse? Pfft! It was an inconvenience at most for them, and outside of a handful of folks (e.g. the dialysis patient), certainly wasn’t life-threatening.

              Overall, at best it’s a psychology experiment that would have been interesting to see first-hand.

              I sincerely doubt that it reached the level of Lord of The Flies, and anyone who has actually read the book would know that. this does bring up a good point though – hyperbole is just as dangerous to survival as minimizing danger… it would do well for all of us to keep that in mind.

          • BI

            I wrote about a problem with underground storage in eastern wa last week. Today a leak of size is announced at Hamfords storage.

            Did something happen in that area.

          • E-kruez, had to give you a thumbs up on that one. Nobody put a sword to their back to walk the (boarding) plank. A great lesson to learn by because no one perished. The people ought to take that lesson and run with it. But of course within a week most will have forgotten about it.

          • I think most of the people down below, don’t realize that if the power is systemically off for 6-8 weeks that 70-90% of the population will STARVE TO DEATH, PERIOD. That is a fact, not supposition. Grocery stores have a 3 day supply of food if there is NO emergency, if people panic it will/can be gone in 3 hours!!! Grocery stores also DON’T HAVE A MANUAL ORDERING SYSTEM IN PLACE FOR THE POWER BEING OUT. They wait for the “computers to come back up”. If they never come back up…oh, well! There is NO SYSTEM IN PLACE TO FEED THE MASSES…ANYWHERE! If it is world wide then 70-90%, world wide will die!!! If it is North America (or where ever), then 70-90% of North America (or where ever) will die, period. EVEN IF, the rest of the world tried to save US (them whom ever), it would take weeks, months to render aid…and then who would be alive to receive it??? Just sayin’. Not much ammo needed there. Be Well.

            • When it finally gets to the point of cannibalism then the idea of “going out for Mexican” or getting some “take out Chinese” will have an entirely new meaning!

            • Actually, you’re almost there, but approach the question a bit wrong:

              A typical grocery store carries about a week or two worth of food in aggregate for the area it serves – if distributed correctly, and not counting the extreme perishables in its inventory, which would add a day or two to the total. Grain silos and other bulk food items also add to the total.

              The problems lie in distribution (as people panic-buy), and in efficient usage (show of hands: who can process bulk soybean in their home? Anyone? Bueller?)

              Police and even national guardsmen can insure/enforce distribution of bulk goods, but what they cannot do is educate on proper usage of the bulk items. They simply do not have enough manpower to insure that supplies are evenly distributed from each grocery store – at least not while also preventing widespread looting and similar crimes from occurring.

              Everything I just wrote only applies to the larger cities and towns. Small rural towns have a better go of it, as bulk food supplies are greater, and even grocery stores carry about the same inventory (even though most rural grocery stores appear smaller in inventory, remember that the local population is smaller too.) The occasional rural Wal-Mart and such only adds to the total.

              • Not to quibble….I could process soybeans personally but the stuffs not fit to eat,so I wouldnt…I get your point though!

              • actually stores keep about three to five days of perishable goods and then it is pretty much over with. In this country if you cannot get h20 when you turn a tap or light when you flip a switch what are you going to do when the grid goes bye-bye. We are so friggin spoiled that most of us will die off pretty quick and then a few that have prepared for scenarios such as this will make it by tenacity, and trust in Jesus.

            • @ TripodXL. I know I should let this die, but I have to know something. Did the owner of the site I use to comment on rely the messages to you that I was trying to compliment you about the articles you wrote? You wrote some very excellent articles and after I was banned from making any comments, I asked the owner to please tell you, Christine, Ted and others that what they wrote were very good articles. Not one article you wrote I considered less than a 9. I especially liked the article about keeping yourself clean after the nightmare begins and the air rifle article.

              I want to know IF the owner gave you and others the messages that I thought what they wrote were really nice articles. Even after being censored I wanted the people that I had praised before to still know that I thought what they had wrote was good. You seemed to think that when I was referring to bad articles that I meant you or the other guest posts. Hell no, I meant the owner of the site had severe writer’s block and put on some “fillers” that didn’t belong on any survival site. I truly felt sorry for the owner and many times I tried to write something to help the site because many of the owner’s personal writings sucked. I felt bad for the owner and I was trying to protect the owner from looking like an idiot, which ended up happening anyway. I am very fair and even after your attack on me, I still admit that you have a true flare for writing and ALL of your articles help those interested in survival and prepping a lot.

              I just want to know IF you ever got all the compliments I tried to have relied to you and the many other guest posts. IF the owner is being a true helmet head, please tell Christine I really liked all of her articles on canning and food preparations for survival. I can remember the first time Christine wrote an article and I commended her and she said that was the first time she ever wrote anything and she continued to add what she knew about prepping to other fellow preppers. Since I was totally censored I had no way of telling anyone that I really liked what they wrote, other than try to send a messgae to the owner and hope that the owner had enough decency to send you and others the message. Thanks and you and others from the ex-site be well.

        • That cruise ship has a lot of similiarities to what will be experienced in the vertical nightmares of the highly urban areas. Let’s face it, when the power goes off, people that live above 3-4 stories are in dip trouble. After Hurrican Sandy, many people were literally hauling water up to their homes on their backs, all 8.33 pounds per gallon of it. Before true SHTF people that can get out of the high destiny areas of people should make this a top priority, because life will be much, much, much worse that this cruise ship ever was after true disease spreads like a chimney up these high rises where people live.

          Live in the areas outside high concentrations of people will be much better, but still the lack of sanitation is going to be a nightmare if this occurs during the warmer months when disease carrying vectors like flies will be in dense horrible hoards and swarms. One items that every survival pack should be hundreds if not thousands of tough plastic bags with good strong ties to them. In a small community or neighborhood the burning of refuse would be an excellent idea if you can avoid doing it to attract too much attention. Another option is to find the lowest spot in the area and make a landfill out of it and bury it.

          Animals are going to be starving after a disaster, this includes household pets that have lost their owners or their owners have no food for them, these can be a problem. The biggest problem is believe it or not are going to be the rats in most cities. Rats get a fairly decent diet of garbage daily from throw aways. These normal stables of food for them will dry up after trash services cease. Rats will migrate to where the food is, your home. Rats are tough bastards and a good varmint gun, even a high powered air rifle is a good idea to combat them. It is really though the tidal wave of diseases that these parasites bring with them. Fleas and ticks always come with rats that carry every sickness you can imagine. Insect repellent and poison should also be in a survival supply.

          I think the biggest shock to people is not going to be the power going out, but the water no longer running. People can live with some darkness at night and go without electricity, but without running water, that is the nightmare. Toilet don’t flush is but one major hell, but not being able to properly clean yourself is a serious concern. One reason that people live 15-30 years longer than 100-200 years ago is proper hygiene. Not brushing your teeth will definitely shorten your life span. Not being able to clean yourself with soap and water can eventually kill you, especially when a person is use to bathing and hasn’t the immunity to certain bacteria that people decades ago had. One item that most people will lack and it will lead to disease is toilet paper. Leaving waste on your body is just not an option, make sure your have mountains of toilet paper available. Toilet paper will also be one of those items that will be in the top 5 or so for barter.

          Some sort of water storage of course for drinking and even cooking with is absolutely essential. You should also have water for even sponge baths. It is so critical that bacteria doesn’t have a place to rest on your bodies. Animals in the wild take every oppurtunity to bathe themselves for very good reasons. People are no different, they must keep themselves as clean as possible. Use of dangerous water to bathe with is worse than not bathing because there are all sorts of pathogens and streptococcus that are floating around in stagnant unclean water.

          You can store water for hand and body washing in those tough plastic garbage cans in an area that does not freeze. Those cans have sturdy lids and the water can be dumped every once in a while and refilled with fresh water. This is kind of like grey water that you don’t drink but use for cleaning purposes. Anything over 20 gallons would be heavy to dump over and refill, but it can be done for example by drilling a type of hole and use a good plug towards the bottom. A more expensive means of storage of water for this type are those big ice coolers that have a drain plug already built into them. Those blue plastic 55 gallon barrels drums are another option.

          One thing that it seems like every survival site stresses is disinfection agents, one word, BLEACH. Even the worst water that doesn’t contain chemical posioning in it can be filtered and then make safe to drink and use with liquid bleach. Also alcohol wipes, the liquid agens like Germ X and Purell, and just plain rubbing alcohol. Alcohol works by drying out a pathogen quickly and works on a wide variety of germs, especially viruses.

          One other items that I cannot stress enough after the power goes out is candles. People sell these little wonders at garage sales for a nickel or even a quarter not realizing just how valaubale these are when there is no power. The light is so important not to be crashing around in the dark. Candles are a wonderful heat source for boiling and cooking small amounts of water and food, and yes for even staying warm when it is freezing. People have insulated themselves in a small room and used the heat from a few candles to keep from freezing. There are stories of this over the centuries. I know that I harp on candles, but this is an item that no survival group can have enough of.

          • ya can’t see this list too many times

            100 Items to Disappear First

            1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. Noisy…target of thieves; maintenance etc.)
            2. Water Filters/Purifiers
            3. Portable Toilets
            4. Seasoned Firewood. Wood takes about 6 – 12 months to become dried, for home uses.
            5. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps (First Choice: Buy CLEAR oil. If scarce, stockpile ANY!)
            6. Coleman Fuel. Impossible to stockpile too much.
            7. Guns, Ammunition, Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, Bats & Slingshots.
            8. Hand-can openers, & hand egg beaters, whisks.
            9. Honey/Syrups/white, brown sugar
            10. Rice – Beans – Wheat
            11. Vegetable Oil (for cooking) Without it food burns/must be boiled etc.,)
            12. Charcoal, Lighter Fluid (Will become scarce suddenly)
            13. Water Containers (Urgent Item to obtain.) Any size. Small: HARD CLEAR PLASTIC ONLY – note – food grade if for drinking.
            14. Mini Heater head (Propane) (Without this item, propane won’t heat a room.)
            15. Grain Grinder (Non-electric)
            16. Propane Cylinders (Urgent: Definite shortages will occur.
            17. Survival Guide Book.
            18. Mantles: Aladdin, Coleman, etc. (Without this item, longer-term lighting is difficult.)
            19. Baby Supplies: Diapers/formula. ointments/aspirin, etc.
            20. Washboards, Mop Bucket w/wringer (for Laundry)
            21. Cookstoves (Propane, Coleman & Kerosene)
            22. Vitamins
            23. Propane Cylinder Handle-Holder (Urgent: Small canister use is dangerous without this item)
            24. Feminine Hygiene/Haircare/Skin products.
            25. Thermal underwear (Tops & Bottoms)
            26. Bow saws, axes and hatchets, Wedges (also, honing oil)
            27. Aluminum Foil Reg. & Heavy Duty (Great Cooking and Barter Item)
            28. Gasoline Containers (Plastic & Metal)
            29. Garbage Bags (Impossible To Have Too Many).
            30. Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels
            31. Milk – Powdered & Condensed (Shake Liquid every 3 to 4 months)
            32. Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid) (A MUST)
            33. Clothes pins/line/hangers (A MUST)
            34. Coleman’s Pump Repair Kit
            35. Tuna Fish (in oil)
            36. Fire Extinguishers (or..large box of Baking Soda in every room)
            37. First aid kits
            38. Batteries (all sizes…buy furthest-out for Expiration Dates)
            39. Garlic, spices & vinegar, baking supplies
            40. Big Dogs (and plenty of dog food)
            41. Flour, yeast & salt
            42. Matches. {“Strike Anywhere” preferred.) Boxed, wooden matches will go first
            43. Writing paper/pads/pencils, solar calculators
            44. Insulated ice chests (good for keeping items from freezing in Wintertime.)
            45. Workboots, belts, Levis & durable shirts
            46. Flashlights/LIGHTSTICKS & torches, “No. 76 Dietz” Lanterns
            47. Journals, Diaries & Scrapbooks (jot down ideas, feelings, experience; Historic Times)
            48. Garbage cans Plastic (great for storage, water, transporting – if with wheels)
            49. Men’s Hygiene: Shampoo, Toothbrush/paste, Mouthwash/floss, nail clippers, etc
            50. Cast iron cookware (sturdy, efficient)
            51. Fishing supplies/tools
            52. Mosquito coils/repellent, sprays/creams
            53. Duct Tape
            54. Tarps/stakes/twine/nails/rope/spikes
            55. Candles
            56. Laundry Detergent (liquid)
            57. Backpacks, Duffel Bags
            58. Garden tools & supplies
            59. Scissors, fabrics & sewing supplies
            60. Canned Fruits, Veggies, Soups, stews, etc.
            61. Bleach (plain, NOT scented: 4 to 6% sodium hypochlorite)
            62. Canning supplies, (Jars/lids/wax)
            63. Knives & Sharpening tools: files, stones, steel
            64. Bicycles…Tires/tubes/pumps/chains, etc
            65. Sleeping Bags & blankets/pillows/mats
            66. Carbon Monoxide Alarm (battery powered)
            67. Board Games, Cards, Dice
            68. d-con Rat poison, MOUSE PRUFE II, Roach Killer
            69. Mousetraps, Ant traps & cockroach magnets
            70. Paper plates/cups/utensils (stock up, folks)
            71. Baby wipes, oils, waterless & Antibacterial soap (saves a lot of water)
            72. Rain gear, rubberized boots, etc.
            73. Shaving supplies (razors & creams, talc, after shave)
            74. Hand pumps & siphons (for water and for fuels)
            75. Soysauce, vinegar, bullions/gravy/soupbase
            76. Reading glasses
            77. Chocolate/Cocoa/Tang/Punch (water enhancers)
            78. “Survival-in-a-Can”
            79. Woolen clothing, scarves/ear-muffs/mittens
            80. Boy Scout Handbook, / also Leaders Catalog
            81. Roll-on Window Insulation Kit (MANCO)
            82. Graham crackers, saltines, pretzels, Trail mix/Jerky
            83. Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Nuts
            84. Socks, Underwear, T-shirts, etc. (extras)
            85. Lumber (all types)
            86. Wagons & carts (for transport to and from)
            87. Cots & Inflatable mattress’s
            88. Gloves: Work/warming/gardening, etc.
            89. Lantern Hangers
            90. Screen Patches, glue, nails, screws,, nuts & bolts
            91. Teas
            92. Coffee
            93. Cigarettes
            94. Wine/Liquors (for bribes, medicinal, etc,)
            95. Paraffin wax
            96. Glue, nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
            97. Chewing gum/candies
            98. Atomizers (for cooling/bathing)
            99. Hats & cotton neckerchiefs
            100. Goats/chickens

            From a Sarajevo War Survivor:
            Experiencing horrible things that can happen in a war – death of parents and
            friends, hunger and malnutrition, endless freezing cold, fear, sniper attacks.

            1. Stockpiling helps. but you never no how long trouble will last, so locate
            near renewable food sources.
            2. Living near a well with a manual pump is like being in Eden.
            3. After awhile, even gold can lose its luster. But there is no luxury in war
            quite like toilet paper. Its surplus value is greater than gold’s.
            4. If you had to go without one utility, lose electricity – it’s the easiest to
            do without (unless you’re in a very nice climate with no need for heat.)
            5. Canned foods are awesome, especially if their contents are tasty without
            heating. One of the best things to stockpile is canned gravy – it makes a lot of
            the dry unappetizing things you find to eat in war somewhat edible. Only needs
            enough heat to “warm”, not to cook. It’s cheap too, especially if you buy it in
            6. Bring some books – escapist ones like romance or mysteries become more
            valuable as the war continues. Sure, it’s great to have a lot of survival
            guides, but you’ll figure most of that out on your own anyway – trust me, you’ll
            have a lot of time on your hands.
            7. The feeling that you’re human can fade pretty fast. I can’t tell you how many
            people I knew who would have traded a much needed meal for just a little bit of
            toothpaste, rouge, soap or cologne. Not much point in fighting if you have to
            lose your humanity. These things are morale-builders like nothing else.
            8. Slow burning candles and matches, matches, matche

            • I enjoy cruising. Sine the last one lost power off the w.coast of Mexico I prep for cruises. Flashlights, jerky, oatmeal bars, cookies, a water filter, tablets and vitamins are part of my suitcase / computer bag going on. Usually I can get a pocket knife on with the computer but I don’t try for the 9mm.

              • I’ve only been on one cruise on our honeymoon a few years ago. We packed cases of water and soda (which they charge for), a nightlight/flashlight, a box of garbage bags, a good first-aid kit with an assortment of meds, and a Swiss Army and lock-blade knife.

                We didn’t take much food because so much was available at the buffet. We piled a couple trays high on the first day and took them back to our room in case of an emergency.

                I cannot say for sure what we would have done, but my inclination would have been to jam towels down the toilet and shower/sink drains, lined to toilet with the garbage bags, stripped naked (no a/c), taken some sleeping pills, and read paperback books until we fell asleep. All the talk about stench means I would also throw in a jar of Vick’s if we ever go again.

            • I had never seen the above list before…I really enjoyed it…well worth keeping…I have said for Years that if you want to Defeat the USA just cut off the power for 30 days and everyone would throw their hands up…I am new to this page. Honestly I have lived without MANY of the above items for Years Already.

            • I would like to add to these items, power invertors dc to ac..and some marine batterys. i have bought them from 200watt up to a 6000, for a 6000 watt you need at least 2 heavy duty batteries hooked in series

              • You better have some damn good DC ckt. breakers in the circuit too in case anything goes wrong. Exploding batteries are really dangerous.

            • Absolutely BODACIOUS list Satori!!!!

              T’anks Bunches!!! 🙂


            • I noticed the list had tuna packed in oil. Wonder how long the tuna packed in water will keep. Found some last week for .50 a can so I bought 14 cases… Just wondering how quickly I need to try to use it.

          • Word of advice, liquid bleach has a shelf life of about 6 months before it becomes mostly water. Store ‘pool shock’ instead in a plastic or glass container, not metal, and very well ventilated. 2 year shelf life and enough to purify 1000’s of gallons costs about $2.

            • As a chemist/hobbyist, I often pour bleach in a round bottom flask and condense it. What you have left is crystalline, powdered chlorine. Anyone ever notice the gritty crystals on the mouth of your bottle of bleach after it sits around for a while, being opened and closed several times?

              That’s the chlorine crystals reforming.

              That’s also why bleach leaves a residue, while isopropyl alcohol does not. OTC chlorine bleach is a suspension of chlorine.

              Chlorine does NOT evaporate like isopropyl alcohol.

              Like I said, I have many talents…

              • Please. As a chemist, I can tell you that chlorine is a gas @ STP but it can be liquified with some pressure. It is shipped under pressure as a liquid in rail cars and 1-ton cylinders.

                It’s freeze point for crystal formation is about -100C, so you are not seeing chlorine crystals.

                And yes, chlorine evaporates VERY rapidly as a yellow / green colored gas.

                Chlorine gas is an inhalation hazard and can form HCl (hydrochloric acid) in the eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.

                OTC bleach is an aqueous solution of 4-6% NaOCl.

                Google the Chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite Material Safety Data Sheets sometime. They’re loaded with useful info.

                • Chlorine is a greenish yellow gas which combines directly with nearly all elements, which means that with the exception of industrial used, households NEVER come in contact with the purest form of chlorine, which is gaseous. As a chemist, you should know that undiluted chlorine is lethal, to say the least. 1000 ppm is likely to be fatal after a few deep breaths. It was used as a war gas in 1915. It is not found in a free state in nature, but is found commonly as NaCl (solid or seawater)…the “Cl” means it is in sodium form, as in a solid.

                  On the other hand, chloride (Cl−) ions are abundant in nature and necessary for most forms of life, including human life. They are part of various salts and are found in solution in naturally occurring waters. Common salt or table salt is the compound sodium chloride (NaCl).

                  Chlorine, its ions, and its compounds are widely used in the manufacture of many products, including paper, bleach, antiseptics, dyestuffs, pesticides, paints, solvents, plastics, medicines, and textiles. Drinking water supplies and swimming pools are usually chlorinated as a way to kill bacteria. This is the only form of chlorine humans usually have any contact with.

                  Sometimes, being TOO technical actually clouds the information we all need to know, with a bunch of useless jargon. I prefer common speak to trying to make people think I’m a chemical engineer. Sorry guy, my former comment still stands.

                  • Gentlemen,

                    I am Impressed! Thank you both for ‘weighing in’ on the matter. I would like to add (if I may (for clarity) inasmuch as Sodim Hypochlorite is an ionically bound compound which has a volatile constituent – Chlorine – it is the case that any convective interaction with atmosphere will allow a variety of things to occur…all of which will promote the degradation of the contents of a container of Bleach. HOWEVER, in a closed sealed container which DOES not allow any interaqction with any other substance the lack of a reaction path does not PERMIT the degradatioon of same.

                    Succinctly, any capped (especially UNOPENED) container of liquid bleach based on Sodium Hpochlorite is good so long as it remains sealed and ‘virgin’ therein. Basic stoichiometry….if any air gets in then a fraction of the compound WILL react, hence releasing CL2.

                    Incidentally, it’s good to ‘see and be seen’ Nice to meet Y’All!


            • Pool Shock Mixture:(calcium hypochlorite)
              Easy directions for small amounts: To 1 cup water, add 1/4 tsp c.h.
              Add 1/2 tsp. of mixed solution to a 2 liter bottle of water.
              Set overnight for chlorine taste/smell to disappear, or add Tang with vitamin C. Vitamin C in crystal form has a very long shelf life.

              • Thanks, I would give you and HisArmsWide 10 thumbs up if I could! This is important info.

            • Pool Shock has an indefinite shelf life –stored in a cool, dry place.
              Have read this on many survival blogs but can’t find the link now.

              • When mixed for use, just like bleach–will get old.

            • Im in the swimming pool business, make sure you check the percent of availabile clorine,anything 65% and over is a good product.Stay away from products with built in algesides.

          • People with enough money to afford cruises…lucky for them, they were people with money. Otherwise, nobody would’ve cared if they sat out there and died. Think what they’ll do when there are no onions OR bread. I can think of worse things than pooping in a bag, especially in the middle of the ocean.

            • I have never left a comment on this page although I read it every day. From what I have read so far all decency has already left you people, you dont need a disaster, or an econimic meltdown. Alot of people take cruises, not because they have money but because they are affordable for anyone. This was probably the only vacation some of those people had been on in years if ever, show a little compassion for your fellow man.

              • My point was, it isn’t hard to see the difference between how the government responds to poor people in trouble, to how they respond to not-so-poor people in trouble. Just consider the difference between how government responded to stranded hurricane Katrina victims, who were mostly poor, and the response to the cruise ship. Another factor, no doubt, was that people can sue the cruise ship company, but you can’t sue Mother nature. I’m sure some might try to point to Hurricane Sandy as somehow different, but it really didn’t deviate from my THEORY.

              • You get what you deserve…right?

                • NO. These days, you only get what you can PAY FOR. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is what it is.

            • Ya really,like whats the problem? I like onion sandwichs!

              • better with peppers and tomatoes…

          • Love your comment, but then I love all of those you post. The next two months prep money goes to a Big Berkey, thanks to you and Norse Prepper. Thank Goodness we don’t live in a city or even a town, but outside a village and still have an outhouse. We have a small pond, in a wet year, and a deep well with nasty tasting water that is potable. Second purchase will be a Bison well pump, unless you guys have a better option. I bought four dozen Menorah candles on sale for a dollar a box and am scavenging for “strike anywhere” matches. They seem to have vanished. I have about 200 pounds of dog food for my old dog which I’m trying to keep rotated, and the equivalent for our three cats. Of course, I hope they’ll somehow turn into mighty hunters and keep down the rodent population. I’ll try hard to invest in more toilet paper, bleach and more candles. Your advice is valuable and appreciated.

            • @ Vicky. When I hear comments like yours in which you are preparing and really hitting it into a higher gear, it just makes me feel so good to see all those out there that are getting ready and taking these warnings seriously. Gives me and others I am sure some real hope that at least some the human race has a good chance of surviving what is coming.

            • Vicky ~ why are you keeping your old dog rotated? 😉

              • Sorry!

            • Strike Anywhere matches–Ace Hardware.

            • A trick to make matches water proof is to coat the heads in candle wax. Keep the stikers in a sample jar, the one the doctor gives you to pee in, and the matches in another seperate jar. Also rubber inner tubes will burn even when wet, enabling you to get a fire started when the weather is against you.

              Tried and tested many years ago in NZ scouts.

              • Duct tape makes a good kindling also.

            • Vicky,

              Take a look at the simple pump. http://www.simplepump.com/

              I am in no way associated with them. After a lot of research I purchased one over the Bison and think it is a better product. It will pressurize your tank. It is designed to easily accept a motor which can be run by solar. I think it is one of the best designed products I have seen in a long time. Best of luck.

              • Thanks for posting this I’m going to call them Monday

            • @Vicky,
              I bought several boxes of “strike anywhere” matches at a gun show last month. It was at a booth with lots of odds ‘n ends.

            • I agree with BI…I love hearing of someone getting something for their preps that could potentially save their lives!

              Great decision! You will like the filter a lot!

            • Strike anywhere matches are still available, depending on where you live. Here in East TN, I saw them today at the grocery store. Almost bought some, now I will! Check your local family dollar store, Dollar general, or something like that. They are also great places to get inexpensive canned goods like tuna and beans, and sardines.happy prepping…

            • Before you spend big bucks on a hand powered well pump there are some great ones on youtube with clear instructions. I made one for less than 100.00 and it works perfect. It uses a couple different sizes of pvc pipe and a couple of check valves. My well is only 60 feet, so when you say deep well I’m not sure how deep this thing will work.

            • You can also coat regular match heads in nail polish. Try it with a couple of them and see if they strike or not.

          • Crisco(lard)makes a nice candle–no wick??
            Stock shoelaces.

            • Never thought of the shoelaces….thanks! Great ideas here today! Had not heard of “pool shock” before either.. Wicks and bleach were both challenges for us.

              • We also purchased an old fashioned mop with a cloth head. The strings can be used as a wick in a pinch.

              • shoelaces can also be used as a fuse,,fill (if nothing else)match scraped match heads,,i always but the round ones,,when not using paracord,,,also my family has used one pound coffee cans for years to store cooked meat,,empty can cook meat in lard then place in can pour grease over ,,,let cool place lid and tape shut,,
                i gor many a care package full of meat like that in nam in the mid 60`s,,,


              • Bee supply houses sell wick…and hobby stores sell good cotton string that works well for candles.

              • I once made a candle out of cheese wax and a twisted strip of paper off a paper bag. It burned pretty quick and I gathered the melted wax up and made another candle with it, which burned slower than the first one.

            • I did not know that, thanks for the info.

          • Agreed BI, lack of sanitation (practices) and those on important meds will cause the bulk of the deaths. Later on it’ll be weapons and disease.
            I’m hoping in a longterm gridless situation the only bad thing to happen to us here on this site, is that we run short on coffee.

            • http://www.coffeebeandirect.com/unroasted-house-blend.html
              this is what i have on hand, green “unroasted” coffee beans will keep indefinitely if stored properly, also makes a great barter item along with the small bottles of booze and the droppings off my cigg making station, i vac-bag them and place in a gama sealed bucket for storage, also have years worth of rolling papers

          • Often overlooked by those in the burbs and urban areas are backflow valves! Most newer homes have these (code regulations), so check your plumbing system and make sure you’ve got this. Who wants sewage backing up into the home? There’ll be enough “S” to deal with!

            • In a pinch, a plumber’s inflatable test plug (Lowe’s) will prevent a backup. You’ll need a bike pump, and maybe some wood blocks to wedge it into place so it can’t easily be pushed out of the pipe. Most newer homes have a drain cleanout just before the main drain leaves the house (mine has no backflow preventer in the drain, just in the supply line). There are also expandably pipe plugs that expand when you tighten a wing nut.

              • THANK YOU!!! We are a cellar apt in a VERY old building, don’t know for sure, but could almost guarantee no “back flow valves”. I dread sewage sliding down my walls too, cuz we’re “survive in place” as long as we can, we’re old, and handicapped. At least this is one sewage-producing opening in our apartment that we can block up!! (We can tell if it’s a high pressure or low by how our fast our drains move, I don’t think we have stacks either… Sure can’t see any on the roof!)

          • Lotta candles in an insulated small room is a good recipe for death from oxygen deprivation. BAD idea

            • Candles require a higher oxygen content (~19%) to burn than the minimum humans need to survive (~17%). If one is not already showing symptoms of oxygen depletion, candles extinguishing themselves should certainly prompt them to open a window.

              We live in a well insulated home with a vent-less duel fuel heater ($100 on Amazon) which has been on for the past three winters and the oxygen depletion sensor has only shut it down once and that was when it needed cleaning.

              In my years as a firefighter we had a lot of fires caused by candles, but do not recall hearing of one incident where someone died in a home because a candle used up all their oxygen.

              • Hey! I’ve missed your posts bro. Hope things are OK your way. Assuming you didn’t move to the big city…

          • Damn BI I wish you were one of my neighbors. So few can think. One in a million.

          • One wonders why homes are built without a water storage tank, even if it’s only 50 gal. Your main supply line could be connected to such a tank, the house supply connected to the other end, and the reserve would be constantly refreshed as water is used. Most people don’t even think about their storage-tank type water heater. It should be flushed at least yearly, because you wouldn’t believe the sediment buildup inside (flushing also helps heating elements last longer). They always have a bottom drain, but you need something short enough to catch the water.

            • They are, its called a ‘hot water tank’. Please note that some assembly is required (ie hose and bucket….)

          • >> Rats are tough bastards and a good varmint gun, even a high powered air rifle is a good idea to combat them.


            My “better half” (and believe me, I’ve heard for years how much better she is) just left with every damn gun I own today. Sigh. It’s a good thing this is an easy environment to restock in.

            I suppose I should be glad she cleared out now. Gives me some time to get sorted at least a little.

            • I’m sorry to hear that, Not Timothy. I hope you’re okay. *hug*

            • NT; Sorry to hear that. Hope You are okay! Be Well.

            • I’m sorry. I guess she wasn’t the better better half. Chin up, now you can focus more on prepping. I hope I don’t sound callous, btdt 2x. In my case tho, it was me who had to leave and start over. It gets better with time. Hugs to you.

              • Oh I don’t mind losing her. I’m more upset about the guns (not hers).

                • Perhaps the reason she left? Where are the men on this site? All we got is a bunch of trash talkin boys who can’t run their lives.

                  • You’re probably right. I am the one who has had to work, take care of the kids, do all the chores — while she surfed the internet, shopped and played video games. I had the gall to ask she contribute as an adult. Which is shameful and immature. I’m sure you’d never ask your wife to contribute a damn thing.

            • Restocking in this environment indeed… wish I hadn’t taken all my guns and ammo on that river rafting trip.

          • I put away several cases of Huggies Baby Wipes from Costco, to be used as both “toilet paper” and for general hygeine. These will be great if there is no running water….they are already moistened with a gentle soap solution. They are also fairly compact compared to regular TP goes as far as how much room they take up.

          • Great articel/THANKS

        • Before the lights do go out, I highly recommend the following study course, by Selco, who survived the Balkans war in the 90’s, It is more than worth the small fee asked to cover it:


          • I’ve been reading his blog – after Mac posted the top prepper sites. It’s really good. I highly recommend it too.

      2. This is very true, we all know how hard its for many when power goes out. A lot of people leave their place and drive around to kill time when it does till hopefully the power returns. I would get a small dc to ac inverter for your home if you dont want a noisy generator. Hot water or a nice warm shower really makes you feel clean if you haven’t taken a shower in a while.

        • Makes one wonder what people did before electricity, indoor plumbing, TV’s, Cell Phones, Short-Waves, Refrigerators, Beer-Coolers, Light Bulbs, Spotlights to hunt game at nite, Walky-Talkies, CB Radios, Rambo Movies, John Wayne Movies, Clint Eastwood Movies, 12 volt Battery Chargers, Generators, Porno, etc.

          • Out house, lots of hard work, sun up to sun rise,
            Life was simple, honestly sorta am wishing it would go
            Back there, no phones, computer, tv etc etc
            Might be nice, some wont like it but honestly, tough pituties

            • Actually, you are correct! It was nice. That is how I grew up. And my parents and grandparents actually had time to sit on the porch and talk or play games like checkers or chess or some card game on the kitchen table. Life was much simpler then, and if there were negatives, I didn’t see them.

              • Negatives include:

                Lack of medical care, antibiotics
                High infant mortality
                Much shorter life spans
                Lack of ability to travel far
                Food much more subject to pests and weather
                Lack of dental care
                12 hour back breaking work days just to try to have enough to eat.

                I’m not saying there aren’t positives, far from it. But in a SHTF situation all the fallbacks and safeguards that we’ve had for about a century are gone. No movement of food from where it’s easy to grow to where its not. Lack of rule of law. Back in our grandparents days when they were out in the fields they didn’t have to worry about taking a bullet in the back while hoeing the fields from 600 yards out. Or having gangs descending on their farms raping, pillaging and looting while they were all busy at work just trying to make a life.

                ‘Back in day’, the ‘simple life’ and all that was predicated on having the safety of a civilized society where neighbor helped neighbor and didn’t gun them down because they wanted their daughters or their just harvested crops.

                • If you look at old diaries, their work day extended from before sun up to well after sun down just to stay alive. Every minute was used for some kind of work. They spent time resting on sunday only.
                  Families were closer because they had to be to survive the winter. It took many hands to get the work done. Just consider clothing: raise wool or cotton or flax for linnen and then clean,card, spin, weave into fabric, cut and hand sew for garment. You sewed with thread that you made by hand, buttons were handmade of you went without. No elastic. Clothes were so hard to come by that they were very expensive. Old photos show workers in their old suits because they wore them till they were dust. Many people had only one good outfit and one or two daily outfits for working. The good old days were hard! People literally worked themselves to death and died young. They were not all wonderful. The sense of community or family or a slower life that many say they yearn for could be created today if you change your life rather that waiting for the world to change.

                  • Better to be free and live like that and die young, that live a nice long subservient life

                  • @ cara

                    I have been fortunate to listen to the tales of the older generation. Sadly many have passed on. You could see the hardship in their weather beaten faces and their hands of leather. Stories of hunting wild hog and deer. Fish lines and swiming holes. Eating cooter,snake,squirrel crayfish and gator. Skinning cypress for a pole barn. Riding the mules used for plowing. Raisning hogs, chickens and guinea hens. Putting in seasonal gardens. Clearing land, smoke houses, root cellars. Digging a weel and building an outhoyse. Hard work.
                    Now we have bulldozers and power saws and just zip down to the supermarket to get all we want. For now.

              • hell i never want to see another sears and roebuck catalog,,,,


                • They make good tp

                  • no they didnt make good TP but its all we had,,finger always tore thru and you know it!!!!!!!!!


              • Im with you,
                I can deal with HAW s down sides,
                When times up its up, when yhe teeth get yanked out well be eatin lotsa soup,

            • While wishing for simpler times has an appeal the down side to when our parents and granparents lived was the lack of good medical care. I’ve camped out, gone to the field from a few days to a month living in tents. That shit gets old after a few weeks. But even with that most of us could make do. What’s a problem besides the medical issues are proper sanitation and safe drinking water which we all take for granted at home. We all need to get and maintain as many shots as possible just like we did when we were in the military. There are travel clinics that will still give smallpox, cholera, and thyphoid vaccinations if you tell them your traveling to country “X” where these things exist. All of this info can be found online.

            • I DID remember the lime for the “out-house” 🙂

            • 22 years off the grid on the Puna Coast; solar and catchment water gravity fed to house. Coconuts and fish. sweet potatoes and taro. Now at BOL in the mountains many time zones away burning wood from the back 40, stocked up and watching close the fall from a good vantage point. I’ll miss this broadband internet is about all. Keep prepping ! Good hand tools; saws, axes, knives see use everyday when the grid goes down. Good tips on sanitation here, thanks happy campers. We who be surviving now will be way ahead of the curve. Peace All

              • About the same here…been mostly independent for decades…power goes down I only lose this connection and I can live without it(although Id miss y’all)I just prefer this back to the lander lifestyle to the 9-5 slave grind(even though this farm is 24/7/365)get as independent as you can…then add a few luxuriesthat you can live without if it comes to it…thats just what I do.

              • @55er
                Grew up Hamakua, we NEVER had solid electricity or phone and spent lots of time at our cabins with nothing, outhouse only sometimes running water, or months at the beach past south point with only camping gear and non perishable foods,
                So not real scared of being cut off
                Cheers bud, hope your not freezing

          • -born in 1936 way back in the country in penna. A countryboy will survive no goodies

          • They died a lot, and not just from boredom.

            • Yeah, they did. Most of ’em wore out and died young. But, what the he**. Nobody gets off this bus alive.

          • There were alot less of them with those loving on farms in the majority. You haven’t lived until you experienced an outhouse and a hand pump for water. That’s what we had on Long Island in the early fifties. Still it was nicer than it is now with all the crowding. All farms and trees back then, even had sream engines on the LIRR.

          • when I first moved to the Alaskan bush I didnt have any type of modern convieniences . oil lamps wood heat and an outhouse were great things . Nearly thirty years later I have a hydro/electric system , more power than I can use and all the modern devices one could ask for . The one thing that never changed was how much work one can do in a day . Some people couldnt live without power but I could go back to that lifestyle without any problem . All of us should try it for a while . Its quite humbling . Nature has a way of nocking one back into reality

            • “oil lamps wood heat and an outhouse were great things .”

              Yep. My favorite is the 3 AM outhouse visit with about 1/4″ of frost on the seat. That’ll wake a person up.

              • 41MagMan
                Knocking the frost off the pumpkin. ;0)

        • @ clint hospo. You just mentioned something that is so atypical of the masses, that they automatically ASSUME that the power is coming back on. They ASSUME that everything will be back to normal no matter what. The masses are in for a true nightmare awakening. Instead of trying to kill time, people should be planning and working towards a solution should the power not come back on. I guess that is why we (almost all the people on this site) are the rare 1% that understand what could happen and will act before, during, and after it happens rather than the masses that go around in circles and eventaully end up wringing their hands.

          • Be informed- very true and good point! That was just an observation that I made when living in a apartment and would see all the people drive off and go where there was power on or wherever they go. I would use my flashlights and and candle power. didnt bother me a bit but you could tell so many people in the city are going to be panicked when this happens. Glad you mentioned that as well.

            • I think also that when people have a belief that the power will come back on soon, they act more civil toward one another. It’s easy to be a “team player” and generous when you think that in a short while, everything will be back to normal.

              But I think when the realization hits that the power is not going to come back on at all…or…the situation will never be the same again (teotwawki), then the real nature of people gets revealed. And if people come to believe that there will be no consequences no matter what they do…then you have a prescription for all hell breaking loose.

              Read the stories of life in Serbia during the Balkans war as told by Selco. When it all goes to hell, the real psychos come out of the woodwork.

            • hey guys it seems like the think going to a bug out location is driving down the hiway on vacation,,


          • Hi BI I’m new to this site only posted a couple of times. I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice. The world seems a liitle less scarier knowing your there. I’m from the UK not a brilliant place at the moment its like a tinder box waiting to blow up.

            • @Fairy…..Welcome aboard! I have only been here for a year, but have learned so much…..and am constantly taking “notes”and I learn something new every day!!

              Sorry to hear about the problem with the “meat” in the UK, guess you all are really having to watch what you buy now…and suppose it will come across the pond!! It’s getting too scary out there now…..take care, CC

              • Hi Canada Canuk,

                Thank you for welcoming me to the group. I have been at work all week and only now had chance to come on to the site again.

                Yes it is worrying about the horse meat, I wonder what Old MacDonald is going to sell to the butchers now.

                All I can say is the end is Neigh!

                Fairy xx

            • Welcome! 🙂

              • Hi Reb,

                Thank you for welcoming me to the group. I hope to learn and contribute what I can

                Is REB short for Rebell?

                Fairy xx

        • It seems that the media interviewed the ones that looked like they were victimized, had panicked and were distraught. There’s some of those in every event and they are sought out by the media because there’s no story to be had from interviewing someone that took it in stride, built a latrine, kept their living space clean and found a place to enjoy the ocean air and made the best of a bad situation, in other words, showed fortitude and character. Same old news media, life through a straw, paint a picture of tragedy when there isn’t one and then sell some add space.

          • you nailed it

      3. This is why we prep…

        • And why we don’t go on cruises where we are trapped and at the mercy of others.

          • Thanks, Daisy.
            Houseboat on Lake Lanier for a weekend, ok!

            • I’m going to guess that you don’t poop in the shower over the weekend.

            • eppe and Daisy: No cruises for me either(these ships are top-heavy and could topple over under certain conditions.) I’ll stick to fishing boats/canoeing in local lakes and rivers so I won’t have to wade thru raw sewage, put up w/long lines and eat crappy food, I hope the passengers sue (punitive). cities will go haywire if the grid goes down and banks aren’t open, etc. People will steel for food.

              • Laura M. : the problem is that this was at least the second time Carnival Cruise Lines has had this same problem. Carnival is the Walmart/Kmart of the cruise industry. I know, I lived and worked in Miami for years and worked around the cruise and airline industry. Norweigan and Holland are much better lines. Still, there are no guarantees of a perfect cruise. Always prepared accordingly.

              • Stick to the older amd smaller ships like some of the ones Holland America uses. Much less stressful with less people.

          • I think most of those cruise ships are registered in Liberia to avoid safety/health standards.I have heard that most don’t have fire sprinklers.

            These cruises look like fun, but the potential downside is huge. If I go to a hotel and it stinks, I can walk out. One has to wonder, how hard is it to figure out that if you poop in your shower, you have to smell it till rescued? Sewage running down walls? Why would you poop in a bag and keep it on board? Maybe go in a trash can and dump it overboard? The trash cans could be lowered into the sea and rinsed. I’m pretty sure there’s water there.

            • people that put themselves in that situation are to smart anyway,otherwise they would stay on land for fun times

              • If you have not been on an Alaska cruise then you have really missed out. Stop being so closed minded. Makes you sound like a liberal.

                • I’ve been on several cruises before, but at this time, I just can’t justify spending money on cruises or vacations. I feel that I need to spend as much money as I can possibly afford on prepping….it’s almost a moral imperative right now!

                • Note to liberals–Don’t be so open-minded that your brain falls out.

                  • Even a tiny crack could prove hazardous.

          • @ Daisy , Right ,these people (tourist) thought they would be drowning in luxury ,not a care in the world! But Murphy showed up and gave them a taste of what most PO’FOLKS’ have to live though!! I really Hate it for them!! NOT!!

            • You sound like Obama. Filled with envy at others. One cruise out of thousands has a problem and every one sounds the same as the gun grabbers after Newton.

          • You will always be subject to the mercy of others when it comes to any shared transportation!

          • Those Carnival cruises are called “Crack Cruises” by the locals… Cheap cruises equal the dregs of society . Hookers abound and it’s anything but relaxing . I’m not surprised it was complete mayhem on board .

            • How many Carnival Cruise have you been on? I’m guessing none and you are only repeating gossip. We took a Carnival Cruise on our honeymoon and it was nothing like you describe. Very clean and mostly families and elderly groups. There is a higher ratio of “the dregs of society” in our city of 30,000 (named one of the best small cities in the U.S.) than on that ship.

              Sure there are areas like the bar and casino where one might find a few bad apples, but we did not go there. We sat in comfortable seats and watched great live shows, and walked on the deck and the beaches, or just reclined on the deck chairs and looked at the ocean. The only thing that wasn’t relaxing was getting to the terminal in the middle of a snow storm. Once we tossed our luggage on the truck and walked across that gangplank it was the most relaxing vacation ever.

              Sometimes things go wrong and when they do there are a minority of people who won’t take responsibility for themselves, but grumble and complain instead. These same people are not going to last ten minutes in a real emergency.

              • The company name will henceforth be “Carnivore Criuse lines”.

                Most of these do go off without some kind of disaster. Millions of people take cruises every year, and precious few have to wade through sewage. This situation could have been much less of an ordeal had a little (not so)common sense been applied. These crews need training in dealing with such situations so they can instruct clueless passengers in ways to make it through the situation. Most people are not self-starters, and would have listened to instructions.

                I’m still baffled by the concept of pooping in your shower.

              • “These same people are not going to last ten minutes in a real emergency.”

                Maybe not pastor but they still have a use. They can draw fire.

            • Anon & Greg 8, etc: crappy Carnival cruises are the wal mart/dollar store cheap XXXX cruises. Holland and Norweigan; or maybe Royal carribean would be best if people just gotta go on a cruise. Don’t forget flashlites and food bars incase the food runs out. I “cruised” to Alaska, Venice etc online/travel channel in peace and quiet with a working toilet too.

          • “We”?

          • That is absolutely the way I look at it. If I can’t drive, bike or hike…I don’t go.

            I love where I live. I can get everything that I need within 40 miles or less from my home…everything.

            Actually, within half that distance… and if things get even tougher, half that.

        • I don’t know that being stuck on a ship would be anything like being on land with freedom to move. Now if a real prepper went on a cruise, he could bring a pallet full of food and water along with several guns to hunt fish, toilet paper and a porta potty. Maybe not moron.

          • You guys have got to see this collapsed one. Fucking dead on.

            • Otay! Buttwheat.

              • Otay buckwheat….really?

      4. Got a portable toilet in the closet. My family thinks its craaaazzzzyyyyy.


        • If you live in an apartment, that’s probably the smartest thing you have said in a while. If not, go dig a hole on the backyard and put up a little tarp.

          Post hole diggers and a bag of lime and I can have enough “shitters” to last a month in no time.

          • I’m fortunate to have a private well and septic system. if power was out for a long period of time, I would just put an outhouse right on top of the pump out for the septic tank. everything goes there anyway, and we would nnever have to worry about getting rid of any waste, or water to flush indoor plumbing.
            those with swimming pools are real fortunate. I bought one of those larger blow up pools that will hold a couple hundred gallons of water. when not being used, there is no storage problem. to me, it works better than a barrel for water storage.

            • I like the inflatable pool idea for water volume but am not crazy about the bugs and bird crap that can get into an open pool. I can close up a drum. Can you tarp the pool or is it to big for that?

              • Rain barrels under the down spouts are an easy way to save rain water. We save rain water for the garden. Many rain barrels have a screen on top to keep out bugs. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the water, to prevent insect larve from growing. (The bugs can’t breathe with the oil.)

          • FYI, better scroll up and look at sheep#1’s post at the top of the comments.

        • Your family members sound like they don’t have the right mind set. I would rather poop in your closet than the front yard. Perhaps explaining how life would be without a closet to crap in. Maybe your soft unprepared outside poopers would get it. You are a good man and ahead of your time.

      5. White women!

        • White women are far better. Yeah.

          • White women like it.

        • Damn near forever. Fat floats. 😉

      6. The sad fact is people not directly involve in these stated examples (and sadly forgotten by those in the path of such events) are dumbed down into thinking – ‘Hey, it could be very, very bad; but look ~ life returns to normal’. MSM confirms this if you watch carefully. So, None can fathom that ‘normal’ might just not return in short order. Just not a possible thought in their pea-brains.

        It’s a double edge sword that we can have 24/7 news in many venues. It only takes a couple of hours before ‘THAT’ news is replaced with ‘THIS’ news. Good / Bad on many levels.

        Our upper administration understands this game and plays it well – spouted out by the Mockingbird Media. It takes so little for the herd’s attention to be diverted from one outrage to another. Information overload the system and it’s easy to control the narrative.

        My particular quandary is which seedlings get the coveted spots in my garden.

        BTW – thanks Mac for holding the line – greatly appreciated. ~..~ TG.

      7. the power has gone out here twice this week , everytime the story has been overloads and transformer trouble .

        a sign of things to come ? i think so .

        its not a big deal for a couple hours (even in the north ) but when a genny has to run long term it gets testy. and 99% are not ready for long term power being out.

        i already get “nieghbors” who show up after several hours to get warm , how will i deal with these folks if an outage lasts for days ?

        • Put up the “no vacancy” sign
          This is one of the things i worry about, SHTF everyone around here will be eyeballing my reservoir for water, thats why i have the AR15
          The gardens full of edibles too, thats why i have that mossberg 590 with piles of buckshot,
          The AR and the Mossy are interchangeable in this instance,
          sorta a tough deal to have to consider the option of filling my neighbors full of holes but im pretty sure most of them think prepping is having a half dozen cans of spam and a bag of rice in the cupboard,
          Tough call, you may want to help, but when does it become a burden on your wellbeing?
          My response to the unprepared will be
          What ya got to trade?

          • Violence is a tool of the ignorant.

            • sometimes violence is the right tool to get the job done…just sayin’

            • Yeah but self-defense is the action of the righteous.

            • If its me or them ill make damn sure and try to make sure its not me!

          • Kulafarmer: Yupp, you got that right; they have to trade something for something or they go with out. I told one lady who said she would give food to a mom with a child, no no no..they will come back with all their friends for gimme gimme food or a home invasion.

          • It looks like the ammo shortages won’t be resolved in the near future.

            DHS has purchased an additional 21.6 million rounds to add to their ammo stockpile. DHS has already purchased 1.6 billion rounds in the last 10 months.

            Link on Drudge Report…

        • “i already get “nieghbors” who show up after several hours to get warm , how will i deal with these folks if an outage lasts for days ?”

          Tell ’em what they used to say in the old days. “It’s a poor guest who arrives with empty hands”. If they’re gonna come to get warm, least they can do is bring some food. Might chop some wood while they are there too. 🙂

        • say No. Be armed.

      8. I have been on many enjoyable cruises…

        Course they were on my buddy’s Ranger down on Dale Hollow Lake and the Cumberland River.

        • Right there with ya, buddy! It’s on our Spring getaway list! 🙂

      9. I wonder how many preppers were on that ship? and if so they probably had a good time! despite the challenges of not having power, and sanitation! Common sense goes a long way in a crisis.This is just a visual microcosm of the shape of things to come! Be Prepared!

        • @ S Steve…… I dont think a REAL PREPPER would WASTE money on a cruise ship !! But could you imagine on a MOONLIT NITE of all th BUTT’S hangin over th RAIL’S doin their business and on a calm night !! WHAT A GAS that would BE!!!

        • Yep. Skidding sound in shit sounds like a blast.

          • Did anyone take a close look at the side of the ship?

        • You had me at Stinky.

          • Hilarious!!

      10. I have been interested in obtaining a few portable solar generators to power small electronics, but must admit to total confusion regarding what exactly can power what…I admit it freely – I am somewhat of a dinosaur when it comes to anything electronic 🙂 That said, does anyone have any suggestions as to which type of solar generator would be the best to operate small wattage electronics? Not cell phones and the like, but maybe a crock pot, etc?
        Thanks for any input

        • FOB – Goal Zero has a nice line of easy to use solar panels. Keep in mind if you want to recharge a cell phone its small and relatively inexpensive but if you’re talking about a crock pot we’re getting into a far more substantial system. Be forewarned that “dinosaurs” such as yourself are most likely going to need help installing and operating any kind of photovoltaic array. Click my name for a direct link to the Goal Zero website.

          • Thanks prepper….clicked on and found all the info I needed….thank you very much!!

        • I would suggest not using solar panels for cooking – the power requirements would require a significant investment in solar panels, inverters and batteries (for current stabilization). A solar oven, on the other hand, should be perfect for this.

          • Invest in another PM
            Cast iron
            As in a dutch oven or two, a griddle and various frying pans and such
            Man has cooked on fire for a long time!

            • I built myself a homemade rocket stove cook often on it cause I can and it gets me used to regulating the temp in the cast iron dutch oven, good with beans, chili fried fish & hush puppies even finished off frying the Thanksgiving turky when the propane ran out T/G morning all with just a few hand fulls of kindling for each cooking session. After inital start up hardly any visable smoke at all cooked underneath an open garage. I know I can cook with sticks from the yard no need for gas or elect. Just got to get more beans rice and bullets now. back in my hole!

              • I like my rocket stove. I have a solar oven project on the “to do” list. I keep visualizing in elk camp, soup on the rocket stove and fresh baked bread in the solar oven.

                • Likewise Rick/i/o my next project hopefully will be the solar oven,cornbread and beans. dont’t get no better than that.

              • Ive been fooling around making bread in my big dutch oven, sorta fun just to know i can,

              • “the propane ran out”? WTH? So switch to the spare tank. EVERY prepper has at least 2 propane tanks, right? Right?! lol Just messin’ with you. 😉

                Good job on the homebuilt stove. Multi-fuel capability is good.

              • Chili fried fish with hush puppies sounds good.

                • lol, think i missed a comma there? does sound good??

              • hey z-71,
                would you please share how you made your rocket stove? thanks!

                • Jen, tons of info. on utube, mine was made from an old cheap stand up smoker, 6in. stove pipe with vermiculite for the insulation less than $25 having the old smoker box lying around. 41-mag got 2 extras now just getting into the preping hard now, know Im late but guess I have been one for some time had 3 small garden plots for several yrs. hoping to expand soon, Got 5 2yr old layers and just bought 10 biddys to expand that operation also got 2 goats clearing a wooded area I have it’s starting to look like an arc light strike was called in to it.I grew up as kid in the 50s-60s in the country, what you call prepping now was just called living. Not sure I would want to go back that far but I would not fear it either.

          • A post like yours is why I went with a solar oven, not a solar generator.

            • You know what i want to look into is one of those Indian style cookers, i think its called a tandori? They cook everything with those things, minimal fuel, and can be almost anything that burns.

        • A crock pot isn’t small wattage. Even a small one will use 100/180 watts.(low/high).

          ANYthing that uses electricity to heat is most likely out unless you have a fairly large system.

        • Heat & motors are high loads. Here is a rough guide

          1000 watts = 10 100 watt bulbs = 10 amps at 110 volts
          1 HP = 746 watts = 8 amps at 110 volts

          If you want heat use fire from whatever source is most applicable. Save your electrical power for vital motors and selective lighting.

        • I bought a product called the “little beast” from Harbor Freight. It is the size of a car battery in a plastic case with a carrying handle. It has a built in solar panel that fuels it up and I bought an additional solar “trickle charger” for about $20 which will also help keep it charged. It provides pressurized air for blowing up car tires & different things with different nozzle adaptors and it also will jump a car battery. You can also charge it up with a plug into wall current or a car 12 volt adaptor.

          I bought an adapter so that I can plug any regular appliance into it and run it. I tried it on a small 7″ screen dvd player and it worked fine. My sister liked it so much that she bought one too.

          I also have a UHB adaptor by which I can charge up rechargeable batteries with it for AAA & AA batteries. I also have a small Solar powered battery charger that will do AA, AAA, C & D batteries. You can buy plastic adaptors that let you use AA batteries in any C or D battery appliances. This way for about $130 you can have a solar system that is small and will run a light or small appliances.

        • Something to keep in mind. Cell phone towers need power to work. They have generators on site, but run time is limited to fuel (diesel) supply. SHTF, and most likely re-fueling is going to be low priorty.
          Funny little tid-bit; I just bought a handheld 40 channel CB. You know, just in case, an option. There is absolutly NO chatter on CB anymore! I was amazed. Or really out of the loop. Every now and then, a scwalk on 19. Ham is the real deal, I know, so save your typing. Just not ready to make the investment.
          Lack of communication and information is going to magnify a bad situation. We are so used to instant news and cell phones. Ouch! That one will be hard to deal with.

        • Google Northern tool and then search solar, they have all sorts of stuff, i have a goal zero but Northern has some good inexpensive stuff

      11. Hello Folks, pray everyone is well and continuing their preps. I want to put a plug in for sprouting. Learn how to sprout seeds for great nutrition, and a wide variety. Stick with the organics..remember, the equivalent of fresh veggies only a couple days away. Stored properly, seeds can be stored for a couple of years. Average seeds yield 3-5 times in sprouts..and they taste great. All of the great health benefits…vitamins and living enzymes. Take good care and continue on. respectfully. (lots of great videos of sprouting on Youtube)

        • Mung beans and broccoli,
          Both are easy to raise more of too.

          • Hey Kula, you ever get to feeling “hemmed in” out there in paradise? On my trip, to your neck of the, er, world, I rented a car and in 2 days ran out of places to drive. I love to drive when visiting a differant place. It was beautiful, but it started feeling a little, you know, little.

            Here’s a funny story; I was driving on the north end( I think it was north) on one of those high roads cut in the cliff. Seemed like a 1000 ft drop to the sea. Scared shitless, in a midget Toyota. Look across the chasm, and there’s a freakin’ schoolbus, loaded with kids, bouncing along the same road at about 40 mph! Yeow! The neatest thing was the coffee plantation, selling housing lots up on a hill. Buy a lot, they clear out a few hundred sq.ft., and build a house right in the midst of the coffee bushes (trees/plants/shrubs??).

            Anyhow, Aloha, fellow prepper in Paradise.

            • Hey Rick, yep, sometimes i get rock fever, but the year round growing and easy lifestyle i got makes it well worth it, im extra luck to be a vegetable grower too so back to roots ya know.

            • The Road to Hana?
              On Maui?

              Whew… yeah… the most fearsome ride I’ve ever had in my life. But, it was so beautiful, the problem is, I didn’t want to come home…

              I’m glad I got to go, back when I had money. Life is not all about prepping, it is about living, this is where some people get too obsessive and burn out.

              Maui saying; No rain, no rainbows.

              • Piper, i need to take that advice of enjoying a bit more, its easy to get caught up in all the negative swirling around right now, thanks for the post
                !!! Thumbs up!

        • Why would I waste seeds on sprouting, and then not planting them for a crop?
          Scarcity may become part of a mind set that transcends faddish organic city thinking.


          • Piper, you are right. It is so overrated; vitamins is better stocked.
            Sprouting is expensive and I bought in bulk seeds from Farmer’s Hdw.
            Spinach, sweet potatoes, turnip greens–in cans and long shelf life.

            • Besides wasting seeds, its just too much like eating grass.
              I’m not a rabbit.
              I eat rabbits.

          • Wheat is easy to get in big bulk bags, and can be sprouted.
            You don’t have to sprout the “expensive” seeds.

            You can also grind it up for flour, or plant it to grow your own… multi-purpose is good. 🙂

      12. I doubt there were any preppers on that nightmare ship. Preppers don’t waste their money foolishly, especially now.

        • When the shtf your money will be worthless.

          • Duh
            No shit

            • Then go on a boat ride.

              • Ok, think i will, just changed the oil in the motors on that 28′ whaler sitting in my driveway, just need to wait a few days for the winds to die down!

                • How about a ship ride. You know where you can eat drink and have someone wait on you. Not firing up the outboard and motoring around with a bunch of losers.

        • Real good point, those dollars are going towards the bills, and then more stuff to store away for a rainy day, any extra goes to PMs

        • I went on a carnival cruise in the late 90s but now I would not go on one for anything. They sound horrific. Too many things are going wrong now. People hate their jobs, they hate their corporate employers and they just don’t give a crap since they are being asked to do 5 people’s jobs and to get down on their knees and thank the jerks they work for on top of that just because they still have a job.

          You cannot count on systems staying up anywhere. This economy and system of life is failing. Staying home where the preps are is my idea of a good time now.

        • What a silly comment. Believe it or not there are alot of well off people to whom the expense is minor. Not to mention cruises are cheap with Alaska being available for five hundred bucks for seven days. I eat more than that.

          • For less than $1,000 we sailed out of Baltimore (no air travel) for a nice room, great shows, five meals per day, plenty of activities, and friendly staff. We got on the ship during a snow emergency and woke up to take a walk in the warm ocean breeze.

            Next month we are going to D.C. (for a conference) where the hotel alone will cost more than that and we still have to drive there, pay for our own food and entertainment.

            I would think the less money people have the more likely they would take a cruise rather than drive to the airport, pay to park, wait forever, get on a plane, transfer to another plane, take a cab from the airport, check into their room, find somewhere to buy dinner, buy theater tickets, then do everything in reverse just to get home.

            If someone does not want to travel that is their choice, but to desire experiences and let fear keep them home is a wasted life. Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives.

        • There’s nothing foolish about needing a break.
          Preppers, especially, tend to pay a lot more attention to the news and current events. They’re not thinking “gee, I wonder if Snooky will slap someone tonight”, they’re thinking “I wonder if I’ve got enough food stored up. How can I squeeze another $100 out of the budget to get food?”

          It can be stressful to prep, and for families who can’t remember when they took their last vacation, a cruise is a good bang for their buck. What’s the purpose of scraping by an existence if you don’t take the time to relax and enjoy it every once in a while?

          Don’t sneer at people for having gone on the cruise; you don’t live their life and walk in their shoes.

      13. I honestly can’t fault the people on the ship and I don’t equate those conditions when the SHTF when the economy collapses. It was a systems failure on the ship. Those are very complex floating cities that have redundant backup systems. When a system goes mass critical it can have a domino effect on other systems.

        I was a boat owner and lived aboard my boat for a several years. Good times !

        But keep in mind that unlike a car you are subject to the rules of the sea. You can’t apply the brakes to the boat and make it stop. There are no floating McDonald’s restaurants on the water.

        Those people paid good money in the hope of a pleasant vacation and what the got in return was an adventure they won’t soon forget.

        I was out on the water and had boat problems. Back then cellphones weren’t popular. So I had to call Seatow for a rescue.

        So again I do understand trying to link people’s pack mentality behavior with a bad experience but in this case I will cut them slack. 😉

        • I won’t. These people who are bitching after getting off of that ship have the same mentality as those who purchased homes during the bubble thinking they would flip it and make money or gathered in the stadium in New Orleans during Katrina. Carnival is a cut rate cheap cruise line for people on a budget and those with kids. God, I hate a cruise on a Carnival ship.

          You want a good time and and a cruise line that never has problems you have to go with Royal Carribean. I have one cruise under Carnival. Cheap and not worth the money. For a Couple hundred more per person with Royal Carribean you have a safe enviroment and a really enjoyable experience.

          Plus those people just got a wake up call on what life can and will be like in a SHTF situation. They ought to tip the Captain for a lesson well learned. Well, maybe not tip, but at least thank him 🙂

      14. Anyone remember the autowriting crazy lady on doomsday preppers that thought a comet is going to hit the Earth? SHE WAS RIGHT! And her stupid kid said “dont you think scientists would predict that?”


        I’ve been a survivalist for many years, but I’ve never taken such enjoyment out of it before.

        • All the “Big Brains” sure did miss that one, didn’t they? Maybe they were distracted by the other larger one passing within 17000 miles of spaceship Earth. Anything else floating around out there they might not see???

          “Our experts predict there is a one in one million chance of…._____________.” (fill in the blank)

          Hey Doomsday Preppers… tell your experts to go spank their monkey. You’ll eat those words soon.

          • That’s why they call them Black Swans…
            and expert, is a dried up drip.
            (ex spurt)

            • On most all MSm tv news shows the Experts has graduated to now be called democratic/republican Strageic “Analcysts”.

            • I’m roflpmp!(almost)

      15. When the lights go out, living by candlelight won’t be the worst part of it.

        My earliest remembrance of a situation when the electricity went out was a scene that has been permanently sealed in my brain since I was four years old. Seems odd since some days I can’t remember what happened last week.

        The date was around the middle of December, 1960 and we had been away from home all day and most of the evening visiting relatives. An arctic blast had been building but we were oblivious since our black and white portable TV only got one channel with the rabbit ears and it was a bit fuzzy. Most of the time it was just a small radio that mom played music on and would dance around thru the house to.
        Here she was, 21 years old and pregnant with her second child, living in a cheap built wooden sided house with no insulation in the walls, sitting on a mountain top. There was nothing between our house and 200 miles to the north but a barbed wire fence. The temperature was in the teens,wind blowing, and still dropping. As we entered the house that night, no lights,and no heat. The little oil circulator only worked if there was electricity on it. The curtains stood out from the windows on the east and north sides, waffting with the gusts of arctic wind.
        Luckily we had a little wood heater and Dad was working feverishly to get a fire started. Mother was waddling around looking for candles, trying to stay warm and blessing out Dad cause, everything seemed to be his fault these days. Dad finally got enough newspapers thrown in to ignite the oversize pieces of wood because he had got slack on keeping kindling stocked.(Wish he would have been a prepper). Mom sure let him know about that too.
        She finally found some birthday candles and we got some more light. As Dad blew on the tiny flames, I literally hugged the cold steel for any heat I could hope for. Then a scream that brought me and Dad to attention. Mom finally had enough light to see that her pet parakeet wasn’t on his perch, but laying motionless on his cage papered bottom. As she gently picked it up, she squalled out,”he’s froze” and was crying and cursing Dad at the same time. He was stunned and took the bird away from her and held it in his hands as though he was trying to bring it some warmth. It made me think about warmth and I turned around and hugged the heater some more. Finally, what seemed like an eternity I began to feel some heat off the top. Mom evidently didn’t need any cause she was pacing and waddling back and forth from the kitchen and the bird cage in the living room. Red faced; Sobbing one minute and cursing the old man the next. After about a dozen of these trips she was more into cursing than sobbing and the old man wasn’t speaking. As she neared him he gently laid the yellowish looking bird on top of the stove, just staring at it. When she walked away to start another lap, he rubbed his hands together and shrugged. As she entered he would grab the tiny legs of the bird and roll it over as if the thing was gonna jumb up and start chirping again. With each return and cursing by mom, the old man would roll the parakeet over like a hotdog on a grill. What a hoot!

        A few years later when I was seven, my aunt that lived in the big city would come up and visit and take me back for a weekly visit during the summer. This particular year she came up to vist and we were living beside my granny and pa, on her and mom’s side. It was December and I was out of school for two weeks. She took me back with her for a few days before Christmas. It was very cold and when we arrived the power had been off for about the whole time. Her husband was a rescue squad driver and would live at the station sometimes for three or four days at a time. He had been working and the house got below freezing for a couple days.

        As soon as we went inside my aunt started screaming. She owned a pair of grinders monkeys (white headed little monkey that the street organ players used to attract attention). They were frozen to death. Oh how she loved those little monkeys. I was always afraid to mess with them because they hissed and showed their little monkey teeth at me. Plus they stunk like my little brother’s diapers.
        After calling her husband, he had tried to appease her by telling her to have them stuffed if she wanted, and he would pay for it. The next morning, here we go, in her big shiney Cadillac, two monkeys in a box in the backseat, off to see the Taxidermist.

        As we enter, and she is sobbing, looking at her box of monkeys, she says, “Sir will you fix these for me”. as he takes the box and looks in he says, ” so you want ’em mounted”? With sad eyes and biting her bottom lip, “Well I think we had better just have them shaking hands”.
        It took me years to figure out why the taxidermy man just stared at her and then walked away with that box of monkeys.

        • Don’t Tread, that made my otherwise crappy day!

        • DTR, I hope you are BS’ing because that would be a sad story, If it is true. If not, well I was laughing my ass off and it is a greart story. Poor Parakeet. 🙂

        • this one made my day. thank you for sharing that.

        • I was waiting for the part where the newspaper blew out of the stove and set the house on fire.

        • Dang DT, I’m sorry but I laughed my ass off reading that story.

        • dt- Now that’s funny! And how often do you read a story with the line “…just stared at her and then walked away with that box of monkeys.” ?!! Wonderful!

      16. I stay away from people as much as possible. The rules of life have not changed. Disease. In my youth I was selling shoes and came in contact with the virus that cases bells palsy. My girlfriend got me to a dr. for medicine and I made a full recovery.
        But some have their face paralyzed. Despite all the advanced in everything.. human carry disease.

        So you all heard about the russian meteor?
        Now imagine if it was huge and the sky darkened for 3 years blocking all the light…no crops. Then …you’d have to hide your preps. Just be aware of a situation like this…and know when to react.

      17. People in the sailboat cruising community are some of the most self reliant you’d ever come across…
        Or most of them anyway…some are a bit needy.
        Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances in different locals is a joy to behold…
        I’m glad I was a part of that lifestyle for nearly 30 yrs…
        To the man or woman, never heard of anyone going on cruise ship…I wonder why…;)
        Horror stories like this one I suppose.

      18. Fuck cruises.

      19. “Though unlikely, it can and has happened.” <—Unlikely?!?!?!

      20. Thank you so much for the info guys! I truely appreciate it…I have made a solar oven which works well…guess I thought a crock pot would actually utilize very little electricity…lol…”don’t know nuttin’ bout any electricity”…..seriously, though, if I wished to run a radio, portable dvd player (for occasional entertainment) what would be necessary? I fully expect to be without electric, gas and water and have prepared for those eventualities…
        Thanks again

        • I have a 12v 35 Amp hour AGM battery, a 20 watt solar panel, and a small solar charge controller. I generally use this when I go camping (to power my telescope), but when combined with a cheap 100 watt power inverter, it works perfectly for powering portable DVD players, radios, etc when the grid goes down. Plug in an 10 watt fluorescent lamp and you don’t need to sit in the dark either. You can put together a setup like this for around $150, maybe $200 if you get a decent mains charger so you can keep it topped up ready to use.

        • @FOB…just wondering if you got your “plans” for your solar oven on youtube? I looked at some of them but never got around to putting one together…..do you have any tips and/or would you consider sharing directions for the one you built? Thanx in advance….take care, CC.

        • @FOB – look into a “rice cooker” draws less power (amps) , i have two of them , use stainless steel (steam cook meat vegi’s rice beans/ sterilize water) powered from my portable solar electric bank and separate back-up system pov vehicle work truck dc/ac power converter , it does work . i can even run a coffee maker for tea coffee sterile water and small microwave off my truck heavy duty dc/ac converter . recharge solar batteries .

          worth looking into .


        • fob:
          Make a pot of something: oatmeal, stew, beans, chili, soup, that sort of thing, over a fire. You can brown the onions and meat in a little oil, add the other ingredients and bring it to a boil quickly, being efficient with your wood. Then have an insulated box, a cooler, even a box of hay covered with a quilt (natural fibers only as the synthetic will melt)ready. Place your boiling pot carefully inside the insulated space and surround it with heatproof insulation. Wool is good for this, but old towels, quilts, blankets will do fine. Make sure the top is covered and insulated.

          Now just wait. Timing can vary and you may want to check once an hour and stir, but that pot holding a gallon of dense wet food will continue to cook off the fire and then stay warm for hours. Search term: Haybox or Wonder Box. Leftovers can be briefly brought to a boil and put in a wide mouth Thermos. As someone suggested, there is an entire sub-culture of Thermos cooking, but the best Thermos jugs/cookers are initially pricey. Without reliable refrigeration or when the weather is mild, eat this food as quickly as possible. Bring to quick boil again before eating the leftovers, just in case some bacteria has started to grow.

        • AMAZON has a solar/ hand crank multi band radio for 39.99 I purchased one, I really like it.

      21. We’ve become to pampered as a nation. I remember as a kid 50 years ago staying with my great grandmother here in Alabama. House up on rock fondation, hand pump for water, one light bulb in the whole house. Wood burning stove for heat and cooking. And having to walk like what seemed 50 yrds to the outhouse. But MaMa Aaron lived to almost 100. Most will die nowadays, to damn lazy.

        • We’ve lived in Ohio for fifteen years now, and the water here is absolutely horrible. Point relating to your story is that I’ve noticed all the old farm wives, thin and work-worn, drinking sulfur well water, live to be about 105. A few of them still don’t have indoor plumbing although I think everyone has electricity. I’ve made friends with as many as I can because they know so much that is valuable, not least of which is their healthy attitude. I’m trying to learn how to knit and these women have lots of patience. As we talk and I mess up my stitches, they tell me stories of life in the 1920s and 1930s and I’m trying to soak it all up. Our area is poor, rural and has no services, so I try to repay them by taking them to town or the doctor, etc. I think I’m getting by far the better bargain.

          • I am surprised that Obama has not helped you poor people yet. Ha!

            • We, as in my own family, are not poor and I doubt the elderly would take anything from him. He’s not admired in these parts.

              • Except the elderly takin social security, Medicare, senior discounts etc. hypocrites.

                • Hollow, Probably should ignore this post, just had to say your handle “hollow” kind of fits especially the “LOW” part.

            • You morons obviously have no clue as to sarcasm. No wonder Obama was re elected, the average American is dumb as a stump. I am well aware that Obama despises the average American.

          • Vicky, count your blessings to have that trove of information surrounding you. It’ll be the best education you’ll ever receive and all you have to pay is a little “time”.

        • I have friends with a shotgun. Their “plan” is to blow their heads off. Seriuosly. Extreme liberals, by the way.
          They are, though, very happy with the prospects of Obamacare. Gotta love it!

      22. I’m not sure I would use the cruise ship as an example of SHTF senario. First, like anyboat, you can’t leave the ship. You are stuck there. Next, on a cruise you cann’t take a bunch of preps with you. You can take your meds and clothing and that’s it. Sometimes you might have an issue getting your meds onboard as well. So, you have placed yourself in a situation that you cannot leave and take very few things with you. The boat loses power and you are stuck on a floating tiolet. In a city, you will find seage issue and such but people will migrate. They will leave and we will see migration south from cold winters north. Cruise ship, you are trapped with little resources and there is nothing anyone can do. Best avoid cruises to be honest.

        • Actually, it’s probably a very good example for those who aren’t prepared, and especially for those in a metropolitan “sea of concrete.”

          • I don’t think so. They can still big out. They also would not be living in shit.

            • Large cities have plans to shut down all exits within just a few hours. Atlanta had drills for that since the olympics.

              Don’t think they’d be living in shit? Do a search on “high rise appartments”, “hurricane sandy”, and “sewage”

              • Oh for fuck sakes. Why would the large cities have such a plan. We can’t even stop Mexicans from crossing into the US on known well used routes. How can they encircle a city? Not just one but all cities. Keep it real dude.

                • The answer of why shouldn’t prevent you from knowing the truth. If your just a naive ignoramus ask a major metropolitan area’s law enforcement for the truth; if you’re a troll, STFU.

                  • I was kinda wondering why also. But even more of a wonder is HOW? I agree there is no way to keep an entire city from leaving. Aside from silly name calling, you didn’t respond. WHY AND HOW response would be great. Now call me a troll and have a brainless buddy say you are ahead by one. (kinda juvenile). But by all means don’t say a fucking thing that explains your moronic post about all cities are going to be shut down. HAHAHAHA. Thinking about my question kinda explains why you got so snotty.

                • Motivation. When they want to do something they will do it. They want illegals flooding the country so they let them. Stomping on us will be done with force and enjoyment because that is what they want.

                  • But why and how would they do this. Why? And How? Just curious.

                  • Correct John, Thats why we the people have to stomp back.The odds are in our favor if like minded folks stick together.One bullet at a time and dont go to the light alone!

                • Do they even pay you minimum wage or do you share your moronic idiocy for free?

                  • mikey,
                    Who you addressing moron? Put a name on your post so that is clear. Now screw off.

              • +1 US. You get hung up in that scene, you’ll be in DEEP shit.

        • yes i agree, use that money for a shtf bad times

        • Waaaaaaaa.

        • I wouldn’t want to be on the Island of Jamaica if the SHTF. Being “prepped” involves different things in different places. We have two credit cards from two different banks. We travel with four 1/2 ounce gold coins and always a grand in cash. We always have insurance to get home in even of a medical emergency. I count the doors to a fire exit in every hotel we’re in.

          Sometimes it’s not about food stores and firearms but it’s always about having viable options regardless where you are.

          • I count the aisles too on both exits on flying cigar tubes. Taking a cruise, priceless.

            • Good ole Situational Awareness. Only has to pay off once to be worth it.

        • Good idea lock yourself in the house because something bad might happen in the big mean world. More people buy the farm everyday just driving down the road than ever have on cruises. I will agree that too many cruise lines have crappy crews that are not well trained like the clown captain that left the ship after he ran it aground.

        • stay away from those damn parakeets.

          • Stay away from the damned Chicoms…………

        • Third attempt to respond…

          Thanks Satori,

          THAT one scares me SILLY…We are way overdue (historically) for another round of a globe-trotting pathogen much like the ‘Spanish Flu’ at the start of the last century. I’ve spent some considerable thought as to
          what that might have done had it had an effective transport vector…like current air-travel…I shudder
          to think what the results would have been then or could be now. Various of the estimates for total mortality during that previous outbreak place the upper limit at 65 million globally, unless, and only IF all air traffic was instantly interdicted upon the recognition that such was ‘in the open’ could it be stopped. It would spread like a wild-fire on the open prarie.

          IF there’s ONE thing that could cause me to lose sleep at night, THIS would be it. T’anks Bro….JOG

          • Hey, JOG,
            It is a good idea to stockpile echinacea, bilberry, zinc lozenges, elderberry syrup/caps, and Tamiflu. For the past 8 yrs or so, we have used echinacea/bilberry/zinc lozenges at the very first sign of any viral type illness. This combination nips viruses in the bud every single time. 5 out of the 8 yrs I did not bother to get a flu shot, never got the flu (and I work in the medical profession…………..),never sick past an initial day or two at the most. PLUS, you can grow echinacea, bilberry and elderberry.

            Elderberry is ridiculously easy to grow, kind of a vigorous, rampant tree…..growing echinacea is only a little trickier: it needs “cold stratification,” i.e. spend some time in the fridge before planting the seeds.

            And good to know, Tamiflu is good several years past the exp date. If we have a pandemic flu, Tamiflu will be
            n-o-w-h-e-r-e to be found. Get it now, however you can.

            • @ GOP4EVER & REB,

              T’anks GOP, all such asvise is GREATLY aprreciated,

              What REB mentions has crossed my mind more than once, that the CDC moved a Class IV lab to Manhattan, Kansas is little short of absurd. For those who aren’t familiar with ‘Class IV’ those are the facilities in which Hanta, Ebola, Marberg and the like are ‘studied’, OMG; what could possess anyone to believe that placing somesuch in the geopgraphic heart of the country would be a good idea?! Mac did an article on that last year and it has rolled around in my mind ever since. In all honesty though, were the news suddenly filed up with reports of ‘mysterious’ illnesses here I’d STRONGLY advise a totality level self-quarantine till it played itself out. The best preventative is to NOT be exposed in the first place.

              T’anks all,


            • Elderberry is great. Another thing we should all think about is essential oils. There is a good book : The complete book of essential oils and aroma therapy, by, Valerie Ann Worwood. It was published in 1990. It isn’t from one of the companies trying to sell stuff. One of the “in” companies now, refers to her as being the best.

              We have been using oils from the local drugstore with great results so you just need to try for yourself. Peppermint has worked on my daughters zits, daughter in laws headaches, and is supposed to repel spiders also.Lavender is awesome on burns. My grandaughter burned herself on a pellet stove and we used lavender and tea tree. I burned myself on my iron. When a daughter burned herself on the oven she used lavender and decided I wasn’t crazy anymore since it took the pain away also.

              The book mentions the 10 most important ones to have on hand. Also has recipes to make your own blends. Which I haven’t attempted yet. I get information overload sometimes so I am making myself just use/learn a couple at a time.

              I know they seem like a fad now. But just try a couple for yourself, do your own research, see the results, and judge for yourself.

        • Likely just another hysterical incident for the government to use to kill all our farm animals and take over our farms…theyre likely behind it in any case.

          • Nobody came to get my animals.

      23. The true nature of people… This is a veritable case study. Pay attention folks.

      24. How many of you would take the chance for a paid 3 hr tour and $500.00? These people shouldn’t join the Navy and have an airport with live weapons on their roof. Trip insurance or common sense?

      25. Gives new meaning to the “poop deck”!

        • @RedPine:

          classic…thumbs up………….thx…..lol.


        • ROFLMAO!!!

        • Make sure your cabin is on the upper levels as the crap flows downhill. Good thing they ran out of food.

      26. Penny pinched? President Obama says he’d get rid of it.

        Unless his picture was on it. I wish his picture was on it.

        • U 4 don’t get it.

          • The one person that downed that probably wishes for $9 min. wages and dollar menu at Micc Dees.

      27. Just had an earthquake on the Mid Indian Ridge and did some little bit of crunching of numbers and it is interesting. Yesterday the Siberia area was hit and only a handful of future earthquake spots came up. The quake on the Inddian Ridge came up almost the same. Out of the past 16 times this point has had a 5+ quake in the past 40 years, 14 times a big quakje followed. These are the areas, just like the ones for future quakes after the Siberian zone was hit.

        -New Guinea is lighting up like a Christmas tree for something quite big coming there. Still like yesterday’s forecast New Guinea to Fiji.
        -Kermadec Islands, just like yesterday.
        -Central America, especially southern Mexico
        -South of New Zealand
        -West to Central Indonesia
        -Japan and Taiwan

        That is it. The two quakes both pretty well match up that one of these areas is going to get nailed hard by March 1. The chance of this is now 85-90%. It is amazing how two different spots thousands of miles away from each other, can have the same pattern of the same areas for big earthquakes afterward these two areas have had quakes in the past. I couldn’t believe how many times New Guinea was hit after this area on the Indian Ridge was hit in the past. All signs point to a very large earthquake, as most times in the past the quakes have been above 7 for these two spots after they had shakers.

        • Any new info regarding the New Madrid? I have been watching the usgs but trust your info far more

          • @ Feisty Old Broad. I would look to the Scotia plate south of Argentina and the Falkland Islands, the west coast of South America, and the Caribbean plate for any very large earthquake, probably 7.5+ that would put a lot of stress on the New Madrid. One of more quakes here and people should raise the alert level for the New Madrid from yellow to orange.

            By the way did you see that asteroid that exploded in Russia they actually put at about 49 feet in diameter. This would be 1/3 the size of the other one that wizzed by today. The thing they say weighed actually 7000 tons and had the TNT explosive level of 200-300 kilotons. More information on this can be found at space weather. If this thing had not broken up, it probably would have killed everybody in that Russian city. At first they said it was only 10 tons, and I said that was tiny. Then I say space weather and they said 7000 tons. This was about the size of a small apartment building.

            I have always wondered what would happen if a larger asteroid ran into a smaller one and broke it into thousands of pieces and the planet orbited right through those smaller pieces. Talk about something horrifying to think about, asteroids by the hundreds coming down and either exploding or reaching the ground. Talk about a true SHTF, more like AHTE, (asteroids hits the Earth)You wonder about that with what seems to be approaching end times.

            • Bi
              What line of work are you in? Just curious, thanks for the analytics, quite interesting,

              • @ Kulafarmer. I try to keep myself as anonymous as possible because too many people know me, and I truly don’t want the wrong person to know that I prepare and store for tomorrow. I feel that everyone needs to be extremely careful now about letting people know too much about yourself. Those doomsday preppers on National Geographic channel really risk everything they have my not remaining as anonymous as possible. This is why I use an alias as most people do on this site. Please don’t take an offense to this as a have become paranoid about letting others, especially the trolls on this site, know too much.

                • BI, your work is interesting, especially as I have family in NZ. Can you clarify what you mean by South of NZ, is that to the south of NZ or the South Island of NZ?

                  Also, have you ever come across the expanding planet theory, and if so, what is your view as to its validity.

                  The NZ earthquake was in the Bay of Plenty, in the region of an active volcano, White Island. That area has produced tsumani in the past, although NZ media sites show no such activity at this time.


                  • @ Eagle eye. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Sometimes I just hit the down button and miss some comments as my eyes jump a lot lately. When I talked about south of New Zealand I mean moost likely the Macquarie, Auckland, Campbell Islands, the truly most windy spots on the planet the roaring fifties as in latitudes south. Even today the earthquake on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge points to the area along the International Dateline. This area has been coming up quite often with each plate boundary earthquake as past quakes have lead to big earthquakes along the area about 170 east to 170 degrees west big time.

                    Yes I would be real worried about North Island, as the recent earthquake last night showed. I actually would feel that North Island is a lot more in the crosshairs than South Island. The earthquake in Siberia is a bad indication from New Zealand and all areas along the Australian plate. The Asian plate wins over on all plates, even the North American plate. This movement in Siberia, the largest ever recorded for this area, shows the Asian plate is on the move. If you take the movement (direction) of the Asian plate and take a tape measure on a globe and follow it using the three dimesions of the globe and keeping the tape measure as flat on the globe as possible it passes right through the Kermadec Islands and North Island New Zealand.

                    This is relationship to the compression of the Pacific plate and Philippine plate. This is a kind of warped twisting that is going on and why the Australian plate looks like it does. Again, past earthquake sequences of the recent quake activity on the plates has lead to big earthquakes in this region. My guess if that the Kermadec Islands is going to get nailed badly, and yes this could lead a decent size tsunami in New Zealand’s north coast. Watch the international dateline from south of New Zealand in the 50 degree latitudes all the way up to around the Aleutian Islands, this area of the planet is ready for some serious shaking.

                • No prob bud, was just wondering if you were a seismologist or geologist, that is one area of study that has always fascinated me and your analysis is a bit more in depth than an armchair hobby type thing, but im seeing more and more that OPSEC is important, just live on the flanks of a dormant volcano not dead, dormant, in an active region so am always curious about this sort of stuff,

                • In my opinion I feel it’s safer if no one knows you prep because of the problems it would create. Sounds like the story I heard as a kid about Noah and the ark. When he was building it the people in his area scoffed at him, after it was built and he was loading the animals on it they still thought it was stupid. When the rains came and the water was rising the people panicked and rushed to the ark to get in. They were warned a flood was coming and did nothing till it happened, sounds like preppers and the unprepared.

              • Howdy Kula,

                BI handled that rather well I think…typically, here at the board it’s not considerd ‘polite’ to ask pointed personal questions…sort of an ‘etiquette’. Capice’? I am NOT chewing on you here Bro, just sayin’ 🙂

                • J O G
                  I knowwww, am sorry, just get excited to read some intelligent analasys rather than some of the crap even i put out
                  Promise ill keep in check

                  • S’Ok Bro,

                    How’s weather down there…I ENVY you those nice, tropical BREEZES!! 🙂


                  • JOG
                    Weather is excellent, north side has been windy, 15-25 with lots of showers, were at 3100′, our side was 50 this morning but sunny and 72 most of the day, should be like this for at least a few days,

            • Howdy BI, NP,

              Just a bit ago, we saw an abrupt change in all the Northern magnetometers,
              the GOES platforms also registered this as well. Now, the ACE MAG/SWEPAM did
              not register this effect noticeably. Thie change was moderate but very abrupt.
              Since the GOES are in circum-polar orbits they do pick-up terrestrial
              disturbances, due to thier effective proximity to Earth, however, the ACE is
              at the Earth/Sun L1 point some several hundred thousand miles out. As such
              then – as there are no Solar disturbances currently – we might all watch the
              seismic just a bit more closely than otherwise for a few hours…it would
              seem that this effect is of wholely terrestrial origin, hence SOMETHING just
              ‘moved’ in the interior…

              Incidentally, we’ve got an active region preparing to enter the terrestrial
              LOS shortly in the southeast….can’t quite estimate it’s potential from the
              STEREO SECCHI feeds yet but it appears ‘bright’, Also had abew GRB last night,
              that being in addition to that we saw on the 11th…no curves have yet been
              posted for either at the LC repository as yet. Incidentally, good comments guys,
              Ive been watching…gotta go for a bit, Adios’ Y’all!


              • @ JOG,
                can you break this down in terms my feeble brain might be able to grasp?? btw, love your stuff as well as BI. thanks for all you do. now it’s back to finishing my Chicken Bog…YUM!

                • Hi Jenn,

                  If I might ask, specifically, which part…there’s a lot of ground tied up in that post..it’d help if I knew what you wanted to know. I’m having BIG problems getting in to site tonight…my connection is really ‘not good’


                  • @ JOG,
                    gosh, not sure you will get back, but if you do, I was wondering what GOES platforms are, along with ACE/MAGSWEPAM, STEREO SECCHI feeds. what moved in the interior, and are you talking about the plates? I like to follow along as best as I can, and I have found I have learned a great deal from y’all. thanks again, Jenn.

                  • My Apologies Jenn,

                    For reasons, (unknown) my net connection is throwing me
                    ‘hissy-fits’ the last several days…still working on it.
                    I see from your reply that it’s a ‘Take it from the top’
                    kinda response we need here. All too often I revert to solar
                    ‘vernacular’, having a bit of off-time tonight and since this
                    forum is lilely to be superceded shortly I’ll just run
                    through the whole…here goes

                    The NOAA GOES platforms are a series of satelites in orbit
                    across the poles of the earth, hence circum-polar. According to
                    the age (and design life) of the various instrument packages
                    aboard them which are currently functional, we obtain a large
                    part of the data which we get about the Sun and the Earth, As
                    well, GOES 13 and 15 are the primary satelites we depend on
                    at present (14 is in orbit but in standby currently). Both
                    carry sensitive magnetometers with which to measure the local
                    magnetic field intensity. It is the case that only GOES-15
                    carries a fully operational X-ray flux sensor (14 also dormant)
                    with which to monitor solar activity, ie flares. The ACE
                    satelite does NOT orbit the Earth at all, but instead cirles
                    the sun almost exactly like the Earth itself….but at a point
                    BETWEEN the Sun and the Earth, the L1 ‘Trojan’ point. At this
                    point the gravity exerted by the Earth is exactly balanced by
                    that of the sun and anything put there will maintain it’s
                    postition naturally without further intervention.
                    Several other Trojan points exist, L2, L3…up to L7, all of
                    which have the same property that something placed there will
                    naturally remain so without further need for course corrections.

                    At the L2 and L3 points are located the NASA STEREO satelites
                    which serve as our only source of information about the
                    ‘backside’ of the sun, beyond the line-of-sight observations
                    which we would otherwise be limited to here on Earth (or near
                    to it).Both L2 and L3 are in the same orbit as the Earth
                    itself, one leading ,one following. These are quite aways
                    from us here, being spaced such that they are roughly 60
                    degree’s ahead/behind…hundreds of millions of miles away,
                    leading and trailing respectively. One of the sensory/transmission
                    packages each has is called the SECCHI ‘beacon’ these are a
                    continuous-feed highly compressed stream of data from them (each)
                    that relays information to us about the solar surface in the AIA
                    (EUVI) 195 (195 Angstrom band) spectrum of solar emmisions.

                    As far as the mention to BI previously (and NP) about watching
                    things closely for a bit what I was refering to was the GOES sat’s
                    ‘closeness’ to us here allows same to be a space-bourne monitor of
                    the Earth’s magnetic filed – not just the surounding solar one –
                    but only (effectively) when all else is relatively calm, as I
                    thought things were earlier today. Pointedly, I was premature in
                    asserting that as a fact since shortly thereafter it was the case
                    that SolarHam-dot-com indicated that an interplanetary ‘shock’
                    wave of low magnitude had been the casual factor in the variations
                    that I had been watching. Incidentally, yes, the sun’s acttivity
                    can have very large effects on the magnetic feild of the Earth
                    here via a variety of mechanisms/phenomena and it is the case that
                    ALL of these things (and Terrestrial events as well) register on
                    the sensors of both satelites to various degree’s.

                    The Earth’s magnetic field, the origin of, is as yet a murky
                    thing for science since it is very dificult for us to ‘see’ into
                    the Deep Earth…much speculation exist to this day as to that.
                    However, to use a phrase I’ve used here in the last few days,
                    “As above, so below”, Physics is physics whether it’s above us
                    or below us. In that sense the Earth is simply – with respect to
                    it’s magnetic field – just a big ‘bar’ magnet. Thus, if something
                    comes along and interacts with it – either another magnetic field
                    or equivalently a ‘current’ such as occurs when a coronal mass
                    ejection (CME) passes near or around the Earth then like the 6th
                    grade science projects that many did showing a compass needle
                    deflecting when it neared a current-carrying coil, so too does
                    the Earth’s magnetic field experiance a ‘torque’. Modern planetary
                    sensors are able to discern the changes which occur within the
                    Earth itself to a higher degree of precision than any space-based
                    instrmentation by virtue of thier proximity to same and these often
                    ‘deflect from true’ just before a significant seismic event occurs
                    and hence we can ‘see’ something in the deep Earth shifting in
                    preparation for an event. The caveat here though is this: What if
                    you CAN’T pick out the solar component from the Earthly one?
                    Sometimes you can, other times, no…

                    Hope that helps. It’s a rare day where BI or I don’t answer up
                    when a question is asked, we usually don’t mind at all. Hope your
                    Chicken was GOOD! 🙂


      28. There is a crap load of SH’ingTF right now!
        Salt dome gas leaking detected
        Explosions in CA
        “Meteor” explosion over Cuba

        Check out Dutchsinse on FB, he has info, as I’m sure there are others.

      29. electricity, availability of food, working ATM and credit card machines and ‘911’ are the thin veneer that keep total strangers from behaving like animals to each other.

        Take these things away and it will be chaos.

        • Don’t forget those little gadgets that have turned into appendages from the heads of people. It seems most women (and a few men) can’t operate a vehicle without one stuck in their ear. Actually, they don’t usually do a very good job of handling both at the same time though.

          When cellular devices become enabled; look for mass hysteria,spousal abuse,murders of spouses, and in severe cases suicides. Without being able to blabber continously, the p.m.s. tantrums will escalate to a new level.

        • This article illustrates how easily most people are led. FEMA will need guards and razor wire to keep people OUT of their camps.

      30. You can buy a couple 12 volt 80 to 90 watt solar panels and charge a couple deep cycle 12 volt batteries and with that you can have 12 volt LED lights and one 12 volt electric blanket, a life saver. I know cause I use one almost every night now and best of all you do not need grid power to stay worm.

      31. Daisy, no cruises for me either. In my Florida days, I had a friend in Key West who had a fishing boat. After being out in the Straits of Florida a few times, I decided, “Nope, this ain’t for me.” never been on another boat anywhere since then. BI, everything you said in #1151696 is spot on. For all the newer people on this site, i advise you to go to the archives and look up Be Informed’s article from May 12, 2012 titled “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?”. That article is a real eye opener and describes in extreme detail what life will be like in the post-SHTF era. BI, that article by far was your best, I believe. When I first read it, I printed a copy of it and still refer back to it on occasion. Nonpreppers are in for the biggest shock of their lives when TSHTF. Everyone get everything you need now while you still can. time is running out. braveheart

        • I concur..if its bigger than a canoe and on water I have to try to see land…then this hillbilly aint there…went diving once in the Gulf and saw things bigger than me and decided farming in these hills is my ordained calling… 😉

          • Bass Trackers, Bayliners, and a party barge,
            Strung together like a floatin trailer park…

            Craig Morgan ‘Redneck Yacht Club’

            Wish those uppity professors from the article the other day were here, (the ones who needed the initials after their name). We’d take ’em out and show ’em what a good time really is! A bit of muddy water from Grand Lake would wash the starch right out of ’em.

            • Okie…JOG… :)…truth be told I kinda envy those few Ive known who had a sailboat and could go most anywhere they chose,theyre some good people and I love freedom in any form…personally if its a machine Ill take a “steel horse” and an open road,ya I can crash but I wont drown….unless I crash into a lake…gee this is going downhill fast…oh well back to the hoophouses and some green growing stuff 🙂

          • @ REB,

            I’m with you on that one. That ‘Big Blue’ water is no friend
            of mine. The few times I’ve had to cross over it I’ve made sure
            that I had as many of those ‘little bottles’ in front of me as
            they would give….No dog-paddlin’ in 20,000 feet of water for
            me, gettin’ your feet chewed off, No Sir drunks DROWN!! 🙂


      32. this will be fought not on some distance frontier or shore it will be fought amoung us and our children will learn of it through there own eyes…

        from the patriot

        prep and aim small miss small

      33. FALSE FLAG IN D.C. this weekend? Or a dry run, for ONE

        The Weekly Standard
        Feb. 15, 2013 DANIEL HALPER

        The White House confirms today that President Barack Obama will be vacationing in Florida this weekend. His wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, will be in Colorado. The two daughters will be with Michelle.

        From the White House press gaggle aboard Air Force One:

        Earnest confirmed that FLOTUS and her daughters are on a “ski trip out West with family and friends”, and won’t be with POTUS in Florida this weekend.

        While the rest of his family will be skiing, Obama is expected to be hitting the links with golf pros and buddies in Florida.

        Vice President Joe Biden and his family, according to the White House, will be in Colorado this weekend on vacation.

        Monday is president’s day.

        Isn’t the underground TPTB in Colorado.

        • Underground (BUNKER) for TPTB in Colorado, is what I wanted to say.

        • mebbe DC go Boom

          …stay frosty……gun up….BA.

        • No big deal. Michelle and the girls take this ski trip *every* year while his highness goes somewhere else.

          • Reggie Love time. Bet he has a wonderful time.

      34. I have an outhouse, and catalogs, and rags, plus a supply of toilet paper. Although, as long as I have water, I can flush the toilet. I plan to eventually hook up the rain capture system to the toilet, so I can fill the tank without going out. Eventually, the septic tank will need to be emptied, but that can be done manually.

        • Tip of the day:

          Keep plenty of turd chomping bacteria on hand to feed the septic tank.

          2nd tip of the day:

          If your washing machine drain is hooked into the septic tank system and you use mass quantities of bleach as I do, reroute drain off septic system or otherwise ignore tip # 1.

          • I use non-chlorine SUN products…one box for $1.
            It is USA product; they also manufacture cleaners, dish washing and laundry products.

            Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar and many groceries carry these products.

          • “Keep plenty of turd chomping bacteria on hand…”
            For some reason, I just automatically thought of congress when I read that!

            Seriously though, good idea. Pipe the gray water into a dry well(big hole in the ground filled with gravel or rock chunks). Or route that water out to the garden.

        • @archivist can we have an update on the germination ratio for the y2k seeds you’re sprouting?

          • If any of them sprout, I’ll post info. I did keep them in jars, at room temperature, and out of the light most of the time. I’m just testing before I throw the lot away. I had bought a case from the Seed Man, which included everything, vegetables, herbs, and tobacco.

            I still have a couple of packs of millennium M&Ms though. I ate the rest of the Hershey bars a couple of years ago.

            • I still have a lot more varieties of seeds to try out. Hopefully I’ll get more into soil next week.

            • There’s a page on FB called Homestead Survival and there’s loads of great info on there to check out.

      35. @BI 6.2 Philippines

        • @ Norse Prepper. After the Mid Indian Ridge had an earthquake back on Feb. 2, 1990, near where the 6.2 hit today, there was a 6.8 on Feb. 8, 1990. So this shows that the area is primed, but 6.2 does not cross that threshold of 6.5+, not powerful enough. It shows the activity is in the right spots though.

          By the way, after Joker in NC made another idiotic comment, I really had to bite the tongue not to say something back. Your idea about just collapsing Joker’s comments and not saying anything is truly the best course of action. You are so correct about so many comment wasted on those trolls. Wasted energy and time on something that doesn’t even deserve any of our effort. It will be difficult not to say something about the cockroach finx, but the better good is won by ignoring these parasites that are trying to destroy Mac’s site.

          I was looking back at this site 2-3 years ago and Mac has really taken this site from a small site with few comments and few viewers to something that is in the top 5 of all survival sites. That is impressive. Then these vermin come on and try to take that away and destroy all that effort to put the site into such a high level of viewership and responses. This is one reason I am so careful not to do anything that offends too many people. Mac has worked too hard to make SHTFplan successful to have anyone make their comments become a liability.

          This is why I think your idea about these trolls is such a good one, but it is difficult not to respond to such stupidity. I think Piper Michael has made it a point to get the Joker in NC, physically. For the site’s sake you are correct to collapse the trolls’ mongoloid comments and then leave them alone.

          • @ Be Informed. I too have went off a couple times and it felt good to do it, but later I realized the cockroaches won. Since then I just red thumb.

            I realized that they take less than a minute of their time to type in some idiot comment and use up maybe an hour of frustrated response time and get good contributing people frustrated. Every time we reply, they are the winners because they got exactly what they wanted…to frustrate us and use up useful time calling them idiots.

            I actually don’t believe they actually believe what they write as much as they enjoy seeing our responding to them.

            If we all red thumb them and not respond, we win. If we have to respond, just state “idiot” and submit. We got to call them an idiot and it only took 3 seconds of our time and don’t have the thought process occur where we get worked up. They tick me off and sometimes I just want to rip em a new one too.

            I commend you on the ability to step back from a situation to look at it from the outside.

            Keep up the good work. I wish we were neighbors, we could enjoy a cold one on the porch and talk about many different topics.

            Later friend,
            God Bless,

            • VERY GOOD,

              I see in fact that we ARE learning NOW….been ‘blotting’ them as soon as they come up for about six months now….figured everyone would ‘catch-on’ in time.
              Kudos to NP for the explicit suggestion…Adios mi Amigoe’s


              • Happy to help. Wish I would have thought of posting the suggestion earlier because those idiots truly distract from this site. I visit a couple other sites, but I check them weekly where I visit this one multiple times per day. SHTFPlan.com by far has the best community of posters and discussion areas.

                Mac is always timely and on point and where else would I worry about earthquakes?!?!

                God Bless you all!


                • No. He is really vague and spreads his guesses. One may happen is Europe Asia and the America’s.

                  • I was going to say ‘idiot’….
                    but I won’t… I won’t… the hell I won’t…

            • {{{We got to call them an idiot and it only took 3 seconds}}}

              But, ignoring all together is best; not time consuming, and the poster didn’t get any satisfaction as they get when you post or respond. They will stop if you stop acknowledging them.
              Former public school teacher—IGNORE is best option regardless of age.

          • BI,
            As long as he thinks that…;)
            I think you and NP are both right, screw the idiots…
            They are only worth the one word, if that.

            Looks like you made another good call BI…
            Keep up the good work to you and NP and JOG.
            oh.. and Ms Daisy of course…

            • Thanks Piper! Let’s take out the trash!

      36. Patriots Rise Up

        The purpose of the Second Amendment.

        The Second Amendment is a constitutional guarantee against tyrannical government overreach.

        The Second Amendment justifies armed, violent rebellion against the government when the government intrudes on the rights of its citizens.

        Those who engage in that armed, violent rebellion will be justified by their opposition to tyrannical overreach.


        • There is no such thing as “rights”. You have to convince the sheeple of what is going on. That means we have to continue to spread our message.

          • i’m done trying … it’s pointless … most people just don’t get it … those that do resent you for telling them the truth and most wont get it until they’re sitting in a fema camp or homeless on the street cause the nwo zog fedgov finally monetized all of ameriKa’s 10’s of trillions of debt , mass print killed the ameriKan fiat dollar to zero $$$ 0.00 value worthlessness .

            it just makes you a Target of their Ignorance in so many ways .


      37. OMG ONION samiches… I eat those voluntarily. Poor, poor pansies.

      38. Schumer hitting the fan is several orders of magnitude worse than the $hit hitting the fan! You’re having a seriously bad day when that occurs.

      39. @ Be Informed

        Now a 6.0 in New Zealand. Nice work. Prediction came true fast.

        Great work!

      40. Really ! A ship full of non-preppers on vacation. Of course they will live in a Petri-dish that will be what the cities will be like when the SHTF. ESCAPE now! get to the country while there is still time!

      41. So true. This applies to you, too. You percieve your power is waning such as you percieve your power to own guns is being encroached upon when it is not. Because you have this false perception, you ae advocating the “take my guns from my cold dea fingers” which is not only a savage response, but stupid.

        • @JoeinNC….

          I don’t even bother to read your B.S. anymore. Not worth my time. I just give you a big red thumbs-down.

          So keep wasting your time posting. I won’t be reading. And I would imagine most other folks won’t read your nonsense either.

          I won’t waste another moment reading your crap. Just a thumbs-down every time I see you’ve posted.

        • JoKerinNC = Barry’s cyber-warrior!

        • Stop your bullshit reasoning fucker. If we don’t have pretend issues and enemies we may venture out to the real world. If we did that we may recognize our lot in life. We may get jobs, send our kids to school, marry outside of our families, and stop the economy of many backward towns by not buying shit we don’t need. Leave us alone and does anyone know how to make a dildo into a weapon? My grandpa used to be able to make any object into either a gun or toilet paper. He died in a bunker waiting for the end. Spent 33 years there but he died a proud man who didn’t interact with anyone. He died prepared. Fuck you and your book learnin bullshit logic. Fuck you and if when it hits you’ll be sorry. I will kill you when you come to get my stuff. I will shoot you 10 center, one head and 3 to the groin. We will then run the country with rand and Ron. We will make sure there ain’t no credible or critical thought. And just to be clear, I will kill you. You are soft.

        • See below for my response commie fucker. You disgust me and ain’t nobody prying a gun out of my hands dead or not.

      42. “It hit the fan, the walls, the hallways and everything else”


      43. What happens when the power goes out?


        Jimi Hendrix memorabilia for sale on flea bay.

      44. It seems as though any time the wind blows a little hard where I live in rural New Brunswick Canada the power goes out. And when it does in the winter you soon find out just how much we depend on electricity, even for the simplist things like flushing your toliet. Due to electric well pump. I rent a house in the country with no source of wood heat, crazy all country homes should have that. I have plenty of water stored for flushing and fill the jugs as soon as power is back on. Plenty of drinking water, big 5 gallon jugs and assorted cases of bottled water I rotate. Also some assorted flavor drinks like gatorade juices etc. Always have plenty of lights, candles, batteries, lamps etc. Also several ways of cooking the food I have on hand and the emergency food when needed. The point is although I am prepared for most anything I watch my grandchildren during these outages and they do well for the first couple of hours. But it is sad to see how things go if they dont have their i phones and crap charged up. I always keep at least one room in the house sectioned off for the heat to stay in and we spend lots of close time together. These are the times when I use to teach them kinda like on the job training. Cards, board games, and just plain conversation. I find as long as they are warm fed and watered and can go potty things do not get too bad. And these outages only last for about 24 hours some times. Summer time is much easier. I will say this, my wife no longer teases me about being a prepper, in fact she is one of the first ones saying you better get out the emerg stove when the high winds start to blow lol. God bless and take care folks.

        • Ok. Maybe old people arent always so bad.

          • See, young whippersnapper? I told you so! 🙂
            Just because we’re cranky, can’t find our glasses, hearing aids or teeth, is no reason to disrespect us! Now, pass me the jug of rumatiz medicine and I’ll tell you a story from the old country…

            • Tell it like it is smokin…

      45. man with no name says:
        First time poster. For water filtration system go to: Emergency Water Filter System SHTF- Pan down the page to the you tube video.
        You can make water filter system with 2 food grade 5 gal. buckets and candle filters.Candle filters can be obtained at Cheaper than Dirt, they are the most reasonably priced that I’ve found. Keep prepping and be safe!

      46. The way I see this, is the Government is absolutely trying to make the PATIROTS FIRE THE FIRST SHOT.

        Look for another Ruby Ridge or a Waco event to happen soon. So they can point the finger at the PATIROTS. Now having said that, I just wonder how the Government Thugs would feel if they looked around 360 and all they saw where armed PATIROTS in circling them again at a distance. Would they fire at the PATIROTS or just back off, I’ll say they will fire and then, they truly have fired the first shot. Then take it to them full bore, take no PRISONERS.

        So my fellow PATIROTS be STEADY, VERY STEADY, let the world see that they fired the first shot. I feel that they have already fired that first shot way back.

        Steady PATIROTS, Stand Tall, and Look Them in the Eye. Live FREE and if need be Die FREE.

      47. Looks like my comments are in Moderation for at least 12 Hrs. I have posted an E-Mail address when I started commenting. I just do not understand why it thats so long in moderation, when others here have their comments posted almost as soon as they are posted.
        Thx MAC for your site.

      48. Hello everyone, I found a recipe for making rubber cement. It’s a newspaper clipping from way back. It is in a leather pouch that contained many clippings and documents. It doesn’t have a date on it but the legal documents are dated 1872. My great grandmother gave me the pouch in 1976 when she broke up housing she was 86 at that time. She said she didn’t know where it came from or how it got there, but my grandfather died in 1962 so it is probably that old.
        For those that feel old people can’t contribute think SHTF. I will copy it as best I can.
        Rubber cement.- H.J.H sends the following a recipe which he says may be depended on for leather or rubber, if the materials are good: Eight ounces bi-sulphide of carbon: one-half ounce oil of turpentine; one and one-half ounces pure rubber or gutia percha. Shake occassionaly, keeping tightly corked for thirty six hours, when it is ready for use. Rub the patch with a smooth, hot iron.
        I guess even back then they had prepper sites, it was called newspapers. And it was called living. peace



        • Back then people didn’t throw away anything. Most things were made of quality by Americans and could be repaired. Shoes were resoled, flour came in bags for ladies blouses, dresses. Kids passed down jeans, shirts, toys. And home remedies were passed down.

        • I have a really old book from the 1870’s. it’s a multipurpose book used on farms that have a ton of useful info in it, it tells you how to make all kinds of useful things as well as a cookbook and medical info at the time. I got it off eBay a long time ago and now and then several like it pop up.

      49. Some of us former democrats couldn’t figure out why Obama was doing the things he did. One of the first things he did when he first took office was the Obamacare crap. Why would he focus on the mandatory health care bill when there were so many other more important issues to deal with?

        Last night, I watched the movie, “Zeitergist” on Youtube. It showed this guy Aaron (forgot last name) who at one time was a friend to N. Rockerfellow and Rockerfellow was saying how different things would come to pass–like the war in Iraq, etc. and all those things DID come to pass. Aaron asked him, what was the point of all this stuff- what was the end point? And Rockerfellow answered: he wanted everyone to have a RFID chip so that if anyone didn’t do what he wanted, he could just “turn them off”. He looked so sinister and scary, I almost turned my computer off.

        This morning, it occurred to me– why Obama passed the Obama care crap as soon as he became president: its not because he’s a socialist like so many of you think. He doesn’t care about any of us “ants”. The only loyalty he has is to his elite friends, who put him in office: the Banksters–Goldman Sacks, etc. And he passed the Obama care crap because he was just following orders! Its so eventually all of us will have the RFID chip like the master Maffia leader, Rockerfellow, wanted.

        • Glad you’re awake. Collapse and probable civil war are in the cards (this is well-known by people who come to this site, and a few others). Get ready my friend. They’ve conditioned us for 20 years for collapse (culminating with the Superbowl 47 half-time performance), and they are now on the cusp of success. They only problem they have is the internet, and the awareness that it has helped foster.

        • Only those worth keeping will have the chip. The rest will simply be disposed of.

      50. I do not believe in coincidence’s with two meteorites hitting earth and an asteroid passing by at the same time!!
        You should worry about what you are not being told!!

        • OH my god, two things happened at once. Oh my god it evidence that the government is trying to control us. Oh my god, I stubbed my fucking toe and then hit my shin on the bed. Oh my god, someone is trying to get us. BUG OUT BUG OUT. hahahahaha

        • @2dogs…I heard a long time ago…..”that if we knew what is really going on, there would be panic in the streets”…maybe so? take care, CC

      51. EXCELLENT BOOKS ON THIS SUBJECT are: “Spy Chips’ by Katherine Albrecht (expert on RFID chips) and “Jeckyll Island” (not sure of author’s name), which talks about check points, like the Nazi’s used, National ID cards connected with drivers license with fingerprints/eye markers, RFID chips, etc. to control U.S. citizens

        • Katherines a smart gal…worked with her on the NAIS/ and Real ID stuff…theyre still trying to do this crap but we did manage to slow them down.

        • were not following any more “new” gun laws..so make sure they realize they can kiss our asses

        • Just as a heads-up, the site ‘Before Its News’ is rife with malware. Most of their ‘reports’ are junk in any event.

      52. “Cruise Ships” – A pathetic but accurate commentary on how rabidly, food addicted Americans “Gourmandize” insatiably, while boozing it up, on fully decorated buffets open 24/7. Passengers don’t go to “see the sights”, they go to inhale as much junk food slop as their obscenely obese belt lines will allow. Cruise ship lines, and what they promote, and the passengers that buy into the illusion of infinite abundance All for your taking, are a reflection of the quintessential overindulgent culture about to get it’s brains smashed open on the rocks of reality when extreme austerity measures soon touch their hedonistic life-styles on a global scale.

        They should have torpedoed this boat and sent the stench to Davy Jones “meat’ locker.

        • Now that’s one articulate and to-the-point post. +1 comment, and obligatory reply!

      53. Big black whirly bird just cruised by slow but flying high @ noon . Looked military for sure. NW GA. Made my hair stand up on the back of my neck .
        Love this community here . Advise and tips are so great .
        Be safe
        Be aware
        Be prepared

        • It’s a fucking black helicopter. Nothing to be afraid of. It didn’t get you now did it? Now now just have another case of beer and relax.

      54. Just heard on the Cigar Dave Show that Jewberg in NYC now wants to limit the size of bourbon bottles.

      55. Excrement in the halls? They couldn’t get a rescue ship to get these people off of the ship? I week of that? Something stinks (pun intended).

        • DHS and TSA probably wouldnt let them off the boat..yeah I know it sounds stupid, thats probably why its the truth..

          See DHS and TSA are too dumb to realize that all the passengers had already went thru security to be on board the ship so basically that were already “behind the gate” so to speak, but thier narrow mind wouldnt let them grasp that possibility.

      56. Please read “one Second After”

      57. I don’t get it, the company didn’t have availability of a backup emergency boat, to deliver necessary emergency items? Surely they have to have an protocol.

        • Ships that weigh 50,000 tons slamming into each other would not be a good thing. How are you going to transfer the passengers many of whom are seniors from one ship to the other without killing a bunch of them. I seriously doubt that most of the crews on these ships are even competent to launch the lifeboats let alone do an alongside transfer. These ships are simply too big with too many passengers. Airbus 380 anyone?

      58. So with regards to the cruise ship, we had people, both crew and passengers, so unremittingly stupid that as soon as the electricity and thus the ability to pump the toilets was out, they continued to use them??? How’s about you start the use of the ‘plastic bag’ brigade immediately and throw the waste overboard? It’s not like at that point you’re worried about contaminating the ocean, and in any case, Fukushima is doing a fine job of that.

        I’m sorry, no sympathy for stupidity combined with an unremitting sense of entitlement. Once you sign onto a cruise, you’ve also signed onto a situation where things can go terribly wrong in a hurry. They’re lucky they weren’t on the Titanic, where worrying about poop wasn’t the issue.

        • Usesta work in apartment maintenece…seen pigs fill the crapper to ovrflow and then the bathtub and demand I fix it…I did not!

      59. Remember what eisensower did to gremans after ww2, putting german soldiers and civilians into concentration camps where many starved or died for abusive yankee criminals, and many women who were raped too, americans destroyed the land of their ancestors, 50% of white americans are of german ancestry I believe, but the americans in alliance with the fat pig of churchill and stallin destroyed the land of the very best europeans, and then your jewish masters sold you the holohoax to make it all look noble, millions of american soldiers are responsible for the geneocide of millions of germans, and many other europeans, and the descendants of those soldiers will pay the consequences of their ancestors when the shit hit the fan and the yankee criminal empire fall and pass to history, what goes around comes around…

      60. DOUBLE P.M. PRICE IN CHINA compared to the ameriKa and there is a dire shortage for sale of real physical pm’s available to the average china man .

        Chinese citizens are paying double what you pay for pm’s precious metals on the chinese open market .

        DOUBLE THE PRICE WILLINGLY JUST TO HAVE IT to store their wealth !!!

        they are hoarding pm’s right now in China .

        think about that for a minute .

        they are paying double in droves for real physical pm’s on the streets of china .

        if that doesn’t get your attention nothing will .


        • Yesterday I got 37% over spot price on a bunch of Franklin halves I sold. In other words $40.75 an ounce. I’m used to 10-20% over spot but this was the first time for it going this high.

          People are waking up and grabbing what they can when they can.

      61. to all
        in my local truck stop,,i`ve gotten a bunch of 12v items,,,coffee pot,,frying pan,,various pots,,one refrig,in cooler form,,testing insulin in it now so far seems to be working well,,


      62. Mac this one article has provided more prepping info in the comments section than all the articles in the last 3 months combined. Keep up the good work. Peace

      63. Why is it that one religion is behind the destruction of society?


          THAT’S WHY .


          • Like Waco?

      64. Asparagus Each plant will yield half a dozen spears during harvest season.

        Beans, bush One 10-foot row yields 8 pounds; yellow varieties tend to yield

        Beans, broad One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds

        Beets One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds; if you prefer small beets, double seeds.

        Broccoli One to three pounds per plant

        Cabbage One to three pounds per plant

        Corn Approximately 30-36 ears per 10-foot row

        Cucumbers 10-15 cucumbers per plant

        Eggplant Four to five pounds per plant

        Onions One pound of sets produces 30-40 pounds of onions.

        Peas, shell One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds.

        Peppers Six to 22 bell peppers per plant

        Potatoes Five pounds of seed potatoes yield 125 pounds of potatoes.

        Summer squash & zucchini If kept picked, one plant will yield 5 pounds of

        Tomatoes Yields vary tremendously, but on average, 6-8 pounds per plant

        • Holy crap! We had so many cucumbers it was ridiculous!

        • wish I got enough rain to grow food , last few years have been stupid waste of money watering them, once my stored captured rain water ran out from how dam dry it was, i had to use the hose to keep what stayed alive still producing, it was not a good last few years, yealds way down

          • It was HIS fault officer! I yield twice and he didn’t listen!

        • All well and good unless you live in a low rainfall area which perversly is where the best growing weather usually is. Once the water turns off all your nice veggies are toast.

      65. Home Brew (Home made beer)

        Mix in large churn:

        4 1/2 gal. of warm water
        2 cakes yeast

        Stir well.

        Add 1 can malt
        5 lb. sugar

        After thoroughly stirred, cover with cheesecloth tied with string.

        Leave in warm place 72 hours. (I usually make mine in the summer in
        an outbuilding.)

        Bottle, leaving caps loose for about a week. (It still works for a while.)

        Caution: POTENT!

        • Mmmmm, Beer!

      66. How to Make Your Own Wicks for Candles

        *Dissolve 2 tablespoons of table salt and 4 tablespoons of borax in 1
        1/2 cups of warm water.
        Soak a 1-foot length of regular cotton kite string or twine in the
        solution for 15 minutes.
        Hang each string with a clothespin for 5 days to be sure it is
        completely dry.
        Use a paperclip to dip each string completely in melted wax 3 to 4
        times, coating it completely.
        Hang it up to dry as before…
        Store wicks rolled up in a newspaper.

        Add a teaspoon of one of these chemicals to the *initial soak for
        colored flames:

        Strontium Chloride for a brilliant red flame,
        Boric Acid for a deep red flame,
        Calcium for a red-orange flame,
        Calcium Chloride for a yellow-orange flame,
        Table Salt for a bright yellow flame,
        Borax for a yellow-green flame,
        Copper Sulfate (blue vitrol/bluestone) for a green flame,
        Calcium Chloride for a blue flame,
        Potassium Sulphate or Potassium Nitrate (saltpeter) for a violet
        Epsom Salts for a white flame.

        Add ONLY ONE (1) chemical for color variation

        • Or just buy shoelaces at Dollar Tree.

          • They smoke

        • @ PR,

          Dude, WHERE did you get this GREAT stuff? This is really interesting to me….and NOT the kind of stuff you can go look up at your local library! T’anks!!!


      67. I know this is a moot point. But, why does the media lie to the masses so? @Be Informed – The metorite in Russia was reported at 10 tons – but it was actually 7000 tons of power, as you said, a small apt. building.

        The media may be trying to keep the masses in the dark.
        Why not help inform and save peoples lives ?

        Even SuperStorm Sandy was later reported to be a Hurricane with Hurricane winds, and the Weather Channel
        even blew it, in regards to Reporting that fact.

        Makes one wonder what is really going on, and no,
        I do not believe in coincedences.

        • @Emily….it is not the medias fault, they just report what they are told or even believe themselves. It is the masses fault for being simple and believing everything that they are told. People just trust with blind trust at times. I think that is why the masses don’t prepare is because they just trust what they hear about the economy and the food supply.

          If people would search for themselves they would see things alittle different and start asking meaningful questions. People would also prepare somewhat by making sure they have some food and some lighting and heat during a crisis. But most just don’t believe that that day could happen right here in America.

      68. Greyhound Bus is THE way to travel.

        EVERYONE is carrying! Crusty MoFo’s! Never felt as safe on any ship or plane.

        • Three of my children ( and therefore nephews ) were conceived on buses.

      69. One thing I never understood; Stop shipping in bottled water, ship in some of the handheld filters. Those thing will make at least 500 gallons of safe water before you “have to” change the filter.

        Am I right or what?

      70. Welcome to the Chaos Round of…Double Jeopardy! With your host, Alex Jones-Trebeck!

        Thank you, Johnny Gilbert! And welcome back to our viewers at home, and our contestants, Nina O, SmokinOkie, and Mac Slavo. Remember, dollar values are doubled in this round…and our categories are:
        *Seven Letter Words
        *Kenyan Usurpers
        *Washington As Usual
        *Pelosi-isms…terms used by the former House speaker, and what they really mean
        *From My Cold Dead Hands…answers about either gun rights, or Charlton Heston films
        *And, finally, A Box Of Monkeys…our potpourri category.
        At the end of regular Jeopardy our score was Mac $7800 …Nina $4200 and Okie $0. Okie will choose first. Ready players? let’s begin.

        Okie: I’ll take Favorite Moonshine Recipes for $200
        Alex: Uh, that’s not one of our categories, okie. Choose again.
        Okie: Oh, ok. I’ll take Pelosi-isms for $200.
        Alex: First time in the category and the answer is…’To see what’s in it.’
        (ding) Nina: What is- the reason for passing the global zionist commie freedom killing obamacare bill?
        Alex: Correct! Choose again.
        Nina: Kenyan Usurpers for $600.
        Alex: The answer is- He was a foreign student when he needed college aid, then mysteriously became an American citizen when he ran for election.
        (ding) Mac: Who is Barry ‘The Fairy’ Soetoro?
        Alex: Correct! Choose again.
        Mac: Seven letter words for $400.
        Alex: The answer is- It’s a political state with a complete lack of freedom.
        (ding) Okie: What is ‘all hell’s breakin loose’?
        (zzzzt) Alex: Too many letters, okie. That’s incorrect.
        Okie: What is ‘The revenuers busted up the still’?
        Alex: Sorry, you only get one guess per answer. Nina or Mac?
        (ding) Nina: What is ‘lying commie zionist bastards taking over the whole freakin world’?
        (zzzt) Alex: That’s incorrect.
        (ding) Mac: What is ‘tyranny’?
        Alex: Correct! Choose again, Mac.
        Mac: Seven Letter Words for $1000.
        Alex: The answer is- When this kind of “Law” is declared, it strips people of all their basic rights and freedoms.
        (ding) Okie: What is ‘The revenuers busted up the still’?
        Alex: Incorrect!
        (ding) Mac: What is ‘Martial’ law?
        Alex: Correct. Choose again.
        Mac: I’ll take A Box Of Monkeys for $800.
        Alex: The answer is- It’s the most common type of large truck transmission.
        (ding) Mac: Is this game rigged? (zzzt)
        Alex: Incorrect!
        Nina: This looks like a set up! (zzzt)
        Alex: Incorrect! Okie?
        (ding) Okie (smiles smugly): What is an Eaton-Fuller Super 10 speed?
        Alex: Correct! Choose again, okie.
        Okie: I’ll take Favorite Moonshine Recipes- oh, wait… I’ll take A Bag Of Hammers fo $400.
        Alex: Do you mean A Box Of Monkeys?
        Okie: Yeah, whatever. Lay it on me.
        Alex: Last answer in the category and the answer is- (ding ding ding) The Daily Double! How much do you want to wager, okie?
        Okie: I’ll bet the whole 10 thousand, Alex!
        Alex: Your score is minus 400. You can only bet up to $1000.
        Okie: If I put the farm up as collateral, could I bet 10 grand? I got a good feelin about this!
        Alex: No! You can wager up to one thousand, that’s all.
        Okie: Ok… I’ll bet a thousand.
        Alex: This answer is for okie only. From our potpourri category, A Box Of Monkeys…and the answer is- It’s the substrate formation, laid down in the pleistocene era, and known to hold more carbon energy than any other.
        Okie: Huh?… What’s the earned run average of the plastic scene got to do with anything?…

        • Under certain special conditions, we should be able to give Gold Star or something!!

          Wow, Okie!

          My fav was ” when he needed school aid, he was a foriegn student, when he ran for President, he was an American citizen”… paraphrased. Great! use humor to make your point…. that’s how the scum sucking left does it.

        • T’anks Brother!!

          I NEVER fail to get a smile on when reading ‘posts from Smokin’. This one IS reaaly GOOD. 🙂

        • The game is rigged, but it’s going to be fun…

        • ;0P pssszzt …

          ;0) Awesome …

          I’m honored Okie .

          Thank You for your effort in writing this and All you do Sir .

          ~ NinaO

        • Laughed out so loud that I made the dogs start barking. Best Sunday funny I’ve ever read. If I had time, I would go back through all the comments and capture your humor.

          Hey, there’s a thought – write a SHFTplan commemorative book for when we need a dose of humor to keep some sanity in place. I wonder if Mac has a way to find all the classics for you to get it started.

          I’d buy it, actually – I’d buy several.

        • Plus you crack me up!

        • LOL doesn’t quite cut it….
          hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… cough cough, spit…

          ah CHOO…
          damn, where’s that paper towel…
          ya make this stuff up, and show us all the meaning of life,

          God bless

          • Howdy Piper,

            “Colorfully Descriptive’ I think best describes THAT … GOOD one! 🙂


        • Note to self: When reading posts from SmokinOkie, do not simultaneously drink beer. Otherwise, said beer will forcibly expectorate thru nostrils due to beer-drinker laughing so hard.

          Pure comedic genius, Okie – hilarious post!

        • SmokinOkie: Buddy you need to get your stacks looked at. Why, there is way, way too many diesel fumes getting in to your cab. You keep the good work up. Remember dirty side down, shiny side up.

      71. Lol, too funny, Smoking Oldie, 🙂

      72. The problem I really see is the lack of common sense. On the part of the crew and passengers. If your mom needs insulin are you too stupid to take care of it? Toilets are backed up and you keep going? Frankly, it should not have taken that long to get everyone off or tow the ship to a port. A small tugboat could pull the cruise ship. I really wish people as a group were not so stupid. It’s the herd mentality, I have been making myself stop and think before doing what everyone else is.

        • They failed to do the one thing which would have better3ed their situation.


        • The company that owns the ship could have spent more money to make things better for those trapped. A hundreds portable toilets with hoses run to the waste tank could have been facilitated within two days with resources behind it. Big tents flown in by heavy lift choppers that would remove the older and unhealthy first on the return trip would be a start. The CEO instead played golf.

          The lesson is when the SHIF your pretty much on your own unless you as an individual are considered important. There is a long list of those considered important and I’ll bet your not on it.

      73. Nothing illustrates a microcosm of societal collapse quite like ship full of hungry people adrift in the ocean. Of course, nothing could restore order quicker and more effectively than a handful of level headed men with guns and ammo. They alone could quickly restore order among the rioting savages. In the end, that is America’s insurance policy too.

        • MacArthur told Washington at the start of the occupation of Japan to send him 100 million pounds of food or 100 million rounds of ammo. Washington made the correct choice sending the food.

          Desperate is the proper word not savages.

      74. America, england, russia, all have big clouds of karma over them, God will never forget the millions of german women and children killed at dresden or the eisenhower death camps, and the millions of german prisoners whom genitals were cut and the old people mutilated, all because the murderous yankee industry supported very well the russian war effort.

        Usrael is the empire of evil, this system must collapse, the time of great tribulation must comes to a world build on death all for the sake of money. No one showed any kind of remorse at the moment to bomb cities which purpose was to host wounded people at the end of the war, or to drop the only 2 nuclear bombs over civilian targets, yet they want to disarm the whole nuclear arsenal of other countries! These yankees are amazing…

        They have allowed biblical number of murdes, rapes and destruction so the Usrael could become the biggest economical empire of the world! But you yankees can pretty much say goodbye to your beloved dollar. When the system collapse it will bring a great amount of justice to this world, no longer usrael setting up wars for economic growth or domination, we will be trully free, we just have to make sure that no other kind of NWO crap ever rises again!

        • Ricardo,

          Yes, God knows all and sees all; even the holocaust, even the way you spew as if you were God, even the purposeful stepping on and squashing a bug for no good reason. He sees all, big and small so when your house is in perfect order then you can criticize others but be careful because you are not the final judge. Read the bible and you will learn a bit about humanity and humility. It is not your job to condemn a race of people nor is it your right according to God.

          There is nothing worth value to me that you could respond with.

        • @ricardo is technically right folks .

          the germans were not only geting screwed at the beginning of ww2 by the banker jews but at the end as well , literally … by both the bankers , occupying governments and troops … germany was raped to the extreme all through ww2 and in the end mentally financially and physically . the Allie troops your Grand Fathers held gang rape parties in germany at the end of ww2 – no b.s. !

          welcome to the real world . ya’ bunch of bible smoking pansies .


        • The Eisenhower death camps? Well my Uncle liberated a German concentration camp and they existed.

          You can’t paint NAZI Germany with a pretty brush and alter history. Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and in the process took two of my great aunts as slave labor. They did not survive the war. Poland did nothing to Germany. Hitler was a mad man and that’s that.

          • But the part of poland hitler invaded Used to be German territoty untill after WWI(one) that versaile treaty annexed the former german lands to poland. BUT at least 50,000 german citizens that were still regarded german citizens were beig screwed royally by polish jewery kevin.

            Its akin to if mexico took over tx and began to traet american texans citizens badly and even killed alot as them polish jews did to germans in now annexed terrirty.

            You wouldnt agree the usa fed gov should go to their aid?…Thats what hitler did went to their Aid kevin.

            Also yes if you check real historic info and yutube videos etc its true Prez ezienhower had TWO Million gernam military and non military innocent german citizens rounded up into open air fenced areas with nothing but grass to eat. While usa troops stood outside fences armed to kill any germans that tried escape. It took over Two months for that group of TWO Million to starve to death.

            NOT due to lack of food availability from usa/brits allies but rather due to esienhower and churchill Wanted then starved and dead. Kevin You need Research True history on WWI and especially WWII and especially the massive jew lies and jew controled usa/brits/russians gov’s…Their control of usa and britian still remains today pal..

            Yes I know you were pals with aron zelman the progun website etc…But that dont make up for the rest of internationalistic jewery thats either the eliets or enablers class of jews who are the real Perps at least as far back as French revolution.

            Like it or not it is what it is and it IS factual Truths you wont get from any MSM’s nor todays collages and professors…Except for One professor…Prof Kevin McDonald website has massive info expose’ of such things as Truth of jews and WWII etc.

            research Videos by DR. William Pierce too..Many exallant videos, Dozens! from 20 min long to 2+ Hrs full length movie quality on Truth of 1918 russian Jews caused revolt and hundreds of millions dead and also WWII and who-what-when-Why…Its not the economy stupid as klinton spewed…he should have said Its the Jews stupid!…That would be far more truth and acuracy.

            I seen JQP-AHAB-ANTON H.-and a few others HERE this site has also contributed many truth links to the Horrors perpetrated by Kommie Judaisim jewery kevin…Are you afraid to research it and find we are correct or what?

            Do you really believe jews been botted from every nation/comunity/city/state they ever infiltrated simply due to the rest of entire worlds peoples are ALL antisemites?…And them jewsih folks never deserved it ever?…If You believe that?…Then zero proof will ever awaken your mind.

      75. 11 days until it begins in earnest, be prepared.

        • I have to ask…

          What happens in “11 days”?

          NOMI – CATIMF

        • Bet not, I will write you in 11 days. Its always just days away. For decades……

          • Laughing boy, I said it would begin. You may not have the wit or knowledge to even see the changes as they begin. And that is and will be sad for a lot of people just like you. Be safe and take care.

        • Or less, 6.

        • Hiya BigB,

          See Below, the post ‘disconnected’ rom your post….

        • I figured it out. The season premier of duck dynasty is 11 days away. Yeah.

          • See post “Comment ID: 1161623” below. If you know you will know. Not trying to be cryptic, just cautious.

      76. You don’t need a power outage on a cruise ship to bring out the savage in humans. Ask anyone who has ever owned a business like a car wash or coin operated laundry. My father owned both for a number of years and believe me… humans are savages. They shit in the washers, they shit on the floor, they pissed and shit in the drink machines and dryers. They pissed and barfed and shit everywhere and left a trail of disgusting debris laying around both inside and outside the building. People would drive into the wash bays, jump out of their vehicle and take a shit in the sump. They would dump every kind of disgusting refuse you can imagine. After my father died, I had both facilities torn down. Humans, by and large are disgusting savages worthy of all the leading roles in any horror film. When SHTF, all bets are off. The world will become a much more violent, dangerous, smelly and disgusting place to live. I would rather live in the forest with packs of hungry wild wolves and grizzly bears than in a city full of shitty, stinking, ignorant, lying, cheating, thieving, humans.

        • i know exactly how you feel.

          i was a restaurant owner and could not for the life of me understand why it was so common that both the men and women’s restrooms always had shit on the floor. i thought maybe in the men’s restroom where you have a bunch of juvenile college boys thinking it’s funny to shit on the floor but could not begin to fathom why the women would even do that. it truly was a study in human evolution or lack thereof.

        • In the 80s, I had a friend who had worked at a Sears store. He said that everywhere you could put a pile of shit, they had found one at some point. Even in the elevator (the store only had 2 floors). Funny, I had never given any thought to pinching a loaf in the men’s department. I guess I REALLY AM strange.

      77. Howdy Big-Un!!

        Yes, that’s what I’m watching most closely now. For one hundred years
        the ‘Invisibles’ have labored to imprint the notion that the ‘money’ is
        what is valuable…not so. ‘Money’ is only – and nevermore – anything other
        than a ‘token’ representing ‘Wealth’. True wealth lies in the possession of
        things which are useful and productive. So the game has been all along for
        them to acquire the ‘rights’ to everything which has REAL value – farmland,
        factories Robotics, Medicines FOOD – while keeping the general public
        fixated on the money. Lately there is a vast amount of ‘Money’ pooling up
        in the Banks, (Wells-Fargo, Last FED H.6 report…180+ Billion in 60 days
        NOT ‘loaned back out’) seemingly ‘safe and sound’ Yes? Maybe not

        I’m fairly sure that – at the end – they’ll pull the lever on the “Super-
        Duper-Market Kill switch” AKA, the Derivatives Market and then watch eveyone
        chase “Where the Money went” instead of chasing THEM. I more than half
        beleive that this current round of ‘gun-control’ efforts is motivated by
        exactly that. I mean, “How do you steal 10 Trillion dollars…and get away
        with it?” YOU don’t; unless you have no fear of reprisals…take away the
        guns, Eh?

        The hell of it is, is that if they FAIL to get the guns from us what’s
        next…maybe Stephen King’s “The Stand?” They did, after all, move that
        class IV CDC lab to Manhattan, Kansas last year…Ebola, Marberg, Hanta,
        Rift Valley Fever, you know..all the GOOD stuff, and smack-dab wherre it
        would do the most good. I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past the ‘reptiles’ of the
        World. You know; The Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Astors and lately Dimon,
        Blankfein, Cohn, et al …not to mention the Rothschilds in Europe from
        which ALL this came. All they need now is an initial diversion – a
        plausible excuse – and then ‘AWAY we go’….maybe literally.

        Watch you ‘six’ B…gee, I’d sure feel more comfortable if you weren’t
        in the Peoples Republic of Kaliforinia’,…we NEED all the Good Guy’s we
        can get….and I’d SURE love to learn about your litttle industrious
        ‘Friends’, from the EXPERT himself!!!! 🙂 Till later Bro…


        • Hey JOG, It will start out slow but work itself up to a frenzy. Just use Russia, aka USSR, and the Weiemar Republic as classic examples. I am watching my 6 and have given the entire family notice. My little buddies are ready for a road trip to the national forest. If the Stand situation arises stay isolated. Enough cash on hand to buy half a Walmart out. Keep your eye on the Dow Jones. Plunge Protection Team will try and miminize for at least a week. Take care of you and yours and God Bless.

      78. There is a prepper conference in Gastonia, NC on March 2 – check out southernreadiness.com for details.

      79. An M-1.9 Solar Flare occured @ 15:50 UTC originating from NOAA 11675

        • @ JustOneGuy. After that mini-asteroid blew up over Russia, there were several other fire balls, bolides, that exploded at higher altitudes over Austrailia, Germany, Cuba, San Francisco, Morocco, South Africa, and even over the south Pacific ocean. I think the Earth went through a debris field and the biggest rock just got caught up in the path, lucky it was not solid iron or the people in Russia might be counting their dead in the tens of thousands.

          Anyway, do you have any thoughts on future debris fields that the Earth could be ready to pass through? We are talking about large debris fields, not like the common meteor showers we get each few months from tiny particles. Do you know anyone with some serious telescopes that can kind of plot ahead of the planet’s orbit and spot any future dangerous debris that might cross the planet?

          • Thanks. No one has ever thought of this.

          • Pan-Starrs

            Pan-STARRS — the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System — is an innovative design for a wide-field imaging facility developed at the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy.

            A major goal of Pan-STARRS is to discover and characterize Earth-approaching objects, both asteroids & comets, that might pose a danger to our planet.



            • Howdy Grey Owl,

              Many thanks for that info!! BI will be delighted to hear of it as well. While I’m here a note to all…I’m STIL having an inordinate amount of difficulty posting in. I saw your post BI, I’ll get back as soon as possible….


          • Possible duplicate here…Prepared ~12:00 CDT

            Howdy Friend!,

            It’s VERY common that any time an asteroid comes through that it does NOT
            do so alone. For years NASA has warned about the danger and encouraged our
            ‘Congress’ to act to allow them to better monitor the middling region in
            the vicinity of the Earth. As you are well aware all such sugggestions have
            fallen on deaf ears. To be sure, there exists a large number of individual
            watcher’s very loosely affiliated with each other in samll groups in every
            country I know of…most of whom post openly at SpaceWeather-dot-com, but
            as far as large-scale efforts, no, I’m afraid not. This is not to say that
            the efforts of these sepearate groups are trivial; FAR from it…many several
            discoveries have been made thereby but it is to be noted that they are just
            that; seperate and independent….not synchronized together.

            Bear in mind that we REGULARLY pass through the remnants of the tail’s of
            various comets and other types of debris fields: The perseid in the spring,
            the Geminid and the Leonid in the Fall. It was only a month or so ago that
            we had a large bonfire one eve and hosted some severaal folk to watch just
            such as these. Lord, but it was a cool, beautiful night when we watched all
            those streaking across our gloriously clear and city-light free skies!

            While I’ve got you on the ‘line’ so to speak, ‘eyes open’…Kaktovik,
            AK started deflecting BROADLY a couple of hours agol moreso than
            previously ! It is the case that we DID have that M-1.9 a bit ago, but
            the proton monitors show no evidence of any rapid ‘bow-wave’ type of
            shock to the medium and this DOES look – characteristically – more
            similar to what we saw prior to the onset of the Siberian tremors.
            Kaktovic lead the monitor chain, then the other’s started shoiwing the
            deflection as well…so does Boulder AND Kiruna now in addition to.
            Also, there is at this time nothing being modeled at the NASA WSA-Enlil
            solar wind simulation so again, ‘watch’.

            Your repeated warnings about the effects of a meteor-Earth collision
            are WELL-Founded…space isn’t simply EMPTY as most think. Rather it’s
            full of all manner of objects moving at VERY high velocity’s
            Earth-relative. If even ONE of those ever successfully impacted here –
            land or sea – the consequences would be immediate and global. Anyone
            who doubts that need only reference the Russian incident a few days ago
            to be duly aprised of the results…and that didn’t even ‘impact’ per
            se. A more historic example of this is right here in North America…
            the Arizona ‘Meteor crater’ that EVEYONE has seen pictures of at one
            time or another. According to what I know, that impact was the result
            of a mass only 50 meters wide (at most) impacting several million years
            ago. Keep up the ‘Good Work’ Friend, I watch ALL the time… 🙂


        • 9er 5 9ner. Vector 6 has a flare. Bug out. Bug now.

      80. From shtfschool.com (Selco),

        I remember story that if you used two pieces of plywood, and put pillow between that you made perfect device for stopping smaller caliber bullets, and smaller pieces of explosive devices. The cushioning did the trick. People used that a lot.

        Starting to appreciate his site too.

      81. Lindsey Graham thinks its a “provocative statement” that our government is run by Jews.

      82. When the power goes out, learn to live without.

        Unbelieveable how many are Power Junkies. Many go on vacations to get away from it all and drag all the stuff with them. they can not leave their electronic playthings behind for one second. I watched a few of my hunting buddies around the fire barrel one night and all of them were texting away at lightning speed in silence. Another with a radio on up volume you could hear all over camp. Generators clacking away with all the lights and nobody in the campsite.
        Yes, the new generation that can not sit still for one moment. Wasteful too! I like my kerosene lamps. Have to clean them once in awhile and trim them up. Don’t use them on moon lit nights. Build a nice fire and your set for the evening.
        Imagine no quads to ride around woods. No gas for the generator or chainsaw. No Propane for gas laterns or cookers.
        There is something to be said about opportunity. In one case the land owner had a road rebuilt and dug up 4 lighter knot stumps. I managed to chain and drag them back to camp. One at a time. Overkill? Maybe but I am not going to run out of fat lighter anytime soon.
        Procrastination or inablity to prepare and boredom, from a drastic lifestyle change, are the preppers danger. Most will never know till we get there.

        • My greatest fear is the possibilty of no electricity. Have taken steps like solar but it would be a bitch of a life without it.

          What is a bitch is that at my age I have to give even a moments thought about all of this. When I say all I mean prepping, the thought of no power, struggling to survive on a daily basis. Making decisions of who you would help and who you have to let go of.

          This is not what I expected my not to far away retirement to be and for that I get mad at the people who have put us in this position. I have an idea who those people are but not enough evidence to do some thing in retaliation as of yet. Crafty bastards that they are it is hard to pin who those people are and who is just a tool.

          But like generations before us I will forge ahead with my prepping and take nothing for granted. Try to live my life to it’s fullest while I can. NOMI

      83. Sorry for the spelling. Got a few tears in there. I do miss those old men.

      84. No new article posted yet? Guess Mac is still on that covert caching operation out of town. I think he’s strategically stashing pairs of wire cutters along the fema camp fences. Just doing his part for future freedom, bless him.
        Meanwhile, about the reader poll to find a new rallying cry for American Patriots. The nominees are:


        Happiness Is A Warm Second Amendment

        National Gun Registration = Causus Belli
        (thanks, Piper)

        United We Stand, Divided We’re A Geurilla Force Sneaking In To Blow Up Your House. Take That NWO Scum!

        The Giant Is Awakened, And He’s Pissed!

        What Part Of Red Dot On Your Forehead Don’t You Understand?

        The Tree Of Liberty Is Thirsty
        (i don’t recall who suggested this, but thanks!)

        It’s Not An Assault Rifle, It’s A Politician Behavior Modification Tool

        It Would Please Us To Rid The Nation Of NWO Scum…We Aim To Please

        I’ll See Your Executive Orders And Raise You A Constitution

        Score PTB 1, Patriots 0, But Halftime Is Almost Over!

        You Say Regulate, Confiscate, Annihilate. We Say Camo, Ammo…Whammo

        Take Your Filthy Stinking Blue Gloves Off Me!
        (rip Mr Heston)

        And the winner is……

        • That would be just like Mac – thinking of others. Hope he is have the hee.hee. snicker, snicker moments whatever he’s up to.

          I cast my vote for …

          Not One More Inch;
          or perhaps ~

          NOMI – What Part Of Red Dot On Your Forehead Don’t You Understand?

          Can it be a two-fer or does that disqualify?

          ~..~ TG

        • Give him a break Smokie 😉
          I’ve reread many of the posts on this thread…
          So many people in touch with what is…
          Here’s my little addition …and I’m not a bragger…well, maybe just a little;)
          I have a Force 10 Sea Kettle…mounted on the rail of the boat…propane…but…
          Without the burner assembly …charcoal or wood usage is fine…
          It’s like having a portable SS semi almost hurricane stove.
          Hell, I cooked a 12lb turkey while underway up the ICW.
          It’s 12in in diameter with a high dome hood…very effective.

          • Hey jerrytbg! Yeah, I suppose Mac’s entitled to some time off now and then. He knows I’m just razzing him in respectful fun!
            Speaking of rereading the posts- I noticed the article last week on New Yorkers standing up against the gun ban now has over 91,000 hits! Yaay Mac!
            Not sure if everyone’s noticed this, but most shtfplan articles now hit the 20 to 30,000 range within a day. And the hits keep climbing for several days after. Not bad at all!
            All together now, everybody pat yourselves on the back for making this site what it is! Yes, even you red thumbers and trolls out there- where would we be without you?

            ….better go drive this truck a few more miles before it turns back into a pumpkin…breaker one-nine…is the coop at Joplin open? No? Hammer down to T Town!!!

            • Yep…he knows…just hope he’s ok…

            • Mac,


              Mac’s Day Off

              Get Well Mac

              • Did Mac catch the Clap ?

        • Good one Smokin, I might add:

          In a pigs ass

          Right after they eat the corn out of our shit

          Balls to the wall

          Honor trumps deceit

          Til’ our last breath

          Fema is a four letter word

          Until death do us part

          Not on my watch

          Gun control is hitting the target

          Preppers for truth

          Dogs piss on “Big Wheels”

          Good politicions are dead politicions

          Nomi, unless it’s up their ass

          Just An afterthought— RedPine

        • CATIMF….

          • @ TC,

            Decisions, decisions, decisions….how’s about a compromsise!! Something our CONGRESS is unable to do…


            S’Ok?….Looks good?….I LIKE it1?


        • Oh Smokin’

          “It’s Not An Assault Rifle, It’s A Politician Behavior Modification Tool.”

          HAHAHAhahahaaaaaaa ROTFLMAO….DOUBLE…T’anks Friend. 🙂


        • You’re running on all cylinders today smokin…;)

          I dunno, I kinda like a slower pace of articles, easier to keep a thread of conversation going…

          OH… and.

          The tree of liberty is thirsty.. very thirsty.

          Happiness is, 10 MILLION Patriots surrounding DC,
          a military and police who refuse to follow an illegal order,
          (as the colonels arrest the generals.)
          and its just us and the JBT’s.

          HUh…oh…sorry, I musta been dreamin’…

      85. ==========================================================================
        for these: substitute these:

        1 whole egg for thickening 2 egg yolks. Or 1 tbs dried whole egg plus
        or baking 2 tsps water.
        1 whole egg in a batter 2 tbs fresh dry snow, just before baking.
        1 cup butter or margerine 7/8 cup rendered animal fat with 1/2 tsp
        for shortening salt.
        1 square (ounce) chocolate 3-1/2 tbs cocoa plus 1/2 tbs fat.
        Nut meats Similar amount of browned rolled oats.
        1 tsp double acting baking 1-1/2 tsps phosphate baking powder, or 2
        powder tsps tartrate baking powder.
        Baking soda in breadstuffs Equal amount of the white of hardwood
        1 cup whole mik 1/2 cup evaporated milk plus 1/2 cup water
        or 4 tbs dry whole milk plus 1 cup
        water or 1/3 cup nonfat dry milk plus
        2-1/2 tsp table fat and 3/4 cup water
        or 1 cup skim milk plus 2 tbs salad
        1 cup skim milk 1/3 cup nonfat dry milk plus 3/4 cup water.
        1 tbs flour, for thickening 1/2 tbs cornstarch, potato starch, rice
        starch, or arrowroot starch or 1 tbs
        granulated tapioca.
        1 cup cake flour, for baking 7/8 cup all-purpose flour.
        1 cup all purpose flour, for Up to 1/2 cup bran, whole wheat flour, or
        baking breads corn meal plus enough flour to fill
        Jelling agent for jelly making 1 level tsp Epsom Salts for each 5 lbs of

        • unflavored gelatin for eggs

      86. McCain Proposed Debtors Prison for Political Activists

        At that time, John McCain had introduced a bill that would have fined bloggers up to $300,000 for “offensive statements, photos and videos posted by visitors on comment boards”. McCain has publicly expressed his distaste for blogs in the past and this is why any protestation that he was simply aiming to “protect the children” with this legislation fell on deaf ears. His opposition largely to a free internet stemmed from the fact that many, including myself, have been critical of McCain’s in-laws and their past connections to organized crime which ultimately served to fund the rise of McCain’s political career. This fact alone, I believe, explains McCain’s obsession with gaining control over the internet.


        {If you get some snow be sure to take a broom and gently brush plants off
        before heavy accumulation or freeze.}

        GREEN ONION {Start this one early summer from seed for winter use The LEEK fits
        this category as well.}

        BOK CHOY {Mustard family}

        TENDERGREEN MUSTARD {Mustards grow quickly during the regular season. They seed
        very easily in summer. Think about using these varieties for the production of
        sprouting seeds for wintertime.}

        FAVA or ENGLISH BROADBEAN {Persons of certain Mediterranean descent may have a
        genetic predisposition to a severe toxic reaction with this one. Me Irish! Me
        eat anything!:-q



        Don’t be squeamish about eating insects as it is
        entirely uncalled for. In parts of Mexico the most
        nutritious food is made from the eggs of small insects found
        in the marshes.

        In Japan #draning needles# or dragon flies are delicacy.
        They have a delicious delicate taste so BE SURE to try them
        after all millions of Japanese can’t be all wrong.


        The only one which gives a bitter taste is the ants because
        they contain formic acid.

        Grasshoppers or locust are considered a delicacy in
        many countries. It is best to remove wings and legs & toast
        the body on a stick. So are cicadas*, termites, locusts
        and crickets ARE EDIBLE.

        REMEMBER that ALL Locusts, crickets, termites, ants, larva
        etc. have double advantages; easy to catch & nourishing,
        fried or roasted gives a better taste & they are an

        However as for ALL the insects one MUST remember to cook
        them all in order to get rid of any parasites. Just remove
        the head, wings and legs & cook them in steam or fry them.

        Also #chenille# are good food sources but AVOID to eat
        the #chenille a poils# since numerous species of them are toxic.

        INSECTS HUNTING: (It buggs me?)

        An ancient method for securing already cooked insects,
        reptiles & small animals is to fire large tracks of
        grassland and then to comb them for whatever may have been
        roasted by the fire. A small light at night is all that
        you need to get you all the insects you need to keep you in
        good conditions even Rambozoro or Jane.

        If the weather is too cold for flying insects, kick open
        some rotten logs or look under stones and get some grubs.
        They keep bear fat & healthy and will do the same for you
        dear. Insects can be used as bait to get birds or fishes
        and that the best time to capture them is in the morning
        when they are still numbed by the cold night.

        ANT’S LEMONADE: (Anyone?)

        Some aborigines have capitalized on the ants’ acidity by
        mashing them in water sweetened with berries or sap to
        make a sort of lemonade. The eggs and the young of the ant
        are also eaten.

        INSECTS & WORMS:

        Best boiled. Cook and mince them by crushing in a can.
        More acceptable dried on hot rocks and then ground into a
        powder with which to enrich soups and stews. The large
        types of worms particularly are eaten in many countries.
        So eat them before they eat you?!


        The white wood burrowing Larvae of Beetles is usually
        found in rotten logs. Remove the head, thorax and legs and
        eat. The eggs ARE EDIBLE but are dry and tasteless.
        Maggots are good to eat too.


        Both aquatic or terrestrial snails are an excellent
        source of food when obtainable.

        • I hung in there and read the whole thing…
          right up until you got to the maggots…
          If it got this bad, I guess I would just be… maggot food.

        • @Pale Rider,
          As one poster on this site told me in Ranger school, “When eating a grass hopper, remove the wings as they are fattening”. Also I have been told that cooking insects removes some of the protien???

        • Morning PR,

          …Brother I beleive what you said, every word…but if IT comes down to the ‘bugs’ I’m just NOT sure that I could DO that!!! Kinda have to go with Piper here…still, it’s ‘food’ for thought… 🙂


          • JOG: This is for when the SHTF times after TSHTF. I had a cousin that attended some other countries Special Forces schools way back (a long time ago in a galaxy far, away).
            He gave me this stuff. Just thought it might be helpful. (lol)

          • Try eating a bananna slug up in Washington state. Now that is nasty!!!! Even cooked over a fire on a stick still is nasty. But it is a source of protein, probaly some fat, makes me want to puke thinking about it.

      89. Greetings Everyone!
        Cruise ship failure?
        I though those that had a berth in the U.S. had to be “inspected”?????I’d say a really quick-witted lawyer should sue the FEDS over this one…..After all,THEY print the money!
        There are times when there is a place for the Federal side of government to really protect it’s people.And it’s NOT the FDA raiding raw milk providers and making illegal natural health products that the mega drug cartels feel compete with them.
        Of course God allows ALL of us complete free will to show what we’re really all about on a day to day basis.When THE CHANGE begins,there won’t be any doubt about anyone’s fate when the time arrives.In fact,the Scriptures tell us that: “if those days of judgement were not cut short,NO FLESH(of mankind’s)WOULD BE SAVED.But,on account of the chosen ones(those whom GOD deems worthy,not if they were descended from Abraham)those days would be cut short.And if you have put yourself in harmony with HIS will you would end up like the story of Job.But with a everlasting life in Paradise as a bonus gift as a plus.(Read Revelations 21:3&4).
        If you don’t want to believe in it,that’s O.K..We all do and believe in something,and truly,it’s the end results that matters……meanwhile back at the ranch..
        All the Best to All here!

      90. A couple good EMP’s & the entire US will resemble that cruise ship, but only worse.

      91. Live free or die,

        I have put things are they are, you can say that is no my job to judge a race of people, but god has never come down to judge anyone or bring justice, I realized that if more than 2 million german women were raped or killed after the war by murderous yankess and commies is because we are alone here on earth until the afterlife. I believe more in karma, bad energies, good energies etc, and usrael has a lot of bad energy right now, that’ s why we see all catastrophes there, hurricanes, mass shootings, corrupt goverment, illegal inmigrants taking over the jobs of yankees, economy sinking…. Karma is a ***** isn’t it?

      92. Call the WAAAAAAMbulance!!!!

        People are so spoiled. Sometimes things aren’t great and you just have to deal with it. This story just shows you what you’ll have to deal with when it all falls apart. Spoiled babies that never grew up. Adults with the willpower and sense of toddlers.

        Man! I’d PAY to go on a cruise like that. They talk about those cruises and what they do. I start falling asleep after about the third sentence and drewl runs down the corner of my mouth. BORING!

        But, get us out there adrift having to deal with shit (I mean, real SHIT) and, well, *THAT* sounds like something to write in the journal about!!!

        The most fulfilling experiences of my life have been emergencies and minor disasters. I’m just one of those people. I drive TOWARD the tornado, the hail storm, the snow storm, the sound of gunfire, explosions. It all attracts me. I probably should have been a firefighter.

        If they had cruises where there would be a disaster, heck, I’d actually pay to be on something like that.Those boring-as-paint-drying dancing and sunbathing cruises are for city people.

      93. Anyone who would pay to be crammed together with thousands of people on a vessel that floats around in the ocean is nuts. What an easy target for just about anything. Floating cess pool, not for me, never did understand that mentality. The crew, scrambling to feed the pigs at the trough, clean up their messes, make sure everyone is so happy and meanwhile breathing in the same air as God knows who. Stopping off at some Mexican port but being told where you can and can’t go, afterall it is dangerous and what you get to see is for the tourists, down the road out of their site is where the poor and desperate live. All a sham and shame on the pigs that endulge themselves in this masquerade of a vacation.

        Hey everyone, we went on a cruise and wow did we see a lot of water, it was amazing and we got to see Mexico, it was really beautiful, not what you read about. Oh, here are some pictures of the water, more pictures of the water and tons of the food we ate, hold on a minute, yep I thought I had more, yea, here are more pictures of the water, I think this was the water on the third day. Oh, as for that stomach thing, it’s getting a lot better. Yea, that was some heck of a vacation, can’t wait for another all you can eat buffet!

        On the other hand, here are some pictures of people shitting in the hallway, here are some pictures of urine running down the walls, yea, that was not your typical cruise experience, can’t wait till the next one, we get a freebee! Hell this could never happen again so I am packing now!

        I wonder what makes some people tick?

        • Bravo Live free, my sentiments exactly.

          I include in that, things like million man marches on Washington, Woodstock, trips to NYC, and Disney World.
          Glad you said it!

      94. The Apocalypse coming soon to a town near you.
        Don’t know about you all, but the new sign for our area is;

        FOR LEASE.

        All the lies coming out of NY and DC, are just that, lies. As long as they can keep the stock market pumped up with false credit they think they’re Charlie Sheen (WINNING)…

        Big indicator is not the stock market, but retail store closings;


        Even Wall mart is having a tough time. Well, that’s what happens when you have all the money centralized… when they pull the rug they buy you up for 10 cents on the dollar. Ole Tom Jefferson was right…

        To paraphrase;
        “Central banks are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies… If given the issuing power of the currency, the banks and corporations that grow up around them, first by inflation then by deflation, will STEAL all the peoples properties, and the people will awaken homeless on the continent their forefathers conquered.”

        Now you see what the Lord was fighting, and why we must fight, or die. Its not just your lands they want, they want it all.

        “Give me control over a nations currency and I care not who makes its laws.”

      95. Long time lurker here. I have been working on the backend on an idea I have had for a while for a disaster/survival cookbook and wanted to get some feedback on the idea. So, I just started a Kickstarter campaign.
        “Cooking with Fire: The Disaster Cookbook. How to cook when the lights go out.” If you are a fan of cooking or disasters, 😉 check it out, we need the support and we have some really swell disaster cooking type pledge rewards!
        Thanks and keep the cooking fires stoked!

      96. Why do guys think you have to swear to make your point? It only shows how ignorant you are. Can’t you make an intelligent comment about how tough you are without swearing?

      97. since we’re talking about how quickly things can break down

        here is a repost
        one of the very best ever posted on this site in my opinion


        sanitation isn’t glamorous
        people love talking about weapons
        and freeze dried food
        fancy gadgets etc

        but look at what Selco has to say

        “Also lack of hygiene things killed a lot of people, i ve seen that.”

        “My opinion that hygiene things is more important maybe than food, you can easily shoot pigeon, if you have grandmother she may know some eatable plants on nearest small hill (my experience) but you can not shoot hand sanitizer

        Water purifying pills, all kind of cleaning stuff, sanitizers, lot of soap, bleach, gloves, masks, all disposable, take very good care about first aid training, learn how to treat smaller cuts, burns or even gunshot wound, there is not hospital, even if you found doctor somewhere he probably do not have any meds, or you do not have stuff to pay him.

        Learn how and when to use antibiotics and have it a lot.

        Belive me with good knowledge and good amount of meds you are gonna be rich.”

        this is one EXTREMELY IMPORTANT area of prepping
        that you CANNOT ignore

      98. another interesting article from The Burning Platform


        “The similarities between the horrific voyage of the Carnival Triumph and the tragic voyage of the dysfunctional ship of state we call America are many. We have a ruling class consisting of the President, Congress, Judiciary, Central bankers, Media titans, and goliath corporation CEOs who care not for the citizens of this country. You are ignorant peasants in their eyes. They only care about maintaining and expanding their wealth, control and power through the complete capture of our financial markets, political system and media propaganda to the masses. The health and welfare of the peasants isn’t even on their radar screen. The ruling class steering this ship of fools have no interest in the truth or the best long –term interests of the country. The vast majority of the passengers on this impaired listing ship prefers to believe the propaganda and lies spewed by the captain and his minions. They prefer the illusion of safety and security to the truth about the real condition of this ship. When the engines of this ship come to a grinding halt, their illusions will be shattered. Big government will come up small when it counts. The government propaganda and public relations will be revealed as nothing but hot putrid air and fecal matter”

      99. The FLASH MOB. In the SHTF scenario this is the biggest weak spot on all the blogs. YOUTUBE FLASH MOBS AND WATCH. Not every family can bug out. How to deal with 20-50 folks who bum-rush your home at once? You might take a couple out but they will get what they want.

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