What’s Starting Now Will Overturn the Entire System: “Complete Collapse of Everything”

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 134 comments

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    “There’s too much of everything…” The debt, the currency collapse, the global economy, and the institutions we’ve all taken for granted.

    All of it is head for prolonged collapse, and revolution.

    Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg warns about the immense scale of the problems that have been triggered by the Brexit – and could lead to the complete disintegration of the European Union.

    The status quo is being disrupted, and a major, major event is coming. This one may well be big enough to wipe everyone out, that is those who aren’t able to duck out and survive.

    As Michael Krieger tells Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog:

    Former Wall Street analyst and journalist Michael Krieger contends the recent so-called “Brexit” chaos is signaling something much bigger than coming economic trouble. Krieger explains, “I think the biggest thing with Brexit, and I think it is far bigger than an economic downturn, is the disintegration and ultimately the overthrow of the entire status quo regime, the entire post WWII establishment. That’s way bigger than an economic decline. It’s way bigger than the economic decline in 2008 and 2009. When you think about it, since 1945, we’ve had all kinds of economic declines. We’ve had bear markets and bull markets, but the status quo, the establishment, the basic principles that have been guiding the world for, let’s say 80 years now, those are what are going to be overthrown, and that is a way bigger deal than an economic downturn, in my opinion.”

    On the odds of a financial crash, Krieger contends, “In my writings, when I first came out of Wall Street, I focused on debt, I focused on economics and I focused on financial markets. I did all of that stuff, but I stopped doing that for one simple reason.

    It was obvious to me . . . that this thing had only one way to go, which is a complete collapse of everything. We’re going to need to start over. There’s too much debt. There’s too much corruption. There’s too much BS. There’s too much war. There’s too much everything that is bad in this world, and debt is one aspect of it. Are we going to have to wipe out the debts one way or the other? Of course, we will. I guess the reason I have stopped talking about that and writing about that is because it is so obvious. So, what I have been doing over the last three years is getting people aware and engaged on everything, not just the economics, but the political corruption. Every single industry in this world is basically hitting peak corruption, peak shadiness, peak violence and peak everything. So, it’s not just the debt or the economies that are going to collapse, it’s everything, the political establishment and the social fabric. All of these things we have been living under our entire lives will be replaced by something else. . . . The only question is, are we going to get something better or are we going to get something worse?”

    Things have reached fever pitch, and the populists are fed up with the system, and ready to revolt. Technology has changed all the arrangements, and literally everything, not only in economics, but in politics, and throughout society, is about to change in a transformative way.

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    Gerald Celente: Globalists Will Collapse the Entire World Economy As “Currency War Has Begun”


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      1. Hey the crooks can run but they can’t hide

        • Come what may. I’ll put on my armor and go til I’m dead. I won’t bow to a man.

          • You already do. Its called govt.

            • Your name says it all about you

              • The Kingdom of the One True God is a government to which all are subject … agreeable or not.

            • Suprise Suprise Suprise, I am so stunned, can you believe the FBI says it won’t proscute Hillary. I’m sure most of you are suprised also. Trekker Out.

              • Mountain, we have now become a country without the rule of law. I have read many comments today, and what many people are saying, if the Clinton’s no longer have to obey the law, they are no longer going to obey the law. Looks like dangerous time ahead.

                • Yup, things will get real interesting. Its funny, theres all these gov employees with facebook pages, names, where they live, family members, pictures of cars, kids, houses,
                  Not too bright, when they try to crack down on the common man they may not have a home or family to go home to

                  • yea,me too, the ist one will be the marijuana laws , afterall it is a natural plant that has many medical propreties and i believe is a true gift of god.

              • MT: Failure to recommend Hillary’s prosecution was a SMART move by FBI Director Comey. It leaves the door open for a TRUMP administration to prosecute.

                Any such recommendation now would result in a plea deal for a misdemeanor and a Presidential Pardon for her crimes; prohibiting “double jeopardy”. This is the best possible outcome. FOR NOW.

                She can run but she cannot hide unless she wins. Pun intended. 🙂

                • Durango, my thoughts exactly. If Hillary had been indicted at this time,
                  1. She would have been pardoned by bho before he left office.
                  2. Biden would have been flown in and no doubt won the election, being the sitting VP. Since he is more ‘likable’, he could have united Democrats as well as Independents. The sheeple don’t see him as a threat, only as good old Uncle Joe.

                  This decision not to indict the crook will work to America’s advantage in the long and short run – as soon as Trump is elected.

                  • Sarge: Yes. Even if charged now, she would never go to trial. A quick plea on a misdemeanor, a quicker pardon, and she is off to the races.

                    Even if the Polls showed she was 50% points behind the Donald she would still run. Her ambition is that great and once in the Oval office it would be the death of America.

                    No Joe. 🙂

                    • In many ways what was once America has already been dead for a long while. BHO and crew have simply put it all on steroids !

                    • DowntoEarth, And Hitlery is the globalists’ appointed hitman to finish the job of the take-down of the USA. That’s why even a non-vote is a vote for the witch of tyranny. Unless Americans unite, stand together, and vote in mass, we will not stand at all after this election.

                  • “IF” Trump is elected. I can’t imagine anyother outcome and remain sane. If Hilarity is elected TSHTF, and she will start it!
                    Cackling over the corpse of the US as she did over Qaddafi.
                    Pure Evil, that shrew.

              • I was wishing for a recommendation for indictment, but deep down, I just knew that it wouldn’t happen. With the “investigation” dragging on for so long, and going nowhere in a hurry, it was becoming more and more obvious as each day passed with no action being taken, what the outcome would be.
                For me, it was fully realized when Slick Willie and Lynch had that meeting, and the FBI just sat there with its collective thumb up its ass. Both SW and Lynch should have been arrested immediately after their planes touched down again. But that didn’t happen, so it was painfully obvious that the fix was in and there is nothing that we can do about it.

                • DK,

                  Like so many other things in the past, i.e., banks, Wall Street, etc., TPTB (both D and R) consider the Clintons too big to fail and will do everything to prop her/them up.

                  Louisiana Eagle

                • HTD,

                  We have been assuming that the meeting was initiated by SL, what if all of this was planned and brought about by the man in the People’s House, with the collusion of the AG and the FBI!? The focus is now on the Clintons but they are all in the same boat.

                  Louisiana Eagle, AA & OX3

                  • The FBI is NOT colluding. Comey has left the door open for a TRUMP ADMINISTRATION to prosecute. If he were colluding the scenario I described would have played out.

                    Given the circumstances, this was the best outcome. FOR NOW !!! 🙂

                  • Askmeinn, that is absolutely correct. If there were any legal proceedings BHO and crew would be incriminated via the emails and shown to be complicit in Benghazi and using many lies to get re-elected in 2012. It is being played out again for Hillary now in 2016 as well !

                    aint America a grand place !

              • Surprised? Absolutely not. New it all along. And now, if obumer is not our last president ( but I still think he is our last ), then billary will be our next president. We are so screwed but the possibility of the surprise being on them is very good. The reset is coming, I still think this year, but TPTB are screwing up. Their is still enough patriots and true believers left to screw up their plans. Now, if they showed just a little more patience and waited 2 more generations, it would be a cake walk for them. The problem for them is they are getting old and inpatient. They can wait no longer, and that will be their downfall.

                This article stated that we are in peak everything. We need to be in peak prep mode. Peak training mode. Peak fitness mode. Peak learning mode. Peak stocking up mode. Peak awareness. All of our senses need to be in tune.

                • You didn’t expect they’d jail her did ya? She’s our next president! Hell, betcha her and Bubba will take the oath in ‘black face’. Best be about getting your whetstones out and those blades sharpened. Don’t need a half-assed edge getting hung up in any neck bone.

                  • dull knife takes longer to heal

              • Its unreasonable to conclude, given the statement below, that the core concept of “Equal Protection Under The Law”, which infer’s equal enforcement, exists.

                “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences,” Comey said.

              • You didn’t expect they would did ya? I mean she’s our next president! Can’t run a country from a cell block. Hell I bet when she takes the oath her and Bubba will show up in black face. Best take the time now to break out those whetstones and sharpen them blades. Don’t need no dull ass edge to get hung up in that neck bone.

              • People are waking up with this injustice and abandonment of rule of law.

              • Mt. Trekker, and ya’ll: Anyone voting for Hillary the witch is a Marxist, pro Islamic state, or an idiot that likes blond old ladies in pricey pants suits. ( I am jealous of her pant suits, beyond my budget ha ha). We are not a nation of laws but like third world countries run by crooks. America is without hope. If Trump chooses Newt G. a crook, CFR, a 33 degree, pro NAFTA, womanizer,a Catholic, I will sit this one out big time. He is scum.

                • Laura – I am Canadian and have no chance to vote on either candidate. If the world was stable and things were great, I would be hoping that Americans would elect Trump. However things are not normal and as the above article states, we are in deep shit. While I respect Trump for what he has accomplished both professionally and politically, I don’t think anyone or any policy change can alter the incoming economical / social shit show.

                  Too much debt, too many members of the FSA (free shit army) who will riot when welfare disappears, too much division, too much control by Neocon banksters / military security complex / MSM, too much concentration of wealth, too many nukes, too many idiots that think the world can survive a nuclear war, for this to end any other way than a complete and total shit show.

                  I cannot think of a better person to be saddled with and held responsible for said shit show than the head Neocon – Her Imperial Highness, Hitlery C.

                • Newt G. is a piece of garbage ….let alone scum.

                • Did any of the deleted emails recovered from Mrs. Clinton’s email server bear on the investigation of the Clinton Foundation?

                  It appears that roughly one-in-15 of the work-related messages that Clinton sent or received on the private server have been classified at some level. A total of 22 emails were classified as top secret — the highest level of secrecy. You said that we should expect some of that information is in the hands of others. Would you characterize how bad the damage to national security would be if that information be compromised?

          • “I think the biggest thing with Brexit, and I think it is far bigger than an economic downturn, is the disintegration and ultimately the overthrow of the entire status quo regime, the entire post WWII establishment. ”

            Wrong. Wishful thinking.

            This man has obviously never read the Bible, which prophesied the creation of the EU in the Last Days and the exit of three countries prior to the rise of the anti-Christ.

            Brexit is not the end of the EU. It is the beginning of the EU as I have stated here before. 🙁

            • Chapter and verse of the Bible, please

              • Beginning Bible readers should start with Daniel. Do your own homework. 🙂

                • Great response bible scholar.Your a real genius.

            • DK: Informed folks are chomping at the bits to see how the EU mess (along with Muslim invaders pouring in unabated) plays out, and the next move on who will do what or pull out of the EU. Some think a tet style offensive will push for a caliphate. Euro males are gelded sissified cowards. Euro neo Marxist leaders (Merkel the demon witch, etc) are pushing Shiria law to the max. Men despise EU women, refuse to act when they get raped and molested. Sorry bastards. Excuse my angry rant. (ref.: gatesofvienna.net)

              • LM: Yes, it is fascinating to watch. Bible readers know how it ends.

                Trump may not be the ideal candidate. But he is a Patriot, which is what America needs in the Oval Office after 24 years of treason.

                Under TRUMP, America will flourish and turn inward. He will rebuild, repair, renew and restore America. All Patriots should support him in every way.

                If 100 million American gun owners donated $10 dollars to his campaign, he would have all of the money he needs to win the election.

                I have given many times that. 🙂

          • This described Germany in the 1930’s Then Hitler came along in 1938. Wiped out the debts by the Rothchilds Central Banks, kicked out or killed the Jew thieves, and Germany rose from the ashes bigger and better. All thanks to Hitler who had a 98% approval rating by Germans. The country went back to work and the people again had jobs.
            Well the bankers did not like that and declared war on Germany. Austria even joined Germany
            America again was on the wrong side of History again. Churchill was a commie closet Jew. We should have just let Hitler wipe the earth of all Jews and we would not be in this situation today. A debt slave to the Federal Reserve.

            Know and study real history. Not the Commie version brain wash propaganda we are taught in commie ZOG Schools today.


            • Most of what you say is true and the reason that most people dies in the prison camps/work camps/death camps after 1938 was due to a lack of food and medicine because the British and Americans carpet bombed anything that moved.

              All we hear in our history programs that come from Hollywood is “the jews, the jews, the jews” but nothing about the 1.5 million germans that laid down there guns only to be renames as “Un-armyed civilians” to get around the Geneva convention that were then left to starve to death in fields.

              These bankers are going to get us all killed and the real jews outside of Isreal will sometime say the same thing.

              So many lies, so few truths because the victor gets to write history as they see fit.

              • why did zahkeim escape to zionisreal with $2.3 trillion from the pentagon-good job FBI

          • Pretty good rant…

        • search to avoid any instance of inappropeite acts or avoid even the appearance on impropriety

          What We Meant By “Avoid Even the Appearance of Impropriety …


          The phrase is “avoid even the appearance of impropriety.” … face any situation in which your official involvement would even appear to suggest that your …

          Canon 1.2: Avoiding Impropriety | National Association for …


          A court professional shall avoid both impropriety and the appearance of impropriety. … or serving alcohol at a social event to already inebriated individuals.

          CANON 9 – A Lawyer Should Avoid Even the Appearance of …


          … A Lawyer Should Avoid Even the Appearance of Professional Impropriety. … even the appearance of impropriety, … avoid not only professional impropriety …

          Avoiding Even The Appearance of Impropriety… « YWN …


          Avoiding Even The Appearance of Impropriety… … what could I have done to avoid even the appearance of impropriety? … I avoided even the appearance of doing …

          37 C.F.R. 10.111, Avoiding even the appearance of impropriety.


          Avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. Last updated in November 2005. CFR Part Index. Previous Section (§10.110) | Next Section (§10.112)

      2. If it really is going to all fall apart this time, let’s heed the professional opinion of a survival expert on which canned survival food tastes best.


      3. I refuse to live in a world worse than this one. I welcome death with open arms. I’ll fight and die if need be and I’m only 22. This world is FUBAR and the only thing worth fighting for is the end of ZOG aroud the world.

        • Bastard half jew no need to be so morose…

          The bankruptcy of GM (retired prior) has taught me enormous lessons about a failing entity. Those lessons are timeless and apply to all businesses and governments. Some of the things I saw at GM are…Those granting more credit to the failing entity continue to do so rather than face the write downs that will drag for years. Those in charge of the failing entity will continue to reinvent itself to provide hope that the next innovation will reverse its fortunes. Those who invest in the failing entity believe waiting a few more months will give them the opportunity to sell their losses at a point where losses are not so significant.

          In GM’s final days I must have read a new topic each day about how the company could avoid bankruptcy if only this “one” measure was implemented. In the end the banking crisis laid bare all of the deep wounds GM had failed to repair and GM was forced into bankruptcy.

          What I saw in GM was human nature’s will to survive. Intelligent people ignored the depth of the problem and focused only on the next project to “guarantee” the survival of the company. I remember one manager I worked with saying “…well… we have one leg blown out from under us. But that does not mean we can’t learn to hop one the one we have left…”. That is human nature in all of us – find a way to survive.

          Now we read a new story each day of failing government entities. Rather than face the bankruptcy of their countries we continue to see more drastic socialist experiments in “hope”. In Japan they may amend their constitution and start new arms industries. In China they may allow foreign money to flood in and buy up failing industries. In Europe banks will be nationalized rather than deal with their failure. And the list goes on and on. But some day soon one of these socialist powerhouses is going to throw in the towel to be cleansed new from bankruptcy. This may be the bankruptcy that topples the system…or…or… or not. Human nature says they will most likely -no matter how drastic – find a way to survive.

          In the end I do not care about the daily possible failure. I continue my plan of having less fiat based assets as I read the daily topic of another government could avoid bankruptcy if only this “one” measure was implemented. The end could come in 2017 or 2020 or 2032. I don’t know? Tomorrow will have another “fear sells” article just like GM did published each day with the solution to “save the world”. All I care about from the continuous feed of symptoms that the governments are sick is that I continue to execute my plan and I am steadfast in preparing for the associated risks of their possible failure.

          • Well observed! Most dying organizations will ‘innovate’ themselves to death. The fake innovations will pour out at an ever-greater pace as management tries to find the magic bullet. They create a Potemkin Village of BS to pretend everything is okay. When the Soviet Union was dying, they would paint the grass green to impress officials; they would build stage sets (fake buildings) to pretend the city was better looking than it was; you had to f#ck and s#ck to get the good jobs and access to the better supermarkets and food; posters and banners got bigger and bigger and the slogans higher and higher.

            They are so busy with meetings and initiatives they can’t see how rapidly they are decaying. I always do a check on an organization to see how much it has degenerated. Look at the people they hire and what their workforce looks like. Are they sporty, well dressed, clean, pretty and handsome, have a positive outlook? Or are they fat, badly dressed, whine and bitch all the time, lazy, have too many so-called ‘minorities’ in the workforce? The second set of attributes are classic for dying organizations.

        • Most agree. Save yourselfe for the fight . Patient is the hunter. Bite the bullet . Our time will come. It’s hard to wait. Don’t go off early. You will be needed. It’s part of the fight.

      4. People have survived every collapse that ever was and every sucky government.

        • Not all people

          just ask all of the Clintons “business partners”.. oops ya cant most if not all of them have had an unforeseen “accidents”

          and plenty of us are suffering unnecessarily because of sucky governments

          so I guess its all up to your interpretation of “surviving” my interpretation comes up way better then what we have been dealing with, in the past and currently … we need to strive for better and DEMAND it from our representatives and when we dont receive it .. we should act upon it immediately and with full force

          • EoS,Rebecca,

            Those were my thoughts too!

        • Not all people

          just ask all of the Clintons “business partners”.. oops ya cant most if not all of them have had an unforeseen “accidents”

          and plenty of us are suffering unnecessarily because of sucky governments

          so I guess its all up to your interpretation of “surviving” my interpretation comes up way better then what we have been dealing with, in the past and currently … we need to strive for better and DEMAND it from our representatives and when we dont receive it .. we should act upon it immediately and with full force

          • Ah yes I used the terrible “B” word and got “time out for it” Really Mac???????? Are the adults there that thin skined????

      5. Today we received confirmation that “the-fix-was-in”. Hitlery was let off for numerous security violations, lies to the American public, and selling influence to foreign nations while she was Secretary of State. Her role in the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, including a sitting Ambassador, will never be fully known. The lies following the Benghazi tragedy, centered around a film nobody ever saw, lasted more than a month after Hitlery knew it was a terrorist attack. Are Americans so stupid they will elect a treasonous candidate as their next President.

        • Yes and it only made her more sure of herself which will end up causing her demise. Somebody please throw a bucket of water on the bitch. It’s definitely worth a try and will at least knock the stench down.

          • Ah but feminists told us women would make the world such a better place.

      6. A collapse will indeed happen. The longer it takes to happen will only enhance its severity. On the other hand it gives awake people more time to prepare. Some preppers will make it if their lucky and situated in the right environment. Other non-prepared people will also make it out of sheer luck. Shtf isn’t the end of the world just a short hiccup and i truly believe its the needed culling to advance society to the next level. Be There…..

        • Decker . Exactly what the bible says . Burning the Tares to make a better world. But who are the Tares ? Anyone who didn’t pay attention to the written word . And is coming to your house to take. That’s how we burn the Tares.

          • Who are the “burners”? Angels (messengers) of God. And with what do they burn? The “fiery” Law. Obadiah.

      7. The sooner the better

      8. Anyone else find it interesting that the two people most responsible for the Brexit have now resigned and chosen not to seek power? I am talking, of course, about Boris Johnson (who was believed to be the next PM but announced he would not seek it) and Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP. I wonder what they did to silence them or what they know that we don’t. After all, most people do not just walk away at their moment of greatest triumph and when they are set to achieve their life’s goal.

        • Winston…I noticed that as well. I nice short little c’ya speech and off into the sunset they both went. In the world of the communists, any dissenting voice must be silenced. The leaders of the rebellion have been sequestered.

          • In the UK things are interesting as it slowly dawns on the public that this was a set up. I’m not sure the usual divide-conquer, problem-reaction-solution, order out of chaos control strategy is gonna work quite as well as usual this time round. I’m giving the elites full marks for trying though.

            The penny is gonna drop at some point with the peasants that they’ve been duped over Brexit you see. That batch of useful Eton/public school idiots have now been put out to pasture as they are no longer of any use in advancing the elite agenda.

            Over on your side of the Atlantic I notice many of you on this site have twigged the Democrat’s game but seem to be suffering from some kind of cognitive dissonance regarding the right. The elite own and control BOTH sides and so there isn’t a good guy. Last time out they played the lefty as messiah come to save ya’ll, this time it’s the guy on the right. Please look closely you’ll see both are rotten to the core.

            Trumps record towards women needs investigating at a minimum before you can consider him fit for public office. Decent men protect the women in their private lives, they do not abuse them and children is a step too far. His business dealing haven’t always been 100% honest by gentleman’s standards. The electorate has a right to demand basic standards of decent behavior from those they pay to represent them imho.

            Both candidates fail the family dinner test – you wouldn’t feel comfortable with them breaking bread with your nearest and dearest. They aren’t good people.

            Don’t get sucked in – stay alert.

            • The UK population is kept in an iron lock and can’t do anything about the betrayal. The iron lock works like this: the biggest group of supporters of Brexit are the crusty old white people. This population are the least likely to actually go violent and stir an uprising. The few who are part of the far right groups who like to do violence will just end up being proscribed and have the security services after them. That leaves aggressive blacks and Muslims as the only people who would violently challenge the system.

              And the system loves the blacks and the Muslims because they are the future low-IQ, low-wage workforce. Another factor is class: the most respectful of the class system are the whites. They bow and scrap to their betters, as we saw with the Brexit battle being led by Eton posh boys. They also bow and scrap to the royal family and the political elites. Want to know the definition of an English coward? A guy who has the ‘courage’ to attack an old Asian lady on the street but not the balls to actually go after the real power that controls them. Just lower the price of alcohol and boost welfare payments and these guys go back in their cage.

              • Lol, Frank, you’re a typical bitter Remainiac loser. Get over yourself dude.

              • Frank is wrong again. The system does not think the blacks and moose limbs are a low IQ work force for the elites. Try getting either lazy fucks to do anything. they are the worst workforce. The chinese and koreans are the hard workers in general.

              • Frankie, once more you show your deep ignorance of the British. The vast majority of the population who voted out are the white working class and 1st and 2nd generation black/Asian immigrants who have been ignored as irrelevant by the political/chattering classes. They came out, for the first time since Keir Hardy was elected, and gave their so called betters a bloody nose.

                If only the American working man had at least one ball, things would change overnight! Instead, the American working man keeps on stuffing his face with lard burgers and fizzy drinks. Or he sits on his over sized butt pounding away at his keyboard pretending to be tough by whining how things ain’t fare!

                I’ll tell you this for nothing, a fire has been lit that will sweep around first world countries and will bring you preppers what you want, this from a country that you Frankie, hate! Always be wary of what you wish for though! America will not be a country for old men!

                Now go back to bed. Nursie does worry about you (but only until your insurance runs out).

            • Oh, we understand this all too well. The problem in the US is that people are plagued with the idea of binary choice. In the US, it is nigh unto impossible for a candidate to get air time on the news if they are not a member of the two main parties. Even if they are a member of one of those parties, if they are not who the elites want they will not get fair coverage in the news (see: Ron Paul). Our two largest third parties, the Greens and the Libertarians, will rarely ever get mentioned by the press and so 90% of the electorate will not know what kind of choice they represent, if they even know they exist at all. So, even in this year, when most people want another choice, the vast majority who are not really interested in politics will never know about them. Our system is beyond broken, with deep state actors being above the law and our Constitution in tatters as our courts parse their way out of the original intent and letter of the law to protect people like the Clintons.

              As for Trump, he is far from the perfect candidate. As far as women go, none have come forth against him. Those who have been quoted as having done so have come forth of their own volition to state that they were taken out of context by left leaning news organizations. However, I fear Trump too. I see him as possibly being an adequate President but also a possible tyrant like Obama. I am only voting for him because he has pledged not to take our gun rights away and because he will not sign the toxic TPP and TPIP treaties. As far as border security goes, I support that too. We need to secure the border and stop diluting the low skilled labor pool with an excess of people. I also want to see a stop to talk of citizenship for large numbers of illegals as the only reason to want that is to dilute the voter base of Americans with that of foreign born people. So yeah, there is a lot to like with what he has to say, and a bit to be scared about too.

              • There will never be, nor has there ever been, a perfect candidate. But this election is literally about America’s Freedom and Sovereignty vs. abject tyranny. Even a non-vote is a vote for tyranny. Not that we’ll have it easy if Trump gets elected. There will be a time of unrest and clean up as the globalists and enemies of our nation inflict as much damage as possible on their way out.
                In Donald Trump’s opinion, the absolute sovereignty of the United States and safety of its citizens is the number one priority. All other problems and issues cannot even be dealt with until the former has been resolved.

            • Mum
              A 13 yo girl. So now they’re throwing some pretty heinous manure out there trying to damage Trump. All they have to do is throw the allegations out there and they will get some effect. Just hoping that something will stick. This after they just got through “fixing” Hillary’s email scandal. Effin Nazi tactics.

              We know both candidates are not that good. Trump is a better choice by far than Hillary. As with the past several elections, we are stuck with voting for the lessor of two evils. Hillary has horns growing out of her head. Trump doesn’t.

        • If they are British, then in a word, paedophile. All they have to do is dredge something up like that and they are done. It is not beyond reality to think these two characters have closets stuffed with dirt that would bring any mere mortal down fast and hard. Most can’t keep their d#cks in their pants and so the British end up having to be governed by sexless, unsexy she-bitches like Margaret Thatcher.

      9. QUESTIONS:

        Would you buy silver rounds or genuine coinage? In a SHTF scenario, would rounds be as acceptable for trade? Is the silver content of a silver round more questionable?

        Does anyone keep copper, gold, platinum, palladium or other precious metals? Why or why not?

        If you keep copper, would you keep coinage or wire?

        • Hello W.W. Here you will get many good and conflicting opinions to your questions. First, You need to ask yourself what do YOU believe you will be able to use them for.

          If you go with silver rounds stay with one ounce. Purchase those rounds fabricated by major producers such as Sunshine, APMEX, and Engelhardt.

          Genuine coinage i.e. Pre-65 US silver coins. US Silver Eagles are marked “One Dollar” & “one ounce” and are much cheaper than old Morgan and Peace dollars.

          Pre-65 Dimes, Quarters and Halves made of 90% silver will not be recognizable as such by many people. So be prepared for looks of disbelief of their value.

          So this takes me back to my first question: What for and when do you think you will use them. Yes they do have value. Diversify your purchases. You need to have a plan as to where to buy your silver, where to store it too.

          Learn about melt values from coinflation.com and understand premiums especially on Pre-65 coins. It can be confusing when talking ‘melt’ and ‘face’ values.

          Unless you are making large purchases i.e. greater than 5-10K. start with Silver. Yes, it is more bulky and heavier than gold but potentially more versatile.
          Gold is thought by many as a long term insurance policy. Not an unwise belief in my opinion.

          Invest in copper with 22cal ammo, forget the other metals.

          HOWEVER, unless you have most of the other prep supplies covered FIRST you have gotten ahead of yourself with precious metals.

          Educate yourself, Prep yourself, maintain Opsec!!!
          Good Luck to you.


        • Most folks i know like the coinage, both 1oz .99999 and pre 65, reasoning being that they are a known value and quantity, 1/10 oz gold coins are good too but obviously a bit more $.

        • Buy from reputable dealers. Lots of counterfeit rounds out there. 1 oz bars as well. In MA a few years ago a local dealer got hoodwinked on 90% by someone cashing in scrap. Educate yourself if you are new to stacking silver. I recommend southland coin in Louisiana if you don’t want to deal with the big boys. Mac stays on top of current news, and is very easy to deal with.

          • 100 oz bars of good quality are just fine for larger purchases. You may need cattle, a car, tractor, etc. Of course you will have to have other bases covered first but you are clever enough to know that.

          • Food for thought…

            “Chinese Day Traders Are Behind Silver Frenzy Moving Prices”

            ht tp://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-07-05/chinese-day-traders-are-behind-silver-frenzy-moving-prices

        • I would buy coins, but not all of them from the country you live in. It could happen that a nation in crisis would recall all coinage minted in it’s name at face value. So, having a dollar denominated Silver Eagle would require it to be redeemed at face value rather than metal or numismatic value. If you are in the US, consider Canadian Maple Leafs or other coins instead. Just beware of fakes as the Chinese have made a lot of counterfeit look alikes which do not have the metal value. They are rare in the market, but not unheard of either.

      10. @WinstonSmith, interesting thought re the departures.

        “The only question is, are we going to get something better or are we going to get something worse?”

        My money says…far worse. The little people and the middle class are going to bear the brunt of the pain.

      11. They were both invited to attend a screening of the Oliver Stone movie JFK.

        • Winston…Damn good point. An offer they couldn’t refuse…

      12. Not indicting Shrillery will not doubt hasten the end. Rule of Law no longer exists in the USA.

        • The rule of law does exist, for poor schmucks like us. The elite have no law.

      13. Menzobarrazan. Your correct, we are phucked.. sorry guys. Busy working trying to figure out where my next meal is coming from.,excluding paper of course that for war and collapse..my girlfriend finds me food, just kidding…although business is slow I still have some stability, for now.. that photo in that picture is what my state will look like in the next year or so, … and I would be really shocked to be able to post on his site after February 2017. Degal.com, shows us exactly how many of us will be dead in the United states by 2025..going from 350,000,000 to 35,000,000 is serious shit I have a better one for you, 3,000,000 and 5,000 women on the continental US, by 2019..l my scientist friend tells us. Try 3,000,000, because expect that bio weapons will be used to cull the animal population, and us as well. what do you think they are doing at plum island, did you now that they have relocated it into the US..


        3,000,000 get used to it folks, it’s not looking good..

        • Huston its amazing how lucid you can write whenever you like. The old you must have been an act, or maybe your a troll or someones alter ego. Maybe your just an agency azz clown. What happened to Kenneth? Trekker Out

        • HCKS – I’m sure that “nibiru” bullshit you spout will kill more people than what you just blathered about … so which is it HCKS … what is worse for us normal folks …. Government … or Nibru? or maybe it is some kind of massive Tsunami that is gonna wipe out the south coast of the United States … ???

          All of a sudden your “scientist” friend is more focused on “governmental” issues …. than “natural wonders” … the fuck is wrong here HCKS … you … Scientist ‘friend”… what givess??? I’ve come to realize … most people here … “NOT ALL” … are fucked in the head!!!!!!!!

          • The more people we scare into prepping the less we will have to ( stop) from stealing from the ones who prepped. Mabe the only way to get these people to give a dam is to fear porn them. Think of all the ammo you will save if your neighbors prep. And all the digging you won’t have to do.

            • I could care less who preps. those who haven’t prepped will not likely steal very much from those who prepped. most prepped folks have a plan to defend their stuff. Many have hidden cashes that only they know about. the ones who will take your stuff and the very same ones who are robbing everyone at present. The government is the largest robber thief parasites who takes the lions share for themselves and redistributes the remainder to the free shit army. I have a backhoe but I will not bury anyone. Ill hang them from whatever is handy with barbed wire. The flies and buzzards can have a feast

      14. The book “The Forth Turning” not only predicted all of this 20years ago it also describes what is coming. A must read for anyone who gives a shit.

      15. Maybe we should try a Constitutional government for once and enforce the Constitution in real time. Or course that would take a big reset to enable. Greed is the root cause of corruption. Not enforcing and thus not protecting our Constitution allowed corruption to become endemic. The apathetic non enforcement of the Constitution in real time allows for lobby efforts and influence peddling. No consequences for oath breakers leads to injustice. The Constitution is under constant attack primarily because it controls greed. We will never eliminate greed but at least we must control it. Before it consumes us. There was a way once upon a time but it took integrity and dedication to keep it, and therein lies the rub.

        • Gramps,
          Folks just dont have that integrity anymore, im wishing for it too but know the best bet will most likely be to just get out of the way and lay low.

      16. This guy is from Lehman Brother’s, that makes him one of the reviled elite. I agree with what he said, but there is nothing informative about it.

      17. Mac,
        Silver seems to be in a rally. It closed today at $20.06. June 6th it was 16.84.

        How about a story about the reason for the rally, Gold is not going up as fast.

        • ‘Cause people are beginning to realize that other than barter, silver is really currency especially in the ‘junk silver’ arena. JUNK SILVER…. “its what for holding….. tonight”!

        • Gold and silver have not been at a normal ratio for some time. Silver as compared to hold has been way undervalued. It’s also more affordable for folks to stack. Watch out for bubbles!

      18. WOW- No charges for Hillary. AND then Obama and Hillary had the nerve to use Air Force One to go on the campaign trail together, on our dime! In case you are not paying attention that was a statement “we are above the rules in our political elite club”. That was s middle finger to all real Americans.

        Curruption on full display. Our National security is compromised.

        • USMC1982


        • 101 reasons why they can stuff it. NOMI

        • Wouldn’t it be great if O was boinkin her on the flight?

          • It would make sense since they are both queer. As much sense as anything else they do.

      19. What I want to ask is this: With what we have coming up, elections in November and lord knows what else twixt then and now, if it came right down to if you had to haul-ass, bug out, would you be able to do it in an hour, a day, a couple of days, or more? Reason I ask is because over the last few days and especially yesterday, I had this terrible foreboding. Not that I haven’t had it before and nothing came of it, but yesterday I was one unfit person to be around and strayed from contact with family members. I went through everything, food, BOBs, weapons, blades and other items. Something is amiss and I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve topped off everything from food to water and mags.

        • Necessities in jeep and gone in less than 1/2 hr, shes a crawler and i have access to nothingness without even hitting public road

        • Bible?

        • You aint alone friend, theres a whole lot of odd going on, was 4th yesterday and barely any fireworks, really wierd

          • Bug Out? State of Michigan has, 3.9-Million acres of State Forested Lands, and also has an additional 2.7-Million acres of Fed forest Lands.

            This is The Largest number of Land resources in ALL of the entire States East of the Rockies Mt zone!

            I am aprox 1.5 miles away from Huron National Forest fed land…And surrounded by various parts of that almost 4 million acres state lands.

            plus Mich is surrounded by and is Part-owner of the Great Lakes…mich’s Lake parts owned are greater than all other lake connected states around mich.

            And once you travel about 150 miles North from Detroit areas…It is mainly 99.999999+% White Folk.

            With Very Low costs on Vehicle Insurance-Home and Property Insurance-and-Property Taxes in general.

            Currently and ever since 2008 houseing values crash, too Many to list Nice Very Low priced homes and properties are for the asking….Weather its bare acreage lands, Homes on large sized lots, homes with acreage, Farms both large and small sized, homes and bare lands on one of 10,000 Lakes or land or homes on the Big Lake Huron…All are available and ready for occupation.

            And up here in northern mich areas, folks Minds they Own biz! with Very FEW cops around!…Many small townships has zero cops or mayors etc…Just have voulentere Fire dept’s, and small elected township supervisors and a few others that number around a total of 4-5 elected officials needed to run it. And they usually get paid very Low salarys too…

            Michigan is an all around swell prepper state if one remains out of large cities like detroit or Flint etc.

            Four Seasons weather region also…Cold and Snow is very good at keeping them Darkies Out!

            • Them Guys:

              Thanks for the info.

      20. I think things are headed for the worse, after all we are dealing with psychopathic murderers running the world. Killing ramped up on steroids, nuclear weapons used and biowarfare unleashed. The criminals will be in their deep underground safety zones. This slow kill agenda needs speeded up drastically, so they think. They will have it all and then go after each other for more. Any above ground survivors will service the elite. Until Nibiru comes.

        • Aljamo – I like you … I like the stuff you post … but … if this Nibiru was real … by now, as the stories say it is so close to us … the internet would be loaded with “proof” ………. since … to this day … there is no verifiable proof from anybody … it all becomes heresy …. it’s all fear porn and bullshit rolled up in a dirty fk’n stinky diaper … let it go bro … it’s all bullshit!!!!!!

          • Truth. .? How can anyone expect truth in this world? Sit back watch the show . And prep for the big fight. We all see it coming. And we have been warned. Don’t be a foolish virgen. We’ve been warned for a reason . To burn the Tares? Why else?

        • Alijamo:

          Woo. These guys are not that kind of nuts. They are paranoid, but so are we. They are getting desperate, but so are we. Don’t underestimate the opposition. They may be dumb as nails from interbreeding but they have access to the world’s most brilliant minds who are for the most part sane. They aren’t going underground. They will be in areas unaffected by disease, war, starvation, war, civil strife. Don’t worry. The true elite will be in places so remote and so well protected, non of us will find them. We are the ones who are going to get nuked, and hit with bio weapons. They will reduce the population until it is controllable. They want whites genocided because they fear them as competition for who will control the planet, they who are parasites or the inventors, scientists, and builders of civilizations. The parasites have decided they should rule. I and my fellow Europeans, like the Germans in 1930’s think no. The prize is ours. So there is a battle for who will rule the world. The elite are only elite because they are propped up by the builders of civilization, the white man. The parasites think they no longer need invention because everything has already peaked technologically. There attitude is that they can take it from here. The Indians and Chinese are good enough to maintain what Edison, Tesla, Davinci, and other European genius conceived. The parasites will lose. But given the chance they will cause terrible problems. They already are. Fukushima is polluting the Pacific Ocean and is about to cause even greater devastation. We are all being exposed to Cancer causing radiation that TPTB are not talking about. There are rods which if even touch each other will release unparalleled radiation. They need to remove them and we are all at risk. An earthquake can cause more damage. In short. Take iodine to protect your thyroid and your reproductive organs including women’s breasts. Cancer is no joke. That is what is the real story they’re not being honest about. Blacks going to Italy. The Mafia made billions dumping chemical waste into the land. Europe is contaminated from Fukishima and from dumping chemical waste on the land and in ships off the Coast. Tesla was right. Einstein was going in the wrong direction for mankind. Nuclear power is a catastrophe. We have water technology that is being buried for money. This pollution, not climate change, is the biggest threat to mankind. Knowing all this pollution is already out there these nuts may be figure it is already too late, so why not use more nukes. You’re right they’re nuts. But they will survive and they can get ninety percent reduction in the population with Cancer caused by radiation and pollution.

      21. Today I began flying my flag upside down, if I see others doing the same I will know who believes like me that this country is in deep trouble. It is a small step but a step never the less.Who knows where it will lead?

        • Hey Thomas, my neighbor told me I was flying my flag up side down and I didn’t even know it, so I turned it over but I still couldn’t see any difference. I guess there is a right side up on the Confederate Battle flag but I can’t tell the top from the bottom. Trekker Out. It Ain’t A North South Thang, It’s A Resistance Thang!

        • I had my stars and stripes (the one with 50 stars) flying upside down for the past few days. not one person noticed. And just a minute ago I took it down and hoisted up the Stars & Bars. I might not fly the Stars and Stripes for anymore a long time. I think it is pretty much over for or once great Republic ?

      22. Rather she is indicted or not, rather she is elected or not, no matter what, she still will be paid her outrageous retirement as a Senator from New York, and as a retired Secretary of State. She will never lack for anything. She will be covered financially, medically, and provided with security until the day she dies. Alas, you and I get to pay for all of her frills. That is what is wrong with the system. You and I are ‘third tier’ workers and we will always pick up the tab for the ‘first tier’. That will never change. Happy payday, for what is left of your paycheck after taxes. thanks 4ur time.

      23. If Hitlery is elected and someone assassinates her should the person be charged or just more gun laws imposed. Lol lol The FBI says no charges should be filed on felons soooo. Lol All I can say is hang on its going to be a rough ride in 2016.

      24. The tribulation is on the horizon, so we all should be prepared… We know its coming. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when…so do what you can to be prepared. Mentally, Physically & Spirtually.

      25. FBI,Fraud Beyond Incompetence. CIA,Clinton Incompetence Acceptable!!!! Lol sad but true. At least I am not lying!!!

      26. The end of the world is a Jewish fantasy. This is obviously a Jewish dominated website.

      27. My spidey senses tell me the white English are set to get the epic corn-holing they most definitely deserve for all their evil works. The wars, the debt bubbles, the lies, the fat slappers binge drinking and stuffing their gobs while living on welfare benefits, the morons who travel around the world chanting football chants and attacking people (and finally, as the Russian Ultras did, people are fighting back and with devastating effect), and lastly, the so-called English ‘Independence Day’ of Brexit (Independence Day for morons and bigots??).

        Oh, where’s that paper bag they can’t fight their way out of?

        • “…the white English are set to get the epic corn-holing they most definitely deserve for all their evil works.”

          Would you be including me in that statement??????

          If so, then Frank Thoughts needs to pay his reparations to the Indians and the Blacks and etc…… AND if your not an American then consult your own country’s history books to find out where your reparations need to go.

        • Frank=brainwashed apologist retard

          Whitey, English or American, doesn’t owe anyone anything. Period.
          We live in a day and age when the term “Racist” is used exactly and precisely as the term “Jew” was used in Nazi Germany. The real problem is that the people who are using this tactic turn out to be the welfare class of our society. Unlike the Germans, our welfare class does not have the education or intellectual capacity needed to run the show after they depose the evil white “Racist”. They are basically tearing down the empire that has been feeding them all these years. Buncha effin idiots.

      28. The elite are stuffing the UK full of cheap immigrant slave labour in an effort to force wages down and to devide the people but our real fight is a class fight with the 99% being against the 1% banking elite.

        Now the only way you can win with these odds is to start a race war between the 99% and that is just what we are seeing.

        “Animal House

        Our BREXIT is not going to happen, slave animals don’t get a real vote on how the farm is run but maybe if the cows joined the sheep we could take on the farmer and his pigs who act as police and then afterwards we would not have so much to argue about.

        Chickens do you think you could weave some rope from my wool so that we can keep the farmers neck warm please.

      29. The gov is so corrupt it not even funny. just wondering how long this charade can go on. Total collapse is inevitable. When was the last time you heard good news about Americas future. People have to be in denial to believe things are going well. I’ve seen people in denial it really quite sad. Most alcoholics and prescription drug abusers are in denial that they have a problem. After all the doctor gave them the meds they must be right.

      30. We all knew from the beginning nothing was going to happen to Hitlery. She has too many secrets hidden against everyone else.

        It is over like I said before TPTB have shown us their hand and it is giving us the FINGER!


      31. Frank: Do You reside in Israel by any chance? Or just Wish you did?

      32. There is a prophecy from the 1800’s that states that a civil war will break out in Chicago due to the devaluation of the dollar. This civil war will spread through out the US. This war will be a vicious war with family against family, city against City and state against state.

        There are also other prophecies that say that the US will be invaded by China from the West Coast and Russia from the East Coast. The depleted US army will keep fighting until one half gives up. The other half will continue the fight until they are about to give in. This is when the men from the mountains will come to the US armies aid. The army will say please give us men who can talk to God. Then with God on their side the invading forces will be defeated.

        Then God’s political system will be implemented in the US. This is called the united order. From the time of the devaluation of the dollar and all the commotion to when manufacturing will start again will be about three years.

        Many people will die due to the civil war, the invading forces, natural disasters and plagues. Only those who are decent and have faith will survive but many good people will die also.

        The globalist will run most of the rest of the world with an iron fist and they will have a one world Government, currency and religion.

        This system will be ran by the anti-Christ from Israel under the most despotic government ever. He will kill many Jews, Christian’s and innocent people in Israel and through out the world.

        • Why will he kill any jews? Read what Apostle John stated about What and Whom are/Is an “Antichrist” type.

          Then consider that from the very start of Christs ministry and christianity itself..The very First antichrists were jewish folk..and about the only change or differences to Todays world is that jewrys blatant antichristianity and abject Hatred for Jesus Christ has only gotten far greater and far worse period.

          Their top Holy books, talmud volumes, and what they write about Christ and Christians etc makes the islamic Koran look like a 1st grade level child’s book when compared to all that talmud states!

          So as “The” main antichrist “leader aka world global ruler guy”….For him to kill ANY jews makes zero sense at all.

          Unless one has Fallen Hard for the main form of what they self label as “jewdeo-christianity” in apostate america since scofields falsehoods bible version came to usa shores around 1903-4 era.

          Many Top rabbis as well as a small few wized up pastors in usa like chuck baldwin etc have written of what a Huge Oxymoron it is for one to call their self a jewdeochristian…For like Oil + Water the Two can never Mix, never Have and never can.

          See website of judaism dot is for tons of further proof/infos/fact on all issues related to that and jewry in general.

          PS Can you provide a legit source for that so called “prophesy”? Thanks in advance if you can post info.

      33. if all this is true, why do all these people giving warnings just give us some written info free that we can do to protect our families. many people do not have the means or time to watch videos and/or do not have money for cd’s or books or clubs. thoughts anyone

      34. Just another fear porn article! How many times now have we been told “the sky is falling”. Turn to your bible for it says “Fear and distruction will come like a thief in the night”. Or when they least expect it. Prep sure, keep your ear to the ground, Yup! Know that it’s coming is wise. But I’ll really get concerned when things seem Ok! Will times get worse for us I certainly think so. But very soon just was we start over that cliff, somebody, is going to come up with a solution just in the brink of time. The world will be dancing, politicians around the world will be united with chants of Peace and security, peace and safety, the world is Ok, we have been pulled from the brink. That is when I think the absolute worst will fall upon man. In the mean time, until we get there we most certainly will have major issues, but far from the worst this world will experience. There is wisdom in prepping. But the end is not yet.

      35. Most folks will bash this reply…But in reality if one actually Reads what is said about End time events, Worldwide Woes and Trbulations etc in the bible itself.

        Christians as well as all who take time to read it..Are Told by Christ and the Apostle writers of the bible new testement.

        That they are to place 100% faith and Trust in God Alone and Thru His Begotton Son Christ period.

        There are actual verses that state that while of course it is wize to maintain a certain amount of Stores of emergency foods etc etc…at same time…NO verses tells us to prep by maintaining a Ten year supply of litterally EVERY known Item and Product available to buy or make.

        It also says that those who do such Massive preps are placeing Faith and Trust into Common “Goods” such as foods or supplies etc.

        For when one truely fully Trusts God and Jesus Christ as mandated to do…They wont ever gather up such huge stores of “Stuffs” period.

        It ties in with those verses about “They shall Throw their Gold and Silver into the streets since on That day none of it shall assist nor aide in any form of Escape from the wrath of God almighty. Same said for them what goes deep into “caves” etc to “Hide from that day of wrath” for the Eyes of the Lord will see right thru the mountains and rocks and once those so hidden get discovered by the Lords peereing eyes…They inside shall cry out for those rocks and stones to “Fall on Us! to Hide Us from the wrath of the Lord!” but to NO avail!

        Sooo..To Provide, as I know somebody here is ging to post up that bible verse of “He who don’t provide for his Own household etc is less than an infidell etc”

        but provide for his own as stated cannot mean Prep enough stuffs to last an eternity or as close to that as possible.

        For if it did mean that? It would be the exact 180 degrees Opposite of those several Other verses i first wrote of above…and Gods words never create Confusion right…So basically folks can breath sigh of relief and not feel mandated to stock supplies as if they are going to keep alive for another two centuries eh! Because none shall live half that long anyways. Plus to have real Faith and trust in God as bible tells us to do is best prep one can maintain period. Gotta make choice at times. Choose wizely weedhoppah!

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