What Guns? What Gold? Prepper Tips On “Hiding Your Guns in Plain Sight”

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    There are endless places and ways to conceal, hide and stash your guns and other precious items.

    Who knows when the time would actually come when some jack-booted thug would beat down your door and search for your constitutionally-mandated firearms – but with Obama’s gun control and many possible scenarios for martial law and a crackdown on patriots, it could really happen.

    And it may be time to think about the possibilities, if you haven’t already.

    Really, it should be part of your prepping plans already.

    But in case the thought has never crossed your mind, or you need to beef up your plans and devices, here are some examples.

    These videos have some clever ideas about where to hide your guns, precious metals, heirlooms and emergency supplies.

    If in doubt, take the idea, and change it, recombine it, rethink it – and make it an original secret location(s) that only you will know about.

    Many of these concealment concepts are not only good for hiding guns and prepping supplies, but – at least in the case of the false bookshelf – offer the opportunity to conceal a panic room hidden in plain sight.

    If the plan works, burglars, assailants and even police won’t discover your hiding place.

    The tricky part is that guns, in particular, are best hidden in a place where they can also be quickly and safely accessed when needed.

    Sometimes the usual hiding places just aren’t good enough.

    This viral video explains how you can install “tactical walls” where your firearms can be hidden away from prying eyes, as well as children and vulnerable family members, while offering instant access.

    A secure magnet “key” unlocks it from a special spot, and is the only way to access this fantastic device:

    Beyond your immediate household, it is a good idea, when possible, to cache your firearms and other critical supplies in a remote and hidden place.

    The purpose here is to evade “the biggest gang” unit in the government – if/when they come for the guns:

    You Tuber “TheHossUSMC” explains the wisdom behind diversifying the cache locations of your weapons, so that those seizing guns can’t get them all, but may be satisfied with confiscating a few easily found, registered guns.

    The rest can be deposited in your other locations, and you can live to fight another day, and engage the tyranny from a better position. Here is some advice on the process of hiding and recovering your remote weapons cache.

    The questions surrounding when and how to fight back, and when to hide are complex, and ultimately each individual must use their best judgement and moral positions to make those difficult decisions.

    The point is to prepare for even the worst situations, and make sure that you never have to face a situation where you are disarmed, or unable to access your God-given self-defenses.

    Any other good ideas about how to hide, conceal and distribute your preps? Please share, but don’t give away any personal or specific information.

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      1. Now that the Feds can see this article and vid, don’t do any of this.

        • I was thinking the same thing. Nice! Let’s just tell the Feds some new places to look!

          • No need to hide stuff,,,
            Just hand it all over, look how well that worked out for the Jews in Germany!
            What could possibly go wrong?

            • What could go wrong, indeed? Other than EVERYTHING, that is.

              It occurs to me that if we are unwilling to fight for our rights by using our guns, they WILL be taken by those who are willing to kill for them.

              When gun confiscation is tried, the best answer will be a giant collective, “Not only no, but HELL NO!” reply.

              The forces of tyranny WILL persist until they are stopped.

              Waiting for better tactical situations may work and then again they may not. There could well be times when the best defense is a sudden and devastating offense.

            • If it’s time to hide them, it’s really time to use them.

              • Right BH, especially when they can simply come in with a govt-issued metal detector and find everything, thanks to the law that says all guns must be discoverable with a metal detector.

                Metal detectors do not rely on visual effects. I wonder if the backing on mirrors would distort that, but it wouldn’t matter – they’d just break the mirror. They’d search with a metal detector, just like they do with dogs – if it alerts, they’ve got probable cause to tear things apart.

                • scatter a few dozen handfuls of steel pins etc around your property

                  • Does nothing. Gives an even blanket of minor hits on a metal detector, your guns will stand out like a sore thumb. Also does nothing against round penetrating radar etc.

                    Instead do this:

                    Start a junk pile if you have space. Bury caches extra deep with layers of rebar laden concrete- they’ll get tired of digging false hits before they get to your real cache. In a residential area/urban area, bury your cache in close proximity to your buried power where it enters your home (use extreme caution….) and it will appear to be part of the system, a junction box etc and not worth the risk. Bury iron pipe caches close to or on top of drain or water pipe and it will be indistinguishable from the real thing. Add a stripped out electrical junction box/switch box to your power pole and add fake wiring. Make it higher than people can reach, add a padlock if you wish. Utilities co will ignore them since it’s not a part of their work order, normal people ignore them. Threat of electrocution is always a good thing. Just my .02

                • Sixpack, at the BOL and the relatives’ properties which are very close by, NOBODY can get within 2 miles of the area without someone there becoming aware of their presence. They would be wasted before they could get near the property and it doesn’t matter if they have metal detectors.

                  • Cool.

              • yes that would be the logical time .the best prep of any kind is salvation through JESUS CHRIST.

                • Yes! I agree, but remember that with salvation comes obedience to God and follow his commands.

                  “And he who has no sword, sell your garment and buy one!”

                  Luke 22:36

              • BH, since we as citizens are going to have to mind our own supply lines, caching a percentage of your supplies makes solid strategic sense. Wouldn’t it suck if you were all geared up to fight off “The Man”, and your stuff was stolen by common criminals while you were on the back 40 bagging a dear? When the man shows up, you could at least fall back to your cached gear.
                The common idea you posted shows a shortsighted “single event” mentality of many preppers.

            • You have no clue what happened to Jews in Germany.

              Hitler allowed, and assisted, Jews to leave Germany, with all their assets.

              For almost 10 years too. What, the media didn’t tell you about that? Wonder who owns the media?


              Also known as the ‘Transfer Agreement’ – google it if you want to know the TRUTH instead of the fabrications that hold you in chechk as a slave.

              • They had to leave everything behind “temporarily”. It meant that everything they had was stolen from them by the Nazis. You should take your satanic propaganda elsewhere.

              • LMAO

                • Hmm… I bet /neither/ of you were actually /there/ to know what the truth really is…

                  History is written by the victors; That’s fact. As such, commonly purported history can not be taken at face value.

          • Well I’ll tell you right now, I didn’t lose any of my guns in the lake and they weren’t stolen. I made money off of mine when I got rid of them. I sold most at gun auctions and gun shows, “for cash only”, and I sure don’t know who bought them. But I might keep a couple. Trekker Out. And Thats A Fact Jack!

            • For a while I worked with a local police chief that had been relieved of duty for misconduct, he was a temp hire. In Hawaii registration of all modern guns(post 1899) is required. I queried him about violating this law. He said obey the law, but when they show up to your house, he said to do the same thing MT just suggested, tell then you sold them all as a private sale to guys on the mainland and you didn’t keep records, you aren’t required to.
              I sold all my guns to some guy named MS13. Gracias!

              • I went to many gun auctions when I lived in Missourah, I loved those things. You could put your gun in and for $3 you could either sell or bid it back if you wanted to as they auctioned it. It had a number and at the end of the auction you handed the buyer your gun and he handed you the “Cash”, no name just a face, and you both went about your business. Trekker Out. True Free Enterprise!

              • I sold all of mine to a tourist,,,, was a guy i just met chatting at the range,
                He offered me a chunk of cash for them so i let them go, been a real bad year for the farm and needed to eat, not sure where he was from, somewhere in the northeast,, name was Jim somethingoranother, had a wierd Polish last name,,

                • I did keep 2, you know, for deer rifle and a 9mm for just in case.

              • You are aware that the Amish go hunting. I don’t suppose there are any in Hawaii, but there are plenty here. I sold all of mine to Amos Stolzfus.

              • Your (former) police chiefs suggestion to copping to a federal crime of selling a gun across state line without a record is idiotic. Certainly NOT what I plan on telling the federal goons when they show up….

                • Say nothing when they come for your guns and preps, and can’t find them all.

                  The only statement you should make is “im exercising my right to remain silent and want a lawyer present during questioning”.

                  Do not open the door for these fake authorities, make them break in. Have supplies for resecuring broken doors and windows after they leave. Expect them to break open walls and break everything looking for what they can steal. They will know all about the fancy hidden shelves mirrors etc. Your hiding spaces must be really original and unexpected. If you got the idea from the Internet, they know about it already.

                  Tell them nothing, if you are caught in a minor lie, they can currently arrest you for that alone. In an environment where TPTB are confiscating guns, they will be using every legal trick on you. Give them nothing.

                  Hide some weapons, so that common thieves can’t find them all. It sucks to be without a means to defend yourself. All your eggs in one basket is just foolish. I agree with the marine that says don’t let them bring the fight to you. Let them wash past you and live to fight another day. Offer resistance and they won’t fight you they’ll just burn your house down with you in it and move on to the next one.

                  I hear people say, “if you must hide your guns it’s already too late”, I’m sorry did I miss something, weren’t thieves stealing people’s guns in the 90’s, how about the 80’s, 70’s….. This phrase is beyond stupid on a prepping forum. To those that write it, just stop already. It’s not just a single threat you prep for, you prep for a broad range of threats that can come in many forms.

                  • When the feds come for your guns you wont have any rights

                    Wake up…..

                    • Still say nothing. Don’t give them grounds for any action.

                      Half of all American households have guns. It’ll be a wild day when they start grabbing guns. If just 10% chose some form of resistance it’ll be crazy.

                      Imagine if some people chose other actions. Imagine if the agencies involved, return to their home base, after a hard days gun grabbing, only to find burnt rubble! It could happen!

                    • Gun confiscations after the hurricane in New Orleans were done by Leo’s acting outside the law.

                      People in certain towns and cities may face unsanctioned gun confiscations. My point, not all gun grabs are the same.

                      In long term economic crashes, LEO’s get hungry too, corruption abounds. If local police can ID who has good size gun collections like some preppers, they become juicy targets. A SWAT raid to the wrong house, and you just never get your guns back.

                      Having a hidden stash means you continue to survive. In a long term economic crash, replacing firearms may not be safe or even possible.

        • Its time to get the best weapons out to use on them when they show up. Ambush them.

          • What you mean,,, like my fart gun?

            • Whatever works!

        • This whole article is based upon the idea that the government thugs would just accept your assurances that you “got rid of all of that”, and not just drag your ass away for torture and interrogation. They would surely never even think about threatening your family at gunpoint in front of you or holding your kid hostage. Nooooo, they would believe you.

          Hiding things from burglars or keeping a concealed weapon at hand in case of home invasion is an idea with merit, although some people just keep a weapon on their person while at home. I doubt if their families are bothered by the idea of mom or dad walking around at home with a gun.

          • Use your imagination. Keep some around to sacrifice (or use short term.) caches are backups.

      2. Repeat: All Christians need to read Gina Miller’s article entitled “When insanity reigns” at Renew America site.

        Hiding stuff? Mono Vaults available from Amazon.com

        Good stuff as usual Mac!

        • ht tp://www.renewamerica.com/columns/miller/160212

          second that! good read.

        • I checked it out she is not aware. She says she is a Christian but she does not call out the anti-Christian forces destroying America.

          • @Hardlabor

            Huh? Try rereading to article. The point is that evil is behind the “anti-Christian forces destroying America”.

            As Ms. Miller wrote, “There are only two camps in this battle, and every person belongs to one camp or the other”.

            • Seminole Wind . I read it again, she is hard on the Muslims, but she does not call out the group who supports the invasion. She does not call out the one group who dominates both political parties.

        • I have seen reviews on the outlet safes that said most were poorly constructed. It wouldn’t be hard to make your own and use a magnet to hold the front.

      3. What gun all of mine fell into a hole after the last earth quake. Silver I have it in my teeth. The only way they can get it is to pull them, and I’ll be dead by then. And so will a lot of their friends.

        I’m not hiding a thing. If they come for them they will find them there is equipment that they can see through walls. If you place them under ground they have equipment that can see into the ground. So if TPTB wants them they will get them.

        Now if it is a thief. Well that is a different story. Keep them looked in a good safe and yes us the info above to help hide them.

        Now if you are home and they come for them (FEDS or Thieves) Do what has to be done. Give up your guns when you run out of AMMO! Or FROM YOUR COLD DEAD HANDS!!!


        • Sgt. Yup, but in a SHTF situation, do you really think that TPTB will be hauling around ground viewing radar house to house?

          Multiple sites, multiple hiding places. Bury some, put some in a safe, hide some between your walls in a mono vault.

          • SW
            When The Shit Hits The Fan. TPTB will setting at their bunks praying we don’t find them and over run them.

            I was referring to before TSHTF. I should have made that clear when I wrote it. “My Bad”! SORRY!


        • One thing about a gun confiscation program, is that they can NOT hit everyone at the same time. The unfortunate first ones to get hit will be the Canary in the coal mine. Right now I comply with all laws. They start doing that crap, well Uncle Sam paid for some interesting training that would get used against them. I would make home made Claymores and grenades. Send my wife to her sisters and rig up stuff and wait for them. I probably won’t have to fire a shot, at least at the first entry team. They will be gone. Torsos with bodies and helmets with heads still in them, with the rest of the fools looking for their arms and legs.

          • If I was a gun owner (I am not) and one of the first to be hit, I would give them up without resistance. There simply would be no point in resisting at that point as it serves no utility for what is to come. However, I would be that canary and give warning to as many as I could so that a resistance could then be mounted a short time later and with a large enough number of fighters to make a difference. Part of any fight is knowing when not to fight and when to make a strategic retreat rather than wasting manpower and equipment. If you are dead, there is no way you can help but as long as you live there is always a chance that you could become useful to the fight.

            • Yes, that is a good philosophy. Thing is. If every time they went to take someone down and lost one or two, they would be out of business real fast, or VERY reluctant to do more door kicking.

              • Alexander Solshenizen (sp) said the same about the USSR.

                • Right. He should have fought instead. That would have stupid.

            • I don’t think they will do a massive wave of collections. I think they’ll do them a few at a time. Actually. I think they’ve already done a few, right out on plain sight – they just called them “crazy preppers/gun fanatics” in the MSM…remember the last couple of times they say they confiscated “an arsenal” from some allegedly crazy person? Weren’t the reasons given ridiculous? Of course they were, it was a lie.

              I believe they’ll first target the people who they already know to have the largest inventory of “assault weapons.” You can thank the existing laws for that.

              I think the instance of odd traffic stops will take care of a few. The results will be announced as they have been doing, cloaked to look like some more “loonies” being caught in the wrong.

              There will be no house-to-house until AFTER they get the bulk of the guns.

          • “One thing about a gun confiscation program, is that they can NOT hit everyone at the same time. The unfortunate first ones to get hit will be the Canary in the coal mine.”

            Agreed. But if it comes to that, they will likely have comms shut down nationwide… “for national security”, of course. Knowing that it is starting could be a lot more difficult than we think.

            The good news is that a lot of this gun confiscation crap would need the support of the local police and sheriff’s deputies. A lot of them will not comply with such a blatantly illegal order. In fact, they might very well stand with the people in their community “against all enemies, foreign AND domestic”.

            • “they will likely have comms shut down nationwide”

              That is why you need radios. They cannot shut down all the radios in the country.

              Everyone should have ham radios and CB radios.

              • Yes, yes they can. Ban HF comms and shut down repeaters and suddenly you’re stuck talking to your neighbor on a short range handheld. And if your area becomes an “issue”, it would take very little skill or tech to triangulate your location, establish your AO, and come take your comms by force. Or simply send a drone.

            • 41 Magman
              If all commo are shut down… there’s your notice.

            • If I was one of the first to be hit by gun confiscating crazy government, (the canary in the coal mine) I might be best serving my community by letting them take everything, and then using all my resources afterward to rat them out so others could be prepared.

              Even if I had to hand write letters and ride around stuffing them in everyone’s mailbox, posting them on every door and tree. Let the world know the war has started.

              Like the article on the Venezuela economic collapse says, this stuff happens slow motion. One year it’s a new gun law, one year it’s gun registration, one year is food hoarding laws, one year it’s gun confiscation. In between its a lot of government confiscation and nationalization until society is fleaced. Venezuela is like the town drunk who has hit rock bottom, but remember it took decades for the communist to take it there.

              Gun control is a barometric issue that warns us of evil intent within our government. It’s one of the reasons the founding fathers included it.

              • No comments on the deep interference the good ol’ USofA has issued upon the Venezuelan people for decades..?

                You seem oblivious to the damage your own lizard brain government has done, in your name, throughout the world.

        • Sarge, remember last Thanksgiving, or the day before, at least 2 gangbangers broke into my home and took some of my guns. They were stupid enough to leave behind the 2 rifles and 2 shotguns I have. I still have a good ‘ventilation team’ to put into service. I’m not hiding anything.

          • Hey just read this, didn’t know you had been robbed. Sodon’t take my earlier comment as a dig, I was postulating a reasonable scenario. Sucks you’ve already been through a robbery but… Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a “just in case” cache..?

        • Agreed! I ain’t hiding shit. Molon Labe bitches. I hope I can at least takeout two.

          • People are gonna be sorry they hid their shit when their being loading in a truck or have a round in their head.

            What do some of you people think is going down?

        • I have been metal detecting since 1990. Used just about every brand and type made. Have been on call for sheriff dept. And state police To help recover murder weapons,shell casings knifes, ect even for dive team underwater.(was 2nd class diver in navy).

          And I am here to tell you, most people way over estimate the skill and technology that most police and military units have to locate hidden firearms.Even when a gun is just alongside a road in the weeds and the toss site is known it sometimes takes us hours to find it,so If you don’t want them found hide them outside your home in a pvc tube two feet deep (most detectors only ID well up to a couple feet) and place a bunch of scrap metal cans,rusty nuts bolts junk that is both ferrous and non ferrous over and around it in the hole before to cover it up,there is no known detector that can separate the gun from the trash.Scatter some on the surface so the stuff can be seen by the operator. And he will bypass that area And it will be safe unless they know that that is the place.

          Even a clean yard has a surprising amount of metal scattered around. And if you can make a fake real farm dump site with some old scrap, even if they knew the spot they would need a dozen to find them.

          If they know you have them, they might rip your house to shreds down to the studs and will find them but once out in the great outdoors, and 10 to 100 feet or so away from your house and hidden under what I described…good luck.

          • Is it true that asbestos will block the metal detector?

      4. I had to sell mine,,, all of it, needed more spam,,,,

        • Spam-Spam-Spam-Spam! (sorry, just couldn’t resist)

          • SHUT UP…. DAMN VIKINGS… Sorry, couldn’t resist, Monty Python…

            • “But I don’t like spam!”,says the lady(?) to her husband.

              Keep things spread a bit if you have more then one firearm/friends/family/enuff one or two stashed.Ground radar ect. in woods possible,but by that point many are already shooting and scooting ect.,tough times in the US are then in overdrive.

            • But does your breath smell of elderberries?

      5. Seals dump the Sig for a Glock 19!


        (eat Glock dust 1911’s)

        • SW
          Glock can eat my USP45’s, and my 1911’s dust, and they do.

          Nothing wrong with a Glock, 1911, 92, or anything else in the right hands. Just like owners of Ford’s VS. Chevy’s.

          Just kidding I don’t own a Glock because I’m not a fan. I’m old school and like a hammer on the outside. Like on My USP 45’s and my 1911’s.


          • Sgt.
            Sure the 100+ year old design of a 1911 is good, if you’re fighting Indians with the Calvary or have a need to shoot a stray Buffalo now and again. Heck, didn’t they used to carry them in SPAD fighter planes?

            Just how many Armies ever adopted the 1911, 2?-3?. Now compare that to Glock’s track record.

            • SW
              Thanks for the laugh!
              Hell I used mine on a Brontosaurus. What do you me buffalo? That is for modern guns Ha-Ha.

          • I like the USP 45 too, and I cut my teeth on the 1911, but I must confess, the G23 is quite nice.

          • Roger that, Sgt. I bought a Colt 1911 back in 1980 or so. Still have it and it shoots perfectly. It’s the Combat Cmdr. model with the brushed nickel finish. It’s flat and easily concealed. It packs a punch. Things shot with a .45 stay shot. They don’t jump up and run away or resume their attack. It’s easy to disassemble (who needs a collet wrench, lol), clean, and repair. This design has been getting the job done for 105 years and likely still will be in another 105 years. Like the M2, it’s earned its place in military history. Only reason few other armies have adopted the 1911 is that most privates shoot like shit, so they need LOTS of bullets to get the job done. With a .45 auto, it’s one to the center of mass and that target is DOWN for the count… 15-20 round mags not needed for the spray and pray approach.

            All kidding aside, ANY weapon that can put a bullet down-range where it will do the most good is a good weapon. I’m not a 9 mm fan but I do have a couple of them, an LC9 for EDC and an EAA Witness. Both work well and will do the job if I do mine.

            For more serious work, I prefer my S&W Mdl. 19 .357 mag. Yes, it is powerful but it is also pin-point accurate, especially when shooting the hand-loads I make for it. It’s a good backup to my AR, AK, and Mossy 500.

          • Whatever pistol you have trained with to the point of muscle memory is what’s best for you.

            I really like the Sig Sauer DA/SA trigger system with decocking lever. It’s expensive but is about as solid as you can buy. Beretta PX Storm subcompact is available for about 40% cheaper, in type G that works identical to a full sized Sig P229, P227 etc. (the safety lever only acts as a decocker, the type F Beretta the lever is a safety and decocker). The difference is a detent and spring.

            All my pistols work the same regardless of caliber, capacity or size. I do like the Sig P227 in .45 with the extended 15 round mag.

            And on a side note I’d like to say all my favorite guns are Black, some weren’t even born in America…… End firearm racism now……

        • I have my phone,,, ill just call 911!

          • I love the 1911,series 70!All the glocks I have shot just did not fit me hand well,to each their own,but,in the end,1911 owners fucking rule!

            • I’ve owned one 1911 previously. The .45ACP is a proven manstopper but I could never get accurate with it. I shoot better with a 9MM. The Taurus PT111 I got for Christmas shoots sweet. No feeding or jamming issues yet.

              • Name another pistol that you can remove the firing pin and extractor with a tooth pic?

              • Brave, my wife got me a Taurus PT92 for Christmas….love it!

                • I like them all. The 1911, the Glocks models 26, 27, and 22, the Walther Ppk’s, the XDM .45, the Starfire and Star BM,the ruger 44 mag, the ruger super 6m .22’s. Doesn’t matter to me, if you can shoot, they are just tools to do the job. A gun is just an inanimate object. If you can’t do your job, it’s just an expensive paperweight. Knowing how to shoot, especially under stress is way more important than what you shoot.

              • BH,
                You can get low velocity .45, it’s great for training. When I got my first .45 I was shooting all over the berm. I got a case of 800FPS 45 ball and was suddenly shooting better than I did with a 9mm. By the time I finished that case I was shooting good with any velocity .45.

                I still buy low velocity .45 for practice. it’s fun to mix one or two into a range magazine with full power rounds and catch myself flinching like a girl when the soft one goes off.

                800 to 900 FPS 45 has about the same recoil as standard 9mm and is downright pleasant to shoot, and I can’t ever remember a miss-feed.

                I still shoot a magazine or two with full power JHP during practice since normally that’s what’s in my buddy here, pats handle.

      6. Why hide them. If they come to search for them you are headed to the camps. More so if you visit this site. Hahahaaha!

      7. Guns? we aint got no guns ..

        Ive never owned any ..move along

        • EOTS: exactly.

      8. Thanks for the info…..I’m gonna rip up EVERYTHING to find your gear…..next, I’m gonna
        hook you or your partner up to your boiler transformer…..YOU WILL TELL ME EVERYTHING…
        Please hide all your gear in your home….after I finish the barbecue, I’ll feed ya to the “ZOMBIES”
        Great article ……

        • Mindcrime, all I’ll say to you is if you feel froggy, go ahead and jump and see where that gets you.

      9. In Europe and in the U.S. …

        Here Is The Real Reason Why Authorities Want To Ban High Denomination Bank Notes

        “Over the past month, one of the more alarming developments in Europe has been the move to eliminate high denomination bank notes like the €500 bill.”

        “if overnight the €307 billion worth of €500 bills were eliminated, the notional value of the entire amount of European physical currency in circulation would decline by 30% to €700 billion!”

        In the U.S.
        “remove the $100 bill: surely it won’t affect much right.
        As the latest Treasury data shows, $1.08 trillion of the total $1.38 trillion in physical US currency exist in the form of $100 bills.”

        “there is now an all too explicit “trial balloon” push to ban the one banknote ($100 bill) that accounts for a whopping 78% of all US currency in circulation.

        “So there you have the real reason why suddenly high denomination bank notes are the target: it is not because “drug dealers” and tax-evaders use them, but because between banning Europe’s €500 bill and the US $100 bill, over 56% of all physical currency currently in circulation in Europe and the US would disappear.”


      10. Mac – you’re wrong

        Do not ever hide your weapons. If they are dumb enough to try and take them then it is already game on and you have a duty and an obligation to kill them all dead.

        To all fellow patriots , DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR PROPERTY PERIOD

        Do not hide your weapons , become hunters of families of those who would confiscate and this will be over in short order

        • Captain Crunch you are right!
          Go on the Offensive.
          While they are out kicking in doors & stealing weapons.
          Pay a visit to their homes and have a nice “talk” with their families.
          They attack our families, we attack theirs.
          Karma’s a royal bitch!

          • Sam I Am, AMEN. Even goons need a place to hang their hat. Imagine the looks on their faces after they return home from an illegitimate raid on someone else’s home and they find THEIR OWN HOMES burned to the ground AND their families ‘missing’.

      11. The War on Cash is About to Go into Hyperdrive

        “The global Central Banks have declared War on Cash.
        Historically, one of the safest things to do when the markets begin to collapse is to move a significant portion of your holdings to cash. As the old adage says, during times of deflation, “cash is king.”

        The notion here is that cash is a safe haven. And while earning 1-2% in interest doesn’t do much in terms of growing your wealth, it sure beats losing 20%+ by holding on to stocks or bonds during their respective bear markets
        However, in today’s world of fiat-based Central Planning, cash represents a REAL problem for the Central Banks.”

        “Historically, one of the safest things to do when the markets begin to collapse is to move a significant portion of your holdings to cash. As the old adage says, during times of deflation, “cash is king.”

        “However, in today’s world of fiat-based Central Planning, cash represents a REAL problem for the Central Banks.

        “…actual physical money or cash (as in bills or coins you can hold in your hand) comprises less than 1% of the “money” in the financial system.”

        Put simply, the vast majority of wealth in the US is in fact digital wealth that moves from bank to bank without ever being converted into actual physical cash.”

        “…if a significant percentage of investors/ depositors ever tried to convert their “wealth” into cash (particularly physical cash) the whole system would implode.

        “…there simply is not enough actual cash.”


      12. Let’s be real.

        If/when the day comes that door-to-door search and confiscation takes place, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL if you think they will just leave you be, if – when they show up – you tell them “Oh, I lost them in a boating accident” or whatever stupid fantasy line you envision.

        THEY WILL HAUL YOUR ASS OFF if so much as a single-shot .22 is missing, and you can’t demonstrate exactly where it went.

        If that day comes, and you play it like that, you deserve your fate. You better either have every damn gun you ever bought (or demonstrable proof of where it’s current disposition), or you better already be in the wind, or you better be prepared to be arrested…or you better be prepared to fight before you ever open the door.

        Be real. Hiding and caching has a purpose and a place…but it aint to get you off the hook with the Feds.

        • pipes,

          You nailed it directly on the head. It’s all a lot of Kentucky windage about hiding the guns with stupid excuses or shooting at people when they walk onto your property. Sounds big and tough here in cyberspace where the bullets are all simulated and the Rambo’s are a dime a dozen. When it actually gets real, it will be a replay of Ammon Bundy, no matter what claims are made to the contrary.

        • PIPES
          You are dead on! If you have to hide them from TPTB it is too late. Time to FIGHT!!!

          • This says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Yup,,,
          A friend once said,
          ” were all on some list, just dont want to be the first one they visit!”
          If its down to door to door pickups, you best just leave the door open and be somewhere else!

        • lemme tell ya…

          there are a LOT of weapons with no paper.

          • This is especially true if you can learn to make your own. This is why I wish I had the space for an old Bridgeport vertical mill and a lathe. The ones that are not CNC are considered obsolete and can be had for around $1500, if you shop around. They can still cut metal though, and with the right set of measuring tools and the time to learn how to use them can make a weapon that is every bit as functional without all the messy paperwork.

            • I worked on a Bridgeport lathe and mill for a year out of highschool. I would say that is one of the best machines ever built in the world. You can machine just about anything out there on one of those. Worked within tolerances of just a few thousands of an inch. Brings back fond memories.


          • JRS: I needed to hear some good news. Thanks! That cheered me up!

          • Yes there are and they know that. So while they go after all of the guns on paper, they will also search for those without paper. I wouldn’t expect them to leave right after they breach you gun safe. They’ll search for more.

        • Absolutely. Guns are good don’t get me wrong, but explosives are better. There are ways to get/make them. Many of our casualties in Iraq were from IUD’s, not being shot. Same game different place. Dig? I once a Senior 18C tell me. “There aint no problem big enough that it can’t be solved with the application of high explosives.” Not leterally, but you get the idea.

          • ROFLMAO “IUD’s” – “intra-uterine devices”

            Pretty sure you meant IEDs, but thanks for the laugh, I needed one today.

            • IUD’s are better and cheaper than DUI’s.

              -WWTI… BTW/ I bought a volt down floor safe today. Nothings full proof, just slows them down in time until I get home to feed them lead treats.

        • We the the people are the employers. These maggots used to work for us. They will be the hunted. period.

        • Lets be real…. that day you fight or die

          Say you turn in everything, then what? You think they are taking them for what? And when they ALSO TAKE YOUR FOOD then what? Or just take you cause you have a gun or just shoot you for fun….. be a man..or women already

      13. Guberment won’t be round for the culling….they’ll come round to clean-up ya’ll when it’s SAFE…
        While their busy rounding up ya’ll, I’ll be using YOUR gear…..LOL….

      14. Roger that Pipes
        If confiscation is their plan…you have two choices. Relinquish or fight.
        If you believe in the Constitution…you have only one choice.

      15. Put some of them off property.

      16. On the money with what I experienced. “At the door” is a last resort defense and usually because it’s a surprise attack and the defense awareness was crap. I completely agree with a few “give away guns” concept. The trust issue with a few good buds is another worry in that they might be compromised as well. There is never going to be a real good alternative in weapons and stores back-up. Trust your instincts by developing them through practice, practice, practice. Peace

        • ONV: I agree. Most people don’t listen to their gut, they never had to learn.

          I was able to travel in Europe for a study abroad program (most universities have them). I had a Eurrail pass and got off the train in Buchrest, Romania. I was tired. Too much stuff. These guys came running up to me and grabbed my bag and said “Taxi” and I said “yes” and they led me outside to their “taxi.” It didn’t have a taxi sign on top but I thought, well, this is Romania. I got in. The guys tell me they know of a good hotel. I ask them if the hotel takes a Visa card. They said no, you have to have cash. By this point I was more alert, having shaken off the sleepiness from the train ride. I start to look at the inside of the car and these two guys and start to get this feeling. Not a good one, either. The guys tell me they know of an ATM at a business center and they can take me. By this time my brain has kicked into high gear so I say “sure.” We roll into this nice parking lot with some nice shops. It was a little high-class mall. That made me feel better. I also noticed a real Taxi in the parking lot. One guy waited while the other guy took me inside to use the ATM. When that machine spit out some cash I could tell that this guy was not on my side. I put the cash away and followed the guy back out. I had made up my mind I wasn’t going to get back inside the car. No way. When we got out there was still a real Taxi, an older yellow type Mercedes like they use in Germany. Not new but not thrashed either. I went right up to the driver and asked the driver if he could take me. The driver got out and was like “yes, no problem” so I turned to the two dumbasses and commanded them to put my bag in the trunk of the Taxi.

          The two guys didn’t expect me to do that. I got louder and then the real Taxi driver got on my side, he realized what had happened. The two guys wanted money, I think I gave the guy $10 in Romanian money and one of them moved by bag to the real Taxi. The real Taxi driver knew what the game was and said I was lucky. I had him take me back into the city center and got a hotel near the station. Some things just stick in your mind as a close call. Or as real-world experience.

          • They also knew that if you were American or from any other country that you had to FLY from, you were automatically disarmed, making you a safe target. I once got into a similar situation, but here in the U.S. I literally had to fight my way out of it. I could do that then – now, I’d just be live bait with only a few thorns left.

      17. Whoever “they” is. They will not come for your weapons. Why would anyone who values their own life try to take a firearm from a citizen. The first few that they approach will give in, after that Katie bar the door. There will be body counts because now you will have the ones they are after become many. Can you say civil war…SHTF…TEOTWAWKI….they will be trying to defend their own families. Continue to prep, buy ammo, PM’s, food, water, spam, spam, spam. Love it!

        • I’m afraid you have “they” who GIVE THE ORDERS, confused with “THEY” WHO HAVE TO FOLLOW THOSE ORDERS.

          • 100% correct…as if death has stopped armies before

      18. Pulley in a tree or use a branch. Shrink wrap what you want to keep… food,etc. Haul it up into the foliage and toss the weighted end of your paracord or strong fishing line up where it’s not visible- but accessible to you later by climbing up or using a rake or a hoe to get to it. Old cache technique.

      19. I’m not worried at all about this. When that day comes I’ll tend to it.

        • Thats about all we can do bud,,,

      20. It might be a good idea to acquire and publish locally the names and home addresses of local LEO’s. It might be even better if the LEO community knew the list existed. Just saying!

      21. My guns are buried 24″ deep in my garden along with hundreds of gold coins. If you do a deep dig and turn over all that soil you will find them.

        heh…..how to save yourself some labor…..

        • Better than buying a new garden tiller.

          • I think those fake stumps are a dead giveaway now.

        • We’red you say you lived…..

      22. The USA has the biggest fighting force in the world. Just look at the number of guns that they are selling. If anyone were to come for them, it would be strictly for extermination purposes only. A well executed plan of extermination.

        • Yeah but since the government is making the shtf part of the nwo demise of you, you may wish to rethink…


          millions of people with millions of guns
          With billions of rounds and no food or water

          No ones getting together to create any army…..

          How many of you’ve protected your foods from rounds coming through your walls? Cause their will be tons of desperate people wanting your stuff or destroy it….

          Then they (gov) will come through and gas you…..

          They dont want your guns they want you dead….

      23. It’s easy to hide valuables from thieves and meth heads, but if some alphabet government agency wants your chit, they’re going to find it.

        I ain’t got chit, but figuring out how to hide stuff is good fun.

      24. If gun confiscation ever came to my door. There is going to be at the very least one person dead. Maybe it will be me? maybe not? Im not about to hide or bury anything. If they get my guns it will be from my cold dead hands.

      25. ” look how well that worked out for the Jews in Germany!”
        Seems to have worked out very well considering how many became “Holocaust Survivors”

      26. WHY have guns for defense “against tyranny” if you’re not already using them to rid yourself of that tyranny???? To allow invasion of one’s home by a government to search for one’s guns is to surrender to that government. Then, there’s no reason to have the guns–for “defense against tyranny”! One’s guns certainly, at that point, have failed to achieve that purpose.

        • Choose your fights wisely. Live to fight another day. The way to win a fight is to hit your enemy when he is at a disadvantage, not you.

        • Read “The Art of War”. War is about much more than fighting, it’s about strategy and the big picture. Only fight when it benefits the greater whole and not just yourself. Otherwise, fight with deception and learning all you can about your enemy so that you can understand how to defeat him later. Make the battles be on your terms and not theirs and learn to turn their strengths to your advantage. Killing a low level person solves little but taking down command and control has far more long reaching effects.

          One of the biggest problems we face in any talk of theoretical revolution is the nature of the American people themselves. If the purpose of revolution would be the restoration of Constitutional government, then there would be elections to decide who would be in the government. As there are elections today and the people have elected representatives that have been a cancer on individual liberty, who’s to say they won’t do it again and we won’t wind up precisely where we are today within a few years? How do you wake up a population that is largely disinterested in politics and get them to understand the value of true freedom? This is the real issue we face and one that cannot be solved with guns.

          • @Winston
            Good Post.

            “How do you wake up a population that is largely disinterested in politics and get them to understand the value of true freedom?”

            Pull the rug out from underneath the economy. Going hungry, losing all you’ve worked for, some guy with a pHD working a shovel job. All these things have a direct effect on people and have a tendency to wake them up and piss them off.

            • Wake them up to what though? That is the question. There is no guarantee that they will choose the side of freedom. In fact, they may go the other way and go for socialism, Bolshevism, or Fascism, depending on which has the most convincing speaker and line of bullshit. They will be looking for a return to as close to a “normal” way of life as they can get and the person who does the best at promising them that will get their allegiance. Remember that most people are followers driven by a mixture of security and pleasure. Promising them the right to seek their own fortunes with no assistance from a central authority is not as palatable as promising them the moon.

              • @Winston

                We are living in a time where the lefty/progressive/commies have had their way for the past 20 years. It is now racist to want to defend our borders. We see how things are in Mexico and yet we essentially have an open border with them. How in the world could any sane person believe that taking control of our border is racist??? IMHO there are a couple of reasons.
                First, the very people who are now seeing the direct effect of the “brown wave” said nothing. Mostly because there wasn’t any ill effect on them. They were chasing the dollar and improving their lives. With the economy roaring everyone was doing quite well. Not so much the case now. Hence the recent outcry from our citizenry.
                Secondly, and this one is the one that pisses me off. Nobody was watching the gate. The very people we put in office have let the hounds of hell loose on our country. The negative effects of the brown wave are very well documented and yet crickets from our leadership. $100B per year is what illegals cost us. Not including the open border allows for transportation of all forms of contraband. 10,000 of our citizens died from heroin OD. Where does H come from? Mexico. Rather stunning to me that our illustrious leadership has focused their attention to guns/mass shootings, which accounted to 200+- people depending on how you tally the totals. 10,000 lives and nothing. 200 and we’re ready to declare martial law. Utterly insane.

                To answer your question…what they wake up to is up to whoever has the loudest voice. Sheeple need guidance. This day and age our patriots should screaming at the top of their lungs to facilitate said guidance.


                • I believe that at least some of the mass killings are a result of government programming that targeted vulnerable people from childhood or early adulthood. Look at Ted Kazynski (unabomber). He had a relatively high level of intelligence but was sorely lacking in social skills. (I think he may have been mildly autistic spectrum.) During his time in university he was subjected to brainwashing techniques from project MK Ultra. He later went on to be a serial killer. A few of the shooters have also had characteristics consistent with mild forms of autism and at least one had grown up in a family with parents who worked for the government. I do not think it is too far a stretch to say that maybe the government figured out a while ago how to create killers out of vulnerable children and young adults. ( I DO NOT think autism is to blame, it is just a characteristic that makes them more vulnerable to some form of brainwashing technique.) This is not to say that all of the shootings have been government operations. It’s probably just a few of them. However, the government likely knew it would spawn copycats and all it had to do was prime the pump.

                  Again, this is just a personal theory I was working on some time back and not intended as an attack on anyone with a learning disability or mental health issue. I work on a lot of theories and not all of them pan out.

                  • Gov’t programming…not too sure about that, maybe. As an example,our society has gone from “Leave it to Beaver” back in the 60’s to the more recent “Cop Killer” rap. Man creates his own environment/reality. We’ve created and or allowed the environment that we live in today via the media’s influence. This being said, who controls the media? He who controls the media controls the people. This works well for politicians and political movements. The boob tube is the greatest programming device ever imposed on man.

                    One thing for sure, most of the recent mass shootings have been done by mentally ill individuals. People that were known to have problems and should have never been allowed around a weapon. There have been mass killings since history began. It’s part of the landscape. That “TPTB” are politicizing these events, in my opinion, is more a diversion than anything else.

          • Yes but if you wanted to restore that constitution one would need guns to do it…..

      27. Green Fried Tomatoes- I love a good BBQ.

        • Yep. I know what that means.

      28. I have been metal detecting since 1990. Used just about every brand and type made. Have been on call for sheriff dept. And state police To help recover murder weapons,shell casings knifes, ect even for dive team underwater.(was 2nd class diver in navy).

        And I am here to tell you, most people way over estimate the skill and technology that most police and military units have to locate hidden firearms.Even when a gun is just alongside a road in the weeds and the toss site is known it sometimes takes us hours to find it,so If you don’t want them found hide them outside your home in a pvc tube two feet deep (most detectors only ID well up to a couple feet) and place a bunch of scrap metal cans,rusty nuts bolts junk that is both ferrous and non ferrous over and around it in the hole before to cover it up,there is no known detector that can separate the gun from the trash.Scatter some on the surface so the stuff can be seen by the operator. And he will bypass that area And it will be safe unless they know that that is the place.

        Even a clean yard has a surprising amount of metal scattered around. And if you can make a fake real farm dump site with some old scrap, even if they knew the spot they would need a dozen to find them.

        If they know you have them, they might rip your house to shreds down to the studs and will find them but once out in the great outdoors, and 10 to 100 feet or so away from your house and hidden under what I described…good luck.

      29. Forget that nasty slimy pink celulose gelitan crap called SPAM. At least go with a DAK HAM with actual meat in it.

        -WWTI… Saw 2 nice Doe’s 25 yds out my cottage door today. My crossbow shoots 385 fps. Razor broadheads. Not going hungry here if I needed to. A half dozen Turkeys also came by a few hours later. Besides guns, back that up with tommahawks, knives, crossbows and plenty of bolts and tips.

      30. The American Rifleman for February 1942 reported “From Berlin on January 6th came the German official radio broadcast: ‘The German military commander for Belgium and Northern France announced yesterday that the population would be given a last opportunity to surrender firearms without penalty up to January 20th and after that date anyone found in possession of arms would be executed.'”
        And, as reported by Major H. Von Dach in his book, “After the deadline, raids coupled with house searches and street checks were conducted.” Those old enough remember the dispatches ‘Gestapo agents accompanied by Nazi troopers swooped down on shops and homes and confiscated all privately owned firearms.’ Persons found in possession of firearms were shot on the spot. It doesn’t make sense to have ‘one to give up’ if this is how it’s going to work.

        Von Dach also said “Should you be so trusting and turn over your weapons you will be put on a ‘black list’ in spite of everything.” Von Dach also said “The enemy will always need hostages or forced laborers later on and will gladly make use of the ‘black lists.'” Hunters are on the list.

        Much of the system they intend to use now is based on the Nazi system.

      31. Hidden caches and hiding places can keep you from losing all of your property from being stolen. That’s because the typical thief is not going to spend a huge amount of time and effort at searching thoroughly. But if Uncle Sam comes knocking they will find virtually EVERYTHING….because they will have LOTS OF BODIES and LOTS OF TIME to go over every part of a dwelling. And they know virtually ALL of the tricks. They will use ground penetrating radar, they will have plans from the county showing the layout of the home, they will even bring in dogs to sniff. If you hide 100 guns you MIGHT have 3 or 4 left when they get done. Same goes for gold and silver…..they will want that even MORE than they want the guns. Confiscated PM’s will be used to pay off people like the Chinese and buy influence.

      32. well good onya! – i had all my stuff hidden and now you have gone and told all the coppers where my stash is!!!

        damn you all!

      33. Couple of minor thoughts when viewing the video.

        1. if one set of buddies cross-stores preps/meds/armory at each other’s homes……. it seems that in the example each person has 1/3 of their own items and 2/3 of the other two’s items. Net result – each home still has 100% of the total.

        2. the unknown location. Where is such a thing? The entire planet is sat-mapped. Furthermore, over 68% of the population of the United States uses a cellphone. Therefore, that same % of people have unwittingly provided routing and tracking data to any and all locations visited over the last few years. What on earth (bad pun) makes anyone think that there is a location that is not known?

        3. the only valid point is to engage the ‘enemy’ at a point distant from a base. Provided that you don’t bring along those handy little tracking devices you clutch like Gollum …… “my precious, my precious”.

        • Re point 2- there are plenty of locations that may be known, but no one would think to look there due to social constraints or fear of personal risk. Graveyards are full of buried containers. Buy a plot, or disrupt a very old headstone. Electrical transformers are kept in big locking metal boxed. Make a fake.

      34. Better idea— hide the pistol in the computer case :^)

        • So when they confiscate the computer (which is SOP) they get your gun.

      35. There is no plan to take gun owners prisoner, that costs too much in time, personnel and resources. Whether they find all your guns or not, those foreign troops, disguised in American uniforms, will take you outside your home and shoot you and your family in your front yard. The only option is to avoid detection in the first place. Vigilance, early awareness of the “clamp down” and multiple escape plans/routes will provide you a chance of survival. The goal isn’t to imprison Americans, but to exterminate as many as possible.

      36. Unless you’re an immediate threat and become the target of a “high risk warrant” in which case you’re more likely to just be shot, no one is coming for your guns. Confiscation will happen administratively: tax credit for turned in guns, mandating prohibitively expensive liability insurance, destroying the profit margin for commercial gun sales, taxing ammo and ammo components, etc.

      37. on that day you need to be far enough out in the country that any leos will have to make a judgement call, is it worth being alone and unprotected this far out, with not enough gas to make a return trip feasible, to possibly try to collect a gun or guns, knowing that this person will also know where you and your family reside, I only see this happening in urban areas and then only as a very last resort. Most leos at that point will have resigned their posts or will simply report “no guns found”..

      38. It could be suicidal to play games with people who are confiscating guns. Especially if foreign soldiers are involved. You try that you might get a family member killed or your wife or daughter raped. A better idea is to give them your registered guns but to hide guns that you bought that the government doesn’t know about.

      39. Step number one is to not talk about your plans or supplies to anyone. Nobody needs to know your business because that “nice” neighbor will toss you to the wolves to save their skin. Loose lips sinks ships as they say

      40. I knew a business owner who didn’t believe in collecting sales tax, he was a walking encyclopedia on the Law, and he made no bones about what he carried and how he defended his house. They came after him one night at 0 dark thirty and tore his house apart, cut into and through interior and exterior walls and yanked everything out including insulation. He disappeared into prison, and his place is almost decayed flat.
        The other night I heard flash bangs and pistol fire from down the street, no cops showed up so I figured they were the ones there.
        You can have that if you want it, I just want to live in peace.

        • Where did this happen?

      41. When they come to your door to confiscate your firearms if you are not ready to fight, then you should just hand them over because you’ll never be ready to fight.

      42. It will all take place “legally”, at first. Through the courts, a Govenor or city council establishing “restrictions” ect. eg Calif.

        Gentelman, think about it, there are worse things that can happen to you than dying. And if you cannot stand and protect your family with wit and firearms you will see what that “worse thing” is and it will happen to your wives and daughters.

        But after the “legal” confiscations have taken place and many of us still own firearms….they will not use local law enforcement, they will not even use any branch of the US Military. Under the guise of law & order, foriegn military (and killers)with the promise from our own GOVT.
        “to the winners go the spoils”,……if you ever sighned paperwork for a gun, if you ever had a hunting liscense, if you every replied to a “gun blog”, if you ever were a member of a local gun club or became a member of the NRA or Gun Owners of America (I am a member of both),if your lisence plate was ever read at a gun show etc. etc. etc.

        I say….you want my guns? bullets first! But, Charlton Heston said it better…”from my cold dead hands !!!”.

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