Video Release Likely to Trigger Rioting, Chaos in Chicago: “It Is Graphic, Violent, Chilling”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream blog.

    Editor’s Comment: Though the shooting that has sparked the latest outrage in Chicago was horrific, we are witnessing another round of pre-planned and scripted provocation and escalation of conflict.

    Obama is once again proving himself to be the master of one thing – fiddling while the nation burns and divides into dangerous factions who are at each others’ throats rather than those who are controlling the crashing system. If you live in the Chicago area, or see the potential for civil unrest to come anywhere near your area, get your preps, and start here with your plans to avoid the violence and survive the madness.

    Warning: If You Live Anywhere Near Chicago, Brace Yourself For Massive Rioting

    by Michael Snyder

    The city of Chicago has released a video that shows a white police officer shooting a 17-year-old African-American young man named Laquan McDonald 16 times.  Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says that this video is “graphic”, “violent” and “chilling”, and it is expected to provoke a very strong emotional reaction from Chicago’s very large African-American community.  Over the past few years, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray have all become household names because of the way that they died, and now it looks like Laquan McDonald’s name will be added to that list.  But the situation in Chicago is potentially even more volatile what we witnessed in either Ferguson or Baltimore.  More than a million African-Americans live in the Chicago metropolitan area, and the crime rate in the city has already been skyrocketing.  In fact, it is being projected that Chicago’s murder rate will increase by 20 percent in 2015.  This is a city that is always living on the edge of chaos, and now the video of Laquan McDonald’s death could be the spark that sets Chicago ablaze.

    After everything that has happened over the past few years, the last thing that we need is another incident that will make racial tensions in this country even worse.  Unfortunately, that appears to be exactly what we are going to get.  Cook County Judge Franklin Valderrama ordered the city of Chicago to release the video of the death of Laquan McDonald to the public, and now the entire country is going to get to see what really happened.  Could this be the footage that causes the anger and frustration of the African-American community to completely boil over?  The following comes from CNN

    Laquan McDonald was walking down a Chicago street the night of October 20, 2014, carrying a four-inch knife and behaving erratically, authorities say.

    A police officer told him to drop the knife. He didn’t listen, and the officer fired on him out of fear for his life, according to a police union spokesman.

    McDonald, 17, died. He was shot 16 times.

    Now, more than a year later, the public will be able to see what happened.

    For African-American activists that have already had their patience stretched to the maximum by similar cases over the past few years, this horrifying video could prove to be the final straw.  Already, there are tremendous expressions of outrage and frustration pouring in on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez specifically moved up the announcement of murder charges against the white police officer that shot McDonald to November 24th in a desperate attempt to defuse the reaction to the release of the video.  But will it work?  This next excerpt comes from USA Today

    Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez described the video, which shows Van Dyke unloading 16 shots on 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, as grim.

    “It is graphic, it is violent, it is chilling,” Alvarez told reporters after Van Dyke appeared in court Tuesday.

    Alvarez said she made her decision weeks ago to charge Van Dyke, but had delayed announcing while federal authorities completed their parallel investigation of the incident.But after a judge ordered the release of the dashcam video by Wednesday, Alvarez said it was necessary to move up her office’s timeline even as her federal counterparts continue to their investigation.

    “I felt compelled in the interest of public safety to announce these state charges today, ” Alvarez said.

    And needless to say, this is the kind of thing that could easily cause the city of Chicago to erupt in unprecedented violence.

    In fact, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass is already fearing the worst

    John Kass, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, said the videocould tear Chicago apart.”

    Dean Angelo, the president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, told CNN affiliate WBBM he is concerned protesters from outside the city may converge to “disrupt and cause problems.”

    “This is my city. We all live here,” Angelo said. “I’m concerned about the safety of my officers. I’m concerned about the safety of the civilian population. … I think local people don’t want to see their neighborhoods damaged.”

    And even the governor of Illinois seems quite alarmed that we could see riots.  Here is more from USA Today

    Gov. Bruce Rauner announced Tuesday that his office had been debriefed on the video and that he expected public reaction to “strong,” the Associated Press reports. The governor directed Illinois State Police to work with Chicago Police to make sure the public remains safe following the release of the video. The governor, however, declined to say whether he has deployed any additional state troopers or put the National Guard on standby.

    Even at the best of times, Chicago seems to be dealing with turmoil.  Poverty is a persistent and growing problem, the city is teetering on the brink of insolvency, and it has become a central hub for some of the largest criminal gangs in the entire nation.

    According to a CBS News article that was published back in 2012, there are 100,000 members of criminal gangs living in the city of Chicago alone…

    Sgt. Matt Little leads one of the teams in Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit. There are about 200 such officers in the city– versus 100,000 gang members.

    “Almost all the violence we’re seeing now is from the gangs,” Little said. “When there’s a shooting we’ll respond to the shooting. We’ll figure out where we believe the most likely area for retaliation is and we’ll work that area trying to both prevent retaliation and possibly build a case on offenders.”

    And thanks to unchecked illegal immigration, more gang members are pouring into Chicago every single day.

    So if there were 100,000 three years ago, how many are there now?

    Back in early April, I warned about the civil unrest that was coming to America, and I specifically named three cities that would be flashpoints: Baltimore, Chicago and Washington D.C.

    I issued this warning before any of us had ever even heard the name “Freddie Gray”, but by the end of April the city of Baltimore resembled a war zone.

    And now Chicago appears poised to descend into chaos.

    If you live anywhere near Chicago, you need to prepare yourself and your family for what could happen next.

    Now that this video is available to the public, it could set off anger unlike anything we have seen up to this point, and that would not be good for any of us.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Seattle just granted a permit for a BLM protest at a large downtown mall, and asked for no violence. So 500 protesters are going to confront 15,000 shoppers the day after Thanksgiving and the city hopes nothing will happen.

        The stage appears to be set.

        • In Washington state a “shall issue” for conceal carry, you riot at your risk.

          • Fuk obama and his queer buddy rahm, fuk shitcago and all the large cities. Your black or brown rioting asses come near me I do have enough ammo and help to lay your asses down permanently. Goes for pigs that side with an unconstitutional government too.

          • I think about 8% of the adult population here has CCW permits, but defend yourself at a BLM protest and you’ll get crucified by the media up here.

        • BLM is also Bureau of Land Management.

        • Does this mean that we should forget that Chicago,
          home of the CME(Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
          and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, has just been named
          a sanctuary city for terrorists, I mean refugees.
          Kuazimoto “Sanctuary! Sanctuary!”

          They are predicting a rise in violence by 20 per cent.
          What Giants of prophetic supremacy. Evil bastards.

        • Good idea. Malls are raysis!

      2. Could not happen to a better town or it’s inhabitants. Well maybe Detroit or Washington D.C.

        Whatever, Black Lives Matter. As do most of the other people of different colors. I hope they have safe places for people to go to. (sarcasm is a wonderful thing)


        • This is an outrage. Shot 16 times?. That’s a waste of precious ammo.

          • No doubt, but most pigs are really not that good of a shot not to waste ammo.

          • No doubt about it Nobama –

            Tossing out a simple “spike strip” would of slowed this clown down. Why the excessive ammo usage? … this does not make any sense at all … who trained this individual … the IDF?

          • There was no reason for him to be shot more than once, and even once is a stretch. Two cops with batons could have taken him out without working up a sweat. Granted, he’s probably your typical Chicago black shitbag destined for a life behind bars, but no cop was at risk. Once he was shot through the right shoulder, and then fell on his right side, it’s a safe bet he had little control over the knife, still in his right hand. If it had been a gun in his hand, then shooting him until the gun was out of his hand makes sense. It wasn’t a gun, and a knife in the hand of a guy laying on the ground offers little danger to anyone. I understand that cops have dangerous jobs, and most of the shootings by cops are good shootings, this ain’t one of them.

        • BiGB

          Didn’t the city already pay the Family, FIVE MILLION DOLLARS?

          • I didn’t know that. Go figure….


          • Yes, they did. It’s all the city could have done. They compensated the family beyond the wildest dreams of any “victim”, and charged the cop with murder. Any violent rioting that follows this should be put down with shoot-to-kill orders.

          • Maybe they should have shot the family too?

      3. Chicago’s a big,big place. Not melting down anytime soon. Watch what some cold rain does to these punks and their motivation.

      4. When a policeman orders you to stop… you stop! Not condoning what the officer did but again. The defiance will get you killed. Waiting for OBO to tell is if he has a son he would have looked like Laquan. What ever happened to names like Bill, George…?

        • Wojo:

          If he had a son it would be a miracle since the word
          on the street is that Michele is really a man or rather
          The First Queen, and President Obama is as gay as
          a French Kiss.

          I asked myself why such a choice by the PTB. I think
          it is part of a psychological de masculinization of power
          of all Americans, black and white. Humiliation. Impotence.
          Then present violence as a way to assert power, and
          pit black against white, as demonstrated by this situation.

          • FOX/CNN/MSNBC…etc. Has done wonders in conditioning the public at large. They have convinced a lot of people that these things are good …

            – Gay is normal
            – You can choose to be a boy or a girl
            – Fat is beautiful
            – Weakness is an admirable quality
            – Strength is a quality of mad men
            – People who love their country are terrorists
            – Rich people are evil
            – White people are racist
            – White people are evil
            – White people should feel guilty for their ‘privilege’
            – Your child belongs to the ‘community’
            – Vaccines are good for you
            – Fluoride in your water is good for you
            – Bombs are clocks
            – Muslims are peaceful

            Propaganda works … because most Americans believe that list of crap above.

            • One of the worst is the normalizing of obesity. Obesity is being sick, it is not beautiful. America once had the healthiest and best looking people in the world. And then they got fat and thought that was cool.

              The programming has been sick and has made for a sorry population. Just go and watch old documentaries from the 80s backwards: Americans looked either skinny or with muscles and strong. Very few were fat: usually the odd crooked cop or fat businessman.

              • Frank Thoughts

                People worked physically hard back then; ditches were dug by hand. I picked corn on a farm as a kid in 1972 (and things were already changing). Now farm labor is imported from Mexico. Shovel snow for money? Mow a lawn for money? Not the youth today. Hell I went out Christmas day a few years back up north and it was 60 degrees outside. No kids playing ball, no new bicycles out. They’re in a room with some electronic R2D2 device (I can’t keep track of them or what they do). Cheap food is relatively cheap (nutritious food is expensive).

                This trend is manifesting itself around the entire developed world.

            • FTW …VERY well said!

            • yep exactly

        • I am having a hard time feeling sorry for the violent punk. I watched the video: the police had to drive a very long way to respond to the call and then had to confront a violent punk waving a knife around in the middle of the road. He clearly threatened the officers. It was their call: it was night time and I would not know what I would do under those circumstances.

          I am getting tired of people bringing these incidents up. None of them have given me the impression the police were out of line.

          And, yes, those names just say ‘unemployable’: Laticksha, Kwame, Kantinkshen, Laquan… could these people even find Africa on the world map? More than likely not. I work regularly in Africa and the place is a million miles from the culture of death and despair that is the African-American gheeeeetoes. Actual Africans are very friendly, optimistic people when you meet them.

          • Frank – another name comes to mind as being “unemployable”.

            Barrack Obama – I suppose his 50% white privilege and the other 50% affirmative action is what gained him employment. Even though, he doesn’t have the credentials to be fit for a high tech shoeshine boy.

            • FTW, LMAO! “High-tech shoeshine boy”. Good one. first time I’ve been able to laugh all day.

              • Braveheart – I’m glad I could help you out in that area … sometimes we have to laugh at the chaos that has been unfolding in front of us … because anymore … nothing makes sense … maybe every single one of us live in the Matrix … Iduno?

                • FTW, once again, thanks for getting me to laugh. Laughing IS better than putting my fist through a window, which I almost did today.

          • Frank, after what I’ve been through today, NO WAY I’ll feel sorry for any punk. If I find the POS that broke into my home, I’ll save the taxpayers some money.

          • The “police” didn’t shoot this guy. ONE cop did all of the shooting–another cop stopped him. This suggests to me the rest of the cops on the scene saw no reason to shoot at that point.

        • 21 foot rule for knife swinger-kabooooooooooooooom

          • ,yup

      5. a recent survey revealed that 75% of the public thinks the government is CORRUPT

        and there certainly is a MASSIVE amount of evidence to that effect

        Signs of a Dying Society

        Home, Sweet Kleptocracy

        do YOU believe anything the government says ???
        I certainly don’t
        if it comes from the government I automatically regard it as being a LIE
        until verified by other sources

        people have had enough
        they’re starting to hit the streets

        big surprise

        • 75% of the public thinks the government is CORRUPT

          This statistic implies that 25% of the public is completely ignorant.

          • Or the 25% are sure of it

        • Satori, NOBODY here believes the govt. That’s one reason we’re here.

          • What’s this??? They lie to us???

            This surely can’t be happening??? … DAMMIT!!! … Your tinfoil hat must be on too tight!!!!!

            [sarcasm off]

      6. A hub of criminal gangs in suits.

      7. I’ve watched the video. I don’t like cops, but admit they are a necessary evil. But that cop exceeded all norms. You shoot at center mass to “stop”. The extra shots were way out of line.
        He must have been a SWAT team member. I wonder how many dogs he killed?

        • agreed.

          he never should’ve been allowed to stay on the force from what i see from his background; he should be a mall cop or security guard and he should get life; but it’s not worth up-ending a city.

          there’s supposedly about 20 million arrests per year, so there are more total confrontation with cops if there are that many arrests and there’s 10 notable incidents ? (and by notable, i mean it makes national news; cops do use their authority like a hammer a lot more than that).

          by that percent i’d say cops are doing extremely well given the current divide being created between cops and pathetic excuses for human beings.

      8. that particular cop had at least 18 complaints filed against him

        in the last decade,the city of Chicago,bankrupt as it is,
        has paid out over 500 million dollars because of bad cops

        • While I agree the bad apples should be held accountable for their actions, there ARE still some good cops out there. I dealt with some just a few hours ago.

          • I agree, there are good cops out there. All two of them.

            • I only know one good cop. My BIL.

        • It was reported that some of the complaints filed included using racial slurs. Give me a break. Every n1gger caught in any crime now makes the argument that it was. “black thing”. So, I place no value on any info that suggest a police officer is a bad apple simply because a black criminal swears that someone used a “bad word” in his/her presence. I ask that you really look at the complaints filed before you cast judgement.

      9. The timing was intentional. No one riots during holidays. By the time the holidays are over, no one will remember. Besides, it is cold. No one riots in freezing rain and snow.

        • i hope not.

          i went out and got pounds of popcorn to watch chicago be more entertaining that a nascar race for the next 4 days, the heck with football.

          (heavy sarcasm intended)

        • Here in the UK riot season is summer. Come winter everyone huddles and tries to keep warm. I’ve always thought that if a collapse is planned then tptb will time it for mid-winter to minimise any civil unrest when the atms stop spewing and the tills go silent. A hungry, cold population is far easier to control.

          Agree the timing is intentional – the aim to is increase the sense of helplessness in the general public, not to incite violence.

          We are being corralled like cattle towards a final destination, and that’s not a healthy feeling. Celebrate a modest holiday season and use the funds saved to plan a decent spring planting. Come this time next year – you may be very grateful you did.

      10. Off-topic but important. My home was broken into this morning. I left at 7AM for work. Came back at 10:30AM for something I forgot and found my front door open. Went inside and found the place ransacked. I found a safe missing which had 5 handguns in it. My long guns were still there. all my electronics were still there. It had to be someone who was looking for one thing in particular. I called the police, who showed up 1.5 hours later and took a report. they dusted for fingerprints inside and managed to get a few good prints. The officers I dealt with were very professional and courteous. This happened in broad daylight. Had I been there when they came around, they WOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN IN. I don’t have any f#$%in sympathy for BLM or any other scumbag group. Today I’m a victim of a home invasion. At least I still have some means of self-defense left. Now I know what my Christmas will be. I’ll be replacing 2 of the handguns that were my favorites. I gave the police the serial numbers on them so they’ve been reported as stolen, so I’m in the clear legally if any of them are used in any type of crime. You can well imagine what kind of mood I’m in right now. If BLM or any other scum want to riot, then someone just needs to blow their stupid asses away. If they come to me to start some shit, I’ve still got something for protection. No monkey or anyone else will ever have their own way with me. MOLON LABE

        • That fuckin sucks

        • Sorry to hear Braveheart. Hopefully they will show up somewhere and they will nail the ba====rds. Seems like daytime burglaries are getting more popular these days. They know most people aren’t home and the cowards don’t want to take a chance on getting shot. Hang tough.

          • The thieves are everywhere, and we haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until all the syrian refugees get here, and the dollar goes belly up.

            My gun that has the least dollar value, has the most sentimental value. My grandfather’s little early sixties, 22 bolt action. It was the only gun we ever knew him to own, and I was the proud recipient after he died.

            When I realized that my home was vulnerable, I took my gun savings account, way back in the seventies, and waited till I got enough saved, to buy a heavy steel safe that would take four men to move, with a lot of straining and work. Also it is anchored to the floor joist.

            Now, when I go away for a few days or a few weeks, I don’t worry about my guns and PM’s. The rest can be replaced.

            Maybe, a bigger, heavier, and better safe would have been more important than a few extra guns?

        • Sorry to read that Brave.

          Stuff is just stuff and at least you’re ok.

          You’ll build your kit back up again and I bet it’ll be even better than before.

          Still, no matter what’s said by us well-meaners what has happened really sucks.

          Sorry Brave.

          • I’ll help you bury them Brave….nice and deep!

        • Wow, BH. I hope they find those thugs, and return your property. Better yet I hope you find the thugs before they do and make sure the the bastards will never be able to do that again. I’ll even buy you a new shovel.

          • Nobama, JAS, and EOTS, thanks for the concern. If I find the f#$%ers, I’ll save the taxpayers some money. One of the guns they took was one I had just bought this past Sat. and hadn’t even been to the range with it yet. But that one and one other I had will be replaced. it’s a loss that’s a real bitch to accept, but it’s something I have to live with. An incident like this makes me hardline than ever now. I’m calm, but it’s taking extra effort on my part to stay that way.

            • Braveheart,

              It is interesting that you bought a new pistol Saturday and all that was missing was the safe with pistols. Sounds like someone knew what you bought and where you kept them. Could have been someone who overheard you talking at the dealer and followed you home.

              • JAS, what you say is possible, but all I can do is wait and see if ANY of them turn up. I just pray that none of them are ever used in any type of crime against anyone. That is my biggest concern.

            • BH, have you thought about the possibility that your incident might have been staged to look like a burglary? Just a thought, you might want to sweep your home for bugs. Be safe my friend.

        • Braveheart – sorry to hear your bad unfortunate news, may those fingerprints comeback as a positive hit in identifying the thief(s).

          Gone at 7am and back at 10:30am – somebody has been watching your residence for awhile, and or … somebody you know personally and they know your schedule.

          Damn … what does a person have to do to keep intruders out … set up some Bear Traps, Punji Sticks, Claymores?

          • Given the scenario you describe and the fact that your current residence is not your intended “forever home”, I’d be looking at moving house. If that’s not possible review your OPSEC and at a minimum introduce some random curve balls to your daily routine. Most of all stay safe!

          • BH…it was the nigs across the street, or the tweeks next door. get out of the ghetto…and they will be coming back for more after a while. sounds like you might have interrupted them.

        • Sorry to hear about this BH, this damn world is getting worse and worse.
          Set a trap, they know theres more guns, take a suitcase, have someone pick you up, and figure a way to sneak back in without eing seen, dont go out, or use lights, let mail or paper pile up, they will be back.

        • Brave…really sorry to hear that. Keep an eye on the close friends who are aware of when you are at home or at work. Such crimes mostly is done by folks who you had no idea to be criminals.

          I hope you had the S# of the handguns and given to the cops so in case they are used later in a crime you would be safe.

          Take care and glad you are OK since the tools always can be replaced.

        • Braveheart:

          Stay calm and buy a German Shepherd. They are
          wonderful companions.

          • German Shepherd…everything else is just a dog.

            • i disagree on the german shepherd …LITTLE dogs hear EVERYthing, and they let you KNOW it…that’s why we call ’em yappy…it’s the dog’s job to warn me of intruders…it’s MY job to dispatch them. even if you’re not home, they will make noise, and possibly scare off the intruder(s)….thieves HATE noise…added benefits are they eat less(a BIG concern AFTER SHTF). and their messes are much easier to clean up. i have a german shepherd, and he’s a good watchdog, but when SHTF, i will be procuring a SMALL dog to be in the house all the time.

        • Sorry to hear B.H. We just need tougher laws. get caught steeling, cut off a finger. I don’t think it will take them long to learn. Start with the trigger finger…

          • No we don’t need more laws. Criminals do not obey laws, so what will good more laws do?

        • Damn Brave that sucks! Hopefully they will catch the punks that did it. Maybe get a cheap game camera and put it in your house somewhere out of noticeable sight. You can also get cheap motion sensor dvr’s on ebay. Was your safe bolted to the floor? So sorry to hear about this 🙁

          • Genius, no the safe wasn’t bolted but that will change with the next safe I buy. I might get a surveillance system for the house now. Something’s wrong in this country when you have to turn your own home into a damn jail just to feel safe in it.

            • Braveheart.

              The youngsters knew me as the Crazy White Dude in the neighborhood after I had a disagreement with my neighbor.

              Having to turn your home into a fortress is sad but it does have its good point.

            • We fortified ours. Built in safe, security cameras, security system and panic buttons. We also have a German Shepherd Dog and we are armed 24/7/365. Fact of life in this world today.

        • Sorry to hear about your loss. I know exactly how it feels. Thanks though for getting me straight on BLM. We live rurally and are surrounded by BLM land. I couldn’t understand what the Bureau of Land Management would be rioting for. I see now– it must mean Black Lives Matter.
          By the way, when I was robbed years ago, the police came to take report and told me to expect the bad guys back in about a month when my insurance had paid off and I had replaced with new. It happened. Be aware.

        • The robber knew you and what you had.

        • Sorry to hear of your loss, Braveheart. I was at the hospital when my car was stolen out of the parking garage there. Drove right past me. One tire was flat, I was waiting for a family member to bring a can of fix-a-flat when the thief in a faggoty-looking yellow pie hat drove past me. God was looking out for me that day–got the car back within an hour. The flat tire was destroyed, but the car was intact. My 1911-A1 clone was gone, though. The gun was replaced within days, the car would have been much harder to replace, so I saw that as a true blessing. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

      11. Sharpton got his raise
        He’s staying where it’s safe and warm
        There must not be anyone to gin up the fight

        • Sharpton/Race Hustler sure did make out well.

          Al Sharpton gave himself a 71 percent raise last year after his National Action Network group drew a record $6.9 million in donations.

          Meanwhile, Sharpton still has outstanding tax liens of $3.4 million, including money he owes personally to both New York state and the IRS, and taxes owed by his businesses, according to public records.

          • FTW, spot on about Sharpton and the IRS won’t touch him because he’s one of the ‘privileged ones’. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM]

            • I suppose affirmative action is wonderful … must be so great that I’m gonna visit the local Tanning Salon and take some Tanning Pills and change my name to …

              Farasat Tyrone Wilson

              Then I’m gonna sign up for some ‘gib meh dat’s’

              • FTW, haha. Good one.

              • Yo man, finnin a git yoo sum gubbment cheese? I likes dat brown shoo polish better. Axe dem fo me too, tell dem biches I likes cheddar 🙂

                • Sheet ‘ya son, gunna b gettin all da fixin’s an sheet. yessirree … gunna botox mi lipps … phat’em up reelz good’n so i’d be fitt’n wit ‘da crowd ‘yall

                  i’d be roll’n down toda corthouse getti’n payd!!

                  gunna be rich off’eh ‘da man … oh an fuc whittie!!

                  yo mamma jamma

                  Blackend Eyes Lives Rulz – peece’n outta hair!

                  • Makes shure yoos git ya sum a dem gold teefs too wif da diamonds in dem. Dem ho’s luvs dat sheet.

                    • hellya son … gotza gits me some grillz ‘n sheet.

                      tanks ‘fo ‘da minder ‘n all bro!

                      wit dat doghz reel’n in month 2 month, i’s beez able 2 git my demo rekordid ‘n git contrak – ‘mo money fo me an b1tch’z an ho’s!
                      40oz 2 freedum ya’ll

      12. It will start as a race and quickly turn into a civil war. With in the first 24hrs hundreds will die and Martial Law will be proven to be a joke. Prepare for what is coming our way and yes it will never get back to normal. Make thing’s right with GOD and trust absolutely no one out side of family, I MEAN NO ONE!! Good luck if you are going to bug out, the only way you’ll make it to your BOL is get there before the first shot is fired. All IMHO.

      13. Y’all have a safe Thanksgiving Day. If you’re hunting that day – be careful out there – seems there’s a lot of fools that like to shoot up the countryside without checking their backstop…
        Braveheart – sorry to hear that you got burgled. Hope you get your replacements for Christmas (or sooner). Hopefully they didn’t get the ammo and magazines for those firearms they took. I have my safe bolted to the floor (concrete, btw) and the serials all recorded and stored in another location.
        Be well.

        • Cat Herder, thanks for that. I gave the cops the serial numbers on them, so they have been reported as stolen. Strange thing is they didn’t take my long guns at all so I still have means of self-defense.

          • Good to hear that – long guns are tough to move around in an enclosed environment – however – .308 still goes in small, leaves really huge – especially when it hits bone.
            The bad guys didn’t get any extras (magazines or ammo) at the same time they took your handguns? I hope not. That seems to be the going thing now – makes it easier for them to sell that hot stuff to their fellow bangers.
            Thanks for the reminder – I need to get another setup for security for the ammo (and magazines) stored securely…
            Be well. Stay safe. Watch your 6. These guys may have made a note to come back again…
            Rat traps with 12 gauge works wonders as an entry deterrent… ? Oops…did I say that?

            • Cat Herder, no they didn’t take any mags at all or even any ammo. They had a 2.5 hour window where they could’ve taken me to the cleaners but they didn’t. They didn’t even touch any electronics in the house. so I suspect they only wanted one thing in particular. IF they come back, they better hope I’m not at home. I’m ready to make some mofo push up daisies.

          • Braveheart1776

            I’m pissed off that you had a break in and they took some of your weapons. Somehow you became a target. The best thing for your safe is bolt it to the floor or concrete slab. As Cat said they had a look at your stuff and they may come back for more.
            I know your mad but you need to go back and review what we have talked about. You missed something. Also If they want to get in your home they will.
            I would take pictures of the street and the cars before I leave with my cell phone camera for a week. Might catch them before the act and discourage them. They need time in the house to steal. There are items that make noise to bring attention. Make them leave because of the noise and it cuts the time trying to shut it off. Like a car alarm. I would close and lock inside doors so they would have to kick them in too. Making more noise. Think Fish Hooks. Good deterrent from having your car stereo stolen.

            Hope you catch them.

            • Sling, the last thing they want is for ME to catch them. And I don’t know for sure if it was just 1 or 2 POS. Fortunately the other members of my “ventilation team” are still with me and I still have plenty of “food” for them. Someone could end up pushing up daisies before it’s all said and done.

          • BH, they took the small gun safe because it was readily available. They’ll come back for the other stuff later.

            Take steps now to fort up your domicile, get that security system installed this weekend, and do print out a list of your firearms, in case your record is an Excel sheet on your PC, that could walk out the door, too.

            They’re not going to be there for 2.5 hours, they want in and out, 5 minutes.

            Do disperse your mags and ammo around, they won’t get it all if they do return.

            Don’t mean to tell you how to spend your money, but spend on the security system first, then replace the handguns.

            • It sucks that BH was robbed, I know the feeling. In my case it turned out to be someone I knew and had helped out.

              Bolt those safes down.

              I keep original receipts for all firearms in the Safe Deposit box at the bank. I also keep copies in a safe at home and in the ammo case that always goes with me to the range. If I’m ever pulled over I can show clear ownership. For pre 1968 firearms that were passed down, I’ve been creating affidavits that attest to them being my property and documenting where they came from, so as to prove ownership when they go to my children. Theoretically an affidavit carrys the same value of my testimony even after I die, but it is not a traceable tool gun grabbers could use. If one of these firearms was taken my kids can prove ownership to get them back from police.

              From a prepper perspective I suggest several hidden compartments around your home where guns, ammo and cash can be hidden, where no one can find them. When I go away I have several items hidden in different places rather than all my eggs in one basket. Remember some thieves will use metal detectors or even dogs to locate hidden things. Look on the Internet for great ideas for hidden traps, and then avoid those ideas like the plague! Police now have access to cameras that can literally see through walls, thieves will likely have this technology soon.

              Doors – there are reinforcing repair kits made for repairing a door that has been kicked in. Installing these kits in a door that has never been kicked in makes it really tough to break in that door. I also like a gizmo called a door club that on Amazon, it provides another locking point for a door, though it can’t be unlocked from outside.

              I like security/hurricane window film. It makes it really tough to break in through a window. Installed by a pro it costs a fortune, but if you DIY install you can do it pretty reasonably. There are YouTube videos that show how to install it.

              Bars on basement windows are inexpensive as well for a DIY’er.

              I’m shopping to upgrade my alarm system. Many new high tech alarm systems turn out to be Internet hack-able. Buyer beware.

              I’ve had outside motion sensors for years, it’s nice to know they are there, even before they get in.

              Good luck, our castle’s security is very important. For the cost of one high end pistol, a few magazines and a thousand rounds of ammo you could afford everything I listed above.

      14. Now, regarding what’s going to potentially happen in Chicago:
        Chicago might be a “big city” on the “Great Lakes” but there’s plenty of nasty dudes there – I was there in the early 2k’s working on the CTA vehicles communications systems. I hated to go to 79th street bus garage at night shift for tracking work – couldn’t carry concealed at all.
        Worse, it seemed like all the blacks there had a hardon for anything white and went out of their way to start stupid stuff.
        I hope the town grew up after Cabrini Green got tore down…maybe not from the looks of the news reports so far.

        • Chicago, deserves whatever is coming to it.

          • BH- I commented earlier about my experiences with same. Since then I have had good alarm systems and those dickheads go elsewhere. It’s not that expensive and you might not be in that location that long anyway. Try and use a small independent and get good equipment.

      15. Welcome to 1938 Germany, complete with a Nazi Police State.

      16. Hoo Lawds!! I iz be gonna getting that bigass TeeBee I had alwayed beez wantin! Sorry bout yo losses an all, but dat hi def be beeyatchin!! Hapee Kwanzza an all dat sheeat!

      17. The shit is coming to Chicago in spade’s. Why; if it starts it will start there Obama, Hilary, Valarie, and Ram home town. They will get the loin share of the Fed money to stop the carnage, Ram words spoken” Let no crises go to waste”!

      18. Braveheart1776

        Sorry to hear the news about your guns. First class bummer.

      19. The person shot was under the influence of PCP.16 rounds blasted off in a dense area is risky.If it was 3 or 5 rounds, it wouldn’t merit this current attention. But the manner of the person carrying on like he did threw up obvious warnings to police that they had a very bizarre person under some type of substance. All these synthetic laced drugs are making crazy look good.

        • A web site called had an article that reviewed a course given by a PH.D. Titled “lights, sights, lasers”

          It spoke about shootings in low light situations which this was. Often police are so fixated on the targets hands or possible hiding spots for weapons they end up firing lots of shots that hit people in the places where the police are looking.

          As a result the police fire many useless rounds at the bad guys hands, pockets or even a bystander that the cop looks at. Police are trained to fire instinctively at what they are looking at, and if distracted, police will fire shots everywhere their eyes. look to. It’s human nature.

          Firing in reduced lighting is extremely hazardous because in the dark its easy to miss the real threat and fire at an imagined threat or just something that attracted your eyes for a moment.

          One conclusion was to keep it simple. If you buy a light that attaches to your pistol or riffle. Get the simplest you can. Something with multiple settings can get you killed if to are fooling around with it trying to get it in just the right mode, “dim, bright, strobe, laser. “

          • There was a mom and pop store shooting a few years back, the bad guy held a knife to the owners wife, when the owner pulled his gun. The owner tried to shoot the bad guy, but was so fixated on his wife, he shot her right in the face.

            This shooting in Chicago is typical of low light shootings. Many rounds fired that go all over creation. The cop is lucky he didn’t kill other people.

            Having a good light helps you aim, but a bad guy with a gun often fixates on the light. A recent police shooting where the cop has a flashlight mounted on his pistol; the bad guy got a direct hit on the flashlight, because that is what he fixated on. The cop was fine the light stopped the bullet.

      20. Hey, here’s an idea! Let’s have police go back to being PEACE officers, and let’s also go back to the public being respectful towards police (yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know there are some bad apples – like that guy shot shot that kid in Chicago – but the vast majority are not). When I get pulled over on the highwway I *never* lip off. Why? It’s immature and counterproductive. And besides, 99% of these guys just are doing their job and want to get home that night.

        And let’s all try a bit of non-violence (I’m not referring to self-defense here.) Of course, I exclude the Muslims here, as to remove violence from their religion would leave them with a completely blank book!

      21. Of course, once again proving that black lives matter. But only if they’re killed by someone with white skin.

        • I wonder how many ‘black lives’ were taken by black men in the months since that incident? I bet it was a lot. They will riot over the loss of this useless punk’s life. Sad…

          • Oh they don’t give one shit about that punk. They just want an excuse to riot and be normal. It’s what they do, all their ancestors are from the fucking jungle, it’s in their blood to be savages.

          • Ah yes the hamsters are going crazy again. Where was it last week (city) where a protest(over a police shooting) was held and the cops didn’t take the bait so they got to shooting each other in the crowd and about a dozen were wounded. Friggen hamsters can’t keep their God damn hands to their selves. Far as I’m concerned it was a good shooting.

      22. The ZioMedia is an instrument of terror. European
        Americans are the target, victims of these light skinned
        nonEuropean Semitic(Middle Eastern) racial Supremacists,
        erroneously believed by blacks and some whites to be
        white (Caucasan) European. They are not. They hate
        white European people. They have been using blacks
        in order to genocidally wontonly irrationally attack an innocent
        race of people.
        White people did not enslave African Americans.
        The slave trade is by in large, the product of these
        light skinned Semitic people often passing as whites
        when it benefits them, but staying apart when it does not.
        In Isreal it is against the law for a white Caucasan European
        to marry an Israeli. According to the Talmud we are all animals.

      23. I really thought that Shitcago or Chiraq would have burned already. Better late than never!

        Don’t let a good crisis go to waist.


      24. This is the exact reason Hussein is taking away the military equipment from the Local Police and Sheriffs. It all has to be returned to the Federal Government by April 1, 2016. The police can’t protect then, and we’ll just have to do the best we can. Don’t, repeat, don’t waste 16 bullets on one person. Respect the environment. Please!

      25. A cop gets charged with murder.

        Rioting and unrest anyway, same as if he hadn’t been.

        What, exactly, do they want?

      26. I wuz be moderated befo . I iz gonna git my big screen hd now mofos. Dat pic iz dat shitz! . I sorry bout yo child, I didn’t know em, but I sho iz glad dis shit is cumin on! Krismas iz cummin erly dis yeer fo sho!!!!

      27. Local news here indicates the protesters are serious about trying to shut down the Mag Mile on Friday….local news is trying to down play protests in Chicago…

      28. Cops are the largest gang out there. They don’t like other criminal gangs taking their share. now they need their mayor to give them room to destroy.

      29. Brave,sorry to hear about B&E,damn,you just got a new toy!This though is why I have excepting with me or very well hidden all firearms excepting 1 have firing pins removed.Some dolt does get thru my safe or me friends(have stuff stored in a few states)hope they try a crime,they will be in for a surprise!Seriously,you disagreed with me on it before but something to consider except your daily/home protector,in me case 1911.As I know you don’t drink(me either at moment)have a cup of joe and some Goldfish crackers.I would also say go shopping this weekend even with the pre holiday hysteria,get one good handgun and restart the collection!

      30. If the boy really was approaching cops with a knife then he got what he deserved. If the cop shot an unarmed citizen then he deserves to fry.

        • He

          The video shows him armed with a knife but walking away. Certainly not advancing towards the officers.

          If a Police officers testimony and report conflicts with indisputable evidence such as video its a false statement. Making a false statement is a crime. The, “I don’t remember it that way” is no excuse for the truth. It happened a certain way. Its either, “I don’t recall as it happened too fast” or you tell it like it is.

          Tampering with evidence is even worse.

          • So the cops should let him walk away while brandishing a deadly weapon after threatening them? Then he gets to go around the corner and kill some innocent to get another car?

            What part of fleeing felon am I missing here?

      31. The cases of misuse of Police lethal force that look like a no brainer like entering the wrong home unannounced and killing the law abiding home owner I don’t see prosecuted. The “iffy” cases where the guy is a criminal and runs get prosecuted.

        This case isn’t 100% clean either way but there is some grey here.

        In the end it might not be murder but tampering with evidence in a capital case calls for felony charges regardless. According to “the news” (I know bad assumption at this point) Police messed with video from local stores.

      32. WTF, a scum bag high on PCP gets ventilated after he threatens cops with a knife. GOOD, IMO this guy would have harmed someone else down the road. This country is insane, tuely mentally ill. The cop gets charged with first degree murder, unreal. Some high asshole comes in my house with a knife, I got 18 rounds in my CZ 75 B, and I will use every one of them. He was black, so what, I am sure the knife and his demeanor had a much greater bearing on what happened to him than the color of his skin. Some high crazy asshole comes at you with a knife and you have a gun, oh well. We have so many pussies in this country it sickens me. We’re the last 10 shots excessive , I don’t know I wasn’t there, I do know that if we keep putting cops in situations with no where to go and no way to get there, our society will accelerate its spiral to anarchy. The dead man called this play,not the cop. You grab the bull, you get the horns. Fuck him, and fuck anybody that feels sorry for him. Man the fuck up people.

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