Venezuela Will Turn Violent If Maduro Blocks Recall: “Bomb That Could Explode At Any Moment”

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 86 comments

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    Image María Alejandra Mora (SoyMAM), Creative Commons.

    Image María Alejandra Mora (SoyMAM), Creative Commons.

    The situation in Venezuela has only been getting worse, and there is virtually no one there who is spared the gathering instability and unrest as millions face food shortages, power outages, a currency crisis and political repression.

    Much of the blame has been placed squarely on President Nicolas Maduro, the embattled socialist leader who has clamped down rather than give up power, even as a conditions reach the point of all-out crisis.

    A significant portion of the population are lining up for hours to give fingerprint scans – this time not to buy food rations, but to certify their signatures on a ballot to recall and oust Maduro.

    According to AFP:

    Venezuelans queued to get fingerprinted Monday in a crucial phase of efforts to force President Nicolas Maduro from power, after food shortages sparked deadly protests and looting.

    Thousands of Maduro’s opponents lined up to submit their fingerprints so electoral authorities can authenticate signatures on a petition calling for a referendum on his rule.

    The procedures, due to run until Friday, could make or break the bid to hold a recall vote on Maduro.


    Of the 1.3 million signatures recorded by the electoral board in the initial petition, at least 200,000 must be authenticated to pass to the next phase. The next step will require the collection of four million more signatures to call a full referendum.

    Venezuela’s population is around 30 million.

    But the socialist leader has become something of a dictator, with control over the courts and administration system, and many ways of declaring the recall petition as invalid, while denying his critics and opponents a platform for dissent and change.

    There is a widespread belief that President Maduro will simply block the effort and deny his opponents as he holds on to power.

    As Maduro doubles down and blames the imperial American influence for trying to unseat him through a silent, protracted economic war (plunging oil prices largely initiated this current phase of collapse), a sense of unrest is growing that many fear could lead directly to widespread violence.

    As the AFP notes, the conditions are basically set up for conflict:

    Maduro is resisting efforts for a referendum. He has alleged irregularities in the signature process.

    The president has warned he may decree emergency measures if confronted with more violence.


    The head of the electoral council Tibisay Lucena warned that any violence during this week’s proceedings could cause the process to be suspended.

    Analysts and some political leaders have warned of further unrest if the referendum is blocked.

    “Venezuela is like a bomb that could explode at any moment,” said senior opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

    “If the social tension keeps rising, if starts to boil over, as is happening, the outburst is going to be much worse.”

    With regular episodes of looting, rioting and clashes with state authorities, Venezuela has already spilled over into violence.

    The question is, what threshold will lead to further imposition of martial law and more widespread and targeted outbreaks of violence and unrest.

    This failed state is determined to go straight into the depths of hell before it can come out again.

    The economic and political realities are desperate indeed, and may well hit home in the economic and social events yet to unfold.

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      1. Socialism kills. Dictatorships will fall and the sheeple will rise…. Hopefully. Otherwise, you get what you pay for.

        • These people aren’t lining up to give fingerprints to verify a petition. These people are lining up to tell the government who they are so the government will ban these people from getting food.

          This crisis won’t get better with a recall. Violence will happen just because people are hungry.

          • Come all who hate government and gives us your finger prints so we can work together….

            Come medical pot people and growers so we know who you are

            Thanks ahead of time….

      2. This is what Obama is doing to USA and the Muslim Brotherhood and UN.. The Establishment wanted to keep taxing people to death so the Leaders can stuff his pockets and fill his pantry

        I do not see how this leader any leader can sit down to his next dinner of steak while the People are suffering..

        There is going to be a nice warm place for the Leaders when Jesus returns

        • Let them eat cake!

      3. Don’t think that the politicians here aren’t taking notes for future reference,soon to be copied here. Obama is doubling down on his agenda before he leaves office(if he leaves).

        • …no dictator has ever left power voluntarily…except maybe, that dictator is offered the position of dictator of the world. In which case the battle of us against them, globalist versus nationalist, freeman versus willing slave will with near certainty commence.
          Venezuela is a beta test of what that would look like. Brexit is chilling to globalist domination and should it become reality., will accelerate the time line to insert the “Agenda”.

          Live Free or Die…what’s in your wallet?

          • You are right, this dictator is not going anywhere. This mess will end in an all out civil war.

            • You’d think Maduro would be smart enough to allow the referendum, since its his way out in one piece. But then again, dictators seem to have a habit of waiting too long.

            • Good thing they allowed themselves to be disarmed, or they could actually do something. Just like in USA, not enough people asked “If his will be a government we will love, why would he be afraid of us being armed?”

        • VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE.. Its called, “A Russian Warning”. It can be found on Dmitry Orlov’s website, the Saker’s website and also at Paul Craig Roberts’ website.. for some reason the computer is not allowing me to bring the article to you so you can click on it!! PLEASE READ!!!

        • (if he leaves)


      4. They are well-trained socialists to have been this patient for so long. Maduro is murdering Chavism… with his Let them eat Mangoes routine.

        • This always happens when people put their faith in men.

      5. Look at the pattern, regime change of oil producing nations with any potential inclination to buck the oil peg or in the case of Syria have an independent policy.

        Guaranteed the intelligence agencies of the US & UK are there stoking the fires and setting up a successor.

      6. There is a pattern here. Oil producing nations with the inclination of bucking the oil peg or otherwise having policy’s contrary to the interests of the globalists have overt or covert political problems that result in regime change. Very coincidental.

      7. There is a pattern here. Oil producing nations with the inclination of bucking the oil peg or otherwise having policy’s contrary to the interests of the globalists have overt or covert political problems that result in regime change. Very coincidental.

      8. This is the most extreme meltdown of the politics and economics espoused by Naomi Klein and the neo-Marxists. There are other examples – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil etc. – but this was always the one they bet the farm on. It is going to be a douzy when it goes up in flames.

        By espousing an economic programme based essentially on a grudge – the poor should be given the wealth – Venezuela never created sustainable wealth creation. It is the easiest thing in the world to just take an existing productive resource, this case oil, and hand out the profits to any loser who lines up with a begging bowl. It is much harder to teach skills, work ethic, how to save, how to build, how to behave: all the true elements of wealth creation.

        We see now in Europe a similar thing happening, though in Europe’s case it is generous welfare states funded by credit creation and borrowing. The welfare is being handed over to Muslims etc. to buy the peace. It won’t work. Walk around any European city today and you will see the same thing: zombie Muslims and welfare migrants wandering around.

      9. This why we prep it is coming.
        Yesterday one was talking about digging a root cellar,35ft.what,maybe a well!Not where I live,you dig a hole it’s a mudhole.
        Has anyone tried building a box ,bury it,and keep it wet with well water?Evaporation like backyard fridge?Want to know before I waste time and money.Both in short supply at the moment.
        Someone said 2in. of sand between pots with backyard fridge doesn’t sound like enough?Need some advice before I buy.Have been waiting to learn but maybe running out of time.Hope not but!!!
        Maniac –out
        Thanks again Mac,love this site,have learned alot

        • La. Maniac

          on Utube there are vid’s that show how to make a evap pot cooler from clay pots and sand. Also a box style evap/fridge using burlap wooden box and a washtub..

          Does not work well in high humidity.

          Red neck air condition is available.

          • When I was a kid we never had electricity until 1962. It simply wasn’t available. We kept our milk and eggs in the spring house. Milked twice every day. and after 24 hours the cream was removed and the skin milk was fed to the pig,s. We churned the cream into butter. We lighted the house with coleman white gas lanterns. Mostly went to bed and got up with the chickens. We had a AM radio from a car hooked to a 12 V battery in the house to listen to the local radio station. boy where we ever happy when they finally ran electric lines out to where we lived. We where the first in the neighborhood to get a TV. and about 50 people showed up to watch the first episode of The Beverly Hillbillies. Dad put the tv out in the yard and everyone watched. After the show was over most where mad about the way hill folks where portrayed on the show. You would be surprised at how many folks where driving brand new cars and trucks. They maybe didn’t have electric but the could always scrape up enough to make the payment on a new vehicle. And as soon as it was paid for they traded for another new one. My dad bought a new car in 59 another in 64 and another in 66 and kept doing that his entire life. He bought the 66 and in 69 I bought a 67 of the same brand only mine was better it had air cond and power steering. And I paid cash $385.oo and bought mine for less than what he still owed on his 66. Boy did that ever make him mad and Jealous!

            • Old Guy… You must of lived out in the sticks. I remember the debut of The Beverly Hillbillies, it was hillarious and we all busted our guts laughing, still the best sitcom ever on TV, imo

              • We really did! I Remember in 1959 we had a brand new ford galaxie. Big old 15 inch mud grip knobby tires on the rear end. There where big mud hole,s in the gravel road. and the folks pigs commonly roamed free. On the hot days my dad had to stop the car and us kids got out and chased the pigs away that where wallowing in the road. Dad would get a run at the mud holes and hit them at speed. The car was often covered in mud. He had added extra leaves to the rear springs. and installed a trailer hitch. 292 V8 three speed with overdrive and 411 positraction rear end. He used that old car like a truck. Hauled feed in the trunk. There where 7 of us kids. It was a different world. School closed in the fall when the cotton was ready to pick. And closed for Deer season also. They paid 3 cents per pound to pick cotton. I had one sister who could pick 300 pounds per day. and then helped her boyfriend to pick 300 pounds. I could only pick about a 100 pounds. But $3 was a lot of money back then .We had a wringer washer with a gas engine. and a Lario pump with a gas engine and on wash day it was my job to keep those engines running. I still have the Lario pump and the engine from the maytag washer. We where primitive and poor but wherent aware of it. we never knew anything any different. We countributed to the Key club clothing drive at the school to help the poor people in Applicahia LOL! We actually thought we where middle class. We kept up with the Joneses and bought a new car every so often and had a fence row filled with the old ones to prove it! When I was little I would aggravate the tumble bugs. I would make trenches for the turd rollers poop ball to fall into and get amusement watching them. I had forgot about that. The other day my grandchildren where watching Net Flix. Oscars Oasis was on. And there where turd rollers on the cartoon. The kids didn’t even know what they where. So I started telling my story,s and pretty soon the Tv was off and the grandkids and daughter in law where listening in amazement. I haven’t seen a turd roller in many years. I suppose the chemicals spraying & fertilizing has decimated the population.

                • OG, I remember my grandfather would go out to the garage everyday and wipe down his Dodge Polara with a dry rag to keep the dust off. His vehicles never went beyond 30K miles and always traded them in at that time.

                • God damn it I want this.

                  I’d say “back” but I only caught the very very tail end of it, most of it was stories I heard from relatives as a kid.

                  Even if you could half reproduce the lifestyle, however, you’d never reproduce the community. Or the tax rates for that matter… 9__9

          • Thanks anon
            Never been on u tube but I guess this Dino should learn.Not really computer literate.Pure de redneck!I like the old ways!!
            Maniac –out

        • Hello La.Maniac.

          I posted about this a few years ago, but it never hurts to post about it again. Here is a homebuilt “fridge” called an Icyball that uses heat to start the reaction.

          If you’re handy with tools this could be a reefer for you. It works all day before needing attention.


          • JRS thanks very interesting.checking different ideas out,I like to build $hit.Pedal powered pumps,generators my kids think I’m nuts.hey,maybe so!
            Crazy like a fox.
            Maniac — out

          • Thank you kindly, love to build things and learn new stuff. 🙂

      10. Did anyone see how their leaders are living? No food shortage there. The Rich in Venezuela are living life as if nothing is happening. Much like Herbert Hoover denied that there ever was a depression in the United states, They were doing well in Washington.

      11. Cannibalism is coming…very sad

        • It will be ok, all those socialists are really plump and juicy.

      12. Like I give a durn about those folks. They slopped at the socialist trough for many years. then oil went kapuit and the trough was empty. They mostly are a bunch of parasites who cannot and will not ever learn Know How and self reliance. instead of even trying to learn something that will help themselves they resort to a recall? Stupid sheeple who still believe there is a political solution that will magically continue to enable their parasite oxygen thieving existence. As stupid as those who think the USA presidential election is gong to solve anything. Voting is a exercise in futility.

        • Very well said! They are the oxygen thieves of the world, no different than those who suck on the teet of welfare in the more prosperous countries. Anyone who is living on welfare or handouts after 5 years (more than long enough to pick up new skills and sort your life out) is just a parasite.

          “Oxygen thieves of the world, unite! You only have your EBT cards, free dental and medical, free housing, free transportation, free education, to lose.”

          • They should all storm the rich places , they may die but it is better then starving to death

            • No shit. What exactly have they got to lose at this point?

              Yeah let’s not think too hard about that one because now that I say that… and putting myself in the shoes of a dictatorial asshole… I can actually find a way to answer that one. Ugh. Well not gonna give him any ideas.

            • Like there are really enough rich places to storm?

              That is not any different then redistributing wealth. If you take all the rich people’s money and give it to the poor then everybody will be poor.

      13. Wait til all the parasites in this country face the inevitable collapse that is coming. You think Venezuela is bad…this will truly be the zombie apocalypse. Millions upon millions of fat, sick, and stupid slugs suddenly without their medication, food, cell phones, and EBT/SNAP cards. Your going to need a lot of ammo to mow them down.!!!!

        • That’s is correct. And the fat stupid sick slugs will not be just one race. There are plenty of parasite white land wales who will make up a large portion of those millions. I used to work in Illinois. Had a 65 chevy convertible and a huge titted girlfriend who enjoyed riding around with me wearing a too small bikini top and a pair of cutoff blue jeans. Ugly as sin but the knockers made up for it. Any road I would drive real slow by the exercise yard at Menard prison by Chester ill. And throw one can of cold beer over the fence and watch the riot. They would almost kill each other. I think that’s all that would be necessary. possibly make a catapult and toss a small portion of food in the middle of the mob. they will kill each other no ammo needed. I often daydreamed of having a ejector seat and sending that ugly girlfriend over that fence LOL.

          • Love your story’s Old Guy, keep em’ coming. LOL

      14. Of course Maduro will fight to stay in office. Of course the people will turn to violence. Going to get interesting.

        • The hard part is getting reliable news without spin.

      15. NO-NO-NO!

        It will be “different” this time if you elect yet another SOCIALIST.

        The previous guy/gal had it all WRONG!

        THIS TIME, we will get it right, IF YOU JUST ELECT ME!

        (page from Commie Game Book since 1945)

        don’t these Do-Do birds get it? they are being played like a fiddle.

        How’s all that promised “FREE SHIT” workin’ out for ya now?

        People get exactly what they deserve.

        …and that’s what scares Hell outta me!

      16. I see the situation in Venezula as being forced by Washington DC and NWO corporate dictates putting the heat on to oust the so called “socialist” Maduro, same deal as the Chavez murder. No of, by and for the people allowed. The game plan is clear, the same plan transforming America right now. So if you try to control the corporate stranglehold in your imagined sovereign nation, you are reduced to the whims of corporate ruination. Venezuela was once the richest nation in South America. Bloody capitalists, the blame for the ruination of America also. Money placed above people is subhuman.

        • Let’s see now, there are food riots, no economy, rampant inflation, a repressive and dictatorial regime, and you actually think an outside entity is going to have to come in to Venezuela and foment a revolt?

          That’s just about the stupidest comment you’ve ever posted.

          The socialistas don’t need anyone’s help to destroy their country and get a revolution going, they’re doing just fine all by themselves.

          • That’s just about the stupidest comment you’ve ever posted.

            No, I have seen him post worse.

      17. They had security footage of food stores being looted in Venezuela. It’s not that there was no food (before the looting), it’s just that with hyper inflation no one can afford to buy the food that is on the shelves.

        Sad thing is, it is now unlikely that food store can afford new inventory, so it will have to close its doors. The infrastructure is collapsing. Even if their economy got help the damage done is vast.

        It looks like Venezuelians are using flash mob techniques to hit targets they feel are worth looting. Basicly thirty unarmed people descend on a target like locusts. Once all the businesses are cleaned out, they will likely go house to house.

        how would you handle a flash mob of forty people coming at your house, breaking in simultaneously, through every door and window?

        • SEVERAL will DIE….that’s how I will handle the mob coming through MY door…..awww, hell, braveheart, i just stole yer line…LOL(but that’s how it’s gonna BE!)

          • BCOD, that’s OK. Use that line all you want. I don’t own any copyright to it.

          • Venezuela communists banned guns.

            Makes it tough to defend yourself. The bad guys only need to get you to pull a gun, send a picture to the police, and rob your house after the police take you away…… The police will rob you too.

            The whole thing is designed to screw all sheeple. It’s pure evil, by design, no one wins.

        • During the LA riots people looted the Koren stores, many of which were then burned down, except for a few who had gunmen standing on the flat top roofs with rifles in hand, acting as sniper like guards, they shot at or near anyone foolish to wander in their direction. When all was said and done, in many cases, their stores were some times the only ones left. And their contents were in tact. Guns prevent crime and save lives.

          • During LA riots national guard showed up at most stores that had armed men protecting them. The guard ordered them to stop, said the guard was there to protect property, and once the armed store owners left, the guard left too.

            Stores were immediately looted and burned. The government is never here to help.

            • The looting in Katrina in New Orleans, the cops were looting also.

          • Let’s eat Grandma.

            Let’s eat, Grandma.

            PUNCTUATION saves lives.

            • Grammar can save lives to.

              Grandmas, great taste.
              Grandmas, taste great.

              Anyone have grandmas recipes.

        • PTPO

          After Hurricane Andrew went across South Florida. The lower half of the state was terribly damaged. One man stayed in his home and was attacked by many looters. The man had a sub machine gun. (Legal) Fired a few bursts in the air and the attackers ran away. No more looters in that area.

          There are other things you can do to prepare for people who will attack your home.

          Are you ready?

          • TheGuy

            Now that’s funny.

      18. Whats funny is most of these idiot sheep in Venezuela voted FOR this idiot bus driver to be their leader,,,,
        Wait till we see the hand wringing here after hillery gets elected by the stupid sheep in this country and she tells them to eat cake

        • Kula, uh, maybe I missed something, but I thought that Maduro inheritied the office when Chavez died.

          • Add usual prefix

      19. As long as Maduro keeps the ruling elite and his military and police well fed and cared for he will probably have no problem keeping his unarmed populace under control.

        • Just like North Korea, the Army always eats first.

          • It will be the same thing here. Those that are in charge will eat first. The rest of us will provide their meals and have little or nothing.

      20. It’s the biggest shame that all that shit will be here eventually. We’ll all be Venezuelans before it’s all said and done. Keep stacking and praying.

      21. When you have the entire existing establishment paving you way at all costs, like Killary, the opposition is swamped just like the voters minds. Repeat of Oliar’s election psyop.

      22. What really gets my goat Is I often hear some idiot lament. If they had not killed John Kennedy everything would be a lot different. They put shafty kennedy up on a pedestal and worship him? His Old fat womanizer murder brother Ted road on his coattails till the very end.

        • Old Guy:

          Kennedy was printing American money without the Banksters, simply bypassing the Federal Reserve. Our economy would have stabilized and we would not be discussing the ZioNWO and imminent economic collapse not if but when. Our tax money would not go to Isreal to buy bombs. And our kids would not be strapped with student loan debt while our tax money goes to Isreal to send their kids to college on our dime. Your friends may be idiots but I think they have a legitimate case about Kennedy. The PTB would not have arranged his assassination if he was a do nothing puppet.

          • Think whatever you want you the one who has to live with your thoughts.

            • Old Guy It blows my mind when I see comments giving JFK all that praise. He was a Kennedy through and through, and just as Liberal as all the rest of them. I’ve been a Life Member of the NRA for over 50 years and John Kennedy was a driving force of why I joined the NRA. Trekker Out.

      23. Recall or no recall the bungling minions were in Paradise as long as their undeserved, unearned cradle to grave benefits continued to arrive on time each month. The moment the funding stopped then it’s Maduro’s fault, or America’s fault. Why can’t the consumers of wholesale welfare benefits admit that they are the source of all problems, get a bag of seeds, plant a garden, and feed themselves. DAAAAAA! And if they don’t already have seed stored up then they, by the very law of natural selection, are unworthy of life on this planet. If the population of Venezuela is 30,000,000 then that is about one half of one percent of the entire population of the whole world. Now, who the hell in any prepper frame of mind is going to despair over the demise and death of this small quadrant of insanely stupid ugimmes that saw what was coming but refused to make preparations to ride out the storm. People listen: You’ll never be any smarter than the most stupid person you care about. So feeling sorry for, or attempting to help Venezuelans is not in my DNA; that’s for damn sure. You do as you please, but I wouldn’t piss in their mouth if their throat was on fire. Get a life. thanks

      24. “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801 – 1850

        Maybe one day a few people will actually read this, and understand it. At the local universities, the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant in, and Feel the (money) Bern meetings, I ain’t holding my breath tho

      25. Venezuelans ransack stores as hunger stalks crumbling nation – ‘We’re not at war and we’re living worse than in a war situation’

        ht tp://

        • Satori, all it would take to start that here is cut off the EBT cards.

          • Forget nine meals away from anarchy. All hell will break loose if the gibsmedats miss two meals in a row.

        • they say they live in a ‘war situation’, but they all have lots of fat on their bones, they wear nice clothing and shoes, they have glasses, cellphones, and automobiles. One hellofa war zone, isn’t it?

      26. Old Guy, I know what you mean. It’s debatable whether anything would’ve changed under JFK. He was a helluva womanizer himself. I once read somewhere that his wife would sometimes find the underwear his mistresses left behind after their frolicking.

        • Braveheart1776:

          As citizens we have the right to know what our leaders are doing that involves our well being. But we have no right to put our noses into the bedrooms of our elected officials. With the exception of criminal sexual conduct, it’s none of our damn business.

          • B from CA No one is perfect and we all sin, but when we elect people to be our Leaders, yes we should hold them to a little higher standard, and what they do in their bedroom ain’t none of our business, but if we know about it undoubtly they didn’t keep it in their bedroom. Trekker Out. Or Their Oval Office!

      27. My take away from this story is that we should expext to see more illegals crossing the border into our already collapsing shit show.

        • jtx more? good Lord, we hardly have enough busses to transport them in now. Our free shit army is bigger than theirs, I think we can take em.

      28. the army will eventually decide who is in power

        • or drug cartels…..

      29. Now the “Regime” has collected the finger prints of the opposition and knows who they are and where they live…does that remind you of anything?

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