US Nuclear Emergency Response Plan: “Get On The Phone Really Quickly and Figure it Out”

by | Apr 12, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 27 comments

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    While 25% of Americans are highly confident that the US government is prepared to handle a nuclear emergency, Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) isn’t so sure. He voiced his concerns in a recent letter to President Obama:

    In stark contrast to the scenarios contemplated for oil spills and hurricanes, there is no specificity for emergency coordination and command in place for a response to a nuclear disaster. The Nuclear/Radiological Incident Annex to the National Response Framework says that “The Secretary [of Homeland Security] is responsible for coordinating Federal operations within the United states to prepare for, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters and other emergencies.” Yet the Annex also indicates that, depending on the type of incident, the Coordinating Agency may instead be the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, EPA, NRC, or US Coast Guard. When my staff was briefed by staffs of the EPA and NRC, they were informed by another agencies that there is no clarity regarding which agency would be in charge of the various aspects of a response to a nuclear disaster, and that the identity of the lead Federal agency is dependent on many different factors. One Agency official essentially told my staff that if a nuclear incident occurred, they would all get on the phone really quickly and figure it out.

    Source: Letter to President Obama ~ March 13, 2011

    According to Representative Markey, the government has contemplated and created emergency action plans for disasters and potential emergencies indigenous to the United States. Given that Hurricane Katrina was a complete disaster resulting from a total breakdown in the chain of command between local, state and Federal emergency response agencies, and it is a scenario for which we reportedly have response plans in place, we shudder to think what would happen if a major city, region or the entire country were faced with a far-from-equilibrium emergency, be it nuclear or a Rumsfeldian ‘unknown unknown.’ The fact that Representative Markey cited oil spills as another emergency for which we are supposedly prepared doesn’t give us any confidence in government’s best laid plans considering the confusion, misinformation and lack of assistance for Gulf residents that has been apparent with the BP oil spill from day one.

    Billions of dollars have been spent to create and maintain behemoth agencies like FEMA, whose sole purpose is disaster response. If we understand this correctly, the official emergency response action plan is basically “we’ll get on the phone and figure it out.”

    Over $25 billion spent on the nation’s first responder community since 2003 and a conference call is the best we can come up with? We could have accomplished the same thing with an AT&T family plan and saved the US taxpayer $24.99 billion.

    One could argue that anything’s better than nothing, but to play devil’s advocate we can’t help but ask: what if the grid goes down and phone lines are not operational?

    Resources: Steve Quayle, ProPublica, FEMA


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      1. If anyone that comes to this site will be sitting around waiting for FEMA or any of the other ABC’s to help them out in an emergency SHTF situation, then you aren’t paying attention.

      2. I think that if you spend time worrying about this stuff, then you’re not living your life – you’re just sitting and waiting for something bad to happen. Whats to stop a plane from crashing into your house? what if someone runs a red-light and kills your family… what-if what-if what-if…
        Japan was hit with a magnitude 9.1 earthquake AND a 30 foot tidal wave. They were ready for the earthquake and a 25 foot tidal wave. and now people are freaking out. there is no way anyone can be prepared for EVERY possibility under the sun. prep smart, and live your life doing what you LOVE to do. the alternative is living like the unibomber when you dont have to… hermits be gone!

      3. Government is too tied up with the TSA “touching your junk” to plan for the real disasters.

      4. Sure, Sketch, why worry? Why have:
        Health insurance
        Life insurance
        Homeowners/rental insurance
        Lock doors
        Be aware of surroundings
        etc etc
        It’s just part of being an adult. As a child, I didn’t have to worry about much because my parents took care of me. As an adult, it’s my job to take care of my family.
        Reminds me of the Mad Magazine “What Me Worry”? guy.


        May I repeat???  I read the govt. DOES NOT have 3 days of stored food for every family in case of national disasters……..

        Thanks for that reality check, DB..however, MOST of us don’t need one.  JUst those singing Kumbaya and roasting smores while the rest of us prepare for Armageddon on steroids.

      7. i see sketch’s point…..i still prep but i still go on vacation and party on the weekends(partying is more like dinner and a movie…gettting older hahaha) basically dont let prepping consume you. its more of hobby than obsession. but the person with the most stuff at the end wins!!!

      8. DB – apparently reading isn’t your strength. Thats why I said “prep smart”. I do have INSURANCE, but i don’t worry incessantly about breaking my leg, getting sick, my house burning down, or comets hitting the planet.
        tell me what you gain from worrying about these things? what do you GAIN from fretting over active or spent fuel rods? if you have a GO-Bag, then you’ve already planned as much as you can. Hyper-Vigilance will only wear you down and may kill you faster than anything else.

      9. DB – well put.

        Sketch – “this stuff,” per the article above, is about being prepared for a nuclear disaster in the US.  Your “what if’s” are irrelevant in this context.

        The issue here, as it is with any organization, is continuity, and disaster recovery and response planning is a critical factor to make that happen.  Utilities have to be provided, hospitals must continue to function, etc.  It is not about worrying.  It is about taking this responsibility seriously and doing something about it.

        If you live near or down wind from a nuclear power plant or a US Navy base that maintains nuclear ships/submarines, and are not prepared for what just happened to the Japanese, you are clearly not paying attention.

      10. easy Sketch….i dont think it was personal.

      11. Sketch & crash & burn:  I agree, as I prep moderately, knowing  others, incl me tossed out/donated to food banks after y2k…money wasted on crappy #10 cans of food storage, that I’ll never eat again (barf).  No guarantee on prepping/getting ready.  Several folks died I knew in recent years (hard core preppers) everything was tossed into the trash/donated.  For example if a  major quake hit where preppers lived and trashed the city like in Japan, all the prepping was in vain or destroyed.  I see no future for young folks as the economy worsens and oil prices make everything go up up.

      12. I really don’t care about the sheep that believe their government cares more for them than they do their government pensions, let them perish.
        Seriously, let nature cull the weak and gullible from the herd with some time of deprivation and distress, those left standing will be a better grade to carry on civilization (and be less inclined to depend on someone else for their security.)

      13. You wouldn’t know a reactor if you walked on it and looked inside through the Pb glass.

      14. In almost every natural disaster that has hit the US in the last several decades, communications failed. Typically the only commo available was through the ham radio community.

        Yes, you have insurance. Good for you. Ever wonder why the ObamaCare insurance model is so needed? Ever wonder where the money from your premiums went? The insurance companies invested(?) it somewhere. My insurance is me and mine. No worries!

        A couple decades ago, I heard the truth about government and its place in America. The incident that brought it up was a possible reduction in government funding. The statement? “No matter what happens, we must preserve the management infrastructure.” The question you should ask yourself is, “Where do I and my family fit into this plan of operation?”
        Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. Managers make plans. Most everyone else watches the circus (see downfall of Rome).

      15. A little comic relief…my best friend (very liberal and in denial) is now worried about the radiation from Japan.  She knows that I bought P-Iodine pills 3 years ago.  She suggested that they buy some and her husband told her, “Don’t worry, if the radiation comes here, the government will hand out the pills to us.”  Problem solved!  Sometimes I wish I could live in an altered reality.  It would be so much easier 🙂

      16. What’s most alarming to me is the inconsistent messages on the news sites. Japan’s nuclear crisis is stabilizing and then this morning it was melting down. The undercover journalists show HIGH radiation which would indicate no one will ever return to these cities and yet the Jap Prime Minister is saying its time to rebuild. Why doesn’t someone call him on the carpet for this crap?

      17. I think everyone here knows what they can prepare for and what they can not prepare for. Caution people to prepare. Don’t caution them to not  prepare.  I think most know the plans to depopulate the world. And that it will be accomplished in diverse ways, over time. Causing many disasters. If you intend to see the end, it behooves you to be prepared for any eventuality. Who cares if you throw out a hundred dollars of canned good. They did their job, you were protected for that time. I don’t hear any wanting there premium back from the insurance company since their house did not catch on fire.

        I hope I have enough to see me through until harvest. Not knowing when disaster may strike, adds another problem to preparing. I know one thing, all the preparing in the world is not worth the experience of living it. We are on the threshold of being exterminated. Not sure all the preparations in the world will be enough.

      18. Jonny V: Personally Jonny, I found the “Retarded Policeman” funnier.

      19. Overtheedge…
        “Typically the only commo available was through the ham radio community.”
        Yea, and as a licensed ham radio operator, I can tell you that Ham Radio is going the way of the dodo.  So many hams are letting their licenses drop (including the ones who got me involved in the first place).  I blame cell phones for that.
        Then, the fed gubmint (namely the FCC) decided to cut some of the Ham frequencies, giving us less room to operate on legally.  THAT I blame on them.

      20. As Cheech and Chong said to Janet Napolitano: “Dave’s not here, man.”

        In the event of a mega disaster the actual contact person for all federal agencies is the same person. Don’t know his name but he’s a homeless guy in Cincinatti with a prepaid cell phone. If they call and he’s out of minutes, or has no signal, or has traded the phone for crack, the alternate plan is to go see him. They know exactly which bridge he lives under so they’re pretty sure they can find him. If he’s not at the bridge, plan C is to check the busiest panhandling intersections and then the local jails (just in case he forgot to see his parole officer this month.) I feel secure with that response plan, dont you?

      21. Janet is a dike in the CG on a three hour tour with a puddle pirate patch on the SS Third Eye.

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      23. i enjoy stocking up, it feels normal,  i just bought 5 cases of  10W30 oil,   several gallons of antifreeze,  brake fluid, trans fluid,   and  have  12  barrels of gas, using pri-g as a standby when i starts to go bad.  as i drive down the road i have pen and paper  to write down ideas,  and yest. i sold  several thousnd dollars of metal to  an;  as if found out later,   preppers, who  have no clue about the different survival sites.  had a great time  going over their preps and mine.  they bought 2 beldian work horses and have an omish guy training the as his work horses drowned in the flood.  so  even though i think about it allll  thhhe  time,  i like to it is a   recreational  event for me.

      24. “What’s most alarming to me is the inconsistent messages on the news sites.”

        @ Scott – it’s supposed to be that way. The govt/media tells us up is down, black is white, right is wrong, etc to get us to aquiesce, to give up and finally just shut down so they can have their way with us.

        Japans govt is notorious for pulling this crap also along with whitewashing the news.

      25. Anonymous- the comment on Janet was great! And it ties in nicely with the on-going Gilligans Island theme. HA!

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