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by | Feb 3, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 39 comments

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    Survival Top 50 recently posted their updated list of the top preparedness, survival and disaster blogs.

    We found the list to be quite extensive and inclusive of some of the best resources for preparedness planning on the internet. The websites have been ranked using a variety of metrics, including Google Pagerank, Incoming Links, and the Alexa Traffic ranking algorithm. Though these rankings don’t necessarily determine quality of content or regularity of publishing, the fact that they have a high volume of visitors and incoming links suggests that people visiting the web sites find the information of benefit and consider the content to be informative and worthy of links from their own blogs or social network pages.

    Ranked starting from the #1 position:

    1. Survival Blog
    2. The Survivalist Blog
    3. In Case Of Emergency, Read Blog
    4. American Preppers Network
    5. The Survival Podcast
    6. Survival Topics
    7. Red Alerts: The American Survival Blog
    8. Be A Survivor
    9. SHTF Plan (Boo-Ya! We broke the Top 10 thanks to all of our regular visitors, contributors and new readers! A big SHOUT OUT and HAT TIP to all of you!)
    10. Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest
    11. Preparedness Pantry
    12. The Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog
    13. Keep It Simple Survival
    14. Pioneer Survival Blog
    15. Off Grid Survival
    16. The Survival Mom
    17. Daily Survival
    18. Stealth Survival
    19. The Just In Case Book Blog
    20. Adventures in Self Reliance

    We recommend visiting Survival Top 50 for the complete list. There’s some extensive information out there for those willing to spend the time to research and implement. Everything you need to prepare for scenarios ranging from natural disasters to a complete collapse of the system as we know it is available to you – for free.

    If you have a favorite survival, preparedness, or alternative news web site, please feel free to post it in the comments section below.


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      1. Reading about stuff is great…..doing stuff is a whole lot better.

        Just saying……..

      2. TnAndy … can’t do if you don’t know how!  😉

        My favorites are and, while not strictly a “prep” website …

      3. Agree w/ TnAndy. NIce that made it to the top 10.

        A quick question on food storage – if I use mylar bags to store grains inside plastic buckets that are NOT denominated “food grade,” will this ruin my efforts? Must I only use “food grade” plastic buckets?

      4. I say no.   The bag is sealed, and the only real reason for the bucket is to physically protect the thin bag.  I use Home Depot orange buckets.  I probably wouldn’t use a bucket that held some really toxic substance, but that’s it.   The only difference in the food grade and non food grade NEW buckets is the mold release agent isn’t FDA approved for food.  That’s it.    Again, with sealed mylar, I just don’t see a problem.

      5. Willie, thanks for that sweet link to The Daily Sheeple…. Working on getting that over to a new server.. seems there are probs from certain parts of the country and Europe… Also, I am working on getting some more regular editing over there.

        Also, all those links you posted are great… Before It’s News is solid because it pulls RSS feeds from a ton of different places (including here) so you get an excellent variety of news and opinion.

      6. Congrats!  Your site is one of my favorite ones because you weave current events into it.  Keep up the good work.

      7. TnAndy, thanks for this. They are very economical – 3 for about $7 and 5 for $11. The lids are about $1 each. This is the way to go.

        W/ mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, I’m all but ready to start long-term food storage.

      8. Be careful with the Home Depot lids….they are NOT as strong as sheetrock mud buckets or others.  Won’t take a lot of beating before they crack……use a rubber mallet to avoid problems.  I’m sure HD uses the minimum bid contractor, just like all their house brand stuff.

      9. safeman.  We use Home Depot buckets too.  Just make SURE you have a good seal – you need to wait about 18-24 hours before putting the lid on your bucket after you have sealed your mylar bag.

        Here’s a video – and at about minute 8 you can see that his seal is working because of the vacuum effect of the oxygen absorber working. 

      10. TnAndy, any alternatives you’d recommend to HD lids?

        • Try getting Gamma lids. These make a great seal. They are not cheap….but I’ve had mine for years. Don’t stack them on top of each other without plywood or heavy cardboard between levels. Available on emergency Essentials and sometimes at your loocal Wally World.
          If your just starting with food storage. You can put allgrain products with one color lid, sugars in another color lid. Makes it easier to do inventory. I do use the HD and Lowes buckets. Grey from Lowes for Charcoal, Orange for cleaning products and Hygiene products. Makes it easier to find.

      11. Oh! Yeah! I tell everyone about this place. Repost an article or reference link every once in a while. I’m sure we all do.

        SHTFPlan! Its the place to be!

      12. I tell everyone about this website!! I love it!!!

      13. Safeman,

        No, they are OK…..they just won’t take the beating a “regular” lid will.

      14. Comments…..Sorry, we can’t find “”. We suggest that you check the spelling of the web address or search above.

        I hate that when that happens

      15. Mac,

        Congrats on making the top ten!  You put a lot of work into this website.  I enjoy reading it, and based on the increasing number of comments, I’m not alone.

      16. GA Mom….You said “make sure you have a good seal”….I assume that you’re talking bout the mylar bag prior to sealing the lid ? And you recommend waiting and checking the bag after a day before putting on the lid?
        I too am using Home Depot orange buckets. Very good sealing gasketed lids and the price is right. I contacted the manufacturer and they assured me they are not food grade. My bags and oxygen absorbers arrive tomorrow, and it begins…..

        Love this site, I pass it on often. Only dial-up is available where I live, and this site loads fast, so it’s a multiple visit for me daily. One of my favorites also is FerFal’s Argentina Survival:

        and Backwoods Home:

      17. When it comes to emergency preparedness, most people I talk to think that nothing will ever happen to them- I constantly hear  “why should I bother”. In today’s world it sounds crazy to talk about storing food. Why bother when restaurants, convenient stores and grocery stores are open 24 hours a day, 7days a week? We have grown up in the age of consumerism and take for granted there will always be food on the shelves. Well, what if there is a national emergency?  Or if the unions repeat what happened in France – and stop delivery trucks in protest. What if our government keeps spending and hyper inflation occurs? Just look what happened in Boston! Why not be prepared just in case? It drives me NUTS when people have their heads in the sand!! But I know I am not nuts.
        As a father of 3 small children, I have always tried to protect and provide for all their immediate and future necessities.  I could not come home and tell my kids there was no food on the shelves.  Now, I can sleep in peace having purchased years of emergency food! I love having the peace of mind, the feeling of being empowered– that my family and I are covered with the necessary emergency food, and survival supplies for the next 20 years at TODAY’S prices for what ever comes our way. For more information, go to blog . 

      18. SHTFPlan should have been in American Preppers Network s spot..

      19. Thank you for posting your blog! In light of all of the natural disasters that have been happening lately, I think we all could brush up on our emergency preparedness info! Especially because of the severe that many regions are faced with in these spring months. Disasters really can strike anywhere at any time. Thanks again for posting, and happy Earth Day!

      20. Thanks for sharing these. A lot of quality sites. However, most are USA-centric 🙁

        May I add to the list?

        My favorite UK based preparedness blog is:

        Up to date preparedness articles centered around news and happenings in the UK.


      21. If your not cleaning you weapons with Froglube you are already loosing the fight. All Preppers should have this in their armory, arsonel or cleaning kit.
        Check out

      22. I’ve been following, and enjoying – I don’t know how accurate it is, but it’s pretty funny.

      23. It`s up to us to protect our family when disaster strikes!
        This new store has everything.Wholesale Survival Kits,Survival Gear,Long Term Food Storage,First Aid Products,Emergency Preparedness Seeds,Camping Gear and Supplies,

        • I can`t stop reading this blog and I love it. It`s got so much good info. Some of it is pretty funny also.
          Dale Pack


      25. Great list of sites. I found a site that Ive been buying some stuff from they’ve got pretty good prices on most stuff. See if it help ya.

      26. Just finished building my off grid home and now need to expand my preparation with food storage and production as well as survival gear and preparation. Thanks for all the great information. I have signed up for your daily info. Thanks again,

      27. You can find our Preparedness blog at

      28. We have the best knives and survivalist gear for under the retail price. Check us out.

      29. We’ve been working really hard to build out as a blog for survivalist, preppers, and campers. We’ve been through a survival situation and want to make others aware of what we’ve learned and are continuing to learn.

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