The Closings Continue: Retail Shutdown As Sales Go Online “200 Stores, 10,000+ Layoffs”

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 116 comments

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Brick and mortar may not disappear altogether, but the strip malls are definitely facing an weeding and culling. The consumer and retail spending that surrounds the holiday season and impacts economic indicators is shifting all momentum towards online purchases – especially at Amazon, who now dwarf the market.

    It signals a massive shift in the economy as we have known it; the ripple effects are destroying jobs; truckers will soon be laid off; checkers and stockers will be needed less and less as well. There will be growth but it will be concentrated in the hands of a few Internet giants.

    The Trend Continues: Macy’s, Sears, And Kmart Announce Over 200 Store Closings And 10,000+ Layoffs Nationwide

    by Melissa Dykes

    market-shareBy Melissa Dykes

    Holiday sales for many traditional stores were pretty abysmal this year … Amazon far and away captured the majority of online sales.

    Stores like Macy’s, on the other hand, actually saw a sales decrease during one of the most crucial shopping times of the year.

    Now The New York Times reports the store chain will be closing 100 stores and cutting over 10,000 jobs.

    The company, which now has 730 stores, announced in August that it would close 100 of them. On Wednesday, it identified 68 stores to be closed.

    Some employees may be offered positions at nearby stores, but Macy’s estimated that 3,900 workers would be affected by the closings. It also said it planned to restructure parts of its business, leading to a reduction of an additional 6,200 jobs. Over all, the job cuts represent about 7 percent of its work force.

    Meanwhile, Sears Holdings Co. also announced this week it will close 78 Kmart Stores and another 26 Sears locations this spring.

    The company’s statement read in part:

    Many of these stores have struggled with their financial performance for years and we have kept them open to maintain local jobs and in the hopes that they would turn around. But in order to meet our objective of returning to profitability, we have to make tough decisions and will continue to do so, which will give our better performing stores a chance at success.

    They admitted it: the stores were kept open mainly just to maintain local jobs.

    That’s probably true of many major employers the nation over. As automation continues, jobs will continue to be lost. It’s a well-known fact that the majority of low-paying jobs that employ the most adult workers in this country such as cashiers and waiters/waitresses will inevitably be replaced.

    The only question is what does the system plan to do with tens of millions of unemployed workers?

    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. I HATE online shopping. I get everything I can from local sources. It really sucks to see more stores disappearing.

        • I don’t expect the media will “sugar coat” the unemployment news once Trump takes office.

          Starting NEXT MONTH, (see page 4 in BLS report) there will be CHANGES IN CALCULATING UNEMPLOYEMNT…
          -Upcoming Changes to the Household Survey
          -Upcoming Changes to the Establishment Survey Data
          -Revision of Establishment Survey Data

          Record 95,102,000 Americans NOT in Labor Force; Up 18% Since Obama Took Office…
          ht tp://

          Some additional information about the recent unemployment numbers…
          -The unemployment numbers are taken from a HOUSEHOLD SURVEY.
          -Those who are LOOKING for work, are COUNTED as “participating” in the labor force.
          -After unemployment runs out, regardless if they found another job, these people are NOT COUNTED anymore.

          BLS news release – employment December 2016
          Household Survey Data, Page 2
          “as measured by the household survey”

          The labor force “participation rate” was 62.7 percent. (This is the number the media reports.)

          The employment-population ratio was 59.7 percent.

          “In December, 1.7 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force … These individuals were not in the labor force, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months. They were NOT counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey.”
          ht tp://

              • The “labor force participation rate” was 62.7 percent.

                The “employment-population ratio” was 59.7 percent.

                From what I have read, the difference between these two figures is that the “participation rate” includes people who are LOOKING FOR WORK.

                That makes it HIGHER, so that is the number that is reported. Most people don’t realize this.

                In 2013, the government REVISED ECONOMIC HISTORY BACK TO 1929.

                Why? It made the U.S. economy is over $500 billion larger due to the new “definitions”.

                It added 3% to our GDP growth.

                • 7-31-13 – Rewriting History…Commerce Dept. ‘revises numbers’ back to 1929

                  “The new GDP methodology: What you need to know

                  “The U.S. economy is now over $500 billion larger due to new definitions.”

                  “At the same time, the government also went back and revised data for the past five years, to reflect more complete as well as additional statistics from a variety of sources, such as the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

                  New data to ‘rewrite economic history’ – 4/22/13
                  “The government is about to wave a magic wand and add 3% to our GDP growth.”
                  “The US economy will officially become 3 per cent bigger in July as part of a shake-up that will see government statistics take into account 21st century components such as film royalties and spending on research and development.”

                  “We are carrying these major changes all the way back in time – which for us means to 1929 – so we are essentially rewriting economic history,” said Mr Moulton.

                  “The changes will affect everything from the measured GDP of different US states to the stability of the inflation measure targeted by the Federal Reserve. They will force economists to revisit policy debates about everything from corporate profits to the causes of economic growth.”

                  “It isn’t so much that the administration is goosing the numbers, it’s that their defenders won’t mention the changed measurements and use the increase as proof that Obama’s policies are “working.”


                • Thank you for the great info KY Mom. The next few years will prove to be quite interesting. I just learned today that the local Sears store is closing this spring. The next closest Sears is about 50 miles away. I’m glad I stocked up on my Craftsman wish list last year. Cheers.

                  • YH,

                    My Dad had lots of Sears craftsman tools. He used them for many years.

                    Did you know that Sears announced on January 5th it is selling Craftsman tools to Stanley Black & Decker to raise cash.

                    Hope they plan to honor warranties.

              • For the Yuan lovers, from Zero Hedge, THE YUAN IS CRASHING (AGAIN):

                “The last two days are the biggest drop in offshore Yuan since Aug 2015’s devaluation… as PBOC weakens its fix by the most sine June 2016.”

                “PBOC WEAKENS ITS FIX …..”

                That means it weakens its PEG !!! The Yuan is PEGGED !!! 🙂

            • the beatings will continue until moral improves. they been predicting mass layoffs every crissmuss for the last 4 or 5 years. there have been MANY, but i suspect we will finally see the MASS layoffs in retail, which is a good reason to never buy a gift card from a retailer….it’s like a check, only you can’t cash it, and SOMEtimes, it becomes worthless. they usually wait to go out of business shortly after crissmuss, which is their most profitable time of year, so be damn careful right now.

              • “The beatings will continue to moral improves.” LMAO, I do get a chuckle every time I see that statement. I do admit that we might owe KingKoon some kudos as presidente’. Since he is a lazy and shiftless president he caused a lot of folks to get of THEIR dead asses and vote for Donald the duck. It took those to do so eight years but the wheels turn slowly however they do turn.

                • Prepper TIP- How to charge your Cell Phone off Train Tracks. Not recommended though as the current surges intermittently. Interesting though.


              • BCOD,
                You got the gift card thing right. How many bought and paid for gift cards expire? My guess is a lot. And that makes the store or company the winner. Lot’s of rules and timeframes attached to gift cards.

                • i expect a few more to go down in the next few weeks.

          • our country has so many issues facing it today, from the tech revolution (robots replacing workers) to online sales versus local mom and pop stores. to Muslims (religious nut jobs killing infidels) to the non repayable debt. and several other issues. it appears we are sitting on a cliff just waiting to see which one throws us off first!!
            there are only a few options that we can do to help, BUT, nothing will help until you clean out the scum in DC who orchestrated this!! and until the couch potatoes wake up and decide to help, NOTHING will change and the cliff will happen! it is the duty of everyone of us that have OPEN EYES to try to wake the people up and try get enough numbers to make it happen. even then it will still get worse before we see a positive change for the better

          • Employment-population ratio would not be a good measure due to aging population. I would stick with the participation rate which, as of last month, was last this low in 1978.

            • Those who are retired are NOT counted as participating in the labor force.

              “People over age 16 who are no longer working or even looking for work, for whatever reason (retirement, school, personal preference, or gave up), are counted as not participating in the labor force.”


        • Brave, of course you hate online shopping, because you have no credit or credit cards. And only a fool uses a debit card online to shop. You are opening yourself up to a hack that could wipe out your entire bank balance and get charged NSF fees for bounced checks if you are hacked. By using a credit card if it is hacked they steal MC and Visa’s Money and not mine. Why don’t you repair your credit? Pull a few credit reports and get working on it.

          You are a slim minority holdouts that lacks the savy to save money or shop online. I guess you like paying 20% higher locally, so you can stay even more broke.

          I buy most everything online, have a Yugggge credit line to get whatever I want, and it is delivered to my door saving me money driving like a fool around the county-side to go to some brick and mortar store plus charge me 20% more for some inferior product, I don;t eve like because they are not stocking it.

          Of course when I have to go to a Lowes or HD I need to see what I am getting. Or grocery shop same thing. When you deal only in cash, you get Hosed bigtime, Unless you are buying Gasoline at the pump and you may save 10% by paying with cash.

          • “You are a slim minority holdouts that lacks the savvy to save money or shop online.”

            I have a number of credit cards and an extensive unsecured credit line. I don’t shop on line either. Only a fool would shop on-line and expose their personal financial data to a system that has no real security.

            If the FED can be hacked, and it was, anyone can be hacked in an age before quantum computing. I’ll wait until it is secure. 🙂

            • DK.. It is 100% secure for me, because using a credit card for an online purchase, it has zero liability to to me the card user, if it is hacked. The If it shows up on my statement, I call the card company and the card company will reverse the transaction, cancel my card and just send me a new card. Know the rules then you won’t need to be so frightened.

              As for BH 1776. You need to go to the various credit Reporting agencies and get an annual free credit report sent to you, then you know what you are dealing with, or if you have bad credit at all. Then you apply for a small amount credit card and start using it. If there is Bogus info on your credit report, file a claim to have it removed with proof. Otherwise you drift through life missing out on other things like online purchasing at cheaper prices. Just saying. Take control of your credit history as everyone should. Stop being your own victim.

              • Zeus, looks like you’ll be super willing to accept that “mark in your hand or forehead” as soon as it becomes available.

                WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Zeus good for you look at the smart little boy all grown-up.It is great you have moved past all that face to face time no zombie bits for you.Living where you do the soft talk of lost the part time job so now the house goes back to the bank time to move in with our parents.But you only here about someone moving away to take care of their parents or moving because of a better school .I guess your mastery or all things credit has given a spot at the back of the line(roundup)and it will be that fast service delivery driver (who has been watching you for mouths) that takes you down. Agine congratts on blowing a big hloe in your lifetime of prepps.

            All the best

            • Old rusty Iron. Wrong O schmuck. I have been in the Credit Card Processing industry Merchant side of the equation for 24 years, so I know my shit in and out regarding credit uses and credit cards, rules, policies technology and hacking, security and fraud, etc. I own all my property free and clear, so no living in mommas basement, as you would like to see me. I use a PO box so NOPE no delivery trucks coming to my physical address either ever, as there is not even an address posted or a mailbox at the Locked barbed wire gate for such a delusional event you invented. So again OldIron, wrong O zero. Sounds like your own OPSEC was blown. Not mine.

          • Zeus, 1. You know how hard it is to get a credit card in the first place, don’t you? Don’t tell me you never had at least SOME trouble trying to get a credit card in your life. EVERYONE has had trouble trying to establish credit at some point. Easy credit? No such animal. 2. You say I don’t save up money? LOL, once again you’re way off the mark. I’ve ALWAYS been able to and still do save up money to get the things I need. Cash has never stopped talking. I’m not letting some CREDIT CARD BILL WITH A HIGH INTEREST RATE slow down or stop my prepping. 3. I have no problem driving around to local sources for everything I can get locally. It helps those people keep their doors open and some people to keep their jobs instead of ending up on welfare or even turning to crime. 4. My debit card has already been hit once by some POS hacker due to one online transaction, so that’s why I avoid online shopping all I can.

            • Why even engage zuesie(wwti) at all?Seriously,the lines he crossed a few months back really should just ignore,didn’t catch zusie at first and why responded, in pastwell,now we know,fuck him!

              PS:And I do mean that in a very disparaging way!

            • BH. You can purchase a “Prepaid Credit Card” with your cash, and eliminate the checking account debit hack possibility. That is also why you should use a credit card, and not a debit card for anything period.

              Especially never use a debit card at the gas pump. It will authorize like $75 of your checking account funds even though you only buy, say $30 in gas as it will take a few days for that $75 authorization to fall off. Only use your Debit card for one thing, and that is taking cash out of your own bank’s ATM machine with no fee. Work with the system, not fighting it.

              And never turn on your cell phone WiFi on period, or GPS, or, do any banking period or purchasing anything using your cell phone at all ever. You are just asking for trouble or to be hacked.

              • Zeus, I already follow the advice you gave in your last paragraph and they are some good tips. I’m still not letting any credit card bill with the high interest rate take away from anything else I do. My next major purchase will be an old truck for cash. One of my neighbors has an old GMC I’m interested in.

          • yeah Zeus you buy everything online which causes more brick and mortar stores to go out of business which causes more and more unemployment till it effects YOUR income also but hey lets save a dime today so we can lose a dollar tomorrow. I am not saying I don’t buy online because I do but I also do my best to buy local and from the mom and pop stores because THAT is going to keep money in my community, but I really don’t expect someone like you that can’t see past their own needs to the larger good to understand anyway.

            • Maybe that is why you are a poorman.. Many on here are so frigging clueless how Amazon even works. Many are brick stores that supply Amazon or ebay, with products. So when you buy it may be dropped shipped from the original brick and mortar store. Happens all the time. Do you people even do any research ever? Or just spew stupid comments like poorman cause you feel like it? Sheesh.

        • I agree on buying locally, but from whom these days?

          Walmart/Target (never Target)? Which big chain grocery? I’m only lucky for a couple small independent clothes and hardware stores that I will support any chance I get.

          I’d rather support a mom n pop online store than Walmart, Home Depot et al..

          • Boyo,the best I can suggest shopping locally if available is local farmers/dairies,keep food producers local to your area in business.

            • Yeah, I agree with local farmers, even if I’m trying to cut them off with fruit n nut trees. One plant at a time.

        • This is a sad sign for middle America. My family has already closed down the store we’ve been operating for 40+ years.

        • The reason Malls are dying is due to the huge influx of non-White people of color who are making it HELL for White women to shop.

      2. Always look on the bright side of life – 15 cashiers get cut – replaced by scanners – but a high paying job is created for a scanner repair guy, a guy to install anti-theft cameras, and an anti-theft camera watcher!

      3. “What does the system plan to do with tens of millions of unemployed workers?” Same as always in history – fodder for war, death by plague, mass exterminations for all who think/live/believe/act contrary to the powers that be’s desires, enslavement, relegated to mind-numbing poverty….


        • Ever try to better yourselves by being self educated and start your own business niche? Or do you just settle in life to be a check out person at a store, then complain why you got fired or let go? Uneducated stupid people usually complain the loudest that they ain’t getting their fair share or its someone else’s fault. That’s why there will always be stupid poor people. They can’t help themselves. Remember every failure gets you closer to a success. So never stop trying. When was the last time you went to a book store or library and picked up some books on how to run your own business? Or understanding marketing, or creating your own website, or how to build a website with a shopping cart? Buy and resell products. My nephew makes about $1500 a month reselling computer games online. His real job is Computer programmer at Lockheed Martin building F-16’s. He said he banks every paycheck from LHM because all his monthly expenses are paid for with his online business. So are you ambitious? or rather you come here and complain like a 5 year old, throwing tantrums that life isn’t fair?

      4. All of this will soon be robotic, from packing to shipping to stocking the robotic warehouses. Problem is that most low level employees aren’t smart enough to be robot techs or mechanics. What ever will they do? I see a culling coming before long. Glad my job cannot be replaced by machines. Be back later, gotta go shovel fookin snow…

        • G…..

          It won’t belong before they have an robot assembly line to build the replacement bots in house and directly to the production line.

          But in other news….
          5 dead and 8 wounded in FLL.

          The shooter is claiming to be forced by ISIS to commit the act. I hope this is not the start of a new trend…real or false.

          Live Free or Die…who was it that founded ISIS?

          • Talon, RE the Ft Lauderdale Shooting. The Guy, traveled with a Gun as part of his luggage legally from another airport to Ft Laud. When he reached Ft Lauderdale got off the plane, and he got his Gun from the luggage claim, then went outside, then back in to the baggage claim area, and started shooting people. Yep 5 dead and 13 total shot an the airport is still shut down on lockdown. Still the details are slim.

            As I said earlier today, “Another shooting in a Gun Free Zone.” Stay alert people, say out of crowded areas, and carry daily, carry 2 guns and extra Mags.

            ** I predict, they either may make it illegal to travel with a gun as luggage through airports, or they may make it so you need to pick your gun up after you travel to a remote location to get it, and not on airport property to avoid this situation of happening again. Stay tuned….

            • Air Canada is saying they had no passengers by that name today.

        • Genius, same with my job. I can’t be replaced by a fookin machine, either. Besides, I would destroy the fookin machine.

        • Hey Genius, you have not yet replaced your snow shoveling back breaker yet with a machine called a snow blower? Get with the program. Yrs back I moved way south. Have not shoveled snow in decades. Pretty smart huh? LOL

          • Well let’s see, kinda hard to snowblow the porch and steps front and back. The walkway isn’t very long either so…. ya lol.

      5. Cannon fodder.

        Plans? We don’t need no stinking plans.

        • Here is some GREAT NEWS: I been calling this move by Trump for some time on here. Read this:

          President-Elect Trump Endorses Rand Paul’s ‘Audit The Fed’ Bill

          Aaron Kesel | Jan 4, 2017

          “The U.S. House has responded to the American people by passing Audit the Fed multiple times, and President-elect Trump has stated his support for an audit. Let’s send him the bill this Congress,” Rand Paul said.

          Key points this time around include the fact that both the house and senate are controlled by Republicans who have long been critical of the Fed’s policies. Trump himself also has said before on Twitter that he would audit the Fed.

          Under the bill, the Fed’s monetary policy would be subject to outside board review by the Government Accountability Office. However, if the U.S. central bank is ever fully audited, it is assumed that massive fraud would be exposed.

          *****F-n eh’ Right, its all FRAUD and then Trump can declare it all Illegal and VOID out the National Debt and charge back the FED. And TRUMP Then Tweets, “BTW/ We introduced a New US Dollar backed by SILVER out of the control of the FED 100% so pack your Bags you friggin Tribe Shills. Effective NOW.”

          Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke previously said that if an audit of the federal reserve was to take place, the dollar and the U.S. economy would be in danger:

          *****Yeah, F-You too Bernanke

          Plenty of links on this one.

          Senator Rand Paul Just Reintroduced Corruption-Killing Legislation to ‘Audit the Fed’
          01-06-2017 •

          Audit the Fed Bill Coming Up, Trump Will Likely Sign

          ****I look so forward to see Trump being the President. He will empower Americans to rise up against all of these swamp creatures. They will scurry to the boarder and out, seeking a safer place to set up shop. And we get our country back again.


            Under the bill, the Fed’s monetary policy deliberations could be subject to outside review by the Government Accountability Office.

            “It is time to force the Federal Reserve to operate by the same standards of transparency and accountability to the taxpayers that we should demand of all government agencies,” said Massie.”

            End the Fed

            Auditing the Fed is only a baby step. We need to end the Fed, end fractional reserve lending, and have a free market in currencies and interest rates.

            Mike “Mish” Shedlock

            • “. . .have a free market in currencies. . .”

              A free market in money. Better yet, a free market in everything, especially education, with government thought-control centers removed.

              That is, all monopolies destroyed. In money and information. (((Owners))) also destroyed- say six million of them- for real this time. Start with 666.

            • ANYONE in politics who DOES NOT support ending the FED is a TRAITOR to this country and should be removed from office!! end of story!! you cannot have the FOX guarding the hen house!! we have been screwed ever since this was done! time to stop it along with many other things in government the term itself (government) needs to be replaced as it is another way t control the people, it should say (MANAGEMENT)
              for the affairs of the country, or something along those lines!!

              • Enforce the Constitution in real time. Charge the oathbreakers, punish them like the murderers they really are. Call it Fedacide.

                • I like your term “FEDACIDE”

      6. HEY !! this cannot be correct OBUTTHEAD keeps saying all is GOOD!! what he really means folks is that the agenda to demise the US is working just like he was told to do!! until we the people get enough citizens to stand up and be prepared to throw out ALL the scumbags around the world, we will continue to die off!

      7. When big stores close, people have three choices. Stop purchases and just live off the land or off others. Two, buy on the Internet using plastic. Three, shop at small local stores.

        The third option is a boom for small businesses and an opportunity for hard working entrepreneurial go getters.

        Small businesses flourish because people want and need assistance in certain areas. Whether it is hardware or brassiers, if you know your stuff, you can make a good living while performing a service that benefits mankind.


        • You’re right B

        • Businesses go in cycles. A new niche you do great until everybody else catches on and opens up the same business. That’s why if you listen to the Great Business masters who invest in good companies like Warren Buffet, he used the coined term “Durable Competitive Advantage.” That is producing an origin product that is difficult for other to replicate at a comparable cost. Which gives that company a durable competitive advantage. And why he stays away from technology companies. He said in an interview one time. Many companies will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into R&D, and then all the sudden some guy comes along and invents or solves the problem working out of his garage and with few dollars invested and blows the large company away.

          How about become an inventor, patent the product or process, then license it to other for use? You never have to produce the product, just get rich being an inventor and sell licensing fees on the products you invented. Like the guy who invented “Velcro.” Think out of the Box you are holed up in. That’s why I always enjoyed traveling to far off places, and see what I ideas or products, I could duplicate or make back home, and make money at. Its time every American re-invents him and herself. The Blame Game is a Lame Game played by fools.

        • Yeah, The Man Bra (Man-zier) is making a comeback, for the over hormone lazy guys. lol

      8. “The only question is what does the system plan to do with tens of millions of unemployed workers?” On this and other sites I’ve been asking that question for years. Technology will be able to care for and entertain all the idiots. Legalize Fentanyl and hand it out like candy, would be my first choice.
        Anyone out there have some other ideas?

      9. Only the strong will and can survive. This is natural thing. Remember the 5&10 stores, Woolworths? they will come and go. Something will take its place.

        I feel for the folks that are loosing their jobs but that can happen to anyone. It happened to me when the closed the Glass factory I worked at. Give it 10 years and I’ll bet that Amazon is on its way out.


        • Sgt. All this is, is another change in a business’s life cycle. You either need to innovate or evaporate. Get real, This is not just technology, but BAD MANAGEMENT asleep at the helm, living off old bad habits and laurels. Most all Business failure, is because of Bad Management and nothing else.

          Let’s get real here. Losing Macys? Who cares? When was the last time you all shopped at a Macys? Maybe in the 1980’s for me. Why would I pay 50% more so it comes with a Macey’s label on it? I can get some place else much, much cheaper for similar.

          • Zeus, I’ll agree with you about overpriced stores like Macy’s. Those kind of stores are for people with more money than brains; more dollars than cents [SENSE} LOL! I did some browsing in a Macy’s back about 3 years ago. They can kiss my ass for the prices they charge on anything.

        • Amazon has always prided itself on the number of items they offer, especially books. But they don’t really have any of it. They are merely a reseller. Also, a large part of their items are not actually available for sale, and many of them never have been available online from anyone.

          As an example, I wrote a book in the 1980s. I printed it and sold it from home. Somehow, Amazon has a listing for it, but they can’t sell you one because they don’t know where it came from.

      10. I would HIGHLY suggest that everyone start seriously becoming a workaholic for the next several years. You have 10 years MAX left to earn money.

        –Once the World Economy collapses.
        –Once the US Dollar collapses.
        –Once the surrogate proxy wars become HOT wars between Nuclear States.
        –Once the Robots take over the menial jobs. And some high tech jobs.
        Robots are a very real and severe threat to humanity on MANY levels.

        *****Your capacity to Earn a Living/Income will THEN become SEVERELY LIMITED.
        It may be Impossible to earn money in order to survive.

        Riots, famine, economic-dollar-government collapse, civil unrest, Hot Wars, Nuclear War, those are the new reality. Make money now and set up place removed from the cities.

        Your BEST option is OUT of the USA. America is a waring nation. Take an Honest look at the History. America has historically ALWAYS been involved in a conflict. The next major conflict will be Nuclear.

        In order to continue Living: REMOVE yourself and your family from the targeted areas. America-UK-Europe-Russia-China are all major target areas. Avoid them long term. Leave these places sooner the better. Get out of America and find a small holder farm to ride out the future problems.

        This is what I would tell my children:
        My great grandparents survived the Great Depression. They were on the Farm.
        Even though they were very lacking in money. They Never missed a meal. They ate well and never stood in soup line.

        If you are OUT of the city. If you are on a small farm with available soil-water.
        You will do just fine. You must garden, preserve food, raise small live stock, have internet/remote income/craft source for your needed cash money. There will be damn FEW jobs. Go back to the farm. Better is to Leave America as soon as practical. My family will be gone by the end of Mr. Trumps Presidency.

        We have a small MODEST farm in a country that lives in peace with neighbors, has large population of small farmers.
        As long as people can raise their food and eat. Even if they are without money. Then peace can be the norm.

        I want to live among peaceful and Christian God fearing people. I will not take part in any violence for any cause. I only defend my Home-Family-Neighbors, proper. That is ALL that I am willing to die for.

        Politicians-Corporations-Religious Prophets-Revolutionaries are ALL on their own. My family, friends, will NEVER participate in any of their violence against anyone for ANY cause. No matter stated reason.

        We are sitting it out.
        *****We Refuse to be Manipulated into dying so as others may get rich.

        I suggest that you do the same. Stay away from ALL protests and causes. Take care of your own gardens, crops, small livestock, children. Help your neighbors and community. Pray and Serve the Christian God of Jesus Christ. Live in Peace.

        Men will fail you. Money will fail you. Technology will fail you. Trump will likely fail you. But Lord Jesus is eternal and without fail.

        • Just curious as to what country (and city) are you moving to ?? Thanks

          • also curious myself.

            sounds very much like my church family in southern middle Tennessee, except for the small token defense of family, friends.

            we too wish to only live in peace and serve the Lord Jesus.

            • There was a couple who opened up a bike shop in my small town close by 5 yrs ago. The guy before that was a trash pick up guy. He got his store opened, then was selling these low profile trikes to old retired people. I saw his numbers. $65K a month in bike Credit card processing sales. They just sold the business to another guy for $650K including the small building store front, and left off in the horizon in their paid off RV for life of travel. And they did this in about 5 years. So everything is possible if you dedicate yourself to success and find a niche’ that satisfies people needs. Each one of those Trike Bikes cost $3K to $4K each. Many retired people these days have loads of Cash to spend and plenty of time to enjoy life. Find your target audience and create and supply a need, service or product. They don’t teach you this stuff in public schools, just follow the dumbed down script so you can go get a good job working for someone else is what they teach you. Got any ambition?

        • RWA
          Technology will do just fine, those that can’t understand, build, or design it, will die.
          I can do all those things, plus the old school stuff.
          farm, fish, hunt, build a boat from a tree.
          Sorry to say my Grandson cannot do the same.

        • Government/Corporate controlled Mass Media/Television/Movies ALL glorify military service. ALL of them pushing to get your children to foolishly fight in wars on foriegn soil.

          The US Government LIES to Sucker you into joining their fight without any just cause.
          Then the States like California threaten you to return enlistment bonuses RETROACTIVELY “After” you have fought in their made up wars. They tried to take our bonus back.

          Now US Government want you to fight beside women, boy-girls, and Fags in front line combat.
          No thanks. Not interested.

          My sons will NEVER, NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE volunteer for military.
          I will do Everything possible to prevent any of my children from being drafted.
          We are not owned by US goverment. We will NOT murder our fellow human.
          “We refuse.” We will not play in your games of death.
          We are also peaceful and non-violent. We will hide.
          We will sell out and leave USA in event of draft.

          Just like my grandfather who refused to serve in the German army.
          His family called him “unpatriotic and a coward.”
          btw: All his male family that stayed in Germany died. Died on the eastern front fighting Russia. Because they followed a politician.

          My grandfather was brave for saying No. He took a stand against made up wars by the politician and defense corporations. We will do the same.
          No war.
          No killing anyone for any reason.
          “We too are farmers. We bring life. Not death.”

          • Wars are for the Lazy Fascists that enjoy their monopolies. Instead of being successful by inventing new products or opening up new markets under competition. It is much easier for US Wallstreet corporations to buy a band of political hacks like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, so they can install some dictator in a foreign country and get free reign of their resources and markets at low costs. And the US military is used like an OLD WHORE to overthrow those countries who object.

            Others like Israel and China steal Billion$ of Dollars annually of intellectual properties from US Companies and remake the same products selling their made product against the US. That’s a fact too!!! Our politicians and past presidents are so in the take they are never called out on this. American Jobs have been stolen along with much of our technology, and the politicians stuff their pockets with cash in the process of the theft. Imagine how bad after more years under a Hillary Presidency this would have gotten.

        • It is a theme I have mentioned before, but your ‘back to the land’ plan has a fatal flaw. It is axiomatic that you cannot live on land long term if you are cash poor.

          Without an income source you will not be able to pay your property taxes. In a few years (maybe quicker) of non-payment, you will be driven from your land.

          This is one of the most awful of the modern day evils, that a family can be driven from their free and clear, no debt property by taxation.


          • $100 an acre where I am at. No problem paying property taxes. Location location. lol

      11. “Give it 10 years and I’ll bet that Amazon is on its way out.”

        Nah…Amazon has proved you can lose money forever, never make a profit, and people will keep your stock price into the stratosphere.


      12. We will do like Finland…give everyone a guaranteed income from the govt. no welfare, straight social security. no more freebees,live on what Unccle daddy gives you and thats it.

        • And they’ll most likely to be the first to get “chipped”.

      13. Update on the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting; 5 dead, 8 wounded, shooter in custody. Shooter was kicked out of Alaska National Guard for ‘unsatisfactory performance’ and was receiving help for ‘psychological’ problems.

        • Outathe Snackbar!

      14. WaPo, Jeff Bezos, and Amazon are under the CIA umbrella of pay and protection for the “in the cloud” domestic spying service they provide and the CIA mouthpiece paper that can be counted on to spread the latest propaganda whenever told to.

        Hello Alexa…are you listening?


        • JRS, And Trump is going to clean house in the CIA, so it is Game over with Business as usual there.


          Former CIA director James Woolsey has split with Trump, ‘effective immediately’
          01-06-2017 •
          Former CIA Director James Woolsey will no longer serve as a senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, Woolsey’s spokesman said in a statement provided to reporters on Thursday.

          Trump Plans to Shrink, Reorganize CIA, Other Intel Agencies
          01-06-2017 • by Jason Ditz
          Deals on the exact nature of the changes are still being sorted out, but President-elect Donald Trump reportedly plans to revamp multiple US intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, with a primary goal of shrinking them considerably.

          Those familiar with the plans say they believe that the US intelligence community is “completely politicized,” and that the various intelligence agencies need to be “slimmed down,” and restructured in how they interact.


          • You are such a little boy and truly a COWARD if you think Orange Satan is going to do anything to the most vile, most evil ,most murderous, most treasonous psychopath controlled Intelligence Agency the human race has ever seen…think coward think, and then try to think some more, you have been very lacking in that department called CRITICALLY THINKING, and I truly understand why, but I beg you coward, think about MIKE “MONSANTO” POMPEO being the new head of the most vile, most evil, most murderous, most treasonous Intelligence Agency controlled COMPLETELY by non-human psychopaths from the inner bowels of the pits of hell.

            Now under Orange Satan and his Military Junta Death Squad-the most murderous, most genocidal, most disgusting, most evil, most treasonous Corporation formally known as MONSANTO, which fled to the waiting open arms of GENOCIDAL Bayer Corp, which “absorbed” German Corp IG Farben maker of Jewish Death Camp Zyclon Gas, yes boot licking coward pussy Trumpbots…


            Think cowards, please think…think about the on-going American Holocaust and Chemical CULLING being ramped up like never before under the FULL PROTECTION of the MURDEROUS TREASONOUS CIA and Orange Satan’s Military Junta Death Squad..think cowards think, think about the HEALTH, FREEDOMS, and FUTURE of the children you whored out to these psychopath monsters long ago!!!!!


      15. A robot that is designed to pick fruit can recognize which fruits are optimal for picking by size, color and density…and do it in a nanosecond.

        It will pick fruit 24x7x365 at night/day in the sun, rain or wind.

        The problem is what to do with the fruit pickers……………………….

        Accountants are 99 per cent likely to lose their jobs to machines.
        Umpires and referees have a 98.3 per cent chance of being automated.
        Waiters and waitress are 93.7 per cent likely to be replaced by machines.
        Legal assistants and paralegals have a 94.5 per cent chance of being automated.
        Fashion models are 97.6 per cent likely to lose the lime light because of robots. 
        Daily Mail

        • I’m curious about your sources.
          I only got an A- in statistics
          and I’m curious about your odds.
          I suspect you are correct in the
          change possibilities, but not the
          I’m 100 percent sure the world
          will change and I can’t back that
          up with a Chi distribution.
          You grasp?

          • * Calculator created by NPR is based upon University of Oxford research
            ht tp://

          • * Calculator created by NPR is based upon University of Oxford research

            ht tp://

        • You forgot prostitutes, although a robotic cocksucker is no substitute for a live in-the-flesh genuine laborer.

          • BlackMoe
            Lmao … Jezebel has got job security.
            Bugout with a bot no thanks.

            ht tps://

      16. Sears is finished I went in there Wednesday night and there wasn’t 1 customer in there. Associates were hiding playing with their phones. like a ghost town. Wages are just too fucking low and cost of living is just too damn high. Retail is fueled but disposable income. People just don’t have any $ to make impulse buys with. They have maxed out their cards and barely pay the minimum payment. I’m no economic expert just a common sense thinker. What I see more and more job losses unless credit is extended jobs pay more and cost of living goes down. None of these are gonna happen cause nobody in power wants this. I really think they wanna reduce the standard of living in America to be equal to South American nations. They want three generations of family living in the same house.

        • Agree on Sears. The most mismanaged company on the planet. They owned catalog sales – but did not transition to online sales until it was too late. They just sold the Craftsman brand – still a solid name – even if the tools are mostly made in China today. I learned a lot from the detailed parts breakout and drawings in Craftsman and Kenmore manuals and it was always nice to know you could get local parts and service – anywhere in the country. But now you can only get parts online, and service is through some subcontracted company – if you can find any service at all.

      17. I buy online. Because I can get a lower price and not pay local sales taxes. why go to a auto parts store & pay thru the nose & wait forever for the clerk to get off the phone to sell you something?

        • NC makes you pay a percentage of your taxable income for sales tax for online purchases, unless you can prove you spent less than their guess.

          I don’t pay it, because I figure my taxable income down to zero.

      18. We just got a new hire for a managerial position, and he’s spouting off that folks can get a job if they really, really wanted to. After all, he’s never been out of work… yet.

      19. During the Great Depression we saw the horse and buggy lose to the automobile.

        The big losers were the men that cleaned the horse manure from the streets of Ameticas cities.

        Sorry, but progress is progress.

        If this is the new retail paradigm. It is what it it is.

        Check history, resistance is futile.

        I’m still in awe, I drive through distressed communities and find store after store that cater to keeping used cars going.

        What are the true cash centers of America! Even Obama never had a clue.

      20. Bring it on! Most retail sucks and the people working in it are listless. If they truly have something to offer to selling clothing and fashion, they will thrive because people will always enjoy somebody who takes the time to help them get the right look. But the listless sweater folder? That person is toast.

        I always thought it a shame and waste of resources to have beautiful women doing some boring retail job for minimum wage. They could be earning three or four times that working in the sex trade and giving real pleasure to the population. It is about time the economics of our society gets jigged to real value giving. If you are a beautiful woman but lack the brains and work ethic to be an entrepreneur/scientist/doctor etc. then you need to be working in the sex trade. No more welfare work to just keep these chicks busy and pumping out kiddies.

        • Frank ‘ol boy, you’re starting to worry me.

          • He must be young. Older guys know that women can more easily make them small stitches by hand to make the best clothing.

        • Uhhh- Frank
          Sounds like you need one of these for your BOL….lol

          ht tp://

      21. If I can buy something locally, I do so. Most of the things I buy on-line, I can’t find locally. I prefer local.

      22. Where is the great wonderful, do not wrong Tramp, sorry Trump, tell these stores not to close and to keep these people on the job?????

        • Darkwing

          You people always have to find something wrong and then complain. Trump is trying to keep MANUFACTURING JOBS here.

          This is a problem between on line sales and brick and mortar stores.

        • So just when did Sears and Macy’s relocate overseas?

          You did hear Trump say that automation was going to cause dislocations in the workforce, but that we were going to build the robots, didn’t you?

      23. What happens if something happens to the Internet? Alternatively, if the national electrical grid goes down? We might find that there are no brick-and-mortar stores selling the items we need.

        • If the grid goes down brick and mortars will be looted and restocking will be impossible. The main reason why Cubans kept 1950’s autos running for almost 70 years is because there were no electronics involved. The reliance upon such a fragile technology is a big mistake. Similarly, banning hard currency is a call to action. Imagine Bitcoin or any other crypto currency during a grid failure. Same for cellular phones…everything. It is a false security that the control grid gives. Of course it would be.

      24. Customer service seems to be better on line than in most retail stores.

        I shop on line when I should/could go to the store/mall. But I consider the gas and time spent in traffic to let my fingers do the walking through the web pages. Unavailability of products I want.

        For example, posted customer reviews (feedback), question and answers regarding the product is the best on planet earth and Amazon does it.

        Often times I go to the store, don’t have what I need or want. I return home a little frustrated. It is the reason I buy, on line . Posted reviews mean everything and of course the quality of the product.

        Another store is Lowes. On-line shopping gives you the aisle and exact spot/# on that aisle where it is . Now Lowes has good on-site customer service where I am at and I’ve never been exposed to bad customer there.

        Doesn’t replace person to person contact, but it seems that in some stores, the sale person is not familiarize with the product and they seem in a hurry to get you serve and move on.

        As for robots being employed over human beings, most of you have heard that before, to free up human beings, to give humans more free time?

        Just a sample. Many of you have you own experience.

      25. Guys it’s going to collapse.. it’s just a gut feeling. That incident at the airport I believe that that a was MK Ultra hit.. I read the book, I think it’s MK Ultra..100% false flag..


        • So let me get this straight. The dude claims/declares a firearm in his stowed luggage and the airport knows that at some point he will pick up that luggage at the turnstile and have a weapon (apparently they missed the bullets and clip unless he received it from his alphabet handler) at which time he now is the only civilian with a loaded firearm inside the airport. Why now? Why hasn’t this been tried before because obviously this works i.e. getting a loaded gun inside the airport. This smells like this cat had a handler and had been programmed..I know, O’bunghole will blame Putin.

          • He was in the baggage area, it’s not secure. Anyone can walk in off the street packing.

            How many people who go to the airport to pick someone up go into this area carrying concealed?

            I want to know how someone who was involuntarily confined in a mental institution able to buy a gun. Especially when it was the FBI who had him confined after he went to the FBI to complain the CIA was making him watch ISIS videos? He was supposedly arrested once for Child Porn at which time they took his guns and computer. He was also discharged for cause from the military without an honorable discharge. How did this guy ever buy his guns?

            This guys story has more holes than Swiss Cheese.

            • Don’t depend on the fakestream media for any of the pertinent facts.
              From gotnews dotcom:
              Records Suggest FortLauderdale Shooter EstebanSantiago Is Islamic Terrorist

              From Jihadwatch dotorg:
              Fort Lauderdale shooter was “Aashiq Hammad” on MySpace, recorded Islamic music

      26. When all the smarty pants investors finally figure out there their paper assets are TP, and there is a run to the exits, PMs will skyrocket. Not rocket science but physics. The laws of the universe cannot be changed, and also apply to economics. Once you are well stocked in food, water, medicine, firearms, ammo, etc…..then you should be accruing PMs. Don’t pay anything off. Borrow as much cheap low-interest money as you can get. Then pay it all off when an ounce of real gold will buy you $20,000 worth of their fiat currency. That’s my plan.!!!!

      27. Retail jobs are low wage and low skill. How hard is it to straighten out the shelfs fold and hang clothes. There is no special training or education. There is no safety liability. It’s not like being an iron worker going up high with major fall hazard or hauling 10,000 gallons of gasoline. Retail is a joke.

      28. The three words I will be laughing at for the rest of my life:


        To understand the complete dumbed down, programmed, indoctrinated, INSANITY of the drunken pill popping toxic dump Trumpbot cowards to fall for that line from Orange Satan, is to understand how evil these Secret Society psychopaths, and their Corporatist Fascist TREASONOUS propaganda machine truly are. Epic historical time to be alive, and to watch as history repeats itself once again in the psychopath controlled Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America.

        • Ron, Are you on Meds? If not, you need to be. You are loosing it.

          • It is “losing” not “loosing”, and I really am not going to go through the “off your meds” coping mechanism of the toxic dump Trump cowards again, it is boring okay coward.

        • Ron,
          Pack up your playdough and crayons and move to Canada. Pathetic libtard morons such as you are why this country is so fucked up.

          • we don’t want him; we have too many already

          • Get your favorite poisonous toxic GMO fake food, put a beer in one hand and a 50 gallon soda poison drum in the other, pop some Big Pharma poison in your mouth, turn on some “bread and circuses” football with a side of porn, and then play some violent video games, and you will feel like your old toxic dumbed down American coward self again BlackMoe, you have been really cranky lately!!!

      29. OK,good for a laugh:

        A certain zoo had acquired a very rare species of goat. Within a few weeks the goat, a female, became very ornery, and difficult to handle. Upon examination, the zoo veterinarian determined the problem: she was in heat. What to do? There was no male of this species available. While reflecting on their problem, the zoo administrators noticed Okie Joe, an employee responsible for cleaning the animals’ cages.
        Now Okie Joe, it was rumored, possessed ample ability to satisfy any female, and he wasn’t very bright. So the zoo administrators thought they might have a solution. Perhaps they could entice Joe to satisfy the female goat. So he was approached with a proposition: would he be willing to screw the goat–for five hundred bucks?
        Joe replied that he might be interested, but would have to think the matter over. The following day, Joe announced that he would accept their offer, but only under three conditions: “First,” he said, “I don’t want to have to kiss her,” and “Second, I want nothing to do with any offspring that may result from this union.”
        The zoo administration quickly acceded to these conditions, but what could be the third?
        “Well,” said Joe, “You’ve gotta give me another week to come up with the five hundred bucks.”

      30. Heaven forbid people leave cyberspace and lift their fat butts off the couch and walk to the mall and walk around the mall and see what they’re actually buying and chat with sales staff and get some freakin’ exercise.

        This online nonsense will eventually crash along with everything else, including those beloved iPhones. People will have to actually function without their little iGadgets. I almost can’t wait.

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