Survival Sales Jump Amid Worries of “Possible Collapse”

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 178 comments

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    What may be new to most Americans is nothing out of the ordinary for our readers. As the economic, financial and political situation around us becomes more dire by the day, people are realizing that if it hits the fan there will be no safety net to assist them. The government is already overwhelmed with nearly 50 million people on nutritional assistance and an estimated 100 million Americans living in or right on the edge of poverty. In a true emergency, be it economic in nature or an unforeseen outlier, there will simply be no way local or federal officials can respond to the needs of everyone in need, something FEMA has repeatedly warned about.

    Among the many possible emergency and disaster scenarios, the one that stands out as the most likely is an economic collapse driven by vast amounts of government debt that will never be repaid and a US dollar that is likely on its last leg as the world’s reserve currency . The consequences, if and when we reach the tipping point, will be unlike anything Americans have experienced in recent history. Forecasts of the fall-out from these events include runs on the banks, gas shortages, disruptions to our food supply and commerce systems, and the potential for riots and bloodshed in the streets. By many accounts a hyperinflationary depression cannot be avoided.

    According to a recent report from CBS, Americans sense something isn’t normal, and like the government who has been actively taking steps to prepare for an economic breakdown and civil unrest, they are taking their future into their own hands by stocking up on essential supplies like food, self defense weapons and ammunition, and emergency evacuation kits:

    A chain of three stores that sells survival food and gear reports a jump in sales to people who are getting prepared for the “possible collapse” of society.

    “We had to order fifty cases of the meals ready to eat to keep up with the demand in the past three months,” said manager Steve Dorsey at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters Inc. in Webster Groves. “That’s not normal.  Usually we sell 20 to 30 cases in a whole year.”

    Dorsey says business has been brisk since the spring uprisings in the middle east, as customers share concerns about political uprisings, the world economy and the future of the United States.

    Dorsey says some customers talk of stocking up on freeze-dried meals for the home, while others confide they are stashing supplies at a remote location away from the city where they would go in an emergency.

    “There are people that have property and they’ve set up different things they’re building to protect themselves like towers they can stand up and watch,” Dorsey said, “There’s a lot of people I’m dealing with who buy all kinds of stuff because they have like twenty or thirty people going in on this together and they’re all going to go to this one spot if something like this happens.”

    Source: CBS

    Though the number of Americans preparing for disaster is probably one in a hundred or less, one thing is for sure. Those who fail to prepare now will be wondering how they could have missed the signs once it all goes down – but by then it will be too late.

    When it comes to preparedness and planning, it’s better to be a year early than to be a day late.


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      1. This is the time of the great American tradition: “Merry Christmas, clean out your desk”. Tons of layoffs right around this time. So, maybe some MRE’s etc are just insurance, it can take years to get a job again.

        In fact back in the late 80s I was working, and for some reason I looked into my apartment building’s dumpster and found a bunch of MREs. I don’t remember why I was looking in there, maybe I was throwing something out, or looking for a box or something. Anyway, I dug out the MREs I could reach, should have dove right in and got ’em all, and I gradually used them up as my dinners when I didn’t have anything else.

        So maybe people are just getting a little insurance for the upcoming low point in a lot of Americans’ year.

        • WE have never experienced what is coming, including the Great Depression. I doubt that increased sales of prepper items are related to potential job loss.

          I think some still believe “it can’t happen here” or “we will have plenty of time because the gooberment and lame-stream-media will provide US ample warning”.

          They could be right, if you consider waking up one morning with the “market” free-falling thousands of points in a day to qualify as “ample warning”.

          Or when the banks “go-on-holiday” and you have no access to “your money”. And even if you have access, what will it be worth? The list of additional “hurdles” is long and painful.

          YOU HAVE SIX MONTHS LEFT TO PREPARE GOOD CITIZENS OF AMERICA! If you are waiting for THAT announcement from any official source, you are kidding yourself.

          • you are absolutely wrong and time will prove me correct. this train wreck still has another 5 years to crash and possibly up to 10 years. your just another one of the upteenth people in the past 4 years to give his 6 months warning. WRONG….WRONG…WRONG….WRONG !!
            this stuff just sells things today and not 3 , 4 , 5 years down the road.

            • Read it again…
              Yental is not giving a prognostication, he is saying the government is NOT going to give a warning!!

            • Look RICH99-can I call you Dick for short?-look Dick for short, yes, this is a slow motion train wreck, and it started several years ago. It may not climax for another year or so, but then again, it may. When Greece defaults, Europe is going burn down. And it will affect us here in the US. Soon after. Can you guarantee us there will be smooth sailing for years to come? No, you can’t. Pay attention Dick.

              Things will never be cheaper than they are now. Prices are only rising. If you know you will need it any time in the future, why not buy it now? Many things we use can bought now for less now than 5 years from now when the dollar wil be worth less (or worthless). Come on Dick, pull your head out! Your savings are safer in real goods than in cash.

            • Rich, I hope you are wrong. But, just in case I am stocking up. I have about 30 or so people to plan for and can’t afford to be wrong. This might help your outrage about this “Too Early Planning” I recently read an article produced by some college that said most canned goods were viable for years past their best sale date. I have always canned many goods from my own garden and feel this is a great hedge against inflation. You really can’t argue with that unless you just like to argue.

            • Rich, the scout motto is “Be Prepared.” It is not “Everyone else be prepared and I’ll plan to sponge off of them when I need to.”

              Even if it has another five years, which I seriously doubt, it still means preparing for it. Don’t you think it makes sense to prepare now, while food is still affordable and the getting is good? You don’t prepare for a storm once it hits. You prepare beforehand so that you are ready when it hits.

            • Better to be five years too early than five seconds too late.

            • RICH99: I hope you’re right because it gives all of us more time to get ready. But I’m preparing like there’s no tomorrow because I’d rather be 5 years too early than 1 day too late. Good luck on your preps.

            • And the bad version of RICH99 says: this train wreck still has another 5 years to crash and possibly up to 10 years

              Well if your right then I have more time to prep and change some things around, but if your wrong then I think in this stage of the game I am as comfortable as I am going to get, what says you???. You should cheer up at least your awake to whats going on, turn your negative energy into something positive like developing a skills or networking, sometimes pesimisim isn’t what others in common want to hear. As from what I have read your not making friends.. Just a opinion

              By the way 1st time poster here but long time reader, Everyone Happy Thanksgiving, God Bless and Keep the torch lit in prepping

            • ok who let Dickie back on the adult web site again?

            • Rich99 – for over 20 million of us unimployed Americans, the train wreck happened a few years back! Been livin off my preps for a while and replenishing when I can!

            • For RICH99’s attitude toward “Now” preppers..

              A friend ask me a while back why my wife and I were doing
              so much prepping….why the hurry…..Nothing was going to happen for a decade or so……I ask him if he had a
              fire extinguisher in his house ? He said ” Of Course…I have always had one “…..I ask if he carried a Life Insurance Policy ? He said ” You Know I do..have had it forever “……I ask…” Have you ever used either one of them ? ” He said ” NO “….I ask ” Then why don’t you get rid of both of them…because having them is just plain Stupid, a waste of money and time and WRONG WRONG WRONG !!! He responded ” Are you Crazy…I can’t do that….what if something happens ? “….He and his wife are now Preppers !!!

              So….What if something happens ? Had you rather be prepared or just really suprise !!!

              And we have seen a ton of stuff go up in price as much as 50+ %…..Not a bad return on an investment…..

            • RICH99 just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t matter if the economic collapse is 5 years or 5 days away. The idea is to get prepared, which is always a work in progress and never really done. I’d rather be 5 years too early than 1 day too late. By the way, most of your comments are like those of “mole” who uses “Psyops” to spread disinformation. I’ll bet even money that you’re working for the “home team” ie: the status quo.

          • Yental, just wondering why it is you say six months? What are the driving forces behind that estimate. I am big on wanting/looking for a time frame. Time frames always catch my eye. Care to share?

            • YENTAL doesnt know , like i said he is just another one of many in the past 4 years to give their 6 month time frame and he too will be wrong and all the people on here that WANT doom and have given me a negative rating will once again see im right and the many 6 monthers are wrong. preperation is a good thing but im just saying that the train isnt gonna crash in 6 months or 12 months.

          • It turns out something like 2% of the population are preppers, though. We tend to get into our own little bubble, and forget that for most of the population, the worst thing they can think of happening is the Carter Recession, maybe some have some memories of the Great Depression (during which some industries, such as oil, were going great).

            But, a hell of a lot more than 2% of the population are looking at losing their jobs, losing their houses, and so on. They’re working overtime or 2-3 jobs, just barely keeping their mortgage paid, etc. And they’re trying like hell to maintain normalcy. So, when they’re laid off, foreclosed, etc., they know they may not have *any* extra money or room on credit cards, because they don’t now. So, it could be their plan is to jump in the car (just ahead of the repo man) and head to some relative’s place, camping along the way.

            I’m not saying this to “diss” the prepper movement, I’m a prepper. But what I’m talking about here, I’ve seen. I’ve seen a little town with a population of maybe 20,000, with a homeless population living in the woods of about 7000. Most of them, ex-middle-class who have SS money coming in, but can’t afford a roof. So, they camp in the woods and stay warm in the winter…. somehow … they’ll have a paid-for pickup truck or van, the newer ones will have the SUV etc they can’t pay off, in all cases they don’t drive the vehicle much since gas costs $$. The vast, vast, majority of these people don’t look homeless at all. Perhaps a little scruffy, that’s it. And this was what I saw in 2008, there are probably more now.

            I’m not discounting the fact that the actual Apocalypse may smack us all down in 6 months. I’m about as prepared as I’m going to get. But what I see actually happening is a long, continual, downgrade.

            So just to play the Devil’s advocate, I just have to say, Can this be explained by people and families getting some supplies to get them across a few states, to relatives or some refuge, due to job loss?

            • I have done a 6 month (or 2) “camping” trip in my truck, within the last years, this is a really good post! I learned many, very important things. There is NO WAY I could list them all here, It would take me days to type, but I would like to list a couple. 1. HYGENE is the most important thing to feel good, and stay healthy, take a swim, bath or shower when you can. Use baby wipes after #2, and bird bathes out of a small bucket during winter 2. PROPANE goes quick, you can eat through preps REALLY quick (2-3 months) so use it as little as possible. Cook only simple meals that don’t require much cooking, and if you drink coffee, use a thermos to keep it worm 3. LITTLE PROPANE HEATER, you can use inside vehicle, is a MUST during winter, but dont use unless you have to. When its -10 to 15f, you will be glad you have it. 4. MUMMY BAG AND 2 WOOL BLANKETS are a MUST. When it is -5 out and you are in your vehicle, in your mummy bag, a wool blanket over your head and mid body allows you not to have to zip up mummy bag all the way, and you might find you sleep better, I woke up a few times in -10f weather, and i didn’t know it till I would lift the wool blankets off. I encourage EVERYONE to try living out of a vehicle for an extended amount of time, in extreme temps, many lessons WILL be learned. I hope I helped some of you out.

          • The collapse will be due to the f***ing corrupt retards we have trying to be leaders:

            Quick rundown:

            Gingrich: no executive potential – a professor wannabe
            Romney: ambiguous fascist, not principled in slightest
            Perry: no self respect as a President of Texas
            Cain: real guy, however not integrated or consistent
            Bachmann: too crazy for Israel, ideologue, only knows taxes
            Huntsman: better luck next time
            Santorum: the most constipated, querulous fascist ever

            Dr. Paul – closest thing to having a true, principled understanding of Liberty. In a league of his own, incomparably better than the clowns above. Needs style desperately. 2012 is his year!

            Happy Thanksgiving!

            • Too bad we can’t get a competent review from the lamestream media such as Newton gave.

              2012, Last chance for a peaceful recovery amarica!!

              Ron Paul or Bust!!

            • I respect Dr. Paul, but cannot deal with his foreign policy.

            • For those who still believe in the controlled shell-game farce called “elections”, it bares repeating…

              “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

            • I have been actively supporting Ron Paul’s campaign in New Hampshire. He is an honorable, honest man of the highest intellect with enormous respect for the sanctity of life in every respect. We cannot ask for more. We should vote on the basis of character and ideas. It is unfortunate that Romney has strong support due to his MA connection here. He is well known in these parts and he definitely presents a facade that is different from his true bleeding heart ultra left-wing credentials. He is popular but also widely distrusted. At least that’s the way I see it . . .

            • @GA Girl,

              I have the same conversation with my mother constantly. She would never vote for Paul because of his views on foreign policy and his views on the War on Drugs. I believe that the biggest problem facing Ron Paul in getting his views across to the average American is that he doesn’t play well to television and a explantion of the reasons behind his viewpoints is not easily explained in a thirty second response.

              The easiest way to explain Ron Paul is “live and let live”. When it comes to use of force, one should never be the first to initiate force. However, and this point is always missed in the debates, once force has been initiated against you, the gloves come off and one doesnt stop until the aggressor has been neutralized. Kind of like that crazy neighbor who stockpiles guns and ammo and has a mean dog on a chain in his yard with a No Tresspassing sign. Would you go and shoot him because he was intimidating and scary? The situation with Iran is similiar in some respects except that crazy neighbor lives a few streets away next to a friend of ours who complains to us constantly about how this neighbor threatens him. To stretch the analogy further, imagine that all over the neighborhood we have managed to get permission to put bunkers in the backyards of other residents and have equipped them with machine gun nests and some tough looking guards to man them to make sure no one steps out of line. Who’s behavior looks more suspect; the crazy neighbor barricaded behind a “No Tresspassing” sign, or us with our bunkers all over the neighborhood?

              The issue with Iran getting nukes is more of a threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Europe than it is to us. We are already an imperial power and any attempt by us to attack Iran would succeed in provoking all muslims against us because we would be seen “rightly” as being a tool of Israel. And it would give Iran the moral right to retaliate against us or our interests because we would be the initiators of aggression. Better to let Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni muslims who fear a nuclear Iran deal with the problem than become the aggressor in yet another war.

          • I am sorry, none of us know when it is gonna happen. I dont think even the idiots running our country know when it is gonna happen. It could be an earthquake knocking out power and cutting off supply lines, it could be one of those nasty solar flares they keep talking about, a terrorist could get his hands on a bomb, or it could be the long painful decline of the world we are witnessing. All you can do is prepare to the best of your ability and live your life like there is nothing wrong. Be safe my friends and keep improving your skills and food storage and growing. God Bless

          • yental excerpt: “YOU HAVE SIX MONTHS LEFT TO PREPARE GOOD CITIZENS OF AMERICA! If you are waiting for THAT announcement from any official source, you are kidding yourself.”

            No offense, buuut…

            Don’t any of you people who replied to yental read?
            CAN you read and actually COMPREHEND what you are reading?

            What yental is SAYING is that IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR THE GOVERNMENT (or anyone else in positions of authority, for that matter) TO SAY TO YOU, “you have 6 months to prepare”, you are in for a world of hurt.

            Maybe yawl should re-read it SLOWLY and “connect the dots” in his/her WHOLE COMMENT? 😉

            Speed Reading – BAD
            Slow Reading = voila’! comprehension

            Just a suggestion, of-course 😉

            • That is why I always type my posts very slowly. 😉

            • That is not what he said at all.

          • Hi guys and gals. I will post it as a response to some of the first comments so that this info appears in the beginning of the thread.
            The S hit the fan in my little part of this shitty world. So I will be posting here even less frequently than
            I was. It is quite probable that in some time in near future I won’t be able to check the internet at all.
            I decided to make a short account of what happened here. As you probably remember, I told you about the crash of one of banks here in Lithuania. Well here is what has happened so far. Last Thursday bank “Snoras” (which is fifth biggest, not third as I misinformed you earlier) was seized (nationalized) by the gooberment “in order to safeguard the poople [sic]”. Govmen told us that main stock holders of Snoras (Antonov and Baranauskas) were doing some shady business and there is some 1 billion LTU in excess missing from the bank’s holdings. Up until Monday people were barred from their money. No withdrawals of any kind. Of course idiotbox TV kept babbling about “there’s no need for panic” and poople obediently agreed.
            Monday came and goobermen and central bankster Vasiliauskas announced that it is OK for all people to go to the ATM and get 500 LTU per day. So the rush started just to find that there were almost no money at the ATM machines. Central bankster’s 2inC said that there is no need to be worried and that there is enough money for all. Most of the poople sat back and sighed with relief – it’s still OK, goobermen and central banksters will take care of us. My mother in law was one of the many. Despite my and my missus pleads she either refused to “panic” or just flatly stated that there is no need to go and take out money because goobermen said everything will be alright.
            According to central banksters, bank was to be divided into bad and good part with good part holding all the pooples money and good assets, while the bad part to be bankrupted and somehow erased.
            International arrest order was issued for Antonov and Baranauskas. They were seized in UK yesterday (November 24)
            Yesterday (November 24) central bankster (our very own substitute for Mr Burnanke [sic]) appeared on idiotbox screens and announced with a very sad and sympathetic face:
            – Dear fellow citizens, the situation with bank Snoras is more grave than we thought (no shit!) It appears that it is more than 3.4 billion LTU that are missing. Bank won’t be divided, there is no point in doing that. The lot will be bankrupted.
            Minister of Finance Simonyte ( pour most beloved bitch that will get the tallest tree in the aftermath):
            – Poople’s money are safe. Those that had an insured amount 345 k LTU will get everything back. We have enough free money to do that.
            Well that was official part of this charade. What the poople don’t seem to understand is this:
            1. A lot of companies had their assets frozen since the black Thursday and are now on the brink of bankruptcy themselves.
            2. All of the bank’s employees will become unemployed.
            3. All those who paid their mortgage to Snoras will be re-evaluated after the bankruptcy and those that will be deemed “insolvable” will be foreclosed.
            4. All those who were unable to get even those 500 LTU will have big problems with the electric, heating water bills and even more so with their food for survival, because bankruptcy (even if it is successful) will take more that a month.
            5. There are no free money to get for the solvency of the bank’s commitments to the poople. I saw the budget, I saw the planning. The poople seem to forget that we have a double digit deficit. This means one of two things – either the savings of the poople will be null and void or the tax payers will be shouldering the 3.4 billion bill. Now I understand that this number is laughable in terms of USA, but take it relatively – say your town or a smaller state would have such problems.
            6. Bank was owned by Russian citizen Antonov (60+% of shares). This means in very much probable way that the whole stuff of siphoning the money out of it was planned and executed by the RF’s FSB (KGB successor). This could very well mean that even more S heading our way. Gazprom may announce that since the economic and financial stability of Lithuania is in question, thus they must demand a greater price for the natural gas they provide as a sort of voucher.
            Today we see old poople crying at the doors of the bank. They have no money, no food, and soon no heat and no electricity. Whatever course this will take, the S has already hit the fan, and now the bits are starting to fly. Nothing good can come out of the -3.4 billion LTU situation when country’s fiscal budget handles in terms of 380 (or there about) billion LTU. Massive bankruptcies, unemployment in apocalyptic proportions, collapse of economy, loss of sovereignty through economic and political invasion by foreign power, be it EU or Russia, starvation, rise in suicide numbers, even more emigration, maybe even mass migration (though one could argue that it has already happened).
            So, my friends, be safe, keep prepping and send one or two prayers our way. I hope to stay on the air for some time, but there is no telling how things will be turning now. Best I say my goodbyes now, because there is no telling if I can have another opportunity.

            • Prayers x 200. Stay safe.

            • Hang in there dude. Thoughts and prayers are with you from the other side of the planet. Keep us informed as much as you can. God bless.

          • The dark clouds of world war 3 are in the sky, coming our way! “WE” are in iraq, libya, afganistan, yemen, and many more. Russia is sending war ships to syria, and “WE” are talking about bombing syria! I am starting to believe all this “prepare for economic collapse” talk, is propoganda! “THEY” know WW3 is coming, and this is “THEIR” way of helping “US” prepare for it! I actually believe “WE” are in WW3 right now, history will not be kind to us. Use your eyes people, how many countries did germany invade before it was all out war? Look at those pictures of the german people after WW2, THAT IS OUR FATE! WE CANNOT WIN, NO INDUSTRIAL OUTPUT ANYMORE! GOD HELP US ALL< AND MAY FUTURE GENERATIONS FORGIVE US (if any live through this)

          • Yental is not saying we have six months; just that we are crazy if we expect to ever have the luxury of getting such a warning.

            I guess most agree that today is our warning. And the warning is… maybe tomorrow, maybe ten years from now. Prepare now, like the other guy said. The getting is good now.

          • Today is Black Friday. People have prepared for this day way in advance. Isn’t that amazing? They camp out in their tents they erect before store doors. This is their focus, their awaited for day. How pathetic. I hope they buy some tasty flat screen tv’s, ipods, Iphones etc. because that is all they will have left to rely on when the SHTF.

            • I agree with your frustration about the Black Friday massess.

              These people save for months (or use credit cards) prepare for weeks, camp out for hours, and are willing to put up with a lot of “discomfort” to snag deals. If these same folks put 1/2 that kind of dedication into preping their families we would not have very many zombies to worry about in the event SHTF!!

            • Hey its OCCUPY WALMART, not wallstreet! thats what they powers that be have turned the movement into!

          • What amazes me the most is the fact that the S hasn’t already HTF in a major way! I am simply blown away that the ‘elites’ have managed to avoid a complete and total implosion of the entire global economy ….. at least to this point in time anyway.

            The day that you hear the thunder of little hoof beats as the great heard of sheeple head out to begin to ‘prepare’ for some future ‘hard-times’ type of an event ………. that’s the day that I stay home and begin to disengage in a major way from the world around me.

            We are so lucky!!!!!! We have much better than just front-row seats to the greatest drama that the theater of life has ever presented! It might cost you your life as you presently know it ……. but, other than that, it’s essentially free … sort of .. kind of? Please feel free to kick back and enjoy the show.

            God Bless & good luck to all. Please allow me to be the first to offer you and your family a politically incorrect “Merry Christmas” and the best wishes from my family and I for a safe and happy holiday season for all.

          • I hear ya, Bro, and agree with you. I don’t know that we can pin this down to any 6 month time period, though. What I DO know is that terrible times lie ahead because of the incompetents running this place. I do what I can to vote them all out at every opportunity but there are too many folks riding in this wagon and too few pushing it!

            Because of this, I stock food, water, silver, seeds, firewood, gas, and ammo. My wife thinks that I am a little nutty but that’s OK. She’s thought that before and was REAL glad that I did what I did when I did it. This will be no different.

            When bad times come, and they WILL, they will come upon the sheeple with such speed and violence that they will all have that “deer in the headlights” look of total disbelief. They will remain in denial… at least until their bellies start growling and they have no heat or light.

            The stage has been carefully set. Freedom has been and continues to be eroded. The world financial system is hanging by a thread, thanks to corruption and a HUGE overhang of derivatives. At last count, the world derivatives market was at $600 trillion dollars… and growing. This is more than 10x the annual world output of goods and services; and many of them are leveraged at least 50:1. What does this mean? Well, if a bit over 2% of these things blow up in their faces, every bank out there above the community bank level will be instantly insolvent. The cost of this will be so horrendous that no government and no group of governments will be able to bail this mess out. I have read that JP Morgan alone is packing $75 trillion worth of this financial crap on their balance sheet. How many times more than their total net worth is this? I don’t know but would bet money that it is MANY times more than that.

            MF Global is an excellent example of what happens when a leveraged derivative bet goes bad. It results in near-instant insolvency. We can only imagine what will happen when, not if, this leveraged financial crap hits the fan wholesale. It will topple the world financial system and every national financial system on this planet. The fiat currencies will be worthless… even more than they already are. Yes, we will recover, probably in 2-3 years. What’cha gonna do between the big blow up and the recovery? Got food? Got water? Got hunting and fishing gear and a place to use them? Got trade goods? Got anything to protect your stuff from those who have not planned for such a possibility? They WILL get desperate. REAL desperate. We can all count on that just as we cannot count on anyone riding to the rescue because WE ARE the cavalry, folks.

          • It’s Apr 2013, are y’all living off the grid now? Simply don’t understand why such a hard sale is needed if this is a worthy product.


      2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m thankful more are waking up. I wish it was more of my own family, but maybe as our numbers grow they will see the light.

        • Bravo!

      3. I think that there are far more of “us” than we think.. I’ve seen many stories lately covering “us”. The fact that there are more and more companies selling our type of stuff is the most telling.. if a company doesn’t have sufficient customers; they go away.

        One of my best friends in Mexico has finally been converted. It took a small hurricane blowing through the outskirts of his town.. but now he understands. I had showed him some photos of my stash and his question was always “why” ? No matter how clearly I explained it, he would never believe that such preps would ever be needed. He was stunned when the stores in his town emptied in hours.. nothing of use remained.

        I reluctantly fought back the strong desire to say “I told you so “. Now he is onboard and his wife will make sure he doesn’t back slide…

      4. Happy Thanksgiving like its the last normal one!

      5. If you don’t have a gun to protect your life and your property someone will use gun to take your life and property. I never want to use a weapon against my fellow human beings but there are certain types not as respectful. Take care and stay safe everyone

      6. Biggest problem I’ve got, is trying to figure out when do you have enough food stored? 6 months? 1 year?
        When is enough?
        Infinite stores?
        The other types of supplies I think we have plenty for us, but food supplies are my dilemma.
        Any thoughts people???

        Happy Thanksgiving to all, and hopefully many more under better conditions and less black clouds hovering in the sky.

        • Grow and raise your own. 90-100 years ago folks in our country stored enough to get through winter, and re-stocked the following year during harvest. Its called farming, or as I prefer, agrarianism. Sustain yourself!

        • minimum two years. one year to learn to grow your own and one year for if you fail.we havethree years worth. plus fruit and nut trees and berry bushes. raised beds ans small row crop area. it’s amazing what you can do on an acre.everybody’s situation is slightly different though. i already hadweapons covered so food and power have been the focus of the last eight years.learning to live a simpler life has been a joy. it’s amazing what your mind can do once it’s free of a lot of clutter.

        • We have food, but not sure about future water supplies.

        • As my grandmother used to say “have 6 months past harvest in the pantry each year”, so if you have a bad harvest in one year you will make it through with hunting season until spring planting and the early pickings from the garden the following year.
          She survived the depression with only 2 dresses and 2 pair of socks all of which she made herself. I just wish she had wrote all of her recipies down before she died. Her homemade cinnamon rolls every Sunday before church were the talk of the county even 12 years after she’s gone.
          Learn from the survivors of the depression and rationing in ww2, they know how its done.

      7. ’tis good to start preparing. 🙂

        Today, I intend to take the day off from it all, to go enjoy civilization for a bit while it’s still around. I intend to take a little road trip and go to a very nice hotel in a somewhat distant town. Paying cash (viz. debit card) so I don’t have to worry about paying it off later.

        (of course, along the way the missus and I intend to test out a new BOL route, but that just lets us enjoy the countryside a bit along the way while we’re at it. 🙂 ).

      8. I for one have been prepped for over a year….food, water, gold and ammo; a years supply. Too bad many steeple don’t have a clue. The s has hydrogen…we are on a low glide path but the lamding

      9. I for one have been prepped for over a year….food, water, gold and ammo; a years supply. Too bad many sheeple don’t have a clue. The shit has already hit the fan…….we are just on a low glide path but the landing will be hard

      10. Preppers should have started years ago for this coming event. Unless you have big money; starting now to buy remote property, guns, ammo, medicine, boots, heavy duty clothing, 4x4s, and at least a two year supply of food, may be out of the question. When observant Americans started to see the Government building underground cities, buying hundreds of tons of Mountian House and other brands of long shelf-life foods; we started to prepare too. I find it ironic that agencies like the Homies and FBI demonize ordinary American survivalists as potential terrorist, when they are all doing the same thing. The SPLC is up to their teeth in preaching the same phony doctrine. No matter! I don’t listen to any of their sucked-egg BS anyway.

        • I refuse to believe that it’s too late to start. Just by changing one’s awareness you can be years more prepared than somebody who is taken by surprise.

          If anyone is reading this and has not yet started to prep don’t let the short time left stop you!!! None of us truly know how long we have – it may be long enough! Never give up!

          I’d really hate for someone to be too discouraged to do everything they can to get prepared. It’s not too late!

          • True. If you buy one extra can of soup it beats what you had last week. With the extra can, you can only lose if during the course of your “normal” life you plan to never eat soup again.

        • Of course they demonize us. They want us at their mercy when the SHTF.

          • My sentiments as well. I believe that the new world order will not be forced upon us. The Powers that be will have engineered such a dreadful collapse that the sheeple will beg for the NWO. This was always their plan.

      11. OQ, sounds like a capital idea. On another note,I think my brother-in-law might be coming around on the prepping. We’ll see. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving wherever you are.

      12. first of all , collapse isnt even close to happening. it will be at least 5 more years . according to alot of these people it should have already happened years ago but didnt. this is a slow motion train wreck

        • Where’s your “second of all…?”

          • my second of all is im laughing my ass off at the 12 negative ratings i recieved BUT they will find out that im right.the problem is that people have short term memory loss. if they were to go back and think about all the articles and videos they have seen and read they would recall all the IDIOTS warning people about how they have until this time and that time but those times came and went and now we have a new set of time framers who too will be wrong.
            gerald celente was wrong in 2010 and steve “the fraud” quayle has been wrong on so many accounts that i have lost count and the many youtubers and the list goes on.
            people can give me a million negative ratings but i will be correct and they will find out obviously in time and once again preparing is a GOOD thing but people dont need to run around in panic mode because another retard gave his 6 month warning. we have plenty of time so be methodical but calm.

            • You may very well be right on the time frame and it could take years before we are reduced to eating tree bark and boiled leather. However, you do not seem to deny that collapse is coming. Encouraging those who are asleep to wake up and prepare for what is to come whether it be in six months or six years is ultimately in all of our best interests. Someday, I believe you will wind up in a pot as a meal for those whom you discouraged from preparing for the hard times to come.

        • I’m willing to bet we will see most-definate signs of it next year sometime. The facade cannot presist much longer.

          • i love the SOMETIME wo, how ironic you used that word.

        • RICH99, know one knows when the fiscal/debt wall will be hit, but it will occur in Europe first. The Greek government 1 year bond is currently at 309% according to Bloomberg. The European EFSF emergency funding facility was boasting it could leverage is capital 4-5 times and save the Euro. The latest word is they will be lucky to double the EFSF; and I’m sure you’ve heard by now about Germany’s massively failed 10 year auction where they failed to sell 35% of their offered bonds. Individually the indicators may not look like much, but combined they are screaming danger. You may be right about 5 years and you are correct that it is a slow motion wreck, but this wreck can and I believe will accelerate very quickly as investor fears rise in Europe.

          • at least you responded with a sensible comment and not screaming at me because so many on here want the sky to fall tomorrow and im contradicting their addiction to doom. like i have said before we have the power junkies and the money junkies and we also have doom junkies.
            the situation may accelerate quickly in europe but the crooks over here have many tricks up their sleeves as we have seen the past 3 years since the original semi-collapse.
            from my source , which i will not reveal due to the complexity of understanding , they have said we have reached the point of no return in august 2011 and by 2020 we will have seen the last vestiges of the current financial system and barter will be the main system used.
            we also have the increasing earth changes and rising sea levels… ironic that ALL MAJOR financial centers are located in coastal cities…..think about that one!
            this has to do with the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE and are completely out of our control. ANYTHING that does not benefit humanity as a WHOLE must be destroyed and will be destroyed.

            • notice the 1 negative rating already from the doomtard who wants doom NOW!
              DOOM JUNKIES PERIOD!

            • Dear RICH99:
              Things are “speeding up” like a snowball going down a steep hill.Not all that fast in the beginning,but growing larger and bigger as it goes.”flash mobs” and their ILK are getting MUCH worse.5 years ago you almost never hear of them.The senior partners of “Goldie Saxes” are for the most part “retiring” and leaving for parts unknown. Europe is just marking time before it falls “apart”.Local crime in the U.S. is increasing on a personal level and “underreported”.We MAY have “5 years”,but just what that time period looks like won’t be pretty.It wasn’t all that long ago the term “PIGIIs” was unheard of!
              SHTF has already hit the fan in Greece and much of the former USSR.Russia itself is a savage mobster state,and China is doing it’s best to keep secret it’s failing economy as well.
              “Doom and Gloom” or cynical realist is a matter of just how soon those MRE’s are going to be better than PMA’s.I hope things stay bumping along for 5 years,but I’m trying to be “prepped” in the shorter time frame.Even 5 years can go by rather quickly.As the American dream sinks in all this mess,people will “resort to any means necessary” to get what they desire,even if it’s yours.
              Stay Warm,
              Best to ALL

      13. I work at Cabelas and can say that more and more are waking up. I thinks its a combination of a socialist government, Europe, the middle east and many close to retiring realizing that their 401K is going to be worthless. Now if we could just know the locations of all the government secret stashes…
        Dear Santa, I want a M249, AA 12, and lots of canned goods… Mommy wants a new pressure cooker…

        Happy thanksgiving!

        • Which brings the many do know where the gov’t. stash is??
          We know that info will get leaked soon.
          And off topic, when this goes down, regardless of the reason, people WILL find the warehouses of food and break in with what tools they have when their babies are hungry.
          If their is no electricity, even with backup, those frozens won’t last for long..surely, the keepers of the locks will open and give those foods away.

          • Read up on decon methods of food, because all those “warehouses” will probably be covered with fallout! BIG WAR is comming people, and this one won’t just be on the tv, it will touch us all! keep prepping!

      14. No matter how much food you store, if you are not mentally prepared for what is coming you will likely suffer culture shock in your own neighborhood.

        Most will not be able to process the third world images through their first world eyes.

        • I agree GC. Many of us on here have discussed different situations, whether we agree all the time or not. These discussions and opposing and agreeing points of view have helped to mentally harden, in some respects, those who have engaged each other. This in turns prepares those people for whatever ensues in a general sense, if the SHTF. Peace

        • My children are already having trouble with the amount of homeless they see. Every time, and I mean every time, we go to the store, we are approached by someone asking formoney. My kids want to help but they are scared. Rightfully so. With some of our own extended family teetering on the edge of financial oblivion, they see it, they feel it and they don’t like it. They are very aware. I still worry for them as it continues to fall apart. Trying to prepare them without scarring them….not easy to do.

          • MLG, Thank goodness in our rural area we have not had to deal with begging, yet. I remember working as a Paramedic in the early 90’s in Buffalo, NY. My mom used to think I just had an exceptionally large appetite, because I would pack 5 to 6 PB&Js for lunch. When she got around to asking me why so many, I told her I would give them to the homeless. She’d pack my lunch after that and I’d find at least 10 sandwiches. If it were me I would carry something to eat with me and when approached, hand the sandwich over and state that’s all I have, please eat it and leave now, if I were alone. With kids though, it can be very scary.

        • That is exactly right. Some seem to think this is just what we need and look forward to it. They are crazy.

          • America needs a reset, but the only people looking forward to it have never actually lived through such an event.

            Many will think they have died and went to hell.

        • GC I sure agree. There are some sites ….. one is invisiblepeople dot tv, it’s a guy who became homeless, but he’d been a reporter or something like that, not for some little podunk operation either, so he’s been using his skills to do little videos of homeless folks and get their stories. Incidentally, it’s keeping him fed and at least a car to live in.

          Another one is homelessguide over at blogspot. The guy who does that one was homeless for a very short period when he was young. now he’s your stereotypical old grey-haired insurance guy, a friendly old guy who just wanders around his area and does photos, sometimes videos I think, of the homeless folks around there.

          A good number of homeless folks are there because of addictions, etc., but there are a TON of homeless folks out there who don’t “look” homeless, and they often did everything or at least most things, right, and ended up homeless anyway.

          The best way to take care of the fear factor is, try talking to some of the guys/gals. Yes, there are some crazies out there. But most are amazingly “normal” and “middle class” when you get talking to them. Even the really loopy ones aren’t generally dangerous. I remember one, a big black guy who used to hang out behind the supermarket where I was living at the time. He was mentally ill somehow and not verbal. A friend gave me a fleece vest, a really nice one, but it was way too big for me. I realized, it might fit this dude. So, I left it on “his” cart, and a week or so later, I saw him, wearing it, and it fit him right. It was good to see. Maybe 6 months or a year later, I saw him again downtown, and he was skinny and had a transistor radio he was holding like a walkie-talkie, some other weird stuff hanging off of his belt, and he was literally calling in imaginary air strikes or something. Yeah he looked scary then but since I knew him and had given him a vest I’d have given to Goodwill anyway, he was not scary to me.

          tl;dr: Get to know some of your local bums and model courteous behavior to ’em so your kids learn to not fear ’em.

          • Speaking of homeless people; has anyone seen the series “Goldrush: Alaska”? The guy in this story is Steve Dorsey, same as in the show. Is it the same guy (he went broke and crazy in the show, was assumed to be homeless by the end of it)?

            • No, that’s Jimmy Dorsey.

        • Very astute!

      15. My thoughts have been split between two possibilities.

        Possibility one is that the power elite, NWO or whatever you call them is throwing the world upside down, crashing the old order and then out of the ashes a world order is created to their liking. If things go as bad as many on the various BBs believe the US government for the most part will cease to exist or at a minimum have internal problems maintaining social order so great that maintaining world order would be out of the question. This does not sound like a plan that the most powerful have approved.

        Possibility two is that the power elite, NWO or whatever you call them have set forth a series of events over generations that they planned on having mold the world in an order to their liking but things took on a life of their own and it’s spinning out of their control.

        I can’t see them intentionally loosing the strong arm of the US Military because of kayos within the US. Therefore the think possibility two is the more likely.

        The worst case for the common man is number two.

        • kevin2 After alot of reading and studies on the subject of NWO, scenario 1 is what is happening

          • I agree. This won’t happen in the next few generations. It is happening in THESE CURRENT generations.

        • History always repeats itself. What amazes me is that these so-called elites haven’t realized is that they always get it in the end. Hunted down like rabid dogs and shot, hung beheaded or whatever the hunters decide. They will get their due. Always have and this time will be no different.

      16. Happy Thanksgiving from the UK.

        I so wish people over here would wake up. Half of them haven’t even noticed their own government stopped referring to Great Britain two years ago, we are just Britain now, how can I expect people who don’t notice the name of their country has changed to notice what is going on around them.

        These same people moan about prices going up but still don’t buy a bit in advance to protect from something that simple, they just don’t get the idea of stocking up for the long term. The amount of blind faith they have that the shelves will always be full and they will always have access to their money is both sad and frightening.

        Sadly there is nowhere here to buy quantities of canned butter or powdered eggs, tiny amounts for camping trips are available but they are scarily expensive, certainly beyond my pocket.

        Having had my youngest late in life I am the oldest mommy at the school gates. The things I hear amaze me. Uncorking parents talking to other uncorking parents on the iPhone about what they are having for dinner that night…Chinese takeaway for a family of is £35-45 give or take . I could feed a family of 5 for a week on that if I planned and shopped well. The person on the other end of the conversation was taking hers to McDonalds. Their idea of prepping for the future is knocking out another baby so they can avoid looking for work for a while longer.

        Rant over take care x

        • Hey Carolie, Glad to see ya back. Hope you become more of a regular. It is always interesting to get the take on the state of things from those who live in other countries. Oh and by the way,go ahead and rant away it will make ya feel better!

          • Good morning sometimes my comments seem out of sync as I seem to spend a lot of time being moderated, sorry about appearing a bit disjointed occasionally lol

            Take care x

        • hey there carolie, powdered egg and canned butter can be done in the home.. it is not hard to do. go to directions are there. also for canned bacon, mushrooms and much more. the major problems i see here in the usa during this time is that our younger generations have not learned and used life skills they will need to have to survive a major disaster of any kind. they have been raised up on things that are instant, digital, computerized, etc…

          • carynverell,
            Could you post a link to that particular site, I kept getting a blog full of pictures.

        • Oh Carolie, I wish you could get out of there. UK’s population density is one of the highest in the world, your cities are full of foreigners who utterly hate you, you have no right whatsoever to self-defense, and the government is becoming more anti-Christian, anti-family, and anti-common sense by the day. It’s also the surveillance capital of the world; 1984 is literally happening all around you.

          It’s sad to witness because I love the UK and the people there, but you’d be so much better off getting out while the getting is good.

        • Carolie–this is only good for cooking, but are you aware of the substitute for eggs??
          Unflavored gelatin..1 egg= 1 tsp unflavord gelatin, 3 tbsp cold water and then 2 tbsp of hot water.
          I made a banana pudding and a chocolate pie–they were great.
          I canned my own butter–not margarine–but butter!!!

        • Welcome to the family. Like any group we have our strange ones but that is OK. I for one enjoy your posts.

        • Carolie, my entire extended family is English. We are the black sheep of the family living in the US. I know the rest of the family are as you descibe, like the 99% of people here. My folks grew up being bombed everyday and know what it is like during a SHTF scenario. Not much you can do for others nowadays. Prepare yourself the best you can. Living on an island will make things much more difficult. Take care

      17. Uncorking ?? I hate this auto spell checker.

        Unworking parents jeeze lol

        • Not to worry. I just thought it was a Brit. phrase that I was unaware of…

      18. My point regarding this BB is that it might get real nasty for a long time if things are really spinning out of control as opposed to just planned “disorder. The possibilities of international conflict increase in possibility 2 as if things would not already be bad enough.

      19. The big-city food supply lines, now fragile, in a financial collapse, themselves collapse. That means food would be unavailable for a long time. A market based food system without a ‘money’ cannot simply be ‘ordered’ by a collapsed government to start working again. Many would die and soon. Only the peppers and rural farming folks, would survive starvation and disease.

        Where will the peppers resupply? There will still be unused stores of undiscovered canned food for those still alive. We can still grow food.

        It all seems inevitable now. Nothing can stop it.

      20. Why We Post Our IP Address

        We post our IPv4 address (also referred to as a “dotted quad” or IP address) as a sort of insurance policy. Recent events have proven that a government agency or a malicious hacker can fairly easily seize or hijack a domain name. This has already happened to at least 75 U.S. web sites without due process of law. Their DNS records were changed, essentially erasing them from the “phone books of the Internet.”

        Also see this article: U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’

        To insure against this, we are distributing our IPv4 address. This can be pasted or typed into a web browser window in place of “”

        What you need to do:

        Take a pen and write down our dotted quad address:, and please carry that in your wallet. Also, please copy it to your browser’s “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” list..

        If and when “” disappears, or if it is replaced by a graphic and a message from a bureaucrat or hacker, then enter our dotted quad IP address into your web browser. That way you should still be able to to continue to access SurvivalBlog, as long as our server is still functional. If “” doesn’t work, but our dotted quad IP address does work, then please send an alert with the dotted quad IP address to all your friends via e-mails, IMs, forum posts, phone text messages, or social networking services. Be sure to include this address:

        Do your best to spread the word, far and wide!

        Because of the apparent likelihood of the U.S. Congress passing the loosely-worded Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), we are in the process of moving the primary web hosting of SurvivalBlog to a dedicated server in Sweden. (The legislation could have far-reaching effects that will go far beyond stopping pirate sites.) Our URL will remain, but our dotted quad address will be changing. We’d also like to establish a couple of low-bandwidth offshore mirror sites. Any volunteers? (Eventually, we’d like all

        Mac. Did you see this???

        SurvivalBlog readers to have a list of of four or five dotted quad addresses bookmarked, so that you won’t be without the SurvivalBlog , as long as there is any sort of Internet intact.)

        In the months to come, we plan to implement even more Continuity of Web Service (COWS) insurance measures, including an offshore mirror site and perhaps even a darknet. We will post details, as these features are developed.

        • I’ve experimented with this sort of thing (COWS) and I’ve come up with multiple ways to accomplish it.

          The corporation-posing-as-our-government is passing another “act” or “resolution”. …another bunch of double spaced drivel that applies only to other corporations. But, millions of people world wide will assume that the “act” or “code” or “resolution” applies to them and they will cower in fear and mistakenly call it a “law” and assume they are a party to it.

          Poor, poor sheople. I really do feel sorry for them. They’ve been tricked to the point where they will no longer believe the truth. The truth is what people think is a government is really a corporation that was unlawfully given license to rule over the united States of America. They did this without the permission of the people (or even their knowledge). Fraudulently it was signed into law by a rump congress, 50% of which was not elected by the people.

          America isn’t lost, its simply being hidden from you. Wake up. Find the truth. Find your country.

          • Unfortunately, due to the dedicated server that this web site is hosted on our webhosting company is not able to provide a specific dedicated IP address. We may, however, in the near future add a mirror site with a dedicated IP address in case of emergencies and such.

      21. Let the shooting start, getting tired of waiting. This all has to come to an end sooner or later, might as well be now. America, my friends, is lost. Arm up and prepare.

        • America is not lost by any stretch of the imagination. Patriots have not yet begun to fight.

          80 million gun owners can take this country back without firing a single shot.

          Engage your government or be enslaved by it. Preparation is 99% of success in anything.

          Now is the time to “prep” for the next election. America is OURS to win … again.

          Get ‘er done.

          “Divine Providence created this nation and Divine Providence will sustain it, if the American people acknowledge that Source and honor It once again.” – SHTF Militia

          A blessed Thanksgiving to you all.

          • I wish I had your optimism. Really, I do. I don’t think America has it in her to fight. We’re too occupied with bread and circuses. Sure patriots exists throughout the States, but do you think they would ever have the people rally behind them? I don’t think so, because the patriots’ notion of freedom is too scary for most Americans to contemplate. Better to suckle at the teat of the federal government and be warm and happy. No, I fear America is utterly lost.

            But again, I wish I had your optimism. I really, really do.

          • Actually, America is dormant, not lost. The current “government” is not the American government. Its kind of like making a full sized, full color cut out of your favorite rifle or pistol. Sure looks like it! But when push comes to shove, its just not the same.

            All we have to do is dump the current government (which isn’t a government at all, just a corporation) in the river and let it float on downstream like the shit that it is. Then, we can repopulate the united States’ federal government. Its being done as we speak but its a long row to hoe since we’ve incurred 140 years of brainwashing and its difficult to get people to understand the conspiracy that has been forced upon them.

            We have to kick out the corporation and install the original jurisdictional government. But, until the corporation is broke and destitute it will keep itself in power by handing out money and privilege. This is the phase we’re heading into. If we can just hang on, we’ll be fine.

            Happy Thanksgiving To All!

            • You hit the nail on the head when you talked of the brainwashing, but just how does one go about undoing that? How can Americans undo what has been done? How do you get the people away from that cutout and behind true Liberty?

      22. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

      23. Bloodyfellow: How did the tea bags work on the spider bite?

        • does that really work? i’ve heard of using tobacco on wounds to stave off infection, but never tea leaves/ bags… just curious?

          • ninaorket: Yes, at least on a brown recluse spider bite. I have had them myself. They are really nasty.

            The tea is an astringent and will draw the venom out if applied as a poultice.

            • Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the creepy spider talk again.

              *fingers in ears* lalalalalala

            • durango,
              Any specific tea or will good old fashion Lipton do?

            • RWM: Lipton worked for me. Wet the surface of a bandage and distribute the tea on it before applying. As I write this I am impressed to add it to a little honey on the bandage instead of water.

              The honey would help hold the tea to the bandage and provide some natural anti bacteria.

              Also, the natural sugars in the honey would be absorbed into the skin, speeding the healing.

              Tea does work.

              spiders,spiders,spiders,spiders,spiders,spiders. That was for you daisy! 🙂

            • You crack me up Daisy! ROTFL

        • use clay packs on spider bites to draw out the venom…

          Hope y’all had a great day with your families/friends…

          Keep Preppin’…

      24. I’m now on my way to having a 2 year supply of food for 4 people. I started prepping in 2007 but my wife & I have always kept a month or two of food supply on hand to begin with. I live in a small town in NE Utah of probably 7000 people. My main worry is defense since there’s always the possibility of someone trying to burn you out of your home. So I have prepped for mountain survival also. It’s a good thing I grew up very poor in the Appalachians in WV during the early 70’s. The only thing I can say to anyone else is you better get used to eating berries etc. and wild critters like squirrel, rabbit, pig, doves, raccoon, opossum and yes even skunk. I wanted to mention something I found on the internet that can give you a years supply of food for around $300.00. It’s called “Scotch Broth” here is the link:

        • This was a REALLY nice link.. thanks for posting it.
          I already have ALL of the needed ingrediants vacuum packed and stored in 2 lb ( 20 serving ) “bundles”. I don’t have it mixed and ready; but I could easily do that.

          Thanks again for posting this link..

        • You are one well-prepared, bad ass prepper.

          My hats off to you, Patriot!

        • Put food out for the birds and wild life on a regular bases and make sure you have a few cases of bird shot. You’ll never be without.


          Plan on hiding your stores….”food hoarding” laws will go into enforcement when martial law hits. I’m researching it now to find the best way to store things.

          Seems drywall bucket are the best…..stores alot, easy to move and they stack.

          Before I die, I’m going to have a bunker for my kids well stocked and also filled with how to info. on survival, growing food and hunting.

          • For tasty birdies at rest, it seems like an air gun is an even more economical alternative… $8 for 500 rds.

      25. I wonder how many people will get trampled at the sales at retail outlets this year? When I go to PoisonMart I look around at the people and realize that maybe one or two in a hundred has any idea what’s really going on, and maybe one in a thousand are actually following a plan to do something about it.

        It’s going to be horrible.

      26. I’ve tried MREs recently. The ones I came across were nasty, just plain unapetizing. I recommend getting Mountain House, or eFoods Direct. MH is good-tasting food. eFoods is not bad, but not as tasty in my opinion. To be fair I’ve only tried their Tortilla Soup, which was so-so, and I tried the dried tropical fruit, which was not bad. There’s also Grandma’s Country Foods, but I haven’t tried it yet.

      27. 1789 – George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation…

        WHEREAS it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me “to recommend to the people of the United States a DAY OF PUBLIC THANKSGIVING and PRAYER, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:”

        NOW THEREFORE, I do recommend and assign THURSDAY, the TWENTY-SIXTH DAY of NOVEMBER next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed;– for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enable to establish Constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national one now lately instituted;– for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge;– and, in general, for all the great and various favors which He has been pleased to confer upon us.

        And also, that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions; — to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually; to render our National Government a blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such as have shown kindness unto us); and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord; to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us; and, generally to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best.

        GIVEN under my hand, at the city of New York, the third day of October, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine.


        • thanks for the reminder of when america was great, when we had real leaders who loved the country, when we were a young innocent people of honor. and whats up with 2 negative comments here?? i heard obama didnt mention GOD once in his speech- something about muslims choke and cough when they utter His Holy Name

        • But! But! But… The USA is *NOT* a Christian nation! This has to be the work of those evil revisionist Christians to perpetrate more fraud upon the conscience of Americans.


          Sorry, I can’t spew liars drivel without breaking out into a laugh once in a while…


      28. One thing you might want to consider is getting a good physical check-up. Go to the dentist and get your teeth checked out and any cavities or other problems fixed now. Make sure your eyes are in good shape or have the proper glasses etc etc. What good is having all the supplies in the world if you have a tooth that is bad, you can’t see or a blown knee and you can barely walk on it. You health is your greatest wealth and resource.
        As far as buying prep items, ive noticed that alot of people are on board but their spouse may not be. My wife is not completely board but she still sees the value of it. Before we met, she had a job that barely paid her rent. She had to decide whether to heat her house or eat. That was probaly 10 years ago. She swore to herslef that she would never have to make that decision again. So what did I do, I let her take care of the food stock pile. Guess what, I have enough food for months and its still growing. She also loves couponing so that is even better at getting good deals from food, paper items, female stuff, to you name it. She knows where all the salvage grocery stores are and buys stuff their all the time alot cheaper than at the grocery store.
        If your husband likes to hunt or fish or whatever but not into the prepper movement then use that. Let him buy all the guns and ammo he wants. Learn how to can meat and presto you are now increasing long-term food storage.
        Anyway, I hope this helps
        Happy Thanksgiving

      29. Football helmet………..check
        Shin guards……………check
        Kevlar vest……………check
        Steel toed boots……….check
        Athletic protector……..check
        Emergency locator beacon..check
        Life insurance…………check

        Cover me…..I’m heading to the black Friday sale!

        • You are a brave man, Okie. I cannot even fathom a sale good enough that I would want to compete with the frenzied 4-o’clock-in-the-morning shoppers!!!

          • I can! Federal 525 bulk packs for $15!

            Yee! Haa!

      30. WAR WAR AND MORE WAR.I wish the comparision to the Great Depression would not be used.Urban areas will see the military,period.Cops will bail.

      31. a number of things have happened recently that has never happened before that gives warning that we are in trouble. The downgrade of the us credit rating, bail-outs, massive fraud that has caused the collapse of 2008.

        then add the global protesting along with collapsing governments and people, rightly so, know something is terribly wrong.

        we live in turbulant times and are on a uncharted course.

        • The course IS uncharted, but the direction we are sailing is to WAR(BIG WAR)! “trade wars, currency wars, then REAL wars” gerald celente. We are stage 2 right now, currency wars!

      32. I agree more with Rich99 but I’m afraid it will be 1-3 years away. I think they will stall a crash but it will only make it worst by printing more money. Its coming so pay down debt. In the mean time, we are being cleaned out with high food prices and energy. Looking for electricity and water to go higher next year.

      33. NetRanger’s Theory of Full On Economic Collapse

        I liken the period we are in to the swirling water when you pull the drain plug in the sink. The USA is like a lump of suds floating on the swirling water.

        We swirl closer, then farther, then closer still, the away again. Back and forth. To and fro. When will we drop of into the hole in the middle of the bowl? It depends on many things. What will push us over the edge?

        Well, here is my theory: The harder these economic doldrums get, the smaller the event will have to be to knock us in. Right now it might take something pretty large. In a year, the event would not need to be so large. In two years, smaller yet. The event, eventually, will be the economic situation itself. It will implode from its own weight.

        Every one seems OB-FREAKING-CESSED with *WHEN* it will happen. I know exactly when it will happen: in the future. It could be tomorrow. The day after. Christmas day. A week after new years. Those and all the other days in between.

        You get prepped as best you can and then you hold position.

        One thing I am sure of, we’ll keep getting deeper and deeper into the sink. Everyone will keep saying, “Oh, no, its a smooth and wonderful ride…” Around and around we’ll go getting lower and lower and lower. The, suddenly, PLOP! The collapse will commence. It will be super bumpy at the end.

        You need:

        To get out of the city.
        Firearms or other weapons to defend yourself.
        A place to sleep and keep warm.
        Food to eat.
        Water to drink.
        Fuel to get around and get more of what you use up.

        • agree net ranger. if you can’t protect what you have FIRST. WHAT GOOD ARE ALL THE PREPS YOU BUY OR GROW? stay safe and warm friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

        • I think you’re on to something there NR. Closer this thing gets to busted, the less it’ll take to finish it off. I like the list too. short, and sweet. each individual can fill it out to meet their own needs.

          • Thanks Okie for the vote of confidence. I’ve been trimming the list for about 10 years. I started with the year 2000 non-problem. Do people really think they wasted their time in prepping? I didn’t. I still have the generator, hand grinder and two bushel of wheat. Those are still in my current preps.

            So many people buy stuff and think that if they don’t use it right away thats its all wasted. I don’t know how many generators were on sale in the summer of 2000. Mine wasn’t. I’m going to start it today and run it for a few hours. I’ll let you know but I’ll bet it starts in two pulls even with my arm with the bad rotor cuff. As long as you keep fresh gas in a generator, change the oil once in a while, it will keep for a long time.

            Wheat keeps for 30 years.

            I’ve done a lot of writing on lists and all the things essential to survival in these modern times. But, you can distill the whole thing down to just a few things:


            …and then on those things an entire book could be written on each one. But, they all have a range.

            Security – A good solid stick to the finest assault rifle.
            Shelter – A tarp over a rope between two trees to the finest solar powered bunker.
            Sustenance – Bags of corn and wheat to freeze dried gourmet meals.

            Ideally everybody should be a 999 (on a scale of 0-9) in these areas. Some don’t know how. Some can’t afford it. Some don’t see the need. Everyone’s situation and need is different.

            I implore everyone, concentrate on Security First. If you don’t, you could quickly become a 000.

            The only thing more important in the coming days than security will be air.

      34. Thanks Gator, excellent site! I have always been a fan of grains and legumes, make great soups. Having learned years ago hunger is the best spice of all I tend to be less discriminating than many, nevertheless I enjoy my concoctions.
        I need to inventory again, family illnesses have taken priority, and preps were put on a back burner. I do have at least a years worth here, even down to storing water and having the equipment to harvest in in wet weather. Living in a small town I do own firearms, lots of ammo, and fear fires more than anything else in a civil uprising. Folks, fire extinguishers might not be a bad move. I do hope to one day find a small retreat close by, so far no luck. But with all my assorted gear and grub, some armed friends heading my way by arrangement when TSHTF, I could get by. I do have some gaps to fill, and hope soon to do so……most of all, keep a low profile. Good luck and God speed to all of us.

      35. happy thanksgiving to you all…this has been a wonderful day with family and friends, good food, and a day to just enjoy being alive. tomorrow, we will be back to prepping but we will forever have the good memories of thanksgiving past.

      36. I’ve lurked here for a long time…2 posts (both moderated and removed). Maybe this one will stay. So here goes:

        I’ve been prepping for a year now. And I’m not where I want to be yet. There’s still a few things I cannot afford. But, for now, I’ve got enough for a years living for 2 people. I, personally, am prepared…my wife? That’s another story. She accepts what I’m doing and says she understands, but she’s not really prepared for what could happen. I am a survivor…but, I don’t think she could handle the mental aspects of SHTF! I could sustain her physically, but mentally…she’s in for an awakening that she’ll have to get used to.

        Here’s my supply (for 2):

        1 year’s canned food
        Water filters / purifiers
        Non-Hybrid Seeds (15 different veg. and fruit)
        fully stocked Bug-out bags
        Medical kits
        6 man Tent
        Sleeping Bags
        Cash / Silver Rounds
        38 Special, plus ammo (not enough yet)
        40 S&W, plus ammo (not enough yet)
        12 gauge, plus 4 buck ammo (not enough yet)
        4 new tires and fully maintained SUV
        As of today: secured a remote location about an hour and a half out and away from the city.

        What I’m having difficult with: GAS and WATER storage. I just don’t have room. Plus, it can get expensive at times, so I do a little at a time.

        Happy Thanksgiving All…Keep prepping and God Bless!

        • South, thanks for posting your list. As a sidenote regarding moderation – we have an automated system that automatically drops posts into a moderation queue for review for first time posters/posts with links/ and sometimes just because it fees like it. We rarely ever remove/censor posts unless they call for violence (because the last thing we need is to have a gov agency pouring through our records) and those that are racially charged (unless posted on a related article/video). Other than that, we pretty much approve everything. In any case, my apologies for any past posts that didn’t make it — sometimes the system (AKISMET) will automatically drop normal legitimate posts into a spam queue, and if it ends up in there it’s out of our hands… There are literally thousands of posts in those queues so it is almost impossible to sort through. Just wanted to give you a reply to this so you don’t think we’re hatin’.

          Thanks all!


        • Hi the South, just wanted to say this: we are also on a budget; I don’t work, dh is self-employed; and I saved until I could get enough money for a Berkey filter; then saved for gas going 170 miles one way to get 30 gallon drums and the costs of those drums was cheaper than gas to get there.LOL

          I have those drums filled with water in a two-car garage–but if I didn’t have that garage, I’d have 30 gallon drums sitting in every room in this house.
          Tacky?? For this southern girl, I’ve done worse.

          • “30 gallon drums make great plant stands by the windows.”
            Decorate them a little & they will not seem so industrial. Keep up the posts , I always enjoy hearing from you!
            Montgomery County Texas

        • The South

          I had the same problem for months , I all most stopped post due to the days of waiting to see my post. If you will just add a e-mail in the reply box it will see you as a safe post. Then you replies will be instant.

          Welcome to the site


          PS I lurk here all the time, I don’t post near as much as I would like to. My speeling sucks, I we could only get spell checker… LOL

      37. RE: “hoarding” laws.
        If the SHTF goes down. We’ll be moving our stores off site to another location.
        So when you force or other sites to tell you their customer list….Sorry, we’re a step ahead of you. (govt)

        I do feel that the govt. of the world are planning a mass culling. Folks there’s now 7 BILLION souls on the planet. Too many.
        They will continue to get all farmers to grow their mono crops. Then when the elite have fully stocked bunkers…they will use the chem trails to spray crop fungus and also some nasty stuff like ebola or lace your annual flu shot with something engineered.

        To them we are just sheep.
        When that goes down…I’ve read some of the patriots plan on welding the doors shut on these govt. bunkers to seal them in for good.

        I predict you will see the OWS thing get bad and their will be food riots. Look towards Oakland CA first. The blacks will riot first. I’m not being racist…It’s just those folks have been kept down for too long and are fed up. This is along with other races too.

        RE: Stocking up. Don’t go big on canned foods. A few years flies by and it’s out of date. I did the super pails from Beans grains and bucket of stuff. It’s good for decades. They will stretch this long collapse out for decades.

        Remember, the last depression….25% were out of work. So be the 75%.
        Study hard. I work in information technology. While folks were all having a great time at lunch for two decades…I went back to school and continue daily at my technical mastery on my lunch time. Those that were laughing at my books have now lost their homes.

        Real Estate: Buy property that has a rental unit. Our kid will go to college in a few years. The rent will help pay for college. You have to continue on with life and plan for the next generation.

        Don’t plan on “growing your own food”. If SHTF goes down…it will all be stolen.
        Get some mylar bags, a sealing machine and some oxygen absorbers…pack away beans and rice. Maybe some wheat too. If you do this every week…inch by inch…when it comes…you’ll be ready.

        As for medical… stock bag balm. Ex. My dog got a bad leg infection. I put it on daily and it healed up within 5 days. This shit could save your life.

        Get some medical sutures and a nice surgical kit. You might have to stitch someone up.

        Don’t by gold…it might be “nationalized” again like in 1933. Do silver coins.

        Keep bug out bags handy.

        Shotgun and ammo up.
        Join the NRA.
        My gut feeling is when the country collapses…the military will look to the NRA members to secure the country. There are good military folks with constitutional values. They are waiting for the right time to step in.

        Bankers….I think folks have your number. That’s all I will say on it.

        Israel … You are the cause of the worlds problems.
        I think your day is coming.
        Even if you do nuke Arab states…you will find a flood of armed folks at the door.
        You only have so many nukes. You’ve enslaved folks globally with your banks for centuries…. They will remember this.

        Prediction: Bush…will be hiding in South America with the rest of the war criminals.

        I’m a white guy…I do think Islam will win the race war as these folks will outbreed us all. I can’t wait to see Hilary in a burka. ha

        Congress… you all suck…except Ron Paul.

        Folks, daily make your preps. Don’t wig out. Be steady as a rock. Let your kids know that things are not right. That way they will be ready to react. Their generation is the one who will retake America. A bunch of fat lazy boomers won’t do shit.

        Special Message to my folks: That RV and lake front home you bought with inherited money….your parents are rolling in their graves. It was meant for the grandkids to help start their lives. On your graves I will plant shrubs…not flowers, so you WILL be forgotten and I will speak ill of you often to teach the next generation how NOT to piss away a gift of a lifetime of labor. Shame on you.

        OWS protestors… Focus on creating your own economic systems. Encourage all to opt out of the corporation enslavement. You will never win against these folks. So start your own economic reality. Create barter systems and so on.

        I don’t know “what is coming”, but it sure feels like we are headed to wwIII.
        “China will be the big one”…as LIndsey Williams says.
        These folks will try and take over America. Stock up on ammo and guns.
        On that day, you’d better be well stocked for your grandkids to fight these folks off. They don’t give a shit about you and are planning your death and that of your children.

        I say to the govt. We are the people.
        Don’t think you can do whatever you want.
        Fear us.

        ps. I do recommend NOT telling folks you are stocking up. We are getting near the end of the United States as we all know it. Things will change at a rapid pace.
        The currency will be defaulted on by the printing press… The arabs will stop shipping oil. China and the US will be fighting in the south China sea and we’ll be at war with Iran. BAD times are coming. Prepare.

        A final thought… It’s better to have your stocks than not.
        Stop buying all that ipad, iphone stuff. Stock up.
        Cancel TV, cell phone and internet for a year…take the savings and buy some bulk dried food.

        Good Luck.
        We are headed for an Argentina style crash with a “nationalization” of IRA and 401k.

      38. Do not underestimate people in government. They DO KNOW very well what is going on. That is why nobody (except Madoff) is in jail. The end is near and it is shorter than what it would take to prosecute the bank criminals.
        Remember folks, it takes years just to prepare the case.
        IMHO the final and sudden, stock market crash and FIAT currencies destruction will occur in 2016/2017.

      39. Look at what happened around the country on Black Friday when the folks couldn’t get to the eletronics section of Wal Marts fast enough, Just wait til they’ve been out of food for 3 days and water for five.

      40. Mutant Zombie Shoppers Invade Wal-Mart

        I was flopped on the sofa, semi-comatose from a modest 14,000 calorie Thanksgiving meal, and watching those mind-numbing Black Friday tv commercials. I thought to myself, ‘Only a fool would go shopping tonight. A guy would have to be a complete idiot to go mix it up with that horde.’
        Well, I’m nothing if not complete, so of course I went. It was my first time, so I’m no longer a Black Friday virgin. Now I feel more like a smudgy gray harlot but that’s beside the point. Here’s what I saw.
        As expected, traffic was heavy, so I parked at the perimiter of the crowd. Perimiter meaning 4 blocks away. As I approached I noticed 3 ambulances on standby in the handicap zones. A Medivac helicopter was on the roof. I think I saw a sniper up there too. Probably to keep some shopper from trying to forcefully buy the chopper.
        In the middle of the lot a family huddled together like a football squad. Mom, dad, two teen girls, and a boy about 12. The older teen was calling the play like she was Tom Brady or something…”Mom creates a diversion with breaking glass, Dad sweeps around left end to the hardware and gets the cordless drill. Billy drags a ladder to hair care and climbs to the top shelf for the curling irons. Shelly and I will double team anybody blocking the jewelry counter…”
        Near the front entrance, two armored personnel carriers disgorged a dozen national guardsmen. I thought they were there to keep order until I heard a young leiutenant say ‘Damn right we’re gonna get them 99 dollar laser scopes. And remember our motto- we leave no bargain behind.’
        Once inside, it was total chaos. The vacant stares, the hollow eyes, the look of utter helplessness. And that was just the employees.
        A fight was raging back at sporting goods. A short blonde woman was wrestling a shorter brunette for a Remington shotgun. The blonde pulled out of a headlock and countered with a kick to the face. The brunette spat blood and lunged back in. Two men stood and watched. I asked why they didn’t try to stop it. “Are you crazy?” one said, “the blonde is my wife and I wouldn’t fight her even if she was sober and didn’t have a gun.” The other guy was married to the brunette and felt the same way. Turns out the women were sisters.
        The public address system kept squawking ‘Customers! Please hold the noise down! DFW airport keeps calling and they can’t hear the planes landing.’ The store is over 100 miles from Dallas.
        Aisle 8 was cleared out and devoted entirely to holding lost children. The kids, from toddler to about age 8, were crying, stomping, throwing pop-tarts and giving fits to the 4 workers who tried to contain them. The PA system kept announcing the kids names and where they were. No adults went anywhere near aisle 8. A hand-lettered sign read “Any child left over 3 hours will be put up for adoption.” A worker was crossing out ‘adoption’ and writing in ‘sold to the slave trade.’
        Surprisingly, the electronics department was peaceful and orderly. It probably had something to do with the 16 heavily armed Blackwater mercenaries stationed there.
        I made a few purchases and made my way out the door. I saw two guardsmen helping the leiutenant, one on each side. His arm was in a sling and he was bleeding over his right eyebrow. But he had his scope! He smiled and I noticed a couple of teeth were missing.
        Later, back at home, I thought about it all. I didn’t really need any of the stuff I bought. I’d taken some incredible risks. Unecessary risks at that. I was lucky to survive…Oh well, the bruise on my cheek will fade in a few days, and the patch of hair will probably grow back. Besides, I can’t wait til next year! I’m hooked!

        • That is the best reporting on Black Friday I have read for a long time. LOL.

        • lol, very good SmokinOkie!!

      41. I forgot to mention:
        The end seem to be geophysical rather than financial or both simultaneously in nature.
        Prepping may save us but the survival rate will depend on how severe the geophysical event(s) will be.

      42. 20,000 US troops coming home to prepare for ‘civil unrest’

        Well we all thought the “day of rage” AKA “occupy Wall Street” was just another rumor but it actually happened.

        Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing lots of ‘chatter’ suggesting that the
        US military knows much more and is moving beyond policy paper, doomsday planning scenarios forecasting civil unrest and has started to implement troop movements based on these apocalyptic scenarios.

        I am afraid at this point people, it is no longer just a rumor.
        Be careful everyone, watch what you say and who you say it too. I do not think they are going to fool around this time.
        For more info read on..

      43. Wow…we survived another Thanksgiving ! Consumed a months worth of preps in one day ! I was almost tempted to head out to the stores….for some of the door buster specials. But as I looked at my Christmas list… store except Academy had anything close to what I was looking for.
        Barrett 50 Cal……Nope
        12 Gauge Shotgun …Nope
        Night VisInfraredared cameras….Nope
        Dillon & RCBS reloading equipment….Nope
        5 gallon drums of Diesel & Gas fuel stabaliser….Nope
        223 , 9mm, .40 ……….Ok, I can get these at Slick wirelickwire ……….Tractor Supply
        Barbed wire………Tractor Supply
        Ok…..maybe there are a couple deals out there for me. I think I will work on a couple projects around the property during daylight…..& then head to the stores after the horde has burned out & gone home. Should be safe by Black Friday dinner time. Have a great day Y’all!
        Montgomery County Texas

        • napalm on your Christmas list?! You just made my day!
          (always wondered why Santa had those haz-mat placards on the sleigh, now we know)

      44. The more people who prepare the better. Just watching the Black Friday shopping idiots push & shove each other to save $20 gives you a real sense of what stores will turn into when the collapse happens.

      45. I might be wrong,but,I just don`t believe that there will be a big percent of US troops or National Guards,Turning their guns on us…

      46. TO A_MAVEN
        Dont fret, you should prep for a min. of 6 months, we could see a major disruption of services. Never too late to start, but do it NOW! FIND others in your area, only those you trust with your life. Keep on Prepping, beans, bullion (silver) bullets….PRAY

      47. Read This Please…are you living in some alternate universe??
        Because I don’t recognize much of a reality check in your advise, and I’ve only read half of it–in fact, you’re scaring me more than the thought of not having water scares me.
        One, not all of us are wealthy–we do with what we have the best we can.
        Two, you might want to read some prepper blogs on canned goods, the shelf life of those and other supplies/food.
        Third, there are ways of scaring those not prepping.

      48. Hey RICH99, there are many reasons to prep. If not an economic meltdown, perhaps a natural disaster. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, even the possibility of a solar flare knocking out power for several weeks. Can you imagine one third of the country without elec for 3 to 4 weeks? You think the National Guard or military will be on every street corner keeping the peace and handing out Happy Meals?
        I’ve been without power for weeks after a hurricane, and people turn ugly pretty damn quick.

        • TD, you got that all correct. Think about it some. Why would one want to prep. Here are the reasons I find why I prep from most common to least common:

          1. My wife love my food preps. I’ve got lots of stuff to choose from. We’re never out of peanut butter, soups, canned meats, juices. I keep at least 8 weeks ahead on the shelves. Months ahead on some things.

          2. I loose my job. Yep! We’ve got a massive amount of savings on those shelves. Just eat from the shelves if we have to.

          3. Natural disaster. What if we have a major tornado outbreak and it destroys the power grid and they can’t get to me for months, all the grocery stores our done for. No problem. Generator. Fuel. Food. What about an EMP? Power is out. Looters? Dead ones, maybe.

          4. Economic collapse? Got it covered for a while anyways. I could last 6 months, easy.

          The fact is, prepping for JUST ONE THING is not smart. If you are just buying long term storables, you could probably be putting the money to better use. Not a total waste but partial.

          The fact is, you need a balanced approach. The fact is RICH99 expects *US* take keep him from going hungry when the shit hits the fan. His SHTFPlan is turbodog’s cache and NetRanger’s cache.

          Well, RICH99, heed my words: you’ll hate what I have for you. It will be dog food and corn. My Christian ethic will keep me from letting you starve but it won’t keep me from letting you suffer a bit. After all, I’ll be doing you a favor. They say suffering is good for the sould, and, who am I to keep you from improving your soul.

          So, you just go right ahead thinking its all going to be OK, because, in the end, you are right. The facts are that you may not get to see the end if you don’t live near a charitable NetRanger or turbodog.

          Now, we don’t all have to go crazy on it. I know a guy near me. We call him Crazy Steve. If TSHTF never comes, he’s spent a lot of money for nothing. However, if it does come, he’s a king. Do you have an insurance, RICH99? Thats all this is, its insurance. Its not a guarantee and its not a get out of jail card. It is, however some insurance. Can it go bad? Yep. Can it be stolen? Yep. Can it save your ass in a pinch. Yep. So, you can go ahead and continue to roll the dice of reality just remember: When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

      49. Heads up.. the Ready Store has freeze dried scrambled eggs on sale for $18.34 per #10 can, $110.04 per case with $9.95 shipping. That’s $1.15 per serving..

      50. If RP runs with Palin he s a schill because Palin is is of the elite that is breaking us, Juan Mcain made her his running mate what does that tell you about her? RP is much too old not forcefull enough not dynamic enough and needs a much better image than a man his age can front out, no one can tell me this frail looking man in his 70s with a small voice like his can take on opponents who if they had their way would knock him off he platform physically.In a word in the real world of knock down stab the back politics the US is now RP is completely ineffectual and the establishment knows this. We need some one who knows the issues is on our side and is not afraid to raise his voice and use his fists as the occasion demands. RP would been all right a decade or so when politics was still more or less civl and intimadating but the country is much too far gone to listen to sweet reason and logic. He is simply ineffectual and the elitists power broker wil let anyone but him be president.

        • My God, never heard of ‘carry a big stick’??

      51. Haven’t posted in a while and my goodness it’s comforting to see all the new names, and all the old ones. Some great info as always.

        Prepping is not as out of the ordinary as it once was, that is good for all of us. And to reply to someone’s post, you are never done. Or at least I can’t imagine ever being done and I have more then most here.

      52. There’s hope. Did any of you realize that the USD was not ultimately designed to be a currency ? The USD’s floating currency role has been a temp role on route to its ultimate role as a real-time measure (which is current) for gold-money that trades in real-time. This is why the Bretton Woods Agreement was created and then terminated, in order to bring the world into real-time transactions and closer to the spirit of barter. Capitalism is incomplete, much more so than it is flawed. Don’t kid yourself, however, the gov’t/banking elite will not lead the way to real-time gold-as-money, primarily because they can’t bring about an overt top-down change of this magnitude. Any system migration of any kind cannot afford a crash in the legacy system or the new system. Precious metal monetization must be bottom-up as a function of the market for tghis very reason. Monetize precious metals at the individual level, circulate debt-free money and purge fiat debt back to the nothingness it came from. Gresham’s law is becoming obsolete because GL was/is predicated on FIXED values for gold and silver. This is why the FIXED peg had to be severed. When understood, this is all good and leads to a wonderful world. Don’t look to the elite, however. Their role is pretty much complete other than now motivating your personal roles by “carrying the stick” …. also known as fiat based inflation. Some evils are necessary. Follow “the script”.

      53. Big trouble in the Euro Zone. Bond sales collapsed. Monday morning you may wake up to more big bad news. May be runs on Euro banks soon.

      54. Preparing for a collapse and or disaster has become a hobby/lifestyle for many people. No different than gun collecting.

        • And both can be beneficial hobbies. Prepared people are useful all the time, even in normal times.

          I’ll say one part of preparing should be … HOARD BOOKS.

          Rawles has a link to the Boy’s Book Of Carpentry, for free for Kindle, etc., OK great so I downloaded it, …. Aaaaaannnnd it’s gone! I could download it 26 times and each of the 26 little copies will run off to its own little hidey-hole in my computer where it will never be found. Fat fucking lot of good that is. OK, so what, I can read it online. Which is great, as long as there’s an “online”. Which I think will be gone very soon, the rate of decay of the Internet is amazing, actually palpable.

          Much better to just keep an eye open for books on useful shit, and I mean, even the old Sunset series on house repairs, stuff like that, is useful. I’m in the process of designing/building a set of stairs and the most useful Web page I found was ….. using stuff from old 1960s Sunset books! The thing are all over the place in garage sales, thrift stores, etc.

          And the only reason I have a working plan all worked out is … GRAPH PAPER 10c AT SOME GARAGE SALE. Not $500 AutoCAD, not none of that shit. Graph. Fucking. Paper.

          So don’t confuse downloading a bunch of files off of the net with actually storing information that will be there when the net and grid go poof.

      55. What do you Hate ?

        These are a few of the things that I truly hate !!!

        1) Wet Toilet Paper…

        2) Hot Beer…I can handle a warm one..Actually I prefer a really fine single malt scotch….

        3) Being able to see the bottom of an Ammo Can

        4) Seeing a lost stray dog walking down the side of the
        road….and wondering if it will find its way home…

        5) Last… but not least….I Hate Surprises !!!

        I am a prepper…..I simply plan to be prepared…just in case our Beloved system decides to throw a few surprises my way……Do join in… will make you feel better !!!

      56. I did my part in stimulating the economy (LOL) this weekend by buying a gas (LP) range, camping gear and solar flashlights.

        Did this last year as well. Some of my family continue to sleep. I keep trying to wake them up to no avail, so, for a second christmas season they get basic gear from me for Christmas. Right now they think I have a couple of loose marbles…I hope they will thank me later.

      57. Thankfully, Americans are slowly starting to realize that the government cannot be relied upon for their safety, food & protection.

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