Starving Venezuelans Fed Up With Maduro: “We Want Food!”

by | May 19, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 109 comments

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    Venezuela’s problems are sure to get worse before they get better.

    Right now the nation, at the hands of socialist dictator President Nicolas Maduro, is headed for the bottom.

    Weeks of rationed food and electricity, a shortage of basic necessities and spiraling inflation is taking its toll, and the regime is quickly descending into all out hell.

    Now, people are beyond fed up with the conditions and are moving towards support for Maduro’s ouster… that, and they want to eat… food.

    It is no laughing matter. Shortages have already prompted poaching animals and looting has become widespread.

    The black matter trade of goods, which stores have struggled for more than a year to keep in stock and which are rationed tightly, is an important stabilizing factor for increasingly desperate people in Venezuela.

    Long lines have been the norm. Food has been in short supply. But now a new degree by Maduro is forcing people to take ration delivers at their home, door-to-door, in order to curb black market transactions.

    As AFP reports:

    It was around noon when a food truck rolled up… But, to the fury of the long line of people waiting out front, the cargo wasn’t unloaded. Instead soldiers took it away.

    “We want food!” the crowd roared in protest, to no avail. Some tried to run after the truck.

    Under the state of emergency imposed by President Nicolas Maduro, the military, along with government-organized civilian committees, ensures that food packets are delivered door-to-door in order to — as officials say — cut out black market operators.


    “Here in Guarenas there were revolutionary supporters. But now the people no longer want revolution — what they want is food,” she said.

    “The people are going hungry. We are tired of lining up, of killing ourselves for just a carton of eggs or some bread,” she said.

    As Joshua Krause noted in his recent article, Venezuela, while far from perfect, was nonetheless fairly normal only a couple of years ago. The collapse in oil prices forced the oil rich nation into position where it could no longer sustain its system of total socialism.

    Two years ago, Venezuela was a normal functioning nation, relatively speaking of course. It was by no means a free country, but the people still had a standard of living that was higher than most developing nations. Venezuelans could still afford the basic necessities of life, and a few luxuries too.


    If you’re a prepper, pay close attention to what happens next. What’s playing out in Venezuela right now is the kind of worst case scenario that many of us have been preparing for in the US. It should be very informative. It just goes to show that if you live under a corrupt authoritarian government that can’t manage its resources, all it takes is a heavy ripple in the global economy to send the whole system careening over a cliff.

    The emperor in Venezuela is naked, no one there is under any illusions any longer, and the empire is falling. America, you could be next.

    How are your leaders dressed, and vulnerable is society really?

    Get your preps together, and don’t let it happen to you if it happens here.

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      1. Should have starting prepping a while ago!

        • Speaking of prepping, I’m sure this question has been answered many times, but I want to do a cache and am going to use 5 gal buckets with gamma seal lids and was just wondering how well instant mashed potatoes and powdered milk will keep if vaccum sealed in 1lb packs, along with other items. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

          • A very very long time. Make sure they don’t get direct sunlight and I’d feel safe storing them for 5+ years.

          • I have used powdered milk that was just open in the pantry for 3- 5 years without problems. Even when it does get an off taste I have used it in things like Meatloaf and baking without problem. In quart jars cool, Vac sealed I’d have no problem using it for 10 years. Have N pack of both #10 cans of Instant potatoes and nonfat milk in stash no problems so far 8 years,

        • To be truthful, as long as you start a week or two before TEOTEAWKI time doesn’t hurt much; it;s a question of money. $10-20 a week over a year will do a lot. But even a few bucks can do; just start small and simple, rice, sugar, vitamin pills, Even things like a few cases of Top Ramon can get you a long way. A BBQ Grill with an extra tank of gas. A can of dried cheese and 20# of pasta will keep you from starving. Most people have next to nothing, so something is a lot.

      2. Sounds like the populace is getting ‘HANGRY’…






          • Yes. I don’t own property . And would gladly give up my right to vote . If it keeps the domestic enemy from voting.

          • Acid Etch—You want voting rights limited to men who own property and are literate? What about all the WOMEN who own property and are literate? Those women are paying taxes, too.

            • Some people just plain hate women is his reason obviously. I believe anyone on welfare of any type incl food assistance, free phones, etc. should not be allowed to vote because they are lazy slackers and out of control breeders. (exception: disabled who can no longer work). Those with welfare need to put their kids up for adoption to a decent family. People need to work a second job to avoid welfare incl mothers.

          • Acid. Intellectual debate? Have you seen the candidates at debates? Have you seen them talk? The circus is at a 4th grade intellectual level. How about discarding the property and literate idea. Perhaps a pre test and a person gets as many voter as their IQ. You have to have an IQ of 90 to qualify. Some peoples votes would be around 90 and up to whatever their IQ would be. It would work for numerous reasons but the land owner thing wouldn’t either. I think I would shoot for the current law except you have to be a citizen. Which I guess is or was the current law

        • People need to look at the bright side; no food-they don’t need TP, no electricity-Light bulbs last, no gasoline-cheap car insurance, no water-no lawn mowing. no power-5 day weekends. Socialism works-paradise. You want change, eat Maduro.

          • Did we just see this story a couple of days ago?
            I am sure those people are tired from standing in the same line, in the same place for 4 – 5 months now.
            Learn to garden without fertilizer. Store beans, rice, and bullets. Learn to forage. Don’t worry about paying off your bills right now, worry about getting out of those big cities. Or buy an acre or two of land out of the city.

            • I wish a pro farmer would tell us what it would take to feed the average family . With no fertilizer no insecticides . And no fuel . No plow . No horse . I wonder if we are out of touch with reality.?

              • I am not a pro farmer but we don’t use fertilizer or insecticides. I do use a rotor tiller but I was taught how to do it without one. It take a lot more garden then most people realize.

              • Lone Wolverine
                I have gardened extensively for 40 years without pesticides or fertilizers. Look up polyculture. How much area you need depends on where you live. In Dallas I grew year round, so I got more produce from a smaller area. Most parts of the US can grow early cool season, warm season, and late cool season. My cold mountain property will be a push to get a warm season crop in the middle. However, I shifted a back bedroom with grow lights and can at least get microgreens all winter. Sprouts are easy and nutricious.

                A suburban back yard can feed you a lot of nutrition and bulk calories. I fed my family very well on one half acre and had produce left over to donate to poor families at church. Even a suburban garden can grow a year’s supply of beans and potatoes, plus chickens, rabbits, or guinea pigs. I rely on fruiting shrubs and trees. A south window will grow microgreens all winter.

                To expand your calories from the garden, always over seed. I planted about 300 turnip seeds in a 2.5 ft by 6 foot space. I have been eating tiny greens since, and will have a few turnips to store for winter use. I planted green peas in there and the will produce peas and enrich the soil for turnips. I have a wild day lily bed, fully edible, but am growing radishes, carrots, and dry peas in there. Already ate radishes. I will mature and save the dry peas for winter soups. I have already eaten tender daylily greens and will eat buds and flowers this summer. As they increase I can eat the root nodules. Asparagus is perennial and delicious fresh.
                So yes, if you garden creatively you can feed yourself and chickens, rabbits, or guinea pigs in a suburban yard. Rabbits produce a lot of meat and are quiet.
                I have more room and have nut trees. I had a huge pecan tree in Texas, and still had a big garden. I planted 2 hazelnuts this year… much smaller.
                In England, 1/5 acre was considered a small farm! It is the background from which our suburban lots were sized… a smallholding. I met an organic farmer this week that sells fancy produce to upscale restaurants from 1/8 acre.

                • Lone Wolverine
                  I only use sheet mulch and a shovel and never have plowed. Here I built raised beds from concrete block that makes less bending and kneeling… and use hugelkultur. In part because I had a lot of unnecessary concrete pad.

              • We grow 80% of what we eat without using fertilizer & poison sprays. Raised beds organic composted soil. I grow a acre of corn. Never plow it. Till under a winter cover crop of wheat oats vetch with a troy bilt tiller. and plant corn & beans with rabbit & coat manure. and never cultivate. pull the weeds by hand. and grow plenty of beans and stalks of corn ten feet tall with two large ears every stalk. Let the livestock glean it a week or two after harvest and till it and plant the winter cover crop. It can be done. There is plenty of info on organic gardening & farming.

          • Paranoid: I can go all day without eating and drinking and still go…

            • Try it for 6 months.

          • Things will change when the people who tell people they can’t grow a garden are used to fertilize said gardens.

            • Didntdonuffin

              Apt. Most gardening books are sponsored by corporate agriculture or pesticide companies. What does that tell you? Please note that 10 tomato plants do not require pesticides for caterpillars. Just pick them off, takes a minute or two. If you want butterflies, put them all on one plant.
              Plant a variety of things, add herbs to discourage pests. Marigold repel pests. Add a few hummingbird plants, hummingbirds eat their weight in insects every day.
              Get started. Every year your garden improves. I get free leaves and pine needles by the pickup load even in Albuquerque. I leave my forest pine needles on my forest floor. Just added a new leaf and pine needle donor. He had weeds in his concrete… we sprayed them dead with vinegar… nontoxic.

              • I use a fly swatter and seems to work on pests of all types. Crawling pests are fed to the cats.


          While delivering a commencement address Wednesday at Florida International University in Miami, Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice lamented what she sees as the lack of “diversity in the realm of foreign policy and national security.”

          “We must acknowledge that our national security agencies have not yet drawn fully on the strengths of our great nation,” Rice said in prepared remarks posted on White “In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully reflected.”

          “Too often, our national security workforce has been what former Florida Senator Bob Graham called ‘white, male, and Yale,’ the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations said.

          According to Susan Rice, “Minorities still make up less than 20 percent of our senior diplomats,” and “less than 15 percent of senior military officers and senior intelligence officials.”

          Rice said the thing that “distinguishes” America “from so many other countries is not just the might of our military or the size of our economy,” but “our innovation, our fearlessness, and our diversity.

          Without tapping into America’s full range of backgrounds, ethnicities, language skills, and social and economic experiences, we’re leading in a complex world with one hand tied behind our back.”








          • I’m not a white supremacist but your points are valid.

          • I was thinking of investing in a new form of night vision scope. I will call it a ‘black light’ scope.

            It would light up black people’s teeth better than night vision.

            • Blacklight scope…ha ha ha that is funny!

            • Oh. My. Gosh. john stiner! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA
              Thanks for brightening my morning 🙂

            • JS, LOL! Good one.

          • “Our strength is in our diversity”. One out of 10 people who say this believes it to be true.

            AE is right on the money again.

          • Name me one country ruled by these people that isn’t a third world hell hole?

          • Name one country ruled by them that isn’t a hell hole . Name one country that’s ruled by whites that is a hell hole?

          • Acid, damn good points. In other words, Rice said we need quotas and set-asides for top dogs in govt. No surprise there. That’s only one of numerous things killing this country.

          • Acid:

            You make good sense on many points, but your constant attack on older people is counterproductive. Also, your defeatist statements about America are equally counterproductive.

            Thank you for the link about the Judge. She is carrying out the agenda of the Zionists who most certainly secured her position. That is how the Semites roll. So don’t miss the forest for the trees.

            Behind every black professional woman is a Semitic boss calling the shots.

        • Enjoy your socialist Paradise….!

      3. Frightening how much things can change in just two years.

        “In the past two years, “Venezuela’s economy has declined alarmingly. It now has the world’s highest inflation (variously estimated at between 180% and 450%), the most severe recession in Latin America (GDP is expected to decline by 8% this year)…”
        -The Guardian

          • If the USD wasn’t the worlds reserve currency we would have been Greece years ago. The US has the luxury, abet often paid for at gunpoint, of creating money at will that has value.

        • paying 2 to 5 times more than what you would normally pay is not a death trap, yeah it would suck, but it would be survivable.

          The biggest problem Venezuela has is lack of production and product.

        • KY Mom
          A friend who lives in another state is noticing price jumps on food. She now calls my food supply a savings account. Hallelujah. She is a big believer in government taking care of big problems. She is 73 and starting to stock up on sale items. She doesn’t have much space but bet she finds less use for a lot of unnecessary items. I am very pleased because we’ve been friends for almost 15 years. She has room for a little garden but is interested in my greenroom as being easier to handle… she will have to give up some stuff for that.

      4. Two Venezuelans are stirring a huge cauldron. One says: You know, I really hate President Maduro!
        The other one says: Then just eat the noodles.

      5. Let them eat cake.!!!

        • ok, Peabody and Sherman….

      6. I’ve got the hongries for your love and I’m waiting in your welfare line. Name that old country song.

        • Buck Owens and the Buckaroos

          • Thank you. Couldn’t remember it.

        • “Waitin’ In Your Welfare Line”

          ht tps://

          • Archivist, google “Welfare Cadillac” by Guy Drake. I remember the NAACP raising some hell over that song but the lyrics were true then and still true today.

            • I bought that 45 for my father when it first came out. Youtube has a clip of Guy Drake doing that number live on the Porter Waggoner Show.

              • Archivist, if any country radio station tried to play that song today, they’d lose their FCC license.

      7. I have seen a lot of pictures of the people of Venezuela here lately and the thing that is sticking in my mind is that there sure are a lot of obese people in these pictures. But they are starving?

        • They’re eating high carb, high fat food. This type of food takes away the hunger pains, satisfies. But so not good for you.

          It’s the same here. The poor eat bags of cheap chips and junk food because it satisfies the hunger longer than an apple and some steamed veggies. Cheaper too.

      8. “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        Yep, and there are STILL people dumb enough to think it works, after years of looking at the USSR, Greece, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Mao’s China, the EU, ad nauseam.

        • Works in Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland because they are inherently disciplined people. Actually Germany is economically holding up Europe. Germans manufacture ultra high quality goods and German workers are highly paid. Because a few resources are pooled doesn’t spell the end of the earth. Neither does not polling any resources create utopia.

          China and the USSR are / were totalitarian.

          • The one common denominator in all failed governments is corruption.

            • Do the Venezuelan people have more of a choice in their destiny then we do. We can barely keep it together . How can a small country with a ton of oil hold off the wolf packs? These barely educated people have no chance . Against a world wide highly advanced money making machine. Wake the blank up . They have a ton of oil . Do you think maybe someone might be pressuring their give it up cheap. Aren’t we suppose to be educated. But we can’t see the obvious? They got a ton of oil . And there are groups on this planet that will starve everyone of them to death to get it.. There is no politics . There is no socialism . There is oil.

              • Lone Wolverine
                Policies by the Saudis and US are destroying Venezuela as collateral damage in an economic war against Russia. Saudis over pumping to take Russia down. Nothing to do with socialism in Venezuela. Sorry folks. We are on the same path to perdition due to NWO rule by banksters. TPP will take our country down and rule by corporation stinks. Corruption is the big problem.

                Add in corporate welfare, blood sacrifices to feed the military-industrial complex, endocrine disrupters making life insane, pesticides in your food, blah blah blah and your ego about Venezuela is about to take a dump. Brought to you by corporate goons.

                Do you really think the corporate jack bootIis better than the socialist jackboot? It is about over… while you wah wah wah over nonexistent socialism in the US. Guess what? We don’t fight the corporate jackboots, the younguns will try socialism to push back. If you cannot even see the problem you cannot win.

          • Kevin2–
            It has worked in those countries because USA has been paying their defense costs for decades. Trump is right about other countries paying USA to defend them. Those countries have gotten as much benefit out of the American MIC as the American defense contractors have.

            • Didndonuffin
              Trump is full of it clear up to his eyebrows, please try not to buy in to his nonsense. Our military industrial complex is a money making machine for creeps like Dick Cheney… and requires blood sacrifice of our children to keep him rich. Our military industrial complex allows global mega corporations to waltz into hell holes like Pakistan in safety while killing our jobs and utilizing slave labor. Around 70 corporations moved into Pakistan under US military protection. Guess why the war has gone on so long. Most of our military operations in the Middle East has been for American Oil Companies… with a couple over Central Banking. They never protect the locals. They never protect US citizens.

      9. You turds did nothing for years when gas prices were kill the US. Now you are bitching. You should have seen the writing on the wall.

        PISS with the USA and see what happens down the road.

        Hungry eat your oil. Same goes for the Mideast. Make all the oil sandwiches you can.


        • Mac
          Whats up I’m being moderated?????

          • aren’t we special

          • ’cause you’re bein’ so grumpy, sarge.

      10. We put 27 Cornish X in the freezers Tuesday, 175lb dressed out, 6.5lb/bird average. That’s our yearly supply of chicken. (for 2) 8 weeks from chicks to freezer.

        Put a beef in the freezer in December….that will last us 18mo or so.

        Still eating on last year’s pork, but have two feeder pigs coming on for fall. Can our bacon, render lard, the whole 9 yds.

        400′ of potato rows will yield 350-400lbs. Strawberries coming in fair, put up 25gal last year. Peach trees loaded this year, managed to miss the late frost that often gets them…probably get dozens bushels or so. About time to set out the tomato plants, and plant beans. Last frost date week back.

        • My nectarines and peaches are loaded this year, gonna be peach and nectarine jam/piefilling/chutney for months,,,,,
          My dark cornish hens are real producers, between 10 and 18eggs every day, 22 hens 2 roosters, let a few hens sit nests, had to kick 3 of em out because they killed all their chicks, but have two good setters who are taking care of 15 chicks, and are good to them. would have been 20 but chicks died because the hens abandoned the nest to care for other chicks, so now i know nests need to be on floor of coop and not up in nesting boxes. Learning experience.
          Am looking to get a couple hogs, want a boar and couple sows, but want to pasture them rather than pen so got to get the fences finished, little tough csuse they will dig under them so using a furrower to dig the fence line then burying 1-2′ of the wire to hopefully keep hogs in.

          • Kula, a solar-powered fence charger and one strand of wire 8″ off the ground will keep your hogs in. Hogs hate electric zap and they stay away from it. That set up is movable and you can plant where the hogs turned the ground over.

            • That could definitely work. My perimeter is almost completely fenced, just a bit more to do then can do some cross fencing and end up with 3 2acre+\- paddocks easily or break it down a bit more and end up with each of my fields as a separate paddock about 1/2 acre each, good rotation area

          • We pasture ours, use hog panels (34″x16′ heavy wire) with T posts for fencing and they never get out. You’ll also probably find keeping one boar + couple sows isn’t economical….by the time you feed them all year, you don’t get it back in terms of feeders. Consider going larger, (if you can grow feed), or going AI.

            • I was thinking more just for our own use, one sow can throw quite a few babies, at least if my memory is right, was figuring keep them separate most of the time, we have enough space, figure i can graze them plus feed them grain or pellets, can get off produce from a couple places as well as my own to feed them. Thought about AI but if things come apart at the seams there goes my pork products production, so that was why i was figuring get at least a pair, better 2 sows, and a boar, i know folks used to do it, was looking to keep chickens in same area as the pigs, all sorta scratch around together,

              • Kula, if you plan to supplement your hogs’ feed with grain, try to use non-GMO corn and soy. We discontinued commercial production when our local mills stopped selling non-GMOs. We tried GMOs for a couple of years and had a lot of stillborns and birth defects, as well as reproductive problems, sterility with the survivors. If I was on the fence before, that convinced me of the harm GMOs cause. Hogs do need a lot more protein than other livestock but you can boost that with milk solids or if there’s a dairy nearby, ask for any milk they can’t ship. Alfalfa meal will also boost protein. Freezer burnt meat works well, too. Cracked eggs if you have any poultry. Keep in mind what you feed will affect the flavor and texture of the meat. We had very good results finishing our hogs with apples and other fruit added to their rations a few weeks before butchering.

                • We have year round growing here with real mild climate, the graze in the fields is and will be clover, alfalfa, sudan grass and rye plus nasturtiums daikon some other oddball plants, i grow kale so they will get tons of that, real high in protein, will also feed them the waste materials from a few friends vineyards and such, also have a type of squash that grows wild here, and i grow sweet corn and carrots, think ill find enough feed, i hope

                  • Your hogs will do very well on that varied diet. Like us, they thrive on variety. Less chance of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, too.

                    • My neighbor grows strawberries, throws away hundreds of pounds every week

                • Fox and Kula,
                  we found out that the GMO corn that was in the chickens feed was killing our chickens and all that went away when we took the GMO types of feed away! did anyone notice the headline news a couple of days ago where the guy came out and said there is NOTHING at all unsafe about GMO food!! what a crock!! it is killing ( making them sick) people just like the animals!

                  • We had always fed non-GMOs until we ramped up production to a commercial level. After our brief experience with GMOs, we went back to non-GMOs. My farm can support a limited number of livestock and poultry with natural feeds, so we cut production to what we can provide for ourselves. We shifted to raising more sheep and only a couple of hogs. The sheep do well on pasture and hay alone and my garden and surplus apples can feed my hogs fine.
                    That GMO news is total bull. Every scientist on the panel has ties to the companies producing that crap, their research facilities are directly or indirectly funded by those companies. The media conveniently forgot to mention that. If you chart the increase in many diseases alongside the increased use of GMOs, the lines run parallel. Even acid reflux and wheat sensitivity comes from GMO foods or Roundup. That news piece also failed to mention the inert ingredients in Roundup were not tested, only the glyphosate.

                • I haven’t been able to find non GMO Corn. I use Non GMO hog mix which is ground barley, wheat, and peas with trace minerals. I soak each feeding in water for 12 hours in a bucket before I give it to them. I read up on wet verses dry feed, and my experience is that they gain more weight per pound of feed verses dry, which doesn’t get completely digested, and poop more. I use hog panels and a hot wire to keep them in a 24×32 area for 6 months until their RIP date. (rest in pieces) I don’t slop feed them or go out of my way to buy them a bunch of different food.

                  • Over 80% of corn grown in the US is GMO, so it’s very difficult to find non-GMO. The closest mill selling non-GMO corn is 100 miles from me. That’s a half day round trip and a lot of fuel used. There are 4 mills within a half hour of me and I keep trying to convince them to stock non-GMOs. No luck yet.
                    As to the wheat in your feed, and wheat in general, while it may be non-GMO plants, many farmers are now spraying non-GMO wheat with Roundup just prior to harvest as it kills all the wheat at the same time, making harvest simpler. Instead of waiting for Mother Nature, the farmer controls harvest time. Technically it’s non-GMO but it contains the same poison. Check with your feed mill to be sure their wheat hasn’t been sprayed before harvest. I’m convinced this process is what’s behind the upsurge in “gluten sensitivity” recently.

                  • Dave in Idaho
                    I am growing barley and dry peas this year, didn’t get wheat in, oops. Just added flint corn. I will add teff at next rain. For me, of course, but key to raising meat. If I feel like I can feed them, I will add 2 pigs next year. I fed my chickens without commercial feed for a year and a half, just laying hens. Like Kula, I want to see if I can get hens back to raising their own. My barred rock are quite cold hardy.
                    Economic collapse is softer if we feed ourselves in a healthy and delicious way.
                    I am adding honeybees this year… more to learn.

                    I love my garden, and if I can add rabbits and pigs I’ll think I am in heaven.

              • We raise and eat Potbelly pigs. They are small and don’t require as much feed and room. They are easier to slaughter than a big 200 plus pound pig. I skin them and dissemble them with a meat cleaver. take the meat from the bone and make sausage. the little hams are good as roast or can be cured. I leave the tender loin with the ribs and that really good when barbecued. We feed the excess fat to the chickens. cook up the entrals in a metal bucket outside with a wood fire and the chickens eat that also. If you pasture pigs you need to ring their nose or they will root and destroy the vegetation and the top soil will erode away.We try and time the baby pigs to come in march. that way they have green scraps from the garden to supplement their feed. Also the goats and cow come fresh in the spring. And the excess milk can be fed to advantage. We also have goats. We rarely eat them. I can sell a goat for $100. and I can kill deer whenever we need the meat. And we prefer deer meat over goat.

                • I’ve had quite a few potbelly pigs over the years, even raised a few litters. They are very good eating. In fact, I prefer their taste and texture to the modern commercial hog breeds. We stick with heritage breeds for all of our livestock and poultry.Same with our veggies..all heirloom varieties. While the yield may be slightly less or take a little longer to mature, the better quality makes up for that by far.

                • My parents used to fence off small areas that had impossible to kill plants and then turn the pigs into them. They cleared a lot of land in this way….let the pigs do it for them.

              • If you have someone close that throws away “100S of lbs of strawberries a week” someone is nuts. Make wine and Brandy! lots of money in it and the Brandy keep forever.

          • Don’t feel so bad Kulafarmer. I had 4 beautiful geese. Three white and one African. The male goose would keep pecking and hurting the other male goose. So i left the nasty male outside along with the female white goose, and put the other male in pen with African goose. They were out for a month, then a raccoon killed the nasty goose….was the best looking one too….i buried it and put a big hard square bucket over it with heavy rocks. Raccoon keeps digging up the grave and eating the flesh…a little at a time! Feathers all over too! So now before it gets dark i put all the geese in pen where they are safe. I miss the beautiful white goose. He was so Majestic and that’s what i named him. The other male i named Brutis….not pretty at all…rough lookin, short and fat. It’s sad to lose the birds yeah i know.

            • Im just glad im learning this stuff while my dinner table doesnt rely on it, could be disaster if we were relying on more chicks to grow stew chickens or fryers,,,

        • TN ANDY – we are looking into relocating to Tennessee on acreage/rural area – my question: Is there any down side to living near an Amish population? Thanks!

          • We are located in southern Middle Tenn. Plenty of Mennonite and Amish. I church with a group close to the border w/AL.

            They are hard working people. Love the Lord and their families and each other.

            However! Be sure to understand the cultural differences that come from a people living close to the land.

        • We look forward to implementing a seizure of you food .Thank you for having prepped the food and getting ready for us . Continue to stock up more and more .

          • FEMA4YOU, sounds like you have a death wish? That’s not a smart thing for you to do. Forget the idea and you’ll be alright.

        • My peach tree has red stems. I think from lack of nitrogen? What are your tips on successful peach tree growing?

        • I’ve always thought a pound to a pound and a half a day . At least 20 % protein .

          • depends on breed. some gain 2 pounds if you don’t dry feed them. University studies don’t show too much difference in wet verses dry except for less health problems with wet feeding.

        • No. The trash that some people try to call rock & roll needs to go away. Most people don’t even know what it is. They’ll hear an easy-listening ballad and call it rock & roll just because it’s played on a pop station.

          There’s really only two types of music, good and bad.

      11. They must be getting something because it hasn’t even gone full Greece yet.


        Brave, Sarge, eppe, others, listen to this. Things are extremely serious. Dr James Garrow 05/18/2016, talking about the leading toward the elections, and what the DOD had to say to one caller.


      13. No matter who wins, this is coming to the good ole USA. The chairman and his marionettes that pull his strings won’t put up with a Trump presidency. He will topple us well before that happens.

      14. I feel very sad for these people. But I fear them as well. If they start pouring into the US, that could be the catylist for chaos and then Sneaking in Martial Law.

        • They’re already here, B from CA. Now it’s just a matter of time. Soon, the non-producers will outnumber the producers. When the roof becomes too heavy, the walls give out. Soon, it collapses.

          • I think they already do

            • Of course there are more takers than makers. We have long ago ran out of someones elses money to (robb &tax) spend. The shortfall has been covered by the debt. That debt is a tax on future makers. Too Few producing makers and too many parasite takers is not sustainable. Socialism always fails.

      15. Hey Venezuelans you happy you gave up your gun rights yet?
        Dumb fuckin move

        Anyone here learning from this?

        They gave them up around mid 2012
        No guns in private hands legally and now look at where their socialistic government has done to them

        Let this be a lesson in what shit not to buy from some political mouth piece

        • That worked out well didnt it

      16. To paraphrase Eddy Murphy in the movie 48 hours, “Lack of FOOD make you brave”.

      17. I am glad to see this happening to the foolish Venezuelans who listened to Chavez, the Pied Piper of Socialism. They will learn a valuable lesson from this. It is terrible to see decent people suffering, however.

        • They wont learn shit, socialist and those who lean that way never figure out the connection

      18. Enjoy your socialist paradise….HA!!!

      19. Waiting in lines like nice little idiots.

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