Rule of Law Has Collapsed: We Live in a Society Where “Individuals Are Treated As A Threat”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site.

    Editor’s Comment: The move to collectivize all of society, and gradually and systematically, to abolish freedom is well underway. Indeed, it has been the work of centuries, but never before have those who run the system had so much power, though it is ironically at a time when society is collapsing and becoming angry and aroused about their worsening conditions.

    The globalists and the elite keep sending down the message that only a large, expansive government can protect you from harm – from terrorism, from shootings, from enemies it creates. But the truth is that entire populations are technologically controlled now, and there are many ways of discouraging individualism and liberty. Will the scale ever tip towards the total loss of our rights and freedoms? The bigger question is whether those in power ever had any respect to begin with. Regardless, all pretext is gone. The rule of law is dead – if no one else proves it, the lack of indicting Hillary and the ridiculous effort by the nation’s leading arm of justice have proven that enforcement is selective, and nothing is on solid ground.

    The Law Of The Jungle Is Far Superior To The Ideology Of Globalism

    by Brandon Smith

    In 1991 George Bush Sr., in at least two separate speeches, announced an active geopolitical endgame for global stability; something he called the “New World Order.” This was not the first time the concept of the NWO had been uttered by a prominent figure. Fabian socialist H.G. Welles wrote an entire book on the ideology decades before, in 1940, entitled ‘The New World Order’, and even scripted a thinly veiled propaganda film on the rise of globalism titled ‘Things To Come’. The core of this ideology is the institution of global governance and the erasure of sovereign nation states, ostensibly in order to end the persistent threat of world war.

    It all sounds very noble on the surface, but there is much more to total globalization that the elites do not discuss very openly or very often.

    A key quote from Bush’s White House speech to the nation on the eve of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq explains much behind the NWO concept:

    “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order — a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful — and we will be — we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.’s founders.”

    The questions are, what did he mean by the “rule of law,” and what did he m,ean by the “law of the jungle?” As Bush clarifies further, the “rule of law” in his mind is the law as enforced by a globalist governing body (i.e. the UN). The “law of the jungle” would invariably be everything that represents the opposite of globalism (i.e. wild and unshackled sovereignty).

    The “law of the jungle” sounds harsh and unforgiving, and it is, for people who do not pursue greater imperatives and who do not work hard to reach their ultimate potential.  This idea is often misconstrued as “fascist” in its origins.  That is to say, people commonly assume the law of the jungle is merely the subjugation of the weak by the strong.  This is how the globalists WANT you to view sovereignty, national or tribal identity, individualism, etc.; they want you to see these principles as akin to savagery.

    In truth, it is the elites that promote savagery as the core of globalism, though it is to be sure a highly sterilized and scientific form of savagery. Their “rule of law” is entirely arbitrary – it is not based in the light of  conscience, but on darker desires of artificial advantage for the ruling class and the oppression of everyone else.  A better interpretation of the law of the jungle would be that it is a more colorful description of “natural law”, the inborn right of self determination guided by inherent conscience.  Under natural law, bureaucratic governance serves little purpose.  It becomes obsolete.

    While the law of the jungle is not easy or carefree or eternally “safe”, I think there are many virtues to a “natural”, unfettered and decentralized way of life far above the mindless homogenization and collectivism of the globalist ideal.

    Here are just a few examples on why humanity would be much better off living wild and free rather than living an inhibited and micromanaged existence under a global authority.

    Surviving In The Jungle Requires Strength And Intelligence

    A shallow interpretation of the law of the jungle would argue that “only the strong survive.” Collectivists would claim that this is unfair to the weak and ultimately barbaric in principle. I disagree. The assumption these people make is that the “weak” cannot improve their circumstances and therefore require constant babysitting by a central authority. However, if you actually allow people to be challenged rather than coddled, it can be surprising how strong they become.

    Globalism destroys the environmental conditions that inspire excellence and instead rewards and protects mediocrity. Take for example the problems regarding “too big to fail” banks; these institutions are really failures in every respect and, like wounded gazelles, should be given a quick death. But under the theory of globalization the strategy has (so far) been to keep these failures limping along. In other words, the incentive for success has been undermined and weakness has been rewarded.

    In this way, not just in the business world but also in the social world, globalism encourages people to accomplish as little as possible and comforts them with promises of being forever nurtured by the global nanny state. If this kind of world becomes an absolute, society will decay and revert to something subhuman. All evolutionary progress will be lost.

    Surviving In The Jungle Requires Merit

    You have to be useful in the jungle; you have to produce, repair or teach something truly valuable. You have to build. You have to innovate. You have to invent. You have put in the effort to take control of your destiny. You have to prove your merit if you want to thrive. Under globalism, none of this behavior is really necessary or rewarded.

    One of the early phases of collectivism, as it establishes its control base, is to forcefully “equalize” all existing elements. This means that collectivist societies often oppress the naturally successful and debase a population until they all meet the same standards of the lowest common denominator.

    The small but vocal movement of social justice cultists in the West is a perfect example of the collectivist narrative inherent in globalism. If any movement embodies anti-merit, it is the social justice warriors.

    The social justice presumption of life is that all human beings must be treated as if they have merit, and this is often based on their level of victim status rather than their accomplishments. For example, in my article “Why Conscripting Women Into Combat Will Result In Cultural Disaster,” I outlined the outright progressive dismantling of U.S. military training standards in order to open the door for far weaker females to enter active combat units. Superior merit is being systematically removed from the military in order to make way for homogenization based on mediocrity. And while the law of the jungle does not call for a standing military, the fact remains that the loss of merit will invariably lead to a weaker military overall.

    I have even seen SJW men argue that they must promote the lowest common denominator under movements like feminism because in a culture based on merit, they personally would have no chance at survival. They claim they are too weak to undertake traditional male roles of production and protection and thus opt for the laziness and safety of the collective rather than bettering themselves. In the jungle, the willfully useless would be quickly eaten, or they would die simply due to their own stupidity and sloth; and I have to say, I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing.

    When you give the least successful people the keys to the foundation of your society you discourage the truly successful from pursuing further excellence. The goal for a person who really wants to make their way in such a world would then be to gain as much victim status as possible in order to get the most rewards. Merit becomes superfluous.

    Under globalism, this SJW nightmare would achieve world-wide recognition and political promotion.

    Survival In The Jungle Requires The Will For Self Defense

    The globalist ideal is rooted in pacifism. That is to say aggressive defense by the average individual is treated as either unscrupulous or futile. Why learn how to protect your own life and the lives of others when you can keep your hands clean and have the establishment do it for you? Why not support global governance, end the law of the jungle and put an armed sentry and surveillance camera on every street corner to ward off potential predators? Why not trade all self determination for the promise of endless comfort and a carefree existence?

    The problem is, as we have seen in numerous instances in highly self-defense-restricted environments in Europe, the state cannot and will never be able to fulfill its empty promises of constant protection. At bottom, the only promise the authorities can keep is that they will quickly clean up the mess left behind by your corpse after an attack has already occurred. And, as we have seen in other instances in the U.S., the authorities are sometimes also the assailants.

    In the jungle, there are no pacifists. They are all dead, or they have converted to a self defense mindset. Pacifists therefore need a collectivist herd to blend into so that they can hide, or so that the guy next to them can be eaten while they make their escape.

    Globalism requires the dilution of an actively vigilant population because the philosophy of self defense leads naturally to an appreciation for individual action. Centralized government cannot take control of a citizenry that has the will to strike back on its own against predators.

    Anyone who promotes a pacifist response is merely aiding the predators, and this includes people who promote a pacifist response towards predatory governments. If the average person lived by the law of the jungle rather than waiting for a “civilized” authority to protect them or parcel out the freedoms they were born with as if they were privileges, predatory governments would no longer exist.

    The Law Of The Jungle Requires Freedom In All Things

    You cannot act in the jungle if you are restricted by bureaucracy and collectivist niceties. And if you cannot act freely in the jungle then you will die in the jungle. Therefore, the jungle and the globalist system are mutually exclusive environments.

    This does not mean that in the jungle there are no consequences for taking undue actions that harm others. As in the Libertarian concept of the non-aggression principle, it is far better to leave others alone to pursue their own prosperity, first because it is the right thing to do, but also because they may have means of self defense just as you do. To try to control the lives of others, the thoughts of others, the language of others, the personal associations of others, the property rights of others, is to elicit a justified backlash and the loss of your own life.

    To be a predator in the jungle is not without ample risk, most animals will defend themselves when cornered and an injured predator could end up a dead predator. But to be a predator in a globalist world populated with unarmed sheep means there is little risk, especially when you are sanctioned by the establishment.

    The jungle is a place where meaningful progress serving the individual is essential, for even a jungle tribe is only as strong as the individuals that make up its ranks. The globalist world is a place where meaningful progress is stifled and strong individuals are treated as a threat. Globalism requires a collectivist machine, a hive mind in which the individual is only a piston in the apparatus. Globalism displaces creative thinking in the name of efficiency, and murders innovation.

    A globalist society would be a static society, frozen in an endless cycle of conformity and sameness. The only beneficiaries would be those at the top of the pyramid, who, as in all collectivist ventures, reap the majority of the rewards because they are the people who get to redistribute the wealth of production in any manner they see fit.

    In the jungle, these redistributors would be seen as useless middlemen, parasitic gatekeepers standing in the way of production and prosperity, drinking their share of blood from every transaction and every invention; stealing earned wealth from the successful in order to feed another army of people they have encouraged to also become parasites through the ideology of anti-merit.

    In the jungle, in a free world, people would immediately question why these middlemen posing as authority figures and financiers should exist at all? What purpose do they serve? They certainly have no merit. They are not successful because they are better than anyone else at anything necessary. They are not hunter gatherers, they are not producers, they are not defenders, they are not teachers, and they are not fixers. They feed off the rest of us but they are not active and honest competitors. They are not lions or tigers or bears. They are vicious scavengers. Carrion feeders or thieves. They are rabid hyenas and jackals looking to nibble a piece at time from us when while we are distracted.

    In the jungle, these vermin are often present but certainly not welcome. At any opportunity they are squashed. In this way it is understandable why globalists would be so afraid of the jungle.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site. Please support his efforts and visit his site.


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      1. Threat to whom? To those that are trying to destroy us. They deserve to be threatened.

        • Deserve to be threatened? If they are seeking to destroy us then we have every, conceivable right to KILL THEM!

          I too am sick and tired of hearing how Whites and Christians “have to go” and as DustyFae below (or perhaps above me), points out, those who have infiltrated our nation have “all the say in the world” and we are not allowed the right to think non-PC, or pay a penalty.

          I do believe the ‘crescendo’ is going to hit maximum afore too much longer, and then these insidious headaches will start being attended to, instead of ignored as (to them) our systems of laws (non-Sharia and non-Muslim) just don’t work so they are not expected to adapt to The USA nor adopt anything. It is We The People that “TPTB” seek to totally “tear to shreds” …by a million cuts, from a million angles of attack all from one world religion named Islam that “considers it just well and dandy” to lie to us ‘infidels’ and any other underhandedness in order to kill or to trick us into being killed. (This much of it is already well “underway at full steam” and should soon be upon us as it HAS to align with November in SOME way that would be a huge detriment to the entire USA …not just a few).

          It surely seems that after this damned DNC is through half or more of The USA may already BE at war against The Establishment. God knows we’ve got MORE THAN ENOUGH to bring down upon their heads …therefore, I hope we start soon. There is nothing left to be gained by waiting any longer. (And that’s what I am planning on happening …someday soon, on some day or hour …one can still dream can’t they or has it also been made non-PC)?

        • Everybody stop bitchen and whining…. shut up, prep, train, form teams, pray, and get ready…. our time draws near……

          • Man on the inside; Go pound sand up yur ass buddy. Few of us here do much. There are people here who have already done everything you have listed and are “the creme-de-la-creme” and are way ahead of you.

            So, how about YOU stfu and stay out of mine and other people’s personal business …to include telling them “what to do” because we are REALLY FUCKING SICKER THAN HELL OF HEARING IT (from the likes of people like you). My sincere apologies if this pisses you off, yet YOU set yourself up for it.

            May God Bless and keep you safe. In the meantime, should you need something, THIS is the place to come to “get a straight answer.” (Just don’t EVEN try to tell us what to do okay friend)? Cheers.

        • CaptAmerica, Who is “they” that is trying to destroy America ?

          Who is Clinton, Comey, Lynch, the State Department, Treasury, Defense, Congress and others all beholding and protecting from prosecution ? If the answer is not Wall Street, the observer has been asleep. The system protects itself.

          Wall Street is accused of currently embezzling $6 billion daily from the US government to fund nefarious acts which include buying control of the above government entities. There is no other viable destination for the funds. The accounts have never been audited. Ref. .

          Those funds have aadditionally been used to create world-wide economic chaos and endless “civil war” and terrorism. The ultimate goal is economic control of the whole world.

          Trump’s plea to save the United States from destruction has striking parallels with the promises of Hitler to save Germany from the street riots led by Stalin and the economic crush of WWI. The Clintons’ criminal past is well documented. There is no “lesser of two evils.” In MHO, either option will advance Wall Street control and result in a Grecian calamity for the United States.

          There will never be a change if the source of the problem is not identified.

      2. I for one am sick of American Whites and Christians are being treated like terrorists

        But the Muslims can do whatever the hell they want.. They do not even have to be checked at some air ports.

        And l am sick of Obama telling us we have no freedom of speech but the muslims and BLM and BP can scream kill the Whites, Jews, Christians and Cops

        • I’m white and I don’t feel I’m being treated as a terrorist… I feel we are ALL being treated as terrorists– anyone — ANYONE– who stands up to the government is considered a terrorist. Anyone who know the TRUTH about our sick government is a terrorist. I like how Mike Ruppert put it– “If you know what’s happening, you’re a terrorist”.

          This ISN’T about color!!! Its about the 1% versus the rest of us!!!! Divide and conquer is the game the elite have been playing for centuries– If they can get us to distrust EACH OTHER, then they have us off their backs and they continue with business as usual. Its only when we wake up to Truth do we become a threat to them. (What Jesus taught).

          • Anonymous, I agree wholeheartedly. I always knew I was in good company here.

            • Well then, they can divide and divide all they want as I’m only intending on shooting one at a time…

          • It’s not hard to distrust angry negroes–intent on beating us to death or shooting us check this out:
            ANGRY wetbacks,illegally in our country and angry muslims. The PTB don’t need to encourage distrust, these groups are already motivated to destroy “whitey”. At some point, a violent and bloody civil war will erupt. Arm yourself now…

          • Amen brother!

        • Dusty Fae, Obama and all of the rest of the commies can kiss my white male right-wing ass.

        • Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but blacks that fail to support Hillary are vilified, and called horrible names. Two blacks having a quite political discussion find a third man jump in screaming. He goes to his car gets a gun, returns and shoots the Trump supporter. Bernie supporters at the Democrat convention found themselves face to face with goons who collected all their Burnie signs under duress. People of all color have been publicly harassed, beaten and some even killed for supporting conservative candidates, it didn’t even have to be Trump.

          The liberal progressive “brown shirts” don’t see color only their agenda, resist and you will incur their wrath. And don’t think dying will save you, they’ll still make you vote for Hillary…….

      3. Everything is collectivized… except, of course, the Hollywierd Learjet leftist mansions, the banksters digs in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard, the private jets of our ruling elite.

        To paraphrase Leona Helmsley (and now Hitlery Clinton), “Rules are for little people.” Exactly what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson thought, right?

        • TEST, uh, everything is collectivized ACCORDING TO THE LEFT. Nothing I own is collectivized. I don’t owe a damn thing to anyone and vice-versa. NOBODY is ‘entitled’ to anything I have, either. F#$% the left!

      4. Hey mac go back in the way back time machine please
        And republish the comment from my marine brother JD
        We are all POW’s now
        Haven’t commented here in a couple years but just wanted to
        Say hicks is on da money am getting similar Intel
        Some say these fires are stared by chicoms for invasion
        Hanger tuff in the sobranes fire
        Behind enemy lines
        If some of us won’t defend the coast u inland boys is phuked

        • Cali coastline is tuff tittie for tender tourist.

          Chew and chew, still no milk.

          Always find time to hang ten, water blue or red.

          counting coup…….hoo Ka hey.

          Respect :p

          …I didn’t start this, but I’m seein’ it through……BA.

        • Hello Nina o.

          Good to hear from you.

        • Nina O, long time no hear from! How you been? Hope your website is still up. I’m way overdue for a visit. I’m still stackin and hangin’ in there.

      5. Question is:
        How to break away and leave BEHIND those very few at the top? Those few puppet masters that truly run things. The Banker criminals–War monger Defense contractors-Secret Societies- bought off corrupt politicians. Top 7% of rich who own/control more wealth than the other 93% of the ENTIRE Earth population. These are ALL the true Enemies of Mankind. These MUST be stopped. They are out to not only Totally Control but to Destroy the rest of us 93%.

        It is thought out Destruction by Design, on ALL level: Social-Moral-Religion-National Borders-The Traditional Family-Economic- these very few people are destroying EVERYTHING.

        THEY are the enemy of your children. They want to control then Kill them. Depopulation is their self stated GOAL. Genocide by any means necessary is their SICK and deadly objective.

        The System is Implementing Technology to Track-Trace-Record-Surveil-EVERY ASPECT of your everyday life. There is NOW a data collection information control grid in place. NOW.

        YOU are viewed as the enemy by Politicians-Police-ALL petty authority figure wanna be’s. These SNOOPS and SNITCHES are into EVERY aspect of your life.
        It gets worse each day.

        Most people are oblivious. They just accept on move along. As a former top tech mogul, I see these Electronic track and surveil systems being implemented-augmented-refined-expanded almost DAILY. It is Not what I want for my four children. To be under Continuos/Constant Control-Surveillance-Scrutiny.

        And everything is illegal now in USA for average person and is a felony. But corporate-banker-politicians-police, are ALL above the law. These groups do ANYTHING they want with ZERO consequences or accountability.

        After the Elite few collect the Data, have you foot printed and threat indexed. THEN they will use the Robotics to kill you DEAD. It sounds science fiction but it is very real. Elon Musk of Tesla electric car and Pay Pal, fame is well aware and has warned people about the future use of these control/kill robots. But no one is listening.

        Seems as if only Christian God of Jesus Intervention can save humanity from this horrible future that is very near.

        • Are you serious? Ain’t gonna be anything to save us from ourselves. No mythical god of the joos that one could consider to be responsible for all of the genocide is gonna save mankind. He feeds off the misery and blood sacrifice.

      6. The law of the jungle. Anarchy.

        The greatest fear of those who hold power is the law of the jungle…the loss of control by those who exercise it. This is why they have perverted the meaning of anarchy to mean violence and mayhem and to brand those who oppose the overbearing state and it’s enforcers as criminals and enemies.

        The state relies on coercion and violence to exist. Anarchy relies on free association and mutual aid.

        • JRS, spot on analysis. Brandon, another excellent article. I’ll say again what I’ve said many times at this site over the past 4 years. NOTHING ANY MANMADE GOVERNMENT, ESPECIALLY IN THE US, DOES HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER. The Roman Empire, British Empire, Napoleon, Lincoln, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Red China, North Korea, Cuba, Turkey, etc. all consider all of their people ‘the enemy’. That is a totally illegitimate attitude to have toward your people. Your time is coming and sooner than you think. MOLON LABE

          • Yo Braveheart1776; Wow (that never ‘struck me’ in that light until you ‘laid it out’) …but why am I not surprised? I believe that you are right, and at one turn or another, The USA is also going to run ‘hard aground’ which may well take decades if not generations to return matters to sanity …or something closer than we are now.

            Somehow, I do not see the people of America “taking shit” from their government in ANY way …especially now. That’s why I’m of a mind that we are approaching DEFCON-1 and We The People are being made out to be the enemy in all possible ways. But, this all is exactly why The Founding Fathers saw to it that we have the right to purchase and carrying firearms around. Such things tend to get political attention instantly especially if they are the targets.
            I’ve grown damned tired of my government slowly taking me from being some sort of un-sung hero to a ‘madman’ just itching for war and blood and of course VERY dangerous to society …and as a combat-veteran according to some governor I am FAR more likely to loose-my-mind at any moment and turn-terrorist (which not one vet has done). The Army guy (shooter) was never real Army. He was a ‘weekend warrior’ for either four or six years, perhaps only two. (He was strictly Reserves, or that’s the story I read on him via FoxNews).

            • Equorial, spot on. We patriots, people who are awake and ‘get it’, definitely won’t take any poop from this evil govt. However, the sheeple who don’t know any better will continue to be ‘with the program’. Keep stacking and praying. Too bad I have to go back home this weekend. It’s been a fun 2 weeks at the BOL.

      7. To me pacifist means antiwar. Just because you are antiwar does not mean you will roll over and accept global domination. Pacifist’s are armed also and stopping eternal warmongering is a desire shared widely in the population worldwide. Sure, there will likely always be wars, but logic says you have to oppose such insanity as a first step to change beneficial to all of mankind. And screw totally evil Poppy Bush and his thousand points of light psychopathic insanity which despots drool over.

      8. No thanks…I’ll stick with the old system and its flaws.

        • Sh*t… another man done gone.

      9. “All evolutionary progress will be lost.”

        Ha. You see that where? What page/channel of what news source do we find evolutionary progress.

        He lost me there.

        hahahaha evolutionary progress.

        • Its not Darwin evolution he meant!

          Try evolutionary progress such as we went from horse and buggys To Automobiles! From Trains to Planes! planes with propellers, To Jet propulsion planes! etc etc etc.

          Some words Can have more than one single meaning.

          Its why one Must be able to grow out of a pin point focus on various issues….Then most issues become crystal clear.

          Such as the issues I usually write about.

          open minded folk Can comprehend it once they begin to think for themselves instead of relying on tv news like fox, MSM centered websites like WND and Drudge etc and especially reliance on apostate pastors for info.

      10. US Silent as Major Ally Begins Campaign of Murdering Drug Users — Executing 11 People a Day

        ht tp://

        “Why will I give you a (due) process?” said Duterte. “I am the president. I don’t give you [due] process.”

        drug dealers and users
        not exactly valued members of society

        who will be next on the killing lists ???

        Duerte, a monster put in power by “the people”

        “Duterte is not swayed by criticism from human rights advocates, vowing instead to “retire with the reputation of Idi Amin,” a brutal African ruler who tens of thousands of Ugandans in during his eight-year reign in the 1970s.”

      11. it’s a elite – serf system now.

        if you don’t have the resources to take care of yourself, you’ll just be left in the road or your bed to die until they need the space your body is taking up.

        there’s just too much debt, entitlements and govt corruption to put people first. obamacare is a lie, its just a method to get rid of costly seniors and people with medical issues by denying them treatment. the idiot liberals will go to their graves denying it until it happens to them; but it will be too late for them then to reverse anything.

        • I wonder if 99 % of so called liberals are government employees who want more. We have no idea and will never be able to find out how many people are on the gov. Payroll one way or another. There’s probably tenth generation government employees. And they are all told to vote dem. By there unions . Expecialy the cops. Enoch Powel said in a video The coming days. Esoteric truths. That they all know what they do will bring a civil war. They just won’t give up that big paycheck and pension. They are traitors. They must disarm us one way or another. They believe it’s for our own good . And we are to stupid to understand that. The worst period of human existence is about to start. It will be just as bad as the bible describes. Strong men’s hearts will fail because of just the fear of what is coming. Even though come soon. Our lamps are full.

          • Lone Wolverine, the .gov employees are too stupid to understand they’ll get killed trying to disarm any of us. They’re parasites anyway.

            • Yes Brave. But I think they just don’t care. They want their money today . They are too gready and stupid to think about tomorrow. Or they think they have the power and backing of the military . And the money to pay mercenaries like that Security company Omar worked for bringing in illegal Muslim. Possibly mercenaries . And Soros money to pay and supply smuggled in soldiers that hate Christians. These homeland security people. These TSA. People will be fighting for their paychecks not their country. They will justify their treason by saying they must feed their children and their children come first. Ours come second . They will be heavily armed and supplied . We won’t . I guess that’s why we are told to be wise virgins. And that the biggest fight in all human history is coming.

      12. lena
        dear God
        I work in health care
        no one with “Obamacare” is being denied treatment

        Obamacare is merely private insurance with a subsidy from the government for people who can’t afford insurance
        the other main aspect of Obamacare is the expansion of Medicaid for the poor

        please get your facts straight

        • The dear God part makes me think you are grand standing. The people in health care that I have met. Are calous give an infant a hep b shot scum of the earth that hopefully will burn in hell.

          • Now they are encouraging new mothers to vaccinate their new borns.
            I’m sure that there will be repercussions, if the mother refuses to do something that is government mandated.
            I’m in Canadastan, and last year, the government mandated that all children going to school must get ten vaccinations. 253 families refused to get their children vaccinated, and the health officials, could not understand why .
            The parents of the children, were given a certain date, in which to have their childrens immunization records updated, electronically, and if they did not comply, they would be sent for ”re education”.
            Now where have we heard that before?
            It’s a good thing that I don’t have any kids. I’d be in jail right now

            • When they start mandatory vacs. Think about it . If you want to vac. Your kids because you think it’s good . Then your kids won’t get the sniffles. Why would it matter to you if other kids get the sniffles. Herd imunity. They don’t all have to be vacsed. If they need the money so bad . Could they just tell us it’s a vaccine. And shoot the kids. With salt water. No they are trying to destroy us . The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet. They want to make more semi restarted children so they can charge you for health care. Satan rules this world as written. And his children consider you goyim as written . We are sub humans to them . But we are handicapped by the inability to comprehend that.

        • Satori – Wrong….
          The cost of elderly patients medications has skyrocketed to the point where many seniors cannot afford to pay the out of pocket costs. It’s much more insidious than just a forced bankruptcy of the health care insurance companies. Where I live the premier hospitals are no longer taking gob’mnt insured folks, and only deal in cash, or those who can afford expensive private plans. Insurance DOES NOT = health care.

      13. SHTF On the way

      14. Black Lives Matter is one of the Marxist threats to civilization. Bone headed savages turned loose on the general public and protected by TPTB (Soros).

        • Observer, there is a solution for groups like them. Lead really works wonders.

          • oh just put a rare pokemon in a fema camp and call it a day. it’s cheaper than lead

            • funny. and so true.

      15. Turkey
        from a kinda sorta democracy
        to a dictatorship ,literally overnight

        Erdogan Files Criminal Charges Against Head Of Research At Turkish Bank For Writing Displeasing Report

        h ttp://

        no one is safe
        say that that piece of shit Erdogan parts his hair wrong
        and its off to prison

        rule of law?
        “I am the law” Erdogan

        • I thought the ‘rule of law’ came from the barrel of a gun, and I DO BELIEVE that TPTB have no trouble “seeing” that We The People are NOT adverse to USING our firearms as described by The Constitution. This is exactly why The USA is ‘simmering’ hotter and hotter about like a pressure cooker. When the maximum stress is reached, I expect it will be ‘heard around the world’.

          If I were anyone that did not have a way to heat this winter without electricity, then I strongly urge you to get into a place where you can have a wood stove and have access to as much wood as “neighbors” may say they use. In Maine, we used to eat up 13 “full” (4x4x8) cords each winter. In NC, we barely use four ‘face cords’ (4’x’stovelength’x8′) …usually quite a bit less since these short winters started.
          If you CAN, build or get into one of the newer wood stoves that they call “Wood Gas” – word is they’ll put out good heat, heat hot water, make wood-gas for fuel that runs the generator and one other ‘nice to have’ that escapes me at the moment. You could make the same unit into a Wood Gas Boiler and then start enjoying the savings burning wood brings you. (And they DO burn very clean). *The boiler I reference is outside the house or cabin a short distance. Sometimes they can be purchased, but if you are good with your hands you most likely can build your own and do it better (and better suited to your needs).

        • He will be taken out with prejudice at some point. No self-proclaimed sultan can hold on to control forever before someone (CIA, Kurds, etc.) kills him. Ergo Erdo.

      16. The communist liberal left induced bloodbath is coming. Drop yer cock grab yer socks and LOCK N LOAD PATRIOTS!!!!.

        Whoa thought it was a nightmare
        Lord it was so true

        They told me don’t go walking slow
        The devil’s on the loose

        Better run through the jungle
        Better run through the jungle
        Better run through the jungle
        Whoa don’t look back to see

        Thought I heard a rumblin’
        Calling to my name

        Two hundred million guns are loaded
        Satan cries “take aim”

        Better run through the jungle
        Better run through the jungle
        Better run through the jungle
        Whoa don’t look back to see

        Over on the mountain, thunder magic spoke
        Let the people know my wisdom
        Fill the land with smoke

        Better run through the jungle
        Better run through the jungle
        Better run through the jungle
        Whoa don’t look back to see

      17. A few problems with this:

        Elderly? Useless.
        Orphans? Useless.
        Sick? Useless.

        When you coddle the able-bodies for sure you’re just asking for what we’re getting but somehow I think that throwing out the entire concept is probably not workable. It got invented for a reason.

        • You can’t label an entire subsection of people “useless” without being dishonest. Many elderly people have decades of vital knowledge. Many orphans grow up to be highly accomplished. The sick often get well. What you are describing is NOT the law of the jungle; you are describing something else you made up in your mind.

          Also, to be clear, the law of the jungle does not mean that society gets rid of those who refuse to better themselves. That would be fascism. The law of the jungle simply removes the bureaucracy of the welfare state. You can CHOOSE to help others in the jungle based on their individual merit. This is far better than a government stealing from you to give to individuals that may not deserve it.

          • “The law of the jungle” is an expression that means
            “every man for himself,”
            “anything goes,”
            “survival of the strongest,”
            “survival of the fittest,”
            “kill or be killed,”
            “dog eat dog”
            “eat or be eaten”

            The Oxford English Dictionary defines the Law of the Jungle as “the code of survival in jungle life, now usually with reference to the superiority of brute force or self-interest in the struggle for survival.”

            It is also known as jungle law or frontier justice.

            • Grandee

              As a biologist I assure you and others that even in the jungle the superior law I ofcooperation and team is not only more prevalent in nature, it is more successful.

            • If you are limiting your understanding to nothing more than Oxford’s definition, then you have a long way to go. Bush and his elitist cohorts are not referring to the textbook definition when they rail against the “law of the jungle”. As I clearly outline in the article, the law of the jungle FOR THEM is the opposing ideology to globalism.

              Also, cooperation is HIGHLY common in the jungle. The most successful animals tend to cooperate. Again, reciting the dictionary definition only shows that you are ignorant of the greater point.

      18. Their prison grid will be lite on manpower and mostly under the control of the microchip – CCTV, data retention, com’s, keypad security locks etc – and that needs electricity 24/7/365.25. So while people fear blackouts because of losing the TV, fridge, computer etc (and for sure things like dialysis machines), but they can’t run a totalitarian grid on batteries and gennies.

        It seems to me that perhaps the only thing which will help us defeat their grid is regular, nationwide, rolling blackouts. We should sabotage the comm’s under the sidewalk, both copper cable and fiber optic; ambush their repair crews; don’t forget phone masts, sub-stations, diesel supplies. Turn them DARK!

      19. All this “NWO” stuff isn’t new at all, people have been living this stuff since the first individual appointed himself “ruler”, King, high priest, or what ever and decided to take charge.

        Once a form of “rule” was established by said king, he than goes about with the “control” part, using his close buddies, family, appointed trusted, or just paid goons.

        The rest are called subjects,workers,commoners, or just plain slaves, and usually if someone in one group doesn’t follow the so called set of rules and laws, they usually find themselves in another lower group pretty quick.

        Back in the 700 to 1300 you could usually gather up your own brood and get stronger than the guy that took your land, and retake it or add to yours and set up your laws.

        Now days, there is nowhere else to go, and individuals will never have the ability to form a big enough force with modern equipment and weapons to even begin to fight the “kings” in power now, which ironically we the people put in those lofty seats, either as Politicians, Judges, prosecutors, or your friendly local Police.

        So it may look like this is something new, but it really isn’t,we just think were “free” and better off now, but its just a different era with updated stuff, pretty much the same environment.

        enjoy your time modern surfs.

        • It is different.
          Modern Survielance Technology allows the few to:
          *Know where you Currently Are
          *Know Where you have Been
          *Know your Associations and people you contact. Friends, family, business associates
          *Know your Interests
          *Get into your head by google searches-web site visited-posted comments etc.

          Road sensors
          Meta data
          Cell records
          Loyalty shopper cards
          Cable TV box
          Your car computer-blue tooth
          Credit cards
          Air Lines
          **************************ALL SNOOP and SNITCH

          Today is VERY different. It is control and Tyranny.

          • you even understand what I said???… Thinking!

            NO its not the early 100’s or middle ages, but that’s not the point! Its…………

            never mind………….

        • The Tower of Babel was probably the first attempt of mankind to establish a One World Govmnt, but God thwarted their plans. Eventually the enemy will succeed, but the ‘End of the End Times’ is not yet. Many Biblical Prophecies have yet to be fulfilled.

        • Who knows/cares: Yes and what they are really trying to accomplish, is the rebirth of Nimrods Tower of bable.

          The EU even has various postage stamp symbols of it, as does that “Other” UN HQ, as its at times called in the EU, that represents the EU HQ of all eu nations.

          Look at how that Round building so closely looks like a tower of babel photo. Yes I am aware zero camaras or photos actually exist of tower of babel but we all know what drawings of it look like.

          That EU HQ building actually by Design was finsihed with a top portion appearing as if not yet completed.

          That was done on purpose to closely resemble the orig tower of babel structure.

          Which was the very first attempt at a one world govnt etc.

          These crazy egoist and self claimed PTB types really think of themselves as modern day Nimrods and Nebuchanedzers…But in reality all they really are is kikes and self chozens.

      20. Germans save innocent civilians in Ukraine 1941 . History Truths 2 min.

      21. The biggest scam in the world revealed . Ken oKeef.

      22. Here’s the truth of the matter – our existence is the law of the jungle (nature) it always has been and always will be. The control freaks know this which is why they program people’s mind to think otherwise. They have learned within the laws of nature you must master all the laws of nature from how the human minds to all sciences neccessary to have the ability to destroy anything at all times and always maintain the ability use any level of force necessary to get what you want. They know we live in the law of the jungle (nature) and that one can never escape this fact. They also know that most naturally desire peace over conflict so they use the Locke deception to confuse people into believing one can “leave a state of nature” if they “give up some rights”. No one can leave a state of nature it is simply not possible. If one excepts this fallacy then the road to confusion and being mind controlled has been initiated.

        Those who are aware of this programmed confusion then use rank and awards to build (program) an ego inside the mind of the confused and controlled person. The ego is the protection program that will nearly ensure that a person never awakens from their programmed confusion (because the ego always wants to be right regardless of logical consistency) and thus the confused mind programmed with ego never realizes that they were never able to leave a state of nature in the first place. The end result is that you have some who were never confused about this fact and others who were or still are. The ine who never gets confused about this fact acquires the most programmed operators thus acquiring outpacing every other who was/is confused in the race to have the ability destroy anything they desire. If one can destroy anything they desire they are king of the jungle. The psycho control freaks at the top of globalism have always known this and never thought it was any other way.

      23. White women are getting fed up. Absit. Even the bims are waking up.

      24. I wonder if the governments that are letting in the Muslims are controlled by one group. And the governments that are keeping the Muslims out are controlled by a different group. Two different powers? And we are on the crap side. Thanks vets. And brainwashed masses.

      25. Satori – Wrong….on obummercare
        The cost of elderly patients medications has skyrocketed to the point where many seniors cannot afford to pay the out of pocket costs. It’s much more insidious than just a forced bankruptcy of the health care insurance companies. Where I live the premier hospitals are no longer taking gob’mnt insured folks, and only deal in cash, or those who can afford expensive private plans. Insurance DOES NOT = health care.

      26. This is what you don’t think could ever happen. Jewish Bolsheviks bestial torque methods . H was right.

      27. For years, my wife and I have been at first amazed, then somewhat bemused, and now disgusted with the way that so many of these “groups” scream for tolerance but show NONE.

        Christian? It’s acceptable for others to openly discriminate against you.

        Caucasian? It’s acceptable for others to openly discriminate against you.

        Heterosexual (or perhaps just not “over the top” homosexual or bisexual)> It’s acceptable for others to openly discriminate against you.

        None of the above? Well heck- do whatever you want because it’s socially unacceptable for anyone to criticize you! Ignore acceptable social norms, scream, loot, commit hate crimes, whatever you want to do- you’re covered.

        A black man I am friends with and I were having a discussion about race relations few years ago. He lives in Memphis and one of his black friends was present. His friend was adamant that the ONLY reason he lived in a ghetto (his term) was because of white people. He bemoaned the numerous break-ins he had suffered, his car was stolen out of his driveway while he was carrying groceries into the house, his lawnmower stolen and an hour later the thief tried to sell it back to him, etc.

        When I asked him who was committing the crime in his neighborhood he admitted it was exclusively other black people. I asked if he saw ANY race other than black in his neighborhood selling drugs, breaking into homes, committing assault, thieving, littering, etc. he said “Hell no. White folks don’t dare come in my hood”. Even after all that, he was still just as adamant that it was all the fault of white people. My black friend just shook his head at the idiocy of it all and later told me that attitude and belief is predominant in those areas.

        I’ve met countless people from various groups who complained incessantly that nobody showed them any tolerance and yet they showed no tolerance for anyone outside their group! Gays who call all heterosexuals “breeders” with great disdain and insist that all straight guys are gay but just won’t admit it. They openly show hatred but let someone prefer not to hear their fantasy diatribe and suddenly THAT person is “intolerant”.

        What would happen if there was ANY kind of function where white people ordered any other race to step to the back of the crowd and make room for whites in the front???

        What would happen if a heterosexual couple went to some gay bakers and asked for a wedding cake to be made that the baker didn’t want to make? Would they government step in and shut that baker down? I doubt it.

        Other “religions” can desecrate the Holy Bible without fear of censure, but let someone disrespect the koran?

        I could go on and on, but we all know it by heart now.

        I am weary of being the only “demographic” which can be legally discriminated against without fear of recourse. Lost a job because I’m white, and lost one because I’m male. No recourse available.

        I’ve never owned a slave, I don’t even go into Memphis much anymore, much less the bad areas (which is most of town). When I do go, I assure you that I am not selling drugs, littering, committing assaults, breaking into houses, or stealing cars. I’ve never hired, disciplined, or fired anyone based on color, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Yet… I’m the bad guy. All of this is my fault?

        How is it that WE are the cause of the problem?

        Because we let them control the narrative. We were unwilling to call them on their constant streams of b.s. and demand truth. Math doesn’t lie. Look up crime statistics compiled by the F.B.I. Those numbers blow most of these arguments out of the water. But they are ignored. Why? Because the truth doesn’t fit their narrative. It’s not even inconvenient, truth is an obstacle to be overcome.

        Why do they continue with this never ending narrative of lies?

        To separate us from each other. Divide and conquer.

        These are sad times indeed.

      28. Restoring: Ponder This next for the answer to your “Why whteys questions”?

        Perhaps it is because Us white folk, of Europen White and mostly also of christian decent are the Real True modern day decendants of the northern 10 tribes of ancient Israel…aka also called the Lost ten tribes.

        And at same time those ziojewdeos that call themselves self chozens are actually mostly Esua aka edomites.

        And it is no great secret biblically speaking that ever since jacob scammed Esua for esaus orig eldest son birthrights of every great blessings from God etc..

        no great secret that ever since then, Esua has had it In for and has always been fully against his own twin brother Jacobs true decendants!

        IE: Ergo what we see happening now is a final huge push by said jewdeozios to Steal all of those blessings away from the pepole said blessings were given to by God aka Us white euro folks.

        A quick Read of every detail regarding the Lands, Resources, Mountain ranges, Vast crop lands, Gold and silver in them thar hills etc, Wheat crops that overflow and end up being given to every nation and poor nations like africa etc.

        EVERY single listed written part and detail of what God promiced as His great blessings to Israel tribes long ago, and which got added to even more so as time went fwd from abraham down to jacob and the 12 tribes.

        EVERY detail, there is only One actual nation on all of earth that so closely resembles That promiced Nation and its contained great blessings.

        That one nation is and can only be…AMERICA!

        None of such named details as blessings can possibly mean the nation or state of todays Israel in mid east.

        Read the biblical blessings in full detail and think about this. America Is the fullfillment of those great God promiced blessings and European White folks from the many various euorpean languanges and cultures etc Are those modern day decendants that recieved Gods great promiced Land/Nation and Material blessings.

        It would appear that the long ago promice of a future Regathering of the israel tribes into a NEW Land and NOT of the Land God gave to their forefathers, as it is written says, was fullfilled when aprox 500 yrs ago white and christian europeans from the many different yet still similar cultures and types and languages, germans, English, Irish, Polish, Ukrainians etc etc etc first came to live in the NEW land of what became called America.

        NO other lands, nations, peoples can possible be considered as so representative of litterally EVERY Detail as written of in the bible as I stated here.

        And being that the devil satans time is now short, his “children” acording to Christ in John 8:44 which are said ziojewdeos, are makeing a so to speak Final last stand in order to do, the Lusts of satan as is also written they shall do by Christ said so, but also so They can Rob Us blind and Steal every single blessing that orig would have gone to Esau and his decendants, which would be Mainly Arabs and jewry aka close first cousins!

        No wonder the zio TPTB eliets so often Use arab muslims to destroy white and christian folk as well as they also use negroe blacks too.

        IMHO this makes Far more sense and especially when one includes biblical details etc into the equation, than any other explaination yet has.

        Re-Read bible parts that deals with israel regathering in last days eras, Promiced blessings of Lands, nation, material wealth and stuff, and picture in your mind ALL known nations and other places on earth today and see which one nation so well “Fits” it all as written.

        Within first few sentences you can take mid east israel state of today Out of the picture as it is physically Impossible to be That “New Land/Nation Not of the one I gave your forefathers before you”. a “NEW Land” with many many rivers and streams!..Israel of today has severe water shortages that Plagues them! Untill 40 yrs ago every national song of america was a song that Praised usa great blessings aka “God Bless America”! etc etc.

        You will be Hrad pressed to not agree with all this once you re read it all from this perspective which is not what most pastors ever teach! But they are wrong on most they teach is why.

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