UPDATE: Oathkeepers Retracts Cannery Story; Original Source Denies Federal Agents Claim

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    UPDATE [December 11, 2011 @ 8:40PM]

    Well followed and trusted news resource Oathkeepers.org, which first reported that federal agents had requested member and customer purchase information from a cannery operator in Tennessee, has responded directly to contradicting information that suggests no such event took place.

    Republished in Full Via Oathkeepers.org:


    We have pulled this story about the Mormon cannery being visited by federal agents because the source of the information at the cannery is now denying that he ever told us that event occurred.

    From now on, we will NOT post any such story based on what we are told by other people unless, and until, they are willing to go on video or at least on an audio recording with their info.  That way, in case someone starts to crumble under the public attention or other pressures, and wants to deny what they told us, we have video or audio proof.

    We get all kinds of scary intel, all the time, and we rarely pass it on because we don’t have confirming documentation.  In this case, we were relying on a confirmed eye witness who is now denying it.   We will not do that again without a recording.

    We still welcome such tips, but unless you are willing to go on recorded record, using your name, we will not pass it on to the public, but will instead use it only for our own knowledge and internal analysis among our leadership with the caveat that it is not for public dissemination.  Otherwise, we risk having people flake on what they told us, and that makes us look bad.  People who send us information often times don’t realize the kind of public attention they may wind up experiencing, or the kinds of pressures they may come under behind the scenes.  Another consideration is the real possibility that a person could be threatened with prosecution under the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 for making public the fact that they were contacted by Federal agents demanding private records. We need witnesses to be willing to go on recording right up front so they cannot later recant.

    We will always respect the privacy and anonymity of sources, as we have done in this case, but will simply not run such stories in the future without video proof AND someone who is willing to be identified in the story.  Anonymous tips will be used only for internal analysis.

    NO SUCH STORY WILL BE POSTED ON THIS SITE AGAIN WITHOUT VIDEO OR AUDIO OF THE EYE WITNESS(S) SO WE CAN PROVE THEY TOLD IT TO US -No matter how urgent or important the information.   As far as we are concerned, without such a recording, we will not consider it a real source, but just scuttlebutt.

    Thus, now that we no longer have an eye witness willing to stick with his story, we no longer have a story we feel comfortable having on our site and we have pulled this story so we are not accused of still disseminating it.

    Thank you,

    Oath Keepers

    Given the events over recent weeks, namely the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act and FEMA preparedness activities, it would not be at all out of the realm of possibility for such events to have unfolded, and hence it is easy to see why such information would spread rapidly and with fervor through the alternative news and preparedness communities.

    Oathkeepers implies this information was from a source with direct knowledge of the situation who they trusted was reporting the facts as they happened. As such, they published the report.

    Upon gaining steam on the internet and social networks, videos and comments began circling about the story being inaccurate. The response from Oathkeepers in attempting to verify the story, and then learning their source was not prepared to speak on the record, was what any responsible news organization would have done, and thus we commend them for making the effort and providing a direct response to their members, readers and greater web community.

    ORIGINAL REPORT [DECEMBER 9, 2011 @ 10:30AM:

    Report: Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From Food Storage Facility

    “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.”

    You may recall that the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement have regularly issued bulletins regarding domestic terrorist related activities that include suspicious purchasing habits to look for and how to recognize the 8 signs of terrorism. Federal training programs held for police departments across the country detail specific habits and characteristics of potential domestic terrorists including everything from homeschooling, leaning towards libertarian political philosophies, and holding strong religious views, to reading survivalist literature. It’s no secret that the government has been attempting to keep tabs on Americans who are acting outside of the status quo, warning those in the mainstream that any deviation in “normal” behavior should be construed as suspect and potentially dangerous – even your best pal could be a terrorist if he begins acting counter to his usual behavior.

    The latest government effort to identify would-be terrorists and persons-of-interest comes to us from Tennessee, where federal agents have taken the need to acquire actionable intelligence to a whole new level. They are, by all accounts, no longer just sitting back and waiting for business owners like surplus store owners or the general public to provide them with suspicious activity reports, but rather, are taking matters into their own hands.

    Oath Keepers has learned that federal agents recently visited a Later Day Saints (Mormon) Church food storage cannery in Tennessee, demanding customer lists, wanting to know the identity of Americans who are purchasing food storage from the Mormons.

    This incident was confirmed, in person, by Oath Keepers Tennessee Chapter President, Rand Cardwell. Here is Rand’s report:

    “A fellow veteran contacted me concerning a new and disturbing development. He had been utilizing a Mormon cannery near his home to purchase bulk food supplies. The man that manages the facility related to him that federal agents had visited the facility and demanded a list of individuals that had been purchasing bulk food. The manager informed the agents that the facility kept no such records and that all transactions were conducted on a cash-and-carry basis. The agents pressed for any record of personal checks, credit card transactions, etc., but the manager could provide no such record. The agents appeared to become very agitated and after several minutes of questioning finally left with no information. I contacted the manager and personally confirmed this information.”

    “So on the one hand, government agencies both state and federal are urging you to be prepared and even checking up on you to see how prepared you are, and on the other hand, we now have federal agencies that are attempting to gather information on individuals that are following FEMA suggestions. What is the reasoning behind gathering this information? Are American citizens now being ‘listed’ by DHS if they are simply following FEMA guidance and purchasing bulk food and emergency supplies for their families? It appears as so.”

    So why do federal agents want to know who is storing away long-term food storage? We suspect it is for the following reasons:

    1.  DHS/FEMA wants to know which Americans have food storage so the federal government can at some future point confiscate that food. Just as with lists of gun owners, compiling such lists is the first step toward future confiscation.

    2.  DHS wants to identify those Americans who are “switched on” and squared away enough to actually store food for coming hard times (such as during an economic collapse). That population of awake, aware, and prepared Americans poses a “threat” to whatever DHS and its masters have in store for the American people, and as Joseph Stalin so ably demonstrated, one of the easiest ways to subjugate defiant people is to confiscate their food and starve them into submission.

    Clearly, in light of the above, if you purchase food storage, along with any other preparedness items, you should be concerned about those purchases being tracked and your name winding up on some government list. But don’t let that stop you from storing food and other essential supplies, and don’t let this disturbing incident keep you from using your local Mormon cannery to do so. You need to get prepared. But do it while following the advice of James Wesley, Rawles over at www.survivalblog.com, who repeatedly urges his readers to “think OPSEC!” – if at all possible, buy with cash and pick it up in person, just like the customers of this particular cannery did, which left the “agitated” agents empty handed and frustrated.

    Source: Oath Keepers (via a report by Oathkeepers Founder Stewart Rhodes)

    If this report is accurate – and we have no reason to believe it’s not – then not only is government intrusion into the private and lawful activities of American citizens reaching unprecedented levels, but every individual who has ever taken the time to acquire bulk foods and supplies or even discuss preparedness related information on an internet message board is now a person-of-interest.

    For many it may be impossible to “get off the grid,” and with so many nodes in the modern day police state there is a paper or digital trail for almost everything. As recommended by Oathkeepers’ Stewart Rhodes, while you may not be able to keep all of your personal activities private (highly ironic considering the principles on which this country was founded), you may be able to minimize your foot print:

    • Assume everything you do is monitored and archived. Everything. Which means, chances are, you’ve already left a Sasquatch footprint in a Fusion center somewhere.
    • Use cash whenever possible. This is not always feasible, but is good practice, especially when buying hundreds of pounds of food at one time. You can also try temporary credit cards (available at your local grocery store or gas station) but even these provide only a thin level of security.
    • Don’t readily identify yourself as a preparedness minded individual
    • Be aware that when you say or do something, someone else may see something and report it
    • If you have like minded family and/or friends then make an effort to diversify your assets. Don’t keep all of your food and other supplies in any one location. Confiscation, as we saw in the aftermath of New Orleans, is the reality when martial law has been declared. If you are engaging in any of the “suspicious” activities and behaviors highlighted in this article, then you should assume that you will be targeted by agents of whatever authority is charged with protecting residents in a disaster or emergency area.
    • Consider preemptive contingency planning for the possibility of confiscation now. Obviously, someone is trying to get their hands on lists of names, and you must assume you’re on that list (regardless of how careful you think you’ve been). If they come, they will come at exactly the moment that you have nothing to spare. Designate one or two people to acquire goods, while others store those goods at your retreat or bug out locations. While not foolproof, this strategy may provide some level of protection.
    • Always have backups for your backups. Get a shovel, dig a hole. Store at least 60 – 90 days of emergency food and other supplies (you know which ones) in a location that is known only by you and your closest and must trusted family/friend(s). Also remember, as a prepper, you can never have enough holes dug (take that literally or figuratively)

    You can call it paranoia. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that you’re justified in your thinking – and you’re not alone.

    In case you missed our post earlier this week highlighting recent comments by Congressman Rand Paul, here it is again:

    Something is amiss. Rand Paul knows it. You know it. Take whatever steps you deem necessary to ensure you’re prepared.

    References and hat tips: Charlie, Oathkeepers, Noisy Room, Revere’s Ride


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      1. Where did this happen? I live in East Tennessee and I would love to go there and pick up some extra food … for cash. I would think they would have enough to keep them busy looking into MF (Corzine) and Holder’s Fast and Furious. But then, what do I know.

        • winstonsmith, I was thinking the same thing. I may have been known to hit up the local mormon food place from time to time. If you would like info about where it is, etc., feel free to shoot me an email at tnshtf@gmail

        • they would rather spend tax payers money on makin those same tax payers slaves. they want what i got stored for my family they better come well armed. its a scary world we live in. i see mass panic caused riots soon when the sheeple see the government returned on them. i am a prepper and it worries me. would hate to wake up one day to see i was in a fema camp. damn scary days. keep preppin.

          • what part of KS u in cowboy?

            • leavenworth. welcome to email me. always open for advice.

            • would have helped if i put my email address on there. [email protected]

        • winstonsmith….so do I!! And I’ve bought food at the cannery here in K-ville, in fact I’m going next week!! This is VERY frightening!! Cash only is now the motto in this house! OMGosh!! This is ridiculous!! Mexican drug lords have guns…given to them by OUR Gov’t…and they are concerned about me buying food to food my kids??

          • *feed my kids :/

          • SML,
            Yep, cash only.
            Please keep in mind that in some countries banks limit daily or weekly cash withdrawls. In the US some types of accounts limit the number, and maybe the dollar amount, of cash withdrawls on a weekly or monthly basis. This is particularly true of some Money Market accounts. Maybe the strategy is to take out the maximum allowed, and whatever is not used is squirreled away for later use. I got a nasty gram from my bank one day chastizing me for exceeding my monthly number of withdrawls (3 withdrawl limit, no cash amount limit). My bad. Plan accordingly.

            • Silver Bean- ever tried to pay all your bills using your debit card over the phone? ALL the banks now have a spending ‘limit’ on those cards (daily) before they put a hold on your account…and lord forbid! you go ‘outside’ of your normal purchasing habits (yes, they track that too) they will block that card in a heart beat…had an emergency late one night, plenty of money in the bank and no way to access it since the bank found my ‘purchase’ suspicious, blocked the card, my checking account and guess what? customer service doesn’t have a real person to call after 4pm until 8 am!!! yep…they are grooming us and they can stop you cold in heart beat very easily and they are spying on you!! all for your ‘good’ of course…wouldn’t want someone to steal that card now would we?

            • It may be advisable to limit your ‘cash-stash’ to only $20 bills. In the event of an emergency; power failure, bank holiday, etc., many merchants may have limited access to change and not be willing/able to make change for your purchases. You might be faced with the choice of either giving someone a $100 bill for a $20 item or doing without.

              Besides, doesn’t ‘Mushie’ have the market cornered on $10 bills?

            • Mad Markie, (below)
              $20’s would be good. FFT, with ATM’s paying out in $20’s and the possibility of runs on the ATM’s a lot of folks would have them. I think it advisable to have a mix of $1’s, $5’s, and $10’s, along with rolls of change. You could be real popular with store clerks as you could pay the exact amount of the bill and not need change. Just saying.

            • Mom,
              Consider staggering payments over a few days, or use electronic drafting from your accounts to pay the bills. Yes, you are exactly right, the “holds” can cause a major problem. I overcome that by maintaining a few dollars in my account so I’m never totally broke.

            • Every day I take all change less than $20 out of my wallet and pocket and save it. I have bags of coins and rolls of small bills. It is real easy and simple and soon I will have all the cash I need from pennies to $100 bills.

          • Lady … Live in M-ville about 15miles from Ktown. Did some genealogical research years ago at an LDS church by Westown. (are we speaking in code??). I’ve purchased some food on line with my cc, but I will not buy ammo on line as there is no need to broadcast what I have. A local gun shop clerk said a friend at the local PD showed him the security file they got back from the Fusion center at the time he applied for his gun shop job. All his cc transactions and more. THis site lets me know I am not the only tin hat candidate. Already built a mountain retreat and plan to add anothe 900 sq ft. Never thought I would feel this way five years ago …. my, how the times have changed!

            • hey WS…I understand your code just fine…and yes, west town,done the same research!….I don’t have a mountain retreat, the plans fell though with a family member…they “decided’ that it wasn’t gonna get that bad, so we will bug out to my mom’s place in the mountains…she has some good people around her, just not sure how “awake” they are! They are hunters, so that’s a plus… 🙂

        • this sounds like BS to me. The Government is not looking to confiscate peoples emergency preps. It does not make sense. The Gov could not help out the masses in a major catastrophy so it would be in the Gov best interest to have more people prepared for emergencies.

          • Hi Jim,

            Allow me to clarify the issue for you:

            Its NOT about taking care of us POW’s (Amerika is now the largest POW Camp in human history), its about….. (drum roll please……) CONTROL!

            IF your well prepared, IF you have long term supply of Food, IF you well armed, THEN you are AWAKE and know this criminal agency called the US Fed Gov’t will do nothing for you in a time of crisis!

            They are CREATING the crisis, and they EXPECT you to need them, want them, SCREAMMMM for them to take COMPLETE control of the country,…. just FEED US!

            That is their psychotic goal.

            Oh, yeah,… then herd us into extermination camps.

            JD – US Marines

            • If you think about the psychology of this, it’s like an abusive spouse.

              He sets up scenarios to make his wife feel weak and dependant, because if she realized that she was strong enough to deal with things she would kick his butt to the curb.

              He controls her financial well-being and that of her children so that she must look to him for everything down to the smallest scrap of food.

              He denigrates her efforts to do things independantly and when she does, there are serious repurcussions or the threat thereof.

              JD is right. CONTROL is the name of this game.

              Even if they aren’t coming to get your #10 cans they want you to think that they are, or that the could.

            • That’s right, “they” can only gain the type of control over us that they’re craving if we collectively scream for assistance in a severe time of false flag crisis.

              A food shortage among the ill-prepared mob would illicit the strongest demand for assistance.
              The feds will be more than happy to help out, at the cost of our freedom, of course.

              Bottom line, if they don’t want us to be self-sufficent, we must be.
              If they don’t want us to have guns & ammo, load up!

              Our best defense is self reliance and treating them with indifference and scorn.

            • @Daisy

              I realize you’ve probably been indoctrinated by the Mainstream Media/Public School, Feminist mentality, but women, not men are the primary abusers of both spouses and offspring. It’s well documented, so before you spout off man hating examples, make sure they fit reality. This has been well documented by numerous large studies over many years. Don’t propagate lies.

              Other than that, carry on.

            • DaveyBoy ~

              I was indoctrinated by the school of my own life. Cite your numerous sources and I will cite 10 times as many to refute them. I’ve spent 9 years volunteering at women’s shelters. How much time have you spent, hands-on involved with the issue of domestic violence?

              I don’t hate all males, but I strongly dislike and disrespect bullies whatever their gender.

              So kindly eff off with your chauvinistic patriachal rhetoric and have a delightful evening.

          • Seek help gym, the library for higher thinking is this way.

            • I see you’re a “higher” thinker.**rolls eyes** You can’t even spell his name correctly. LOL It’s “Jim” not “Gym”

              Nitwit,clean your own house first.

          • The preps stored and taken well cared for by the preppers for future use is probably not for the masses .., but maybe considered as food depots for troops passing thru.

            Just a thought. 🙂

            • You mean for on our way to DC with the tar and feathers?

          • this does no sound like bs to me…it was done in ww2 to retailers and to private citizens all over the usa…and if a person had more than what their ration stamps allowed then these things were in fact confiscated. read up on your history. and be prepared for history to repeat itself.

            • carynverell,

              I agree. I have also heard that during WW2, the government confiscated things from citizens…that were considered more than their allowed portion.

              “Mark Twain used to say that while history may not repeat itself, it certainly rhymes.”

              KY Mom

          • I can’t say whether the government is looking to confiscate stored foods or not, but as a restaurant owner I can tell you I am being watched to make sure I am not buying and reselling food that is not “approved” by my local health authorities or trying to buy cheaper food and claim that I bought it from a distributor, which would allow me to pocket the difference in cash. It’s quite possible that DHS is looking for money laundering and are less concerned about taking our preps.

          • I agree, who in their right mind is going to take someones food from a basement and think it is all safe to eat, most people have just rice,beans,wheat ect, the government could go take over a warehouses or farm and get more than all the people in America could store.
            I’ve got 5 pails of rice, you guess which one isn’t safe to eat.

            • Had a “friend” in Az who had people stealing from his wood pile {n. Az gets cold} constantly until he added this additional sign:

              Warning: Due to theft, several of these pieces of wood have been drilled and filled with explosives. I know which ones. Do you?

              He hasn’t lost any more firewood.

          • Jim, you probably think they are aiming at the oil cans.

            [a sniper keeps missing Navin and hitting cans of motor oil]
            Navin R. Johnson: He hates these cans. Stay away from the cans.

            “The Jerk”

          • Navin R. Johnson: First I get my name in the phone book and now I’m on your ass. You know, I’ll bet more people see that than the phone book.

          • Like the Goverment is our friend…

            • It used to be A government of the people,by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

          • Jim…you are assuming the govt wants to help the masses…not so–they want to kill the masses.
            Know why you received 67 thumbs down??
            Because smart people on this forum know the govt want those preps we have…heck, maybe they don’t have enough at those underground facilities—but I know one thing..after they acquire all these ‘provisions’ we’ve stored for years—they will be history..shot, eliminated.
            It’s a big club and they ain’t in it either!!
            They just don’t know it yet—hey, all you stupid feds…you really think you’re gonna be on the list of survivors??
            Pssst…think again!! Dumbasses; just like those sprayers of chemtrails–they will kill you sooner or later.

          • Jim, I suspect this account somewhat also. Federal agents? What agency? Honestly folks, I’m certainly wouldn’t put it past the government of the USA to do stupid stuff like this, however I’m not sure this is the way they would do it.


        • Hi Winstonsmith,

          Allow me to explain what is really going on with the following: 8 Signs Your Government Has Been Overthrown.

          [Last Revision: 12-9-11]

          In response to the FBI’s fake terrorism checklist, “The Eight Signs Of Terrorism”, here is a REAL check list for the, “Eight Signs Your Government Has Been Overthrown”.

          8 Signs Your Government Has Been Overthrown:

          1) Federal Agency Checklist: The FBI produces a fake list of normal human activity as an excuse to collect more information on Americans, like its current Badge Of Dishonor called, “The Eight Signs Of Terrorism”.

          2) Federal Agency Activity: The government agencies that are suppose to investigate and stop real crimes, actually perpetrate these crimes in order to justify further extension of its authoritative powers, and further eviscerate the remaining freedoms Americans falsely believe they have. (e.g.: Fast & Furious, OCB, WTB, 9/11, USS Liberty, USS Cole, etc)

          3) Judicial Corruption: The Courts no longer uphold the US Constitution as they have been wholly bought out, taken over, and are now nothing more than a criminal part of the NWO Agenda.

          4) Congressional Corruption: The Congress no longer has ANY regard for their Constitutional Duties as they have been wholly bought-off, and have only the singular concern of enriching themselves while impoverishing all others.

          5) Executive Corruption: You have an illegal President whose sole objective is the destruction of Amerika.

          6) Central Bank: You have a Criminal Central Bank that is in fact part of the largest, Global wide Terrorist Network called the Central Bank System, The US Federal Reserve, The IMF, The world Bank, BIS (Bank of International Settlements), JP Morgan, Goldman Sacks and others.

          7) Propaganda: Your Mass-Media is wholly owned, controlled and administered by the corrupt, broken, and dysfunctional government, government agencies, corporations and individuals it should be reporting on, but never does, and instead feeds a steady stream of lies, threats and psychologically conditioning programming in its attempt for total population control.

          8) Patriots: The people MOST dedicated to the country, Patriots, Veterans, Constitutionalists, Loyal Americans are labeled the BIGGEST threat! (Yes, they are a threat,.. To the criminals, liars, thieves and traitors who are trying to destroy America).

          In short:

          The US Federal Government is NOT an American Government, it is an “ENEMY FORCE IN OCCUPATION” (Owned and controlled by the Banksters and Wealthy Elite).

          Tyranny HAS come to land in the guise of a “foreign enemy” just a Hamilton predicted (The FAKE War-On-Terror).

          American’s have been kicked off of their lands by the banks and corporations that grew up around them, just as Jefferson predicted (10million foreclosures and accelerating, Property Taxes, Imminent Domain, etc).

          The Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexe (Eisenhower’s original phrase) has taken over the country (in co-operation with the national/international banksters), just as Eisenhower warned (Global wars on an unprecedented scale to fight the largest Terrorist Organization in human history – the US Federal Gov‘t!).

          The Central-Banking System IS more dangerous to us, (and all of mankind) than standing armies as Jefferson warned us.


          Yes, the US Federal Government is the enemy of Americans, and all of mankind and needs to be abolished with all its criminal agencies to the last!;

          Then replaced with a government that fully reflects the US Constitution.

          The criminals of this Coup D’etat need to be prosecuted for War Crimes, and the International Banking System needs to labeled as the Global Terrorist Organization that it is, along with its head, the Rothschild’s!

          Seize all stolen assets of these Central and International Banks, return these assets to their respective countries.

          Have every nation sign a Anti-Terror Declaration that FORBIDS any country from having a Private Central Bank, or Private Central Banking System under the punishment of Committing Crimes Against Humanity and Committing War Crimes.


          The moment we eliminate the Criminal Central Banks, is when we will instantly start to get rid of 90% of the worlds problems, and until we get rid of these criminal banksters, all other efforts are moot. They merely buy a little time, and give the impression that of corrective actions, but are in fact nothing more than window dressing and masking of the real problem which is the Criminal Central Banksters.

          • Actually we’ve had 2 illegal presidents if you count the corrupted supreme court sanctifying the falsified Florida voting back in 2000.

            • LMFAO! This country has not had a real, truly duly elected President, since Theodore Roosevelt. Amerika was sold out in 1913, now the bill is due.

          • There is only ONE war. We have them out numbered and out gunned. The banks must be fought separately from the gov corps it controls.

            A few heads on a few sticks placed in strategic locations around NY and DC should send the right message.

        • Channel 5 your local news carried the story there, hope this helps.

        • @winstonsmith,

          With a namesake like yours I am sure you are already on a fusion list somewhere with blinking red lights around your name! Mine screams “libertarian revolt” so I am right there with you! I have for some time made it a practice to pay cash for anything which would look suspicious. Anyone viewing my bank account would notice the usual bills and patterns of spending of a sheeple except for large cash withdrawals which would arouse suspicions over where that money is being spent. I have no illusions about being able to hide from the Feds. With cellphones especially, there is a record of your location at all times because the cell towers know where you are even when your phone is powered down. When TSHTF, it will be one of the first things I will ditch but it is too difficult to do without it right now. I believe if you have not been actively practicing OPSEC for years in regards to your prepping activities it is far too late to begin now and would be just as likely to get you flagged.

          • Moon: You might be able to explain those large cash withdrwals by explaining that you like to gamble, esp. if you have a casino near you. Or, you can just say you play Lotto. My mother-in-law spends hundreds if not thousands of $ a yr. in those & they are cash purchases.

            Just a suggestion. Would also like to eehar more, innovative ideas of how to make cash disappear.

          • “I have no illusions about being able to hide from the Feds.”

            You MUST become as invisible as possible. I have nothing to hide from as far as wrongdoing goes,but the corp does not look for wrongdoers. It looks for INDIVIDUAL victims that have little chance of fighting back.

            Bank and own property through an LLC or PRIVATE trust, established by another LLC or trust in which you are not named. Use disposable cell phones and change them often. Use disposable debit cards.

            It is not a matter of hiding, it is a matter of personal privacy and your RIGHT to it. You can just give up and say here I am, come pillage me.

            Or you can protect yourself from the criminals by using their own rules and doing business with them through a legal fiction that you can not be held accountable for.

            Unaccountable corporations protect them in their looting, and they can protect you from their looting.

        • I wonder if the Day Saints Church accepts Silver Eagles for payment? It’s a good thing Eagles have no serial numbers like cash to trace.

        • Winstonsmith

          The one I go to is off Kingston Pike in West Knoxville. They have crappy hours, like Tuesday and Thursday. One day is a canning day, the other, you can shop for rice and beans. But only a few hours.

          On your first visit, they ask you to go on a tour of the facility. They are trying to warm you up. They really are warm and hardy folks. I took the tour, took an hour out of the day. You can decline the tour.

          I no longer have the food I used to buy from them. I slag turned it over to the local govt run mercy center.

        • southern bell prepper talked with LDS and they have no idea how this story came to be. According to the folks she talked to they never have been visited and that even if they were they offer no names as it is private in nature.

        • I have been told by a friend of mine. She lives in East Tennessee. She has information that this report is false. She has prepqared food storage items at the cannery in Knoxville.

        • It didn’t happen. The story is a complete fabrication related to us by a guy who did not make a single call to the canneries to confirm the story. I.e., it’s an urban myth. Excellent journalism.

          “This incident was confirmed, in person, by Oath Keepers Tennessee Chapter President, Rand Cardwell. Here is Rand’s report:

          “A fellow veteran contacted me concerning a new and disturbing development. ”

          In other words, some stranger sent Mr Cardwell an email introducing himself as a “fellow veteran” and told his tale. Oathkeepers did not confirm anything nor apparently called the canneries to ask. That’s confirmation? The story is absolute junk and it reflects badly on Oathkeepers because it only serves to fearmonger, raise donations, and make them the boy that cried wolf when the time comes for an ernest emergency.

        • I suspect the story is true. I suspect that no one fabricated this story. Not Oath Keepers and not the original source at the cannery.

          It is possible that who ever took the call on the story, embellished it, or misquoted it, as I have seen bush league reporting in college that was inaccurate.

          If someone working at the cannery passed that information along, I believe it, because I know LDS people are honorable and truthful.

          The story is not a fabrication.

          If the story is NOT a fabrication, why does DHS/FDA or Federal Whoever want the information?

          There isn’t a good reason for that data except that knowledge is power and power is control.

          Under the food and labeling laws and recent arrests for raw milk, FDA or DOA might be considering to try to cut off goat’s milk and other “home grown” commodities at the source.

          I say raw milk is a religious practice and cannot be banned. What say YOU?

          • x2!!!

          • Keep in mind that the facility was probably re-visited, after the story was released, with something along the lines of “Nice place you have here. It would be a shame if something happened to it.” Welcome to government run like 1920s Chicago…., hope you’re “insured”.

        • What seems very strange to me is that all this stuff is coming out of Tennessee. Why Tennessee? Is it because there is a strong anti-government sentiment in the people of Tennessee? They have the VIPR team operating big time in Tennessee, and I have read about a lot of other strange government-led anti-Constitutional goings on in Tennessee. This seems an important question. Is it a test ground for everything anti-Constitutional?

      2. I was listening to Lindsey Williams, on the Alex Jones show. He was saying that the Elite are using FEAR to control the Amierican people.

        When a person is experienciong FEAR, his brain shuts down.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • I have a baseball cap from Springfield Armory. It states: “FEAR NO EVIL”.

          • …use it for target practice!!!

        • Look at the burning of the Reichstag in Germany and the Enabling Act that gave Hitler “emergency power” temporarily (and destroyed the civil liberties of the people)to protect the people of Germany from the threat of terrorism that never went away under Hitler’s regime.

          Compare that to 9/11 and the enactment of the Patriot Act to protect the people from the threat of terrorism (also destroyed civil liberties) that doesn’t appear to be going away.

          Fear mongering bastards, all of them.

        • Being forced to listen to Lindsey Williams is one of my fears.

          Remember when all of the oil under the gulf blew up and killed everyone within 100 miles of the coast? Neither does anyone else.

        • Mona,

          This maybe a bit boastful on my part, but I would argue that an armed population is never a fearful population. Only those members of society who choose to voluntarily disarm themselves or listen to ignorant self-serving power hungry “officials” who tell them to disarm discover only too late when the SHTF that they have been deceived. It is that disarmed segment of society that will learn what real fear is when basic conveniences disappear and the harsh reality sets in. They will become the most dangerous threats to the armed and prepared population IMO.

      3. There is no doubt that I am on “that” list.. at least 50% of my preps were bought using CC.. and since I can log onto the company websites and see all of my purchases from them; there is no doubt that the info is available to other “inquiring minds”. Sad state of affairs when you can’t even buy food in peace..

        See you in the detention / re-education camp…. I got dibbs on the spot nearest the campfire..

        • Me too. I guess I’ll be joining you in captivity….that is unless the Homeland Security Industrial Complex and FEMA are collecting data just to make sure that they don’t have to order extra rations for us because we are already prepared to take care of ourselves and our neighbors if something bad goes down.

          After all…they’re on a budget.

          • Lots of my stuff was bought at a warehouse club with their stupid card/tracking system. I hate it, but it’s the best and cheapest place to buy some things.

            I also have lots of ammo purchases from CTD and Cabela’s. Wonder how “they” will view all that when “they” want to start confiscating? Will it be “this guys has LOTS of ammo, let’s save him for last” or “this guy has LOTS of ammo, let’s deal with him first and make an example of him”.

            One thing I’m sure of, every single online or electronic/credit/debit transaction has been logged and is fully visible to the P’sTB. No doubt about it. What to do? You can’t find everything you need locally. You can’t pay cah for everything either. I gave up on trying to do that. I read BTP’s “Bullet Proof Privacy” and while there’s a lot of good info there, so much of it is really difficult to practice.

            I’m just gettin whatever I need however I can and I’ll expect that it is potentially visible to the feds and do my best to conceal and protect. Having some acreage with semi-workable soil for “planting” will help, if you know what I mean.

          • I just called the large firm that I purchased a bunch of LTS food from. They had not yet of heard of this and management stated that they would do whatever they could to not release any info to the .gov dudes/dudettes. I pressed them as to what forms of coercion they would tolerate (IRS for example)…crickets…

            I’ll send you guys some marshmellows for the fire if I don’t wind up there with you.

          • Yup same budget as Boris Badenof “All they can Steal”

        • Don’t think I will be at the campfire because some of my preps are to keep ANYONE from taking my preps.

          • Dang, I’m gonna have to start over, My wife has been giving away our stores faster than Obama gives away our money. I bet we don’t have another months supply left. I think I’m just gonna give up.

            • “We can make more jobs by paying welfare & assistance than building that oil pipe line thingie.”

              What Moore proof do you need?

            • sounds like you need to take away her housekeeping money..and reinstruct in the value of the dollar as well as the value of food when ya need it. either that or get a padlock and key.

          • Who says they’ll let you have a campfire? My understanding of US military imprisonment is nakedness, cold, and hunger, modeled after WWII German death camps. Is there a Federal-prison-type FEMA resort that I don’t know about?

            • Do you know of a FEMA Prison Camp anywhere? I thought not. My NG armory has a cyclone fence and barbed wire around it protecting the equipment inside. I guess you could fit a few hundred people inside the wire and call it a prison but then you’d be vastly ignorant and frankly, quite nuts. Been a lot of that kind of paranoia since the current White house resident took control but that doesn’t mean any of the delusions are real. People! Control you fear, sort out the nuts, exercise common sense.

        • SnS and all: The best way to combat this “domestic terrorist” BS is to openly declare, joke, jibe, banter, about being a domestic terrorist. Make it into a standard 4th of July joke, “Let’s get out the firecrackers! We’re domestic terrorists! Whee!” Raise your kids knowing what fun-loving domestic terrorists and fine human beings the Founders were. Make it such a joke as to be inane, “Woops, I’m buying a Big Mac, unhealthy food, I’m a domestic terrorist!”. Make it an even bigger joke than the Political Correctness BS was.

          • One of the best single frame cartoons shows the gravestone of the USA with the sentiment, “They Were Politically Correct”.

        • Just tell them you ate it all! LOL

        • your’e lucky. my luck i’ve already been considered too dangerous to live and get popped in the field out back.

        • I’m not too worried about the detention camps, I figure they’re mostly for the sheep. I figure they’ll just wanta’ kill those like me.

        • The underground resistance in many countries during WWII made caches of weapons and supplies and were very effective at evading discovery by Nazi German forces. You can do the same thing. I have been scouting the areas around where I live and there are dozens of places to set up a well concealed cache. One days drive from here and there are literally thousands of excellent locations for a cache. Use GPS or make a map and check it periodically. Do not give up without a fight!

      4. The Department of Homeland Insecurity: Even if you have nothing to hide…..you still have someone to fear…

        I certainly doubt that the federal spooks are getting this data on preppers in order to prepare supplies at their FEMA “relocation centers” in order to accomodate & feed the 95% THAT ARE UNPREPARED. That would indicate that they give a shit about something beyond their own existence.

        • we can dream that they would send us to be saved at some camp but more likely they will sell our demize as some collateal damge from some “disaster” helping futher the lies and taking even more hope from the rest of the slaves that did not pay attan in class may a greater power than man guide us in the right direction. dont be decived by any one claiming to be a god

      5. I will tell them if questioned – that i ate it all!

        Then let out a loud burp!

        • I can almost smell your breath.

          • You! step away from the frank and beans!

      6. I don’t know what anyone else felt when they read that but I felt pushed into a corner, more aware that the feds are leaving citizens with fewer choices and freedoms. It did not happen to me but it felt very personal as I read each line. I feel that I/ WE are running out of time as the feds could care less about hiding their actions against our Constitutional rights.

        • “I felt pushed into a corner”………….PUSH BACK !!!!

        • Then get in touch with USMARINE. THANKS!

      7. The way I see this is our own goverment can’t get enough money from us, So they tell us to stockup on food and emergency supplies that cost us thousands and just when we all feel good about bing prepared the find us and steal it all, or at least try to.
        Sam I’m with you I know I’m on a list somewhere even through I pay with cash for everything. I also do not play the debt game every thing I own is paid for. I do have a bank account at a credit union.( WOOHOOO I’m rich with $41.00 bucks in it)
        Keep prepping folkes it look to be a long winter snowed here again today 🙁 no work again today.


        • DPS for me normally in this new shiny economy, I have zero work from November 1 to April 1. So I’m good at hunkering down and living on preps!

          The $20 I made yesterday looks huge to me (spent it on ammo too).

      8. Hi John Doe here, im here to make a purchase with cash or metals..
        Oh I dont have an address, im one of the many that the government left homeless

        Badges?, we dont have any badges..we dont need any stinking badges!
        never give em the satisfaction..make them earn their tax paid check..give them nothing, just as they have to you

        • VRF,
          Gave you a thumbs up on that one, I have a small statue that says that ( Badges we don’t need no stinking badges)
          Dps is just pawn in game of life.


          • DPS

            If the Feds show up at your door with a candygram, watch out

            • Mongo like candy!!!

            • (landshark)

            • Yep prep49er. that and tell him to ride back and get a sh-t load of pre 64 dimes, my toll gate takes siver..LOL


            • Yum yum, eat em up, eat em up!

      9. Just want to let the bund party (the american nazi) know, (AGAIN) that I do not have such stuff. That head of dhs, from az is a piece of work, she(him,it,pat) would look natural in a nazi outfit or a mans tuxedo! She really came down hard on the people who were putting together that recall attempt of her(him,it,pat) in az!

        • Upvote for It’s ….. Pat!

        • That “nazis run the world” crap is such a tired bunch of BS.

      10. The facts are clear.
        Limit the food supplies to the detention centers.
        Introduce martial law.
        Brave new America.
        Got milk?

        • That’s what I see happening. Gov’t cheese at the FEMA camps, most of the people will go there as they have no fuckin’ idea of how to eat something that didn’t come in a package, no idea of how to shit when there’s not a handy toilet, etc.

          Those of us who “live the prep” will hardly miss a beat, we’re going to be the domestic version of the Afghan hill tribes.

      11. Just as the ground if freezing. Oh well, get out the backhoe.

      12. pt aqua n P w a cola?

      13. This just makes me want to purchase more #10 cans…..and 50# bags…………

        • And more 00 buckshot.

      14. This is not just a financial crisis. This is about our very physical survival being challenged by the PTB. It’s a must to prep, but it won’t be enough to survive. The PTB won’t stop at total collapse. Their goal is total control, and to do that they must crush all resistence. And that means you.

      15. Folks… This isn’t going to go as we plan for it. Be prepared for any possible contingency and realize that you may have to leave your well prepared stash. Realize that these people are smarter than you think… just on the other side.

      16. I am doubtful that the Feds want to know who has purchased bulk foods so they can add them to a “no need to worry” list. If I’m on a list of people who have their head out of their @ss, so be it. I am a responsible person providing for my family, and I do not expect the government to provide anything but harrassment.

        Speaking of the “list”, I know some little old ladies that garden and can their own food, wonder if they’re on the list too.

      17. What a load of BS!!!!

        The more of this stuff I read, the madder I get.

        Dear PTB:

        You want to come and take my FOOD???? You want to go after the future well-being of my family? You actually think that you can furtively steal from me and I’m not going to say anything? You want to invade my privacy and do it in such a way that you are attempting to intimidate me from exercising God-given rights to care for my family???

        BRING IT. And you will be the recipient of a media storm the likes of which you cannot imagine. Just like cockroaches that scurry as soon as the light switch gets flipped, let’s see how your methods stand up to the light of the media.

        Put me on your stinkin’ list. Make sure you spell my name right. D-A-I-S-Y. You might end up compromising my supplies but you WON’T do it quietly.

        • Daisy,

          As someone who has vast experience in dealing with corrupt Federal Agencies, they don’t care about what the media says about them. They know that the media has a short attention span and will move on to another story in a week or two and that will be the end of it. I have actually been told that by them as they laughed at my efforts. Oh yeah, the biggest joke of all is FOIA. It is a rigged game.

          • MSM and the Federal Government are owned and operated by the same cartel.

            • You got it EA. If a news media outlet toasts a government agency, they will never be given an exclusive again. They will get nothing news worthy for years. it’s all about payback.

          • The point is to keep things in the media. I’m telling you, what the patriot movement needs is a good publicist. Use the systems that are already in place to get the word out! We CAN get people’s attention and when enough people are listening, the press is not going to miss a popular story.

            I know a lot of you all think I’m nuts for pumping the power of social media, but we are missing a golden opportunity to reach others who would probably think like us if they had all of the information.

            • “the press is not going to miss a popular story.”

              Yeah, like Ron Paul. Millions of supporters and he is never even mentioned by the press.

              But you somewhat correct even if for the wrong reasons.

              If you want to wake up sheep, you must get into the flock. Sheep don’t come here. They watch the local news and figure that is everything they need to know.

              The Corp. media is actually the best place to get the message out to. It is also the most difficult.

            • GC: Speaking of Ron Paul…..

              CNN had a huge article about theGOP debate. Paul was hardly mentioned at all.

              I googled for more info, and sure enough, every single poll in Iowa that evening had Paul as the runaway winner. He has people scared and the media blackout on him just proves it.

              Initially there was a media blackout on the “Occupy” protests. Whatever your individual feelings about the protest itself, because people stuck with it and it was all over social media, they ended up getting a lot of publicity and support. I don’t think they really accomplished anything but it proves that it can be done.

              I have my FB page up and running and am getting some visits and some shares so a few more people are reading this information today than were reading it yesterday.

            • The media is doing their dead level best to keep RP out of the news. They know that he has a partial cure for the disease from which they profit and they are doing their best to make sure he gets ZERO exposure.

        • daisy, daisy, daisy….the media? who’s side do you think the media is on. trust no one.

        • Fraulein, show me your papers please.

        • They decided long ago, that if they just want to kill you, it’s OK. And they Own the media, too.

          TPTB declared war on the US, from the inside, a long time ago. All you see now, is the final power-play.

      18. My cynical mind asks this question first. Are they sure that it was the government that came asking questions. They usually don’t leave without what they want. Just a thought that it could possibly be a group with the mindset, “well just take what we need.” how convienient to have a grocery list of addresses. Not that I put this past the government. I do not. And it is true there is no list for purchases. However there is a list they keep for those who check out thier #10 can sealer. Now, if they destoy that information after the sealer has been returned or not, I don’t know. Makes sense that they would. God Bless all and keep prepping.

        • The Mormons know about oppression and targeting. While I have big problems with their spiritual views I do have much evidence that they are honorable. They don’t lie and they take care of their own (…and others if possible.)

          How this messed up story got out, I’m not sure. The retraction may be damage control on the part of the Feds, too, don’t forget that. It may just have gotten too hot for the originators and they are caving. The fact is, at this point, it is as if the story had never been put out. The real damage is that now OathKeepers will be hyper-skittish about putting out ANY info. I prefer the raw source not the filtered source. There is a reason this story was put out there. Give me the info. I can figure out if it’s real or not. I had this one pegged correctly from the beginning.

      19. Please report the name of the agency. It might help with identifying their plans. Also feds have to ID themselves. Post their names so we can be aware the next time they come around…


      20. Right off the top…

        Mac, those advertisements on the side of this page make you stand out like a sore thumb. Ouch!

        And almost everyone who posts here, from their home, has already given their name and home address to those that keep track. “They” have access to everything on your computer once you get on line and every move you’ve ever made is recorded since day one.

        Lastly, don’t ever use Twitter or Facebook.

        • What possible difference could it make if she uses Facebook or Twitter, if as you say, “They have access to everything on your computer”?

          • There isn’t any difference, really. However, “consumer friendly” Facebook makes it “easier” for them to get to the user, i.e. Facebook gives them an open invitation; “this is who I am, why I am, where I am, come and get me, I’m yours.”

            Do you have any idea how much personal data users of Facebook (COINTELPRO) download everyday?

            • I have no idea, because like you I do not use facebook or the other one. The reason I don’t use the social media, like facebook,twitter are because I don’t want everyone to know my personal business. I guess I am not worried as much about the Gov. because here I am typing away, and if they come snooping I can defend myself.
              Hard though to defend against gossip and such, and to me , thats all social media is.

          • I use fb under my penname but try to blend in with the sheeple. I’m sure I’ve already been flagged ten times over for all the other surfing I do. Just there to make friends and sell books.

        • I use facebook, for all kinds of mundane, sheeple nonsense. I don’t even like my own page, bc it is NOT who I am, but a false trail….stupid is as stupid posts on facebook…

      21. If there is a world wide economic collapse its easier
        for the government to take over and set the whole system up the way they want it, a one world order, but if people are prepared self reliant, they are not as easy to controle and restructure.

      22. The State going after a church, it’s members, and other folks? WOW. Churches are usually a place of sanctuary. Obviously Jefferson was right when he wrote to the Danfield (?) Baptist Assn. and told them there needs to be a wall of separation between the church and state where the wall PROTECTS THE CHURCH. The government is going to (HOPEFULLY) find out that you don’t screw with the Mormons. They are too powerful with their Corporate investments, and they are too powerful with their numbers.

        • @Silver Bean: Waco was a church, and they murdered children and adults, something I will never forget!

      23. as long as you realize that just because you became aware of it now, doesnt mean it started now. eisenhower warned us, and big brother has been watching since at least ww2, so dont go blaming some liberal agenda. obama didnt write the patriot act, and i’m sure if he supports his wife canning tomatoes, he’s not after your food. be more leery of the relationship between the wealth hoarders and congress. they’re a scarey bunch of @#$%s
        and i wont be around for the flame war, so have a nice day.

      24. Washington D. C. ., DC stands “Domestic Criminals!”

        They should be on the top ten list of America’s Most Wanted.
        We need to have some one like Elliot Ness to clean up this mess. 🙂

        • oohhh…as soon as Mr. Ness stepped up to the plate, they’d declare him a terrorist. “Threat neutralized” would soon be heard over the com.
          What we really need are a few Aliens a la the 1979 movie on a tour of Capitol Hill and surroundings.

          • They could just run out all the Cain accusers again and make him look bad. They’ve already been paid, why not try it one more time.

          • Oh, POOH for Mr. Ness–we need Scarfaces!!

      25. Guys, every day we hear another piece of evidence that the balloon has gone up. Most of us are simply refusing to acknowledge this reality. It is just too uncomfortable; we are just too comfortable. At some point, very very soon, the appropriate actions will be taken by those amongst us with the most courage, and that process will snowball, and eventually we will prevail against the progressively growing tyranny, as did our forefathers, the founders.

      26. The time right now is 11:40 AM central time. How would you have responded if THEY came for you, your family, your stuff at that time? Where were you, your family at that time? How could they have responded? Did you have the ability to communicate with your people at that time? Do this excercise every now and then. Perfect it.

      27. Its disgusting that this is what our law enforcement professionals spend their time doing. Sort of confirms they just take advantage of the created perception of terrorists behind every tree. Terrorists are quite easy to find when the definition is so fluid. And when the gov’t tells everyone to stock up for emergencies, terrorists can truly be crawling out of the woodwork at will. Unfortunately these people, whether FBI, ATF, IRS, LEO, whatever, carry with them the Power of Ultimate Force. They can do anything they want really, and worry about it later with “internal investigations”. Point is, they can do whatever, and at that point, whatever they did to you is done, right?
        Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket; seems the more one reads of what’s going on, the more important that little rule becomes, superseded perhaps only by keep a low profile.

      28. Is the oath keepers site down? I can’t get the original article or even the web site and I’ve tried two different browsers and 2 different computers.

        • Never mind… I got the website and I think they are just being overloaded right now with traffic.

          • That’s how someone tried to take this site down a couple nights ago, traffic overload. I believe the term is DDOS, Distributed Denial Of Service. You hijack a whole lot of computers all over the ‘net to make inquiries of the site, only takes a little of the processing power of each comp so it’s often not noticed by the owners of the comps.

            Look up “being slashdotted” for a simpler version of this – generally not malicious, it’s just that if some cool tech site was mentioned on Slashdot, *everyone* and their dog with a degree in CS would go over there, overloading the site’s server.

      29. You live in a “democracy” and have to hide? Haha, what is that?

        The USA is rapidly turning into a fascist bankster-ruled Orwell-Nation.

        And these rulers even get reelected each time by the people.

        Reminds me of Hitler’s rise to power – and suddenly it was too late. The detention camps are already built.

        • And here I thought it was a “Democratic Republic” I’m living in. Shucks.

        • !984, where have you been??? “The USA is rapidly turning into a fascist bankster-ruled Orwell-Nation.”

          We are way beyond that now!

          • The “Orwellian States of America.” I wish I had a shirt with this on it to wear around my lefty friends.

        • …Imagine a boot, stepping on a human face…forever…

      30. Sorry! Don’t beleive it. This is so obviously phony. You are being played by loony conspiracy theorists. Note to you loony conspiracy theorists out there trying to stir up the rabble: Don’t forget to include a FEMA camp in your fiction. It should have read: “Agents of the government demanded the customer list from the LDS canning facility and when the LDS people wouldn’t give it to them they took them to a FEMA camp for reprogramming” Wait! Wait! They took them away in a “black helicopter”! Yeah! That’s better…

        • I really like your handle, could take the time and stand before a fan, sincerely thanks!

      31. I tried to visit the Oathkeepers website who first reported this, and it is mysteriously down.

        • You can find the story (with youtube video) on Infowars today (12/9)
          AJ talks with Stewart Rhodes-founder of Oathkeepers-about it & much more.

      32. I Hate TREASON most of all.

        I can Never forgive TREASON. maybe God can.

        • He forgives, but that doesn’t prevent Him from punishing the deserved.

        • God may forgive, but my bullets don’t………….

      33. If this occurred and I have no reason to believe that it didn’t, then it clearly sounds like that particular federal agency is on another fishing trip!

        I have personal knowledge of such fishing trips! It is a tool, (I personally don’t agree with the method) that is used to look for people groups that would do harm. Think of it as a pyramid, at the bottom there is a group deal of information but as you go up that information gets sifted and narrowed down. It is all about gathering intelligence for the right reasons but using the wrong methods (IMHO).

      34. Wouldn’t they need a court warrant to get such information? Did they have one, or just fishing? Next time, they’d be better off using the IRS, they need nothing from any court to come in and ransack your business records, seize it or shut it down. By the time you spend your available wealth in court against them, the goal(s) they had are long since accomplished. All Hail the 16th!

      35. Navin R. Johnson: The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!
        Harry Hartounian: Boy, I wish I could get that excited about nothing.
        Navin R. Johnson: Nothing? Are you kidding? Page 73 – Johnson, Navin R.! I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity – your name in print – that makes people. I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.
        [the Sniper points to Navin’s name in the phone book]
        Sniper: Johnson, Navin R… sounds like a typical bastard.

      36. The truth being somewhere in the middle makes me think this story is not accurate. I say the FEDs called and the Mormons Bowed. Everyone is a boot licker behind closed doors and a full blown spec op special forces commando in the public eye.

        • I am neither

      37. Concerning the issue of CONTROL, the spirit behind this is called “Jezebel.” A careful reading of I Kings 17 forward will reveal this spirit’s M.O. It’s all about MANIPULATION through INTIMIDATION and FEAR. Certain parts of the US are under heavy Jezebel influence; where women rule the roost, that’s Jezebel. Jezebel is particularly strong here in Eastern KY.

        America is coming under full control of this Jezebel spirit, and the only answer is to be saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, and knowledgeable of spiritual matters. It will take spiritual warfare for God’s people to prevail against the gates of hell in these End Times.

        “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” (Jesus Christ to one and all)

      38. We the people, haven’t to fear those who are darkness minded. We cannot and will not lose, the collective strength is ours! God stands in the gap, but requires us to do our part. Believe in yourself even when its looks dismal. Be vigilant and alert. You shall overcome! Help those you can, by this your covered under it is better to give than receive. In the same token give the evildoers all the Hell they desire on your terms! Peace

      39. This is truly unbelievable stuff. It just makes you want to sit down & have a good cry. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS COUNTRY?!!!!!

        • Mr. Blutarsky, I did sit down and have a good cry about all that is happening in our America.This report, and then reading CNS news service reports Senate Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality, to remove these military restrictions. What the heck is this?. Never thought I’d live to see thoes headlines in America.

          Psalm 12:8
          When the wicked are in charge,
          the wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.
          Well they can’t watch all of us and they take the food we have stored.
          When SHFT does occur, believe me they are going to have a lot more to worry about and control besides us on this site. We are not the trouble makers and criminals.
          I was a social worker, I worked with troubled kids and crimnal types. What is the system going to do with them? They won’t be cooperating.

          Thank goodness God is on the Throne.
          We’ve got to go through this darkness to reach the light, It is a hard lesson for us.
          keep prepping, pray for mercy and grace.

          • Lynda from rural Maine,

            I feel the same way. These are other headlines are very discouraging. I am encouraged by your words of wisdom.

            Keep praying & prepping.
            KY Mom

      40. Scary thing is, have other organizations selling food & supplies online, etc. been contacted and squealed?

        They would not tell us because they are “for profit” and they are afraid it would hurt their business.

      41. I hate commies.

        • The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.
          Karl Marx

      42. The only reason “they” would want to have lists of these people is to know where to go in order to confiscate it once something goes down.
        This government(and all the previous)is tied in with the globalists and their agenda is to keep us dependent upon them for our needs.
        A self reliant people are an independent people who will fight tyranny.

      43. It all comes down to the Rule of Threes….Kill Three(Tyrants under color of law) – be free.

        Kill Three – Be Free

      44. How does SHTF protect those of us who come to this site? It is my understanding that some record is kept of mac addresses etc and what sites are accessed and through which servers (from an IT guy)that access occurs.

        Is it even possible to remove history from your servers?

        If the government has “plans”, and I do not know this for a fact (though I am not blind to the details), this is one of many sites that would be monitored and individuals tracked.

        Forgive my ignorance-What does OPSEC stand for?

        • Operational Security.

        • They can look in your hard drive, RFN, if they want too.

      45. The first time I click submit, I got a page that said I “Was posting to fast, slow down”.

        What was that about?

      46. Good hell. People where the hell are you people getting your info from? Get a life you conspiracy freak douche bags

        • WHY are you here, I guess you are a “douche bag” also

        • @brandhomo:Theres nothing good about Hell, find somewhere else to post your potty mouth! Have some class if thats possible!

      47. I am wondering what is the insulation R rating of rice and beans?

        • Heck man, I never thought about that. I think I would put in the interior walls before putting it on an outside wall. You might end up with fried, refried rice and beans.

        • Before or after digestion?

      48. Want to live free? Obey Divine Law-Reverse the curse!

      49. Is there any truth that BO signed a bill on Thanksgiving Eve legalizing the slaughter of American horses for human consumption. Does he know something we don’t about our future food supplies? Is horse jerky next?

        • The ban on the slaughter of horses has been lifted

          • …Yeah, good point! But the ban on the slaughter of humans….has NOT been lifted!!!!

        • Horsemeat is suppose to reach store shelves soon.

          • Whinny burgers….Yummy!

      50. The point you made below was probably the most disturbing to read but a true representation of what we have become as a society in the last few years. I could relay half a dozen instances in the last few months alone that fit that scenario. So many have been brainwashed and are so paranoid of every little thing that they will gladly capitulate. How, they do not realize that this is tantamount to living in a fascist or communist state and not The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is beyond me.

        * “Be aware that when you say or do something, someone else may see something and report it”

      51. “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.”

        Talk about irony, I read this here this morning, and then I watch the movie “Killer Elite” and hear the same quote by Clive Owen….weird!!

      52. “Acting outside the status quo????”

        Gee, where’s all that politically correct “diversity” and “tolerance” that, if we don’t display it, the speech and thought police might arrest us????

        • “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying civilization.”

      53. Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National ****SOCIALIST**** German Workers Party.

        Remind you of any OTHER socialists you know?

      54. i think that the govt wants to know who is prepping so they can find out later who might actually be selling on the blackmarket when tshtf…and some foodstuffs are scarce- i am just waiting for the day when uncle sam wants to give me my rationbook and if i have to open my pantry for a looksee first, he can kiss where the sun dont shine first.

        • You won’t need to worry about a ration book. You won’t need to worry about money, either. You are going to be chipped, as in RFID.

      55. Presumably, it’s all OK, tho, if you are a Muslim?

      56. Between 1776-1788, Edward Gibbons published a huge six volume work entitled The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. Gibbons’ work was scholarly and monumental, as it thoroughly covered a period of history spanning approximately 1,200 years. His goal in producing this study was to precisely catalog the reasons for the rise of the Roman Empire and the factors leading to the decline and fall of the Empire. Gibbons was universally hailed as achieving his objective brilliantly.

        But, Gibbons not only created a document which details how and why the Roman Empire rose and fell; he created a document which detailed precisely how a successful and powerful Empire could be subverted and destroyed.

        Gibbons listed five basic reasons that the enormous Roman Empire was destroyed:

        1. The dramatic increase of divorce undermined the institution of the family.

        2. The imposition of higher taxes undermined the economic stability and vitality of the Empire. Taxes were raised to pay for deficit government spending, to pay for food for all in society and to pay for government-sponsored activities of diversion, such as circuses and sports. Interestingly, as the time of the final collapse drew closer, greater emphasis was placed on sports, to divert the attention of the public from the distressing news of massive trouble within the Empire.

        3. The drive for personal pleasure had become very intense, even to the point of obsession. Gibbons noted that, at the very end, sports had become more exciting and brutal.

        4. People lost their faith, both religiously and in their government. Paganism gave way to Christianity and the efficient Roman Government gave way to chaos and disintegration.

        5. Hidden conspirators were working within the government to secretly destroy it. They worked quietly, invisibly and deceitfully; during the entire time they were secretly dismantling the government of the Roman Empire, they publicly proclaimed their unswerving support of it.

        Recognize any of the above 5 points occurring in Western societies today?

        Marines, Vets and active duty military. Remember your oath. Just because you’re out, doesn’t mean the oath stops.

        Semper Fi

        • Plus all the German and Celtic hillbillies came and kicked their butts. Yeehaw!

        • “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
          Marcus Tullius Cicero

      57. if i understad the wiki leak on spying on the world your gps on ur phone data logs every tower u swich to plotting your travel rote and with profiling based on were u work or church or school or even bar u go to helps build a profile on u and the fusion centers around america proses this information then u are are givin a color code on priorty removile or reprosese for labor camp use red blue and maybe white how sad but all true!!!

        • Get a $10 Trac phone from Wal Mart. Buy minutes. No contract. No name. No ID.

        • Nia,

          Thank you for the youtube link with the live interview about this. (Title: Stewart Rhodes: Feds Demand Customer Lists From Storable Food Facility)

          I forwarded this link to friends & family. Some won’t read an article, but will watch an interview on youtube.

          KY Mom

        • The youtube video has been removed. Interesting.

      58. Everybody, put your backs up against the wall
        Everybody, this won’t take any time at all
        Everybody, may I have your attention please?

        This is how I feel, this is where I stand, this is what I can do, and this is who I am
        And now I see my face like it was the first time
        I don’t know what’s changed, but now it feels like mine
        ‘Cause I’ve drawn, ’cause I’ve drawn (a line in the sand)
        I’ve drawn a line in the sand

        from “Line In The Sand” -ZOX

      59. OPSEC stands for operational security. “Lose lips sink ships”

      60. And now a message to our brothers and sisters in occupied territory,
        The chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall.
        John has a long mustache, John has a long mustache.

        Its 615 in radio free America, god bless and good luck. You are on your own.

        • Wolverines!

      61. So this has me wondering how or where we are supposed to hide our stuff. I am fighting that question now, “where in my house do I hide my goods?

        • I like the idea of hiding things in plain sight. Consider boxes marked as “Toys” or “Christmas Ornaments”. If you are REALLY worried, even put a layer of the named item at the top of the box, covering your canned goods, etc. Other people I’ve heard use weatherproof containers and bury their food outside. I was reading a book by Rawles and he recommended spray painting an old chest freezer brown and then building woodpile around the freezer to camoflauge it.

          I know that this has been mentioned on here before and folks had some really creative ideas.

          • Daisy, that won’t work. Having served a few hundred search warrants, EVERYTHING get’s opened and searched.

            Burial off site seems the only answer to me but I am open to other answers.

            • Red Leader ~

              I never really considered that. I suppose those ideas would be helpful against your average looter, but not the “authorities” per se.

              What about spaces under floor boards, etc.? What do the cops/military look for,exactly, when deciding whether or not to rip up floors and tear out drywall? Any suggestions on that type of thing?

      62. Thought it would be fitting with the news lately. Between red dawn and the twilight 2000/2013 role playing games, I think I warped my brain (at least according to the govt). But the games allow me to work out different scenario’s using the local situations, areas, and current preps to see how it could work out, without wasting ammo or supplies and nobody needs a doctor or body bag. Also shows what I’m lacking in supplies, saves money and is entertaining too.

      63. float like a butterfly.. sting like artillery

        they showed me the color of law, I only saw red

      64. chris,always leave plenty in plain sight for them to find.They still sell rat poison don’t they.Below ground,even a few inches is best.cover with gravel so it can be brushed away and replaced without showing signs of fresh dirt disturbance.They have been turning horses lose on dirt roads since our drouth down here,Just like city people dumping dogs and cats.Good trained horses are only bringing $40 at the auctions with cost of $25 for tests and auction fees. If any of you would like to add horses to your prepping,or bugout location.They’re here in texas and many are free.Burro and donkeys are free to good home all over.Thought about them for pack animals when bugging out across country and avoiding the highways.Good thing I’m desended comanche.Looks like our old lifestyle might be popular again soon. Take care folks–come get the horses. Shame to see them eaten.

      65. We’ve lost Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen fried his brain, and Jennifer Grey is busy dancing with the stars. So we best be able to handle it ourselves. Keep buying food!

      66. Same as it isn’t rocket science to figure that if you get the publishers list of who subs Guns&Ammo or any other gun magazine… follow it home and you will find a gun owner.

        This report should chill many good people, not only are trying to ID preppers but they have assigned manpower to the task… they aint happy about the fact that these people are putting themselves outside the box in a SHTF event…


        Its also means they are monitoring all Comments made on this & other sites like they do on Facebook and Twitter. Which is a given after the recent DoS attack.

        Watch your Six.

        • Good points, all, Brad. Independent thinkers are absolutely being identified.

          Was it just me or did anyone else have trouble getting on this site this afternoon?

          • Wasn’t just u. Server overload? Maybe the growing number of preppers are causing an influx to the site Mac wasn’t expecting?

      67. They are Facebook.

      68. hey all,

        i visit this site on a regular basis, love the articles. this is my first time posting, i dont stock up on food, or ammo. and the reason i dont is due to the plain fact that im an American Muslim, so i know im on “The List.” its already bad enough that im a gun owner (bought a few rifles when i was in college for hunting) and from Pakistan. so ill probably end up in one of those FEMA camps anyhow, so no point in prepping, but wish everyone here the best. god bless

        • Jason, I can’t say I necessarily believe in the FEMA death camp concept…although knowing the brutality of governments I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out. As I manage our household supplies under my husbands skeptical eye I am hoping to be prepared for anything from an ice storm to an emp attack to a pandemic to financial collapse to riots…there are many potential threats. However, I do have to say that the events of the past few years have really opened my eyes on the shenanigans of our government and the horrors they have been inflicting around the world…and have made me much more sympathetic to the people who are afraid they are on the list just due to the color of their skin and their religion. If you have the same sense that something is in the air I would encourage you to prepare for…whatever comes.

      69. It is preppers who stockpile food.

        The Feds are trying to keep a handle on domestic terrorism (you can’t deny there have been incidences of it nor that there are people who would plot it).

        If you are wondering why the Feds would consider preppers as potential domestic terrorists, just read the posts on this site.

        Here you will find:
        – some dangerously deranged paranoids
        – hatred of all levels of government
        – threats to shoot first and ask questions later
        – individuals with unimaginably well stocked armorys

        And so on, and so on.

        I’m not trying to paint US ALL with the same broad brush, but even if you proudly wear the badge of one of the above can you not see how someone might consider the possibility that there could be trouble brewing in some head with even slightly crossed wires?

        I am a prepper. I stockpile food, guns, ammo, medical supplies, hardware, fuel, toiletries, information and everything else I can think of that may be needed in a disaster natural or man-made. Above all else I believe in Biblical prophecy and am fully awake to the upcoming NWO of the anti-christ.

        But when SHTF I hope to never cross paths with many of the people who post here.

        So any personal feelings toward my rant aside, and assuming you are “one of the good guys”, with a thumbs up or thumbs down, if you were an investigator tasked with curtailing domestic terrorism, would you or would you not pursue the information.

        • There would only be trouble if they try to take our preps from us…

        • Sayldog, your points have lotsa merit.

          I would suggest all of us consider being succint and clear minded in our replies. Bravado type comments while from the heart in some cases are just evidence of radical mindsets to them. Speaking for myself only, I would have no wish do so, but would without a second thought neutralize 1 or 50 people breaking into my home that would harm my family, and sleep fine the next night as I believe every organism on the planet deserves the right to protect its own existence.

          Yes, we have shot many a match with people incl. police and Feds that I would not want to meet in a dark alley…

          I am not a terrorist, dont want to take on any govts as the outcome will be messy & regretable for all, and pray we will not have a SHTF event that we all know is very likely coming…

          Super8, Contagion, Book of Eli, Trigger Effect & Remnants films and TV series like Jericho should be reviewed with critical eyes for their concepts and ideas or just think “Hari Seldon”.

          So for the govt agency lurkers out there… please back off and consider you would be better served having us on your side as there are more of us than you and you may need us one day. I doubt you will, but think about it as the USC still means something to many of us – work within it and you will not have a problem with most of us.

          IRCC, there was 320million guns held by 100million Americans and nobody has a clue about how much ammo has been put away for a rainy day, but it would have to be well over 50 billion rounds. Mind blowing if you think about it.

          One day some of us will cross paths, probably long after the Event itself. I hope we can meet & part as friends or help each other as that will be what it will come down to in “the end”… we will not overcome the collapse of our society in the years post-Event working as loaners and nomads. There will again be Pioneers in this world..


      70. I would like to recommend the movie Defiance. If you have never seen, it is an excellent demonstration of survival through living in the woods. I have friends who are direct descendants of the Bielski brothers…they said this is a very accurate account of their life and surviving an oppressive government. I have not read the book to compare but it is my understanding that the movie depicts how they survived 2 1/2 years in the forest very well. Blessings to all!

        • NSBF,

          Looks like your Christmas spirit is coming up a notch. I watched Christmas story last night and it sure did help, hell I even got out the red ryder bb gun today and cleaned it up, Now where is that bad Sam aka Black Bart…Maybe PO’d can point him out..lol


      71. Daisy,

        I had a heck of a time earlier. Thought it was my PC, but maybe something else.

      72. So, guess what??
        Glenn Beck is the first place they go—he, like me, goes in, checks his stash and sleeps very comfortably..I told viewers of Mac’s site.

        Heck, he told America.

        • Replying to JJ as a Beck fan too… well, to a point.
          (God I miss his 5pm shows…)

          Thought I would publish this info for a few cache suggestions that could become very important down the road… yes, you could make something similar yourself but a proven product maybe the best bet as you only get one chance to get it right…

          SurvivalCache Vaults


          Disclosures: None (unfortunately)


          • They pulled Beck off the radio here and put on Dave Ramsey since some liberals whined. I canceled satellite after he left fox, got a roku for 80 bucks at Chinamart and now can watch gbtv and his show when I want too. I added in netflicks to keep the kids happy and AM saving myself a hundred bucks a month.
            I work nights so I have a messed up schedule but I can watch and or listen to the show while reloading varmit rounds or casting bullets for target practice at 3 AM on my nights off. Like tonight I made more alloy ingots for the next batch of 38’s. Good prepping all, time is running out.

      73. Ok. I’m getting a little tired of the description of “FEDERAL AGENTS”. The first question everyone should ask when you see a story like this is — FEDERAL AGENTS FROM WHAT AGENCY??? More and more of these “unidentified agency” “federal agents” are popping up in various stories. As far as I am concerned any story referring to such no-agency AGENTS is seriously suspect. Come on folks. Use the brain that God gave you. Unnamed locations and generic “Federal Agents” just don’t cut the mustard. Demand facts and details before making a decision and getting riled up. Otherwise YOU become part of the Sheeple being led around by the nose. (yeah that was a mixed metaphor, so shoot me). Merry CHRISTmas, y’all)

      74. All I can find on the net is that Federal Agents recently visited a Later Day Saints (Mormon) Church food storage cannery in Tennessee, demanding customer lists, wanting to know the identity of Americans who are purchasing food storage from the Mormons.I can’t find out where they asked any other places or ware houses like Honeyville or Bobs Red Mill. It looks tgo me like they may just be investigating one group or person for some reason. They would ask for the whole list rather than give up one persons or groups name. someone got excited and put a spin on it.

        • When they investigate a person or group, they come with a warrant. They dont ask for or take your entire client list.

          • Joe, that is a good point. However, when LEO’s don’t have enough for a warrant and know they cannot get one, they will do what is called a “Knock and Talk” and try to get a consent search. The first step in a Knock and Talk is to identify themselves and ask if they can come in a talk to you. Once you let them inside your house, there is a greater than 50% chance that that you will give them consent to search. Also, if they see anything suspicious in plain sight, they will freeze the location and have someone go get a warrant while they babysit you in your own home.

      75. These are all scare tactics to pit the matrix slaves against the awakened, nothing more. Like prison wardens pit hispanics against blacks against whites. How in the hell are they going to track people storing food, it’s not even remotely feasible.

        • exactly right markdavidshow,
          the feds have enough land,federal prisoners, military,resorces to grow, harvest and package all the food they need, and they can refresh their supply of land,workers anytime they want to.

        • I have no idea if it’s possible or not. I always wonder why anyone from the government would give a rip about me. Seems they have enough crap to deal with…

        • MarkDavid
          Its called data-mining, 1st they create lists of people buying long term shortage food, then run these names thru NCIC, NICs, FBI and CIA systems and see what hits they get. They will find gun owners with CCW permits, prepper moms, Mormons, felons, Amish and may be some ‘suspicious’ foreign nationals with strange buying habits etc.

          Cross-ref these names against oversea departures to known terrorist countries and you then have list of people to start digging into their finances to see if they are being funded from overseas sources. One thing can lead anywhere these days – WE are all in the Electronic Plantation..


      76. To hell with the gov. They wouldn’t be able to do a thing without the cooperation of the local cops. Well the fuzz better pick wich side they are going to be on because they have to live with us common scum. I’m old and fed up.

      77. Reading this about investigating people who store food, I have a question to you in the forum. I am not from the US, but I presume you have, like here in Europe, a lot more smart shoppers in your country then people preparing for emergencies.

        If the governments agencies now check people stockpiling foods and other stuff, are they not mostly coming over moms who buy a years supply of for example cereals, diapers, soap or ham in the type of offers where you buy one and get one free, just to save money?

      78. You guys are all nuts! The people who are saved are not even going to be part of the Armagedden. They will be taken before it hits. Read the bible, not the Mormon fake bible!!!! Besides, who wants to live in a spider hole like saddam!

        • So you believe that you will just be sweep away before things get to bad? I know its called rapture, But are you will to bet your life and your families life on it? Sorry but that’s not a bet I’m willing to take. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for all of mans sins, but I also believe that before the flood Noah prepped.



        • Normal Christian,

          Oh and I more thing Sir, Do you really believe that there is only 1 real bible? If so then its your belief that there is only 1 real religion? If so then I have to laugh because Sir your the one that is nuts. And if you are foolish enough to have that thought then I guess you are foolish enough to bet your families wellbeing on it.


          He who agrue with fool often confused as fool. Good day Sir.

        • As one who has spent most of his Christian life believing in a pre-trib rapture, I would ask that you keep an open mind and check out (for example) this video


          from The Prophecy Club, an ex-pre-trib preacher explaining in much detail why he now believes in a post-trib rapture.
          Worth watching whatever your leanings.
          Me, I’m still not convinced either way, but I do enjoy prepping and consider it useful for far more than an end-of-the world situation.
          And….yeah….you get a thumbs down from me. Don’t take it personally.

        • DPS, don’t waste your time arguing with this person…first of all, no one has even mentioned anything about armageddon, although the snake handling weirdo with the ministry in Kentucky is probably thinking it as he struggles with ancient Babylonian spirits in the hills and hollers. So where the heck did that come from. Second, they obviously have never studied any sort of history, otherwise they would know that not every catastrophe or famine stems from Revelation. Cf, Stalin and Mao.

        • “Normal” Christian…I’m a Christian and I’m saved…but I AM prepping because my husband feels it is HIS God given responsibility to provide for his family!
          And you CANNOT tell me how bad it’s going to get BEFORE the rapture…so we will be prepping and preparing for hard times leading up to the rapture!!
          Don’t you think the Christians who went through the Great Depression wished they HAD been prepping before it happened…so their kids wouldn’t have suffered?

          • God is generally not too keen on folks that just sit around waiting on Him to fix things…..actually, from my way of thinking, Normal, you are the one who is nuts.

            I wonder if you and I have the same Bibile…..Didn’t Joseph lead his people to prepare for famine in YOUR Bible? Didn’t Noah build an Ark, in YOUR Bible?

            Maybe you need to do a bit of remedial reading, Normal. Barring that, try being respectful of other’s belief systems. Or isn’t that in YOUR Bible?

        • Hey, I’m a Latter-day Saint and I’M SAVED TOO! By the SAME JESUS you’re saved by. How ’bout that. 🙂

      79. Mac,
        Thanks for the site, I just wanted to share a little about my home state, which of course I’m a little proud of. I live in Alaska and work for the state. One of the things we do is run residential facilities and it is in our SOP that we be able to maintain operations in case of emergency for up to 30 days without outside assistance. That means caring for others for 30 days and training employees to be prepared at home so that they are able to come to work.
        In fact if you follow the state’s own recommendations and some of the burough’s recommendations you would meet the definition of a prepper.
        http://www.matsugov.us/eoc/ is an example of a bourough’s recommendations.
        But, then again we do things different in Alaska.

        • Country Girl, thank you for sharing this info!

      80. Don’t shoot ’til you see the blue of their helmets.

        • Way too late by then…

        • Is it a gift card for another gun? Cause I have an old janky .22 that I would give up for a gift card on a Henry…

          • Mama Bear,
            I hear that I have a old lorcin 380 I’d trade for a new 10/22. Wonder if Ruger has a tradein card…LOL

            And sorry about the normal christian dude people like that drive me crazy, calling us nutz he’ll be the first 1 in line for his free dinner at Camp FEMA.


          • Mama Bear, don’t you just love those Henry’s…I don’t know what turns me on the most..fondling my old lady or my Henry. The old Winchester mod.94,the Henry rifle and a good Colt frontier style45 six shooter are things of beauty.

            • Dang it man, quit fondling HENRY! SHEESH!

            • LOL! That was pretty darn funny. I just think they are such a beautiful gun…my husband has a tactical mini-14 and it is pretty cool, if somewhat aggressive looking, but I just love the beautiful glowing wood…

        • Wow! It is worse that even I thought. Thanks for sharing the vid.

        • My wife says you can’t fix stupid but she’s been trying for 26 years….

          • Bill,

            I hear ya brother my GF says the same thing but its only been 8 yrs. LOL


        • They’ve had these stupid “no questions asked” gun buy back programs for decades. The stats I got from those in the ’90s was that 90%+ of them were unfirable pieces of junk. I’m sure that statistic has not changed in 2011.

          Just more of the same symbolism over substance $$-wasting by our loving politicians.

      81. southernbellprepper on youtube de-bunked this. She called LDS in Ten. They said there has been no such request by anyone and even if there was the LDS would not comply.

      82. Mac…thank you for this site..I am now awake…oorah

        • Good Mornin’! 🙂

      83. Let’s see….remember the famous accusation about the Govt being able to listen and record all telephone conversations from any phone at any time made by anyone at the Govt’s will or wish??

        Or how about the one where they read every email made by anyone at anytime from anyplace on any computer and from these results keep these anti-American lists??

        If I was the head nut at the Govt and I wanted to maintain control for as long as a possible that’s the kind of bullshit stories I’d be leaking out to my buds in the MSM for mass consumption. I can’t even read all of my own emails daily and yet the Govt supposedly can do all of this?? BULLSHIT!!!! You give these thieves and scoundrels way too much credit – they ain’t that good. Granted if they already have their eye on you they can sort of bring YOU into their focus. I believe that. But if you think they’re good enough or even have the technology to do half of the shit they claim, you can relax now and take off the tinfoil hat and go back to your Star Trek reruns. They can’t even deliver the mail and yet they can do all of this email and phone conversation recording and spying?? Ya sure…have another toke.

        • Actually all calls are digitized and stored in the CLOUD for a minimum of 5 years by law probably forever).

          Once they have YOUR phone number, its easy to check the logs and read or listen to your conversation.

          Buy a Trac Phone at Wal Mart for $10. No name required. No ID. Buy minutes for those “special” calls to your fellow INSURGENTS!!!

          Just saying … 🙂

        • Silverado91

          For your information every phone conversation is recorded and saved. “The law requires it” They can also remotely turn your cell phone on and switch it to speaker phone and hear the conversation of everyone in the room and then turn it off remotely without you ever knowing it happened. They also know your location and can track you where ever you go. They are constantly scanning phone calls 24/7 and whenever certain code words that they are looking for pop up your conversation is immediately latched onto and monitored until they are convinced it is not terrorism related. Never under estimate the technological ability of this government. Turning off your phone doesn’t help, they can turn it on at will. The only way to prevent this is to remove the batteries when not in use. As for your email comment, don’t think they don’t have access to them. If you have ever made any suspicious comments on any website you can be sure your emails are being watched. And believe me they have people monitoring every website online.

          • Allagash, where are you getting this supposed information from? Is this where our mysteriously vanishing tax dollars are going?

      84. ~NSBF & BLV~

        * my apologies MAC as this is off topic!

        NSBF / BLV…..see link below for example of ‘Rapid Maturing IRAs’

        Read the 1st paragraph of the link, slowly! This particular example bank offers a 30day maturity (proof that they exist!), my bank offered a seven day option to me…I took it & rolled +$200k & retired all debts, then started a thriving business!!!


        I doubt if one is able to roll a traditional IRA into a Rapid Maturing one, but company retirements & 401ks are fair game. Hope this is of benefit to you & yours.
        Talk to your banker, one on one.Good Luck……….

        ……..BTW, fire your accountant & get a new one!

        • @ Gunsmith, thanks for posting this here, as I probably wouldn’t have found it back on the original article. We will take a look at the link you posted. I hope that you didn’t think I was saying that you didn’t actually do this…but only that I was told “no you can’t”. She is both a financial adviser and a tax accountant, we have only used her for the tax service. I will do more research and go to our local county bank and talk with them. We have been discussing finding a new accountant anyway! 🙂

          • ~NSBF~

            No offense taken! I sincerely hope this is of some benefit to you / yours & others!

            On the flip side, be it…mine…yours…or Joe / Jane Somebody’s opinion-position that is unpopular / outside the mainstream on any given subject matter( within these myriad threads), it really doesn’t matter usually(in the end)…
            …because, when viewed from an outside the box perspective,…we’re basically all striving for the same goal!!!

            …that being, the survival / well being of our families-progeny, irregardless of what is to befall the rest of humanity in the future! We instinctively understand that at the “GUT” level, its ‘HARD-WIRED’ into our DNA & there’s no escaping that fact-truth!!!!

            Hence, I would be in extreme remission, should I deliberately withhold / deny, any beneficial data-information which could help-benefit another family in their quest towards self-sufficiency & ultimately….the survival of their off-spring!

            …after all, we’re commanded by GOD to warn our brethren, so as their blood be NOT on our hands,…if they choose to ignore said warnings / data / proofs,…’their blood shall be upon their own hands’.

            ———-Good Luck & PEACE to ALL————–

      85. ~NSBF / BLV~

        …forgot to add:…’I paid ZERO in penalties’…taxes only!

      86. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBehzqPgO1w&feature=player_embedded

        I report…..you decide.

        Just kidding, but seriously just a FYI or a FWIW, take it or leave it…..cause I have no idea…could of been mis info put out by the feds to instigate or could of been put out by others to instigate….or this video here could be put out by some one working for the govt or maybe the lds people are lying cause they were threatened by the feds…..who knows

      87. I just returned from the LDS in Hendersonville TN that’s referenced in the above story and can assure you that the entire story is completely fabricated- there is no truth to it. If your in doubt please give them a call to verify for yourself.

        (615) 822-5584

        19 Industrial Park Drive
        Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075


      88. When will those of you who say you are patriots, going to realize you will not be accomplishing much with your 6 month’s of supplies and ammunition?
        You may be a survivor, which is OK I guess, but we are in need of a cleansing at the highest levels. If you are just going to “ride out” the storm at your supposedly safe haven, all you will have when your supplies run out is a world still run by the 1%, trying to dictate your life again.
        Besides, you won’t be surviving from the gov’t, but from the maurading bands of scared sheeple who have tipped over to desperation.
        If you truly want to make a difference, you need to be on the move as soon as the SHTF, meeting up with other patriots who are ready to form a coalition to overthrow all who brought us to this pathetic scenario, so we can try to start over as independent human beings trying to bring this world back to a new normal. Will this be easy and done quickly? Nope! But bringing about change never is!
        Remember……We can make a difference because we care…….and they don’t!

        • 90 million gun owners could do that now, and do it legally.

          Why “overthrow” the government? WE are the government. Change the managers. Change the vendors.

          WE can do that NOW. Violence is not necessary and would not work anyway. Dissenters would be isolated and marginalized.

          That is what the PTB want; an excuse to suppress personal liberty in the name of public safety. That is what they aree doing now.

          Patriots must have a political party to legitimize their greviences; otherwise they are only “disgruntled malcontents”. DM’s will be isolated, marginalized, and labeled “lone wolfs”, and “terrorists” by the PTB.

          Join the America First party or Constitution Party and make a difference while WE still can.

          Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. If you cannot find a Patriot, be one. Run for office at the local level.

          Don’t want to see anyone post next year at this time saying that they “wish I had done something last year”.

          The future belongs to those who prepare for it. Success is 90% preparation. Victory comes to those who work hardest for it.

          Now is the time. Join the Retards and vote for Ron Paul in your state primary, otherwise another NWO Globalist will be elected POTUS.

          Now is the time to act. Get off your fricking asses!

          • Damn! I agree with you again.

      89. Who is kicking in doors and terrorizing American Citizens each and every day in this country? Is it the people who happen to drink raw milk, own guns, or may have some food stored? Or is it the alphabet soup of federal goons doing it in the name of “enforcing” unconstitutional edicts from our unconstitutional government? Now, who exactly is the REAL domestic terrorist? If that isn’t enough, who just logged my IP address for daring to make a comment and who just logged YOURS for reading it? These goons are no different than the Gestapo, the KGB, the Stazi, or any of the brutal enforcers of every police state in history. It won’t be long before they start executing people for speaking up – then they will execute anyone who MIGHT speak up – that’s how it ALWAYS ends.

      90. This is a FALSE story. I was at the Nashville, TN (actually Hendersonville, TN) LDS cannery this morning. I asked the manager about the story and she told me it was false. When they heard the rumor they checked with the other LDS cannery in TN (Knoxville, I believe) and nothing like that happened there either.

      91. This attempt by the FBI to obtain the customer list, only reinforces my belief that this is a war on the American people. Sure, they use the facade of the war on terror to engage in extra legal and illegal activities, but their agenda is now quite clear to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I have never trusted them and consider them domestic enemies to the constitution. The wording has probably changed some, but a few years ago, the DOJ’s definition of a domestic terrorist stated: “A group or lone individual, domestically headquartered, that engages in violence and threats of violence, to achieve a political agenda, is a domestic terrorist”. Well, the FBI fits every element of that definition. Proof of violent intent? Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pine Ridge in 1973, Ann Arundle County Maryland, first World Trade Center bombing, etc. Ironic that they should try to demonize the American people with a record like theirs.

      92. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life! Jesus said no man comes unto the father but by me. Jesus said I am the light of the world! Jesus said if you believe on me Ye shall not perish but have eternal life! Yeah that about sums it up, there is only one true faith, one true religion! Nothing even comes close! This is not to argue, this is truth, and by that truth, you shall be set free!

      93. Just because the LDS storehouse did not provide the list does not mean they did not obtain the information. All the FEDS had to do was go to whatever bank the LDS has their account and obtain the banking records for the last five years which will have all the debit/credit cards and checks deposited to the account.
        For anyone that has not purchased food from one of the LDS storehouses it is a really good place to buy the number 10 cans or bags of food supplies at a very reasonable price, cheaper than anywhere else which allows you to stock up more supplies. Nice people to deal with even if you are not a member of their church.

      94. Fun-filled movie night at Daisy’s house:

        “Doomsday Preppers” followed by “2210: Economic Collapse” on the National Geographic Channel! Yippeeee!!!

        Pass the popcorn!

        • Okay, come on, who on Earth is thumbs-downing movie night? Get a life!

        • I love movie night! I’ll bring the beef jerky 🙂

      95. The written story has at least one fact wrong, though the Alex Jones video has that one right. Above, it says that people store food at the Home Storage Center. This is incorrect. The facility is only for the purchase and packing of food. The Home Storage Center near me has always accepted checks, it’s never been cash-only as long as I’ve known (10-15 years). The one by me has even added the ability, this year, to use debit cards.

        Furthermore, I don’t know why they would claim they are helping people stockpile. The term infers that some people are storing a bunch, at the expense of the masses. The LDS Church owns and runs farms, therefore producing most of what they sell. Is it stockpiling to keep what you grow yourself?

      96. One U-Tuber has debunked this. Now, I realize that some of you will think this is a conspiracy to debunk this. I don’t know if it is but I believe the U tuber. Watch/call for yourselves.


        Mormon canneries in TN phone numbers

        TN Hendersonville, TN (Nashville) (615)822-5584
        TN Knoxville, TN (423)694-4973 or (423)988-6875

        • MAC Salvo

          I can only guess that your suppression on my posting tells me that you are a false propaganda website.

          I currently belong to over 50 blog-sites. I’m retired and that’s all I do all day. I have screenshots of this censorship. It only tells me that you are an agent for the DHS, to spread the fear. You don’t want to spread the other side, for people to decide for themselves. In light of this, I’ll be campaigning to show your site’s false intentions.

          I will show your censorship to my blog-sites that you are a fraud, an agent of censorship, and an agency of the government. Many of the most respectable websites will receive these screen screen shots, should you not post this rebuttal. In fact, I may post this anyways, regarding your censorship.

          • There is no censorship here. We moderate for spam automatically through AKISMET. All new posts or IP address that the system doesn’t recognize automatically come through our moderation queues. As we can’t always be in front of the computer when a particular comment comes in, sometimes it takes us a few hours to approve all posts.

            Thanks for sharing the link.



          • lol StreamWalker you just made yourself look like a fool. Facts and personal experience are welcome. Rantings like yours are great entertainment tho. You started off well, thanks for the link.

          • Stream walker –

            You need to CHILL!!! Mac is the real deal.

            ~ Daisy

      97. Daisy,

        2210 economic collapse? I can’t find it on the NG channel


      98. DPS – the description says “A hypothetical look at the collapse of civilization.” I’m psyched – it’s prepper heaven for TV viewing tonight!

        • Daisy,

          All I can say is WOW. 2210 economic collapse a must see. The fall of the roman empire what a paradox. If ya’ll don’t catch on the National Geo Channel. Here is the link on you tube.
          I should have made some popcorn 🙁

          • I’m going to have to watch the rest of 2210 on Youtube, DPS – I fell asleep after the collapse of Los Angelos!

            • LOL well it was sure worth watching thanks again daisy, I stayed up till 3:00am watching movies,Sure do wish I would have got that popcorn


      99. The more I think about it, the more I believe that this type of harassment is meant for show. I know that there are more than enough people in this country that would shut these socialist, commie, progressive pigs down. They know how many of us have guns, and they know that we would not go down without a fight. Everything these morons touch fails, so intimidation is just another futile experiment.

        IN THEIR FACES, is where we should be, not hiding in the closet waiting to be found out. We should be out in the streets with signs, screaming about our rights and how they want to take them away. Forget ocupy wallstreet, occupy washington and the dirt bag bureaucrats. No one is going to tell me how much food I can store in my own home.

        This is war against humanity and they will not win.

      100. Daisy,
        I found it on you tube but its not on tv here tonight. I’m watching it now


      101. who says the LDS aren’t now lying though cause they ere told to not disclose anything about this. DHS now has on t6he books permission (alneit unconstitutional) where they can come and discuss things with you, detain you, question you adn then tell you that you aren’t allowed to talk about it to anyone at any time

      102. BJ: Mormans may not subscribe to your understanding of Christianity but these people are by and large (the vast majority that I have known) honest, reliable, trustworthy and patriotic.

        I have seen the bad and good ones in Arizona for 35 years. I would accept what one told me at face value.

        You could never find a better neighbor than a LDS family. That has been my experience.

        I am not LDS.

        • I didn’t mean to imply anything negative about LDS/Mormons at all, sorry for the misunderstanding.

          I was just saying that maybe a person/human down there had some pressure put on them??

      103. I agree with you on that durango kid on the four points that you’ve made. I used to hassle them when they came to the door, not anymore. I let them know that I believe in the good book, that there is good and evil, and we share some common bonds. They ask and I just smile.

      104. I think somebody should call the cannery directly to find out the real facts on this story.

        • You can call them and don’t need to wait on someone else to do it.
          Just saying!

        • Holy shit! IT’S BAD SAM, brother to the notorious BLACK BART. Go away kid, you’re boddering me.

        • good, this cow has been milked long enough, anyway most people thought it was.

        • That would have been to hard for all cops and military to do what she did right?

          Just PRINT the Bullshit

      105. The story has been proven to be a complete fabrication according to the canneries themselves. I wish the ‘survivalist blogosphere’ would stop publishing urban myths as gospel, and adding to the stories. It would have taken Oathkeepers 5 minutes to confirm the story by calling the 2 TN canneries. Same for Alex Jones. A story floats around the internet, they accept it as fact and everyone expounds upon it and two days later its snowballs across every site as truth. It’s pathetic. You’re not a journalist if you copy and paste stories that come across your monitor. Do a few minutes of actual research to confirm your stories. Talk to real people via phone. Then Oathkeepers also released the story (“unconfirmed” by their own admission) about soldiers breaking ranks at a survey of who would fire upon Americans. Likely another BS story floating around the internet that they couldn’t wait a day to confirm, and preferred to release the story. There are several examples of the survivalist movement passing off unconfirmed stories that later prove to be myths. The sites become like the boy who cried wolf, and people won’t respond to the real assertions of tyranny when the time comes. You try to tell sheeple a story about something real, and they say “yeah, just like when the FBI was going around to the canneries”.

        • Alex Jones is an idiot, and what makes you think the Oath keepers WANTED to confirm the story>?
          BIG money in this End of the World shit.
          Feds don’t have the manpower or desire to do that.
          Hello???? Common sense anyone??? Nope….all the sensationalism sells!
          Batten down the hatches! Crawl in your Nuke hole! It’s comin! It’s comin!

      106. mac

        Several reputable sites are refuting this info…

        Perhaps a contact to the Oathkeepers to re verify would put this to rest..and keep their reputation intact.

        As a member of the Oathkeepers I would hope they’d come out and state the irrefutable facts..one way or the other.

        At this juncture we need verifiable intel and not rumors unjustified from supposed trusted sources..imo

        • Working on it. I suspect oathkeepers TN has gotten lots of verification requests on this. We’ll see if theympostmanythingmup regarding this,in the next 24. I can only report on what I find from reputable sources – in this case oathkeepers… Few would deny they have a solid reputation, so,I am not sure what exactly went down here, but I don’t believe they would have knowingly misled people with this story.

          • But the article says….This incident was confirmed, in person, by Oath Keepers Tennessee Chapter President, Rand Cardwell. Here is Rand’s report: I contacted the manager and personally confirmed this information.”…………………

            • SO much for HIS credibility too. Only when people with BRAINS began questioning what would be COMMON SENSE to a non idiot did they decide to “pull the story”…

      107. I know the missionary couple at the Nashville cannery personally. I shop there frequently. I contacted them on Saturday and they said the story is a complete hoax. No one from the government has contacted them. They also called the Knoxville cannery and were told the same thing.

        Oath Keepers was either deliberately miss lead or posted an article that they knew was not correct.

      108. Hoax or not, try going to the airport without getting microwaved or molested. Now they are doing it at bus stations and random stops on the highways. I don’t put anything past them anymore.
        Is it just me or are there more trolls on here since the site crashed? Go play with media don’t matter and collect your soros funded checks.
        Remember sheeple/trolls you are just cannon fodder for them. Maybe read some of the information here and learn to think for yourself.

      109. I don’t know if the federal government cares who’s storing food. It could be the work of rogue agents who want to know who to rob if the government doesn’t take care of them. Even if the government takes care of you after it hits the fan you’ll still have friends and relatives with no food.

        • But, nothing happened. Nothing.

      110. Guys, this happens from time to time. Be happy this site is responsible enough to follow up on it.

        • bullshit. there has been absolutely NO retraction.

          • Exactly!

      111. Hmm… Folks seem to be convinced the LDS was either harrassed and they are keeping mum about it now OR it was a complete hoax.

        Let me ask you this: If you are practicing good OPSEC, does it matter? Many folks here believe the government is attempting to marginalize and ferret out those of us who feel a sense of responsibility to our family and prep. Would you change anything in the way you are conducting yourself with regard to daily activities and preps?

        Regardless of if this is a hoax or not, I’m going to keep on preping and conducting myself as a responsible person. I’m going to keep thinking critically about information I come across and use it to hopefully better myself and those around me.


        • If *YOU* were practicing “Good OPSEC” moron…you wouldn’t be posting here…

          remember… they read all these posts just looking for YOU cause they know you have food and 200 rounds of 22 cal ammo!

      112. So many sheep….so many swallowed….

      113. So it’s OK now to go to Cosco & BJs?

        • Really? Of course you keep prepping just like before. Does any of this make any difference? If anybody tries to take my guns, food, water, lawnmower, dog or whatever, they will at least have a fight on their hands, right???

      114. This process of government total control was predicted 2000 years ago in the Bible, book of Revelation (verses 16-17):

        Revelation 13:15-17

        King James Version (KJV)
        15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

        16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

        17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

        However, to get to the point where mankind will without reservation, hesitation, or opposition, conform to the demands of a few psychos, there must first be a “process” wherein people will be desensitized towards government controls. They will gradually acclamate towards allowing the few to control the masses through intimidation or the current detention camps via Bush. They will fall in line to march mindlessly off the cliff towards destruction because of not wanting to make waves or feeling threatened if they oppose such radical laws to enslave them. The system is in place now. It just needs the full cooperation of the masses, and the Earth will slip into another complete Dark Ages of mass destruction. There is already an emergency plan to sweep the masses of dead carcasses into massive trench graves (with the presumption that a nuclear attack would eliminate hundreds of thousands of people, animals). To assume that the current threats are a theatrical performance by political leaders and law enforcement is to deny the prophecies and live in a bubble of safety. Our assumptions about perpetual freedom and legal liberties are slowly ending. The problems for those who are implementing the One World Government: 1) they are subject to the same rules, and consequences (nature has a way of punishing those who defile natural law); 2) not only will the consequences of their global “jihad” (not referring to Islamic inferences) again humanity for purposes of closed-minded problem-solving be catastrophic for the Earth itself, but the Almighty God Jehovah will counter their rebellion against Him with a “holy war”. The four horsemen will ride the winds. There will be no safety nets for anyone. The only escape is through acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior NOW, before the whole Earth is consumed in a firey display of eternal judgement. Prepare all you want, which is good, but it will not stop the coming judgement short of repentence. There will be no place to hide from the wrath to come, both human induced and Holy judgement.

        • @PEPPY………..The only escape is through acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior NOW, before the whole Earth is consumed in a firey display of eternal judgement. Prepare all you want, which is good, but it will not stop the coming judgement short of repentence. There will be no place to hide from the wrath to come, both human induced and Holy judgement.

          Those are the wisest words on here. It is in HIS hands.

      115. So now we find that the story was BS most likely posted to harm the Oath Keepers, somewhere somebody is having a good laugh at our expense. But the one thing they didn’t count on when spreading the rumor was this just got us thinking about how better to stash our stuff. Well good job s–t starters thanks again from the bottom of my heart.


        • Only one problem with your analogy, genius. The “big guy” in the oathkeepers claimed it. The “story” was told to HIM…..

      116. Scare tactics??Probally so…But the facts stand,,,,and Who cares if they are stock pilng food??Canned goods only last so long before they spoil anyways,What is the point as to who has food stored up and who doesnt?My state just went thru major tornados a few months back and if not for the fed gov’t we would of starved,the trucks came and brought canned goods for those who needed it.they brought millions of cases of water,etc,etc.!!!Now as far as the gov’t is concerned,,why would they really care,,unless its to know where food is in a emergency situation…..But think on this,,if the world ends today,tomorrow,next week,whenever,,do you think that food will be any good if we have a nuclear bomb,or a asteroid wipes out the USA and rest of the world,,,we wont know it,leave the people alone ,they are banking food,and wasting there money if we have a huge natural disaster!!People should be more concerned with getting tracked by thier cellphones,and video cameras everywhere,and our vehicles being tracked,and thru the internet,,its all a violation of our rights to privacy,,Our forefathers gave us the right to bare arms to protect ourselves,,but when we do and some idiot breaks into your house and gets injured he can sue you,,now how dumb is that???They tell us here in Missouri and other people in natural disaster areas to be prepared for a impending tornado,and have a safe shelter,and have enough food stock piled,and water,clothes etc,so why do they really care if the LDS are prepared in case,the Govt needs to stop telling us what to do all the time,,but the thing is we elected these idiots into positions to protect and help our people and what do they do,,they travel,get huge pay raises every year,drive govt vehicles with free gas that guess who pays for that?..US,,the people,And how many of these govt people are corrupt and being lobbied to do what they want and not what the usa people want??We elected them!!!My thoughts are,,when a actor and actresses get paid more per movie then a President makes in several terms of office,for decades upon decades,thats screwed up more then people stock piling food,,get over it people,,if the world ends,,it wont matter!!!!

      117. This incident was confirmed, in person, by Oath Keepers Tennessee Chapter President, Rand Cardwell. Here is Rand’s report: I contacted the manager and personally confirmed this information.”

        I call bullsh%t

      118. I’ll tell you who put out the dis-information. Most likely someone who has an axe to grind with LDS. HUMMM Oh ya. All the high rolling almighty “MY CHURCH IS BETTER THAN YOURS” crowd. Well as far as Chatholic, Luthran, Jewish or what ever you are. I have news for you. You can’t all be right. Someone is wrong and it’s most likely all of you. There are so many shallow people on this site.

      119. From what I understand of the OathKeepers, I truly do not believe they posted this story to be deceitful. I know that sometimes I can be naive but they strike me as an organization of great integrity.

      120. WTH??? What is going on..what’s happening?
        In the last week I have read of sheriffs kicking feds butts in Wyoming, California, New Mexico, and Indiana…
        This is such great news…we aren’t the only ones awake…someone woke the sleeping giants—the ‘real’ sleeping giants.

        Kick some for me residents, Oath Keepers, and sheriffs of those states.
        We are behind you 100%.

      121. Unrelated issue: Here’s a five minute video called “the next 10 years will be very unlike the last 10 years”. It presents much of the stuff we talk about in a humorous way with a guy illustrating as he goes. There’s nothing new but it’s just presented differently. Click on my name to get to the link or go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XQIxr4gRQM

        • Prepper,
          Good little video, well worth watching.


      122. PsyOps, Misinformation, Propaganda let the games begin. We are all paranoid nut jobs. Please pass the Tin Foil my hat needs another layer.

        They are trying to divide us, to get us to turn on one another. The biggest problem we face is fragmentation. With so many agenda’s and group’s like the Tea Parties, Oath Keepers it’s hard to believe there is any cohesion between groups. Years ago, I tried to get intergroup channels of communication established and a director from Oath Keepers named Gooch cut us off citing bandwith issues.

        Though I believe in the mission of Oath Keepers and I don’t believe they knew this story was false. I think some of the leadership there is misguided or even working against the group like that guy Gooch did to our group.

        A great PsyOp is intended to get us to form a circular firing squad.

        • That certainly puts it in perspective, P1. And you are right – throughout this entire thread, one person is attacking another and the conversation has been very heated. As well, a false story like that could be used to make the organization that reported it look like a bunch of crackpots, just as you said.

          Do you think the purpose of this was simply to discredit Oathkeepers?

          • Personally I don’t think they knew who or what they would get. They way it works is they through it out and watch what happens.

            From that they can glean a lot of intel. They can see the size and scope of an organization,lines of supply, communication and other groups associated to the primary target.

            Even those that run silent and unplugged can get picked up in an ever expanding wed because it gets so big. Just like all of us. We are all caught in the web before we know the story is false.

      123. This is a false rumor and it has been confirmed by SouthernPrepper1. And it came directly from the source the cannery itself the Government never made any demands for lists or who bought food storage from them. No matter what we read or hear we must take it with a grain of salt.

      124. FYI — Oathkeepers has removed this report because the source could not meet Oathkeepers verfication policy — doesn’t mean it is not true.

      125. Good lord are we still riding this dead horse? It was a fake let it rest in a shallow unmarked grave, Nobody is perfect.


      126. Daisy: Off Topic: 15 years ago,i bought a 12″x6″hemp bag w/drawstring.i soak my sprouting seeds-6to8 hours,
        adzuki,alfalfa,lentils,etc-THEN place those bad boys into said hemp bag.RINSE 2 to 3 times per day, between 3-7 days. Draw string=hang above sink. asuwer

      127. Sadly ironic but I would far more give trust to Oathkeepers than I EVER — EVER — would our government. What a GROSS state of affairs to even say that!!!

        Trust is EARNED. The American government, starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve to JFK, RFK, MLK, 911, Gulf of Tonkin…. on and on and on.. etc etc etc…. has ONLY given us reasons NOT to trust them while Oathkeepers has done QUITE THE OPPOSITE.

        I was 5 years old when JFK happened… maybe not intellectually then but in my gut ever since I have known this government was a shady scam…

        DIRE TIMES are ahead.

      128. He said, she said. It happens, has always happened from time to time, and will happen again. You always should strive to keep it to a minimum. Something I always will remember that a teacher did one time to our class in school. Upon entering the class room the teacher had us form a line that went around the classroom and positioned us shoulder to shoulder. He whispered something in the first students ear, who in turn whispered what the teacher had told them to the next person. And so it went down the line until the last student in line had been told. The last student then had to go to the front of the class and say aloud what it was that he had been told. Result was it wasn’t even close to what the first student was told by the teacher.
        The teacher lifted the projector screen and showed us the statement that was written on the chalkboard. I learned something that day and I’ve never forgotten it.

      129. Trust but verify?

        And i dont mean the government

      130. Although it appears to be a false story, the Oath Keepers were good enough to put up a retraction and post new rules for stories. I would love to see the Lame Stream Medai do something like that….. (crickets).
        I always use the rule of “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see, check your gut instinct first before making up your mind.”
        Learned this from my grandfather who survived WW2, drove the 101 and 82nd into Bastogne and got stuck there with them (won a bronze star too), saw firsthand the concentration camps and gas chambers (took pictures too for the several trolls who keep deluding themselves that it never happened, I know better.)
        Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.

      131. You could easily replace the article with What plane hit tower 7?

      132. Greetings Everyone!
        The story seems plausible,but the feds only have set one remote web cam(as they have done in the past) to record everyone shopping there.Most likely,they were looking for a few certain “persons of interest”.Since there are many Mormons in the federal government,all they would have to do is give the “secret word” and everything is denied forthwith(there and elsewhere too).Having said that,I fear that the bigger concern is what form of “created emergency” our failing republic will come up with to prevent/resist The Change that’s coming.Governmental Systems are failing world-wide and TPTB are desperate to keep the status quo of excessive wealth gathering at the expense of the 99% and the planet’s ecosystem. Thanks for nothing Uber-Rich!Just a last thought,why get excited about a “green planet” 600 light-years away if you don’t have the means to get there?It might be a reason why TPTB are in such a hurry to “use up” our current home.Jus’ sayin’.Time to put the tin foil back on!
        Best to All

      133. Americans came time to be paranoid. Anyone with half a brain would realize what is going on the new U.S. government pressured all the workers in the warehouse so that under threat of terrorism and subsequent incarceration without charges refutes this story and have no doubt that now on anyone who mentions or implies anything against the new regime will pay with their freedom that boldness. I say this with all the weight and strength in my words because I am not American and I corupted government to imprison without charge. I ask you not respond to this message and read it only while it is certainly there that will be removed in the future

      134. Oath Keepers refused to publish my comments. They were told that this story was not true, that none of our cannery suppliers were experiencing any of these alleged issues, and that they had misrepresented the facts rather badly. These comments were removed by Oath Keepers from their comment section. For the record, I deal with hundreds of tons of food shipments with the largest canneries in the United States and there has been zero reports of any investigation or inquiry into customer buying habits.

        • Seller: When you say “none of OUR cannery suppliers” are you saying that you work for the Morman Church in THEIR food storage administration?

          Or do you work for a private firm that buys food from cannery suppliers, meaning other public and private companies that sell food products according to FDA and DOA regulations?

          Could you be more specific? Thanks!

      135. Under the Patriot Act the FBI can come to your house or place of business without warrant and forbid you from telling anyone that they were there? This might explain why their story was withdrawn? http://m.youtube.com/#/watch? desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DkNRSs6LsGeI&v=kNRSs6LsGeI&gl=CA

      136. do you all sit around playin with your pee pees in tinfoil hats?

      137. Dear heff:
        I like my tinfoil hat thank you very much!
        It helps me concentrate on being “a wise person sees the trap set for the fool and avoids it while the fool is caught unawares”.Got out of the rigged “markets”(read casinos)some time ago.Built up some supplies on hand for the “Just In Case” things that MIGHT happen.Learned the hard way to “zip the lip” around people who are not as concerned where this Republic is heading.If you don’t like it here….
        PLEASE take your Sherpa head to a different site.I’ll be the first to wish you a fond farewell.
        On the other hand,If the SHTF as were think,I’ll sell you a can of beans and tinfoil hat for say,two golds rings and a handful of paper cash(to start the cooking fire with).

      138. I was a with Oath Keepers all through their first stages.My opinion is that 99.9999999 percent of them are batcrap crazy, unreliable and out for some badge of self-inflicted honor. They claim to be non-partisan but fill you full of Ron Paul crap. Anytime I get a friends request on some of my other groups, if it has [oath keeper] or [3 percenter] I dismiss them as another typical off balance person. The 10 rules are retarded. Somee one didn’t think them out. If I hear it from an Oath Keeper, I dismiss it.

      139. I dont understand, it is far easier to monitor this site and track each persons IP address and have there IP provide that persons full details, Ie name, bank account details from payments made, phone number etc, way more than enough info to find out everything the Govt. wants and that would be before using that persons home phone and/or mobile phone as an ‘open long range microphone’ or simply placing monitor flags on there bank accounts and internet usage. So why would any person truly wanting to stay off of the grid post any ‘flag’ worthy comments on the internet ? am I missing something ? Sorry dont mean to rain on any ones day but…….. ? Cheers all, just be glad your not stuck in the

        • UK where the Queen has stated in her yearly speech, that ‘all phone calls made and received, all e mails sent and received, all websites visited, all land mail sent/received WILL AND IS BEING MONITORED’ and a LOT MORE http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet/9090617/Phone-and-email-records-to-be-stored-in-new-spy-plan.html
          First move, Isolate all ‘dissidents’ so there can be no ‘groups’ no ‘supporting each other’ no ‘nation wide network’ then, Ban all guns ‘except your own of course’ ‘then switch of cash and make it unusable so only ‘plastic’ can be used (tracked)’ Then, you have no opposition, you can do what ever you wish. If I could move to USA I would, so far you are further from the ‘edge’ than the people here. God bless and Good luck. Kiwi Steve.

      140. I started reading from the beginning and then just skipped to the bottom for anything “new”. I too was wondering same about why anyone is even posting here! I am terrified of what is going on in my country and assumed before reading your post the same must be going on everywhere, at least to some degree. Not even sure why i am posting here, accept to acknowledge my belief in the destruction of a population of true “citizens” who still believe in our rights as fellow humans. It’s hard for me to even say what I was about to say which was “God Bless” to all of you, and I truly hope better for us all in the future…whatever that may hold. AND i truly hope that I am fortunate enough to connect with some of these people when the s*** does hit the proverbial fan!

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