Report: EBT Outs For 8 Days: Without Food Stamps, 40 Million Americans Would “Start Rioting Tomorrow”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: If the EBTs were to be shut off on a widespread basis, it is a certainty that horrific riots would results. If the problem were on a nationwide basis, then the chaos would engulf the entire country within days. If such an event were to occur alongside ATMs running out of funds too, the debasement and rampaging violence would take place even sooner and involve more people.

    EBT issues have come up a few times before in the news, and may have been part of a response test. A news channel in the Atlanta area covered what happened when a large portion of residents were cut off.

    Suffice to say, the real thing would be hell on earth in just seconds flat. The particulars of the reason why hardly matters, but a simply malfunction would be enough to usher in the end times.

    EBT Card Outage?: It Is 8 Days Into June And Many Americans Are STILL Waiting For Food Stamp Money

    by Michael Snyder

    Widespread reports continue to pour in from all over the nation of “glitches” with the food stamp system.  It is eight days into the month and large numbers of people still have not received their benefits, and in other instances it is being reported that EBT cards are simply not working correctly.  So what in the world is going on here?  On there are scores of reports of problems with the EBT system from people all over the nation.  Could this simply be another example of government incompetence, or is something else at work here?

    I had heard some rumblings about this over the past few days, but I had not really taken them seriously until I read an article from highly respected author Ray Gano

    It interesting over the weekend I got several emails telling me about cell phones being down, internet being down, and get this, EBT cards not working and having no money associated to them.

    This is a concern because when the US Government has payment failures, then there is possibly something happening that the press is not telling you about.

    Now, we know that computers have problems and that states, counties and cities run on computers. But what is interesting is that since the beginning of 2016, The US government has had over 2,700 reports on showing that they have been late loading the money onto these EBT cards.

    Folks, we are now going on 8 days where the Government has not paid the EBT payments so that people have food.

    So I went over to myself, and I was stunned to see that reports of EBT outages continue to pour in every hour.  Here are just a few of the recent comments that have been left by people that are still waiting for their food stamp benefits for June…

    Heidi Lynn: I was supposed to get mine on the 5th and still nothing. Even ebt NJ site says $0 as well as my EBT card says $0. I’m on disability. I forgot to add I tried calling NJ Board of Services and was on hold for over an hour. I had to hang up to take dog out, etc. Does anyone know what’s going on yet?

    Ann Wilson: Now that it’s been a whole week since I was supposed to get my June benefits, and haven’t, I’m planning on going to my Illinois FCRC office. I hope they will be able to fix this difficulty.

    Jenn Johnson: I always get mine on time. I was due to get mine today June 7th and nothing. I am from kentucky. Why is there nothing on the news about this?

    Jarrett Manhart: Havnt received mine either. They are never late. And my fone is off so i cant call em. Im on Wi-Fi down the street from me.

    Sunny Nicole Jones: I haven’t gotten mine either! I’m glad it’s not just me though because then I would really be worried!

    But when I went to confirm these widespread outages with articles from the mainstream media, I came up empty.

    Either the mainstream media does not know what is going on yet, or it is being ignored.

    If you have not gotten your EBT benefits for this month yet or you know someone that is in that position, please feel free to let me know.  I want to get to the bottom of this.  There are people all over the nation that are reporting problems with the food stamp system, but nobody seems to know exactly how widespread this issue is just yet.

    Today there are well over 40 million Americans on food stamps, and a lot of them would start rioting tomorrow if you told them that their food stamp cards were being turned off permanently.

    EBT cards are the modern equivalent of the bread lines of the 1930s.  Instead of having to wait in long lines for food, the government just zaps money on to EBT cards each month, and those that are hurting are able to get something to eat.

    But down in Venezuela, extremely long food lines are a daily reality for much of the population right now.  The following comes from the Daily Mail

    Venezuela was once South America’s richest nation, but a fall in oil prices combined with other economic problems has led to desperate citizens taking drastic measures.

    Nearly half of Venezuelans say they can no longer afford to eat three meals a day, according to a recent poll by the local firm Venebarometro. The poll surveyed 1,200 adults at their homes during the first week of April and had a margin of error of plus or minus of about two percentage points

    Those who can, cross the border into Colombia to buy, bring back and then use or sell food and other basic commodities.

    Could you imagine not being able to provide three meals a day for your family any longer?

    Close to half the population of Venezuela is already in that position, and the economic collapse down there grows worse with each passing day.

    Most Americans just assume that nothing like that could ever happen here.

    Most Americans just assume that the government will always have plenty of money to give out.

    As I mentioned above, there are well over 40 million Americans that receive EBT benefits.

    However, when you factor in all government programs, more than 100 million Americans get some form of money or benefits from the federal government each month.

    So what would happen someday if suddenly the spigot was turned off?

    What would those 100 million people do?

    How would they survive?

    Hopefully this current EBT outage is just a temporary technical glitch, and hopefully the government will get it fixed in short order.

    But someday there will be a major crisis that will cause food stamp benefits to be cut off either permanently or for an extended period of time.

    When that day arrives, what will that do to our communities?

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    *About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Yes, riots will break out and a lot of looting.

        • I’ll just use my five other Obama Phones

          • I just checked on ANP and Downdetector. There are nocomplaints about children not eating. It all seems to be single people, some with jobs and some in school.

        • If this article were true I’d be heartbroken. Bwawahahahahaha.

        • Shut it down, permanently. Let them kill each other off. Problem solved.

          • as I understand it, down detector is for people to report a problem, not that there is actually a wide spread problem.

            people may have all kinds of problems, including false reports or folks that have been dropped from the program without knowing it or they don’t remember that they were dropped.

          • If a person (usually female) is having problems with her EBT card, she would go to the place in town where she applied for the stamps and ask her case worker!! She would not be posting comments on the internet, asking people, “what’s going on!” This story is b.s.

            • A female without her food stamps or money would be on the net posting frantic questions as to what’s going on and in finding out that she is without them for more than a day, she will be out in the streets rioting, the same as men. Those who are used to having everything handed to them do not take it well when it is taken away.

            • Anonymous, that’s a good point and I would agree, but we’re in the Internet and tech age. Many complaints I read stated that the recipients did just what you said and then complained on DD.

          • This is crazy everybody is losing their mine god help us all.

            • Do you mean mind or do you mean mine as in “yous folks owe me mine”

              • MIND must have been a mistype

        • I saw this article at ZH this morning and wondered if this will be a sort of sign of things to come ? Whether gov incompetence or a hacker ? The outcome may be interesting unless it is fixed.
          ASAP !

          Also San Jose violence is on the radar in a big way today. Here is a link with other links embedded about what is going down and how Oath Keepers is reacting. I just received this email from them so it is fresh off the press ! Everybody should read all the links as well because it is all info PRAVDA/MSM will not let you see any where else !

            • Great post. Yes, get behind your Constitutional Militia. The ‘people’s armed forces…

            • Also the links from that email from “conservative treehouse” clearly show that the police chief and the mayor of San Jose colluded to harm the Trump people in several ways. Both are serious supporters of BHO and crew and should be held accountable for their actions. When any police agency can be used as a weapon against dissent or a different perspective, we are in serious trouble and it happens more often than most realize, here in USSA today. I consider this event a sign of things to come as we approach the supposed election.

        • Funds diverted to “refugees”.??

        • So be it. If they threaten or endanger me or my family in any way, it turns into 7.62-fest…..
          That’s the difference between red blooded Americans and say, the British or the French; the authorities STAND DOWN while hoodrats destroy, pillage, loot, rape and murder. That, and the general citizenry is disarmed.

          Not so here, especially in the south.

          • They stand down and let the hoodies do whatever all the time ? Remember St Louis and Ferguson and Baltimore ?

      2. i have not yet recieved my entitlements , do i need to get a job now ?

        • Anybody else hear that after age 75 Medicare will not pay for ANY cancer treatment?

        • Ise got six chillin an anota onna way! Wut um ai gonna do wit no food! (puke, puke, puke!) But then all the illegal immigrants need the jobs! VOTE HILLARY! SHE WILL FIX THE BENEFIT CARDS! We’re screwed.

      3. In the very first frame it appears that woman has ONE LARGE EYEBROW (UNI-BROW)? heheh….never have seen eyebrows err, ‘eyebrow’ like that before.

        Riots? Hell yes, that would be a ‘given’ with no doubt at all that it would happen, and happen faster than Ferguson.

        • It is a weave.

      4. I haven’t been able to cross check this article. It is on Drudge, Free Republic but the common source is Synder. Anybody else have additional sources? Till then I call BS.

        • Rellik, I call BS on this article. Saw it at earlier. 8 days of a glitch with EBT and no riots or hell-raising from those people? Impossible. Snyder AGAIN? It figures.

          • Braveheart1776

            I have the Bullshit Flag in hand. About to throw it.

            O.K. there was some info over at downdetector. So are we running on “Sensationalism”. Making news where there is no Worthy News. The mole hill to a mountain routine.

            Something about selling Newspapers?

            Anyhow, is there substantial information that we rely on to keep prepping. Is it TRUE? Aside from storms, floods and earthquakes, is the big financial and global cataclysmic catastrophe going to happen. In OUR Lifetime! Predictions have failed and dates past with non events.

            We do not know for sure until it happens. Or in other words of wisdom. We have to pass this bill to see what is in it. Hahahaha!

            If you have been reading here for a long time, we have covered just about everything under the sun. But if extraterrestrials start landing………

            • Anon, I wouldn’t have a problem with the ET’s going after the globalists.

              • Brave heart
                I will write this again.
                You never understood what’s going-on until it hits.
                I even doubt if you’ll understand after it hits.

                If you did understand, you would be in Asia now.
                They exported all those jobs to Asia for a reason.
                No… it’s NOT because of cheap labour!
                Too late now.
                SHTF is imminent.

                • Bobane, do you honestly believe I would go to Asia with the jobs? Even if I learned their language, I wouldn’t be welcome there because Asian countries don’t allow any immigration. Besides, the US is my home and I’m standing up and fighting come what may. I have another place to go to so I’ll be just fine.

                • My Mandarin is really rusty.
                  But there is no way in hell I’d
                  move to a major Chinese metro area.
                  They make Detroit look like paradise.

                  • The Only Jap or chink-speak I have mastered so far is…

                    if I pass a jap or chink on the sidewalk?…I say “Hello Brucie!” as in aka Bruce lee….Since they all look like dna copy robots they all look like a “Bruce” to me.

                    And regardless what they say to me in their own languages?..I always just answer…”Ah So!! Chop Chop”!

                    but I change How it sounds…To sound amazed it is AHHH SO!!! Chooooopppp Chooopppp!”

                    To sound as I am deeply concerned its more like “Hmmmm…Ah….Sooooo….Chop Chop”

                    There are several more ways to state it all…it just takes practice and anybody can become very fluent in jap or chink speak. Plus it is good to act nice to others this way eh.

                    Now for Ebonic-savage-jungle speak…That is far more difficult to master.

                    Because believe it or not, once one delves into ebonic speak, you discover that, yes virginia, there are many many more ways to do “Grunting”….

                    And about the hardest of all ebonics to master is…

                    To do both that famous “Squat-Stance” with butt protruding outwards, head tilted far back like an Uppity arrogant hobammy look with chin pointed as far Up and Outwards as possible, while slightly squatting downwards, and Fist-Pumping, all while at same time doing various Ape like Grunts such as ooo Ooo Ooo!!.

                    yes yes it may sound like a very easy thing to master.

                    but I will tell you even after 43 yrs from Birth to 43 years old resideing within deepest darkest Detroit area.

                    it takes Decades to actually Master ebonic-savage speak and apelike actions that coincide with it.

                    And no matter how swell you learn to do it all..

                    Somehow them real savages always can spot a White guy!

            • HEY! Speaking of aliens the sequal to Independence Day is coming out on June 24th!!! I can’t wait to see it.The first one was scary for me. They must want to scare the sh_t outa us by making another one. What are they up to? Even tho i know it’s propaganda i still wanna see it. It’s a good escape. I saw The Witch….Depressing and not good, family starving in the 1600’s, children missing, devil takes them, gets worse at the end. The end is a surprise. Very depressing movie. Those poor people had NO hope whatsoever and things just got worse and worse. Depressed me. Would not recommend watching it, but i can’t wait to see the sequal to Independence Day!

          • A few months ago the food stamp system went down for 6 hours and the nigs rioted in Louisiana.

            • This doesn’t sound like it affects all EBT cards. Just one here and there.

            • No people did not riot.
              Some people who didn’t have any money on their ebt account went shopping anyway and filled their carts to the brim. Walmart let them.

          • It is not nation wide, but sporadic and PRAVDA/MSM can keep the masses from knowing what is happening rather easily, at least for a while. I seriously doubt it is bullshit because they can cover up anything they desire rather easily in spades at least temporarily.

            I think this will be a good test of several issues.

        • You can check a site called

          • EBT Cards: That look same as reg credit cards are prime perfect example of all that “Privatization” of “Everything” promoted 24/7 by GW Bush Jr.

            Recall how often he spoke of the greatness of, and so needed Privatizations?

            Well it used to be a small booklet of actual paper food stamps that looked similar to real dollar bills yet smaller sized and of course various differences from acrual usa dollar bills..

            And to spend it you simply tore off as many stamps as necessary to pay for food items.

            Each month you get a brand new booklet of new food stamps.

            And as far as I am aware was Always printed up by and thru some FED govnt agency such as us treasury dept office of printing, same place real dolars gets printed up at probably.

            And it got done By Fed worker staff that were ALREADY On the fed worker Payrolls!

            NOW though:…The same fed work force is still On that same taxpayer payroll….only instead of Them still doing food stamp program work…

            Thanks to much Taunted as very swell GW bush brand of Privatizations…

            Now it is the banksters doing it!

            J.P Morgan does ALL EBT cards now as I recall it.

            And Now besides still paying fed work force of useless eater classes…

            Taxpayers Also Pay JP morgan around #2.50 Per Ebt card Per Month!!

            And with what is it now?…50+ MILLION folks gets EBT cards….That add’s up to well Over $125-MILLION taxpaid dollars Per each month!

            Paid To one of the worlds biggest swindlers/Banksters bunch to ever scam and swindle folks.

            And I assume with todays advanced high tech computers owned by likes of a JP morgan bankster biz.

            That all it likley takes each month is for ONE LONE low skilled low paid computer terminal opps worker to.

            Click On the program button for EBT-program to Scan all 50-million ebt card reciepients to see if any has either been dropped from ebt or had increases or decreases in monthly allowance payments.

            Then same low skillled worker clicks second program button, yes that button at Right side screen, and tells computer to “Pay it Out Suckers!”…

            Then JP morgans kikebosses await their new monthly payouts of $125-Million from Taxpayers/aka suckers!

            ALL made possible by “Privatizations” of former govnt work done By fed workers already Paid anyways.

            And of course All them nice sounding Repubs aka Neocons that so promiced if we just elect Them and give em a chance to prove it…They are going to Squash and Halt Every bad/wrong/evil as done the Past 50+ yrs By those damn dem lib polititions and dem usa prez’s!

            Well most of Us did elect that bunch based on such promices eh…And all WE got back for that is about The worst america we ever yet seen, and all acomplished in aprox 15 yrs since FF attacks on 9/11!!!!

            Gee that privatizations of every possible thing has sure workded out swell eh?

            Maybe GW was 180 degrees wrong when he promoted it and at same time railed against “Nationalizim and protectionizims” for USA folk eh? You that are at least 60 yrs old KNOWS how well Nationalizim worked back when we was small to teen kids right?

            That was when fed work force did work ok most times…and Banksters were still Foaming at mouth rabidly at various secret meets planning Our Future demises once neocons that are really NeoLibs aka Kommies all…Got into power!

            Today EBT and Prisons and much else more has been Privatized….And look at the giant Mess.

      5. 9th circus court of appeals rules that concealed carry is not a constitutional right….. the box now starts closing in… best get your teams and preps in place……

        • 9th circuit can say what they want; doesn’t mean I’ll follow it.

          • Just more democrats wanting to rule the world

            • Actually there is a cabal, international in scope, having a meeting right now, that wants to rule the world and the establishment democrats and republicans are their employees. I will give you this, the republicans are marginally better, but that is one hell of a narrow lead for freedom, virtually insignificant. Its just a matter of what party attacks what part of the Bill Of Rights at what time. Sometimes they are in collusion as the evisceration of the 4th Amendment has shown. The democrat v republican is analogous to a dog chasing its tail. The useful examination is establishment verses populist.

          • The 9th has consistently rendered decisions that are far left. This will end up at the USSC. Unfortunately that too is political and it makes a Republican victory vital as a few vacancies will be occurring, one presently.

            A non legal scholar can read the definitions, both legal and common, of every word in the Second Amendment and its intellectually fraudulent to interpret it as anything other than both individual and to keep your hands off of it. Militia has been defined in the Dick Act of 1903. The status of the National Guard in Purpich v DOD 1990 where the USSC stated that the power of the Federal Government over the National Guard was plenary (absolute). Its no more a Militia than Patton’s 3rd Army of WWII fame.

          • What every gun owner , visitor to that state that owns .. Should rock all of their arms open carry

            So some stupid Judge says that a group of them took a vote and decided how to infringe on your inalienable right , and ANY one of them would play along ?

            Well I sure hope not , because it’s time now in California to wear everything you got Open Carry

            I’d love to see folks wearing their stainless 686’s their full size 1911’s , 44 magnums etc

            We sure could use the civility that comes with that

      6. Both The VA and SS and SSD were right on time this month ..AFAIK nobody in those boats failed to receive their benefits. I’ve heard nothing about this, until reading the article. (It WOULD explain why the usual crowds at our only two stores just are not there …yet)?
        Something is amiss or it would have been announced by now, on ALL medias …or perhaps they are hoping to incite riots in order to “come down hard” on all of whom they think they can away with ‘stomping on’. Perhaps there has been a ‘hacking event’ 2nd to none and nobody is talking?

      7. Love the earrings and tats that they can afford but no food for there six kids…. and with free contraceptives why does your broke ass butt have six kids.

        • Because the more kids you have, the more monies you get.

        • In Rome they provided the sheeple with bread and the circus.

          Now it’s tats and earrings. LOL, how cheap women have become.

      8. What again will stop food stamps from coming? Name one politician that would vote to stop the printing/borrowing money to stop food stamps? This is bullshit. Ain’t nobody gonna do nuffin. Same old shit. Sure, sure, sure….one day it will fail, but a hole lot more will have blown up before that day comes.

        • at this juncture i is all completely out of control and the politicians and other elites know it.

      9. I suppose it would be too much to hope that these “outages” would inspire people to get more prepared, instead of rioting…

      10. I’ve gone to downdetector…I see reports of about 27 per day(?). Not sure it was the same people each day but the numbers certainly weren’t anything to cause a shudder up anyone’s spine.

        More fear mongering, it sounds like. Making a story where none exist.

        That being said, with a Trump presidency and a reduction in benefits or a ‘work for benefits’ policy, the animals will riot most certainly. It’s what they do.

      11. They are Stupid, if they had any sense, they would protest the President who makes sure they do not have jobs that precludes them from using food stamps.
        These people are the only ones that burn down their own house because they don’t like the bank.

      12. People without three days of food.

        My dogs have about a year each in rotation…


        ht tp://

        It appears that the feds have frozen, by telling each and every state, I repeat, have frozen ALL transfer to EBT cards recipients (just as the sheeple has stated). It does not appear that there is going to be any changes either, as “the talk” is of massive rioting and other such (and expected) “things” we don’t want to hear about.

        I know this helps nobody, but it is all that I can find using a Linux search bot to pull up what little is in print on the web, at the moment anyway.

        Perhaps the s has hit the fan …and if so, we knew it would come with no warning. This would be used as the main reason to declare martial law, cancel elections, Obama leaves office and places Hillary within it (bringing to fruition the prophesy he would never finish his 2nd Term).

        Hope what I found is BS …but it surely doesn’t smell like it. Stay low and if you plan on traveling …..DON’T GO! (not until this is confirmed or cleared …hopefully the latter).

        • Moose, I just checked the daily sheeple for that article and was nowhere to be found. Are you sure it’s not an old article?

          • I believe you are right …as it does have 2013 at the end of the internet address… if so, my apologies, as I totally overlooked it. (And, this DID take place in 2013 too).

            I am still able to bring up that site (as supplied in my earlier post).

            Argh …”the sky is falling” and I fell for it!!!!!!!! Okay, there is NOTHING online, so far.

            My apologies to all for ‘the scare’. (sheepish look)

        • My son-in-law in TN (just called him) received his EBT ‘bene’s’ on time …so it’s not 100%, but there is “lots of nothing” for info.

          I did find two places that are saying the money once alloted has all but been depleted, and by October “the greatest majority” will not get anything from that month and beyond. (I’ve no idea if it is “good or bad” info ….yet it IS a treasury site that is kept up to date. THEY state that come October “all funds will have dwindled with no replacement funding in sight” …and that’s not too cool at all!

          We also called over to Atlanta, some friends there, and it seems the majority of Atlanta ‘blacks’ have not had their cards ‘recharged’ …but no reasons are being offered or given (to include whether or not it is the truth). I can’t say (this time) that I believe what I am hearing from them (to be honest). They’ll read this and know it is me, but I really don’t give a rat’s ass.

          If the net goes down for us (The People) …THEREIN lies your answers to the questions. Sit tight for now until somebody “choke holds” it out of a politicians ass …(if needs be).

          • Moose, I came across a report back in april that the SNAP rolls will get reduced this year. could be the start of that move.

            • Really? So did I. I was informed that beginning with October all funds would be “more than depleted” and thus SNAP would indeed ‘snap. I have no “hands on” familiarity with these things, but WHAT a nasty and rotten, low-down, ‘shitter’ to pull on The People if this is where it is slated to run …right off the damned tracks.

              Starve out the starving? omg ..THAT would decidedly get the ball rolling, and then who in hell could stop it? SWAT Teams and LEOs would be trampled into blood-stains in the pavement everywhere, weapons or not. The only ‘hitch’ is that there is no explanation being offered, and thus mistrust surfaces “first and foremost” …as is to be expected. (Or, is this a ‘test’ of sorts Mr. Braveheart1776)? ya think?

              • Another member of the free $hit army that is going to throw a tantie if you don’t get your free $hit delivered on time. You are the problem. No one owes you anything.

              • Moose, it’s possible it could be some sort of ‘dry run’. We’ll see.

              • should have happened DECADES ago, when we ran out of other peoples money.

                • Yes they have ran out of other peoples money to spend . The can no longer tax, robb and steal from the productive enough to pay for the government. So the shortfall is covered by the debt. 18 billion and rapidly growing.

                  • Old guy, I think you meant trillion ? and it is now over 20 that is admitted and growing daily, not 18.

                    But that does not include the unfunded liabilities which are now over 200 trillion, like SS and medicare and many other black op, off the balance sheet schemes our government makes sure we are not fully aware of. Beyond that is the 700 + trillion in derivatives floating around that are not regulated and nothing more than bets on top of other bets ? So it is all just a charade at this juncture and none of it can or will ever be paid back. A house of cards and it will fail. So there will be some sort of RESET. And I am convinced it is already in motion and has been since 2007-08. TPTB have simply held it all together with the illusions of massive fake money that is not even printed, just an electronic entry into a central bank.

                    We are simply seeing the end game of decades of schemes and false promises from politicos who realized they would not be held responsible for telling their lies and or manipulating the populace ! So this transition to reality will be chaotic ! It cannot happen any other way.

                    • Your correct its trillion. And bush racked up more debt that all the other presidents since George Washington. And Obama had spent more than twice what bush jr did! yes someday it will collapse. I surprised its lasted as long as it has.

              • Doesn’t .gov’s fiscal 2017 start on Oct. 1?

                • “D”
                  I believe it does.

                  With only 5% unemployed we should be all right? We all know that it should be about 25% whites are out of work and 40% blacks are out of work. Those are the real numbers.

          • heard from source that Oregon has many complaining that EBT’s aen’t funded.

      14. Haven’t heard of any problems here in Western NC. My son got his right on time. My AF pension and SS both came in on time too.

        • Go figure. You and your son are both part of the free $hit army.

          • You are entitled to your opinion. I worked 49 years, 20 of that in the Air Force. Now I am racked with rheumatoid arthritis to the point that I cannot work. My son is one step away from being declared disabled due to arthritis. Before you start pointing fingers, get the facts. We would both be working if we could.

            • That’s a shame that your ill and cannot work. However your not paying your own way. you are now a parasite. Part of the free shit army. The simple fact is too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not long term sustainable. Why is it someone else responsibility to enable you?

              • I bet you get a pension as well. Did you turn down SS when it was your turn? I think not. Or are you, Mr Holier-Than-Thou Old Guy, so independently wealthy that you don’t need anyone’s help?

                • No pension. I started drawing Social Security the next new year after I turned 62 in sept. $1070 per month. Ive not yet recouped what I paid in. Very soon I will have received every penny I paid into SS. At that point I become a government enabled parasite. every penny the Ponzi Scheme pays me from then on will be welfare or dole. However Im still producing just not any surplus beyond my own needs. And if the Social Security Ponzi Check quit arriving We wouldn’t starve. We just would have to produce a surplus to sell or really pare back on expences. Likely some of both.

                  • I, too, will never get back all that was paid in. What gets me is that they tax your paycheck, then take out SS. Now that payment is taxed too. That makes double taxing on the money. Oh well, like you said, it’s a ponzi scheme.

                    • No I will before this years end receive every penny that I paid into social security. the half the employer paid will take a few more years. Almost everyone who draws Social Security gets every penny they paid back within three to five years. And Yes I admit that im going to be a parasite at the point I recoup my payments. Its this simple if whatever you do for your money does not use the natural resources of the planet to make build or grow some product that adds to the GNP you are a parasite. Too many parasites have severely wheakned the host. Its already dead but it just wont fall down.

            • Not being a smart ass, but your own health is your responsibility and no one else. From your comment I imagine you believe what the doctors tell you and do not realize you can heal yourself rather easily. Mostly with nutrition and simply changing how you think and live. We can all heal ourselves and it all starts from the inside out, not the other way around. The doctors will only elongate your suffering and sell you some kind of pharma (legal drugs) that will complicate your situation and eventually kill you ! There is a far better way to be sure . Good luck with rethinking your health issues !

              • I knew before the doctors said anything about retiring that I was not long for the workforce. It was getting extremely difficult and very painful to stand on concrete for 9 hours a night and I could no longer lift heavy boxes of freight. Plus, I needed to use a cane to be able to stay on my feet all night. By having the doctors say it was time, prevented the managers from trying to keep me around like they have done with so many other employees who wanted to retire. They would keep hounding these aging employees until they relented and came back to work rather than properly train the younger ones.

                I take only 2 prescription medicines, down from about 8 or 9 just a few years ago. Most of what I take now are natural or herbal meds and surprisingly, with the blessings of both my family doctor and rheumatologist. I’m still trying to find natural replacements for the two I still on. We grow most of the herbs that we use for both medicines and seasonings. I’ve been using herbal medicines regularly since 1984 so I do know a thing or two. I just don’t go blindly believing everything any doctor says. I’ll ask their advise to get a direction to go in and then do my own research and treatment.

                • And none of that means that your condition was preventable or reversible. You are merely treating symptoms and trying to keep it from getting worse.

                  • How do you prevent rheumatoid arthritis? No one even knows what causes it. You obviously don’t have RA, have never been around anyone with RA, and know nothing about RA. It has been in my family for at least the last 6 generations, that’s more than a hundred years. This is not something new to me. I grew up watching people cope with it, long before there were all these fancy poisons we have today. I’ve seen them use everything from herbs to expensive potions. I’ve tried a lot of them myself. Don’t give me that crap about nutrition. Nutrition won’t cure RA. NOTHING CURES RA. If it did, my son and I would be free of it. Sure it helps but it won’t prevent it or cure it. I use herbal mixtures that work better than chemical compounds but NOTHING CURES RA. Anyone who claims they have been cured of RA by whatever means is a damn liar.

                • Ive got a bit of arthritis and I rodeoed in my miss spent youth. Horse wrecks caused a few broken bones. I take Glucosimine Condroition and Bayer back and body ache aspirin. Losing 60 pounds really helped me. Im 5ft 9 in and now weigh 176 pounds on a heavy frame. I might be taller but my legs are bowed form riding horses. I rode a horse almost every day for 15 years.

                  • Much better to be on the thin side for many reasons. Old injuries for sure ! I still love horses

              • Glad to you are such an instant expert on everything. While it is possible that there may be something that can be done for his arthritis, it is also possible that nothing can be done to treat it nor could anything have been done to prevent it. I suppose you believe that you know everything in universe. Is there ever a time when you don’t think you are right or that you don’t imagine you have a solution for? There are times when unpreventable and irreversible things happen.

                • actually I do know a lot and I did heal myself from several serious life threatening accidents. I have also helped many others do the same. And you are clueless about health issues including all forms of diabetes. My pictures at my site are plenty of proof of what I say in spades numbskull. Since you are so well informed about health and fitness please post a photo to prove it or shut your pie hole !I only speak about and write about things I have personally experienced first hand. and that is a tremendous amount of experiences.Far more than most. and you ?

              • Wow! Great News! I will pass it on to a Pal who lost Both legs in a motorcycle accidnt 20 yrs ago….I can’t wait to see him heal self and his two legs grow back!

                • Rather obvious the guy with no legs has some serious defaults going on. And some are born with similar defects . My comment is not about people who physically cannot function. It is about most folks who can and choose not to . You are simply trying to deflect common sense and my own personal first hand experiences. I have no idea why? I actually was crippled for almost 6 years before I could do 1 pushup and I did heal myself. I have also helped many do the same thing rather easily in all manner of conditions and events.

                  How do you explain the many people who have lost limbs and compete in various athletic events that most people simply will not even try ? Are you one of them or just a wise ass looking to dis others?

                  I am helping others and you ? No matter how you slice it our health is our own responsibility and the worse thing anybody can do is to turn it over to the doctors and basically give up ! at a minimum you can improve any malady rather easily without pharma or doctors !

                  If I have a bone sticking out , yes I will go get it put back in place and then I am out of there ! I have done that very thing myself and set broken bones as well.

      15. To paraphrase Eddy Murphy in the movie 48Hours, ” Lack of food make you brave”.

        • I certainly haven’t anybody with a “will work for food” sign.

      16. from Wilkipedia


        A summary statistical report indicated that an average of 47.6 million people used the program in FY 2013.[32] Nearly 72 percent of SNAP participants are in families with children; more than one-quarter of participants are in households with seniors or people with disabilities.[33]

        As of 2013, more than 15% of the U.S. population receive food assistance, and more than 20% in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oregon and Tennessee. Washington D.C. was the highest share of the population to receive food assistance at over 23%.[34]
        Average number of persons participating in the SNAP, 2005–2012. The number of participants has increased 12% annually since 2007.

        According to the United States Department of Agriculture (based on a study of data gathered in Fiscal Year 2010), statistics for the food stamp program are as follows:[35]

        49% of all participant households have children (17 or younger), and 55% of those are single-parent households.
        15% of all participant households have elderly (age 60 or over) members.
        20% of all participant households have non-elderly disabled members.
        The average gross monthly income per food stamp household is $731; The average net income is $336.
        37% of participants are White, 22% are African-American, 10% are Hispanic, 2% are Asian, 4% are Native American, and 19% are of unknown race or ethnicity.[35]”

        approximately one in five children in the US receive food stamps

        • Satori

          Good information; thanks.

      17. Paying very close attention to this and carrying 24/7 now. I’m either at home or watching my home through security cameras. I expect to start seeing break-ins FOR FOOD. Let that sink in.

        • Since you have a permit/license to carry it is imperative that you carry ALL OF THE TIME. It isn’t just for you, but perhaps to save the life of someone you’ve never met, and yet find yourself in the midst of it like it or not. So, always be prepared, always carry and with one in the chamber (there are no exceptions, especially in these days we live in).

          • So you are saying it is all our responsibility that can carry to protect those that can’t or won’t? You must have NO IDEA of the problems and fee’s that will occur if and when you shoot someone. The legal cost alone could bankrupt you even if it is found to be a good shooting and if some liberal judge or jury decides you are wrong you will be in jail for a long time. I will shoot to protect myself or my loved ones but others are on their own.

            • I always carry and if I see someone being robbed beaten or raped that will continue. Im not the police. and it might not be what it appears. only when the life of me or mine is endanger. and only as a last resort.

              • good advice, old chap!

              • OG is right on. I carry to protect MY family, not yours.

            • Look up uscca.

      18. This can happen over and over and over and none of these people will ever put something away for a rainy day. Only complain. Understandable but Dependent on others. I am sure there are church food banks in the area to offset the problem.
        How this is being under reported is beside me. That is, if this is a small problem or the beginning of a BIGGER problem.

        Embrace the Chaos.

        • a culling is imminent….and so DESPERATELY needed.

        • You can get a 20 pound bag of rice from Walmart for under 10 dollars a box of dried milk for under 20 and I have seen Mac and cheese for as little as .33 a box. How do I know cause no matter how much food I have I spend a little extra a month to stock up on things that aren’t frozen pizza or junk like that

        • If a food bank make people take things like fresh veggies, most end up in the trash. If it doesn’t come out of a bag or box, this crowd doesn’t want it.

      19. Has anyone considered….

        This is BarryO’s way to start unrest/riots and thwart elections with martial law….

        Here’s the deal… Trump wins in Nov, Barry pulls the plug on .gov assistance after it is clear Hitlery loses. The ensuing riots are cause for him to declare a national emergency and martial law…he stays potus as long as he wants !!

        A coup with no shots fired…Barry is the DickTater.

        • Yeah, if you’ll read up I ‘suggested’ the possibility of such a thing, just with different names and faces. I SHOULD HOPE NOT! But, there certainly would not be an iota of a warning …that would be illogical and foolhardiness on their parts.

          No shots fired? hahah…Ya ain’t met MOOSE yet I take it? 🙂

        • Quick, I was thinking the same except if Moose’s research is accurate and ebt is shut off in October, then Trump is the winner. That’s the perfect scenario for some shit to kick off before January. No wonder Obama seemed so delighted when he endorsed the beast today.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

        • I have been talking and writing about this very issue for along while now in great detail. It seems very likely we are being setup for an event to give the excuse for martial law prior to the coming election or as a plan B if Hillary is indicted !

      20. I’m reminded of dear old departed Leonid Brezhnev. OK, yes, this is apocryphal, but still…

        The story goes Leonid Brezhnev had his ancient grandmother visit him at his office in Moscow when he was leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Brezhnev proudly showed her his many Zil limousines – all left running for whenever his whims demanded – the Italian marble floors in his private bathroom, the gold plated handles on his mahogany desk, all his dachas, his multiple fine silk suites in his closets, and much, much more.

        Finally, the end of the day came, and all the assistants, servants and aides went home. After everyone had left, the aged grandmother looked around very, very carefully, then sidled up as close as she possibly could to her grandson and whispered very, very quietly in his ear:

        “This is all very well, Leonid. But… what if the Communists come???”

      21. There where advertizments encouraging people to apply for food stamps. Many employers want the government EDP to subsidze their employees wages. I suppose Im hard hearted let their fat lazy asses starve. The sooner the parasitic usless eaters die off the better. Its like this Most of us here believe that A big collapse and subsequent die off is looming. Just as well get it over and done with. Why prolong the inevitable? And folks cant live off the extra fat. When you are starving the first to be consumed by the body is muscle because its protein. the blubber fat is the last to go. Just how pitiful is a person so helpless they cant even feed themselves? And yes I would let children the sick and elderly starve. My responsibility is to me and mine.

        • “The children” are used by the EBT gang right now, and would be used to get you to let down your guard.

      22. Does anyone have a good recipe for turning the useless eaters into pet food? 🙂

        • You got to get one of those big whale pots,,,

        • Industrial Wood Chipper comes to mind.

        • Won’t work, too much fat…

          • John,
            Freeze them first.

            • rellik.

              Damn! Hard core.

          • roasted over an open fire, with all that FAT, snappin, and poppin’, with all that smoke hangin’ in the air, it would be hard for the dawgs to resist.

            • You all are joking right about feeding the sheeple to the dogs? I wouldn’t feed my dog them. They are full of all kinds of drugs, crack, cocaine,alcohol, birth control pills. Yuk!

          • js–
            Candles, or rendered into lamp oil, maybe?

            • It’s nice to see all the creative ideas when people put their minds together. I especially like buttcrackofdoom’s idea–because excess fat and water run through the wood ashes to make lye could turn the “leftovers” into soap.

              • Damn Luke,soap…..?I really hope before you render the flesh you skinned em first,you did……right?Why you ask,well…..lampshades buddy.

                • Human Soap and Lamp shades made of human skin by the nazis has all been totally Debunked long ago as a total false claim to create more compassion for the tribe as well as more tons of white guilt.

                  And it did work for quite some while eh!

                  However the current stats on totally Debunked Hoax claims is probably around 98% now proven as totally False claims/hoaxes/stories period. Including that famous “six Million number”!

                  do the research as its all online easy to find.

      23. I wouldn’t wanna give my pets 2nd rate rations? Otherwise, check with Zimbabwe. They have MANY ‘stewed’ recipes as does ‘sudo america’ (South America).

        • 🙂

      24. “Save Money. Live Better.”

        h ttp://

        Walmart Is One Of The Biggest Beneficiaries Of Food Stamps

        h ttp://

      25. Whether or not this is all true I do not know but it is true that millions are on food stamps. And it burns my ass to see these chimps with 6 kids by 7 different daddy’s sayin ” I canx a feed my babeez “. Really ? U been on food stamps for years or generations and don’t have some canned goods or spaghetti or something like that in your hud house? That’s your own god dam fault. I don’t mind helping working people but these leeches on society need sterilized. Same goes for the white trash that sells their food stamps to buy pills. U cut out these handouts for 6 months you’d see these lazy shits get a job including the ones on ” disability “. Once again if u deserve it fine but the system is full of bums. Yes there’s free rubbers u can get at health Dept so u goobers don’t have so many mouths to feed. U have to jump thru paperwork 6 feet high to adopt a kid but if 2 morons that can’t afford one have one perfectly legal. I would sterilize all kids at high school graduation then and only then later on if they are stable have it reversed. Sure lets let in millions more immigrants. No financial problem there when there on welfare or laying in the prisons playing x box and getting 3 squares a day. Wtf is wrong with people!? I can only imagine what a month with no food stamps would do to the landscape. Probably no city left.

        • My next-door-neighbor is on disability, and I regularly see her out running one to two miles

          Nice non-work if you can get it, I guess….

      26. Burn to the ground. Its done.

      27. Oh and just saw where bill gates wants to get chicken farming started in Africa. Fuck him. Got people here need help. Vets for one. Those chimps didn’t make him his fortune

        • Bill Gates is not the philanthropist he pretends to be. The vaccines he sends to Africa are laced with chemicals and God knows what in a effort to reduce the population. He is a Globalist who wants the world population reduced by about 75%. Those chicken farms will probably become ground zero for some kind of disease outbreak.

        • You had me rotflmao. Best laugh I had all day

      28. Of course people are going to riot if they are denied their entitlements. Our well meaning system has created a system full of helpless people.

      29. This is simply a gentle reminder to the Democrats who forgot to vote for Hillary in the primary whose hand it is that feeds them.

      30. How could any store, that employs so many, get away with such lousy pay that ALL employees (most that is) easily qualify and receive food stamps? It doesn’t make a lick of damned sense to me, and danged if I would work my ass off for peanuts.
        You’d do better managing your own mini-farm and selling the produce (vegetables, ‘oinkers'(Black Pigs) and pre-cooked snake meats (‘smoked’ is great stuff and quite life-sustaining).

        • they only have part time employees.

      31. FYI I read that ALL states, excluding seven, have changed their eligibility rules for getting EBT benefits. The changes are basically if you are able-bodied and have no dependents, you must work for the state up to 35 hours per week volunteering or you must go through their job placement programs to show you are actually looking for work. Obviously, a good thing and long overdue…Maybe some of these people should open their mail?!. Now, that being said, I am sure the more they press the Americans to get back to work, the more money they have available for all the immigrants they are bringing over. Needless to say, I made a trip to the store today and bought extra’s:)

        • Hope you’re right…

          • well, I know I’m right about the changes, but when it comes to the fall-out from that…who knows! The last time they had a “technical glitch” aka test, all hell broke loose. Too many people are dependent on the working people and with the influx of migrants headed our way, and being offered benefits as soon as their feet touch American soil, god only knows how this will turn out. Not good I’m sure:(

      32. This is a Beta Test by the government. They want to see where the initial “Hot-Spots” are.
        Simple really…

      33. I just love it to see all these entitlement folks just scream that they aren’t getting there entitlements. Who In the HELL made them entitled???

        Who going to pay for MY what ever? Figure it out and pay for it your self!!!!!!

        My family has had the Big “C” and we have had to pay for it our self. No Guberment hand outs.

        Let them riot they just burn down and damage there own stuff. When the or if they come into my HOOD. They won’t be rioting any more.


        • Sgt. Dale, same here. That’s what “liberty tools” are for.

      34. The establishment are going to continue providing food assistance. Food stamps have been around at least since the 70s. No living wage jobs, not even able to afford the cost for a shack lifestyle. Lifes necessities increasingly priced out of reach and rising. Not a chicken in every pot but a chicken shit psychopath gang of murderers who only care about their net worth. Not even human.

      35. You can be sure when the funding for the EBT program is drying up that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and others is not far behind. As for Social Security, that money belongs to the people who paid (and not by choice) into that program. The gov’t of course may opt to not disburse it to the lawful recipients but they have no moral right to confiscate our money.
        The priority of TPTB is to change the demographics of the country as soon as possible, and to create a one-party nation. Our money, collected taxes, and all the money that can be borrowed or created is being used to carry out policies for that purpose. Gov’t does not now, nor will it ever pay back what it owes. You see, gov’t will get away with not paying their debts because when it all becomes unavoidably due the country will have a large enough segment of third-world people used to living under corrupt and dictatorial gov’t, and accustomed to living poor and powerless, and the gov’t will just do what it wants with no real opposition.
        The fiscal situation of the fed. gov’t is dire, absolutely desperate; it won’t be too long before the gov’t will consider in earnest confiscating all retirement accounts and pension plans by requiring those funds to be converted into a variety of treasuries. Of course if you don’t like it you will branded as greedy, or unpatriotic or some other PC bullsh*t. Having wealth and being freely able to do with as you please is exercising personal power. The gov’t despises that exercise of self-determination; without being invloved in some manner to control every aspect of people’s lives.
        The well is dry NOW. Money is borrowed and spent not necessarily for the greater good, but for the expediancy of special interests and gov’t social policies that will only serve to bring about a society that will be easy to control. A society that will never be united as a whole against TPTB. Wealth is power, they don’t want you to have it. That’s one reason they did not hesitate to pass all these trade agreements with other countries. The middle class, the most despised class, has taken the brunt of a general loss of jobs, personal wealth and property, and with that our power. After all, this serves the “elites” goals.
        The legal machinery is now in place to bring about these things. Society only has some semblance of order because of of all the freebies (EBT, welfare, Section 8 housing, free medical care, school breakfasts and lunches, public education; even cell phones, computers, Internet, cars, etc.), and everyone knows it. The very first principle I was taught in an economics class was there is no such thing as a free lunch, somebody has to pay. The fiscal situation is simply untenable, if fact it is so bad it can not be truthfully admitted to or the consequences. The gov’t must have more and more money, regardless of elections there is no doubt working people will see greater confiscation of their incomes.
        The mentality of entitlement has now been ingrained in several generations. When the sh*t hits the fan be prepared for incredible violence and out of control crime, following that will be martial law. We don’t have to speculate on the likely chain of events, it’s just a matter of cause and effect. Besides, there are people telling in detail what they would do, just check out videos all over the Internet. Plan for this eventuality.

      36. I don’t care what the free shit bums do. It used to bother me that people got free shit while I work all the time. I don’t care anymore. Got my own plans. If the free shit bums can’t eat without gov feeding them they won’t be a threat to me. When the food carpet is pulled out from under them they will be starving not me. A free shit army can’t march on empty stomachs. We have nothing to fear.

        • Amen, brother, amen. They will be easy for the government to round up, too.

          How? Tell them to line up if they want to eat. Of course there will be armed guards to make sure everyone minds their manners while waiting at the local feeding station. Not having food will make these people easy to control. That was the goal all along. Control. People that don’t realize that free $hit comes with strings attached will find out soon enough. They are living on the government plantation. Which means you obey the masters or you starve or end up slaughtered. Of course people can leave the plantation but most don’t realize that is an option and, having gone to government schools, they can’t even figure out how to leave.

      37. I find the callousness of the people who would actually welcome the starvation of the people getting food stamps to be psychopathic insensitivity; absolutely devoid of sympathy, criminally superficial and disgustingly inhumane.

        With that said, it is high time to change the way in which food subsidies are handled. Some suggestions:
        1. Loans not hand outs.
        2. Garnish wages to repay loans.
        3. Employers must cooperate without prejudice.
        4. Foods should be limited to staples.
        5. Marriage should be for a lifetime. End no fault divorce.
        6. Write BASTARD on the birth certificate of children born out of wedlock
        ……(this is not out of malice but out of sincere sympathy because downplaying the tragedy of fatherless children is the root cause of much of the poverty of the poor. Anything that would discourage promiscuity and support stable homes should be considered.). What do you suggest?
        7. Overturn Free Trade
        8. Require employers with more than ten employees to offer full time employment.
        9. Drive the mega stores back. Encourage small business and entrepreneurship.

        • Yup, you still can’t have my stored food!

        • I think George Washington said that the best way to lift people out of poverty is to make them uncomfortable in it.

          I do not look forward to the sight of starving children, but there are only two kids in the world who I have any responsibility to keep from starving.

          • Agree on all points and I like that quote by the way !

            If the American people knew how many crimes were actually committed by illegal aliens, they would have a very different perspective, even the lefties. But this data is not allowed to be exposed by most states or the fed. If you remember during the last census, they were not allowed to ask of legal presence or anything else. Most Police and other supposed protective agencies do not keep or release such records because they have been threatened not to by this regime one way or another. The only state I am aware of that does is Texas. and their numbers are beyond startling and alarming. 625,000 crimes committed by illegal aliens and counting !
            This link also explains some of the cover up

            We have all been setup and betrayed by our own government and all very deliberately !

        • It’s time to cull the herd anyway. Way too many freeloadin’ drug addicts n’ people that make it their job to scam the system. Civil war, as ugly as it would be, might be necessary to hit the restart button. Especially since the idiots that we have in Congress and the Wh, are only in it for their own sake. Power n’ money is all they care about.

          • What we are seeing today is all about a culling of the herd and complete control of all who dissent !

        • BofC: that is rich considering you regulary post anti-Semitic comments. Hate is acceptable if it is your kind of hate, isn’t that how your thinking goes? It’s okay to rag on Israel and Jewish folks but don’t say anything about freeloaders that think the world owes them?

          Reality isn’t a fucking Hallmark Card. When SHTF and people are hungry things will get real. Once reality hits and people start facing starvation, or hunger, as a way of life, all of that sympathy will disappear.

          Fantasies are easy. Reality is hard.

          • Anon: Is a Grade A Fool!

            Why do You anaon still buy into such nonsensical Crapola that it is somehow wrong and bad and antisemitic for folks to speak out or write about various bads and wrongs when done by jewish peoples?

            Watch much pastor Hagee TBN TV perhaps eh?

            Plus as Recent as 2012, december, DNA Evidence proof solid has been Published in Johns Hopkins prestigious med journal monthly, that at LEAST 98.5% of ALL worldwide who call self jewish are actually a Khazar racial Mixture period.

            And furthermore That 2012 DNA Proof, is the Exact Same results as prior written of in as Far back as 1905-1920’s-up to and including the 1980’s eras within the Jewish Almanacs that…

            “it is Wrong and totally Inaccurate to call ancient biblical Hebrews and Israelites from the 12 tribes a “jew” when makeing a compariosn to Modern day jews”

            And likewise it is totally inaccurate to equate modern day jewish people with those biblical hebrews and israelite tribes since as Khazars they are really Edom.

            A Khazar is a racial Mixture of. HUNN+TURK+MONGOL+Caucasion…And they didn’t even Convert To Babylonian Talmudic Judaism untill around 745 to 750 A.D era!….Thats 100% Facts and now proved Via DNA period.

            Edom aka Esuas decendants! aka edomites!

            Now go research such jewish almanacs, and that Johns Hopkins DNA stuff and wake up to real reality as to just how hugely You fell for their many hoaxes and flat out lies etc.

            A person is Not an antisemite simply because they actually call a jew a jew! Get the Memo.

      38. B from Ca,
        You are a character.
        I grew up in south east LA
        county area and I have a very
        different view of your world.
        1) People are responsible for their
        life decisions, good or bad.
        2) Government is a bad thing, only to be allowed
        when big things like war, post offices, money, and external treaties are necessary.
        3) If you can legally get rich go for it. Don’t be surprised if
        we turn you into soap and lampshades when we find out you cheated.
        4) Feed every body, except Moslem’s, their Allah will sustain them on some really crappy food.
        5) There is a rule which is why phone numbers are 7 digits long,
        5 plus or minus two is all most humans can memorize.

      39. GET A JOB BITCH

      40. Relic:
        I can understand everything but number three.
        What do you think I cheated. I am not on food stamps or government assistance.

        Lamp shades and soap. Is that a reference to the mythical holocaust? Don’t you know that even the professional holocaust community admit that the claims of soap were hogwash. Jerez. I agree that government should not be in the business of supporting these people. Where I disagree is that we could ease them out rather than just cut them off without warning. Some of these people really are victims, having been raised by people who were on assistance. They need to be gently pushed to do for themselves. You just want to shove them. It doesn’t have to be that way. I am probably just as dedicated as anyone here who wants a responsible, hard working citizenry. I am in favor of the gentle firm approach, not the beat them, shoot them, starve them tough guy crap that never happens anyway. So keep proposing we just let them starve and the bleeding heart liberals will point out your cruelty. And nothing will change.

        • Relic:
          I agree with number two and it is a very good goal which could be accomplished without turning America into a battlefield by taking incremental steps in that direction.

      41. Looks to me that y’all are divided even within yourselves (and HARDLY conducive to what GOD would preference you do!), and therein not too very many will make it (you don’t have a clue HOW to ‘make it’ …and reading all the books in the world will not help you when faced with “the real deal”).

        Veterans (combat-veterans), LEOs and ‘the like’ are about the only ones with “burnt-in” reactives to most all unfavorable scenarios …and everyone else will just be “making their best guess” based upon tons of flawed if not ignorant ‘thinkings’ written solely to get your money and not ‘up your chances of survival’. In short, if you’ve no experience in such things, then you most likely will make an error at a devastating price.

        But, since is NO shortage of “hot-heads and know-it-alls”, THEY will be (and always have been) the first bodies to be piled high and torched …and so history once again repeats itself. A-fuckin’-mazing.

        • Moose, I agree on all points. Especially about prior life experiences.

          How many supposed prepper type sites are run by people who actually have been in a fire fight or surrounded by NVA numerous times and looked at death square in the eyeballs many times ?

          How many have gone without a bath for long extended periods or hot food ?

          How many have humped considerable weight in temps near 120 degrees on a regular basis and lived in more or less squalor and fear 24/7 ? and how many accepted their own death ?

          How many actually know their own limits and abilities and not just some sort of premise they got from someone else ?

          How many have never even been in a fist fight and yet they speak of such things as if they know what they are talking about ?

          How many have experienced real violence up front and personal and know how to survive it from first hand experience ?

          And how many just repeat what they get from others only to sell people junk that they not only don’t need but is likely quite useless in a real life scenario/emergency ?

          The answer is simply , very few ! Most folks have been caught up in fantasy and internet marketing and they think they are survivors ? They think they are well informed and prepared when they cannot even run 100 yards without a likely heart attack. So there is much more to the entire story and a far better way to live and think ! Most is simply common sense and some comes from real life experience that others can also use to their benefit if they choose to do so ? Rather simple and obvious stuff !

      42. The woman in the video states that she only has $0.17 on her EBT card but should have $1050.00!!!!! What the hell?!

        My wife works in a grocery store. She tells me that many people have multiple EBT cards with some of the cards having large amounts of money even though it is the end of the month! After buying food with EBT cards, these same people go to the main desk and buy $50 plus worth of lottery tickets/scratch-off tickets.

        Americans have become emotionally crippled by our government – entitlement is a way of life for many people white and black.

        Gird your loins, America, and buy ammo!!

        • It’s a common practice to sell EBT cards for half of their value in cash. Lots of store owners buy them, too.

          Then buy drugs and liquor with the cash, while the card holder buys T-bone steaks for himself or the store owner ‘buys’ his own merchandise with the card balance.

      43. Oh brother! This nonsense will have the coons all fired up and burning down the down cities around the country, good whatever, just do it and act like the true savage ass apes that you really are in life. . . . . . . . . .yawn…………

      44. My fellow WHITE AMERICANS: Get your guns, ammo, food and water up and ready for some potential use and target practice my friends….defense whats yours…

      45. I’m so sad that someone who has never worked in their life has a problem with the freebies we have provided for her life and now the 6 children’s lives. GET A JOB! WORK! That’s how the rest of the world and US do it.

      46. The federal government going rabid about citizens having foreign bank accounts comes into focus with this article. Those people are preparing a backup finance against a potential U.S. economic collapse. The government does not like people being able to manage their own lives in a crisis. It diminishes the effectiveness of creating a financial crisis, diminishes the resulting level of government totalitarian control. They already penalize people for leaving the country. It may not be long before the Progressives are promoting border walls, and not to limit illegal migration into the U.S.

      47. Gee lets invite more illegal aleins to join our soup lines.

      48. Let them Riot.. Those we kill protecting ourselves those rioters can cannibalize…






      52. Here is most likely the cause of the reports;

        The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA) limits the receipt of SNAP benefits to 3 months in a 36-month period for able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) who are not working at least 80 hours per month, participating in qualifying education and training activities at least 80 hours per month, or complying with a workfare program. Individuals are exempt from the time limit if they are:

        Under 18 or 50 years of age or older,
        Responsible for the care of a child or incapacitated household member,
        Medically certified as physically or mentally unfit for employment, pregnant, or
        Already exempt from the general SNAP work requirements. [United States Department of Agriculture, accessed 1/21/16]

        2008 recession allowed states to suspend this provision. Now 22 states have reactivated this statute. Most folks getting free stuff for eight years figure it will be for life. These folks probably aren’t the type to read any mailed literature from the government unless it is accompanied with more goodies like phones.

      53. The states should have soup kitchens instead of EBT cards, so that they could control the fact that these people were really eating, not buying junk. See how many would show up then, for some healthy food for their kids.

      54. North Carolina here. EBT works fine as of yesterday, 6/17/16, but there are food shortages. Was at Sam’s Club yesterday and their meat dept was almost entirely empty as well as other sections.

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