Record Debt Dangling Over A Cliff: “We all Know How This Party is Going to End”

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 74 comments

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    Global Economic Crisis

    At some point, sooner or later, someone is going to have to pay the debts, but everyone will scramble to avoid holding the bag. But in the end, the chaos and panic may leave many with nothing at all.

    An end to the massive, unlimited money printing at the Federal Reserve, and the management of risks in the financial markets is making for a difficult situation to reconcile. A credit crunch era is upon us, a contracting of the money supply. Rising costs of living and a dry-up of worthwhile opportunities for advancement have put the American people in a holding pattern of stagnation and decline.

    Everything has been written off, and a controlled demolition is ultimately the best possible outcome, as dark as it is.

    People have been engineered for a fall, and it is only a matter of time before things go south.

    The forecast remains dark because of the looming, apocalyptic factors that have driven up a phony stock market surge that is really a devastating bubble waiting to burst into total disaster.

    Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog speaks with financial markets expert Karl Denninger, who foresees a gloomy turn of event:

    Karl Denninger, a professional trader, says the financial markets look eerily like they did just before the “dot-com bust” (2000) and the financial meltdown of 2008. Denninger explains, “This is the same sort of situation we are in today. Nobody knows how long it will go on, but you are in a place right now with record margin debt in the United States. That’s very, very dangerous because at the point the margin calls start, the cascade is almost impossible to stop. You’ve got imbalances throughout the system.

    You’ve got the Federal Reserve where it has to start taking risk off the balance sheet. . . . We all know how this party is going to end. The building is going to catch on fire, and the door is one person wide, and there are 15,000 people in the room. The problem is figuring out how far it goes. At the point the market wakes up to the fact that none of this is going to get resolved at all—ever, that’s when it comes apart. . . . Risk/reward is in a bad place right now. P/E numbers are very high, and the growth numbers are very low.”

    Smart money was largely not in the stock market to begin with.

    Hold on to what you’ve got, and make sure you’ve hedged against all the major inevitabilities. Stock up, save up, diversify into cash holdings, commodities like gold and silver and the essentials you would need to survive – even if you lost your job, if the stock market crashes, or if people in general exploded into a wave of violent and destructive unrest.

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      1. Looks like more doom porn.
        Wife is making bread today,
        we quit buying bread from the
        store in January.
        This will be our first soft
        white wheat loaf.

        • I put eggs in the dough if i want it fluffy,, made a pizza last night and baked the remainder of dough into a couple baguettes and flat bread,,, made basic recipe
          6-7 cups flour
          3 cups warm water
          2 TBS yeast
          1.5 TBS salt
          1/2cup olive oil
          1/2 cup italian seasoning
          Mixed it in my mixer,
          Let it set,
          30 minutes
          Rolled out pizza crust
          After dinner just covered it and left it over night
          This morning made rest of bread,,

          I add eggs and sugar and butter and leave out the seasonings and olive oil and make cinnamon rolls with same dough, or add 1 cup butter and 8 eggs and make a nice brioche

          • yummy!

            • Yes it is!
              The pizza was excellent too, a little sauce, some nice italian sausage, ant mozarella, yum

              • thanks, i got a similar recipe, but yours mite just be an improvement…so i will try it.

                • I added the italian seasoning just for the hell of it one day, good stuff, when its warm can sit and eat it like chips with a little butter, just bad news for the fat factory,,,
                  I make flatbread with it, roll it out and put it on a baking sheet, then cut it into squares before baking, about 4×4 or so, real good for burger buns like that,

                • You, me and Rellik are all sorta in the same boat,
                  Sitting in the middle of a sea of libturds,,,
                  I cant even stand to read any news anymore because its all just a pain in the ass,
                  Even listening to the radio, only thing i like listening to anymore is the local country station, sure as hell cant handle the TV set on any MSM stations,
                  WTF has happened to people?
                  Its like they have taken a big swig of mental retard juice!

                  • america really has lost it’s collective mind….but i DO enjoy watching trump sign legislation that infuriates the dim-o-cRATs….there’s a lot MORE to like on fox, and better yet, ONE AMERICA NEWS these days.

                    • BTW, america, what CAN’T be paid back, WON’T be paid back!

                    • I think thats what i like about it too, can picture him sitting in the oval office with that smug look on his face just knowing he is freaking people out making them run about like a bunch of lemmings,
                      I didnt vote for Trump because he was the best, i voted for him because i knew he would be the biggest asshole midle finger to the establishent possible, they can cram their political correct self riteous bullshit

                    • there’s a LOT i don’t like about trump, but i think he will be the best choice….even if we would have had OTHER, supposedly “good republicans” running…..we made a great choice. i’m VERY proud to say i voted for him.

                    • we need term limits so we can fire them crooks after four or five years. and no pay after they get out………….i lost my military pay after i was discharged………same for them. politicians were mostly all lawyers… they resign the bar so they can look respectable. what a joke. a leopard cannot change his spots. scooterdog

        • “Everything has been written off, and a controlled demolition is ultimately the best possible outcome, as dark as it is.”

          Yes, someone will be left “holding the bag” with the next crash, just like the last crash. BTW, who owns the lion’s share of the debt ???

          The banks. More Fear Porn. 🙂

          • Any one else having trouble loading website on desktop? I’m having to read on my phone or tablet.

            • Ive had trouble connecting with my laptop. Finally gave up and used my brother’s phone … Which did work btw!









          • 101 reasons why they can stuff their collections and better bring those long black bags when they come for me as i aint going anywhere

        • Good to hear smart people start to bake their own white bread.

          Making our own bread is so easy and cost effective in long run.

          I used to feel sorry for those who still purchase bread from supermarket or bakery. The price per loaf goes up everytime I check I. The breads section in supermarket not to say bakery!

          I collected many recipe to make biscuits , deserts, pizza … on.

          We save large amount of cash from bakery, they are charging too much.

          My white bread only cost about 2 dollar per loaf or slightly less than that.

          We can’t consume one whole loaf of white bread within 3 days, therefore we share with the poor and needy or turn to other forms of desert. After all , they are mostly flour!

          This should be the way we live to cut grocery bills!


      2. More of the same we know it cannot​ last but it has been on going since Nixon closed the gold window.

      3. “We all know how this is going to end”.Yep,with Warchild cracking the seal on a bottle of good ole #7,with a smug yet not helpful phrase in me mind of “Paranoid huh,I told ya’s!”

        • Yep Gin and Tonic watching the sunset. Silver is picking up steem. Prosperity will be made with multiple streams of income. Anybody over 16 in your household better have a paying job and contribute to the family. Teach good work ethics at an early age. Teach entrapranuralship and creativity early in life. Learn many skills so you can fix everthing yourself. Be resourceful and invest in your knowledge and skill sets and tools. All of this will lead to a successful life with ambition. Remember sucessful people do the hard sh!t lazy people fail to do. Be the master of your domain. Dont be a Slave or a victim. Now get out there and kick some ass!!

          • There he goes bragging about his silver again. Me. Me. Me. I. I. I.

            • Anon again jealous he’s got no Silver. Did you read the article dipstick?? Here I will cut and paste it till it sinks in your minimal brain.

              “Hold on to what you’ve got, and make sure you’ve hedged against all the major inevitabilities. Stock up, save up, diversify into cash holdings, commodities like gold and silver and the essentials you would need to survive”

              Got it?

              • Big hat, no cattle. Seen a million braggarts in my life. Those that have don’t boast.
                Those that know don’t listen to amateurs, charlatans and bigmouths. Keep talking
                and I will keep laughing.

        • I already knew, got a 20 year old “Gold” wired bottle of Pinch ready. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of sacred oxes being gored

        • Have one for me too bud,,
          Im surrounded by whitless wonders who will be crying for the authorities to save them

          • we should send them to the witless protection program.

      4. We may think we know how its gonna end. However I would have thought it would have collapsed years ago. And today the DOW is above 20,000. We don’t know the how why or when. Maybe HICKS NIBIRU? Where is HICKS anyway? Did the Nut House finally catch him?

        • Right there with you. HCKS called to end way back in April last year. We have all been wrong. Who the hell knows how long this can go on.

        • The DOW above 20,000. Somebody needs to jump out of a cake.

          • Close, he jumped out of a window another banker bit the dust. 🙂

            • DK, many more where he came from.

              • Many more going where he went. 🙂

      5. Yep. Total disaster. Until then…

        Another Cigar on a peaceful night. Anyone see the awesome crescent Moon? It’s really lit.

        • Yes.

          _ ? _


      6. I don’t know how or when its(economy) going to end. I guess when the ptb decides it’ll go down. What comes out of it won’t be pretty. Might see if the fish are biting in the mornin’. Go drown a minnow or two anyways.

        • As long as people can pay their bills, that’s how long this scam will go. As soon as the majority wake up and stop paying Bills, Debts and Taxes, and the revenue stops flowing up to the elite, they will then start the mass extermination on the revolters. So make sure you got plenty of Guns and Ammo prior to stop paying the beast. And most likely it will be a false flag, fraud to lend them as excuse for the round up and genocide.

          The IRS is a scam from the Get GO. The US was set up by England as another revenue source. We have been in debt to King George since the 1770’s. And the IRS is the Debt master arm to England that keeps those PTB in England in Power and Very Rich.

          Go Look up IRS Publication 6209 to see who owns you and I.

      7. Nice work, socialists. Last I looked, the cost for your War on Poverty was, by some estimates, ~ 20 trillion since the 1960s. Done a lot of good, hasn’t it. And it’s sister program, the Model Cities prog., had as it’s first major city to adopt it none other than Detroit. Double the good work, lefties.

        Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, who served in the Treasury under Reagan and is now at Boston Univ. at one point said if you took ALL unfunded liabilities, the debt is not ~ 20 trillion, but $222 trillion. This number has bounced around a bit, but is around that. Some places to verify this figure:, or Or just google his name

        • Thats funny shit

        • no child left a dime!

      8. “At some point, sooner or later, someone is going to have to pay the debts”

        I’m not too sure about that. If liquidity evaporates as loans go bad, the inverse of “Fractional Reserve Banking”, and fiat currency fills the void, they can potentially dance to this tune indefinitely.

        It took a long time to get through my self educated head (with gaps here, there and everywhere) that money has no real value and loans only need to be repaid by us the little guy. In the big leagues its just numbers on a sheet.

        • Trump is the king of corporate bankruptcy,,,
          I cant wait for the gov to shut down,,,
          Let the mayhem commence!

      9. “sooner or later, someone is going to have to pay the debts”

        Its a difficult concept to grasp but if all of the debts got paid there would be no money.

        • Debts from fiat. Paper Gold. Numbers in a computer system.

          Reminds of an old Star Trek show, wherein they found these aliens, whom tired of wars that destroy buildings and property, etc. Decided to adopt a digital war, where if a blip lighted up on your map. People in the area of the map were considered casualties, and instructed to kill themselves by walking into special chambers for disintegration.


        • a month or so ago someone explained it to me that the debts will never be repaid.

          the bankers only want the interest paid, not the principal. That way they continue to collect $s forever.

          and he also said if all of the debts got paid there would be no money.

          We the People are debt slaves in a debt nation. We have never been nor will we ever be… FREE.

          • Grandee, you are absolutely correct.

      10. Quick question to all:If the dollar were to collapse overnight and its value turned to zero,given that majority of all debt(credit cards,mortages,car loans,etc)are valued in US dollars,wouldnt the debt,be deemed worthless as well?

        • Yes but u can bet they would still want their pound of flesh

          • I could spare a pound of FAT. (LOL)

            If it does fall apart who going to come collecting????

            Pound of LEAD is what they might get!!!!


            • I like how you think sarge,,,,
              Going to paint my super duty a different color and make fake plates,,, that should throw em off

              • on denninger’s site, he says he has NO gold, and it won’t be worth having, so i/m going to gold-plate the door handles on my tundra ….i didn’t watch the version here, but at the end of version on his website is where he says no, don’t buy gold….interesting that HERE mac is saying in the last line, BUY GOLD! to protect yourself……i DO believe gold will have it’s day.

                • What is gold useful for? What everyday task or activity requires gold. If I owned gold I would sell it and buy something I could use and enjoy at present. The lions share of native americans considered gold as worthless. And I share that opinion. I don’t own any debt or morgages. Never owned a credit card. Lead is useful you can solder with it. you can make fishing sinkers or bulletts. Ive got a couple 5 gallon buckets of wheel weights. Steel is better than lead you can forge or cast it into anything you want. Gold like Tulip Bulbs is only desired or considered valuable because of a perceived fake valuation.

                  • Im with you,
                    One ounce of gold is a shiny little trinket, less than 2″ round, 1200$+
                    For that i can buy 6 cowhides, or more, or a ton and a half of the granular organic fertilizer i use, what do you think is more useful?

                    • When you have to Bug Out which will be easier to carry? Gold or your ton of salt licks. And what will you have to abandon to save your life?

                  • “What is gold useful for?” it’s a store of value. it’s compact, and easy to carry….and it can be pretty too(jewelry)…..i have E V E R Ything i need to survive….my assets are VAST compared to my peers, but if i DID need sumthin’, i would convert some gold to MONEY, and purchase it. a hundred years ago you could buy a nice suit for an ounce of gold, and you still can today. the cash i got for my house 3 years ago, that is sitting in the bank is worth MUCH less than it was three years ago, thanks to inflation, but my gold is worth MORE FRN’s than when i started buying it back then, and I believe it will be worth considerably more someday….NEVER sell your gold…… but y’all with no disposable cash will never understand that, and you’ll be forever talking U.S. “goldbugs” down…..i got broad shoulders. and keep on sellin’ yer gold cheap, like you have been….and i will keep buyin’…i’m just thankful the FED’s been pushin’ the price down, so i can afford more… the stock-market, you only want prices HIGH when you are SELLING. i see the markets priced to perfection….and i’m placing my MONEY where my mouth is. i placed a bet when i sold my house 3 years ago. i placed a bet when i bought gold with that money. i placed a bet when i spent all that money on preppin’. i placed a bet when i put what was left in the bank….SOME of these bets will pay off….i’m sittin’ pretty.

                    • Do you know what a shot glass was for 200 yrs ago in the wild west? You put down a silver coin for a glass of whiskey. If you didn’t have any money you put down one bullet and you got a “shot” glass of whiskey!

                • I barely pay the bills on any given month, gold is the last thing ill be buying, for me its more attainable production related items,
                  My focus is on getting hardware together to run the farm sustainably and keep the soil covered with vegetation, thats something i can work towards, can actually acheive, and will pay me back in one way or another over an extended period of time,
                  If the dollar is worthless, i doubt theres going to be people trading gold for stuff, it could be handy to have to trade with the dentist or doctor but most peeps will be in the same broke boat ill be in, a big bag of veggies will be more valueable when a dollar is worth less than the bag your giving the veggies to your neighbor in,

                  • I somehow ended up on Youtube reading and watching about Augason Farms 48 hr bucket of survival food for $20 !!! Enough food for 4 people and will last 20 or 25 yrs. Go on the Walmart site and order one and they will ship it to your local walmart to be picked up. You give your email or ph nu and they will contact you when it comes in . Only takes a few days. Beats coming thro the mail. Looks like good food. A little high in sodium but i guess yu can eat smaller portions or save for when “friends” come to the door….soup, pancakes, pasta…i forget what else.

      11. Faux:

        Know what you mean. That was the original series. ” A Taste of Armageddon” First season, stardate 3192.1 Original air date 2/23/67 Excellent show.

      12. God, Guns, Gold, Ground, Grub, Groups. Pray… Plan… Prep…. Form Teams. From where I sit and the agency I work for…. It will start to get ugly soon. Warmer weather will bring out much worse protests and many other issues.

        • Warmer weather always brings out the worst. Sit tight and let the fools regulate each other.

      13. Unpayable debt. Unfunded liabilities. Currency becoming worth less every year. Keep printing until the money finally buys nothing or default. There are variations of default. Partial or full. Give away national resources as collateral. It really is not a good scenario at all. I’m still amazed at how long they have been able to stretch this out. The bottom line is we get the bill and the suffering when it goes south.

      14. For as long as there is plenty of oil there can be no collapse. For as long as you got the fuel to make things and make things move you can create the debt. Imagine the year is 2060 and although this website and some of the posters here will have been dead for decades, this debt based socialistic system will still be functioning only if oil is plentiful. Of course a mile wide rock falling from space, 10.0 earthquake in the largest of metro areas, nuke plant meltdowns, wars to benefit the multinational corporations, or a deadly virus are the game changers. DOW 500,000 by 2060, with a national debt of somewhere of $200 trillion. They must, and have been doing so since 1933, grow the entire pie in order to facillitate social security/medicare/medicade costs and the pension shortfalls, and they will get away with it. There will be huge bailouts coming soon, and Wall Street loves free money. It will end badly someday, but due to a shortage or disruption of goods transported, not by the mere creation of debt alone!! Weeee shall see. The way it works and has always worked has been to tack on zeros.

        • Bert

          Well put, logically connected.

        • Wouldnt even take a 10.0 but man that would be a shaker,,,,
          Have you ever been in an earthquake? A big one? I think the biggest ive experienced was in the 7. Something range, and we were camping wayyyy up on MaunaKea in a cabin, was at night, it just seemed to keep shaking, the tin roof and old windows on the cabins were rattling like crazy and you could hear game birds making all sorts of noise, till today i check myself and whats going on around me whenever i hear more than one cock pheasant going off, whenever the ground shakes they all start calling

          • Or maybe it was a bigfoot with a bad case of flatulence lol 🙂

      15. Remember Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons. He had a thing for hamburgers. His best-known line was “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger that I can eat today. America is a nation of Wimpies.

      16. Im beginning to think the debt isn’t the problem most think it is. Think about this a Million Dollars is nothing to a liar. They can have as many millions as they want!

      17. For as long as there is plenty of (high EROEI) oil there can be no collapse.

        FIFY…thanks Bert.

        Yes, the world’s economy is an energy construct, not a monetary one. Debt is a promise to gain more future joules.

        And high EROEI oil is no longer being discovered…

      18. Even the “Orange Jesus”, Don John, couldn’t make a “Miracle of the loaves” moment generate enough bread to pay off the government debt.

      19. I know a farm woman who stated in 2,000 that she and her husband signed on the dotted line in 1947. and that the debt climbed higher every year. She stated her sons had it above 2 million in 2000. and now 17 years later the old woman is taking the dirt nap. Eventually never came in her lifetime. And those sons and their children are still piling on Debt? As long a lying bankers can claim that the land and other assets have increased in value they can continue to borrow more and more money. its possible eventually will never happen in our lifetime.

      20. Ya’ll will have to excuse me now. I have to go load my guns and fill out all those checks that the credit card companies have sent me.

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