Rasmussen Poll: 31% Of Voters Think Civil War Is Likely SOON

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 111 comments

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    According to a new Rasmussen poll, 31% of likely voters believe that a Civil War is coming soon. And most voters fear that the political violence is coming from opponents of the president’s policies.

    This isn’t in contrast to the views during Barack Obama’s second term, which was that again, opponents of the sitting president’s policies were feared to be the violent ones.

    Thirty-one percent (31%) of Likely U.S. Voters say it’s likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years, with 11% who say it’s Very Likely. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 59% consider a second civil war unlikely, but that includes only 29% who say it’s Not At All Likely. (To see survey question wording, click here.) –Rasmussen Reports

    Thirty-seven percent of Democrats are fearful that a second civil war is at hand, while only 32% of Republicans and 26% of voters not affiliated with either major party feel as scared of another civil war. 59% of all voters are concerned that those opposed to President Trump’s policies will resort to violence.  33% of voters are Very Concerned. This compares to 53% and 28% respectively in the spring of Obama’s second year in office. Thirty-seven percent don’t share that concern, including 16% who are Not At All Concerned.

    Coupled with politicians making comments that elude to the belief that another civil war is imminent, and fascist groups like Antifa who have openly called for violence against those with whom they disagree, history’s future does appear rather bleak.

    The video below will give several examples of liberal business owners denying services to conservatives or Trump supporters. It also contains some cursing, however, it is all censored.

    Most voters across the partisan spectrum (from left to right) are concerned about political violence from those opposed to Trump’s policies, although Republicans are the most likely to be Very Concerned. The level of concern is about the same among Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters when it comes to the threat of violence from those critical of the media’s coverage of Trump.  Women and those under 40 are more worried about a possible civil war than men and older voters are.


    *Rasmussen Reports intends to release new data tomorrow on the level of anger voters feel toward the current policies of the federal government and the media.

    **You can read Rasmussen’s entire polling report by clicking here.


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      1. Unfortunately, a civil war may be the only way to undo the damage caused by generations of far-left political activism in our courts, our mainstream media, and our public education system.






          • I’m old. I’ve been around, lived all over the world (5 Countries) and have visited 32 countries.

            W White People have created the BEST civilization ever. When we go, the world goes.

            In realizing this, I realized that voting must ONLY be for White Males who have met requirements, or additional votes for each requirement:

            1) Own at least 5 acres
            2) Graduated from High School by age 19
            3) College degree in 5 years
            4) Receives NO welfare
            5) Served 4 years in the Military.

            more votes for:

            Being married at least 10 years
            One additional vote for each White child


            etc. Things like that. No women or Non-Whites may vote. Only White Americans (males) may own land in America because, to me, letting non-Citizens own land here is INSANE.

            These are just a few of my racist, sexist feelings about how to have the best civilization possible (but NEVER perfect) run by humans with all our faults.

            To allow women to vote can only make a society negative, overall, and to allow Non-Whites only means the destruction of the White Race since they hate us more than we hate them.

            • An IQ factor should also apply. Votes should be weighted based on each voter’s intelligence.

            • + 1000 votes!

            • An interesting idea although I dont necessarily agree with the college degree for certain careers. For all the talk about what women shouldn’t be allowed to do in society almost every post has missed the point that most girls are no longer encouraged to see the value in being wives and mothers. I personally quit a very good career to stay at home be a wife and mother and I have no regrets. But. I can tell you firsthand the ridiculous comments one recieves for choosing to give up their career and stay home. My point being the majority attitudes towards stay at home wives and mothers need to change.

            • I have suggested for years that a simple requirement for voting would be to have people get certified that they have not received money from the government for the last 12 months, anything: unemployment, social security, welfare, anything.

              You dont need a job, property, anything, just citizenship and no dole from the government for 12 months. No incentive for people to vote in those who promise them stuff. You could receive freebies help from the government, you just couldnt vote afterwards for 12 months.

          • did girls start voting in the 1950’s?


            I’m afraid that our 100 percent White Male Founding Fathers have been proven to have been 100 percent correct, when they originally restricted the right to vote to White men of good standing who were also usually required to be property owners. White men who had, as they say, skin in the game.

            I remember running across a website several years ago where someone had taken the time to study and compile the statistics on the size, scope and intrusiveness of the Federal Government before and after Women’s suffrage and the year when women were first allowed to vote (1920) and the conclusions were mind blowing.

            Liberalism is a very serious form of mental illness, and this disease can be deadly and fatal- not only to those who are afflicted with it – but anyone who is not afflicted with liberalism, but who is forced to be subjected to liberalism’s authority – can also suffer from its deadly consequences. Banning the means of self defense, i.e., firearms – or making the laws so draconian that people are unable to purchase a firearm, can leave a law abiding non-liberal citizen vulnerable to being attacked, brutally assaulted, raped or even killed – and this is only one example. There are countless more.

            Women have repeatedly shown that they are highly susceptible to catching the disease of liberalism – and that has resulted in them voting for an ever increasing and massively expensive and intrusive Federal Government – who then morphs into a Nanny State monster and seeks to micromanage the tiniest detail of everyone’s lives. Relentlessly imposing increasingly confiscatory levels of taxation upon the citizens, to pay for the endless growth and expansion of government. And, because Women scream for the Government to ‘protect’ them – the Nanny State responds by curtailing and restricting the freedoms of law abiding men.

            So, I think the 98 years of data that can be reviewed as evidence that this experiment has been a massive failure and that it has done irreparable damage to the nation as envisioned when founded by our Founding Fathers – would be grounds for ending the experiment.

            • BREAKING NEWS: LIBERAL JUDGE: Anthony Kennedy retiring from Supreme Court IN JULY 2018. Trump to appoint another Conservative Judge, and Mitch McConnell said the next Judge will be confirmed by this Nov.



              • Actually….it was “conservative” Justice Roberts who gave us the travesty of Obamacare.

                He showed himself for what he truly is…..just another deep state toadie.

            • Less than half of eligible voters even register.

          • Not you again nutcase.

          • Eisen…women were voting in 1950. Are you familiar with Teddy Roosevelts 1905 address? perhaps you would read it. Here is a link.

        • Unfortunately? Chunk, I say it is about time! Alpha-Americans must reset the pecking order. Constitutional law and order, education, Congress, the Judicial system MUST BE RESET!!

          I only pray that if God grants us this opportunity, we truly learn from past mistakes and “nip them in the bud”. The time for scratching butts and smelling fingers is over.

          • In the past week “mainstream” media have been lighting the fire, pushing civil war into our awareness. Why? What do “they” gain by a civil or racial war?

            Certainly “they” benefit in keeping all “their” victims fighting each other over skin color, distracted, so that we don’t notice who are in gated mansions comfortably counting shekels looted from us.

            Turn off your talmudvision!

            Here are some revisions to the script written by “them”:

            EDUCATE the world about the fundamentally genocidal Master Race tenets of “their” religion and the history inspired by “their” supremacism

            APPREHEND all perpetrators and accomplices of crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity—accomplices, enablers, agitators, enforcers, mouthpieces, talking heads, puppets, middle management, political prostitutes, change agents, and other collaborators

            PROSECUTE the perpetrators and accomplices in fair and open trials

            PUNISH the guilty

            REPATRIATE all ill-gotten gains, especially what has been stolen by usury, bribery, and other fraud by dynastic looters

            • leave the innocent alone!

            • Perpetrators, instigators, and profiteers—not “victims”
              judaism DOT is/perpetrators.html

              Who is human? Who is not?
              What do “they” say?
              judaism DOT is/who-is-human.html

            • I guess we can put them in FEMA CAMPS ??????

        • We need a Civil War to save ourselves. The White Race is under attack and you know it. The ONLY thing that will save us is to do what we have to do to ensure our children won’t be beaten, raped, insulted and killed. We owe it to them. And, you know it.

          • What would a civil war look like today? How would foreign enemys respond? How would alliances form? What would come about when it is over?

          • Do not forget real men are under attack too.

          • @Centurion: You need to war, you go ahead and start it. You start it, bring it to your own door step and see how fast you will perish.
            Before you preach and start something, you need to know the consequences and ramifications any action might bring.
            If you never fought the war or lived through one, then you shouldn’t be advocating it. And this is not a reflection upon God-given right to self-protection or self-preservation. In your earlier statements you said something about being white only and that only whites have to vote and such. Well, tell that to the Native Americans whose lands were confiscated by white frontiersmen? Might these poor souls have a place in your imaginary scheme? I am white, Chrstian, very right leaning, college educated individual and I DON’T support what you’re saying, not in the least!

      2. Since “everybody” is always wrong, statistically speaking and nothing happens when “everyone” thinks it will; One- Third is actually a very scary number.

        • I say let them go ahead and pick a fight with heavily armed patriots. I’ll kill them anywhere they’d like to be killed. All you gotta do is attack me.

          • They didn’t say what % are hoping for one.

      3. The MSM and libs everywhere are in panic that Donald gets to get another SC appointment with Kennedy leaving. It’s the end of democracy as we know it, blah blah.

        We can only hope Olive Oyl gets on her broom and flies off somewhere. That would open up another slot, thereby solidly fixing the court for decades.

        Sen. Mike Lee of Utah is being backed by Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. He’s a rock solid conservative and would get all of the GOP votes.

        • I’m seriously thankful for this development with the court

          • If Hillary got elected the SC would soon become the Politburo, which was Lenin’s 8 or 9 advisors who of course did his bidding.

        • “The MSM and libs everywhere are in panic”

          Yep. Don’t it just put a big ‘ole smile on your face?
          I think I’ll get me a cool one and just sit back and watch –
          with a big ‘ole smile.

          Cheers! 🙂

        • My Congressman would vote for a SC Justice that Rand Paul supports and bears the credentials you describe. I will call his office. Thank you.

        • I can’t remember what it was but I saw Michael Lee say something that I didn’t like. I’m not so sure he would be a good choice.

          I used to like him and then he said something that totally contradicted his previous position.

      4. Stuart, I NEVER accept what ANY polls are saying. I’m sure the true figure is way higher than 31%. The libturds need to be careful what they wish for because they’ll get it if they try anything. It will backfire on them seriously.

        • No doubt. I hope a damn mob of them surround me in my vehicle. Not a fucking one of them will live through it.

          • That mob is likely to have guns, you may find yourself being the one that doesn’t live through it.

            Reconsider your strategy. Wars are won by the ones that live through them, not the ones that die in futility.

            • Don’t you worry about me.

              • My nickel’s on Menzo.

                • I’ll take that bet….

                  • Then you are a fool.

                    • I hope I misunderstood. If so my bad.

        • With all due respect Braveheart, I believe your take is a tad too simplistic. The libturds are just pawns in a game. They are being manipulated, encouraged, facilitated by a quiet & clever (unseen) hand that is USING them to escalate and already tense situation. The “backfire” that you speak of isn’t a Backfire at all but the exact, intended outcome by those hiding in the shadows. If your rhetoric is more than just that, and you start hosing down libturds with your AR-15, then you too are playing right into their hand as well.
          This is MUCH more complicated than Libturds vs Conservatives..Both sides are being used and exploited and any/all violence that erupts because of it is not a “backfire to a plan.”
          Just saying..

          PS (I’m not against you in this post. Quite to the contrary, I appreciate your passion).

          • Lol you need medicine/help

          • Yourdaddy, with all due respect I appreciate your thoughts and concern. I never go looking for trouble. If I see trouble anywhere I’ll turn around and go the other way. But if trouble comes to me I’m NOT letting my opponents have their way with me. I’m aware both sides are being used. The ones ‘hiding in the shadows’ are the REAL enemy and I know those are the ones who really need to be dealt with. BTW, I’ve tried talking to the liberals in the past, all to no avail.

            • You need to eliminate the “cannon fodder” to get to the general.

          • You are correct. WE are being manipulated by the (((Organ Grinders))). They have been at this for centuries and HATE the White Race.

            War is coming. Are you ready?

          • “The libturds are just pawns in a game. They are being manipulated, encouraged, facilitated by a quiet & clever (unseen) hand that is USING them to escalate and already tense situation. ”

            Exactly. Well phrased.

          • To make sure the powers that be don’t escape the events they started. All you need to do is drive by your local private airport where they have all their corporate jets parked. Then just a few API’s to the hot section, thereby making sure the powers that be stay put, that way they can enjoy all the festivities with us, that they started.

          • yourdaddy, agree on every point.

            There will not be a civil war as imagined. There may well be some indiscriminate acts of violence by the left. But it will be dealt with quickly and snuffed out. Remember the big events of last year never materialized and there is a reason for that and it is not complicated at all. So do not play into any of the hype !

            If attacked simply defend yourself as necessary and document it if possible. The left is trying to facilitate some kind of violent events. Let them be the aggressors, just stay vigilant and well prepared for any event.

        • I was thinking the same thing. Just like most polls didn’t show the true support for Trump, I wondered if this figure is also skewed by those that would not admit to those thoughts–that third in the middle.

          The article on the poll results said that only 29% were convinced of it being unlikely.

      5. Whether or not civil war is imminent or not;

        This is the time for locales to become more strategically organized in the obvious eventuality that within the foreseeable future some type of conflict, against an opposing force based on politics, culture, or belief system is evident. We must know who is on our side and who is against us because there will be no bell ringings to announce that defense is required like we have here with this article. Better to err on the side of caution.

        We must organize our efforts locally and regionally ASAP.

        • I’m in Wyo, don’t worry, we have both liberals under surveillance at all times.

          • LOL….Thanx, I needed that…

          • Paranoid…wait, there is one liberal in Dubois, WY….so THREE ;~)

      6. I’ve been saying this for a while. I’ve seen it coming for years.

        I don’t believe it to be avoidable. The fascist/leftist-Trump Derangement-snowflakes are not going to back off..they are going to escalate.

        If anything happens to Trump (whether it is a violent act perpetrated by one of the above…or impeachment by Congress), I predict that the response will be quick and not necessarily proportional.

        This is why it is so important that we not disarm.

        This has been building up for a long time. All it will take is something to set it off and it will be on.

        The thing about these kinds of events is that once it starts, no one can say how…or when it will end.

        I can tell you this….the kind of stuff these leftist/fascists are advocating doing will not end well for them. Their violence will be handed back to them in spades.

        • Anonymous5, agreed. I’ll avoid trouble all that I can, but if it comes to me it’s going to be GAME ON.

      7. You are exactly correct, DeplorableBH.

        The game is on and I for one am sick and tired of listening to these pencil-necks act as though they have a spine.
        I want to see one!

        They mistake our patience for weakness perhaps. The level headed will prevail as long as your fist and gun is sighted in.

        • SumTingWong, you hit that one out of the park.

      8. It’s really good that these people are doing this incitement.
        Let me explain.
        It exposes them. It shows their desperation.
        It is quite frankly, a foolish approach.

        The frogs are jumping from the pot. It is a massive red pill for many.

        Johnny Depp’s reference to an actor killing a President is a reference to the Lincoln assassination.

        Johnny Depp, Madonna, Maxine Waters, and especially Peter Fonda are committing a crime. There is a law against crying FIRE in a crowded theater. Definitely, it is an incitement to violence.

        We all know that this type of speech is not protected speech. But no arrests so far.

        As for the TV people. I don’t watch TV. Those who do waste time. Time is too important to waste.

        I don’t see any civil war. I see people waking up. There will be revolutionary changes. They are happening now. A few incidents here and there, sure. But no big civil war. Hell, this is so stupid. Inside our family most are liberal and a few more conservative. What are we supposed to do, shoot half the people around the table at Thanksgiving Dinner?

        No. It is just a dream that ivory tower elites wish for.

        But, it will all backfire on them.
        It already has.


        • B, I sincerely hope you’re right about NO civil war. None of us here wants it but at this point I don’t see how it can be avoided. If the left would totally back off we might have a chance. But I’m not holding my breath on anything.

          • Well the mice can vote to bell the cat; then what?

        • As you say, let it be so. But, I pity the first libturd who detonates a bomb, fires at anyone right of center, is caught mailing fentanyl-laced messages or instigates a physical altercation.

          I hope for no civil war; though there would be nothing civil about this war should it ignite. One thing is for certain – the anti-Constitution/anti-American cr@p has to stop now and the masks have to come off. Period…..

      9. It would not last long. The majority of liberals tend to be fearful of violence when it hits home. They would start it but the retribution would be more than they can bear.

        • Those that survive would regroup and try again. They would become better at it.

          • Isn’t the definition of crazy doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results?

      10. A second civil war wouldn’t be like the first. There probably won’t be a formal declaration and it won’t be about political philosophy (liberals vs. conservatives). The level of violence will equal that in any war but the fighting will be over resources needed to survive. It’s coming without any need to promote it. (Frankly, everyone on both sides of the political spectrum seem to be promoting it.) It’s almost like America has been set up to fall. It will probably be several grain crop failures caused by cooler weather and excessive rain that causes the cards in the card house to fall.

      11. people need to consider the sources and who owns them, this is a zionist created problem, who owns the media, news orgs, and most if not all news papers,,, who is indoctrinating our kids into the planks of Marxism,If the Globalists didn’t hype the divide there would be none, this is a Communist takeover, using brainwashed dupes to do the dirty work for the elites, if they want war, they should reap the consequences

        • Anonymous has a very good point. I agree with him.

        • Anonymous says, the zionists, zionist! The zionists are blamed for everything! I hear this over and over. Tell me this, how can the Jews, whom are less than 1% of the world population, do all that Jew-haters say they do? That is insensible!

      12. Likely soon? I have news. We are already deep into a soft civil war. It simply has not become a hot civil war yet. Pray that it does not.

        • Pray that it does. It’s time to take out the trash.

          • Everything we are seeing today is transpiring precisely as Washington explained it would in his farewell address in 1796. What happens afterwards could mean the end of the Republic as we know it. I’ll take Washington’s prediction above any other.

      13. Is the civil war already here? Leftist doxx (publish private information) on LE, conservatives, etc and call for harassment. I wonder when the harassment will go violent.

      14. All it would take for a civil war(actually a war against the white race) is for the left to believe they can win that war. And we shouldn’t fall for the bait. Avoid conflict. Just take down the entire electric grid in the nation. By vandalism. That’s the best choice. That stop’s everything. I three days the citys are without food. those on the left will be fighting each other. The government will be overwhelmed. The welfare gimmie dats will be on their own. Unless we folks who have prepped are attacked on our own turf. We do nothing except make certian the electric doesn’t work. By all means if attacked on our own turf no matter by who. Be it the military, police or anyone else then we do our best to kill them and put their heads on a pike. But its better to take down the grid and let the 90% die off needed culling happen.In 90 days it will be over and done if there is no electricity. Faster if it happens during the extreme cold.

        • Old Guy speaks with great wisdom.

          The left does have the advantage of big bucks. Soros and those of that ilk will provide training, weapons, ammo, soldiers etc. necessary to carry out the mission.

          What money cannot buy is courage, fortitude, integrity, charisma, willpower and love for the American way of life – just ask any farmer. The right has all of the aforementioned qualities and will promptly relieve the subversives of their toys as they forsake them while turning tail.

          What courage does a baby murderer have? LGBT on the front line? Feminists cooking meals? They have lost already!!!

      15. Why do you think the liberals want to let all the illegals to continue to pour into the USA and other mostly White countries? Only one reason and its as apparent as the nose on our faces. Its a war on the White Race. And its been happening for a long time. The powers that be want peons and serfs. White folks do not make good peons and serfs. There is a plan to destroy the middle class. only the uber wealthy and the very poor is what they want. Think about this when the Vikings attacked they only stole women from the poor. It was the wealthy who where their main target. Now why should us preppers fight with the welfare parasites. They have nothing we need or want. Our best choice is to somehow cut off the system that sustains them. Deny them food & shelter. My opinion is to destroy the electric grid make certain its down and out across the entire nation.

        • OG,
          You and I were typing at the same time and I did not see this comment.
          You make good points.

      16. Earlier today on another post
        Old guy wrote
        “So what we must do is shut down the power grid. and make certain it stays down. Vandalism on a nation wide scale. Shoot the transformers at substations.”
        That is a sample of what 4GW civil war will be like, in my opinion.
        As Yourdaddy pointed out earlier, spraying bullets into crowds is not the way to accomplish the goal, it just gives TPTB more reason to clamp down on everyone.
        If you could interrupt power to Los Angeles county for months, I’m pretty sure they would have problems, certainly a very reduced population of Liberals.
        I don’t advocate civil war, Terrorism, nor do I violate any constitutional Federal, State, or Local laws
        however I prepare for those that do.

      17. Any thoughts on what happens AFTER a civil war? Dependimg on who wins,how are the losers treated? Extermination or Reconciliation?

        • Extermination of all Liberals. Let God sort it out.

        • After it will be a stone age existence. Clans or tribes will eventually form. It will not be a 1800,s lifestyle.

          • You have great points. Love it. However, I disagree, it will not be stone age. It will be more like 1800s but better because we have so much more knowledge, at least the preppers and non-welfare folks.

            • Just who has the 1800’s know how and trappings like harness and horse drawn implements blacksmiths ect. Yes there are quite a few. But not nearly enough to farm and produce enough to feed everyone. There will be no commerce because nobody will be able to trust anyone else. Its wishful thinking to expect a 1800’s lifestyle. And I readly admit I could be wrong. But I think not. But why not prep for a worst case Stone Age existence. And if we get anything less we are just better off. The best result is if we prep and nothing happens.

        • I would expect the U.S. Involved in a civil war would be very tempting to an enemy wanting to invade. Or ally with one of the factions. In some civil wars there are more than 2.

      18. The 2nd American Revolution is what needs to happen. The whole of dc is corrupt, they need replaced. To quote the mellon smasher ” I don’t want to over throw the government, I want to FIRE THEM”.

      19. Trump’s rally in Minnesota……30% that showed up were dems and independents. Only dems left in their party are the radical leftists. even moderate dems are leaving their party,they don’t care for Antifa,marxists,etc.

      20. The idea of a civil war is really very silly. How would it come together? Any skirmish that springs up will be easily put down by law enforcement. The only people organized enough are law enforcement, and government. And after a few of the uprisers are arrested or killed the rest will fall into line.

        The worst we will see is a more violent version of the 60s and 70s. The minute they go postal, they will get slammed so hard they won’t know what hit them.

        Seriously, are we afraid of a few liberals throwing sticks and stones. Aren’t they self disarming. Not sure what I am supposed to be afraid of.

        And the libtarded idiots think they can go and do anything these days without being on camera? Just about every block of the “free world” is covered by surveillance cameras. This isn’t the 60s or 70s. All is known. All is seen. Think any of these websites and social media sites aren’t being watched?

        • Dave, I get the impression from your comment that you believe that government law enforcers are all American patriots. I believe that at the lower levels of command they are indeed, but the upper echelons are as corrupted as the dummycrats and libtards. Already skirmishes have gone on uninterrupted, where enforcement stood down or possibly made the altercation possible. The cameras are for you and me Dave. not the socialist/communist elite scum causing this grief. Conservatives would be blamed for everything, just

        • Dave
          I would like to agree with you, but when the time comes they will come after our families, and this Cop will be home waiting for them, and not on duty. FAMILY COMES FIRST.

          So my Friend be prepared to take action to protect yourself and family.

          I pray that it doesn’t come to this.


      21. There could a civil war in the future, but one first needs to define what a civil war actually is. A civil war is when there is at least two entities fighting for control of the SAME gov’t.
        The war of 1861-1865 was not a civil war, the South was a different country, it is more factually called The War Between The States; that is, it was between two separate geographical areas, each with their own gov’t. It would be patently absurd to say the South wanted to control the northern US. It’s true the South fired the first shots, but before any shooting started Jefferson Davis had again and again asked the North directly to close their forts, take their troops home, let there be no animosity, and live with the South in peace and trade.
        Should a another domestic war occur in the future then that would truly be a civil war because it would be for control of one gov’t in one nationally geographically defined area. And it would be a fight over ideology, not for Constitutional questions. However, there would also be some parallels with TWBTS. The South is usually more conservative and more traditional, and generally opposite of the North on most social, cultural, and political issues. The way I see it, and it is based a lot on the sentiments of my friends and relatives; if actual open fighting ever did break out Southerners would organize themselves across the South and take care of business down here, but unlikely to get involved in northern states, however, circumstances could change that. But the parallel would end there, the war would more like a war between two countries in that one side is basically a [conservative / free market / traditional / Christian] ideology versus the other with a [Marxist / anti- free market, anti-private property / anti- individual liberties / statist / internationalist] ideology. There would be fighting between both sides in all areas of the country as we now know it. But you would not for example see conservatives from Ohio fighting conservatives from Alabama. The same for the leftists.
        I would say in open fighting it would quickly degenerate to where there would be no quarter between the factions because of leftist ideology at play. Atheist / humanist / statist / Marxist ideology is altogether indifferent to the individual, they are philosophically humanist, not humane. The communist ideology for war is not necessarily to gain territory but to exterminate the enemy (the non-communists). Therefore, the other side is then compelled to do the same.
        I believe the leftists would be given support and supplied as possible by TPTB, therefore it would be essential for the conservatives to stack and stack all resources, material, and means necessary.

      22. Alt left round earthers are going to be coming at you beware . End is near !

      23. I hope some of my very bad dreams don’t come true, because they have the USA in a civil war. It wont be the Right against the Left. There will be others groups involved. So watch who you side with.

        Also in the dreams the world also goes to hell with civil and boundary wars.

        the UN tries to step in but they are quickly pushed into the ocean. They side with the Left. Military and Police side with the Right/Conservatives. The left has the nanny state people, and there is a lot of these turds in my dreams.

        The dream has the Civil war starting after a President is assassinated. So pray for the Prez. who ever he/she is.


      24. As a project, America 1.0 is done, put a fork in it.

        America 1.0 – an attempt to be a beacon of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – for every living soul on the planet, irrespective of their fitness to live up to those aspirations, has led to the US being a dumping ground for ever-more retarded human garbage. The clandestine flooding of the US with low-IQ garbage from Africa, the Middle East and Latin America are the signs of final decline.

        Many other places on the planet offer a high standard of living and liberty and the US no longer has the corner on this. The racial and ethnic divisions of the US are irreconsilable (and God knows, people have tried and wasted vast sums on it).

        America 2.0, a smaller, whiter place is possible. I see this encompasing the north of the country, the midwest, and some other parts. As for the restive and poor black population, they would be better off thriving in Africa, where they would be more comfortable. As for Hispanics, some sort of arrangement could be made to extend Mexico into California and the Southwest. Mexico could then help with the Africa re-patriations since they would have a vested interest in it. It would be like Latin America but it would be WAY better than Africa. The extended Mexico would not take the large waves of Africans and Muslims since they would have no shortage of labor, the America 2.0 would be fine importing needed labor from Europe or Asia. These two new states – America 2.0, with the finest minds from Europe and Asia, and an expanded Mexico benefiting from access to Silicon Valley etc. – would both thrive absent the chaos and crime brought by the racial divisions. This would bring domestic harmony and peace, while finally ending the irritating claims made by blacks by letting them have Africa as their home.

      25. You have to stop and think for a moment
        This hate an animosity is happening accross the globe – Why – What’s the big picture?

        I will say it is the one world order elite movement that has been taking place for decades. They take the guns, they take the media, they take the schools. They take away God, morales, the flag, individualism, capitalism.

        Folks we are already at WAR – Best you learn how to fight back. In the USA you need to vote for Trump people.

      26. Fine! So we’re heading to Civil War.


        Waiting for WROL so I can act like a woman. Do stupid shit without consequences… and shoot libtards!

      27. I hope we do not have a civil war.

        If we do then it’s GAME OVER……

        What language, and religion will we have.

        Let’s ask our native american brothers, and sisters.

      28. Meanwhile, the PSYCHOPATH thief Orange Satan Trump from the inner pits of the bowels of hell in Washington DC is sending the criminal treasonous Corporate Whore Monsanto Mike Pompeo once again to North Korea. The obese toxic dump genocidal travelling GMO hell purveyor demon Monsanto Mike will now seal the deal for the vice peddling pussy grabbing Globalist Corporate whore PSYCHOPATH Orange Satan Trump-to dumb down and slowly painfully exterminate another population like the dumbed down, disease ridden, obese, indebted, addicted to everything, pharmakia junky, drunken bum American population of programmed indoctrinated toxic dump COWARDS, who should of NEVER had children they would willing turn over to PSYCHOPATHS……..see dumbed down Trumpbot COWARDS, Orange Satan is making you “great again”, by dumbing down and slowly painfully murdering another population so the American COWARDS can feel better about the American HOLOCAUST and CHEMICAL CULLING being perpetuated on another dumbed down population!!!!!!

        • Please, Ron, seek help, for your own sake.

          • Ahhh…..Did the dumbed down coward pussy American filth not get his pharmakia, booze, soda poison, and right dose of GMO hell today????? so now the coward pussy American trash cannot stomach the TRUTH about the most disgusting, most vile, most evil hell Satan has ever created in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America!!!! Lord oh Lord how it sickens my stomach to even mention the hell of damned and doomed America!!

            • Ron: If you were to conduct a web search for “Psychiatrist,” you will find many therapists in your area who may be help you. At the very least, seek a writing instructor so that when you “write,” you at least make a little sense.

              • Listen dumbed down coward pussy American filth, who is such a coward pussy you cannot even use your real name, we know why you use such coping mechanisms as the old “therapist” line or the equally coward pussy American line of “your off your meds”…….the same lines of the dumbed down coward pussy American filth are used over and over and over again, because it is all the dumbed down coward pussy American filth have to hang onto in their vile, evil, disgusting, genocidal collapsing Police State hell on earth!!!

      29. I will patch up who ever needs to be patched up.
        I was in a war zone for 4 years………


      30. Or…we could get on our knees and seek answers.

        • No KLING

          Respect the gods but do not count on them for help.

      31. What is the swamp, at about 3:36 —

        The discussion ultimately boils down to any independent means, creating states-within-states.

        In communism, the original or “primitive accumulation” of wealth would allow you to raise an army of desperadoes.

        The middle class, of financially-independent people, able to feed itself, independently, was understood to be in competition with a welfare state, to provide goods, services, and raise armies.

        So, mainly, talk of identity politics is off-limits and being censored, from many of the news sites.

        They don’t like discussion of radical change agents or crisis actors, to break the will of the centrists and provident.

        Because, what if everyone just made themselves useful.

        Well, once everyone is sated with bread, circuses, and a second world level of creature comforts, you get stagnation and rot:

      32. I bet that those of us here who have been to war and have seen death, destruction and cruelty of that magnitude firsthand are probably those of us who least want the situation in our land to devolve into that. War is insanity and failure of humankind in the worst way. The original causes are quickly forgotten. The chaos becomes a self-perpetuating stew of hatred for the participants and bystanders alike. Repercussions of civil war last for centuries. On the other hand, I never thought I’d live to see the day when communists would operate so openly and brazenly in this country. If they ever come for my old ass they will be greeted unpleasantly.

        • In what I can only describe as the natural balance, or is it karma, those people, who have experienced no hardship, seem to have the most masochistic drive towards death and morbid things.

          I somewhat get the impression of an innocent kid, who has never been mortified, so feels invincible.

      33. And when this much wished for civil war starts, what do you think our enemies will do, sit back and watch? No you pin heads, they will take over this very weakened, divided country quite easily! This coming from a woman that DOES own more than 5 acres and votes. Geez listen to yourselves.

        • Laughing out loud lady.

          • Ya, sure you are.

      34. Keep you powder dry, let them start their stuff. who cares.

      35. Baldy says
        I am a very conservative man.I don’t like where our country is. How ever, a cival war could teach us how to speak Russian or Chinese. I’m not good at foreign languages

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