Preppers Warn Obama Dividing the Country: Prepare to “Live Through a Civil War”

by | May 18, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 170 comments

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    Austin Ehlinger helps hold a banner during a Guns Across America rally at the state capitol, Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013, in Austin, Texas. Texas officials opposed to new federal gun control proposals plan to speak on the steps of the state Capitol during a pro-Second Amendment rally. The event is one of many rallies planned across the country Saturday. They come four days after President Barack Obama unveiled a sweeping plan to curb gun violence. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

    Is civil war coming to America?

    Those of us watching see the signs, and have witnessed our rights being trampled upon. That’s why so many have been prepping for what is coming.

    Now a prominent prepper author is warning that Americans must also be prepared to stave off a complete divide in this country as Obama’s term is coming to an end.

    According to the Washington Examiner:

    President Obama has pushed the “prepper movement” into high gear, sending millions to buy guns, survival gear and food to live through a “civil war,” according to a nationally known survivalist who calls on Americans to prepare in a new book.

    Bryce M. Towsley, whose “Prepper Guns” details the best weapons and ammo to survive a political or natural disaster …


    “Americans are pitted against Americans as Obama has divided us on a course for civil war,” he wrote in the 270/-page hardback that echoes many of the complaints heard by supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    No one knows what the flashpoint would be, but there is good reason to think that a big, disruptive event or period is coming.

    There has already been violence and rioting at Trump rallies, and between the Bernie Sanders and Hillary factions… and things could easily get much crazier when the RNC and DNC conventions arrive.

    But the politics are just surface indicators for the huge issues that are destroying the fabric of the nation.

    Economic issues are sharpening, and good jobs are just not available for many people. The squeeze between rising living expenses and stagnate wages is making more and more families downright desperate. Automation is replacing low end jobs, and the future is going to be tough, especially for those entering into the workforce for the first time.

    Riot-ready factions and political groups are forcing these issues and more into the streets, and police have become a target for protests and even direct attack.

    “Police are now the enemy and, in many places, can’t or won’t continue to do their jobs. The military has been decimated and he has fired most of the top military leadership. The Supreme Court has been bought and paid for and many of its recent rulings are bizarre, to say the least.


    Preppers aren’t standing by… “The time is now to prepare for what’s coming,” he wrote.

    All of this spells potential disaster and unrest for the cities of America.

    The federal authorities have been preparing with riot gear and weapons of war; FEMA and Homeland Security regularly exercise for martial law and plans to clamp down on potential unrest.

    But preppers and constitutional militias will also be ready to defend the rule of law, prevent destruction and provide for their communities when they need it most. And most of all, to survive and avoid the worst, no matter what.

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      1. Does anyone have a clue.. Obamas plan was never to reduce guns, his plan was to sell more guns and bullets so that when SHTF does come people will be able to kill each other quickly, The goal of 2016 for the 1st world countries is to reduce the population . Even war strategy has changed. 1st Nuke targets are no longer cities. 1st strike targets have been changed to the others countries ability to produce food. That will cause more chaos and strife by eliminating the food source and getting the people to kill each other. This eliminates mass contamination from radiation. Welcome to reality.

        • Plus, he has plenty of uneducated people distracted by race. This means that the proles of one color will kill the proles of another color while TPTB sit back and watch. Racial politics exist only to keep people distracted so that they don’t wake up to who their real enemies are. Thus, their anger will always be misdirected and those at the top will never be targeted by the masses.

          • I am telling black people around here that the government is trying to stir up hate between us and not to fall for it.

            • Create a “FREEDOM CELL” where you live. Make a list, check it twice. Know WHO has been naughty and WHO has been nice in your neck of the woods.

              Defend the US Constitution from all enemies “foreign and domestic”. Nothing illegal about that. The NWO as an example, can be eliminated overnight … and at 500 yards.

              Engage. 🙂

            • I’m telling anyone that will listen. It’s not just blacks who need to hear it but whites and hispanics as well. The problem is getting most people to think critically and outside of their feelings. Most people want easy targets for their anger and so in a time of unrest they will just go after those people who have superficial external differences to themselves (but class wise are more or less equals). They use anger for it’s own sake and do not direct it towards those people that can actually make a difference. So what is needed is a sense of class consciousness.

              This is also why I don’t get the hate directed towards the Mexicans that jump the border. They are just ordinary schmucks trying to survive. No, the anger needs to be directed at Washington and at the politicians and bureaucrats who refuse to enforce our borders. Yes, I believe in securing our borders, but it is not out of hate towards the financially poor people taking advantage of the system. My anger is directed towards those who permit it to happen and those who hire illegal immigrants and thus encourage them to jump the border. They are the enemy because they are in power and have the ability to do something about it but refuse to act. Effective anger must always be limited in scope and targeted only at those in power. Targeting anyone else is useless.

              • Winston, you make good points about border jumpers.
                I think much of the hate and anger comes from seeing the gang elements with face/neck tatoos and whose only purpose coming here is to rob, rape, pillage and get rich selling dope.
                They’re the ones not looking for a better life but a better crime day.

              • When the time comes – and its-a-coming, the answer is ease: “Think Racially, Act Locally!’

                America, TRUMP yeah!
                Comin’ again to save the mother fuckin’ day yeah!
                America, TRUMP yeah!
                Aryan Freedom is the only way yeah!
                Jews and Muds your game is through, ’cause now you have to answer to…
                White America, TRUMP yeah!
                So JEW lick my butt and suck on my balls!
                America, TRUMP yeah!
                Whatcha gonna do when we come for you – Jew?
                It’s the dream that Whites all share
                It’s the hope for our Children’s tomorrow!
                TRUMP yeah!

                • Nubbin:

                  I am voting Trump even though he surrounds himself with the tribe.

                • I don’t share any lunatic dream of anyone coming for Jews. They’re just people. Maybe if we somehow broke away from the divide-and-conquer mentality, the fruits and commies destroying our country would have enjoyed far less success than they have…

              • Why do we have borders if we are all the same? They tried to mix the seed of men but it would not take. Show me one country that is multi culture multi ethnic . That isn’t in turmoil? Their is a reason for boarders weather you like it or not. Language is the big reason. The only reason we are not experiencing a race war is numbers. I read ounce if it wasn’t for free abortions . The black population of America would double every seven years. Starting in the 1970s . Do the math.

        • I was watching a video called. Adolf Hitler someday the world will know I was right. I had to stop watching . They have so much evidence . Right in your face . This world is ruled by satan . And the children of satan do his work . It’s unbelievable . The evil . The lies . Satans greatest weapon is the lie. And we have been totally lied to.

        • I have a different take–based on personal observation. When economy started to really crash in 2007-8, I saw a LOT of people standing in line at local gunshops wanting to sell guns so they could pay bills. I think the current, and yes, the previous administration planned on this. When I lost my job, I did the same–but I’d always been a collector, and realizing that any weapon that couldn’t be used tactically or for hunting in chamberings that were common, would one day become useless. I sold off the safe queens, many at a profit even at wholesale, weapons chambered for proprietary cartridges (Dan Wesson .445 Supermag and .357 Supermag) antiques, rarities for which parts would be hard to find. I kept the useful stuff. I no longer collect, and I have used the money that I’ve since made to purchase common ammo for the weapons I DID keep. Am not buying many more guns. Just ammo and reloading materiel. Many people, who are NOT collectors, are likely to have only a few weapons, and those were the people I saw selling theirs. That may well be the way America will be disarmed one day. A crashed economy–worse, perhaps than 2007–hungry kids, overdue rent/mortgage payments, car payments, delinquent utility bills will result in even MORE guns being sold to gunshops. Eventually, FFLs can quietly be cancelled, and those guns collected by ATF.

      2. Its a very sad day when elements of your own government work against the values, traditions and faith that founded our country.

        • Free – I’ve said it before on here and I’ll say it again… that’s how psychopaths operate.

          And, on another note – I don’t know exactly what Obama is going to do on his way out the (White House) door, but I know it won’t be good.

        • Preppers:
          – obese
          – unable to walk long distances (not even a mile)
          – extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically)
          – uneducated
          – antisocial
          – poor shooting skills
          – own firearms of poor quality
          – extremely dependant on prescribed medication
          – no training on urban or unconventional warfare
          – utterly ignorant on the US legal system
          – alcoholics
          – pot smokers and abusers of other sorts of illicit drugs
          – addicted to porn due to lack of sexual partners
          – overwhelmed with credit card debt

          • Fools like you are everywhere.

          • Self describing yourself I see. Have fun in mom’s basement

            • His mom is probably upstairs dead in a rocking chair, still he hears her screaming at him to stop molesting the neighbors goat.

          • – obese – Wrong
            – unable to walk long distances (not even a mile) – Wrong
            – extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically) – Wrong
            – uneducated – Wrong
            – antisocial – True
            – poor shooting skills -Wrong
            – own firearms of poor quality – Wrong
            – extremely dependant on prescribed medication – Wrong
            – no training on urban or unconventional warfare – True
            – utterly ignorant on the US legal system – Wrong
            – alcoholics – Wrong (I’m a drunk, there’s a difference LOL)
            – pot smokers and abusers of other sorts of illicit drugs – Wrong
            – addicted to porn due to lack of sexual partners – Wrong
            – overwhelmed with credit card debt – Wrong

            Wow, you missed the mark magnificently.

            • Billy Hill, spot on. He not only missed the boat, the missed the entire port! Just another useless troll.

            • – no training on urban or unconventional warfare – True

              Some are very recently trained and experienced in UO (formerly known as MOUT) and UW. Some of these are also currently training others.

          • FG

            You are describing a,”Give Me Dat”. Or is it a Democrat. A Clintonite or a Hermaphrodite. In which case you can go screw yourself.

          • FG – Are you describing yourself and your shortcomings?

          • Franz Gerden
            Dick smoker extrordinaire

          • Franz,

            You obviously have confused us with the FSA, which does suffer from almost all of your listed maladies.

            I’m thinking you might suffer from half of them yourself.

          • Hay Franz, why don’t you stop by and visit with some local preppers and say these things to their face. Oh that’s right, you won’t, because your afraid you’d be leaving in a pine box.

          • Speak for yourself, Franz.

          • Speak for yourself asshole. I run 30 miles a week, lift weights 4 times a week, shoot at range 4 times a week, take no melds of any kind, have a Masters Degree, and don’t use alcohol or drugs. Don’t lump preppers in with people of YOUR ilk. Live in NW TN, come on down when SHTF and see how you fare.

          • Sounds like unfounded accusations coming out of James Holmes pie hole. I guess he forgot to take his psychotropic meds today.

          • Finally someone else tells the TRUTH about the obese drunken Big Pharma pill popping COWARD bums who call themselves “preppers”, but we all know who and what toxic dumps and Globalist boot licking fascists they all truly are.


            • Hay everybody, look who just showed up, it’s Ron, Franz’s obtuse twin brother.

              • Thought Ron was Franz’ buttboy…

            • @ Ron…Glad to see you are back….keep posting.

            • Suck a goat schlong. Just another wussy who is scared of guns, sex with women, any craftsman tool or anything his grandma didn’t knit him.

          • Ignore the ignorant sob. He’s just looking to stir up shit (which is what’s found between his ears). So, he got his 15 seconds of WORLD RECOGNITION.

            Now, fuck off and speak only for yourself …or be targeted.

        • The land of the fee and home of the slave is done…stick a fork in it.

          Same shit, new day.


          • With Trumps latest Primary win in Oregon, all he needs now is 79 Electoral Votes left, to Clinch the GOP Nomination.

            Trump will Shitcan every Obama Executive Order the first day, then scrap Obama Scare.

            ~WWTI… Obama is a toothless paper tiger. Just put the dipstick on Ignore. In fact every American should send a letter to 1600 Penn Ave, saying Fuck off.

          • It aint over till its over .
            And nobody is sticking a fork in me yet .
            Let the bastards dream at night of complete control and submission of the masses .
            It just wont happen , so take the leftist defeatist attitude and move along .
            There are those of us who will never give in or compromise .
            Flyover country is real people not the pussified masses on the coasts that the PTB take us for .
            Get your head straight before it gets real , friend ….

            • Amen.

            • Hammerhead, BRAVO! I’ll shoot the first one who tries to stick a fork in me.

              • Brave. Of course you will.

          • Hanz An’ Franz! An’ Ve Vill Pump Youse UP!

        • You’re right but my fightin days are over. I’ll be sittin this one out. There’ll be so much pandemonium and chaos, just feeding and keeping my family safe is my main priority.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Jack are you in a nursing home? Or maybe just being quite and smart. Trekker Out.

            • MT, if you wanna think I’m in a nursing home, be my guest. I don’t have to come in here beatin my chest, braggin about how I’m gonna handle the bad guys, braggin about all the guns and goodies, actin like a loudmouth fool because deep down inside, I’m scared and want people like you to think I’m a badass. Nope, it ain’t how I roll. But I’ll tell you this, on Sunday, my son and I will be finishing a long term shelter, building another type of camp stove and probably drop a couple lines from our yo yo reels using bait we catch from our minnow traps. Yep, pretty active for a 51 year nursing home resident. Oh, by the way, I used to be that badass some 30 years ago. An operator that had no problems doing for real what some of these wanna be’s only dream about. Stay quiet Be smart

              • Boy you sure put me in my place. Think I’ll go put a rocket stove in my long term shelter in the mountains. Trekker Out. Ain’t Telling My Age!

                • Mountain Pekker, puttin me down for teaching my kids stuff is showin what kind of jealous jackass you are. But hey, do what you gotta do. Try and keep up. Stay quiet Be smart

                  • You know Jacknife, I wasn’t even trying to put you down when I made the comment about the nursing home and I actually did go put a rocket stove in a long term shelter in the mountains yesterday. Also with a name like Jacknife, if I had your class I could make a few nasty remarks, but I think I’ll pass. Trekker Out.

                    • What exactly did you mean by the nursing home remark? It seemed like you were mocking me with the rocket stove comment as well. And as far as my handle, I’ve been a truck driver for 30 years, it’s my CB handle. “Jacknife” get it? I don’t come here looking for trouble but it seems like there’s a lot of it as well as tough talk. I don’t like the bragging either. Now I’ve done a lot in my life but I don’t talk much about it, what’s the point? I come here hopefully to find things out that you don’t hear elsewhere as well as new ideas and maybe to learn something new. Once in a while a smart ass comment comes to me and sometimes I ignore it, which is what I should always do, sometimes I’ll give it right back. Your comments, for whatever you meant by them, seemed that way. I mean what gave you any idea that I was in a nursing home?

                    • When you said your fighting days were over, I was trying to make the point that as long as we’re able, we shouldn’t give up the fight. And if you will notice at the end of my remark I said maybe you was just being quite and smart. As for the statement about the rocket stove, I do live very near the mountains and have built many shelters, some have been destroyed by either man or animal, but I do have a rock shelter that has been a long term project and yesterday I backpacked insulated fire bricks in and made a 13 brick rocket stove which I have been waiting to build as soon as the snow went off. Also if you check some of my past comments, I don’t think you will find me talking all that tough BS, that is pretty common on here. And I am some what older than you and still willing to do what ever is nessasary. Trekker Out. Not Looking For an Enemy!

          • Aye Jackknife. Silence IS the ‘key’ to survival in a myriad of instances, and this is no exception. Thanks!

      3. The feds are making ‘enemies’ lists of Americans that are actual Americans. The second Civil War has already started, even if the shooting hasn’t really begun yet.

        • AC, let the feds make their ‘lists’. We also have our own ‘lists’. Lists do work more than one way. The feds would be better off avoiding those “froggy” feelings.

          • Don’t know about you Brave. But being on Obuutheads bad list isn’t something that worries me late at night.

            • Paranoid, I was just stating some facts of life. Being on any lists isn’t making me lose any sleep either. and I’m dead serious about the feds are better off NOT getting froggy.

            • Keep in mind once Obummer is out of office, he reverts back to just another Nigger again. Nobody will give a rats ass about him or his opinions. He hates White America and everything we stand for. Probably why he will seek safety living in Washington DC=(Dark Country) Personally I’d like to see him move back to his crack house in Shitcago, and tough it out with the rest of his Black Homies, fighting over crumbs..


              • wwti

                Obama will move to Hawaii but will hang around like a black Henry Kissinger.
                You watch.

                • Cocksuckercommunistmuslimcokeheadfaggot has a mansion in Dubai.

                  • Damn Melinda, I bet you’re a spelling bee champ. You go girl!!!?

                  • I hope he and Michael DO move to Dubai. Those ragheads have a lot of affection for gay couples, I hear…

              • I fear Obama will be the worst activist ex president we’ve ever seen. Like Carter he will travel the earth making foreign deals and undermining future presidents. The main stream press will give him a free megaphone and trumpet his lies as truth.

                It’s going to get ugly. They will continue to accuse anyone that tries to unravel Obama’s web of hate and destruction of being racist. I suspect Obama will continue to demand power he is not entitled to. Like Jimmy Carter, Obama will be a thorn in the side of future presidents until he can’t.

                • My paranoid nightmare is that Brokeback Obama will issue an executive order granting every black person in the country “reparations” for slavery, then sit back and see what happens when Trump doesn’t cut the checks…

            • Hobammy should be on that FBI ten Most wanted list and listed as Top #1-FBI-SUSPOOK!

          • It’s not quite the same. The feds have a list to go on the Offense.

            Preppers, by and large, play defense. Preppers might have a list, but which prepper or preppers are going to go out on Offense and take out those on the List?

            Are you?

            • I imagine that our tyrannical politicians will make the first move.

              Their minions will try to subdue the gun owners using their lists.

              Patriots will make lists of those that help TPTB.

              Everyone on those lists, and everyone they love will become targets for some very offensive offense.

              If one is preparing for battle, one must be prepared to go “Magua” on their enemy. (Wes Studi from Last of the Mohicans).

              Destroy them and their seed.
              Burn their homes, and eat their pets.
              Leave no witnesses.
              Rinse and repeat.

              • EAT THEIR PETS? EWWW! You realize those kinds of people have Toy bait dogs and scum cats. No way, Alligators have to eat something

              • Hey, I’m 1/16th Native Mohawk. Aka:Man Eater. We rip their heart’s out just for fun and eat them, their souls are forever owned by us as our slaves. Mohawks know how to fight down and dirty. So don’t cross is ever. We owned NY before it was stolen from us after the British lost the Revolutionary war. Most moved up to Quebec CA to escape the onslaught of TP2B. Same shot different day and generation. But we never forgot. Look at the stinkin cesspool NY turned into.


          • AC …are you 100% serious? Where the “H” did that info come from?

      4. It’s never too late to start prepping. Even a month’s worth of supplies is better than nothing. Start small. It adds up like pennies

      5. The Z- trained Government will crush the so called patriots like bugs. We have many big mouth patriots but with small B’s. Sad but true. The biggest thing they do is to blame the so called minorities for their failures. No wonder they see Trump as the Messiah.

        Indeed very sad.

        BTW..American patriots…….Trump the Messiah just met with the criminal Kissinger to be educated as who is the boss and what is his limit. oppss.

        • Anonymous.

          “Trump the Messiah just met with the criminal Kissinger to be educated as who is the boss and what is his limit.”

          He also met with Adelson. Now Kissinger! Who’s next, Soros?

          Are we kicking the can down the road with Trump.

          This Country needs an enema.

        • I find it difficult to envision thousands of SEALs, Green Barets, 101st, and a myriad of other “total experts” having difficulty taking down your everyday-like LEOs or even SWAT teams with tanks and flame throwers. We know precisely how to easily dispense with small inconveniences such as those ….Z-Trained or not ya idiot!

          And we don’t give a fuck who the next Messiah is …we seek Constitutionality …and a serious return to it, no matter the cost OR your opinion (which is worthless, like yourself).

          Next time, grow some balls and use your real name. I do.

        • Sad but true ? You know what is true? Is it true we beat the British ? The French ? Ran the canible Mohawks that we didn’t slaughter out of the country. . We blame the so called minorities for our failures. .? What so called minority run country isn’t a third world shit hole that their all coming here to get it of? Third world stupid . A special kind of stupid.

        • Guess that makes you a Hillary voter…

      6. “When government takes away citizens’ right to bear arms it becomes citizens’ duty to take away government’s right to govern.”

        Though, the way I see it.

        “When a government fails it’s citizens … it’s the duty of the citizens to remove those who are governing by any means necessary.”

        • FTW, I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to prevent someone from harming me and I won’t be concerned with any legality.

          • @ Brave…you apparently don’t understand SWAT tactics….They will deploy incendiaries and burn you out, while hiding behind their MRAPs. All your bravado will get you dead, and them unharmed… won’t get one. not one. You should retire, bug out, and practice self sufficiency skills to put food on the table, without going to the grocery store weekly or even monthly. Then, living out in the sticks, they would have to come into your environment, and probably wouldn’t even bother to. You will be a lot happier and confident. The first step is the hardest, then its a piece of cake after that…aside from a sore back and hands from sod busting.

            • By the way, your other 2 buddies did it, and last I heard are fine.

            • Dave in ID, once I bugout to the BOL, I’ll be bugging in and won’t go anywhere else. someone would have to come to my new ‘neck of the woods’ if they want me. and I have family to back me up so everything will be fine.

            • Dave. you do realize with all their stuff, they lost in every place they used it? And that WE are the people who actually pay taxes, design/build the stuff, and run the country, not them. There isn’t a Big city in the US they feel safe in at night or actually control after the sun goes down? You expect them to be able to beat us goobers out in the hustings? HAHAHA RIGHT. The Unicorns are going to help them.

              • I realize the ROE will not be the same for us as it was in the Middle east. Dormer,and Waco for instance. Go ahead and think you have a spitting chance in the wind. Stand your ground is a poor choice of offense.

            • They’re gong to have to burn half the country to remove the Patriots. they’ll bleed before that takes place.

            • If M RAPs were worth anything the army would of kept them . Look up a video of them . Their top heavy . Can’t go around a corner fast. Only one way out if they get molotoved. Gas bombed. Can’t cross many obstacles . Can’t fit through the woods. A mine blows a wheel off and the inhabitants cook to death. Or get mowed down as they come out the only door. But there better than a Volkswagen .

          • Awesome. Threats to imaginary people over imaginary events. Still haven’t changed.

            • Oh look, the troll Nutkcuf is back. How nice. Still being a useless troll. You haven’t changed either. [SARCASM]

            • Piss off troll!!

              • Blowheart is redundant and sounds like he was ridiculed in his early years. Pointing out his silly scenarios and his silly threats of what he will do if A-Z happens should be considered a service to all. Count the number of comments blowheart makes that state with “if”. Then see the end of the comment that normally ends with “I would”. It’s a fun game. If it were a drinking game, no one would last a half of comment section.

        • Isn’t that what The Constitution authorizes us to do, or at least “suggests” such an action WOULD BE IN GOOD ORDER?

          Answer: Yes.

          FTW: Nice, concise and lovely post. 🙂

      7. One million 3-man militias.
        10 million in militia groups.
        50 million graymen/lone wolves.
        and another 90 million that get a weapon from the former when the SHTF.

        I can’t understand gun grabbers using agencies that use guns to take on 100 million plus gun owners, but… w/e.

        BANG… you lose.
        (mic drop)

        • BR, that’s right, the feds will lose their lives if they become froggy.

      8. The hell that are all the coming debt, entitlements and medical care problems are to be blamed on elected officials of all stripes going all the way back to

        You know that some forecasters did many different studies and presented it to many different elected officials that what they were doing would put the country in a world of hurt eventually if they didn’t change course and they went ahead for decades.

        BUT the racial divide and violence that is coming with the financial collapse is 100% on Obama. he has spent his whole presidency dividing the country by race. it would never be where it is today without him.

        • Lena; couldn’t have said it better!

          • Lena -Excellent ! and on the points!

          • Races have always been divided. They will try to mix the seed of men but it will not take. In a SHTF situation do you really thing that La Raza and the black panthers will unite to free America. They will exterminate each other . With or without Obama the inevitable will happen . As soon as our numbers are equal . There will be a race war . The only reason there isn’t one now is numbers. Anyone who thinks otherwise is gambling with their great grand children’s lives. Look at South Africa o boy we got rid of apartite . And now look what we have created with our PC stupidity . Look at Zimbabwe we got them democracy . How cute. You stupid PC bimbos can see this happen over and over. And sit back and watch with your makeup and fingernail polish. While the children of these nations starve . But you feel good cause you stopped terrible apartite . O but that’s not the reason there starving its some other reason . All people are the same . They love there children. Yes but many don’t give a dam about other people’s children. Wake up before you destroy more lives.

            • Who among us here ever supported ANY US involvement in ending Apartheid? I haven’t seen it mentioned in any post but YOURS.

      9. Hey Mac, the Link on the left for “Pioneer Living” in not a working website. The domain is for sale. Looks like you only post about half my comments. Why you protecting your Dopey Sacred cows? Are they not man enough to defend their own stoopid comments or ridicule?


      10. Obama did not divide the country. The country is divided by political party, region, gender, race, marriage status, income, and religion.

      11. For the first time in our history, we are totally outgunned by the military. They will come in the middle of the night after all communications are cut and just blow your house up. They all have body armor and RPGs. Can you win against that? Obama is just waiting for an excuse to declare martial law and shut down the constitution and elections and be king forever. I would never have thought this possible in America. I am glad my parents are not alive to see this. And they thought Roosevelt was bad.

        • Our military might have the fancy stuff, and they might even be the strongest in the world, but they can’t stop a couple of rag heads and they have never taken on 100,000,000 million people. All of the militaries in the world, all the LEOs in the world combined are not going to come over here and win against 100,000,000 people with guns. They will get a lot of them, but not all. Wake up and smell what you are shoveling.

          • Fishandmud, good to see you back and those are my thoughts exactly. What fantasy world is Emily from?

            • Brave, Howdy. I see you are under control more than usual, the trolls were taunting the crap out of you in this post.
              How is the BOL going? You should be making your last supply run in a couple of months. My buddy is from the mountains of Georgia, and his family is still there. He / we are trying to buy something close by. We might be neighbors someday.
              As far as the government is concerned, they will be controlling the masses with food more than bullets.

        • His real name was rosenfeld. Like Karl Marx real name was mordicia levy . And trotskys real name was Bronstien . And statins real name translated meant Son of Jew . And eisenhowers year book name was The terrible Swedish Jew. Satans greatest weapon is the lie . And the children of satan use it well.

          • Eisenhower murdered one million five hundred thousand prisoners, mostly German.

            • He circumvented the law by saying they are not prisoners, they are enemy combatants. Not any coverage in the media about this crime against humanity. But the documentation includes pictures. It is a disgusting fact.

        • You actually believe that? The Army is the smallest since before WWII. A whole bunch of them don’t care much for what’s going on either. I’m not sure Butthead could find a Platoon that he could trust not to shoot him.

          • That’s what the Germans thought when the Nazis came to power. Sure we are one hundred million strong, but fragmented. I mean not in one unit. We live out in the country with few people…well armed, yes, but still few. I am just aware that we would be against well trained personnel. Lots of people will always follow orders to kill their people. Butthead, of course will be whisked away to safety long before the shooting starts. You youngbloods don’t know what you are talking about.

        • Yes Emily, I can “win” against that. (And the military is NOT allowed to be used against America’s citizens by Federal Law).

          Things have not gotten THAT ‘screwed up’ …yet.

          It would seem that if Obama “had an agenda” that he would most certainly have already invoked SOME sort of bs before now …(as there is not much imho that he can do by waiting, at this late date).

        • Why would you think our military would obey any orders to kill us? Know anyone in the military these days? I do. Some might be willing to follow such orders, the rest are unwilling to do so to the point of killing those that are willing.

      12. Lock and Load my friends.

        If Obullsahit puts me on his list I would be honored!!!!


        • It almost seems . If your not on the list you are a traitor.

      13. “You never let a crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
        -Rahm Emanuel

        Protect your children – the legal system gives sex offenders just a slap on the wrist, rather than the punishment they deserve. I believe pedophiles and other criminals will USE this new bathroom and now dressing room situation. Mothers, I would go in public restrooms and dressing rooms (at malls, stores, etc.) with your children.

        Shopper Upset Man Allowed To Use Women’s Dressing Room In Ross
        Store employee, “he was representing himself as a woman today.”

        “He was in no way dressed as a woman,” … “He had on jeans, a t-shirt, 5 o’clock shadow, very deep voice. He was a man.”

        Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls allow customers to decide based on gender identity, according to customer services.
        Representatives from Kohl’s say their store require customers to use facilities aligned with their biological gender.”

        “None of the companies would discuss how they train their employees to handle customers who claim to be transgender.”

        Liberal Vermont Judge suspends sentence, releases Convicted Child Rapist after 60 days.
        “When a six-year-old girl is raped over a four year period by a 34-year old man, and that man gets all but 60 days of his prison sentence suspended, there is no justice system.”

        “While general crime in that state (Vermont) is down in 2004, sex crimes rose 59 percent and half the victims were children.”

        High School teacher sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping student, Judge suspends sentence to 30 days
        Judge said the 14 year old “looked older”. The teenager committed suicide.

        I can’t believe a U.S. Judge would actually say and WRITE such things.
        Federal Judge Envisions ‘Rape License’ for ‘Right to Rape’

        and this woman is running for president…
        Hillary Clinton BRAGS About Getting A Pedophile Off The Hook (VIDEO)
        “To this day, the victim (was 12 when raped) still harbors resentment toward Clinton for the way she was treated. In fact, she subscribes many of the obstacles she faced in later life to the trauma caused her by Clinton’s handling of the trial.

        “Hillary Clinton took me through Hell,” she stated in an interview with the Daily Beast. “I would say [to Clinton], ‘You took a case of mine in ’75, you lied on me… I realize the truth now, the heart of what you’ve done to me.

        And you are supposed to be for women? You call that [being] for women, what you done to me? And I hear you on tape laughing.”

        The Hillary Clinton Tapes

      14. I can see that the possibility of race war and ethnic cleansing could very well happen. the out come is anyones guess. I see these land wale wiggers at wal mart and the fast food places and if their any representative of the white race Its not gonna be cut and dried. Ive got very young grandchildren to look after so I cannot go on any kind of I dong give a shit because ive got nothing left to lose offense. possibly sneak out and do some vandalism If I think it would be to my advantage.

        • I bet the outcome would a better world. How could it not . Name one country run by these people that isn’t a third world hell hole.?

      15. The psychopaths see their nefarious endgame advancing thinking they are omnipotent and unassailable. Perhaps they have a secret weapon that hasn’t been revealed. The long list of sinister depopulation techniques aren’t getting the job done quick enough. I don’t doubt Fukushima is a false flag event, also Chernobyl and the Gulf of Mexico debacle of which there are sites that describe the accusation background with the plot and the players. Obviously do or die time is approaching rapidly for free people everywhere.

        • The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

          “…Fukushima is a false flag event…

          Where are they hiding the tsunami machine?

        • I agree they must have something up their sleeve . But old fashion neutron bombs would do the trick. Dial a nuke . No damage to anything but living things. It has to be their plan. A large microwave burst that fries your brain . You maybe walk around like a zombie canible until you die . Or are killed by someone that was under microwave reflecting cover when it went off. Does anyone know what is nesesary to stop neutron bomb effects?

          • tin foil hats.
            Seems I read that the US never developed the neutron bomb for some reason.

            • Many might say it would be the most humane type of weapon. .? No fire no distruction . The new ones might just put people to sleep painlessly. I’m sure the powers that be want to kill us as humanly as possible?

              • Lone Wolverine: kill us off Humanly?!! More like We/Me/You All (most all anyways) are to Them..Goyim.

                Goyim= a Sub-Human Animal but also has no real soul from god since Only tribe non goys has a real soul.

                That means, according to talmudic rule/law/beliefs, that since ALL goys are just a sub human animal and souless…it is always A-Okay and never any Sin Nor Crime at all to Kill off the goyim.

                Be it kill off a single lone goy? or Mass murder and Genocide exterminate an entire group or Race of goys.

                it is ALL always 100% kosher as can be.

                So Now consider: Why do they wish to rebuild their third temple asap?…Answer: several reasons of course, but main Prime reason is to again do Animal Sacraficial deaths and Burnt Offerings of said dead “animals”.

                So to sum up here:…ALL of Goyim are equal to a sub human ANIMAL! and have exact same atributes as ALL other animals god created…and ALL such animals And Goyim sub humans were soley created by god to Serve the tribe members period…And in whichever way shape or form best serves their tribe or agendas of it are always 100% fully A-Okay and zero crimes nor sins period.

                Just what “type animal” sacrafices do they have planned for once that third temple is reality?…Take one WILD guess you ignorant Goys!!

          • This is correct. The Neutron bomb was specifically designed to only cause biological death and destruction within a ‘concrete jungle’ with NO discernable damage to buildings, roads and infrastructure. A Neutron PLUS an EMP would be a bitch, but still survivable if you are shielded. (To what degree I’ve no idea).

      16. The world economy is a Titanic Turd circling the bowl on final descent.

        What’s in your lifeboat?

        Be safe….have a plan….BA.

        • +1
          Even the Ty-D-Bowl Man had his boat.
          Have a plan.

      17. Molan labe, bitches. Come and take it.

      18. Molon labe bitches..any foreign fighter coming here murderer, rape, pillage, enslave, then we are legally able to defend ourselves to protect ourselves and families with lethal force. We can legally stand our ground. By the way you jihadist types, chi- coms, Nepalese mongols, you punks that train to kill Americans, etc.. come to Texas and get your asses shot the phuck up by the citizenry, your call. I got bad news for you punks, Texas cops will cap your asses too. Mist Texas Cops have alighted away from you pricks, at least Texas cops..




        • HCKS, just stand your ground and defend yourself. don’t even think about legality.

        • Did Texas cops do Waco or just stand by and let it happen .Did they take those 400 LDS children from their parents because of a crank phone call.? Can we depend on Texas cops when it really counts? They didn’t stop the FEDs at Waco? I hope your right . But there past actions ?

      19. B.O. came into the office to do just that.

        He hates America and has created this situation for that purpose, to destroy this exceptional nation.

        If Trump is elected, kiss good bye to a lot of entitlements that people should not be getting and I hope re look The WIC programs.

        But, be forewarned… He is going to have to tighten the budget and some benefits could be cut back. That is what Obama will have left him.

      20. Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum comes to mind regarding this conversation. It is a good read and is accurate to today’s bullshit going on in our country, even though it was written in the 90s.

        • ciero2003, I have that book and the info in it is still relevant. I feel like I’m living in one of Matt Bracken’s novels, which I also recommend. very plausible scenarios.

      21. Sorry to disappoint the PTB who desperately try to sow seeds of conflict and chaos. This shitty government and the Banksters are in for a rude awakening. We can and will retake power and we will do it peacefully. Those who sleep: the young and old are beginning to open their eyes. They see you for the paper tigers that you are. My list is short. If I was going to fight, I would pick an enemy say some billionaire who funds the human traffickers or kills children, whatever; I wouldn’t tell a soul, I would just do it. Now, that isn’t civil war. That is an act of desperation from someone who is not getting anywhere any other way. Now, let it be clearly understood. I don’t have any such plans. I certainly don’t want anyone to take this as an indication that I would condone such a thing. All I am saying is, I don’t agree that desperation will drive civil war. It more likely will result in a few billionaires getting some payback for all the rotten crap they pull.

        • “We can and will retake power and we will do it peacefully.”

          That is a nice notion, and it is the route I would like to take … but … we are dealing with people who know nothing about peaceful resolutions.

          F’EM – when the time arrives – burn ’em out, beat ’em down, and make an example out of them!

          • FTW, spot on. civilwar 2 is what it’s coming to.

            • Unless it is ALL a bunch of bullshit (ISIS/Boko Haram/ ???), last I heard there are a whole lot of terrorists (Moslems, Muzlims, Muzzies) who want nothing more than our deaths fulfill their religion.
              Our government has “tagged” US as “Domestic Enemies” (fruitlessly), because everyone knows who has been creating the messes and fuckups globally.
              After Obama and Eric Holder did their “gun-running” it pretty much deprived him of having much of any say when it comes to guns. He was so desperate that he resorted to “gun running” …with that, he and Eric destroyed any chance they had. imho

      22. o’bama would LOVE a Civil War. divide and conquer (and then institute Martial Law)

        • stevor, but “Real Deal” above says obama didn’t divide the country.
          Talk about asleep, jeez.

      23. What each one of us has to determine is, what are the precursors that will force you to gear up. Many of us do have the supplies, the gear, training and the fortitude to do what needs to be done. The fuse has not been lit.

        I can not think of one scenario that we have not covered here. To the point that many overlap each other. The coverage stems from a simple electrical outage from a storm to all out war.

        Whatever it takes it will happen overnight.

        • NRA’s (for what they are worth) latest ‘mag’ states it “will happen a little at a time” over many years (so that nobody will notice).

          Just saying…. (I am not a member).

      24. Let’s see how many Isis and Mexican flags are displayed once it gets going.

        • How can these rats fly a Mexican flag in our country.or any foreign flag for any reason. Shows you the mentality of these idiots . And why we need to get rid of them at any cost.

      25. What’s that saying about(so many) meals away from war? I am not sure what straw will break the backs of Americans, but by the time we reach a point of civil war, it won’t matter much….

      26. Your not foolin anyone. This site is run by monsters..

        • Editor

          Don’t turn out the lights whatever you do.

      27. Civil war is exactly what Obama wants. Then he can call on his master Putin for help, and it is all over.

      28. It would require a fair bit of turmoil to convince today’s standing army to turn on the population. Pockets of violence is a guarantee full fledged civil war like yesteryear very small chance. So any list by the feds increase BH’s theory. Security details of our government official is not adaquit to deal with 3-4 man militia squad over a length of time.

      29. I think a lot of people confuse Civil War and A Revolution
        This government wants a Civil War
        We need to give them a Revolution

        I’ve posted before the difference
        I think it’s worth every ones time to learn the difference
        And than give this bunch of schmucks what they deserve , not what they want to wish upon us

        Trust me there is a profound difference
        Quite like the difference between a Democracy and a Republic
        Something they also are constantly getting wrong

        • I think it might start as a civil war but end with revolution.

          As far as the difference between democrats and republicans, they all go to the same schools, sleep with the same little boys and girls, and go to the same country clubs. Their is a difference, and they are taking different paths, but the are heading for the same place ( all by design ).

          • Your mixing forms of government with forms of representation
            Republicans are people not a form of government

            I said Republic , not republican
            I also said Democracy,
            Not democrat

            • You are right, I missed it. And you are right on the difference in a Democracy and a Republic. We are supposed to be a Republic.

      30. oldboner needs to wake up realize he is working for the devil.

      31. There will not be open civil war with organized armies fighting each other on large fronts. The gov’t will know before the general population when the SHTF and will prep for it by starting off with martial law. By declaring martial law the initial goal is to absolutely restrict any movement of the population, and to cut off the people’s ability to communicate with each other over a significant distance. They may control things for awhile but as things could get more desperate it won’t last. Then all hell will break loose. Remember, the first rule to know and never forget is gov’t exists for itself; and will do ANYTHING to survive and stay intact, nothing will be off limits to them in the measures to which they would resort.
        I don’t know how something like this would play out but figure on various types of people with a few sub-groups in a post-collapse scenario: 1) the segments of society who will ravage, kill, loot, rape, and take advantage of the collapse by destroying and “getting even”, 2) those who prepared or have resources and form groups to take care of their own and be able to deal with threats, 3) gov’t people who would be authorized to use what force necessary and take whatever they need to “maintain control and order”, and 4) those who would be actively fighting against tyranny. Forget the lone wolves, they will be for the most part exterminated.
        It is likely some parts of the country may function almost normally but with a heavy police and military presence, other parts will be lawless and chaotic such as the major urban centers of the US.
        There will be many dangers; expect secessionist movements, if you choose sides be careful, history shows the losing side pays dearly. Medical treatment will be severely rationed, you can figure out more.
        To escape the incredible violence people will migrate to rural or remote areas and form communities, and even cross over into Canada thinking that will help (which will also have upheaval too). Canada will try but will not be able to stop large numbers migrating crossing over, people will simply walk or drive across the border in the vast remote areas of the US/Canadian border. The same for Mexico, people will go there too.
        Of course this is speculation, but you can safely assume massive unemployment, homelessness, hunger, etc. And when gov’t entitlements cease, millions and millions of people will do anything to get what they need.

        • Wow Billy. Sounds right and scary. The stupid sheep people who will cross over into Canada will starve and freeze if in the Fall or Winter. I live 50miles outside of Buffalo NY. You give me encouragement saying the people will cross over to Canada. I am hoping they don’t travel to the country where i am. Of course a good lot will i bet., but it makes me feel better knowing a lot will crosss into Canada. Buffalo is a hop skip and a jump to Canada. Two bridges to cross. I hope most go to Canada.

      32. “My country tis of thee sweet land of liberty” God bless all us preppers for the vigilance and the love of our country. United we stand divided we fall. We will persevere! Molan Labe!

      33. Geeez I’m tired. We’ve been fighting my youngest sons entire life. 9/11 wasn’t enough to push it over? Do I really need to list all the incidents in this country that have happened in the last 14 years that shoulda lit the fuse? F me. Soldiers murdered in our own streets didn’t do it. F’ers burning cities down didn’t – $$ implosion or a free wheelin money printing FED didn’t. Polar bear hunting didn’t, cops murdered didn’t, Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, enemy pouring in southern borders don’t. Dicks in a girls bathroom doesn’t. Hollywood still thriving – freeshitarmy doing a ok-millions of Americans voting for a fn socialist and a/or a lying money whore ….not enough yet uh? F this shit. Blahblahblahblah. Wtf? Tennessee – Kentucky – Texas gonna have to do the heavy lifting defending this shit one more time?

        • 101st Airborne

          Death by a thousand paper cuts. The impact of those past event only affect a few and for a short time.

          Close the banks. Everybody takes a hit and the affects will not be short lived.

          Then we will see what happens. Lots of financial trouble in the world right now.

          • Your are absolutely correct. F it. Light the fuse – walk away calmly. The only way out is a global reset and never let these stupid fucks see the light of day. PURGE the System.
            Solutions are simple: Fire towers every 1 mile on our borders. 4 guys per 24/7. Kill everything that moves 300 yards out. Secured. Next f n problem.
            $$$ problems? No-nada-zilch world food or financial support from 24 months until we AUDIT our government- fuck paying for studies on Korean whores cocaine addition and the tons of other insanity. We stop food/$$ for 2 years – a BILLION people die. Next problem……

        • I fear for Texas. Ever since they made it known they wanted to get out of the Union the feds have been wanting to make an example of the entire state.
          Looking at the ‘whole of it’, it is logical to surmise that the gov is thinking if they “desecrate’ Texas (with all they have to fight with), then no other states will wish to get involved.
          Wrong! If it surfaces in TX then I’m headed that’a’way. Damned domestic enemies, MF’s, SOBing good-fer-nuttin’, pink-banny-legged satanist insanists. <==new word

      34. Putin putting the old band back together – ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, back by popular demand- “The USSR”!!!!!!!!!!! We’re paying f n Iran – we helped build the fucks rolling through country after country – Mexico threatens action? V going down in flames- London run my moos. Wtf boys and girls. Y’all waiting on a trigger event? Short burst only is all I have to say

      35. 101st I liken what is happening to the run up in U.S. to WWII? Nearly everyone knew evil was dominating the world, nearly everyone knew a fight was coming, yet we didn’t fight until it was almost too late. What would have happened if the Japs hadn’t stupidly attacked us, England would have fallen and Hitler could have turned the full force of his Army on Russia. Same thing is happening now,nearly everyone I talk to KNOWS a terrible conflict is coming, they know evil is flourishing nearly unopposed. Most of us know who the enemy is, and what there intentions are, yet we do nothing. We are waiting for another Pearl Harbor I suppose. I am reminded of the famous general who said the 2 most horrible words in the English language were” Too Late”. I fear this time we WILL wait too long, nobody will win, the Dark Ages redux. Sucks for my grandchildren. If we live I wonder what I will tell them about our generation, the one that was too cowardly to secure them a future.

        • If hitler could have turned his army against the communist . That would have been a good thing. We helped the commies take over and enslave half of Europe . Watch Ww2 lies . Or Hellstorm. And see that satans greatest weapon is the lie . And he rules this world.

      36. I always knew you gun slingin yanks would turn your guns on yourselves one day..KArma’s a bitch!

        • boo, go away.

      37. I confess. I won’t be defending the “rule of law”. I will be defending what is left of my family. The government has shown me and mine that the rule of law doesn’t apply to them. It applies only to their victims. I refuse to be a victim.

      38. Wherever you think Obama was born, it is unquestionable that he was raised in a third-world, America hating culture, nurtured mainly by Mussies and Marxists. What else do you expect from him?

      39. Big Blue: Spot on.

        Boohoo goo. Churchill was a freaking hero. British Spec Ops some of the toughest I’ve ever been with. U however suck. Ur grandad was probably the Air Commander that dropped us in the fucking Channel. If it wasn’t for the American trigger pullers beating down the wolves at your door – well – you’d be a German bitch wearing a leather skirt eating wiener snitzel very use to being on your knees. Let the moos run over your country this time. Call someone else for assistance.

      40. Most likely, Trump will be exposed in October to have been involved in some sort of criminal scheme and will be indicted. HRC will also be indicted in October. It’s the double-October surprise, orchestrated by BHO and henchwoman Lynch to permit him to stop the election for President, declare a state of emergency and martial law, and remain in office indefinitely. This was the plan from Day 1 back in 2009, and they have brought it about brilliantly.

      41. What makes you think we are in need of any assistance? And whatever became of YOUR FUCKING OATH? ….traitor. I’d venture a guess you never did a day in the military. (And …we used to eat Brit SpecOps for lunch). :-)~~~

      42. Bud – I was replying to boohoo ok. Unless you’re specifically talking to me about never serving? Between my wife and I, we have 47 Veterans in our family. I am a 2nd Gerneration Screaming Eagle and when I walked out of HQ – there were 27 plaques on the wall In Memory of in the 5 years I was assigned – the other years I served I was a Nightstalker. Death waits in the Dark. So Fuck u dick.

      43. O if your a Brit. You’ll need assistance in the very near future. Note to America: Don’t answer to he fuckng phone this time. M

      44. Talk is as easy as a lie. The bottom line of ww2 . Is we helped the commies enslave half of Europe . Deny that? Korean War . We couldn’t beat them? Vietnam war . We couldn’t beat them? Iraq is better now? Libya ? How many things do we leave worse ? But we destroyed the evil Germans . Evil Germans . There the most advanced society in Europe. We wanted to keep them down. To destroy there land so we could get it cheap. Old buildings have to be demolished anyway . The American tax payers paid for the demolition . The ultra rich scooped it up for next to nothing . And the cheap labor of the survivors rebuilt it. Solid plan?

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