Preppers Aren’t Relying on the US Government In Disaster Situations

by | May 20, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 12 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Think Katrina on a massive scale, or the riots in Greece and Bangkok. How about Zimbabwe?

    If you’re a prepper, you know that when the SHTF or it’s TEOTWAWKI that the government isn’t going to show up in any sort of relief capacity.

    Hat tip American Survival 101


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      1. Hell, I don’t trust my own relatives, why would I trust the .gov?

      2. Follow up comment….If America became like Zimbabwe it would be a blood bath.

      3. Scab…LMAOF!  Same here…..I actually fantazize about them showing up at my door if/when it all comes crashing down, looking for a handout, and making them grovel, because they are so condescending  whenever I warn them about what is coming…. and I still won’t help some of them.

      4. One of my worst fears is what the .gov will do to ‘help’ us.

      5. The U.S. government under Obama IS the disaster.   

        All I can say is save yourself.     

        Barack, Timmy, and the Congress sure won’t.

      6. Scab;   I totally agree relatives can’t be trusted or the gov. and even casual friends.  Close like minded friends are best for bad times (bartering, sharing, etc).    Don’t even inform or warn others, if they don’t “get it” by now, they’re useless, plus it would make you a target for getting robbed and killed.

      7. Laura I agree. I finally moved out of the city about 6 months ago in preparation for the coming storm. Being that it is so late in the game I am weary of talking to neighbors about what I am doing here. I have tried to make friends with some but trying not to disclose too much. WTSHTF I hope I that I will not have to resort violent means to defend my family.

      8. If I recall correctly the U.S. Government, in times of crisis, can confiscate any emergency power (generators), food, cars, you have for their own use or redistribution.   They can even martial you to dig ditches if the need is there.  

        I believe this is covered in the so called Patriot Act.  

        So beware of the messiah Obama and his Homeland security thugs.

      9. Case in point.  What is Obama doing for the people in Lousiana to combat the BP oil spill?   Absolutely nothing.   He took $72,000. in campaign contributions from BP though.

        You can bet when the SHTF in your state Obama won’t do a damn thing for you either.   Just the same empty suit blah blah blah rhetoric.

        What a presidential piece of crap he is.   George Bushes’ bastard twin, that’s what he is.    

      10. Obama is not doing anything to stop the hordes of illegal Mexicans coming into Arizona either.

        Does he care if Mexican drug gangs kill U.S. citizens in Phoenix?

        Hell no.   He’s more worried about suiting up for his next golf game with Lloyd Blankfein and other bankers.

        On top of that he criticizes the state of Arizona for doing the job his lousy Homeland security office should be doing.      

      11. The preppers in this video don’t even have teeth. You people are retarded.

      12. Comments…..Prepping is something you do to keep yourself and family healthy and safe.  If you’re way out in the boonies,  the government isn’t going to come out there to get your preps, it’s not cost effective.  They will just confiscate the wharehouses,resturants and box stores in the metropolitan areas and then get sneeky and hit the homes of healthy people in the city areas who appear to be doing better then most. 

        And I bet that the government is NOT going to share the wealth then!

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