Possibility of Food Riots, Civil Unrest and Martial Law Going Mainstream

by | Dec 13, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 77 comments

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    We’ve been warning for quite some time about the possibility of civil unrest resulting from a number of scenarios, including food riots and economic meltdown.

    As our astute readers already know, the government has been training and planning for the implementation of martial law for years, in addition to planning for emergency scenarios that include not just natural disasters, but economic collapse. Americans who are “in the know” about these developments have begun taking action in droves to prepare for the possibility of things like a hyperinflationary collapse of the US dollar and events like political and social breakdown of the world as we have come to know it. Can one argue that  if the government is preparing and regionalizing supplies that each individual and family shouldn’t be doing the same?

    Glenn Beck recently summarized our many reports on these developments, warning that food riots and civil unrest are a distinct possibility as the economy continues to breakdown during what many are calling the ‘greatest depression.’ A strong police and military response – perhaps even martial law – should be expected if events play out in the U.S. the way they have in Europe thus far.

    As tens of thousands of people learn the truth about what may be coming our way, they are starting to prepare. They’re buying silver, gold, food, and emergency gear. This fear of the unknown has been cited by food manufacturer Mountain House as one reason for the recent shortage of freeze-dried food.

    People are afraid – and many of us are preparing. This begs the question: what about those who don’t act on these possibilities. What happens if food really does run out on store shelves, or the US dollar becomes unusable as a medium of exchange? Or what if the next time the Chinese fire a missile off our West coast they detonate an EMP weapon 100 miles over our heads?

    Our government officials have a plan to protect their families and “essential personnel.” Do you?

    Glenn Beck:


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      1. I can’t help but wonder if more people prepping will speed up the collapse.  There is enough for people to eat now, but how long would it take for shortages to occur if a lot of people start buying for the future.

      2. well this brightens my day – finding out that more people are prepping somehow makes me feel safer and saner at the same time – yet it also makes me feel the time is growing short to get closer to being finished prepping (like you could ever really finish – NOT)

        Remember to keep positive thoughts & emotions as much as possible – love & gratitude – not only will it keep you healthy but it helps the whole planet


        Good luck everyone!

      3. Only once in my life so far, i have experienced the struggle to get food and see empty shelves in grocery stores.
        It was back in spring 1986 during the Chernobil nuclear accident. I was 18 years old back then.
        There was this panic created by the media and the whole country rushed to grocery stores to buy food for the months to come. I had just taken my driver’s lisence so me and my mom drove to one shop, and my dad and sister to another.
        I remember thousands of people driving at the same time, so a town of 100.000 people was a total mess.
        This was no good either, because due to winds and spring rain the nuclear particles were spread all over Greece. This means that 6 months later we ate fresh olive oil, wheat, fruits, herbs etc, full of “energy”. Crete is 1.130 miles south of the reactor.
        But the experience was very annoying and spooky.


      4. Supply & demand curve.  Don’t be on the back side of that curve.  Never answer your door when you don’t want somebody to come in.  You know the rest.

      5. Comments….. I’ve got to hand it to Glenn Beck to step up to the plate and warn people.  I do believe he is getting through to people.  There will always be those to poo-poo the very thought of food shortages because they have always had whatever whenever.  The biggest problem will come when the cocoapuffers can’t get their fix of mac and cheese, or their frozen pizzas.  I saw a couple of ladies shopping recently.  They each had WIC coupons and they couldn’t decide whether to buy a bag of beans or the peanut butter.  They settled on the peanut butter because “they didn’t have to cook the beans.”  Healthwise, the beans would have been the better choice.

        I can see food riots coming to a large city, and more poaching in the country.  It’s happening here where I live, people poaching cattle. They chainsaw them up right on the spot leaving behind what they can’t throw into the truck.

        Beans, bullets and bandaids.

      6. I will be proud feeding my family with a 3 years + supply of food.  And enjoy every morsel of food that I eat while watching them. 
        Excuse me, my wife is expecting me “home” for a party.  You’re in good hands. 

      7. NEVER give up your guns. Just because they have badges doesnt make them just. They are nothing more than a big gang.

      8. Obama Signs Child Nutrition Bill Into Law as Part of Anti-Obesity Push

        Let us eat cake!

      9. Comments….With all do respct,.you said we would  be at war, you said they would raise taxes but it didnt happen, what up buddy?

      10. CommenThey did the opposite, they gave the extension to the bums which you said they wouldnt so im a bit sceptacle to what you say buddy, two days later the gov extended benefits to the losers to keep there steaks on the table… whats next

      11. CommeWith all do respect what your agenda?

      12. Comments…..I have been just told by a financial advisor, that the federal reserve just purchased $600 billion worth of bonds.
        What does this all mean for the economy?

      13. I’ve seen some shelves stripped many times as I’m in a hurricane area.  The smart thing to do before hurricane season/or bad winter weather elsewhere,  is to stockpile canned goods, cereals, etc. and plan to wait at lease a week before the shelves are fully stocked, as not everything is stripped out.  Since hurricane’s can have week long effects especially with flooding, supplies may be delayed longer.   With weather reports we can plan but as for an EMP attack; better off dead then to live in the middle ages.

      14. Just buy more tin foil.

      15. We are in the grip of one of the coldest winters in living memory here in the UK, and deep snow kept many of us away from the grocery stores for over a week. I was lucky enough to be well stocked up beforehand with rice, pasta, cans etc. This was not because I own a tinfoil hat, but because food inflation is beginning to take off, and rather than earn 0.5% interest from the thieving banksters it seemed more sensible to “invest” my money in low perishable foods which are inflating at around 5-10% p.a.

        After a brief lull this week we are promised more Arctic weather and snow through Christmas, very unusual because average December temps are usually 5-10degC, so I’ve replenished the stockpiles again with enough goodies to survive an economic crisis, or continued “global warming” to get me through to the spring.

      16. years ago I drove a man from Sudan to his doctors appointments. He told me of the collapse that occured when the country went from British control to local muslims. The stores could no longer get food on the shelves. Couldn’t even find baby diapers.

        he had a resaurant in a hotel. he couldn’t even get coke in to serve drinks. Everything collapsed. And that was just changing governments.

        he sold what he could and left. The whole family left for different counties.

        he didn’t understand the mechanics behind the sollapse so he blamed the muslims.

        beware, when the collapse happens people who do not understand how it happened will find escape goats. Those who have the means will leave for the country areas. Those who do not will stay in the cities.

        it will be impossible to declare martial law in the country. the cities can be contained. And with gangs running the cities now they will be the escape goats. Many are hispanic and black. So, a race war will erupt.

      17. One thing we can count on is local, state and federal gov’t will do whatever they can to contain, control and suppress violence caused by civil unrest. “This “whatever they can” won’t be pretty and it will probably spark more violence.

        In every group of rioters, there exists a few people that see it as an opportunity to engage in mayhem for the sake of mayhem. This will cause the authorities to take extreme action. There is every probability that some unhappy souls will see these suppression efforts as totalitarianism and fight back violently.

        My plan of action? Avoidance at any cost. I’ll watch it on TV (if it’s broadcasted). I have little doubt that by posting on this forum that I have figuratively shown up on gov’t radar. I also know that the last “r” in radar is for ranging and the “d” is for detection. Ergo if I stay out of range, I won’t be a target (they’ll have plenty to keep them occupied I fear).

        I refuse to be part of the problem of violent civil unrest. This old soldier knows when to keep his head down and not be a target.
        I’m not afraid of a nuke EMP at 100 miles up from China. Nuclear deterrence is alive and well. Besides, wars are fought over resources and not ideology. Ideology is the argument that governments use to identify the enemy to the ignorant masses to gain public support for war.
        Worst case scenario, no middle ages. We could lose enough infrastructure to plunge us back to 1900 or there abouts. It will be temporary; perhaps a few decades. Our scientific and technological knowledge base is too widespread to be wiped out. Stalled, you bet’cha. Life will go on, albeit no so comfortably. Commerce will restart. Stability will return. We are social animals and nature always outs itself. Society WILL exert its civil control mechanisms.

      18. Would not be surprised to see “Green Zones” with a strong military presense in areas that have military bases ( Columbia,SC has Fort Jackson,,,Jacksonville,FL has Mayport & NAS JAX,,,,,,,). Some areas might resemble what was seen in the movie BLACKHAWK DOWN. Scary stuff when you think about it.
        Whatever the trigger is that would start a panic, I agree that wide scale panic could consume the country like wildfire. All the millions of people who thought nothing bad would ever happen are now competing for that last can of beans and last gallon of kerosene.
        Search MARSHAL LAW if you’re curious what the government can do during a national crisis. Very Scary stuff.
        Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

      19. I agree Weedle.  Speak with a JSO or CC buddy & ask to see their State Law book on the subject of marshal law.  Every one of them carries it in their cruiser.  Real eye opener what a governor can “make happen’.

      20. Welcome to the party Glenn, maybe all the Tea Party folks will wake up . This could be a good way to increase our numbers. A glimmer of hope?

      21. I believe that the reason that most of us overreact to doomsday scenarios is that it’s part of our nature.
        If we tend to overreact when it comes to possible scenarios, we’ll be better off, nature has programmed that into our genes.

        I still think that there will always be electricity, there won’t be any EMP’s by the Chinese (they’re winning on the present system & have no need to resort to that), nor will there be no food on the shelves.
        I would plan on much more unemployment, much higher food and gas and relatives moving in with us (I can’t stand my inlaws!), but that’s about the extent of what I see occurring.

      22. Oooops,,,,meant to say search MARTIAL LAW in capital letters to find a specific site on the web.

        Maybe we’ll be lucky if a currency crash like the one that happened to Argentina in 2001 happens to the U.S.
        A lot more poverty and a lot more violence & crime, but the country is still intact. The downside will be you will have to work a lot harder at acquiring what you need. Because a currency devaluation would make life very difficult.
        No one really knows what this country will look like after the smoke clears, but it will never be the same.

      23. I agree with Overtheedge.  I plan on staying low key and out of site.  I also think there will be a major shumer storm coming in, but I think it will be confined to the cities (where I unfortunately live). 

      24. The collapse is coming very soon now.

        Stay Inside, Stay Quiet, Stay Safe……..

      25. everything will be ok my friends. any economic changes will not be anywhere close to all these stories of gloom and doom. i remember these same scare syories in the late 1970’s and hardly anything happened.

        so just save some crisp new uncirculated ten dollar bills and say several prayers  every dayto god almighty our lord and savior who watches over us all the time.

      26. That’s quite a story Manos.  Most non-tin foil hats over here would freak & riot.  Stay well.  I have some experience with what you went through.  The HD tin foil shapes the best & I’m proud of it.

      27. Note to China and other foreign countries.  As the US currency collapses and fails….keep in mind the 100 million gun owners are armed to the teeth and ready to shoot your ass dead if you try to invade.  While they turned the dollar to toilet paper….we bought shitloads of ammo just for your butts.  I hope it all collapses.  Red necks are ready…cases and cases of ammo ready to go.    As for food….deer and small game..heat…fire wood…if the ammo runs out…we’ll make our own weapons and ammo.  Never underestimate Americans when you piss us off.  Thank God for Nukes!  Aimed at China and Russia!  ps.  Screw you Al Gore

        • china doesn’t need to attack they just need to call in their loans
          their military is there to protect themselves for you, not to attack
          you will turn your dollar into toilet paper
          your comments are the comments of a fool

      28. Comments…..Mushroom,  can you explain why to stock up on crisp new uncirculated ten dollar bills ? I can not figure that one out

      29. Comments….. Disney gets in on the preparation theme–including a bug outbag:


        But of course we all know this, just interesting that these utubes are put out there…

      30. Mushroom:  I am piling up ten’s, twenty’s,  fifty’s and some one hundred dollar bills.  These are all the latest  (updated) bills except the 100’s which will come out next year.  Then I’ll take the older 100’s and spend them on preps.  I’ll be collecting  the new bills when I draw out my IRA this new year.  It’s easier to collect twenty’s it seems.  I can even remember the five hundred dollar bill in use, but hardly anyone collected them.

      31. Comments…..just about anything happening out of a persons norm will freak people out…happens all the time with a little snow, a little icey rain, a big wind..you name it and folks will panic. me…i just stay cozy in my hidey hole and let the world go nuts around me. i might come out of hibernation in six months or so just to check out the landscape.

      32. Only Big Bird can save us now

      33. wheedle said, “Maybe we’ll be lucky if a currency crash like the one that happened to Argentina in 2001 happens to the U.S.
        A lot more poverty and a lot more violence & crime, but the country is still intact.”

        I kind of thought that’s the worst way to do it, tyranny stays in place under such conditions. The people don’t recognize the tyrannical nature of their government for what it is while they focus on maintaining the status quo or mere survival as they cling to the slow bend rather than the quick snap of a much needed correction.

        A crude form of Stockholm Syndrome takes hold of the population and nothing changes for the better, things just kind of slog on creating a land of surfs and lords living under a rule of men. Liberty and freedom fail to flourish under those conditions. Ick.

      34. Don’t forget to have some water filtration devices and/or some way to boil water on a large volume basis.  Also,  have all your firearms sighted in and ready to go and DON’T forget to invest in some damn good outdoor gear.   Some great boots, pants, jackets will be idispensable to get around in when the SHTF.  Get some kind of chest carrier, go bag for your ammo and needs while on the move.

        Mike F.

      35. Mushhead,   those crisp new $10 bills will be really hard on your anus…

      36. Janet: I don’t think your financial advisor expressed himself correctly. The FED intends to purchase $600 billion of US Government bonds over the next six months, and made the first “purchase” of $105 billion recently. That is the QE2 program.

        I am not certain what they “purchased” those bonds with, because I am not familar with the actual transaction. I am quite sure that the FED did not purchase those bonds with gold, silver, or dollars. Maybe overtheedge can shed some light on the transaction itself.

         The intent is to absorb US government debt and enhance the balance sheet of the member banks of the FED. I believe that US Government debt, ie the wealth of the American people, has just been transferred to the member banks of the FED, to the tune of an additional $105 billion.


      37. @ clark

        This article is discussing food riots, civil unrest, and martial law following an economic collapse in the U.S.
        Are you suggesting that adding Civil War or a Revolution will fix that ? A lot of Americans are hoping the power doesn’t go out this winter. A lot of Americans are hoping they can find a job before their unemployment benefits run out. A lot of Americans are worried they can’t feed their children next month when the cash runs out.
        I don’t think what you might be suggesting is a solution to the immediate problems people are facing. The SHTF scenario this article presents could in fact destroy this country, and who knows what will take it’s place ?

      38. so has it been proven that was a Missile from China? or was it one of our own? to show force to someone else, or to our own people?
        proof. lets have it, im tired of cover ups, and BS, and the misdirection

        Guns? they will never find all of mine..only the ones pointed back at them, and they only may see the muzzle flash from them before their memory of me is over.

        Food prep isnt anything new up in the snow belts..look at what happened in Buffalo NY….and in Indiana people trapped for hours or days on the roads due to snow and ice..people see this and it wakes some of them up.

        (note..have some preps in your car too)

        If ML comes , the best you can do for the innitial phase is keep your head down you you dont get viewed as part of the problem, if you have preps, and guns..dont stick up.,,you will get nailed.
        If you are in a large populated area, try to get out before it goes down.
        Cities will get the largest coverage, and the most force, and thats where the carnage will go down.
        Not only stock up , but find a place or hide out, that isnt in the city.

        Funny how no answers caame for the “Missle”..and no more pressure to get the answers…maybe we as citizenns should take a lesson from our government..never disclose your power, never take responsibility for your arms, and never show what you have stored.
        say nothing and it looks like it just goes away..interesting….itsnt it?

      39. wheedle, I’m not suggesting war as a solution to economic problems, but others might? Others such as your political leaders and their puppet masters.

        Gerald Celente: “Scenario set up for next war”


        I, for one, know that the economic problems the U.S. had in the 1930’s were Not solved by entry into WWII but rather by the removal of taxes and regulations around 1946, well after the end of WWII. – See Prof. Robert Higgs for proof.

      40. Here in the UK, it has already started: the breakdown. Student protests have been hijaked by armed and very violent gangs from the inner cities. Feral youths who are nihilistic and just want violence and chaos and can smell the state is weak and vacilating. London is experiencing riots almost every week now.

        Go watch the film ‘Children of Men’ to see what is coming. It forecast the consequences of an incompetent and corrupt Labour government piling up debt and leading to social and economic collapse. The state stops pretending it is ‘free and democratic’ and reverts to being a fascist force bent only on protecting the political government and corporate owners (like much of the third world).

        Gangs move in to take over inner cities and become the dominant force. You can see that already in many US cities: this trend will now migrate to Europe. The police will just retreat back to their ‘bases’ and monitor things via CCTV and the web. They will occasionally venture out and whack somebody before going back to the ‘base’. This prototype has already been workshopped in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        The future will only have one question for most people: are you inside the base (warm and cozy, regular food deliveries, government support), or outside the base (mayhem, under the control of street gangs, left to fend for yourself)?

      41. Frank,

        It’s really amazing this law by your government. In times of austerity (poverty i would say), an average household cannot support the most basics for survival. How can they expect us to pay such amounts of money for education?
        Unless we are heading for a society in which only the wealthy and rich can send their kids to the university.
        I know what’s happening there because many Greek kids are studying in British universities.
        I hope that thngs will change.


      42. I am ready – been storing food for over a year now.  But what concerns me is the riots & people that will be going nuts looking for food.  I’m worried about safety.  As Gerald Celente says, “When people have nothing else to lose, they lose it”.

        How is everyone planning to keep their house safe?  We have lots of windows & doors & live in a suburban neighborhood. 

        How will you keep people from stealing from your garden or fruit trees in the middle of the night?

      43. The future will only have one question for most people: are you inside the base (warm and cozy, regular food deliveries, government support), or outside the base (mayhem, under the control of street gangs, left to fend for yourself)?

        If being “inside” means you give up all your rights and by accepting the handouts means you have sold your soul to the devil then I will take Mayhem anyday.

        Live Free or Die Trying 

      44. wheedle, on the subject of revolution and solving peoples immediate needs, in Argentina for example, many people did not support the President K. yet they fully supported their Presidents strong arms, the military and the police.

        The people didn’t see the connection between the power their President had and the power the individuals gave them through their support of their local police forces or by joining their military.

        When danger arrived or a crime occurred, they relied on the police as if the police were a parent.
        When riots or protests occurred, they relied on their military to force control which allowed the President K. to maintain power as if their President were a god on earth. In turn the President K. funded many of the people who caused the riots or committed the crimes and the President and other leaders were allowed to continue the policies that caused the economic troubles to begin with which allowed the cycle to impact individuals in a negative way.

        There are many nations that fail to see this connection between power and submission.
        It looks like the UK example is well illustrated in the comment by Frank Thoughts. I wonder how many of the violent protesters were actually paid provocateurs used to entice the population into supporting further expansions of police power?

        If only the people of Argentina had withdrawn their support of the police and the military the corrupt power of their President would crumble allowing liberty and individual responsibility to take its place. As I understand it, Lew Rockwell describes this as Opting Out of The State.

        Private and locally controlled and funded police and military would still be possible under such conditions much like cattleman’s associations maintained an orderly and safe society in the Old West of the U.S. as described here:

        The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality


      45. I figure that sometime during the first or second quarter of 2011 things will get even more interesting than they are right now. Talk about “The Perfect Storm”!!!!! The planets are all getting into alignment and things are almost ready to kick-off. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Soon …… very soon boys and girls!

        Gotta go now ……. my goats are escaping and I need to round them up!

        Everyone have a great Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous new year.

      46. Well said Tina!

      47. Comments…..There is a phrase in the novel, “Atlas Shrugged”, where the female character Dagny Taggart looks at John Galt and says, “We didn’t have to give it to them, did we?”   That’s where we are right now-we don’t have to give anything to these parasites in government or society.  By withholding our treasure, both money and talent, they will collapse of their own accord, and we -the producers- will still be prosperous.  In other words, we must now-shrug. 

      48. @ clark,,,

        Many if not all of the scenarios presented here at shtfplan.com suggest a massive die-0ff in human population. To distance ones self from the possibility that death will not knock on your door is a bit naive.
        As an American I agree with Tina in staying I would rather Live Free or Die. And I am constantly reminded that all the preparations I make may simply not be enough when anarchy begins. And yet I still chose to prepare. The hope is you survive the transition and then become part of a positive solution. My biggest hope is that Good will prevail over Evil. I believe a unified American Citizenry pursuing a return to the original intent of the Constititution of the United States will be a step in the right direction. I don’t believe all of us will live to see it.

      49. wheedle, where did I suggest that?

      50. @clark,,,

        ,,,” I kind of thought that’s the worst way to do it, tyranny stays in place under such conditions.,,,,,mere survival as they cling to the slow bend rather than the quick snap of a much needed correction.”,,,,,

        Fighting tyranny will require sacrifice.

      51. Remember, you won’t be able to count on the government during this crisis. Think about it… if the government couldn’t even save the city of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, how in the world will it save an entire country when all hell breaks lose?

        There is too much guns and ammo in the hands of Americans. America will become Yugoslavia times 100 when the dollar collapses at the end of this decade.

      52. Remember, you won’t be able to count on the government during this crisis. Think about it… if the government couldn’t even save the city of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, how in the world will it save an entire country when all hell breaks lose?

        There is too much guns and ammo in the hands of Americans. America will become Yugoslavia times 100 when the dollar collapses at the end of this decade.

        Don’t forget to have some water filtration devices and/or some way to boil water on a large volume basis. 

        Mike, I received 3 sports bottles with the Berkey water filter system….free!!
        These are in my bug out bag…if used in Haiti, great for ponds and creeks here.
        Even Alex Jones is giving away 3 with a purchase…just sharing!

        VRF says:
        so has it been proven that was a Missile from China? or was it one of our own? to show force to someone else, or to our own people?
        proof. lets have it, im tired of cover ups, and BS, and the misdirection

        This is my scenario…spraying of chemtrails has been proven for 10/12 years and ‘suggested’ as a shield of aluminum/barium, etc..for the sun rays.
        What if the shield is for EMP protection and that missile that took out the cruiser ship wasn’t really from China at all..it was one of our own testing our vulnerability; hence, the only ship affected was the cruiser, and not the USS Ronald Reagan that rescued the cruiser??

      55. Comments….”Prepared @ 10:31″ …”how will you keep your home and garden safe”? 
            Many writers have answered this online with, “I will use my weapons to protect what is mine”  The reality is that you plus a spouse can not do this by yourselves.  It will take a group who live in close proximity to one another.  Then they must work out a security plan together.  Think  shifts, commo, equipt. etc.
             The manpower to provide both security and operations for an individual home and garden will grow tremendously, when you start talking 10, 15, 20+ acres of farm or ranch operations in a SHTF situation.
              You and you family may be forced out of your home;  and to bug out with what you can carry, plus some seeds and think you can survive alone, IMHO, is unrealistic.
             Yes we must prepare individually.  The only way we will survive, however, is as a group.  Please, reread “Wheedle @ 12:17” post,  especially his last two sentences.


        December 14th, 2010 at 11:12 am
        Comments…..There is a phrase in the novel, “Atlas Shrugged”, where the female character Dagny Taggart looks at John Galt and says, “We didn’t have to give it to them, did we?”   That’s where we are right now-we don’t have to give anything to these parasites in government or society.  By withholding our treasure, both money and talent, they will collapse of their own accord, and we -the producers- will still be prosperous.  In other words, we must now-shrug. 

        Oh, that’s gonna happen and not even an organized, concerted effort either…it’s coming..when the collapse happens, and it’s inevitable with the trillions owed, how do you finance any govt with no revenue??
        This nation was not DE-INDUSTRIALIZED…..nope, the industries moved, there is a difference….and when this SHTF, can the industries be brought back??  Ask John Galt.
        Atlas Shrugged is soooo 2011…’redistribution of wealth’ will never be the norm here…keep prepping.

      57. Rome is rioting today.  The bond market will go bust.

      58. I myself, recently decided to get dead serious about backing up all the best and most relevant info that I can gather, into something I can take on the go. This may inspire a few of you to do the same. I already feel 100% better with what I’ve done.

        As a prepper, I’ve already taken care of all that I need, at least in my own view. But I have been feverishly reviewing the archives of the best prepper sites out there, this one of course included. Everything from survivalism to country skills and homesteading, to building with straw bale, to numerous ways to build and create a fire, to Chinese herbal medicine, to how to milk a cow, and even the complete Army manual on First Aid. You name it, I saved it, if I think it will be of even the LEAST bit helpful to me or another at some future date. Hell, even a ton of recipes, bread making and jam making type stuff. All of it.

        I’m now up to several hundred topics in a single folder, soon to be transferred onto a USB memory stick for me and my family, and keep on a keychain. Take something like that, have yourself a laptop, and a DC to AC converter for your car lighter, and you have readily accessible info on the fly, when getting out of Dodge to your bugout locale, stranded in your car during a SHTF scenario,  or just hunkering down. NO RELIANCE on the net! So, you might consider doing that now while you can?

        If anyone else has a favorite survival or prepper site to share, I’m all over it. Thanks, and be safe you guys. It is certainly gettin’ nutty out there now!

      59. p.s. If I didn’t clarify this earlier, I’ll make the point now. Loading all of this info onto a USB stick might just be the perfect Xmas gift for those in your personal circle, that have just ignored it all, every step of the way. At least now, you can say, “Here. Just keep this on your keyring. Anything you may need to know is there for you”.

        Good way to also feel good about giving something to those that didn’t back up with supplies. At least you’ve given them some real, life-saving knowledge, without having to talk about it again.

      60. Dennis – I would love to be on your list.  I’d even pay for something like that.  Great idea.

      61. Dennis, great idea! I did the same a while back and just update it every so often(actually… I get my Lady to do it for me,Im doing good just to turn this comp on 🙂  shes the electronics expert,not me.

      62. Comments…..As a pharmacist I would like to add an important often overlooked item in your list of preps. Many folks are finding themselves on a variety of maintenance meds. I will guarantee you that if we find ourselves in a crisis… pharmacies will find themselves out of stock on the key 20% of meds (which we do 80% of business in) within 10 days or less. Most medications have a shelf life of 18 to 24 months. It is a good idea for those of you who are on blood pressure meds.. oral hypoglycemics, blood thinners, etc. to work with your doctor and pharmacist to back up your supply.  The pharmaceutical industry uses the same just-in-time stock restock system the food industry does…. this is most important to your health, so don’t overlook this area!

        God bless you all!

      63. wheedle, I don’t think I implied this for myself: “To distance ones self from the possibility that death will not knock on your door is a bit naive.” Perhaps you mean this towards those who rely on government to protect them?

        At any rate, this conversation is too difficult to continue in this forum.

        However, I am reminded of this line:

        “The Soviet Union finally disintegrated and Czechoslovakia separated into smaller parts and liberalized. What is the direction of modern-day America?”


      64. Where can I get me an “escape goat”?

      65. Sounds like a BS way to make the population WORRIED about paying back debt they should just let go…

        Look at Turkey, it had the WORST inflation of anyone in the 90’s, by 2001 their was an exchange rate of 630,000 Lira to the USD. They are thriving now…

        DONT PANIC!

        Yes commodities are ( usually) in USD not Lira, so we will eat the inflation…but the US of A has very good agricultural land ( net exporter of FOOD) and HUGE Natural Gas reserves, as well as much COAL as we need untill at least 2030.
        Silver and Gold will be either taxed ( actually it is via 1099) or confiscated, and you will be up $h!7$ creek to eat it.

      66. simple… Escapegoats-R-US !  There is a buy one get one sale going on right now… but hurry! this offer won’t last!

      67. Who is Big Bird?

      68. Interesting JJ..a thought or senario i had not thought of

      69. To JoeRocker (12/13/10 @ 4:34pm)

        On its face, your hopeful suggestion that Glen Beck might now be a spokesperson for the “prepper” network and on our side just doesn’t add up.  ALL traditional media outlets are owned by TPTB.  Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS etc are nothing more then propaganda outlets for whatever agenda they wish to push on the unsuspecting public.

        With that said, it begs the question, “Why then would TPTB want to alert the public, via Glen Beck, to the upcoming crisis?”

        A few speculative responses…Feel free to punch holes in one or all of them:

        1)  The crises, crash, food shortages have always been the end-game goal.  Those weapons are just tools to destroy the Republic so that they can issue in a Worldwide plan of governance.  “Leaking” this information out now through one of their puppets validates him as a reliable “prophet” and only makes that puppet more valuable & credible at a future date.  When that future date arises, and they wish to influence his listening audience to do something for the greater good, (turn in your neighbor, voluntarily turn over your guns, forfeit your 401k etc) he’ll be able to replay the above clip as evidence that he knows what he is talking about.

        2)  The Handwriting is now clearly on the wall, and although there are still many sheeple, among them, there is a growing swell of suspicion that “things aren’t right.”  Yes, they are pretty blind to what most of us here take as Gospel, but from their limited perspective, unemployment, taxes, debt, bankruptcies, foreclosures are all starting to pile up “in the news.”  TPTB certainly believe that a vast majority of the world’s population are “useless eaters” (Their words not mine), but even so, it’s getting more & more difficult to keep their finger in the dam.  This information is coming like a freight train anyway, so better to get out in front of it, and “allow” Glen Beck to warn the masses.  If you notice, Glen Beck staunchly shared his love of our military as he vilified an untouchable enemy in George Soros….So as the military is deployed on our soil carrying out “order,” Glen’s convoluted message will be repeated, “The military is only here to maintain order…It’s George Soros & his lackeys that are responsible!!”

        3)  TPTB are arrogant egoists and feel the need to gloat over their fine work.  Sitting back, watching Glen Beck describe their vile plan in broad daylight (and knowing there is little to nothing we can do to stop it) might give them some narcisistic satisfaction that only the Devil himself could blush over.

        4)  TPTB want to further leverage their end-game ploy by now instilling fear in the Sheeple.  Most people who rely on Fox news talk shows for their information are hardly “in the know” and while they would argue strongly against that accusation, they are the blind being led by the blind.  TPTB know this, and use one of the public’s most revered talk-show stars to escalate anxiety & fear in the public.  When “we” watch his show, our first reaction is much like JoeRocker’s…”Seems Glen has crossed over and is sniffing the real story.”  However, when the blind sheep watch that same broadcast, all they here is, “Can you believe that stupid George Soros Billionaire is now responsible for potential riots and food shortages?  Our Federal agencies now have to prepare for fallout from his actions.  And if Glen’s right, things could be bad for a little while…Oh well.  Honey, is Survivor: Nicaragua on tonight?”

        In summary, you either agree with the premise that the traditional media outlets are owned by TPTB, or you don’t.  If you do, then you’ll quickly see any of my 4 possible motives listed above as a reminder of the depth & breadth of their resources to control the world.  If you don’t, you can still catch the re-run of the Bill O’Reilly show…hurry now.

      70. Yourdaddy: Very well written. I completely agree with your post.

      71. Bill, I was thinking the same thing as I was compiling these files. “Man, I would buy something like this, all ready to go and such!” But alas, lots of intellectual property there. So for now, I’ll make one for me and my ‘sadly-sleepy’ family. I’m also involved with several sustainable groups from CA to NM. Maybe just charge for the cost of the USB unit itself to members, no charge for the content, and highlight all the sites referenced in a secondary folder, giving credit where credit is due. Not sure yet. I’m just very glad to have the info!

        And REB, I expect to be doing the same thing as time goes on! Always adding!

        The problem becomes, everyone’s blog references 10 more blogs, which can make this  a never-ending process! But a SATISFYING one! Eventually, you get the vast majority of interesting ‘How To’s’ collected in your files, and then it just becomes a search for the more obscure, and fascinating of topics, you may not have thought of, but would not mind putting into action, if the need arose. Like snaring and dressing a wolverine in the wild, or something like that! Ha!  But knowing how to say…cook and eat pine bark, maybe make some hardtack bread, or learn a few more knots? Great stuff!

        It just seems that the perfect survival tool could be a tiny little netbook, the DC to AC adapter, and your files on a USB. Things get crazy, or you find yourself snowbound or stranded, boot ‘er up in the car. And maybe through studying some of these files beforehand, it may help to round out the additional supplies you’ll be wanting, to accomplish what the source is recommending. One shows how to make an emergency in-car heater for just such an occasion. Useful? YEP!

        Here are just a couple of really good sites I found much of the info on. No need to highlight the SHTF site we’re on. That’s a given! Please visit them, and see what you find. The homesteading one will cause you HOURS of delving into! Great stuff to know! Again, if anyone wants to recommend a MUST VISIT site, please list it below. Still looking for others that might add to my cache of info.

        Here are a few you might like!


        As always, good luck to every damn one of us! At least we have the foresight to know what’s up. It’s something to be thankful for, when you see how many clueless still roam our towns!

      72. Comments…..How many of you remember the scene from the movie Aliens where one of the young marines looses it when the acid blood alien monster was killing them all and their guns, rockets, granades ect had failed to kill it…he kind of lost it and started yelling   “Game Over Man” 
         To put it more acutely…We are all be up septic creek, and our boat has no visible means of propulsion…
        Now for a happy word of advise..useless actually, but perhaps humor is a good survival tool too…its a poem
        “When in trouble…or in doubt,
        Throw up your arms and twirl about,
        When the darkness comes about,
        Just give up, run, cry and shout,
        When the enemy casts a light on thee
        Shoot it out so he can’t see
        Then go ahead and safely pee
        hee hee hee
        It won’t save you from the end of the world, but this little poem kept my grandfather mentally and spiritually alive while in a trench during WWI, he taught it to my father who kept it in mind during the photo recon flights over the enemy during WW II and it kept this boy from losing his sense of humor or joy of life in Nam…It may help you too if things get as bad as many fear…

      73. I have been watching Glenn Beck for some time now and monitoring all the news channels and I am convinced that Glenn is right.  Economic disaster and violence is coming soon.  What can we do to prepare for the crisis and the violent civil unrest.  How can I protect my family?

      74. that’s scape goat idiot

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