Pipeline Leak Plunges Deep South Into Emergency: Long Lines and “Panic Gasoline Buying”

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 101 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: This is how quickly things can unravel. The Colonial Pipeline leak has barely made the news, and yet much of the entire Deep South is facing shortages at the pump, long lines, price gouging and limited amounts through rationing. Although officials expect things to return to normal within a few days, the population is already facing pressure as a result of this issue.

    Just imagine if the problem had been bigger or more widespread. Society carries on each day with the illusion of permanence and stability, but the true is that it is so vulnerable, that all it takes is one flash crisis, and things devolve within a matter of hours. Worse, there is no way of predicting what kind of crisis will/could hit your area. All we can do is be as prepared as possible for all major contingencies, and made do on that basis for anything else that may fall outside of that range.

    “Panic Gasoline Buying” In Southeast Leads To “Massive Lines”, Gas Shortages, Price Gouging

    by Tyler Durden

    As reported over the weekend, the Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Houston to New York, began leaking on September 9, spilling 250,000 gallons of gasoline, or 6,000 barrels. The pipeline was built in 1962, and the current leak in Helena, Alabama, is the largest one Colonial Pipeline has experienced in 20 years.

    As a result, various states in the Southeast, including Alabama, Tennessee, & Georgia declared states of emergency ahead of what could be substantial gas shortages, with North Carolina and Virginia joining earlier today.

    For the Nashville area, however, this escalation achieved the opposite effect of the intended outcome: as the Tennessian reports, in the “panic-driven” rush to Nashville area gas stations to load up in advance of what would be higher prices if not outright shortages, motorists scrambled to load up, leading some stations to run out of gas while others reported long lines.

    Ironically, the leaking Colonial Pipeline doesn’t even regularly supply Tennessee, said Emily Leroy, executive director of the Tennessee Fuel and Convenience Store Association. However, that did not matter to local residents  And, Leroy adds, “Panic buying is the worst thing that can happen under any circumstance.”

    According to the paper, Nashville experienced similar panic in September 2008 after Hurricane Ike hit Texas. Officials estimated then that about 85 percent of Nashville area gas stations ran out of fuel — outages caused almost exclusively by panic buying. Many Middle Tennesseans had deja vu when they saw lines over the weekend.

    Jackie Dawson, 69, of Mt. Juliet, Tenn., gasped when she saw five cars deep at the pumps at her local Kroger. “I was just amazed at how everybody went into panic mode when they shouldn’t have,” she said.

    “One woman put gasoline in three huge gas tanks as well as her car. It was bizarre. Just like in 2008. Just like the ’70s.” In 2008, Dawson remembers sitting in lines that were 12 deep. “And they’d turn away 10 because they ran out of gas.”

    About 25 miles away, her daughter waited in a 40-car line at CostCo in West Nashville. “I expected there to be a line, but nothing like what I found,” said health care worker Brandie Reeves, 39, of West Nashville.

    While Leroy urged motorists to get gas only when they need it and to avoid filling gas cans “just in case”, that is the last thing on motorists’ minds as the scramble to avoid what may be an unknown price hike.

    * * *

    It wasn’t just Tennessee.

    Overnight, AAA reported that the price of regular gas in Georgia jumped more than 5 cents from Sunday’s average of $2.26 to the current average of just over $2.31. The average price of regular gas in Georgia a week ago was around $2.10, AAA reported. The national average price for regular gas in the U.S. on Monday is just over $2.20.

    Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has issued an executive order aimed at preventing price-gouging by merchants amid some gas shortages caused by a recent pipeline break. In the order signed Monday morning, Deal said there have been recent reports that wholesale and retail gas prices have “substantially increased” in some markets.

     The governor said in the order that price-gouging is harmful to the social and economic welfare of Georgia residents, and issued the order prohibiting the practice.

    Meanwhile, in North Carolina, ABC11 reported that gas stations throughout the central part of the state are having to turn away customers because they are out of gas due to the leak in the Colonial Pipeline. The ABC11 team reports that its crews around the Triangle “have seen stations without gas. Other places had massive lines or were only selling certain types of gas.”

    Some stations appear to be resorting to price gouging: gas prices in the Triangle have risen an average of nearly 10 cents since Friday, although some stations are much higher. One station in Apex had prices over $3 a gallon.

    “Based on our ongoing updates from Colonial, the construction of a bypass pipeline is moving forward which will soon allow fuel supply operations to return to normal,” said Governor McCrory. “In the meantime, my executive orders remain in effect to protect motorists from excessive gas prices and minimize any interruptions in the supply of fuel.” 

    Colonial say they expect the bypass of the leak to be in place by mid to late week, according to the governor. Colonial Pipeline said in a press release Monday that they are gathering resources from Gulf Coast refiners in order to ship supplies. Deliveries are expected in Greensboro and Charlotte. 

    There was good news: the AAA Auto Club issued a statement yesterday saying things should return to normal next week, and any outages are short term. “This will not persist, and indeed the price increases you’ll see do not represent a trend,” Tom Kloza of AAA’s energy analysis for oil price information said in the statement.

    For now, however, these are the kinds of images that drivers in the southeast have been seeing over the past three days at their local gas stations.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Thanks goyim, this has been a test…you did very well…?

        • I filled up tonight for 2.39.
          Was packed at a Racetrac.
          Give it 10 days, we will back to normal…

          • Panic Gasoline Buying. That be us.

            And there were over 600 calls to authorities about price gouging. Our local Shell station raised it .76 (from $1.88) before last Friday, then dropping back to $2.49 today.

            The stations in my Small Town, USA (TN) all have gas now. Just higher prices.

          • who WAS that dipshit a couple days ago givin’ braveheart shit for filling up in tennessee?

            • Let me guess???

              • it was one of the resident mossadkike trolls.

              • Eppe and BCOD, that was that useless troll Tacoma. Still no reports of any gas shortages in West TN and there’s a refinery in Memphis. i still have spare gas stored in cans with PRI-G anyway.

          • eppe has one of those breathalyzer ignitions. He breaths into the tube, turns the key and his breath will inject splashes of alcohol into the carb for fast starting. Another one of his Red Neck Prepping Inventions.

            Its better than driving around for 2 hours in circles, while his dinner is cooked on the head of the engine block. A Cop saw eppe pulled over on the side of the road one time, with the hood up. The Cop pulls up, recognizes it as eppe, and says to eppe, “Flipping dinner over again?” lol


            • No fuckwad, it was a 2 hour drive to deer camp at that timespan. So why not take advantage of the heat generated from an engine?
              The problem with you is:
              No wife, no kids, no life…

              What a loser…

              • No wife, no kids, no life… No Problem~ !! lol


              • one trick my 4×4 club uses is to wrap food in tinfoil and put it on the engine while we are out driving. when we stop for lunch, the SMART ones have lunch served, piping HOT.

              • evolution CAN go in reverse… i wonder why wwti proves that damn near every day… i guess God DOES have a sense of humor.

              • Hells Bells, truckers who have runs far off the beaten paths are ALL known to cook their meals on their engines. To oversimplify, just poke a couple of holes in a can of chili, and another can of any veggie, place it in the spot you have created for such things (closest to the exhaust manifold, yet not TOO damned close), and in an hour or less (summer or winter) you’ve got a hot meal (and for a fact it IS possible to use a percolator-coffee pot (yet not a cheapie aluminum one but cast-iron is preferred), to perk fresh coffee (for that you may need closer contact with the exhaust manifold). My first car had a flathead-straight-8 in her (Buick), and the girlfriend and I would cook sausages or hot dogs on the surface of that engine (with a frying pan) rather than screw with a fire, since the motor was already hot and ready to cook).

                Speaking of gas shortages, someone last night mentioned they had passed through a place named Murfree, NC (can’t find the post). We did a lot of calling around today and MURPHY, NC is devoid of gasoline to include WalMart …and not one person had the slightest clue of when they might receive their next shipment, and also expressed their suspicions that they were not being told the whole story by their suppliers; SO, they are pretty much convinced that gasoline/diesel will be in short or no supply for an indefinite period of time. Time tells all, so we’ll see what becomes of it.

                • Hey buttcrackofeppe, eppe cooked an entire hog on his engine one time. Well after he hit the dame thing, it was still a 2 hour drive home. Ma and the rugrats were tickles pink when he pulled in the driveway honking the horn, aka dinner bell.


                  • Sure is sad to see this one poster drag this site down to his level.
                    Most here would like to see you die off soon.
                    If everyone would ignore you or post negative against this wwti, maybe he would leave.
                    You are a blight to this site.
                    Can anyone tell this board why this POS likes to attack me?
                    I can, but it started 31 months ago when he first started posting, my friend figured out where he lived.
                    Wwti got tourqued up, sold his Tampa shack and built another shack in the swamp.
                    Now he thinks he is the god of prepping.
                    And pissed off because he made another bad decision, as usual.
                    Then comes here and attacks others because he has no life.
                    Sad but true…

                • Eq, in ’92, I took 30 brussel sprouts and added a splash of olive oil, salt, pepper, a half teaspoon of bacon grease, splash of beer, sealed up in foil, cooked it on the exhaust on the way to deer camp.
                  Took it out about the time the camp president came by, since he knew my cooking style. Turned out he loved sprouts. He at about 20 of them. We have been best of friends for 25 years now.
                  Food is an universal language…

        • Congratulations to all the people on here who read this info intel about gas and acted right away like Saturday, by going out and stocking up on the gas before the shortages set in. You are alert and smart. BH picked himself up 5-6 5 Gal cans and stocked up. Added some PRI-G additive. eppe waited until today, and paid about .30 more per gallon than if he bought last Sat, and had to wait a while in a line because it was packed at Racetrack. He’s starting to catch on a little, to read the articles then act. And even posted something relative to the article. Good boy e!!


          • Kicker is, a .20 increase in 6 days is no big deal.
            You are scraping the bottom of the barrel sir.
            How about giving it up?
            Too much to ask???

            • PTPO said it best a few days ago.
              Look it up…

              • Gasoline $2.11 in Arizona today where I am located, but I bought it for $2.08 at ARCO last week. 🙂

              • Eppe, I’m also tired of a war of words with anyone. If the trolls would go away and stay away, the war will stop.

            • The kicker is, you got your ass kicked at the crowded gas station because you waited and paid a higher price. You’re so broke, you can’t even pay attention. lol

              This is what you get, when you slam people for reading the info here, and quickly acting on it. I can just hear eppe saying at the gas station while waiting in line on Monday, “Hey everybody give it 10 days, we will be back to normal.” “I know, because I was a Prepper before prepping was even a word.”

              ~WWTI… 3 types of people.
              1. Those who make things happen,
              2. Those who watch things happen,
              3. And those who wonder what happened.

              • Wrong again as usual.
                No lines, when will everone figure out this wwti (nutria) is a troll?
                When he brags on his bol, he is just showing all he is a lost soul.

                What a loser…

          • WWTI,
            You are full of crap. Are you trolling again?

            If I fill up on a half tank rather than wait for the tank to be empty does not change my monthly fuel consumption rate? That includes fuel I store for mowing, tractors and my generator.

            Many people like me, might tend to be more conserving of gasoline when a story like this breaks, that says gas is in short supply.

            I have two vehicles, I can leave the 4×4 SUV home, and drive the hybrid that gives 38 MPG.


            And yes I use PRI-G gasoline treatment for long term stored gasoline, I bought it on Amazon. And I keep about 45 gallons of fuel on hand at all times. I can put another 12 gallons into my generator if I have warning, but normally the gennie is empty and the carb dry for storage.

            • Plan once twice. I am not sure what your argument is?? I never said anything about what someone’s fuel consumption is. I was talking about reading the good intel/ info here on this site, and acting on it right away so people could get gas before a shortage. They/ We are pretty smart to stock up, before the long lines as the dumb found out.

              So how is that, I am full of crap or trolling?? You drinking and typing too? So now we got 2 drunks talking smack. We have 4400 people that read this article alone, more than just a few who also went to go fill up, but did not come on here and say so.

              Also here are the stats from the first article about Gas Pipeline break Posted last Friday:

              EAST COAST ALERT: Gas Shortages And Price Spikes Imminent: “Some Stations May Run Out”
              Mac Slavo
              September 16th, 2016

              Comments (221)
              Read by 48,049 people

              So 48K people read the first article from Friday. How many of those folks acted on the Intel and went out and filled up on gas. I’d say a lot of smart folks did.

              ~WWTI… So what is your point?

              • Point is, some of us are way smarter than taking what we read here and knee jerk reacting to common sense.
                Too bad you are like a lemming, cliff diving, like deer camp existence.
                Stupid is as stupid does.
                Silver predictions, wrong.
                Lifestyle predictions, wrong.
                Companion predictions, wrong.
                Posting predictions, wrong.
                Will you ever get it right, doubt it, you have been wrong all your life…

                • Have you figured out that YOU are the problem here?
                  Any one can can cut and post articles and add their own messed up verbage.

                  Too much swamp gas messing up your weak mind???

                  What a sad way to live…

                  • Good news, Grannie Annie made it thru surgery great.
                    What a relief, luv that lady, at 80 yo, you cherish things like having real old timers survive crap like surgery.
                    Too bad lone wolves have no future, catch my drift???

                    • What’s worse, is you being married and never getting any.. That’s why you seem so frustrated here spouting off like a putz. eppe tell us about your BOL? lmfao..

                      You waiting for Grannie Annie to die so you can collect her loot, then go around acting like a bigshot? Everybody here sees what you are all about eppe.

                      I have a brother inlaw just like you. He stole my Sisters inheritance and was out buying people lunches and BS to make himself feel important. I dis-owned him, after I found out all the money was gone, and all the dirt from his ex biz partner in one phone call. He blew through $100K in a few years. My sister had no idea cause she trusted that bible thumper hypocrite. And when it was all gone, he put my sister on the phone to lie and cry to my Mom during her bout with cancer, and she felt sorry and sent them another $15K to the scammer. Then in a panic, my Mom called me to help her uncover their problems. I made 2 phone calls and got filled in on the whole scam that he pulled. And I made sure my Mom got paid back the $15K in full, it took them a few years to pay it back. He was also an Ex-Cop.

                      Karma will hit ya hard pal.

                      Your wife may just take the loot and leave you, cause she don’t need you anymore. F-n anchor, weak-link.


                    • No, the real problem with you is you are a loner, hate everything you are, and life in general.
                      Get over it…

                    • Tell us about your BOL, bigger than life eppe? crickets..

                      Maybe on your lunch break, when you punch out. Do you drive around for a half hour at lunch time, to heat up your sandwich? Throw your sack lunch on the engine intake do ya?

                      ~WWTI… Turkeys just stopped by. All hens.

                    • I do not brag on assets, only people.
                      What is your excuse???

          • WWTI,you started the shit on this page,not happy feeding the alligators,thus,will ignore your posts(I know,your life will go on fine),suggest others do the same AND do the same with any others that start shit on a new article.Heated debate/all in fun ribbing/and funny disparaging remarks especially welcome,but the bullshit,eh,not so much.

            I do not believe in censoring ect.,just ignore trouble makers,we have enuff on our plate!

        • Gargle my gonads, Nazi cunt.

        • http://www.amren.com/news/2016/09/the-streets-of-paris-september-2016/






          CANT HAVE THAT




          WHY MUST WE??????????

          • WOW! you are stupid.





        • http://www.fukushimawatch.com/2016-09-13-fukushima-the-nightmare-continues.html



          YOU KNOW WHERE ITS BUILT????????








          • Acid that’s an interesting point you made about a ‘majority black’ city. The blacks in Memphis still want to make those bogus cries of ‘racism’ when they’ve already been running this city since 1990. Oct. can’t get here soon enough for me.

        • You are an effing dumb mass!!!!

        • It certainly looks to be a test. They’re trying out this on Southerners– most of whom wouldn’t be caught dead on a bicycle or walking, and many can’t do either after a lifetime of being carried around by their motorized litters. This IS how they’ve got everyone by the short hairs– everyone’s addiction to the car, the truck and the plane (and, of course, very esoterically-manufactured, Big Industry’s gunpowder and the equally esoterically-produced guns–not to mention the shot–to shoot it in). All the blustering on here about “resistance” goes nowhere as long as anyone’s hooked on stuff that can only be made by Big Business that keeps them compliant to the elites’ elitism in order to even claim to be able to “resist” them. And, oh yes, this Internet can and will be shut down by them too. …Better learn some other (older, better) ways of doing things.

        • Gas is going for $3.75 in Commerce, GA.

          You can see the good prices from I-85

          I’m filling up from my gas cans which were filled in August for <$2 a gallon.

      2. Mean time down here in east Tx at the general store gas is 1.57 that corn free unleaded.

        • Mean time, up and over here, in Wa, corn free unleaded, $3.59

      3. Panic buying is the killer unless supply line going down for long term,just like the .22 ammo rush.How many “panic buyers “will actually get a few gas cans,when prices stabilize load em up and add stabilizer and rotate stock occasionally,be lucky if 5% learned from this.Hell,you had storms like sandy ect.,a weeks warning and still panic buying ect.I get a few live paycheck to paycheck but most had a week to get a few more cans and fill em before storm,hope this wakes up a few folks.

        • Have plenty of all ammo, food, supplies, armament, but came to Murphy NC and there’s no gas anywhere. I leave to go back to FL in 4 days. This problem is real and can catch even a seasoned prepper off guard. Not a failure to prepare, but a bad week to go on vacation to NC.

          • Kurt,on longer trips(say beyond 40 miles)I carry a 5 gal. can in trunk.Yes,realize a bit of a risk but get rear ended that hard my gas tank ruptured anyhow,buys me a 120-130 extra range along with trying to always have tank 3/4 or more full,have a safe ride home.

          • Kurt, we just got a call (that we requested) one minute prior to this post. The WalMart on 19 in Murphy is reporting that two trucks just left after offloading both loads. Now’s your chance.

            We ‘topped off’ our farm tanks months ago, so they can ‘shortage’ all winter if they want too. Being that we are nearly two hours distant I’m sure there would be no gas left upon arrival anyway, otherwise we would have enjoyed meeting you for sure!

            Enjoy your stay. You may be staying longer than you intend? If so, I guess there are far worse places to be stuck than murphy…

        • Yep, Got my Gas Prep figured out 5 years ago. Cans, additive, siphon, and worked the plan by rotating the gas out every 6 months. The goal is to avoid the panic hordes of the unprepared at the last minute. That’s when people get hurt fighting like idiots. And the result of their failed egos to act beforehand.

          Take your location and determine all the possible escape routes to get out of your area if you needed to. You will be glad to be able to get out of your area without stopping for gas, because you have extra cans of gas. And it is one heck of a barter item when the SHTF goes down.


      4. Someones gonna fry up” chicken little ” for sunday dinner soon.
        OH MY !

      5. Gas actually went down 3 cents (down to $2.02) at a place I passed early this morning. I didn’t see any lines at all. This was in northeastern NC.

        • arch, left the poker game sat.night at 11:30, went home and rounded up 17 cans. filled cans, dump truck, rv, rollback. gas was $2.05 in Zebulon, diesel $2.29.

        • This morning, the same place had gone up to $2.09. I guess they just heard about the shortage.

          Unlike some people, as a prepper, I already had gas. I won’t need anymore for my truck until the price goes back down.

          We are now in the remnants of Julia, with rain for the next several days.

        • Was at $3.40 at the ‘tuther’ end (for Super with no Ethanol), yet now that it’s gone I’d expect it to be ‘at the limit’ set by an EO by The Gov huh?

      6. Shows the importance of good intel. The pipeline first had problems 10 days ago! And people are in lines NOW? When other things start going bad – you need to be alert AND prepared. Anyone with extra gas cans would have filled them up, and topped off their tanks!

      7. Gasoline lines. Phosphorous bombs we dropped on Syria. Refugee bombs multiple sites and gets arrested in New Jersey. Monsanto merges with Bayer.

        What a difference a day makes. Hillary, is she dead or alive, wanted for prison. Let’s make it happen.

        Pitiful, just pitiful.


      8. Time to BoyCott Wallgreens. Another Fascist business connection with the UN Sponsored Free Vaccines. That’s right you can give them a few bucks to poison yourself with a vaccine shot and up to 6 Million other children in foreign countries. Nagalase, an enzyme/protein made by cancer cells and viruses that cause immunodeficiency syndromes and autism and is put into many Vaccines.

        Here it is:
        Walgreens and United Nations Foundation Launch “Get a Shot. Give a Shot” Campaign, Kicking Off Second Year of Collaboration to Provide Life-Saving Vaccines for Children in Developing Countries

        Walgreens extends campaign to become year-round initiative, with goal to donate value of 6 million vaccines through Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign

        ********Then we just find out:

        Doctors murdered after discovering cancer enzymes in vaccines
        09-19-2016 • http://www.naturalnews.com
        (NaturalNews) A wave of mysterious deaths continues to plague practitioners in the field of holistic medicine, including chiropractors, herbalists and other alternative healers. Some of the deaths have been tied to research involving nagalase, an enzyme/protein made by cancer cells and viruses that cause immunodeficiency syndromes and autism.

        Suspicions swirled that the doctor may have been killed as a result of his controversial research. Bradstreet and his colleagues had discovered that the immune system is being compromised by nagalase, which they suspected was being introduced through vaccines.

        Dr. Bradstreet was working with a naturally occurring compound that may be the single most effective thing in the immune system for killing cancer cells

        Nagalase interferes with an important protein in the body that kills cancer cells, explained Dr. Ted Broer in an interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

        So yeah, DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN. Its Poison.


        • WWTI, I NEVER get any kind of vaccine for anything. Don’t take any FDA-approved shit either. I feel good for 59 years of age.

      9. The gas pipe line was a rupture. caused by earth stresses. The Oklahoma earthquake cracked it.and it leaked a seepage for quite some time before it burst And became a full blown leak. Maybe the New Madrid is gonna pop?

        • Jack must have come down the beanstock with a few very large seeds. Didn’t that child’s story take place in Wales?

        • Nice video, grandee.
          My first red cabbage came out the size of a golf ball.
          Doesn’t like tropical summers, so will try in Dec.

        • Did ya feed that beast milk to get that size or ??? Very, very nice!

      10. My diesel comes from British Columbia.
        Most of my Gasoline comes indirectly
        from Indonesia through a refinery in Oahu.
        My Diesel is $4- $3.50 a gallon and Gas
        $2.71 to $2.99 a gallon.
        The average wage here is $14 an hour.
        By the nature of where I live we adapt.
        You mainland guys have so many resources,
        I’m surprised your social systems fail so quick, but
        I only have to compete against 190,000 people
        on a place bigger than Connecticut.
        My neighbor will always loan me a horse.

      11. “This is how quickly things can unravel.”

        Exactly. Imagine, e.g., the Cascadia fault goes “full Monty” with the whole think unzipping in 9.0 earthquake.

        Preparedness is always a good idea.

        • Maybe about a month ago, a semi with a load of something toxic, overturned on I-5, south of Seattle and just on the edge of Tacoma, in a town called Fife. The event happened around 9AM. Traffic was stopped in both directions for a number of hours. It was crazy. Side streets to the freeway, side streets to the side streets, and alley to the side streets were all filled up with very impatient drivers. It continued for hours after the freeway was finally opened.

          If a 9.0 takes place up here and lasts even a minute or two, the chaos and mayhem will be off the charts. Many, many lives will parish within the first 24 hours, simply from people losing it. It will become downright medieval in the streets within a very, very short time frame.

          That’s why I always carry a Bug Home Bag. Just hope I can “run” home before people forget their nobler sides.

          People aren’t ready for going through the various withdrawals from a veritable kaleidoscope of addictions to: junk food, Rx and non-Rx drugs, internet, iphones, sugar, any food, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

          • E.A.

            People losing it. Yep, that is what you need to prepare for. I was stuck twice for a period of time on the interstate due to an accident that blocked the entire road. I was prepared for it but it was unpleasant.

            You can bet in a worse event the road will become an Mad House.

            People speed. Do not used turn signals when changing lanes. They tail gate at high speed. Text and cellphone use among other actions that take away from being alert when driving a vehicle.

            Should something bad happen you better get to your BOL quick or stay off the roads

            Sooner or later the rednecks will jump into their trucks. Start them up, punched a few buttons and it will go directly to the mud hole to have fun.

      12. I live in South Cacalacky and I have seen .80 jumps at some station and .25-.30 at most. I can tell you that kroger only had half of thier pumps working this morning. And about 2/3 of the stations along my commute were out at 4pm today. My wife got gas for 1.88 this afternoon but that was an out of the way station. The coulpe of stations that I passed that did have gas did have some small lines but nothing to bad.

        On a side not have some friends in the army and they have been asked to stay at home for the next week or so. Mainly told if you do not have to be out in public stay home. As some of you know I do work for a Federal agency ? and we have not been told any thing like that. If we are I will up date.

        • Spell check: note not not

      13. Gassed up both cars and put 20 gallons in gas cans for emergencies. Trip for mother-in-law to the hospital if needed. (Mom is not in good health.) Other than that, we can wait for things to return to normal.

      14. Stuttering Cat- as explained by a 2nd Grade student.

        A teacher was explaining biology to her 2nd grade students. “Human beings are the only animals that stutter,” she said.
        A little girl raised her hand. “I had a kitty-cat who stuttered.”
        The teacher, knowing how precious some children’s stories could become, asked a girl to describe the incident.
        “Well,” she began, “I was in the back yard with my kitty and the Rottweiler that lives next door got a running start, and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard!”
        “That must have been scary,” said the teacher.
        “It sure was,” said the little girl. “My kitty raised her back and went ‘Ffffff!, Ffffff!, Fffffff!’
        But before she could say ‘Fuck!,’ the Rottweiler ate her!”

        For the newbies…

        • Dude that is rich!

        • By the way I own 5 dogs and three cats,
          I’ll spare you the list of the other animals.

          • Always question a Chines fortune cookie when it says:

            That was not chicken…

            • Eppe, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one! More, more, more!

        • EPPE
          Well my friend I was drinking some Ocean Spry Cran-Grape.

          Like I said I was drinking it now I’m clean off the screen on my computer.

          I OWE YOU ONE!!!! THANKS


          • You ever been to where they grow that stuff?
            Aberdeen is a nice town.
            You don’t think they take off
            the rubbers to go pee?

        • Eppe, LOL. Good one. Now THAT’S the Eppe I know and admire. I’d love to see that humor come back more.

        • LMAO, eppe!

      15. I am now running jet fuel in my truck. Good to have friends who work at the airport 😉

        • Do you remember the Gulf purple jet fuel in the 70’s, freaking 100 octane gas???

          • Talking about cleaning out your combustion chambers…
            Sounds porno almost…

            • Back 40 yrs ago in Detroit we could buy Reg leaded Gas at 113 octane level! the one lone pump that had it was called “Raceing Gas” 113 octane!!

              my Harley tank held 5 galons and I split it 50% 113 octane and 50% Sunoco 94 octane…Man my bike hummed and purred so swell on that gas combo.

              I never tried a full tank of only 113 octane as I feared it may dammage internal engine parts?

              Sure like to try some 113 octane mix in my Z-06 Vette at least one time…I bet it would really run swell on that.

              That high octane gas even smelled different. Both when it was wet gas being filled in tank and after it burned and exited exhaust straight pipes! Has a really sweet smell to it compared to normal octane gas.

              And you could actually Feel the difference both in speed and much smoother running engine.

              Price of that 113 octane gas back then was around $3.00 per gallon! Back when reg gas or premium gas was around .50 cents per gal!! Was well worth it now and then for a good thrill ride.

              • You got that right.
                Back then high octane was king.
                Also cooler temps made an engine rock.
                Having high hp was killer.
                Miss those days…

              • Actually, my truck has the mechanical IH diesel. JET A is mostly kerosine. Cetane rating may not be ideal, but fine for cruising around town if you add a little injector pump lube.

                Ideally, you wouldnt want to run higher octane than necessary in a gas engine, something with the refining process of higher octane fuels changing the burn rate. Ok if tuned to that specific fuel, but otherwise a waste to have excessive detonation resistance. Then add tetraethyl (sp?) lead and youve got an O2 sensor killer.

                Ive got a feeling 100ll avgas would be superior for long-term storage – to keep the octane rating up to par since it degrades, but yet youve got lead again. Huffing the strange smelling exhaust may not be a good idea, but neither is breathing during a 75rnd mag dump.

      16. This is the perfect example of why 2 is 1 and 1 is none!

        There has to be two of everything if one goes down.
        Let us learn a lesson from this.


      17. I had read somewhere that the pipeline could have been repaired easily and quickly but the EPA is placing all kinds of restrictions and regulations on the repair work slowing it down to a crawl. Is this true?

      18. i don’t care no gas I can’t go to work. No work means no freight deliveries. I don’t care I got what I need. If gov wants supplies and goods delivered they better make sure I have gas to get to work and diesel in the rig. Their problem not mine. Why should I care if food and supplies make it to market. I’ve been sounding the alarm forever now. Not worried about the unprepared.

        • Asshat.

          Like you I don’t give a shit. I did go and top off the car but that was it. Had a few cars at the station. No lines. The usual morning crowd going to work.
          I do not warn people anymore. Only try to help out here at SHTF.

      19. Here is where you find out who is Libertarian and who is posing.

        Do I have a Right to use the Gov to force you to sell me something ?

        At a max price, any price ? Cake bakers ? Gas Stations ?

        The Libertarian answer is “Hell, No !” It is your stuff/services, etc. If I don’t like the price, I won’t buy it.

        But, but, but…I NEED that gas (which in a lot of minds) equals I have a Right to buy that gas at a price I’m comfortable with.

        When the government succeeds in enforcing any kind of price control, you get…NOTHING, that’s right, you get shortages…

        The next step, of course,is the Gov takes your stuff “for the common good”

        Coming soon to a biz near You !


      20. in the last week I have been travelling on I 95 from Jacksonville FL to Charleston SC. I havent seen any problems at all. NONE.

      21. if you can fill your tank locally and then fill numerous cans and take them home that is selfish. You are part of the problem. Hoarder. And yes I am a prepper too.

      22. I read this yesterday about the gas shortage in North Carolina.

        Gov. McCrory Activates NC Emergency Response Team Due To Fuel Shortage – 9/19/16

        “State leaders say the state’s first priority is to make sure there’s adequate fuel for first responders and emergency officials.”

        ht tp://www.wfmynews2.com/news/local/gov-mccrory-activates-nc-emergency-response-team-due-to-fuel-shortage/321657199

      23. 5 4 3 2 1 LIFT OFF
















      24. very few libertarians (small “l”) on this board. Between the cops, military, righteous right and the strong arm Republicans there are very few who think you have the right to be left to pursue life, liberty, and happiness without them interfering and telling you how you will be allowed to do it.

        It could be even worse if there were more air thievin’ Democrats here, too.

        Y’all jest lemme alone would ya…and stay off my grass.

        • JRS,

          I’m here to collect the property taxes on that grass. 😉

          Damn dude, you walked into that one.

          Y’all play nice now. 🙂

      25. These shortages are so phony. Somebody burps, and it’s a reason to raise prices.

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