“New American Dream”: Activist Plans to Survive In First Ever ‘Zero Waste Sapioponic’ Homestead

by | Jan 26, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 126 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    How would you build your off-grid piece of paradise?

    There are infinite possibilities, and much depends upon budget, time and resources, but the ability to live away from society, without depending upon cities, utilities and with the least amount of burden from the State factors into the ideal vision for most preppers and patriots.

    Adam Vs. The Man host Adam Kokesh has announced his own bold new project, to build a state-of-the-art, first of its kind “Sapioponic Earthship” that he hope will not only be the perfect retreat from society for he and his fiance, but also something that others will emulate and spread across the pockets of freedom still remaining throughout the American landscape.

    Kokesh stated in his latest YouTube video:

    “We’re setting up a homestead. This is, as far as I can tell, the new American Dream. Buy an RV, buy a piece of land and build until you’ve engineered your perfect life from the ground up and truly become the entrepreneur of your own happiness.”

    Like other off-grid homesteads, it will likely include various forms of off-grid solar power, aquaponic gardening, greenhouses, chickens, composting,  and construction based on alternative building materials like earth-bags, glass bottles, cans, old tires and straw bales.

    Alma Sommer of The Homestead Guru reports:

    Adam Kokesh and his fiancé Macey Tomlin, have just had their offer on 11 acres in Ashfork Arizona accepted. They plan on building the first ever Sapioponic Earthship. This is a massive project, and could take up to 9 months. They are asking for donations for supplies, including: cement, rebar, tires, bottles, and cans. As well as many 76″x34″ and 76″x46″ standard double pane PDRs as they can get. They are also open to volunteers…


    The Freedom Homestead Academy in Ashfork, Arizona will offer the ability to experiment with alternative building techniques, develop and distribute new open-source technologies for homesteading…  Adam Kokesh went to the Earthship academy in Taos, NM., and now he is ready to build his own Sapioponic home.

    What exactly is “sapioponic”? Basically, it is similar to aquaponics, but human waste and compost provide the breakdown nutrients to support the gardening system, while all other energy system are built to be self sustaining and extremely energy efficient – collecting rainwater and solar energy and utilizing them to the point of “zero waste.” Read more about the plans here:

    The objective of building The Sapioponic House is to create a fully self sustaining off-grid home that can support 4 people. It will gather energy from the sun as its only source of electricity and rainwater as its only source of water. It will produce zero water or sewage waste of any kind except in the form of evaporation. It will primarily heat and cool itself with passive solar energy and thermal mass requiring for supplemental cooling only cooling tubes and transom windows, and for supplemental heating only the occasional fire. Rainwater collected on the roof will go to a cistern in the berm behind the house. From there it will go to the water organizing module (WOM) in the WOM hole where it will all be filtered to drinking water quality.


    The waste water in the reservoir is treated like the water in an aquaponic system and is used to supply nutrients to planters that have live cultures and red worms like any aquaponic system. So what we have is a food production system that turns all solid waste into plant food. The system runs like a hydroponic system with flood and drain trays on a timer, but instead of adding artificial nutrients to a sterile system, human waste and any would compost are the inputs. It’s like an aquaponics system but with the people in place of the fish. Hence, sapioponics.

    There is a diagram posted on The Homestead Guru, and it is a term that Kokesh intends to define and unveil as the project moves forward:

    Click for larger, detailed image.

    Kokesh – who has made Freedom! his mantra, and the title of his book – has remained a prominent voice in the alternative media and may serve as another inspiration to those wishing to buck the system and set out on their own.

    As noted above, the Earthship Biotecture Academy in Taos, NM inspired Kokesh’s work – which is continuing through the The Freedom Homestead Academy in Ashfork, Arizona – and can provide ideas, inspiration and blueprints for others wishing to endeavor in their own homesteads. Many similar organizations exist throughout the country.

    For those interested in Adam’s project, stay tuned to his channel and website.

    Every bit of decentralization and self-reliance weakens the power of the state, and builds up the possibility that the republic and the American Dream might someday flourish again.

    Further, these homesteads will be among the best suited for a grid-down scenario, a collapse of cities and ensuing civil unrest and even martial law scenarios – where forces will clamp down on urban inhabitants first.

    With the right focus on prepping, it could also be one of the best ways to survive, well, just about anything. But there are also many challenges and potential pitfalls, so an enormous amount of forethought, hard work, preparation and planning are essential.

    What features would be most critical in your homestead?

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      1. Facing the prospect of a defeat at Bernie Sanders’ hands in Iowa — and what right now appears to be a near-certainty she will lose in New Hampshire — Hillary Clinton apparently chugged five Red Bulls before downing three cans of Mountain Dew before taking the stage at Monday night’s CNN town hall meeting. Then, she began to talk.


        She appeared determined to prove to everyone’s satisfaction that she isn’t what Donald Trump says Jeb Bush is. No “low energy” Hillary here, no sir.

        If she were running for Tobacco Auctioneer-in-Chief, after Monday night she’d have the race in the bag. Elect me president, she seemed to be saying, and I will speak more words more quickly and with fewer breaks for breathing than any president we’ve ever had.

        • “without depending upon cities, utilities and with the least amount of burden from the State”

          How will this be done??????????????

          I’ll mooch off of others and ask them to supply building materials and labor so I can build my house. He is a leech on society.

          • My thoughts exactly. Another one asking to be funded. Like Acid said we obviously spent all this cat’s money and its our fault he can’t have his desert starship unless we pony up. So go ahead young’un, draw deep on the peyote because the only thing gonna take you away from the rest of the gimme dats is what’s in your bowl and Calgon.

            • The article lost me at, “…. but human waste and compost provide the breakdown nutrients to support the gardening system,…”

              It is one thing to compost animal waste, and grow your food on it, but; growing food from human excrement, is crossing a dangerous line.

              The whole concept of “dome” living is ridiculous. It is akin to living in/on a space station. It can’t be done without outside interference and support. There is no self sustaining systems available without some form of support.

              Even a fish tank/pond, needs maintenance and support. Even a man made pond without a continual supply of fresh water will eventually die without re-supply.

              • Yes. You should never use waste of either human or animals that eat meat.
                I worked on a project in the 1980’s similar to what he is doing but we used our own money.
                You could possibly survive in a dome but it would need to be a big one. About 10 acres per person.

              • PWTW. We got that using human waste problem from all those Mexicans shittin’ in the spinach patch now. Wiping their dirty asses with their hands and then picking spinach. Ain’t no wonder Chipolte had to shut down. Dirty Bastards.

                • Yep, and the turd worlders are entering America daily, with their sand shitting mentality.

                  If there is ever gonna be a solution in my lifetime, it will be from the likes of the trumpster as potus, and his slowing down the immigrants, legal and illegal.

                  • Passinwiththewind
                    Trump has married 3 aliens and hired a zillion illegals. What about his behavior is inconsistent with his BS mouth?

                    • Not that any new potus will make a difference, but it is still a lesser of the evils game.

                      or maybe Bernie is your better choice, so we make the jump to socialism in a year or two.

                      OK, lets just put billery back in the whorehouse…i mean whitehouse.

                    • Passinwiththewind,
                      I am not thinking as narrowly as that. Over 50 percent of voters are excluded from the primary process because they are fed up with Democrats and Republicans. I am one of them. Most Democrats and Republicans are fed up with the two parties. There are various third parties organizing to get on the national stage with fresh candidates. Laws passed by the D/R coalition make that hard but not impossible, the biggest barrier is MSM propaganda that it is bad to move to a third party. Divide and conquer. We have the means to derail DC legally and without bloodshed. Time to do so. If you register with another party you can vote for presidential candidates from any party until we have a better option.

                    • “Trump has married 3 aliens and hired a zillion illegals. What about his behavior is inconsistent with his BS mouth?”

                      What it means is the rhetoric leveled at him for bigotry and prejudice is a lie. It means his reasons for wanting to temporarily shut down the borders is not based on hatred or racism, but on protecting America. IT ACTUALLY LENDS SOME CREDENCE TO HIS PLAN.

                      Thank you.

              • Yes and no as to using human waste for fertilization or other soil enrichment. Human waste must be hot composted for a length of time. The Chinese used to use ordure jars for this purpose. Temperatures required: >98.6 degrees for some 30-60 days to be safe and eliminate pathogenic issues.

                I support any effort a man and woman wish to undertake to find a better way for themselves to live happily. But, they need to also undertake the full responsibility for those decisions; not, look for others to fund them. That is simply a scam.

            • Flashes of George Carlin …valid points PO’dP

          • Hey, leeches are people too!
            oh…wait a minute….

            • “E”
              I looked up leach in the SHTF dictionary.

              “LEACH” Meaning #1 Thief, low life, Scum
              ” #2 TARGET
              ” #3 Lowest level of human

              • Yes, that was my first spelling but I was persuaded by Muddy’s.
                My bad.

                Buckle Up!

                • “E”
                  I didn’t even notice it. I just knew what you meant.

                  • I know the area around Ashfork well. Its a good idea …. if you have a FUCKING WELL, which will cost you about $25,000: much more than the cost of 40 acres.

                    He says: “….. rainwater as its only source of water. It will produce zero water …..”

                    Well (excuse the pun) he got that right. It will produce ZERO water. Not enough for human consumption, and not enough for plants and animals ….. without a well. And that’s ok if you have enough solar panels, an electric water truck, and money to buy water from a neighbor.

                    Otherwise he will be drinking his own piss. He obviously has shit for brains. His fiancee must be Phi Beta Kappa too. 🙂

                    • “POOTATOES” YUMMY 😛

          • Exactly, Muddy. My first thought was that both he and his fiance had better be skilled surgeons in case either one were to have an attack of appendicitis.

            Another thing, it is not, not, not recommended to use human waste as fertilizer. WAY too much danger of carrying over waste-borne diseases.

          • Off the Grid??? Self-Sustaining???
            That’s what most of Us refer to as a “Rural Family Farm.” No brainstorm scam there, is it?

            – WWTI..

          • Other people are as free to donate materials to his cause as they are not to. I don’t think his point was to be completely rid of other humans, just support from the state. I see no problem with crowdsourcing materials and labor so long as the people do it of their own free will. The problem comes when the state makes such things obligatory.

          • yep he isn’t self reliant and don’t have the Know How. Mooching and stupid to think he can grow his food in his own shit. highly educated dumbass is my guess.

          • Also, there’s no water in Ash Fork (I’ve been there). It literally has to be trucked in.

        • The crazy is strong with this one.

          This is how she reacts to pressure, and this isn’t even real pressure. Real pressure is Putin going to Defcon 2 or whatever they call it over there.

        • Bwhaha. Kokish- This is the dope who thought it would be a cool idea to film himself with a AR-15 in front of the Capitol in Wash DC. Wonder if prison cured his brain. He is a self promoter who begs for the spotlight. Hell, I already am doing what he claims to want to do Off the Grid.. Been working at it for 11 months and doing it Solo with a few pro’s for electric, etc. I didnt beg for donations like a Jw that he is. His Consept is nothing new that has been done for decades. Kokish can cotact me for tips of what to do. He is a dope.

          – WWTI..

          • WWTI, Adam Kokesh has close ties to Alex Jones. That tells me he’s bogus.

            • Agreed 100%. Though this piece from Kokesh seems innocuous, it is likely that both Jones and Kokesh are agents provocateur.

          • WWTI, good to hear your doing ok. Off grid is fun and you learn a lot of cool tricks. I built my first off grid place 20 years ago and man have I learned a few things the hard way lol. I want a water moccasin hatband can ya hook me up? Sounds like you are going to be just fine. Enjoy the ride because shit will happen. Good to see ya man!

      2. ‘Motivated by greed’: Veteran Louisiana State Police trooper sells nearly $1M in drugs meant to be destroyed

      3. We still have a problem in a certain white house today.

        • The Obama’s are just another black family in government housing lol. 😛

      4. While the effort is admirable as an experiment- the type of building project has a long way to go before becoming mainstream… or even seriously alternative. I would like to study their progress though and see if they will make a truly livable environment which they can commit to for a number of years.


        III% of Colorado Chapter being formed in the Four Corners Area, contact me at my e-mail address below. Please, the time for bickering and infighting among true patriots is over, the name calling and insults will cease from me, and I hope others will do the same. The situation in Oregon will soon deteriorate and our time as a nation is running out fast, whether you like it or not. I am only interested in able bodied men and women, who are capable of training in all terrain and weather for Community Protection Teams(CPT), and who will be willing to respond at a moments notice to protect the lives and property of others against all enemies foreign and domestic. This is not a party, the party is OVER America, and your time is running out…Stay safe and we will build a better nation, I promise you that.

        [email protected]

        • Im just going to pop up a batch of popcorn, plow my fields that are in veggies under and hide the chickens then sit back and drink some tea, eat some popcorn and watch everything go to shit, wear my dirty baggy clothes, make my house look like a dump, and work on my crazy look,,,,
          Im surrounded by liberals who think the likes of Hillary and Barry O are wonderful,,,,
          Let them eat cake!
          Oh right, that needs to be shipped in too,
          As it is stuff is climbing in price and starting to get smaller and not as available as people think, give it some time,,,,

          • Sorry, people with children who care about their health and future do not have that luxury

            • Sure you do! You’re a big tough guy cop, you can eat your kids!

            • Don’t bother with Kula… Most everyone of these internet assholes are selfish bastards… Chickens make noise my friend… Kinda like you.

              • Yup,,,,
                And them chickens are alllll mine, enjoy the noise boner

      6. Water catchment or placement near a spring is probably the most important aspect I see in positioning a home or homestead. The ability to roof garden and a secure perimeter are considerations I would have. A hardened exterior- stone for example instead of wood… metal roof instead of asphalt. Rocket stove for cooking and heating.

        • Do your homework on the stoves.
          I love the idea of rocket stoves but they must be fed frequently. A well made modern stove with heating panels placed on the sides, back and bottom will provide more heat with less attention and the heating panels will heat fluid for in floor heating or radiators.
          You will have many chores to do on a homestead, filling the rocket stove every 30 minutes does not need to be one of those. Just my thoughts. I have used wood as a supplement for a couple decades now.

          • Oh Cara- I don’t need a heating stove here in South Texas. But, some folks have done fairly impressive installations which I have seen online. They seem to like their decision. I actually do have a rocket stove for low biomass cooking in an emergency. A few pinecones will boil water. Love it.

      7. just a little reminder
        that when reading the “news”
        it’s buyer beware

        The New Chicago Police Civil Rights Adviser Is A Smart Hire — For Rahm Emanuel’s Reputation

        ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/charles-ramsey-chicago_us_56a69e5ae4b01a3ed123aadb

        To Address Police Violence, Rahm Emanuel Hires Notoriously Abusive Cop as His ‘Civil Rights’ Adviser

        ht tp://www.blacklistednews.com/To_Address_Police_Violence%2C_Rahm_Emanuel_Hires_Notoriously_Abusive_Cop_as_His_%E2%80%98Civil_Rights%E2%80%99_Adviser/48511/0/38/38/Y/M.htm

        do you think this guy is an angel or a devil?
        which story do you buy into and why?

        • Kenosha County, WI – This week, former police officer Steven Zelich pleaded guilty to killing a woman, putting her body in a suitcase, and leaving it on the side of the highway. The victim, 19-year-old Jenny Gamez, was found stuffed in a suitcase along a highway in Wisconsin in August of 2012.

          • Speaking of murdering cops. What ever happened to Jack Yantis? Almost 3 months and no report.

              • Here is the link to a website with numerous articles about questionable LEO behavior:


                Keep those cameras rolling folks!!!!!

                • ht tp://news.yahoo.com/ex-chief-called-criminals-mopes-convicted-4-charges-202511128.html

      8. I actually like the building with tires thing, pretty cool, great mass for insulation too, have thought about doing that here, maybe trying a small scale for my root cellar project first, the toughest thing i can see is keeping bugs from also making a home in the tires, specificly ants, we dont get the freeze here and the soils have really high organic matter so ants and soil dwellers thrive.
        IMHO is easy to create structural members such as collumns for roof support, easy to quickly create walls and stuff too, my soil tends toward silty loam so not real sticky like the adobe in the south west, not sure how to deal with that yet other than maybe hauling in high clay soils from the north shore (Maui Red Dirt)
        That ups the cost though, explored just mixing the soil with portland and filling with that using rebar, another thing we looked at was stacking the tires and filling them with untreated road base, basicly rough crusher run, has everything from fines to fairly large agregate in it so compacts really well and is low shrinkage. Combine that with structural members and structural openings formed and poured around winows and doors etc.
        with straight up construction costing so much now alternatives will be the way to go, locally the biggest problem is that the building department has no interest in allowing these alternatives, so you pretty much have to just fly under the radar with your project, creates a whole nother set of problems.
        For us the tires are easy, i can get paid to haul them away! And can get rusty rebar from the steel guys at pennies on the dollar, they cant use rusty steel.
        Interesting stuff

        • Kulafarmer.

          Tires will be at a premium after awhile. Lots of uses.

          • My favorite use:
            Put the tires around the necks of politicians, fill with a gallon of gas and light.
            Eat your popcorn.
            It’s one of my bucket dreams.

            • Winnie Mandela: necklacing.

              • Sorry,
                I should have given credit where credit is due.
                She is black isn’t she?

      9. Here is what happened, quietly, on January 1, 2016

        Medicare tax went from 1.45% to 2.35%
        The Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%
        Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%
        Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%
        Dividend tax went from 15% to 39.6%
        Estate tax went from 0% to 55%
        A 3.5% Real Estate transaction tax was added.

        Remember these facts:
        These taxes were all passed solely with Democrat votes.

        Not a single Republican voted for
        these new taxes.

        These taxes were all passed in the
        Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

        • Makes ya just want to run right out and hug a politician dont it,,,,

        • Not that I like it or taxes at all but is the 3.5% real estate tax the tax on sales for obamacare?
          If so it is 3.8%and most people will never see it unless you make more than 200k and then it is only on profits from the sale.

        • Yep used to flip houses and buisinesses but with capitol gains going up why give them 1/3 of the profit now im just chillin and waiting for it to go back down being a stay at home dad house husband

          • Sure you did, somebody who’s too damned stupid to spell words correctly used to be a big house and business flipper. You obviously hired someone to read the contracts for you, or, more likely it’s just more bullshit from your mental store of crap. It’s frightening to envision a nutball like yourself having children, but it’s completely within reason you stay at home every day because you undoubtedly scare the piss out of any potential employer during the interview process. I can’t say as I blame them either, who needs to hire a certified loony who’s likely to show up and open fire on everyone who disagrees with him.

            • Your a funny man and yes i still have my brokers license and my last flip sold for 270,000 profit was 130,000 so keep on hating cus ive got it like that and you do not so put down your phone and go get yours

        • John Stiner,

          I question the ability of a minority party to pass tax increases without a single Republican vote. The 1.1 trillion spending bill pushed through by Paul Ryan had 100 percent Republican support. In 2016 the Democrats are a minority party and can’t pass anything alone. Paul Ryan traded off US oil which for decades could only be sold in the US, allowing it to be sold overseas at giveaway prices. He negotiated it through and gave so many concessions for it that taxpayers paid 1.1 trillion for the oil companyies’ right to fire sale America’s oil.
          How did Dems create those taxes without a single Republican?

          • They werent a minority at the time.

            • He claimed a bill passed this month. Thank you for clarification.

          • Your memory is short,,, this is why we are screwed as a republic, voters with a short memory and attention span.
            Sorry Becky, not trying to be snarky but all these tax increases were pretty well publicized when the ACA passed, its just that like everything else it got swept away with the flood of information we get swamped with, its all by design,,,

        • Of course none of this is true for Jan 1st, 2016….these were passed on Jan 1st, 2013 as part of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012….

        • Welcome to the true Bernie Sanders, you all. Bernie stated in the debate last night he helped write the ACA.

      10. I always wondered about off grid living depending on solar panels- what happens if you get a volcano that goes off and you have no sun like what happened back in 1812 (I think) when people in America never had a spring or summer and couldn’t grow anything.

        Plus, have a little self respect and finance your deal yourself and don’t ask for donations. What the heck?

        • Yup,
          The idonwannawork generation,,,

        • You could have a backup wind turbine. I hate them but better than nothing lol.

          • Or a hydro power generator or a bicycle with a generator. Or a woodgas fired generator or a captured trespasser slave powered generator or a hydrogen powered generator 🙂

            • Or a steam generator that also provides heat. Or an induction tube generator that is wood fired, or a methane gas pit powered generator, or a perpetual motion generator.

      11. At the bar…..

        Having already downed a few power drinks, she turns around, faces him, looks him straight in the eye and says, “Listen here, good looking. I will screw anybody, anytime, anywhere, their place, my place, in the car, front door, back door, on the ground, standing up, sitting down, naked or with clothes on… It doesn’t matter to me. I just love it.”

        His eyes now wide with interest, he responds, “No kidding… I’m in Government too. Are you Federal or State?”

      12. Why do my comments not get posted? Like ever?

      13. Where he is planning to build is the edge of a desert. Everyone around him hauls water. Water from a public well that you must pay for, then pay gas for a vehicle to haul it to your property. Then there is the constant wind, it’s not the worst in the state,it might blow more in a couple of places. There is a reason the property there is some of the cheapest in the country.

        If he can’t get water from the public well, or gas to haul it, he won’t last long.

        • Apparently they left that out when he was studying at the earth ship academy in NM. If there is one thing that is backbreaking work it is hauling water.

      14. What is with crowd funding? I was thinking a house, go fund me? He wants it right now but not like my parents did… they spent several years and built by hand. Family donated labor.

        I have looked at alternative building but county code has a lot to say about it. Read Humanure, it is free online, about recycling human waste. Building in a desert is a hard row to hoe for self sufficiency, there is not enough rainwater. Albuquerque has less than 7 inches per year and you can build a flat roof.

        I wonder that more boomers don’t move to small towns like Commerce Texas where you can buy a house on a big lot for under 40k. Plenty of room for a garden and chickens, rabbits. Hospital nearby. Even with a mortgage, that payment is nothing.

      15. Been thinking on how what to filter water in large amounts from gutter or pool canabalize your washer dryer first take that cement block out of washer and put washer up on blocks ect 2-3 ft up remove lid and hook up a long peice of sump pump hose to drain outlet line drum with screen then fill drum with charcoal then remove the drum from dryer place drum on top of washer with screen in bottom (go next door and cut the screen out of neighbors windows they are dead any how) then put in your sand and then pea gravel then put a screen on top to catch big stuff i have a 50 ft roll of sump pump hose so that i can run it in the house fill the bath tubs and chlorinate for potable water also have 2 55 gal plastic trash cans on wheels will prob use the hot tub for a water tank also any ideas on a hot water tank i can set on top of wood stove so as to have hot water all the time for bathing and washing dishes would like something i can use a hole saw drill so as to put a water spicket

        • I live on catchment. You are working too hard at it.
          Refer to this publication.

          ht tp://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/oc/freepubs/pdf/RM-12.pdf

          Share it with everyone.

          I have 34,000 gallons of storage, Use paper and string filters
          (they last forever) plus a UV sterilizer(72 watts). If SHTF, I’ll switch to chlorine, and boiling when I run out of chlorine.

          • Rellik, I downloaded this on my phone and can’t get it open. Thanks for posting this, I will take a look later.

            • It is a U of Hawaii publication.
              Pretty safe to open, but I’m a
              Linux/Android guy. It is a PDF,
              so should be quite safe for Win
              or MAC.

      16. At wal mart they have big bags of all natural charcoal that is in big chunks wjats the difference in activated charcoal

        • You dont need activated charcoal.
          Anyhow activated charcoal is charcoal that has burned without oxygen and steam is injected for the oxidation. In other words the steam provides the oxygen. This leaves a very porous structure to the carbon so it will absorb a lot more impurities.
          Learn to make your own charcoal because it will need to be replaced.

          • Yea i have a 15 gal steel barell with lid and ring to use to make charcoal when the time comes just fill with wood put on lid and ring poke a hole for gasses to escape and put on a fire pretty easy

            • G.S.

              What type of wood do you burn for charcoal.
              No Pressure treated.

              • I have oak mostly in split wood havent made charcoal in large amount but have done small amounts to get the process down pat the trick is no air can get to it so it does not burn like flame or a coal but need all hole for gasses to excape

                • You also have to turn it now and then

      17. This is a great idea and I wish him well! We need more people to experiment like this and share the successes and failures.

      18. A lot better.

        Handles the “what do I do with all the poo” problem. That was a major one.

        Still at issue:

        1. Replacement batteries for the solar array
        2. Auxiliary water source (face it, rain ain’t going to cut it unless you live in an area where the solar array’s next to useless). However this one is solvable.
        3. Auxiliary food source. Can you even grow enough for 4? I mean in theory yes… people did it. In the desert??? Uh…

        I’m still in the camp of “just buy a really cheap house in Alabama / Texas / Nebraska and supplement your major expenses with home grown as much as possible”… but that… is merely recession proofing.

        Is this more? Can’t really tell yet.

      19. He will never get away from regulation and taxes on his place. Jurisdictions are efficient at squeezing money out of their citizens. Can’t truly be off grid totally,just less.

      20. When shtf alot of things will be useless for intended purposes and will be reused for other things like appliances vehicles ect any ideas example if a loved one dies you wouldent want to just put them in dirt or toss them in a ditch like you did the heathen you shot cus he was going to rob you so you could use the refrigerator as a coffin

        • If you are the future of humanity, it would be better to just give the Earth back to the cockroaches and let them start again. By the way, what grade of school did you actually finish? It couldn’t have been very high or they didn’t take reading and writing seriously. When you used to ” flip” houses and businesses, they must have been tar paper tree houses and plywood lemonade stands down by the swamp because that is precisely where it sounds like you’re from and also belong.

          • Tar paper hell they were recycled walmart sacks and plywood lemonade stand really try cardboard boxes seriously i use my phone to post on here and im extreamly busy so please overlook spelling punctuation and i will over look your anal retintive condonsinding judgements of me you seem to be just another hatin prick bet your a Democrat too at least it sounds like it

            • Hey ” godsoldier”,

              First, you tell us you’re a stay at home parent, which implies you’re at home most of the time. Then, you try to make some half assed excuse that you’re ” extremely busy” and use your phone to post with and that this is the root cause of all your 3rd grade spelling skills. Here’s a tip for you, don’t be so damned stupid as to contradict yourself so obviously. You have time to make multiple posts here every day, you don’t work so you stay at home every day, and then claim that you’re ” extremely busy” so you don’t have time to spell correctly. Yeah, I’ll bet. What it sounds like to me is you’re a piss poor liar and too damn stupid to see it for yourself, I would have been willing to cut you some slack if you were honest enough to admit your education is lacking, at least that would have been truthful, as opposed to your ridiculous excuse that only inspires laughter at your idiocy.

          • Charlie, settle down mijo, a college degree isn’t a base requirement for making money or survival and may be a detriment when things get bad enough. I lived in Dallas over 20 years and saw Mexicans with 2 years of education in Mexico come up here and kick butt financially. No offense, I am college educated myself, but alternate ideas and education are what I call “creativity” and an incredible resource when times get hard and the rules set by tptb no longer keep your boat afloat.

            History: college education is recent. It became de rigeur for rich kids to favor them over more competent underlings who expected a fair shot… but could not afford college. It maintained the status quo. GE bill flooded colleges and universities and the boys who defended their country wanted a fair shot. Rich kids got masters and doctorates. It maintained the status quo. Oops women and minorities got grant money and wanted a fair shot. Now you need to be a stakeholder. Maintains the status quo. My son went to college on my dime, got a job, saved money, bought a business. College is just one more hoop the elite want you to jump through… making a lot of people push 30 years as a dependent child.

            • Amen Rebecca,
              Never confuse education with intellect.

              • Thanks Redhawk. I like intelligence and creativity and kindness. None of that is attached to a college degree. Probably SOL soon 😉

      21. Leaches like this turd has done this before, and they only lasted about 1 year at best. Then the whole thing came crashing down on them. They got sick, the animals died, water got bad.

        Just another leach wanting someone else to do all the work, and pay for it.


        • I agree Sgt. Dale.

        • This idiot is literally going to eat shit! In several meanings of the phrase lol. What a moron, this must be his first attempt to do anything like this and he doesn’t have anywhere near the brainpower it takes. He will fail guaranteed and waste everyone who was stupid enough to helps time and money.

          • In fact I wouldn’t doubt this retard owns a smart car or some shit. If he had a truck all he would have to do is go to construction sites and offer to clean up for free materials. A truck is an absolute must for off grid living. I wonder if he knows any skills that make money? Maybe he watched too many videos and thinks he can now teach people something lol. Academia has little value in the off grid world.

      22. No electricity apliances are useless no water then plumbing and water heater useless alternator on car?

      23. Empty houses in your area will be your hardware store like guttering and down spouts placed right will make watering your garden easy

        • Godsoldier, if you believe in the zombie apocalypse, then people will move into one of a 1000 empty houses and become squatters. Even houses on acreage. It happened in Europe after the plagues, the elites loss total control over their serfs, who just moved on to empty land without “permission” to leave thir lord’s land. They were tied up with so many laws, they were slaves to the man.

          • Yep a free for all is comming and natural selection will occure so let the big dog eat

            • I lived in some pretty crappy places in my life where th big dog tried to strut his stuff. The big guy usually ends up face down in a grave somewhere shot in the back by the mousy guy in the corner.
              As thy say. The meek shall inherit the earth.

              • Ed, that was a good one. Still laughing.

      24. Any one know what kind of oil is in transformers on power poles

        • Transformer oil or insulating oil is an oil that is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties. It is used in oil-filled transformers, some types of high-voltage capacitors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, and some types of high-voltage switches and circuit breakers. Its functions are to insulate, suppress corona and arcing, and to serve as a coolant.

          Silicone-based or fluorinated hydrocarbons, where the added expense of a fire-resistant offsets any additional costs of building a transformer vault, have also been presented as a viable mineral oil alternative. However, silicone has been proven to be much less biodegradable than esters in the event of a leak or spillage.

          Pentaerythritol tetra fatty acid natural and synthetic esters have emerged as an increasingly common mineral oil alternative. They offset all the main risks associated with mineral oil, such as high flammability, environmental impact and poor moisture tolerance. Esters are also non-toxic to aquatic life, readily biodegradable and provide a lower volatility and higher flash point.

          Additionally, they have a high fire point of over 300 °C and K-class[clarification needed] fluids such as these are often used in high-risk transformer applications, such as indoors or offshore. They also have a lower pour point, greater moisture tolerance and improved function at high temperatures.

          Vegetable-based oils have also been suggested, but these are unsuitable for use in cold climates or for voltages over 230 kV. Some papers have also cited coconut oil as a potential substitute for use in transformers.

          • Well into the 1970s, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were often used as a dielectric fluid since they are not flammable. PCBs do not break down when released into the environment but accumulate in the tissues of plants and animals, where they can have hormone-like effects. When burned, PCBs can form highly toxic products, such as chlorinated dioxins and chlorinated dibenzofurans.

            • Yes, but they worked really, really well. 😀

      25. I like what Adam did. Have met the guy. But come on man. Quit asking for donations if you’re going to build a house. Get a job if you’re done promoting liberty.

      26. Love this site we have prepping and self reliance and improvised survival

        • HCKS, I have a spare inflatable unicorn horn if you would like one. It gives total protection from negative vibes when you wear it.

      27. I think building in both desert places makes them dependent on water from other places, like going to the city like the Navaho do, or have water brought in from a delivery truck. That to me is not being completely self sufficient, but depending on someone else.

      28. Hmmmm…..I’ll beg materials from other people, and build in a place that has almost no water.

        Yeah….real recipe for success.

      29. Ash Fork, Arizona, gets 13 inches of rain per year. Good luck with rain water collection. You better have some HUGE structure to collect water and lots of storage tanks. Then good luck with the water sitting in a tank for 6 months and getting bacteria growth. I give him one year to give up. At $20,000 for 40 acres you can understand that the area is not very desirable.

      30. Six inches of rain per year on a 2,500 square foot house would yield over 9,000 gallons of water per year, or about 24 gallons per day. If a lot of the rain comes in big occasional storms, there has to be the storage and piping capacity to accept as much as the whole 9,000 gallons in a matter of hours. If the rain comes in small showers, a lot will be lost to evaporation.

        I think it’s possible. But then you have to consider the possibility of a multi-year drought.

        I’ll just stay where I am. He can have the desert.

      31. Kula I’ve been working on my crazy look it’s really coming along looking like one of those duck dudes but crazier. I love it people don’t bother with me and I’m glad. Anyway come spring I’m gonna build my rain barrel water collection system. Got all the parts except the pipe fittings. Been looking at doing some different stuff too. My rain system will be for the garden but can be used in a pinch it will be about 150 gals three barrels gonna build a tower for them to help with water pressure. Gonna use some trash barrels that are 55 gal I figure they are cheap to replace if I need to. Getting all the lumber I need to make tower from work free. They throw out so many pallets and 2x4s and 4x4s plywood too. It will drain from my potting shed that has clear corrugated pvc panels. It’s a lean to type roof so only need gutter on down side. From what I read plants like the rain water better than the town water. I’m good at building things with wood. Should come out nice. Not gonna use my shit in the garden don’t care if people say it good. I can’t eat food grown in my family’s shit sorry. It’s the psychological affect it has on me. I will use rabbit manure like I have been.

        • Asshat, awesome water plan. No need to use your feces for food, and although it can be done properly, no need to chance it. Feces on our corporate food supply kills people every year… and makes others ill. I am working on my water supply this spring. I plan to recycle my old fridge to grab the water from my shed downspout. It is for my garden, but could be made drinkable in a pinch. Part of it will be replacing composite shingles with a metal roof. Your plan sounds good.

        • AH: Chicken manure is great because the seeds are broken down and less seeds sprouting than from horse or steer manure. Best to dig it into the soil in the fall and plant a cover crop of clover and let that winter. By planting clover you get nitrogen fixation in the soil. That is good! Nitrogen fixation is a critical soil process. Legumes and clover allow nitrogen fixation in the soil to occur naturally.

      32. Internet news stories, ‘a channel’, videos, etc = a government inspector coming to tell you to tear it down because you violate Subsection 17b, part 4, paragraph (c)1.

      33. Sixpack,
        You may be right. If not, Trump is just playing a scam like he has done in his business dealings, his entire life. He is going to stop illegals and hurt his own business? Unlikely, in my opinion.

      34. I am a former Amish guy, and also an Anarchist like Kokesh. I got to meet him a few months ago in a town about an hour from here. Nice guy. I now chat on text from time to time. Today I send him an order of 2 of my Amish family’s cookbooks. He said he is sending me a bunch of the FREEDOM! books too, so that will be exciting! I will be giving a few to the libraries around here.

      35. I’ve lived in the desert for 27 years, and I can tell you this, his “water catchment” idea is way off. There isn’t enough rain in the Ash Fork area to sustain his personal water needs and a garden. Also, at his elevation of over 5,000 feet, it’s very windy and nothing will grow up there without a serious wind barrier and a ton of water. I’ve planted gardens here at 2,880 feet and absolutely nothing has grown here. Thus, I’ve given up my gardening idea. I give him credit for his enthusiasm, but he will find that he is constantly hauling water to his land. Perhaps he should have done a bit more homework, and find a parcel that has a well, or one he can drill a well on. Without a well, he’ll never be “self sustaining” in Ash Fork. I wish him well.

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