Nazi Occupation Replaces Militia Occupation in East Oregon: “Papers Examined Under Gunpoint”

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 207 comments

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      1. So it looks like battle lines are being drawn. Good! I support State’s rights. Mordor on the Potomac (otherwise known as DC) can go to bloody hell. Stop paying taxes. Starve the beast.

        • It’s gonna take a lit more than that Philo. They’ll just swoop in and take everything you own – kinda hard to fight back from a cardboard box under a bridge…

          • Fine. Let them take it. Taking is one thing. Keeping is another.

            • 50% of Americans do not pay taxes now. You can’t “starve the beast” when the beast can create all of the dollars they want.

              The PTB don’t need your taxes. They just like the tribute and if it makes you poorer, then it makes them richer by comparison. See?

              The beast must be beaten with its own rules in its own game. Organize, contribute, create a Political Party and if necessary, a guerilla army of Freedom Fighters.

              Its the only thing that works. 🙁

              • Yes. To everything you said.

              • Good post DK. Well put

              • DK, I agree with the guerrilla army which is coming, but working within the system is a total waste.

                  • apache54, I just got home 30 minutes ago and checked out the article and interview. There’s a still a few people at the refuge. The journalist in that interview said all the MSM had left Burns. Looks like the FBI will use mercenaries to go after them. The journalist said they wore fatigues WITH NO PATCHES OR INSIGNIA ON THEM, full body armor, and were armed to the teeth. THAT’S MERCENARIES. THINK BLACKWATER.

                    • Brave,
                      YUP that is what i’m thinking merc’s shows JUST how far the scumbags ( feds) are willing to go now days!

            • They’ll take something from you ONLY if you let them. It’s high time to stand up and say no. of course it will take much more than saying no. I will stand up and fight. Going along to get along is not an option for me.

              • Hi Braveheart…!
                The goings on in oregon, broke my heart, but then, so did the Weavers, Waco, now it should be obvious to all, that us nuts were right.
                The Feds want our lands, that 20 TRILLION dollars will be repaid, this is how the big boys do it…

                Let us all take a moment, and think to remember, when the actual shooting starts, the smart move is ‘superior firepower’. This can only be accomplished by taking the high ground. So, all I can say is, I have a secret…
                It will make LEO’s very scared.
                Use your minds, plan, prep, obtain, fabricate, assemble. If they got tanks, so can you… if they got machine guns, build a freakin’ cannon w/grapeshot… oh, and black powder is eaaaasy.

                • Piper, no country has superior firepower than the Imperial States of America. The only possibility would be how we won in the Revolutionary War, strike and run. The British were pissed, could not fight and win… the screamed Stand up in a line you cowards! We exhausted them. Now the 30,000 drones Congress authorized are all built, drones are designed to kill revolutionary fighters. I don’t have an answer for them… Anonymous Hackers, who else could mess drones up? My guess is Anonymous are mainly Anarchists on the liberal end. Why would they help when you all keep saying you want to kill everybody? Not the best way to win friends and influence enemies. I myself have been called cunt witch liar commie and a bunch of names I already forgot. Which of you would I entrust with my back, my life? Years of right wing spewing murder online has pretty well ensured no followers.

                  • Rebecca

                    I have tried for years to tell everyone on here that we must put aside our differences. We must stand together and do away with the hate spouted on here. We lose otherwise. Regarding the fight. It has to be done guerrilla style. Two and Three man teams. Take care of the infrastructure as well.
                    We cannot win alone and it does no good to die alone. If you die in a heroic shootout one on 50. What have you actually done. YOu have now deprived the cause of a person. You have deprived your family and neighbors as well. Some are just computer warriors.

                    We have to be smart about this. I am sorry about the idiots on here. They are helping nothing by calling people names. I suspect they are computer warriors. They also show there foolishness by what they have done. They should be here to help. If not then I ask this question. Why are they here?

                    • There was a great line from last season and “The Game of Thrones.”

                      This was the line: “We are the many and they are the few.”

                      With every active-duty military person and LEO in the USSA that only ads up to 3 million.

                      Against how many armed citizens? Do they fear us? Yes. Of course. They ought to be very careful about waking the sleeping giant that is the silent majority. And I will add the armed majority.

                    • It wasn’t state police that murdered Lavoy. It was private contract mercenaries with no conscious or liability. This is the world of the PMC (private military contractor) that works contracts for hire and gets paid for the blood of Americans.

                    • Seriously??? You people get your strategic and tactical inspiration from fantasy fiction??? God help us all.

                      This is a thoughtful article (but, like everything you read, you have to sift the wheat from the chaff and, in this case, ignore the author’s foolish use of the long debunked faked WW2 photo):

                      The people do not have the ability to win any head-to-head shoot outs. It will take a generation or more to win this one.

                    • “I am sorry about the idiots on here. They are helping nothing by calling people names.”

                      I am sure that Mike in VA neither appreciates the irony nor the hypocrisy of calling people “idiots” while complaining about name-calling.

                    • berightnotwrong

                      Difference is I did not call any particular person a name. I do appreciate the irony. It is very funny.

                    • Good post Mike

                    • Mike in VA,

                      As if you haven’t called specific people names on this very site?

                    • only in self defense of yourselfor others unless they declare war it is vengence just dont fire first to my brothers in Christ the devil antichrist is going to overcome the saints just be ready to met the LORD then we will come back with the armies of heaven and win .so just rember only use force for protection

                  • Rebecca,
                    I did not quote strategy and tactics, only weapons and firepower. But you are correct, we must use whatever tools are built, wisely.
                    I am an engineer. I think the weapons of war are outdated, and then we come to the problem of technology vs pure numbers. They are few, we are many. They must not piss off The Many. As in 1776, if only 3% of us ‘understand’ that the tree of liberty is thirsty, that’s quite enough.
                    My only problem is, what comes after. That, we need a new constitution, unfortunately, that never works out as long as we are dealing only between men. Some have accused me of being a theocrat. My only rejoinder(to Max Velocity), is that, we supposedly had rights ‘from God’, and I would prefer to expand that, than, put a warlord wannabe in charge.

                    • PM: glad to see you liked my quote enough to use it yourself.

                      “We are the many, they are the few.”


                    • @Philosopher,
                      I don’t argue with philosophy types, being one. Read some of my site at the link.
                      As far as the quote, I think you’ll notice it was typed backwards, deliberately, but the idea is as old as kings, power and money. Since we defeated an Aristocracy of Royalty and replaced it with an Aristocracy of Money, I don’t think we ‘won’ the long game, and never will, as long as we love money and want to be like them.

                    • PM: I chose this “name” on purpose: it means a “the love of knowledge, the love of learning.”

                      I gave proper attribution as well. But I suppose “Game of Thrones” is too low-brow for you.

                    • @philosopher,
                      Well, sir, please don’t get your knickers in a knot over ‘attribution’, it was just a comment in context, the quote being good enough to ‘stick’…
                      Have never watched GOT.
                      (That’s on tv, I gather?)

                    • We don’t need a new Constitution. We just need to live by and obey the current one.

                    • One BIG problem, Piper Michael, is that D.C. has available to them large-scale weapons. HAARP could RUIN anyone in a mountain forest , ‘way up in the back hills, all in a HUGE piece of the country. And that’s just ONE weapon that would leave no one to shoot back at. I understand too that there are particle beam weapons in orbit (yeah – that one violates a treaty we signed awhile back, I think; I don’t see any such thing slowing the Shadow Government down at all). Then there are many, many bioweapons. If the American Resistance causes the fake D.C. “government” too much trouble, all they’d have to do is back the military off and saturate an entire chunk country, THEN send in the soldiers.

                    • Berightnotwrong, you’ve been misled if you think 100,000,000 gun owners don’t stand a chance against only 3,000,000 LEOs from all levels combined along with whatever military is left in CONUS. Not to mention a significant percentage of veterans among the gun owners. Sure the feds can kill a lot of us but not all of us. We can and we will make them pay dearly for any attempt to subjugate us. Surrender is not an option. Lavoy Finicum’s murder should be enough proof of that for you. Along with Ruby Ridge and Waco. I’m right and YOU’RE wrong.

                    • Braveheart1776, I never said, “We don’t have a chance.”

                      In a face-to-face confrontation, we will be outgunned (armored MRAPS, Bloomberg’s missile, Browning M2s and M3s, etc. versus ARs, M1As, and an occasional .375CT). Further, I do not think that our satanic masters and tax-farmers would hesitate a nanosecond to use NBC WMDs against us. After all, we are not even human in their eyes. Recognizing all this, face-to-face confrontations should not be our plan. Alternatives are discussed in the article I cited. I agree with the author that our fight is multigenerational. This won’t be over in a weekend or a year.

                    • That is what I do. I am not young and cannot engage in a running fight but I can shoot. I have for the last 7 years been teaching the constitution and why it is not followed and why there can never be a system that will keep us free. It is always a struggle and it always will be. This system is due for a collapse and all systems will do the same. It is a matter of time and when the time is up the system collapses. I want no power and we will be free only when the majority understand that power is the problem, no matter how good the powerful are; power will always end like it is now.

                      Wild Willie

                  • One of the things people frequently overlook is just how many veterans are out there. My brothers and sisters in arms number into the hundreds of thousands. When SHTF I think you will see small light, agile groups forming on an ad hoc basis to protect their small patches of ground. in some areas these groups have already formed. Their purpose is not to stage another Oregon sit-in but to protect their own neighborhoods from whatever threats may come their way. One thing I learned in the military is that you consider ALL options for an operation – ingress, egress, objective, etc. To have that kind of information you have to exhibit great leadership skills to get everyone to the table. Everyone needshould to pony up their measured, educated opinion of an operation, both tactically and strategically. To have great Intel you have to listen to all points of view – you will see this happen with truly GREAT leaders. The tyrannical little piss ants were ALWAYS the ones that did the echo chamber “my way or the highway” bullshit. Those people were not ultimately successful and frequently got left out to hang. Sooooo, for future reference, differing opinions are never a bad thing. In the gamut of options lies a true path. A great leader will find it, embrace it and give proper credit where it is due. Just the two cents of a veteran who has seen several sides of the tactical and strategic coin……

                    • Fox: Yes. Why do you think that veterans are at the top of the list to be disarmed and to have our weapons taken away? Given that the US government trained us.

                    • I know a bunch of old Vets, all look like your typical little old man, but i gotta tell you i wouldnt want to be the one on the other end if they were pointing their old Mosin or Win 70 at me,,, then they just blend back in with their golf bag and checkered pants

                  • @Rebecca,
                    Right wing, left wing, is all nonsense, designed by The Haves to keep the Have Nots ‘in line’ by the doctrine of divide, confuse and conquer.

                    The true System of America and planet Earth, is the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. Once this is understood, all things are revealed as Plato’s Illusion of The Cave, and Daniels interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream being incomplete, is a perfect metaphor for the Head of Gold that makes the rules, the arms and breast of the true believers, the right and left legs of the False Ideologies, and the ten toes of mind vs emotion, being the Lost ten tribes.
                    When we demanded a “king to rule over us”,refusing to listen to Samuel and got Saul, we have been as the rest of the miserable ever since.
                    We do not learn. We do not see. We do not understand because we are victims of ‘leaders’ in finance, government and religion, all mutually self reinforcing each other as The System.
                    Until we can throw off the need for kings, and be more like indians, we will never know joy.

                    WE don’t want to kill everybody, we simply want to be left alone, is it They, who will not ever leave us alone… and, it has become obvious, that The System is an Illusion that can never change, until, They are all dead. This is not vengeance, or anger issues, it is justice for The Children.

                    We will also not start it. Unfortunately, the Feds have already started it, in Oregon, Waco, Weavers family home, and many other places where our constitutional republic has become an oligarchy of assholes that need an attitude adjustment. It must happen, it is only a matter of time, circumstance, and ultimate causation. The system, is already dying, it is simply a case of the many are still able to endure, and will, until they can no longer.

                    History rhymes, but never repeats exactly.
                    (But yes, there are too many provocateurs and dummies out there spouting keyboard garbage behind their shield of anonymity.)

                    • It’s not all the same, and your moral equivalency argument is incomplete. Yes (using Alaska as an example) Sen. Lisa Murkowski is no better than Obama. But where you equate, for example, a Joe Miller (who ran against Murkowski as a Republican) you are are utterly wrong. Moral equivalency is an argument of Grima Wormtongue – sorry, don’t buy it. Nor do I buy your defeatism, obscurantism, nihilism and, ultimately, solipsism you articulate.

                      Yes, there ARE RINOs. We all get it. Our job is to creatively, peacefully, yet forcefully and insistently win the moral high ground back so that these people just die out of old age. Think crypto-commie Bernie Sanders (who worked on a communist inspired kibbutz early on) and Hilary with her troupe of flying monkeys, working out of her castle and on her broom

                    • @Test,
                      Who said anything about ‘moral equivalency’?
                      You are the one who is deceived by The System, giving moral high ground to one ideology or the other is the source of conflict, division, and ultimately, the end of things.
                      It keeps us from find common ground, common culture, and common sense, because someone feels they have to defend their ideological ‘brothers’ bs.
                      In the end, both ideologies lead to the same thing, a few guys owning everything and pronouncing themselves BOSS.

                    • Rebecca, moral equivalence was written right into the post. Please read it again. You are a smart woman, which I know from seeing your posts.

                      Again, moral equivalence was the argument of the communists back in the USSR days. I didn’t buy it then, and I don’t buy it in the post above.

                      Sorry, but I respectfully disagree with you here.

                    • TEST: I love your comment about how some of the left, and the government, are nothing but Grima Wormtounges! I love you!

                  • Beccie – without the help of the French you would have lost the revolutionary war before it even started.

                    And yet several hundred years later the French were “cheese eating surrender monkeys” because they refused to get drawn into another foreign American misadventure!

                    • Anon,

                      Indeed, you have brought up a seldom remembered fact about France and their role in the American revolutionary war. Ben Franklin lobbied them hard for aid in the colonies fight for freedom and they yielded to Franklin’s power of persuasion and agreed to help with money and arms. Franklin may have been the greatest diplomat in American history. Yes, without the help from France, The colonists would never have defeated the English, and we are loathe to remember this fact with anything more then disdain because they wouldn’t get involved in a war in the middle east with the US 15 years ago, a war which appears the US will be fighting forever with no end in sight. Yes, we DID return the favor to them with our help in both of the great world wars in Europe so that has evened out the score for America’s being beholden to France for it’s help in getting the US to actually become a country. But so far as casting them as ” cheese eating surrender monkeys” because they wouldn’t fall for getting involved with the US in a war which can never be won, I tend to think history will show them to have been far smarter this time then we were. This isn’t to say they won’t be targets of terrorist attacks in the future, of course they will, just like any other non Muslim country will be a target for attacks from certain groups. There have ALWAYS been terrorist attacks made by different groups throughout the course of history and always will be.

                      But the nature of war today has changed to the point that is just isn’t clear cut as it was once to claim victory and actually be honest that you did. More often then not you have to say there forever, with troops and never ending streams of money and foreign aid, war isn’t the great ” game” once envisioned by politicians of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries where the old men did all the tough talking while sending the young men to actually die for their bluster and bravado. The last part of this paragraph is the only remaining part about war that is still unchanged. Some wars needed to be fought, world War 2 for instance, but most, more then likely fought for profit and gain for the wealthy arms and munitions makers, and of course, bankers.

                    • America did not enter WWII until 1942 and it was the best move that the USA made. I don’t believe for one moment that they entered the war feeling that they owed France.

                      Three years of fighting had impoverished the UK and they had to go cap in hand to America. The UK only finished paying off its war loans to the US a couple of years ago.

                      It may seem altruistic to engage in a war thousands of miles away and on another continent, however, American business grew fat on the death of its young men and this laid the foundations for America’s prosperity post war.

                      Government and the arms manufacturers cared not a whit about these casualities, not when profits were up 43 per cent. Collateral damage is not a new concept. War is good for business!

                  • I agree. If a revolution were to happen, it must transcend the lines of race and class and be based upon what benefits us all. Otherwise all you have are a bunch of lone wolves and tiny groups that are easy to exterminate. The crypto anarchists, hackers and backyard engineers are what is needed to win this fight. This isn’t the 1770’s. Small arms and cannons are no longer the height of technology in warfare. Today you must have tech savvy people on your side and pick your battles wisely. While it’s great to have a nice AR15 at your side, it may well be more useful to understand communications networks and programming in the long run. Knowing how to easily neutralize the surveillance networks or hack and use them to your advantage would be where any theoretical revolution would be won or lost.

                    • My point exactly. Ironically, In order to properly wage war we need to return to civility. Calling each other names and berating each other’s beliefs is juvenile at best, devastating to unit cohesiveness at worst. Again, the echo chamber nonsense will hand you defeat in the end. I have seen it happen.

                    • Great post, WS!

                  • Wrong. Russia has surpassed the USSA in both nuclear capacity, in world-class fighter jets, and in electronic warfare.

                    Of course it fits the leftist narrative to call the US the Evil Empire. Sure. Until the empire collapses and there is no one left to save your sorry ass.

                    • I have been so disgusted by the news lately. Every day, all over the world, innocent people are being killed. The shootings and local bombs, the media faithfully shoves in our faces at every opportunity. The devastating military bombings, not so much. For the Military Industrial Complex acts of terrorism, the media tries to leave the human factor out of it, for a more “sanitized” report of “acceptable” death and destruction. I think most sane people would agree, that the body count is sickening. Let’s take a more detailed look at exactly who is responsible for the rising body count around the world.

                      I’m going to set aside the small number of “domestic mass shootings” for the moment. Although the media throws each of the few incidents in our faces for weeks on end, in every explicit detail – the incidents of psychopaths going on a rampage accounts for an almost negligible portion of the over-all death toll even though the gun-grabbers would like us to believe otherwise. Let’s move on, for now.

                      Whatever country we are in, we have an unacceptable number of unarmed and/or innocent people being shot by police. This is happening in countries around the world, and the people are getting fed up with it. It seems to make no difference whether the population has been disarmed by law or not, their own police are gunning them down by the thousands, on a daily basis. It used to be we only heard of this kind of thing from a brutal dictatorship, but now it’s happening more frequently in countries whom are supposed to be more “civilized” and “democratic.” Apparently murdering their own people+, is not just for brutal dictators anymore.

                      I think it’s safe to say that police brutality is becoming a GLOBAL problem.

                      Then we have TERRORISTS. I’m not going to play “pin the label on the terrorist.” As far as I’m concerned, everyone, either single or as a group, who kills people by any means for any kind of ideology – is a terrorist. Mass shootings, bombings, beheadings, poisoning, whatever the method it makes no difference for the purposes of this discussion. A TERRORIST IS A TERRORIST.

                      That being said, terrorism is indisputably a GLOBAL problem.

                      Now, we have the MILITARIES of dozens of countries engaging these terrorists. The entire Middle East is in shambles, as several Nations fight over bragging rights to whom will eradicate “the terrorists”…or at least some of them, because nobody can seem to agree on who is a terrorist and who is a “freedom fighter.” The term “freedom fighter” has morphed into a new title for government sponsored terrorists…as if there could ever be any form of “GOOD TERRORISM.”

                      I think we’re all pretty tired of being terrorized. The global community is sick of unnecessary violence and death. But HOW DO WE STOP IT?

                      Everyone thinks the common denominator is GUNS, specifically focusing on the guns in the hands of citizens. As Nations all over the world disarm their own citizens under the auspices of the United Nations, the prevailing ideology is that if nobody has guns, there will be no more murder. If that was true, then France, Germany, the UK, well, the entire EU should be the safest countries on the planet, for their citizens are completely disarmed.

                      The media tells us differently. Acts of terrorism have erupted in the most disarmed countries on the planet, because the terrorists and murderers just didn’t get the memo that guns and murder is illegal and crime is bad. Innocent citizens can’t defend themselves without being prosecuted. A young woman who valiantly fought off a rapist attempting to unbutton her pants, used pepper spray to get him off of her…she faces PROSECUTION FOR DEFENDING HERSELF with pepper spray! The would-be rapist got away unscathed.

                      But there is a more insidious problem at work here. We’ve examined. briefly, three different sources of mass murder and destruction – TERRORISTS, the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. and POLICE SHOOTINGS of unarmed citizens. What is the REAL common denominator?

                      THE GOVERNMENT. That’s right. In each and all cases, the government is in the driver’s seat. And not just one government. Let’s break it down, shall we?

                      For whom does Law Enforcement work for? Many people believe that the police work for the people. That is not so. LAW ENFORCEMENT WORKS FOR THE GOVERNMENT to enforce the laws against the people. It’s no secret that Law Enforcement does not enforce laws against the government and the elites who are the government…just against WE, The Little People. Even the police themselves are under a different set of laws than we are.

                      As for the MILITARY, I think we all know who the military works for – THEY TOO, WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT. This is true no matter what country you’re in. The governments control the military arm. There’s certainly do doubt about that.

                      As for the TERRORISTS, it has come to the fore that THE U.S. GOVERNMENT CONTROLS THE TERRORISTS, hand-in-hand with their Saudi partners. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, it’s an admitted fact. The U.S. and Saudi governments have both said it – publicly. The subject is no longer a matter of debate, once we learned exactly where the funding, training and supplies for the terrorists has been coming from – mainly, but not exclusively, The United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Even the MSM reports it now, not that the MSM has any credibility, it’s that it’s just so blatant now, they have little choice but to report it too, or look stupid and irrelevant…er, MORE stupid and irrelevant.

                      So the the bottom line is: Like it or not, the entirety of the killing on this planet is REALLY being carried out by THE GOVERNMENTS, against their own people. Absolutely nothing is what it seems.

                      We could even revisit those “domestic mass shootings,” as there have been multiple links to government psychologists, government programs and various forms of government involvement in those too. Some call it a “PSY-OP.” I just consider it yet another form of government-sponsored terrorism.

                      We’re all being manipulated ON A GLOBAL SCALE. It is WE, and our rights and freedoms that is under attack. The terrorists are just another front line of that attack.

                      To face your enemy, you first have to know your enemy. Your worst enemy is not your neighbor, or from a foreign country – YOUR TRUE ENEMY IS STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE EYE…while offering you their hand in friendship and comfort.


                  • Drones are not effective in forests. They must fly too low to see who’s under the canopy. That’s not a complete solution, to be sure, but could be a starting point to begin to build a strategy. In a place like Oregon, it gives guerillas a place to hide and strike from, drawing ground troops from the opposition into the forest, where guerillas may have an advantage…

                • PM, good to see you back. Respectfully I have to disagree about the 20 trillion getting paid. that is literally impossible. On the ‘superior firepower’, let me expand on that. We will also have ‘superior numbers’ in people. Not enough LEOs federal, state, local combined, even with ‘UN peacekeepers’ can take down the amount of gunowners that are in this land.

                  • Brave, another point is that invading armies take the cities to hold. However, they usually don’t have manpower and resources to hold the countryside. Therein lies the advantage for preppers. We are in the countryside and it will be harder for war to be waged against us from the ground. Additionally, good luck to the government trying find AND keep a sizeable fully trained force to inter and control other Americans. A number of those folks will go AWOL the first time they are ordered to fire on fellow Americans. Granted, a greater majority of those forces WILL fire because they were ordered to. However, the few that vamoose rather than continue will have a devastating effect on unit cohesion.

                    • Foxglove,

                      I agree with you as far as having manpower available to cover the countryside, it just isn’t possible to do. However, and I’m sure you know this from being in the military, if they indeed want to take the gloves off they can do flyovers and spray chemical or biological agents on any given area and perhaps not kill off everybody, but will certainly will have a devastating effect on the area population they’re targeting. It’s all a matter of how rough do they really want to get when the going gets tough.

                    • Living in the USA, I hope TPTB will keep some perspective and not do those things to their fellow Americans. Only time will tell. Just hoping for the emergence of the better angels of our natures. However, I know this won’t be a Kumbaya moment…..

                    • What invading army? No army is going to invade the US. The only invasion the US has suffered is from communists infiltrating every layer of society. Obey their rules or you can’t do shit. Mind their PC point of view or you can’t do shit. Soon enough they will be sending people like me to be locked in cages. Already being done in Europe: in the UK, in the Nederlands, in Sweden, in Germany.

                  • Braveheart1776… you say the number of armed American’s cannot be overtaken. You could be underestimating the evil facing the people of the US. TPTB want the population greatly reduced right here in America. We have been declared the enemy whether you are aware or aloof of the plan. Every NWO move points to the plans to eliminate everyone opposed to the plans. Their technology exists to do just that, without regrets. The situation is more dire than most people can imagine.

                    • Aljamo, sorry, let me clarify myself. I am aware of all the threats we face. Our own govt., foreign invasion, terror cells already here, nuclear biological chemical warfare, etc. I’ve always known how the feds look at us and what their ultimate goals are. My point is that we have to make a stand and fight. I don’t know for sure if we can overcome all of this but I feel a moral obligation to make the attempt. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. I know we would literally be fighting for our lives, families, homes, etc. There’s every chance I could die in the uprising but at least I can choose how I’ll leave this world and that’s standing up fighting instead of on my knees begging some tyrannical scum for mercy. Like I always say, “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

                • PM

                  What you accomplish now you don’t have to do later.

                • The only way to change any of this is to cut the head off of the snake. History tells us this in every lesson it gives us. The best way to do this is with allies. If WE don’t get some alliances within the military, we have no chance. They will hunt down all opposition and kill it and claim we were all radicals, or fabricate connections to terrorist groups, etc. It will be all too easy for them. We, the People, have slept too long on this one I’m afraid. Never, and I mean NEVER, has there been such an enormous DIFFERENCE IN STRENGTH between a government and it’s people.
                  I HOPE IT’S A COMMAND TENT!!!

              • BH: I agree. 1000%.

              • The point is this my friends: How did we get here in the first place? Who told the leaders, or their minions, that what they were doing was right… or even expedient? How did we get such a compliant population in the **first place??** And to turn that famous leftist phrase from the 60s on its head, “What if they gave a police state, but no one came?” I.e., what if there were no soldiers, or police, who would come out of their barracks to enforce this horse manure – because they knew it was manure?

                That is why I repeat – while I fully support the 2nd Amendment, the battle is a nonviolent one of education and information dissemination (like this site does.) It is also why the left took over the news and education as one of their first acts. Get the American people STUPID (think the “Yes we can” chanters here)

                Our job is to reverse that tide. Yes, it will take time. A lot of it. Yet look at what those Planned Parenthood videographers did with their 10 videos exposing those vile abortionist/butchers!

                We need to be winsome, cogent, persuasive, insistent and plan to keep after this until we win. And we WILL win. Why? Because lies always falter, even if – like in the case of the USSR – it takes decades. I get it that I, and the rest of us here, are just nobodies in flyover country. But if we remain united, vocal, intelligent and try to keep some semblance of unity despite some philosophical differences, we will indeed win.

                And here is how we got to this sad state: “Suppose someone invented an instrument, a convenient little talking tube which, say, could be heard over the whole land. . . . I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing that the whole country would become mentally deranged if it were used.” (Soren Kierkegaard [1813-1855. And here the police didn’t forbid it, they were taken over by the fascist left, and then had the speaking tube co-opted)

                • Test: excellent points.

              • Tell that to Robert Lavoy Finicum

                • I cannot. But I *am* trying to ensure we don’t have more people like him by taking back the moral high ground with my pen. Respectfully asking this, *what* are you doing? Perhaps running for your school board? Writing editorials? Anything? If not, then I rest my case.

                • Every large political movement has it’s share of martyrs. Just look at the American civil rights movement. How many people died (either by the hand of government employees or citizens groups like the KKK who didn’t want to change the old order) trying to bring equal rights to racial minorities? In the end though, right prevailed, even of some of the warriors fighting for it had to die in the process. There is no such thing as a bloodless “revolution” (be it a total change in government or political changes that keep the government intact but modified). Any major change in a society will exact a toll on those fighting for it.

          • I just said this same thing on another thread Sixpack. It will be the shot heard round the world.

            • I don’t advise being stupid. Strategy is critical. But the powers that be have taken for granted for too long that we are asleep and ignorant. That is no longer the case.

              • True that, but then I tend to think the average citizen gives the gubmint WAY to much credit for intelligent, diabolical planning. I have yet too meet many bureaucrats that had 2 consecutively sparking neurons. It is the nature of the beast. Those who can do, those who can’t work for the gubmint. The only people I exempt from that are soldiers. Soldiers are not bureaucrats, soldiers just clean up their messes.

                • Foxglove, doesn’t that mean ‘lacking 2 brain cells connected to each other?’

                  • Hey Brave! It’s implied. Neurons are already connected by electrochemistry via the soma, axon and dendrites…..and I DID say consecutively which per neuron anatomy IS connected. 😉

                    • Foxglove, LOL. I hear you loud and clear.

                • Boy, that is sure true! Living in Ottawa (Canada’s capital for those of you who don’t know) for many years, I saw this in spade. Ignorance, racing out the door at 3:30 PM, early retirement, the old Gilda Radner “We’re Bell Telephone, we don’t care, we don’t have to” attitude, etc etc.

                  Really, what do the minions working for the PTB have to gain? An increasingly worthless paycheque???

                  Here’s where we win: There is nothing to **motivate** the people who have to enforce this horse manure. In fact, many of them have family members or neighbors whom they know are deeply against all this crud. And overarching all of this is the fact that there is no coherent LOGIC behind the leftist fascism. Julian Simon proved Paul Ehrlich wrong in his famous wager. People are increasingly waking up to the lies of the left, such as faux global warming (hint: there has been ZERO global warming since 1998, using land based temps rather than satellite – which is MUCH more accurate – to prove a point is absurd, and it was WARMER than today during the MWP and the Roman Warm Period… even lead warmer Phil Jones of East Anglia had to admit this to BBC. Then there is that doggoned picea glauca the Dr. Tim Ball has on his website – a few hundred km NORTH of today’s treeline.)

                  There are going to be more and more Snowdens. There are going to be more and more police and soldiers that won’t come out of their barracks to enforce unconstitutional and anti-human “laws.” How do I know? I (and others I know) used to be dupes of the scam. And we woke up because the ilogic was staggering.

                  • I agree with everything you said TEST. Many people, like myself, have chosen to not work for the government. Yes I could easily be employed and work for the government. I value my soul, and my code of ethics so after leaving my tour of service I have chosen to not work for the government.

                    My local veterans hospital has treated my like dog shit for 30 years, The quota queens that work at the front desk cannot even smile or fake being nice. Why bother? They are protected by a federal employees union. They have Cadillac health insurance. They expect to be treated well when they have a medical appointment, of course. Do they treat veterans that way? No. Are they fired? No.

                    I will know the US goverment is getting ready to falter and tip over into the abyss once they start laying off all of the government employees. I hope those fuckers wake up an realize that their pension funds are nothing but lies and scams.

                    The lies about the weather? Those lies make me laugh. It isn’t a lie until it hits you in your wallet. Then it becomes reality and truth.

          • Besides they don’t need our tax money to keep going. They print money out of thin air. Income tax just another control mechanism

          • It will be a great day when we begin to hear about the new gestapo getting their brains blown out on the side of the road from snipers unseen. I figure these scum wear plate carriers so head shots will be the order of the day.

          • Question, 6Pack: If we win the battle for hearts and minds, exactly WHO will be left to swoop in? This is what famed Communist Antonio Gramsci advocated – take over the culture. Which is why we are where we are at.

            Breitbart said before he died – murdered? – that politics is downstream from culture. THAT is where the battle is.

            “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.” – Charleton Heston

            • Dang TEST you are on a roll! Rock on brother, rock on!

        • Phil,
          Mordor on the Potomic, good one.

          • I borrowed that from Mike Church. He had a show on XM for 12 years until he was replaced by Breitbart. I like Breitbart but Mike Church is very smart. His accent is a little bit of a challenge for a national radio audience.

            I am a long time fan of the Lord of the Rings books. I read the series when I was 12-13. I read “The Hobbit” and taught myself to write in runes in my diary so that my mother could not read it. I was 12 when I started that little project.

            I watched “The Martian” last night. One of the best parts of the movie was when the head of NASA said he wanted to be known as Glorfindel. Too funny! They used the code name the rescue project Elrond.

            • Great post, WS!

            • Phil, don’t forget CS Lewis’ space trilogy, if you like Tolkein. They were in a group called the Inklings, so reviewed a lot of each others’ writings. Out of the Silent Planet, Perelanda, That Hideous Strength (almost prescient in that it was written in the 50s – sounds like something out of today’s papers!)

              If you like Tolkein, you may very well enjoy these books. Not long, pleasant reading.

              • Thanks. I actually read all of CS Lewis’ children’s books, “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” I think there are six or seven books in that series.

                I have been a huge Sci-Fi fan for years but never heard of those titles. Thank you!

                I read the Dune and Foundation series when I was around 14. I think I plowed through almost every book written by Isaac Asimov. Then moved to Arthur C. Clarke. I still read Sci-Fi now. The Wool / Dust series by Hugh Howey is excellent. I read in “The Hollywood Reporter” that Ridley Scott had bought rights to make the Wool / Dust series into a movie, or series of movies. I cannot wait to see that movie on the big screen. I love Ridley Scott as a director.

                • Philo,The Chronicles Of Narnia consisted of 7 books,used to have boxed set as a child,was one of me favourites.I refused to watch the movies based on them.My favourite was 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea,read it when I was 3,really made me parents happy(and probably a little nervous!).The original movie with Mason and Douglas based on Verne’s work very good.

                  • Yep. I had that boxed set too! Moved a lot so was sold at a garage sale.

                    I also play LOTRO. Started playing on Elendilmir and moved to Brandywine after the recent server merge. Interesting game. I am not on as often as I used to be but it is still fun and cheap entertainment.

                • Phil, then you absolutely must see Lewis’ space trilogy. Written in a 1930s-40s motif, you will find it delightfully retro and incredibly well written.

                  • TEST: thank you. Added those books to my list. I respect CS Lewis a great deal. Those writers were trying, very hard, to teach us and to warn us. Some listened. Many have not.

                    Tolkien wrote from experience as did CS Lewis. They are my heros. I love them both.

        • Philosopher,

          More like “Tel Aviv-on-the Potomac”!

        • i used to think americans would take their country back, but now i dont think americans have the brain or the nutz to do anything

        • “The Beast” is damned group of corporations owned AND OPERATED by the owners of the Fed anyway! So now they almost openly own the Congress. They are NOT the legitimate government and never have been.

        • Last time I read about it, our (unconstitutional) income taxes go to Great Britain’s monarchy as “tribute”. D.C. is three corporations owned by the Rothschilds et al. It was their repayment for the loans to North AND South to pay for the Civil War. The I>R.S. is a private, for-profit collection agency registered in Puerto Rico. There’s a LOT more to this, but the actions they perform (and get away with) are ILLEGAL. Of course literally OWNING the courts and agencies where such things are tried (under Admiralty Law, not the Common Law America was supposed to operate under), unless the opposition is thoroughly versed in Common Law, under which we can choose to be tried. But don’t screw up! The public “execution” of Finicum was outright murder, though. As for “seeing Justice done”, well, forget it. Until the “elite”-owned corporate “government” is done away with and a fair, Constitutionally compliant Common Law court system is back in place, per the “law” functioning now, we are property, not people, and we essentially HAVE no rights – or none that can’t be taken away by one trick or another. The “legal language” as defined by Black’s Law dictionary SOUNDS like English, but going by the definitions it’s nothing of the sort! Until the “elite” Luciferian banksters are dethroned, “the Law” in America is going to be “Heads we win, tails you lose”. Mr. Finicum lost.

      2. Let them take the land.
        When all the goons are gone,
        go BLM agent hunting.
        They are easy to find.
        coyotes will eat them and
        drag the bodies off.

        • ellik,
          YUP, the scum have made there move and blood was spilled by them first! just a matter of time before it gets worse!

      3. We need more video to youtube by Patriots. This helps us in capturing the moral high ground.

        • How does pontificating on YouTube help us “capture the moral high ground”? I am genuinely curious. From my perspective there is no moral high ground. Essentially, preppers have stuff. The government wants us to be obedient little kids and give our stuff via taxes and penalties (and preps eventually – you know it’s coming) to the government. The government then wants to give our stuff to the FSA, thus keeping more “little kids” in line. Sooo, where is the moral high ground? The conflict is over stuff and who has it. This is the single unifying thread of warfare since we fought with sticks and stones.

          • Stuff without knowledge is just useless junk.

            Good examples of what happens when you give stuff, even good farmland, to the free shit army abound around the world. Venezuala is a good example. Empty store shelves. Women reduced to screaming while being thrown plastic baggies of powdered milk.

            Also Venezuala (formerly known as Rhodesia). I bring up this example to show what happens when communists take over a country and redistribute property in order to make everything, supposedly, equal and fair. Apparently the farms were confiscated and redistributed. The new farmers decided to grow tobacco, as a cash crop, because the price was high. Because the market was flooded with tobacco the price dropped and there have been food shortages and the government has asked the former farm owners to return in order to teach people how to grow food crops. (I already know some people in this forum will jump on this comment to promote their white supremacist bullshit). My point in making this comment is that communism always fails. Confiscation always fails. Seizing farm land always fails.

            It failed in Russia. It failed in China. It is in the process of failing in Venezuala and Zimbabwe. The elites, in that system, never suffer or starve to death. Only the common people. Millions of them.

            • Typo: Zimbabwe is the country that was formerly Rhodesia.

            • Now consider what the “elites” will think about such “failures” in supply: Rockefeller, on learning how many tens tens of millions of Chinese died in the famines caused by the communist takeover said with great enthusiasm that it was the most magnificent experiment in social change he’d ever seen. Or words to that effect. He was VERY enthusiastic and eloquent about it. But absolutely, if you want mindless robots who are afraid to HAVE a unauthorized original thought, never mind to ACT on one, communism is the way to go. In fact, a communist country has essentially an entire populace that’s in the military. Remember this? – “There’s a right way, a wrong way, and the Army way!” Same-o same-o. And somehow under those circumstances, those in charge or those with any power at all in the System are always the most vicious, like the one who (and the one who ordered it) Mr. Fincum. There ARE NO PEOPLE in or to such a system – only “units”, and a unit is always expendable.

          • Boil it down a little more, Foxglove666. The “government” (and we need something else to call it; it ISN’T the legitimate government, and wouldn’t be even if they DID follow the Constitution, which they DON’T) wants the vast majority of us DEAD and out of the way! We have been and still are their VICTIMS, and I’d say that gives us the moral high ground! They claimed to be one thing, and they’re something else entirely. Nonetheless most of us are STILL trying to follow the law, even when we don’t know WHICH Law they’re following – if any! I’d say that also sets us on that moral high ground. You know what though? When you’re on the highest chunk of ground around, you can make a damned fine target if you’re not very careful! The people we’re up against are, and I have to include much of if not most of our own hijacked military in this, THE BAD GUYS – the Enemy. That depends on which side they’re fighting on, and both sides will get a few surprises that way. But we never chose to be the victims here! When you’re up against an Enemy whose entire wish and desire is to annihilate you and everyone and everyTHING you love so that a bunch of already-rich, lying thieves can take everything you own, your life and your loved one’s lives included and piss on it all if they feel like it, then a bullet in the back of the head is just fine and SCREW the “moral high ground”! This is a damned WAR that We the People have been and ARE victims of, in which we have been UNDER ATTACK for longer than any of us have been alive! There’s only one rule in a war like that: WIN! If we attempt to “play” this game by any gentleman’s set of rules, we’ve already lost.

      4. The map tells us a lot.

        It would seem that they are going to take land away from everyone who lives along a river or who lives on a large tract of farm land. My county would be restricted, and the next county over would be emptied entirely. Also, a multi-county area south of me would be emptied, including the first place in the US named after George Washington, namely Washington, NC (known as Little Washington to natives of eastern NC).

        • It looks like my entire town will be in their way.

          • The BOL and all my relatives’ properties nearby are in their way. They’ll have to fight us for that land.

            • We’ll be ready here in eastern NC. We have what is billed as the largest gun shop in the world:

              ht tp://

          • If you really LOOK at the map the ENTIRE COUNTRY IS IN THEIR WAY! Seriously: look at all the red on that map! That’s the area NO ONE is supposed go into – it’s reserved strictly to the animals an native plants… supposedly. It’s my own belief that the original intent is for the “elites” to have their own nearly state-sized compounds in what will, or is supposed to become – wilderness areas. We peons, reduced to a max of 10% of the current population, is supposed to inhabit barracks-like arrangements in Maine’s more inhospitable areas. And of course NO PLACE on that map is forbidden to them!

        • That map shows me that the environmental wackos are making a claim and want people herded up living in cracker boxes while everyplace else is left “untouched.” I love that word “untouched.” As if there is any part of the Earth that has not been touched or modified by human hands. The entire attitude of the enviro-wackos is that they know the best way for that land to be used. According to who? Themselves? Most of them can’t grow anything and couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag. Obviously most of them think like Rebecca and expect the rest of us to eat fucking microgreens grown (somewhere). Most of them are rabid vegetarians. I don’t really care what other people eat but I am not going to be a vegetarian. I like organic grass fed beef. I like pork. I like lamb. And chicken. And vension, moose, bear, bison, elk, alligator, ostrich.

          • Phil, appropos of your comment, as Blaise Pascal once noted, once science is divorced from ethics, scientists will use their skills to pursue power, not truth. What is behind the global warming? The same thing that was behind the global cooling scare of the 1970s: The 1974 Club of Rome report titled, Mankind at the Turning Point stated, “The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” Their solution was simple – engineer a massive reduction in population and utterly change the socio-economic system through centralized planning via total government control. And yes, this does smack of being called “The Final Solution” to me, too. This “man is the enemy” was reiterated by the Club of Rome in 1993, as well, when they stated in their The First Global Revolution, downloadable at that “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

            “We came up with the idea??” In other words, a conclusion had already been reached, and now they needed to create a “reason” to support their unsupported – and as Julian Simon provisionally demonstrated, possibly false – a priori assumptions. Do not try this technique in any school paper you may attempt, or you will be failed!

            As Robert Zubrin observed, to the warmers, “… each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated thought or act is menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation.” Perhaps it is put most clearly by the World Wildlife Fund Living Plant Report of 2012, which Lewis Page summarizes in the May 16, 2012 edition of the Register that “economic growth should be abandoned, (and) citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty.” The rich, of course, are especially bad, as the Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, by Rosalyn McKeown, found at tells us: “Generally, more highly educated people who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.” Of course, individual rights are verboten, given the Malthusian threat to the earth. As Harvey Ruvin, Vice-chair of International Committee for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI), a group that wants to impose the green agenda on everyone has noted, “Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.” Pol Pot, move over. (Incidentally, the Malthusians might want to get a clue, as between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, is thrown away each year according to a recent report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled ‘Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not’, found at Of course, per the usually PC Time Magazine, the Malthusians are doubly wrong, as “…it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually — likely within our lifetimes — fall.”

            Are these people alone? Hardly. Maurice Strong, the leftist hero of global governance, and former Secretary General of the UN’s Conference on Environment and Development, stated in his 2000 autobiography, Where We Are Going, that by 2031, two thirds of earth’s population might be wiped out. A tragedy? Not to the left. He describes this possibility as “A glimmer of hope for the future of our species and its potential for regeneration” (think the evil Professor Weston here in CS Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra). As James Delinpole observes about Strong’s comment: “See: It’s perfectly OK to fantasize about the deaths of maybe 5 billion people – as long as you show at the end that you really care: you’re thinking about humanity.” Exactly what the leftists said as they wiped out over 60 million in the Soviet Union, Pol Pot with his millions in Cambodia, or Mao with his toll of perhaps 20 million. And this will be done with or without your consent, as Strong again notes: “Our concept of ballot box democracy may need to be modified (Agenda 21, anyone? I think we can agree “Abolished” will be the operative word, not “modified,” once the left is through) to produce strong governments capable of making difficult decisions, particularly in terms of safe-guarding the environment.”

            Is this extreme? Oscar winning film maker Woody Allen doesn’t think so. During an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Allen stated “I am pleased with Obama. I think he’s brilliant… it would be good . . . if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

            Of course, the end goal of Strong and his types are that your lifestyle, in good old discredited Malthusian style – is abolished (our “dear leader” lifestyles, of course, will not be impacted at all. The Leajet leftists, the limousine liberals, the Hollywierd hypocrites, Michelle Obama’s uber-luxe vacations, Barack Obama’s hundreds of golf outings – all of that, as we saw in the Soviet Union, will be exempted). Here’s Strong again: “Current lifestyle and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air conditioning and suburban housing – are not sustainable. A shift is necessary which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations.” (Agenda 21 here gets joined with the Trans-Pacific Partnership… the even uglier fascist step child of Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (大東亞共榮圏 Dai-tō-a Kyōeiken) that brought us the Rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbor and millions of deaths across the “trans-Pacific.

            All this misses, of course, the simple dictum of Julian Simon: “The most important benefit of population size and growth is the increase it brings to the stock of useful knowledge. Minds matter economically as much as, or more than, hands or mouths.”

            This is the same Julian Simon that bet global coolers Paul Ehrlich and current-warmer-then-global cooler John Holdren that the price of chromium, copper, nickel, tin, and tungsten would go down, not up, by Sept. 29, 1990. In fact, all five commodities – which Ehrlich selected – went down by the targeted date. In Oct. 1990, Ehrlich mailed Julian Simon a check for $576.07 to settle the wager. No word if current unelected Obama science czar Holdren chipped in any dough or not. But – as the last refuge of scientific (or economic) scoundrels – of course, “this time will be different.” See for the Wikipedia summary of this wager.

            • I am not familiar with many of the people you listed. I am familiar with the tactics. Much of the left would love to see a majority of the Earth’s population wiped out. I find that attitude morally reprehensible. Same for the Malthusians that have been screaming (for too long) that the world will end and people will starve. People are starving, sick and dying. Children still die from drinking polluted water and from dysentary. It is going to take generations to clean up this whole GMO experiment which was supposed to be a way to feed people and keep them from starving.

              Of course they want to regulate our every thought and act. Which is why I view the far left as a totalitarian threat worse than the old USSR or the old Stasi spy police in East Germany. In their ideal world the little people would cower in fear with a boot stomping on our face while they live like French royalty, in the 1700s. In the end, that comment, “Let them eat cake” cost those royals their heads.

              We are the many, they are the few. Beware the elites that forget the lessons of history.

              • The only thing “communism” (and it has NEVER been practiced as communism per se) has ever accomplished is reducing successful people to penury, the wasting of most labor and goods, placing shovels in the hands of the most brilliant and putting semi-literates in charge countries, factories etc., the murders of, usually, a majority of the educated, and the elevation of the most vicious and greedy to power using the clueless brainwashed youth against their own! The so-called “elites” personify that “class”. They hold onto enough stolen wealth to feed, clothe and house the human race and STILL their goal is the annihilation of 90% to 98% of humanity! They’ve managed to poison the vast majority of the planet and the food supplies, are killing off 200 species per DAY and that rate is accelerating, they’ve damaged the ecosphere, the energy fields around the earth, the atmosphere, poisoned the hydrosphere…

                There should be a world-wide manhunt on for these people, but with the MASSIVE poisoning of ALL LIFE with experimental or just plain toxic pharmaceuticals, especially the immune system and nerve-destroying “vaccines”, neurotoxic nano-aluminum and other chemtrail ingredients, synthetic diseases and massive doses of RF and other radiation, they’ve meddled with flicker rates and other subliminal mind control on television and in movies (POWERFUL tools!), and they’ve set Western civilization to destroy Eastern civilization and others and then to destroy itself – and considering all that AND much more and that they’re still at large, STILL destroying and collecting… They are clearly absolutely INSANE, and the rest of us, sitting here WAITING for everything to fall apart, apparently aren’t much better! Most people are STILL unaware of the trap we’re all being herded into cheek-by-jowl, and the vast majority of humanity simply refuse to even consider any of this. THAT is NOT SANE, folks! That almost a literal handful of sociopaths could have brought an entire world-wide civilization to the brink of destruction as they have makes no sense at all. That this may even be the second or third time around… *sigh* So what do we DO? Sit here waiting to die when they finally get around to herding us into the camps? A G A I N ? ! ? DAMN Pavlov anyway! The world population is sitting around waiting for the bell to ring or otherwise working on the destruction of everything for a pittance of a paycheck while the super-rich play their deadly games with a WORLD’S resources, drinking fine wines, eating the best foods and deciding who to kill next.


                • Beautiful post! You articulated my thoughts perfectly, thank you!

                • Brilliant post. Bravo!

                  • More than welcome, both of you! I’m just sorry to BE right under these circumstances. I wish I was wrong.

          • Got some grass-fed Angus in the ‘fridge for dinner tonight, some venison in the freezer and so on. Got some more work to do no the garden boxes. Depending on time, I can bug out WITH my garden. It may be a little small (in several squares), but wild-crafting is good too – as long as you know what you’re doing. It’s also much less expensive than the stores…

      5. Here we go again ruining a Friday night with more confusion and questions:

        Are these so called Nazi Occupiers/killers with blue eyes / blond hair belong to:

        1- ISIS barbarians operated under Mossad/CIA joint venture?

        2- Real Muslims out of 1.2 millions worldwide who are also suffering and dealing with
        crimes against humanity by #3 below?

        3- The brown shirts of the Zionist Occupied Government in DC?

        • Stolz – I think the word “Nazis” is being used to personify the “totalitarian imperative” the so-called “elites” seem to have, and that has ALWAYS been catching for certain vulnerable people: high-ranking government “officials”, the Counsel on Foreign Relations, the IMF, the whole related-by-blood somewhere back in the dim and misty U.S. Presidents (including, apparently, Obama, or so they say…) It seems to be a genetic defect in a certain sector of the human race: they MUST tell those around them what to do, even if it’s wrong, even if they have NO gift for making good, useful-to-the-populace political/governmental decisions. There have doubtless been a great many kings, Presidents and other rulers who would have made MUCH better tailors, janitors, carpenters and so on than rulers; they probably would have happier in the long run, too. The “elites”, however, seem to have a knack for choosing people with a weakness for power but NO talent for actually using it. I suppose that with the “elites” dictating every consequential move their tools try to make we may not often get to see WHAT talent they have or don’t have for ruling, or even just managing. The weakness for power can be as destructive and addictive as alcoholism or drug abuse, too. U.S. Presidents ALWAYS seem to go white-haired in office pretty quickly, don’t they?

          Then there are the “foot soldiers”. Those are the ones who seem perfectly happy if they have someone they can kill, or a LEAST scream at and shove around every so often, or maybe even really HURT. Those seem to go into Intel, or they become snipers; some become cops, and God help anyone they catch speeding (or anyone they can accuse of it, or of almost ANYTHING) out on some lonely, unlit road in the country. There are plenty of YouTube videos of foul-mouthed screaming sessions by cops against ordinary motorists who got pulled over only to suddenly find themselves being dressed down like they were young children caught shoplifting – but very foul, intimidating, screaming sessions with the cop often clearly trying to get them to fight back… hopefully. I’ve seen a few such where the cop is threatening to shoot the motorist! It’s a sad, sick situation, and I wish I had a remedy, but it seems to be an integral part of some people.

          The “elites” seem to have a form of that disorder, but their situation requires them to remain in the background, at least as far as we “peons” are concerned. They’re more, I think, at-home (or in groups) bloody-minded sadists. That certainly fits the Luciferian mold. They appear to enjoy the fear of their victims, and the pain of their victims; a lot of them end up dead – finally. Others have commented on this, even told stories about them (which most people can’t believe). I think that, in addition to their believing in the magical part of this, or the psychic part (whichever you prefer to think of it as, including sheer madness), most of them, the elders especially, feel nothing except in the most extreme instances: the torture of victims into death, etc. I’ve read that they’re utterly fascinated by beheading, among other things. The long and short of it is that we’re up against genuine EVIL, caps intended. Those they lead or order end up partaking of that if they can manage it. I’m sure they enjoy hearing about the killings they order, or even seeing and hearing videos of them. By now they consider themselves to be untouchable. I don’t believe it, but they might. I just can’t see a way for us to fix ANY of the damage already done, never mind how to stop them from doing any more. Worse, I suspect that their REAL kick, the one they’ve been waiting for, is the murder in utter misery of entire populaces, whole countries. For them, that’s probably REAL entertainment.

      6. Your papers are not in order…

        Eyes open no fear…

      7. I will be presenting the argument against US Government ownership of state land at the Klamath County Oath Keepers meeting on March 17th. Our resident attorney will be presenting the argument for US Government ownership. It should be a spirited and thought provoking debate.

        Heading for Burns on the 12th of February to hear Sheriff Richard Mack speak. Hoping that Sheriff Palmer shows up and our two candidates for Klamath Country Sheriff also go with us.

        • POA – How cool of you to do this!!! Good on you! Mack is great. This is EXACTLY what each one of us here needs to do. Quit the whining, the “I’ll shoot it out with F-16s from my redoubt” etc. stuff, and get back to the reality of bringing this country back to its Constitutional roots – which, by the way, these PTB have sworn to uphold.

          For those of you who don’t know who Sheriff Mack is, look up I am a precinct committeeman, and asked our sheriff to join this group. He demurred, but imagine if we got a massive number of people on board. Yes, I know what you naysayers will say. Good thing these naysayers weren’t at Valley Forge

        • Plain Old American, old timer here. Honestly, I believe Oath Keepers is liberty’s last best chance. All I can do now is try to support Stewart Rhodes and pray that younger military/LEO honor their oaths and do the same.

          • That seems a slim hope. I guess it depends on WHICH LEOs from WHERE. An awful (and increasing) lot of them have been part of that formerly S.W.A.T.-only group who “train with the military” fairly often. A LOT of those tend to shoot first and check for ID… well, never, actually. They have been taught to see themselves as being constantly in a very real war zone and to act accordingly. In fact I read something a short time back written by one of those who stated in no uncertain terms that it IS a war zone “out there”, and if you’re not ready to act accordingly, “One of these nights you just won’t make it home again!” The guy was VERY insistent that all of America IS a war zone, they’d better be ready to shoot to kill every SECOND they’re “out there” or die. I think he’d recently shot and killed a kid who’d been in his own yard playing with a toy gun… No! He’d been in his own yard or JUST getting back to it and was carrying a BB gun by the barrel. THAT was it!

            Cops need to go with either military, or they need to be cops. Training them with the military is nuts! Their missions are not at all the same, and in fact they’re almost completely divergent with about the sole similarity being that both are armed. Teach them – and by “teach” I mean condition them – together with the military and their orientation is of course going to be a survival mode that is deadly to the surrounding populace! Too many of them don’t know WHAT their legitimate “mission” is, and military conditioning MUST be toward survival, which is bad news for the Enemy… Except We the People and our children were NEVER supposed to be “the Enemy”, which means America is Enemy-occupied territory! Then, add in the actual military to a situation like this, or Intel (most of whose field operatives are themselves oriented toward a clandestine war, not law enforcement) and you have a powder keg in a roomful of smokers. Witness the last shot fired there. And come to think of it, was the Federal Government EVER supposed to be a “land owner”?? Funny; somehow I had the idea they were supposed to be working for US. I understand the Feds have also sold a large chunk of OUR country off to the Chinese, too.

            I’m sooooo confused… *sigh* Time for another latte’. Or a nap.

            • Yup.

              When I was in the military we were told that the military was not suitable for law enforcement missions. We were trained to kill, destroy, degrade the enemies ability to operate and force them to surrender or die. Law enforcement, at that time of history, was supposed to use the minimum force necessary to effect compliance for public safety.

              • Plain Old American – “When I was in the military we were told that the military was not suitable for law enforcement missions.”

                That was apparently back when “common sense” wasn’t an oxymoron. There have ALWAYS been cops who look down their noses at the “ordinary” populace, which is unfortunate. Such police have little reason for enthusiasm about serving OR protecting people they despise. They’ve gotten very good at intimidating, confusing and setting them up, however. Setting US up, that is. And far too many seem to live for people they can beat down and hopefully they might even get to SHOOT someone who “resists”, which they seem consider to be personal assault and INSULT. It doesn’t seem to matter whether what they themselves are doing is illegal – someone who insists that police ALSO must obey the law and who refuse to obey an illegal order from a cop automatically “deserves what he gets” and he’ll get whatever the cop thinks he can get away with. And if you end up KILLING a cop who assaulted you after one of those failed intimidation attempts, God help you! No matter WHAT the cop did or how likely you were to die at the hands of what appeared to be a genuine nutcase who intended to kill you under color of authority; harming or killing a cop is, to other cops, the ultimate sin and a crime that carries the penalty of an on-the-spot execution!

                It was NEVER supposed to be that way! Just as the Federal Government was never designed to be a pseudo-royalty with pay, benefits and POWER far beyond those of the mere citizenry that gives them the very best of everything at OUR expense (and if that’s not royalty then I don’t know what royalty is!) In fact I’ve stepped into a Congressman’s office only to have him look at me as though I’d stepped onto his Persian carpet worth more than most people’s cars wearing muddy, cleated boots. He acted like he thought I might decide to piss on it, too… I’ve gotten that very same look and demeanor from police.

                Like the cops, Congress – also public servants sucking at the public teat – acts as though they don’t realize they work FOR US. That’s probably because for all practical purposes THEY DON’T. As for the police, they are being trained, then CONDITIONED to see us as trouble-making peons so they’ll be useful in the coming roundups. No doubt they’ll be given some logical “reason” for families to be separated, but the sole, true reasons are first, control – people will worry about missing family members and tend not to make trouble lest their loved ones get punished for their transgressions or lack of cooperation. Just as important, I believe anyway, is sheer cruelty. Those camps have cameras, especially in the guillotine rooms, or so I’m told; the “elites” are FASCINATED by beheading. They want to WATCH.

                I got a little off the track here. Apologies, but it IS all connected.

            • Ian I agree with everything you said. I was trained to shoot by the US military. Does that mean I have the skills to be a LEO? (Law Enforcement Officer). Hell no!

              It does not.

              As far as the US Federal government owning land, it makes me sick. In Russia, if you want one acre of land to farm, they are giving it away! I don’t see why the US government doesn’t give 40 acres to every veteran that wants to be a farmer. Along with access to the nearest Land Grant university and the local extension office for assistance and advice. I would advise the US government to simply give land to citizens that want to start a small farm. Everyone. As long as they show up, improve the land, and take care of it.

              • Philosopher – But that would leave entirely TOO MANY Americans almost independent of the entire corporate structure, which is one way we’re being robbed blind and poisoned stupid or dead. It would also remove an illegitimate power the Feds have stolen: control over a LOT of land! The Founders would have been flat out HORRIFIED to see what America has become. They would know the Feds for what they are instantly, too: an illegal, immoral parasite grafted onto another synthetic structure that was never supposed to exist: a Federal Government that CONTROLS the States and whose power supersedes those of the States no matter WHAT the Constitution says.

                There are entirely too many “agencies” with near-absolute power over their own bailiwicks, like FEMA, and then notice all of the “police” agencies, which are now spreading throughout society like a spreading cancer! And as we’ve seen repeatedly they are becoming more and more deadly. Even ordinary town cops are usurping powers they don’t don’t legally have, including giving We the People orders, making us pullover for “inspection”, demanding ID (which we’re not supposed to need), and they illegally FORCE US out of our cars with threats which, if we don’t KNOW are illegal, turns us into their victims who easily lied to and about and railroaded into jail or even prison. There’s ALWAYS a law or something we can be accused of violating, and never mind the fact that these illegal stops are in violation of the Fourth Amendment and our right to travel freely and unmolested. Instead we’re CONSTANTLY molested by badge-wearing tyrants with a belief in their own power and in our lack of almost ANY power! Now with Obama in the Oval Office – an in-the-open tool of the “elites” – and a Congress afraid of it’s own shadow because of a “shadow government” with a gift for “suiciding” the uncooperative, Congress as individuals seem to be trying to survive their tenure FAR more than trying to do anything for us or the country!

        • I REALLY hope I can make that! I’m up in Madras, but maybe I can squeeze the money for fuel out of SOMEwhere! Where in Klamath, exactly? Also, I’m not an Oathkeeper member. Would those who come to listen and maybe participate be welcome if they’re NOT members?

      8. Hopefully, the issues with the BLM will be brought to the forefront by western folk when the idiot candidates go west for their feckless primaries.

      9. Compare the “little to no human use” versus the “normal use.” I see some big problems with that map along with the delusional mindset of the apparatchiks that think they can control all of that land. That is going to be an epic fail.

        • Philosopher, it will be an epic fail for them where my BOL and relatives are located. Whatever scum comes along to uproot us will just be throwing their lives away for nothing.

          • I agree. Good thing they keep posting maps like this so we understand their motives. State governors are critical. Good for the Governor of Utah for saying, “no more.” I have heard that the Governor of Texas is also pushing back. Excellent.

            • Philosopher, my families’ and my plans are set in stone regardless of what our governor does. We’ll have enough to be concerned about just defending home and hearth.

          • Braaaveheart1776 – “Whatever scum comes along to uproot us will just be throwing their lives away for nothing.”

            Oh, I don’t know about THAT! Sometimes a good, clear, object lesson is EXACTLY what’s needed. And sometimes Federal Employees just aren’t any good at all about taking hints. You’ve heard the old saw about the fellow who bought a supposedly obedient jackass only to have it totally ignore him? The former owner picks up a long 2×4 and whacks it over the head, THEN tells to go and it does. When the new owner says he thought the critter was obedient, the old owner says, “Well sure he is! But ya need to get his ATTENTION first!” Now, when dealing Federal employees…

        • That map is designed to hand over total control of the land comprising America to the “elites” as their very own private preserve to use as they choose. OUR use of ANY OF IT, to them, constitutes MIS-use, and they don’t just want us OFF THE LAND, they want 90% to 98% of us DEAD, which they have repeatedly stated. The remainder is to live in barracks-like arrangements in some of the most inhospitable areas of Maine (concentration camps that would be rendered almost escape-proof simply by the cold and the forests and mountains). Of course they present it as “returning the land to it’s natural state, as it should be”, when the vast majority of the damage has been done by the businesses following THEIR strip-mining, clear-cutting corporate models!

          One more thing: I don’t believe that ANY of America could now be returned to a healthy natural state – not with all of the nano-aluminum and the 50-some other Chemtrail ingredients plus other various toxic irradiation of huge tracts of land (and people AND animals) by HAARP and other DARPA super-weapons.

      10. Try that sh..t in my phucking state or city and take my woman and wait to see how I handle natzi foreign Check points..



        • My best guess is they will handle you, and your woman, with bullets to your brain pan and you will end up dead. See? That was easy.

          • Philosopher, he won’t end up with a bullet in his brain pan as you put it, if he employs 4th Generation Warfare. To stand, and go toe to toe with a superior force is just stupid. It’s just like all the anti gunners like to think, that pro gun people are just going to go up against governments tanks, and planes armed only with AR15 rifles in some sort of set piece battle. Instead, really smart patriots will take the time to get all the U.S. Army Combat training manuals they can lay their hands on, read them, and employ their information. The really important thing about reading these manuals, is you”ll be reading exactly how, and what types of tactics the U.S. government will employ against you. Remember one more thing, in the coming conflict you”ll also want to read the Art of War, by Sun Tzu. Even though The Art of War was written in 450 BC, it’s still required reading at West Point.

            • MacGyver and Vietnamese techniques, guerrilla warfare, asymmetric warfare, cyber warfare, etc. can beat a superior force. If you think outside the box enough, you can stay out of the box.

              I have all the manuals and am surrounded by retired military.

              • Archivist

                Remarkable that nothing is being discussed about the Tactics that were used at Burns, Oregon by Law Enforcement.

                The head shot was to make sure Mr. Finicum would be killed straight out. They were thinking he could be wearing Body Armor.
                They let the enemy get behind them.
                Allowed themselves to be boxed in. (Snow Drifts)
                No communication between vehicles that I have read.
                Massive amount of ammunition spent. WHY?
                They were tricked into thinking they would make the meeting and have their voices publicly heard.

                REMEMBER!!! They will use the same tactics on you and I when the time comes.

                • Slingshot and Archivist, I have a few veterans in the family who have trained everyone else. They’ll be engaging in guerrilla warfare. They know better than to try to tackle the military head-on. Our military today just ain’t what it used to be. And supposedly we’ll have UN troops also. No shortage of enemies, that’s for sure.

                  • Most Americans STILL fail to realize that there has been a coup, and this is no longer ANY sort of democracy, or even a republic. It’s occupied territory. The occupiers are our very own brainwashed military – or military-trained cops who are wannabe military (they LOVE those military toys). You can’t hand cops weapons like that and not expect them to use ’em given the chance. As for the Feds, given the chance, they kill. Period. The sole reason this was “necessary” is that the Federal Government MUST show America who’s in charge, who REALLY owns the place and has the power. Now if Obama calls in the U.N. he will make himself THE target-of-choice for every patriot in the country, and had better not to show his face above ground again – ever. “Help” from the U.N. – well, as has been said, the U.N. goes NO PLACE peacefully. The last thing I heard from one old hard-core prepper/Vietnam vet was that “powder blue helmets designate a free-fire zone”. A few years back I saw some photos of a small village in Haiti I think where U.N. troops came through looking for “a criminal”. The photo that was really heart breaking to me was of a woman who had been shot in the chest at her front door; she had been holding a baby through which her killers had shot her. Brilliant interrogation technique; or it might have been had they left anyone in the village alive to talk to…

            • Oh I have a very beautiful copy of Sun Tzu. And Machiavelli.

              But based on the way that HCKS speaks I have estimated that he, and others like him, will end up as cannon fodder with a bullet in their brain pan.

              I am a big fan of FMs. And patience. And training.

              • Philosopher.

                Everyone needs to get a “Brain Bucket”.

                It’s the Rage of all the Fashionable SWAT teams.;0)))

                • added note.

                  I believe that in the future they will make a law that only Military and Law Enforcement can acquire Body armor.

                  Maybe you will have to have get a permit to purchase it.

                  Army and Navy Surplus stores will be closed.

                  Was at the Surplus store today. Most of the Tactical vests are GONE. Body armor vests (carriers and soft panels) that were there the last time were sold. A few(Rough) Kevlar Helmets were left.

                  People are buying stuff, Not as much Alice or MOLLE gear in the flea markets.

                • I am not going to be on the front lines. My skills are elsewhere.

                  • Philosopher.

                    The front lines will be at your front door. You don’t have to go looking for it. It will find you.

                    Fifty years ago you could leave your doors unlocked. You could hitch hike without fear. You could go almost anywhere in the USA without fear.

                    Above is Information as to what I see happening and trying to give people options before they disappear.

                    • Being disappeared is the deep end of a bloody dark pool.

                    • I have lived in a place like this,
                      at nights it was not easy to sleep knowing that every thing was unlocked.
                      It felt like the whole place had a false scene of security.

        • HCKS, I hope you have a plan for bugging out as early as possible before anything happens. I plan on getting out early. That’s why I keep tabs on everything all I can. If you get out of the city early enough, your chances of survival go into orbit. where I’m going is a good 6-hour drive from where I live. once I’ve bugged out, that’s where I’ll stay for the rest of my days. If/when the federal/NWO scum come to our area, we’re going to fight for our homes. Not going to any stinking camp. Not happening, period!

          • Same here BH. I will just live wild before I show up at any stinking camp. I will eat local possum and racoon in my marinade, first.

      11. It is indeed unforunate there were not a dozen Obama cell phones milling around on the street corner in the middle of a week day work day, to document the execution of Mr.Finicum. We could see the truth on tmz for sure then.

      12. If I was born in the time of the Civil War I would have fought on the side of the South, over State Rights.

        I never believed for one second that the Civil War was fought over slaves. It wasn’t It was fought over States Rights.

        I believe that if I had slaves I would have taught them to read and write. A smart worker make a better worker.

        If States keep giving up their rights this will keep happening.


        This whole thing is pointing to Civil War. One day we will wake uyp and it will be ON!


        • Sarge, I’m afraid you’re right. I see storm clouds on the horizon. Gun show in my area this weekend. I need more lead and brass for what’s left of the ventilation team plus some other odds and ends. I don’t like the way things are looking.

        • The slave issue was a pretext.

          Northern shipping and manufacturing didn’t like it that the South was shipping cotton and tobacco from southern ports and getting finished goods from overseas. The Yankees weren’t making anything off of us.

          Some bright smart ass noticed that all of the northern states had finally outlawed slavery (except Delaware), but the southern states hadn’t yet. They were going to in the next few years, but that wasn’t fast enough. Therefore the pretext of slavery and the disregarding of our states’ rights.

          BTW, most people up north are shocked when they learn that the northern states used to have their fair share of slaves. After each state abolished slavery, the slaves became low-paid servants doing the same jobs as before, and instead of getting free food, housing, clothing, etc., they had to start paying for it out of their small pay.

          • Archivist, it was really the new Englanders that started all that crap. They know their own true history but won’t admit to it. They were the ones who got America involved in slavery, not southerners. The slave trade was started up by them. All of the slaves brought to this country from Africa were transported on NORTHERN ships to NORTHERN ports. Even NEW YORK CITY was a center for the slave trade after it had already become a financial center. During colonial times the slaves were brought here under the British Union Jack. During the American Revolution the slave trade was suspended. After we won our independence, it resumed and brought slaves in here under the Stars and Stripes. THE CONFEDERATE FLAG DIDN’T EVEN COME INTO EXISTENCE UNTIL 1861 WHEN THE WAR FOR SUTHERN INDEPENDENCE BEGAN. CONFEDERATE FLAG WAS NEVER CONNECTED TO SLAVERY AT ALL. After the war ended and slavery was abolished, that same slave trade was still in business but was transporting slaves to other countries almost until the end of the 19th century. It was that hard for the Yankee slave traders to let go of such a lucrative business. There are still old families in New England with blood on their hands to this day.

            • Braveheart,
              You know your history. The North made piles of money off slave trade and demon rum. Lincoln suspended the Constitution and made Executive Order One declaring martial law. He strong armed the press because there was so much dissension… some went to jail for treason.

              • Rebecca,
                Lincoln also had the Maryland State Legislature locked up because they threatened to secede. As well as his “Emancipation Proclamation” only “freed” the slaves in the South – but not the ones in the North. These were wholly owned by Union Generals and Union Congressmen…
                Yep, Lincoln was a real leader…/sarcasm mode ON/
                Be well.

                • Cat Herder, spot on. Southerners were not the only victims of Lincoln’s oppression and terror. I once saw an estimate of hundreds of thousands of Northerners locked up without due process during the war. The white men of the Northern states were totally brainwashed into joining and serving a totally illegitimate cause. 300000 of them are buried in various parts of the South. THAT is a testament to the fighting capacity of the southern soldier of that era. The confederate army knew how to fight. Even General Ulysses S. Grant acknowledged that 1 Confederate soldier was equal to 3 of his men combined. he also acknowledged to a reporter for the Chicago Tribune in 1862, “If anyone says this war is being fought over slavery, I will go and draw my sword for the other side.” Why do you think the so-called Civil War lasted as long as it did?

                  • Good points, Brave.

                    Lincoln never intended to be pushed into a war, nor did he ever want it to be about slavery, and outlawing slavery.

                    As stated earlier it was about the south making money and the north/union/gov….not getting their “perceived self-deserving”, cut.

                    Lincoln was of the same liberal mindset that the gov was bigger than the sum of the people. That is why he went along with the initial murder plot, in which he authorized the murder of about 60 of the initial rebels, and was of the belief that the remainder of the “dumb” southerners would lay down their weapons and go quietly back home and the southern states threatening dissent and secession would bow to the Union/gov demands.

                    After the ill laid plan failed, Lincoln than caused the deaths of about 625,000 men, which is equivalent to about 6 million today (2% of the population) over the next four or so years.

                    Untold numbers of innocents were killed as well; mostly by ragged armies of yankee soldiers as they found southern farms with only women and children, and a few old black slaves. They raped, pillaged, and burned, without any recourse from the union leaders. Many of the southerners died from hypothermia and malnutrition, after the yankees took everything they could haul away. Any resistance to the yanks demands was met with death or utter assault, and head bashing.

                    When the southern men knew of these atrocities, their resolve grew stronger, and assuredly, some of the same tactics were then used against the northern innocents.

                    The war would have taken a different turn if the bullet meant for Lincoln had been about four to six inches lower that was fired into his hat, two years prior to his theater event. The incident was kept under wraps for a long time. Lincoln could have ended the massacres at anytime, but his sinful pride kept him from such. May he rot in hell with the other murderers.

                    BTW, the Emancipation proclamation was only invoked as a last ditch effort to turn the narrative of the war. One in ten of the Union soldiers were black, and were paid half as much as the white soldiers during the war. Those facts are never told in the black history narratives, because it takes away from the truth that blacks in the south were not as oppressed as they claim. In fact, many were more free, working for the plantations than they would have been staying in Africa or working for the North.

                    But, then again they never had their Obungler, looking out for their best interests either….sarc off.

                • amazing, so even with half the country (south) AND with many against his acts in the north being locked up, we the people still couldn’t over run the “in place” sitting gov of that time, with the low speed weapons available than. So what the hell makes you think the “people” in this country as it sits now have any chance of fighting against the kind of fire power that is now in their hands?

                  Face it, all you can hope for is to live out your life under the radar and hope you don’t get caught up in the gears of war before your time is up. You can complain all you want, even fight to the death so to speak, but survivalists come in all shades, even the ones that are part of this “gov” are going to do what they have to do to “survive” and have theirs survive, even if it means turning off to reality.

                  Many good people have given their lives for causes they believed in, only to find the ones left alive still kneeling to the new king.

                  I’m an old Vietnam vet, have seen things that can change a persons mind real quick, at this stage if things were to go “Hot” all I’d be good for is to take a round for the good of the country, cause I sure as hell can’t hump a ruck and basic load over hill and dale anymore, and what would that get me a shiny new bronze star, smirk.

                  • WKWC

                    “cause I sure as hell can’t hump a ruck and basic load over hill and dale anymore,…

                    Me? Maybe a small one. The possibilities to help are endless.
                    What you know is more important than how much you can carry.

                    • Not even a small one for me; can’t walk more’n half a block. Usually. Too many back operations, too much nerve damage. I suspect if I don’t make it into the woods in time, I’ll end up saying, “Go to Hell!” and removing one would-be slave-driver or “obedient soldier”, which I’d HATE to have to do, and getting hauled out feet-first. I pretty much ASSUME that’s how it’ll go. One way or another though I won’t be going to any FEMA Camp. I know EXACTLY what that’s going to be like. Mom was a WWII vet and a photographer; she took a lot of pictures over in Germany, and told me a lot. I quit knuckling under to bullies at a young age, and I’ve never seen a reason to change that. I’ve paid the price a few times too, but the others bought THEIR tickets and paid the price as well! AIN’T NOBODY RIDES FOR FREE… I was also taught that your Honor Guard in Hell consists of those of the Enemy you take with you, and I ain’t going alone! (Yeah – I’m a Texan; last duty station NWC China Lake). The closest I ever got to a war zone was when they sent me to NRMC Oakland – East Oakland, it was, but I joined. I never thought I might end up in a war zone in my old age in my own country!

                  • During the Civil War, all the factories were up north in enemy territory. So they had a better war machine. It won’t be that one-sided next time, especially with asymmetric warfare.

                    • Which is exactly why they were stupid starting the war to begin with. They had no major factories to speak of and thought they could win with ” gallant” sabre charges. It was only due to brilliant and gutsy generalship by Robert E. Lee that allowed them to avoid defeat within the first 2 years, coupled with George Mclellan’s inability to actually get up and fight the enemy when he had distinct advantages over them. Once Grant and Sherman took over the campaign, the fate of the Confederacy was sealed by the same logistics which would have always prevented them from ever winning the war short of intervention from England, who was teetering on the verge of it until the north actually won some victories in battles in 1862. The south would have been better off negotiating with the north and biding their time waiting for a better opportunity but too many hotheads with more temper then brains decided they could force the issue and the North’s resolve to fight would wilt away within a few months time. Well, the rest, as they say, is history. Had John Wilkes Booth actually shot Lincoln a few years earlier, it could have had a tremendous effect of the outcome of the war. He certainly had his opportunities but waited until the war was over and only guaranteed harsh treatment of the south for years to follow.

                  • WKWC, there’s a lot of things people can do in a rebellion other than going into battle. The patriots will need ammo, food, water, medical supplies, trained medical personnel to take care of the seriously wounded, a rear area for R&R, transport, etc. My family has a plan covering all of these things. The younger ones will do the fighting while we ‘old farts’ will be in support roles.

            • Most people don’t know the emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves in the states that were considered rebellious.

              • And even in those states, there were exceptions. Norfolk, VA and New Orleans were allowed to keep slaves until the Constitution was amended.

        • Your probably right Sgt.
          We really want a revolution, not a civil war
          But these bastards and their ability to manipulate the population
          They will push the people into a civil war , so that we are fighting among ourselves
          Rather than fighting them

        • Unfortunately you are correct. And it will be equally in every region of the US. It’ll be one helluva scrap…….

        • You could’ve been hung; I think that was the penalty. Teaching slaves to read and write was against the law. Americans WERE almost universally literate when I was a kid. Now? Well, a lot still are, but they tend to read what they already know or believe.

          I think your bug-out plan is likely the best survival scenario if you can stay hidden. I really wish I had the skills and the resources. I HAD enough supplies and gear to last for some time, but got hit multiple times by a bunch of tweakers. I have bits and pieces left, but not the resources to replace the more expensive stuff – or much else for that matter. I’ll just have to do my best with what I have and hope. Disability doesn’t pay much more than basic food and utilities (if I’m careful), and my ability to move, lift, carry and so on is limited. Well, I never expected to live forever. No matter WHAT happens I won’t be going to any “camp”, though. That much at least I can make sure of!

          I saddens me to see my country being pulled into the Abyss, though, and so few actually trying to DO something about it. Worse, it’s what most of us believed was the legitimate government that’s pushing us all toward the edge, ignoring the Constitution as though is was never written, illegally creating illegal “laws”, and warping both police AND military for use against their own, playing on the side of the so-called “elites” to the terminal detriment of all the rest of the American populace. And almost no one they’re using seems to know or remember that those “elites” see us ALL as tools, occasional resources, all to be thrown away when they’re finished with us. And we the few with our eyes open have to stand and watch everyone else shuffle toward the edge of the cliff, unknowing, and unbelieving if they’ve seen or heard the truth. “It can’t happen here,” they say. *sigh* It IS happening here, it HAS happened here. Dammit anyway. They’re dancing on the deck of the Titanic thinking they’re standing on bedrock. Another fine mess, eh?

      13. 6 And I also have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, and want of bread in all your places: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.

        7 And also I have withholden the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest: and I caused it to rain upon one city, and caused it not to rain upon another city: one piece was rained upon, and the piece whereupon it rained not withered.

        8 So two or three cities wandered unto one city, to drink water; but they were not satisfied: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.

        9 I have smitten you with blasting and mildew: when your gardens and your vineyards and your fig trees and your olive trees increased, the palmerworm devoured them: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.

        10 I have sent among you the pestilence after the manner of Egypt: your young men have I slain with the sword, and have taken away your horses; and I have made the stink of your camps to come up unto your nostrils: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.

        11 I have overthrown some of you, as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, and ye were as a firebrand plucked out of the burning: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord. (Amos 4:6 – 11)

        Do the above verses remind anyone of what is happening today in America? What will it take for America to repent and return to worshipping God through faith in Jesus?

        God is in control and he is judging America. America’s enemies are in the process of conquering her from within.

        • What will it take? Blood of millions will be the only reason for a majority to take heed and repent.

          Even then, many will still not believe, and many will perish.

          You are absolutely right, that God is in control and allowing the judgments to fall where they may.

          Ever since the civil war, the powers of control have been on a crusade to enslave Americans and steal what is rightfully theirs by the blood sweat and tears of they and their own forefathers, and mothers.

          The people put up little resistance because of following the lies of the leaders. Now it is past the point of no return, and all will reap what they have sown. Trouble is, that many innocent children and elderly suffer in the fray.

          However; when things look bad, just thank God you are not as many of the Haitian people that are now eating mud pies just to have something in their guts. They are now considered to be the poorest people on earth. over half the population are severely malnourished. Think of the millions the clintons took in during the aftermath of the Earthquake.

      14. There are several apps you can download for your smart phone that stream live video to remote servers. Here’s the thing: if the sturm troopers had stopped me, I would have video taped it as long as I could. If they confiscated my phone, ***the video would have already gone from my phone to the remote servers***. I can’t stand the ACLU, but they have one app that does this, and there are others.

        If you are going to resist in the name of liberty, you need to be **intelligent** about it.

        “If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They’ll have enough to eat, a bed, a roof over their heads. But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and equality as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government.”
        – President Dwight D. Eisenhower

        • They picked a spot with NO CELL SERVICE; when all occupants were removed from the vehicle, they RIDDLED IT WITH BULLETS – thereby demolishing any recording device that might have survived the initial assault. (That fact comes from the interview with Shawna Cox).

          They would have gotten you, too.

          • Thanks, Ed. I didn’t know that. Very important information. My point is still useful, though, I think for many, not all situations.

            So, we need to creatively come up with alternatives. I don’t know what they are just yet, but certainly I hope some good people have their own drones up. It just takes one image to change a world – think of that young girl burned by napalm during the Vietnam war as one example. Point is, all the firepower in the world didn’t matter in Vietnam, as the worldview underneath that war was changing. We need to do the same. Change hearts and minds first and foremost. Get creative. Use technology. Get INVOLVED (quit whining and become a precinct committeeman! Run for your local schoolboard!)

            BTW, link to the Constitutional Sherrif’s Assoc. What if the sheriff (or your local sheriff) supports THIS!?!? I let my county sheriff know that if he wanted my support t election time, as his precinct committeeman, he needed to join. It’s this type of “guerrila” stuff that will win the day.

          • So we go to peer-to-peer streaming to backup devices in the possession of multiple people. And each person needs to have an extra burner phone in their hand so that might be all that gets confiscated.

            • Good point. There is some kind of peer to peer cell phone communication that the Hong Kong protesters used a few years ago. I’m sure those interested can google this. Again, mes amis, **creative solutions**

              Remember: their foundation is build on a tissue of lies, and will not withstand, in the long run, the assault of truth. Victor Hugo wrote there is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. By communication of information and truth, thru the vehicle of the pen, not the sword, the day will be carried, though I understand it may take decades.

              A great example is the global warming scam. 60% of Americans now think it is not a critical issue. Why? Because scientists are incensed that true science has been co-opted by BIG GREEN MONEY. The global warmers are LOSING the day, despite fascist “news” outlets like Yahoo frantically having up to half a dozen articles EVERY day on the scam. Ask yourself why… and you will see there is indeed hope.

              Google the peaceful Leipzig protest that brought down East Germany. Figure out why Ghandi or MLK were successful. We will get there, it’s just going to take lot of time and effort.

              Meanwhile, any of you running to be a precinct committeeman? Anyone running for the school board? Anyone getting a group to write your county sheriff to ask him to join Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriff Assoc? No? Then do whatever you are led to do, but don’t just sit!

        • “They’ll have enough to eat, a bed, a roof over their heads”

          That would be PERFECT for the so-called “elites”. Then all they have to do is fire all the guards and others, send ’em home, and the last one out can make sure the doors are all closed and locked, and there’s the end of THAT problem. They’d do it in a heartbeat, too. They’d have to find someone else for the timing mechanism though: none of them HAVE hearts (except for those they’ve stolen for their rituals, and those don’t belong to them)…

      15. “Suppose someone invented an instrument, a convenient little talking tube which, say, could be heard over the whole land. . . . I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing that the whole country would become mentally deranged if it were used.” (Soren Kierkegaard [1813-1855)

        1:27 minutes. You tell me if we have an independent mainstream media or not after watching this for just one minute or so.

        Conan O’Brien had similar clips on another topic of media complicity a couple years ago: and

        Now you know how Obama got elected by the Low Information Voters

        • Rush demonstrated this originally with his own montage of news clips featuring the word “gravitas.”

          ht tp://

          Conan ripped off the idea, but you can see that network and local news are all being scripted from above, even on light news.

          • Thanks, Archie. Excellent

      16. Excerpt from the website Gates of Vienna dot net website (Matt Bracken’s site):

        “Tatjana Festerling is one of the most prominent German leaders in the PEGIDA movement. In the video below she is mobilizing her fellow Germans to turn out for the big anti-Islamization demonstration tomorrow in Dresden.

        But she is also calling out to other Europeans. There will be simultaneous demonstrations tomorrow in at least fifteen European countries, including Germany, Britain, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, and the Czech Republic. This is the first pan-European event of its kind. If you live in Western or Central Europe, check your local alternative media outlets for the time and place of your demo. I know that Tommy Robinson (assuming he has not been jailed again), Paul Weston, and Anne Marie Waters will be leading the silent walk in Birmingham for PEGIDA UK tomorrow.

        Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for the translating and subtitling this video”

        I am hoping that Tommy Robinson stays safe.

        • Wait until the real next war starts and it is the world against Islam. Coming to a town near you soon enough.

          • Phil, take a peep at BARE NAKED
            Be warned in advance though, there’s some truly shocking images within it… Had to close my eyes at one point. Disgusting.

        • Philosopher – no one in Britain takes Tommy Robinson and his ilk seriously! They are little better than back street rabble rousers who, given half a chance, would love to wear the good old brownshirt and burn a few synagogues. That’s not what my grandfather, his two brothers and quite a few other family members fought (and some died) for in WWII!

          The “March” in Birmingham attracted a grand total of 157 participants. Hardly a ringing endorsement for their racist views is it? Even those neo NAZI idiots say the turnout was embarrassing!

          The British people have a long history of tolerance and treat these clowns with amused contempt (as they do with anyone who holds extremist views, such as Herr Hitler).

          Yes, Britons are concerned about rising immigration but preaching violence only begets violence. Education would be a far better weapon than blowing someone to bits!

          Rather than promote violence I would suggest that you apply some philosophical thought to your own thinking.

          Oh, and before you call me a commie/pinko libtard or whatever your current hate terms are for someone who does not agree with you, I have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and am not at all keen in picking up body parts of any more friends, especially in mainland Britain.

          You keyboard warriors wishing for death and destruction in your homeland really are something else! No one who has witnessed it would willingly invite it in.

          • I am no fan of war. And plenty of folks take Tommy Robinson seriously. I know he his painted as a racist. I don’t think he is. Have you read his book? Have you heard about how Islam is invading not only the UK but much of Europe along with the US?

            Have you read my other posts where I blasted the racists for their stupid point of view?

            The US also has a long history of tolerance and patience. I am not the one advocating violence. If that is what you think I have said you misunderstood me. I have also said, here and other places, that “war is hell but civil war is a special form of hell.” Civil war ought to be avoided at all costs. I don’t wish for death and destruction upon anyone, in any country. Not my own, not the UK, not Europe, not Africa, not Asia. No where.

            Today at the PEGIDA demonstration a former general that served in the French Foreign Legion was arrested. People have a right to a secure border. They have a right to deport thugs and criminals. Before it comes to war and body parts strewn across the land. You and I are on the same side. Please read my other posts before jumping to conclusions.

            • Philosopher – of course I know what’s going on, I currently live in an area of London where the largest mosque in Europe is situated! Your comment was, to say the least, ill thought out, at worst, patronising.

              I try to avoid commenting on subjects I don’t have much knowledge of. I would suggest you do the same, especially British politics.

              Britain has long been a safe haven for persecuted minorities. My great, great grandfather (who was a docker) joined the fight against Mosley’s black shirts when (much like Mr Robinson v muslims) they tried to force the Jews out of the East End of London. The Jews stayed.

              Now, if a working man, who left school at 12 with little education, can stand up against a perceived and real injustice, so can I.

              One of the reasons I terminated my military service was I didn’t join up to fight (as a British soldier) America’s unwinnable, unjust, and illegal wars, but that is what I ended up doing, being a hired gun for international bankers, arms dealers, and yes, “legal” drug pushers!

              My allegiance is to my people and country, not to the bankers, industrialists, and arms manufacturers who always come out as the winners, no matter who wins.

        • It’s about friggin’ TIME! I keep saying (writing) that they are NOT “refugees” – they’re an invasion force! No women with them, no kids, and they keep shouting, “Your men have no sperm! We will breed your enemies on your own women!” And they DO try. I’d like to see E>U. men – AND women! – fighting back! Send a few home feet first – or in urns… They might reconsider. I don’t think they do well at fighting except in large crowds, and especially against women.

      17. most people don’t know that the emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves in the states that were considered rebellious.

      18. I love SHTF PLAN. But any time I see Dave Hodges name, I run the other way. Just not worth reading. Reading his articles is worse than being forced to sit in a room with a dozen screaming babies. But that is just me.

        • GCO,

          So I take it you’re NOT too worried about ole’ Dave’s prediction of doom n’ gloom about Niburu putting an end to the whole shebang this year? I think I know what you mean….

      19. Philo; It will be tribes against tribes….blacks,whites,hispanics,muslims…….what a mess!

        • War is hell. Civil war is an even worse form of hell.

          (I have been saying this for several years. Original saying, No attribution other than me).

        • If we could just SOMEHOW get the whole kit’n’kaboodle of The Plan of the “elites” out there, enough so that everyone who so desperately wants, NEEDS to act so that they KNOW against whom we ALL need to act, maybe THEN We the People cold actually do something useful on our own behalf!

      20. I guess you all saw all the ruckus on youtube about the FBI guy BUSTED spying on the protester ?

        They are just (doing their job guys.)

        They have infiltrated mafia, drug cartels, gun runners, militia groups, reenactor groups like civil war ww2 etc.

        And let’s not forget the native americans. BIA BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS.

        What do you think they do sit around in their offices playing with themselves ? NO ……..

        They are going to go out and get intelligence.

        Do you know how many terrorist plots they have foiled ?

        Quit a few………..

        So hey if you are not doing anything wrong (do not worry. 🙂 )

        I know who they are they are watch you, and I right now.

        So check your smoke alarms, you burglar alarm speakers, and if you have your radios in your car playing and a car goes by you and your sound get distorted or any out of the blue electronic devices

        Or you phone keeps on ringing with no one there etc.

        Congratulations you are under surveillance………..

        ARE NOT WE ALL……………….. :-))))))))))))

        Have a nice day.

        And you guys that are keeping tabs on us have a good day too.

        KISS KISS

      21. “horses will become much more valuable in the future”….as far as being stopped going to and from their ranches there are hundreds of miles of open ground on either side of the road that are easily traveled on horseback, think outside the little box.

        • Yep. I have met grown men, in the military, that were terrified of horses. Another skill that you learn while young. Or that you overcome when older.

      22. These clowns will never understand that the resentment they are creating today, will turn to resistance tomorrow, and revolution shortly thereafter.
        Wash, rinse, repeat. They never learn.

      23. Mr. Trump, if you do not deal with the election vote fraud problem now, you will surely “lose”.

        If you deal with the election vote fraud issue in the Iowa Caucus, then you will be on the road to the White House.

        If after the Iowa Caucus you also deal with the much more serious election vote fraud issues in NH, SC, and beyond, then you have an excellent chance to become President of the United States of America.

        ht tp://

      24. When I was younger I use to care but now that I am old I just fear government. I admit it, I am just a slave. They won!

      25. Philosopher, i see what your saying. I have to back Colt M4, since i Read the entire Book, On Combat. I would not do anything retarded. But i can guarantee you Philosopher that when i a mans woman or daugther is taken the result will be very very bad, and i am not the pussified type to just sit around and let soldiers, chi-coms, russians, jihadist gang bang my woman,or other people, because i will certainly kill those fu…kerz with a CAPITAL F. And you right i will get killed in the process and it’s okay because when i am bleeding out, i know that i fought like a man with the patriots and killed out some of those rapist and murderors. I do not get scared easily, and if we got attacked, i would probably piss my pants, like most of the tough guys on this site, and i would probably panic, but when people start to phuck with my woman, as in soldiers coming in shooting, massacreing, raping children, shooting up the phucking neighbourhood, killings, beheadings, and all the sick sh,..t that comes with War, then you either start to repond or your next.

        I met a man recently randomly who was from the same region that Selco was from that told me when the US bombed the crap out of Serbia, that he was in his house in a subdivision, and he pointed to the subdivions and said, ours is just like here in America, the lights were taken out by the military when they bombed the water supply plants and the electrical Grid. Since he was a former soldier, he hunkered down, then 1 week, later, soldiers came in and began to attack his area, teh civilians, he said, he could hear the gun fire and then the citizens rose up and began to fight them off, then his street was next, and they began to kick in doors and shoot the men, and started to rape the women and girls, he watched in horror from his window, then he had to act, grabbed his AK, and took out the soldiers. Luckily the batallion was only a few hundred and he and his neighbours were able to kill out the rest of them..He told me,. ,man you dont want to be in a position like that, but you start to see and hear it around you, you either kill or be killed. He is still alive today..He told me that he fears that the same thing will happen in Texas. He is also a prepper. He said that his worst fear is the muslims attacking Texas, because he believes that if that happens, we are going to have one hell of a war fighting them and he says that if you get caught by them, you and your famiily, that you will be in deep sh…t. I think that me and him are a similar when it comes to testing my resolve when i get phucked with. This is what pissed me off about having a girlfriend, now i have someone else to worry about. Most of the time, this is the one thing that forces men to get into the war weather they want to of not, and this is what soldiers tell me, they know what the invading armies are going to do, and that is why we must arm up and we will pay a heavy price. I can be the nicest guy around. Invade my country, phuck with its citizens, block roadways, role in tanks and drop 1,000’s of paratroopers on my city, watch and see how fast i change and how quick i will start to kill that enemy.



        • And just what planet are you from?

        • HCKS: try and throw in some spaces in your comment (otherwise called a paragraph). I have older eyes so the wall of text is hard to read. Even with glasses.

          My order of fear list is this:

          1a: EMP
          1b: Islamists
          2. Totalitarian left-wing government that confiscates whatever they want in the name of “Equality”
          3. Economic collapse

          When civilians start seeing dead people in their neighborhood is a wake up call and a call to action.

        • HCKS, it’s the same for me. I’ll be in the mountains with the family. If they come to us, they won’t get out alive.

        • It’s interesting – I stopped fearing death some time ago. Now there’s a woman with ids all of whom I love, and I’m not at ALL fearful for myself. I worry about THEM, dammit.

          And THEY don’t believe ANYTHING is going to hit the fan. *sigh*

      26. The main issue that I am seeing with whole ordeal is that someone cannot tell the difference between a force of civilised evolution and a surge of bolshevist degeneration like these yankee tools. Someone clearly got all their ideas about “dose nutzis and dey papurrs” from watching steven Shitberg movies or as those with a decent neural count say, Die Deutsche Arbeiterspartei.

      27. None of my comments ever get posted.

      28. Good article. Another issue came up within another site about the definition of a Progressive. The historical connection with Woodrow Wilson, the initiator of the U.S. Income tax and part of the conspiracy to establish the Federal Reserve was never made. The article indicated that Hitlery & Sanders seem to think they can redefine the word (Progressive) at will. Progressive means stealth communist to me. Learn about history folks.

      29. It’s a lifelong study. It all seems to change from year to year… Shouldn’t “progressive” mean that whatever you’re describing is progressing, making progress, getting better? Getting rid of the Fed and it’s owners wold be a Progressive thing to do, then. Reverting property sales back to allodial titles would be progress. Abolishing the illegal Income Tax on worker’s wages would be REAL progress.

      30. How may establishment military and LEOS will draw from the ranks to pursue freedom? We already own all the military hardware we need to achieve victory we only need to claim possisson.

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