Man Fined for Vegetable Garden: “Harassed Over Growing His Own Food”

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    This article was written by Lily Dane and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: This personalized and local form of tyranny is becoming all-too-familiar. It is utterly clear that the powers-that-be hope you and yours never become self-sufficient and able to feed your family. How many towns have cracked down on this simple and uplifting activity that used to be encouraged by the government, but is now enough to initiate a SWAT raid, fines or worse?

    Few things are more empowering and important in a situation where your income is cut off, or food simply becomes unavailable at the stores in your area. Despite the attempt to intimidate individuals out of gardening, there is every reason to start growing your own, and encourage others to do so as well.

    Man Harassed and Fined for Planting Vegetables in His Own Garden

    by Lily Dane

    A family in Sugar Creek, Missouri grew the beautiful vegetable garden in the photo above.

    They’ve been given four days to tear out the entire garden or face a fine.

    Why? Because it is in their front yard, and city officials and a few neighbors don’t like it.

    Nathan Athans said he planted the garden in his front yard because it gets optimal sunlight. His backyard only gets sunshine for about two hours per day, and only in certain areas.

    Athans told KSHB that he grows several different types of vegetables on his lawn and loves tending to his garden.

    I’d probably say about 300 hours [so far this year], I spend all my free time out here.

    I want my family to know where their food is coming from, I don’t want to have to go to the grocery store and worry about what was done to that food.

    Last summer, the city cited Athans for weeds in his garden, and he complied with the order to clean things up, and paid the fine.

    But now, the city has passed a shiny new ordinance – one that Athans believes is part of a witch hunt against him.

    The family started an online petition, which explains why they feel targeted:

    The city of Sugar Creek, Missouri passed an ordinance two days ago on March 28th, forbidding front yard gardens to grow food, within the first 30 feet of front yard space from the street. Mayor Matt Mallinson both passed and approved this ordinance. They gave us until April 1st to comply. We are the only house in the city with a front yard garden, and just happen to be exactly within those first 30 feet. They have been targeting us since we moved in last year, because we grew a garden in the front yard.

    The city’s building official, Paul Loving, told KSHB that city received many complaints and that the ordinance is their solution.

    The petition goes on to explain the reasons the garden is so important to Athans and his family:

    We believe in sustainability, growing our food locally without pesticides and excessive fertilizer use, reducing our need for fossil fuels to import produce from other countries, countries that have little or no regulations on pesticide use. Sugar Creek is also prone to flooding, as it is located next to the Missouri River, so using our yard for growing plants instead of grass is beneficial because our garden takes in water as well as holding the soil together to prevent erosion, all while filtering out pollutants. It has helped our basement not flood during storms, prevented storm water runoff pollution, reduced fossil fuel use, helped us eat healthier, and prevented us from consuming pesticides and GMOs.

    Unfortunately, Athans isn’t the first to be subjected to harassment over growing his own food. People have been charged with crimes, threatened with jail time, and had their property destroyed for growing gardens in their own yards.

    Remember, in the US, you never truly own anything.

    This article was written by Lily Dane and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.



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      1. This is a sin there is no other way to say it. it is not right and the government is now a Hitler of communism Next they will really start killing people as Hitler did..

        • I heard that back in the Depression era they had “Victory Gardens.”

          And I don’t think these Victory Gardens had to be in the back yard either.

          • Anyone know of some good websites/forum boards for someone looking to start their own ma and pop business/store? Looking to talk to others who have done it successfully for advice.

            I can’t hardly take this corporate prison anymore.

            fed up and sick of it!



            • Buy a 7-11 franchise or a restaurant franchise like Dickey’s BBQ.

              My sis in law does both and is VERY successful with them.

              • Thanks Jack and Nunya. I didn’t even think of Brandon’s web site Altmarket. I am thinking of a general store.

                • Sounds awesome. Hubby and I are working hard to get fruit trees, berries, herbs and vegetables established. I am doing well getting my bees established. Goal is a farm stand/general store. Good luck!

          • Back then people actually cared about America. Now it is just who can be in power and control the populaces. My how far America has fallen.

            • Agreed –

              It appears that much of America is turning into one giant Home Owners Association.

              As a Tenant of this country, I have a big problem with Ordinances, Rules, Regulations and most of all – Authority.
              For the time being … living in the country has been good to me, but … for how much longer – until Government enforces those Ordinances onto people like me?

              • Home Owners Associations

                I made sure when I bought my house there was no HOA. They are just Nazis with clipboards.

              • FTW, I’m the same way. The BOL I go to has a garden along with all my other relatives’ homesteads nearby. No busybody would dare to go to my cousin’s place to tell her to tear out her garden. She’ll come out and greet them with a 12-ga. pump that says, ‘not only no, but HELL no!’ The rest of the family are the same way. No HOA where my family lives. they have their own ‘policies’.

              • I think it is safe to state that even TPTB are well aware that attacking “country folk” would be akin to swatting a bee hive with a baseball bat. (They couldn’t run fast enough and would soon find they’d have nowhere to run …even if they’re airborne, we have our ‘cannons’ to take them out of the air …day or night. However, I am sure they would have to try …somehow, they’ll give it a go to test the waters and get bit bad. THEN out will come ‘the big guns’ and we’ll be into it hot and heavy. Viva la Revolution America! (or is it ‘le’ (masculine or feminine, I’ve no idea).

            • Sounds like Athans should put his energy into finding new neighbors…like five miles in either direction, of any neighbors.

              No way could i live in a neighborhood, pay taxes on my property and not be able to grow veggies anywhere on it, i damn well please.

              People are gonna be trouble makers anywhere you go, but by keeping a good distance from them on the outset, can keep headaches and fights to a minimum.

              Some people are too damn showy and public. They want to see and be seen. They are either nosy or wanting people to see what they have accumulated. The worst kind of neighbor is one that has both, of those negative aspects. I hate housing developments and apartment style, city living.

              • The problem is that not everyone can afford to live in such a place. I am currently looking to move to a location where I can get more land for my money but it may not come to pass due to my financial and health situation. You have to be able to generate income to live, and sadly, the more remote locations do not offer enough opportunities to do so to support most people. This is why people live in the suburbs and suffer the horrors that follow.

          • Of course when the poop hits the fan and the grocery stores are closed, and there is no food these very same neighbors will be knocking on the door looking for some free food from the garden, actually they will probably demand some of the mans food, because “it would not be fair if they did not share” and think nothing of the irony.

        • Dusty:
          That was Stalin who killed tens of millions of farmers in the Ukraine (Russia) under communism, by taking their farm equipment, stealing the wheat they had harvested, sold it, then purchased weapons. Hitler fought this monster. True to form, the U.S., under heavy influence of American communists, supported the madman, Stalin, with both money and force of arms. Always on the wrong side of history; future generations will shutter to think of the monumental atrocities which occurred with the help of our own military. These same people want to keep Americans dependent on them. In the words of Stalin himself, “Control the food, control the people”.

          • 5 year plans…..

          • B from CA, Wall St. and the other intl. bankers of the day financed both Hitler and Stalin. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Kuhn Loeb & Co., J.P. Morgan, etc. even financed both sides in both world wars.

          • B of CA
            Stalin was a good example of destroying people’s ability to grow food. Very obvious and strong arm. The US has been soft arm and psychological warfare. I have had front yard food gardens for 30 years and no one realized it. A matter of using less known food plants mixed into edible flower beds. Oak, redbud, pecan, walnut, hazelnut trees all produce massive amounts of front yard food. Fruit trees are beautiful bloomers. Sure, fight the regulations, but I also do a walkabout. The pr I blemishes with this guy’ssquare beds, Iit also leads to theft. Front yard? Plant bunching onions with beautiful blooms.
            Every front yard can have a full complement of herbs, call it a butterfly garden, they bloom beautifully.
            Choose your battles… and who wants every entitled beggar to see a vegetable garden anyway?

        • Pretty sure they have something like that in mind.

      2. If only I could get veggies to grow…

        I keep trying though! Got some tomatoes coming up, strawberries and raspberries are coming back even better than last year, potatoes haven’t sprouted yet, fingers crossed. Almost ready to plant zuc’s and squash, might try some melons.

        The chickens are all still laying almost an egg a day so I guess I do pretty good at that LOL!

        • Make your own soil , compost what you clean out of your chicken coup , get some manure and all your household leftovers , grass clippings , old wood chips .
          Next year you will be overwhelmed with veggies.

          • H: you are correct. Chicken manure is my favorite. It runs hot so it is best to mix it into the soil in the fall after the last harvest. Dig it in and plant a cover crop, red clover will also allow for nitrogen fixation in the soil. Dig in the cover crop in the spring and plant.

            • Yep, but horse manure that has composted for six months minimum, is great without the smell. Just make sure you don’t use manure that came from horses within three to five days after they had dewormer.

              We collect ours for the compost pile, only after dewormer has worked out of them.

              Hog shit is one of the best, but usually the most foul smelling of any.

              All manure should be composted for months beforehand, and used with plenty of lime. We have used only composted horse manure for seven years, with only lime mixed in. Our yields and tastes have been great.

              Last year i moved away from pelleted lime because we have lost some baby bean plants to lime burn, over the years. I use hydrated or pulverized, and prefer to lay in rows just before a steady rain, and then plant/transplant, a few days later, after, racking thru the rows with my hoe edge.

              Little tricks that help, like using strictly rain water from catchment barrels, can make a big difference. The rain caught during a big thunderstorm will usually have high nitrogen content. If the garden gets a good drowning from the storms, i try to hold off for a week or so before adding more of the nitrogen rich barrel water.

              Treated city water is a no n0, but if it is the only source, allow it to breathe for a few days in an open container, covered with fine mesh screen. Stir daily.

              I keep all barrels and openings covered with double layers of fine screen to keep mosquitoes and gnats out, or at least to a minimum.

              • I wish we could compost; we have a ton of fruit rinds, vegetable clippings, etc. but it would turn into a rat’s Grand Central.
                And the bats would go for it, too.
                Have thought about a wire cage but don’t thing it’d help.
                Anybody deal with this?

                • Like I always say. Rabbits. They are great little chemical factories. They dont make any noise like chickens and if worse comes to worse you can go without feeding them for months on end and they will survive. If you are a neat person you can keep them in the house too. Even litter box train them. But it is best to just keep them in a cage and clean he tray daily. Just empty it into a pile outside and let it sit. If you cover it with a tarp and keep the rain off of it it will develop a grayish crust on top. You can take off the crust and add it to boiling water, skim off the floating stuff and boil it till most of the water boils off. Then let it cool. Crystals will form on the bottom of the pot. This is potassium Nitrate. You can save it as fertilizer or to make gun powder or refine it a little more and use it as a preservative for food. We kept 6 rabbits when I ws a kid and those six rabbits provided us with more than a 5 gallon bucket of Potassium nitrate per year. We used it for all sorts of stuff.

                  • Ed:

                    Six rabbits. Did you house them in separate cages? Or did they reproduce and you ate or sold in order to maintain a count of six.

                    • In Cages most of the time but we would let them run around too. If they are not in cages you cant collect the poop. In the summer we bred them. When winter came we slaughtered all but the 6 largest. We kept 2 males and 4 females. The meat was pressure cooked and canned. Each female would have 2 to 3 litters per year so we would average around 30 kits during the summer. (We had short summers) You could easily double that amount if you wanted to. The good thing is that they eat grass or weeds or whatever you have around. Dont need special food like chickens do to lay eggs. The poop can be used directly as fertilizer on some plants but it is better just letting it age in a pile. You will have plenty of it. After it sits for a few months in a pile the pellets dissolve and it turns into a rich black soil like consistency full of worms.

                  • This is the sort of comment that keeps me coming back to this site. Thanks.

                • Build your own wormery. We have a regular plastic compost dalek on concrete near the chicken coop at the bottom of the garden, and a wormery right outside our back door. A properly sealed unit won’t emit any smells that could attract rats.

                  This site has a range of designs to give you an idea of what’s available and details for how to get started.


                  • we have a rat problem in our area due to the most stupid recycling/rubbish collection policies ever. See the rats in your area as an opportunity to get ahead of the game now. They are only a deterrent to a compost system if you allow them to be.

                    Our chicken coop/run and main compost dalek are all on a concrete base. This makes a huge difference even though building a proper concrete or slab base is a bit of additional work when getting set up.

                    Our Chicken feed is taken out of the run at night religiously, and we store it in a metal dustbin. The wormery is raised off the ground next to our back door & both chicken coop and compost are in sealed units. Sure I could compost more if I didn’t restrict it to a plastic dalek on concrete but we have sufficient for our needs. At some point I’ll invest in one of those raised tumbler composting things in order to take advantage of the pony manure provided for free in the fields behind our home.

                    We do not compost any meat products so as not to encourage smells and having enclosed units doesn’t encourage rats to yummy food scents or invite them to nest.

                    it helps that we also have 2 dogs and a cat who work as a superb ratting team. While rats are occasionally seen in the field behind our house our garden has become a no-go zone for them since we moved here a couple of years back. One of our dogs is also a superb wee rabbiter but many folk invest in a wee Jack Russell or farm cat to act as a low cost rat detrrent on their property.

                    When SHTF everywhere will become more at risk of vermin, and critters of all kinds so for a sensible prepper it makes sense to include vermin prevention and control as part of your lifestyle now. Same as you do with basic sanitation and first aid training. The more thought you put into vermin control now the more food you spend your efforts growing is likely to actually be available on your plate in hard times. History shows where there’s rats in hard times pestilence often follows so this is an area to pay close attention to for everyone imho.

                    • LLM: I recently spoke with a neighbor because my area has feral cats, racoons, and rats. Another neighbor was having their trash robbed by seagulls and crows that would find the open lid and rip open the trash and throw it all over the street. Happened until the person got a bigger trash bin. Anyhow the responsible neighbor said he keeps three or four rat traps around his trash bin and catches about 24 rats a year. He said they were big, too. That is two fat rats a month. I am going to start doing the same thing and see what I catch.

                      It is very smart to not put meat or meat scraps into compost. That is never a good idea.

                      May I ask what is a “Dalek?”

                      You are correct, basic sanitation is critical to keep people from getting seriously ill. I have had dysentary while traveling outside of the US and it was horrible. When you get sick enough that you think you are going to die from bad food or bad water you realize how important it is to maintain good hygiene.

                      Look at TV shows like “Survivor.” They always show rats scurrying around the camp. I have watched Les Stroud for years, and even on deserted islands there are rats.

                      LLM: you are not alone, thanks for your comments! Chin up!

              • PITW: due to the wormer used by most horse folks I would not use horse manure now. Just my personal thing but glad to hear it works for you.

                Something to consider when the time comes and people think about eating pets: cats, dogs, and horses. Most pets are flooded with various types of anti-worm drugs. Be careful.

                • P, what about horse manure that is several months “aged”?
                  In tropical heat?

                  • Effects of wormers used in horses (panacur, ivermectin, piperazine, etc) work through and are adulterated in less than a year in a compost pile. I have a horse farm and we worm all our horses on rigid schedules. Our compost pile develops red worms in about a year or so even using manure from wormed horses. The compost is fine and so are the red worms. The only difference is that you have to wait a little longer for a worm population to pop up in your compost, but they will pop up. Just slower.

                    • SE: good information. Thanks!

                    • Hey philo, I don’t worry so much about wormers. Keeping parasite load down is generally a good thing. What I find more disturbing in food chain meat (cattle, pigs, poultry, fish, etc) is the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, etc. These chemicals are excreted and eventually make it into the water tables, food sources, and eventually to your and my water and table. Creeps me out….. 😉

                    • SE: I agree about the growth hormones and antibiotics given to meat and milk animals and fish. Which is part of the reason that my grocery bill is larger than most. It freaks me out too.

                  • The heat build up needed for compost, comes from within the pile.
                    Manure scattered will eventually breakdown but takes longer, such as on pasture.

                    Our compost pit, has huge amounts of red worms working through it, as the manure breaks down and rain helps the process. Since we usually only add manure that is basically free of dewormer, just some trace amounts of residual product attached to dead larvae in the gut, we have never had any issue with killing of the red worms in the compost.
                    We also have a strict quarterly deworming schedule. It used to be an “every other month” program when we had three or more horses.

                    After six months of composting in an open pit that gets stirred with the front end loader at least once during the period, I then relocate to another pit, dug out under the big shade trees on a slope (for drainage), and use the dark loam as needed for plants. It is fluffy, rich, and easy to handle in five gallon buckets for pouring onto rows and hilled-up areas.

                    Our green beans love it and grow to full length, usually before the mealy bugs can get a jump on them. If caught in time, a little soapy/salty water will keep them in check before they grow strong enough to devour the whole bean garden. Once they get strong enough, the bean plants are toast since we do not use pesticide spraying or seven dust. If we are wanting extra beans for canning, we just stagger another planting a few weeks later, in another garden spot way across our property. We have had continuous green bean production from May 30th thru Sept. 30th in years past. Just finishing up on beans canned in 2010.

                    Squash bugs and stalk borers are a problem sometimes with our crooknecks, but we just expect it and plant a third more plants than needed to compensate for those critters.

                    Starting tomatoes and cukes in planting cups today. They should be ready for transplanting to the garden in about five weeks after the threat of killing frost is over in our area, which is generally May 15th.

                    A few years ago, Dad had an early potato garden up and spreading out leaves, by May 1st. On the 18th, we had a killing frost and the leaves burnt off, and the plants were shocked and stunted after that. We buy potatoes because the work and space needed, isn’t worth the time and effort for the returns.

                    • I grow potatoes in tall 10 gallon pails. Make sure you have some rock in the bottom and holes for drainage. Ive gotten 20 lb of yellow potatoes from a single bucket by starting with 6 ” of dirt with apiece of potatoes in the middle. Once it grows 4 inches above the dirt, put another potato in the bucket on the opposite side. Repeat until it is full. If there is freeze expected, just take the dolly and wheel the buckets inside. I grow about 300lb of potatoes per year this way.

                    • Ed: where do you get 10-gallon pails? That is an excellent idea and way to grow stuff, thanks!

          • I tried composting last year and failed, probably too much green. I have the tumblers so rats etc won’t be a problem.

            I have a bunch of oaks on my property and they compost pretty good by themselves but the chickens LOVE raking through it for bugs. The chickens free-range most of the time so there’s not a lot of chicken shit, but they love hanging out in the garden during winter so that helps a little.

            I thought about getting rabbits for this reason (and meat in SHIT), I heard they could go from rabbit to garden with no composting.

            • Well, the oaks themselves aren’t composting, but the metric shit-tonne of leaves and acorns they drop sure does! 🙂

            • Don’t overlook alpaca manure…. I have had fantastic results growing tomatoes, peppers, spinach, etc.

              In my experience, it does not seem good for root crops like radishes and carrots, nor for squashes and gourds; but for (most) above-ground vegetables it’s wonderful.

              Also, it is not ‘hot’ nor does it require any composting. You can use it right out of the alpaca and your garden will grow just fine.

              I don’t mix it with anything; just use 100% alpaca manure. You can usually get all you want for free, from alpaca people in your area.

              Remember to add powdered calcium (you can buy it at garden supply places — in my case, I live right on the ocean, so I just pick up sea shells and grind them up) to your tomato seedlings to prevent Blossom End Rot.

            • If you are trying to compost almost all leaves and twigs/acorns, that is the problem.

              All those are extremely high in acid. I would never use more than 10% leaves from any trees in my compost because of the acidic content, and even then use a lot of lime to bring the ph level, back in check. If the ph isn’t right, the plants can’t take in the correct nutrients from the highly acidic soil, as needed.

              I’ve seen folks use liquid fertilizer like Miracle Grow on their plants every week, and they usually do good for a while with continuous watering. Problem is, that this program causes the soil to eventually become toxic to the plant and eventually will cause them to become sickly and/or die. Especially when the watering is stopped.

              What these people are getting is fruit, like tomatoes, that are laden with chemicals and not naturally derived nutrients from a good balanced soil composition.

              Almost anyone can grow a Hybrid tomato plant in a sunny location when using a weekly dowsing of liquid fertilizer, regardless of the soil composition or ph level.
              But, what are they eating from that plant? The plant in itself, is poisonous, as it comes from the deadly Nightshade family of plants. Anyone doing pastures for horses and hay operations are, or should be aware of these highly poisonous plants that spread out in the fields like an octopus, with ever growing vines.

              Most horses will not consume these highly toxic plants, as well as why most critters never attack and devour the tomato plants in your garden. A young deer or groundhog will nibble at the plant a time or two, but usually their instincts, or a sick stomach, will put the brakes on a return for a meal.

              The problem for horse owners is, if enough of the plant is bailed into the hay, and a hard keeper, heavy eater horse, gets into a bale with 50% or more of the weed, it will become sick and an old or weakly horse could easily die from it.

              • That’s mostly what I put the seed potatoes in a couple weeks ago (oak leaves, twigs and acorns) with some dirt and fertilizer. Havent seen anything sprout yet. Should I add some lime to increase the PH or is it too late do you think?

                I have a PH tester at home, I’ll check it when I get off work.

                Thanks for the advise, greatly appreciated.

                • Bill hill
                  potatoes do not like very acidic soil. I have to opposite, very alkaline. Blueberries love acidic, so you can plant accordingly and keep all happy. Potatoes are not bothered by deer or rabbits so that is easy.

                • The lime should have been added at the beginning and mixed in well. You can make a lime slurry, but not too strong, and add slowly so it gets down into the root area.

      3. This definitely sounds like harassment. It’s also crazy. Some people will complain about anything and everything. The more they are catered to, the more unlivable the place becomes. The bureaucrats that are responding to this are just being robots and are not thinking through the implications of things like passing a law against growing food.

        • Carla –

          Unfortunately, this is not harassment. It is called “City Ordinance”. Don’t matter if a City has a large populace or not, they all have their rules. Which is just another reason why nobody should live in a environment like that, unless they like their daily dose of Rules & Regulations.

          BTW – most City Ordinances are bogus and they do not favor those who reside within those city limits.

          • FTW – this “city ordnance” was written AFTER his garden was put in with specifics pertaining to his garden. Doesn’t that sound like harassment? He was in violation of nothing when he put the garden in; only when the city decided to write the ordnance AFTER his garden was growing.

            • Nubmaeme –

              Yes, the ordinance was written after … but this is what some City Councils, like this one do. They make the rules up as they go. Is it fair? Absolutely NOT. This person was indeed targeted, but then again … it makes it so nobody else can do the same in the future.

              Those that reside in the City Limits are nothing but “contained slaves”. Those of us living out in the country-side are nothing but “roaming slaves”. The Cons out win the Pros when it comes to city living.

              In due time, those of us who live out in the country-side will probably not be safe from these bogus regulations as well.

              • FTW
                I live in the county and am already a contained slave. Not far enough out. Many people buy into “protecting property values”

        • Carla, welcome. I never cater to anyone who thinks they can micromanage me. They can go f#$% themselves.

      4. If the Silent Majority remain silent, the NWO Political Class will continue to erode ALL of our liberties, one Rule, Regulation, Law, or Executive Order at a time.

        Americans MUST create a Freedom Cell where they live and actively engage the PTB politically at a grass roots level.

        Its not too late to change things. Life is plastice, today during an election year, more than ever. Put your imprint upon it.

        Engage !!! 🙂

        • DK

          I believe the mindset in his locality quite likely agrees with the restrictions. As misguided as that may be many love their “Ozzy and Harriet” illusion to be maintained. These same people watch golf and haven’t a clue about what is going on; “Don’t care, don’t know and don’t care to know”. I seen them, raised around them, have family that are them.

          • I had a house in a HOA in California.
            I had a garden in the front/side yard too and never had a problem for many years. Many people in that neighborhood had similar gardens. Suddenly a new couple moved in a few houses down the street and started to complain and the HOA got nasty. I had to remove the garden. However I started planting everything in 10 gallon nursery pots. There wasent much that they could do about potted plants. In the end it worked out better because the gophers and bugs didnt eat my plants and I could prepare a much better soil for them so even thou my new garden was half the size it produced more veggies. Another thing to have if you have a garden is rabbits. Of course keep them in cages in the back or in the garage but they are great for keeping the back yard trimmed and produce great fertilizer for your crops. And of course they are tasty too.

            • The suburban lawn rabbit, generationally almost tame (I can get within 12 ft or less of them and they just hop a few feet more keeping the distance) will be first to go if/when TSHTF.

        • DK, that place of which you speak was created in 2011 and it continues to slowly grow. It’s called the American Redoubt.

      5. Our Forefathers faced tyranny as well. They didn’t ask permission to do things instead they shot their oppressors .

        When you live in a country where buying milk straight from a cow is against the law you leave in an oppressive country .

        When you live in a country that will take your property if you don’t pay tribute ( property taxes ) you live in an oppressive country .

        As I’ve always said,when someone says we live in the freest country in the world I tell them to build a building on their property without a permit and tell me in a few weeks or so how free you are .

        • It really bothers me when I am at church and someone is praying and they give thanks for living in the “freeist” country on earth.

          Oh how little they know.

        • Just buy the right property in the right state. Mine has no covenants, so I need a permit for nothing. Period. It is not zoned, so I can build some apartments next to a pig farm next to a bar if I wanted to. Some states are still ~free-er~ than others.

        • M1A1 springfield rifles fear no evil

      6. I knew it.

        First this asshole needs to be told by his ELECTED representitives to cut the weeds in his yard. Typical jackass on the block type situation, the neighborhood douchebag that has a shitty front yard.
        So he decides to piss them off: “Hey, they are not weeds, they are plants to feed the little darlings that plopped out of my wifes breeding hole!”
        You don’t like the laws, run for office. Of course you won’t get elected, because you are a Dickhead…

        • Boy are you a piece of s–t

        • Or, build a fence.

        • JS, I know exactly what you mean. I left religion back in the 70s and haven’t been in a church since. Today’s ‘Christians’ are just as bogus as the day is long. these so-called ‘preachers’ are too afraid to speak out against any govt. activities for fear of losing their 501c3 status. Hell, I would just as soon NOT have 501c3 status than to let any govt. official tell me what I can or cannot talk about in the church. On top of that, they’ve been blindly supporting all of the neocon warmongering since 9/11.

        • Barkley, if you start paying the man’s bills, then MAYBE he’ll let you tell him what to do with his property. You sound like someone who has blind faith in the system. If so, you’re at the wrong site. We believe in freedom here, NOT tyranny. So STFU and move along, sonny.

      7. Maybe the local Militia groups should have a talk with this “Fool” of a Mayor!

      8. I believe Victory Gardens were during WWII .

        • BUCKHED

          Yes your correct regarding WWII.

          The Victory Garden was established as a moral booster getting the public to feel like they’re contributing to the war effort. As it turned out it produced 20% of the fresh vegetables in the US. I have a suspicion that little fact did not go unnoticed and the various industries made damn sure governmental sponsorship ended as soon as the war was won. Massive amounts of bolt action 03 Springfield Rifles were destroyed rather than sold so they would not compete with Remington and Winchester. The same was true with motor transport like 2.5 ton (duce and a half) and jeeps that were tossed out in the ocean. I knew a farmer that had one of those trucks and ran it well into the 1980s on the farm configured as a flatbed. You couldn’t kill it regardless of abuse.

      9. It is important to know that America is a constitutional republic.

        Ex post facto laws are laws that provide for the infliction of punishment upon a person for some prior act/action that was not illegal when it was committed, but made illegal after the fact. An ex post facto law is considered tyranny because it deprives people of a sense of what behavior will or will not be punished and allows for random punishment at the whim of those in power. They are prohibited by the US Constitution in Article I, Section 10, Clause 1. It was considered so important that it was placed at the beginning of the US Constitution. Those that serve within your state, county, city government are ALL – no matter what level of government they serve within, dog catcher to governor – constitutionally required to be bound by an Oath to the US Constitution. It is at least one felony to break the Oath (depending on what state you are in) and the crime of Perjury. It also requires that those people who are serving that committed that act be removed, and face4 a fine plus imprisonment (sorry, I currently do not have that law with me).

        “What is a constitution? It is the form of government, delineated by the mighty hand of the people, in which certain first principles of fundamental laws are established.” Van Horne v. Dorrance, 2 Dall. 304.

        “Constitutional provisions and amendments to the Constitution relate to the fundamental law and certain fixed principles upon which governments are founded. Constitutions are commonly called the organic law of a State.” State ex rel. Halliburton v. Roach, 230 Mo. 408, 130 S. W. 689.

        “A constitution is designated as a supreme enactment, a fundamental act of legislation by the people of the state. A constitution is legislation direct from the people acting in their sovereign capacity, while a statute is legislation from their representatives, subject to limitations prescribed by the superior authority.” Ellingham v. Dye, 231 U. S. 250.

        “The basic purpose of a written constitution has a two-fold aspect, first securing [not granting] to the people of certain unchangeable rights and remedies, and second, the curtailment of unrestricted governmental activity within certain defined spheres.” Du Pont v. Du Pont, 85 A 724.

        The US Constitution is the supreme LAW of our nation, which means that it is above all state Constitutions in the limited things that is under it’s jurisdiction.

        The Bill of Rights, Amendment Nine: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

        People here in America grew things before there were governments, it is a natural right over which those that serve within our governments were NEVER delegated authority over. They usurped it with “color of law”.

        “Owner has constitutional right to use and enjoyment of his property.” Simpson v. Los Angeles (1935), 4 C.2d 60, 47 P.2d 474.

        “Right of property antedates all constitutions. Every person has right to enjoy his property and improve it according to his own desires in any way consistent with rights of others.” People v. Holder (1921), 53 C.A. 45, 199 P. 832.

        “Constitutional guarantee securing to every person right of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property refers to right to possess absolutely and unqualifiedly every species of property recognized by law and all rights incidental thereto, including right to dispose of such property in such manner as he pleases.” People v. Davenport (1937), 21 C.A. 292, 69 P.2d 396.

        • “It is important to know that America is a constitutional republic.”

          Cal –

          At one time America WAS a Constitutional Republic … but that is certainly not what we have today.

          This country lost it’s Constitutional Republic about as soon as it was created. The Act Of 1871 sealed the deal where America went from a country and became a Corporation.

          • Hmmmm. FTW: Some people really do have a clue! You!

            USA, Inc. But, the republic is still there, you just have to, legally, step into it.

            I stand on the land, do you?

          • FTW

            If I’m correct that act, spearheaded by John D Rockefeller changed the law that at one time a Corporation could only be formed if it was in the public interest. The robber baron was created and they never looked back.

        • Cal

          Great write up, we all wish it was abided by. How we have a functioning system, that picks and chooses through the rule book with draconian enforcement here and none there, is beyond me.

      10. Nathan Athans sounds like a blithering liberal idiot. Be that as it may, He is being “bullied” by a government just be cause the government can. It could happen to any of us.
        I’d start by reading over any CCR’s and if OK there, I’d get a chicken tractor, some hens, roosters, and start irritating the neighbors. I’d then find out what my place is worth, add commission and moving costs, offer to let the city buy it at the total and I’d move, if they accepted. In Nathan’s case, move to a planned community with a community garden, with planned lives, within walking distance of everything a liberal needs.

        • It doesn’t look like he lives in an HOA or a place with CCRs. Looks like a regular city lot.

          I don’t know if the guy is a hippie, maybe. So what? He has the right to use his yard as he chooses. This looks like the beautification Stasi are after this guy. Looks like a regular neighborhood, basic, not fancy given all of the brown spots on lawns.

          I hope this guy shakes up the whole damned town and makes them look stupid because they are stupid. Lawns are a fricken waste which is why lots of folks in California are ripping them up and wait for it: putting in Astro turf. Not joking. Rip up the lawn and plant Astro turf for you dog to go out and take a dump. You gotta love America. Grow food and get fined. Rip up your lawn and install plastic and you are a hero.

      11. The guy didn’t live in an HOA and it didn’t look like the neighbor’s had the perfect lawns. WTF? The guy in the video is correct, they did a similar thing in Venezuala, and made it illegal to grow your own food and that Venezuala could confiscate produce.

        WTF is wrong with this city? Plenty of places allow chickens now, too.

      12. Until we all are prepared to fight for our rights with the only tool that makes a man equal , this type of tyranny will never quit
        As we are seeing today it not only won’t quit , it will grow

        There was a way to deal with this , it’s just not popular anymore, and there is the other problem

        The trespassers should have been delt with immediately, and every one of thier types delt with that level of predudice each and every time they rear their ugly heads
        Soon enough most all our problems would be solved
        Or at least duchebag a like this would keep their mouths and dumb ideas to themselves

        It’s the pussification of this nation that’s killing us and our freedoms

        I fear the dust up will never come

        • “It’s the pussification of this nation that’s killing us and our freedoms”


          Unfortunately you are correct … most Americans will continue to get pushed around and not do a damn thing about it.

          As long as Reality T.V/Sports, Booze/Drugs are in abundance and readily available. These self-absorbed, sensitive butt hurt feelings kind of people will allow it to continue.

          • “sensitive butt hurt feelings kind of people”

            Yep , them folks .
            The libtard minority , the squeeky wheels .

            • You all realize what would happen if you started shooting the ‘officials’ that came to your property to enforce their rules. Right?


              • I’m actually not advocating shooting anyone
                I’d rather they live , they make our lives miserable
                I’d just like to return the favor and make their lives a living hell

                Payback is a bitch

                I actually wouldn’t waste a billet on jackasses like this
                They ain’t worth the 50 cents

                • I’m not sure what’s going on with this site , that anon was my reply
                  Now , if I had not put in my screen name or an email why would it post it at all?
                  That’s strange and uncomfortable
                  Think this site is getting hacked?
                  Maybe from now on , I’ll just read the stories and comments here
                  Probably not safe to do anything else

                  I don’t think killing anyone over this type of shit is worth it , never would I go that far
                  But if someone wants to make my life a living hell over some tomato plants than that tells me their life is already a fucked up mess , maybe I’ll just find a way to tell his wife he’s cheating on her and than stand back and watch him blow his money in lawyers and our cooked court system as a lesson not to fuck with me and my garden

                  Y’all have fun on here with this hacked site

        • EOTS, those busybodies wouldn’t dare try that shit where my family and the BOL are located. They would ‘disappear’.

          • Yes brave dude. You keep telling us. Relax and we all know you are a really tough guy.

      13. Where is the ACLU on this one??? I bet if they was musluim there would be nothing said.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • They raise goats in Dearborn , lmao , and nothing is said.

        • Northern Reb – I’m not being racist but quoting what a person at the ACLU told me once many years ago – if you’re white, we won’t help you; if you’re black or hispanic, we will. I was simply trying to get some help for a friend who was in jail on charges he didn’t commit and his public pretender was a joke.

          • Nubmaeme, I was once told something similar by the head of the local branch of the ACLU where I live. They’re just as bogus and antiwhite as the SPLC.

      14. Violate my rights at your own peril
        Should be every mans stance today

        If we are ever to regain our Republic

        Only not popular by the tyrants
        One sure way to flush them out

        I fear the put up or shut up day for this country will never come , or come way too dam late

        Stay off my mother fuckin lawn ! Mind yer own business
        Or in this case stay off my fuckin food plot

        I’d end up the biggest thorn in that county’s ass, digging up dirt on everyone in power and if I didn’t find any , I’d make some for them
        Turn about folks is fair play
        Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining ,,, because I’ll cut yer dick off

        • Clandestine Warfare on your Neighbors.

          A True Art Form. Once you start you do not stop till they leave your neighborhood. They write,”How to” books on this subject.

        • EOTS, you just said exactly what I feel. BRAVO!

      15. Pass a law…….now you can fine somebody for violating said law. Its all about money!

        • commit a felony, loose gun rights.

          Make everything a felony.

      16. Why is the city council still breathing?

        • Because they can.

          • Because keyboard rangers are all talk no action.

          • Wrong and wrong.

            It’s because nobody has _planted_ them yet.

      17. compost the mayor

      18. OK, OK, I understand how all of you feel, but, have these people never realized that they’re living in the shity, uh, I mean CITY limits? Its a CITY – C I T Y. While I don’t agree with it, they don’t like “unsightly” things. To the ignorant, a tomato plant looks like a “weed”. Had he been smart, he would have planted some fruit trees or something that looked “ornamental”. This is not about Agenda 21 or them trying to keep him from growing food. This is about property values, which, if they cared to look around, are about to plunge anyway, oh, and revenue collection. They love those fines, don’t they? I’m not going to stand up for the crooks but, you get what you get when you move to town or decide to do something “Un-city-like”.

        • That’s probably why I can’t relate
          Not a city person
          And don’t like tyranny in any form regardless of where it comes from
          I also hate stupid people that don’t know the difference between weeds and a garden

          Maybe it’s the stupid people that shouldn’t be living there , not this guy

          Darwin can’t come calling soon enough if you ask me

          • Maybe when the day comes that these oppressors of his are starving and violating his right to happiness , he can shit down their necks and tell them it’s hamburger

            As he steps inside for a nice salad

            • Understand NetRanger
              None of my rant directed at you personally

      19. We lost our nation when men became girls…

      20. He needs a sign in the yard. “home for rent $1.00 per month, Only large single mom African American families accepted, criminal records a bonus, keg provided each week call….”

      21. I had to get rid of the chicken coop in my back yard because the Ordinance requires it to be 30 feet from the property line, and my property line was only 15 feet. I was reported by a neighbor, not the one next door, but one six doors down, they found out I had chickens and complained to the county, apparently my having small animals that ate bugs and provided a food bothered them.

        I gave the chickens to my sister who lives a five doors down and had the proper set back in her yard, which is adjacent to the very same neighbors who complained about my coop. It is a shame our development allows chickens but not fences now they get to see the coop every time they sit in their back yard by their pool.

        • LOL! Priceless!

        • This
          This is how it’s done


          • I’m hopeful the asshole neighbor KNOWS whose chickens are now next door.

      22. The city passed this law in direct application to / and attack of these people. I hope they get a good lawyer and take the city to court. You can not pass a law which is clearly designed to apply to one person / family / entity and have it be retroactive. This is a blatant violation of anti discrimination laws as well as many other legal precedents. While most cities do indeed have laws which regulate what can or can not occur in a front yard ( like having a fence around your front yard ) they can not make the law retro active if it is a new law; existing persons / situations must be grandfathered in or the law becomes punitive and discrimatory. If they will pursue this legally, they can likely win enough money to move and buy a nice place in the country where at least for the time being, they can do pretty much as they please.

      23. Any neighbor or elected leader who would stalk a celery stalk or murder a tomato plant or legislate that such is “legal” needs a Psychiatric evaluation.

        Yesterday they came for your guns.

        Today they come for your vegetables.

        Tomorrow they imprison you for having a free thought! (detected by their ‘smart’ meters)

        Cloudy with a chance of buttheads?

        No, cloudy and it’s raining tyrants and psychopaths!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs.” Dr. M. Scott Peck

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        “He’s a real nowhere man/sitting in his nowhere land/isn’t he a bit like you and me?”
        – The Beatles

        • We need a Vegetable Czar!!!!!!!!!!

        • The Loan Ranger and Tonto are fleeing through the prairie and see that they are surrounded by Indians.

          Loan Ranger says, “Tonto, we have Indians on the right, Indians on the left, Indians all around us. They are going to kill us!”

          Tonto says,” what do you mean ‘we’ white man?”

      24. City-dwellers…….GOOD GRIEF!!

      25. Athans is a moron. Cited for weeds and then plants a garden in his front yard. Think he would pull his head out of his ass. Oh, perhaps he wanted to see what would happen. He needs to get a hobby and quit being an asshole. Sometimes people punch back when you get cute.

      26. Some free organic veggies never hurt.

      27. The city that dude lives in is full of crap you should be able to grow anything in your front yard you want long as it dont look bad

      28. They can grow marijuana in Colorado but you can’t grow vegetables in Missouri. Lol!!!

      29. Sugarcreek is just a dirty little river town and now all of a sudden they’re worried about visual aesthetics? I can understand having people keep the yards picked up but this? Hmmm…something fishy here.

      30. Well, if these fools didn’t make it LOOK like a garden, they wouldn’t have brought this upon themselves. People are so far removed from growing things they could walk right past potatoes, radishes, carrots, etc. If they would have just planted the food and mixed flowers in there (and kept their mouths shut and not told people there was food there) nobody would have been the wiser.

      31. You hear that you’re next

      32. Sue for violation of no Ex Post Facto Constitutional Protection.

        • Id like to see them try they just might get a bullet.

      33. Be willing to bet the “frontyard gardener” is a hypocrite …

        The same zoning law that prohibits frontyard veggie gardens also stops people from running destructive & obnoxious home businesses ….

        If this guy’s neighbor decided to run an obtrusive car repair shop out of his garage or start stockpiling and repairing wood pallets – he’d be ALL over the mayor and town about his home value being destroyed ….

        It’s ALWAYS greener on your side of the fence ….

      34. without the protections and oversight of the federal government the local and state politicians can become worse despots than Obama Is. Here in Arkansas the Stare legislature passed a Law stating a Chicken Grower house does not need to have a Enviromental permit. So now in Randolph county thousands of chicken grower houses are being built. They are being built alnong streams and creeks that flow into the Eleven point river. Those big buildings house a 1/4 of a million birds. The stink like a rotting corpse. The ventalation fans evacuate the air from inside and spew ammonia and lots of bad unhealthy things into the air. And the litter spread on the land runs off into the watershed. And the Arkansas Law is in direct conflict with existing Federal law. The federal government is now taking the matter to federal court. This I one time I hope the feds win.

      35. I know a guy who was cited for letting his grass get too tall. He got even. He seeds weed seed like thistles on ever bit of city property he can. The city has to mow ten times as much. I asked him where do you get the weed seeds. He stated Wal Mart I buy the feed they sell for folks to put in bird feeders.

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