Leftists Worry As America’s Tax System Is On The Verge Of Collapse

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 34 comments

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    The burdensome and regulation filled tax system on those living in the “land of the free” is more than likely on the verge of collapse. The IRS can’t collect enough money, and the government spends too much. But the left is fighting to ensure the government continues to steal as much as possible.

    If the tax system collapses, it’ll be leftists we should worry about. If one in America even suggests to a leftist that they don’t want to pay taxes (have the IRS steal their hard earned money) they are ridiculed, chastised, and accused of not wanting to help the poor. For now, the IRS has bigger fish to fry, but that won’t last, as left-leaning rags everywhere suggest harsher and more aggressive means of taking from others. The IRS is ratcheting up their tax collecting and going after anyone who may have tried to keep some of their own money.

    In March, federal agents raided the headquarters of equipment giant Caterpillar Inc, as part of a long-running investigation into whether the company owes $2 billion in back taxes and penalties for a scheme that allegedly shifted profits to Switzerland. Caterpillar isfighting the charges. –Vice

    But what the left doesn’t understand is the moral hypocrisy in their need to help the less fortunate. It isn’t morally superior to steal from someone else (no matter how much more they have than you) in order to fund things you find righteous. Which is reason number one why someday human thinking will evolve beyond the idea of taxation and government. Tax experts even say the system could be on the road to collapse after years of “neglect.”

    Leaders and experts from both parties say the IRS is losing its ability to carry out core functions. “I am concerned about the staffing of the IRS. It is an important part of fixing the tax gap,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Congress in January during his confirmation hearings. “[If] we add people, we make money.” In late 2015, six former tax commissioners—including from the last three Republicans administrations—wrote a letter lambasting the ongoing cuts. “Over the last fifty years, none of us has ever witnessed anything like what has happened to the IRS appropriations over the last five years,” they said.

    And leftists are incredibly concerned that no one will be around to steal their money and use it to oppress them. Several articles have been written coming from a place of fear that there are not enough tax collectors out there to help keep the government around. At this point, the propaganda which demands one pays taxes is being shattered by the rational humans who know taxation is theft. People are slowly realizing what a racket taxation actually is, well, most people; the left is still confused.

    Simply put, the power of propaganda to distort and control the mass mind is more powerful than all the armies and military technology of history combined.

    The “income tax” as it is called is both immoral and illegal. The IRS was formed in 1913 following the adoption (it was never properly ratified) of the 16th Amendment. It is one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated upon the American people. Now no one questions it.

    The income tax was enacted even though the U.S. Supreme Court had only recently ruled in Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Co. that certain taxes on direct income were unconstitutionally unapportioned direct taxes and violated Article I, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution. Not covered in Pollockis the fact that the income tax also violates the 5th Amendment: No person shall… be deprived of life, liberty or property… nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.Personal Liberty

    So what is the left so afraid of? Most loathe president Donald Trump with a passion, so why would they even want to prop up this government? The fact that most people already live paycheck to paycheck doesn’t phase a leftist. The single thing that the government could do to help a family in need is to let them keep all of their money and pay their bills themselves. But this rationale is lost on those who can’t envision their life without someone else ruling over them and telling them what to do and how to live.

    So what happens when the tax system does collapse? Will they all of a sudden take the side of the government, who they claim to hate to try to steal that money from people themselves? Or will they finally realize that the government doesn’t just steal from the “rich”, they steal from the poor too -and everyone in between. Abolishing the IRS and the income tax would give Americans freedom that no one has ever dreamed of. They would be able to pay their bills with extra money left to spend and boost the economy.


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      1. if Chuck Norris dies, i will then become the toughest man in amerika

        • Chuck Norris confessed his sins to Clint Eastwood and paid him $100 to listen. But Clint wanted a few dollars more

      2. Nobody ever questions it. Yes they do. Some have learned how to get away without paying up. Many others have tried and wound up behind bars.


        • they are worried, no taxes then no free abortions


          as the economy continues to make the 1% richer, they will hide and ever larger piece of the economy from taxes.

          THIS IS THE DEFICIT!!!

          • No, zero, you are dead flat wrong. First of all, there is no 1%. Secondly, even you, if you ever find a way to turn your brain on, and get it in gear, will find that even you could be a so called 1%er. The tax laws are written so that people of understanding can LEGALLY find LEGAL ways to pay less tax. All people like you seem to do is sit and whine, with no thought of how to do better for yourself. People like you operate on what you are told by people with no more knowledge of what is right than what you have. So-o-o-o show some initiative, find out how to do better for yourself, and do lower your taxes. The government is at fault for allowing itself to want to buy votes by giving hand outs, and making the debt worse. By the way, part of the debt is from what the government OWES people from their having bought savings bonds. Didn’t think of that, did you?

      3. The end game is to take everything and give a little stipend back. Peak Globalist benevolence will stand in place of sound money. Digital currency is their great enabler that will signal the end of freedom.

      4. It used to be churches and organizations like Kiwanas and Lions that would ask for charity and insure it was used to pull people up, not keep them dependent.

        Then Atheism and Secularism happened. We removed Christianity but not only God, but morality (HIV and STDs), charity (Hospitals, and soup kitchens), and community too.

        Where is Dawkins and Harris and their charities? Oh, let government do it.

      5. If you work for your money you can keep your money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      6. Im so broke i cant even pay attention!
        What the hell they going to take? My cans of spam?

        • Actually Nail,depending on how many cans you have,yes,during civil strife(doubt will be civil!)laws have been passed so those who know better then you (govt.)can take your goods,will be for the greater benefit so just allow it to happen!

          Or…….,you could make the cost of stealing your food very expensive at least,choose wisely!

        • i went to mcdonalds yesterday for a milkshake, and had to put it on layaway.

          • i went to mcdonalds yesterday for a bilkshake, and had to put it on layaway.

        • Nailbanger, most everybody is slowly being ground down. Ten years ago I was in good shape financially, now things are getting tight. In another 10 years I will really struggle to get by. By the end, I don’t expect to have any assets left.

          I know 2 families that were already ground down, first into poverty, then the grave (terrible health care provided). In 2008, they were solid middle class. Not many will make it through what’s coming. We are all just lining up for our respective economic destruction.

      7. Same thing happened in Canada in the 1990s. The country was broke and in a major economic crisis. The government kept high tax levels to fund civil servant pensions and jobs. The economy stagnated and there was little new job growth.

        More and more high-tax paying people just left: doctors, CEOs, famous artists, investors. In the end, the government had to lower taxes. Same happened in the UK: in the end they had to lower taxes.

        Governments in the West have plenty of money. What they do not have is an ability to prioritise and target funds. Vast amounts is wasted on welfare for refugees, on high salaries and pensions for public officials, and on healthcare for fat, lazy people who do not take care of themselves. Everyone should get a public allocation of money to use for what they believe will benefit them. For example, if they are disabled, they can choose which homecare provider they want; if they are perfectly healthy, white and male, then they can take that money and invest it, put it into a pension or a home downpayment, start a family.

      8. Congress can do something if they wanted to. Everyone pays 7% of their income to the feds, no tax free org, no deductions, no write offs. Problem: there will be no money to fund the world police and the world welfare state

      9. When it collapse they don’t get any more money. HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!

        • That’s looking on the bright side, Sarge.

        • Neither do you pension boy!

      10. I really enjoyed this writeup…I’m guessing because the .gov is a thorn in my side.

        If it collapses NO ONE will be getting any money…especially if you are one of the “special” people known as .gov workers.

        (Pipe Dream)

        The government does nothing but lie and steal at the point of a gun. It is their business plan.

      11. The current taxation system will likely only end by revolution or collapse.

        The K Street Lobbying Industry keeps the Tax Code Charmers well greased.

        Everybody from the Association of Cumquat Growers of America to the Ukulele Manufacturers has a paid Lobbyist to chisel on the Tax Code for their client’s advantage.

        No way to break the corruption cycle non-violently – sad to say.


        • Imagine the mass layoffs of accountants, lawyers, IRS agents and tax professors if the IRS were to simplify the US tax code!

      12. The simple solution is a flat rate federal sales/consumption tax at 15%.

        EQUAL and Fair applies to ALL people and corporations and needs no reporting or filing requirements, also ends the need for the IRS. money saving and totally equal to everyone, freeloaders and working beasts.

        Which is why they won’t do it.

        • Sorry ass Americans don’t care about “fair” unless its “fair” to their individual agendas. Watch the sorry f**ckers come out and blast me for my suggestion. they don’t want simple and money saving system or do away with their special loopholes. Gimme gimme gimme…screw that, burn baby burn.

        • They will soon raise it to 20%

        • 15% is WAY too much. How about 2%. Or better, 0%.

      13. The income tax is constitutional as written. Been in effect since July 1, 1862. Is an excise tax on privileged financial association with the federal government. Read Cracking the Code by Peter Hendrickson or visit LostHorizons.com for the truth about how the income tax does not apply to ordinary private receipts like your paycheck (unless you work for the feds or have fed investment income.)

      14. Whatever the sane solution is to fix the mess you can count on it never happening. Financial life is too complicated, brought to you by your friendly fed, we know what we are doing. Trust us.

      15. The solution is very simple: Set into law that all the Hollywierd Learjet leftists, along with the corrupt rock musicians like Mahdoona, Miley Cysleaze, Lady Kaka, and Katy Scary all pay 99.9% of their income in taxes. Rap musicians pay 99.999%. The beauty of this is that this, alone, should cover most of our national $19 trillion in debt, PLUS maybe they will be forced to stop polluting the airwaves with all their filth.

        My backup plan is to either sell Hollywood to Venezuela, where they would obviously be happier, or put a 50% tax on everything Michael Moore eats.

        Am I brilliant or what! 😉

        • I’ll go with the “Or what”. But I still agree with your plan. They deserve it.

      16. As long as we can get away with printing virtually all the money we need, nothing will change. Obama was quite bright in knowing that print, print, print, was completely OK. He approximately doubled the fiat debt in his term and yet the country is now recovering nicely! I wonder what the print limit really is!

      17. Debit Tax

        Debit Tax
        1 to 3% for every one when you move money out of an account.
        No lodging tax returns
        No income Tax
        Tax is for the Fed
        GST or VAT or state Tax for States.
        Level and Fair for all….no one escapes.

      18. bullcrap article. The tax collection has long ago failed. In order to keep the country afloat Bush spent almost five trillion. and Obummer had to spend about ten trillion. The government has been spending in the red for decades. The government spends digital dollar created out of thin air. They can do this because the US dollar is the dominate currency used worldwide. When the dollar is no longer accepted in world trade that’s when it happens. With less & less productive workers & buisnesses and more and more government workers and other welfare drawing parasites. No matter what the IRS cannot restore and replenish the empty government coffers. Now states and local goverments cannot create digital dollars out of thin air to pay their debts. (well ill had tried to issue IOU’s to the lottery winners? Now power ball has dropped them. Used to be folks where scared of the IRS. now a days they don’t scare so easy. You know even the IRS cant get blood out of a turnup.

      19. You create the wealth, by fiat, and fix all the prices; at least, say that you meant to do that.

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