James Wesley Rawles: “Double Up On Your Prepping,” They Can’t Hold Back Collapse Much Longer

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 100 comments

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    Enjoy your turkey, family events and holiday cheer. Enjoy the changing political environment and the strange sense of normalcy that has returned since the end of the election.

    None of it is likely to last. 2017 may prove to be pretty brutal.

    Now that the Western world has turned in the direction of Trump and Brexit, it may be that the bankster class is prepared to start the next phase.

    The pressure that has been building since the 2008 economic crisis is poised to topple the system again. As reputed author James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog.com points out, negative interest rates and big debt governing under Obama have set us up for a fall. Easy money, cheap money and free flowing, unlimited credit to the top of the heap have brought things to a desperate point of no return.

    Nassim Taleb made the point that Obama’s most grandiose betrayal against the American people won’t be felt until the coming tide of inflation enlarges the national debt, already at record levels of government spending, even further:

    Federal Reserve officials have already conceded that the zero percent interest/quantitative easing package is no longer capable of stimulating the economy, and so raising interest rates to normal is in order; however, raising these rates even slightly is enough to induce panic and economic turmoil.

    Countless figures have come forward to warn that our financial system is set up for a pump and dump – and that the populist Trump presidency is likely to be background to economic pain, gloomy news and grim difficulties in every respect. Though the die was cast by the cronies who drafted the phony recovery, Trump will be associated with what could be one of the worst financial eras in history.

    Worse, that time would leave millions and millions of people without jobs, money or a way to provide.

    As usual, Rawles makes the case for how to survive in such a depressing and chaotic environment, and how to avert the worst of the collapse by preparing now, and building a lifestyle that is resistant to market pressures and political shoes dropping.

    Here’s the interview from X22 Report:

    Check out more of James Wesley Rawles work at SurvivalBlog.com or via his survival books.

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      1. Lading up and awaiting the arrival of Black Friday.

        • What has been stolen is not “owed” to any criminal. The (((dynastic banksters))) have looted us for centuries using the frauds of fractional reserve “banking” and monopolist bribery. They have instigated brother-against-brother wars and profiteered from the deaths of millions.

          Nothing is not owed to (((them))) except a fair trial.

          For these reasons, global “debt” should be repudiated. Though I oppose anti-Christ (((“Austrian”))) economics, mises.org has chronicled some debt repudiation precedents. https://mises.org/library/short-history-us-credit-defaults

          • (sigh) typo… Nothing is owed to (((them))) except a fair trial.

            • they do not even deserve a fair trial.

              • Everyone deserves a chance.

                Let’s not be like those that we disagree with, until we have no other choice.
                When that day comes, everyone will have to change fundamentaly, or suffer the consequences of being ignorant. And they will be many in the latter category.

              • precisely. THEY deserve the same crap we get in alleged legal,constitutional court rooms & then the bills, aaaaaand then absolutely no way to “redress our grievances” the SAME WAY WE DO.

          • What….. pray tell……is “anti-Christ” about Austrian economics?

            • 1) The (((Austrian’s))) whatever-the-market-will-bear premise opposes Jesus Christ. See Luke 6:32-36.
              2) The explicit anti-Christian execrations of (((von Mises))) and (((Rothbard))) are quoted and discussed extensively in The Church and the Libertarian: A Defense of the Catholic Church’s Teaching on Man, Economy, and State, by Christopher A. Ferrara, J.D.
              ASIN B004UI30P0,
              available at amazon DOT com/The-Church-Libertarian-Catholic-Teaching/dp/B004UI30P0

              • Its amazing how the religious human parasites pontificate about what god and religion is so they can give their ignorant existence some meaning that can be neatly wrapped in a box of BS! I am jealous of god fearing religious morons who aspire to a level of ignorance beyond my comprehension because they are happy in their choice to let go let god. I wish it were that simple but for the simple minded it is. All the wars and turmoil created by religion is off the hook and is a good thing because population control needs to speed things up real soon! I am agnostic and I am smart enough to know that I have no idea what god is and no one else does either. Done!

                • Faith is an undeserved gift from God. I hope you receive that gift before you reach His Judgment Seat.

                • JC, I understand your points about agnosticism, but I think you should consider atheism instead. When you write “I have no idea what god is and no one else does either” you implicitly admit that god is real (you can intend god as an universal spirit, a superhuman force, a religious divinity, or whatever you like) and everybody know that a god does really exist, except for the fact that nobody know what it is. Instead, we can scientifically say what god is, with an ìncredible abundance of proofs: god is an ideology, a creation of human culture, a creation made by certain social classes with dominant political power, with the specific purpose of deceive subservient classes and avoid or at least slow down their awareness and following revolutionary war. So we know a lot f things about religions and godes, and we cannot declare being agnostic at all.

              • Catholic Church. Now there’s the ultimate oxymoron.

                You should be more concerned about the Bible’s crushing condemnation of the very kind of idols that is synonymous with Popery than trying to make connections between von Mises and a failure to be merciful to one’s enemies.

                • Jesus founded one Church (singular, not plural, in Matthew 16:18), a visible Church to govern (Matthew 16:19 & 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23).

                  Divinely and logically consistent with His commissions, Jesus founded one Church, singular, with one central authority (Matthew 16:19 & 18:18), a visible organized society (Mark 4:11), and called for oneness of doctrine (John 17:11, 21-23).

                  Jesus did not found an anarchy of churches having mutually exclusive doctrines like the 35,000+ sects of Protestantism in which every dyslexic with an interrupted grammar school education and an expurgated Protestant “Bible” gets to make up his own doctrine and be his own little “pope.”

                  • Thank you, I couldn’t have said it any better! I teach biblical Greek and it’s mind-boggling what some sincere-but-clueless protestants will claim about what the Bible says. Amazing ignorance (not stupidity). This is why so many protestant scholars have done in-depth research into scripture and Christian history… and become Catholics.

                    • The Catholic church is not what God had intended. Your “one” church solution has the following history:

                      1. Ecliesiastical governance. God warns us about this very thing and the ensuing corruption that it brings.
                      2. An infallible papacy. The Bible teaches that only God is infallible and that no man is to be called “Father”. Only God in heaven is to be addressed by that term.
                      3. If God truly blesses the Catholic church, please explain the persecution and subsequent deaths of untold numbers under the requisition.
                      4. Please explain the corruption of the hierarchy of the catholic church from pedophilia to outright theft.
                      5. Please explain why it was a crime punishable by death to possess a bible.
                      6. Please explain the behaviors of so many popes including the social justice doctrine of your current pope.
                      7. What about confession? I don’t have my bible with me now, but I do remember something about confession being between us and God.
                      8. “Do not pray in repetition like the heathens.” Say 10 hail Mary’s and 5 our Father’s.Etc.
                      9. Make no likeness of God. What about all your statues?
                      10. The ordaining of saints? The bible calls ALL Christians saints.
                      11. Praying over the dead. Your choice is made before you die and no amount of prayer can save you once dead.

                      Etc., etc. I could go on and on. The catholic church re-crucifies Jesus weekly. My god died once for me. “It is finished” was what he said. Protestants formed because of the un-scriptural teachings of the catholic church. The catholic church changes beliefs according to current thought and cultural norms. God in un-changing. He does not change rules to keep up with current trends. It is we who should be changing to meet the expectations laid down 2000 years ago.

                    • For clarification please:
                      1. Why has the Vatican named its super telescope Lucifer?
                      2. Why is there an Easter prayer at the Vatican on utube envoking Lucifer’s name in the prayer?

            • Anon5, good question. Mises.org is a good website; nothing ‘anti-Christ’ about it to my knowledge.

          • John Q., damn good points, especially about the debt since it’s NOT our debt anyway.

        • I know.
          The end is near.
          Buy gold.
          End is coming.

          Has been since “The Late Great Planet Earth” -book from late 70’s.

          But Earth has not stopped spinning yet.
          Sun came up this morning.
          So bugger off fear mongering opportunist.
          I will enjoy ThanksGiving.

        • ” … raising interest rates to normal is in order; however, raising these rates even slightly is enough to induce panic and economic turmoil.”


          As I have mentioned here before, nominal interest rate hikes will STIMULATE the economy as individuals and businesses rush to lock in the last of the cheap money.

          I got mine. Did you ??? 🙂

      2. Pray for the best…
        Prepare for the worst…
        Hope silver keeps dropping…
        Once things crash PM’s will go WAY up..
        Although i like PMs made of Cu, Pb and brass in handy little packages.

        • I’ve seen this stuff from Rawles et. al. for the past few years, it is getting OLD. Yeah, it’s going to come, but come on folks, we don’t have a clue it’s going to happen in 2017. Maybe not until 2025, or 2030, or ????. Let’s face it, we don’t have a clue when. The billionaires have a knack for kicking the can down the road, and can/will come up with something new to make it happen.

          Just get ready for whenever/where-ever and quit the prognosticating about stuff we don’t have a clue about.


          Son of Liberty

          cynical? yeah, maybe

      3. RAWLES again? HO HUM,, I’m going back to sleep. [JUST KIDDING]. Just on occasion, Rawles comes out with a sensible article. Keep stacking and keep all your options on the table.

        • Keep in Mind that in Venezuela 1 Ounce of Silver buys 6 months of food, as it was reported here on this site. Keep stacking in PM’s this is a lifetime opportunity to be a wealthy person.

        • I am going back to sleep. Rawles and his 100 ounce bars of silver recommendation in his TEOTWAWKI book, his comments about keep buying silver, and now that that investment has gone so well he is recommending buying other PM’s. The guy is full of crap. The truth is that since the election everyone has breathed a sigh of relief and calmed down a bit with their prepping, gun and ammo sales have slowed down as well. If the trend continues he will lose readership, income from people buying prepping stuff through his website, and he may have to get a real job. He has to keep up the fervor to stay in business. The sky is falling!!!!

          • wakey wakey, muddy….it’s time to awaken from your stupor….and LOOK AROUND YOU. collapse is WELL UNDERWAY, and there aint shit TRUMP can do to stop it. EVERYONE that needs a gun HAS one by now….but of coarse NOW it’s time for the liberals to buy THEIR guns. inflation’s kickin’ our asses, and the debt can’t be financed when the world finds out we aint payin’ it, and interest rates return to “normal”. good luck peddling your trolling here.

            • yep.. spec 4 “V” reports for duty, locked and loaded, sir!

          • Rawles is suspect. That book… oh dear. It’s one of the worst survivalist ideas ever, a heavily defended isolated retreat where everyone just gets along in perfect harmony, no libidos playing up, no petty jealousies, no wives at each other’s throats…

          • Say what you want about Rawls but I guarantee nobody commenting on this site has their prep ducks in a row as well as he does, not by a long shot.

            • 🙂

            • THAT’S why we are all HERE…to pick apart each others plans, so we can keep constantly improving them….many THANKS to all that CONTRIBUTE to shtfplan(not ALL of you, just the ones that CONTRIBUTE….you KNOW who you are!).

            • Mark

              There are many here that are ready to Go Hot.

              • Too late to get into it but give this one some though.

                Just who do you think you are going to fight against?

                What is his or her capability. How much training do they have. Do they have the means to sustain a firefight. Weapons and gear they will use if any. How old are they. Are they physically fit.

                What is the makeup of you neighborhood?

                What advantages do you have? Now expand that out to insurgents, then local police, FEDERALS and finally military.

            • as if his claim to being an Army intelligence officer means diddly squat ? I know I ama far ahead of him in every way and I also know that S2 are NOT the smart guys and never have been. anybody who has been in any of the wars knows that for certain. So what is his expert status based on except his own bluster and internet marketing ? Everything he puts out is to sell you something, nothing new at all. And all of his stuff is incredibly unrealistic and greatly massaged to fit the prepper intellect and fantasy mold just like all the rest. There is a far better way to think and live and actually be completely prepared , not just the fantasy.

          • Couldn’t agree more. We’ll see you at BH’s BOL. It’s stacked.

          • I know people who have worked for him at his site and he is not who or what many think he is , not even close !

          • Muddy. No doubt everybody who wants a gun has several by now and that is why you can buy ARs all day long for under $500 and ammo has dropped by more than 50%. And all the other prepper junk and sites will go belly up as well.

            But how many can hike 50 miles in the dead of winter with a 60 pound pack, a rifle and 250 rounds of ammo ? I can because I did it and have trained many others as well. Prepper fantasy will NOT cut the mustard any time any how any way, ever !

        • Rawles has made a lot of money off of the fantasy of prepper types. Just saying the truth of the matter. Show me one thing that makes him an expert about anything except click bait and interent marketing to greater fools ? But don’t get me wrong, he is not alone by a long shot. Nearly every prepper type site out there looks like it was made from a cooky cutter and they all sell the same exact junk to the fantasy seekers and worshipers !

          How many can run even 100 yards without a heart attack , yet they still buy into the same old garbage ?

          • Sour grapes

      4. In my opinion, what trump should do, is make this possible plan, to crash the economy, know. talk about it now. I would think, that people would jump on board if he names names and plans to arrest and charge these people for the crimes they are involved in.
        We don’t actually have all this debt that would require inflation to pay for. erase it. it is fake. the loans were fake, the debt is fake.
        student loans: gone. you didn’t borrow money, you didn’t get an education.
        home loans: gone. you didn’t borrow money, you are not in debt anymore.
        etc etc.
        reboot the banking system without the fed.

        • MWK, that debt was incurred by the FED and the banksters. It’s not the people’s debt so we the people don’t have to worry about it.

      5. Didnt think they would let us deploreables get off that easy did you?

      6. Just because Trump got elected doesnt change anything significantly,
        Mother nature is still there, and now we have pissed off the new world order peeps with our insolence, me thinks the crash that should have happened in 08 is now going to be revived, delicate balance and nothing has changed

      7. Be ready whether man made or natural/personal disaster,just makes sense.

        That said,this debt will in the end be dumped,how it happens and how ugly things will get in the process is what is up in the air,but,no matter what,the debt will be dumped.

        And that fellow forum members is why we prep to best of ability.Any new here,just putting together some goods/gear,if so,till things crash you have time and can do this.As a wise poster here is fond of saying,”The smalls add up!”.

        New folks,any questions ect. get em out and get some answers while time is still with you,and as always,best of luck to all of us!

        • The last phase of the Fourth Turning is unfolding before our very eyes… pray, prep and protect.

        • Warchild, they’ll end up defaulting on that debt because they have no other option. It’s not the people’s debt so we don’t have to worry about it.

          • Warchild, I’m back for a brief moment while drying clothes before heading back to the hills. I discovered something really cool the other day. 5 pounds of tannerite with 1 gallon of gas on top of it makes a great BOOM! Like a fuel/air bomm sends a hot shockwave about 50 yards out. Gawd I hate coming back to town to shop, the stores are fookin jammed with idiots. Hope all is well, see you next trip in 😉

            • Genius, God must have a plan for you.

              You’re still livin’ and breathin’ on top side of this earth. 🙂

              • Genius,with flames tis called a “foom”,be careful of your mixes,you might get more “foom”then expected and your hair(what’s left of it!)singed,you and all here enjoy Bird Day!

            • Genius

              Have to put that prep tip in the save file.

              Happy Thanksgiving.

              • Genius, I’ll keep that tip in mind. Hope all is well with you.

      8. Republicans in office virtually guarantee a massive collapse.

        For many reasons.

        • yup, as with the democrats too.

          • Democrats just guarantee free shit and bankruptcy

      9. Regardless of what is said and done.
        When it hits, we all will second guess if there is that one item I should have purchased or more of.

        Enjoy this holiday period because as it has been said, every day is a gift.

        • The pope also said there will be no Christmas THIS year

        • Well said. ? ??? ?

      10. Although I felt relief with Trump winning and Skankery getting beat, it seems to me that if Trump doesn’t address the FED and monetary policy, there’s a debt bomb, derivatives problem, unfunded liabilities (Medicare, SS etc) that still loom on the horizon.

        So, with the continued cries for going cashless (India, Australia), the continued devaluation of the dollar, Rawles has a good point to keep adding to your preps.

        The govt can only kick the can down the road for so long. You all hang in there, prep as well as you can, stop to smell the roses, and as Calvin and Hobbs said…”We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”

      11. Do y’all think they will pull something at the Inauguration? Is it safe to attend?

        • Whats that sayin,,,
          Seems pretty simple to me, but then again i dont like being around a lot of people,

          • The older I get the more I hate people in general.

            • Yup

        • “H”
          Could they? Oh Hell yes. It would bring out the RATH of all of us Trump supporters. Then you will see real RIOTS!!!

          BLM, Black Panthers, La Rasa, and several more have already said they were going to Disrupt the Inauguration.

          No crowd is safe. For me if I could go it would be an HONOR. That too it shows them TURDS you are not afraid, and you are STANDING up to them, and not hiding like some PUSSY PUNK! STAND and show them you have the BALLKS to tell them I’m not afraid of you and if you do something to me and mine you will PAY!!!!


        • The left is planning on a major confrontation in order to stop the Inauguration. So, yeah, they will pull something !

          It won’t work, but the left doesn’t know that, or care.

        • Oh my….why would anyone want to be in crowds these days? I wouldn’t trust the liberals either in a crowd or the M’s.

      12. He along with others have said the same thing for years now. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016. If you keep predicting it. It will finally happen.

        I’m not just prepping for this I’m Prepping for many things. The old Boy Scout motto. Always be Prepared!

        I’m taking this with a grain of salt. Just remember who is in the White House now. I wouldn’t put anything pass this TURD!


        • I prep more for that siren that goes off at 2:am letting us know that a tsunami is coming,,,,
          Its just common sense, when you live somewhere that everything comes from somewhere else you may want to have a few extras

        • i carry MY grain of salt in a DUMPTRUCK.

      13. Hey Rawles……..I think that you have been riding this gravy train long enough !!!
        Try to have some fun!

        • what, because you prep means you can’t have FUN? PFFFT!

      14. Rawles has done a great job putting out information and linking it together in novels that make sense. Pick and choose what information you need or want, then tailor preps to your circumstance.

        Remember several keys in survival which are the “let’s hide” concept, deception, and having tangible assets and capabilities (solar power) that any level of government cannot count, measure or tax (food, crops, electricity, water, ammo…).

        Just do the best you can; read much and stay informed.


      15. Got it…

        So I need to double up on my prepping AGAIN.

        Enjoy the holiday. Just remember:

        As you walk through the field of life
        Two rules will never bend.
        Never whittle towards yourself
        Or pee against the wind.


      16. When truth and knowledge are suppressed, fear, loathing and Bankers fill the void. One man isn’t going to fix this folks. In an Orwellian world blue is the new grey.

      17. In 2009 at a summit in London the decision to pump-and-dump the people of the West was taken. Led by then-prime minister Gordon Brown, a champion of the New World Order, they decided, in order to bring the system down, they had to first take debt to record levels and to drain whatever remaining wealth was left with the middle class and personal savings. Brown even was photographed pressed up tight against Obama in a corner of the room as he told, on behalf of the British Crown, Obama to do his bit in the US.

        Rates will have to normalize and that will be the trigger. The derivatives will implode, the dollar will collapse, and the population will be subject to epic inflation. The British had a taste of this in 2008. With their banks collapsing and bank runs, the British government threw the switch on emergency measures. This led to a 40% decline in the pound, mass layoffs, high food inflation, crashing salaries, zero hour contracts, empty ATMs, crashing online bank websites, and by 2011, violent riots. That’s coming to the US. The UK was the beta test.

        People keep forgetting the system is very fragile and ready to implode. There is nothing Trump can do that will quickly remedy that. He can’t move factories back fast enough, or support the dollar enough, and he can’t undo the mess that is the hypothecated financial system junked up with debt, derivatives and other financial phony products. An enormous hologram that can only generate an illusion of prosperity if it spins fast enough.

      18. Prepping and planning should NEVER be something that you “Relax” in doing. It should be a lifestyle and mindset for all that you do. There is always the opportunity to learn and get better.

        Long Live the Republic!!!

      19. This is the time of year to buy Turkey. Debone the bird(s). Boil the bones for 24hours. Add a tablespoon to the water to draw the nutrients out of the bones into the water. Include Beef bones if you have a large enough pot.

        Cut up the uncooked meat into bite sized pieces. Put spices into a bowl. Cut up vegtables into bite sized pieces.

        After broth is made (strain to get out all bones). Add spices to warm water, stir and add mixture to broth.

        Fill mason jars with turkey, vegtables, rice or noodles, and fill jars evenly with broth. Top off with more water if broth water doesn’t go high enough.

        Place in All American Pressure Canner and follow directions to can your turkey in jars.

        Leave one turkey for roasting and eating on Thanksgiving Day. Smear the bird with olive oil or butter gee or your favorite choice so the bird is moist and the skin Browns.

        Make side dishes a day or two ahead. Make turkey and salad only on the big day. If you have a big freezer canning can be done whenever. But the sooner the better, I figure. Only don’t do more than you can handle at once. And get some help. It can be fun when three or four grown-ups pitch in.

        Happy Thanksgiving !!


        • Vinegar -a table spoon of vinegar pulls nutrients from bones into the broth.


        • Grandee’s Friendship Turkey (or chicken) Soup

          12 cups water or turkey broth
          2 carrots, diced
          2 stalks celery, diced
          1/4 cup minced onion
          3 cups cooked, diced turkey
          1 tsp pepper
          1/2 tsp dried whole thyme
          1/4 tsp celery seeds
          1/4 tsp garlic powder
          2 bay leaves
          3 Tbs chicken bouillon granules

          Place all ingredients is stock pot and bring to boil. Cover, lower heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Discard the bay leaves

          ADD 4 cups tri-colored spiral pasta and simmer an additional 5 minutes.


          I also can this without the pasta and just add pasta at the time you get ready to eat. Open the jar, bring to boil and add the pasta. Simmer till pasta is done.

          • was just thinking…

            North Bay Trading Co has a Canadian Wild Rice that would be great in this soup too.

            Think I’ll try it with rice added and leftovers this Friday.

            no black friday stuff for me.

            • My two best Turkey tricks.

              When roasting a turkey that is supposed to take 4 1/2 hours.
              Cook it breast down for about 2:20 hrs, flip it and finish it breast up about 1:40 hours. The breast meat will be very moist and the entire bird will be more evenly cooked and will finish in just 4:00 hours not 4:30. This method cuts cooking time and the breast meat will be as moist and tender as the dark meat. Always verify doneness with a meat thermometer. Downside is flipping a hot heavy turkey on a cooking rack is tricky, be safe, have helpers if need be.

              When making soup use two pots. One to simmer the carcass in, and one to boil down the stock. Keep pouring off stock from the carcass pot into the stock pot and add fresh water to replace what you poured off. Run this process all day. The solubility of fresh clean water lets you draw all the nutrients out of the carcass. Boil down the stock so it can be put in a smaller container, and frozen. I like to try to boil it down to double strength, and then dilute it when you want to make soup days or weeks later.

              Apple pie – the secret to killer apple pie is to sample taste an apple or two before making the pies. You want crisp slightly sour apples, if so add a bit extra sugar. If your apples are sweet add a tablespoon or two of lemon juice. If your apples are bland add a little extra sugar and like three tablespoons of lemon juice.

              I just finished my pies a few hours ago and the scent is driving me crazy. The apples I got this year are great, and I know the pies will be awesome. My pumpkin pies are to die for as well. I am the “Pie Man”!

              I always make extra pies at thanksgiving and Christmas, and give them to my good neighbors that came from India and are now conservative voting American citizens, yeah I did that Obama, you dick, but I digress. My immigrant neighbors have turned into some of my favorite and most trusted friends. I even have them prepping. Wow, who’d a thunk?

              Amazing people, the neighbors maternal father was from a well to do family, and back in India would go on tiger hunts when tigers turned man eater? It was the responsibility of those that could, to protect the lower casts from killer tigers. Holy crap? They’d go out on elephants and hunt freaking killer tigers? They still own a home in India, it was sprayed with machine gun fire in a Muslim terror attack a couple years ago. We all have more in common than many would think.

              Happy thanksgiving all, I give thanks for SHTF too, thanks Mac.

            • I have regular white rice stocked up cuz supposed to last for over 20 yrs, but what i also like to stock up on is the instant rice. Works great in broth. I boil a cup or so of water, add chicken bullion cube or pd, garlic pd, dried mushrooms and a spoon of ketchup for flavor. I add the instant rice too. Let steep for a few min. and got a great cup of soup. Or you can add a pinch of broken up ramon noodles. They are already cooked. I read they are deep fried in oil and some kids eat them dry. Not the best, but will do in a pinch and fill the belly. The ramon added before the hot water will get soft in five minutes. I am worried. Am getting more candles at Walmart. Getting the small tea candles. I like those. Cheap there. Or get at Dollar Tree.

      20. Rawles has made some good points. Of course he has to make a living. The thing is if you decide to by some PM’s now’s the moment. Gold and silver was discussed today and it likely will even go lower. Even though things appear to look better, the debt still grows and the dollar strengthens raising fuel prices. We still have a failing economy, a tidal wave of illegal immigrants, failing Post office, failing Social Security, failing Oniggle Care, failing veterans medical care and Fags in the military. Trump better have a voracious appetite cause his plate runneth over. So yeah, keep on prepping and filling those holes. SHTF events ain’t going to go away anytime soon.

      21. OFF TOPIC :
        Consider getting a portable sawmill. I just purchased The WOODLAND MILLS 722 sawmill and I love it. Only had it set up for a few days and I already traded a load of saw logs for making some oak boards. This mill has more features than the HF one plus their customer service is great. Many of the wear parts can be purchased locally at auto supply stores, things like bearings, belts etc.

        Just a thought for SHTF, milling is a very useful and tradeable skill.

        PS: hurry up because the price is going up $100 on Jan 1

        • Ive owned several sawmills over the past 50 years. the one I now have is a old Bellsaw M 14. bought it at a estate auction for $75. We power it from the PTO of a M Farmall. There are lots of U tube videos of the old Bellsaw one man sawmills. green lumber needs to be dried and cut in the winter when the sap is down for it to be worth anything. Summmertime harvested lumber rots quickly. Without a kiln to dry it and kill the insects and rot molds its only good for making pallets.

        • Can you saw without electricity?

      22. I put a sheet of styrofoam against my upright freezer door . Came back an hour later and it was ice cold on the outside of the door . The door loses a lot of cold. So I cut the sheet to fit and gorilla taped it to the door. The sides of the upright freezer is were the heat comes out. Don’t lean anything on the sides or top. But the door can be extra insulated to keep the compressor from coming on as much and getting hot and breaking down. If the power goes out throw blankets over the whole thing until the power comes back on. Or run you generator for 5 minutes every hour . To save on fuel. And check temp with thermometer. Maybe more then 5 minutes every hour? Chest freezers are different. Heat comes out different. Check yours by feel?

      23. Whether you rent or pay a mortgage stack them preps to the ceiling cuz your paying to the ceiling. Load up,things are going to be tough for awhile. No sense in slacking off now.

        • Those sticky fly papers are the best. I noticed tho that they don’t last past a yr. They get all dried out. Maybe seal them in double zip bags? They will be needed someday.

      24. I must admit that, due to my intense dislike/distrust of clinton/soros, (The Hungarian-born U.S. citizen grew even closer to Bill and Hillary Clinton after Mr. Clinton became president, all the while funneling millions of dollars to their campaigns and to those of other Democrats.
        “I do now have great access in [the Clinton] administration,” Mr. Soros told PBS in 1995. “There is no question about this. We actually work together as a team.)”I laughed long and loud when I awoke at 2 am to the news that trump had defeated her.
        But does that mean that WE will be better with trump? Sadly, the answer is no. What end result do you get when 2 evils confront each other? a war of BIBLICAL proportions…
        Be well prepared, physically and spiritually, for that which will assail US

      25. A group that works on market numbers has said there will be a crash when volume and stocks reach record highs, like jumping off a cliff. Then it won’t recover for a very long time like a body broken in pieces.

        Dow closes above 19000 for first time in its 120-year history.

      26. Enjoy your thanksgiving with your loved ones and reflect that America has been pulled back a short distance from the void by the election. Enjoy that we have good food for now and people haven been reduced to eating possums sine the last great depression. A little hope goes a long way as America treads red ink and embraces Trump like a drowning man will grasp any hope of survival. This hope is all we have so lets run with it and see what happens. Lets hope for the best but prepare the best we can for the worse should it happen. Hold your loved ones close and have a good thanksgiving says the old swamp rat.

      27. I’d like to also this thanksgiving, give thanks to America’s hardworking, honest law enforcement community.

        You have come under attack by Obama’s leftist communist movement. Too many officers have been assassinated by the politics of this deranged regime that will still be in power for two more months, and is increasingly desperate.

        I for one, will be watching your back whenever I’m in public. I will endeavor to always have a plan. We the people shall get through this, we will prevail.

      28. Be Thankful in your preps if:

        1. You are out of debt
        2. You have and practice at least two skills that provide food, clothing, or shelter (and do not require buying anything in a store)
        3. You have and practice with some means to protect yourself and your family.
        4. You have saved enough to be able to pay your taxes for at least several years.
        5. You have either some gold/silver, or other plan to deal with a debt-based dollar collapse.
        6. You have some source of clean water and a backup source – or the ability to filter water.

      29. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We still have much to be thankful for.

      30. The illusion that things are different since Trump made it are just that illusions. Most of what is going on now is a direct result of things that happened just before the election. The media, the banks scrambling, stocks going up, commodities going down, etc. It’s all shifting and changed up due to confusion over what to expect next. We shall see where this goes soon enough.

        Happy turkey day…

      31. I read one of JWRs books once. What I got from it was if you can’t afford 2 homes in the hills, at least 2 high quality cars for bugging out, thousands of pounds of food for your bug out locations, thousands of gallons of water, very high grade firearms, high grade ammo for the firearms, high dollar barter items, livestock, means to feed the livestock, etc, you’d might as well die. I put down his book feeling worse about my chances of survival than ever because I’m not rich. His liberal use of the word “larder” also upset me.

      32. 2017 May prove to be brutal ….Now which previous 9 years have I heard that ….oh yea , ALL OF THEM !!!

      33. “As reputed author James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog.com points out, . . .”

        Hard to put any faith in a writer who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘reputed;’ unless he means to deny that Rawles is an author.

      34. Sorry, but I disagree. The USA has the strongest currency in the world. Most world transactions still use the Dollar. This can will be kicked down the road for quite a while. Maybe a decade, maybe two.

        My point of Dollar failure is still two times the GDP, $40 trillion. Unless, we have a world war. A civil war (or five) in the USA. A civil war in Mexico. A massive crop failure world wide (not much different from a world war). A …

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