Isolated, Away From the City With Code & Debt Freedom: “I Came Out Here to Get Away From Debt”

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 66 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Screen shot 2016-06-09 at 3.20.16 PM

    Do you want true freedom?

    With the many restrictions imposed by modern life, especially in busy cities, it may take moving out into the wilderness in order to find true peace of mind.

    Getting there is the hard part, as most of us are completely intertwined with life on the grid – connected to friends, family and employment and dependent on the food, energy and services made available.

    It’s worth keeping mind that all these busy, on-grid problems, while important at the time, are ultimately unimportant.

    It is all an illusion. And this man once again proves it by cutting all ties with his former life in the city, and cutting free, away from debt, away from codes and regulations and into the desolation of West Texas.

    “Everything is so simple here. I was busting my ass seven days a week just to pay all the bills for all the stuff I had. Now it’s paired down to one room; got a huge yard with all this land; you can’t see another house from my property, which is a big plus. There’s no – well, there’s very little stress out here. The only time I get stressed out here is when there’s a big storm, because the storms are scary out here in the desert.”

    Though there is plenty of beauty in this huge Western expanse, but there is little in the way of resources for growing food, establishing water or building shelter, among other comforts. Stores and even cell service is often quite sparse.

    But the cheap land and the very real sense of being left alone by various petty authorities does offer something that is hard to come by.

    For pennies on the dollar, he built his own tiny home, off-grid solar and water systems, and other necessities to get by… and actually be free.

    Check it out:

    According to Kirsten Dirksen on YouTube:

    Seven years ago John Wells sold his heavily-mortgaged home in upstate New York and bought 40 acres in West Texas for $8000. The area (Brewster County) is so isolated there are no codes or zoning restrictions so Wells built his own tiny home (in 9 days with $1600) relying on his set-building experience.

    Not wanting to rely on outside labor, Wells has continued to build his own services: a solar shower, a basic composting toilet, a bike-powered washing machine, an Airstream guest house, and a huge greenhouse which also houses 4 shipping containers he hopes to convert to housing/office space.

    Wells named his homestead (now 40 acres, he bought a second 20 acres for $500) the Field Lab (short for “Southwest Texas Alternative Energy and Sustainable Living Field Laboratory”) and he likes to experiment with off-grid solutions: one of his latest is a more-powerful solar oven.


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      1. Out in the middle of nowhere in a corrugated metal hut. That’s not living that’s enduring. I want to live where the green grass grows and watch my corn come up in rows.

        • Amen , Old Guy , Amen….

          • I have a new hero, and this is him.

            • For fuck’s sake, this guy is your hero?

              Take it one step further, just go full on homeless – free yourself completely.

        • He just got away from the money he was spending and what he got in debt for in NY.

          He still depends on store bought food, bought fuel for cooking and heating (see propane cylinders) and probably has to buy bottled water. He hasn’t enough space in that shed for a years worth of food storage. The land is parched and unproductive. When shtf he will be sh*t out of luck.

          • Right but there is something to be said for half measures.

            I mean ok picture you ditch the “roughing it”. You part an RV there or put in a prefab and have a septic installed. (God knows how you clean it out but that takes a decade before you have to worry about that… I hope?)

            And yeah you gotta buy all your food. Ok. And water’s gotta be crated in or something. Ok.

            Know what you don’t have?

            PROPERTY TAXES.

            The kind that go up when you least expect or can afford it!

            Plus which you got one really cheap ass house and like I said it doesn’t have to be a bad house…

            So I dunno. I mean you gotta run the math carefully on this one because you’re going to be jobless or “spotty as hell internet business”, so the real cost here is the cost of retirement, inflation and all factored in, and you get to cheap out on the purchase price and the taxes.

            Might be a good deal might not be depends where you’re at.

            If you’re doing it to run from debt I’m pretty sure you’re going to die in that little shitty shack, sooner rather than later.

          • Woogie, You think this smart guy, is going to show you every thing he’s got for preps. Some on here do already down to minute details of dumb and dumber.

            Yep, The guy in the Vid, sounds like my story somewhat. Its been 16 months at my BOL here in FL, but I live in a Friggin Jungle with walls of greenery and abundance of wild life. I live in a lot nice place than this guy, but I can relate. You have to think, create, invent, solve, endure, be resourceful, and use all sorts of tools. There is always another project waiting in the wings. But I want to get everything done as soon as possible before my endurance runs out. I grill steaks, make spaghetti, fry eggs, hunt, haven’t fished much, but have 1000 Ft of fresh water front where big bass lurk. Along with the gators. Heat and humidity can be excessive here, but I have a real A/C which cools the place down and uses minimal solar power. I have $5K into my solar system. down to .65 cents a watt for solar panels. Yep Guns everywhere and lots of ammo as we are 9-11. Shoot shovel and shut up. I am humbled as to how beautiful it is here. And I feel very Lucky. No Stress, no debt, no bills, but a few for car ins, cell phone and internet. I have a fan that runs daily and Propane for Winter heat, on chilly nights. Multiple WalMarts within 10 miles. And I go sit on my porch watching the wild life, and do not hear a single man made noise. That is peace and freedom.

            ~WWTI… I suggest you do the same, out of the Cities away from the Citiots, as this guy in the video refers to. Its a slice of heaven. And cheap as hell Property Taxes, its almost free. shhhhhhhh don’t tell.

            • Citiots, that is a good one, got to give you a thumbs up…
              Be well sir…

            • LOL. I’ve been living in a cabin out in the wilderness near the Canadian border for 14 years, so I don’t need to go anywhere. My property taxes will cost a cheap seat at a concert, and I have free water, free wild food surrounding me with the thousands of lakes and boreal forest rich with eatables without buying them at a store. It looks like an old Hammm’s commercial here. That’s where this guy who’s getting away from debt and I part ways.

              Location is very important and I see you have made a choice with many resources found in the wild. I fish for bass too, but northern pike get real big up here. I’m 36 miles to the nearest wally world, and there’s only one to serve 4 counties. The further away from town, the better when shtf.

            • Nice. I’m in florida have a $200k and pm’s trying to figure out preferred fl area was thinking central fl north. Without of course being too specific what area are have you chosen if I may ask?

              • When you look at an elevation map/chart of Florida, most everything south of Orlando will be under water with a 30 Ft storm surge. I moved away from the Gulf Coastline of at only 8 Ft in Elevation on my first floor house. Sold that FEMA Flood Insurance Trap in the City. And moved more North up to 45 to 65 Ft Elevation and more inland. Central N FL.. Heck this may be the new water front with ocean rise. So first get an elevation map and be sure to be above 30 Ft at least in elevation out of flooding. Miami, Tampa, Naples ALL TOAST in a Hurricane and storm surge.

                The rest is what you want to make of it for a location living higher up. I picked this property first for its layout, and regardless of what county it was in. I was looking for an ideal secure property with little change of intrusion and a Moat full of Gators. Found a peninsula on an island inland, and connecting water ways and lakes for 80 miles. Gators on 3 sides of the property and 4th side with 6 Ft tall barbed wire fence. Taxes about $100 per acre per year. As low a weekends bar tab. The best part of Rural country living is getting to know the locals and neighbors, and networking. Everybody parties and enjoys their freedoms. Shooting guns, or hanging out drinking beer and helping with each others projects. Helped a neighbor kid with an extra car battery I had to run a boat he just acquired. I will trade him for some shine. Neighbors you stop by to say hi, and they feed you as they are BBQ-ing… beer, etc. Its not quite like that in the City, with the Citiots, where you don’t even know the people you live next to, and just fake wave at each other each day with No privacy. You know exactly what I am saying you City Folks, don’t you? Its fake BS.. Its a way friendlier environment in the Rural Country. We are 9-11 out here, so neighborly mutual Aid or response is nice, if you need help with something. Walk into place and people know your name and say hi and chat. Refer business to each other. etc. And my neighbors hot looking daughter is looking pretty darm good too today. And then she brings more Girlfriends over to my place to visit and party. All Good in my area.


                • Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated!

          • Yeah, I kind of agree. The whole idea of prepping always clashes with the idea of ‘surviving’ which implies more that your whole ‘norma’ lifestyle just disappeared and now you’re just trying to remain alive.

            But what they’re demonstrating here is more of a ‘lifestyle transition’ from the slave wage status quo of squashed humanity fighting for crumbs in the urban rat races, to a more minimalist, self-reliant lifestyle. which, indeed, can provide a sense of comfort and freedom if done correctly,

            But that requires some serious ‘changes’ in one’s lifestyle.
            Which amounts to even more serious choices based on other people’s influence, if you have family, and more factors you never considered when you first were bitten by the ‘bug out’ bug!

            About half of these break outs from the slavery of society fail in the first year.

            But For John here, my first question would be how close is he to any Federal lands to get land that cheap, or is it just because there’s simply no water a normal well driller can access?

            • That’s why I bugged out, to a BOL Location Solo Male 50’s. And setting it up SOLO. I love peace and quiet rather than hearing or nagging about something yacking in the back ground. I don’t yell at myself, and there is no need for someone else to yell at me either. When choosing a partner in life see how well they handle stressful situations or simple problems. If they loose it screaming at you, you are already doomed. You need someone that is ready to work together to solve the problem. Get right in there and pitch in, helping. I will let you know if I find HER.


              • I like sex with a woman more than just with my hand.

        • Try Western Montana… look for land with no covenants and a decent well. I did and now have exactly that. I need no permits for anything and my land is not zoned. It’s perfect… 🙂

          • The problem with Montana and Wyoming and COL is they have frakked in some areas and the water table may be permanently poisoned.

            • Plus they are too close to the Yellowstone Caldera which is right now ranking in the top five potential cataclysmic disasters, and there is too much government owned lands in these states.

              If there was a major world class breakdown in societies and our government had to trim their fat and burrow underground into their ‘second home’ those who made it out of the cities alive would be allowed and advised to settle out West on govt lands until the shit is cleared from the fan. One third of America is owned by the government and most of that is in the Western third of the country. Nevada, for instance, has over 80% of its land owned by Federal agencies.

              This means that the nice secluded BOL trailor/cabin you have on that lot you picked up dirt cheap on the side of a nice wilderness bluff down a barely accessible old logging road ‘out West’ you thought would be remote enough will now suddenly be inundated with refugees from civilization like fire Ants on a picnic table. And knowing that the G and any regular authority is all fuzzy wuzzy cozy in an underground sustainable invasion proof resort compound, the zombie hoards be just ‘taking’ what they want without asking.

              It’s hard to find an ideal BOL unless you’re willing to sacrifice something for something else. There’s a lot to consider. Especially if you’re trying to do it ‘El-Cheapo’.

              but there are some decent locations left if you know what you’re looking for.

        • To live free and watch corn grow maybe freedom but in a few years it may also be a dream.

          This guy may be surviving or existing but in a few years my fear is he will be one of the lucky ones.

          Our nation is collapsing faster than many of us can understand.

        • Mac,

          It’s “pared” not “paired”.

          • I can’t recall seeing Mac make any spelling or grammatical errors; I am fairly certain that he is aware of the difference between these two words.

            The word “paired” is included within a direct quotation from Mr Wells. I respect the approach that a person’s statement should be presented in its original form, without editing or correction.

      2. Prepper Tip of the Day

        if you are on any name brand prescription drugs
        check on line to see if there is any sort of discount program available even if you have insurance

        one med I have to have is can run as high as $500 monthly without insurance
        with insurance it’s $60 monthly
        with the discount card that is available it’s $10 monthly

        another med (EPI-PENS) would cost me $90 for two sets of pens

        with their discount card ?
        I pay $0

        • Awesome tip, Satori. This will help a lot of people! Many thanks!

          A tip in return for anyone wanting to get started on food storage (or continue): Check the clearance section of your grocery store before you buy anything else. You can find great markdowns that way!

        • How do you search for these discounts? Are the discount programs offered by the pharmacy chain, or by the drug manufacturer, or by some other entity? More info please!

      3. That’s south west Texas close to Mexico. There might be a tad of a security issue with illegal’s (undocumented workers in transit) and dope donkeys (unlicensed pharmaceutical transport personnel). Apparently there are some temperature variations that are pretty significant in Brewster county with July high temps from 104 in the desert to 104 in the mountains.

        • Kevin,
          YES i looked at some of that property about 15 years ago 50 acres for $2500.00 then and i passed as it can get VERY HOT!! and there is nothing but flats and cactus, some game but to close to border and water was suppose to be fairly shallow for wells, but i guess for some it would be great but i wanted more distance froom the border and higher ground for temps.

      4. oops to 91 in the mountains

      5. Bum phuck Egypt is the way to go. You are certainly a 3%’r…retiree. I wish that was me..


        At the bottom of Houston chi-com mass grave 2016-2017..

        • Fuck that shit HCKS. Fight on and bury those zipper heads instead!! Think 1400s and Vlad Tepes

      6. I’d want some AC, but other than that, it looks pretty nice way to get away from it all.

        Too bad I couldn’t get more detail, but my computer’s been gagging on video. Oh well.

      7. Fair warning to any who come on my property carrying papers – YOU WILL BE SHOT DEAD

      8. another Prepper TIp

        Bangladeshi Inventor Creates Electricity-Free Air Conditioner Out of Plastic Bottles

        ht tps://

        ht tp://

        not gonna put Trane out of business anytime soon
        but still a very interesting idea

      9. Come on emp. Come on emp!!!

        Let’s.go north Korea you prick fucks or Iran or us gov, do it. Don’t be chicken shit. I’ve got some scores to settle pSHTF

        • Careful what you wish for. An EMP is serious Ju JU and I do not wish that damage on anyone. I have prepped but I still have a heart for those around me who have not. Talking about shooting anyone who comes on to your land is big talk. But if you have killed, you will know that a part of you is forever lost and it is not a place you do not want to go to unless absolutely necessary. Peace out home boys.

      10. I do believe that with two shipping containers that I’d first dig a big old hole, lay a foundation that allows for some sort of drainage (or just elevate them a bit?), put them together as ONE unit, and then bury it out of the direct sun rays, (heat) and other obvious benefits (like not worrying about a twister carrying it all away). Seems you may be able to drive a “sand point” there and perhaps come up with water? I’ve no idea if there is any form of underground aquifer in that area. (no doubt it could take months of driving down a LOT of pipe, then the problem of bringing it up). (not to mention no warranty you’d hit water, but maybe oil! lol…

        That’s just tooooo desolate for me. I need the forests and woodlands, brooks, creeks and mountain rattlers and copperheads (the black snakes are our friends as they eat the vermin and do an excellent job keeping them at bay).

        Also, we’ve found that one acre is more than we need, as everything is nearly on just 1/2 of the property. That all may change faster than I’d like it to… (but for now it IS an excellent source of wood (in fallen limbs and such for the smokehouse (hickory and lots of it). We COULD go with wood for heat, but not our first choice as it is quite ‘dusty’ and I’m not getting any younger for sure. I AM getting lazier no doubt, or feel that way, I guess. haha..

        • Right on. I got to see the sun coming up through the pine branches whilst standing in the kitchen with a cup of scalding hot ‘Joe’ in my hand. Only way I’d live amongst the scorpions and sidewinders is if I was born out that a’way and knew nothin’ else. Texas has some decent places in the East around the Caddo lake and swamps. Nobody will bother you there.

          • I like living in the now,,, yea i prep but what the hell good is it if you have to struggle,,,

            • I struggled when I was younger and had to earn the dollars to buy what we now have. We Did without in order to pay cash and avoid debt. I enjoy being comfortable. The electricity is wonderful. for a $100 per month it pumps my water, lights my home, runs the freezer, fridge, and washing machine. I love my electric shop tool,s and my 4 post lift. I enjoy the internet and net flix. I want nothing more than to live out the remander of my days drawing my social Security Ponzi check and playing with our hobby farm. We enjoy living in our hillbilly shack. Im certainly not struggling or enduring. I prep for something I hope never happens. The guy in the article it seems to me is just a step away from a homeless Hobo. However if you enjoy what you do you never really work a day in your life.

              • I hear ya,,
                I am always busy but never really feel like im working.
                Prep because i know shit happens not because i feel like some apocalyptic event is coming.

      11. To those of you who want to start prepping and don’t know where to start I highly recommend checking out this guys blog. He reviews some awesome ebooks that helped me out a ton when I was first starting out.

      12. talking about debts
        this is the guy who is gonna “make America great again ” ???

        USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

        h ttp://

      13. I’m kind of jealous of the guy but I’d rather be in Montana.

      14. If this guy wants to live like that that is up to him. For me I want to have some place where I can grow my food and raise some cridders. Easy to defend and with a small creek.


      15. Yes wide open so you can see trouble coming in the morning and set a table for it at noon. I just like to be (not the tallest thing around) and have tree’s to hide behind when the IRS,EPA,DHS,FBI,orATF stop’s by.

      16. Hope he’s got a big stash. That sand won’t go too far.
        Same sort of deal in Maine. $1000/acre (last I checked)
        No codes in the unorganized territories. I don’t know anyone who is completely self-sufficient but every avenue you explore, is one more resource when you have to be.
        Here’s mine.

        • Moby,hope to be up your way at some point next month,in Lincoln area in general,then trucking a bit into the deeper woods.I have a local who knows the area pretty well said he would be a guide,help me set up a decent camp base for a week or two in no where,I mentally need that!

          • Be warned: the ticks are brutal this year. They are everywhere, in droves. And at this time of year, the skeeters and black flies are out in clouds also. The best time to visit Maine is in September when the bugs start declining, the kids are back in school, the tourists are gone, and the weather is still mild.

      17. What captain Crunch said. Post shtf is when things get a little different. Before I am dumped into a ass grave alot of dead soldiers will be in my proximity..advancing cuban, chi-com, jihadist or other enemies will turn me into one viscous mother fucker, especially if you have women and children to defend.. this is the response from me in a combat situation, and can make me very very fucking viscous..the scary thing about this, is that this is the plan of the united nations, and they are a muslim organization, and it’s goal is wipe out the white race, so since this is the case and this type of outcome forced on the American people..and they are so confident to even out of a website showing us that we have been forceably..reduced by violent methods. Then the People are within their rights to kill those invaders on site. And if you do not, what they will do to you, your wife, and daughter, your children, you will wish you fired on them..cowardness get you nowhere in life..

        The United nations have in written docs that all white males must be shot on site, and the women taken to be raped and service the Russian and chinese soldiers.. I am not making this up.. the man who worked for DHS, fema, that leaked that out was murdered for letting it out..


        Let me tell you fucking chi- coms. Russians and jihadist something.. try that shit in my city, you are fucking dead.

      18. I saw a video on this guy on the tiny house blog… years ago when he just had the bitty house. I wish I were farther out, but not farther into the desert. There are edible desert species and species that would work better than his current plants, but he will enjoy figuring it all out. He’s been there a long time now.
        I used to say I wanted to be a hermit. Now I force myself to go in town every week to ten days. I talk to friends and family most days… gotta love technology.
        I have a blog. But that desert? I pass on that. He has lotsa water storage though.

      19. Want a good laugh???
        Moo is a man?

        ht tps://

      20. What he needs is a old chisel cable rig with a clam bucket. It chisels a hole in solid rock and uses a clam bucket to get out rock fragments. Sooner or later you hit water. Harsh area even with water. I like the area, just not much to do there, and I would go stir crazy.

      21. We live in the mtns with winter snow but we heat with wood which is free to pick up The closest neighbor is a mile away and too close. Fruit trees and garden Gold in the streams Freedom and peace. Also has problems of the old west in that outlaws showed up to rob the place at gun point, they didnt combat pistol is a hobby. We were pilgrims but we learned to operate chainsaws and bulldozers. to clean deer, etc great life of freedom had i stayed in6 the city the stress would have gotten me by now

      22. Land in the Desert is cheap until developers move in. Could be worth a lot some day. Also, don’t think the EBT rioters will go out that way.

        But I prefer trees and lush green hills were rain is sufficient and the weather is mild all year. Also, I like access to city life. I’m not a hard core prepper. I am too spoiled to want to live like that for more than a few weeks. But he looks happy. So I’m happy for him.

      23. As others have pointed out, this guy is still dependent on civilization to supply him food. Sure, he may shiver, but winter won’t kill him, so heating is less of an issue. Water will be tough if rain gets scarce.

        As others have said, the ability to grow or raise food is an essential condition for survival in post-SHTF. I carry that idea one step further. You won’t be able to provide yourself with everything you need in a post-SHTF world unless you can grow, dig, sew, weave, hunt, or raise a surplus of something that you can trade for those things you do not have.

        • First off, he’s got 21,000 gallons of storage for water and it’s half full. He’s not going to die of thirst anytime soon. He’s also catching 1500 gallons for each inch of rain out there.

          His greenhouse is huge (watch the video). That guy is not going to be hurting for a long time.

      24. As a place to go if the world all goes to hell, this might not be a bad option. However, as a way to live every day, when there is another option I’ll pass. The problem is that the freedom he has comes at too great a cost in lifestyle. He’s a prisoner to meeting his basic needs rather than a prisoner to the grid. How so? Most people in the suburbs and cities spend around 40 hours a week working a job. Of that time, about 30-50% of it is spent on basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, water and transportation, or around 20 hours. Add to that another 5 hours actually spent on shopping, etc. and you have 25 hours. I would venture to guess he spends far more time than that to get the same things, so he is less free in that regard. He also is living in a tin shack in the middle of a desert, so his life is considerably less comfortable than a city dweller. The only real advantage is being separated from the negatives of society and I am not sure that the price paid is worth it.

        Now, this is not to say that I do not think that independent living is a good idea. I do. I just wouldn’t want to have to deal with the extreme climate and ecosystem he is willing to endure to get there. There is a big difference between living and just existing and to me survival is not worth it if life is forever devoid of living.

        • I lived like this for awhile in a third world country where the landscape was as desolate as this. I admire his courage and fortitude because this is not easy. But it is also a very limited way of life. You spend most of your time just surviving and recovering from events (sand storms, drought, etc.). Getting to anywhere else is very expensive and over time what happens is this: inflation of the currency and prices means your off-grid life requires ever-more on-grid cash or credits to pay for fuel to take you places. In time, you find you cannot afford to go anywhere else: you lose your liberty.

          Better to take an attitude of finding ways to make others do the work for you. One simple fact that is immutable is this: people attracted to cities or who are working in cities are up to their necks in debt and must exist as strap-hangers and do whatever it takes to earn money. This level of desperation and necessity is, in fact, your friend. Use it to get others to do your bidding. Women in debt and can’t make their rent or need cash for a holiday? Well, honey, I know how you can make some quick cash. Buddy has a nagging wife, 2 kids, a big mortgage, parents who expect him to be a big success? Exploit that: hire him to be ‘the man’ and make him work all hours to make money for your company. When he eventually works out you are a douche bag exploiting him and moves to another company, rinse, repeat with the next guy. “Sorry, John, to see you go, we really appreciate all the work you have done for us. Good luck at ACME Industries!”

          Get this right, and you will not need to work more than 20% of your week and have a very comfortable life: hot showers, great organic food, flights to exotic places, beautiful women as friends. That beats living in a shack. I do agree having a shack somewhere is wise for the shtf, however.

      25. If hitlery becomes pres I’m doubling down on not spending any $. I won’t buy coffee in the morning. To take out food anymore. All so called disposable income will not exist anymore. No vacations till she’s out of office. I would suggest everyone hault any unessasary spending. Do everything on a personal level to help her fail. My $ will disapear from the economy entirely. I’ve pulled back significantly but I can do more and will.

      26. Heres a prep tip. When we bought this place it had a ancient money pit house. poorly built and not worth fixing. So We cut the trees and sawed them up and built a stout 1000 sq ft house. We used a little sawmill. Called the one man sawmill. Ours is a old bellsaw model M 14. Any way theirs now small efficient bandsaw mills and plenty of used small sawmills around. Go to www sawmill exchange and there are lots to choose from.

      27. I live off of the grid in the high country of northern Arizona.
        It’s 28 miles to the nearest town,store,and po box.
        My driveway is 1/4 mile long with a fence and gate in the front of the property, and another gate and fence near my house.
        I am fairly secure with this setup as I have a fence around the outer perimeter of the 20 acres, and a fence around the 2 acres immediately around my house.

        I feel that I am fairly secure, and have prepped with various foods, dry goods, and many other supplies–enough to last many months.

        My access road is 10 miles of crappy dirt, with the nearest paved road being 10 miles away.
        My nearest neighbor is 3 1/2 miles away.

        I love the isolation and peace and quiet.
        I don’t suffer from a lack of modern conveniences, as I have solar, propane, and obviously this computer.

      28. Pick a spot, any spot on the globe, and they know where you are. He has a record at the tax office, no matter whether he pays fifty dollars or fifty thousand in property taxes, they know where he is. And if ‘they’ know where you are, then you are not there for long after teotwawkinecoba. thanks for the article.

      29. Good JOB RickE.. Any problems with drinking water resource?


        • @WhoWTFKnows; Thanks! There’s 2 problems associated with living the way I do in northern AZ.
          You hit the nail on the head! Water IS a problem, but there’s a small reservoir for cattle about 2 1/2 miles away that has water in it for about 10 or 11 months out of the year.
          Plus there’s another reservoir about 8 miles away that never goes dry. While that isn’t within walking distance carrying water, it is easily within biking distance with a mountain bike.

          The other problem is fire, though thus far in the 4 years I’ve lived out here there’s been none.

          If you have any other comments or questions I would love to hear them.

      30. Rick,as you have a computer connection what is it,sat?I was looking into that for a place me friend has,figures he wants it while available.

        • @Warchild Dammit’
          I use verizon hotspot, which is fairly fast and very reliable. Luckily I have excellent cell phone signal here.
          Where does your friend or you want to buy land?

      31. We need a new reality, one in which we can live free without having to move into the middle of the desert, and this will only be achieved through revolution!
        Revolution now!

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