Indonesian Volcano Mount Sinabung Erupts

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 20 comments

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    Fears that Mount Agung would explode in Bali sparked the evacuation of 50,000 mere days ago. But the volcano hasn’t erupted yet. Instead, Mount Sinabung is now exploding.

    More than 75,000 people living in the area have fled since the announcement that the Mount Agung volcano’s eruption is imminent. The fear that Mout Agung will go off at any time has just been ratcheted up to the highest level as well, leaving displaced residents rightly concerned. While all attention was focused on the potential imminent eruption of Mount Agung in Bali, another deadly Indonesian volcano has dramatically exploded in Sumatra.

    Sinabung is located on the “Ring of Fire,” a volatile zone of seismic activity with hundreds of active volcanoes and 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes.

    Mount Sinabung, in northern Sumatra, spewed plumes of ash 2.5km into the air as it erupted at 1:23 pm local time on Wednesday. The volcano actually explodes so frequently, warning signs are permanently stationed around it warning against going near it. Authorities feared the new lava flows could cascade down the mountain and destroy homes, as has happened several times.

    Just last month another eruption rocked the area, blasting ash 4.2km into the air and causing pyroclastic flows many kilometers across surrounding countryside. Earlier in the year, 10 people were killed in another eruption by Mount Sinabung, with its death toll sitting at 20 in the past decade, including four high school students and their teacher on a school excursion.

    Scientists said there were 1,000 tremours around the island’s highest peak, Mount Agung, occurred in a single day and if they continue, that volcano could erupt in only a matter of hours.

    Authorities continue to insist that Indonesia is safe for tourists even though the “Ring of Fire” has been experiencing some seismic shakeups and volcanic activity appears to be increasing.


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      1. Perhaps throwing the evil queen Clinton into the volcano would appease it. More likely it would spit her back out.

        • Are you nuts. That would ensure a super eruption. An extinction level event. Don’t even joke about such things.

          • Mike,
            You are absolutely right…
            the gods require a VIRGIN…
            ‘nuf said!

      2. The volcano gods want multi-millionaire NFL football players who won’t stand for the national anthem. Virgins are now safe.

        • It’s in a bung!!! Same thing that was yelled out when Reggie met Barack. No vegans…. virgins … required.

      3. The voters in Alabama erupted yesterday. They chose Judge Moore over Luther Strange. Now watch the Republican establishment back the Democrat in the main election. Trump backed the establishment guy and lost. What’s up Trump?

      4. Whats up with Trump? My guess is he is showing his true colors. He is a Jxx in a Irish looking body.

        • “He is a Jxx in a Irish looking body.”

          This picture says it all about Trump.
          First order for President Trump – visiting Israel.

        • Well, OG, that’s not news to the tens of millions who already know that because they lived near Trump somewhere between the 70’s – 90’s and are old enough to have known what was going on and to remember the endless bs going on with him and also the criminal activity with his Mob connections related to his gambling casinos.

          Plus Trump’s best buddies are Jxx’s, such as pedophile Jeff Epstein and hebephile Howard Stern, and also wealthy NYC real estate develop Howard Lorber, just to name three of his many, many Jxx buddies.

          I said all of this and more in a few previous threads and also mentioned he only likes wealthy, educated, White WASPs and Jxx’s who are wealthy too. That’s it.

          He encouraged his three oldest kids to marry Jews (and they did) so all of his eight grandkids are Jxx’s too. Also, Trump is not a Repub, never was and never will be. I had mentioned that many threads ago. Tens of millions of people currently over age 55 who lived in or near NYC in the 80’s and 90’s are the only non-family who know him best. How could they not?

          They heard him on Howard Sterns’ radio show all the time on their way to and from work for decades. They were warning voters about Trump before the election but no one who was supporting him would listen. They were called Democrats or Liberals or Hillary lovers and didn’t heed the warnings that “Trump isn’t who you think he is”.

          It doesn’t matter anyway because yes Trump is a liar and an imposter of goodness, and yes he’s real bad news, but then Hitlery is actually much worse. So…. pick your evil.

          But we need to stop worshiping him and we certainly need to STOP TRUSTING him. Putting our faith and trust in an imposter is dangerous. I have lived in the NYC Metro area my entire 59 yrs and trust me, he is NOT trustworthy.

      5. Sacrifice both greasy murderers Clinton and drone chucker Obammy into the crater for good measure.

      6. Haha my sinabung erupts when i eat indian food too.

      7. It is a Volcano. That is what they do. Just that simple!!!!!

        Mother Nature at her finest.


        • I hear there’s a volcano under the Pit, in Ottawa.

      8. Him:
        I ask the same thing about Trump and his self defeating choices… makes me sick. I have never liked Trump……he is too egotistical and self-centered for my taste. I refused to watch anything he was doing on the television shows. But, when he promised to do all the things this country needs to take our country back from NWO communists (who are running the government now) ….I was willing to back him. I have often said “if you can’t play chess while the enemy is playing checkers ……you can’t do this job.” Time will tell where his loyalty lies. Is this tactical, or stupidity? He has made a few blunders so far, but it is a tough job.
        If he can pull the USA together and destroy the nwo communists subversion by Christmas, we might survive. If not he is a bigger fool than I thought.

        • Kay123, The Koch brothers have hired a company that data mines people info. They have it down to a science. They know the exact words to say to get the response they want from the most people. The Koch brothers are aligned with the Trump organization.

      9. AL Gored predicted all this in his research paper that earned him a Nobel Prize in Weather.

        His Nobel Prize level researched proved that we will have numerous Earthquakes, Early Snow World Wide and numerous Volcanoes eruptions, all caused by, and leading up to a warming Holocaust that will kill 6 million, I mean, 6 Billion people.

        • As long as they are Democrats
          it is OK with me.

          I’m set and isolated.

      10. I love Trump. He and Judge Moore are going to be a great team!!


      11. Rellik:
        I agree. Only problem is some democraps are my family. Tried and tried to open their eyes but old habits die hard. We can’t discuss politics at all! I read, study, watch politics….every day….they don’t. They don’t care even though they are veterans. This is why this country is falling apart!
        I voted for JFK and he was the last democrat. LBJ ushered in the Communist
        Manifesto, evidently, because it then changed from American gov. to NWO Com. Gov.
        And LBJ dipped into social security funds…..and spent it all. I still don’t know WHY we lost 52,000 Men in vietnam…for what? LBJ was a real jerk.

      12. Umm, Kay, just so you know Donald Trump, Ivanka and Jared are all “Democraps”.

        If you think Ivanka and Jared aren’t running the country (they’re both Special Advisors to the POTUS) think again. Don’t kid yourself, they are VERY involved in critical decisions. And they are all Democraps masquerading as Republicans.

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