In the 50s, Preppers Retreating to Off-Grid Shelters After Attack Were “Treasonous”

by | Feb 13, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 171 comments

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    This article was written by Aaron Dykes and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Not only is the government inept at handling a crisis, they are generally aimed, ultimately, at exerting greater control over society. From the response to Hurricane Katrina, to the possibility of a major economic collapse and break down of society, there is every reason to avoid being corralled into a FEMA camp and “helped” by the Feds.

    As every prepper knows, this is the time to plan ahead, and enact that plan to reach your retreat and survive with the supplies and preparations you have made while remaining off the radar. If you can’t make it to your out-of-the-way destination, or if that alternative is no longer desirable, making do in the woods or even abandoned buildings is probably preferable to lining up and taking orders from the martial law crowd. Things could turn especially ugly if you end up on one of their lists…

    Apparently, Fleeing the City During A Crisis for Rural Shelter Is “Treason”

    by Aaron Dykes

    If there is a major crisis – from an economic collapse, to a terror attack, natural disaster or mass civil unrest – your first thought may be to escape the city and retreat to the safety of your hideaway shelter in the countryside. But that’s exactly what the collectivist government DOESN’T want you to do.

    Instead, they want you to line up and join the masses at overcrowded FEMA camps and public shelters… and hope for the best.

    Propaganda films during the atomic age were heavy on the scare tactics, but this one made clear that self-reliance and prepper-minded individuals are going too far against society – and should be regarded as “deserters” and “treasonous” if they don’t stay put in their cities, follow orders and show up for their job.

    After all, it is a collective effort, and even the threat of nuclear annihilation is no excuse for going off on your own – even to save your own family (though that certainly won’t stop the elite from doing so…).

    The real reason is that – just as today with terrorism – the government wants a malleable and obedient population that will take orders from central authorities and join the herd. It is instinct and survival against mass conformity and power.

    True survival minded people aren’t wanted unless they are in uniform serving government objectives and power.


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      1. Makes one wonder what to believe anymore.

        Be well all…

        • Btw, one house in the pictures is an older terra-dome home.

          Look it up, livable underground home bunker with windows.

          Sounds like a oxymoron???

          • Thanks, Mac for this place.

            Could we all stop the sniping on each other?

            I have learned a few things by hitting this site.

            Eyes open no fear…

            • Eppster,
              I have even learned from the sniping,,,
              Well more reaffirmed,
              That i have little use for the majority of society, and a deep respect for a select few,,,
              And that it is important to chose cautiously and wisely when calling teams.

              • 3 weeks to shootapaloosa.
                Wish you could be there.
                Long distance shooting???

                • EPPE:

                  I can’t make this one, but when are you going to have another. By the way when are you going to have it?

                  What can I bring? That is if I can retrieve them from the hole they fell in after the last earth quake.

                  Going to get my group tighter in April or May if the weather hold up to do some tactical shooting.


                • I wish i coult be there, would be fun and great to meet up, $ real tight these days, am just lucky i dont have to worry about my living situation, for now anyway.

                • Eppe, I’ll be back in GA in 3 weeks for another supply run to the BOL. I’ll try to make a side trip there. Would be an honor and privilege to meet you.

                  • Brave, where we shoot is 3 hours below Blairsville.
                    We always have a great time.
                    I hope we have good weather, planning this is tough not knowing what that day will look like.

                    You need to hit me on my email.
                    Anyone who wants to be in the plan email group: [email protected]

                    Eyes open no fear…

                    • I posted this 3 hours ago.

                    • patience is a virtue!

                    • Patience in time the grass becomes milk 🙂

                    • Blairsville Pa?

              • My ‘teams’ were put together years ago.
                Gives one a sense of relief.
                Trust is tough to establish.
                Mine are family and friends.
                Easier that way…

              • Kula, I wholeheartedly agree. People who we thought were our friends (the wife and I) became completely nasty and almost malicious in their demeanor, once we tried to explain where and how things are going down the toilet. Some were fellow Christian friends, even tried to point out biblical references to no avail. See Ezekiel chapters 33 &34

                • Its too bad isnt it, only reason we bring this stuff to light is to try and get people aware and thinking, sorta rough when you think your doing something good only to be labled a nutjob,,,
                  Oh well,

                • OrganicGrower, I grew up around evengelicals and broke away from them back in the 70s so I know from where you speak. Haven’t been in a church since then. Can’t find a TRUE church or REAL Christians out there these days.

                • Hate to say it, but you need to let the other person bring it up, 97% of us have normalcy bias and will not readily accept doom and gloom.

                  We’ll know who the good people are when it’s time, not before.

              • Kula, did u grow up in Wichita Kansas.

                • Not far from Wichita, most everyone thinks the world is just wonderful…

          • I have always wanted to build a Hobbit house, am looking to try it out in the near future and use it as a root cellar of sorts, am thinking on burying a couple sections of 8′ culvert in a low spot i have and start fooling with it to make it into my own hobbit house, could be a fun project…

            • Cool sites with hobbits homes.

              Just be sure of the waterproofing…

              • Thats why i am looking to use these 8′ diameter by 20′ long aluminum culvert sections a friend gave me, are corrugated and can be pre coated and waterproofed before i burry them, am going to scrounge up one more section, a 10′ diameter about 12′ long i saw sitting in a construction yard, will flatten it out and connect the other two sections in an H shape, frame a false floor in the whole thing level, then line the walls and ceiling with 1/4″ birch ply,,,
                Have two exposed ends with a door and windows, and thinking ill do a block wall to close off the other end of the tubes

                • Kula, One thing I have learned about underground shelter is it attracts moisture and mold. The coolness of temp and the circulating air condenses the moisture pretty bad. You live in a high humidity environment and high average temps so think about it before you build. I have battled moisture and mold for several years now and thought I had it beat (I did beat the mold) but the fookin moisture loves to condensate underground. Maybe run your intake air through a dehumidifier first. I made a plaster out of colliodial silver and portland cement and that stopped the mold but not the water (It is is a semi arid place with low humidity). Something to consider because it is a bitch to deal with.

                  • Been thinking about that, moisture definitely a problem, our soil temps 8′ and deeper tend towards 50ish, good for the root cellar, an engineer bud said if i burry the intake pipe and make sure its long enough to drop the temp on the air the condensation issues shouldnt be as bad, but will still be an issue to some degree, running an ac would help, but that requires power, and if i do it solar will be costly,,,
                    The engineer said if i insulate the outside of the tubes will help, wont have the different temps that cause the condensation,

                  • Please listen to me Kula because I am now faced with digging it up and redoing the entire thing. Thousands of dollars in rework with no guarantee it will work. Maybe do solid concrete walls and roof and floor with a drain system. The silver plaster will keep mold out but the water problem is a mutherfooker. A dirtwall system will just be super humid and grow mold. Steel pipe will condensate like no tommorrow. Seal all your preps in thick plastic and waterproof them. I have thrown out a shitload of food preps because of the damage it caused. Just a warning to you and others of what to expect….

                    • Also do NOT have any exposed wood or cardboard or metal. These will rust, and or absorb water and go to shit. To keep your stuff off the floor use pieces of pvc pipe. Garbage bags are not thick enough to stop moisture, you need 4 mil or better visqueen. I use this stuff called sta-dry or something that is a crystalinne absorber I put in buckets to help. I hope the hell I never have to retreat there for very long lol…

                    • thanks for helpin’ us idjits, genius!…been thinkin’ about underground myself for quite a while….tooo late now! would be nice to go underground here in the desert, where it’s 56* all the time….summer OR winter that would be a blessing from above….errr, BELOW!…thinkin’ underground shootin’ range, two 40′ containers together makes a 75 foot firing range, right in the middle of town, with nobody the wiser!..just got to ventilate it.

                    • I have an underground place I built not too far from you genius. I dont have any condensate or moisture problems. In fact it is too dry. Humidity is less than 10% and has been near 2% at times. Half of it is a tornado shelter I got from Vaughn in cheyenne and the rest is made from concrete block and cement.

                    • Ed, ya I think part of my problem is it is a wood beam frame painted with tar and wrapped in roofing felt. The inside is 2 layers of 4 mil plastic covered by 3/4 plywood and plastered with silver plaster. The floor is cement and it has fan powered ventilation. Maybe if it was solid concrete it would be better. It was a hell of a lot of work to end up with problems. I am thinking of digging the dirt off the top of it and taking the roof beams off and filling the gaps between studs with concrete then pouring a concrete roof. Lot of fookin work and $$$. It is framed with 3×7 gluelam beams and has 1 1/4 rated tounge and groove plywood on the outside. SHIIIIIIT….

                    • Genius, have you seen the waterproofing system that the guys up at earthshelters dot com are doing? They basically make an umbrella out of foam insulation and visqueen under the dirt, but above the shelter. Insulated and waterproofed, they capture a bunch of thermal mass. They do have a fairly sophisticated vent system. I dozed off about 10 minutes in to the ventilation stuff…

                      I would say “keep your powder dry” but apparently that ship has sailed…

                • Kula,
                  You live in a warm climate. Hobbit holes are great in sub zero climates. A great alternative is geothermal heating and cooling, normal house but the earth is your heatin and AC via a pipe loop that grabs energy from the earth. AC is often very cheap.

                  In a northern climate, current temp 20 deg F. Earth temp 50 deg F. You can pull that heat cheaply and heat a large house. The pipe wells are very expensive though.

                  Mold, mold, mold is the enemy of underground homes. All internal foundation surfaces must be accessible by some means for cleaning. Clorox will be your best friend, even if you must sleep outside for a week once a year.

                  Multi layer waterproofing to the max attainable by current technology is an absolutely a must. Your home must never leak, and you must be able to prevent

                  The problem is not heating, the problem is cooling. The moment you tap into free geothermal AC cooling, a mold problem can emerge from condensate.

                  With a powered AC system you get condensate removed from the air with a self flushing system that keeps the air clean, and mold minimized. The coldest point is the point that gets washed down by condensate, not a hidden wall backed up by dirt.

                  The point is to engineer a system that lets you manage Heating and AC means you must manage mold. Mold is poison to humans.

            • Gonna’ name it ‘Me Precious’?

        • I’ll just let the government tell me what to think. Kinda like being plugged back into the Matrix.

          • maybe a frontal lobotomy with the optional input for direct input from TPTB???

            • I think he should go for the full “What me worry” chip implant.

              What could go wrong?

        • The Underclass guy (channel called – new world order as seen from the underclass) explained in a video that NO ONE gets to bug out from he cities. He said all western governments have an enforcable ‘Shelter in Place’ doctrine (otherwise known as Mastering the Human Domain) already in place, and cities will get locked don tight. Boston Bombing lockdown was given as a live-test example, and Jade Helm shown to cover for the movement of armoured support to staging areas.
          His video is worth a listen.

          • Katrina was a classic example when they shut down the Bridges so the blacks could not escape the stadium dome side and shot anybody trying to cross the bridge. A few did get shot trying to cross and get out.

            Bridges are a great choke point ambush zone to stop the Freeshit Army of cockroaches from egress.

        • Forgot to supply link to the video ‘Shelter in Place – Why no one will get to bug out from the cities’

          • Thank you Almost Awake-
            I enjoyed that video very much. It made a great deal of sense to me.
            I live close to one of the major arteries out of Houston, and there is a huge bottleneck at one point which could easily be fixed- and it hasn’t been addressed. I used to think it was just malfeasance on the part of Txdot or the counties involved, but the thought crossed my mind recently that it has been left like that on purpose… which is good for me because I am north of the bottleneck. Bad if you live anywhere south of Panorama.
            I continue to encourage people to learn the back roads within 2 to 3 hours of their home/bol and have redundancy plans set up for blocked routes. Many roads still don’t show up on GPS. These are my favorites.

            • Do you mean south of Parramatta?

      2. The film was correct in one thing. Everyone trying to leave town at once will be a major problem. That’s why you need to leave first, preferably right now.

        I do have my “few cans” in the pantry.

        • That is what happened during Rita and Katrina. Everybody was stuck on the side of the road for DAYS…

          • which is why you should ALWAYS have some preps in you car….and maybe this stuff…
            A shovel
            Windshield scraper and small broom
            Battery powered radio with extra batteries
            Food and Water for 3 days …or a LOT longer!
            Extra winter layers – hats, socks and mittens
            First aid kit with pocket knife
            Any necessary medications
            blanket(s) and/or bivy bags
            Tow chain and/or paracord
            Booster cables
            Emergency flares
            Fluorescent distress flag
            Snow chains
            cel phone and something to CHARGE it with…it’s useless without a charger….oh, and if you lose it or it BREAKS, you better have yer phone numbers in a BOOK,, because you probly won’t remember ALL of those numbers in it
            and don’t forget the 3 foot long 4×6’s for crossing obstacles like a little 12 inch ditch or other rough spots in the road if you have to go off-road to get around the traffic…and an airpump and tireplug kit wouldn’t be a bad idea either….small tool kit with screwdrivers pliers kreskin wrench. toilet paper.electric tape(make a bandage with those two things….or a sling or splint) hiking boots if you gotta leave the car. poncho or plastic trash bag for raincoat. cash is a big one…atm’s mite not work. wipies. brillo pad and jumper cables makes a great firestarter(matches?) painkillers. pepper spray, maps and compass. flashlight. backpack. gloves spare eyeglasses. vicegrips.One pair thermal underwear/pants and shirt..deck of cards
            one more thing. if you don’t know how to drive off-road, go check out your local 4 wheeel drive club, and i bet you can find someone to teach you in a couple hours the basics. i have taken on that job with my local club….MOST people live their whole lives without driving off the pavement. when that shtf moment arrives…THEY will be powerless to get anywhere.
            did i forget anything???????????????

            • Buttcrack, you forgot the most important thing! A GUN! Always have a gun at your disposal or you probably won’t be getting far with all the other items lol. But good post my man, I carry a bunch of stuff in my vehicle and can go 30 days with what I have as long as I follow a water route. I have been stranded in the middle of nowhere and I thank my creator for having the brains to have all that stuff it got me through several times. I pack preps in the atv’s also and comm gear. Keep up the good work buttcrack 🙂

              • Every carpenter and home builder knows the enemy is moisture. My carpentry teacher told us a story about a brand new post-and-beam house that ended up razed to the ground. Why? Because some dumb fuck vented the dryer to the inside of the house. It rotted the wood and a five-year old house ended up unrepairable.

                Live and learn. Hobbit holes work in some areas. Not all. Drainage is critical. If you live in a dry area with minimal rainfall it is a possible design. It depends on where you live.

                Personally I hate the way houses with a basement stink. I am not a fan of living below ground level. It just depends on where you are.

              • you know, i ALMOST added that, but juss figgered an idiot, or maybe even a CONgressman would know you need some of THEM….there’s actually a LOT of stuff in MY truck that’s not on the list.

            • I would also add some kind of winch and a can of fix a flat. Also, manual transmissions are your friend as they don’t usually fail completely and will allow you to push start your vehicle if needed. Likewise, an extra set of belts for, at minimum, the water pump and alternator are a good idea. While you’re in there consider a spare set of molded radiator hoses as they are vehicle specific. Oh, and some JB Quick- just in case (it can mend a small hole or crack in a fuel tank or radiator and dries faster than normal JB Weld).

              I would also study driving practices that fall under the aegis of hypermiling. Pulse and glide as well as driving without brakes would be of particular interest as both can significantly increase the range of a vehicle in a fuel limited situation. Both basically are about learning to conserve momentum to minimize fuel consumption.

              • just added JB weld to my list, THANKS!

                • check out a product called Rescue Tape. Binds to itself and is better than most anything for radiator hose repair on the spot or similar stuff. Good item.

                  • thanks ketchy!

                  • Silicone tape. Harbor freight. Cheaper! Just as good.

              • Did you know you can roll start a Prius, or many other hybrids? It takes about 10 to 15 mph to get it running.

                The engine becomes a generator that can boot the computer that can get the whole shibang running? Once the computer is running it will try to fix what ails it.

                I had a friend who hooked his Prius up to a 12V to 120/60 converter and ran his furnace for several days. By connecting it to the right spot the Prius automatically started and kept everything normal. He never cot cold.

                I’m astounded DHS doesn’t have special Prius cars made that can handle emergencies and provide 120/60 on an emergency site. The computer can already handle it within limits.

                Ans: DHS is really not about handling problems, it’s about control.

            • A lot of that stuff cannot be carried in my area during the summer and winter. The temp is often in the 80s and sometimes in the 90s in the summer. Food will spoil. Anything rubber or plastic (e.g., tire pump, electrical tape, poncho) will either melt, or rapidly age and crack. Aspirin or any sort of medicine will break down. Batteries may rupture from the heat.

              In the winter, anything liquid will freeze. (It was minus 3F when I got up this morning.) Again, batteries may rupture when frozen. Food and water will be frozen as solid as rock, and may be unusable. Anything rubber or plastic will be extremely brittle and could either be totally unusable or will break very easily.

              I highly advise having TWO jacks in your vehicle; if one end of the vehicle is mired, you may be able to put down some small pieces of scrap wood (which you should also carry in the vehicle) for a foundation, place the jacks on the wood, and raise the end of the vehicle evenly by going back and forth, raising each jack a bit at a time. Then put something solid under the tires for traction and drive out of the bad spot.

              Likewise, have two deer-hanging pulleys in the vehicle. These are cheap… $5 to $10 each…. and can be a lifesaver. If a vehicle is not too badly stuck, these can be attached at the corners and the vehicle pulled back onto solid road. You need to have extra rope, because the rope included is only long enough to hang game and is pretty short. I have gotten myself out of some awkward scrapes with these pulleys and consider them a must-have for my vehicle.

              These pulley systems are so lightweight that they should be considered even for a BOB bag. You might need to move a beam that is against a door or window, trapping you in a room. You might have to lower an injured partner from one elevation to a lower one. You might need to pull a motorcycle up an embankment. The pulley is one of THE basic force multipliers in physics and should not be overlooked.

              • excellent commentary, karl! thanks, been thinkin’ bout a comealong…another very useful tool when stuck is a digging bar…at harbor freight for around 30 bucks, and they can be used for lifting up a corner of the vehicle…and many other uses

                • I agree 100% — the come-along is a terrific tool and really should be considered for vehicle carry.

                  I still like the pulley rigs because they are simple, very cheap, and lightweight. You can’t carry a heavy come-along in a BOB or in a bicycle saddlebag but a pulley system will not add much weight at all and can be a lifesaver.

              • A $15 “come along” from Harbour Freight can move a car, and get you unstuck.

                A Harbour Freight small 12V compressor can fill a tire and a patch kit can multiple punctures.

                All critical for getting out of Dodge.

        • Archivist,
          Why I got my three days worth myself. Ain’t we the good little citizens.

        • Or not live in a city at all!

        • A little bit of historical context would be nice, so I will give it. “Our Cities Must Fight” was made in the early days of nuclear weapons, when an A bomb from a bomber was the main worry. Thus it was assumed that it would not be total annihilation and that civil defense measures would have been sufficient. Today, it’s a different story with ICBMs and thermonuclear weaponry.

          It’s also interesting to note just who made this film. It was one of only two films produced by a company called Archer Productions and is generally considered to be a fairly terrible example of civil defense films. Ironically, their only other film is considered to be the absolute best, a film so iconic that it is considered one of the 100 most culturally influential films of the 1900’s. That film’s name? “Duck and Cover”. (It has the most catchy earworm in the history of mankind, so just be warned if you choose to watch it!) Unlike “Our Cities Must Fight”, it actually has fairly sound information in it that would improve your chances of surviving a nuclear attack. It’s also interesting in that, for a film shot in pre- Brown vs. Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas America, it has a classroom scene with a racially integrated student body. If memory serves, the classroom scene was shot with an actual class of students and was not arranged to be integrated on purpose.

          • Winston
            Good information. Lotsa relevant stuff left out above.

          • WS, I remember that film “Duck And Cover” all too well. When I was in grade school in the 60s we still had the ‘duck and cover’ drills. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, my older brother and I helped our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with supplies. That was my first contact with what we know today as prepping. That ‘duck and cover’ film actually had some good information in it; most unusual for a govt. film.

            • BH, sooner or later .gov was BOUND to slip up and say something helpful. They have assembled a committee to make sure it will never happen again.

            • I have a thing for old civil defense propaganda films, and it’s definitely my favorite. I even used a screen shot of “Bert the Turtle” as the wallpaper on my computer for a while. The great thing about the time we live in is that a lot of obscure films that would have died the death of anonymity are now available for the curious to peruse via Youtube.

              You can also watch hundreds of nuclear weapons tests from the relative safety of your home at the stroke of a key and benefit from the formerly secret knowledge these films still contain. Some people tell me I am obsessed with some rather dark subjects, but to me it’s more about intellectual curiosity than anything.

      3. Everyone meet at the New Orleans dome…. That worked out so well …

      4. Brass and lead is useful.

      5. Simple question, who would you rather rely on if things get really bad A) government official or B) yourself. nuff said

        • unfortunately for 80% of the population, the answer SHOULD be, the gub-mint…the dumb masses won’t know WHAT the hell to do….most should be sent to the witless protection program. for the other 20% or so….we can and SHOULD take care of ourselves…in SPITE of the fact that gubmint has dumbed us down so much that we are barely able to tie our shoes any more….poor poor america(ns)..we USED to be the envy of the world….and now,….all they feel is hatred toward U.S.

          • Not all butt.
            There are still many who wish you patriots well.
            A friend in need is a friend indeed.
            Keep your chin up “Old Chap”

          • “Hey…! Power laces! All right…!

            — Marty McFly

      6. It was treasonous to flee in the 1950s only because you were expected to stay and fight communism. Now America has embraced communism. I will be treasonous to not give all your crap to the government to support the “greater good.”

        • JS, I’m already considered a ‘terrorist’ because I have more than week’s worth of food and for a bunch of other reasons, so like hildebeast says, what difference does it make? they can take their ‘greater good’ and stuff it.

          • you referring to cuntlery, braveheart?….or are you talkin’ ’bout the appocalypse COW, mooshell? either one of those dudes(maybe LITERALLY) can sure put the cunt in country…..never DID like that damn word…unfortunately, i can’t find a better one to describe it

            • BCOD, LMAO! Cuntlery of course!

          • Yep, Going to my CUZ’s Place in March, the back yard shed is my BOL. N Georga, I will quit my Door shaker job and bug out cause SHTF. Or maybe just drop off another cardboard box of gold fish crackers. That’s my PM’s that I can eat. Its my big plan, very OPSEC cause nobody knows. I gots no credit to buy my own place and I refuse to ever ever get a credit card. Yep big plans for me at my new BOL. BTW I agree with everybody Here. Give em lead, cause we will defend our shacks and nobody gets my goldfish crackers.

            • DKS, another useless troll. Go f#$% yourself and move along.

          • Hell I have a weeks worth of ice cream!

            OMG, I’m a terrorist……….. Don’t tell my mommy!

      7. As a kid I saw the Cuban missile crisis and the grocery stores empty out in a few hours of panic buyin6g. Row after row of empty shelves was reality. Those that had kept and if you did not have you faced a short future. No one shared anything. A city is just a huge ant heap of savage death is such a situation. Look at Lenningrad or Stalingrad in WWII. Starvation and violence death were the order of the day. Cannibalism was revived but the factories in Lenningrad kept working the dhildren were taken away to safety an6d never seen again No on6e admits knowledge of their fate. Women and old people were given starvation food rations. You had to report for work or you did not get a food ration at all. Get out of Dodge as fast as you can folks.

        • Rockmanr, I was only 5 during that crisis and my mother had to have Dad with her at the supermarket just to make sure she got out of the store safely with the groceries. My brother and I had already helped him build a bomb shelter in our basement. Dad had a .38 stuffed under his shirt in the store with Mom just in case. But we had everything we needed. I’m just glad that a nuclear war was averted.

      8. Do any of us really care if they are labled in any way?
        I know i dont, im just doing my own thing, its called homesteading, more specificly, sustainable homesteading.
        I dont know if or when anything is going to happen and i dont really care, can be sure that at some point something will happen, may well be horrific, who knows! But i can only do what i can do, gardens, livestock, put a little aside, keep a skeptical eye to dayly events.
        With any luck at all it will end in a flash of light and thats it,,,,,

        • “kulafarmer” et al etc. (sheeit)
          Jesus fucking CHRIST why don’t you give it a REST and SHUT THE FUCK UP already??
          Worthless post after post, clogging up the comments.
          Don’t you have some kale or some shit to ‘farm’?

          I hate fake posters
          and you are the absolute SHIT.

          • alias.

            You can always leave.

            • Amen sling.
              Why be a negative, when one can be positive???

              Comments make this site…

              • Eppe, GOOD people like us make this site. Trolls DON’T. I say trolls are useless eaters just like the free shit army.

                • Got to agree with myself yet again for sure.
                  Any free shit army approaches within 200 feet of my BOL and they will get ventilated.
                  Borefart takes no prisoners, period.

            • You guys are so nice with your replies, I will just keep mine to myself 🙂

              • yes genius, we tend to sugar-coat our responses around here…one ‘o these days though!…wee’ll unload on ’em…right braveheart?

                • BCOD, LOL. I already unload on them. I’ve always been politically incorrect and always will be. MOLON LABE

          • “A”
            Show some respect please.
            If you disagree with Kula. State why. Tell him what you disagree with. You might find that there might be some that agree with you.

            For me this type of attack proves nothing!

            • Sarge, my guess is this is part of the disruption, anyone who consistantly speaks out agains the establishment gets attacked,
              Is all good, the message still gets out and their attack shows true colors,
              We all know what the deal is bud,

              • Kula,
                I agree the more outspoken you are the more THEY will attack and try to discredit you! and IF you notice when you really strike a nerve they REALLY send i the trolls!! not that i would ever have that happen to sweet old me! HA!
                keep up the good work my friend, we will ALL need the help sometime!

                • Yup, been happening a lot more lately, guess im pissing in someones cheerios..
                  The kinda help i need requires a doctorate!
                  Haaaa ha, be here all week!

                  • Kula, it’s a good thing to piss in a libturd’s cheerios. I do it all the time because they give me reasons to do it.

                  • Kula,
                    Your words are true.
                    Ignore the trolls.
                    You are on the right path.

                    Speak softly and never let them see the stick, until it’s upside their head.

                    Trolls are for giggles. They all wear the same T-shirt, it says “pay me no mind”.

            • dumbshit probly steps out of the shower to take a piss… DOES prove one thing to ME….there’s still money to be made workin’ fer the gub-mint.

          • Hmmmm,,, funny, i am pretty much the real deal,,
            From Kula,
            Am a farmer,
            Dont give a shit what someone like you thinks,
            Dont really give a shit what the government thinks either,,,,
            Yup, pretty much summs it up,
            Hmm, not sure what the fake part is,,,

            • Well said.

            • Kula and Sarge, alias is just another useless, commie POS troll.

          • Leave Kula and the rest of us alone, troll face. Oh, and take your blasphemy with you!

          • Alias, I hate trolls and think YOU’RE the absolute shit, so we’re even. So f#$% you and move your stupid trolling ass on.

          • Sorry, alias. Didn’t mean to bog down your TRS 80 (Affectionately known as the Trash 80). I know too many comments overwork your dot matrix printer.

            If you’d like, you can lick my anus. You know you want to…

            • Did, are you admitting that you are homosexual or bi. Man that’s some real sick shit allowing a man to do that to you.

            • Poor old alias, born stupid and been losing ground ever since! Does not want to be part of the real world and no one wants him either. Just another festering pustule trying to make his weak mind justify it’s meager existence.

          • I’m always willing to learn from anyone who knows more than I do. Now that you have expressed your opinion of posts that are ‘worthless’, I anxiously wait to hear the gems of knowledge that you have to share.

            ….. you can start any time now…..

      9. Once upon a time, long long ago… the gov did have civilian shelters to go to. Civil defense was taught at school. Some folks even had bomb shelters in their back yard.

        None of that applies much any more.

        Soooooo, we are left to take care of ourselves.

        And we should 🙂

        • Amen G.
          That is what prepping is all about.

          Be well rounded…

        • Days gone by,, now the only shelters are for TPTB and we are villified if we think we need to create a shelter.

        • I remember those times. In town, you’d see building with those yellow and black CD signs everywhere. The schools even had special exercises where everyone would board the buses and would be taken to a shelter to see how long it would take. When the Cuban Missile Crisis happened, the evacuation exercises were stepped up. Somehow, each exercise day, I would be sick and not be in school for them. An omen of things to come perhaps?

          In the 80’s, I was tasked to inventory the attic of the headquarters bldg where I was stationed. The attic had been closed off for so long that no one knew what was up there. In one end, I found a ton of old CD supplies. Barrels and barrels of NBC gear, sanitation supplies, bedding, clothes and even food. All was still in pristine condition in the barrels. Only the food had to thrown away. Wish I could get my hands on some of those barrels.

        • Civil Defense was seen as valuable in two ways: As a propaganda tool to soothe the masses and as a way to preserve the population to rebuild and possibly continue the fight. It was always sort of piecemeal in it’s nature because once the shelters were set up, it was the responsibility of the local municipalities to fund their maintenance. Not all areas were able to afford it, so many were inadequately prepared even at the peak of the program in the 1960’s. As of today, only Huntsville, Alabama (in the USA) still has a civilian shelter program.

          However, there are other nations that sill have strong civil defense programs and whose programs were always superior to our own. The two that come to mind are Russia and Switzerland. In Switzerland the building code stated that every home had to have shelter space as part of it’s design. In the USSR, most residential building complexes and industrial sites had well stocked shelters built into them as part of the design during the reconstruction from The Great Patriotic War. As of today, Russia is still building new shelter spaces and reequipping old ones. Moscow is probably the best prepared place to be as it has shelter space available for every single inhabitant of the main city, with work continuing to extend it to the suburbs.

          • WS, the CD shelters in my area were closed up during Clinton’s first term. If I were to call for the return of CD shelters, every libturd and his mama would call me a nutjob.

            • I don’t think it would just be the liberals who would think you’re nuts! Lots of conservatives would join in the chorus as well. Most people today see nuclear war as either a distant threat that ended with the cold war, or completely unsurvivable. Either way, people do not see a need for CD shelters anymore. They don’t see that the reason for their existence was never to save everybody, but to increase the total number of survivors. I am happy to have the “useless” knowledge I have gained from studying the old civil defense system though and my chances of surviving a first strike are now probably 80% higher than the general population. I hope I never need it, but if I ever do I will do like Bert the Turtle and duck and cover!

        • I remember the Civil Defense drills, bomb shelters in the back yard, duck and cover drills at school. I think the country was much more together then.

        • Long ago the US government had a grain reserve that was to feed the American people in time of disaster. To bad Bll Clinton sold it off!

          Mommy I’m hungry……..

      10. I never heard that “label” of being treasonous, being a child of the 50’s, and we did have a family retreat off grid with a cabin in the forest we enjoyed every summer. What people said was I was lucky, but never treasonous.

        • People did have common sense back then. Something severely lacking today. Really, back then, not being on the grid was not unheard of, especially in Appalachia. It just meant either lines hadn’t been run to your area yet or you couldn’t afford to hook up. It was no big deal.

        • Woogie,
          Light click on.
          My dad took us out to live in the woods and learn survival skills all summer long because of the nuclear scares at the time… duh… Either I wasn’t paying attention or my parents just turned it into a game for us. I bet #2. No matter, I am glad for the training.

          • Hey Rebecca,
            Happy Valenines day.

            Had a great weekend with my son his wife and my girl. Best to you and yours.

      11. Back then the cities weren’t full of roving packs of Dinner Muffins, illegal aliens, social justice retards, etc.
        Civilized middle-class White Americans would have banded together to rebuild and fight off any ground invasion.

      12. Happy Valentine’s day guys. If you haven’t taken care of business today, “duck and cover”❤❤

      13. Up is down and down is up; such is the way in modern times.

        In the 1950s there was an advertisement poster showing a family in the car, smiling, the caption was, “The USA with the highest standard of living in the world”. Fast forward a few decades and we’re being told; “You make too much money to be globally competitive”.

        The 1960s band, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons had two band members with a criminal past that was hid from the media because they would have been outcasts. Fast forward a few decades and musicians, not only black rappers, court a criminal image that is a prerequisite for stardom. If you don’t have one then your agent manufactures one.

        Its a no brainer that the direction of the first paragraph is obviously not coming from, “We The People”, as working more for less goes against human nature. I suspect the forces setting the agenda in the first paragraph are behind the cultural shift in the second.

      14. So if you want to stay safe it’s considered “treason.” If you refuse to fight and die for billionaire bankster wars it’s considered “treason.” If you become a whistleblower and expose high level corruption and downright abuse it’s considered “treason.” What is left? Is caring for yourself, your country and family considered “treason” next?

        Very likely. Stay safe. Keep stackin’ silver and stocking physical assets. Keep on prepping. Remain armed at all costs. The feds are preparing to prosecute us all someday, for the most minute of reasons still inconceivable.

      15. The B&W film clip is from “Panic in the Year Zero” written, produced, directed, by Ray Milland. I very much recommend it.

        Cresson Kearny’s “Nuclear War Survival Skills” revised 1986 edition points out that the fallout shelter designs given out by Civil Defense would have resulted in the deaths of the occupants from heat stroke. Kearny showed the great importance of ventilation. He actually had folks field test his designs and thus discovered the heat stroke/no ventilation problem. A must own book for any prepper. Buy the book and construct a Kearny Fallout Meter. With events in the mideast you may need one. I recommend a Beanie-Weenie can for this project. And learn to use it.

        • NWSS is a great book that I would highly recommend. However, the Kearney Fallout Meter is not the easiest device to use. It is by no means bad to have if that is all you have, but today there are easier to use alternatives. There are cellphone apps that use the camera sensor (blocked with a piece of tape) to fairly accurately measure radiation and these would be easier to use for most people. It WILL burn out the camera’s CCD sensor eventually, but I don’t think that is a big worry in a time of war. Then there is the Japanese “Air Counter S”. It was designed as an inexpensive radiation measuring device after the Fukushima disaster and can usually be found for less than $35 on Ebay. It uses the same concept as the phone app (uses a solid state system rather than a Geiger-Mueller tube) but is a stand alone device and has a larger sampling area. Both of these devices are good at measuring the exposure rate but may not be as functional at measuring total dose as a dosimeter like the Kearney Fallout Meter. However, both options are more easily portable than the KFM, and so you can carry them in a BOB or on your person at all times. After all, as the narrator in “Duck and Cover” says: ” The bomb may go off at any time”.

        • Tennesean, that book is available as a free download online. I downloaded one and printed a hard copy years ago.

          • A scan of the book is available at:

            ht tp://

            It’ll take a bit to download, as it’s almost 30MB.

      16. Those that wish to control others always find the right words.

        Treason. Traitors. Fanatics. Unpatriotic. Fringe. Lunatics.

        They wish to remain in power. Preserve the “Status Quo” at all costs.

        What are the promises made for your cooperation. Do they fill your expectations.

        Better to rely on yourselves than on others. What ever words they call you.

      17. Stay in the city? Are they NUTS?

        One H-Bomb would level Natzy York, Shitcago/Chiraq. Scum Francisco, Blowmore, The District of Crime (DC), ECt Ect. There would be nothing to do but wait a couple of thousand years for the radiation to cool off.

        If you were in the City and there is something left they would put you in FEMA camps so that they can control you. Screw That.

        We all know that a Prepper would have a better chance to survive in the wooded are that in the city. DUH!!!!!!


        • I think modern tactics dictate military targets over big cities. Why blow up NYC, DC, Chi town et al. when they elect people that use the law to destroy and enfeeble America?
          WA, ND, TX, SC, AL, VA, et al. have military assets and you don’t screw up the food supply. Those are the targets.

          I avoid cities. they are death traps, because they are full of human filth called progressive Democrats. I really don’t think they will bother with camps. More likely is a repeat of the Boston Police episode where you are ordered to hide in your home while they go door to door, warrant-less search, and disarm you. Later when you come out for food they will kill you.

          • I think we are a major target, Oahu/ Pearl, Hickam,etc many many more, Big island/MaunaKea SatCom site, redundent with Maui to some degree,
            Maui/SatCom,space tracking sight, Kauai/Barking sands, Kokee,Sat Com, missle tracking
            I live less than 2 miles straight line to the installation on Haleakala, i guarantee that site will be one of the first strike targets, would essentially blind the US defense systems, would also most likely fry us and rain debris on us too

            • hawaii is the steppingstone to america, and who’s bright idea was it to take the guns away?…i hear you have VERY restrictive gun laws over there…someday that will be regretted!

              • I regret it every time someone mentions gun control,,,,

              • Not that Ca has great record either cuz

                • LOL…yes, we are but the SECOND step to getting to america by the chinks or rooskies….foken BRILLIANT, on the part of the powers-that-shouldn’t-BE.

                  • You guys have the benefit of being part of the contiguous 48,
                    At least you can get away,,,
                    Im freakin stuck here bud!

                    • just imagine where you’ld be if yamamoto hadn’t been worried about a gun behind every blade of grass!

                    • Just pick a boat and head east

          • NC has some major targets also. Cherry Point is the largest Marine air base in the world. We also have Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg, and Seymour Johnson (82nd Airborn).

            I think the Research Triangle (the Park and Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) would be a target.

            • Why do you think I live in the mountains? Nothing here but wildlife and rednecks…and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart!

              • Especially when they’re mating…

                • Funny stuff bud

              • You sure do have a pretty mouth now squal like a pig

                • HA! HA! Very funny. At least there’s no banjos. They do like to play with explosives though.

              • Hahahah…rednecks and wildlife! I liked that! Made me laugh. Thanks. And by the way i live in the country for the last 15 yrs. Left the city way back then. Waiting for doomsday. So tired of waiting. All ready. Am older now at 65 and figure i’ll die before tshtf and then who gets my preps? Hate to see it go to waste. No one here knows what i do. So i just figure i’d tell my friend to give my preps to the nice people at the corner when i die. They have been helpful to me. They got chickens, a couple pigs, they slaughter every yr and freeze in two gigantic freezers. They got chicks for eggs tho. They are not poor but don’t realize what’s gonna happen. I talked them into buying a hand pump for their well. I got coffee saved up for barter if i need help….but i figure i’m gonna be dead before _hit hits. Am i wrong? I’m getting tired of waiting. I’m female and live all alone. Not good.

                • Marie, I think we’re all getting tried of waiting for something to happen, but it will and it may be sooner rather than later. Sometimes it is hard to stay the course, but when something does happen like a snowstorm or an illness and you can’t get to the store, then you realize that everything you have been doing is worth the effort after all. Sometimes that event will give you a renewed sense of urgency to continue prepping. Living alone can be a good thing. You might be able to stay off TPTB’s radar a little easier than someone with more individuals in the home. The more mouths there are, the easier it is for information to slip out. Since no one around you knows about your preps, it’s easier for you to keep it that way.

      18. I beg to differ. The government did in fact off plans for personal fallout shelters in your backyard. I remember reading them.

        • Google
          Family Shelter Series

      19. MAC:

        Thanks for the article. I remember the duck and cover drills in grade school. I remember doing them more during the Cuban Missile crisis. It was fun and games then. Now that I think about it if one was to fall on my little home town the only thing they would find is bones in a fetal passion.

        Did you put this article on because of the Saudi’s war gaming south of Syria? This war game could cause WW3 if they move in and the Russian and Syrians start loosing. They will use Chemical, and Nuclear weapons.

        Why is no one talking about this. They have a 350,000 man force around 2500 tanks. around 1500 planes & Choppers ready to go. You know good and well that if it does blow up into a conflict we will get drawn into it.

        Folks watch this area closely!


      20. I recognized the voice in the video. Aaron Dyke is a reporter that works for Infowars. I didn’t realize he had his own website. Many of these sites seem to quote each other’s articles and writers.

      21. The invasion of Syria will fail. Putin will make short work of Obama’s brothers. Then Obama has no choice but to try and drag the US into a full blown war with Russia. When he does this he should be arrested& put on trial for treason.

        • should’a been ARRESTED 8 years ago!!! or MORE!

      22. The USA has at their disposal, the highest educated, most knowledgeable people on any subject. No one in their right mind would analyze the Viet Minh / Viet Cong and think that fighting them on their terrain would be anything other than long protracted combat at the very best. NVN proximity to China precludes cutting supplies short of invasion and invasion creates a war far wider than desired for any gains that could occur under the best of conditions. The worst conditions were unfathomable. Despite all of this MIC advanced their agenda. Why bother to have Intelligence Agencies and Analysis and not heed or at least ask for their advice?

        With the above in mind how could any sane person advocate taking sides in the present craziness and expect at best chaos and at worst WWIII?

      23. Just found your site. Been a prep for almost a decade and I have planned for every possible scenario. I am ready for a nuclear war but I’m not sure I want to survive one. Montana has always been a clear target if the war kicked off. Minutemen silos and Air Force bases. I don’t know if living would be a blessing. Radiation poisoning, no organization, no medical help, food supply contaminated and if you do survive, you have to stay where you are. If you try to travel you will eventually walk into a radioactive area. I kind of hope the first one drops on my head. Not saying that you can’t have a different view. I have mine and it won’t match with many of yours.

        • Mountain time,
          GLAD to have you on this site! please NOTE that there are some trolls on this site and so sometimes the comments get personal and so don’t take offense to what you may read as there is lots of great info. from the comments! hope you enjoy Mac’s site it is very useful and we ALL learn from it even though there can be really crude stuff. so hope you like it here and look forward to your comments!

          • welcome mountain, and yes, the trolls and the good guys are weeded out pretty quickly around here….aint no hidin’ on shtfplan!

        • Mt, welcome to the plan.
          Have a thick skin.
          Lots of posters beat up each other here, kinda like family or coworkers.
          All prepping ideas are welcome…

        • Welcome to our twisted little family! And like Eppe said, bring yer thick outer layer! Trolls r brutal at times.

          • irregardless, we can be brutaller!….is that even a WORD?

            • It is, now. Maybe it will show up in the urban dictionary! The term would be ” more brutal” 🙂

              • you didn’t get the joke…irregardless isn’t REALLY a word either…it’s a double negative….or SUMTHIN’ like that.

      24. The article is a load of crap, the government’s policy was to shelter as much of the urban population as it could, and that was not much. Anyone who could evacuate would have been welcome to do so and reduce the need for care.

        • Agree. As a kid in the 50s I remember the government encouraging people to have supplies and to convert their basements into shelters in case of nuclear war. The Dept. of Defense issued pamphlets showing how to do this.

      25. My school didn’t have any duck and cover drills that I remember.

        My classroom during the Cuban missile crisis was a modified mobile home, so it offered no protection. My 3rd grade classroom had tall windows down both sides, meaning nowhere to hide. My 2nd grade classroom had tall windows on the side facing Cherry Point, so there was nowhere to hid there either. The buildings I was in had no interior hallways to hide in.

        Since we were less than 20 miles from Cherry Point, I guess the only training we could have used was in bending over and kissing our butts goodbye.

      26. I have to laugh when I read what the government recommends. Let me get my ass to bed before my girlfriend starts getting pissed..nice to know I don’t have to sleep in my cold ass bed for a change, or event worst my phucking car 2 yrs ago.., she could not believe the sh….t I went through, when I told her what I had been through.



        Totally phucking laughable..gppd luck trying to intern my ass.

      27. I don’t really use the Walmart.

        But, a long haul trucker said he had found this compilation of nuclear propaganda, etc, in one of their barrels of loose DVD’s.

        The govt expected the citizens to stay and rebuild, and portrayed those who left town as simpletons.

      28. “If there is a major crisis – from an economic collapse, to a terror attack, natural disaster or mass civil unrest – your first thought may be to escape the city and retreat to the safety of your hideaway shelter in the countryside.”

        Right, because the common man doesn’t have it hard enough without putting money that they don’t have (that 99% of us will never have) into some secluded retreat they will probably never use. Too many of these survival “experts” (*cough* james rawles *cough*) seem to assume that everyone has a bunch of money and can afford multiple homes, multiple top shelf guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, livestock, gold and silver, years worth of food, etc. The reality is that’s just not realistic for the majority of us.

        • While I’m the first to agree that many people are just barely scraping by from paycheck to paycheck, it’s also true that an awful LOT of folks just can’t seem to resist that nice shiny ATV… snowmobile….. 80″ television… week-long family vacation at Disney World… expensive tickets to major sports events… pricey cell phones and tablets for everyone in the family (right down to the 9-year-olds) etc etc

          –and very frequently GOING INTO DEBT by putting all this crap on a credit card at 11% to 29% interest!

          The average person might not be able to afford multiple homes and an escape plane; but anyone who can eliminate just $20 a week by cutting back on unnecessary stuff will have $1,000 a year for preps. That’s $10,000 over a ten year period; and it will buy quite a bit of the goods that you mention.

          A lot of the folks who moan “but I don’t HAVE $20 that can be cut out of my budget!” are the same folks who can’t imagine living without cable/satellite TV, or a smartphone, or processed foods.

          I see people going through the checkout lines all the time with baskets heaped full of chips, soda, snack cakes, frozen lasagna, frozen pizza, canned soup, etc.

          Very few of their purchases look like mine: flour, olive oil, vegetables, meat, cheese, juice. They could save not $20 a week, but more like $100 a week, if they made a few simple meals at home. You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to make pot roast or a good hearty stew.

          People are spoiled and lazy and then cry poor-mouth because they refuse to relinquish luxuries.

          • I agree totally with Karl V. Even me i eat out at least 2x a wk. And yes we can save $20 a wk for preps. Cut out the ciggarettes, booze, movies, eating out, etc. Easy to buy a few extra cans of beans or a bag of rice once a wk, and for a dollar or so a few bars of cheap hand soap,and for a dollar a bottle of peroxide for cuts. Don’t forget to stock up on pet food. I feed mine good food no grains, but i have to stock up on the cheaper stuff. We had a snowstorm here and i could not get out. I had to feed the dogs the cheap dry dog food mixed in with a little can dog food. They ate it. Stock up on the can dog food too. I read they will last for yrs. Mark the date on em with a sharpie. Good thing i had that too cuz that’s what i used. Oh, and i have just a few duks. I have four gigantic bags of duk corn under my bed! Will last a very long time cuz in plastic bags.

            • I agree with you and Karl. It’s not that hard to find a few dollars to add supplies. Every month, we try to add a few things to the pile. We still eat out about once or twice a month. It would probably be more times out but usually, we just don’t want to go anywhere.

              There is one thing that I noticed about people during my time as a grocery store cashier – people are lazy. Most don’t know how to cook anything that can’t be nuked. They think it is too time consuming and too difficult to cook from scratch and they don’t want to learn. I’ve talked to young mothers getting their WIC items. They do not know that bread, milk and cheese can be frozen or that you can do more with bread than make a sandwich, or more with milk than pour over cereal. How can people grow up physically, have kids, and yet still know nothing. I know it’s all part of that dumbing down business but it’s still hard to understand how anyone can be like that.

              Marie, do you know that a lot of the cheap dog food and treats comes from China? Remember the problem a few years ago with dogs dying from food that came from China? They were adding melamine to the food. You know, the same plastic that cheap dishes are made of. (They have even put melamine in baby foods!) God only knows what other kind of crap they add to it that we haven’t found out about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you how to take care of your dogs. I didn’t know if you where aware of where some pet foods come from and what has been found in them.

      29. Sarge, that literally WW3 EVENT HORIZON as we know it. This may explain what the scientist told us that some is of us may have to get to our BOL in the March, April time frame. Apparently some type of event is brewing…also watch to see how the cabal handles the California methane earth quake fallout…what he likes to call the California exodus..



        Shtf, just around the corner waiting to bite every prepper on his ass.

      30. What a thoroughly depressing movie.

        Watch out fur them there nukes.

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