Humanity Sealed Its Own Fate: 15,000 Scientists Sign A “Doomsday Warning”

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 76 comments

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    A catastrophic warning about humanity’s impending doom was just signed by 15,000 scientists; they all agree that we’ve already sealed our fate.

    The signed letter, which was apparently first written in 1992, claims all of the predictions made by scientists have come true except one. Apart from the hole in the ozone layer, which has now stabilized, every one of the major threats identified in 1992 has worsened.

    The prophetic warning letter from 1992 argued human impacts on the natural world were likely to lead to “vast human misery” and a planet that was “irretrievably mutilated.” Climate change, deforestation, loss of access to fresh water, animal species extinctions, and uncontrolled human population growth are all threatening mankind’s and the Earth’s future.

    It’s been about 25 years since the first doomsday warning letter was signed and scientists are now saying that the Earth is in even more dire shape.  More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries said humans had “unleashed a mass extinction event, the sixth in roughly 540 million years.”

    The message, which was posted online and is an update to the original Warning from the Union of Concerned Scientists and around 1,700 signatories delivered in 1992.  The World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity was written and spearheaded by the late Henry Kendall, former chair of UCS’s board of directors. But scientists still agree that runaway consumption of natural resources by an exploding population remains the biggest danger facing humankind, say the scientists.

    In the more recent doomsday warning, scientists warn that human beings should eat less meat, have fewer kids, consume less, and use green energy to save the planet. In the past 25 years, scientists have pointed out the following:

    The amount of fresh water available per head of population worldwide has reduced by 26 percent.

    The number of ocean “dead zones” (places where little can live because of pollution and oxygen starvation) has increased by 75 percent.

    Nearly 300 million acres of forest have been lost, mostly to make way for agricultural land.

    Global carbon emissions and average temperatures have shown continued significant increases.

    Human population has risen by 35 percent.

    Collectively the number of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish in the world has fallen by 29 percent.

    According to the letter, “We are jeopardizing our future by not reining in our intense but geographically and demographically uneven material consumption and by not perceiving continued rapid population growth as a primary driver behind many ecological and even societal threats. By failing to adequately limit population growth, reassess the role of an economy rooted in growth, reduce greenhouse gases, incentivize renewable energy, protect habitat, restore ecosystems, curb pollution, halt defaunation, and constrain invasive alien species, humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperiled biosphere.”

    Professor William Ripple at Oregon State University said:  “Some people might be tempted to dismiss this evidence and think we are just being alarmist. Scientists are in the business of analyzing data and looking at the long-term consequences.” He said that those who signed this second warning aren’t just raising a false alarm, they are warning of impending doom as well. “They are acknowledging the obvious signs that we are heading down an unsustainable path,” D. Ripple said.  “We are hoping that our paper will ignite a wide-spread public debate about the global environment and climate.”


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      1. Gosh, I wish for just one day I could read an Article here and NOT have to scroll down and see Obama or Hillary.

        Just ONE day…… Please.

        • Actually, notes about the acid rain emergency of yesteryear, which was the 1980s version of AGW: “In the 1980s it was acid rain’s turn to be the source of apocalyptic forecasts. In this case it was nature in the form of forests and lakes that would bear the brunt of human pollution. The issue caught fire in Germany, where a cover story in the news magazine Der Spiegel in November 1981 screamed: “THE FOREST DIES.” Not to be outdone, Stern magazine declared that a third of Germany’s forests were already dead or dying. Bernhard Ulrich, a soil scientist at the University of Göttingen, said it was already too late for the country’s forests: “They cannot be saved.” Forest death, or waldsterben, became a huge story across Europe. “The forests and lakes are dying. Already the damage may be irreversible,” journalist Fred Pearce wrote in New Scientist in 1982.

          It was much the same in North America: Half of all US lakes were said to be becoming dangerously acidified, and forests from Virginia to central Canada were thought to be suffering mass die-offs of trees (in fact, the use of coal, and later oil, stopped the destruction of forests in early America, and later the destruction of whales. Fertilizer made from natural gas also halved the land requirements for agriculture and freed it for wildlife, more trees, national parks, and more.) Conventional wisdom has it that this fate was averted by prompt legislative action to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions from power plants.

          That account is largely false. There was no net loss of forest in the 1980s to reverse. In the US, a 10-year government-sponsored study involving some 700 scientists and costing about $500 million reported in 1990 that “there is no evidence of a general or unusual decline of forests in the United States and Canada due to acid rain” and “there is no case of forest decline in which acidic deposition is known to be a predominant cause.” In Germany, Heinrich Spiecker, director of the Institute for Forest Growth, was commissioned by a Finnish forestry organization to assess the health of European forests. He concluded that they were growing faster and healthier than ever and had been improving throughout the 1980s. “Since we began measuring the forest more than 100 years ago, there’s never been a higher volume of wood … than there is now,” Spiecker said. (Ironically, one of the chief ingredients of acid rain—nitrogen oxide—breaks down naturally to become nitrate, a fertilizer for trees.) As for lakes, it turned out that their rising acidity was likely caused more by reforestation than by acid rain; one study suggested that the correlation between acidity in rainwater and the pH in the lakes was very low. The story of acid rain is not of catastrophe averted but of a minor environmental nuisance somewhat abated.

          Another report by the Finnish Forest Research Institute in the April 3, 1992 issue of Science magazine stated that there was a 25 to 30 percent increase in the growing stock of forests in Austria, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and West Germany between 1971 and 1990.

          • I’ve read that Sherwood forest was a wreck during the time of Robin Hood (a legend I believe to contain a kernel of truth).

        • agreed lol

        • Been saying that for almost two years

          • Yes, Mac please remove those vile images of the Clintonites.

      2. …and the booger-man is gonna get us too.

        • well thousands of building engineers for 911 truth signed their name stating 911 buildings could not have collapsed for the reasons the govt claimed. building 6 and 7 were not badly damaged when they were controlled demolitioned? whoops did i say controlled demolitioned?. i must be a right wing conspiracy nut because we all know everyone in our govt is honest.

          • I recently visited the empire State building and learned a bomber plane hit the building years ago. Guess what it’s still standing. Glad because it’s a beautiful building. Love NYC

            • yep, the Empire State building was hit by a much, much smaller B25. 1/3’d the wingspan, 1/24th the fuel capacity of a 767 with a an airspeed half of what a 767 would be traveling (probably much less considering the fog.)

              I’m not saying anything about the WTC, just that comparing a B25 to a fully fueled 767 is sort of an apples-to-watermelons comparison.

              • true but building 7 was barely damaged and woops it fell ito its own basement?. building 6 blew and no one knows why?

          • Ghandi, funny thing isn’t it? A list of scientists signs a letter. If the letter promotes an agenda, its trumpeted. If it presents an uncomfortable truth to the Powers that Be, its stifled and mocked.

        • I thought it was “boogie” man!!!!

          • Booger-man sounds more sinister and awful.

          • yeah, boogie sounds like a dance party. how about “the clowns will get you”??

        • dont worry, no one gets off the planet alive, it is called old age.

        • I decided to look up this term. It’s actually bogeyman and apparently his tale of terror is told to children nearly everywhere in the world.

          ht tps://

      3. The ‘experts’ have been telling us all this for decades and if so then we can stop worrying about it, we are ALL gunna die!

        May as well have a party and enjoy the next few days as it all happens.

        ….and the hole in the ozone layer was going to kill us all too!

        • The “forests are dying” chant has been going on a long time. All the way back in 1983, Woodwell, et al, wrote that “the forests are expected to disappear during the first half of the 21st century. The reality? The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which has monitored the world’s forests every 5 to 10 years since 1946 stated in 2010 that forests covered 31% of the world’s land area. Deforestation rates in Brazil and Indonesia are decreasing, while there are net gains in Europe and Asia, due to natural reforestation and planting.

          Importantly, global carbon intake by the land and ocean has doubled between 1960 and 2010. However, we don’t know if carbon is being sequestered in the deep ocean – where it would stay for thousands of years – in trees, or somewhere else. How much carbon is being absorbed with this increase? According to Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher of the New Zealand National Inst. of Water and Atmospheric Research – as cited in the New Zealand Herald on July 11, 2012 – this amount is approximately 1 billion tonnes of CO2, which took scientists “completely by surprise.”
          The “ozone hole” has had a similar history to acid rain (and don’t forget the previous scams of mass extinctions, resource exhaustion – see the Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich wager – overpopulation, mass famines and springs without birds). Perhaps it was ameliorated by banning CFCs – and perhaps not. We still get the ozone hole every spring in the Antarctic, about the same size. Scientists debate why, but there is no conclusion. It could be that chemicals are taking longer to disintegrate; or the issue could have been misdiagnosed in the beginning. As with global warming, by all means, examine the facts. But do not use science as a dishonest tool to achieve some social or political ends.

          • In 1961, or thereabouts, an article about climate change appeared in the Scientific American magazine. That was before the magazine was sold to people who made an entertainment publication out of it. In those days it was really about science. Unlike many of their articles, this article was easy to read, and it said that over the next century, and longer, sea levels were going to rise, rain forests would decrease in size, and some storms would become more intense and more dangerous, and that these would be some of the indications that CO2 was becoming more prevalent in the atmosphere and that humans were in danger of destroying our planet. So this topic is not new. The problem has been identified for a long time. People who think they themselves are better scientists than real scientists mistakenly believe their own skepticism is powerful knowledge, and that other men, who actually know something, are ignorant by comparison. As for myself, I hope that some of the animals that go extinct turn out to be the more ignorant humans who can’t figure out that just because it snowed in their back yard last winter nothing bad is happening. The one thing that impresses me the most is that all over the Internet people who really don’t know very much about anything believe they are experts and that educated men of intelligence who have spent decades working hard to find out something are total ignoramuses. The Congo isn’t just a river in Africa, and neither is denial. But denial is what we get the most of, and it invariably comes from people whose logic is bent, and whose thinking is, well…., if their golf game was as bad as their brains they wouldn’t be able to find the golf course. The best thing that has happened, and which needed to happen, is that professionals, who actually might know something that your average male Sunday afternoon football game yeller atter does not know, stopped addressing their concerns to the average Joe, and began talking to people who have the power to do something. Therefore, now we have this situation where real scientists know better than to waste their time talking to the public, and the public, who hasn’t got the sense to know the difference between the truth and tales about an ancient person who walked on water, the public thinks all scientists are charlatans. Not so. Many scientists actually do a pretty good job, and much of what science has determined about climate change is true and correct. But if all you do is look at a few items of evidence, you will still find plenty to contradict it. You have to look at the whole picture overall, and you have to actually know something besides how to kill a deer and where to put your garbage can. Some day, if things get really bad, it won’t be the scientists who are hanging from trees. It will be those idiots who can’t even spell ‘carbon dioxide’ correctly who think they know everything but who actually only know how to shoot off their mouth.

            • A rational summary of the situation. Most humans have an innate “optimism bias” according to psychologists and this is not helpful in solving long term problems. All other species will keep increasing their population until the environment no longer allows it, either because of resource depletion ,disease or predation. Maybe we are just another animal species.

        • The ozone hole IS killing us by the removal of Freon from use. The replacements are horribly expensive and don’t work nearly as well.

      4. No wonder they are pushing depopulation.

        • Depopulation should start with liberals, then lawyers and politicians, then corporate CEOs. After that, it should be a pretty nice place.

      5. I love when they tell us to stop having kids an then we do it and then they remember their social-security Ponzi so they import millions of 3rd worlders at a rapid, replacement-level pace and then all the 3rd worlders move in and call us racist and outbreed us 4 to 1 and Academia preaches hatred of whites and then (WE ARE HERE) we all live happily after, right?

        • Wish they still had the ??signs . You would get a ?

        • Exactly what I was thinking.

        • Ya, screw that shit

      6. Geophysical Union in Vienna, 2012.


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      7. Finally!!!!! Some good news…. 😉

      8. Too many people…..period.

        • Abortion really is a good thing.

      9. To quote Nail,

        • To quote Seinfeld: “Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.”

          • To quote my dad, “One word from your mother is worth more than a whole lifetime worth of sermons from your preacher.”

      10. Good news since it already too late, you can stop the preaching.

      11. Funny. It’s hard to recognize them as intelligent scientists. The likelihood of man destroying the world with too many plastic bottles vs too many atomic bombs makes me laugh! It is also very amusing to think there are people out there that think there is a star trek future. What’s the Bible say … if not for Jesus’ return to stop it, man would surely destroy himself.

      12. Did they give a time line? How much longer do we have? I figure I only have about 20 more years in me and I would hate to have it happen before then.

      13. Consume less. I sure do. New stuff is mostly junk. Good thing I’ve always liked antiques and vintage.

      14. Of course we’re eating up natural resources. We have to clear and build and produce to feed the debt.

      15. Isn’t it obvious that a certain amount of land can only sustain a certain amount of life ? Every farmer knows that? Maybe so many city people can’t understand that?

        • City folk don’t understand that because they think all you have to do is build taller apartment buildings.

      16. Well . . . yes, it’s called 7 years of tribulation. Yeah, the same “tribulation” written about in the last book of the Bible. Since the primary catalyst for the onset of the “last days” was the formation of Israel in 1948, it’s been on a downhill slide since then. Coming up next is SHTF.

      17. Will someone tell these chicken little’s that there is a sun up there and the earth wobbles and tilts in its trip around the sun.

      18. Yeah, I think it was the Scientists who destroyed us with all their mad creations!

      19. No question we seem to be heading into a sh*t storm on every front…

        The air is thick with it… Even though a hawk got one of my pet ducks today, I still have a positive attitude…

        Not gonna take a knee but ride it out to my last breath…

        I’m grateful for having grown up as a kid in America while the illusion was still in place, Christmas was the best!!!

        Roaming the woods with Duke, my dog and a Stevens bolt action 22…

        • Sounds great Vet1. Mine was walking the salt marshes checking muskrat traps and busting a mallard or two with a 20 gauge Savage/Stevens and ‘Casey’, my Chesapeake bay retriever fetching them.

        • I also roamed the woods (of N. TX/S. OK) with my Stevens bolt action .22 or my Fox double barrel 12 ga. Had a couple of bird dogs to scare up the quail. Pecan trees were full of squirrel nests. Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end.

      20. What a bunch of dummies. Over educated and under intelligent. They try to assume the title of god and disregard the one true living GOD. Every single 7 plus billion could live easily in the state of texas with enough room to raise food and plenty of space left for more.

        These are the enemies of mankind and need to be dealt with for the sake of mankind.

        • You’re dumb.

      21. Since they say we’re past the point of no return, all we can do is enjoy the ride to ecological armageddon.
        But seriously, I expect another such dire warning in 25 years time, though I’ll be 87 or dead by then. My concern: will there still be Depends and tapioca pudding till the end?

        • Nope. Just Preperation-H and Denture Cream.

          • Hope I don’t mix the tubes up in my old age.

            • Be careful of doing that with your suppository and your hearing aid. You’ll have to lift up your leg to hear someone talking if you do.

      22. Well, they make sense.

        There was an article recently posted that by 2025 1/3 of animals would be extinct.

        Already scientists that insects, especially Bees are dying off and they pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat.

        If you regard the posting of massive loss of marine life in The Pacific and other areas of the world, something is occurring in the water it seems.

        In regard to the hole in the Ozone layer, which was reported along the time frame as posted,

        As the ozone hole over Antarctica has in some instances grown so large as to affect parts of Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa, environmentalists have been concerned that the increase in surface UV could be significant.[42]

        Ozone depletion would magnify all of the effects of UV on human health, both positive (including production of Vitamin D) and negative (including sunburn, skin cancer, and cataracts). In addition, increased surface UV leads to increased tropospheric ozone, which is a health risk to humans. Would effect food production.

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        I am not shouting the sky is falling but they have a point.

        It seems that the ego system, societies (culture, families,race relations ) and Religious beliefs are in turmoil and seem to be imploding in on themselves.

        Recently, on this very site, a posting that more volcanoes are becoming active which has an affect on climate and not to leave out recent earthquakes and Hurricanes.

        I believe we are going to see a collapse of everything we hold close as to living a natural life.

        I would not sneer at this article. It is the reason we come here to get this kind of information, to be prepared, for the worst is yet to come.

        We have been fed worse.

        By the way? How many of of you remember reading various comments by elite personalities as recent as Prince Charles speaking of the need for population reduction?

        We are starting to see break outs of return of plagues and incurable diseases and now reports lack of available medication and such.

        I would take this seriously.

        • The Ozone hole near the South Pole has always been there. Just track skin cancer rates in Austrailia, it’s the highest in the world.

          • I agree and not only that, in the 1990’s I did read a report of increased reports of finding animals that had gone blind and blaming it on the hole in the Ozone Layer

      23. Petition at has more than twice as many scientists (31,487) debunking the whole global warming hysteria.

      24. If global warming has taught us anything, it’s that “Science is for Sale”, and will support any greedy agenda for a price. Scientists and academics will lie and they will commit fraud.

        Fukushima continues to spew radioactive material into the oceans as bad as the day it started. It’s killing the North Pacific Ocean.

        The latest revelation is 50% of the local seafood caught in Hawaii has deadly cesium contamination that is traceable directly to Fukushima. All we hear from the scientific community on Fukushima is crickets. This is one of the greatest ongoing threats in the world. Oh wait, the cricket just died of plutonium poisoning!

        • PTPO,
          I live with some of the most Rabid environmental Whackos you can imagine. They measure the ocean, they measure their pee for radiation. There isn’t any significant radiation here.
          I eat Ahi(Tuna) local caught, so do they. I cook mine and they eat theirs as Sushi. I get more grief from my local Volcano, than that
          broken power plant in Japan. Life is TERMINAL! Powerful Gamma rays
          from space, bombard you every day, screwing up your Chromosomes, so if you live long enough, you will get a cancer, fix that problem and you will live forever.
          Correct me if i’m wrong but Plutonium eventually degrades into Lead. We preppers are really good at causing Lead poisoning.

          • By gawd were all gonna die, eventually, anyway

          • The highest levels are found in migratory apex predators. Sword fish and Tuna were the worst.

            Low level radiation takes 20 years to kill an adult. Fukushima blew up five years ago. Problem is Fukushima’s melted down reactor is still running and producing more radioactive isotopes. Groundwater flows through the the reactor keeping it cool but also transporting fallout into the ocean.

            They’ve been trying to stop the groundwater that’s been contaminating the ocean, problem is it keeps the reactor cool. They built an ice dam to control the water, but it reportedly failed. I’ve been wondering if the ice dam worked, but they shut it off because it was causing the corium to overheat, which could lead to another explosion.

            Reactors don’t need to be shut down and refueled because they run out of fuel, but rather because they breed more fuel than it can handle and they would run out of control. One or more melted down reactors at Fukushima continue to run. They aren’t running down. They are building up.

            Fukushima continues to supply a never ending stream of radioactive material into the Pacific. It’s actually not slowing down, it’s increasing. The technology to clean it up doesn’t exist. The contamination of the pacific is growing and spreading. I will not eat any seafood that I can’t verify didn’t come from the pacific. I also don’t trust farmed fresh fish, the Japanese are major exporters and the northern half of Japan was heavily contaminated. If I know the Japanese, they are keeping fish farmed in areas clear of fallout, and likely exporting the stuff from contaminated farm areas. It’s just the way they do business.

      25. Billions will quickly sign a letter saying that Allah is greater than all other gods, but I’m not going to change my behavior because of it.

      26. Real science is not a “consensus.”

        Anyway, world population is supposed to start leveling off in the near future as the standard of living increases in more of the world and people stop having so many children.

        There will also be some major disasters in the future that will cull the population.

      27. Start the depopulation process NOW by eliminating the libtards!!

      28. Yeah, yeah…

        And in the 1970’s they said we’d all be starving to death by the year 2000 or drowning in pollution or the elimination of most natural resources including oil….

        They were wrong then and they’re wrong now.

        Besides which, in fifty years “humanity” will be irrelevant since we’ll all be transformed into immortal Transhumans…if you believe the other side of the scientific community…


      29. What difference does any of it make, we are all going to end up fucking DEAD, The End!!

      30. The future is always here because the present is already passed. Living into the future looks muddled and unsure.

        • No matter where you go there you are !

      31. A concensus is necessary when you have an abscence of scientific proof.

      32. A bunch of political driven scientists looking for grants(income)

      33. CO2 is plant food, period. Photosynthesis is real science. Man made CO2 is NOT responsible for “climate change”. Man only produces 5% of yearly CO2 emissions. Mother nature is responsible for the rest…

      34. Something is going on with our planet and I am not interested in debates regarding if it is cause by man or not.

        Changes are coming and and I think we need to concentrate on preparation, more than argument. The changes are happening now. Need to look no further that the disruption of the food chain in the pacific.

      35. Funny they never mention the destruction of our oceans (ie: plastics, pesticides, chemicals, ect…). Our oceans, and the life contained within them, are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Huge dead zones void of any life continue to grow. There is more microplastic (small plastic particles) in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way. If the oceans were to die, you could say good-bye to all life on planet earth. I would say this is the #1 problem we face.

      36. These polluted oceans won’t support the Asian seafood based diet. The amount of radioactive particles falling over the entire US is very high. Why would authority figures not use nuclear contamination to assist the slow kill of the masses?

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