How and Why to Wage a “Personal Financial Revolution” Against the Power of the Banks

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    wwiii - jesus-and-the-money-changers

    This article was written by Dylan Charles and originally published at the Waking Times.

    Editor’s Note: While the financial crisis that lies before us, from the stock market, to the real estate bubble, to the economic war between the dollar and China, all loom large, there are many things you can do personally to resist the pitfalls of economic collapse and opt out of a dangerous system that is working against your interests everyday.

    Buying into the system means buying into our own demise. While it is isn’t practical to do all things off the grid, there are some better habits we can adopt to fund the freedom of the individual.

    3 Means of Waging Personal Financial Revolution Against the Banksters

    By Dylan Charles at the Waking Times

    The world is enslaved to an economic system designed to create tremendous power and wealth for those who own the system, while forcing the rest of us into mathematically insurmountable debt and the stagnation, austerity and poverty that comes with it.

    Corrupt and patently unsustainable, the world’s currencies and financial markets are rigged, and an economic collapse is inevitable at some point. Sad but true, and the ongoing dramatic narrative of the interplay between engineered boom and engineered bust is a chief psychological tool in sustaining the popular belief that this monetary reality as the only monetary reality possible. The truth, however, is that as long as this economic reality is the reality then we will be slaves to debt economics, and the pursuit of endless growth is certain to consume everything on the planet.

    The good news is that the task of migrating an entire civilization from one economic system to another is so enormous that as individuals we don’t have to feel encumbered by the pressure of having to come up with the one and only solution to save all of human civilization. We can instead be empowered by the knowledge that any meaningful adjustment we make in our personal lives is a contribution to the future realization of a greater shift for the better, sometime in the future. Our role is merely to be the trim tabs, and when enough momentum builds, watch the ship change its course.

    “Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary — the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trimtab.

    It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trimtab.

    Society thinks it’s going right by you, that it’s left you altogether. But if you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go.

    So I said, call me Trimtab.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

    Someday the combined good efforts of millions and millions of people will pay off and the human race will buck the financial criminals that suck so much or our resources and spirit. Until that day comes, though, we may as well enjoy being creative and active in envisioning an alternative future. To that end, here are 3 critical things you can do to wage personal financial revolution against the banksters and 1%’ers.

    1. Get Out of Personal Debt – You CAN do it!

    Personal debt has ballooned to mind-bendingly absurd levels. The average ‘consumer’ now owes a combined $205k in credit cards, student loans and mortgages, for a national total of nearly $12 trillion in consumer debt. This is both a physical and metaphysical prison that restricts freedom and feeds psychological duress, coloring the rest of life with undue stress.

    Using credit and accruing debt is a matter of personal choice, of course, albeit choices can at times be limited by circumstance. Credit companies do deliberately entrap people in many clever ways and the student loan industry is clearly predatory, but no matter who you choose to point the finger at, and no matter how this has come to be, consumer debt is highly profitable to banks, and highly restrictive to individuals.

    Revolt against this madness by getting yourself out of debt. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your quality of life and personal freedom, while revolting against the financial powers that be.

    Easier said than done, to be sure, but this message is not intended to be a ‘how-to.’ A ‘how-to’ is of no use without fist mustering the will power and resolve to face a challenge as massive as overcoming personal debt. The message is here is more important than a ‘how-to,’ because it aims at inspiring you to try, and at reminding you that any obstacle can be overcome with will-power, commitment, spirit and a plan.

    In a time of universal debt, being debt-free is revolutionary act.

    Joker Dollar Bill2. Deprogram Consumerism

    For the past half century or so we’ve been socially programmed to accept consumerism as the new cultural paradigm, thus changing the way that people interact and relate to one another, and even to themselves. Now, the individual is easily lost in the angry seas of corporate marketing, propaganda, promotions, gimmicks and sponsors. This is a place where the ego can have a field day, but also a place where detachment from reality is itself a preferred new form of reality.

    We are constantly being primed to compare, compete with, criticize, judge and out-do each other. As a pissing ground to prove ourselves to one another, we are offered a rather astonishing spread of consumer products, lifestyle options and services. Choices in the marketplace become critical to the fabrication of self-identity.

    Insecurity is the psychological pump of the economy that keeps the debt machine moving. In the present paradigm, money is positioned as the chief force which can alleviate insecurity, and if money can do that, then even debt servitude is a small price to pay to for the feel of security. It is of course a lie.

    Overcoming and the insecurity and fear that fuel consumerism is largely a personal task and is a natural part of conscious evolution.

    3. Detach and Have Fun  With Alternatives

    Any effort that you can make to withdraw your consent and tacit support of the current system is another chink in the armor of the Gods of Money, and opportunities to undermine these crooks are abundant. Pay cash whenever you can, buy a used car, toss your credit cards, re-use stuff, try living without money, abandon big banks, divest from the Ponzi scheme stock markets. Use payment intermediaries like Pay Pal to bypass banks, invest in physical assets like precious metals or land, and develop independent streams of income for yourself.

    Have you ever tried bartering to acquire something you really wanted? Do you have a Bitcoin purse or know much about Ubuntu and the giving economy? Have you checked if anyone in your area has already started an independent currency, or have you thought about time-banking as a means of getting your roof or some other big project completed without even using cash?

    Anything is possible, and if energy is withdrawn from supporting the status quo and re-directed to the imagination and practice of creating something better, then over time alternatives will emerge that will bring us closer to an equitable economy. Human beings are graced with abundant creativity and ingenuity, and if we detach from the current system, even in little ways, we weaken its grip on our reality.

    In Conclusion

    Financial freedom doesn’t mean you must have more money than you can spend, it simply means that you have the freedom to choose for whom you work and to determine how your money is spent.There will be no direct or easy route to the liberation of the human race from the debt-driven economic system that presently enslaves us, so we’d better get busy experimenting with possibilities.

    Being born a human being on this abundant planet should not be an automatic life sentence of involuntary servitude to banks for unreasonable debts fraudulently incurred by others.

    Read more articles from Dylan Charles.


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    This article (3 Ways to Wage Personal Financial Revolution Against the Banksters) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Dylan Charles and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

    This article was written by Dylan Charles and originally published at the Waking Times.


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          • Oh my…Acid on the soapbox again. Give it a rest Mr. capitalize all your letters.

        • A. I don’t know how you can love Christ with that vulgar language of yours.
          B. Any Christian who actually understands the Bible and the teachings of Jesus knows how awful they are, and are humbled by it. So they look at other Christians in understanding, not hatred and vulgar language
          C. The Catholic Church is the founder of modern day Pharisees. They are all about ceremonies
          D. Gays aren’t disgusting. I mean, personally I don’t see it, to each his own. However, it is a sin like any other sin. You need to ask for forgiveness from it. Most Gay Christians don’t think it is a sin and have tried to rewrite the Bible to justify their sin. That is what is wrong with Gay Christians. However, I cant throw a stone at them with out breaking my own glass house, so enough of that. We need to meet them in love and try to show them the truth
          E> YOURS CAPS LOCK IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • F. Do you know the circumstances of her supposed three divorces? Divorce is allowed in the Bible you know

          • She’s been married four times, and some of her kids are the product of adulterous affairs outside of any of her marriages. These are just the simple facts. This woman has no legit ground to deny anything to anybody, and furthermore, as a government official, it’s not up to her to decide which law she will uphold and which she will ignore. She is required to uphold the law of the United States of America, period.

            If she doesn’t like it, maybe she should apply for a job at her church.

        • You missed the message in all your cool language usage. Sodomy is bad because it is abuse. It is inherently injurious, unsanitary, and selfish even in legitimate marriage. The Christ did not condone it. The Catholic church is not the authority. You are not the defining factor. Go ahead and fling some more intellectually superior language back at me for my criticisms. Better yet, read his words about where such language comes from along with the other pollution you are breathing. Then repent and offer something constructive and representative of Him that is worth reading.

      2. I completely agree. I’m working on a similar series on financial preparedness at my blog,

        • 9/22/15 – 16,322 (currently, as I write this)

          Something to think about…

          The Dow Has Already Plummeted 2200 Points From The Peak – 9/4/15

          16,000 – “is an exceedingly important psychological level.

          If the Dow breaks below 16,000 and stays there for a few days, it is quite likely that full-blown panic will set in.

          And once we see the Dow dip below 15,000, people will be going insane.”

          • I sort of agree, but more than likely it will be something like a slow burn off, until a catalyst/collapse domino, sets the markets ablaze.

            As i said back in August…see-saw,see-saw,see-saw…..
            up down, up down, up down…like Acid laying on the back of…well you all get the picture.

            Back and forth until the boom when the hammer drops. I am anticipating a big change in the Nikkei when they return to business early Thursday.

            Will this be the big event?????
            Will it come this week?????
            Will a supernatural event set it off ?????

            I would not be surprised because most of the spiritually led folks are feeling an electricity in the air.
            The demonically charged and worldly loving people are on edge and doing stupid shit.
            The liberals are talking out their proverbial ass about their demonic queens, billery and madonna.
            Now here comes the prez of china and the antichrist papal poo to New York and DC. A gathering of the evil ones.

            • passinwiththewind,

              I too have that feeling of waiting for the other foot to drop, that something is to happen soon.

              Keep praying and prepping!
              KY Mom

              • Yes, yes, KY mom,

                we are doing that with a revived effort.
                Best wishes and blessings to you and yours.

        • @SR:

          just took a test drive thru your site.

          thumbs up my friend.

          cntl-d now implemented.

          thx 4 sharing.

          be safe…stay the course….BA.

          • “Use payment intermediaries like Pay Pal to bypass banks”

            Um, don’t you have to transfer money from your BANK ACCOUNT to paypal in order to make a payment?? Does paypal take checks, like from THE BANK? i DON’T THINK SENDING paypal CASH IS A GOOD IDEA, so, how does one bypass their bank by using paypal?

      3. I’m currently debt free. It is nice not to worry about excessive debt.

        If one is interested in reducing debt, a book by Kevin Trudeau titled “Debt Cure$ I & II” is a good place to start. I picked up copies of this book at Goodwill. Quite a few suggestions and tips. Well worth a read.

        I’m only sorry I closed my last credit card in 2008. It has been difficult to open a new account, even though I pay all my bills on time and in full. Oh well. Good success to you all.

        • Scott, it certainly is. I’ve never even had any type of loan or credit card and refuse to get any. I only leave enough money in the bank to pay 2 bills and keep the rest of my cash in a safe at home. I do all my prep shopping with cash only. I don’t have any credit-related bills to interfere with my prepping. Being debt-free is awesome. Everyone should be working to become debt-free.

          • Braveheart, You say the same bs every article. The facts are you have No Credit because you dont qualify for nothing, never have ,or ever will. It is not youneven habe a choice in tje matter. You are most likely unemployable, lazy and refuse to join society. You have a $2500 beater you drive, throw rent money out every month into a black hole and now you are going to go mouch for a place to stay at your Cuz’s place. And try calling your BOL. You are most likely on EBT food stamps, welfare and just a useless eater. Oh but you got plenty of money for fish crackers. Instead or blowing your hole here on this site daily, go get a job. And since you never contributed to social security, you basically have no future. No woman wants a usless eater either. Oh but God loves you…. hehehe

            • Says the guy who can’t even spell “sperm.” Or “the.”

              • Archivist, this new troll is a real piece of work.

                • He is not new, just a new handle. If not wwti, he has taken a lesson from his playbook. We know who and what you are brave, and we are with you 100%; don’t give ’em the satisfaction.

            • Troll, go fuck yourself. I’ve always worked full time and paid taxes just like anyone else here. I’ve always taken responsibility for my own well-being and never lived on one tax dollar in my whole life. I don’t drink or do drugs, don’t need any shit like that. I don’t even care about credit and I ‘m happier being debt-free. What about you? You say I’m unemployable? I’ve been with the same company since 1982. Not bad for work stability. I can pass a drug test and background check today if I had to. How about you? I see people left and right who can’t pass one or the other and you have to pass both in order to get a job these days. I’m more than average employee and go the extra mile for the people I work for. I’m the kind of employee that employers can only dream of having these days, since I’m old school. I don’t have the kind of mind today’s generations have. If I did then your post would ring true. You claim I’m on welfare or even food stamps? Last time I checked, white males cannot get on any of those programs. I don’t even care for getting on some program just out of principle. I can hold my own in any situation, despite what some here believe. And I say the same thing frequently because it’s true. I speak my mind and I don’t follow political correctness. You can believe what you want. I don’t owe you shit. So go fuck yourself.

              • @Braveheart….

                Never argue with an idiot. They just drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

            • Hey BS….enjoying your debt.?

        • Wasn’t Kevin Trudeau jailed for fraud, because he wrote books with a bunch of crap in them?

          ht tp://

      4. I’m betting we get wiped out before the monetary collapse, by tsunamis, polar shifts, collision with Niburu, Nuclear war with Russia, Jade Helm, Shemitah Blood Moons, Ebola, fluoride in the water, chemtrails, asteroid strikes, way overdue earthquakes everywhere, Fukashima radiation, drought, famine, reptilian alien invasion, and the worst of all possibilities, a shortage of cold beer.

        • And Chipotle shits. Don’t forget that. Everyone starts eating Chipotle… the sewage treatment plant can’t handle all the extra volume… we all drown in Chipotle shits…

          • I used to call to my wife from the bathroom, “Call the sewage plant. There’s a big one on the way.”

        • Dont forget fish and chips shortage,,,
          Talk about dizaster

        • Hold on one DAMN minute. There is a shortage of cold beer? Say it isn’t so. AAAAAHHHHHH.

        • Ok, now you are getting silly. Flouride is good for you. Chuckle
          And it is giant ant like aliens that are coming

        • Monetary collapse, check.
          Tsunami, check.
          Poarl shift, check.
          Niburu, check.
          Nuke war with Ruskys, check.
          Hade Jelm, check.
          Shmitah Mudd Blooms, check.
          Ebola, check.
          check, check, check.
          COLD BEER? Crap! Didn’t plan on that one.

          …lights go out, come back on read, klaxon sounds…

          “Son, pop a mag in the AR, we gotta head to town!”

        • Dude you really need to look into getting your own still. Beer and wine are pretty easy to make, and like so many of the skills you should know, have been around for a long time. Way longer than electricity. Even if you don’t drink alcohol you should know how to make it for sanitary, cooking, and medicinal purposes.

          Try buying a hand sanitizer without alcohol. When the lights are out and you want me to remove your soon to rupture appendix, what do you think I’m going to sterilize my kit with?

      5. i never worried about the banks, they can only own you if you are irresponsible financially, its the govt that can run you into the ground financially without cause or reason.

        • Lena, I’ve never been allowed to play the credit game and don’t care about it now.

          • Why, are still living at home with your mother?

            • JS, hell no, I’ve been on my own since 2 weeks after graduating high school and my mother died of breast cancer shortly after the African virus first got into the WH. Why should I care about credit now especially in this crappy economy? Don’t need the extra bills.

      6. Great article.
        I sold a property to pay off debts and used what was left to pay 2 years of payments on property I live on and am buying on a sales contract from a private estate. The 2 years were for payments, not to go into equity which can be lost in foreclosure should payments not be made.
        I have bartered chickens for wood and lamb meat for fence building.

        • I did all that shit years ago. No debt, no checking, pay cash, no credit, minimum in bank, I tell others to do it too but they think Im insane.

          • The difference between insanity and genius is pretty small, maybe negligible. I’m sure you can understand that most will think I’m insulting you but I assure them I’m not.

      7. Been debt free for 20 years or more. Paid cash for last new car (2011). Do use credit card for many purchases, but pay at the end of the month. Never paid a dime of interest or fees on it, and gotten thousands back in gasoline discounts (BP Visa)

      8. Its not rocket science just discipline and common sense. Anyone that grew up during the depression knew what to do. Going to bed hungry was a hell of a motivator. Many old timers at work retired with a million dollars 20 years ago; they SAVED. Most have passed by now and their kids and grandkids are fighting over the inheritance and have every intent of spending every dime.

      9. We haven’t owed a penny for many decades. We bought our house & land and paid cash. Lots of barter & black market trading. Grow most of our own food. Never had a credit card. We save 10%

        • 10%? More like 30%. Black market trading will do that for you.

          More power to you! You’re a revolutionary and I’m right there with you.

          …except for the food growing part, but I’m working on it.

      10. Try living without money. That’s a good one. lmao

      11. no debt here, but we do use credit cards occasionally. We Pay them off every month and the credit co.’s refer to our types as “deadbeats” because they make no money off us.

        OK, this is a test of sorts.
        Is anyone experiencing their posts not going onto the site here?
        I have made several attempts lately to add to the discussion and nothing appears. Makes me very suspicious.
        It could be my location in the Caribbean, or our owner/moderator is making an example of me. Nothing said about Hebrews, etc. just true comments about our President Benedict Arnold, etc.
        3 comments yesterday, 3 or so last week, at least 5-6 total. (and they’re not going into ‘moderation”, just vanishing.
        Am I banned, Mac?

        • Geomagnetic storms!
          Check Solarham! It does interrupt posts.

          Y’all keep preppin’

        • Ketchup,having no issues,you using same e-mail consistently(can be junk or fake e-mail,just keep using the same on,perhaps your computer,as I use Linux many times find it does not “play well”on certain sites.

        • No problems posting to this site, but I have been having issues with another one. I am running window 10 and using chrome browser. I have also used the same name and email since I started commenting.

        • Same here not only that the comments i replied to are also gone? All i can say to the trolls is just because you work for them doesn’t mean you are one of them. Meaning you will definitely be swept under the rug first to hide your dirty deeds from becoming public.

      12. We live in an exponential debt-creation machine. You can try and stay out of debt but you will never be able to escape the machinations of the debt machine. You can opt out and eat road kill and barter with blades of grass, it won’t change the rising prices for flights, TVs, fuel, etc. The whole system needs changing. On the plus side, we are being bull-whipped into an Islamic finance system with zero interest rates. The Grand Ayatollah/Mufti is Janet Yellen!:)

      13. This site used to be an excellent forum for beginning preppers to start and maintain a preppers lifestyle. WWTI, DK, Kula, Sixpack, ky, and even Acid had some great ideas and perspectives. Now all we have are religious nuts, a tough guy security guards, a currupt cop and a inbred jokester Georgian who think they control the comments. Just sad how these four idiots try to dominate the conversation on how tough they are. Veterans like myself served with guys like this and we know what’s going to happen as so as all hell breaks loose.

        • Jstm troll, this is still a great site and the people you mentioned never try to dominate the forum. All newcomers are still welcome here. Nothing has changed about that. It’s trolls like you who come on here and stir up shit for no good reason. Never contribute anything useful so why not just move along?

          • I’m still here, I don’t get brushed off so easily—but I do hate the name calling, insulting back-and-forth arguments that take up so much comment space. You have to scroll through all of it, just to get to a few comments scattered here or there.

            It’s fucking annoying.

        • Jesus,excepting disparaging comments(Love that phrase!)really have not seen you offer much in way of useful info./help/humour.

          • Warchild, right on. All he does is attack me and Pwtw. Doesn’t offer anything useful. Just another troll.

            • What do you offer that is useful? You talk about your cuz BOL as thoughtful insight? You talk bout what you think you re going to do and that’s is helpful? You are a security guard, which is less then a Civil War reenactor. Keep on posting on how you are going to bug out soon. Moron!

          • Another who offers no insight. Pissed off because I didn’t mention you s one of the influential ones?

            If anyone wants to discuss prepping in a suburban environment I will be happy to discuss. I feel the need for emergency heating, water, self succificient gardening. All you can do on a 1/4 acre of land.

            • If you served in the military, and don’t have enough phucking common sense to figure those things out on your own…you are toast before you can get started.

              I believe you are a liar and a fake and another jealous, trouble making, bully. Your type will have targets on their backs when the real SHTF, because you are a fake and can’t be trusted.

              btw, how long have you been coming to this site…troll?


                • You have proven to all here you have the mind of a child, are you that stupid as to not comprehend the embarrassment you bring upon yourself?

                  • Leave Brave alone, anon.

                    He is a blessing and friend here. When your life has been turned inside out because of the loss of your soul mate, things are never the same. Show some compassion.

            • Why emergency,why not heat off grid all the time,start with a rocket stove for the home,then,a self syphoning hot water heat/bathe system,add a small solar panel will keep 12 volt circulatory pumps running easy,plans for self syphon system available for free on build it solar,can be done very cheaply,have done one for friend that heats his basement and thus to a degree(pun intended)whole house,gonna add a few panels home made from old sliders,look it up and stop pestering folks,you want more alt energy just ask but site I mentioned along with low tech magazine has a slew of ideas,will depend on your homes site how you build a off grid heating system.

            • @JSTM…

              Just curious….you say “If anyone wants to discuss prepping in a suburban environment I will be happy to discuss”, but all I ever see you posting is attacks on others.

              Here’s a novel idea. Why don’t you just ignore those you don’t like and post your own stuff that you think would be of interest. If it’s worthwhile, people will jump in and discuss it with you. If it’s not…..they won’t.

              But then….maybe you REALLY don’t have anything interesting, worthwhile or helpful to say.

              Hmmmmmmm….yeah…I think that’s it.

        • @JSTM….

          And then there is you. A bitter, cynical, God hating idiot, with nothing better to do than go after other posters because you don’t like their religion.

          If you want to see a real idiot, go stare in the mirror a few minutes.

        • Don’t forget little old me trying to dominate. I am so hard to get along with. Trying to post positive helping post. Trying to convince people to help each other and band together.
          Unlike you.
          Have a great day my son.

      14. I’ve been debt free for the last 20 years. I use credit cards but pay them off monthly. I pay cash or barter when appropriate. What kills me is inflation. I want to see deflation. I could care less if the value of what property I own is cut in half. I would be happy to see Diesel back at $1.00 a gallon(as opposed to the inflated $4.20 we pay now).
        Cows back at $0.52 per pound on the hoof.
        It would match up with everyones real income these days.

        • I’m with you. I paid off my house note five years ago, and I pay off the credit card bill every month. The “raise” from paying off the house goes into practical matters, such as alternative energy sources, or food, or home defense.

      15. Acid,a native Mass. guy though now live in N.H.Mass. is bad I agree,but still,the first shots in birth of this country shot here,that,and we have some good bands from Mass.

      16. I whole heartedly agree with being debt free. I have discovered that freedom myself.

        However, i disagree with PayPal and Bitcoin. PayPal is a scam that give’s buyers protection, but then screws the sellers when buyers are the fraudsters.

        Bitcoin is just a scam that morons are buying into. If money is not backed by gold, then it is usually backed by the full faith of the government. Bitcoin is not back by anything. It is a total scam and people are eating it up.

        Use cash and buy gold and silver on the side to preserve your wealth.

        There is nothing wrong with having a debit mastercard and buying crap on amazon.

        • John,bitcoin allows one to buy on the “dark net”,i.e. items not usually available to citizens who want to be better prepped.I actually have more faith in bitcoin then fed currency as long as net up.Net crashes,poof,it is no more coin,at that point though fed currency also crashes,then solids that have stood the test of time like gold/silver/diamonds may set you up if you survive to the other side.

      17. Watching movies, television, Internet advertisements, magazines, even “girley” magazines, and status magazines; they are all designed to make you feel insignificant and in need of improvement. Whether it is a self help book designed to sell books and lead you down the path to mediocrity. Your friends who are not your friends, have something to sell to you. Nobody can look as good as the celebrities who dot the covers of these rags. Don’t waste your time trying. It’s all designed to keep you broke and make the rich more rich.

        Be proud to be called a DEADBEAT. Name calling is their tactic when you beat them at their own game. Gangsters and loan sharks charged less interest than credit card companies who are commiting “legal” scam at 29.99 per cent interest.

        Personally I believe in getting one or may be two credit cards but no more. And with determined and deliberate self control building your credit, paying off as you go so that you keep a high credit score. Are in a position to get a home loan or business loan and a good paying job. Buy car from private party, used and cash or at auction. Save ten per cent . Buy quality American made necessities. Occasionally buy something frivolous just don’t make it a habit.

        Make the system work for you not against you and yes, eventually the bad guys will go away and have to settle for the trillions of dollars they have already scamed from an unsuspecting public because they aren’t going to keep robbing the poor people for eternity, May be for a few more years, but not for eternity. I hope anyway.

        • B,would a .300 blackout be considered “frivolous?

          • Warchild; frivolous maybe but you can hunt with it. I’m going to try hunting with mine this year for the hell of it. ammo too expensive to blow a lot of magazines into targets.

            • Jim,a lot of reloading supplies/dies for the .300 now if you are into it,as for hunting,have bow ready and countdown to deer season on!I will be hunting with my older Diamond nicely setup,am going though to be frivilous and get a New Martin,have been using many a year and bows are not a fad for me,good luck this season!

              On a side note,a .458 upper frivilous?!

            • Jim,a lot of reloading supplies/dies for the .300 now if you are into it,as for hunting,have bow ready and countdown to deer season on!I will be hunting with my older Diamond nicely setup,am going though to be frivolous and get a New Martin,have been using many a year and bows are not a fad for me,good luck this season!

              On a side note,a .458 upper frivolous?!

      18. I’ve been debt free my whole life when everybody is buying new stuff and going into debt I bank cake and go without its like a challenge for me to go without. If we could get people to compete in this manner the economy would tank faster. But people will continue to rack up debt just to outdo each other it’s just the way it is. I don’t like to be civilized It’s gay. People are poor because they wanna be

      19. Jim

        One of my favorite times of the year. Season starts in 10 days. I have seen many more deer this year so far. Hopefully it will be a dream season.
        Good luck to you my friend.

      20. The Catholic Church does not represent all Christians and the pope is not Jesus himself he is the leader of the Catholic Church that is all. The way people view him you’d think he was Jesus washing people’s feet and kissing babies like all that will do anything. The pope does not speak for me or the Christians I know. He is a false prophet IMO. Pope is a liberal. Pope is for the Catholic Church more than he’s for god.

      21. The Pope is a fraud…just like African Virus in the WH.!!!

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