Get Ready, Governments Preparing for World War: “People Have Become Less Prepared For An Emergency”

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at her new site

    Editor’s Comment: When it comes to emergencies, the best advice is that once government is warning you to get prepared, it is already too late. Maybe that is a bit harsh, but the truth of the matter is that disaster and war are around every corner, and you should keep your family in a constant state of readiness. Not fearful, but prepared.

    There are enough domestic threats to warrant this, but now growing reasons to think that the entire world is coming unglued. And yet people have become complacent and numb to the threats we face. What do you think will really happen once Hillary is in office? What will be the result in Syria of a Turkish invasion, U.S. meddling, Russian airstrikes and the constant threat of ISIS, al Nusra and other terror groups? The answer may inevitably be: World War III. But then again, maybe not. Though some have suggested that world war is the *only* way of fixing an economic depression once it is set in. This alone could explain WWII, which effectively ended the Great Depression – but only at a cost of tens of millions of lives.

    Get ready, and stay ready. Things that are coming may quite possibly be unpredictable, but it is highly likely they will be chaotic, violence and destabilizing.

    A Disturbing Series of Events: Governments Around the World Seem to Be Preparing for War

    by Daisy Luther

    Remember how a couple of days ago the German government advised its citizens to start stockpiling food and water? Well, today they have announced that they are considering reintroducing conscription…the draft, to ‘help with any future disaster’.

    And Germany isn’t alone. There are increasing hints in countries around the world that something big is on its way…and it won’t be pretty.

    Do they know something we don’t?

    The German government will discuss their emergency plans Wednesday. The BBC reports:

    Germany may reintroduce a form of national service for civilians to help the army deal with a future disaster.

    The role of civilians is part of a new civil defence strategy to be discussed by the government on Wednesday.

    Since the strategy was leaked to the media there has been intense debate about stockpiling food and water.

    In a crisis civilians might be obliged to help direct traffic or provide fuel and accommodation for the military.

    Germany only scrapped conscription in 2011. However, it was not removed from the country’s constitution, which means it would be incredibly simple to reinstate.

    Not sure I like the look of this.

    The German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance published a list

    As I wrote about on Monday, the German government is urging citizens to get prepared – and quickly.

    The German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) put the following list on their website as a guide:

    • 28 litres (6.2 gallons) of drinking water
    • 4.9kg (10.8 pounds) of bread, noodles, rice, potatoes
    • 5.6kg (12.3 pounds) of vegetables and pulses (preferably pre-cooked)
    • 3.6kg (eight pounds) of fruit and nuts (in jars or tins)

    This it states is a survival list that should last an individual for two weeks in the event of a national emergency.

    Wolfgang Kast, a public health manager with the German Red Cross said,

    “People have become less and less prepared for an emergency”.

    …We’ve got accustomed – not least because of the internet – to having everything available at all times,”

    In addition to the food list he suggested medicines, a flashlight, spare batteries, and candles. Hardly comprehensive, but it’s a start. (source)

    The American government has also issued recent warnings.

    Last summer there were two alarming warnings urging Americans to get prepared.

    First, in May, President Obama said:

    One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster. And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit. If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait. (source)

    This was followed by DC Homeland Security Director Christopher Geldart issuing a warning to residents:

    Everyone needs to dust off their evacuation plans, understanding Metro isn’t a reliable option over the next year.

    “When we put more vehicles on the road– like an emergency happening in the middle of the day and everybody leaving at the same time– that’s going to cause backup and it’s going to take people a good time to get home,” Geldart said. “It will take longer– much longer– than they are used to. So what we’re telling folks is, you need to have a plan with your family.” (source)

    And that’s not all. The hints are everywhere that war could be on the horizon.

    The rest of the world hasn’t exactly been calm and peaceful, either.

    In general, Europe doesn’t have the prepping mentality that exists on this side of the pond but it looks like they are starting to consider that the government may not be in a position to help its citizens.

    The UK hasn’t come right out and said that Brits should start stockpiling food and water, but the government there has produced a Preparing for Emergencies booklet that few people even know exists. It’s ‘What You Can do’ page lists essential items that should be to hand in the event of an emergency and advises that enough food, water, and medication should be available to last a few days. The booklet also gives advice on various emergency situations and how to deal with them.

    The pace of world events is picking up…yesterday it was announced that Turkey had evacuated an entire town as it intends to engage in across border action with Islamic State in Syria. (That has now happened Ed.)

    North Korea has fired a missile from a submarine in violation of International law.


    Every day, something worrying occurs on the international stage. Worrying developments that threaten stability across the globe.

    Make sure you have:

    There’s something very suspicious about all of these unsettling events happening in such close succession.

    We shouldn’t be waiting for governments to tell us to prepare. We should be doing it of our own volition. We should be taking responsibility for the safety of our families.

    And we should be doing it now.

    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at her new site

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her websites, The Organic Prepper  and offer information on healthy prepping and world events, respectively. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. Giant meteor 2016. Just end it already. Best bumper sticker I’ve seen in a while. Seems like we are overloaded with shit that is going on. The reset button definitely needs pushed. Maybe this is the reset we’ve needed for 30 years. I’ve never watched an Isis video till my wife showed me one today. Good god what animals. Will be buying more ammo and whatnot. I believe something coming bad.

        • No. Just kill the BASTARDS.

          Rothschilds “City of London”, Rothschild’s Tel Aviv, Rothschild’s Washington DC, and Rothschild’s NY Wall Street, and Rothschild’s Fed Reserve.



          • B from CA, Rain or shine, WWIII radiation or not the moment we are in the lawless society I’ll take care of the children of satan one by one on a daily and covert basis.

            May God bring such joyous moment really fast.

            • you go first, eh.

          • Those right at the top are way too well protected to EVER be taken down conventionally. No one has ever, nor will ever, be able to harm them whilst they are under Lucifers spiritual protection. Remember, even Jesus acknowledged that this world currently belongs to Lucifer (Satan, which is his ‘fallen’ name). That is why the FreeMasons, Scull&Bones, Templers, and hundreds of other groups all claim Lucifer as thier God. The prophecies of the book of Revelation are playing out right in front of our eys, yet so few can see. If anyone reading this thinks I’m crazy, do the research, and prepare to be shocked………..

            • Zhirinovsky is the founder and leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party and a vice chairman of the Russian parliament. In a confrontation with the editor of a German newspaper, Zhirinovsky tells him that German troops again on Russia’s border will provoke a preventive strike after which nothing will remain of German and NATO troops. “The more NATO soldiers in your territory, the faster you are going to die. To the last man. Remove NATO from your territory!”

            • Amen.
              2nd Thess. 2 things must happen before our Lord returns.

        • Just picked up another 100 Oz of 1 Oz Silver Rounds on this magical dip today. When it all goes down you either have them or you won’t. Paper money will be obsolete or worthless. Buy, trade, sell, barter,,… It will be the best real hard currency out there… and gladly accepted as the new form of real tangible money. Getting closer to my goals.

          Keep stacking.


        • Ted, glad to see you back. Just keep stacking and praying.

          • Brave. Thanks. Been work or when home internet out. Good infrastructure we have. I did army training at ft Gordon. U bug out place in that neck of woods? Loved. The area I was in

            • Ted, my BOL is located in the same area with plenty of family for backup if needed. Once I make the ‘bugout’, I’ll be bugging in. No more cities for Braveheart afterward.


        • “Germany Preparing for War Against Russia”– at Strategic Culture website…

          Also, video of Russian politician confronting German Journalist about NATO on its borders and telling him they will all be killed (NATO as well as all German troops)…”Russian Trump, Zhirinovsky blasts NATO”… REALLY COOL VIDEO!!!!!

        • I live in the country in the Western NY area. The other day i was driving down Senica street which i don’t normally do. I just happened to glance at a roadside sign at the corner of the street. It was in BIG letters and it said,
          EVACUATION ROUTE. I passed it quickly, but i saw it. My question is: I had read that when the sh*t hits the ptb are gonna block the major roads with those big concrete dividers. But here i see an Evacuation Route sign. So what does it mean? Are they gonna block the major roads so the city people can’t get out? Or are they gonna let the city people take that road OUT of the city – heading towards the country? Which is it? I am confused now. I never take that street so i don’t know when the sign was put up – either recently or when? What does this sign mean?




      3. How ironic US ship foring on iranian ship just got from fox alerts

      4. Folks….if you don’t prepare now it is going to be too late. What do you have to loose? Water, food, and shelter are the big three and so easy to procure…now. If these governments are telling their citizens to “prepare”, they know something we do not. They think telling us now to prepare will absolve them of guilt when the shtf. Of course billions have no chance to prepare. If you do, then for God’s sake… it now.

        • What do you have to loose?

          Absolutely nothin!

          Got food poisoning Monday. Tainted watermelon from a church function, I think.

          Hubby gone and I had all the preps to take care of the situation. From sanitation to diet. So cool. No worries.

          Being prepared doesn’t always have to be for SHTF. Oh, wait. I guess that does apply in my case. hahahahahaha 🙂

          • Grandee, the last time I got food poisoning was from a CHINESE restaurant a few years ago. Haven’t touched any Asian food since then.

            • Taco Bell. Two separate occasions, two different locations, two hospitalizations. It’s been almost 20 years, will never eat there again.

          • grandee, how did you treat it?
            It’s a subject I don’t know much about….>I should get on it,
            <never had it.

        • Already, those with the land, seeds and knowledge are putting in gardens of the largest size they can handle (yet not a soul is receiving any ‘advertised’ government assistance except for free firearm destruction. Have your AR-15 sawn in half at a diagonal while you wait …on the house!

          Of course, I’m speaking of Venezuela. Why do you suppose a crisis was created there (already) in such a way that it actually led to their loss of firearms. Naturally, there’s a percentage who so FU to their Powers That Be, but not nearly enough to repel an invasion (which seems to be precisely why they want American whities to turn in their firearms). UN is pissed off because we have The Constitution (they say “rip it up”), Hillary promises she will destroy Amendments 1 and 2 (effectively trashing the remainder, plus she wants a war (openly stating so), yet the only way we are going to made America safe is to simply turn in every last gun that exists (except for the LEOs who would need them in the course of their daily jobs). Once they have duped The American Public into turning in their weapons life for white Americans (Christian or not), will take a tremendous nosedive, crash and burn. Nothing for protection means you’d be either killed or enslaved (or otherwise ruthlessly absorbed into a “new society” with no laws for them, none for you either as you wouldn’t have any rights to do anything.

          I have only been able to think or come up with ONE group of people who most likely will not “notice” much of what is coming, because for them, their world will not change drastically. I’m speaking of 100% Disabled Veterans. The ones who are declared as 100% with “service-connected” in the description are all but above the law. Their monthly stipend (benefits) will continue to roll in because that’s how the law reads (certain veterans will still receive THEIR pay even in situations where the president wouldn’t)! So, for them, money will not be in shortage, I would think most would already be prepped (since they are paid once monthly they MUST stock up for at least a month, or it makes sense even if none do). A few Railroad Retirement plans will be putting some men in the same position, unless the railroads go bankrupt.

          Without any doubt, aside from fun with firearms and similar toys there will be other, “meant to destroy” events occurring about anywhere and everywhere (over time it will steadily worsen until we get a handle on it). That much will be solely up to We The People (and while doing so, the feds are public enemy #1), end of story.

          This got us thinking and so we are dumping a quick “doubler” into what we have (especially parts, ammo **I make my own as it’s cheaper and better). Doubling available ammo certainly can’t hurt nor can having twice the number of already loaded magazines for every firearm we have (one nice ‘trick’ is to use the magazine from a Glock 9mm (9 x 19) with the “Baby Glock” (it gives you more bullets, a great “grip” on the weapon, the extra weight takes the initial “lift” down a little bit (they’re feisty little shits with recoil but no painful recoil, like a Ruger .38 +P dents my palm and leaves a bruise. (That ‘factory’ grip was replaced damn quickly after that). But, those are the wife’s toys. I like my .45ACP (Glock 21) Gen3 and from there we immediately switch to either a Mossberg 500 (nothing fancy) 12ga. or a DPMS Panther LR-308. Changed out the barrel (at purchase) with an HD 20″ (quite heavy and loves the heat), then a Millet Day-Scope (with all the toys plus digital zoom, that I have protected with lead but that’s no guarantee). Last to be added was a Harris Bi-Fold (that looks like junk but is actually tough as hell) and then a night-vision atop the Millet (more for spotting than shooting, though it is “zeroed” if needed).

          Oh, one last thing regarding prepping. We DID have ‘laid in’ a small supply of the needful iodines and selenium (??), but, with all else that is happening wordwide, we find it foolish NOT to perhaps ‘overstock’ on “nuke shit” as it certainly does seem to be leading everybody in that direction (as if there is a rush to kill off as many as possible as soon as possible). What? Are they estimating the food runs out this winter at the present rate of eating, so each country needs to killing around 100 million? Eyah …that’s the basic idea that they’re trying to “sell” to the upper-crust (but at the same time they wish to ensure a “lowercrust” for manual labor, sex (of any and all kinds …remember these people are all but totally lawless) …and I’ve not tapped the surface.

          But you can’t illegal immigrants illegally legally in your country and except for a few ‘hard-core religious states’ (NC being one of them), many other states have no idea which restroom they are supposed to use, or if it okay for the stranger to be watching you take a piss and snapping pics… (it is the things you do NOT see happen to your kids that would bring you to shoot some SOB without a 2nd though in today’s society).

          Many keep screaming that now is the time to vote more than ever, when it’s already known that 37% of those votes won’t even be tallied due to ‘fuckups’ in the machines (but what does it matter)? I got that number out of The Navy Times, estimated “lost” votes from past elections (amazing with our high tech how we just cannot seem to count ballots without huge errors that are never discovered until decades later).

          For me, fuck the vote. The time for war, it appears, grows near, and the nearer we get the more we find out is involved, which calls once again for an increase in needed shells. I often wonder if we’ll be at war prior to Nov 4 or just after ….

          (However, if you reload your shotguns too then you have an endless supply loaded up with anything your heart desires, and shotguns are going to be outstanding for use in our abode, or ARs for venturing outside (for anything requiring distance or “many rounds quickly”), she’s been built to ‘talk’ (and very quietly at that)!

          • A “crash”and “Chaos”means exactly that- think Greece, Venezuela to start. Or better, Zimbabwe ! In three months, governments outside the country stopped sending out ‘required’checks – the money would not purchase anything! Inflation 3000% and changing daily. So you have all your supplies, hand loaded ammo and more guns than five people can use at one time. But think-
            No electricity, no water, no fuel, no home gas – your “bug out ” fuel will get you 200-400 miles- situation the same. The virus has mutated and you have nothing to kill it or stop it from spreading. Totally forget the disabled Vet or RR retirees- a collapse means money is no good! Bug out, bug in- it does not matter.

            There is only one true solution:The power of God abiding in his Children, who can speak those things that are not as if they were- and enjoy the immediate results. It is endless, literally. “Luck”is derived from the word, “Lucifer”. Think? If God is in charge, are we fighting God or attempting to survive what God is allowing? Judgement is near – and ‘salvation’is daily. I do have compassion…

        • Well, with Turkey invading Syria (and a bunch of US planes alongside them)and with Germany declaring war on Russia (Strategic Alliance website), I guess the world is well advised to prepare for war. Maybe we should too! (Also, the Russians started preparing for war a few months ago!) Problem is, our government will never tell us beforehand what is about to take place, as they don’t give a crap about us… so we are complacent.

      5. If you are not ready shame on you.

        I’m in good shape and ready. Only time will tell!!!!!

        • Sarge, I’m also in good shape and STILL prepping. Most of my supplies are now at the BOL. When I finally do the ‘bugout’, what little I have left at home can be loaded in just minutes and I’m gone. Next trip scheduled for Oct. but might come sooner the way things are looking and sounding. We’ll see.

          • Ya we are mostly prepped peeps on this site but as far as the rest…. to little too late so sorry. The knuckledragging public will get eveything it deserves. God how I love it when stupidity is painful lol… 😛

      6. The picture of nuclear explosions that accompany the header to this story are too small. Even a modest size nuclear explosion would vaporize everything in the picture.

        • Radby, thus cuz they are now using Environmentally Friendly Nukes that have smaller booms (noise pollution), emit much less CO2 during the actually nuclear part of the explosion as compared to the older ones, and finally, they are 100,000 times MORE capable of emitting lethal doses of radiation thanks to the latest research from The Clinton Foundation (Hate & Dissent Division).

          Just saying so you’ll know why…….

          • I am sure you are totally correct in all you say; however, the nukes you are referring to are fired by Obama, not Putin. Maybe fired by Clinton, not Germany or Iran. The nukes in place, and those to be fired will not attempt to save the environment, or not pollute the water. The purpose and design is intended to burn and liquify. Total and absolute destruction. I would suggest we expect the EMP first, which will destroy the ability to respond, and open the door for all of our enemies to walk in, populate, control and establish fronts before the massive and deliberate ‘clean-up’ begins…

            Throughout church history, God has used the Muslims as his tools to punish those nations that turned from him and persecuted his children. It is recorded for the past 1500 years.

        • Common sense should tell one that they look like tactical (meaning: small) nukes.
          Besides, it’s an illustration, not real (yet).

      7. SkyNet will be the final winner.

        • Agreed.
          Note: All persons named ‘Sarah Conners’ should hide immediately, then make your way out of the country. Etc., etc., etc…

      8. Its almost impossible to tell anyone about what could be coming. They have to see something first. But then it’ll be to late. Having to deal with the non- preppers will be just as bad as having to deal with the moos limbs. The SHTF scenario is coming, I’m told before the end of the year. I’m as ready as I can be. I’ll be watching for what ever comes. Gov, non-preppers or mussy’s. Take Care.

        • It’s also not worth taking the risk to tell everyone what’s coming and what to do as you’ll then expose the fact that you have preps and they are unlikely to keep that to themselves.

          Knowledge is power!

          • 10-4 on that ricky!

      9. Hello, I’m just writing to ask for a bit of advice:)

        I live in a top floor flat in a city centre and have been thinking further about how a breakdown would affect me and my surrounding area.

        In recent months I have been storing tinned foods, cereals, dried milk, nuts and bottled water toilet rolls and batteries. I’ve also purchased word search books (no electric means no may to keep me occupied other than reading books) but there’s things that I have been thinking about and this is where I’ll start.

        How long after the electric went off would water then cease to run? I’m thinking of the toilet mainly.

        I know that mobile phones wouldn’t last long after a power cut as the reserve power in a phone mast lasts for 6 hours (according to American Blackout) but how long would landline phones last?

        With civil unrest comes looting and arson – do residential blocks of flats actually get targeted? If so I’ll have to have a bug-out strategy!

        Thanks in advance to anyone that answers.


        • I don’t like the idea of bugging out and being a refugee! Watch the movie The Road. About the toilet. Get a five gal bucket at home depot for a few bucks. Get cover too. Get a gigantic bag of sawdust…can get a few smaller ones at walmart. Here in the country they are 6 bucks a big bag. You can use the bucket for the toilet. Some people use a plastic trash bag to line it. I don’t. After uyou use it throw in a few handfuls of sawdust or dirt. when full need to empty outside in yard, somewhere. Better to dig a ditch and empty in there and cover with some dirt. The water WILL go out. I’m guessing a few days to a wk but not sure. Get rice and beans. Will fill the tummy. Get Spam or Treat at Savelot. Will last for many yrs. most imp is the toilet, water, food. Get metal fence handles at hardware store or walmart, screw one on each side of the door frame. then get a long metal bar at hardware store too., and slide thro. Use long screws. Will reinforce the door. If cant find metal bar use a 2×4 but make sure not too thick so it will fit thro the fence handles.

          • Get the BIG fence handles not the small ones. The bigger and stronger the better.

        • I am just guessing landline phones last about a week. Get a couple decks of playing cards too and maybe a scrabble game.

          • Even though they wouldn’t work, the average electronic “land line” phone has enough of a charge to go about three days, with typical use (not much) ….I know as I do it all the time (forget to hang it up). You could always get more battery packs (yet i doubt any phone lines will be in service for years), unless “the locals” decide to use the available wiring to create a “local phone company” (using 12volt).

            Then, starting right away, the operator would start listening in on phone calls, and the whole shittin’ works would start all over again. Forget I said it…

        • If you have a vehicle , stock it up and keep your supplies hidden from eyesight if possible.
          You might have less than a week , before looting and raiding comes to your flat.
          if your vehicle is parked outside , leave the area sooner ,because the gas in your vehicle will be taken , and now your stuck.

          Good Luck !!

        • If moving out a little to the suburbs or further is an option, I would do that. Aside from that, your strengths where you are are stacking water, food and security… 12 ga auto would be best with a good 9mm pistol with large mags.

        • Ricky,just a few ideas for you, I’m thinking that since your using the word “flat’ instead of apartment that your not here in America. One of the MOST IMPORTANT!!! things you can do to protect yourself, is to practice OpSec!!! Tell NO ONE!!! (not even your children, THEY HAVE BIG MOUTHS) about what your doing, or about any of the items you buy. You see, the less your friends, and neighbors know about what food or tools your have, the less chance you’ll have of any of them stopping by during an emergency asking you for a “tin” of beans. Another very important thing, if you plan to stay in the city, in your flat, make sure that when your cooking food, to do it where the smell can’t get out. You see, within a few days you’ll have a lot of very hungry people,, and the smell of you cooking food, will attract hungry people like a moth, to a flame. One of the things you can do about water, seeing as you live on the top floor. You can set up a rain catchment system, you can then filter that water for drinking, cooking, and washing. One more thing, here’s the name of a film, “Blackout” it deals with just what you can expect to happen should you stay in a city during an emergency. It shows what happens in London England, during a power outage, when 90% of the country is without power for just one week. I’ve added a link, but if it doesn’t work You can find it on you tube, all you have to do is search, “Britain Blackout 2013 – Documentary” to find it.

          • Thanks for the responses.

            Marie – I’ll have a look for that film and watch it. I think that a lot of my neighbours will be in the communal garden emptying buckets etc so at least I wont be the only one. It just didn’t occur to me that I would be using a bucket so thanks, I’ll do what you have suggested and get stocked up on more foods not required to be cooked. I’ve just been to my local market and bought a pack of cards whilst there so I’m already doing what you have suggested!

            Equorial – I only have a corded landline but I was asking so that I would be able contact relatives and friends to see if they were okay and assure them I was good. I wouldn’t want them coming to see me with both the dangerous situation here and all my preps so whilst I wouldn’t tell them, I would assure them I was getting help.

            Night Ranger – I don’t have a vehicle but it’s a good idea you have there. No-one would be looking to pinch a vehicle locked up in a car park when they have other things on their minds.

            USMC – It’s not possible for me to move out as it’s too expensive. My rent would be almost double if I moved to a suburb area or the crime (burglary and theft mostly) would be much worse. I live in England so can have a gun unfortunately.

            Colt – What does OpSec stand for? I realised that cooking foods whilst everyone around me would be hungry would not be a good idea! Most of my foods stored wont need cooking so should be okay on that front. I’ve also got lots of plastic cups (for water to drink and brush my teeth) and disposable plates as I don’t want to be wasting water on cleaning. I saw the programme when it was first broadcast a few years ago but the American version is better as it’s more dramatic and realistic.

            Thanks all and I’ll continue to read the articles and comments on this great site – a big help to me so thanks:)

            • Ricky, here’s what OpSec means. Operations security
              Operations security is a term originating in U.S. military jargon, as a process that identifies critical information to determine if friendly actions can be observed by enemy intelligence, determines if information obtained by adversaries could be interpreted to be useful to them, and then executes selected measures that eliminate or reduce adversary exploitation of friendly critical information.

              • Cheers for this, Colt – I’ll read more into it.

            • Ricky-

              That does change thing being in England, my advise now is to protect your preps with Operational Security- that would probably look like battery backup alarm system, door and security system that you can deploy if needed, lighting, cameras, the weapons that you can have, archery? crossbow? pepper spray? Machette? Keep in mind I am talking about a total SHTF situation…also become the grey man.

        • I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, hon, but in a real bad SHTF situation, all cities will be death traps. Just so you know. However if you intend to bug in, I would suggest getting a water Bob for your bath tab. this is a bathtub shaped plastic bag that hooks to your spout that will fill up a bathtub full of water safely that you can use. Use that water for washing and drinking, don’t bother with the toilet unless you gather rainwater somehow. Find a way to hide your canned foods, like creating a false wall that no one will notice, because looters are going to come to every building. Perhaps leave out some food so looters think they got everything you have. Another thing you can do is stage your apartment to look like it’s already been looted so when people come by they think there’s nothing important to get because it’s already gone. You’re not going to be able to avoid contact with looters, I would find someway to make a hiding place that you can get to quickly and wait for them to pass through. If you can avoid and survive the first few waves of looting, you should be OK, because the entire building will be empty and people start to figure that out.

          • I first came across the idea of ‘decoy food’ in the programme American Blackout so that’s something I’ll do. I can keep some food and a small bottle of water in my food cupboards and hide the rest in my wardrobe as they’ll not bother looking in there.

            If I could afford to I would leave here as it wouldn’t be the best place to be when SHTF. I’m in the middle of a city with a population of 550,000.

            There’s lots of residential buildings around me but occupied by mostly one person and not a lot of people know their neighbours so it’s likely they would form groups and become the looters of the looters would come from surrounding areas.

            Thanks for your response.

        • TOILETS– just pee wherever… it supplies certain nutrients to the soil, according to Mike Ruppert (He starred in the documentary “Collapse”– was great).

          As for the other (poop), use bucket and fill with leaves (cheapest method).. it actually covers up the smell. And dump in dumpster when need to. (line with plastic bags).

          Make sure you don’t dump it where water source is close by…

          • females can just pee in the tub drain– sit directly over it… guys can just pee outside– they do it all the time, anyhow!!

            • True, you can pee in the tub. I had to do that 25 yrs ago when the city turned off my water in the summer cuz i couldn’t afford to pay the water bill. I did get bottles of water from my sons house. I had to poop on newspaper and roll it up for the trash.I SURVIVED! It was a hot summer without water, but i did ok as i was able to get jugs of water from another house. The water was off for 3 months. I paid the bill finally. So i moved to the country with a well so they can never again turn off my water…but now we are in bad drought in western ny and i worry about the well going dry! I am rationing the water. I am taking a bath at a friends house once a wk. Got enuf water for the dogs and duks. Poor duks have to swim in dirty water. Got a hand pump for the well.

      10. Oh Germany… you kooky nutbags.

        Getting your ass handed to you twice wasn’t enough for you was it?

        Sigh ok! Round 3! You start it this time we’re gonna carve you up like a roast between England France and Spain, so you know…

      11. You know war is coming, worldwide countries have too much debt and costly people around. Nothing a world war can’t solve.

        • Lena,
          i agree the powers that rule the world need to reset the financial markets as they have gone to far to recover, so like you said war would be a good way for them to reset it all!!
          us peons always get the short end of the stick, maybe this time it will not work and it will be payback time for us!!

        • War actually increases debt and as for culling the herd the collateral damage would far outweigh any possible gain. The conventional wisdom of WWII pulling the US out of the great depression is a fallacy. The US went into massive debt, high employment was achieved as 10% of the population was in the military not in the workforce. The devastation inflicted upon the world post WWII guaranteed a huge demand for US products until the world rebuilt. The Vietnam war bankrupted the US and was one of two major reasons for the end of the Bretton Woods agreement / gold standard which in itself is a great contributor to our current problems.

          War will occur as a result of collapse as nation upon nation, economically in shambles resorts to stealing off their neighbor. The mad rush to secure resources, “by hook or by crook”, is a preemptive move in this direction.

      12. I really don’t have much hope for The US. The government is having its way. I don’t you people, whom claim to be aware, doing a damn thing. Except crying, wolf that is. Chicken Little has been claiming the sky is falling so often now. Its lost its credibility. The jokes on you, You’ve lost. Accept it and move on. God ain’t gonna come down from the heavans and stop this. I would think he would wanna flood it again, but he promised, didn’t he?

        The peaceful solution lies in removing yourself from the system. We have been hardwired into technology for so long now, we are zombies! All of us! Every time we turn on the TV, the computer, Every time we look at our phones for no reason. We are not alive, yet we live.

        So, if you disagree with the US policies, as do I. I would suggest going somewhere else. I read a very nice article about all the places in the world that you can live that are just as nice, less expensive, and with better health care. Think about that. Also, think about your kids. Do you really want them growing up in a place, where there really is no choice. If you love it here then stay, But if your like me, and just kinda like it here. It has nice beaches, and the Grand Canyon, Vegas, you know cool stuff like that. But, its a big world, so I might consider taking my chances elsewhere.

        • Dr. Strangelove, you make some valid points but you’re overlooking one thing. Where the hell can americans move to without facing hatred or any kind of retribution for what DC, Wall St., City of London, etc. have done to their countries? AMERICANS ARE HATED EVERYWHERE AND WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THE ELITES HAVE DONE TO THEIR COUNTRIES. I’ll take my chances with the family in north GA.

          • Brave, that is so true. We have enemies all over the place and the friendly ones will turn on you as an outsider amerikan whos govt. caused all the shit they deal with. Move to Brazil and when they eat shit who will they blame? YOU!

          • Brave-

            Just bought 2.5 ac in N Ga myself. Blairsville area.

            • USMC – Proud to have ya around. That puts you 1.4 hours away from our BOL. (North of you. There are many of us here and you’ll not be sorry, as you picked out a primo area with no downsides (imho) – honest and truly). Congrats! If there’s something that we might could do for you, it won’t hurt to ask! lol…

              Retired Navy here…

              • Well… I cant resist. The Marine Corps is a department of the Navy… The Men’s department. 🙂

            • USMC, congratulations. N GA is God’s country.

          • Brave,
            having traveled all over the world, long ago the foreigners did not like us BUT they were scared to do anything, NOW they hate us MORE and they are NO longer afraid to do something!! overseas is not a good thing, there are a few places that are OK. but i think even they are drying up!!i will take my chances here.

            • WHY DO THEY HATE US???



      13. It may not be a war that Germany is preparing for, at least not at first. It maybe a collapse of their economy which puts a bigger threat on them, and after that shock, riots and terrorists will take over the land. When Germany falls, so does the rest of Europe, since they are holding up the EU plagued with debt. When they collapse, then come the invaders. I would be weary of Russia.

      14. What if “they” said “Fight”! and we all just said No?

        • There are way too many brainwashed zombies that will say yes. Pretty much sucks because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be in this fookin mess…

          • Before our civil war there were draft riots. If you don’t sign up for the draft you go to prison. If you don’t show up after drafted you go to prison. If you don’t fight and kill and obey orders you get executed. They force us into wars . Mostly to make money and get property cheap.

      15. The aftermath of a WWIII would be the destruction of the developed world. Its therefore logical to theorize that the undeveloped world, untouched due to being unworthy of a nuclear attack will rise to dominance. Its kind of like “The Planet Of The Apes”.

        • What would be the trigger event in such a scenario?

          • Looking at history it would require pushing Russia in to a corner which facilitates a conventional response and then escalation propelled by fear by both sides simuntarioualy. An incident similar to the Soviet submarine cut off from communications during the Cuban Missile Crisis adds another frightening variable.

            Going towards this direction is madness fueled by hubris and greed.

            • Simultaneously

            • What would be the trigger event in such a scenario?

              A, Purim Day Celebration event would definatly do it.

        • If there were to be a nuclear war where all the nukes aimed and targeted reached their intended cities and bases, then it would lead to the wiping out of all major cities in the US, the UK and Europe as well as Russia and China. However, the elites and much of the military would survive the attack in their underground bases. So, the scenario would be thus: post attack, most urban Americans would be dead but only small portions of Russian and Chinese would be dead. Large numbers in Europe would be dead.

          Most of everyone would be alive in Latin America, Asia and Africa. In this new world, Asia would step in to be the dominant race and power. It would not be Africans that’s for sure. Asians would have the population numbers, the drive, the smarts and the ability to fight wars that would make them the next to dominate the world. And I think America could cut a deal with them. America would actually be in a good position: it would have substantially fewer angry blacks to deal with, Hispanic drug gangs and poor whites would also be fewer in number. America’s best would remain and could negotiate for a better future with Asia.

      16. Do not feel that war is going to be a good solution to our massive problems. Putting out (all) the corrupt leadership in governments world wide is one step in the right direction me thinks.
        Getting That done – is next to impossible.
        God Can do all things. We, cannot.

      17. In a world as fkd up as ours…..No one cares about
        stocking essentials! They’re hoping they won’t last
        long enough to need supplies!

        • No, not everyone thinks like that.

          There will be those that wish to die as soon as possible.
          There will be those that will fight to survive by any means necessary, because they did not prepare.
          There will be plenty on both sides of the coin.

          Then there are those who have the foresight to see events unfolding and prepare.

          Which are you?

          1.) Give Up
          2.) Fight to survive
          3.) Prepare

      18. The more people that are “unprepared” for an emergency the more action government will takes to prepare.

      19. I choose number 3!
        Than number 2,when I gotta.I guess that comes from being the youngest,got whooped alot,made me mean.Don’t like to quit,when I got older took some bad ass beatings cause of I may go out sooner than planned,but I wont be alone!
        Maniac –out

      20. I wish someone would do an article on neutron bombs and there effects. They don’t destroy buildings . They just put out a microwave burst that fries your brain . And there radius of kill can be adjusted . They are sometimes called dial a nukes. Perfect for no go areas. And the like.

      21. >>>. Daryl Bradford Smith~”The Nameless War” by Captain Ramsay

        On YouTube

        Or by the book: “The Nameless War”
        By: Captain Archibald H. M. Ramsay


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