Gerald Celente: If the Worst Happens and You’re Not Prepared, Guess What? You’re Dead.

by | Mar 10, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness, Gerald Celente | 12 comments

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    Gerald Celente joins Alex Jones on March 5, 2010 for his regular monthly updates on coming trends.

    Among other things, Mr. Celente spoke to Alex about his recent experience in Chile and the neo-survivalism trend he predicted would grow in 2010:

    We had to use a lot of defensive measures to stay alive. I’m mentioning this because these are the kind of conditions that exist today…

    It’s about that solar panel. It’s about having that excess of food in the eventuality of a terrorism 2012 which is on the horizon. It’s about those food shortages. It’s about preparing for the worst.

    If the worst doesn’t happen, great, you were prepared.

    But if the worst happens and you’re not prepared, guess what? Jack, you’re dead.

    Watch the interview with Gerald Celente and Alex Jones below:

    Click here to go directly to the playlist on Youtube…


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      1. I thougt he said Terror 2010?!  Is he changing his tune?

      2. Recently I have come across some information that seems to have placed everything on its head, as far as prepping goes. The situation is this: WWIII breaks out and one thousand or more nuclear missiles atomize most of the United States.

        I don’t know about you guys and gals but all the prepping in the world isn’t going to be every effective here, short of finding a desserted outpost in the Arctic circle. Now, this might be a LONGSHOT for percent occurrence, but I am sad to say I have heard two sources now back this up. I won’t go into gory detail, but the sources are Lindsey Williams and George Green (google him). The second guy may sound like a kook (and I’ll bet some of you would say the same about Lindsey), but he also seems very intelligent which disturbs me greatly.

        I know what some of you may be saying, there’s already enough doom and gloom here on a regular basis. But what if this IS the real deal? It would seem relocation is the only prep possible.

        What really got me to take this seriously is that I keep hearing of billionaires buying large tracts of land in South America (ie. George Bush bought thousands of acres in Uruguay).  I still need to research to find out who else has purchased land there, but I’ve also read that wealthy people are fleeing the country in droves, which may explain a lot (explains one reason why our taxes are going up so precipitously because the major tax payers are leaving).

        Could this be true? Why the southern hemisphere? Apparently, and I have not researched this yet either, a series of nuclear blasts in the US would contain the fallout to primarily the northern hemisphere only. So South America and everywhere else south of the equator would be relatively safe. But why South America? Why not Africa, Australia, India? Don’t really know, other than South America is rich in oil, agriculture, and natural resources.

        Feel free to debunk this theory but also please tell me if it has any legs too.

      3. Celente seems like an intelligent guy, but after hearing him talk about terrorists with suitcase nukes, I find myself doubting everything that comes out of his mouth.  Note that genuine experts in the field of nonproliferation maintain that suitcase nukes do not exist.

        While it’s extremely important to keep an open mind about things, you really shouldn’t believe everything you hear.  I did some brief research on George Green and discovered that he is in contact with an alien intelligence based in the Pleiades star cluster.  If you’re going to listen to him, at least take what he says with a grain of salt.

        With respect to WWIII, I don’t think Russia would have anything to gain by launching 1,000+ nuclear-armed missiles at the United States.  Could you give us a link to your source?

      4. All this site sells is SNAKE OIL, FEAR PANIC RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THEY ARE COMING lol you loons are full of it.

      5. Axel, I realize that about George. But if you only do research without hearing him speak you are missing part of the puzzle. The guy is uncannily intelligent and spot on on many other things.

        That being said, your advice is well taken. I hope you are right, and feel that you probably are. Like I said, this is just a theory and all theories are valid until proven otherwise.

        As for the Russian nuke story, that again comes from George Green. The theory (and both he and Lindsey Williams agree on this), is that the war will start with either an attack on Iran by Israel or vice versa. The United States will be dragged in by default and Russia and China will follow.  George also explains why the hell they would possibly do that (you ask what could be gained).  I don’t quite buy his explanation but suffice it to say China wants to be the new world leader and the United States has some of the richest soil on the planet (never mind that radiation fallout will render a lot of it infertile, but what do I know). I also found a letter from no other than Pat Robertson from 2008 making similar claims, but again that may be taken with a grain of salt.

        I just found it interesting that it happens to fit with the rich buying up land in South America. I remember when Bush bought the 30,000+ acres in Uruguay and my initial reaction was “Why the hell would he do that?”.

        Here is a link that you could watch for entertainment, if nothing else:

      6. That’s funny, I don’t get charged for reading anything from this site. Maybe you got the platinum membership? Huh, all I got from this website was just some worthless knowledge. Guess the joke is on me.

        Go back to your regularly scheduled programming on CNN, Fox, PBS, whatever. If you think they aren’t selling you something then boy do I have a great deal for you.

      7. To be fair, Uruguay is quite beautiful.  If I had the money, I’d buy 30,000+ acres there as well.

      8. You guys have to realize that there is much uncertainty in the world right now. Nobody knows for sure how things are going to unfold. We know that the economic situation is both bad and scary.

        Are we Americans too arrogant and too pridefull to think that something bad can never happen to us??

        What makes us different from any other civilization that has ever existed?

      9. Oddly, Celente is very mild.  If you lived through New Orleans or east of NO after Katrina – he sounds like a preacher of reality.  Haiti, Chile, 9/11.  The point is that our systems are so stressed that a fracture in them could mean you and your family need a plan. 

        Just get one.  If it is to sit and watch another episode of Survivor – so be it.  My family will be ready.  NOT for nukes, but for many system fractures… and we will have a bible in our hands.

      10. Hey Mac! Whats MY discount on that snake oil you’re selling on this site, and does it really work on what ails you, like the ads promise?

        OBTW don’t anyone believe the nuke story, its just propaganda to justify our 700 billion dollar defense budget. Why do you think we let the Chinese steal the W-88 neutron bomb warhead design? We didn’t want any fallout when they move into Siberia for the oil, gas, precious metals, timber, and fresh water. Lake Baikal holds 20% of all the fresh water in the world.

        Someone has to buy Chinese manfactured goods. Thats US. You might gouge your best customer, but you don’t blow up his house.

        Finally, why would the Russians send only 1,000 warheads when they have more than 12,000? Just like US. That would be suicide. Remember, its MAD (mutual assured destruction). 1,000 warheads would call for a full retaliatory strike of maybe half our arsenal. (We would need to save the other half for China, just in case, you understand.)

        So, I suspect someone is smoking those underworld cigarettes again.

      11. The first time one listens to Celente, he thinks that this guy knows a lot.
        But show after show, i noticed that he repeats himself a thousands times per day.
        I cannot underestimate though how lucky he is. Even the Chille earthquake assisted him to his predictions.
        But indeed, wasn’t it one month ago the terror 2010 that he was talking about? How it became 2012 today?
        Finally a small question. If the system is going to collapse what good is the money for Mr Celente? Why doesn’t he provide his magazine for free to all the desperados all over the world?
        As for George Green, no comments. The guy is going to survive the nuclear winter by depositing piles of gold under his porch.

      12. Mr. Celente is cashing in his cash for gold, silver and hopefully a retreat with a well, solar energy generators 30 acres of farmland and 70 virgins…..

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