Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps and Martial Law: Conspiracy Fact or Theory?

by | Dec 4, 2010 | Alex Jones, Emergency Preparedness | 133 comments

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    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura recently created an episode to investigate the existence of FEMA camps and Fusion centers throughout the United States. The episode has reportedly been banned for public broadcasting by TruTV without any reason or explanation. It seems some unknown power intervened and has refused to allow the episode from airing.

    Watch Conspiracy Theory: FEMA Camps with Jesse Ventura and special guest Alex Jones:

    Jesse Ventura Show on Fema Camps by TATS-2-MIN-NEWS

    While some, like Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) suggest that FEMA camps are nothing but a figment of our imaginations, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones make a strong case that they do, in fact, exist and that they are pervasive, with hundreds of centers and camps already built and operational.

    Using a play from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Rep. Cohen attacks would-be conspiracy ‘theorists’ claiming that only those who believe in little green men and interstellar war would believe such things as the existence of FEMA camps. Most curious, however, is that Rep. Cohen is a co-sponsor of HR bill 645, which clearly mandates that creation of such camps, yet he completely denies their existence.

    To give the government the benefit of the doubt, which we think is only fair, one could argue that any country that has an interest in maintaining law and order would take steps to prepare for disasters and emergencies. What we should have learned from events like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, and the Haitian earthquake is that sometimes bad things happen and those affected would benefit from some level of government preparedness. Having stores of food, water, medical supplies, emergency chain of command, and even refugee centers in place is not exactly a bad thing. It’s proactive.

    However, it is only prudent to look at the flip side of the coin and consider whether or not those in our government have ulterior motives.

    How else can one explain programs like Fusion centers located in major metropolitan areas and tasked with collecting information on all aspect of the lives of Americans, be it shopping habits, political beliefs, social networks and location information? These centers are specifically designed to identify threats, whatever that means, and either take action if necessary or categorize, itemize and save that information for a later date. It is not out of the question that in the event of a declared “emergency” Fusion center databases could be immediately utilized to generate lists of those who may be a danger to society, national security or themselves.

    Or what about government mandated residential centers (aka FEMA camps) that are designed like prisons with double fencing and inward facing barbed wire? Are we really to believe these are going to house illegal immigrants and their families like one spokesperson indicated – and if so, exactly which enforcement agencies will be handling the rounding up of these illegal aliens considering that any such actions by state law enforcement agencies have led to mass protests not just from immigrants, but government officials who cosponsored legislation to build the centers in the first place. Even if they were designed as emergency refugee centers, it is difficult to imagine this being the case when those in charge refuse to speak about the purpose of the centers and explain why people displaced in the event of an emergency would require being locked inside against their will.

    As usual, the “official” story simply does not add up.

    Combined with emergency powers executive orders, Congressional legislation, and recent actions by emergency services departments operating under DHS and the military, one can only imagine what these camps are for.

    Whether it is conspiracy fact or theory will be left to our readers, but consider that the camps and Fusion centers are only part of a very large equation.

    As we reported previously, the Pentagon and US Military Actively War Gaming Large Scale Economic Breakdown and Civil Unrest. These exercises specifically deal with protests, riots and even violent confrontations. Those who are detained during such engagements will need to be housed somewhere. If government agencies were to detain thousands of people, the “residential centers” seem to be one place where they might end up, and considering many are built in close proximity to railroads, it seems suspiciously convenient. Be assured that our government is preparing for just this scenario, as evidenced by regular National Guard Training For Riot Control and Mass Detentions.

    The detention camps, Fusions centers, Congressional legislation, executive orders, anti-extremist administrative directives, preparedness programs and regionalization initiatives are real – there is simply no denying this fact.

    The question is: what is their purpose?


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      1. This is crazy…  Ventura the profit?  President Regan warned to be careful when the government says, “you can trust us, we’re from the government.”  Does Hussain Obama have America’s best interests in mind or maybe something more evil?  I say more evil.  Anti-American….  Yet, this conspiracy therory has been investigated.  The story is old.  Joint task forces are not new and fusion centers are nothing more than a task force.  Relax…  There are real things to worry about, not Ventura, like Carter, who just can’t give up their camera time….

        • don’t forget GWB help jump start this stuff -it’s not a partisan issue.

          • So you believe that Obama and Janet Napolitano cleaned this all up?

            • thats not what bon said. obama hasnt cleaned it up so its not a partisan issue.

      2. our wonderful and benevolent federal government remembers “good job brownie” and realizes it took far too long to mobilize  half tracks and tanks after katrina. with this in mind the government  is now taking proactive intelligent steps to protect all of you, regardless of political persuasions,  from unfriendly neighbors, hurricanes,  tornadoes , zodiac calamities, illegal mexican gangsters and other  disasters to numerous to mention.

        rest easy fellow citizens. why else would our kind and generous federal governmant  be secretly be building these gigantic expensive work camp facilities with barbed wire enclosures near railroad tracks strategically scattered all over the united states?? it’s time for all of you to discard your boxcar mentalities and attitudes and realize how our politicians are really taking care of us and how great america’s tinkle down economy really is.

        god bless our intelligent hard working benevolent forward thinking  president obama and the united states congress.  it’s obvious that they have been spending a considerable amount of time secretly looking out for our best interests even without telling us. this is certainly evidence of a degree of magnanitomy never before seen in our great country..

        • Ur blind . Like the majority. Population control if why they hv those camps n disposable coffins. Tht fit a family of 4-5.the government and the wealthy will so anything to kill off the rest Survival of the Fittest

        • Good one, man. I love reading your stuff.
          Beats paying hard-earned cash to go to the comedy club.

          • Are you for real. Americans are so ignorant. their own government attacks them and then lies to them over and over, and still you believe them. Your government has never told you the truth about anything, why would you trust them. (read the book 1984, by george orwell). WAKE UP.

            p.s. you never worked hard in your life

          • There is a fema camp/coffin waiting for you, you blind idiot!

        • You’ve been listing to radio KFUCK! The government of the US has overstepped its boundaries way too manytimes. These FEMA prisons are for all the corrupt gov’t. official and child thieves and rapists, murders. Idiot now (barack) want’s to change the constitution we never ever have used to force us to pay the medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies to mass murder us. I pity all innocent medical professionals. Lead the blanks to true health. OUTLAW THE US GOVERNMENT FROM YOUR LIFE. THE CONSTITUTION HAS A PROVISION IN IT STATING WHEN THE US GOVT OVERSTEPS THEIR BOUNDARIES WE AS THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAVE THE LEGAL TO PERMANENTLY ABOLISH THE GOVT. FROM OUR LIVES. THEY’RE KILLING US AND WE IGNORANTLY ARE PAYING THEM TO KILL OUR CHILDREN AND PRAISING THEM AS THEY DO SO. DO THE RESEARCH. DON’T BELIEVE ME, BELIEVE YOUR HEART.



        resist people, RESIST AND FIGHT! you no longer have a choice… it’s either you or them!

        PREPARE YOURSELVES AND YOUR FAMILIES FOR THE INEVITABLE! Obviously your government is preparing! Doesn’t it make sense for you all to prepare as well??? They can print money and debase the us dollar only so long; before it will crash or war! It will probly be WAR ; so prep now folks… it’s really in your best interest to be armed, and have water and food stored up for three months. At the minimum… 

        • I refuse to go down on this one bullshit I will not at all sit on this, I am not and will not be locked up on some fucking camp bullshit they will have to kill me I don’t care!!!!!!! Oh, yes I will fight !!!!!!!! Damn Right. I rather die fighting then to live in oppression !!!!! These people are damn sick as hell in the head. I can,t wait for the return of my father heavenly father this is what the world is missing. We are so caught up in our daily live that, really we live in a JAIL NOW with all this high tech equipment we are so caught up in this world that we take our eyes off the prize which is heaven not freakin earth join in the fight with GOD and then will WIN.

          • If you’ve read your bible then you know that the earth is exactly what God’s people inherit… after all the evil is put down… If you don’t believe me, read Revelation…..

          • Amen brother…

      4. For the sake of argument let’s assume that there are FEMA camps. Who gives a damn. I’m never going to see the inside of one. Are you? Further let’s assume that tomorrow a law is passed which demands that you surrender your weapons, food, shelter, and freedom and march to a FEMA camp near you. Are you planning to comply? No? Then stop worrying and start prepping in a way that gives you the freedom to choose.  I believe it to be highly irrational to act based solely on the information or advice of either Alex Jones Or Jesse Ventura.

        • After watching this video. You already are.

          • as you are sir and then some PLUS TWELVE!

        • and this is where they will use bio war fare

        • Another idiot blind and dumb. A FEMA camp is waiting for you!

      5. hey mushroom… ;0) love your posts… they’re a nice reminder as to the fact that “psyops” does exist and those of us who consider ourselves “OATHKEEPERS!” truly do have a target for our .308’s for wtshtf! Keep up the good work!  we’ll be thinking of you and your co-workers…

        • And now you know why the oath keepers have a negative image… I don’t agree with mindless Obama loving spam bot, but having a target for your 308? It’s a damn shame some people can debase and ruin the image of an organization with comments like yours… See how many people join us now that they think the Keepers are a bunch of ill intent nuts..

        • Ok, folks. Mushrooms post was clearly satirical. Please re-engage the safety on you .308, Tekroanin.

      6. Comments…..Please remember that Obama is not the President that started the building of FEMA Camps.  But I can see him as the President that actually puts the FEMA Camps into use.

        Since I don’t know when the Government decided that the FEMA Camps would be needed to contain/control American Revolutionarys/Citizens, I would  guess That the FEMA Camps were built around the time that the Vietnamn Protesters conspired to defy the Government.

        But as TEKROANIN  instructed, prepare yourselves and your families for the inevitable.  Even if the Government is as inept/fumbly as they appear or if the Government is preparing for the take over of America, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare to provide for yourself and your family.

        Government exposure over the next 12 months should give us a good idea of what the future holds for America.

        • there going to kill us to cut the population

      7. Don’t worry folks everything you do now a days leaves an electronic or digital trail. Fusion centers have been in operation for years now, there not new. Hell even visiting this web site gets recorded.

        Unless you are going to live in the wilderness, use only cash and never make a phone call or send an email your leaving a trail. If you bought Bullets, Beans and Bandaides or Guns, Gold and Grub in the last 6 years they know about it.

        They will never be able to round up those who would resist, there are just too many of us. America is to vast a nation to be controlled by martail law. Only those who will eat the government cheese will be in camps.

        The only question is when and what will be the trigger.

        • I agree some what with you, the governments are very tricky clever bastards; and who is to say that they could have been planning this for decades, we don’t really know we just go with our guts feeling and what we see in our dreams (at least I do) there is so much more then just the camps so many people don’t know about. Take the guy who was in denile for it, nothing wrong with that but just so many more people are like that.. you may think its a 50/50 for believes and not but in all reality its more of a 80% who can’t see and a 20% who can and KNOW the truth. Those camps that are REOPENING could even be for that magority of people who know a little to much. This message is going and and they can see who is typing it (scary huh?) we are watched where ever we go tracked even. The things going on right now is talked in the bible of revolutions. Our votes wont count for not wanting this; the government is in full power, but don’t be afraid. They are like demonds if you are afraid they will tear you down. Bring out the peace in you my friends and pray to God for the beauty he has done and keeping you still alive and not like the many who are neglected to see the truth. ‘Consirpicy’ or not my friends you ALL are in my prayers and I wish you the best of luck with what is to happen in 2012. (if anything is to happen)

          P.S. keep yourself healthy watch what you eat because even our food sources aren’t safe anymore. be as free minded as your soul wants you to take care of yourself and love, love uncontrably and never stop loving ! 🙂 🙂

          • SWEET!

        • Could not have said it better myself. Long live freedom!

      8. as for the camps… ask the million NIPPONESE/ JAPANESE AMERICANS who were forced by armed guards to abandon their homes and property during world war 2 WWII how they felt about being locked up as a potential threat to their own country!

        those who “ignore” history are destined to repeat history!

        arm up[ stock up prepare…  

        • Don’t forget the POW camps of the Civil War, or the round-up of people after Katrina.

          And Germans and Italians were also rounded up in WWII, but you don’t hear about it as often, because of the “racism narrative” that exists in the school system.

          But, I live not far from Manzanar, and had a restaurant manager whose family lost their farm due to internment.

      9. With any luck, they will finally round up 30 million Illegals and their illegal families and house them in the Residential Centers before putting them in a box car and shipping them home. It’s a lot cheaper than the free air fare they have been getting and Amtrak needs the subsidy.

        It gives new meaning for an old ad slogan: “Go Greyhound and leave the driving to US”.

      10. How brave for those (Tekroanin or Sanityjones) who are exercising their constitutional rights as our civil rights leaders (Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton) have criticized China, Russia and the ME regarding the human rights issues.  History has shown sheeple end up in a prison any way or die of diseases or due to a lack of food. 

        Any leaders who intimidate, harass or threaten its citizens who exercise their constitutional rights or go against their will is INHUMAN and just simply WRONG
        (no matter what excuses you have.) 

        The FIRST Amendment allows citizens to criticize their government without having to be afraid of retaliation or intimidation and/or threats.

        Basically, the bankers want the masses to be submissive and not to resist.  And people who were submissive to ruthless leaders, ended up being the victims themselves. Either way you get hurt. If you fight you loose, and if you don’t fight you still loose; they’ll target the masses one at a time.
        I better go watch the documentary of the Nuremberg trials again.  As we know the Nuremberg trial broke new ground in holding govt leaders individually responsible 4 aggression.


        • Finally! People who get it! Live long, free, and prosper!

      12. Jane – Shut up

      13. If you fight you loose, and if you don’t fight you still loose; they’ll target the masses one at a time.

        I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. We all got”s to die Jane. I’m dying a free man. I’m not quite sure what it is you are trying to say here but one thing is certain; this country was founded on independance, liberty, and justice for all and I absolutely will not relinquish my hold on these God given necessities no matter how politically incorrect they may become. I don’t live in fear, this is America, MY AMERICA.

      14. There is no denying that the US has become increasing more
        of a  police state in recent years. What interests me is exactly who/what is behind this. What is their ultimate aim?

        Perhaps it in not just a coincidence that the economy and financial system show signs of cracking and even imploding.
        Could be  it is the governments intention to sequester the soon to be dramatically increasing number of  ‘problem’ individuals  (sorta of like Guantanamo Bay, but on a massive scale) and thus FEMA camps then would make sense from a  powers-that-be perspective, even if they’re anathema to me.

        Still, can’t say I buy into FEMA camps or chemtrails at this time. But then a few years ago I didn’t pay much heed to NWO and Rothschild/Illuminati stuff.

        These days I do have to admit that signs point to an ultra wealthy elite in fact existing,  and with an aim to expand their control. So FEMA camps and all aren’t too far removed from that.

        Certainly the increasing Police State in America is real.
        This ‘terrorism’ ruse is exactly that, just a front for ulterior motives. That much I am sure.

        It’s  scary what’s happening now.
        The ‘enemy’  isn’t external, rather its at the very center of our country.


          • I care, we should care!!!!

      15. Basically, what Im trying to say is the Multi-Trillionaires and corrupt politicians are using different forms of propaganda and lies to convince people, so they won’t resist and will always be afraid of them. 

        As I’ve said if you don’t fight for your country, your rights and the rights of others, who will? 


        • Ata girl Jane. You know your shit! You will survive! Way to be!

      16. And I believe most of Americans like you and I will stand up for what ours and what GOD has given us. 
        And as it is stated in our Constitution and in International laws.  
        The elites, trolls or extremists might intimidate, harass or insults us – But it won’t work …… So where are the Civil Rights Attorneys like Hillary Clinton or Obama when we need them???

        • You must be an idiot! Obama and Clinton are the problem!

          • she’s just remarking on that irony dude jeez turn off the hate brain and let your imagination[if u have one] guide u to the correct intention she has.

            • Haha look it’s the “forum police” here to protect other people’s comments… Turn on your spell check if “u” have one…

              • look its the english nazi who nobody likes…

        • are you freakin nuts yourself, you know someone like you jane i couldn’t and wouldn’t trust

      17. I just visited the Mountain House web site. They are the manfacturers of freeze dried food.
        They are out of stock of all #10 cans of freeze dried foods due to “industry wide demand.” 
        Is this a sign of things to come?
        Are more people waking up?
        How long before the shelves begin to empty at your local big box store?

      18. Tom, is the shortage of dried food due to civilian demand or govt uses we can only guess at?????   coming to a camp near u.  worth investigating if poss.

        • Goverment !!!!!! this is so sad i swear

      19. A coward dies many deaths. A brave man dies only once.

        • I am with you Jason!!!! all the way

      20. May J Napolitano rot in hell, and may Gos make her food
        taste like shit !

      21. I mean GOD.

      22. The Ready Store has had a sale on MH foods this past week. I usually buy there b/c it is less expensive to purchase there verses direct through Mountain House but the last couple of orders that I have had has been plagued with multiple backorders. Yesterday I received something I ordered over a month ago.  

        Victory Seed Company has also had issues with shipping orders. I guess a lot of people are jumping on the prepping bandwagon.

      23. I am looking at 3 dehydrated items to order so far. Powdered milk,whole eggs and butter. I have a system pretty much I have been doing on my own for over a year now for everything else. Has anyone tried any of these? I can’t waste money on something I will not use… God willing, in the event I don’t need it. Every penny I have spent has done nothing but save me money because I use it anyway. I have to know I can use this crisis or no crisis. Thanks!

      24. Also …My neighbor had a good suggestion because I have been vacuum sealing rice, dried beans, etc.. as they come on sale on my own and it’s cheaper for me. Place bags of rice, beans etc… in the freezer to “kill” anything that might be in there (bugs you can’t see etc..) prior to storing and vacuum sealing. Also I  can remember my granmother stored  flour beans etc. in a non working refrigerator in thwe basement because think about it .
        It is sealed tight and no critters, bugs can get in. Just make sure the old frig is squeeky clean and disinfected ofcourse.

      25. Hey Folks the only issue with this is I already saw the episode it did air on Tru tv.  Did I miss something? Is it banned now or from further broadcasting? Check your sources please!  Do continue to prepare though for something wicked this way comes!


        also you can put a bay leaf in your bags, that will kill bugs.  also LDS has food packed for thirty years A LOT cheaper than even I can get it wholesale, and I’m in the grocery business.

      27. Mona:  There are no FEMA camps.  Neither this president nor previous presidents have built FEMA camps (unless you mean those trailers that were provided free to refugees from New Orleans).  This is urban legend.  It would be easy enough for any president to build camps if they were needed so why would they build them and let them sit idle for years and years.  This is nothing more then stupid conspiracy theories from idle minds. 

        • FEMA camps exist. Have seen with with own eyes. They’re there, as described.

        • I don’t think they plan on leaving them empty for years and years.

        • They love idiots like you! When your inside a FEMA camp that does not exist! We fucking told you so idiot!

      28. Anonymous…Yes I have a bay leaf “tree” and I place one in ea bag before vacuum sealing. What I have stocked  up on from the stores has been cheaper for me so far. I compared. For example 5lbs. Uncle Bens Rice  for$ 3.50…Thats 20 lbs I paid  $ 14 for. Way less than on line ordering. Some things you just have to order though and I am beginning to research that. Thanks! A LOT of people don’t know about the bay leaf thing.

      29. Tina: Not to worry, just preppers doing their Christmas Shopping!

        On another note, most of you are too young to remember, (and a couple of you are totally clueless) but Jeanne Dixon, the Washington DC physic who predicted the assasination of President Kennedy; also predicted at the time that there was a “fifth column” infiltrating the US Government.

        Most people like myself, probably thought she was refering to the communists of the McCarthy Era. Today I believe that infiltration has manifested in a certain group with a high percentage of positions of power within the government apparatus beyond their relative representation in the population at large: whose allegience and loyalty is not with the USA which employs them in these sensitive positions, but to the nation with whom they have a second passport and dual citizenship. “Dual citizens” should not be allowed to serve in the US government.

        It is this group which shapes and administers domestic, foreign and financial policy in the United States to the benefit of wall street banksters and other nations, especially the nation of their dual citizenship, to the detriment of Americans.

        It is these “apparacheks” that have eroded our liberties and designed the Police State which they control. If they can control the population of the USA, they can control the entire world and direct the policies and resources of this nation and others to the benefit of their home country.

        And they have. Connect the dots.


          • Thank you for the tip. Live long and prosper!


        Still, can’t say I buy into FEMA camps or chemtrails at this time. But then a few years ago I didn’t pay much heed to NWO and Rothschild/Illuminati stuff.

        This if for you only Mike…enjoy those beautiful skies we’ve messed up??  with chemtrails!!


        December 4th, 2010 at 11:21 pm
        I just visited the Mountain House web site. They are the manfacturers of freeze dried food.
        They are out of stock of all #10 cans of freeze dried foods due to “industry wide demand.” 
        Is this a sign of things to come?
        Are more people waking up?
        How long before the shelves begin to empty at your local big box store?

        Hi, Tom..Glenn Beck has the public scared and they’re not going to Aldi’s and DG like I do…they’re going to the net…

        Also, just to let you know—two prepper sites I visited yesterday have commented on the out of stock items….


      32. Although I don’t see FEMA forcing people into these camps in the event of an emergency, I suspect that the masses of sheeple will voluntarily go to them in search of food & safety after some time of deprivation and empty grocery shelves.
        Voluntary cooperation is what the feds would like since there are 100 million of us that are armed.
        Don’t get on that bus.

        • Yea! Fuck the bus gus!

      33. PRAISE BE TO ” GOS!” ;0)

        Bottom line… as every day that now passes “our” government is slowly inch by inch, intentionally destroying the u.s. dollar, intentionally bankrupting america, intentionally passing laws sending your jobs over seas to people who work slave wages pennies on the dollar, while you americans loss your homes, families and faith and all of your local reps (mine being MAX BAUCUS, JOHN TESTER of montana) get richer! They have sold you out to the NWO and big business i.e. ISRAEL, AIPAC, MONSANTO, GOLMANSACHS, BANK OF ENGLAND, ROTHSCHILD S etc etc! THEY ARE SLOWLY DESTROYING AMERICA AND HER SOVEREIGN BORDERS TO FORM THE NEW – NORTH AMERICAN UNION OF MEXICO AMERICA AND CANADA! THEY ARE PASSING LEGISLATION THAT MAKE YOU A CRIMINAL FOR GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD! WTF! OR EVEN COLLECTING YOUR OWN RAIN WATER ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY! Your own government is TERRORIZING YOU 9/11 with local law enforcement help… your own town’s cops are now FEDERALIZED! Your state national guard troops… now federalized! The web of control is now nearly complete! It is all planned out… wise up folks! Get in the game – please! And one more thing… the NWO “whores” HILARY CLINTON and BILL CLINTON and THE george BUSH’S and BARACK OBAMA AND SARAH PALIN IN WAITING are straight up treasonous dog’s – who have sold you and your children and your grand children into permanent – DEBT SLAVERY! They are murderer’s, rapist’s and psychotic killer’s by proxy all in the name of “AMERICAN PATRIOTISM and Illegal Terrorist Wars” against defenseless 3rd world women and children… for shame, for shame america!

        THIS IS THE TRUTH… america is a lie folks!

        -as for living in fear of retribution from my own government for speaking my mind, the day the FBI OR CIA OR NSA come pounding on my door to tell me to shut my yap is the day this “GRUNT” DIG’S UP/ OUT HIS “WARBAG”, starts singing “YANKEE DOODLE DANDY!” and cleans his rifle and combat boots , I did my time, am an American Veteran and will fight any enemy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, IF THEY THREATEN MY rights as a natural born citizen who is protected under the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION Bill of RIGHTS, UNDER THE “ORIGINAL” BILL OF RIGHTS!” all other american laws to me are illegal and unmoral ! I will “FEAR” no man!

        an to all you NSA/ CIA/ FBI/ ATF/ DHS boy’s an girls reading  this – YOU KNOW YOUR DAMN WRONG! YOUR NO BETTER THAN THE HITLER GERMAN SS – FUCK YOU!  ;0) – damn that feels good sayin’ that – TRUTH!


        • Well said! You have it all down to the proverbial science! I purchased my guns as well! Before they enslave me, they will have to kill me! Oh, thank you for serving our country!

      34. Comments…..Orders permit a takeover by FEMA of local, state, and national governments and the suspension of constitutional guarantees. FEMA will have the authority to exert any sort of control that it deems necessary upon the American public. A trained National Police Force, formally referred to by the name of Multi Jurisdictional Task Force (MJTF), wearing black uniforms and composed of:

        1. specially selected US military personnel
        2. foreign military units carrying United Nations ID cards, and
        3. specially trained existing police groups from larger metropolitan American cities.

        These members of the MJTF will implement and enforce martial law under the direction and controlof FEMA. The President and Congress are out of the loop.
        FEMA is the Trojan Horse by which the New World Order will implement overt, police-state control over the American populace.

        Look at “New World Order “(the overview)
        All of the info is right there including what Jesse Ventura has said.

        There are 400,000 of these police trained in America that are supposed to protect us in case of a foreign attack. But in reality they are here to put us in these Fema camps when we get to smart and try to rebel.

      35. Rose,if this is what they are actually up to, they better be recruiting much better because 400,000 traitors aint gonna stand a chance when we rebel and TSHTF! I “almost” feel sorry for the retards(nawww) 🙂

      36. Mushroom, read tour history starting from the civil war. I mean the real history. You sound like a person that always take someone word neve bother to find out things for your self.

      37. Comments…I feel sorry for these FEMA retards to be honest.  I think they are actually so stupid, they dont realize what kind of shit they have started. I feel sorry for the CIA retards also.
        Because they are so retarted it is beyond belief.
        The FBI are .. I was going to a bunch of retards but that is being too nice.. I am not sure what comes underneath a retard.
        That 9-11 bullshit, they think that we buy into that bull shit. Hey FUCK YOU. You bunch of fucking retards.
        Fuck you and your FEMA camps.
        Yoiu will never win, because you are so outnumbered, it will be a blood bath.
        Your blood bath.
        Go to hell. (this is for the bad government people, not the good ones)
        Merry Christmas to all the good USA Government folks… I know your out there.
        Just remember, before you start this war, your badly outnumbered. And you will die.
        Including the good folks that are in

        • May I please help you kill some of these cocksuckers!

      38. I have a new show television show idea for Jesse Ventura and I think it would be a bigger hit than Conspiracy Theory.
        Tru Tv should do a new show called: Jesse Ventura’s The Retard Theory.
        He could do shows about what a bunch of retards we have running this country.
        It would be a monster smash hit show folks, you know it would be.
        “Great job Brownie”,  GW Bush wearing those high water pants, the dude looks like frigging Jethro.
        Come on Jesse, this is going to be big.

      39. Do you wonder why they are making us think that the TSA is correct? That subjecting us to full pat downs and scans is to make us used to this kind of stuff? That we will go where they want us to go in the name of security? They are starting this on buses now, too. FEMA and the president with his executive orders will be ready to fetch us by a pre-authorized list of people they believe they need to take out-patriots and the religious. Soros is with Obama and all the presidents know about  ALL the executive orders that have been passed for many years. As a matter of fact, his handlers want him to start using these orders to forward the NWO plans, politically as he is now. There are FEMA camps and some were military camps, etc.  They don’t look benign to me. And who stopped Ventura’s last show? Ummmm?

      40. June looks very nice,. The Duke Means busines.  Admire your $enator, Watch your back,. as 5th column are rampaging,. White Supremascist Zionist Nazi’s are in all departments. then the Starship war, is plot is full of holes. 28weeks was a strange film for the film makers to make. 

      41. Thank you for all of your postings. We have a lot of information now. Someone will be contacting you very, very soon.

      42. My thoughts on this video is its been leading up to this for years Im not one who really cares about what are government does as long as it does not effect me ill continue to live my life on my terms the government is kinda like a bee keep your eye on them but most imp dont fuck with it and it wont fuck with you they can build what they want where they want when they want but looks to me as it looks now as much as the government says were not like foriegn nations hmmmmm looks like another death camp accept this time there on us soil

      43. christin, if a litle number of people dominad the world is because they keep us separat and selfisch, like:” I care about my self and i do not give fuck about you”,this is the BIG mistaik ! Looks the Georgia Guide Stone 1° commandamant! “they” prepar a stermination of 80%100 of popolation! In 2013 we wil bee attack with desese and froom people and animal with microchip aggressiv gude by satellite; but “they” will be confortbole hide in rech bunker until we are all death, beside the one programmed (maybe in the camps). 500.000 baby desapeere every year, in America and Europa….dhose will be the future military and polic programmate or with microchip. Sorry for my english

      44. “ask the million NIPPONESE/ JAPANESE AMERICANS”

        No. More like 110,000

        Exaggerating loses us credability.

        An really “FEMA camps”. Who’s going to sit still for being dragged onto a bus against their will and put in a camp?
        Only people stupid enough to beleive that the land or home they occupy is suddenly not habitable, and the gov’t comes in. Not me. They have to find me first.
        So you might want to disable that OnStar on your car so they can’t find you…

        • The majority of people will be fighting to get on those buses to be taken to a camp where food is promised.

        • How many millions of Jews went to “concentration camps”? If they resisted they were just dispatched early. Governments throughout history have a long record of rounding up and killing citizens.

      45. Fusion centers have been networked throughout the United States as part of domestic spy program to collect information on all American citizens.

        They are loosely overseen by the U.S. DOJ and Homeland Security, however, as those who’ve seen Jesse Ventura’s program on fusion centers, they appear to have virtually no legitimate oversight.

        The law has broken down, and they are leaving communities to police themselves, while our crumbling economy is forcing more police stations and fire departments to close up.

        This is being done intentionally in order to bring in the national guard, which has been federalized, in order initiate a state of martial law.

        The U.S. Dollar has been worthless since America was taken off the gold standard in 1933, even though Americans have been tricked into using the dollar to conduct commerce.

        What we are seeing in the United States is a conspiracy fomented more than two centuries ago by the international banking cartel under the Rothschild family, to destroy the American middle class, and to establish one hub of the new world order’s global dictatorship – the North American Union.

        The media in America is controlled by cartel, which is why the media has not revealed this conspiracy to the American people.

        However, Americans are gradually beginning to understand that what the U.S. Federal Government is telling them makes no sense, which is finally causing Americans to realize that they are in fact the targets of genocidal plot.

        The only way to reinstate the American Constitutional Republic is abolish the currency corporate government in Washington D.C. and to elect an entirely new set of leaders whose intent is to restore our constitutional republic and accountability to the American middle class.

        Until this occurs, the United States will continue to crumble under its massive economic debt and legislative which has been created for the express purpose of bringing about America’s demise.


        • Yes sir! On all points!

      46. I’m not an American, but, I’m concerned about this project in the US, because the people are suffering. I think it can be done all the legal ways to stop this threat.

      47. I think this investigation is well documentated with evidences that help to open ways to know truth.

      48. This is so frustrating to me. I really want to prepare…but I can barely afford to feed my family TODAY…

        • Do what I do, just buy a little extra and put it away when you can. I do this with beans, TP, rounds, rice, dried seaweeds, vitamins, whole foods supplements, salt, hygiene items, etc. Catch the sales. Lastly, Take heart, the universe always makes a way for what is meant to be. Nothing says the folks with entire pantries and money to blow on huge backyard bunkers will be the ones who survive. You can even eat Canna lily bulbs in hard times. They taste like potatoes.

        • Exactly Jen This too is by design! Its not as though you can screw the bills these rich bastards created for you and I. My wife, as well as myself are in the exact same boat minus the kids because we cannot afford to have one! Keep up the good fight!

      49. President Nixon signed the law that divided up the nation into ten (10) regions. That was in the 1960s. Regional gov. has been with us for a very long time. The gov. has become more toltalitarian as time marches on.

      50. Building these camps next to railroads makes me nervous. You can still visit the concentration camps from WWII in Europe and they have railroad tracks running into them to efficiently transport the undesirables.

      51. Folks tell your friends and aquaintances to start paying attention to: infowars.com or org. prosonplanet.org, abovetopsecret.org. One can read, listen, and watch the
        short films and reason for ones self. If just part of this stuff is true, it can NOT be denied that the people
        need to organize in an orderly manner to resist legally.

        • Yes sir Ray legally, starting with the immediate impeachment of every Illuminati elected Goverment offical and replacing them with citizens such as you! Nice job!

      52. Oh, good grief! Am I the only person who read these comments and actually “got” the sarcasm in Mushroom’s post? Pay attention. That being said, this country is not perfect. Anyone who thinks it is is bound to end up inside one of these “detention” facilities. Again, pay attention. Arm yourselves with knowledge and information. Read, examine, and don’t take things at face value. Be alert and watch out for yourselves and your communities. Resist. There are more of “us” than there are of “them”.

      53. You can always go get a passport and just leave to another country. If you can afford all the weapons and ‘preparation’ for ‘the war’ that you believe is coming then why not just spend that time, money, and effort on relocating to a peaceful country someplace else on Earth where you can continue to live and be free. Oh yeah, that just makes no sense whatsoever.

        • “just leave to another country” is easier said than done. Unless, of course, you do it illegally like our south of the border friends. But to actually rid yourself of all your possessions and take up residency in another country is time consuming and can be quite complicated. That should be a last resort because as citizens, we need to fight for our country.

        • New “WORLD” Order. Where is a good place to move to? The Moon or Mars maybe?

        • You idiot! This is happening all over the world! How loud can I shout at you NEW WORLD ORDER headed by yours truly the illuminati! Good luck with moving!

      54. Once again, our forefathers warned us of what would happen if we let the government grew. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”


      56. There is a group of billionaires, many who most of us know, that make up the illuminati, a secret society. This group is bringing in the New World Order that will place the USA under the UN. Its already in motion and the USA National Parks are off limits to our people all ready as the parks now belong to the UN. You can verify this at – http://www.warroom.com/offlimits.html .
        Yes, there are 800 FEMA Camps. Google Rex 84 and see what the plans are made for your future. The Illuminati intend to decrease the World Population by 90% . There are 500,000 Plastic Cadaver containers stored in Georgia. I have a copy of the US Patient # 5425163 dated 20 June1995. The filing date is 28 May 1993. It states, Purpose Multi-functional
        Cremation Container for a Cadaver.
        The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Many also have an airport nearby. The majority of the camps can house a population of 20,000 prisoners. Currently, the largest of these facilities is just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a massive mental health facility and can hold approximately 2 million people.

        Since the list of existing camps is so long, refer to the internet at:

        FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders

        Still need more proof of the camps existence? Take a look at these –

        “Compounds & Box Cars.” –

        “Modern Concentration Camps

        “FEMA Executive Orders –

        There are many on the internet. Just select a title, put it in your favorite browser, and there will be hundreds of hits.

        Now let’s look at this:
        Fema Camp Coffins Investigated –

        New World Order 2012 Illuminati, Fema Trains, Fema Coffins & Concentration Camps For Martial Law –

        Massive Concrete Tombs Prepared in Phoenix, AZ and California — FEMA Coffins –
        (Please Excuse the Music!)
        What is This? “FEMA Plastic Coffins? 500,000 of Them….??


        Well, we are running out of space, BUT don’t sell anything short. It is there waiting patiently to be implemented.

        • Thank you for the web sites. Most things I knew from my own research, BUT, I learned a few new things as well! Again thank you!

      57. Someone ask, Who is behind all this mess?

        There is a group of billionaires, many who most of us know, that make up the illuminati, a secret society. This group is bringing in the New World Order that will place the USA under the UN. They also have control of the National news media so we dont hear anything thats going on!

        In a statement by David Rockefeller says:

        “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

        (This is an admission of 40 years of planning for One World Government while censoring the news from the public!)

        Here is another statement by David Rockefeller, extracted from: Quotes from David Rockefeller’s Memoirs (Random House, New York, 2002) Chapter 27, pages 404 and 405, Cited by Dr. Dennis Cuddy:

        “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure– one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

        How much plainer would you want it?
        I would suspect the plan will bne imple2mented soon asd the key members of the illuminati arer in their eary 80s and they would like to see the fruits of their labor before stepping nup for their final judgement.

      58. they wanna kill us real americans to cut the population down to have more control of us

      59. Typical FBI/DHS Psych Profile:

        1 Very suspicious and distrustful of anyone not of their own culture.
        2 Too self-assured and self confident, to need, or ask for help is perceived as a sign of weakness, value self-reliance seeking help for any issue.
        3 May possess above-average intelligence.
        4 Perfectionist?; overly judgmental of self &others, takes great pride in profession not wanting to bring any shame on it or themselves
        5 Over identify with job resulting in isolating with others in culture which leads to alienation; great deal of personal identify tied up in professional identity; it’s much more that just a job, it’s a way of life.
        6 Crisis oriented; seek & thrive on excitement & stress; always want to be “in the thick of things”
        7 Defensive & trend to overreact when challenged; take charge personality
        8 Difficulty dealing with feelings valuing cognitive abilities; repression of feelings is a self-protecting mechanism; projection & rationalization used to cope with distress which tends to encourages maladaptive behaviors often resulting in maladies such as depression, despair, loneliness, & cynicism.
        9 Resistant to surrendering self-control; “powerlessness” is considered a sign of weakness
        10 Tendency to equate physical health with mental health; physical and mental illness are perceived, sometimes rightly so, as career damaging or ending; treatment for any affliction, especially perceived “mental illnesses” is viewed unsafe and career damaging; very stigma oriented.
        11 Being deceptive and manipulative is a valuable trait; Feds are trained in techniques of dealing with deceptive persons and in interviewing skills
        12 Resistant to change; tend to view things in black or white, right or wrong.

        Information taken from articles by
        Travis K. Sorrows and J. Edgar Hoover

      60. Hello,
        My only question is why does the government need fusion camps built throughout the United States when, by it’s mez campaign against free thought, and it’s intentional improverishing of the population, it has made the entire United States one big fusion camp?
        My sites are squidoo.com/pinwheelgenerator, and archive.org-then in the wayback box punch in godproven.com*
        Thank you,
        Russell Lee

      61. Jesse is my Vecino in Mexico. I like his Jokes funny guy until he gets serious. Then you better watch out.
        Well I have no proof of what they are doing. Do I care of course I do but a lot of what is said is to far fetched for me. So what next aliens have infultrated the G’s around the world and are planning to wipe us out. Lot’s of talk no action why you ask because plain and simple you are scared of your Government and that is sad.

        • They took it off the air because JESSE VENTURA IS A
          DUMBASS AND IS FULL OF SHOT. My cousin works at a fusion center, they collect information on CRIMINALS YOU DUMBASSES unless you work there you can’t tell me otherwise ! There are limitations of the Fusion Centers an they can only look up information on people who have a past or pattern of criminal activity !!!!! Hahaha you dumbasses think it’s a conspiracy
          To kill everyone and take over America hahahahabahaha

          • Fusion centers are supposed to look for trends concerning terrorism, not spying on the citizens, criminal or otherwise. Any information obtained concerning criminal activity, not associated with terrorism is supposed to be ignored. Per Bush’s comments.

            Now if the feds are using this information for other than what they said they would, then they need to be shut down.

            • You would believe GWB? GWB is the biggest traitor to America since, well his father, GHWB, or Bush 41 if you prefer.

              It was GHWB who announced the New World Order and began the transfer of American manufacturing, wealth, and jobs to China and then told Americans that WE would now “pledge alleigence” to the UN and Agenda 21.

              Yes, that George Bush!

              The Bush Family is the biggest bunch of traitors to America ever! GWB’s grandfather supported and traded illegally with HITLER during WWII. like father, like sons, and grandsons.

              This whole family needs to be indicted, arrested, and tried for TREASON to America and if found guilty by a jury a patriots, they should be executed as that is the punishment for TREASON!

              Just saying, give credit where credit is due. 🙂

          • Sorry that comment wasn’t made for you..I hit the wrong reply button.

          • Most certainly your cousin is going to tell you everything they do at the Fusion Center. Why would your cousin, who works there, not tell you what they are up to? This is exactly why the plan continues to roll on. And we are losing what little amount of “freedom” we seem to think we have.

          • First things first Mat! Learn how to fucking spell for God sake, Then before you run your mouth and make a bigger idiot of yourself, stop drinking the illuminati kool-aid; grow the fuck up catch a fucking clue! The evidence is staring us all in the face!

            The illuminati puts it right out there and if you are that fucking stupid to where you cannot see it, then maybe your cousin will reserve you a room at his branch of the FEMA INN!

      62. This really disturbs me. Here you have a congressman, Cohen (D) TN, who apparently is the mouthpiece front-man as congressman Gerlach (R) PA, the other co-sponsor, made himself unavailable. Denying the existence of the camps, making fun of people believing in alien infiltration and in the existence of the camps, denying the existence again, then magically saying maybe the children seen were immature people who needed playgrounds, played dumb again, then again magically recalls thinking they are disaster locations and the reason the doors were probably locked (on these non-existing camps) is because they weren’t being used. he hadn’t been to the Texas camp (again this is a non-existing location) and didn’t know who the children were, but they were probably very happy. Then they were probably the children of the people who manage the non-existing camp. But they were not the people taken there by some green monsters in a machine.

        What if everything he says is the truth only in reversal? What if Jesse Ventura has got it all wrong? What if there are little green men or creatures that have infiltrated our society, only the little green men are the ones in these residential centers? Everyone clearly sees why no one knows of these “concentration camps” since they are called residential centers and affords everyone the veil of deniability. Maybe…just maybe…they are really there to protect us all. The government is just afraid the citizens would not be able to handle the existence of aliens. Just my humble opinion…

      63. I believe the best we can do is to trade with each other,
        stop the flow of money to the top, think! what will the rich and powerful do with out the flow. Lets talk global cooling,there are things we can do,let your grass glow long.
        don’t cut down that tree,stop raking the leaves, the leaves feed the trees, they help to keep the planet cool in the summer,and warm in winter. This list is end less. Plant something to help feed us. thanks! PS stop killing the dandy lions.

      64. After reading all this I wonder what the Jewish people were actually told as they were transferred to camps? Maybe some history book will say it but I just haven’t found that detail yet.

        What prevented them from rebelling while they still had a chance?

        History does repeat itself and unfortunately we learn so many times “about” history in school but not “lessons from” history.

        Shouldn’t our children / relations / friends that are part of the military service at least be aware of these possibilities to be able to make a sound personal judgement call if/when a plan is implemented?

        Another question is where are these New Order elite owning or buying property?

        • 1. the Jewish people had no guns as Hitler had all the guns in Germany registered and then 4 years later collected them from the people.

          2.NWO elite will not have to buy anything, they will just take whatever they want.

      65. Wow, so many comments on here – I was glad to see so many thumbs down on the “these things don’t exist” comments because they do. I love all of the preparedness encouragement – keep it up. You’ll be so glad you did. Just a little reminder to think about – what kind of corruption were the Founding Fathers facing? There is so much of the truth that has been covered up because “they” don’t want the truth out there. So – my family has been watching “American Ride” and I love it. We watch the same ones over again to get all the details. Go to byutv.org and search for it. The only thing that will save our Constitution (which I believe to be a sacred document)is for good God fearing folks to rise up and take it back. Why sit down and paste a target on your chest and say, “Its no use…they are bigger than me.” It can be and has been done – Goliath laughed, but isn’t any longer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a blushing teenager picking daisies – I understand the real threat. Let your conscience be your guide, prepare yourself accordingly and God will be there to help with the rest.

        • Mamamarsha, you hit it dead on the head and thank you for the website. Very informative. Hope to join you in battle. Oh for those idiots who believe there will be no battle, you may TAKE MY FEMA COFFIN, CAMP, ETC… FOR FREE! I insist!

      66. Read the bill, people. The word ‘camp’ appears nowhere. It is plain English, they are National Crisis centers, and there are six of them.

        There’s even a link to the bill in the article, how dumb can you bee?

      67. they are microchipping the people for mind control. They have been using biological weapons on us for many years-chemicals in the work place.GM and others use a chemical with a live bacteria in it,which eats like cancer and can”t be killed,is spread through the air,water, and skin contact,and is taken home to your family onn your clothes and body.It causes chromosome damage in those exposed-caused Gulf War Syndrome.Just look at the symptoms of that-they are the same. they use mind control,and with the chip,they can kill you as well.HAARP

      68. All you people are really nuts. I think Americans should be more afraid of the whack-jobs down the street than this imposed “martial law” nonsense. Other than these “camps”, what other evidence of martial law is there? NONE. The government has absolutely no reason to round us all up and throw us into concentration camps; all claims are superficial. Instead of preparing for doomsday by stockpiling ammo and food, how about we, as Americans, enjoy the freedoms that this country offers! Be grateful that you have a job, can invest for retirement, buy a house, etc. Truth is, life is not this easy elsewhere.

        • There is a center for you Austin! Good luck jackass! How does the kool-aid your drinking taste? Nevermind, if I were to drink some, I would be forced into thinking as you do! We differ in one way, I don’t fear you because you will become an endentured servant to the illuminati while I fight for my freedom! How does the I-Cheese taste?

      69. We are losing our fucking rights on a daily basis Austin. A cop can shoot you and then go home and fuck his wife and never have to see one day in jail. Something to think about, in WW2 the United States government brought back all the Japanese war criminals who performed atrocities to our G.I.’s and gave them immunity so they could learn from them. They don’t give a shit about democracy, they don’t give a shit about us. All they care about is %100 control of the population, and when they make the surface of the earth uninhabitable, they can go into there Taj Mahal bunkers and breed like fucking rabbits.

        • Way to go Whiteboy! Austin needs to grab hold of a clue! He cannot see what the illuminati puts on in our controlled media! Fight the good fight! stay safe and be strong. People like us should form together when the time comes! strength in numbers my friend!

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