Footage Of Mexican Earthquake Shows Buildings Collapse And Explode

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 30 comments

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    *Photo Credit: Express.UK

    Footage of an explosion shortly after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City yesterday is terrifying. Flames can be seen engulfing the building as a ring of fire crawls into the sky.

    Buildings in Mexico City shook as the quake rumbled below them, and office workers fled into the street for fear of their lives. There have been reports of widespread fires in buildings across the capital and several people are said to be trapped. Most recent reports put the death toll at 216, and that number could still climb.

    Perhaps the most sensational and horrifying video of the destruction is that of an exploding building. The video begins as a fire is already burning. Then you’ll hear a loud “pop” as the fireball extends toward the sky.

    Residents in the city also caught a building collapse on video shortly after the earthquake.

    The epicenter of the 7.1-magnitude earthquake was 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) east-northeast of San Juan Raboso and 34.1 miles (55 km) south-southwest of the city of Puebla, in Puebla state, according to the US Geological Survey. President Enrique Peña Nieto said 22 bodies were found in the debris of an elementary school in Mexico City that collapsed due to the earthquake. At least 30 children were still missing Tuesday night, he said.

    The earthquake generated fears of a tsunami as well. But officials say that the epicenter was too far inland for a wave to be created from this one. Nearly 5 million are still without power.

    Tuesday’s earthquake came just eleven days after a magnitude-8.1 earthquake struck off the southern coast of the country, killing at least 90, according to the governor of the hard-hit state of Oaxaca.


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      1. A tragedy for sure. God bless the Mexican people. Don’t they have ground sensors that give early warning to such events? Come on people now smile on your brother everybody get together try to love one another right now.

        • for sure aljamo – my prayers go out to the Mexican people –

        • aljamo,

          What a tragedy! Over 200 beautiful people dead including 21 primary school children! God bless the Mexican people! You are in our thoughts and in prayers.

          They can hear voices under the rubble as they desperately try to get to them.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Terrible. A recent report said 248 are now confirmed dead.

            Inside a collapsed school, they have found a classroom with all the children dead.

            Many still could be trapped in collapsed buildings.

            Mexico has had: (M1.5 or greater) 18 earthquakes in the past 24 hours 179 earthquakes in the past 7 days; 242 earthquakes in the past 30 days.

            ht tps://

      2. I guess the strain was more than it could bear.

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        Downplaying the threat?

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        • CSS, you’re an irrelevant buffoon

      4. uhh…. where are the aftershocks ? I see aftershocks continuing from the 8.1 over a week ago.. FYI – this EQ was felt by friends of mine about 400 miles from Mexico City.
        No aftershocks is NOT good… this could be a pre-cursor quake rather than the main event. I hope not..

        • This has been my line of thinking as well.

        • oUCH,

          I actually live here in Mexico about 700 miles away from Mexico City and we had a 4.0 a few hours after the main quake. There have been a few aftershocks reported but they are not getting any attention because all eyes are on the rescue attempts happening in Mexico City. Hopefully that was the main event and not just a pre-cursor.

      5. God be with the Mexico, and her people.

        Watch and you will see some turd claiming it is global warming!!!!! Or Plant X.

        More like Mother Nature being Mother Nature. This has happened before and it will happen again. I don’t worry about New Madrid, but I think about it when I hear of E.Q.s. The reason? I can’t do anything about it. But I can prepare for just about anything.


        • Materialistic blockheads (like SGT) cannot see because their eyes are focused on themselves. (“Seeing, they see not; hearing, they hear not.”— Bible)

          Get used to catastrophic earth changes…this is just the beginning!! We were forewarned…

          (“Be STILL and know that I AM”)– The Bible.

      6. International Building Code is the MINIMAL standard for any structure.
        IBC seismic regulations are lame but I look for that to change drastically with the next round of amendments. (after the big one)

        Btw..Earthquakes don’t give a ratsazz about USGS ground acceleration plots…. only insurance companies
        It’s the Insurance industry (cost)vs the building industry (cost) needless to say both have powerful lobbies.

        So it’s up to the people.
        How many tornadoes, earthquakes , floods,hurricanes or wildfires must occur before people abandon architectural curb appeal in exchange for real shelter.?

        Hey you can purdy it up on the inside…

        • Much of Mexico City was built on an unstable, filled in lake bed. Duh!

      7. The awful truth is that 99% of the population is only one natural or man-made disaster away from ruin and homelessness. The help that the Government can give is limited. Also, most homeowne insurance does not cover all contingencies. Acts of war are not covered nor is flooding (need a special policey). Most of the help that a community receives comes from surrounding communities. The worst place to be is at the center of a disaster which covers a large geographic area. In the earthquake that hit Mexico City, the epicenter was miles away from the city.

      8. This will eventually happen on the Cascadia ,California and New Madrid. If I was near any of those places I would relocate at least 200 miles away. and we did just that we went from the ozark foothills at theedge of the delta 200 miles west to the mountians where its high elevation and hard rock substrata. Its sad that those folks died. But how many disasters have to occur before folks start making rational decisions? These events are at present being Triggered by the greatly shifting magnetic poles. Its just something that happens over time. Its not caused by anything man is doing or has done. its not man caused Glowbull warming. and its not God punishing man for sin. man aint the cause and man cant stop it.

      9. And to make matters worse, the super volcano near Naples, Italy is filling with magma. It may blow off soon.

        • Ah, ha… Him! That was part of Edgar Cayce’s prophecy! (“the sleeping prophet”– he never claimed to be a prophet but when asked questions while he slept, he was awesome!! )

          Anyhow, he said (while asleep and asked about the future)– there will be “the breaking up of some conditions in the south sea” and immediately across from it, there will be the building up/inundation of areas (maybe the last phrase was not exact quote).

          Well, the only thing in the south sea is Antarctica and scientists recently commented on the fact that another ice shelf just came apart from Antarctica,,, the thing is just splintering… And what is the opposite to that? THE MEDITERRANEAN!! And you said a super volcano near Naples, Italy may blow soon.

          Anyhow, he said this will occur and then the (destruction?) of parts of the Carolinas and Georgia. Then, he said, “ye will know it has begun”. (He was referring to catastrophic earth changes… I used to have the book, “Earth Changes”).

          • Speaking of prophecy…

            The Revelation 12 Sign – September 23

            On September 23rd a unique astronomical alignment of the sun, moon, constellation Virgo, constellation Leo, and planets Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus will be visible.

            ht tp://

      10. Do you think the quakes have anything to do with Porky firing underground practice missles?

      11. AOL NEWS:

        “Hurricane Maria wrecks Puerto Rico– Its a catastrophe. The strongest storm to hit the US territory in 90 years… Life threatening flash floods anticipated.”

      12. P.S. Edgar Cayce also said that the area just above Greenland, which was frozen for milenia, will suddenly have open shipping lanes, where ships can pass through… well, this DID occur a few years back… as the earth warms, it changes things– the frozen ice above Greenland melted and now ships can go through.

      13. My sister-in-law is from Mexico– she has family there!!! 🙁

      14. Hurricane Irma– 200 mph winds, levels the Barbados, Caribbean island, making it “uninhabitable”. Millions evacuate Florida. The Carolinas and Georgia declare state of Emergency. “Never this powerful in Atlantic ocean before!!”

        8.1 Earthquake strikes Mexico, hundreds dead. 10 days later, another powerful earthquake strikes Mexico–7.1, killing hundreds, millions without electricity…

        “Never experienced an event before in my lifetime” Hurricane Maria, with 155 mph winds, wreaks Puerto Rico.

        And just before that, Texas was inundated, California had small earthquake, and now the volcano in Italy is about to blow… ho, hum… Yeah!

      15. I pray for the people affected
        by recent natural disasters.
        It is going to be tough for them.

        Everywhere I have lived has been
        declared a disaster area.
        I’ve lived and been in a
        lot of places.
        The only natural disaster
        I haven’t lived through
        is an exploding meteor.

        #1 lesson is to prepare for
        the worst, because it
        will happen.
        Murphy’s law is real.

      16. Well, relic, pray for the Japanese people as well… they just got struck with an earthquake as well… 🙁

        • A
          Only a 6.2.
          They sleep through those.
          Japan has really good
          earthquake building rules.
          Not so good with Tsunami’s

      17. Watch videos by BP Earthwatch. Earthquakes resulting from solar flares, squeezing the magnetosphere. Had a few large flares recently.

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