“Facing Extinction Level Event”: White House Crafts Emergency Strategy for Catastrophic Meteor

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the End of the American Dream blog.

    Editor’s Comment: We should take notice at the government preparations for disaster, and the possibility of a cataclysmic collision with damaging objects in space. At the same time, we should take notice at what they are preparing for with all the billions of dollars thrown at defense and survival, it comes in secretive infrastructure for a reclusive sect of power, and in top-down plans to contain the unrest.

    Preparations for the individual to survive, and be resilient are not being put in place in this government, though many other governments have made such an investment into the lives of individuals. Time and again, these people are told to brace for the worst, with little to show for it. A few have made their preps, and it may yet prove useful in this or some other disaster.

    Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With The Threat Of A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

    by Michael Snyder

    Does the White House know something that the rest of us do not? As the Obama administration draws to a close, the White House has suddenly released a major document that details a multi-pronged strategy for dealing with the threat of a catastrophic meteor impact. Most of us remember movies such as “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” that attempted to depict what such a crisis would look like, but up until fairly recently the U.S. government has never seemed to take this kind of threat very seriously.

    So what has changed?

    Of all the things that the White House could be focusing on, why this?

    And this new report is just the latest in a series of measures that the government has taken over the past couple of years to help prepare us for incoming meteors and asteroids. The following is an excerpt from a recent Gizmodo article

    Concern over an apocalyptic asteroid strike has risen all the way to the top: The White House released a document this week detailing a strategy for National Near Earth Object (NEO) preparedness. Morgan Freeman would no doubt be proud, although honestly, the nation might have more pressing apocalypse concerns closer to home.

    Last year brought renewed interest in handling humanity-ending impact events. After a 2014 audit showed that NASA had a cruddy NEO preparedness system, the agency founded a new Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) last year to detect all of our potentially nasty NEO neighbors. The office quickly escalated talk to action, running preparedness drills with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), launching spacecraft to gather asteroid information, and even drawing up plans to nuke the bad boys out of the sky if things get dicey.

    NASA continues to assure us that no threat is imminent, so why spend so much time, energy and resources on a non-existent crisis?

    If you want to read the 25 page document that the White House just released, it is entitled “National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy” and you can read it for yourself right here.

    The document was put together by the Interagency Working Group for Detecting and Mitigating the Impact of Earth-bound Near-Earth Objects, and it outlined seven key objectives that the authors believe are important…

    1. Enhance NEO detection, tracking, and characterization capabilities
    2. Develop methods for NEO deflection and disruption
    3. Improve modelling, predictions, and information integration
    4. Develop emergency procedures for NEO impact scenarios
    5. Establish NEO impact response and recovery procedures
    6. Leverage and support international cooperation
    7. Establish coordination and communications protocols and thresholds for taking action

    And without a doubt, we definitely do need to enhance our detection abilities. Just the other day, a very large asteroid barely missed us, and we had only discovered it two days earlier

    Early Monday morning, while the US East Coast was pouring coffee, dropping kids off at school, and cursing in traffic, a space rock as big as a 10-story building slipped past Earth.

    The asteroid, dubbed 2017 AG13, was discovered only Saturday by the University of Arizona’s Catalina Sky Survey, according to an email from Slooh, a company that broadcasts live views of space.

    We were very fortunate this time, but the truth is that our planet crosses paths with other giant space rocks on a very regular basis.

    In fact, a near-Earth object that is being called “a cross between an asteroid and a comet” will come fairly close to our planet in February

    The latter “object”, dubbed the 2016 WF9, was detected by NASA in late November and has left scientist’s scratching their heads.

    They have described the celestial rock as a cross between an asteroid and a comet.

    It’s in the middle of its of.9 year orbit between Jupiter and Earth and will approach us on February 25, flying by at a distance of 32million miles from the planet.

    Currently, approximately 10,000 major near-Earth objects have been identified by scientists, and about 10 percent of them are one kilometer or larger in size.

    If one of those monsters directly hit our planet, we truly would be facing an extinction-level event.

    For example, just imagine the kind of devastation that would happen if a large asteroid or meteor hit the Atlantic Ocean. Tsunami waves hundreds of feet tall would be sent racing toward the coasts of North America, South America, Africa and western Europe, and millions upon millions of people would die.

    This is something that scientists have actually studied. According to a study conducted at the University of California at Santa Cruz, if a giant meteor did strike the Atlantic Ocean we could potentially see tsunami waves as high as 400 feet slam into the east coast of the United States…

    If an asteroid crashes into the Earth, it is likely to splash down somewhere in the oceans that cover 70 percent of the planet’s surface. Huge tsunami waves, spreading out from the impact site like the ripples from a rock tossed into a pond, would inundate heavily populated coastal areas. A computer simulation of an asteroid impact tsunami developed by scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, shows waves as high as 400 feet sweeping onto the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

    Depending on where the meteor strikes, we could potentially see New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Charleston, Miami and countless other major coastal cities all wiped out on a single day.

    Right now, 39 percent of all Americans live in a county that directly borders a shoreline.

    To say that we are vulnerable to a massive tsunami caused by a meteor impact would be a massive understatement.

    And scientists assure us that it will happen someday. In fact, I don’t know if you have noticed, but our area of space seems to have a lot more “traffic” in it these days. NASA tells us that there is nothing to be worried about, but others are concerned that something may be coming toward us or that we are moving toward something.

    Ultimately, we need to remember that we are essentially a speck of dust hurtling through a massive galaxy at incredibly high speeds, and our galaxy is only an extremely small part of an absolutely enormous and ever changing universe.

    But instead of turning to the author and creator of this incredible universe for blessing and protection, we continue to defy Him and His ways. In the end, that is going to turn out to be a tragic mistake.

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the End of the American Dream blog.


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      1. MICHAEL SNYDER AGAIN? Ho hum, I’m going back to sleep.

        • Hopefully that meteor is made up of enough gold to tank the price of it so much that the elites lose many billion$.

        • seals and trumpets have not happened yet. not a single one(the sounds in the sky are signs but not THE trumpets yet)…they want people to think they have so they are unprepared for when it does actually happen. like mark already happening or THE antichrist already happening. sure birth pains are happening and when Christ finished it on the cross the first earthquake then was the first of the birth pains…sure animals are dieing, sure volcanos, floods and such but these are NOT THE seals/trumpets yet, or rapture lies…
          it doesnt really get good until seals, trumpets are actually going off in full
          force. you will know for sure when the seals and trumpets are in full effect
          when a mountain of fire is cast into the sea causing a
          huge amount of destruction(see seals 1-2 and trumpets 1-2)…it will wreck a
          good chunk of the world, its ships, ect and then you will see THE antichrist(and his conquering new religion when he is put on display),
          not just another antichrist, appear and come in peacefully saying he is trying to help the world from all this chaos even
          though he will be waging war world-wide he will say it is for the greater good
          of uniting the world and removing the people who would stop this new utopia.
          generally people will buy it like they buy the lies of politicians even now
          knowing our system is wholly corrupted.. he will appear to die and be risen
          copying Christ(copying the “trinity” too) he will then go into the temple of God and declare himself to be
          God and make all worship him or his image and take the mark or be put to death.
          do not take the mark…then comes the vials just after Jesus removes the last of
          the remnant from the world as he did with enoch as he did with eli, just as the
          two witnesses are called up in front of the world too. once this happens and
          they who took the mark see Jesus coming they will hide themselves in the dens
          and caves to no avail. Jesus, God come in the flesh is Lord and is the only

          • I beg your pardon, but the first five seals are now history. The next item on the prophetic calendar is the sixth seal. The events of the sixth seal are recounted throughout scripture as “the day of the Lord”.

            Imho the second trumpet event you refer to (mountain into the sea) will occur between 2023 and 2034. It’s a big window to be sure, but nobody knows how the trumpets will be spaced out. They all might occur in the first year, or they may occur in the last year, or they could be apportioned throughout the entire period.

        • Snyder’s 12 EMP Bug Out Bag essentials.

          1. A Big Magnifying Glass to stare closely at the sun.
          2. Sun Tan Lotion
          3. Hammer and Nails
          4. Tin Foil Hat
          5. Book – Searching for Rainbows
          6. Tape Measure to measure the distance to the Sun
          7. More Hammers and Nails
          8. Weather Band Radio, so you can pray for rain
          9. Book How to hire a good lawyer to sue the sun
          10.Lucky Rabbits Foot
          11.Apollo the Sun God’s Bag of Tricks
          12.Calendar – Date for the next Blue Moon.

          • Oh I forgot, also add an optional “Stop Watch” so you can time the Second After, when SHTF.

        • Here in Wyo at 5600ft I really worry about a 400 ft wave hitting the East coast. (Is it high enough to get M Bloomberg or just another wave?)

          • HRC’s picture is up there again; please drive a wooden spear into the vampire.

      2. Meh, if it happens….

      3. Remember they always show us what they are going to do be fore they do it. Just have to see it, and remember it. Two great movies where made just for this. Now they will have to build or have already built something to shoot the comet out of the sky. What scares me is some of TEOTWAWKI like the Road, Walking Dead, ECT.

        It is about time they worked on something like this to cover everybody and not just the few.

        Bottom line Gods Will Be Done.


        • When has government ever (at least in our lifetime) done anything for anyone other than “the few” (ie: themselves)?

      4. IF you look at the history of the world, (the released for public version) you will they appears to be evidence supporting the fact the earth has been somewhat destroyed several times and in each case it is always the heavily populated areas that are devastated and why? because 70% of the population tend to live along the coast areas and that is where the biggest impacts will happen due to the ocean. the document released by the white house is so that they cannot be accused of NOT warning the public, this government has done NOTHING for the protection of its people where you have many other countries who have built bunkers for large amounts of there people. they finally have started to talk about planet 9 and the trail of meteors that go around with it is where the real issues are. take into consideration ALL the latest movies, TV shows, released to public from the government to BE PREPARED and look at other countries and what they are saying and it ALL will tell you, there is something coming and the only question is WHEN!!! final food for thought!! ANY sane government would have NEVER allowed our debt to grow to this extreme! and they know it is impossible to pay off!! BINGO, did your light just come on??? i hope so!!

        • It’s nature’s way of cleansing the coastal cesspools like SanFagcisco, Seattle, and LA.

          • And well….. I almost voted for it for POTUS too!!! Maybe it’s ticked off or something. My apologies my Sweet Meteor of Death….. can you wait til the 2020 election?

      5. Guys what he is saying is true.. it is going to happen. If not a matter or of but when..


      6. Current technology can’t provide the needed warning for anyone to react.

        Even if you lived on high ground and had a bomb shelter, you’d likely never have time to get in it.

        If you lived along the coast you might have a slightly better chance of escaping the follow up tsunami, assuming it hits far enough away.

        I wouldn’t waste money prepping against end of the world events (TEOTWAWKI). If it hits on the other side of the world, and just causes a few decades of climate shift, then I’m happy with the way I’m prepped already.

      7. The odds of a thermo nuclear war, global pandemic, economic collapse, EMP, super volcano eruption, etc….are thousands of more times likely to happen in your lifetime than an asteroid hit. Nothing here; move on.

      8. Got better things to do then dwell on an asteroid. It was enough havin’ a black lingering hemorhoid in the whitehouse for 8 years.

        • well put

          not much you can do to prep for an ELE event , but practice the art of bending over far enough to kiss yer ass good bye

          but continuous destruction of our Republic , Bill of Rights etc.. is something we all can do something about Now , and dam sure better get at

          • Yep, Obama was definately and ASSDESTROYED that hit earth!

      9. So, call me cynical, and who isn’t nowadays, but could the title just be cover for plans made and in the making for other events that are more likely to predict and actually happen? War, economic collapse, emp, etc?

        • Kinda wondered the same thing like the preps for a zombie apocalypse.

      10. Your can’t prepare for a 400 ft high wave impacting your home unless you move into the mountains. I like sunny warm Florida. I’ll take my chances.

      11. Go watch Carol Rosen on Youtube again, where she talks about what NASA’s founder Werner von Braun told her before his death. He said they want us to fear the enemy: first it would be commies, then terrorists, then asteroids, and finally aliens.
        And, he told her, it’s ALL FAKE.

        • Except the commies are here. They go by a different name: Progressive.

          Terrorism is probably the second or third oldest profession; it seems like the only thing that changes is where they come from.

          Asteroids have been around since the universe existed; can’t worry about them or a nuke attack. If it happens, deal with the aftermath; if not, less gray hair.

          Aliens are already here; they have been re-labeled “undocumented immigrants.” I’ve never seen little green men–unless you count during Halloween.

          That’s my rationale for allaying fear on these topics. Too many more immediate things to be concerned with that I can do something about.

      12. I have another engine computer that I have fereday caged for protection. All cars from 2007 or newer will get fried, so when the satelites go down, those cars will shut off on the roads, even when the engine is off, they wont start.. I am also in the process of making metal box of suggested metals by the scientist to fereday my engine computers, all 4 of them since LT-1’S have 1 main, and 3 small ones.


        The master of disaster.

        • Screw the computers

          get older cars..
          or a rack injected diesel

        • I love my 2004 manual. It’s only a 4 cylinder, but I can get just about anywhere I need to go and it’s economical.

      13. If you are old enough, you remember Lorne Greene, who went from Bonanza to the Battlestar Galactica show.

        Word is it that he had been on Bonanza so long that when he got to Battlestar Galactica he thought a “asteroid” is what one got from sitting the saddle too long.

        Just sayin’

      14. I’m guessing a collision of this type might possibly negatively impact those campus leftists’ “safe spaces” to not be offended by anything dealing with reality?

      15. All the deep underground bases worldwide, the relocation of U.S. alphabet soup agencies to Colorado in the mountains, retired naval personnel advised to relocate to places like the Ozarks. Multitudes of seed banks spread across the world, dark budgets and the fact that they’ve known about planet x/wormwood/niburu for at least two decades means to me that they never had any intention of dealing with national budgets deficits. Just carry on spending and printing money out of nothing to keep the world fiscally afloat until the last possible moment. Deny, ridicule, threaten (or even murder anyone ‘in the know’ who threatens to expose the truth). We can’t have world populations hindering preparations if they are aware of a catastrophic event. Even if it not ‘Nibiru’/asteroid or life threatening solar event, something nasty is definitely ‘incoming’.

      16. Pan-STARRS (nailbangers neighbor) is looking out for such objects. I’m not to sure the government would tell us if we an inbound, nor could we do much about it. Like others here I prep more for man-made disasters and the “normal” disasters I expect and experience as a result of my choice of a place to live.

      17. physical ashen remains of Sodom and Gomorrah, rock of horeb and underwater firmament found(sub went to bottom of ocean trench and found a opening, that opening had water so cold and salty it was more dense than steel. a steel sub could not penetrate it)as youtube searches. now search star of remphan, jewish black cube and mecca black cube…Jesus, God come in the flesh is Lord and the only way.

      18. Mt weather, Cheyanne mountion ect are all for continuation of government. I moved to newton county ar to be away from the new Madrid and the flooding that Nibiru will cause. Its not going to strike the earth. It will pass between the earth and the sun. Rocks from its tail will enter our atmosphere. It will cause extreme pole shifting, earthquakes, vocano eruptions, Tusnamis and great clatyclisims. Not a extinction level event. But a real test of survival. We cant prevent it. Just as well embrace the adventure. Space Rock 2017 bring it on.

        • Old Guy ,
          Glad to see, there are some who know!

          • well I think I know? Ive been interested in the pole shift ever since I read about edgar cayse the sleeping phropet. He got the predicted date wrong. Im not a die hard believer Im still skeptical. Its plausible? I actually want NIBIRU to be real. I would prefer it to societal collapse chaios, race war, and all the things that will happen eventually. We know Trump isn’t going to undo the last 75 years of liberal commie decline in 4 years. He likely will not get a second term.

        • So skittle shitting unicorns really do exist?

          • It depends on what you use in your mash 😉

      19. So it’s operation NeoCON, telling me I need to add a 1.5 Million dollar bunker to the list?

        Hang on, I’m gonna run around in circles, flaying arms and crying gibberish. (Be right back).

      20. Looks like NASA may be on to something here. It’s too bad, because I’m guessing the vast majority of them are either atheist’s or simply non-believers.

        King James Bible
        Revelation 8:8
        And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

        Sounds spot on like a ‘meteor’ to me.

        It’s coming, and it cannot be stopped.

      21. The Word of God through the Holy scriptures tell us exactly what is going to happen in the end of this era, not the ramblings of men!The Earth itself is God’s jewel, he will not have destroyed by an Asteroid etc, not have humanity destroyed by it. God Himself will punish men for their sins and rebellion against Him, after which the millennial utopia will be established by the returned Jesus Christ who will destroy all the truly evil at His return. After the 1000 years which is to be followed by the Great White Throne Judgment(where all who have not known Christ from Adam to the second coming will be judged and given a chance for salvation through Christ), God the Father Himself will descend with the New Jerusalem and dwell on Earth which will become the headquarters of the entire Universe.

      22. Supposively the last pass by of NIBIRU was during the Exidious? And the earth has been making trumpet sounds. Rolling Thunder a Hopi Medicine Man stated that the sunset would glow red before the red KACHIA arrives. Ive been seeing red sunsets for quite some time. There are Plenty of UTube videos about NIBIRU.

      23. Old Guy,
        You’re not just an old guy, but an old very wise guy.
        As explained in 6th Seal, Feast of Trumpets, Revelation 12 (Sept. 23rd, 2017)… There will be a blood moon, Nibiru/Planet X/Red Dragon VERY visible, then massive earthquake, pole shift following, rapture after pole shift, those left on earth will begin Tribulation.

        Been studying nwo and earth religions with an open mind and heart, and have come to the logical and intuitive conclusion: All religions have been hijacked as have all governments, so ask yourself why the cabal has attacked Christ the most? Why is Revelations becoming so spot on? Please ponder this non believers because I was once you.

      24. Michael,
        This is Fake News based on Fake Science.
        Any ‘news’ from NASA should be taken with a grain of salt, since the organization has done nothing but create fake news since as far back as the fake moon landings.
        These stories about impending asteroids are right there with the phony Planet X apocalypse myths.
        They’re used to keep the population in fear (read controlled) while at the same time providing an easy way to funnel billions of dollars into black budget projects,some of which you mention above.
        This is beyond transparent.
        This story highlights the need to keep in mind that there isn’t just a deluge of Fake News out there…we’ve also been deluged with many decades of Fake Science, with the greatest perpetrators coming from the Astrophysics community, where theory built on top of theory has been presented as fact.
        This is actually far more dangerous than fake news, since many people are now highly skeptical of fake political news, but the vast majority of people accept so-called ‘scientific’ news as fact, without question.
        Don’t be fooled.

      25. George,
        Very valid points indeed. I too was tired of hearing about Nibiru/Planet X and NASA (Never A Straight Answer). However, as of recently a lot began to add up.
        If you get a chance, Google: Zecharia Sitchin, Carlos Ferrada, Hopi Prophecy, Bible also speaks of it (Sixth Seal, Revelation 12,etc.) Also for best visual proof take a look at Dill Martin’s videos on you tube. Also the crazy weather + poles already shifting are more than just geo engineering imo. Cheers.

        • OYG,
          I looked at Sitchin’s stuff in 1992.
          It’s junk science that’s been concocted by 33rd degree Mason-Sitchin to misdirect for his puppet-masters.
          Looked at Hopi prophecy around the same time.
          It’s open to a wide range of interpretation.
          The New Testament was written as a collaboration between the Flavian Roman Dynasty and a couple of crypto-jews to attempt to pacify the Jews and the Roman slaves.
          Don’t be fooled.


      27. That’s what God put all those “gazillions” of stars, planets and moons out there for–to protect this one and only Earth and its inhabitants from just that kind of chaos (the kind that “our” powers-that-be will cause by their plans to meddle with it!).

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