Desperate Greeks Dumpster Dive for Food As Crisis Means “Americans May Face Severe Food Shortages” Too

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 192 comments

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    It wouldn’t take much for these events to come home to America… and plenty of fuel for a further crisis is in the works.

    Record numbers of struggling Americans are already on SNAP food stamps and welfare; tens of millions are out of work and with a bleak  job outlook; the federal government has advertised and encouraged people to join those on the dole.

    Millions of aging Americans have nothing else but social security and medicare benefits (which they earned, but which are meager) and pension money that has been swindled away behind the scenes in a complex and toxic investment scheme. Low interest rates imposed by the Fed are bringing everything to a grinding halt, and there will be no switching gears without a bumpy ride.

    Of course, it is worse in Greece, but that’s only because the music has stopped for them. Attempting to pay Europe’s central banksters while forcing austerity on the people and hoping for the best was an impossible conundrum. It only left a ticking time bomb….

    As a result, many people have now been out of work for years in Greece, and large sectors of the population have been unable to cope with the burdens that financial woes have saddled upon them. With the latest flash point, Greeks have rushed to ATMs, grocery stores and gas stations to make last minute desperate attempts to brace for collapse.

    Now, with the crisis becoming critical once again, far too many are being forced to dumpster dive to scavenge for food just to stay alive. Natural News reports:

    As Greece slides ever deeper into its debt crisis with no real hope of a solution on the horizon, many average citizens have been reduced to scavenging in dumpsters just to stay alive.

    A recent article in The Telegraph details the plight of formerly employed Greek nationals who now must resort to scouring the streets to find scraps of cardboard, plastic bottles, metal or anything else that can be sold at recycling centers for a few meager euros per day.

    Some of these unfortunate people are even forced to eat discarded food found in the trash bins of cities such as Athens, the article reports.

    Sometimes I’ll find scrap metal that I can sell, although if I see something that looks reasonably safe to eat, I’ll take it. Other times you might find paper, cans, and bottles that you can get money for if you take them back to the shops for recycling.

    The massive debt crisis may force Greece to leave the Euro, a move that could lead to a wave of exits by other countries frustrated with the strong armed banking tactics of the European Central Bank and blighted horizon under the Euro.

    With Greece once again on the brink, it is clear that the core problems are common to many Western countries and many more including Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Ireland may collapse as well.

    Americans could be next in line, too… it simply wouldn’t take much for bank runs and cash controls to hit home. In fact, those in power might welcome it. How quickly would a crisis bring millions of poor and working class people to their knees, or their breaking point?

    Daniel Barker warns:

    [I]f the crisis that many experts are predicting actually takes place, millions of average Americans may end up facing severe food shortages and find themselves in the same situation as the Greeks.

    Let’s pray that our tipping point isn’t as close as many have warned.

    Meanwhile, there is another stark reminder of the need to prep.

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      1. Euell Gibbons is laughing from the grave…

        • Dumpster diving may become the new Olympic sport, eh!

          • I wouldn’t mind signing up for try-outs for this competition. Back in the day, I could do some pretty wicked stuff off from a spring board.

            Problem is, I don’t live anywhere remotely that resembles a Dumpster, and I’m certainly not gonna go out of my way to drive to one. I currently have all the supplies that I need where I am.

            • Having had to “dive” into a few dumpsters in a prior career to verify that the “body” IN the dumpster was indeed deceased, (as if the smell didn’t give them away), that “sport” is not one I will participate in. To this day, just being in close proximity to any dumpster, causes the “smell memories” to kick in.

              • TPS, I don’t blame you one bit. Dumpster diving has already happened here, at least in the areas where Superstorm Sandy hit back in 2012. That will happen again here, storm or no storm. I am prepped and still prepping. The people where Sandy hit didn’t prep, so they were inept.

          • Speaking of oppression, Dr. John Zmirak says “There is nowhere to hide, no ghetto so obscure that the gay totalitarians will leave you alone. Think of all the money that Germany spent persecuting a single homeschooling family. Laws like Germany’s are coming here soon, if we don’t fight them tooth and nail. Remember the thousands of bureaucrats who dutifully audited Tea Party groups for the IRS. Soon thousands more will be scrutinizing your church, its school and every Christian organization in the country. ****The Left has tasted blood, and intends to feed.*** (on your money, your freedoms, and your children). Even if you piously decide to turn the other cheek, and congratulate yourself on being persecuted for Christ, you have no right to make that decision for your children or your neighbor.”

        • You know that this will happen here but I nor anyone here knows when. I have been expecting it for over three years. Well, I went rural sacrificing being near family that I really want to be near and now can not handle it anymore due to some health issues and just getting older so we are moving to a warmer climate but still rural near family who are younger and want us near them.
          Is it smart? Probably not but I can not worry about all this stuff any longer. I am going to enjoy the time we have left and let the chips fall where they may. God Bless, James

        • Better get some more ammo to protect those groceries too. Government scum better fucking hide in their fucking holes when this goes down as some people have their fucking numbers.

          • Zero, damn right. So what if the feds have lists? We have lists also. That works both ways.

        • What’s sad, is someone on here, is going to NEED you to explain who Euell was!(sorry for the spoiler post).

          • ht tps://

            • I’m old enough to have enjoyed his Post cereal commercials in junior high and high school.

              • Ever ate a pine tree?
                Some parts are edible…

                • ok eppe, you reqested this one

                  Billy Bob and Luther were talking one afternoon when Billy Bob says to Luther, “Yaw know, I recon I’m ’bout ready for a vacation. Only this year I’m gonna do it different. The last few years, I took your advice about where to go.
                  Three years ago you said to go to Hawaii. I went to Hawaii and Earlene got pregnant.
                  Then two years ago, you told me to go to the Bahamas, and Earlene got pregnant again.
                  Last year you suggested Tahiti and darned if Earlene didn’t get pregnant again.”
                  Luther asks Billy Bob, “So, what you gonna do this year that’s different

                  “I’m taking Earlene with me”.

                  • Good one bro…

                  • 🙂

                  • BCOD, damned good one. Been hanging around Eppe?

                • “Goldenrod makes an exellent tea”

                  • I thought Goldenrod made fuel filters?

              • TPS, I also remember Euell Gibbons. We could use some more people like him now.

          • Tastes like pine nuts!

            Everything he ate – bark, cockroaches, dirt, you name it, “tastes like pine nuts!”

            • Reminds me of Wild Hickory Nuts.

        • Now Spain and Italy are requesting the IMF renegotiate it’s loan terms with them if Greece gets debt relief from the IMF.

          • Greece and Puerto Rico have offshore oil & gas deposits that they could sell to China. Its likely that the others do too.

            None of these countries are broke. 🙁

            • The Greeks will probably wimp out and agree to the banksters’ demands. They want to maintain the status quo, but their beloved cushy pensions and make-work ‘jobs’ (average retirement age is something like 53) are going away sooner or later. Like every socialist, they think SOMEBODY ELSE should just keep paying for the things the socialists want. Face it, Greeks–your economy will NEVER ‘get going’ and allow you to pay back what you already owe. If they don’t stiff their creditors, the ‘austerity measures’ will be permanent. I know it’s shocking to find out that in order to have a real economy you have to have something to sell. Get your hands dirty.

            • Those countries don’t really go broke, until after the IMF ties up all of their national resources as collateral for a loan…THEN, they go broke and the IMF cashes in.

              It’s just loan sharking on a global scale.

        • Google treeincarnation the science of meaning. Amazing.

      2. 101 reasons why i have enough to get by for a while,,,
        NEVER want to be in that situation

        • Eleven thousand Greek men have committed suicide during their austerity period… Count your blessings.

          • I do every day,,,,

          • Make your deaths count, take at least one elite scumbag with you before you check out for good! 🙂

            • Lost,probably won’t be able to target a so called”elite”,as I said before,will die though fighting their minions or just some asshole in a shtf occurrence murdering/raping ect.I am on me last nerve and despite the odds will not be able to turn away when I see evil happening in the open,hence,hope to take a few with me then off to the rock in hell for a smoke and a beer.Given I have a fair amount of supplies hope to help a few people first along the way and just hope my goods end up in good hands.I as have said before,when dead,feed me to your dogs ect.,make use of everything I leave behind,tis all right,am a organ donor and like the idea of living on in dogs!

        • Kulafarmer, same with me. I prep, so I’m not inept.

      3. The government said all was ok. Where have we heard that before? I feel so sorry for these people but couldn’t they see this coming? Pray for the best prepare for the worst!! God bless, James

      4. Europeans in general had very lavish social benefits far exceeding anything US workers could expect. These things cost money that they didn’t have but still the body politic demanded it from their elected representatives.

        Eventually the rubber meets the road.

        • American sheep have marveled at the European model for decades. Sadly, I’ve known people who have insisted USA should be just like Europe. When’s the last time you bought something that said “made in France”?

          • British gov healthcare system was great the first few years, now there is rationing, wait lists, or just flat out refusal to treat. A lot of people are dying, or they fly to the US and pay cash for better healthcare.

            • They most certainly do.

              Where will we fly for health care when we are in the same boat?

              • First-Class medical care is available in Panama, Colombia, Thailand, etc. Check it out before you go, of course. Most of the best physicians are US Trained, speak excellent English. You can even SAVE $ by doing Medical Tourism, even after travel expenses.
                THAT is how you know how F-ud up our healthcare system has gotten. The industry and regulatory beasts can’t stand to let anything work without getting their fingerprints on it (and sucking money out of it), so we get screwed.

            • Absolute nonsense. Have you ever left the USA?

          • About the same time I found something that said “Made in The USA”

      5. We all feel something is coming and have tried to prep accordingly. I never want to be reduced to that level but air pudding is not to filling.

      6. I want it to happen in the dead of winter. When its cold more of the sheeple will succumb faster. and meat and other food will keep longer during the cold. In a normal situation more folk,s die due to weather related causes than during a heat wave. I assume a grid down monetary collapse would greatly multiply the cold related deaths. Im german & swede I enjoy the cold temps.

        • Old Guy, I used to think that winter time would be the worst time for many but after all the VERY hot, Humid sunny days we have had lately I think summer time would take more people out quicker. Think of all the apartments crammed together no ac no food and NO WATER !! and that Awful smell…Eughw ..

          • Maybe? but you hardly see blacks & wiggers riot in cold weather. they wont go traveling in big hoards looking for folks to take from. Think of those hungry freezing folks huddled in their hood with no heat and no food. not even greens to eat. they will burn their furniture to build a fire to cook one another. Very quickly revert back to the Jungle Bunny ancestor,s they came from.

      7. Spent about $2000.00 in the last week on different preps. I say this to tell all how serious I feel about things. Also to express how short I think time is. May God help us all.

        • Eh,will help myself and others if needed,really won’t be looking to the gods for any help.

          • On a side note Mike,hope you and your family have a good 4th whatever the plans,actually,that goes for the whole forum,yes,even the ones who disparage(love that word,thanks Mac!) me!

            • Warchild

              Happy fourth to you. I will be sipping from a bottle. This fourth is special. It is also the graduation party for my son. He graduated and is now a lieutenant. I pinned the bars on him myself 6 weeks ago. We are going to have a band and fireworks.

        • Mike if nothing happens you can at least use what you have. Better to have and not need it…… keep at it man!

          • On a side note Mike,hope you and your family have a good 4th whatever the plans,actually,that goes for the whole forum,yes,even the ones who disparage(love that word,thanks Mac!) me!

          • On a side note Mike,hope you and your family have a good 4th whatever the plans,actually,that goes for the whole forum,yes,even the ones who disparage(love that word,thanks Mac!) me!

          • On a side note Mike,hope you and your family have a good 4th whatever the plans,actually,that goes for the whole forum,yes,even the ones who disparage(love that word,thanks Mac!) me!

          • Jim

            Thanks. I sure hope I don’t need it. If it is not needed then screw it. The good Lord has blessed me and I hope I wasted every dime.
            It is just that I don’t think I did. I have a feeling I will need it all.

            • Mike,I also and am sure many would be very happy to be wrong,plus,I look stylish in a tin foil hat!

            • Mike, I’m the same way. I’m certain I didn’t waste money on my preps and believe I’ll need all of them, and sill prepping as I type this. Happy 4th.

      8. Its not about lavish benefits! Its about the Trojan horse debt deal, set up by elites and corrupt politicians, whose goal was to greedily suck in everything they could from the Greek citizens!!! Read Mike Ruppert’s book, “Crossing the Rubicon”. the exact same thing happened in the Soviet Union that is happening in Greece.

        • Over 30% of pensioners in Greece retire by age 55.

          “Three out of four public sector and Social Security Fund (IKA) pensioners in Greece are opting for early retirement. This situation has caused the country’s pension system to become unsustainable.”

          ht tp://

        • Sorry, but IT IS lavish benefits, If a large number of people in any country are productive, things work out well. On the other hand, if a large number of people are unproductive, things go downhill for all. Sure, I am putting this in the simplest term, stiil… Too many idle in the population, and economies just crumble. But now the good news, just can not happen in America.

          • Uh, oh …

            Are you really sure about that?

          • “Too many idle in the population, and economies just crumble.”
            Yeah, are you sure about that ?

          • I agree: I have been to Greece: they are lazy mo-fos. Over the past decade, they have been engaged in an entirely fruitless, leftist moocher battle to get as many benefits from the EU as possible. This is why they retire at 50 on huge pensions, why so many work in useless jobs for the government and why the country is riven through with corruption and yet produces little beyond olive oil and feta cheese.

            They can’t face the fact Greece is a poor, Southern European country that should be using its membership of the EU to make goods and services other countries would want. If they did, they wouldn’t be in the pickle they are now.

            Greece could be a powerhouse economy – they have many assets, from an established shipping industry, easy access to booming Africa, tourist opportunities. The only problem is they do not want to change their ways to work for a living. Either they change, or they will be changed. As for what is happening globally, we are at war. And people need to realise this. It requires discipline and focus, not slacking. Get combat ready and combat fit!

            • Spot on Frank.

      9. It seems that some people are still throwing away edible food and recyclables.

        “formerly employed Greek nationals who now must resort to scouring the streets to find scraps of cardboard, plastic bottles, metal or anything else that can be sold at recycling centers for a few meager euros per day.”

        I could survive on a few dollars of food a day without going through the trash for food. $1.00 for bread, $2.00 for bologna, and $1.00 for mustard. I survived on that diet for weeks back in the early 1980s when I was unemployed. The only regular meal I got during that time was Sunday dinner at my parents’ house.

        • Don’t remind me; I lived on dented cans of black bread, PB and jelley, for most of a year once. The good ole days; may they NEVER come back.

        • I almost killed myself living on ramen noodles for a month. Absolutely no nutritional value and more salt than anyone needs, but I had exactly $20 to live on for the month, and I bought 2 cases of ramen and some canned veggies. I was living in my car at the time.

          • Don’t use the entire flavor packet. Use just half and save the other half to use with plain noodles.

      10. Old guy here in AZ way more will die in summer with avg temps 105 to 110. Don’t take much to heat in winter.

        • dig a double door earth cooled root cellar.

          your salvation is in the earth.

          • Answer to grid down in AZ:
            2 – 500 watt solar panels (home depot)
            2 – group 31 deep cycle batteries in parallel (o’reilly’s)
            1 – samlex solar charge controller (amazon)
            1 – 1000 watt power inverted (anywhere)
            1 – hessair MBC2000 evap cooler (home depot for CHEAP)

            will draw approx 12amps DC on high and run 24/7 with power left over for a small fridge.

            mR. pINK: every dig a whole in AZ? There is a reason we don’t have basements and cellars here.

            Wife is pestering me to move to NE Alabama. I love to hunt and fish, but just don’t know. I like it here because this place is virtually unsurvivable for the clueless.

            • snakes spiders and mexicans! oh my!

            • don’t move, the humidity will kill you.

            • Do you have a youtube video of your solar set up? if so, please post a link. I would like to see more.

          • We may yet see again those dug-out sod roof pioneer-style houses in the SW U.S.– without power for even a fan, people would go back to thermal mass, 16″ earth/adobe walls, etc.
            Underground houses can keep a near constant cool temp year round. Done right, they can take a tornado, extreme snow load, fallout…

      11. i grew up with greeks, italians and irish. ran with some in the ole’ neighborhood. i’m very surprised the proud industrious hard working greek’s fell to the euro union nwo imf greedy demands.

        i really expected them to revolt and take back their country from the Zionist controlled euro fascists.

        celebrated the 4th of july of once free now Zionist enslaved Zog Amerika by upgrading the lighting, added two very dependable mini-mag lights and a laser system on my shorty for night use and ordered MOAR ‘buck and ball’ for it just to be on the safe side of caution for that which comes this way.

        armup stockup and prepare or suffer for your inaction.

        • I hope you fall upon your own unsheathed knife and slowly bleed to death.

        • Ok, so if you loan your preps out in a crisis to somebody in need who assures you that he will repay you back, and in the end they refuse, time and time again, and not only refuse but demand more, and threaten your efforts, what will YOU do? We all know…You pathetic Hypocrite… “Zionist controlled Euro Fascists?” You Fucking moron. Credit is the LIFE BLOOD of Capitalism! Of course you NEVER read Adam Smith or Conservative Economist such as Van Hayek, hardly Jewish. Get a clue, or shut the fuck up. You are embarrassing serious people here.

            • The German snow monkey snitzel face. Hahahahahahaha!

        • mR.pINK.

          Natives are restless tonight. Put your knife away ;0)

          • lol ;0) not to worry i know how to handle a knife.

            i’m a fully trained military, state and nationally certified law officer, back country and water rescue team and emergency med tech with real world experience.

            they can bitch all they want, i have lived experienced what most just dream of.

            their comments just make me that much a better prepper as it show there is a true need to be prepared for all types of zombies when the shtf, protecting oneself from ignorant Zog media faux news prepared preppers.

            • People who brag about how good they usually aren’t.

              • sigh!

                wasn’t braggin’, just stating a fact.

        • Anyone looking for specialized Ammo check out…

          wolf hill trading company

          12 Gauge 2-3/4″ Buck and Ball or more.

      12. To suggest it “could” happen here in the USA is a disservice. It WILL happen here as the Free-Cheese-Entitlement Brigades will fight over every unbroken bottle of Mad Dog, and bags of chips,they can find.
        At this point in our lives, I am glad we’ve forgone certain “amenities” to make sure our preps were and still are the main priorities for our family. Much rather be able to eat food and drink potable water we have on board than viewing the (unavailable fuel) boat in a driveway. Just my pessimistic cynical outlook.

        • Im with you there, dont have new shiny trucks or fancy tv and furniture but know that i can make it through barring any total catastrophe to my home.

      13. I know I will not be dumpster diving I don’t swim that good.
        All joking aside. I will not be at the dumpsters, but if TPTB are handing out food and other goodies I’ll take them as long as I don’t have to show ID. “He!!” I paid for those goodies anyway.
        If you are not there collecting those goodies the people around you will be wondering why you are so healthy and not needing aid. They will be snooping around and will be looking for YOUR GOODIES. If they find out that you have a stash they will try everything to take it from you. And I do mean EVERYTHING!!!
        Make it look like you are in as bad or in worse shape than they are.
        Keep prepping and praying.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Excellent point. You can’t snow up in clean clothes and a fresh shave. You must blend in, dirty clothes, scuffed up boots, a little ash on your face, dirty finger nails and beard. If you blend in you are invisible.

          • Simon:
            You want to get in and get out as fast as you can. Do not draw attention to yourself. Don’t go dress like Rambo in your BDU’s and a bullet belt around your shoulder. and looking like your going to kick butt.
            keep a low profile and fit in. Listen for any information that might help. Keep all conversations short and to the point. Don’t offer any information unless it is false infor to keep TPTB out of your hair, but don’t stretch the lie out to far be wrong a little.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Absolutely! Be the gray man. Well said, hope people heed your advice.

        • NR, that’s the whole point for having the means necessary to protect your supplies. Most of my supplies are alreadyat the BOL and in 3 weeks I’m taking more supplies there. I have always and will continue to prepare so no dumpster shit for me.

      14. With the amount of evidence to show you shouldn’t believe everything or even most of what the government says, I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

      15. but if TPTB are handing out food and other goodies I’ll take them as long as I don’t have to show ID.

        IT’S A TRAP!

        {step right this way sir, yes please watch your step while boarding the train.}

      16. I’ve said this before, I think when this all comes to our shores, TPTB will pull back to their cushy, well stocked bunkers and watch it all burn for awhile…in keeping with their population reduction plans (i.e., see the Ga. guidestones). Once they are satisfied that the die-off has been sufficient, they’ll emerge and enact their “CoG” plans. Then you can expect to see them moving in force to conduct roundups, confiscations, etc., etc.

      17. As bad as the fate of Greece is, America’s fate is going to be far worse than dumpster diving. Does anyone here really think that God is not going to greatly punish America for making something called gay marriage legal in all 50 states? Amongst other things.

        18 Thy way and thy doings have procured these things unto thee; this is thy wickedness, because it is bitter, because it reacheth unto thine heart.

        19 My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart maketh a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.

        20 Destruction upon destruction is cried; for the whole land is spoiled: suddenly are my tents spoiled, and my curtains in a moment.

        21 How long shall I see the standard, and hear the sound of the trumpet?

        22 For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge. (Jeremiah 4:18-22)

        God will allow America’s enemies to devastate America. It’s not a wise move for any nation to completely go against the true and living God.

        • So,god going to punish innocent people for what you see as acts against “your beliefs”?!Fuck,no wonder I don’t drink the koolaid and have gods/norns ect.They were here long before your religion,of course,stole some along the way.I swore would not get into more religious discussion here but some folks just won’t let it be.Fine,let the disparaging(love that word”comments begin!

          • WD.

            Innocent people. Does God factor in collateral damage?
            If so, then why do good people die in bad situations.

            • Innocent people. Does God factor in collateral damage?
              If so, then why do good people die in bad situations.

              This has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve read all day. Please keep your religious drivel in the appropriate blog sites, thank you very much.

          • Where is your head at? There are NO innocent people in this country (excluding children) and His judgment is coming down on us already. Folks just refuse to see with their eyes, hear with their ears and understand with an open objective mind. No worries, though for you ’cause you don’t believe all that nonsense. Don’t think anything a out posts like this as your mind set will work right up to the day you die and then your decision will dictate where you will spend eternity. I feel truly sorry for you.

          • Where is your head at? There are NO innocent people in this country (excluding children) and His judgment is coming down on us already. Folks just refuse to see with their eyes, hear with their ears and understand with an open objective mind. No worries, though for you ’cause you don’t believe all that nonsense. Don’t think anything about posts like this but know this: your mind set will work right up to the day you die and then your decision will dictate where you will spend eternity. I feel truly sorry for you.

            • Great truth,and thus in your world innocent children suffer,just fucking great.You feel sorry for me,hah!I feel sorry for anyone who believes in god and yet think he/she is a bloodthirsty asshole.

              • Warchild, you believe there is no god and you came from monkeys, in your case, you are correct. In my case, I believe in God and that I came from Him. (para-phrasing from Ben Carson)Think on that bud.

                • Just,I never said didn’t believe in afterlife(figure if this one,could be another one)or disbelieve in god/gods,just don’t follow the bloodthirsty religious beliefs that soo many here espouse,whatever the religion,tis all.As for coming from monkeys,really don’t know or care,some might call that god/gods plan,firgured too stupid to start off being too smart/evolved,and would say that the god/gods would be right given history!I am a spiritual person,just don’t buy the brand of koolaids pushed by the major religions,chew on that awhile bud!

                  • Warchild, ok, I get what you are saying. I actually agree with you as far as “religion” goes. Religions are made up with man made rules. They all claim that those rules/laws are “God inspired”. Not sure how that is possible when so many laws are opposite. I do think however that as much as God loves us, at some point, He will say enough is enough. I use my own life situation as a reference. I love my kids but with one of them, there came a point where I had to say, “you are out of here until you straighten up”. My son went through some bad times and while I never stopped loving him, I didn’t help him either. Trust me, it killed me but in the long run, he did figure it out and he now understands why I did what I did and thanks me for it. I think we humans are much like that with God. We are going to have to “suffer” some before we figure it out. just my take on life.

        • Agreed,

          And think of all the young girls that have been brainwashed into killing their unborn. Think of all the lives that never got a chance to live in the flesh, that were snuffed out before they ever got to drink of their mother’s milk.

          Millions of females will someday stand before that life in the spirit, not as an innocent baby, but as a fully mature person in a spirit body. That person will ask that female, “Why did you kill me, and prevent my chance at a normal life upon the earth?”

          It will be a sad time for millions of fetus killing mothers and in some cases, their parents too, that pushed them into those abortion centers.

          No forgiveness in this world for that grave sin. Only in front of God and their victim. That is why God says they will carry that blood on their hands for as long as they shall live.

          • PWTW.

            Looks like I hit the Big Time. ;0)

          • I also think that those of us that stood by and did NOTHING to stop abortion will pay a price for our inaction. We may not succeed in stopping abortion but we had better dam well given it effort!

            • It is said, that God decides our time of birth, and he decides our time of death. Are you saying that God is going to punish those who abort fetus’s? Who’s running the show here, God or Humans.
              If anything, God needs to clean up his own backyard. What I am saying is, he needs to persecute those Priest, Rabbi’s, Ministers, Preachers ….etc. who fondle little boys and girls. Since God has failed to deal with these people who speak and preach in his name, how is God going to punish those on earth who have sinned?
              I don’t see it happening, or something by now would of been done, why does it still continue? People who are religious should investigate and question their own instead picking, choosing, and deciding what bible verses they want to try and live their lives by.

              • don’t you see some contradiction in your own words? “It is said, that God decides our time of birth, and he decides our time of death.” what do you think happens to those fetus’s that are aborted? before the abortion, they are very much alive. After the abortion they are dead, as in “death’. Did God cause those deaths? um no, the “mother” in agreement with the abortionist cause the death. As far as God taking care of those clergy who have harmed others, that is the point, God will be dealing with them and others in the end. Not quite sure how you can say “Since God has failed to deal with these people who speak and preach in his name, how is God going to punish those on earth who have sinned?
                I don’t see it happening, or something by now would of been done” You are still alive, how do you know what God’s eternal punishment is for them? BTW. what bible verses or frame of reference are YOU using to determine God is supposed to do something with those sinners now? who is picking and choosing? Maybe that is just what we humans do. When something pulls on our hearts we pick it up and go with it. I don’t really know dickNcider. I guess we all have to wait until the end to find out.

                • 1. If the Bible is 100% factually accurate, then the Universe is not billions of years old.

                  2. The Universe is billions of years old.

                  3. Therefore the Bible is not 100% factually accurate.

                  The Bible is not word from God, but word from Man.

                  Choose to believe what you like, and I’ll choose to believe what I like and leave it as is.

        • You sound like the crazies who blame tornadoes on abortion and gay marriage. And last time I checked, God isn’t going to pay my bills either.

      18. Dumpster diving for food happening for decades in the US.The sad part is,some cities do not allow restaurants to give away extra food,know a few that leave food on back steps as they forgot to put in dumpster after a smoke break,they are the kind of people I admire.

      19. Soon, your local municipal government will consist of one clerk who records property tax receipts and immediately turns around and cuts a check for retired public “servant” pensions.

        My ass hurts…

        • JRS,as more get in tight times finacially,believe that form of theft will be ending,folks will find a “solution”!

      20. my aunt is a materials manager at a large industrial supply company (think materials purchased by kinder morgan for fracking pumps and pipelines). one of her local customers’ former career was in financial planning and banking. She was chatting with him about what to do with 401k, etc. He told her to get out of anything government backed, including cash. he said that by the end of the year anything in govt funds, bonds, etc will be worth 50% OR less, AND what cash she made in investments may have no value whatsoever. he scared the shiite out of her. and I’m glad he did, because i’ve gotten nowhere with her. Its just another voice calling for some common sense and self preservation during this time.

        • If one gets out of everything including cash where do you put your assets? Real Estate can’t fare well if no one has any money.

          • I’m heavily invested in things we use every day. I’ve saved far more than i’ve earned on investments by buying in bulk with coupons those things which do not go bad. I just got a new car, because the old one isn’t going to last all the miles i’m driving now. and at near 0% interest, i’m beating inflation, which makes this an investment (I drive my cars at least 10 years). investing in the land, metals, brass/lead and the tools to use it, preps preps and more preps. everything we’ve bought we can use now and in shtf. We justmoved 1300 miles, and more than half the moving truck was prep related (uggh what a bitch that was, but made me realize what i’ve accomplished)

            I am still in equities, but will be damned if I invest in bonds of any kind or keep a large pile of cash. I keep enough for emergencies liquid in cash. that’s it.

            • NPPH, same for me. All of my spare cash goes on preps and most of those are already at the BOL. I’m debt-free so I can get more at one time than I would be able to otherwise. No loans or credit cards or any of that crap for me. My investments pay me a dividend called peace of mind, knowing I have prepped and can survive any calamity. making another supply run to the BOL in 3 weeks.

      21. Don’t forget the roadkill.

      22. Not all EU countries are suffering like Greece. Germany is doing just fine. Why? It makes sure its entitlements do not exceed their income. Greece did not realize, only because you joined the EU you can’t live like the richest EU member. One out of three Greeks is employed by the govt. The govt. produces nothing. The Greek work ethic is also very poor. For example, the Greek govt. pays its employees more if they know hoe to use a computer. This is not acceptable in the 21st century. A 32 hour work week is also unacceptable. The same with retirement at 57. That you can only do if you have a large young workforce ready to take over.Not Greece. HW Hahn

      23. Judges 1:19. And the Lord was with Judah; and he drove out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.

        I guess I need to get an iron chariot.

      24. The Greeks probably thought it would be a good idea to join the EU and live off of their rich cousins. Well, it backfired.

        The Greeks, of course, think they are victims, they see nothing wrong with not paying taxes and living off of other people’s money. The EU is like a family bank account where the poor members live off of the wealthier ones and eventually nobody has anything left. Funny how lazy Socialists bring everyone else down with them and have no intention of repaying the people who financed their lifestyle.

        The Greeks, of course, don’t want austerity, who does; but the time comes when you have to face reality. Pay yer freakin’ debts!! Oh wait, you squandered all the money.

        The Greeks have given us a good example of why the global financial system is in such a mess. And just wait till the USA blows up.

      25. Yes I have dumpster dived before
        I was in economic shtf, lost my house car, had to let it go. I mortgage was with BOA. I had to hold on to the business and sleep in my car, I hold the record for the most succesfull executive Hobo businessman in Houston..when I told my bookkeeper why I had more money now, he almost sh…t his pants..of course the conditions are good for economic war against other business owners for getting customers and keeping clients. I was able to suceed. This time I have the all the end of the world most popular sites.

        Mr Pink, welcome to the board. Now your speaking our are right about Greece. Yes it’s happening. I read Confessions of a economic hit it from a man who worked for the cabal and destroyed people’s lives in the processes, to pull the plug and tell the cabal to hit the road..its ones of the most bad azz books I have ever read.. Welcome to the board. You handle is a strange name Mr pink. You must be one of those gay prepper patriots. If you are, I accept you on this board. We have to diversify. I won’t have a problem with the you posting so as long as your content is straight friendly. I have met gay preppers and gay red necks. Broke Back Mountain is real in my area. For all you liberal fags and flamers who do not prep that support cabalist ideots, you fags can go f…k yourself.

        Mr.Pink must be a new kind of poster.

        Hey guys I think that the first gay prepper poster that we have had come on board, I can read between the lines, he looks like he is one us. Welcome to the board you might get attacked by Agency azz clowns anyway now.



        Agency azz clown Super moderator.

        • You must be new……that’s Nina!

        • Hcks, has been here for about 5 years.

          Nina O, I presume???

          • ;0p pssszzt

            • Hahahahahahaha!

      26. I am really concerned over what the very near future holds. I beleive all this race bullshit is a distraction to increase racial tensions so that when the shtf, no one really recognizes ‘its the economy stupid’. Husband is in overdrive here getting the garden ready for a late planting. I hope it will survive the summer burn here in MS. We’re picking up some laying hens next week to get us going, and then some bitties once the other coop has been ‘made over’ (my dad had it so you had to walk through the chickeen shiite to get to the nesting boxes). Gonna look for some himalayan bunnies for meat. I hear that at 6-8 months there is close to 15# of meat on those babies!

        I’ve got muscadine and scuppernong vines coming out my arse. (with no clue as to how to make wine) and a pear and fig tree that are loaded. this fall I will make sure that next year I get more pears than the squirrels do! Wonder how hubby will do with skinning squirrels? I always hated helping dad do that. we just need to get more fruit trees and berry bushes planted As soon as is appropriate time to do so. My step brother is going to give us a deal on a domesticated bull, and we’ll buy a few young heifers. Next years goal will be bees and maybe a hog for the following winter. we’ve got lots to learn, but great neighbors. I just pray time has not run out. I’m not panicked, but I feel we are getting down to the wire. If the house in CT sells quickly, I’m gonna let hubby stay home and play farmer full time while I work. He doesn’t call me scrubbin bubbles for nothin’. ;-]

        • Nopitty, great to hear you are getting set up.
          Build a solar dehydrator, for pear and fig.
          Making wine from dines and nongs is easy, look that up also.

          Sounds like yall are getting set up well…
          It takes time, just keep on plugging at it…

          Bless all here.

          • eppe, good to hear from you. I’ve prayed for 2 years that God would get me out of CT before the shtf. I just never dreamed things would turn out the way they have, with Dad passing and me and my hubby carrying on the family farm. My husband is so unbelievably on board. a year and a half ago he was wanting to buy me a tinfoil hat, LOL. We’re just keepin the faith here.

            • NP, you better hold him tight. Rare to find.
              Take a little time and think about where to plant fruit and nut trees. Think about what it will look like in 20 years.
              From CT to MS is a transition, but if you have great neighbors, your half way home…
              Sling, had prunes in shine, ate 3 and had a few shots.
              Slept well that night…

        • NPPH

          Can you make jelly or preserves out of scuppernongs or muscadine. Once I had scuppernongs that were soaked in moonshine. Maybe jar some up in brandy.

          • love love love muscadine jelly. I have 24 jars dads sitter canned last august. will have to get creative this year!

      27. Bank controls ha ha that’s funny they better have my paycheck in full or there will be a bunch of angry guys. Nobody thinks of the Gestapo coming to your house killing your whole family and stealing all the good shit you stockpiled. You will be dead so you won’t need it. The people that are the most ruthless and ballsy are gonna survive no matter what. The willingness to kill and take the resources you need will be something you have to do. Most people talk hard but would not kill if it came down to it. I’m not knocking people like this. They are human and have a heart and care about others. But what will happen to them if they don’t fight. They will be robbed constantly like a bully taking lunch $ from another kid. I’ve studied shtf extensively and when people are eating out of dumpsters they will kill others and steal their shit just to stop hunger pains. Think about if the prisons don’t get their co s pay in full or a shtf situation happens co s will let the criminals out because no one will be able to run the jail while they are home taking care of their family’s. Everything you have can be taken from you. Even the willingness to fight can wear down to the point that you just want to survive another day by avoiding conflict. The battle hasn’t started and people want to avoid conflict. I’d hurt someone to feed my kids if it came down to it. I’m not an asshole but my family comes first to me. I’d expect you to try to kill me if it came down to it. It’s a normal way to think when needs aren’t being met.

        • You’re right in that the learning curve in a SHTF situation will be steep. Many will think the old rules of civility are still in use.

          In cities it will happen quickly (in less than 3 days) and flow into the burbs and out.

          If you live rural because of the relative isolation you will have a special set of dangers. Those who attack may after killing you and your family (hopefully quickly) take up residence for awhile to recoup, given your resources.

          And you are spot on when you say fathers will hurt, maim and kill to feed their children.

          When we are getting there I will know it because I have seen it before, they’ll be a hole in the back forty for you…

        • “I’ve studied shtf extensively and when people are eating out of dumpsters they will kill others and steal their shit just to stop hunger pains.”

          Well good for you. I hope by studying you mean reading.

          But like the rest of your post, the quoted statement isn’t exactly (or even closely) correct.

          1. People are social animals.
          2. Blood will sacrifice itself to protect blood.
          3. In order to maintain a level of survival required for long-term existence, the predator MUST be part of a group.
          4. The larger the group, the higher the survival quotient.
          5. Larger groups demand larger amounts of resources.
          6. The level of resources required grow exponentially with increased numbers. This one requires further explanation. Small groups will accept a bare level of survival as a good alternative to dying from starvation and the environment. As the group increases in numbers, so does the level of discontent over the meager rations. In order to maintain control, either the malcontents are arbitrarily executed or the level of predation must increase.

          The reality is that the predators meet an early demise. The predator does not farm the prey like a Duke or Earl farmed his serfs. Two possibilities exist. The predator runs out of easily available prey or the predator has to sleep sometime.

          The long term problem will be a dependable food supply for several years. In order to define dependable, we have to stick to reality. Dependable MUST meet the basic needs during the worst winter after the worst growing season.

          This should be a good hint to restart the local commerce cycle. Initially it will be thing like potatoes for apples. Only once stability and measured security become the norm on a regional basis will currency become common.

          So how long? Better figure a bare minimum of two winters.
          Why at least two? Folks, your gonna have to start thinking for yourself.

          I assume that Asshat has little acquaintance with the rank and file of the NRA. I have been to NRA functions and you are more likely to see the upper middle class businessman than an unshaven red-neck with a chip on his shoulder. That SKB600 with a full and modified full choke punches neat holes through mallards at 6 yards. And all those hours at the trap or skeet range as well as the cases of ammo tend to help develop some above average shooting skills. Might make busting a door down in an upscale neighborhood a bit risky, no?

          Assumptions and beliefs will get you killed. The first concept you must understand is that people do what they do out of necessity. Some choose cooperation, some choose aggression and some choose avoidance. Those who avoid and mind their manners are the ones to either avoid entirely or learn to be a good neighbor.

          Rambo was just a movie. That 68YO Granny with the accurized Remington 700 30-06 sporting a 3X9 Wal-mart special scope is the one I avoid. See #2 above. One shot, one kill. Yep, her grandson taught her that one shot is notice, but from where? Two, general direction and three solid azimuth and a fair guestimation of range.

          Now, the rest of the story.
          You never hear of rioting in Mitchell, Oregon.
          Nor looting in Healy, Alaska.
          The worst will take place in the metropolitan areas that have a large unemployment figure.
          Peacekeepers will be deployed, …, eventually.
          Control can’t be gained while the fire burns the hottest in the mind of those affected by mass insanity. Let the fire burn most of itself out. Mightn’t any remaining malcontents serve as an excellent example of level of “shock and awe” force willingly, nay eagerly applied by the peacekeepers?
          Yes, been gone awhile. I did state I would be checking the site out on occasion. Folks, its time to shit-can the assumptions. It is time to assume that your beliefs will somehow make things okay. Now read the previous sentence.

          Whether you be a closet-Rambo or a dye-in-wool, handing out tracts on the corner, genuine, evangelical Jesus-freak, the reality is no bail-outs and this is gonna be for real. Jesus just turned on the hot-air popcorn popper and invited Buddha and Mohammed over for the big show. Budda says he’s bringing the hookers and Mohammed has a case of an excellent micro-brewery pale ale.

          Was that intended as an insult against your precious beliefs? No, it was intended to get your attention. Your assumptions and beliefs will NOT put food on the table or keep your children safe. You might wanna keep your beliefs close to your heart and let it guide your morality. In the meantime, just in case things don’t work out according to your version of God’s plan, be damned glad that 68YO granny with her ought six was covering your sorry ass when you thought you could gentle that Gestapo-esque predator intent on making you and yours the night’s entertainment and tomorrow’s main course.

          Predators only care about food, rape and plunder.
          Now say thank you Granny.

          • @ overtheedge…..Happy 4th to you and yours…..and to everyone else reading, not to 4get Mac and Tess!! take care all, CC.

      28. All that is occurring NOW has been foretold…what will happen when GOOD defeats EVIL? People need to chose their path NOW or be lost forever….STAND against the evil which is now becoming “good”…..when that which was wrong becomes right and what was good becomes evil…..KNOW where the TRUTH IS

      29. When you were a kid in school you’d have gym class the teacher would ALWAYS pick the two most athletic kids to be team captains then everyone would line up the teacher would flip the coin and someone would pick first they would go back and forth till everyone was on a team. The captains would always pick the most athletic or their friends first the nerdy or fat kids always got picked last. I’m saying this so people will realize there social place in society. Looking at the world like this nobody is your friend we are all in competition with eachother for resources $ food housing whatever the show survivor was like this people would forge alliances then when it came down to it they would go at each other like they were never an ally. I fully expect even my wife to betray me if it got that tough. So folks what have we learned. Well you have to put number 1 first. Life is not a game I’m not playing games with people. Mine and my family’s best interest is what I look out for daily. I’m playing for keeps. People think about what I’ve said about the gym class social hierarchy and correlate it to your life I’m not trying to make people feel bad about their popularity or athleticism . This is how I see the world works. We are all in competition with each other to get paid more get a better title nicer car bigger house a boat whatever. It will be the same when resources are scarce. The connected and educated will get the food the water the medicine before the dependent useless eaters. People will always use others to get what they need.

        • AssHat

          Good post. I was one of those nerdy kids that never was in the group. Went my own way and come out just fine.
          But I’ll tell you that those who want me to help them after they ridiculed me for prepping are in for a surprise. Social level be damned.

      30. I went to the Flea Market and scored two 40 channel hand held CB 5W units. An external antennae. 2 cig lighter connects and 2 battery connects/cig plugs.

        They work fine $15.00

        Maybe in the future we can try a CB. communication using Channel 21. They may go out about 2 to 4 miles and could get a skip. Might be worth a try before the end of the year.

        • re: Slingshot Look into getting a dipole antennae to increase range and direction for your cb

      31. Betty Moore the wife of the Intel founder here in Kailua-Kona/Hawaii also goes to the KTA supermarket dumpster in order to save some money!

        • Hows the vog over there?

      32. For food, there will no longer be a deer overpopulation problem, then no more squirrels around, then they’ll be netting and shotgunning pidgeons, and trapping dogs in the city, even rats roasting over firewood that gets harder and harder to find… unguarded cattle will get rustled, quickly shot and butchered, Hell, maybe ate right there, no more gas, gotta carry backstrap on your back for miles, flies buzzin, other scavengers eyeing you…

        pass the salt, please

        • Heyduke:
          Did you know a squirrel is not much different than a rat.
          the squirrel has a fuzzy tail and a rat does not. of coarse you do. During WWII the American prisoners of the Japan, raised rat for meat because the were starving to death and were living on one small bowl of rice a day. And the native Americans ate dogs.
          Get right down to it if you are hungry you will eat just about anything.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Aye firmative-
            Got an O.G. squirrel in the ‘hood here, cracking pecans inside the engine compartment of the car etc. -my next firearm is going to be a high-power air gun I’m thinking.
            I guess I could eat that damn cat that prowls around here too if it came to that, he’s had fair warning.

            Tastes like chicken

            (“and remember, men- eat your maggots.”)

      33. OK cool, now I get the drift. I have only been on shtf for almost three months..Pink I am cool with you,.

        Guys, Thanks for clarifying that.i taught be was a butt slammer.

        I won’t be dumster diving this time, I have got the security of preps. And I just broke the hell down at and intersection because my LT-1 has a bad injector.less then one hour ago,can you believe this crap. I didn’t even get a chance to put on my Hazzard light on and idoets are blowing there horns are me sturring sh..t up luckily it started and started running again. Could have been much more serious..i got is many allies. I called my mobile mechanic who is good with these engines..he just he just got done working out that I will have talk to him tomorrow. He starts to diagnose it while I am driving back
        .yep its a that bad injector we talked about. Now I have to replace the Damn part.. I don’t need mechnical failure in shtf. You have to really watch the LT-1. I have adapted to this hostile environment I should be lucky I have a place to live and the my situation has improved tremendously in the past year. Now we are getting ready to calapse threw the azz..

        • Hcks, no problem, in fact I have stated many times before, go back 6 years ago, in the archives and read.
          Most posters have a writing style that is their own.
          Many posters change monikers often, as mr pink has.
          He has the record for changed names.
          Co-Co puff wars anyone?

          Nina O, hope all is well, hit your site years ago, what happened???

          • Seems some posters have a lot of “alias’s”.

            But Eppe is correct, you can pretty much tell who is who by their writing style.

            Braveheart was looking for 6pk a few subjects back. Seemed she was MIA. Not true. Look at the ‘Russian subject a few posts back and you will find her. “everythingisayisalie” is either 6pk or a clone.

            • Multiple Personality Disorders?

            • POG, you are so correct.
              I have been the ‘eppe’ the whole time here.

              Wishing all a fab 4th, we are heading to some friends place with a pond to camp, fish, fireworks, food and comradery…

              Bless all here…

            • You know, people post using aliases, because they don’t want other people to know who they are. IT’S CALLED ANONYMITY.

              Perhaps some people on here should spend more time commenting on the articles, than they spend on trying to root out who everybody is. MIND YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS.

              Leave the fucking snooping to the govt.

              What is the matter with you people?

              • Would someone here explain to me how someone gets listed on a no-fly list?

                • It must not be too hard, even 4 year olds have done it, but generally, just be anything but a govt lacky and you’re a shoe in. Be disagreeable or post anti-govt crap on blogs….

      34. Wouldn’t it be great if dumpsters were made of glass. That way after the collapse we could go window shopping!

        • BAHAHA….I almost blew coffee out of my nose.

      35. Ass hat, that was a good post. This thing that’s coming is no game..this ain’t high school. Back then we carillon believed that these ideotic teachers and coaches know about life. They are total complete f…k..g ideots.. I am not playing games with people with a population of 340,000,000 with 40 million more unaccounted Northern Reb mentioned I ain’t dumpster diving.. I have done it before when they are throwing out good food. The end result is of course onkyv3-5 million survivors divided by 49 states, that leaves only 80-100,000 survivors per state..not looking good at all. Environmental failure, crooked failure then the cabal drops a bio weapon in the deer and elke..this is not looking good, it’s the Road all over again..luje James Wesley of Survival Blog advised, stock up on Lots of seasoning incase you have to road the dog or this time around the people in your area..

        This particular calapse, false flag or what ever is planned will not be giving anyone that opportunity to dive at crap. You will be at home going into battle gear. Just a nice word of advice for you roaming black dred locks thugs, felons etc and Mexican gangsters,and Jade Helm 15 traitors, don’t go to the Katy area, you will become and extinct specie. That’s the 30-30, 30-06, .50 cal capital of our city, you may get your limbs blown off and your bodies hanging from lamp poles. Believe me, it not a friendly area..

        • HCKS:
          The reason you will not find me by a dumpster is..
          there will be to many people fight’n and die’n over little bites of food.
          I’m one of those country boys and I’ll live of the game in the area until it runs out and that will be in about a month, eat fish and wild plants.
          By then then TPTB will have the reduction in the population they want. They think they can control what is left.
          They (TPTB) are not smart enough to know the ones that have survived the first couple month are going to be hard core mean Son’s of America that will give them their just reward, when they pop their heads out of the nice well stocked little bunkers. It will be like shooting ground hog or prairie dogs, pop their heads up and bank A@% HOLE brains all over the place.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Whack-A-Mole

          • NR, same here. Once i get to the BOL, I’ll be living off some of the game in the area to supplement my preps. Good to know I can still have venison in post-SHTF.

      36. Dumpster diving is only practical while there is some level of civility and police control. When the real SHTF, there won’t be anything to put into a dumpster for someone to find. It may also become too dangerous to try to put trash into a dumpster, and there is a good chance that many dumpsters will not be emptied for weeks on end.

      37. The dog eat dog scenario many on here say is coming may be true. For myself and mine while I intend to survive I also intend to hang on to as much of my humanity and sense of community as I can. I will TRY to do what is right in my heart because to me survival for its own sake is not enough. If I must kill to protect me and mine I will but I do not relish the thought as so many seem to. If I come across good people I will treat them accordingly. The idea of trusting nobody during SHTF seems a bleak existence, and I will not pursue it. If trusting that some people have goodness in them leads to my death then so be it, I didn’t need to be here anyway if the law of the jungle is all we have to look forward to. If I must do murder to take from others to feed my family then I guess we will just starve. That’s why I prep so hard to avoid that scenario.

        • What a great post!

          If a person comes at you to do murder and you kill them it’s self defense-not murder on your part and that’s biblical.

          It feels like a 1000 foot tidal wave is bearing down on us. It may overwhelm and wash me away but like you, I will keep my humanity.

          That’s not weakness, but where I fear we are headed will require instant life and death decisions. This will be the most difficult for those with a conscience but quite natural for more than you might imagine.

          Find the peace that passeth understanding, and stay alert!

          I have always heard there are no atheists in foxholes and have found this to be true.

      38. Big:
        I have to agree with you on a lot of what you said.
        You want to do like Mr. Reagan said, “Trust but verify”.
        You will find like minded people after TSHTF and that are like most people on this site.
        No one really want to drop the hammer on anyone, I know I don’t. If it comes to protecting my loved ones and friends that is another story.
        I came very close one time of dropping the hammer, on a guy that kick my door down because he thought someone else still lived there. I got the shakes and I got very ill. It is not a felling I would like to have again.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Reb, yer’ right about throwing down on someone and really doing it..I think alot of folks who talk tough are going to get smoked because they won’t pull the trigger. I almost shot a suicidal man a couple of years ago who was wandering around with a gun to his head, and then started to approach officers.
          Just by skin of my teeth got him to put it down and let me take him to psych ward….got all sorts of “good jobs” for that one…couldn’t really eat or sleep for 3 days…I was in officer involved shoot 3 years ago, two of the men with me at the time are no longer in the profession…they were good and tough and it still ruined them, I kind of wonder what’s wrong with myself to even bother to stay in.
          I know some of the posters on this site are real Iron Bravo, but a lot of the tough talkers have probably never pointed a weapon at anyone. You’ll see…when the blood runs in the streets and on your farm, its not like T.V.

          • Old cop, I’ve had a few ‘close calls’ myself and gotten sick and had trouble sleeping after each one. I know the day is coming when I’ll have no other choice but to drop the hammer on someone and they’ll be bringing it on themselves. I expect to get sick and maybe even have some nightmares over it, but at least I’ll be able to look at myself in the mirror and say I did the right thing. I’ll be alive, that’s the main thing.

        • JRS,as more get in tight times finacially,believe that form of theft will be ending,folks will find a “solution”!

        • I am with you guys.I will kill in defense of meself/others(feel like shit to say the least)and will till the final act of defiance try and help others the best I can.I though feel will be very ugly during breakdown and thus Warchilds time is short,tis OK,not looking forward to it but have had a good life and going out doing what I believe is the right thing OK in my world.As for atheists in foxholes,am not a atheist but certainly do not fall in the norm spiritual wise!I will be lounging on the rock in hell with beer and smoke,tis OK though.

      39. Asshat-

        You’re right in that the learning curve in a SHTF situation will be steep. Many will think the old rules of civility are still in use.

        In cities it will happen quickly (in less than 3 days) and flow into the burbs and out.

        If you live rural because of the relative isolation you will have a special set of dangers. Those who attack may after killing you and your family (hopefully quickly) take up residence for awhile to recoup, given your resources.

        And you are spot on when you say fathers will hurt, maim and kill to feed their children.

        When we are getting there I will know it because I have seen it before, they’ll be a hole in the back forty for you…

        • The only safeish place to be is ‘behind the wire’, as in inside a military guarded facility. Anything else – rural or urban – will be risky. In the crisis, the system will go into a turtle-like, continuity of government posture. This means the military will prioritize major infrastructure and essential industry for protection. Everything else will be left to look after themselves.

          The secret is to get connected to the military-industrial complex so you can have access to the safe spaces. Even better is to get inside the hardened bunkers and underground facilities, or even more better, the overseas, secret bases.

          Hiding in your house on an isolated rural route will be pretty scary because nobody is going to come to your aid if somebody comes after you.

          • I have thought about this before, at the onset make myself and my farm avsilable to the military/NG/local authorities as a staging area and production zone, can successfully grow food for a few hundred people or more here, having NG or Mil stationed as gaurds and internees as labor could be a good thing,,,
            But then again

        • 1vet, once the balloon goes up, all of the rules we live by now will go out the window. It will become ‘no holds barred’ and ‘anything goes’. you do whatever is necessary to stay alive.

      40. The Greek people have unrealistic expectations about where money comes from. You must earn your keep or you dumpster dive.

      41. Kula,may be a great trojan horse policy if you have items buried,would say some “cooking “in order,enjoy the 4th,if the last for awhile lets go out with a bang(pun intended)!

        • You know what they say,
          Keep your friends close
          Your enemies closer
          Not that they are necessarily enemies but


        Hey N Reb and Old Cop, you guys are right on the money. You dont know how your going to react until shtf reaches up close and personal. Like my cop friends have told me, the last thing that they want to end up in is one these types of situations. Like one cop told me, you think that when the sh….t hits the fan, that i am gonna come to your rescue, pulling up in my cruiser Ha, i will be busy halling azz back home to my family, your on your own. The cops have been secretly prepping for the last 3 yrs, and have thier own prepper shtf cop meetings all the time. Its not publically known, yet but lots of them read this site. 911 does not work post EMP, electricity is needed and phones have to be working and even if it rings, the cops have already halled azz out of the city.

        Good luck to the unprepared, with the 2 days of food and 4 hrs of water, and for the husbands any boyfriends, in this calapse, you have just showed how stupid and irresponsible you really because know you cant protect your girlfriend, wife or kids. You un prepped ideots will pay the untimate price and mother natures rath will unleash its living hell on you and your family. And for the women who mold thier personalities off hollywoon women, i feel sorry for you. The rich doctors and surgions and CEo”s that you all fantasize about, is only 1% of the population. Us preppers are the other 3%. We are the survivors. Start getting use to being with un attactive fat prepper experts. They invest in cash, mutual funds and 401 k’s, we invest in food, lead and brass and medical supplies. And for you stupid doctors out there, you might be captured and forced to work for your patients, as in the preppers. Doctors you see, is also a commodity. I will feed to the doctors, and protect them and their families. Doctors are stupid retards that dont prep, but we have to save them, when the die takes place, we have to return for resournces with doctors to get stuff thats needed to take back to outer areas of the city. If they decide to join us for survival. When the roaming black dred lock, and gansters come to your are by the 100,000’s of thousands, good luch to you. Mad Mx is where i see this heading all over.

        I had and old man friend who died at 97, 12 yrs, who was in the Great engineered depression when 15,000,000 out of 35,000,000 starved to death. Read Failure of Civility, that takes about some of the things that happend during that time. Half of the 15,000,000 died from starvation?



        340,000,000+40,000,000 un accounted illegals and other thug felon nationals. Crunch the numbers divided by a few percentages and its 10-100,000 per city, just to feed this amount of people is going to be a problem, much less 340 million. No wonder the elites have undergound bases. The air will be unbreathable according to my scientist from the stench of the rotting dead bodies all over the city and the water contamination as a result. Then again some ideot is going to advise me on the future telling me that i worry too much. That i am a loser, because i dont have a wife or kids. Why should i worry about that. There will over 1,000 women and hot one too that will be hunting me down to survive, throwing them selves at us, quote my scientist friend. They saw this happen in the real theathre. I cant find a girfriend or wife. Is there a shortage or am i on to something? Women first get violent and attack the husbands and boyfriends in 4 days telling them, that they out of food and water because of them. Remeber, the women have no idea whats going on when it hits, the ideotic sperm doner fool of a husband and boyfriend cant even give and answer to this wife of girlfriend. What can the do next. Not a damn thing. Un prepared men are literal fools of modern society.

        We are literally surfing the SHTF EVENT HORIZON, AND ITS literally at the point of no return. Like my scientist buddy told me in person, WORLD WAR Z, is what is going to look like, that they made that movie to show us whats coming. Zombies was the cover story for people running out of food and water, going balistic ape sh…t all over the major cities. I plan on being in the surviving 100,000 in my city. Form 7 million to 100,000. No thats some mathematical calculations that concerns me.

      43. Come shtf guys you will need to stand your ground. Me I’m a deliberate man I do stuff when I need to when it’s called for. I won’t enjoy killing but will if it’s needed. You know as soon as it hits guns will come out of safes and be with folks this situation is dangerous just because you don’t know who your dealing with. There are sociopaths that will use the situation as a green light to do crimes just because they can get away with it. They are amongst us now you may even know some. You will have to be on top of your game and mean business. Just the psychological affect that you mean business could mean avoiding a fight. Looking as intimidating as hell doesn’t hurt either. Would you fuck with a big grizzly biker for a crumb. The juice wouldn’t be worth the squeeze. He is stronger without fighting. Just remember if you go the grizzly route you better be able to back it up if need be.

      44. I’m with old guy if it happens in the winter people will die fast especially up north it gets freezing up here if you don’t have the right clothes your finished. It amazes me that people don’t dress right for the winter just good enough to go from the car to the store and other heated buildings. No base layers no bibs or insulated jump suits or thick hats and proper boots. I work outside so in the winter you learn what works fast . Coping with the heat is a cake walk in comparison IMHO. Try collecting firewood when there is 3ft of snow on the trails and your covered with heavy restrictive clothes just to keep warm. In the summer you just gotta keep the bugs away. I’ve been cold for so many hours that it gets into your bones and makes your joints sore and that’s with the proper gear on. It takes a good 10 hours inside to get warmth inside your bones. I’m not kidding forget shaving the beard helps keep you warm with icicles and all. Southern blood don’t know what cold is.

      45. This is no laughing matter a Greek type collapse could easily happen in the USA.

        Our cities may very well turn to cannibalism. FEMA has warned of the possibility of Lawn Pig for quite some time.

        Get prepared too defend your family.

      46. I’m on vacation at a resort and it’s PACKED to capacity … life is good and apparently so is the economy

      47. I am very sorry for the Greeks. Americans,please prepare–not just by storing food & water, but by prayer and repentance. America will suffer a chastisement by God for all its sins–abortion, gay marriage, etc.
        See this website:
        The latest post is called “America’s Demise.”

      48. In the end, what matters will be luck. good luck to you all. Out

        • In the end, what will matter will be FAITH and those of FAITH need to STAND TOGETHER….Have SISU

      49. After you are done prepping….then you cab go to MGTOW.COM.

        Men going their own way.
        No divorce alimoney slavery.

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