Dawn of the Homemade Submarine: “Potentially Intriguing Vessel For A Post-Apocalyptic World”

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    Screen shot 2016-05-06 at 3.19.53 PM

    No doubt it’s stealthy, and it’s homemade.

    A Chinese man, reportedly a farmer, debuted this one-man semi-submarine which he invented and won a patent for. Basically shaped into a steer-cigar tube with a hatch and a propeller system, it costs only around $760. RT reported:

    Zhang Shengwu, a 51yo farmer, received a Chinese government patent for a submarine he designed and built himself for around 5,000 Yuan (€670 / $760).

    Here’s the video:

    It is a potentially intriguing vessel for a post-apocalyptic world of human ingenuity and a pestering will to survive, maybe situated somewhere between Mad Max and Waterworld. The only problem?

    It doesn’t actually dive to the depths like a full-blown submarine equipped for modern warfare. At best, it only submerges 1 meter, or around 3 feet… basically putting it back in boat category.

    On the other hand, it could be utilized for stealth escape or travel in a crisis. More likely, it will just stand out on the waterways as a unique contraption.

    Or, maybe it could spawn a new market of semi-submersible sport craft, or constitute an intimidating fleet of Chinese pirates who could hunt you down at around 7 nautical miles per hour.

    Either way, it is inventive. Not bad start for a peasant farmer living under tyranny…

    Can any of you preppers build a better or more ingenious one?

    If you don’t have time for such an elaborate mechanism, here’s how you could improvise a personal water craft in a survival situation – out of next to nothing.

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      1. All weather and would be pretty hard to sink.


        • .50 BMG right at the water line

        • Its illegal for a private individual to own a submarine in the US. 15 years hard time.

          • that’s hillarious!….no……wait,….i mean,….that’s IDIOTIC….well, maybe it IS funny….just don’t quite know what to think of a law against owning a sub…..refer back to previous article about brain-dead americans.

            • Well, pretty much everything is illegal or regulated in this here free country.

          • To Ed; What a load of bullshit. -http://tritonsubs.com/# here’s more links—https://www.google.com/search?q=illegal+to+privately+own+a+submarine&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 I laughed so hard I peed my self. At least do a tiny bit of looking up the subject before you post this BS.

          • Ed, you’re right and wrong. You can get USCG approval on a home-made submarine (provided it passes inspection). So, it is legal to build, own and operate one. But the proviso is that it cannot leave US territorial waters and/or enter international waters. No such limit on inland lakes or waterways (unless you present a hazard to navigation). The Great Lakes fall under the principal proviso however. You cross into another countries waters/borders…… you’re in (bad pun here) deep trouble. 15 years, Federal.

            I live in Florida, work in the marine industry. Have actually helped build and outfit a small submersible (not compressed air, scuba operated). And there’s no problem whatsover with doing anything related with such vessels.

          • Surely you meant….”Nuclear”……?

      2. “steer-cigar tube”

        I suppose that’s a Chinese translator’s work.

      3. As a journeyman shipwright and twenty years of northwest sailing experience, I would say 1 meter is not deep enough. You want to try that thing in Alenuihāhā (my present sailing waters) or Georgia straits? Looks like a nice toy for a small pond.

        • Yea,,, take it out off of Hilo when theres a big north,,, thatll make you sick

      4. Riiiiiggghhhtt,
        Mental midgets,
        Come up on that with a 30′ Radan at 25 kts and pull a fast turn and that thing will be bobbing upside down

        • You known only you and I know what a Radan
          Most our fellow preppers are “good ole”
          country types that have never seen a 15
          meter swell an a good clear afternoon.

          • it is comforting to know that as a “country type” I finally met my match in the knowledge department. I can rest easy now that a boat enthusiast has schooled me on the meaning of “Radan” and a “15′ swell”. I admit that I feel very inferior to you now. Was that your intention?

            I do have one question for you; did you also intentionally misspell the boat manufacturer? Be truthful now. Have you ever even seen one in real life? Last I knew it was spelled “Radon”, made in California. Since I’m just a country type, I’m sure I’m wrong. Please school me o’ master.

            • I stand corrected, I’ve disabled my autocorrect. I don’t know how Radan got into my dictionary. It is Radon. I’ve ridden in many in Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii.
              And is 5 meter swells with a very short period. 15 meter wave height only happens during storms.
              As for the “country types” many on this site have “bug out” plans and places out in the country far from cites. I do not intend it as an insult, but as a contrast. Hawaiians and Alaskans tend to feel a little “left out”. We can’t bug out to remote areas, because we already live in remote areas.

          • The SS Edmund Fitzgerald had an average wave heights near 19 feet (5.8 m) in November gail where winds exceeded 50 mph over most of southeastern Lake Superior when the ship was ripped apart and sunk. I saw one of these storms from land with the waves up to 30 feet once in my 70 years of looking at Great Lakes storms. So no I cannot imagine 49.2 foot( 15 meter) swells and a good clear afternoon…

      5. I got yer submarine baby,,,,,,,,

      6. Looks like it has the makings of a nice tomb.

      7. Having sailed much of my life, I could see a use for this. Think about it. How many inland lakes are there in the U.S. or anywhere for that matter. Maybe a river. What if you live or your BOL is located on or near one of these bodies of water? Or you live in a city that has a reservoir and your city house is near? If you could get this thing to the water and submerge it during the most chaos, maybe you could stand a chance. How many folks have .50 cals? Motor it out a ways and hopefully no one will see you and come investigate. Raise a snorkel at night for fresh air? What if you could park this beneath a disabled boat, say a 35 foot house boat, that you disabled and no one will get started without lots of effort. Just an idea.

        I know where I live in Tennessee that I could float down the middle of the Cumberland River all of the way up to BOL AO. Dangerous, but if all of the roads are closed and I couldn’t drive there, because I sure as hell won’t be able to walk, then this could be something.

      8. Azrael, I agree it could definitely be useful for emergency waterborne transportation. My BOL in north GA is located on a year-round creek just deep enough for johnboats which on occasion pass by with fishermen. I like this Chinese peasant’s concept.

      9. The drug dealers have been using submarines for years. After the wall on the border is built there will be more illegals trying this. When they sink, only the fish will know. I personally would prefer to travel in a multi-million dollar yacht. I need somewhere to park my helicopter.

      10. This is only the beginning. This like all other innovative starts will improve with more R&D on this Chinaman’s part. Perhaps more of a depth than 1 meter would be the first thing to work on. Then life support systems enabling one to stay submerged for longer periods of time undetected. Pretty good for a commie, I don’t see any Americans doing this. Strange irony isn’t that?

      11. You mean Hobie cat and gyrocopter. right? 😀

      12. Get a hand made sub to sink just a tad deeper and NO ordinary bullet is going to harm you. Water just kills ‘momentum of a projectile’ in a few inches …less depending on caliber of course.

        I’ve thought long and hard about making a combo steel/fiberglass coated underwater craft, and the hardest part is “air cleaning” (meaing: you NEED plenty of CO2 ‘scrubbers’ or you’ll just pass out and die by the time you realize you are in peril. Otherwise, it is safe, and could be made even safer with the right engineering.

        Additionally, except for a nuke power supply, the entire craft could be designed pretty much like an older sub, pockets to hold your air port/starboard …you could even have a pressurized room and a floor hatch to make entry/exit when submerged! I figured it would run me about 8 grand (with me doing the labor). Dunno, that’s an awful lot of ‘vittles’ isn’t it?

      13. With my luck someone in the Sub would fart and we will have to evacuate. LOL

      14. There are plenty of underwater craft on the market now.
        All you need is a SCUBA outfit and you’re good to go.
        Any dive shop can steer you in the right direction for information.
        A lot safer than a contraption that can trap you!

      15. My pop built subs for the navy for almost 40 yrs. I always knew he welded in the reactor core cause he came home with white coveralls. That thing is a toy used by drug smugglers. I thought of getting a boat and finding some island to build a Bol on. Just go there when shtf and hide the boat in a cave.

      16. Didn’t someone from the administration say it couldn’t be done?
        Where were the environmental impact studies? Pollution studies? Exhaust gasses studies? Were there at least two methods of escape? Were there the proper permits filed, did all the politicians receive their check? Did the Chinese Coast Guard receive a request for permits to sail in Chinese waters?
        Did it pass the government safety standards test, and receive the proper liscense stickers?
        Does the farmer have the proper government sponsored liability insurance, in case some government official gets injured trying it out?
        No, something like that would not be allowed in the US.
        Why i’ll bet the farmer is not even a union member.

      17. I could be more then we think ( no sir rador shows just a fleet of Chinese farmer sub’s) Today say’s the news 12-24-16 a small nuk was found on a beach in Francisco California it was disabled. Could be a Merry Christmas California.

      18. Never thought about heading to the water to bug out.

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