Could This Be the Ultimate SHTF Handgun?

by | Mar 22, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 237 comments

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    This is eight double rounds [.45 ACP] with the Arsenal Firearms 2011 Second Century Double Barrel Pistol…in other words, it is 4000 grains of payload sent downrange in about 5 seconds. To achieve the same result with a single barrel 9mm pistol we would need to shoot about 30 rounds, with two changes of magazines, in about 30 seconds.

    This is performance…


    Via Arsenal Firearms:

    The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol comes actually as the very first industrial double barrel semiautomatic pistol of all times. The original idea came about ten years back to Swiss armourer Vivian Mueller, who at the time experienced cutting and welding together multiple parts of the famous Sig P210: the result was a long slide, double barrel 9mm, highly decorated collector piece, which indeed shot very well.

    Our idea took the challenge further: to commemorate the legendary Colt 1911-A1 in the Centenary by making a true industrial market-ready double barrel .45 caliber pistol. We achieved success in the brief span of 6 months, after intense and round-the-clock 3D designing, stereolithographic modeling and parts machining.

    The gun can be handled by any shooter able to shoot with a .45 Acp and it is not only very pleasing, but very accurate and great fun. The AF2011-A1 holds amazing and surprising target performance for the shooter: in fact, it will group all the 8 double .45 caliber rounds (16 bullets) held in the duplex, single columns magazines, in a target of the size of an orange at 15 yards and of a water melon at 25.

    The stopping power of the AF2011-A1 is tremendous: 2 bullets for a total of 460 Grains weight impacting at 1 to 2 inches apart (depending on the distance of the target) will knock down a bull, while the whole 18 bullets, for a payload exceeding 4000 Grains, can be delivered to the target in about 3 seconds.

    Hat tip The Firearm Blog

    Also See: The Annihilator 2000 


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      1. First?

        • Thats MY spot daisey!!!

          • Daisey,listen to face book and GROW UP! I for one am TIRED of clowns(like yourself and others) having a little fun! The apocalypse is comming soon, so stay on topic, and NO SMILING its contagious. The last thing you need to be doing is spreading a contagion. Got it? good!

            • Kev ~ That wasn’t me – someone’s trolling with my name again.

              And smiling – ew….*shudder*

            • If there’s no time for fun, why are we saving the world?

              Lost in Space–the movie

            • Wow, and I thought my AHADD was bad. The topic is a doubled barreled .45 pistol. This a dumb idea: a feed jam in one barrel would mean a clearing proceedure that would free-up the jammed barrel but also cause the shooter to eject a good round from the barrel that’s not jammed, wasting time and ammunition. Stick to a single barrel and buy extra magazines or go down to a .40 cal pistol.

        • Now you are starting this. Are you just trying to destroy this site. I am until this stops taking all my business to Costco and Walmart until the moderator stands up to this waste of space comments. And ask for the support of other preppers her that use to like and support this site. This site has lost it purity. The cure is starts keeping the thread on topic. Start a forum so she can flirt with her “Friends”.

          • What’s your problem? No site has purity, by definition it cannot be that way. If people here other you so much why come on?

            This site, in my opinion, allows us all to have a voice,we do not always agree, so what, that is what debate and discussion is all about.

            I don’t recall seeing you around until recently, maybe you have changed your name and have been here long enough to actually know what you are talking about…who knows and who cares?

            The point is you are entitled to your opinion, just as everyone else is, playing the first thing is just that , playing it’s not a big deal. If the moderator removed all waste of space comments few of us would ever get through as all of us say thing that someone, somewhere thinks is a waste of space….just how I feel about your comment but you are entitled to your view so I would never be so arrogant as to try and get you removed, I don’t have that right.

            How about you try and say something that contributes to the debate…that would be a FIRST if ever there was one.

            Take care

            • I have to confess to being highly entertained by the whole human drama that plays out when 1) one of those damn kids claims first. Then, 2) the sheer outrage–outrage!!!–that is expressed over the hijinks is on a par with that expressed by a little old lady at the Lutheran church when the new pastor throws out the scruffy old flower arrangement that she made 20 years ago for the altar guild, until 3) someone sneaks in and hijacks the high umbrage thread so that their post (usually on something far more substantive) is at the near top.

              It is truly a gold standard of comedy to have the cranky old fart threatening to beat the damn kids with his cane. I believe poor Citizen Ron has been worn into submission after many a round in the boxing ring, so thanks for stepping up to keep me amused, Facebook.

              Consider yourself truly blessed if THIS is the worst thing that happens to you in your day.


            • The OUTRAGE!!!!!!!! LOL

            • I agree Burt, and I have to keep reminding myself you are a woman, the Burt thingy throws me off. Anyways, I thank Mac, and give him a big thumbs up. I’ve been kicked off of more “christian sites” than I care to divulge, for speaking my Christian mind. The fact that some of the audience is having a little fun, shouldn’t cause persons to get their feathers ruffled. Heck, if you don’t like what some are saying or doing then just skip over and ignore it. The big picture is what we are seking here. Relax a little.

            • Good on ya, Bertie!!! Chuck them old kippers down range at em mate!!!
              Oh look ….. I just jumped the que to NUMBERRR SEVEN!!
              I must truly be a waste of rations today!! For wasting space?
              Maybe I should change my name to “oxygen thief” that’s if “Facebook Page” doesn’t want to pick that title up?

              Any who ….

              I’m bored with hearing this FIRST mumbo jumbo, load of old tripe. There, said, done and dusted!!

              Now!!! Back to topic ………!!! Really? A double barreled handgun? Now that’s a waste of space if ever I saw one! It’s hard enough to hit a target at 20′ on the move and in a low crouch with just one barrel!! Might be OK if you’re at a firing range shooting at paper with yur pretty shooting muffs and yellow tinted goggles on. And try combat changing TWO mags on your boot with one hand while taking returns?! I’d like to see that!
              You may as well buy a shot-ie. That’d be shotgun to you non linguistic amphibian monkeys.
              Whack off a shot-ies barrel an shorten the stock. Pistol in the chest rig for your number 2 backup.

              I am of course guessing that most folks practice on a range in a static position in a controlled environment. Or they just practice out back aiming at coke bottles filled with water.

            • Come on, Burt.. It’s a LOOOOT of work scrolling past a comment!

            • Attaching a left and right handed semi auto shotguns together with buckshot would be a 1000% more effective

            • Well said BB, no matter weather we agree on what another says, that’s all part of our God Given right the First Amendment. To speak our mind, now chosen the place and time to say what you want about a given topic is another issue.

              I say this site is a great place to exchange ideas & knowledge.

              God Bless you all.

            • Kind of like: I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Ü

          • Hey FP:

            Your Mommy wants you to come down from your treehouse and have your koolaid & fat free cookie.

            Poor poopsy, English class is after your nap.

          • I like that the moderator allows free speech even if that speech is a waste of space – like yours. Sites like these never have ‘purity’ because many ‘preppers’ treat this movement like fantasy football talking about what they would do, but continuing to live their lives as they always have. So what! I would think less of Mac if he caved to extortion.

            See ya!

            • I think the real bone of contention is that some of the replies are not related to the topic at hand. If comments are related to the topic, that’s where the real learning comes in. Opinions are fine, but …please stick to the subject.

          • Facebook: SHTFPlan is NOT
            facebook. Go back to your
            boloved FaceBook

            • good comment assole

          • I got a new tee shirt a few weeks back at the gun store (for free with gun purchase). It reads “You may have more Facebook friends, but I have more guns” Under the word guns it has the little cursur arrow clicky thing.

            P.S. On topic I would really like to try this new 8 2x shot 1911!

          • Why does this bother you chil;dren so much?

            “If there’s no time for fun, why are we saving the world?”
            Lost in space–the movie

          • fp you suck….do you know that? yes you suck….!

        • Daisy Daisy Daisy, we expected better than that from you! LOL

          • Wasn’t me, AZ! Trolls are afoot!

            • Will the real Daisy please stand up? Look for the “red” Daisy. That would be the real daisy

            • Sure Daisry, sure. We all believe you.

              No, really, just kidding.

              I like Burt’s comment above.

              If you say something stupid in this forum, it doesn’t get deleted. I’m sure Mac has wanted to delete many things, however, its just words on a page. Big deal. Leave it for all to see. We’ve all said something stupid. Some more than others. If someone became truly disruptive I’m sure Mac would do something. But, regardless, we’re all adults here and most of us act like it most of the time. I don’t need a chaperone.

              Frankly, the threads often take on a life of their own. Mac puts the stuff here for us, not himself. Its my impression that he enjoys seeing the thread develop, off topic, on topic or somewhere in between.

              For Facebook Page to say this site has lost its integrity is just hilarious. The very thing that makes this site perk is its totality of integrity, the integrity to encompass all things.

              Unlike many sites, you can say what you want here, save threats of violence, but, be prepared to defend it. The comment ratings give us warnings and, essentially, autodelete multiple bad comments allowing you to see them if you really want.

              I don’t think there is a site on the internet that holds a candle to this site for news and comments on prepper type subjects.

              So, thumbs up to Mac for running a good site and giving us a voice without fear of being censored.

            • I believe you Daisy!

            • I have to agree because we also have 2 RICH99,’s in here so there is a huge troll out there

            • Daisy the only troll here is you, I saw your picture on Facebook

            • I DID NOT WRITE THIS comment above!

        • ultimate SHTF pistol?

          Pllllease. the thing has NO track record. BTW….which federal agencies use this?

          waste of an article…..i expect better of you

          • Geez, I had to scroll down through a couple pages of posts past all the childish bickering to the first message about the actual article.

            I concur (as do seemingly most of the YouTube viewers): this is just dumn.

          • TARD REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! stupid GUN! very UGLY!

          • This gun would be perfect if you were in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max/Battle Angel fantasy world.

        • As a former member of the 1911 cult, this gun is a joke.

          The 1911 will never be as reliable as a Glock or it’s clones such as the Springfield XD. The 1911 will always have problems with dirt due to full length rails, parts that need to be custom fit, a fragile enclosed extractor, custom work needed for the feed ramp, etc.

          If you want the ulimate reliable gun to fight with, get a Glock or something similar. I have seen hundreds of thousands of rounds put through both platforms (in my assignment as department rangemaster) and there is no comparison for reliability. Col. Cooper was a great man, not a god. It’s time to move on.

          Ready and waiting for all the thumbs down.

          • Great comment, but I’ll stick with my 1911’s 😉

          • Time will tell if the AF2011-A1 will be a reliable platform. If it is, you’ll be able to put thousands of rounds down range in half the time. If there are problems with it, i’m willing to bet the malfunctions will come in cycling from the magazines. Was thinking about picking up that Kel-Tec 22WMR pistol w/ a 30+1 mag, but w/ further research I found out due to a flaw in the barrel the rounds end up key holing! I’ll stick w/ my brace of smoke wagons! Should be interesting, specialy since the .44 is a ball & cap blackpowder pietta.

          • Glock SCHMOCK. Space gun. Goofy trigger. Have some respect for your elders, sonny. Two World Wars, Korea, Viet Nam, and still the FBI prove the design and your comments about hundreds of thousands of rounds is old news to the old guys and their 1911s. Like the man said, by the time I need one of those, there’ll be plenty of them laying on the ground!

        • You go girl it’s benn a while!!

        • Girls with guns are always first.

          Leather and gun oil….mmmmm..

          That is a cool looking gun, but Ill take my saiga 12 gauge over it every time. If I have to throw that much lead downwind, I’ll take my shotty for a walk.

        • …first to run out of ammunition and in sore need of a wrist brace, maybe.

          Just out of curiosity, what in the unholy hell was the point of building such a monster?

          • Yo OQ –

            Do you have any idea of what a monstrosity like this one could cost? It has to be damned expensive. Anyone know?

          • Some like it for the sport, some for collecting but I think it is as it was advertised. To simply throw more lead down range in a short time.

          • Thank you,

            I was wondering the same thing after seeing the video. My first thought was in Gods name why? Throwing a ton of lead down range is pointless unless you can hit something. If you want a big gun there are plenty of hand cannons on the market.

        • Do not care for guns like this ,looks too Hollywood and as much as 45s are my cheap ass would only shoot one side.

          • comment waiting for moderation, does this happen to everyone every time they post on here even if they have posted here before cause it kinda makes it hard to respond to comments when everyone has moved on.

        • Should be called “The Ammo Waster”. What a stupid thing to buils, let alone buy.

      2. I’ll trust my Heckler and Koch Combat Competition USP 40. 16+1 rounds of 40 S&W with absolute reliability. It can’t be beat.

        • Yes, and “lifetime” guarantee with ++P. Beats Glock hands up with a twist/O ring (except the price).

          • Shirley, you get what you pay for. I’ve put over 12,000 rounds of 165 grain .40 S&W ammo through my HK Combat Competition in practice and competition and only suffered a broken trigger return spring at about 10,000 rounds. The HK armorer sounded quite upset about the spring failure on the phone. He said that’s only the second one he’s ever heard of on an HK USP. I sent it back to HK, they installed an upgraded heavy duty trigger spring, and returned it to me in less than 72 hours! No charge for parts or labor. HK builds guns that stand the test of time. Phenomenal customer service.

            • ~HR~

              You got that right!!! Outstanding firearms design…w/ phenomenal customer service!!!

            • HK-USP.45 Compact, sweetest shooting 45 auto hands down. AND accurate as hell. Ü Mags are ridiculously priced however. Ö

          • Shirley, I bet I can reload my 15 round mag in my G22 a lot faster then you can fumble in two 8 round mags into this abortion!

            This gin is a is a creation for gun shop commandos who have too much money and have no clue on what it takes to fight with a handgun.

            • gun

      3. Coming from a country where I am not allowed to defend myself I will have to take others word for it….even though I would love the chance to find out for myself.

        Take care

        • Burt,

          Come here; we will be two defenceless 🙂

          Take care.

          • Thank monos…but read on, this woman is not exactly defences….old saying…there is more than one way to skin a rabbit.

            Take care my friend

          • make that 3 DEFENCELESS :0

        • Hey Burt, pack your bags and come to West Virginia. Real gun friendly here. I have a safe full of AKs and ARs (semi auto). Concealed carry is easy to get. Take a class and cough up 75 bucks. My carry weapon is a sig p226 I bought on a Face To Face deal. Want ammo? Mosey into Walmart and stock up. We have the castle doctrine here too. Somebody breaks in, just shoot them.(in the head ;))

          • hello King

            Tell you what i I missed a chance to work in Baltimore a few years back, the soon to be husband did not want to go. Well now he is the soon to be ex husband and I am too old to make the move, and I have a little one in tow now, with no contacts or any knowledge of the U S that extends beyond holidays it would be hard to start over.

            If I had a decent amount of cash to set myself up I would be out of here like a shot. If I win the lottery I will let you lot know which airport I am arriving at, I will be the one with a big sign saying burt the Brit lol

            Take care

            • I can’t get my head around the fact that you stock up on ammunition at Walmart…the most exciting thing we get at Walmart is a bogof (buy one get one free) on tea bags.

              The way the other half lives eh lol

            • The Wal-Mart in a town nearby has RELOADING SUPPLIES! YES! I am not kidding. Primers. Powder, presses, dies, bullets. Not a HUGE selection but a decent one. …and they also sell guns. They had a blued Ruger M14 for a decent price the other day. Shotguns, bolt guns, lever guns.

              Its pretty cool.

              …and I live in a state with the castle doctrine, no retreat required *AND* face2face sales are document free. Glad to hear WV is that way, King. The more the merrier!

              Hey! Are there a lot of gun shows there in WV?

            • Net ranger

              It’s so cool it is positively frozen

              Take care

      4. I think I’ll stick to two seperate 1911’s…

        • Yup, one for each hand!

          • why not one of the 2 barrled guns for each hand??

            • why not duct tape two 1911’s together?

      5. You just had to go there didn’t you Daisy? 🙂

        • That was just a “fake flower” High Roller. 😀

          • This troll business is getting out of hand Daisy. They’re spreading like gangrene.

      6. wow

        • I was going to say….. HOLY CRAP!!! thatsalottagun.

      7. Reminds me of the phrase ” double your pleasure double your fun…”. Saw this on Monday and thought that this weapon can be a pleasingly unfair advantage against the horde, intruder, or even the NWO home assaulters.

        • In the horde situation, @ 25 yards you may well be able to knock down 2 targets w/ 1 pull o the trigger!

      8. I’m afraid not Mac, THIS is the ultimate SHTF gun:

        Well maybe not but just flagging a group of looters with it would send them running, if you can hold it up for that long.

        • Love it! If you’ve got to wear a helmet to shoot it, then it must be really dangerous for the guy standing on the business end of it!

          Here is a personal favorite of mine — I’ve posted the vid before, but can’t resist:


          • Now were cookin with gas.Love the Saiga with a MD DRUM MAG.

            • “Wet dream” with a trigger. Sweet dreams!

            • A smaller model will do fine.

              I plan to get a medium sized Judge to complement my 1941 McClellan US Cavalry saddle and a 70cm/2m dual band handi-talkie.

              Where I’m moving to I’ll move around on horseback.

          • this is gun porn at its best. I’m pumped now!!!

            • Will that be outlawed under a Santorum administration?

            • @Mac…you mean, sans-scrotum?

          • That is awesome!

        • Holy SHTF! That one helluva zombie stopper.

      9. Would this firearm be a reliable sidearm in Grizzly Bear country?

        I thought the issue with trying to use a .45 against bear was lack of penetration because of the slowness of the round.

        So, is penetration made irrelevent because it can fire 2 230 round bullets simultaneously?

        Also: Anyone see a price?

        • no msrp was listed for it yet… if i had to guess… maybe $1500 to $2k ?

        • Nope.10mm Glock 20 used alot as a reliable auto loader in woods because of penetration.I see this .45 as a serious piece,however it seems like as a CCW,it’s not praticle.

      10. Seems like a waste of ammo to me. After all I only need one well place round to the cranium to stop a zombie! Save your ammo!

        • What a waste, anyone want to bet what it weighs. loaded. Far rather have 2 1911s. You can at least load one and shoot the other.

          • The fastest reload is another gun!

          • +1!

      11. 1.Anybody care to proffer an estimate of my chances of getting one through customs lol

        2. If I fail anybody need a pen pal I am not sure Her Majesty’s Prisons will allow me to keep up with events via shtfplan

        Take care

        • Why do you need to get one through customs? Why don’t you just go ask your friendly neighborhood mugger where he got his from?

          • Or should I use the term blagger since you are British?

          • Evening Beefcake, muggers, blaggers, I find the word arseholes pretty much covers all of them.

            Like your thinking but not entirely confident it would have a good outcome.

            Take care

      12. Nope. It would blow through amunition twice as fast. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to shoot one.

      13. Too bulky and heavy and shell capacity is too low. If you miss you waste 2 shots instead of one. Its definitly cool but it looks like the grip is the size of a baseball bat. Try dropping a magazine with the thumb of your shooting hand on that badboy. I lost favor in my Springfield Arms XD45 because I couldn’t drop the mag because the grip was too fat. Now I shoot a Glock 21 and I love it. This gun is a gimmick, albeit a cool one but nothing will ever replace proper shooting technique and high capacity magazines. If you are properly trained you should be able to do a double tap, on target, with no problem and still have plenty of shells left over to take out any additional threats. The best pistol to have is one you are properly trained and comfortable with. I think of my pistol as what I use to fight my way to my shotgun.

      14. I doubt they make a 22lr conversion kit for this, and magazines are probably off the charts expensive. 3 strikes your out.

      15. I would prefer a Paraordnance in 9mm, or a Springfield armory 1911 ,45.
        This one has thick handle. I’m not sure if it could be easily used.

      16. I’d like to see how many people could fire more than one shot accurately with it. You have that much kick you’re going to have a hard time firing multiple shots accurately. Just another reason why I prefer my Mossberg Bantam 500 shotgun. It holds 5 shots. I can do a shot every two seconds.

      17. Self defence choices and decisions UK style ( official)

        Shout BOO and hope you scare them away

        Engage them in conversation and edge it round to the possibility that the bloke next door is an arsehole that deserves to be robbed

        Scream for help…but nobody will come

        Call the police and hope or a response time under 40 minutes

        OR….the burt method

        On finding intruder trying the window at the back of the house….

        Call police…keeps it legal

        Open back bedroom window

        Aim wasp nest killer spray

        Light stream of wasp spray

        Watch lights come on from the screaming

        Drop lighter, wiped out of window

        Close window

        Remove evidence of actions

        Wait for police

        Tell them how you watched horrified as the would be rapist, murderer lit a lighter and went up in flames

        Before anyone asks…..yes I have.Sadly he wasn’t that badly hurt, had he wore a real leather jacket instead of a plastic fake he’d have probably just got a scare.

        I have wasp spray and lighters within easy reach of all possible entrances.

        My home made cattle prod plus works very well on a rasher of bacon but I think it could well be lethal so I will only use that in extreme circumstances.

        Take care

        Take care

        • Why can’t you just whack them in the head with a claw hammer then ditch the body out in the woods? 🙂

          • Hiya Kevin

            What woods, I live on a bloody rock in in between the Atlantic and the English channel, we are small Kevin, what we call the National Orestes ou would refer to as a small copse of trees lol

            Besides, I am a small female with arthritis (burt is my disguise) probably couldn’t swing a hammer that well.

            Nah, my flame thrower keeps a distance between me and the bad guy and it works.

            Take care

            • Forest, national forest, does anyone know how to take predictive off an I pad…it’s driving me mad

            • Now! I get it! You’re the HOTTEST babe on the island! …I’m sure the nylon jacketed thug would agree with me!

              I REALLY admire your tenacity. If you ever find your way to America, I’ve got an 18ft travel trailer parked in a secret concealed compound that you can stay in at night. Its right next to my shooting range with 50, 100 and 200 yard positions.

              Anybody that would have the courage to burn the burglars like you is welcome at the NetRanger camp any time. I’ll slap a 9mm in your hand and show you how to use it.

              You’d love it here. I just got back from town. Nice thing about being in a more western state is that a lot of us open carry. Walked around town shopping for a bit and getting some groceries with my 9mm Smith tagging along on my hip.

            • Re: Auto Correction on the iPad

              From the Settings on the main screen… find the General tab, then scroll down a ways to the keyboard options tab (it’s right below Date & Time on mine). Slide the Auto-Correction to OFF. Hope that helps!

              PS: love the wasp spray idea… i just bought a case at the big box home improvement store!

        • I love you Burt. You took a page right from my play book. Also, I like the super soaker water gun. Who says it has to be water?

          • I love you too Silver Fox….does this mean we are engaged lol. You need to look out, three months the divorce comes through I am officially a single woman again.

            Super soaker…what a brilliant idea, I never thought of that mwahahahah

            Let’s have a think what could go in it.

            Take care

          • Net ranger and Silver fox

            Thanks for the kind words, and Net, I hate to burst the bubble but I am about as far removed from a babe as it is possible to get lol and sadly, for security reasons I can’t even boast that an American friend thinks I am a babe double lol.

            I truly don’t think courage comes into this, well not the definition of courage I was raised with….the warrior saying a tearful goodbye before riding off into the sunset. No, what I have is a healthy streak of bloody mindedness that screams eff off, you will not do this to me and get away with it, I have worked and scrimped and saved for what I have and I am to going to let you have it. That streak in me is so strong that if I know for sure that defence is futile, I have the common sense to cut and run but I will make sure there is nothing left for them to profit from , or enjoy, before I go.

            Apathy is endemic over here, I have decided that if I can keep everything going until after the great reset that we all know is on the way, then I will have my choice of property, and a hell of a lot of land to go with it. Most of the population will be dead or fled.

            All the legal and illegal aliens will bugger off home as soon as things start getting nasty, why would they stay if home is now more appealing? Take away the benefits and the population will drop like a stone.

            The rich will go to safe havens, getting rid of a few thousand more.

            Then sadly, the sick and elderly will die.

            Then the unprepared will start to seek out those who have stuff they need….want does not come into it at this point….it will be need, but this phase will not last that long, they will become weak or ill from bad water very quickly, then they will start to die off.

            The second band of takers will last a bit longer, less people around to share their resources, but the weakest in that group will go under, and so it will go on until few are left.

            Eventually a few bands of takers will tour around looking for likely targets…will I be one of those targets! Most likely.Will this target fight back? Most definitely.Will I win? Who knows, but I will be stronger due to having eaten well during this period, I will be stronger minded as I am not weakened by dirt hunger and thirst. On the negative side,although hoping and praying and fighting to survive, I accept that this may not be enough.

            Only God himself can decide things from that point on, he gave me the brain and the will to prepare and I have done that to the best of my that point in time I can do no more except make sure my child does not suffer any indignities or cruelty. Working in the medical profession I have that covered for both of us as well, no pain, no distress, just a warm fuzzy drifting off to sleep and when she wakes she will be with the Lord, not sure about me but she will be looked after.

            Take care folks

            • What an AWESOME post Burt.

              Although you live in England, the scenario of events you described is pretty much what I have envisioned as happening when the SHTF in the “colonies” here (or Greece, Argentina or wherever you’re located and decided to take a stand) and exercise your God-given right to protect yourself.

              I’m uncomfortable with your last paragraph, but I understand where you’re coming from. My “children” are old enough to defend our “Alamo” and are very good at my/their 2nd Amendment skills; as such, I will not pass judgement on your situation. I sincerely hope and pray that the last paragraph in your post will never have to be carried out.

              I also live in a country where the “right to keep and bear arms” has not been stripped from me and my fellow countrymen – not yet anyway. Unfortunately you don’t, so it’s easy and selfish for me to think that I can have a sense of “bravado” as I die protecting my Alamo.

              God Bless, Burt. You and others on this site are more than fine Americans/Brits/Greeks/etc. When the day is done though, your nationality doesn’t really matter.

      18. Could put out two eyes with that! Is that thing loaded?

      19. Any time I see videos of guns, I think of all my guns I lost in that tragic boating acccident I had on the colorado river!(caused by that swimming kitten).Since the feds write down, and file everything we say on shtfplan- *fed writes* KEVIN-GUNS,LOST,RIVER,KITTEN!!!

        • Kevin,

          When you say “all my guns”, how many guns have you lost in that accident?

          I sold my mossberg mariner some years ago, and i still weep. I cannot imagine of losing my precious Lee Enfield.

          Be safe Kevin.

          • All of them!

            • You crack me up Kevin…thumbs up

              Take care

        • There must be a shitload of weapons at the bottom of the Colorado River cause I lost mine there as well!

          • Bloody hell the Colorado river must have the best armed fish on the planet…what an accident prone lot you are lol

        • You too Kevin? Seems to be a lot of that going around. I lost all mine in a boating accident few years back, same with all my ammo, silver, and gold.

          • That’s the answer, I come to the US on holiday, go fishing on the Colorado river and get a gun or two, now, how to get them out of the country…………

            • Just don’t catch a Humpback Chub (endangered species). You will be arrested for that!

            • Try not to hook any illegal Mexicans while you’re at it, I hear they are Federally protected too.

        • Kevin: What happened to the
          kitty? You saved it,Right?

          • In a way, we were able to steer clear, and the little fella made it to the other side ok.

      20. As a prepper weapon, I’ll pass. Twice as much to go wrong, almost twice the weight, no spare parts.

        But hey if you have the money go for it.

      21. As one could guess Thats a Serious “Shooting Iron”

        Alas, I’LL stick to my 1911 Colt 45ACP! For Close-ups and My M14 for those telephoto Shots…Semper Fi

      22. I believe in gun control…..always use both hands

        • Ha ha lol love it

      23. More rumors out of china. Search “tanks in the streets of bejing” Link is in spam filter. BBC reporting tanks in the streets of bejing and other cities, and gunfire in cities. Internet censored.

          • @satori. ABC reported that BS story about russian special forces in syria. Now all these rumors about china. I believe TPTB are starting to spread dis-info that they know the alt-media will pick up on and spread around the net like wild fire. They are either A-trying to destroy alt. media credibility or B-putting fake stories out now(to muddy the waters, so to speak) so when the war/bank crisis starts, no one will believe it at first. Speculation-yes. Food for thought-yes.

        • Nevermind, they are reporting the rumors. I jumped the gun. my bad.

      24. That double 1911 is a novelty gun like the taurus judge.

      25. Great more freakin ways to put a hole in another creature!!!!Another amazing way to kill shit !!! Prepping can get a little close to the edge of common sense.

        • Hello Geo-lithic

          I get your point, but, having said that do you have a choice? Good if you do, if you didn’t but still heard about shooting after shooting on the news, and you had no way to defend yourself from that you may think differently.

          If someone with a gun, and not adverse to using it, breaks into my home, my child and I are dead, no possibility of fighting back, no deterrent, they know a regular citizen does not have a weapon.

          The gangs and the criminals are already armed, law abiding citizens are not.

          I know the British are supposed to be polite and restrained but the “excuse me old chap but I would rather you didn’t shoot me” does not work.

          If the same person knew I might be armed he would have to consider if I am target or an adversary.

          If he knew, that in all likelihood I was armed, he may just pass on by.

          Just my thoughts

          Take care

          • That’s exactly the way it works, Burt!

            • Hiya AZ

              If you have the time could you pop a note through the white house door asking Odumma to tell Camerloony to start acting his age and not his shoe size and listen to the people he supposedly represents. We have tried telling him but he likes Odumma more than he likes us so he might listen to him.

              Cheers, take care

          • Burt, for a Brit you’ve thought this stuff out well.

            Gun control only takes guns from the people that should have them and leaves them in the hands of the people that should never have had them in the first place.

            But, the people that push the gun control always make the case that the laws will take the guns from the people that shouldn’t have them. Are the politicians that inept? Who knows? But, the result is a bunch of defenseless people begging government to protect them. Security socialisation is like anything government touches: dismal failure. Yet, politicians act as if guns are bad because bad people have them and use them against good people so we have to outlaw them so the good people can’t have them.

            Yeah, makes perfect sense if you want to implement despotism.

            A 5 year old could think through the logic better than that. But, getting large groups of people together only makes the resultant IQ go down.

        • An army of hungry zombies will get kicks out of ravaging your family.

          Ammo up.

      26. Also search”anon threatens to shut down internet” Kevin thinks- When THAT happens the war started, or a bank holiday will/is happening.

      27. Just wanted to share this link with everyone. This site contains educational online courses for free and has a lot to offer for people wanting to understand currency, economics and what not. Not related to guns but wanted to share.

        • I DIDNT SAY THAT!!!


      28. i sure want one but don’t think its in the budget…

      29. My Sig P220 in 45 ACP had enough recoil for me. I don’t need two going off at the same time. I don’t want to be concerned with a hell of a kick when placement is more important.

        It reminds me of an old Spanish side by side I had in 12 gauge, its two triggers allowed both barrels to go off at the same time with one hell-of-a kick. Stood up in the boat and shot at three mallards using both barrels. Funny thing, I got all three but damn those ducks were expensive. Lost just about everything in the boat including Sig and shotgun.
        That water was sooo cold.

        I’ve been lookin’ at Bersa Thunder in 9mm, 17 + 1 for around $415. Extra money saved buys lots of ammo and more prepps. Good reports on the company and pistols are well used in South America. Was good to see someone here got a Bersa 380 for a birthday present.

        Y’all Beware! I never met a Veteran that fought for socialism

      30. @ Burt,

        What a great idea – Wasp spray. For a moment there I thought you were going to ask him in for tea!LOL

        Y’all Beware! Be safe.

        • Y’all….fancy you thinking so stereotypically of me lol. British female = tea and scones lol

          Wasp spray also replaces pepper spray when I am out and about because I am not allowed that either, paint the can black, stuff it in my handbag and off I go, it shoots a hell of a distance you know. Also it makes me feel safer, and feeling safer makes you appear more confident which I believe makes would be attackers see you in a bit of a different light.

          Take care

          • Lots of two legged wasps in GB Im thinkin’…you go girl.

            Those itty-bitty fire extinguishers make for good self defense too.

            • Far too many for my liking, and rats abound as well lol

          • Can you carry a knife? Don’t mean to sound ignorant.

            • Nope not legally anyway, nor pepper spray nor taser, noting you might hurt someone with,you have to have justification for having nail scissors in you bloody handbag.

              It’s a joke

              Take care

          • If you think you may run out of ammo for close contact protection; a can of “ether-C4H10O” and a lighter will get ’em fired up.

          • Burt, you were born on the wrong continent.

            • Net ranger…on this we agree but hey ho we all have our crosses to bear lol.

              Take care

        • I was thinking, balance a bunch of bricks over each window…go to sleep…hear noises…hear bricks take out bad guy…go back to sleep…call bobbies in the morning…repeat.

          • Legion I like your thinking.

            Take care

      31. I’ll stick with my M9 and CX4 that uses the same mags:-). With handloads and handcast bullets they shoot well and I can hit prariedogs out to 250 yards open sights with the carbine and 4×6 index cards at 50 yards with the pistol

      32. not worth the money or accuracy, id trust a shotgun or a smaller more managible gun to handle for one shot placed right vs the recoil. most would agree with that who has shot competitive or a good shot. not a bad gun or anything just not practicle. good article though.

      33. Burt the Brit !!! What I mean is there are plenty of guns , rifles, knives, swords, bows an arrows, cannons, ninja toys etc… to cover the earth and I have some. only 6 guns: 4 rifles, 2 pistols, lots of knives, swords, even a blow gun!!! don’t mean we need to waste time with this kind of silly shit getting prepped and defending your home is much different than the latest toy

        • Sorry Geo, I misunderstood you. My mistake.

          I get bouts of weapon envy sometimes, tonight is one of those times lol

          Take care

      34. I truly wonder how accurate it would be beyond 15 or 20 feet. You would think that there would be some type of pull to one side or the other because of the imperfections of the barrels of the gun and the ammunition itself. I can imagine that the kick would also be difficult for proper hand cooridination. I will say one thing, it is a sweet looking firearm. Would have to try it out though before recommending it.

        The one issue I can recommend to EVERYONE that can legally own a firearm is to get one, even a cheap one. Inside or outside a nightmare type disaster, having a firearm against someone that means you harm is going to increase you chances of seeing the sunrise the next morning.

        All those against firearms never talk about all the lives that were saved because someone had a firearm to defend themselves. Those against firearms never seem to talk about how many times the criminal scum ran away from the person with the gun, and how the criminal was later captured without anyone being harmed. A firearm is nothing other than a tool and how responsible someone uses that tool is up to them. Even the smaller caliber firearms can save your life. Something that works is always better than having nothing at all.

        I tell people that are anti-gun what right does someone have to attack you, and why does that person not have a right as a human being to defend their life? I also say to anti-gun people what right do they have to try to take their self defense away from them? I always wonder how someone that is so anti-gun how they would react if one of their family members was being attacked or raped or something horrible, and if there was a firearm at arm’s reach if their high morals against firearms would prevent them from saving their family member using that firearm.

        One the core values of surviving is self protection and everyone that is a prepper or a survivalist should ALL consider some form of self defense. Yes, even that funny looking double barrel hand gun that might not be too accurate. Revolvers are nice for the inexperienced person wishing to defend themselves. EVERYONE THOUGH HAS THE GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, NO ONE SHOULD EVER FEEL LIKE THEY DON’T have that right.

        The criminal has made the conscious choice to try to make you a victim, it is your personal choice to try to prevent becoming a victim and statistic. Everyone remember this, YOU ARE WORTH IT, worth a hell of a lot more than some criminal filth that will hurt or kill someone, then after one more victim after another.

        • If everyone should have the right to defend themselves, what are your thoughts on someone with a MMJ card? In MMJ-friendly states, the feds have made it quite clear that owning, possessing, purchasing, and using a firearm is a no-no. Actually, I contacted a sheriff in Colorado about this issue. Interestingly enough, the local police don’t really care if you have a MMJ card and a CCW permit, and you can essentially carry if you’re not walking around under the at the same time. They DID mention, however, that if federal law enforcement caught you with both, you’d be totally f’d. What do you think about responsible people who do not partake and carry at the same time, follow the (state) rules, and who have squeaky-clean criminal records? Should they be allowed to have a firearm for when the SHTF?

          • Sorry… typo.

            *under the influence at the same time

            • Steve, Anyone under the influnce doing anything, driving, shooting a firearm, etc. has made that choice to be drunk and has forfeited their rights to anything. Alcohol or drug use takes away the brain’s ability to function rationally, and therefore takes away the person’s rights that someone that is sober has. I would hate to see some drunk with a firearm or behind the wheel of an automobile. There is still a vast majority of completely responsible gun owners that absolutely deserve to be able to own firearms. There are so many responsible gun owners that also practice completely “safety first” with their firearms. I say let’s look at all those that are firearms safe as a good parameter to judge firearm ownership.

          • Steve, All common sense says that when this nightmare starts, EVERYONE should have some means of defending themselves. Without a law system then the law of the wild applies. I have seen so many individuals that feel gun control means less crime, this is something that is more than often a misnomer. In Australia the crime actually increased with much more gun control.

            I look at a country like Israel that a Muslim terrorist has the idea of spraying a crowd with as much fire power as possible, and how it is a citizen with a fire arm that saves dozens or even hundreds of innocent lives because of being able to carry. When some terrorist stole a bulldozer and was going to crush many more people than what he did, a citizen with a gun stopped him. In Switzerland the crime is low because citizens are allowed to carry automatic weapons. Just look at what happened in Norway last summer with that nut job, no one had a firearm to stop or even slow down that bizarro and 77 children died.

            I like that responsible people to be able to defend themselves, it is there right. During normal times you of course don’t want some robber that used a gun in the crime and now is released to own a gun. After SHTF, without a law system, everyone needs to be able to defend themselves regardless. It won’t matter anyway because everyone is going to ransack the sporting goods stores and pick up what they need after the law and police are gone.

            I just personally cannot stand it with these poor innocent women that are victims of these serial killers and you just wish that one of them had a firearm and put a slug right between ted bundy or john gacy’s eyes before they had murdered so many victims. These predators though look for the timid and innocent and seldom ever try to attack a lady packing some heat.

            I personally hate the idea of defending myself against another human being, but I won’t hesitate to defend myself or family members IF someone is going to attack. This is my point, EVERYONE should feel that they matter enough to defend themselves. To actually have to shoot someone in self defense is awful, it will live for a long time with a person. I am completely pro-gun, but because it just makes sense you should be able to defend yourself, I hope I never have to. However, failure to act is so much worse. This is why having a firearm someone should be prepared to use it, practice, practice, practice so you are confident with it.

            I live in what I call a free state and the most heavily armed state of the 50. Firearms are a part of life and you seldom see too of the common big city crimes. It is nice to not have to worry about suffocating laws like some areas in the country that empower the criminal and take away people’s rights to defend themselves.

            I say this, just look at all the truly responsible gun owners of the country. A few bad apples and a few isolated events should not make it so difficult for the responsible person to own and possess firearms. It really gets my dandruff up when these anti-gun lobbyist try to take away a person’s right to even own a hand gun in their own home.

            I think it goes beyond the gun issue with people that are into survival and prepping. The law systems scare the hell out of me because you have to be an attorney to be able to understand them. Common sense is gone from the law system. It is how the governments of the world wants to take our rights away period. I don’t know which one is worst, strict gun control or strict censored speech. Let’s hope we never reach either.

        • Very well said

      35. LOL reading the headline, I knew immediately what you were referring to.

        And, no, this is NOT the ultimate SHTF handgun.

        • Actually, the ultimate would be the one you have available.

          • Someone once said, a handgun is just the gun you use to fight your way to your rifle…

      36. I was thinking about the ultimate SHTF hangdun, and truly it is your own favorite fire arm that you like the best. It is the firearm that you feel most comfortable with. It is the firearm that you have the best aim with and the most confidence with. It can be a Taurus Raging Judge, a 1911 Colt .45, some nice 10 mm Glock, some monster like a .50 cal Smith and Wesson, even a smaller firearm like a .38 special, or something much smaller that you can handle the best.

        The best SHTF handgun for you is what you can depend on to work IF needed and what you can use to protect you and your family from danger. What you can feel safe with and stop or slow down enough a deadly threat. Let’s face it Granny is better off with a .22 or .25 caliber than trying to pick up, aim, fire, and hit some threat with some heavy weighted magnum.

      37. Listen, I know this is off topic but since the GOV is reading this I need to ask : what kind of punk ass whore sissy bitch traitors works for the Gov. any way?

        • Every soar ass veteran ever swore an oath to protect the constitution with his life if need be worked for the government @ one point. Because we swore that oath means we will always work for a government that is guided bye the Constitution!

      38. Burt…

        I know it’s late and I need to come over because the last good scone I had was up in Inverness. My cousin owns a pub in Glasgow, so I figure with my southern drawl I can tell them all about Obama. They will at least have pity on me and buy a few. LOL

        All the best and keep smiling. Tell your daughter the same!

        Y’all Beware! Remember when anybody asks you how you’re doing tell them, “Any better and I’d be lying.”
        Watch the smiles. It just make you feel good saying it even in tough times! LOL

        • Y’all you would be most welcome…may be that will be my defence strategy, medical knowledge and able to cook up just about anything from whatever I have to hand…the zombies need me lol

          Nah, stuff that, I’ll stick with the flame thrower and cattle prod for uninvited guests.

          Take care

      39. Why would You Ever think handgun for shtf???? Side note daisy I miss ya and Manos stay safe and watch ur 6!!! I only have so many words before the FBI starts tracking me!!

      40. That weapon is rather awesome. Practical? Probably not. But if nothing else, a very nice piece of engineering.

        There was a movie in the 1970-80s(?) About 2 Soldiers sent to an island to fight it out, one of them a twin M-3 .45ACP SMG. Cool movie gun.

        • Lee Marvin was one actor, and I think Tashiro Mafume(not sure) was the other. I think it was Hell on the Pacific.

      41. Well time for bed

        Night all

      42. The answer to your question: No

      43. Burt ….

        Thanks, it would be a pleasure. Good night.

        Y’all Beware!

      44. Unless I’m dreaming I believe I see militia men forming at the center!!!!! Best movie quote ever.

      45. This trucker’s wife is home, and that’s the only place I can defend myself with these idiotic Illinois gun laws!!
        At least I have that right, to shoot an intruder in my home, but out and about? NOPE, my rights as a defenseless lil bit of a woman don’t matter a squat to our Governor. But there are ways of edging around carrying in the car. I can have the clip in my pocket and the gun in the console. Under federal law, we can never carry a gun in the semi, anywhere. I did make my husband a ‘dummy wallet’ with fake cards and real money in it to hand over if that scenario were to play out.

      46. Was thinkin’ about a homemade cannon. A four foot long x four inch diameter thick steel pipe, with the back end welded up and a small hole for a fuse. Pack the thing with a lot of black powder (Pyrodex) and old nails,BBs, and rusty nuts, some glass and and a couple old socks. I think you could fu** up a bunch of idiots at one time. Any ideas?

        • Kind of a rather serious felony. Good of you to announce your intentions.

          Test it on yourself first.

          • Hey whodatman; The felony part is of no concern to you or me. I was just thinking out loud and I see you were thinking and talkin out your arse….. It’s clowns like you that need to keep your two cents for your myspace twinkies.

      47. It’s defintely not a carry weapon, way too bulky. But maybe a backup house gun. I wonder how much effort it takes to rack the slide?

      48. Looks like it has quite a bit of kick, and I bet it’s a heavy rascal too. But still….I want one!

        And if not , how about the new okiearms “Barn Broadsider” in .29 caliber. It’s THREE barrels shoot simultaneously. One left, one right, one straight ahead (more or less). Just be sure you’re standing behind that thing when it goes off!
        And our latest development, the Mighty Mouse Mini-Gatling Pistol. Belt fed with a hand crank adapted from a zebco fishhing reel. The prototype is ready to test, but so far, nobody has the guts to try it out. When we get to production stage we hope to offer 3 calibers, .78, .45 and .33 1/3. Sure hope it turns out better than that diet coke/mentos RPG we built. The wife is still mad about her car windshield.

        • Hey SmokinOkie,
          I always end up busting a gut when I read your posts! You sir are a fiesty old codger, ain’t ya?

          • Thanks Chopulin! I’ve been called that, plus a few other things!

      49. A quick note- the Barn Broadsider is no longer available. Our insurance agent said it would cost about $7 million (per unit sold) for liability coverage. We didn’t think we could sell enough of ’em at $495 to make it feasable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      50. I can unload 10 rounds of 22lr hollowpoint center mass and head shots accurately in 4 seconds..up to 40 yards dead on.

        Practice weekly at the local range..

        and reload second 10 rnd clip within seconds.

        result.. death

        Ears still intact.

        Remember this..are you wearing earplugs in a firefight /self defense that erupts instantaneously?

        large calibers will destroy your hearing without them.

        just saying..

        and the 22lr was the mobs fave for assignations.

        less muzzle flash and relatively quiet ..


      51. Currency devaluation is officially at 45% since 1998. The latest collapse is now the student loan defaults. Next up….muni bond defaults.

        This is not sustainable.
        All will collapse in time.

      52. hey Possee

        I agree about a 22
        I love my Ruger Mark III
        I’m much more accurate with it than anything else
        10 rounds right where I want ’em

        I don’t know how much stopping power they would have
        up against a 300lb guy hyped up on crack though !

        • Satori.

          Love my Mark 111 as well..never jammed (except with cheap Federal rounds..big mistake)after well over 3000 rnds.

          Obviously a close range defense round of 9mmm or larger would be preferable over the 22 for stopping power,penetration, and definite internal damage.

          That being said,I am a lousy shot with the larger calibers..but center mass with my Ruger..always.

          It is a matter of placement..and ease of handling..

          We all have our favorite shtf weapons..and all for good reasons.


      53. I hope this isn’t because of my suggestion of thefirearmblog, and I hope this isn’t serious. In my opinion reliability and simplicity are most important. The magazines are connected I don’t know if it can even take standard 1911 magazines or what it would look like trying to replace parts or cleaning it or if its reliable. A shotgun in 12 gauge or a rifle in 223. already is a better suggestion. What happened Mac is this a joke? Not that I don’t appreciate the info you put on SHTFplan about the economy and politics and other info but suggesting this seriously? Although the Saiga 12 you posted in semi would be a great home defense weapon. faster reload then pumps, faster firing rate then pumps ak design known reliable, capacity.

      54. I recently purchased a 9mm Springfield XDM… capacity of 16 in the magazine plus one in the chamber… just at the outside range of what I can hold in my small hands. The XDM has a dual safety… a lever in the stock and another in front of the trigger that automatically disengages as you hold it in preparation for shooting. Very nice.
        Given how Obummer has a stated goal of trying to outlaw all semi-autos… we need to be buying another gun every time we scratch some more money together.

      55. I find it very hard to swallow that ths thing is a pleasure to shoot. A single barreled .45 acp is intimidating for the inexperienced and tiring after a 100 rounds. No way this is for the average shooter

      56. When I went shopping for my “ultimate” WTSHTF handgun, I felt there were a number of critical factors influencing my decision.


        I’ve always been in the .45 ACP camp since it has decent stopping power and the rounds are fairly easy to acquire.

        If the SHTF and all I’ve got is what I’ve got, and that’s it, which means it needs to be a weapon that potentially lasts for years, without having access to parts, I chose a match grade pistol which has had more recent testing done on it than possibly any pistol.

        It was found to be exceptionally durable when tested in the “harshest environments, being waterproof and corrosion-resistant.”

        “The HK Mark 23 Caliber .45 ACP pistol gives shooters match grade accuracy equal to that of the finest custom made handguns-yet exceeds the most stringent operational requirements ever demanded of a combat handgun.”

        “One of the most thoroughly tested handguns in history, endurance testing demonstrated a service life of over 30,000 rds of +P ammunition. To meed the reliability requirement, the pistol had to demonstrate a minimum of 2,000 mean rounds between stoppages (MRBS) with both M1911 ball and +P ammunition. All pistols exceeded the 2000 MRBS with an average of 6000 MRBS. In more than 450 accuracy test firings from a precision firing fixture at 25 meters, MK23 far exceeded the government requirement, averaging 1.44 inches, with 65 groups of less than one inch. There were four groups of .5 inches, with 5 rounds going through the same hole.”

        Made specifically for Navy Seals and Army Special Forces.
        Anyway, I’m from neither group, but happy to have it in my small arsenal. A bit big and expensive, but hey, I couldn’t afford not to get it.

        Forgot to mention…
        “To meet operational environmental requirements, the MK23 was function tested at +-140 degrees and -25degreesF, exposed to 2 hours of submersion in seat water at 66 feet, placed in surf, salt-fog, sand-dust, mud, icing, unlubricated, and fouled environments. A special maritime surface coating protected the pistol from any corrosion, in all of these operational environments.”

        I’ve been more than happy with it so far. If you can put down $2K for it, after the initial pain, you’ll heal from it’s sure awesome beauty.

      57. Always been a fan of the Mark 23, that thing is a beast! 🙂

      58. I just bought a Glock 20 10MM. The recoil on this makes the 9mm feel like a .22. 15 rounds to boot.

      59. nahh I dont think so, I’ll stick with my springfield hi cap. 45’s and 1911’s..and S$W 40 cals

        I would like to take that gun and load up multiple mags and just keep firing until it either jams or over heats and jams.when you have 2 sets of barrels and actions that close togeather heat is going to be a huge factor in reliability..its not proven itself to me

      60. Great gun, but it’s going to have problems with current laws, not allowing anything to fire more than 1 projectile at a time. This will fall into a machine gun category in my opinion. I checked with Costa Rican law (where I live part of the year) as I’d love to have one of these here, and it clearly is not allowed as the law states, “cannot fire more than one projectile at a time”. This gun is really 2 handguns in one hand. Too bad they can’t velcro the 2 45’s together with two serial numbers!! LOL.

      61. Who’s the guy in the video clip? And where does he come from? You can settle a dispute, can’t you? Thanks.

      62. It may be fun to shoot but not real high on the utility side.

      63. “To achieve the same result with a single barrel 9mm pistol we would need to shoot about 30 rounds, with two changes of magazines, in about 30 seconds.”

        Really??? From my understanding and experience, nowadays aren’t standard, full size 9mms at about 17 round capacities on average…or at least 15? I myself have a 17+1 and a 19+1 so the statement to shoot 30 dounds out of one requires 2 mag changes is not quite the truth. You can also get around 14 round cap .45s and Para even makes a 14+1 1911 .45 so why would you want this?

      64. While I do carry a 1911 .45 for protection, I believe this gun is silly. How would you carry it? It’s too big!
        Too bad we can’t carry an M-79 grenade launcher! I
        would if I could!

      65. When TSHTF, angry mobs and a hard smack to the head with a shovel will do the job.

        Police officers who relish oppressing the people on behalf of a tyrannic regime, beware. Be careful that your uniform does not turn into your coffin shroud.

      66. Short answer: NO

      67. That’s all we need is more powerful handguns. Next is a four barrel pistol. Why not?

      68. If you need this much fire power you got the wrong weapon to begin with. That think both barrels at t he same time is going to have a kick to it. Plus lots of ammo. It would be good shooting at a crowd from 100′

      69. Looks like a lot of people had a lot to say on this novelty pistol. Most off topic and having a good time. The main thing here for me is the guy demonstrating this bad boy is wearing heavily padded gloves. That tells me that he probably has his hands and wrists heavily taped under those gloves, too. Made in Italy. NO THANKS, It wouldn’t even make a good anchor for my canoe.
        Enjoyed the shotgun vids. Thanks for that too.

      70. IMHO, the FN five-seven with a suppressor and an after-market 30 round mag is the best SHTF gun.

        You have accuracy beyond 100 meters, a 40 grain v-max bullet that hits at 3100fps, the ammo is as small as a .22mag so you can carry 1000 rounds in a BOB, minimal cleaning and maintenace is requied, it can mount a reflex site, it has rails to mount a laser or tactical light, its polymer body weighs next to nothing…

        and that’s why I bought two of ’em and am currently waiting on the suppressors.

      71. it’s limited. one round is landing right next to the other round. it would be nice if they sprayed all over the place

      72. I’ll stick with my Glock 21. 13 rounds, double stack magazine, weighs less and is known for being dependable.

      73. It would be a good bear pistol for the Pacific Northwest. Maybe a good lion pistol if on-safari and you find yourself being stalked while poppin a squat in the bush….

      74. How would one conceal it in the Summertime?

      75. What a ridiculous novelty! It looks like a boat anchor. I bet they don’t sell more than 1000 world wide.

      76. two guns, some duct and electrical tape, a few spot welds, and hell…you could have a multicaliber ‘fatsy’.
        id still prefer a nine and a 45 vs this thing…

      77. wouldnt mind having that as a sidearm in grizzly country…

      78. As Awesome as the Saiga 12 and other such Weapons are. They are also Impractical in a Situation where you would have to carry them around all the time. Barrel and all. Not to mention the size of the clips and shells. This hand gun is Sexy and sleek and can be dual wielded. Easier to just carry around with out weighting you down with a pretty nice pay load of 32 rounds in a matter of seconds from a small hand held device. Quick reload and much more ammo carrying capacity. A bullet is a bullet. As long as a vital is hit its game over and 4 bullets with one trigger pull dual wielding is plenty to do so. Especially if they are hollow points. I agree this hand gun takes the cake.

      79. A most highly entertaining message board. What a hoot! Seriously, for too many of you! I learned little but sure got my fair share of free laughs! For those of you who posted actual information of value, your posts are getting lost in the morass.

      80. Looks bad ass! But I would surely never buy one. Just one feed jam and your screweeeed on both sides. And talk about controlability issues and muzzle rise. Why Why would you wanna put to .45 acps together? I have a 20+ round clip for my Glock and rapid fire is insane. I can’t amagine 2 side by side.
        This gun makes no sense to make other than just to say we did it and it looks bad ass. I don’t see this selling at all..!

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