Could Artificial Earthquakes Trigger Disaster? Oklahoma’s Risk “Now Equal to That of San Francisco”

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 35 comments

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    While Oklahoma has had a handful of notable earthquakes over the past century, it was essentially never an earthquake state.

    And rightfully so, given that the USGS and other officials, up until quite recently, ranked Oklahoma’s earthquake hazard level at the second lowest level, with a patch of slightly elevated, but still moderately low areas:


    According to the statistics that have been released, Oklahoma, in fact, had very few earthquakes (over a magnitude o 3.0) during the past half century – until the year 2009.

    That date marks the expansion of fracking in the oil industry, as the Obama Administration signaled an attack on coal and fossil fuels, and the petroleum industry sought to flood market supply to manipulate the political power of oil in certain key regimes around the world:


    Now, the low key heartland state of Oklahoma is suddenly rivaling San Frascisco as the most earthquake-prone place in the United States.

    According to the Daily Mail:

    Oklahoma is the most at risk place in America for man made earthquakes caused by oil and gas drilling, a new USGS quake risk map has revealed. 

    In its annual national earthquake outlook , the U.S. Geological Survey reported Wednesday that a large portion of Oklahoma and parts of central California have the highest risk for a damaging quakes this year: between 5 and 12 percent.

    Natural elevated quake risks exist through much of California, Seattle and the area where Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky and Illinois come together, known as New Madrid.

    Seismologists say Oklahoma’s problem is triggered by underground injections of huge volumes of wastewater from oil and gas drilling.


    From 1980 to 2000, Oklahoma averaged only two earthquakes a year of magnitude 2.7 or higher.

    That number jumped to about 2,500 in 2014 then to 4,000 in 2015 as the use of an oil and gas production technique that uses millions of gallons of water boomed.

    That’s an insane change in the pattern of earth-shaking seismic activity – and the blame has been cast squarely on man-made drilling and wastewater injection – i.e. fracking for natural oil supplies.

    Despite the fact that Oklahoma has a very low risk for naturally occurring earthquakes, the state is experiencing more than just about anywhere else.

    This chart, from a single day in 2015, shows how on a day where California sees several significant earthquakes, Oklahoma has dozens, perhaps hundreds of minor earthquakes.

    With enough persistence, this is multiplying the region’s chances for these artificially-induced tremors to trigger a massive response from nature. As pressure points are set off, larger eruptions sometimes take place.

    In the absolute worst case scenario, what would happen if a large enough earthquake – set off by fracking activities – where to set off a the fuse on the New Madrid fault, where a state over, one of the most critical danger spots for a large scale, mega-disaster to take place.


    As this map released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows, there are three major shale gas deposits in Oklahoma, and thus there has been feverish underground activity in the region. earthquake-shale_gas-plays

    Why exactly this is creating major earthquake disruptions in Oklahoma and other key fracking areas – like North Dakota’s Bakken shale play – is not immediately clear, but extensive study of Oklahoma and debate inside the state government have led to the controversial, but certain link to fracking.

    Oklahoma’s Corporation Commission set up regulatory restrictions on the industry requiring a 40% reduction of wastewater well injection activities, which has corresponded in a proportional reduction of earthquakes there – from a peak of about 4,000 per year in 2015, to something closer to 2,500 in 2016, still a huge problem.

    So far, artificial earthquakes have not exceeded 5.6 in magnitude, meaning that the chances for a truly catastrophic emergency from fracking activities remains very low for the moment. However, the fact that an earthquake this large was recorded and attributed to non-natural causes raised eyebrows, making us all wonder how far things will go.

    To be sure, there is technology already in existence and in the hands of scientists, that can induced man-made earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and the like on a grand scale. Conspiracy-minded observers have already pinpointed several major world events attributed to stealth-state attacks.

    What is truly worrying about these artificial earthquakes is that they are becoming more unpredictable, more frequent and more likely to cause actual chaos.

    But for now, the property damage is low, and the concerns are environment. In time, however, the concern may be significant loss of life and widespread destruction.

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      1. I live in Oklahoma and maybe twice in the last couple of years have I even felt an earth quake. I believe they have quakes you actually feel in Enid, Prague, and Drumright. Not too worried about them where I live. I guess if they are really worried about it, maybe they should give up fracking.

        • What about the water? Aquifer?
          Disposal wells dumping toxins into aquifer.

          Flow back -Fluids-KCL-soaps are ALL dumped down a disposal well.
          Where do they go?
          Are those disposal well casings ever inspected? Checked?
          What else is being dumped down those disposal wells?
          They are bootlegged in from Oklahoma from east coast and dumped into Texas disposal wells in a shell game. Location site tanks are used as a cover. Wells are used as a cover.
          Industrial chemicals brought in and dumped down wells.

          Corporations, Government and mob are in on this.

          I was told that if I ever spoke of this I would be shot in the head.
          Here I am. Bring it.
          I will give as much as is given. Bring it.

          • Native Americans Are Suing Oil Companies For Causing Destructive Earthquakes

            Environment · News By True Activist 
            Posted on March 6, 2017
            The Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit accusing multiple oil companies of triggering earthquakes that caused widespread damage.

            By: RT Oklahoma – The Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit in a tribal court accusing multiple oil companies of triggering earthquakes that caused damage to several properties in town.

            On Friday, the Pawnee Nation filed the suit against the oil companies alleging that they were the cause of the sharp increase in earthquakes over the past few years. One of which – the largest earthquake in the state’s history, a magnitude 5.8, which caused extensive damage to several historic buildings and residential homes in Pawnee in September.

            “For more than 90 years, these buildings have been a key part of Pawnee Nation, first as our schools and now as the home to our government,” Andrew Knife Chief, executive director of the Pawnee Nation, said, according to his attorneys.

            “These energy companies must recognize the direct impact of their actions on the livelihood of our tribe and must put an end to their dangerous activities,” he added.

            The case will be heard in the tribe’s district court with a jury comprised of Pawnee Nation members. If an appeal was filed, the case would be heard by a five-member trial Supreme Court, and their decision would be final.

            Once the tribal court rules, it can be taken to a state district court for enforcement.

            “We are a sovereign nation and we have the rule of law here,” said Knife Chief, according to the Associated Press. “We’re using our tribal laws, our tribal processes to hold these guys accountable. The damage was done to the Pawnee Nation and the folks that live on trust land.”

            Read More:

          • Look up the term Deep Well Injection. Where they dump shitty water deep in to a hole, which seeps into the drinking water. Folks we have Morons running the show.

      2. Mac:

        This may be an interesting article, but I can’t read it. The way it is laid out might be ok on a computer screen, but not an IPhone.


      3. Grandee’s Survival Soup

        To four cups of boiling water add:
        1/4 c white rice (171cal) 1/4 c pearl barley (127cal) 1 Tbs olive oil (120cal/14g fat) 2 Tbs dehydrated carrots (16cal) 2 Tbs dehydrated celery (10cal) 2 Tbs dehydrated peas (100cal) 2 Tbs dehydrated onion (10cal) 1/4 tsp pepper 1/4 tsp tumeric

        Cover and reduce heat to low boil for 20 minutes or until rice/veggies done.

        Remove from heat.

        Add 1/4 cup Textured Soy Protien (TSP) (100cal/2g fat). Stir and cover and let stand 5-10 minutes.

        Salt to taste.

        Total calories 654/16g fat

        To raise calories add any canned limas, canned white or pinto beans. Also add any fresh garden/dandelion greens as you have them.

        All dehydrated items, grains, canned beans, spices and TSP should be in your long term storage.

        This is a last resort soup to hold you over till the garden comes in or a farm or wild animal can be harvested.

        Enjoy 🙂

      4. SILVER RALLIED right back today, cutting yesterdays big drop in half. A great sign there is not stopping the Metal Train.

        SILVER 03/03/2017 17:01 Bid-17.95; Ask-18.05
        +0.23 cents today, up +1.27% Low today- $17.54 High Today $18.06

        Like I said buy on the dips. Make Wealth.

        ***btw/ you want to stop earthquakes, Stop all Fracking. A direct correlation.

      5. No Earthquakes in FL. 80’s this weekend, Sunny

        Or you could live in Bummfuck Michigan where the high will be 26 degs. lol

        • FL is basically a huge sandbar in the Atlantic.

          • Yep, Thank-you!! “Life is a Beach” here.

      6. I get earthquakes all the time. What is the big deal?
        anything under a six, I don’t even worry about.
        Of course my homes and out buildings are designed to
        survive a nine.

      7. Oh well. This is the PO’d Patriot wishin’ everybody in Oklahoma the best of luck from the “Peoples Republic of Maryland”.

      8. BTW, if you get an 8.5……..SELL!

      9. more liberal “you can’t do that unless we sanction it” politics…I call bullshit.

      10. Most Oklahoma earthquake epicenters are 5 to 6 Km underground i.e. How the heck can human activity cause them – sound like man made global warming. BS

        • I agree Joe. I was in the oilfield in the 80’s I know the area around Prague, There was a 5.7 in 2011, they reported that the epicenter as 20 miles down. The wells in that area are only 5000 to 8000 feet, that’s only 1-1.5 miles. Hard to figure.

      11. I’m not worried about quakes from fracking. The fracking operations have become aware they are connected to quake activity and quake progression along fault lines. In the last couple years they have been reducing fracking pressures to limit quake activity.

        Scariest thing I heard all day was Jannet Yellen saying the Fed will double the rate of interest increases. Expect the next increase to be a half percent at a time. They want to take the Trump recovery down before it starts.

      12. Off Topic:

        Clean your air conditioner. Air conditioners get fungal growth that winds up in your lungs and through out your system killing you slowly. Summer is around the corner, well Spring anyway.


        • I found that out with my little window unit after years of just hosing it down. Those little pieces of what look like dried dirt are really mold. Found that out with a mold test kit. I sprayed mine down with vinegar. I read that it kills mold and is not too acidic.

        • BfromCalifornia, good reminder! If you have a split AC system whereas there are two pieces of equipment, one (aka “airhandler” in the attic/basement and the other outside (condenser), take the door panel off the airhandler and using a garden sprayer with warm soapy water, spray down the coil and the drain pan that’s under the coil. This will knock down the bacteria that can grow in the pan and on the coil. DO NOT use a bleach/water mixture as it could damage the aluminum fins on the coil that’s located in the cabinet. Also your system will have a P-trap on the airhandler exterior and should contain a removable cap on the top. Remove the cap, pump up your garden sprayer well and place the sprayer wand down in the pipe and press the sprayer button and that will force built up dirt and sludge out of the p-trap. This should be done every spring prior to AC operation. PS: Don’t forget to change your air filters. The pleated type are the better choice.

          • And if your vehicle has a cabin air filter like our Camry and the AC runs through it, drop the glove box door and remove and clean or replace it.
            Another trick I learned at an AC shop.
            Condenser in front of the radiator gets dirt and dust buildup.
            Spray a 409 or similar cleaner in the openings and then gently spray with a garden hose sprayer. Air passes thru mo’ better.

            • Car cabin air filters can be cleaned in the top rack of a dishwasher. Repeat until they begin to fall apart then replace.

      13. The egg we live on is hatching.

      14. Could use a good quake in Congress….

        • Yeah Jim, one that could improve Pelosi’s face.

      15. This is nothing more than increased Graboid activity due to encroachment into their environment by the drilling/fracking operations. C4 and a cheap RC car will solve this easily enough…

      16. How Long Has Hydraulic Fracturing Been Used?

        Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have turned unproductive shales into the largest natural gas fields in the World. The first use of hydraulic fracturing to stimulate oil and natural gas wells in the United States was in the 1940s. The method successfully increased well production rates and the practice quickly spread. It is now used throughout the world in thousands of wells every year.

        What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

      17. They have come to that one spot, on the Earth’s surface, to extract minerals, water, oil, etc, because that was already a naturally-occurring, geological feature.

        Plug volcanism-related words, into your favorite search engines, to find fumaroles and mud volcanoes, and so and and so forth.

        Even without giving corporate interests carte blanche, to destroy everything in their path, blaming mankind for an earthquake is like blaming mankind for the weather.

        If you want to be superstitious, about it, there can be moral reasons, to make the Earth upset, which have nothing to do with your modest, creature comforts.

      18. There’s not a whole lot that can be done about earthquakes other than making sure local building codes are based on their likelihood dealing with the results if a big one occurs.

        A big one, particularly in the United States, will have serious emergency response almost immediately, just be able to contribute to the response instead of getting in its way.

      19. There after water hard core especially rivers,lakes etc….
        Denied new well permits especially in the east and south.

      20. Maybe shift them up a little and get ride of the 1st District of Wisconsin– Paul Ryan’s district.

        • add all the rest of the phukers in the kriminal korupt kongress

      21. Who users air conditioning anyway? Duke Energy go to hell. I realize I’m repeating myself, but this Florida native uses no ac and gets through the hot summers fine. What a bunch of spoiled people. Violent thunderstorms are scary, I know people who hide in closets when the lightning starts. I’ve felt one small earthquake visiting California, but yeah the energy companies are wreckers of planet Earth. Thieves of the highest order.

      22. The fracking wells are now the recipients of the earthquake pressure that would have been released at the New Madrid fault.

        Fracking wells are weak points in the crust of the earth that will receive the earthquakes that would have normally traveled to the fault zone to the east.

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