Coincidence? Massive Solar Event Scheduled for Election Night… And Potential Impending Disaster

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 148 comments

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Time and again, we have seen those in power planning to use an EMP or massive solar flare as a pretext for total unrest, a collapse of the electric grid and the institution of martial law.

    With so much at stake in the election, and more uncertainty than ever, are we about to witness the grandest wild card factor ever to enter U.S. politics? Is is possible that election results could be suspended as a result of a total meltdown of the electric grid, and the likely destruction/unreliability of electronic voting machines in every state?

    There’s no way to predict what may actually occur, but there is no way to look away from this potentially deadly scenario either. Just why did Obama prepare for this exact scenario? Though this one is kind of “out there,” it doesn’t change the real possibility that the feds may just be poised to take more power than ever before in history. This is truly eerie…

    Video Report:

    Just Weeks After Obama’s Executive Order on Catastrophic Space Weather Events, a Coronal Mass Ejection Is Set to Hit on Election Day

    by Melissa Dykes

    This has already been the craziest election in the history of the country, with the most overt corruption and fraud the American people have likely ever seen.

    Now, on top of everything else that’s scheduled to go down tomorrow, it is being projected that a powerful coronal mass ejection (CME) is set to hit Earth tomorrow, and not just hit earth but a direct hit is in our forecast.

    According to Space Weather Live, “A coronal mass ejection (or CME) is a giant cloud of solar plasma drenched with magnetic field lines that are blown away from the Sun during strong, long-duration solar flares and filament eruptions.”

    What this means is the very real potential for strong geomagnetic storms here on Earth. Potential storms from CMEs like this have been known to cause everything from lost satellite control to radio and television interference to power grid disruption and failure.

    For example, in March 1989, a powerful CME caused strong variations in the Earth’s magnetic field which tripped circuit breakers in Québec’s power grid, causing a massive blackout.

    What makes this timing even more unsettling is the fact that just weeks ago, Obama signed a brand new executive order on October 13, 2016 specifically regarding Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security coordination in handling “space weather events” as reported by Mac Slavo over at

    Via WhiteHouse.Gov

    Executive Order — Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to prepare the Nation for space weather events, it is hereby ordered as follows:

    Section 1. Policy. Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events — those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure — could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

    What are the odds???

    It’s not like CMEs and solar flares are anything new… so why all of a sudden are they saying we need to, “speed the creation of a space-weather-ready Nation” right before it comes out that just a geomagnetic disturbance might happen on election day?

    Add to that the fact that recently Homeland Security was also talking about taking over the elections as a matter of national security…

    Do they know something we don’t here? Either way, considering that most of our data on these things comes from government agencies, the timing definitely makes you wonder what shenanigans are going to get pulled tomorrow with our easily hacked electronic voting machines

    Can’t you just see the “confusion” that could be caused by intermittent power outages on election day, all blamed on the sun?

    And no matter what, it’s always good to be prepared.

    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!


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      1. LOL, I am not really sure if there are any counties on this earth with more BS news than the US.

        • Anyone know what class the CME is supposed to be? Could be wrong but it’s the X class we need to really be worried about..

          • From what I’ve been able to find, it’s expected to be a G1 strength… barely enough to cause buzzing on an AM radio..

            • This was caused by the vast right wing conspiracy.

              • lmao !
                Damn right wingers everytime !

                • Melissa Dykes should be ashamed of herself for this sensationalism. She writes like a MSM person hyping that the sky s falling. There is enough hyping of news as it is without her nonsense. She owes her reader’s an apology. Mac, you did acknowledge this is “out there”, but you might want to apologize as well after wiping the egg off of your face.

              • And Trump’s hate made the sun lash out at us.

                • You reckon? I’m a Muslim and not feeling the hate. The guy is not interested in race or gender when it comes to getting stuff done, he just gets it done.

              • Damn deplorable ri,,,,
                Oh wait

              • Hum, a B1 Lancer bomber just made a test run over the Mountain, haven’t seen them for a while. Wonder whats up? Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • According to Geo. Soros and his cronies, nothing should be affected but the Diebold voting machines.

            • CME Incoming, OK Quake, Italy Tornado | S0 News Nov.7.2016

              from the Suspicious Observers web site-Which I think someone way way back (couple yrs) in the comments section said was where BeInformed went.


              • what side of the earth will take the hit?

            • oUCH:
              Exactly! shows this to be G1 in strength. Hardly a “massive” solar event. Why is Mac
              feeding us fear porn?

            • Correct , I get space weather updates hourly G1 is it
              No story here lol

          • This particular CME is from a filament eruption. Filament eruptions are not measured in the same way as solar flares. That said, it looks to be a relatively weak one (as one poster said, only G1 is expected).

            The timing, however, is hilarious. If we did see an EMP-type disturbance, and they blamed this CME-puff, many of us would know they are lying. It would be easy to pull a fast one on the American public, though.

          • X class are the ones we need to be concerned about. A G1 is a blip. Unless of course we are not be given the correct classification.

            • X class is a term used for classifying solar flares. This CME was caused by a magnetic filament on the sun.

          • They are saying a G1 storm, but who knows, they lie ALL. THE FRIGGING. TIME…

          • It will be a G1 storm and only a glancing blow at northern latitudes late in the day. Nothing to worry about.

          • You are confussing two things here, a Solar Flare with a coronal mass ejection. These are rated G1 to G5. Despite what the site says this is not a massive solar event.

          • According to Suspiscious Observers, it isn’t supposed to be very big or strong. It wasn’t earth facing when it ejected, so we will probably get a weak dose. Nothing like what this article is writing about.(ps. I think the guy that runs SO is our own BeInformed. He’s a busy guy these days)

        • Stolz, last time I checked, the tribal MSM’s middle name is BS.

          • Brave my buddy, the tribe is celebrating since their queen won’t be investigated any longer so they just let the J*street to rise.

            And yes, the tribal news agencies are already talking about the Madam President. LOL. Sick world indeed. We’ll have a a rapist husband to be back to the WH.

            • Stolz, if she gets in, then war is coming. Bank on it. That stinking tribe needs to be eliminated.

        • Made up False Flag Bravo Sierra.
          Seriously? You believe timing of this “Event”.

          If the election is impeded or Stolen by misconduct.
          Then there is no choice but MASSIVE civil disobedience on an unprecidented scale, that America has Never seen before. You simply can not Allow Obama/Hillary Rotten Clinton CRIME Family to steal an election or schedule a False Flag event as cover.
          Put NOTHING past the Obama-Clinton CRIME mobsters. They will do ANYTHING.

          By allowing Clinton to breech National Security without consequence. The FBI is guilty of Obstruction of Justice. Director Comey should be held accountable for his criminal misconduct by the Trump administration. Charge Director Comey for his criminal activities by not doing a proper investigation.

          By the Way:
          There has been much activity at a power sub station near my job location.
          Many work trucks and vehicles. One observation. It appeared that two of the workers there alone on Saturday did not appear to know what they were doing? Their truck was unmarked. I am suspicious that some FED team is planing some kind of dirty trick False Flag BS. Were these workers authorized and legit?

          Maybe unfounded concern? Maybe individuals I witnessed were legit, but just rookies or sub contractors. That is what wife thought.

          I am more discerning and TRUST NO ONE unless you are a friend of 40 years and fought beside me. Most of us have been killed off. Hand full of the brothers left. By the way I do not believe the story of the ones “suicided.” I believe CRIMINAL government of Obama is KILLING patriotic Americans.
          They do it in the VA hospitals too. Guys that go in NEVER come out alive.


            What? You were expecting corrupt leftists to obey the law? Why? It sure doesn’t apply to their leader Hilary. Electoral Fraud is alive and well in LeftistLand: Latest Project Veritas Bombshell: Undercover Journalist In Undercover PV journalist in burka offered Huma Abedin’s ballot in NYC (3 min. video at or at story at

            More fraud from the fraud left: Anti-Trump Voters Across America Look To “Game” Election System By “Trading Ballots”: An app, offered “by Apple, and created by an anti-Trump developer, was allowing Americans in swing states to trade votes with other ideologically aligned Americans in deep blue states. As the app explained, “we match Hillary voters in blue states with third-party voters in swing states to help them trade votes. Hillary gets more swing votes and third-party candidates get their votes counted.” Y’know, just more lies, cheating and scams from the party of lies, cheating and scams. Story at

          • Anonymous,
            The Kenyan expanded his executive power beyond Earth, so when the enemy within decides to take us down with an EMP, he can say, “See what a wonderful leader I am, I warned you sheeple about this possibility. I am now prepared to serve your nation as POTUS for the duration of the emergency or indefinitely, i.e. until the end of time.”
            Obama Signs Order Warning About Downed Power Grid, ‘Cascading Failures,’ No Water Supply

          • I’ve long considered that this might be going on at VA hospitals. After all, they need to keep the payouts low. If they wipe out the veterans they save money, right? Dirty rotten, is all I can say.

        • Ok… I’ll be on the couch Tuesday. Costco roasted chicken and a case of cold… cold Hienes… watching the Circus rotate in my head on CNN?FOX/NBC… Maybe some thick onion dip and a bag of ‘Scoops’ …. If the farkin lights go out I’m gonna load up my Mossy and hope to Gawd I get to nail somebody before the Hiene… or the dip run out.

          • You think you are smart?
            You are being watched-recorded-indexed-foot printed.
            Checked your own machine ports lately?
            You are OWNED.

            The Observed are doing the observing.
            You are Amateur Wanna be’s with gov paid for toys and no skills.

            Juliet-Oscar-Mike-G8-W13-Romeo-Goose Fly
            Go Home Fido boot Licker provacatuer.

          • Either this is a puerile attempt at irony, or you are truly one sick person. I’ll bet you had a Subway sandwich during Kristallnacht, corned beef and a Guinness when Dresden was firebombed, and a nice cool glass of lemonaide as people died in the Vietnamese re-education camps.

            As a joke, this is vile.

            Haahaha. Let’s joke about a great country going to he11 and people dying. What great fun! Hoo-hoo, haha! Isn’t Thomas a hoot!

            Some poeple on the internet are just mentally ill.

          • Think ill get me one o them chickens tomorrow, good idear

        • At least we do not have long to wait and see on this one !!!

        • Or “countries”.

        • another BS article. The cycle of CME’s are winding down to a very slow period ahead for a few years. If you believe the BullShite fear you will click the food bucket add and buy they are hoping. And what is your source for this election day attack by the sun?

        • Your post made me laugh, maybe because it’s true.

        • What did the Volcanic eruption say to the Solar flare. … Git in line Bich.

      2. All americans, media, government, politicians expose the immoral, treasonous actions of the NSA using military unseen, untraceable technologies on good americans. They use mind control, directed energy weapons (scalar, microwaving, gas lighting) and gang stalking to ruin innocent people’s lives. This inhumane, criminal activity needs to be exposed by everyone. This is pure torture invading people’s minds and bodies with these technologies. People who are labeled delusional, schizophrenic, and are targeted individuals are being victimized by these technologies to bring the illusion that they are crazy when they are being victimized and tortured. Americans need to quit watching their circus acts (sports) and start taking their country back demanding and exposing these heinous crimes. This is happening to your family and neighbors. Expose and this now.

        • too many commas in your comments to read it.

          You know what they say…..commas = communist.

        • Someone gets paid by the character.

      3. Ain’t a damn thing gonna happen.

      4. I follow that stuff on which is put out by NOAA/NASA. They do well on predicting when a geomagnetic storm will occur but not as well on the magnitude. They are predicting a G-1 storm which boils down to minor fluctuations on the grid. If the storm is greater than G-1, it might knock out the electronics in your car. If you’ve driven to the polling place, it would be pretty hairy getting home. You might want to putt some food bars and water in your trunk. It might also knock out voting machines and provide an excuse to postpone the election.

        • G-4 or above may play havoc on vehicle not G-1
          We have G1-G3 several times a month no biggy.

      5. Not to sound paranoid, but if it appears that The Trump is going to take it for sure, we could easily, or already have, placed a craft to cause an EMP that could “cream” us, and would anyone truly be the wiser. Election would be delayed without argument. Martial law would become the instant “new normal” and tons more fun.

        The worrysome part is this: IF the sun is sending a CME, then it is already precisely known exactly how powerful it is and when and where it will strike the planet. Light takes about what, 8 minutes to get here, but solar storms take far longer so “this one smells” and is 100% nothing, or truly something to take serious note of. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

        • Too difficult to impose martial law, they would be better off just frauding the vote.

        • CMEs take about 2 days to reach Earth. According to they are expecting only a G1 class storm. Like oUCH said above, that will only barely affect radio.

        • How fast does a coronal mass ejection travel?
          A: A coronal mass ejection can make the 93-million-mile journey to Earth in just three to four days. This implies an average speed of about one million miles per hour.

          Since this event is “scheduled”, how and who would we need to talk to to make this happen??? I would guess a prayer rug facing east in the oval office and a lot of prayer to Allah. 🙂

      6. Hmmmm?…
        So if the jig is up and the rig goes down
        And the software glitches on all you bitches
        The machine goes dark no veritas
        The only thing that matters is you lose everything
        N.,D.,A.,A…F.,E.,M.,A! EO next day
        Obama to “save” the nation…I’m here to stay.

        Well we got D.,O.,I… U.,S.,M.,C
        The brave men and women of the U.,S.,A!
        Huh!!voting makes them US..!!
        No verify..,no trust.
        Dat tree about to be watered…
        No mercy…no quarter.

        Live Free or Die…( )

      7. Takes an X rated flare to cause electronic trouble so if there is trouble it is not from the sun but from man.

      8. Equorial, it also smells to me. Sounds more like EMP to me. The next 24-48 hours will tell us.

        • Maybe they will pay Kim Jong Un to pop an emp out of his satellite as it passes over the US… LOL

      9. Next level stupid. Unless y’all think TPTB are now controlling the sun.

      10. One more thing about this particular G1 forecast for the CME: recently, we fluctuated between G1 and G3 for several days. That was due to solar wind from a coronal hole. No outages then. We really need to be at G5 for that.

      11. bullshit.

        clinton is elected, nothing happen from the sky, dindu nuffin burn some cars to selebrate juste like their european brothers, then once again whites got nerves, keep calm and don’t shoot, socialism is one the road again for 8 years of destruction of your system, goin to bring the whole economic world on its knees around 2022-2024

        dear preppers, your stocks, are pointless, consume it, embrace your paycheck to paycheck fatality, because at some point socialism will put in jail every person with more than 2 weeks of supplies just because you will look like someone against the system and do not buy products to honor the mall god.

        the world is not gonna becoming worse, it is already the worst place of the huniverse to be, simply cause we are the most complex stack of atoms able to to be, behave and believe the opposite of what we are genetically supposed to be programmed to be.

        your election will not change a fuck about the way the world is functionning, because to do so we have tochange how humans behave, and it is too late.

      12. Highlite the ‘Space Weather’ link in the story…..very minor if at all, so if something happens…..THEY DID IT!

      13. ENOUGH WITH THE MARTIAL LAW BULLSHIT. There is no way in hell that the powers that be, can control 300+ million people under martial law. Most of us will continue to do what we do. And if they tried it, what do you think will happen. No one going to work, no taxes being paid, etc. Do you think they really want their cash cows to stop working and the taxes not being paid!! For your sake use your damn heads for more than a phone or hat connection!!!

        • You are the first post to correctly spell martial law in some weeks, I believe.

          You’re also right about it not happening.

          • Martial law could mean as little as dark to dawn stop and search check points. Inter state checkpoints . Suspension of gun and ammo sales. Like during Rodney King. Watertown raids on suspected gun and ammo stockpilers. Militia members. Stopping gun sales could be as easy as background check system down . Ammo sales stopped at the source? No new shipments? Credit card purchasing limits at all grocery stores to prevent hoarding? Suspension of all concealed carry permits . Odd even fuel rationing ? Remember that? Having a concealed carry permit would probably mean an extensive search at every checkpoint? Or just being a registered gun owner. Hell they could limit travel to work and home store and home like they do some parolees. Kind of put every one on parole. With limits on everything we do. For the safety of our children.

        • that’s the problem, to asleep population apple did an amazing thing, inventing a smartphone sold the price of a pair of eyes. fights between brands to take money from sheeps who prefer put finger on glass than thinking.

          you want to revert to pencil/paper ? good luck with that.

          the only way to save the world is to kill all fucking electronical objects.

      14. The problem with using an EMP device and blaming it on a CME is they have different properties. An EMP will fry all electronics. A CME will fry long transfer lines and the transformers they are connected to. Not small electronics. If your Iphone dies grab your guns cause it’s all BS. Of course if an actual CME takes down the grid, grab your guns anyway cause either way Sh!t will be hitting the fan.

      15. OMG!!! I feel a tingle running down my leg!!! (hmmmm, feels sort of good too).
        What a load. If there is an event it will certainly be man-made. Ah what the hell?!?! Getting kind of sick of all this technology anyway. Would be nice to go back to the caveman days. Whomp some broad on the noggin and drag her off by the hair to char me some steaks on the Bar-B.

      16. I received an IPAWS Test #1 Alert on my phone today. I have never received one before and have never signed up for it. A bunch of us at work got the alert.

      17. Janet Reno, First Woman to Serve as U.S. Attorney General, Dies at 78.

        Goods riddins……….

        • Hope she planned on voting in person tomorrow….that would be a win/win situation.

        • Hope David has some choice words for her

      18. From what I read on space weather, it wii reach earth on the 9th or 10th and only be a glancing blow at best. I’m not overly concerned about it, but could they use it to blame for issues and errors tomorrow? Probably.

      19. I closely follow these storm warnings. Most of my communications are all satellite based such as TV, Internet, and phone. This storm is a small one, so not to worry. It is moving at about 3 million miles per hour and so will pass quickly by.
        We are more in danger of destruction by our fellow American Democrats than we are by some solar storm.

      20. Now this is interesting


      21. __________

        Pure unadulterated bull.


        • There comes a time when a person either grows up or risks becoming an old child for his entire life. Dependence on authorities is become dependence on the Internet.

          Buy a telescope. That is rarely if ever suggested. Yes, binoculars are helpful in star watching, but a telescope is irreplaceable. The sun is a star. By studying about the sun, you learn about stars in general. To observe the sun you need a different type of telescope, one with sun glasses so to speak. The nice thing about solar observing, it can be done during the day so you can bring it with you to the park on picnics with the family and friends.

          If I had money to invest, I would put it into companies that make and or sell telescopes. The American people are tired of being the laughing stock of the civilized world. I forsee big money in this industry as America’s education system is rewound and energized.


      22. EMP maybe…???

        Party like it’s 1776.

        I’ve gotten so excited, I chewed my poptart into the shape of a gun.

        Keep everything light, until it’s time to go dark.
        …..then…. go pitch black.

        Best to you and yours.

        ….I think I swallowed a bug….BA.

        • “…chewed my poptart into the shape of a gun…”

          ya know, we have zero tolerance for that sort of thing 🙂

        • Truly,, A BaD AmerIkan

      23. Hope your scopes dont need any batteries.
        My bayonette sure done don’t.

        • Batteries? My scopes all use CR-2032s to light up the Mil-Dot ‘grid’. I beat the hell out of lead roof-flashing then ‘tapped’ a nice and snug ‘cover for the battery compartments’ – and I think that’ll be sufficient.

          If not, I won’t care. I’ll be focused on the spare in my cargo pocket where I keep two spares (that will be engulfed in flames). Maybe just for today I’ll remove them? 🙂

          Bayonette? My AR (fav one), is one of the few AR’s that HAS a bayonette (proud to say I made nearly the entire rig myself, machined it anyway). It is like this, you have your weapon in their face and it decides to empty the mag, with no ‘blade’ you are in trouble, but with the blade sitting right there? USE IT! hahahah….

      24. Who cares. If we get to thin the liberal/welfare parasite herd, whats the problem??

      25. I hope it does knock out the grid
        I hope an EMP is deployed…

        So finally we can react, resist, take back, and our actions won’t be considered felonies.

        Happy birthday Jarheads, this week may be an adventure before our party begins

      26. Coincidence? I think not.

        We all know that solar energy flares can be predicted hundreds of years in advance, and election day has been cleverly planned for decades to finally coincide with the most contested election in a century and the solar maximum.

        It was tricky, getting the solar years to match up with the lunar cycle, not to mention the Julian/Gregorian Calendar changes, but it worked.

        We have to find the secret cabal responsible for this.

        Sarcasm off.

      27. Yah Sure!!!!!

        EMP yes!!!

        • Yeah Sgt. Dale, you’ll reach down to snap on the blues and all you’ll get is crickets. No siren, no pretty lights …just a sinking feeling and radio silence.

          Then all hell breaks loose… 🙂

          Be Safe

      28. Go towards the light young man.

      29. CHecked — yes, a CME is due to “graze” earth on 11/8/16,
        but this is supposed to be a relatively minor event because the sun is in quiet phase and just did not put enough power into the coronal ejection to cause much damage.

      30. This CME is the Russians doing. Obviously.

      31. Oh my…. cats and dogs living together… what a world what a world!

      32. CME, EMP, BS, LMAO.

        • The ‘solar flare’ is real enough. The truth is that is it rated as a G1 (minor most always), with a 20% chance of causing electrical havoc in The Northern Hemisphere.

          EMP? No way unless they explode something “out there” to give it some ass on impact.

          Hell, if power facilities were government controlled they would kill the power and lie their asses off about it destroying the voting machines if Hillary was losing. Or, are they “influentially” government controlled? More than likely if commanded to kill the grids, they would kill as ordered.

          Could turn out to be a long day. Either way, our firearms makers have earned enough to stay in business another 400 years, even with negative interest rates. Same goes for ammo makers, (do you realize how much ore is mined to get brass daily?)

      33. A solar flare over the U.S. ?????? Why .??????
        Why not in the middle of the Atlantic or some other place .?????
        Probably distraction from Voter Fraud or Illegals voting .

      34. The solar burst will only effect the United States …. That burst of energy will only effect voting machines of course! So don’t worry. Your car and toasters will be fine! But, your Presidential choice might get zapped! Don’t panic everyone, stay calm! And remember …..
        El Presidentee, the Grand Mufti, Obama the Sacred, 1st of his line, defender of Islam and High Lord of all golf courses ….. Will begin his 3rd term Monday, with his Queen NoTiTis by his side

      35. What the hell happened to planet killing meteor for 2016?!


        • You mean Niburu, aka Waiting for Godot? Probably mañana. And same thing every other day.

        • Warchild. Well, we nuked the damn thing and it worked except now we find out it caused an EMP “effect” that’s going to slam into The Northern Hemisphere, rendering only voting machine electronics utterly useless with a total loss of votes (other than the knowledge that so far 100% of votes have been for Hillary, not a one for The Donald). (sarc) Then Obama could say, Hillary already has experience in government therefore by the power vested in me I declare Hillary Rodham Clinton as your new POTUS. (taped applause of millions from a room of 10 ppl).

          Or was it that Niburu got in the way, and was thrown off course so it “brushed Australia” on the way by, as we slept unawares. Not on the news as it has nothing to do with Electing Hillary right?

          Even if Donald Trump wins, I am still going to remain one pissed off ex-combat veteran knowing the bullshit Trump will have to contend with from these POS in office.

      36. I think most of you are missing the point. Yes, this storm won’t produce shit. BUT! If you recall obama’s recent order and call of attention to space weather, then if an EMP is detonated, most will think it was caused by space weather. The average American can barely read let alone tell the difference between an EMP and CME. And for those of you saying that martial law won’t happen, first, 300+ million americans with homemade explosives and AR15’s can’t stand up very well against armored vehicles and drones that you can’t see or hear. Second, TPTB don’t care that we can’t work and pay taxes, because the UN would take us over. Our fake leadership here would be heading to Europe to live it up.

        • Isn’t it great that our guns won’t be effected by any BS EMP?

          Party like its 1776 man

        • I am pretty sure it’s non-related, but does anyone recall that we put a “mystery object” into orbit, and it is possible to relocate the device to any given area, at least a year ago or so? The thing strongly resembled a ShuttleCraft, without the baydoors on the fuselage?

          That COULD be an EMP device and already in place for detonation to coincide with what is already verified as an existing Solar Flare (estimated to be a G1 -ratings go as high as X, or that is what was read/given for data.

          Anony: No, the average onlooker or person would not be able to immediately differentiate between a CME or a purposely detonated EMP (in space) …and let’s not forget that it’s more than probable that our government knows precisely how to bring down ALL THE GRIDS in the same moment, or at least we’ve got the tech to hit ourselves with enough to render some remarkable damage, but not fry the largest, not-easily-replaced, transformers (why aren’t these things encased in lead anyway, or somehow protected by something from being cooked). We DO have fuses these days right? heheh…. (One big mother of a fuse…).

          I have to agree with you, in that they’ll be considerable numbers of people, all like-minded and well-versed in The Constitution, and they’ll be able to organize “as they meet” and fall into place. In my opinion, the people would end up being superior to the ‘roboticity’ of a drone, as opposed to a real man, the inability of armored vehicles to get very close without putting some thought into it …high-altitude drones are a matter of being “no signature” when you are outside, and motionless.

          We haven’t lost anything as of now, and we’ve been awaiting this day for a long period of time, so we can afford to wait until evening. THEN we will know which direction this ship is going to turn …cause she can’t stay on her present course without running “hard aground.”

          Except for the fires in the SouthEast, which we have to breathe if the winds shift wrongly, which is rare thankfully, everything is staying rather quiet afaik.

          Will check back later. I’ve got the chores to tend to.

          • At the very least, We The People now own more firearms than at any other time in history, with the same story being true about ammo. Everyone out there has an impressive amount of ammo, no doubt. (They all think it’s not enough, and they all likely have more than they’ll ever need …hopefully). Plinking is more fun than ‘warring’.

      37. It might be a Obama class EMP

      38. GIANT METEOR 2016!!!!!!!!

      39. Made to order. Courtesy of an EMP.

      40. Space is forecasting a G1 minor with a 20% chance of a major event in the N. Hemisphere.

        • That’s right, and the word under the table is that there WILL be an either “real or stage” event that will somehow render the voting machines useless, (this only happens if Trump is obviously going to take it by a landslide, because that is what is fully expected and the reason for The Demorats to ensure they have a “believable reason” (out of their control) to prevent a loss on this Election Cycle.

          Civil unrest, I guess, will start at some hour later this evening, in many places until it has spread into all areas. Then we’ll have revolution, with no real clue as what we would be facing for firepower in an attempt to quell We The People. (Terrorists and Deplorables that we are).

      41. Remember Obama recently issued an executive order on CME/EMP emergencies. One of the flys in the ointment is Obama is moving control of solar storm forecast, warnings under the control of DHS.

        We know the administration has been controlling both NASA and NOAA to manipulate weather data to support the global warming. Adding NOAA space weather to DHS control also allows more data manipulation for the Global Warming Energy Credit Ponzi scheme. It also allows them to predict a solar storm for cover that may be in fact a man made event.

        • Precisely, and that’s what everyone is waiting to see this evening. Will we be superzapped or just hear a hum on some AM bands, with some great Northern Lights to boot. Why do I always think the worst and expect the manmade event, only to find it never happens…. (Prepare for the worst and that way you are always prepared for whatever strikes).

          Nice post Plan twice, prep once. nice!

      42. What bullshit. Things are tough enough without the hype in the article. Nothing significant in the link. Disappointed in Mac

      43. Really? Oh, the IRONY. Folks Bitcoin since before 2012 that the gov doing nothing about this despite dozens sounding the alarm. Now that they start to do something it’s a conspiracy. I’m more worried about getting shot at tomorrow, wear red.

        • Folks bitchin. I hate autocorrect. I type faster than I can read.

        • The government hated bit coin, but the government desperately wants electronic money.

          They left bit coin alone to study it. Plain and simple. Bit coin completely blew them away.

          The government couldn’t hack bit coin. They really want to own it.

      44. Hello from Canada
        Really hoping things work out for all of you in the USA. Hopefully HC doesn’t get in. Many people I talk to here think she is a much better choice than MrT and I can’t believe that. I tell them all the crazy things that she is responsible for and what the Clinton foundation has done and they think I’m the crazy one!
        Anyways with regards to the solar flare, it’s not a hoax. is a ligit site. I watch the short video they make every morning to see what’s going on with the sun. Solar flares, coronal holes, filaments and CMEs happen often. The sun is a sphere and these disturbances occur at various locations and shoot out into space at whatever direction they happen to be pointed. The sun is 93 million miles from us and direct hits don’t happen often thankfully. We get brushed by them often and they cause the northern lights. They also cause disturbances in our communications system and also electrical grid problems when they are more intense. There is alot to it. There is coupling and outcomes also depend on how our magnetic shield is doing at the time. Ben who runs the site is brilliant and he has been working with some other astro physicists and they have made a disaster prediction app that will soon be released. There is a proven link between solar activity and earth quakes and volcanic activity as crazy as that sounds.
        Anyways most of you already know that solar flares and CMEs are a possible danger if a direct hit happens. It’s just a matter of time.
        All this being said to get to the point that I heard a few days ago that there was a filament release and it’s headed towards us and it will likely hit on Nov 7 – 8 th. It’s not a government conspiracy. There are many but this is not one of them.
        Good luck tomorrow and praying for all of you.
        God bless.
        SolarGuy out

        • Thanks SolarGuy for the good update.

          We had a poster some time ago, moniker was BeInformed. He kept us on top of the earthquake/Solar connection. The info on Suspicious0bserver dot org is just what he would explain to us all the time.

          I think I remember someone saying that he was a part of the Suspicious Observers site.


        What? You were expecting corrupt leftists to obey the law? Why? It sure doesn’t apply to their leader Hilary. Electoral Fraud is alive and well in LeftistLand: Latest Project Veritas Bombshell: Undercover Journalist In Undercover PV journalist in burka offered Huma Abedin’s ballot in NYC (3 min. video at or at story at

        More fraud from the fraud left: Anti-Trump Voters Across America Look To “Game” Election System By “Trading Ballots”: An app, offered “by Apple, and created by an anti-Trump developer, was allowing Americans in swing states to trade votes with other ideologically aligned Americans in deep blue states. As the app explained, “we match Hillary voters in blue states with third-party voters in swing states to help them trade votes. Hillary gets more swing votes and third-party candidates get their votes counted.” Y’know, just more lies, cheating and scams from the party of lies, cheating and scams. Story at

        Two Terabytes of Clinton Documents Have Vanished From National Archive – Presumed Stolen. “The documents stolen appear to contain memos, emails, and other electronic documents from the Clinton White House. This took place while Hillary was serving as secretary of state.” It’s interesting how Clinton era emails are still vanishing. Did nobody think to back up this stuff or give it to Wikileaks so the world could back it up? Exactly HOW stupid do they think we are? (Oh right… we are talking the Kim Kardashian watchers. Never mind).

      46. THAT “DABOO 7” IS FULL OF MORE SHIT THEN A CHRISTMAS GOOSE. THEM DEMOCRATS ARE BAD BUT THEY DONT CONTROL SOLAR WEATHER. THAT GUY GETS HIS KNEE ALL JERKIN IF ANYTHING NORMAL GOES ON. I FOR ONE AINT SCARED WHAT HAPPENS HAPPENS.. the sky is falling!!!!!!! fuckin simple minded alarmist tryin to get hits on his you tube channel for self enrichment.

      47. Trying to get on ebay for some supplies,seems they having a lot of connection issues in US,beginning of a hack?!

        • Maybe WarChild. All of a sudden we aren’t able to access half of the servers that are normally wide open (we usually just use terminals, text only …so it’s fast and sweet, yet even those just are not online). We dunno…

      48. NPPH, welcome back. I’m at the BOL since last Wed. getting ready for the shitstorm. I went ahead and left ‘Memfrica’. Once the balloon goes up, I’m already at the right place. Take care.

      49. No alarms raised on solarham dot com Check it out.

      50. W. Bush completed the sale of USA. The govt has been infiltrated by the enemy.


        “G1 (Minor) Watch In Effect for the 8 November UTC-day
        published: Monday, November 07, 2016 17:58 UTC

        A G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for the 8 November, 2016 UTC-day. SWPC forecasters determined that an asymmetric, partial halo CME which occurred on 5 November in association with a disappearing solar filament, is anticipated to provide a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field mid to late day on 8 November. The glancing blow CME is likely to cause an isolated period of G1 storming conditions later in the day. Please continue to visit our SWPC website for the latest information, forecasts and updates.”

      52. No more S&W ? WTF? American Outdoor Brands Corp. S&W R.I.P. 1852~2016

      53. Before Apple actually went joined the Dark Side, there was this scene from a Hilary meeting:

        At least Apple knew how to choose attractive women….

      54. Meh!
        Who cares,,, fry it all

      55. It’s those sneaky Russian

      56. The G1 to G5 geomagnetic storm measures the amount of disruption caused on earth. Solar flares are measured on a different scale with X5 being the highest. Accompanying the flare or CME is an expanding magnetic field originating in the sun. This field strikes the magnetic field encircling this planet (magnetosphere). The magnetosphere distortion causes voltage surges in metal ojects like automobiles. In 1859 this caused telegraph lines to fry. To be affected, the objects do not have to be plugged into the grid; they only have to be metal. This includes automobile electronics which can be fried. It is possible to protect smaller electronics by putting them in homemade “Faraday Cages”. Do a search on a search engine like Bing or Google. They can be built cheaply and quickly. I keep a lot of smaller electonics in a metal trash cans with an inner lining of insulation. Another way to unleash an EMP by exploding a nuclear device high overhead. This creates the expanding magnetic field you need.

      57. Finally saw one Hilary sign on a front lawn. Still have never seen a Hilary bumper sticker. Trump signs and stickers everywhere. If the domestic enemy steals this election you will see gun and ammo sales and prices skyrocket. And the takers and government employees out number the workers now and forever? Rome probably fell for the same reasons. The mob demanding free bread and circuses. A false flag EMP might be the window of opportunity to even the playing field. But there would still be the government employees demanding bread and circuses from out of the workers pockets. Maybe that’s what’s really dragging us down . These fifth generation government employees wanting to get there hole family government jobs and pensions. Who really knows how many there are. And all the special bonuses they get? They sure as hell aren’t going to tell us? If we can drain the swamp . What are we going to do with all of them?

      58. Sun YOURE FIRED !!!!
        Because we can not have a election today.

      59. I get tired of the hype!! It’s a G-1.

        Space Weather News for Nov. 6, 2016

        SUN HURLS PLASMA CLOUD TOWARD EARTH: Yesterday, Nov. 5th, a magnetic filament on the sun became unstable and erupted. The blast opened a fiery canyon in the sun’s atmosphere and hurled a CME toward Earth. According to NOAA models, the plasma cloud could strike Earth’s magnetic field on Nov. 8th, triggering G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras around the poles. Visit for updates and more information.

        Don’t forget, is now on Facebook!

      60. This article is baloney.

      61. Get ready for the 9/11 Cyber Hack!

        They do own the NSA after all.

        Shadow Gov=Pentagon.

      62. today is the day of reckoning. Half of America is gonna be silenced by these two divisive visions for the future. Remember half of people in America are gonna be angry this is undeniable. Keep yor powder dry.

        • Asshat, you don’t reckon it’ll be far more than just half? To me, I feel that the truth is that Trump is pulling a good 70% or more despite the news reporting that it is “neck and neck” matched. (That just HAS to be bs don’t ya think as well)?

          What HCKS has posted (below) isn’t all that far off the f’ing mark imho. LEOs are out in full forced, to include the nearest “small” town.

      63. only dam fools would participate and allow a corrupt election process.

      64. SHTF COMMENSES..

        Just for argument sake, what mat or will happen is still questionable?

        Let’s take a look..

        I am still waiting on that EMP false flag attack today, looks like the lights are still on or will the EMP missile deploy today to prevent the Donald Trump victory..lets see what type of SHTF they have on the menu for us today..the lights are still on in Texas this morning..but one thing is a certainty, I won’t be going to work today, and we ain’t that stupid. Its what I believe will happen if they announced that Trump
        Lost the election. This is when the real revolutionary war starts sometime in February 2017.. lets see the real shtf commense..

        The cabal:

        30,000 guillotines, 1,000’s concentration camps ready, 350,000 chi-com soldiers, 25,000 Russians, 100,000 jihadist, 500,000 Nato versus the people..

        The citizenry:

        10-25, 000,000 extreme severely Pissed off Americans, and white hats military, pissed off cops, FBI AND other pissed off white hat agencies with very aggressive, and severely PISSED OFF veterans, and civilians who are just waking up to the reality of what’s going on, and other ex military, with preps, guns and over 1,000,000,000 rounds of ammo in the hands of the American cops, and populous, and 100,000,000 guns.. Good luck UN, get ready to have your asses handed to you..


        Just and over active imagination.. who would listen to a joker like me..

      65. God bless us all

      66. Impact above the 60th parallel–the North Pole, basically.

        Come on guys–this is sensationalism, not news.

      67. Educate me please. Question: Don’t we already have ‘instruments’ that allow us to detect these solar storms (as they are released), then project exactly at what time and precisely where on this planet it would hit? (I ask because there is no mention of it, and I thought we had the ‘tech’ to easily figure out when and where they’ll hit). Thanks in advance…

        • Go to and watch the Space Weather news video. He posts one every day between 4-6 am. Good stuff.

      68. I caught wind of an interesting “theory” last night. They were convinced “TPTB” are going to hit us with enough of a ‘solar blast’ (plus shut off a grid or two for full effect), and then state that the entire voting-machine has been melted down by a solar storm), thereby delaying or negating an Election (today anyway).

        It’s just one of millions of ‘imaginative things’ for today. The only “high tech” today will be them frigging with the polling numbers to ensure a Hillary victory …and I think we all know it.

        If there IS an “event” of any kind today, then you will be safe in assuming that everything just got incredibly dangerous and an uprising will be present by dawn …one that won’t be stopped. You can’t stop around One million pissed off inhabitants from being “controlled” any longer.

        The word is out. The day has arrived. Now we shall see what happens after it is determined who, if anyone, wins and what comes of it (there is an enormous amount of talk that there is going to be revolting on an incredibly large scale, and apparently that is why there are so many LEOs out there to attempt to quell any uprising “hot spots” (or kill if they must).

        Wow is this site getting slow! (hangs up to a minute now) on me.

      69. “Editor’s Comment: Time and again, we have seen those in power planning to use an EMP or massive solar flare as a pretext for total unrest, a collapse of the electric grid and the institution of martial law.”

        LOL! I’m a Republican…and I love Trump…and I HATE Hillary and Obama. Having said that…they can’t control the sun. This solar activity happens when it happens. As for the election…the date is always the same! So…to indicate this is some pre-planned event for Obama to declare Martial Law is pure silliness!

      70. I just caught a news flash from that “a considerable CME is due to impact The United States at sometime in the early evening hours with the likelihood of extremely destructive electrical and magnetic anomalies (then the pop up disappeared…and I was on weather dot com when it happened), just a few moments ago.

        Why is it suddenly being said to have the potential to reek havoc? That’s 180 out from all previous reports.

        Just reporting what I see, dunno what to believe anymore.

      71. Explosion in Russia. There grid down. Their computers hacked. Dead man at the Russian embassy.

        This is not sarcasm. These events have occurred. A set up for Obama to grid down and blame Russia. The stage is set for the false flag, EMP, what have you.

        Don’t let this stop you from voting.

        If you didn’t prepare, you better get your weeks worth of water, precooked or canned food, fill your gas tank, and get flashlights and batteries handy.

        Charcoal for outdoor cooking if you have a grill. Wood for your fireplace if you have one.

        Go vote. Call loved ones and let them know what’s happening. Tell them you love them. Who knows what these maniacs might do.

        God Bless America and all of you guys.


      72. I did not know that solar activity could be “scheduled”.

        Some good level-headed resources are listed below. In the meantime, events such as the one mentioned in this article causing power outages in Ontario, are often referred to as Carrington-Level Events. That refers to a severe solar storm in 1859. The geomagnetic storm that affected Quebec in 1989 was also very strong. Both high on the Geomagnetic Storm Scale (see link below). ALSO, they are usually stronger because the strongest of the Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) can occur in tandem with others that preceded them (the previous CMEs, thereby “paving the way” for the strongest CMEs).

        The advisory regarding Election Day (night) is a minor G-1 POSSIBLE Geomagnetic Storm. Again, refer to the scale (linked below). At most, people around The Arctic Circle will have some pretty aurora to watch. With The Sun exiting the latest Solar Maximum – another very weak one – we are mostly experiencing events resulting from “Coronal Holes” (solar wind) as opposed to the stronger CMEs that often originate from large clusters of sunspots.

        If some government was going to attempt, as the article implies, a man-made event to coincide with a solar event in order to cause a “massive outage”, that would be a tough thing to do. There are so many sites, such as the one listed below, that allow people to know what the levels of solar activity are, that having a country lose their power grid during a minor G-1 POSSIBLE Geomagnetic Storm, would raise A TON of suspicion. Instead, finding other “alleged causes” for a “massive failure” would be more likely.

        I recommend utilizing more scientific and accurate resources such as the following, BEFORE lending credence to random articles read online. Examples:

        -NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center ( offers real-time solar observations as well as alerts.

        -NOAA’s Space Weather Scales ( gives descriptors in their pull-down menus of different levels of Geomagnetic Storms, Solar Radiation Storms as well as Radio Blackout Levels.

        -The MBK Team’s AuroraMon page ( gives a plethora of technical data and graphics. Of most interest to most, should be the Kp Index towards the bottom left of the website. If those bars get above 6 and ESPECIALLY if they get closer to 8 or 9, then mid to lower latitudes have a good chance of seeing aurora activity from their locations. offers daily astronomy news as well as the very interesting chart further down the page of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. See how many just miss us that were not known about, so often, until days before they pass Earth. Sobering, to be sure.

      73. I’ll take my chances. LOL. I’m not prepared for a massive solar flare at all.

        • A 20 pound bag of rice beans and flour. Gets you almost two months of food for less the 30 bucks. A gallon of cooking oil salt and vitamins another twenty bucks . Sell a couple of your video games.

      74. For a really good explanation and education on solar events see the website Suspicious Observers. Great site with lots of info. Most of it is free. Lots of video explanations. NOT a conspiricy site.

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