Civil Unrest: You’re Pretty Much on Your Own If You Are Caught In a Riot or Other Violent Demonstration

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    This article comes to us from long-time friend and contributor Lisa Bedford. Visit her fantastic preparedness and planning web site at The Survival Mom and don’t forget to read her latest book.

    SHTFplan Editor’s note: As has been noted countless times on this web site and many others, the system as we know it is progressively devolving into chaos. Personal and governmental safety nets that have maintained system stability thus far are being shred to pieces as tens of millions of people overwhelm our government’s food  and medical assistance programs. People are losing their homes, their jobs, and their ability to repay their debt, as well as to make  make ends meet. Like we’ve seen recently in Greece, the middle east, north Africa, and elsewhere, the people of the world are on edge and they’re starting to crack. Over the last few years we’ve seen peaceful protests here in the U.S. turn to sometimes violent demonstrations – including violence from protestors and police alike. Likewise, we repeatedly hear stories of desperation as mobs of people (usually youth and teens) join forces to rob local convenience and retail stores. As the dark cloud of economic malaise worsens across America, so too will the mobs. As such, we must prepare ourselves for the rioting we’ve seen over the last several years to move from our television sets to right outside of our front doors.

    What will you do if you find yourself out and about with your family when a flash mob or violent protest erupts? It can happen without warning and very quickly. In the article below Lisa gives us a primer on mob mentality, what to (not) expect from law enforcement, ways to avoid getting stuck in the middle of such an event, and considerations for war-gaming scenarios ahead of time so that you don’t panic if you’re ever faced with a screaming violent irrational mob. 

    Coming to a Location Near You: Civil Unrest
    by The Survival Mom

    It’s not my imagination.  Angry groups of people are gathering together more and more often, protesting perceived injustice, failure of leadership, the financial malpractice by our government and banks, and just about any unpopular decision made by a governing body.  Sometimes these groups go so far as to cast their anger, and blame, on those far from the source of their original complaint. They may even show up at the private homes of individuals they have targeted for one reason or another.

    Riots and mobs have long been a part of life in second and third world countries, and as America’s fortunes continue to spiral downward, it’s highly likely that, at some point in the future, you will be confronted with surviving an encounter with a mob.

    Just recently a small group of self-identified, “anarchists” attacked a Starbucks in New York City.

    Mob of Anarchists Attack Starbucks

    Reading the article, a few facts jumped out at me.

    • Only 25 people were involved in the group.
    • Those inside Starbucks must have been terrified with no place to go and probably no forms of self-defense.
    • The anarchists advertised their event.
    • Some were wearing masks, increasing their anonymity.
    • They were willing to attack private property and law enforcement alike.

    The problem with people

    People are unpredictable and as a general rule, the larger the group, the lower the overall IQ.  How else can you explain the crazy college students who go out and burn police cars to celebrate winning a championship game?  Think about it.  These young people had to present their high school transcripts and take at least one admissions test in order to be accepted.  Then, they set cars on fire because their team won or lost a game.  A large group of people with a lower collective IQ and fueled by alcohol is an even deadlier combination.

    Another issue when it comes to protests and demonstrations is that it increases the cloak of anonymity that people believe they have. They feel free to do what they have always wanted to do but felt constrained by the fear of being identified.  Look at this photo of a protest that took place in Iran and you’ll see what I mean.  How likely will anyone remember the dark-haired guy in the white shirt a third of the way from the front?

    Many of these groups are made up of cowardly bullies who would never confront a police officer on his/her own or break windows or strip innocent bystanders, but when they are part of a larger group, they’re emboldened to do things that they would never do alone.

    A final issue with mobs of people is that they adjust their behavior to that of those around them.  You can see this occasionally in photos and videos when one protester will glance at others around him and raise his voice, increase his level of anger, raise his fist, etc.  The mob, not the individual, is in control.

    Where does law enforcement come in?

    I spoke with a few individuals in various law enforcement departments, and here is the gist of their advice: You’re pretty much on your own if you are ever caught in a riot or other violent demonstration.

    That’s right.  Police and other law enforcement departments have multiple plans for dealing with angry mobs.  What they don’t have are plans for rescuing you if you are caught in the middle.  You absolutely must have a plan for staying safe.  Not for taking on a hundred people single handed, just staying safe and getting away.

    Information can be your best defense

    It’s vital to know what is going on in your town as well as national trends.  The protests and violence following the Trayvon Martin incident spread far beyond Sanford, Florida.  Listen or watch local news and sign up for email and/or cell phone alerts from local TV and radio stations.  Very often they will send out alerts far more quickly than law enforcement.

    Staying informed is especially important if you live or work in a high-profile area, such as an urban area with many government and corporate buildings.  If this describes you, you should also have a Get Home Bag and multiple routes for getting to a safer place.

    Groups such as Communist Students and sites such as publicize their grievances, plans, and protest locations.  Law enforcement keeps tabs on these groups, so why not you?  Follow them on Twitter, sign up for their emails (establish a separate email address for this), and track them down on Facebook.  If you hear of a protest scheduled near you, at least you’ll have advanced warning to be prepared or to be somewhere else on that day.

    What about real self-defense?

    One friend in law enforcement told me that he would want to have a concealed handgun if he were ever caught in a mob.  I have no problem with being armed but would definitely think twice about the circumstances and my plan for self-defense.

    For example, firing a gun would immediately identify me as a target, especially if my appearance didn’t fit in with the crowd.  I’m not so sure facing down dozens of angry people is my idea of a good survival plan.  As well, stray bullets could hit innocent people or a police officer.  A firearm might be a better choice for back-to-the-wall self-defense among a smaller mob or if caught in a building that provides a degree of cover.

    It’s important to not underestimate the force and combined anger of a large group of people and how rapidly it can amplify.  The smartest self-defense weapon in this scenario is your brain and previous planning.

    Plans and tactics when peaceful becomes violent

    Here’s the problem with these protests.  They are made up of people, generally angry people, who have a grievance. It takes very little to turn a peaceful protest violent.  In fact, many groups have trained individuals who purposely stoke anger and, hopefully, cause a violent reaction against police, bystanders, and private or government property.  To some, a protest isn’t a success until several of their members have been hauled off to jail.

    I recorded this video with more tips for staying safe during a time of civil unrest.  Please add your own suggestions in the comment section and remember to enter this giveaway for a free Big Berkey water filter and a signed copy of my book! 

    Lisa Bedford is the author of Survival Mom: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe and Secure—No Matter What. Undaunted by the prospect of TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It), Lisa Bedford tackles every what-if and worst-case scenario head-on, offering practical advice on how to prepare your family for whatever might come your way. 



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      1. Now it is now all clear that the British Police failed us during the riots by failing to protect both life & private property; The old English right to armed self-defence must be RETURNED. We must again have the means and the legal right to protect ourselves, our families and our property!! The return of the pre-1920 ‘Right-to-Keep-and-Bear-Arms’ would allow the British public to fight back, and not just be forced to passively accept being the victims of crime!

        • its never gonna happen man. once a populace gives up the right to bear arms, only a revolution will return it to them.
          this is convenient for the british powers that be, as a revolution is difficult to fight without firearms.

          • And in order to get those arms needed for a revolution you need a rich backer to finance their illegal purchase.
            Beholden to some rich prick, here we go again.

        • Well,Burt, the police did exactly what they are supposed to do. “Protect and Serve” is what their motto used to be. Only thing is we thought they were protecting and serving US.They are only here to protect and serve the gov corp. As evidenced by the LEO telling Lisa she was on her own.

        • Brit says:

          The return of the pre-1920 ‘Right-to-Keep-and-Bear-Arms’ would allow the British public to fight back, and not just be forced to passively accept being the victims of crime!

          Brit, the first part of that last sentence tells you exactly why the government will never let you have guns. It can not have you protecting yourself for it.

          The corp, no matter where it is, can not force you to anything. If you want you guns back, you will need to fight for them. I think many here may be willing to do so, but only when the “authorities” come for their own weapons.

          The People will eventually win and we will return to Natural Law, the law of common sense.

          The longer the people wait, the harder it will be. If you want your guns back, you first have to take the power of money creation back from those who took the guns in the first place.

          There is no other solution, especially if you are waiting for the corp to give you either protection or guns to do it yourself.

          • Burt – thats pretty interesting – esp your comment on not knowing HOW you will react until you are in the situation. I can really relate to that, (being a Londoner “stuff happens” ya know?)

            What does shock me is that you found an open pub during the riots! My local High Street pulled down the shutters as soon as Tottenham kicked off – the locals + most of the shops stayed shut for the following fortnight.

            As for the US guys on this thread talking about carrying knives. We don’t have guns so UK thugs not only carry, but know how to use knives – just saying. Also you are caught with a knife on you by the police and you don’t have the appropriate paperwork to say you are a carpenter by trade on his way to X address to do a specific job?

            In situations like the one Burt describes above? You are doing jail time, whether or not that knife is actually used. The UK police would see it as evidence of intent to be a troublemaker in a time of civil unrest as Burt describes, and treat you accordingly.

            In the UK you need to be smart re self defence – a walking cane, an umbrella, hell even a set of keys or as the gentleman who led the defensive charge in Burt’s story – a homemade molotov cocktail.

            • Wether spoons Croydon. Nothing was happening in the area, then someone shouted that kids were in the street, then all hell broke loose.

            • Croydon’s a guaranteed powder keg, same as Brixton, Toxteth, or Bradford Burt

              Still stunned the pub was open – that’s one seriously DUMB management team

              Wetherspoons is a National corporate chain, Head Office can’t be expected to have local knowledge. It may be worth monitoring local Mom & Pop shops – they keep their ears closer to the ground, and tend to have more street smarts than the corporate crew in situations like England last summer

        • Dear Brit, I can only wish you luck in the right to restore the personal liberty of owning firearms. You know since the invention (firearms) not one war has been decided with anything else. Oh of course planes, tanks, and nuclear weapons have impacted our wars, but they all still come down the rifle. Its funny I should see your post since I debate almost daily with an Englander who thinks we need to give up our right to bear arms like he has….sad for him. Not going to happen; not here; not in our lifetime. Maybe the next….

        • It’s ironic that the biggest selling item on Amazon’s UK website during the riots were American baseball bats.

          I wonder if the head office noticed and passed secret legislation requiring a waiting period on kinetic sporting goods like bats?

          • Actually a baseball bat is a very good weapon if one is serious about having to use it. That being said, if you don’t follow through with using it for self defense, it will likely be taken away from you and used ON you.

            In other words, if you talk the talk, you’d better be prepared to walk the walk.

            I bet the company that produces the bats appreciated the increase of sales. Regardless of the purpose of it’s use.

        • i’ll sell you a Louisville Slugger

        • The bit about the flash mob robberies is incorrect. These animals are not desparate, just opportunistic thieves who commit crimes as a group because thjey think it will be easier to get away with it (so far it seems to be working). They usually steal non-essential items like beer, snacks, expensive clothes, etc.

        • Britain went through this before. At the advent of WWII the British were clamoring for firearms, and American citizens answered the call!, sending rifles, shotguns and pistols to our British cousins, free of charge.

          Now the British Gov’ has gone and disarmed the populace once more. As was foretold, when the civilians were disarmed crime would flourish, which it has.

          I wish you well ‘Brit’ and I would help if I could but we have our own gun-grabber in the White House, who, I am sure, it will be proved had not right to run for the Office of President, let alone be elected to it.

      2. We are slowly becoming “The Lord of The Flies” on a grand scale. It’s taking decades but at first we were civilized, then slowly we break down and become savages. Ready to hurt the weak, ready to steal for fun, ready to kill.

        • unless you are ‘prepped’, and can therefore help others.

          (and I was first!) Really?

        • You are telling me.

          Caught in a pub during the riots last year…family pub, a fair few kids there…nobody came.

          The manager started tipping away the spirits because individuals were running through smashing things and grabbing bottles of spirits to use as Molotov cocktails.

          Women were shielding their kids, cying and screaming, thankfully my daughter wasn’t there. Then, calm as you like a man stood up, went behind the bar, took a bottle of vodka and stuffed a handkerchief in the top, he took out a lighter and just stared at three youths who were coming through the door from the street, they were screaming obscenities at him. He never said a word, just flicked the lighter and held it to the handkerchief. The youths turned and fled….the handky never actually caught light but they never realised that.

          That man broke the spell, that was it then, everybody except the women with kids started to move, doors were barricaded, improvised weapons found, more alcohol bombs prepared…we were behaving like a mob, following the actions of our new found leader. A few things got thrown through the windows over the next couple of hours, and the barricade almost gave way at one point but finally, just over three hours later the police came and lead us out.

          The man who made the vodka bomb, his name we found was Mike, said he had never been more afraid in his life and that he had no idea what made him do what he did. He galvanised us as a group, looking back I think it was a good job he did, but the point is the article is right, a mob can be incited by just one individual, and once fired up even a small group can be formidable.

          I was terrified and will openly admit I felt useless. Whoever Mike is all I can say is thanks.

          • Were the “protestors” that foreign body known as Muslims? I know you guys over there in Britland have an infestation of ’em.

            What a jolly opportunity to wipe ’em out, if you guys hadn’t allowed yourselves to be disarmed.

            • Mixed mob domestic..

              Black white and brown all running together

            • DT,

              You can not have an infestation of Men. You can have an infestation of propaganda that influences the minds to think less of certain people, but only those with the least amount of intelligence will base their belief of a Man on something other than the truth of his spirit.

              Someone with the same wipe em out attitude may one day come for you. You will both be victims of the same propaganda campaign, with the same force fed biases against each other, because it profits those who seek control.

              You can side with Man, or with the corp and it’s evil. What is important to know is that when you have the capacity to be prejudiced about one man, or one type of man, you are prejudiced about them all in one way or another.

              We all came from God, and we will all return. In the eyes of God we are all the same, thus I try to see other people through his eyes.

              If you still see people as a group, the propaganda campaign has been a 100% success on you.

            • Mixed group

              White black and brown running together

              Take care

            • DT

              All colours, all creeds, all hell bent on destruction in united flash mobs all over England. Race just wasn’t an issue.

          • Amazing story Burt. And it illustrates how fast and unexpectedly things can get out of hand. And it shows how the mob mentality can forge people together, for good (in the pub) or for evil (like the idiots on the streets). Glad you made it out of that situation alright.

            • Smokin

              Thank you. It taught me a great deal. You assume, or rather I assumed that I would react in a given way in a given situation…I conned myself. I just stood there staring…my deer caught in the headlights moment. My heart was racing, palms sweating, mind reeling.

              I quickly became aware of just how deep in the shit I was! It was a very unpleasant feeling.

              Afterwards I resolved that I would never allow myself to feel that helpless again……have I succeeded? I would like to think so, but I will not know for sure unless I am in that situation again.

              I would love to come on here and be as sure as many of you are..but I’ll be honest, I am not.

              When I had the attempted break in and I used the wasp spray, I was inside upstairs, he was outside downstairs. I felt okay, I was so angry he was invading my space that I took action.

              Out there, in a room surrounded by strangers, it was entirely different.

              It’s hard to explain and many here will think me be it..but I assure you the reactions you think you will have are not always the ones your body delivers.

              Take care

            • Hi smokin

              I have answered this post but managed to delete my name and will therefore be in moderation for a day or so lol

              Didn’t want you thinking a was being rude and ignoring you.

              Take care

            • This is one of the reasons WHY the cities are rotting away: because decent 30 something middle class people like my wife and I WILL NOT get caught up in situations like this. We have a dance club that we go to that is strictly 25 and over, dress code required and guarded by some unsmiling individuals with arms the size of my waist. This is the ONLY place we go to in the major city we live near. Other than that, we stay way out in the suburbs, close to home.
              Hey, if the stupid little fuckers wanna come out here and try to “Occupy” any part of my home, I will personally put a 7.62 FMJ through their throat just below the chin (brain stem shot, for those playing along at home). Or I may just have it with my Mossberg pump. Other than that, they can have their fun burning down their own neighborhoods, like the sick little POS they are

          • Burt the Brit: I’m never too concerned about mobs since members of a mob don’t wear uniforms or insignias it’s pretty easy to blend in (unless it’s racial) and just move to a point were I can escape. Barring that, I can get out by grabbing one or two of the nearest idiots threatening me and plunge one of my steal encased fountain pens into his skull, near the temple if possible. This along with my razon sharp clip-knife, a few slices to the face, and neck if necessary, and the rest of the clowns will scatter. The mob will will make a direct exit away from the screams and the flowing blood. I can then follow them out and disappear. I may not even have to use my legally concealed pistol. And yes, I’ve been trained to fight like this. But situational awareness is your greatest asset; we live in troubled times and it pays to be aware of the latest news and your surroundings. If anything appears to be out of the ordinary for any area that you frequent, then get out and go home, never put yourself into a situation were you are forced to fight. Burt, I know that you’re legally handicapped in Britain, but I believe that fountain pens, even metal ones, are still legal in your country. And at night, a hard metal tourch (flashlight) makes a good club/baton for striking. These non-lethal weapons are called weapons of opportunity and don’t require any permits. Be armed, be aware, and above all, be safe.

          • Due to the goverment censorship of the media, people didnt hear about what happenes in woolwich. Twitter was very useful for me then. I could see the fires burning above the buildings from my home. we were a little way to bugging out. but it stayed contained to the town centre. 3 building were completely destroyed by fire and several others needed a conplete refurb. glad things went ok for ypu burt the brit.

      3. Fourth?

      4. Air Force Reserve guy thought it was pretty funny and said this on Youtube about people who are preparing:

        “If the shit actually did hit the fan, they will serve as good sources of initial ammo/weapons supply. I just envision tons of tactical wannabees getting wasted within the first few hours of the twinkie alien zombie apocalypse.”

        millerusaf in reply to bisquik3006(Show the comment) 1 day ago

        Sign up and go over there and tell him what you think of his plan. Thats not the first time ive ran across words like that from someone in the military.

        • Air Force Reserve Guy will be too busy stuffing his face with pizza at the BX/PX!

          • BX (Base Exchange) in this case, though AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Service) runs both flavors.

            Personally, I just think he spent too much time shopping in the Class Six, but that’s just a theory of mine.

        • Air Force Reserve ….. I might get offended if that comment came from anyone in the military.

          • Yep, hes military buddy, he can help but brag about it. He’s a NutnFancy wanna be is what he is. I didnt find it funny at all….. and i hope people from here go over and express their dislike of it also….. Millerusaf is the name of his channel….the comment is in his “Red Horse” video.

            • I have family members who have served in the air force.

              This man’s comments ANGER me!

            • KY Mom,

              There was a time when it was noble to join the service and help protect freedom for the People of America. Now the military has a different mission, only without changing it’s mission statement of telling the People what the new mission is.

              Whether or not your family served with honor depends on when the service was.

              Anyone serving in the military today is nothing more than a paid mercenary for the banksters, and most probably an absolute moron fully programmed to believe that they are serving good in spite of the obvious facts.

              If you can justify serving the United States armed forces today given what we all know, you are still fully programmed and might need a reboot to get rid of the last of that propaganda virus that has been implanted.

              Military service equals spreading death and destruction around the world for money, to the benefit of organized crime, no matter how else you try to describe it.

        • Who cares what a Wing Wiper Thinks? He won”t be down for the Struggle Anyways! Semper Fi…

          • He needs a kick in the nuts…. guess im asking for help and a surge of hate to show up on his channel for saying hes gonna loot on people.

            • Yep KY Mom, i dont like all that much either! Hard to believe someone who lives in Montana in 2012 who jumps up and down telling people like myself…(fill in the blank)…. that i need to show him respect at all times would turn around and say his plans during unrest is to go steal peoples guns and ammo. He wont act on an order to do it…. he’ll just do it on his own.

              Millerusaf needs a visit on his channel from the SHTF people!

            • You ASSUME he has those…

          • Now hes trying to spin it like prepared people are just a bunch of dumbass who are gonna die anyways and he didnt make any mention of stealing anyones guns or ammo….

            • @ PETERSON-
              who the fuck cares about him or his channel…. he wants views and here you are giving hs info to get him views? Hmmm….curious. Your a moron too…. if not the one who you are saying we all should go listen to.

              Who-The_fUck_Cares_ what he, OR YOU, think.

        • Former USAF full-timer here… In my experience? Far too many of the reservists are, to put it charitably, a bit on the stupid side. They tend to be the ones who often can’t handle themselves on a flightline (let alone with weapons), and consequently tend to be the ones who fill up the base hospital whenever they go TDY.

          There are of course exceptions (the air-bladder boys especially), but by and large? You only trust a part-timer as far as you can throw him, especially when you’re around live aircraft, live ordinance, etc. The only thing I’ve seen most of them do a thorough job of is demolishing donuts and coffee.

          He does have a (very small) point, in that the more unhinged among the population will indeed go a bit apeshit when feces finds HVAC device.

          However, I seriously think he underestimates the percentages. Furthermore, I suspect that if he did try to use one of those “good sources of initial ammo/weapons supply”, his life expectancy would drop to less than 20 seconds (or about however long it takes for him to try and rush the first house that actually contains such things.)

          I have no desire to sign up for what may well be an obvious troll, but if he’s smart, he’ll do his level best to avoid trying to take loaded weapons from people, no matter what the situation. Doing things like that tends to put paid to Darwin’s Theory.

      5. I wont be participating in any open protests, or public riots..I’ll be home protecting my family and my property.

        I will have no reason to loot, or steal food or what I will need to survive this time in history..I have prepped to hunker down and defend my own borders, come what may, If i go down it will be because our government has shot an innocent man doing only what any other man would do to protect what he has rightfully earned. And any human either in uniform or not, that takes my life or my loved ones lives..will have GOD to answer to for wrongful death of a patriot.

        • VRF, we all need to remember that firing a weapon has to be a last resort. We preppers will become targeted and if a whole block/street of people fight off a mob in our community, we have to be prepared to go on the offensive. If we don’t we become isolationist that are inviting more trouble. Think Warsaw (late 30s and early 40s) because the local ptb will cardon off our areas to indeed isolate us and make us into targeted groups that will be over whelmed by numbers. Just food for thought. Don’t wait for the enemy to continue to come to you.

        • I’m with VRF on this. No protest groups for me. The ideology of a hundred million march on DC and throwing all the bums out, sounds good in writing. All this talk of a revolution, is just that, and all it will ever be. Too many people are like me and VRF, only willing to stick our necks out far enough to protect what is right around us. By the time any group could get enough volunteers on board to make a “real” difference, people would have become so desperate; we are probably already under Marshal Law at that point, and the logistics of the whole thing from that point would be worse than a nightmare. So, “taking this country back” is a moot point. We can only do what we can do, and there aren’t enough of us “like minded people” to change anything. Even the voting won’t change anything. All we can find relief in; is knowing that our Heavenly Father is still on the throne, and He is still in control, and each of us has/is doing all we can on a personal/family basis to be prepared for whatever they throw at us.

          • martial law, dammit! 😉

            • I think he was referring to The Marshall Tucker Band. Apparently they make laws now.

            • Hey, spell-checker,thanks! and The guys from Spartanburg SC are one of my all time favorite groups. Everyone likes a little ass, but no one likes a smart-ass! dumb-ass!

          • I respect most of the comments you write and I understand your reasoning, but this one…
            Seems rather defeatist to me.

        • Maybe we should all try and work together in stead of being swept away by anger and fear. Being trigger happy will only attract more trigger happy people… Surely that’s not a good thing when led by fear and anger?

        • VRF – You have that right. Who in their right mind would openly expose themselves to that crap. Let the morons battle it out, it’ll make less of them to waste a bullet on. If I go down it will be here at my home.

      6. The police have a confirmed history of “casting a wide net” and just scooping up everyone in the area when protests are going on. Thus there were office workers, businessmen, bicycle messengers, just everyone, scooped up with protestors in NYC a few years ago, and all were kept in a large dirty bus garage for days.

        A lot of the time you can tell when a protest is going on, but sometimes it’s a surprise because “flash mob” tactics are the most effective.

      7. To the tune of The Ballad of Jed Clampitt (everybody knows the Beverly Hills theme, right?)

        Come and listen to my story, ’bout a guy named Barack
        Got elected to the white house, now that was quite a shock.
        Now he spends all day, puttin’ out executive orders,
        While ignoring all the people, unemployment and the borders
        …real issues that is…self government, the constitution
        (banjo interlude….)

        Now the next thing you know, the elections rolling ’round,
        The voters all said ‘let’s get this crook out of town,’
        Said ‘back to kenya is the place you ought to be,
        Or at least the windy city, anywhere but in DC’
        ….put your shoes on…don’t stay awhile…don’t come back now, ya hear?

        • Very creative, Okie. But not realistic in light of there being many voters who pay no federal taxes and will be trooping to the polls to keep the benefits rolling in.

          • Sad but true, Hey You. The takers have outnumbered the makers. Plus we have good ole trustworthy Diebold corp counting the votes for us. We may be screwed either way. Still, I’m giving it one more try.
            I have 4 children who have all been working, paying taxes and voting since thier 18th birthday. They know what we are all striving for. And if our votes don’t really matter, and America goes down, it won’t be without a fight!
            To paraphrase Reagans ‘Trust, but verify’ comment:
            Vote, but keep your powder dry.

        • Make a song about him eating dogs …. apparently Fido was “invited to dinner” at the Obama household.

          • But I’m sure no pork.

          • I wish I had an Oscar Meyer wiener dog or…
            How much is that doggie steak in the window?

        • Great song!! Well done!! 🙂

        • Gos Smokin I was ROFLMAO you just crack me up ALL the time luv ya man you are just tooooo funny. No matter how bad things are you ALWAYS make me laugh. I am not sure if you noticed but I was able to afford a couple K,s today was pay day LOL:)

          • Thanks justincase! 🙂

      8. Well in the states, the US supreme court ruled that police have no duty to protect us.

      9. Can anybody point me to the best web sites that explain the fema camps. I want to show these to unbelievers.

          • Matt:

            You are going to be so disappointed. I’ll save you a little time. Skip to 27:30 for Alex Jones, and skip the whole thing for Jesse Ventura’s show. Ugh. It’s that bad.

            Of course, I don’t even own a TV because I assume most of it is this bad.

            After watching, you may want to search the net for ‘Fusion Centers’; Hardin, Montana “FEMA camp”; and that ‘FEMA coffin storage facility’.

            Do we have a police state? Absolutely. (And getting worse.)
            Are we losing our freedoms, in the name of security? Yes.
            Should every single household be prepared for an emergency that causes the STHTF? You are a fool if you don’t.

            FEMA camps just waiting to lock up your family? I need some other proof. Anyone? Photos please of your local facility.

            As I always say:

            It is bad enough. We don’t need to invent problems.

            Two weeks prep minimum. Earthquakes happen.

        • Tu Info Wars..that”ll do It

        • LOL i live on a Military base. the Fema camps exist. i worked with them for 6 years and got the hell out while i could . Worked with a SAR unit and we were taught all out scale war last year. LOL i no longer work for them and have boosted all my ammunition food and other supplies as best i could . The last thing i wanted to do is live on a military base. My husband got deployed this year and not by his liking . he also trained last year for all out scale war . here is a link to all the fema camps .

          • Under:

            If you worked at a FEMA camp, can you please tell us where. I’m sure you must have photos, include those as well.

            Your first link (greatdreams) lists every military base in the US. Hardly a list of FEMA camps.

            Your second link… well, if you believe an anonymous blogger who just happens to know an ‘illuminati’ source, and uses his cap lock key excessively, then I don’t know how to convince you.
            I ask you to re-read your second link and find a single provable fact or photo of all of these FEMA camps that are hiding in plain sight somewhere.

            Two weeks preps minimum. Floods happen.

          • EDIT:

            When I say ‘second link’, I should say ‘third link’. Your second link returned a 404 error.

      10. It should be obvious to anyone asking the question of being caught in the middle of shit like this. The answer is to avoid densely populated areas as a rule of thumb. Also, avoid large gatherings of sheep at events such as large games, stadium events and so on. Even on a good day without the hard, oppressive times of today, these types of events can be dangerous. There is nothing at these events for the awakened mind, screw it and don’t go.

        Now, if you’re some unfortunate person living in a big city, my only advice would be to consider relocation to outside the city at your earliest convenience. If that isn’t going to work for you, I say good luck and God’s Speed to you. I certainly would not want to live within 20 miles of any dense population in today’s world. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with a half loaded six shooter. If the thugs don’t get you, the outrageous legal system eventually will.

      11. Take the path of least resistance and lay low while the storm passes over. Stay out of the “Drama’s” by remaining invisible. There’s no place like Home.

        …and live to see another day.

      12. I had been in the demonstrations, i “drunk” the cops’ peacfull coctails.
        I walked with strangers on my side.
        You are not alone.
        You are among people. And if you get caught, screw them.
        This is not life anymore.
        When there is nothing else to lose, you go.
        Just be strong.
        They afraid of us. They afraid of you.
        They afraid of humanity.

        Be safe guys.

        • Manos

          I would like to thank you.

          I pray that the rest of us are able to emulate the example being set by the Greeks in resisting tyranny.

      13. Millerusaf is the guys name at Youtube, yes hes military, go over there and ask him about his looting plans during civil unrest!

      14. I’m going to re-title this:

        “Coming to a Location Near You: Americans Finally Stepping Up and Confronting the Oligarchy: If you don’t have the stomach for it, stay the hell home and protect your family.”

        Of course, that would be a work of fiction. The sheeple will never rise, so don’t waste your time. Do as the lady suggested.

      15. she ran her trap for almost 16 minutes and could have said everything is 15 seconds.. ” stay away from the cops at all costs” the rioters will let you pass.

      16. “People are unpredictable and as a general rule, the larger the group, the lower the overall IQ. How else can you explain the crazy college students who go out and burn police cars to celebrate winning a championship game? Think about it. These young people had to present their high school transcripts and take at least one admissions test in order to be accepted. Then, they set cars on fire because their team won or lost a game. A large group of people with a lower collective IQ and fueled by alcohol is an even deadlier combination.”

        I’d have to disagree. Nowadays one can’t get a deadlier combination in regards to low IQ boozers than “today”s youth” in “college”. A sad commentary on the Dumbing Down of Americans.

      17. Quebec students have been barracading themselves in halls and rooms to protest rising tuition costs in Quebec. One student, a former soldier who served in the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan was recently taunted by fellow students after he won an injunction permitting him to attend his college course. In his own words, “I risked my life so that women and Afghan children could go to school [without] coercion by a social cause or ideology. And now I return to Canada to try and educate myself with the money I saved, to become a better person and they tell me: ‘We have a just social cause to defend, so you don’t get access to education'”.

        Nowhere is safe.

      18. Just picked up a book from Amazon on how to build an in-house storm shelter. Should things turn violent around here (Frostbite Falls MN), I know where me and my Better Half will be.

        • I buy alot of books from Amazon, whats the name of that book?

          • “Taking shelter from the storm” It is a series of articles from the U of Michigan. I also plan to see what Home Depot/Lowes has in their book section too, if anything, on the subject.

            I have a small room under my basement stairs which I want to make “hard”.

            Best of luck Pete.

            • Good deal, thank you! I’ll have to check it out, there was a few books like that mentioned in “Emergency… this book will save your life” that i never put in my cart yet. Maybe i’ll jump on Amazon later and get some books coming my way.

        • Auntie Commie: If you see Rocky and Bullwinkle, tell them I said hello. We had a few classes together at Watsamatta U.

      19. Chinese jobs in America


      20. first thing you do during a riot is RUN away as fast as you can.

      21. Being an anarchist doesn’t mean you believe in violence.Anarchy comes from Greek and means absence of a political leader or government. By that definition it may not be a bad thing.

        • And is impossible (and ridiculous) as communism.

          People never tolerate anarchy. They will always form “regulators”, “posses,” “vigilantes,” et. al to create order.

          Anarchy is just a short run to despotism.

          Watch “Anarchy USA.”

          • Really? Ever hear of a direct democracy? It is an idea the 99% could implement overnight.

            • Yes, I have. Have you heard of a dictionary?


              Look up “anarchy,” and then look up “democracy.”

            • Democracy is the worst possible form of government. Ism, Fasc or Commun, is first.

              Anarchy is just a step to tyranny.

        • JRS,

          Anarchists are the enemy of government. The people that do this kind of stuff aren’t anarchists, on the contrary, they’re the opposite most of the time.

          …but, in order for the corp to defame the anarchists (who very much resemble “libertarians”, the other enemy of government) they misuse and confuse.

          Essentially most of us on here have anarchist leanings. After all, when you want more freedom you must have less government. The term anarchy and therefore anarchist plays on the false theory put forth by government (Oh, no! Really? Thats a first!) that without government there will be “anarchy”. While this is true, the image they give you of “anarchy” is people being killed in the streets, houses on fire, people being tortured, robbed, rapped etc.

          In reality, the aforementioned mishaps are really what happens when government is in charge. Once again, government turns logic and truth on its head.

          Over and over this happens. Essentially I’m learning that whatever government says is bad, is good and what government says is good, well, it won’t be good for long if government supports it. The more I study the more anarchist I become.

          The fact is, we libertarians are close cousins to the anarchists. While an anarchist might believe no government is best, we libertarians believe that we need just a very minimum amount of government to protect our rights and keep it small, affordable and controllable. …and this is clearly what we DON’T have in this day and age.

          In order to grow, unfettered, the government was turned into a corporation (See the Act of 1871) and now it is literally a monster that is eating us and itself. Stop resisting it! Help it eat itself and its own. Just stay out of the way of those teeth and claws. Many people beg to be eaten. As I said, help them along. The sooner this bastard child of government (the de facto, corporate government, that is) bites its own head off and dies, the sooner we can crank up the De Jure government and forget this bad dream.

          For more information go here:

          or here:

          or here:

      22. If you cannot go somewhere without your protection,stay away from such events,most of it is meanignless garbage.High Capacity arms,six shot guns need not apply,esp in citys.Reliable proven pistols,no pretty pieces,save for range.

      23. Auntie Commie: If you happen to run into Rocky and Bullwinkle, tell them I said hello. We had a few classes toghther at Whatsamatta U.

      24. With the London August riots it was on the third day that violence had spread to other cities, with the fuel strike scare a couple weeks ago real panic buying happened on the third day. Feels like a pattern to me! Unless you’re in the very midst of it I think with wide spread civil unrest there will be time to get yourself together and go somewhere safe, family in the country side or something cliche like that. Even angry mobs need to eat and sleep some time so things will always calm down after a while.

        Nothing lasts forever, and every thing is relative!

      25. That’s it JRS.

        It’s the ultimate political theory. As long as anarchists, remain a group without leaders.
        From the time that a leader emerges to guide them, the group loses the definition.

      26. Police state kills 50 pound Austrailian Hurding dog . responding to a domestic Dispute, to the wrong address, cop shoots mans dog.
        Austin Texas.

        This shows the mind set of the took 3 days for the cheif of police to apoligise to the owner for the actions of one of his officers..on the radio, you know it was for damage control…Justice for Cisco..its on face book..71,000 supporters..this cop needs to be sued civily and off the force

        The PD is already doing damage control with bullshit accounts of how it went down, nothing but lies

        Get this cop off our Texas streets

        to some “its just a dog”
        to me..its a family member, and proof we have huge problems with the men in blue

        remember , it was the cheif of police that apoligised..not the cop that did the killing, no face to face remorse for the death of an innocent mans dog…the cop is a fuckin coward

        I own a 50 pound dog..they are not a threat to a 200 pound man, wearing a bullet proof vest a tazer, and pepper spray..this cop is clearly a liability

        sorry I know this is O/T to the subject,, but it paints a picture of lack of respect from the thin blue line to a mans property, and family. And Im a dog lover.

        • When I was little my mom broke down with me in the car, we waived down an officer and he helped us. I was taught to find a police man if I got lost so he could help me. I had Officer Phil come to my school, an older man who LOVED shildren to teach us how to not be kidnapped and to be truely safe from stranger “stranger danger” was taugh to me and now to my children because of this kind hearted police officer. Now lets jump to my adult life with my 2 children a 20 year old and my 3 year old. My oldest is deathly afraid of police officers as she has seen them actually abuse children/friends at her school. The officer that amns the hallway who seraches children without the parents there. I told her if anyone touched her as a minor without me they would be sued so fast they would be praying for mercy from GOD! My three year old is taught “stranger danger” and stay near mommy, cuz you tell an officer you lost your kid DSS would be called, you would be unfit and kid probably put into foster care because of an accident. I tell my lil one to find a fireman ( most are volunteers who still gove a hoot and are humnan still) an ambulance people. They still are human too. These type of proffessionals are not trained to kill and hate but still help, wow how the world has changed in a generation. Quick note I approached an officer with my lil one a year ago to tell her to go to a police officer for help he never spoke to her or anything just stood arms cross stone faced, mean and on a mission ….realized at that moment we are thier enemy they are trained we are B-A-D we are public enemy #1.

      27. Whenever you’re in a crowded area you should stay alert. No headphones, no cell phone,no texting. Look for potential exits, routes away from where you are. Try to move slowly, without seeming to be scared, to the edge of the crowd. Move towards your original destination, but not through the most crowded area. Stay alert. As soon as possible, leave the crowded area even if nothing bad has happened. If you’re in a mall that gets too crowded, shop another day. If you’re going to finish your shopping, make sure you’re aware of all the exits. People have a tendency to try to exit the way they came in — this can cost you your life. Remember that you can go through a store and out the back of the mall that way. And of course, never be drunk or drugged in public, these will turn you into prey.

      28. When they had lynch mobs in the old west, at least bankers knew their limits.

      29. The picture becomes clearer why all the ammo was purchased by DHS.

      30. It should be noted that the Revolution of 1917 in Russia was not led by Lenin and his fellow Reds. They just waited for the anarchists and others to stir things up, then they took control of the Government.

        • If that’s the case, imagine what Obummer would do…He is setting the stage for the clamp down and I am glad Mac and everyone here has useful information and tips on what to expect, summers coming and I’m not looking forward to it

          Keep up the vigilance and God Bless America……

        • That’s one of my main concerns about the administration openly supporting the Occupy crowd and the race demonstrations in Florida. It seems a responsible govt. promoting stability would have an interest in decreasing tensions rather than inflaming them. If the administration is actually encouraging demonstrations what is their motive? I can’t help but believe they see chaos as a justification for expanding their powers. If President Zero is running behind in the polls this summer I expect more chaos, led by the unions and leftist activists, as they react to the prospect of being cut off from all the “free” govt. money. If these groups are perceived as being too close to the administration, which in reality they are, the demonstrations could actually hurt Zero’s reelection prospects. If shooting breaks out I expect some form of gun control by executive order. We had an Occupy group here last summer. Twelve middle aged hippies carrying signs who obviously felt they were much more sophisticated than all of us rednecks and cowboys. Nothing to do about them but smile.

      31. In a mob riot or in a terrorist attack, sometimes but not always, it is better to fake a heart attack and lay down in some corner away from the danger of being stampeded. When police become pigs and start whacking everything that moves with their night sticks, something that does not move is usually not worth the effort. Same thing holds true for a terrorist attack, a terrorist doesn’t want to waste ammunition on a corpse. This is not always true but something to consider as an option when faced with something horrible like either.

        The thing that NO ONE wants to be in is a mad or panicking crowd that can step on you to death. Moving to the parameters is something everyone should think about if there is no way of getting away from the crowd. Even above or below the ground is an idea. People have saved themselves in riots ducking into storm drains and other underground locations or went up fire escapes. Look for safe locations to wait out a riot or an attack.

        If some PIG starts clubbing you just because you are there, just like the old duck and cover, guard you head neck and frontal body, especially the stomach region. Trying to defend yourself against a pig trying to beat you for no reason is not a good idea unless there is not more pigs around that will come to the aid of their fellow slab of bacon. I say this, pig, because beating some innocent people that have done nothing and are victims themselves makes those police nothing but stinken flabs of bacon.

        You just try not to ever be caught in something like this unless you choose to. In mass commotion mob rules, remember this. All civilized behaviour is gone, you are caught in an animalistic state, like a feeding frenzy. People can revert so quickly back to savages it is frightening. Pain from pepper spray and rubber bullets often makes people go even more crazy.

        What I ma looking for are these new futuristic crowd control methods, like these disruptor type devices that can knock anyone down. Something like these microwave trucks that make the skin temperature of protesters feel like they are on fire. As look as a government can get away with it without too much TV coverage, the police and military are capable of some ugly methods of making everyone conform and be good little citizens.

        It has to be remembered with some of these futre type non-lethal weapons, one helicopter out of the range of any civilian wepon could hover in a location and bring severe pain and confusion to tens of thousands of protesters and innocent people caught up.

        Rather than protest and possibly get hurt real bad and have a lot of medical expenses, I say prep more and ready your own homestead. It is a lot better idea spending money on food, water filters and water storage tanks, and other supplies than spending money on fixing broken bones or on bail getting out of jail. The increase in protest is yet another indication on how short the time is growing before people will no longer be able to prepare. Time is yesterday to floor the gas pedel on preparation, but it is still not too late, but someday it will be.

      32. Proverbs 22:3
        A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

      33. This reminds me of something a friend of mine who is a union boiler maker from Louisiana told me. He said the problem is cement. In New York City there is all cement and all problems, here there is some cement and some problems, back home there is no cement and no problems.

        I keep away from political rallies. Carried the NRA banner for quite a while back in the late 80s until the late 90s. Met the movers and shakers in the Second Amendment from LaPierre, Heston, Feldman, Aaron Zelman, Neal Knox and a host of others. If I would attend a rally again you can depend on this group to be very respectful. I’m too damn old to be at a million unemployed due to globalization rally. Any riot is going to have to catch me at the grocery store.

        Oh the above being said it pays to keep bumper stickers supporting various fractions in your trunk, blend in if necessary. If the fall election do not go in the Democrats favor having an Obama 2012 bumper sticker may just save you some expensive body work on your car. It pays to agree with the masses causing trouble and retreat to safer ground.

        • I would rather they burn my truck before I would put an Obama sticker on it. Stubborness runs in my family.

      34. Dick Clark is dead. Ted Nugent is pissed. And Barry is…probably off playing golf somewhere. What does this have to do wth anything? I don’t know, maybe nothing.
        Dick Clark died of a heart attack at age 82. Everybody in the music business always said he was the nicest guy they ever worked with. EVERYBODY. And they were saying that when he was still alive. So maybe it’s true. Rest in peace Mr. Clark. If they have a bandstand in heaven, well, I hope he’s there, directing the angels with a little back-beat rhythm on those harps.
        Ted Nugent, on the other hand has no back beat on anything. Including his opinions. It’s all right up front, just like his smokin’ guitar licks. I guess that’s what I most respect about him. Ted aint gonna ‘restate’ his comments in any panty waist, politically correct nonsense, just to pacify some lying idiot on tv who pretends to be offended. Plus, he knows how an older rock star should wear their hair. (note to Ozzy, Steven Tyler, Mick, et al: You’re NOT 25 anymore! Quit pretending.)
        Now, what about Barry, our kenyan in chief? He has no rhythm, backwards, forwards or otherwise. Don’t let that half african heritage fool you- he CAN’T dance. He only reads what others have written on the teleprompter. He’s just an actor, and not a good one.
        If he lived next door to Ted, you can bet that Barry would be hiding in the house, afraid to step in his own back yard. That mean old guy in the camo safari hat might confront him, might even say something rude. Might even scare him so bad he’d wet himself. So he’d hide in the closet, shuddering.
        And if he lived next door to Dick Clark, Barry would be like that neighborheood pest of a kid that always wants to join the party, but has nothing to bring. ‘Please, please, Mr Clark. Let me be on your show. I can read them cue cards as good as anybody in the corpse.’ And Dick, in the kindest way possible would have to tell him, ‘Don’t be discouraged, but show business isn’t for everyone. Maybe your talent lies elsewhere. Sorry sonny, but you just don’t have what we’re looking for.’
        Maybe it’s time that America delivered the message to Obama. Like Dick Clark would say- “You don’t have what we’re looking for.” And if that doesn’t work, say it like Ted would- “Marxism my ass! This is America you’re f#$@%ng with, mister!”
        Either way, lets hope he gets the message.

        • Im down with Ted,he is the real 10mm cartridge believer.However,backing Romney and NRA not asking Romney about his decision on rifle ban as Gov of Mass,im not drinking the Kool Aid.WTF.Garbage In/Garbage Out.

          • Anonymous

            Romney is the Jim Florio of Mass and he would turn on the Second Amendment so fast it would make your head spin. I understand the importance of future Supreme Court picks but the “lesser of evils” voting strategy that I have chosen for the last several decades now has people too close to call. I suspect Romney would pick pro business SC Justices but not any more pro freedom than Obama. The present business regulations (actually the abandonment of them) along with the demise of Glass Steagall just days ago allowed the CEO of CHK to reach into the company cookie jar and de facto rid me of 10k. Neither administration will rein in such abuses. Neither Administration will in any way slow up globalization which has and will continue to dramatically reduce the standard of living of the average American and the true wealth of the nation.

            Prepare for big time disorder as the disgruntled lash out at the wrong people venting their anger and adding to the problem as opposed to unifying and seeking solutions.

      35. TPTB ..

        are deliberately destroying us worldwide and planning and hoping we become unruly so they can impose martial law and the like..

        They will continue to debase our respective societies til nothing is left but to revolt violently..they are counting on it!

        This has been in the works for decades and now coming to bear fruit..

        Everything is planned..

        Nothing is by chance nor accident..

        Prepare..and die on your feet if need be

        but..never on your knees!


      36. How to keep your @$$ intact during a riot.

        Obviously, not everyone can go live out in the sticks to always insure not being involved. Some of us have jobs that require us to perhaps be even in the focal point of a mob should such an event occur, or you just wanted to go to the game to see your alma mater win, whatever you’re stuck in it and gotta get out!

        First, REMAIN CALM! Easier said than done, I know.

        Be aware of your surrounding. Find exit points, note dead ends. including but not exclusive to, alleys with no exits, police lines, rioter lines, impassible car traffic, even vigilantes. Check wind direction, tear gas and fire from molotov’s don’t discriminate and doesn’t know you were just in the area to get a new pair of shoes.

        Remain inconspicuos. Now obviously, if you’re on the wrong side of a race riot, or you just happened to have gotten out of job interview and are wearing a 3 piece suit while Occupy (fill in the blank) is going on this is going to be a problem.
        Try to avoid confrontations and move to the edges of the situation. Lots of riots start as demonstrations with a pre-determined rally point. Sometimes you can just stand still and let the mob pass you by. Otherwise get to the edge of the crowd and quietly, calmly, slowly and GENTLY move in the opposite direction.
        Remember, when confronted, by protesters or police, both sides are itching for a fight! The protesters are there because they are pissed off. The police are there because they gotta put all that training time to some kind of use, and besides, this is what they wanted a career in.
        With protesters you can stand up and assert yourself. Personally, I ALWAYS CARRY A KNIFE. Knives are much more discreet than firearms and you don’t need a permit. If protesters are giving you $#!+, pulling a blade will make most anybody think twice and look for an easier target.

        If targeted by cops, it’s best to roll over. Hands behind your head, you know the drill. You probably will get an @$$ beating, but it beats getting shot. Let the lawyers hash it out later. At least you’re getting a free ticket out of the area.

        If the cannisters are rolling, or the trash is burning, grab your shirt and douse it in water to cover your face. It ain’t gonna replace your travel gas mask (/end sarcasm) but it’s better than nothing. Try to keep as much of your face covered as possible to avoid being hit by thrown bottles or rubber bullets. They all hurt and are probably not very well targeted.

        I didn’t mean to write an article but there seemed a lot to be left desired here, so I hope this helps someone.

      37. sorry this is the truth and this is how I see it, something again like the treyvon martin case is going to happen and blacks are going to riot and whites will fight back and it will get real ugly, they will set fire all around and break into everthing and gunshots will be going off everywhere. A forensic’s favorite time in history. sorry many blacks are POS and the president is the biggest

      38. I think the world is more vicious today due to desensitization or Inurement, diminished emotion. We have all seen the savage, brutal attacks of humans. Every time we see it we further diminish and repress our sensitivity to it. You can see it on TV and it has no long term affects on you. In real life however when you hear the agony, hear a skull crush, smell the blood, guts and burning flesh; it never leaves you.

        These mobs and rioters have no clue the affects their actions will have on themselves and others. I’ve seen riots up close and I can tell you it’s not pretty what the inhumanity of man can do to man. So here are some of my new rules.

        1. Always carry a gun, If possible 2 guns and a minimum of 50 rounds in magazines. As the old saying goes I would rather be judged by twelve then carried by 6.

        2. If you start hearing a lot of phones tweeting, beeping and ringing around you leave the area. What’s the worst case, you miss a dance troop or flash mob singers.

        3. If you see blacks gathering, leave the area.

        4. If you hear of unrest, riots or protest stay away from the area unless it’s a Tea Party.

        I’m no Rambo,( well maybe I was 35 years ago) but I have gone heavy. I no longer carry just my weapon, I carry 3 to 6 extra high cap magazines with it and I can tell you ammo is a lot heavier today then it was when I was 19.

        Many of you would think I’m nuts for carrying so heavy, I know my wife does. The first words from her were you can’t move fast enough for that. Well recently NBC Sports had a professional 3 gun challenge at my club and the kids and grand kids were here so we all went to the show. The pros were really good. After the pros the grand kids, egged on by Nonna wanted to see their Nonno, the old fat man in action so I entered. I wish I could have seen their faces when they saw the old fat man go through 3 guns, 3 different targets in 12.94 seconds.

        Needless to say the wife and kids were in shock that I really could do what I told them I could do and the grand kids have a new super hero. To be quite honest I surprised myself.

        The moral of the story is good training will save your ass if need be, but it’s smarter to recognize your situation and not be in the area when the shooting starts.

      39. If you are out with your family and caught up in a violent situation, shoot your way to safety. Do not try to be a humanitarian by merely knee-capping the scum, shoot for main body mass. It is a proven fact that a sucking chest wound eliminates recidivism. If you live in a state or country that does not allow gun ownership or concealed carry:MOVE!

      40. I am old enough to remember a book written by Abby Hoffman called “Steal This Book”. Required reading for any civil disobedience. My copy has been stolen twice. Remember the Chicago Seven if you are anywhere near Chicago unrest. If not, some research is in order.

      41. Best strategy would be to not find yourself in a mob in the first place and if you don’t go with the crowd, you have a better chance of surviving. Keeping it minimal and ready to act is important.

      42. It will not make a difference if you survive or not in a mob attack. Like the police chief in a famous zombie movie which escapes my memory, the people with guns will simply shoot every survive with no question asked.

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