Bird Flu From Chinese Poultry Infects Humans For The First Time: Dangerous Human/Bird Flu Virus Hybrids Possible

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 17 comments

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    The flu virus is evolving in unpredictable ways in Chinese poultry. For the first time, the avian flu has mutated and infected a human being.

    According to New Scientist, the World Health Organization says no similar bird flu strains have ever crossed over to people before and this unexpected jump from chickens to humans was a surprise. The Chinese government has confirmed the first human case of H7N4 bird flu in the country. The patient, a 68-year-old woman in the Jiangsu province, is in stable condition and health authorities believe she will make a full recovery.

    According to The Guardian, the patient contracted the virus in December and began to develop symptoms on Christmas Day. Bird flu symptoms in humans include mild to a severe pink eye, fever, cough, sore throat, and muscle aches. The patient was admitted to a hospital on January 1 and stayed until January 22. Although her identity has not been disclosed, media outlets confirmed she likely contracted the virus from close contact with live birds. Although the virus does not appear to be particularly harmful to humans, it sets an interesting precedent since this is the first instance of such transmission to a person from a chicken.

    “She had contact with live poultry before the onset of symptoms,” Hong Kong’s Center for Health Protection (CHP) said in a statement of the woman infected. “According to a report from the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, upon analysis, the genes of the virus were determined to be of avian origin.”

    Dr. Bettina Fries, chief of Stony Brook Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases, told Newsweek it’s cause for great concern any time a bird flu virus causes disease in humans. “There would not be any preexisting immunity since the virus is new for humans,” Fries said. She also explained that the bird flu could form a dangerous combination with a human flu virus. “The viruses recombine/mix their genomes and you have a new flu virus half human, half bird flu virus,” said Fries. “The swine flu outbreak was a strain with some swine and some human flu. What keeps us safe at the moment from bird flu is that they rarely infect humans,” she said. “A recombination of virus (human and bird flu) could change that and we could find ourselves in a pandemic with a rapidly spreading virus and no preexisting herd immunity, no vaccine.”

    The virus was identified through genetic testing, and results were only just released, the South China Morning Post reported. The patient’s close contacts are also under surveillance for signs of the illness, but so far no one has developed any symptoms, CNN reported.

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the avian flu H7N4 is a subtype of influenza A viruses that infect birds. All influenza A viruses are divided based on their proteins (the HA subtype) and the surface of the virus (NA subtype). Therefore, H7N4 has an H7 protein and an N4 protein.

    The Hong Kong CHP statement urged the public to practice strict hygiene both in Hong Kong, an autonomous region south of mainland China and while traveling in China. This includes avoiding living or freshly slaughtered poultry, which is described as any domesticated fowl such as a chicken, turkey, duck, or goose.


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      1. Jesus H, if it isn’t one thing, it’s the other. One day folks, “something” is going to spread and spread like true wildfire…scary stuff if you think about it guys.

        • seems like about 15 years ago we had a birds to human transfer of the flu, and it was a BIG problem, as it killed MANY people back then….so this AINT new(s)….but i DO remember maria bartiromo had a expert on CNBC at the time, and she asked him point-blank “from an investors point of view, what do we do when this goes human to human?” and the expert doesn’t skip a beat when he answers “sell everything”… maria says “Sell ALL your investments?”……and the expert says back to her…..”no, sell EVERYTHING!”…i’ve been watching this bird-flu thing very closely ever since. HE thought it would be catastrophic…..hard to say, but you BETTER pay attention if it does go human to human….BTW, i ride a bike often, and back then i started seeing dead birds around town, it was unusual to see more than one here and there…..and in the last 6 months to a year, i see several a day sometimes again….i suspect bird-flu.

        • And just who is probably manipulating these viruses to cause a spread to the human species? Think about it, shouldn’t take too long to come up with the answer.

      2. Oh, poppy cock.

        The next thing you know people will be crying out for the government to save them. But the cure is usually worse than the disease. If there isn’t one, a disease, the governance will surely create one. What better way to depopulate and kill off useless eaters. Vaccine is not here to help.

        Read “Death By Injection” by Eustace Mullins, the original author of the book that first brought to light the “Secrets of The Federal Reserve”.


      3. Just a matter of time. Hundreds of millions of farms(Petri dishes) mixing up bio-waste between multiple animals.

      4. I had bird flu last week. I had to keep flying to the john.

      5. Launch and ICBM in the middle of bejing and take out the military bases, problem solved. The chickens die and so does the chi-coms. People all over Houston all over the city was sick off the ass. First I got a stomach bug, started vomiting, then my lady got it, then we started to shit our guts out. So we get on D3, lots of it, essaic-tea, etc. Then 4 days later we are okay, then our throats starting hurting, our sinuses started next, she is not out from work, I had to work sick off my ass, our notrils blocked up with green, yellow and brown mucus, then we started coughing up shit from out chest, lots of coughing and green and yellow shit, then blood started coming from my nostrils, afrin cleared it up and helped, then its shit loads of vitamin C,, we were sick for 2 weeks, we beat that, she told me I gave it to her, wtf? then who gave to me? No telling what the hell I will be getting next, the gyms are almost empty when I got back, everyone sick off their asses, even one cop I know told me that him and others were not anally retentive the previous weeks, that he got sick on patrol, vomited on the streets, and almost took a shit in his cruiser, not good.


        City life, don’t you love it.

        • HCKS
          I got the head and chest cold thing first them the stomach flu two weeks later.

          • Noro virus treatment is 2 T raw apple cider vin. in 6 oz glass waterw/ pinch baking soda twice day. liquids (no dairy, meats)eat fruits and veg., and take pro biotics several times a week.Vit D, C, zinc (applies to H3N2, H1N1 flu also.

      6. Mutations of viruses do not always result in something being more virulent. There is an equal chance of a mutation resulting in a harmless virus strain. The keep ’em scared attitude of scientists and governments is more to fear.

      7. Just what the hell is it with Asian countries and their plagues? China seems to produce one after the other with regularity. Hell, they could lose billions of their population.. so do they really care at all? I figure this stuff is just test-runs of bio-war projects. Human guinea pigs.

      8. KFC is shutting down 600 stores in the UK due to a chicken shortage, but the news is bird flu infecting humans. Something just doesn’t seem right here.

        • OMG tb-e s, there’s going to be rioting in the streets!!! A KFC just can’t be shut-down like say a bank, a school, an interstate…

      9. Sarge, glad to know you are back to normal. Talk about Flu exemption. Houston is all sick all over the place.


      10. CNN reported. Zero credibility. Chicken flavored dog treats.

      11. 21 days in the hospital. Woman is lucky to be alive.

      12. Birds to humans is NOT the problem, it is HUMAN to HUMAN that will kill us like 1920.

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