Are You Prepared to Use Your Gun For Real? “Would You Freeze Under Pressure?”

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at her site.

    Editor’s Comment: There is no scenario more tense than one in which you might have to use your gun – a real life, life-or-death threat – in which you will have to distinguish between bad guy, innocent bystander and which situations you are justified in firing in order to defend yourself or others.

    While everyone hopes that situation will never arise, it is important for all gun owners to prepare for that possibility, so that they will be trained and ready to handle the gravity of the situation, and avoid as many stupid or deadly mistakes as possible… because someday it may happen.

    Simulation Training: Are You Actually Ready to Use Your Gun in an Emergency?

    by Daisy Luther

    If you are a gun owner, especially one who carries a firearm on a daily basis, you’ve probably wondered how you would fare if you had to use your weapon in a life-and-death situation. Could you hit a moving target? Would you freeze under pressure? Would you accidentally harm innocent bystanders in your attempt to take down a threat? With virtual simulation training, you can find out the answers to these questions.

    There are some awesome stories out there in Internetland about armed citizens stopping crimes and protecting lives. In a life or death situation like a mass shooting, each second counts and a firearm can level the playing field and give you a much better chance at surviving than the standard liberal wisdom of hiding and praying. As well, a growing number of homes have guns now – 44% at most recent tally. Unfortunately, it seems like these life and death situations are happening more frequently, as acts of terrorism, civil unrest, and mindless violence continue to plague our country.

    The qualifications for a concealed carry permit vary from state to state, but generally speaking, you have to take a course that ranges anywhere from 4 hours to 16 hours. Some states require range qualification and others do not. The course that you take is very informative. It explains the laws in regard to using your firearm for protection in your particular state.

    But, does that really mean that you will be ready to use your firearm in an emergency situation?

    I am a CCW permit holder in the state of California. I am a single mom and I fully intend to be able to protect my family without being powerless until the police arrive. I practice shooting regularly and take classes with an NRA instructor. I’ve read many books on the topic of carrying my firearm. (I highly recommend this one.) I have had occasion to be very glad that I was armed, but I’ve never had reason to actually use my gun against someone. And that is something which is little understood by anti-gun people: Most gun owners have our guns if we need them, but we sincerely hope to never need them.

    Of course, this makes you wonder: do you really have what it takes to use your firearm to protect yourself or someone else? Is the training you’ve been doing enough? And how do you find out before the rubber meets the road?

    The pros have been using virtual simulation training for quite a while.

    Training simulations are one way to learn a skill that is too dangerous to perform for real. Both the police and the military use virtual reality simulations for training.

    The US Army website says:

    “This system gives the power of simulation to the squad in order to close the gap of individual Soldier training and collective training,” said John Matthews, project director, Assistant Project Manager for Close Combat Tactical Trainers. “This system enhances training; it does not replace it.”

    The ability to train with this system allows the “reset” time to be cut down, which allows the ability to get more repetitions in a shorter amount of time and the ability to review each mission on a television screen to enhance the after action review process upon completion of each mission…

    …With a wide variety of environments, and the ability to insert specific entities into the scenarios, the options for training opportunities are virtually limitless; rehearsals for missions or live-fire exercises are just a couple of examples. Currently, the programmed training environments include mountainous, wooded, and desert. These are intended to simulate places like Afghanistan and Iraq but are not limited to only these specific scenarios.

    Virtual reality training allows soldiers and police officers to face situations in a multitude of environments with as many different scenarios as you could possibly imagine. And it isn’t all training with guns, either. Users can deploy non-lethal virtual weapons like tasers and OC, making this a good way to test out alternatives to lethal force without putting lives at risk.

    Virtual simulation training is now available for civilians

    My firearms instructor is incredibly innovative.  (If you are anywhere near Sacramento, you can find her here.) When she discovered a virtual simulation facility within an hour of us, she invited me along to try it out. We headed to Virtual Safe Shot in Fair Oaks, California.

    Unsurprisingly, the training for civilians is quite different. A strong emphasis of this training is on shoot/don’t shoot scenarios. Not all situations require that your firearm be discharged and because the instructors mix up the situations, you don’t know whether to expect a kid to pop around the corner of your basement stairs or a wild-eyed drug addict. And really, isn’t that how it is in real life?

    Some scenarios that were addressed in the training I took read like a person’s worst nightmare:

    • A convenience store robbery
    • A mass shooter at a school
    • A carjacking
    • A home invasion
    • Surprising a burglar in your home
    • A knife-wielding ex who is intent on killing your neighbor

    Anyone can imagine being caught up in one of these scenes because they’re taken directly from the headlines. Even though you know the situation isn’t real and that your life is not in danger, you get a surge of adrenaline – you know something is going down, but you don’t know what to expect. Everything that happens, happens fast.

    The guns at the facility are real Glock 17s that have been modified to shoot only harmless lasers. The recoil is CO2 driven so you get the feel of shooting a gun with real ammo – this means that you must quickly reacquire your target if a second shot is needed. Beginners work with stationary targets and replica pistols, while advanced shooters practice simulations in which they must draw their weapons, move, verbally interact, take cover, and shoot from a covered position. The accuracy of this technology is 4 pixels – that means if you show a hit on the screen, it would have been a hit in real life.

    Here’s what a virtual simulation is like.

    The instructors at this facility are retired police officers, which means that they brought something very different to the table: understanding how an investigation will work. Any time you discharge your firearm, even to defend your life or someone else’s, you have to be able to defend your action legally.

    In this anti-gun day and age, the liberal media is all too ready to crucify a person using a firearm, even if they are using that firearm to defend themselves or others. The instructors discussed each scenario with us after it was finished. They explained what we would likely be asked when the police arrived on the scene and also, what might make officers believe that a self-defense shooting was actually a homicide. (Hint: You were in fear for your life and you want a lawyer. Then, shut up until your attorney arrives.)

    Here’s what I learned.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’m pretty accurate under pressure. (Of course, there’s always room for improvement but for my first time firing at a moving target, I did well hitting what I aimed at.)

    Unfortunately, I was a little bit trigger happy, something I don’t like to admit. Early on, there were a couple of scenarios in which I would have been better off to wait before firing. And in one very unfortunate situation, I accidentally hit a bystander as well as the criminal.

    But this was a good learning experience. By the end of my session, my shoot/don’t shoot discretion had greatly improved. I became far more aware of bystanders instead of hyper-focusing on the threat.  I would hazard a guess that unless a person has a military or law enforcement background, then like me, they haven’t had much experience making these types of judgment calls.

    The most important part of this training is the replay. First, you see a readout of how many shots you fired, how many of them were non-lethal hits, how many were lethal, and how many hit someone they shouldn’t have. Even when you know this is only a simulation, it’s very sobering when you see that you shot someone that should not have been shot. Virtual reality gives you a cold hard smack of actual reality and it isn’t pleasant because you immediately realize that in a true emergency, the same thing could have easily happened.

    Then, the instructor discusses the scenario. You learn what you did wrong and what you did right. They give you tips on improving your strategy and/or accuracy if needed. You discuss how this shooting would look from a legal standpoint, and if necessary, you get the chance to repeat the scenario and do it better. This breakdown of the scenario is an invaluable tool, because in VR, you get a do-over. Not so in real life.

    I left feeling a little conflicted. I was more confident because of my accuracy, but more aware of the pitfalls of firing a weapon. Those pitfalls should be obvious – we discuss them in CCW classes, read about them online, and watch them on the news. But until you see that the shot you fired missed the bad guy and lethally hit the person behind him, it doesn’t make quite the same impression.

    If you carry, you need some advanced training.

    I strongly recommend this type of training. I learned a lot and plan to replace 2 of my range sessions each month with virtual simulation training. I believe that if the day ever comes when I must draw my gun to use it, I’ll be far better prepared than I was before I discovered Virtual Safe Shot and the informative, encouraging instructors there. You can play scenarios over in your mind as much as you want, but this is as close to the real thing as you can get. And trust me – you, too, will probably discover that you aren’t as ready as you think you are.

    This is not a substitute for shooting your real firearm, but it’s an incredible complimentary type of training. This is the level of tactical training that professionals get, and if you can find it in your area, you’ll be far better prepared to use your firearm – or not – should the situation warrant that you do so.

    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at her site.


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        This is for all legitimate posters.

        Listen to this video about Nibiru, and what this man was told. You see, this is real.


      2. There is a big difference between simulation and real combat; specifically the adrenaline rush. There is no substitute for performance in a combat situation with heart pounding, sweat beading, dry mouth and queasy stomach.

        Don’t worry, Daisy. Zip your first dink and it all goes away. 🙂

        • No. Everyone is different. And it doesn’t just depend on the gender.

          My sister was attacked at her home and the rapist went in the kitchen (perhaps to look for a knife) but she was strong and was able to pull off the duct tape and ran next door to call the cops.

          After that, she continued to stay there in her home and we asked her if she shouldn’t move as the rapist might return. She said, no, she wanted him to return! We asked, “why??!!” and she said so that she could shoot him! (She slept with a gun under her pillow after that). thankfully, the pig never came back… he did go to prison… basically, everyone is different…she wasn’t afraid to use the gun, she WANTED to use the gun to repay the b… who raped her!

          • And then there is the story of the young mother alone in her trailer 9except for her small son), and these 2 rednecks showed up, banging on the door to get in (they wanted to use her body). She anxiously stood inside her place, with a shot gun pointed at the door and the minute they knocked the door down, she blew their heads off (both of them). Was she afraid? Apparently not… she had called the 911 number to ask when she could kill them but the 911 lady told her to wait until they entered her home… 🙂

            • And then there was Joan of Ark, who led a bunch of timid Frenchmen to do what needed to be done… ho hummm… (yawn), etc….

      3. Something of interest.


        INVASION USA 1952

        The ending is pretty interesting,so is the rest of the movie.

        Do you think the writers saw the future ???????

      4. great report.

        to ensure you hit the threat…

        just remember to combat breathe.

        pause breathe as you aim weapon center mass an easy pull trigger.

        fire 3 shots on target.

        then breathe.

        repeat as necessary till target is destroyed.

        • p.s. : learn to crouch shoot , from the kneeling position and then laying down position.

          so you are able to make yourself a smaller target to hit.

          and put real mass between yourself and the the threat.

          car engine block, boulder, cement wall, refrigerator, stove, bathtub, solid oak door…

          mass shields you from threatening return fire.

          • Just a question, What if the opponent is trained militarily: to shoot and advance, keep shooting and advancing till he’s on top of you and your dead hiding behind a rock?
            That poorly trained police officer in Texas died that way. Is there a defence for that?

            • can’t you answer THAT one yourself?…you DIE.

            • A gun does not guarantee that you will survive an encounter. All having a weapon of any kind does is give you more options. In all situations, whenever possible, your best bet is to run away from a potential life and death conflict rather than stand and fight. If you are smart then you have already exhausted all other options by the time it comes down to using your gun. In that case, you will definitely die if you do not shoot so you might as well go for it. This is the way real gun people deal with things. We’re not all a bunch of George Zimmermans who go out looking for a fight.

          • Question. What if the opponent is trained militarily to shoot and advance and keep shooting and advancing till he’s on top of you and you’re dead hiding behind a rock?
            That’s how that poorly trained police officer was killed in Texas. Is there a defence for that?

            • truegrit, That is exactly right, and why my next comment below illustrates what every body needs to do, and that is quickly pull your gun, point in the direction and start pulling the trigger and keep shooting, no stopping, keep shooting and take the bad guy down not moving or making a peep.

              Worried about your breathing? Or trying to get a bead on him with your sights. YOU Eff’n IDIOTS!! It will be hard to breath when I shoot you full of holes, as you are looking for your front sight. You need to shoot quicker and faster than the bad guy can, bottom line.


        • MG
          Good advise.

          Breath Breath Breath. Tell yourself front sight front sight front sight!!!!! Squeeze and repeat until you bury the bad guys “Dick in the Dirt”


          • too funny, my drill instructor during weapons training/ firing line week of boot used that very phase when teaching the correct prone position or correcting a recruit laying prone with his ass high in the air.

            “PUT UR’ D-CK IN THE DIRT LADIES!”

            lol ;0), oh yeah fond memories.

            • I found the sitting position with elbows locked into the knees, and sling tight around the arm to be the most stable position using 7.62.

              After the shot, the weapon would fall right back down on the target as recoil subsided. 🙂

          • You need to pull your gun out within 1-2 seconds and prepare to keep pulling the trigger until the threat is completely stopped. That means he is down on the ground bleeding like a pig and not moving at all. Then check to see if there any other threats wanting to kill you.

            None of this shoot 3 times, smoke a cig, check your pulse, breath, and shoot some more. You people are tripping. You spend way too much time at the cop range.

            In fact you need to practice pulling your gun out and start shooting before you even get to look down a sight. Learn to shoot from your hip at the thug, until you can do it with your eyes closed and keep shooting until your magazine is emptied. Then pull your other gun put and repeat or load another magazine. Carry at least 2 spare magazines. That’s why so many COPs Die from gun shots, they hesitate, or wait to look down the sight to shoot. I just watched a video all about this several days ago. Indoor Range time is BS, and a waste of time. It teaches you bad habits like standing there like a dope. Get out in the country and practice running and gunning, taking cover, hit the dirt, and rapid fire.. This is NOT Trapshooting.

            The game is to kill or be killed. You empty your weapon before they can even get a shot off. Learn how to make yourself small by leaning forward, and moving while shooting. Only dopes stand there stationary like you are at the indoor range and shoot a circle target.

            The Most Cops are lucky to even hit their target a few time out of 20 shots. A moving target is harder to hit, so you move, weave up and down, and find cover and keep shooting.

            Your pistol is just a tool to lay down enough fire to get you to your rifle. Your AR-15 with 30, 40, 60 and 100 round magazines filled with green tip penetrators 3200 ft per second. You hesitate you die. Quit thinking about breathing, this is close combat fighting, not sniper firing from hillside. That’s where you think about breathing. Inhale, exhale, then fire.

            ~WWTI… Can you do that? You want to live?

        • If I kill an intruder in my home no one will ever know he was here as there will be no report, no body, no regret.

          • da’ 3 S’s




            • And Ladies, if you are a concealed carry permit holder and carry your gun in your purse, Get the right purse, where you can get to your gun within a second, NOT buried at the bottom below all your lady BS cosmetics compacts, kotex, wallet, mirror, and the rest. Not secured in a holster where you struggle to get the gun out of a holster. Learn to stick your hand in your purse on your gun and be able to shoot through your purse end at a target. You really need to learn to this basic shooting technique as a woman. Seconds matter.

              Practice with an old purse or handbag, shooting inside your purse at a target. Having the element of surprise, by your hand on your gun concealed within your purse will save your life. Practice shooting at a target and put some holes in that purse. If you are afraid to put holes in your daily purse, you are carrying the wrong purse.

              I also told my sister who carries a Glock to get 4x 30 round Glock magazines, 2 for the car glove box and 2 for her bedside. In a panic, you don’t need to be fiddling changing magazines. The larger the magazine the better chances you will survive an attack or a gunfight.

              With all these freaks out there hyped up on drugs, you can put 8 shots in the thug and they will still keep coming at you. You shoot until they stop making noise and stop moving. besides dead men don’t talk and there will only be one side of the story.

              And if you shoot somebody, never talk to the cops. Just say, I am shaken up a little right now, and want to consult an attorney, and I will then give you my statement there. SHUT THE HELL UP!!! It is your right to remain silent, use it.


              • WWTI that’s damn good advice. Never give a statement until your attorney is making it for you. Don’t give them an inch when it’s your ass. If I even ever suspect I’m going to be thrown in prison, a bloodbath will first ensue.

              • Have you heard stories of young children shooting their mothers? Very sad.
                Young children are curious. Young toddlers don’t know any better.

                NEVER EVER put a gun with a round jacked into the chamber into a purse without gun being in a QUALITY Holster. Doing so could get you shot by your own gun. Your own child. Or an object getting into trigger guard and firing gun accidentally.

                Why doesn’t anyone tell ladies this? Because most instructors are male. Purses and children’s curiosity shanannigans are outside instructors experience.

                —-A Gun and Holster are a System. To be used Together. And don’t be cheap on the holster. Get a nice one. Use gun and holster TOGETHER as a system ALWAYS.

                I personally would NOT carry “mexican” style, Gun tucked in front pants, no holster, round chambered. Because I don’t want my balls shot off.

                This will piss people off here. The “experts”. But I don’t usually keep round in chamber when I carry. Calculated risk. Shooting myself is more of a concern, than to put gun into fast play. I figure if a bad guy/gal has drop on me. I’m already screwed. Gun is as good as a boat anchor, round in pipe or not. My gun will not help then. Otherwise hopefully I will have time to chamber round? But you could argue a gun not chambered is less useful than a piece of pipe? Pipe can be put in play faster. 1/8 second is important in showdown.

                Been in combat. I’m calmer than most around me. I’m not a fearful scared kind of dude. i grew up/came up rough too. Maybe that is why thing don’t bother me like I see others get wound up about? I go into rough places due to work, not choice. I never have problems.

                A firearm provides many people a false sense of safety and security.
                Firearm makes people too confident, complacent, cocky. Armed people go places they shouldn’t be in the first place.

                Best defense is alert-aware-Good Judgement. Not a gun.

                The guy you don’t see is the one to worry about. his buddy you didn’t know is behind you is the one to worry about. Stepping around a blind corner is concern.
                Any group of young teenage to mid twenties males can be an issue. They have not seen enough of death yet. They often want trouble.

                Older hooligans are usually just chilling and bs’ing with their homies. No problem.

                Disagree or not? My take.

          • That idea will go all to hell when the miscreants girlfriend calls the police and tells them her beau disappeared two weeks ago at your place.

            Your self defense shooting will turn into a murder charge, guaranteed.

            • We’ll see I guess.

            • Smokey, in “normal” times that would be true. But in any post-SHTF scenario all the rules we live by at this time will go straight out the window; totally different story.

              • That “scenario” is already here. Yes, it is.

            • Then there’ll only be more home invaders to deal with.

          • But those intruders with badges can do whatever they want to you and yours, IF you let them have the ability to intrude.

        • AS PER THE DRUDGE REPORT>>HOMELAND SECURITY WILL TAKE OVER THE ELECTIONS. Are you comfortable with this? I’m not. we may be being set up.

          • There’s also an article about what might happen if one of the candidates died before the election.

            I think JFK, Jr. died in a plane crash just in time for Hillary to become senator.

            They seem to be making plans.

            • Archivist, if I remember correctly, JFK Jr. wanted to have his father’s death investigated all over again. Ted Kennedy was still alive and serving in the Senate at the time and wouldn’t have any of that. ted went to his grave with whatever knowledge he had about his brother’s death. Ted was behind JFK Jr”s death.

          • Jim in VA. I mentioned that about 12 articles back. The DHS is Zionist based organization raping our country blind, like as if they will ensure a fair election. GMAFB… The DHS has NO friggin business tampering with elections.

            ~WWTI… It would be like saying lets have Israel run the polling stations and count the votes. That’s how you rig elections. DHS..

            • First of all Elections Nationwide are the responsibility of the States not the Feds. This appointed Zippo Shill at the DHS is a Federal Criminal, just trying to take more States Rights away and to consolidate power for the Fed and the few.

              States need to lay it out. Any Fed tampering with State elections will be arrested detained and convicted with Prison time in the state Penitentiary.

              Year after year the DHS gives out Security Grants and they consistently give 98% of these money grants to Jewish Organization exclusively. The DHS is run by Zionists, for the Zionists, and do nothing to protect Americans. The DHS Needs to be abolished. It was developed to consolidate National agencies under one person’s thumb. The FBI needs to break away and get back to investigating criminals. This is why the shill chief at the FBI let Hillary off the Hook. This is the results of the DHS over seeing all national security. For the sole purpose of bringing American down to a 3rd world shithole.


          • Jim, DHS taking over the elections? yep, I smell setup with a CAPITAL S.

            • Maybe. Maybe not. With DHS responsible, rather than a joint local commission in 9,000 venues, there will be a trail of documents and emails to follow, and/or hack; FOI requests to file that could reveal some wrong doing if it occurs.

              DHS might be a better solution than the current arrangements which are helter skelter at best and no one really responsible.

              Just a thought. 🙂

              • Wrong DK, You sound like an Agenda 21 proponent.

                ~WWTI… So you want the commies all on charge of every election? See how that goes after a decade and America turns into a wasteland of killing fields.

        • To all you tough guys. Real hard asses. Wanna be Rambo’s.
          The tough talkers on this site looking for an armed confrontation.
          “You will likely LOOSE. It will not end well for you.” Read that again.
          “Even if you win the fire fight. The hassle after will be hell.”

          Only Police and Illegal Mexican wet back Aliens are allowed to Murder Americans, in cold blood with NO consequences.
          Everyone else will pay dearly if you are in armed confrontation. You will loose EVERYTHING: Wife, kids, job, money, Freedom. The communist Amerikkan state will see to it that YOU will pay.

          My advice to you is to Avoid a fire fight. Run. Avoid. Only fire when no other option available.

          I was in this EXACT situation last night. He almost got me.
          Of course it was a black male approaching me from out of the dark.
          They likely disabled the lighting of the store and street lights.

          Note:There is Never a reason for you to engage in conversation with ANYONE you don’t know. Never a reason to open your door just because someone knocks and is standing on your porch. Don’t allow curiosity or your good manners to get you killed.

          ***UNDERSTAND THIS: Doing normal mundane things can get you killed: getting gas, smokes, milk, diapers, going to fast food joints. These are all High Risk and Dangerous activities after 8 or 9 pm. Especially after 8pm on Friday and week ends. You MUST understand this.***

          There is a class of Individuals that will take your life for NOTHING-No REASON.
          You do not have to provoke. You don’t have to do anything confrontational.
          They will still Kill you.
          They are almost always Black, illegals/foreign nationals, teenagers of any race, or drug heads of any race. These types Lie In Wait for you at gas stations, fast food joints, grocery stores. You better be ALERT and AWARE. Are they following you home?

          The Police are even MORE dangerous than these Thugs.
          I would rather face three thugs than one Police traffic stop.

          Police are criminals with the authority of the “changed” Amerikkan state behind their misdeeds, crimes, which include POLICE committing murders. Police WANT a confrontation. Police WANT to escalate the situation to an arrest, They want to get you for DUI so state can STEAL-ROB you with the legal apparatus.

          So you my friend must NEVER get behind the wheel or ass on a motorcycle even after ONE drink. It is not worth the financial risk exposure. Courts RUIN Jobs-Marriages-Lives. They do it INTENTIONALLY. Never give them ANY excuse or opportunity to interact with you. AVOID at all cost.

          I am warning you out of love. Take it or leave it.
          I would also add that honest, good, young black men are in even MORE danger.
          Danger from both Police and Thugs.
          Being the Father or Mother of a teenage black man must be the MOST extreme of stress and worry for them. Most difficult.
          –You have my prayers.

          • You are preaching to the choir.

      5. One world. YES!

        I have not used it in 30 years, but I have times where if the bad guy did the wrong thing he would have met 230Gre. H.P. out of my 45. I believe, no I know if it came to saving a loved one or friends I would not have a problem. I just pray to God that I don’t ever have to use a weapon to take a life, but If I do I put my faith I put my faith in God to forgive me.

        I don’t want to hear from those who don’t believe. I do so keep your opinions to yourself.


        • Sarge. I wouldn’t worry too much . God promised to separate the wheat from the Tares and burn the Tares. God burnt all the men women and children in soddom and Gomorrah . Sell your clothes if nesesary to buy a sword. It’s better to be naked than unarmed? He will rule with an iron rod and his robe will be red with blood. Do you see a God who loves all people? He burns perverts and there whole families. Deny that. Be Luke warm. .? We got some learning to do. Satan does not want the Tares burnt. And I bet he didn’t want the people of soddom and Gomorrah burnt. We have some hard choices to make? Gods way or any other. Really we don’t have a choise . Yes we do Gods way or satans way. And the smoke of your torture will rise for eternity. Take your pick.

      6. Why would your ex want to kill your neighbor ?

        • he had been doing your ex for several years, and he just found out about it?…..USED to be justifiable….

          • Ohhhhh….thanks

      7. I love how the hot reporter acts white as can be through the story then throws in the obnoxious Spanglish pronounciation of her name at the end.

      8. Sgt dale just remember moses diddent hesitate to pick up a rock and bash a skull in and did it a few times and you know he made it to heaven remember there was a theif and a murderer on the crosses also and the murderer went to heaven so dont fret none the bible says thou shal not murder but some like to twist it and say kill ..

        • Soldier

          Adam, and Eve went to heaven, and they had the forbidden fruit.

      9. Kill a worm and a fish on the same day. Start hunting (killing) small game and butchering and eating them. Graduate to deer and other wild game. If you are a novice, watch others on YouTube and then join some hunters for observation purposes. If you kill, butcher, and eat animals; IMHO you will be better prepared mentally to use lethal force if necessary.


      10. Shoot your guns (pistols) until you can point shoot and hit your target with out useing the sights you can do this even with your rifle too. All you have to do is shoot them enough to where you learn exactly where its going to hit its kinda like when i was a kid and shot my bb gun a gazillion times i learned exactly where it would hit and what distance i remember sitting on the front porch and shooting flies that would land and would know when i hit them cus gut spots. Think of it like pointing your finger at something cus a barell is just the extintion of your finger. How do you think gun slingers did it.

      11. A kid or a wild eyed meth addict coming around the stairs,both would look pretty similar to me!I realize though one a threat and one not!

      12. Got erased.

        Basically, start small and work your way up. Fishing, hunting birds and small game, graduate to deer and large wild game. Butcher and eat your catch.

        This should prepare you psychologically. Also, be aware that the Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai did not forbid KILLING. They forbid (wanton) MURDER. If you don’t know the difference, use a dictionary. Self defense and military service have legitimate necessity, and are spoken of as totally different Biblically and Lawfully.

        Do not wait until you are confronted by a madman before searching your conscience. Do the philosophizing so you will have confronted the hard questions already.

        • That’s why Religious people will be the first to die, they will hesitate or refuse to kill a threat. Then be killed.

          But look on the bright side, as its natures way of culling the dumb from the hurd.


          • Yes there will be a great culling. Dumb, sheeples, superstitious and just plain unlucky will disappear. I still think Race war & ethnic cleansing will happen. Right after they shut down the electric grid. And likely this coming winter. That would be a hell of a Christmas present!

          • That’s what my wife is armed with the BIBLE.
            I think she will be one of the first to go.
            I tell her to arm herself with a hog leg.
            STEEL YOU CAN TRUST.

            • I’d trust steel over paper any day in a SHTF situation.

      13. In “normal” times, if/when such an incident occurs, we all would be expected to call 911 afterwards and report it. Once the police arrived we would also be expected to “cooperate” with them in their investigation. Once the balloon goes up, we’ll be WROL [WITHOUT RULE OF LAW]. Cops, lawyers, judges, etc. will all be at home to protect their families. WE WILL ALL BE ON OUR OWN. WE WILL HAVE TO FEND FOR OURSELVES. WE WILL HAVE TO BECOME OUR OWN FIRST RESPONDERS. It will be “no holds barred” and “anything goes”. DO WHATEVER YOU CONSIDER NECESSARY TO GET OUT OF THE SITUATION ALIVE AND DON’T WORRY ABOUT LEGALITY OF YOUR ACTIONS. The “3 S” rule that mg mentioned will definitely come into play in any post-SHTF scenario. I’ve already been carrying certain self-defense items with me everywhere I go ever since Waco. Probably illegal but I don’t care about legality on my part. I won’t follow any restrictions on self-defense. last time I checked any and all criminal attacks on me are also illegal. Since the other side doesn’t play by any rules, why should I?

        • Braveheart, precisely: The first rule of survival is that you have to be meaner than a snake, and realize there are no longer any rules OTHER than “acts not needed or justified” (such as rapes) in a warring scenario.

          There will always exist SOME sort of rule of law, however small, but morality (or just plain morales), will find their ways back into our minds faster than ‘thoughts of murder’ have-or-will.

          This will happen right after we’ve murdered and torn them all to hell…

        • BH1776, I don’t believe you.

          The majority of crisis do not result in a collapse of law enforcement. Starving Venezuela still has a law enforcement system. They are crooked, they will rob you, and they will murder you for a bag of flour, they will still investigate murders, and hunt down thieves. If you are robbed they will be very interested in what you have left…….

          Total societal collapses with a loss of law enforcement are incredibly rare. The rest, 99.9% of collapses are slow motion scenarios, years and decades will pass. Law enforcement is a tool of the elite. In every recession in America the first thing cut is always law enforcement. The elite are never without LEO protection. The poor like in Chicago right now are cannon fodder. The middle class are destroyed and are becoming canon fodder.

          Be ready to move or even flee, be ready to dig in and hide. What ever it takes be flexible. A zombie appocolypse it likely will not be. Behind collapses are very powerful people who want more power. A total collapse doesn’t really mean a total collapse. In most cases it’s just another coup. They will preserve LE.

          • PTPO, I know you mean well and I always enjoy your posts so let’s just agree to disagree on this one. I’d like to think you’re right, but I seriously doubt it. Considering everything we’re facing, I have always believed the urban areas will lose LE and see their courts shut down in a full-blown SHTF scenario. The small towns and rural areas will probably still have some functioning courts and LE, but let’s remember that even these people have families to provide for and I believe they’ll see to their families’ needs first, which is the right thing to do. I know I always take care of me and my own first. At the first sign of trouble in my area, I already have my van loaded, gassed up, and ready to go back to the BOL. Most of my supplies are already there. what little I have left with me is all I’m taking when I flee. Only taking what’s most important for survival. Once I bugout I’ll be bugging in. I won’t leave the BOL for anything. As I said, the urban areas will suffer the most. take care.

          • You cant use Venezuela as a example of what will happen here. The citizen there don’t have enough guns. The citizens there never had our bill of rights. It will be very different here. We USA citizens have more than enough guns. When SHTF every badge will be a Tagret. Heck the BLM already thinks Badges are Tagrets? Many here think Blue Helmets should be targets?

        • Realistically put, Braveheart.

      14. I like long guns heavy hitters. In close quarters ar will do A guy on e bay sells drop charts you mite want to get one for your gun.

      15. Nothing like that in our area. It would be awesome to be able to run through VR training with my wife a few times a year just to keep us as sharp as possible.

      16. Pulled a gun on someone once that was trying to break into my house. I would have no problem following through if my or my family’s life is threatened.

      17. Suddenly, everybody is a frickin’ Rambo! All I know is if some person breaks into your house with the intent of harming or thieving personal stuff. Then you better shoot that puppy dead. Because you don’t want that person to tell a story to the cops. As far as shooting, I think it will be awesome if we could go back to the days of the wild west. The quick draw, showdowns at high noon, Mostly everybody carried a gun back then, mainly for necessity, survival. Now everybody has guns but you can go around challenging people to gun duels can you. Then it was a public spectical. The sheriff would be there just to make sure its legal. Maybe. Bangkok Rules anybody?

        • There where very few high noon fast draw contest in the old west. It was mostly back shooters and sneak attacks. There where very few honorable gun men who had a code of ethics. mostly sorry lowlife thieves or ambushers . men like Tom Horn, J W Hardin and the James gang. most sheriff,s where corrupt and sorry scoundrels. Many where former outlaws. Akin to the Ex Con bouncers we see at clubs today. The old west was a pretty bad place for good folks.

          • Man, Get a sense of humor. I don’t care how it really was. Save your know it all history lessons for fema camp. What your talking about, it seems nothing has changed. There are only a few honorable people, mostly everyone is sorry, and will shoot you in the back first chance they get. I’m just making shit up, like most of this alt media crap. Where would you be without a corrupt government to cry about?

            • Get a sense of humor? I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with current events . But we are in some pretty shit now. It looks like game over man game over. What isn’t going bad ? The debt , riots, rumors of wars ? The Russians pissed , the Chinese pissed. Mass murders, chopping heads off. Zika., crying about a corrupt government is bad. You must mean complaining? Maybe we should all go watch a ball game . Or go skateboarding ? With the young and stupids .where would we be with out a corrupt gov. To cry about .? What kind of question is that ?where would we be? Or what would we do? Not having to deal with the idiots that vote for idiots. Who are destroying our country. We would be talking about improving our lives . not saving them from the idiots.

      18. I have insurance for conceal carry people. Covers bail, lawyer initial cost, and a lot more. Even if its a good shoot, you’ll be treated as a suspect so be prepared.

      19. I read an article about a year ago that detailed data that was compiled on the number of rounds fired in armed confrontations in the USA.

        It was like 2.1 rounds average. (I know it’s hard to shoot 0.1 round of ammo, 🙂 )

        It goes against everything we’ve been conditioned to believe because movies with dramatic gun fights and headline news reports.
        In real life nobody want to get shot and they get the Hell out of Dodge quickly when bullets start flying

      20. Wojo, I’ve had to do that too many times over the years. One of these times I damn well may have to pull the trigger.

      21. Where we reside it is legal to shoot a ‘perp’ OUTSIDE your door, assuming he is attempting a forced entry. (And remember, IT TAKES FORCE EVEN TO OPEN (FURTHER) AND ALREADY OPEN DOOR). So if you walked in and opened the door a ways further, that’s called Forced Entry (it gets people shot in their own homes pretty frequently).

        This is where flashlights (lights of any kind) can make the diff between YOUR death, or worse, you shooting your dad who had a key to get into your house …and all because it was dark and you did not see what you thought you saw.

        I won’t have ‘toys’ on my pistol (just straight factory except for the sights), but I’ve always got a great selection of flashlights. The one exception is a Mossberg with a LIGHTHOUSE LAMP on it. It’s simply blinding.

        • That’s why you mount a laser light combo on your Mossberg shotgun magazine tube for night time. Toggle the switch, shoot, shovel, shut up, and go back to sleep.


        • Equorial, my Mossberg has a red-dot laser on it and a 1000lumen tactical LED light. The light alone will disorient someone and make them back off. I have several LED flashlights and lanterns, nothing less than 800 lumens. LED is THE way to go for lights and your batteries last a lot longer in them. Oh yeah, don’t forget to stock up batteries. I have shitloads of them, LOL. I won’t run out.

      22. Would I freeze under pressure, yes.

        If I was defending just myself, I know I’m in a pickle now because while it was about 90% certain to escalate to “lethal” without my intervention, it’s now 100% certain to because I brought a gun.

        I would probably attempt to lay down a lot of lead at foot level and run.

        If it was me defending someone else? Now I’m dead. That’s just a fact, I’m now a corpse.

        In that case I won’t freeze. Not when I get line of sight and one verbal warning (if possible). I’m dead in this picture (either from the confrontation itself or from the legal aftermath, which in Commieland Wax Museum here will be… extreme). If I’m dead, I’m going to have company, count on it.

      23. Oh I am so very doing this thing.

        I had no idea they had a place like this.

        I’m going to laugh at how bad I f*ck it up the first 25 times…

      24. Years ago while on a road trip in northern California my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and I stopped at a roadside waypoint on a small river.
        It was pretty remote, only a couple of cars in the parking area. I said what the heck and put a holster on my belt that held a very real looking .357 revolver only it was a Co2 powered pellet gun.
        So we’re walking in the area alone and around a bend are 3 or 4 Mexican “youths” right in front of us.
        And they look at us and start smiling…and I’m thinking, “uh, oh”.
        Then they see the gun on my side, still in the holster.
        That ended it right there.
        That was very calming, know what I mean?

        • Official Roadside rest stops are Danger Zones.
          Do NOT stop at those places.
          Riff Raff, hoodlums, panhandlers, hard luck stories, are WAITING for YOU to come by to that location. They will ALL work you over.
          Again stay away from REST areas. They are trouble to be avoided and bypassed.

          Women alone should NEVER EVER consider those rest area’s. Danger zone.
          I make my normally hot and sexy woman tone it down to jeans, male shirt/baggy sweat shirt hoody, pony tail tucked in her shirt, baseball cap, when she travels without me as security detail. She is also armed and can shoot well. Fuel stops should also never be at night, for women or men.

          Police also cruise these rest stops looking for out of state plates so they can “way lay” and rob you with made up offense’s. Police LOVE out of state people to mess with. Police are criminals, who are heavily armed, enforcement Collection organization for the criminal corrupt politicians they serve.
          Police are there NOT to Protect, But to COLLECT. just like the Mob foot soldiers for crime bosses. Politicians are crime bosses with territory and population that they are allowed to milk and rob of assets.

          Any travel out of state opens you up for problems from Police and hoodlum’s alike.
          Approach travel with fore thought. One mistake can cost you money, freedom, or your life.

          Beware of Police and Hoodlums. Both are a equal danger.
          Rest Areas are their corn feeder’s to lure you in to be a target. Country boy’s and gal’s know what I’m saying.

      25. Unfortunately, I was a little bit trigger happy, something I don’t like to admit. Early on, there were a couple of scenarios in which I would have been better off to wait before firing. And in one very unfortunate situation, I accidentally hit a bystander as well as the criminal.

        But this was a good learning experience. By the end of my session, my shoot/don’t shoot discretion had greatly improved. I became far more aware of bystanders instead of hyper-focusing on the threat. I would hazard a guess that unless a person has a military or law enforcement background, then like me, they haven’t had much experience making these types of judgment calls.

        Yeahhh that’s why I’ve always been scared of actually using it in real life. Home invasion… racked the slide, covered my run for the door… that’s about it…

        Oh that and drywall is a joke to these things at any caliber above .380…

        Rifle rounds? In a tight packed suburb? Kiss your background the f*ck goodbye… whether you can see it or not…

        Always said… still want a S&W Governor with the first two shots as rock salt then buckshot. Then the real thing.

        Holstered Glock 45 cal hollow point as the second one… aka I come sneaking into the family room and there are 4 f*cking guys… yeah sorry non-lethal just went out the window…

      26. The one thing this training will not do is get you that trembling, adrenaline amped, sh*tting your pants feeling. That I always got. That time I got mugged… that time of the home invasion robbery…

        I mean if my accuracy was average to slightly below average on a “normal” day… it’s going to be just truly frakking HORRENDOUS with that kind of feeling going on. Trust me it’s real bad, that feeling. REAL bad. Take that “I know I have to vomit” feeling and multiply by about a thousand.

        And each shot you put into the ceiling or the floor or the next door neighbor’s wall is only going to make that feeling double and triple.

        This sim still won’t tell you that. How you will react to that feeling. The only sim you got that could tell you THAT is to ACTUALLY simulate it with blanks. Surprise! 2AM! (Someone loaded you up with blanks without your knowledge, and that someone and 4 more of your friends are now beating your door down in ski masks unbeknownst to you).

        Yeah don’t try this at home, kids…

      27. Remember when the great culling begins, the Anti-gun Liberals will be the ones not carrying any guns. Shoot them first.


      28. Remember your cell phone tracks your every move . In shoot shovel shut up. Leave the dam cell phone at home.

      29. Don’t most people have to stop themselves from shooting idiot drivers all day long? Could I shoot someone who cuts me off in traffic? Are you kidding ? The world would be a better place if we all did.

      30. California people can have a gun?

      31. Ketchup, sounds like you did just right strapping on that pellet gun. Just the sight of being armed gave the right psychological effect and message to those bean-eaters.

      32. a blinding strobe and a double tap from the glock sure I will let them kick the door down just so there is no question about it being a legit kill. I’d bet you it would be some druggie trying to rob you to get a fix. Let’s not forget there is a opiate epidemic out there.

      33. Innocent bystanders who are running around unamored are the same as asking to become collateral damage. That’s why the government-dependents want as many un-self-armored bystanders killed as they can–to foment more clamor for even more government “security” dependency (and vulnerability to government atrocity against those dependents in order to herd them for the elites) to “eliminate” self-defense (and replace it with massively-armed government control against which no one has any defense).

      34. In the REAL world, “legalities” will be realistically seen as merely more targets coming to support the original target against the targets’ victim (oneself).

      35. Shooting the first one is easy. What is hard is looking at the blood on the first body and deciding whether you want to shoot the second one.

      36. Thanks for a good podt,Daisy. I am not looking forward to my first shoot

      37. I always carry, Have done so for many decades. No friggen permit needed. And if I ever pull my gun I will be cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger. Now I would only pull it as a last resort no other way out situation. If Im someplace and others are being robbed raped murdered ect. They will continue to be victims. Their own fault for not carrying. Im not the police. It might not what it appears. YO YO your on your own. Only as a last resort defence of me and mine. And If I ever have to use my gun if at all possible I will not contact any LEO.

      38. The VR type courses are better than nothing but still fall short as no one is shooting back at you. IF you can find local LE type courses with Simunition. Simunition is a non lethal training round which requires a different upper on the pistol and shoots a marking round which hurts but does not harm. some bruising occurs.
        BUT in the real world a 2 way shooting range is much more different than the VR and will improve your ability greatly while giving you confidence in your developing skills.

      39. Practice and training. Learning to shoot is easy. Learning to shoot a person is a bit harder.

      40. Old Guy Sorry,couldn’t walk away if some young lady was getting raped,don’t know if I could kill the guy,but definitely stop it.What if that was my niece,gotta keep my soul!!!!But yes I’m for me and mine.
        And yes there is a time to get the hell out of dodge,OK corral not my thing,been there done that once.Second floor window called my name,hurt but I lived,others didn’t!!
        Gotta choose wisely.
        Maniac –out

        • Well your niece is you and yours. There was a cowboy died and went to heaven. St peter met him at the gates and looked over his record. St Peter stated you have a clean record I there anything you have ever done that you regret. The Cowboy replied I was driving my pickup truck near the Sturgus Motor Cycle Rally. I seen a gang of bikers tearing of a young females clothes. Assuming they where going to rape her ? I stopped ran over and kicked the Biggest meanest looking one right in the balls. St peter asked when was this! The Cowboy Replied about 5 minutes ago.

      41. Read about the Knoxville murder details of Chanon . Read about Brittany Drexel. Of the other torture murders . And realize that you don’t get taken alive by these rats. You will be lucky if you get a chance to shoot first. And all the other missing people who we don’t know about. Do not get taken alive.

        • You must have decided in Advance a course of action.
          When things go bad it happens fast. Out of No Where. It is hard to think clearly once a bad situation is upon you.

          Never allow thugs to transport you to secondary location.
          Fight and die where you are. Where thug feels wary enough about that present location that thug wants to move you. In general I would say Do NOT allow that to happen.
          Fight like hell. No matter the odds. Fight right there. Right then. Do Not comply.
          They are going to kill you anyway. Might as well make a stand right then.

          Same with Police stops. When you are in cuffs and in transport. You are helpless.

          THEREFORE: You MUST get a cell phone out to your Family or Friends BEFORE you are in bracelets.
          Lock that car door. Do not comply with getting out. NEVER get out of your vehicle without making contact with someone who cares about you. Do NOT comply with hanging up phone. Phone a family or friend.
          You MUST get that phone call out before you allow Police to arrest-cuff-transport.
          Otherwise the Police can disappear you. —————–Maybe permanently.
          It is my FIRM belief that some Police departments are Disappearing American citizens.
          –Chicago has a Place where NO civil rights are being recognized once in custody.
          It is happening in other places too. No phone call. No Bail. You are arraigned in jail.
          You are listed as a John Doe. SO family can’t find you.

          The Russian KGB in the old days had studied the possibility of taking over areas by using Police to round up possible dissidents first. Then just use them to pick off problem population. The KGB study said that it would likely work using infiltrated Police. A quite war that no one would notice.

          George Soros-Obama- might be doing just that. Traitors have taken over US government. Isn’t that obvious to everyone? UN-NWO-One Worlder TRAITORS.
          ———————How many Patriots have already been disappeared?

          Why are there animal control facilities with ovens to cremate animals placed very near MANY jails?
          Look at a google may of RENO NV airport. There is Sheriff Dept. Animal control with cremation facilities. And obviously the runway.
          Fly Patriots in. Jail them. Kill them. Cremate Americans. All at one convenient location for TRAITORS. Is this HAPPENING NOW? What have you seen out of place?

          Harvey County Correctional Facility in Newton Kansas is MURDERING Americans.
          Right Now. It was Happening while Bush was president.


      42. I was raised with firearms. I have had to put down an6imals living in a rural situation and I hundt. Puting down an animal is just a job no more. combat pistol has been a hobby for years. Three young men showed up with shotguns to rob the place they didnt end of story. its just a job that has to be done sometimes B%fore hand make up your mind are you going to live or die That part is vital

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