Americans are Preparing at Unprecedented Levels

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    Do you have enough larder to feed your family and some friends if grocery stores ran out of food? How about several assault rifles and a few thousand rounds of ammo? Solar panels, a water filter, medical kits, bug-out bags, fire starters, tents, sleeping bags, some junk silver and reserve gasoline?

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

    It’s becoming apparent to many Americans that depending on our local, state and federal governments in the event of an emergency, catastrophic societal collapse or widespread disaster will not be sufficient to meet the needs of your family. Residents in Colorado (and likely the other 49 states) are stockpiling in droves and preparing to live off the grid if it comes to that:

    Four families in Yoder are building a sand bunker and stockpiling ammunition and weapons.

    A Black Forest resident has erected a geodesic dome on her 5-acre spread to grow vegetables, keeps horses for emergency transportation, in case she can’t get gasoline for her car, and plans to acquire chickens and goats as food sources.

    A husband and wife who have a cabin on 100 acres of secluded land in Park County have weaned their property from the electric grid, acquired a three-year food supply and taken other measures to become self-sufficient.

    While there’s little threat of the earthquake and tsumani that rocked Japan last month in landlocked Colorado, other epic crises on the home front are possible: A flood or fire. A terrorist attack. A nuclear weapons launch. World War III. Or an apocalyptic-type scenario.

    An increasing number of people say they are getting ready.

    “More people are getting into the survivalist mode. I’ve been in business 30 years, and I’ve never sold so many assault rifles as now. The last year was the best we’ve ever had,” said Mel Bernstein, a Class III weapons dealer and owner of Dragon Man’s shooting range east of Colorado Springs.

    Israeli gas masks, helmets and sand bags also have been selling well, he said.
    “People are putting stuff away in case something big happens,” he said. “I think it’s superstition, but it’s been good for business.”

    Interest in the survivalist movement has been heightened, many say, by global turmoil.

    The ongoing strife in the Middle East, the lingering possibility that the Obama administration will enact stricter gun laws and the sustained economic downturn, coupled with political unrest in Libya and Japan’s nuclear catastrophe, have made people uneasy.

    In addition, doomsday prophesies by Nostradamus and the Mayans pinpointing 2012 are distressing for some. There’s also a group of Christians who say they’ve determined that the end of the world will begin on May 21.

    “People are afraid, and they want to be able to protect their families,” Bernstein said.

    Y2K — the dawning of the third millennium — brought forth a fury of survivalist instincts, as many believed the nation’s network of electric connections and computer systems would crash.

    The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, raised concern among even the complacent.

    But this time in history feels more urgent, say those who identify themselves as “preppers” — people preparing to have all they need to sustain a catastrophe.

    “There’s a distinct possibility that some other country could wipe out our electronics and computers, and the U.S. infrastructure is not ready — it would take six months to rebuild a transformer,” said Bob, a retired engineer who said he designed airplanes, power plants and aqueducts for the government.

    He asked that his last name not be used because he shares a philosophy common among preppers: the desire for anonymity. Not everyone understands why they’re doing what they’re doing, Bob said, and there’s the possibility of others looting their stockpiles.
    “Preppers will give someone a pound of rice and a bowl of soup, but we’ll defend ourselves against people who are going to take everything we have,” he said. “We’re doing this to make sure that we can live the way we’ve been living and we’re not going to be out there scrounging or stealing food from others.”

    There are any number of scenarios, both natural and man-made, that could lead to what preppers refer to as TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It), be it an electro magnetic pulse attack, a US dollar hyperinflation, economic collapse, an earthquake along the New Madrid Fault Line, Yellow Stone’s super volcano, or the purported Mayan end of days.

    While some may be more likely to occur than others, and some are improbable outliers, the fact that the possibilities exist, and that there are a whole host of reasons why life as we have come to know it could be halted from one day to the next, makes preparedness that much more reasonable.

    We’ve seen how governments respond to disasters. Recent history in the modern age suggests that there is simply no way to meet the needs of millions of people if a far-from-equilibrium situation were to arise.

    Americans spend thousands of dollars per year on insurance for our homes, our cars, our health, our lives, and even our mortgages.

    Is it really so crazy to insure ourselves from unforeseen black swans by stockpiling some food, water, supplies and a means to protect them?

    The US government is spending billions of dollars to prepare for unlikely events like war, catastrophic collapse of society, and even asteroids – maybe you should consider a little end-of-the-world insurance as well.

    References: Colorado Springs Gazette, The Columbus Republic, Steve Quayle


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      1. I call it my way of life insurance.

      2. If you haven’t been reading this great site before this article, then I don’t know what to tell you.  Mac has advocated prepping for years now.  If you haven’t started by now, you may be soon out of luck.  I now feel confident in my preps, and can go about my business without that “feeling” that I have to do more.  Good luck to all….

      3. The unprepared will pose the biggest threat to law & order during any crisis as many begin to “take” what they need. Combine their panic with the criminal element waiting for the opportunity to improve their situation, and you’ve got pandemonium.
        I still remember the images coming out of New Orleans after Katrina.
        Even some local police were “confiscating” what they needed. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.
        Gear Up & Good Luck

      4. Comments….. Now is the best time to learn how to survive without government help and growing your own food supply and learning how to harvest rain is a good way to start..

      5. Let’s face it, the herd smells something coming, even if the pretty TV talking heads say that it just ‘aint so.
        The only thing that I won’t store in bulk is gasoline, too volatile…
        I have put in a pitcher pump on an old sprinkler well, got a gravity filter, food, seeds, guns, ammo & gold.
        I can now remain in my home even if the city turns off water & electricity-very important if you want to stay out of some FEMA camp depending on bureaucrats to feed you.

      6. IF everyone would prepare – there would be more camaraderie and less anarchy!

        But a perfect world does not exist so I’ll need a machine gun to protect everything I’ve done that others refuse to do!


        Well, now I have pertinent information…I read an article that had legislation that mandated the govt to provide for TWO YEARS for EVERY HOUSEHOLD in America during a national emergency….well, the article stated the silos, bins, cupboards are empty…and your family willl be lucky to get a half loaf of bread a month!!!!

        Uhhh…..ADD THAT TO MY LIST…’WHY I PREP’.

      8. Fox has the prettiest talking heads.


      10. I keep seeing the “talking heads” in the Mars Attacks movie.

      11. You are wrong Terry.  Check out Bloomberg during the euro opening bell.  I’m still waiting on my calendar.

      12. Great site – excellent information.  The funny thing is; anyone prepping now is not prepping for TEOTWAWKI, they’re prepping during TEOTWAWKI,

        The US dollar is collapsing and we’re all seeing it every time we go to the pump or to the store.  The world just experienced the largest nuclear accident in history and the radiation is showing up all accross the northern hemisphere.  -and if you’ve noticed, natural disasters and severe storms are increasing over time (not necessary to discuss why, it just is).

        Life as we know it is ending, but its never too late to stock up and be prepared to hunder down.

      13. It’s never to late to prep. Never. As long as the Shit hasn’t Hit The Fan.

      14. I tell you one thing. Not only the Americans are preparing.
        You are not alone guys. Preppers community in Greece is increasing. It’s not something organized. It has to do mostly with individual attempts based on instict and Greece’s financial condition.
        Be safe guys. It’s closer every day.

      15. I’m not worried, Obama will take care of me. He’s gonna put gas in my car and pay my house note and all that stuff.
        Baaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

      16. Closer…and closer…and closer…

      17. Bring it on, I’m tired of waiting, been there done that. I can remember my youth in the early 40S better than i can remember last yr and everything about it was good, times were rough and some things were scarce but we always seemed to get a meal. The people were a lot friendlier and always helped each other out,You could trust anyone with your kids or even let hobos steep in thre barn, today, you can’t trust anyone.
            It would take a couple generations for the people to slow down and get used to the old ways of doing things.People got so that they didn’t want to keep up with the Jones, they wanted to be better than the Jones and went upside down in debt doing it. Many will commit suicide when the rug is finally pulled out from under them.

              WW2 was getting under way for the US and every family had someone leaving for service.It was always a treat to have someone stop in with a uniform on. we lived on a dairy farm and everyone went to the fields to get the crops in and helped with the milking, for relaxation and family fun, everyone worked in the garden,(no TVs) there was an air base about 25 miles from us and i can still see the planes flying over by the hundreds on their way to Europe, sometimes the planes would block out the sun and it would be dark in the daytime for a few minutes. 

           believe me, no one can ever be prepared for what is coming toward the world,

      18. Just me, times were a lot more innocent back then. People’s minds hadn’t been corroded by the garbage spewing from television. The simpler life is sooo much nicer than what we’ve suffered with the past 50 or so years. And the best part of it (and freedom) is that we can do what we want BUT we’re also responsible for ourselves. Nobody standing over you telling you what you can and can’t do. You just do what you know you SHOULD do. That’s what I hope for post-SHTF. It may not be that free, but I hope it is. Just my tomato’s worth (once known as “2 cents worth”, but i’m thinking in barter language now).

      19. Good luck to the new preppers trying to get some mountain house products.
        I feel the need to increase my preps now

      20. Over here in Holland there are also preppers, like I am. But this is not very comon here. I have silver,goud, tools, garden en plenty of food. 

      21. We sure have plenty to be concerned about and the list keeps growing.  Nothing ever comes off the list, it just gets bigger.  Well I have a big one for the list that I haven’t seriously considered yet.  I have been listening to some endtime prophetic teaching lately and I’m amazed how far we are along in endtime Revelation prophecy.  I’ts basically happened, happening or getting ready to happen right now.  The book of Revelation ties right into other old testiment books like Daniel and it’s a sobering realization.  The next big thing looks to be WWIII where 2.2 BILLION people will be killed.  I can’t imagine this happening without this being a nuclear war.  I have hear that if history repeats itself the the debt problems accross the globe should bring a big war.  I hear that the global elete want to reduce the population of the world.  Hello?  I hadn’t considered it really at all but now I am.  I don’t know if the U.S. will get hit hard but even if we didn’t radiation levels would rise everywhere.  Do you own homework and you’ll be amazed what you find.

      22. Comments…..Chuckles said:
        I’m not worried, Obama will take care of me. He’s gonna put gas in my car and pay my house note and all that stuff.
        Baaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
        Peggy Joseph said that, wouldn’t you just love to have a conversation with her today?  Like how’s that hope and change working for you?  Do ya like the price of gas that you are paying so you can wheel yourself to work or do you even have a job?  LOL!

      23. Something occurred to me the other day; I shouldn’t have thrown out most of my tech-school books, like math & physics.  I can’t remember most of the useful things like calculating the area of a circle or the volume of a sphere, etc.  Kept the electronics books though…


      25. Steve:  You can get 2.2 billion dead just with famine alone.  You don’t need nukes, all you need to do is kill the breadbasket of the world, which is happening right now.  The breadbasket is the midwest of the USA, and the things which are killing it is the continual rapid draining of the Oglalla aquifer and the new practice of “fracking”.  

        You heard recently that the USA has more oil than the entire middle east?  Yeah, that might be true, but what they didn’t say (or explain) is that this fracking process is required to get it, and the fracking process hopelessly pollutes ground water.  If allowed to continue going full steam ahead (which they are…), there will be no drinkable water, or water suitable for irrigation from about Pennsylvania to about Idaho, and from about North Dakota to about the city of Dallas.  No grain = no food = 2.2 billion dead. 

        Don’t worry though, there’s a lot of money to be made here, and the politicians we have from both parties have already approved this.

      26. Comments….. The lady in the picture above brought to mind ol’ June Lockhart from the sitcom, “Lost in Space”. My lord where has the time gone?

      27. For those who would rather commit suicide than fight with their neighbors, I suggest we publish easy painless respectful ways to kill yourself, and make it widely available. This would also have the benefit of lowering the number of people we have to compete with. I know one of my friends has already said he would rather be dead than live in a world where he has worry about ways to kill other people who are trying to break in to his house, if the world came down to that. I would want him to go in the best way possible but the thought of killing ones self is so scary to me I don’t think about ways someone could prepare to do it. At least in the movie Soylent Green they had suicide centers where you could go recline on a couch and watch idyllic movies of nature and flowers while you comfortably faded out and everything was taken care of. We don’t have those for people.

      28. I don’t know what you guys are worried about.. the characters on 90210 aren’t worrying, so why should I?

      29. I have been trying to stockpile food for a while now. Times are not going to get any better!!

      30. If you arent blind then you should see what is comign down soon enough .The federal Resrve is continueing its cource, that is buying back paper at 83 cents on the dollar . QE# will be abckdoor deal under swaps that cant be clearly seen or known about .all they are doign is shifting the 3 shells in the shell game , now you see it now you dont?  They know inflation will be hugh come after the second quarter .The job situation is still total crap  and people are goign into physical metals like thier is no tommorrow .Russia,China , Europe are buying gold and silver and loading thier boats up as fast as they can.they know the dollar is going to tank and they also know our fiancial problem will only grow worse . We all saw on televison what happen in Katrina,they didnt give a rats ass about those peopel,Even police were murdering civilians .This was just on a very small scale .On a bigger scale it will be pure hell .This was a warning . Lack of food and jobs is what causes Riots and unrest .gloablly its effecting the world but in america yet .why? Because of food handouts, unemplyment and medicaid and medicare and welfare .If these systems werent in place, We would be a Rioting mess . The cause of all of this will be Government because of its inaction,out of control spending, Bailouts  and stimulus ,inflation  and Wastefull spending with the leaders Taking rights away from the People .  

      31. Massive tornadoes in the S.E. and wide devastation today (Apr 27) .  Preppers who got slammed by storms, who ever they are, prepped in vain.  I just hope their guns, ammo and gold, other valuables were in a safe place.  Makes you wonder if prepping is really worth it.  I will make  phone calls to several preppers I personally know, several hundred miles N. of me when the phone lines are back up and see if they got slammed.  This whole thing is a nightmare (see the weather channel).

      32. Have been to your country ikke, beautiful from the air but only got to see the airport and the travel shows on tv.

      33. Another thing that would kill 2.2 billion people (or more) right quick would be an EMP, either from the sun or from a high altitude nuke. Turn off the electricity to an entire continent either permanently or for a very long time, and see how fast the population dwindles. I think that about 90 percent of the population would die off in that situation, but that would still leave about 3 million people in the US to re-build and carry on.

      34. For those who would rather commit suicide than fight with their neighbors, I suggest we publish easy painless respectful ways to kill yourself, and make it widely available.
        Good call james02. My primary suggestion for termination of ones Earthly existence is to simply hang onto that idea of hope and change until it is far too late to plan for any other possible outcome and then starve to death over a period of three to five weeks. Listening to your family bitch and whine should hasten the process…..or at least make it much more memorable.

      35. I’ve been awake for several years now. I see the Washington D.C. scam, i.e. Federal Reserve system, Democrats and Republicans being willing participants in the destruction of our country and freedoms, unconstitutional Executive Orders laying the groundwork for martial law, TSA violating fourth amendment right on a daily basis, and on and on. 

        But mainly I wanted to at least change the number of comments to 34.

      36. @goldenfoxx – Awesome 🙂
        To anyone that says they’re fully prepared, watch out.  You can never be unless you’re a multimillionaire I suppose.  Most on here seem to be just getting by from the sounds of those that post.  Its sad that those with the most financial means are the most likely to have the least in the way of preps.  You’ll see them the day of, trying to buy their weapons haha.
        Just got a 100lbs of red hard wheat.  Wife sees things but thinks I’m a bit crazy.  Cash will be good for a while until people figure out its worthless, then its dirty toilet paper I wouldn’t use to wipe my dogs butt.  Until then (I think the Euro may go first) I’ll horde enough cash to start a lot of fires and get me food until the end (why hit the stashes before I need too?) when all the debt cards stop working and people try and figure out how to get money out of closed banks.  ATMs will be dry within hours.  Should be fun to watch on TV though after I board up my windows (on the inside so people outside cannot see, I have loads of old clothing stored to scatter in the yard since I live out of town some).

      37. Since we’re finally getting down the the meat and potatoes of home security/SHTF on this website (FINALLY!), here are some of my cherished links to security product providers for all you preppers out there.  The first link (armorcore) is for bullet proof drywall.  Great stuff.  The second link (mastersecuritydoors) is for residential entry doors and windows that are bullet proof, sledghammer and battering ram proof, and WILL DEFEAT detirmined efforts of police SWAT teams to gain entry.  The third link (silvelox) is for garage doors that will defeat the high speed impact of SUV’s.  The last link (Amico-securityproducts) is for steel security mesh.  Installed behind drywall, it will defeat efforts to kick, punch, or saw through walls.  Commonly used in federal and state courthouses, casinos, banks, and other high probability locations.  

        These products are definitely recommended for your home too!  The bonus link is for a website that has lots of good intel on prepping your home to defeat the criminal/looter elements we are likely to face in the world today, and going forward.  Don’t say I never gave you nothing!


      38. Thanks Jonny V. As soon as I earn several hundred thousand dollars in discretionary income I’ll race out and buy all of this shit. Until then I guess my Mossberg and dobermans will do in a pinch?

      39. Sanity, it doesn’t take that much money, you just have to be hard-headed and determined to prep your house.

        Here’s another link to an all-important prep item, big bore rifles, not them puny-ass AR’s or AK’s, these are manly rifles!  🙂

      40. I was discussing preparedness plans with another survivalist friend of mine, and he bragged that he had everything he needed: plenty of guns & ammo, stored water and water purifiers, storable food like dried beans, rice, sugar  and flour, a well-stocked first-aid kit, etc, etc. And I said, “what about lighters?” His face went blank, and his jaw dropped. The thing is, you HAVE to have disposable lighters. Lots and lots of them. Matches get wet, and once they do they’re useless forever. Fire is a basic human necessity, because you won’t be able to cook any of that food without it. And right now lighters are cheap. You can get a pack of 6 for about 3 bucks. You’d better think about adding them to your emergency kit, or you’ll be screwed anyway.

      41. Jonny V…….no arguement about the “new method” of fracking damaging water tables but I do want to comment that fracking itself isnt anything new per sae.

        On January 21, 1865, Col. E.A.L. Roberts performed the first successful oil well shot(frak) on  “Ladies Well”, using eight pounds of black powder (nitroglycerin was first used two years later).

        These “Roberts Torpedos” as they were called opened up the fissures in the oil bearing rock layers and allowed the oil to flow much more freely,the area in Pa where Col Edwin L. Drake drilled his first successful oil well was and still is rich in sweet crude full of parafin(wax) which slowly glogged up the well pipes,”fracking” the well in this manner greatly reduced this problem and increased flows by many times.

        And for the record the “new” fracking process today is nothing like Roberts method…today they use liquid nitrogen and tons of water under high pressure to open up the wells, just thought you might be interested in that little bit of history…thanks!

      42. Wow Reb, didn’t know it went back that far.  Didn’t know the history or the why of the wax in PA oil either, just that some gearheads really don’t like it in their motors.

      43. Trivia Queen – You said:

        Another thing that would kill 2.2 billion people (or more) right quick would be an EMP, either from the sun or from a high altitude nuke. Turn off the electricity to an entire continent either permanently or for a very long time, and see how fast the population dwindles. I think that about 90 percent of the population would die off in that situation, but that would still leave about 3 million people in the US to re-build and carry on.

        Trivia Queen, I believe that’s the plan. EMP is how to destroy a society “the easy way” while watching the woefully unprepared die a slow, agonizing death. I don’t want to give our enemies the satisfaction of dying in this manner.   

        Bottom line: Make sure YOU are as self sufficient as possible. Start with $100 worth of rice, beans, pasta, nuts, seeds, canned food, etc, and build up from there. Google, “100 items to disappear first” for some excellent suggestions. If you haven’t started, today would be a good day.

      44. Do you smell that?  This week the silver record is going to get broken.  I didn’t ask for it, but I bought a ticket.  50+

      45. I feel really bad for the folks who have been devasated by tornadoes, flooding or wildfires lately. Especially if they had been prepping, and lost all their preps in addition to the rest of their belongings.

        We had a wildfire come within a mile of our house a couple weeks ago. We gathered up enough to fill up 3 vehicles, but in the end, all I could do was look at all my preps and say a little prayer as we left it behind. Once we got to come back home, I started looking for a place (or two) to cache some of our preps, but haven’t come up with any place accessible and safe. I’ve finally decided that our best bet will be an underground shelter, but it’s so dry and hard-packed, we’ll have to wait for some rain before we start digging!

        I’m glad to say that most of my family is waking up to the need to prep, if they haven’t started the process already! But I know A LOT of people who won’t even consider the need. Since they all know I have a large garden in progress (thank God for soaker hoses and mulch!), I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing most of them after times get bad.

        Just turned to the weather channel – think I’ll take our dry, windy weather over tornadoes any day!! It’s been really bad all day and still is! Hope everyone heeds the warnings!

      46. Silver pushing at $50. Gold at 1530 overnight in asain markets. And the USDX at …….72.94 last I checked. This could be a very interesting ride. I changed my mind…stop the coaster, I wanna get off!

      47. Comments…..JohnnyV, thanks for the link to the video on heavy lead. I wouldn’t want to be standing in front of him with the 629 in his hand. Looks like he was shooting specials or equivalent due to the recoil, but he knows what that particular gun will do and what it won’t and thats the difference. That sharps was nice but if Custer could talk he would have wished he had the Henry repeaters that day at little bighorn instead of the single shot sharps. Cheers.

      48. Jessica

         disposable lighters are nice but can get distroyed in seconds, for more reliable fire a magesium fire stick is good to have around with the lighters

      49. America voted for change….well, its at the door step and the door bell is ringing…make sure you go to

        listen to michael ruppert from the 4/27 show…wow…get ready everyone
        and may God Bless you all

      50. These storms are not naturally driven. They are 100% HAARP driven, which is WHY they are not ending, and only intensifying. If ever you believed in de-population theory, this is it! A war is now on with this nation. Tornadoes may be coming too TX, PA, NY, and AR by tonight or tomorrow. read below. And watch the videos immediately!
        For those that are TRULY interested in understanding the meaning
        behind this historic activity, I recommend you watch the links
        below. And please don’t wait. These storms may strike the areas
        above by the 28th or 29th (by tonight, as of this writing),
        although there is nothing in the forecast for these towns at this
        time suggesting such ferocity.

        That sounds very alarmist, and I don’t mean to be. But we have
        loved ones around the country, and in some of the towns you’ll see
        listed below. The premise being, all the tell-tale signatures of
        HAARP, scalar waves and chemtrails are being ‘initiated’ as they
        are brought together in each of these towns, roughly two days prior
        to the tornadoes hitting as they are. There is a burst of
        concentric circles in key points across the US weather map (which
        you will see), followed by devastation within a 24-48 hour time
        frame, after the current storm passes. He explains how HAARP uses
        UHF and VHF signals to first ‘warm’ the upper atmosphere, and then
        ‘cool’ the lower, alternating between wavelengths. This is his best
        theory. And so far, his track record is pretty flawless for
        predicting the outcome of our nation’s weather right now. And he pinpoints ground zerro in each of these towns to tthe very intersection!

        All I can think of today, is the constant weather updates, and all
        of the town officials and rescuers saying that there is no break in
        any of this, and it is simply relentless. You may understand why,
        after you see these. Don’t get me wrong though, I fully recognize
        the level to which our climate is changing, and that our poles
        are/have been shifting. I believe there are certain ‘factions’
        though, that are taking advantage of this opportunity in time, to
        flood the planet with their own violent changes in weather, that
        most citizens are expecting anyway, due to their knowledge of 2012.
        Pretty clever way to slip in such actions, if that is their goal.

        Now, as I mentioned, there are two links below. The first one, is
        what’s to come in the states listed in the subject line above,
        within the next few days, immediately after the current wave of
        storms passes. That is the very pattern this particular weather
        genius ‘Dutch’ has analyzed with incredible detail and accuracy. So
        we need to watch for that. I have family in the northeast, and
        currently, all they have in the forecast are thunderstorms that are
        lining up, likely due to this as well. If this is accurate (again),
        the northeast will see some major tornadoes for the first time in
        many years. But there are other towns the video will discuss, that
        are at ground zero. So please do watch these. If nothing comes to
        pass, maybe think twice about his research. But if it hits again, I
        expect to stay tuned to what he’s spotting as we move forward.

        And if you’re STILL not sure about the possibility of all of this,
        watch the second clip. This is what Dutch pinpointed on the 20th of
        this month, predicting the Dallas area, and sweeping up through
        Tennessee and into Michigan. All areas with unnatural, concentric
        circles over them, demonstrating a burst of energy being initiated.
        And we see the result, as that is exactly what happened from the
        25th through today. He called it dead on, five days in advance. It
        is worth paying attention to, and to take the proper precautions, I

        Be safe, and take care.

        Clip one: What’s coming our way in the next 1 or 2 days:

        Clip two: Dutch’s accurate analysis on the 20th, that played out on
        the 25th:

      51. @ Jessica ~

        Disposable lighters have a nsaty tendency to ‘leak-out’ when stored over a period of time. As you noted, they are cheap ….. cheaply made and easy to break.

        You can still get one of the good old Zippo lighters for less than $20. What with everyone quitting smoking you can frequently find them in excellent condition for 1 or 2 $ at yard/garage sales. The Zippo will work with almost any flamable liquid. Don’t forget extra wicks and flints. I always store a couple of extra flints under the bottom pad inside the lighter. These will be excellent trade/barter items.

        Good luck and God Bless all.

      52. @ Jonny V, a 2×4 frame (2×6 would be better) filled with crushed gravel will stop everything up to .308 FMJ. reliably. The gravel will settle as it is pulverized by multiple hits, however a big enough section will provide adequate cover. The up side is you can get all of the materials at the local lumber yard for very little money. I built a test sample 16″x36″ with exceptional results.

      53. I love to hear from preppers from around the globe like Manos and ikke….Thanks for posting. I hope that you will post more often on what life is like there. Thanks 

      54. To start fires just get a Sparkie Fire Starter.  They are all sold all over the internet.  Keep your cheap lighters for barter.

        One look at this dollar index tells you exactly why smart people are prepping.

      55. I bought one of those magnesium fire starters for my BOB. I’ve started rebuilding it to replace the one that got stolen out of my car last year. It feels like the time is close for something really bad.


        Good morning!!!  First sun in 14 days here….


        Let’s get this party started….I’d like to see my country before I go to meet my Lord…AMEN!!!

      57. I posed a link to show the Sparkie and how it works.  I said that was was $11.24 but to look around you can probably get it cheaper elsewhere. 

        Why was it deleted?  There are plenty of other vendor links here that people post. 

        The power of the link I provided was the videos to show exactly how it works.

        Very odd.


        OHHH….OHHH…ooohhh…ooohhhh…..preview of what’s to come??  dh received letter that by 2013 he MUST change his SS check to direct deposit…TO SAVE PAPER!!!

        My response???  Don’t worry hon, we won’t be getting that in 2013—if we are even a nation then!!!

        April 27th, 2011 at 11:18 pm..says:
        I feel really bad for the folks who have been devasated by tornadoes, flooding or wildfires lately. Especially if they had been prepping, and lost all their preps in addition to the rest of their belongings.

        Last night, dh asked what about if we have to leave the house??? What about all our supplies??
        I said well, we have the food in the tool box and 5 gallon bucket I prepared (and BOBs out the ying-yang)and then, we’re in God’s hands.
        But, isn’t it better to be prepared than not?? Not storing to me IS NOT AN OPTION!

      60. Hey Sanity, the links were for stuff that I’m actually using to retro-fit my house with.  Not sure what the crushed gravel would do for my resale value, if the market ever goes back up! 🙂

      61. Dennis, your links aren’t working.  youtube says no one by name of dutchsinse.  did they scrub this?

      62. Lynne, there seemed to be a problem with Dennis’ urls properly linking to Youtube. I pulled the videos direct using the video ID numbers and replaced his links with the correct Youtube links. You should be able to access those videos now.

        Thanks for the great comments all!


        Clip one: What’s coming our way in the next 1 or 2 days:

        Clip two: Dutch’s accurate analysis on the 20th, that played out on
        the 25th:

      63. HAARP is NOT a problem. How do I know? I live about 40 miles away and have the equipment and expertise to monitor their activities. NO PROBLEM. I know the author of the “book” and that he comes from a long line of politicians. His degree is from U of Sri Lanka.

        Unless you didn’t notice, the PTB has been advertising about making survival plans for some time. Reckon they might know something?

        Even an empty lighter still holds a flint. Practice making fires with just a flint like the mountain man of old. Need magnesium? Most aluminum engine castings are aluminum-magnesium alloys and burn fiercely.

        Tarps work great for harvesting rain. Don’t forget clear plastic sheeting. Metal garbage cans make fairly vermin-proof containers.

        It ain’t insurance until the money/goods are in your hands. Do you really think the insurance companies weathered out the mortgage collapse? Now add in the enormous settlements from the recent spate of tornadoes and floods. I’ll self insure thank you very much.

        For a great source of technical books that will have relevence in a lower tech world, check out Lindsay Publishing. Always remember that commerce will go on. It will be different from what we are use to, but it will continue. Skills can be learned that will make a difference in your efforts to not just survive, but also thrive. There just isn’t enough time in a day to do everything, hence the need to trade skills and locally made products/services.

        Always remember that folks in the third world get by on far less than we are use to. Those who are actively prepping will be in the laps of luxury compared to those who aren’t/don’t/won’t. Never forget that homo sapiens has always been an opportunistic predator/scavenger. It is in our genetic make-up. Until fairly recently, our specie was forged in “nature fire” but now we generally lack the skills and stress coping ability to survive another trip into the fire. Lack of knowledge can be fixed, ignorance is proof of idiocy. The root word of ignorance is ignore. This infers that the knowledge exists, but the choice is to ignore it. Do so at your own risk. Nature always outs itself.

      64. Jessica, disposable lighters are a great idea and I already had it.  Some here seem to think they are for nothing more than starting a fire.  They will be highly prized barter items.  Just get good BIC lighters and not the cheapies.
        Everyone should remember to stock up on things for trading as well as personal use.  There are a lot of things you can get cheap that will trade well, and are easier to carry off than large stores of food.

      65. We seen you over on the bumper cars yesterday at Joy Land.  How are you going to ride the rides for free if you don’t stay out of detention?

      66. Is everybody ok? We just heard on the evening news about hundreds of dead due to the storms.
        It is also on the cnn site.
        What makes me furious is that people are dying just like that, and half of Europe is busy with this stupid wedding.
        What clothes Kate is wearing, how many guests will attend the party, what is color is William’s pants, etc.
        Just for you to laugh, the British embassy in Athens organizes a British tea party in the Athens Hilton, to celebrate the wedding. People who want to join hte party must pay 15 euros each. Big tv screens will show the ceremony directly through BBC.
        What a crazy world we are in guys.
        Be safe – be prepared

      67. Once money isn’t an issue I plan on getting some property and getting off the grid.  Until then, I will just have to keep a few basic supplies on hand and hope for the best.

      68. Apocalypse just happened to few hundred of good souls down south of US. This proves that the end can happen, anytime, anywhere, people don’t have to be waiting till Dec. 2012, but remember to live life each day the best they can and to keep their spiritual house in order. I wonder how many preppers were among the victims (in Japan and other affected countries as well) and what happened to their buckets of food, canned stuff, ammo and guns…when disasters hit their homes…Just a thought.

      69. JJ
        Sorry i forgot to mention. It’s a poor couple who lives in my neighborhood in Heraklion. They live a couple of houses from my place. They are really poor so the Queen of England felt sorry for them, and allowed them to get married in London.
        My only worry is that i don’t have anything fancy to wear for the ceremony.
        Be safe dear.
        P.s. the m posting was mine but i miss-typed my name. probably is due to the Greece’s austerity measures. I’m hungry.

      70. Hey Sanity, the links were for stuff that I’m actually using to retro-fit my house with.  Not sure what the crushed gravel would do for my resale value, if the market ever goes back up!
        Well Jonny that is why one would actually build a wall, fill it with bullet stopping  debris, (in this case dry gravel) and then stucco it…or put siding over it. It would be great for many defensive positions and doesn’t cost much……..and it would look nice. Sheesh, tough sell here. LOL.

      71. Mac, thanks for fixing the links. Not sure what went wrong there.
        Overrtheedge, have you watched the videos? It doesn’t matter if HAARP is near you, it matters only where they activate the bursts of energy. If its not HAARP, how do explain tornadoes striking the exact spot these concentric circles appear, 2-3 days before the event? It’s not natural, otherwise storm chasers would be able to plan for such events. As it is, they’re lucky if they can call a tornado even ten minutes before it touches down. The guy’s track record speaks for itself, I’d say.
        And now, given the north to south swath of these storms, could this be tied to an intentional flooding of the rivers, then setting the New Madrid area into emergency status? All going back to their government preps in the DC area, as discussed on this blog.
        Some say (like Leuren Meuret), that Fukushima was ‘done’ to destroy their crops, and force a reliance on this nation as their food source. Could this be purposeful, to destroy the US grain belt, forcing even greater reliance on Monsanto’s offerings?
        Last night, I sent the same info to friends and family. Note the Pennsylvania call. There was nothing on the radar for PA yesterday, but today they are warning of these same tornadoes. Coincidence?
        Let”s see if New York hits the headlines next.
        You might want to watch the videos first. Seriously.

      72. Overtheedge, that’s right! You’re in Alaska, right? HAARP is across the country, and the planet. Not just Alaska. None of these UHF and VHF activations are anywhere near Alaska, only where the storms now are. time too turn the TV off, my friend, and look at the bigger picture around us. These storms are clearly intentional.
        Ya gotta really look into these subjects. The world is not the way we’d all like it to be.  There are some pretty bad dudes, with some grand plans out there, all now underway.

      73. Comments…..if a prepper lost all of their prepared stuff in the recent tornados and flooding then i am indeed very sorry for their losses. however, the number one rule for preparation is to make sure your stockpile is in a safe place where you can get to it if you need it. when they rebuild their homes/shelters maybe they will be able to add a “safe room and use part of it for their stockpiles.  if flooding is the problem then what the heck are you doing there in the first place?

      74. The elite have publically stated that they desire the death of at least 3 billion humans.
        The elite have publically stated that global demographic trends are unsustainable and a population collapse will happen sooner or later – NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE DOES.
        The elite are privately building bunkers for themselves far away and protected from the peasantry.  Some of those bunkers are public knowledge simply because they are being constructed on such a grandiose scale that secrecy is near impossible.
        Nations around the world are becoming more brutal and more totalitarian, enabled by a high tech police state.  This includes Western nations and the U.S.
        The future holds only high tech police state totalitarianism, famine, and ultimately – death for those unprepared to survive independently.
        Not preparing to the best of your ability is gambling with your survival.

      75. It looks like most of us have given up. We don’t know what to do except dig whole and bury ourselves. Don’t give America. If we retreat now, we may never rise again.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      76. I haven’t given up… but it is only common sense to perform some basic disaster preparedness.  Not every disaster is secondary to politics, you cannot organize a revolution against natural disasters and you cannot feed your family on anger and revolution when the price of food and other necessities surpass your ability to purchase them. Amassing some staple survival items and the means to defend it isn’t surrender, it is operational readiness.

      77. I’m preparing to put my British drinking shirt on today but my Irish drinking shirt can’t be out done.  Blood pudding and warm battery acid beer.  I hope the wedding is the only thing that makes the news.  We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine.

      78. There is no mention of the changes in the sun which will set the whole of the North American Continent on fire.

      79. Just arrived at an even simpler explanation, based around the weather modifications. If they are using simple UHF and VHF bands to heat and cool the atmosphere, would it not stand to reason, that it would simply take any of the thousands of radio towers across the US to send a signal straight into the long-prepared atmosphere, by chemtrails? Possibly used to conduct current for just such an occasion? Just a thought.
        And the more I look at this, and the coming floods along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, the more you have to consider MORE intentional destruction (just like the production of corn ethanol) to our food supply, granting Monsanto the grand recipient of our food needs. Many say, that”s exactly why Japan was targeted. That, and the fact that they told the NWO to get lost. Last one to do that was Poland. And look how that ended.
        Again, be safe all. Note also that PA was hit with their tornadoes, as predicted amongst the short list. Let’s see if NY sees anything now.

      80. p.s. The plan being, control the food, you completely and totally control the people. So it makes sense, if they are of that mindset, and I think they are.
        Regarding depopulation, absolutely. See: Georgia Guidestones for more eerie premonitions and statements surrounding this issue.

      81. Maybe I”m just nit-picking now, but here is Obama”s recent quote about the devastation:
        “We can’t control when or where a terrible storm may strike, but we can control how we respond to it,” Obama said. “And I want every American who has been affected by this disaster to know that the federal government will do everything we can to help you recover and we will stand with you as you rebuild.”

        Was that some kind of Freudian slip? Why would you want to CONTROL a twister (except to weave through a neighborhood, but that’s silly)? Wouldn’t the proper word be ‘anticipate’?

        Strange choice of words, if you ask me. And no one did, I know.  🙂

      82. Comments….    .Anonymous,were you drinkin before you put that shirt on? Just asking.

        Dennis lighten up , We all know whats going on ,we just choose to ignore it!!!

      83. D. Trump is having fun!!!!!!!!!  He doesn’t reaaaalllly want to be president.

      84. Bibles and extra pair of glasses

      85. The Brits know we can drink them under the table six days a week and twice on Sunday.  We take Lipitor also.

      86. For you, Dennis:

        “By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.”

        – George Carlin

        George was no dummy, eh?

      87. Comments…..OK, no-one wants to say it. Obama studied Crowly and uses backward speak, Baphomet hand signals and all those other satanistic tricks.

      88. I’m surprised by the lack of intelligent responses following the subject-matter on this blog sight when you are being led off to slaughter!  For some of you … I guess ignorance is bliss….

        For those of you that do get it.  I truly hope your numbers advance….

        “By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.”

        -George Carlin

        …. What a great quote!

      89. In 2-3 months I’ll have two (2) two (2) acre remote wooded lots available for sale in south/central Oregon (Coos County)for sale (price not yet determined) on a very large fresh water lake about three (3) miles inland from the beach. Currently lake/water access only but may have seasonal road which can be developed to year round if desired. 30+ miles of nothing but deep Pacific NW forest (mostly state forest land)to the East and simular S, N & West. Sportsmans paradise in the “bananna belt” of Oregon. Septic and water well approvable. If SERIOUSLY interested, please email: [email protected].

      90. Food and supply hordes will be confiscated by the government to be shared equally amongst the population in the event of a doomday type event.

      91. A friend told me that when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans + other cities, the police went to each home where there were registered guns and confiscated them once the looting broke out- supposedly to protect the people!!! How were they protected without their guns? Moral of the story: unregistered weapons.

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