America Faces Civil War: “Fight Against Corrupt Elements Of Government” Inevitable

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website.

    A protester waves the U.S. flag near the Bureau of Land Management's base camp where seized cattle, that belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, are being held at near Bunkerville

    Editor’s Comment: Despite appearances, the forces of, and behind, government are adept at manipulating people and controlling emotions. Steering the mob into a false revolution that is easily diffused and later ridiculed is much better than allowing them to gain strength organically and threatening the halls of power.

    Is that what we are seeing now in Oregon? And is there any way of repairing Washington and avoiding the sparks of civil war that many now consider inevitable?

    Internal War Is Now On The Horizon For America

    by Brandon Smith

    If internationalists were to get their way fully with the world and future historians write their analysis from a globalist perspective of the defunct American nation, they will probably say simply that our collapse was brought about by our own incompetence – that we were our own worst enemy. Yes, they would treat America as a cliché. They will of course leave out the destructive influences and engineered disasters of elitists, that would just complicate the narrative.

    My hope is that we do not prove these future historians correct, and that they won’t have an opportunity to exist. My work has always been designed to help ensure that resistance thrives, but also that it is pursued in the most intelligent manner possible.

    As I write this, China’s stock market has crashed 7% and was shut down by Chinese authorities who are once again initiating outright intervention to stem the tide. U.S. markets are quickly tracking lower. Oil is plummeting.

    Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran have turned ugly, with Iranian protesters overtaking the Saudi embassy and both sides vowing vengeance. Many Americans won’t care much about this because they think it has nothing to do with them. They don’t realize that Saudi Arabia has already publicly suggested a depeg from the U.S. dollar, effectively ending the decades-long relationship between the greenback and oil. The Iranian event and U.S. ties to both nations only make the fall of the dollar’s petro-status more likely in the near term.  With the U.S. in the middle, “taking a side” will be a demand.  I believe the U.S. government will NOT take a side, and this will elicit a furious response from Saudi Arabia (a currency depeg).

    The Obama Administration has just made introductory announcements on new gun control measures through executive order.  These announcements were rather light on details and heavy on crocodile tears.  Their vagueness is clearly deliberate.  Psychological evaluations, redefining who is a lawful firearms dealer, “expanding” background checks; all of these measures could be interpreted broadly to mean almost anything.  We will probably know more in the coming weeks.

    And in Oregon over the weekend, Ammon Bundy and friends lured hundreds of protesters under false pretenses using the Hammond family tragedy as a vehicle to then initiate a takeover of federal buildings that have no strategic or symbolic value, boxing themselves into a static position and proclaiming themselves to be the “tip of the spear” in the fight against corrupt government. In the meantime, anyone who questions the validity of this idea or the logic behind the “plan” is immediately labeled a coward and “keyboard warrior” by their supporters.  Emotionally manipulative arguments abound because there are no tactically rational arguments to be made, which tells me that the plan was doomed before it was implemented.

    As I wrote in my article “Oregon standoff a terrible plan that we might be stuck with,” some people (not many but some) in the liberty movement are desperately clamoring for a fight; and they don’t care if the circumstances are intelligently executed or idiotically executed. They only care if it kicks off.

    I openly supported and aided the efforts at Bundy Ranch because the ranchers were defending their home from clear federal aggression. The Feds were direct invaders in that scenario. In Oregon, protesters are being perceived as the invaders, not the defenders — and all launched in the name of the Hammond family, who asked them NOT to artificially create a standoff. The two scenarios are polar opposites, and Oregon will end in a very different fashion.

    I would just like to note that the Founding Fathers were smart enough to avoid deliberately trapping themselves in static positions on land that had no strategic or symbolic importance while inviting the British to “come and get them”.  Again, there are right ways and wrong ways to fight tyranny.  Simply being willing to fight is not enough.

    Now, if Americans are going to create standoff situations that could result in civil war they should do it over draconian gun control measures such as the use of classified government watch lists as grounds for denial of 2nd Amendment rights, rather than using a family who did not want armed support to begin with as a means to an end.

    Keep in mind that watch lists are entirely arbitrary. There is no due process involved whatsoever, meaning you or I could walk into a gun store one day only to have our 4473 form denied because some bureaucrat in an office in D.C. decided we said something he doesn’t like and belong on a naughty list.  The changing of gun dealer laws could be used to erase gun shows and private sales of firearms as well.

    A standoff scenario based on these issues would be a much more practical concept than what is taking place in Oregon.

    As our situation in this country becomes more precarious, there are going to be far more flashpoints than anyone will be able to keep track of. It is inevitable that a fight between corrupt elements of the U.S. government and regular people will erupt. I and other analysts have been warning people about this for years. I have been educating people on their preparedness options and tactical resources. I have been promoting community preparedness teams in my work with Oath Keepers and helping to organize such teams in my own part of the country. I even designed the first working thermal evasion suit available to civilians to give people half a chance against advanced weaponry.  I have no illusions that a peaceful solution exists.  I know that there is no such solution at this point in the game.  But when the fighting starts, I also know that those who navigate the storm intelligently rather than allowing their emotions to get the best of them are more likely to survive and succeed.

    I cannot say how quickly a crisis will develop. But, I can outline some of the many pitfalls you are going to come across as this storm rises.

    False Leadership And Irrational Leadership

    You are going to stumble across numerous gung ho activists and even politicians who will claim they have the one and only solution, that they are the real “tip of the spear.” First, if you feel compelled to seek out leaders on the mere basis that they have offered to lead you, then you need to do some soul searching. Become your own leader first. And then, if you meet someone with an excellent plan and a principled motive, give him the time of day, but don’t jump blindly into any situation.

    If his plan seems poorly thought out, don’t follow him. If his agenda revolves around his own ego and a desire for personal glory, don’t follow him. If he focuses completely on the Obama administration and ignores the complicity of Republican leadership, don’t follow him. If all he talks about are the evils of the federal government but he ignores the puppet strings that lead to international banks and globalist organizations, don’t follow him. If he refuses to allow his initiatives to be questioned or discussed in a reasonable way, do not follow him. If he acts as if his ideas are sacrosanct and questions your “patriotism” when you do not immediately jump on the bandwagon, do not follow him.  Remember, it is the job of this leadership to CONVINCE YOU of the legitimacy of their plan if they are seeking your support.  The burden of evidence is on them.  It is not your job to support them blindly just because you want to avoid being called a “sunshine patriot”.

    To summarize, if you are going to follow someone, know him well first, and make sure his planning is solid.

    Hotheads And Imbeciles

    I’ve found that there are two very frustrating extremes within the liberty movement: the people who embrace pacifism and who refuse to even consider the possibility of a violent conflict and self-defense, and the people who have delusions of being the next George Washington and are ready to dive headlong into any violent confrontation without thinking because they want to cement their own legacy. Neither of these groups seems to be able to treat each event as unique: some events requiring a diplomatic approach and some of them requiring the violence of action.

    The pacifists are annoying, but they mostly hurt themselves in their lack of preparedness and a warrior’s mindset. The hotheads are the real problem. If you are only looking for a fight, then one will certainly find you; but any moron can trigger a standoff with the Feds. The point is to be able to make a move that matters in the long run. Hotheads cannot think beyond themselves and their immediate needs. They are like mosquitoes mindlessly hunting for blood. Strategic planning is impossible for them and they will destroy allies in the process of their pursuits.

    I hate to say it, but there is a distinct possibility that our current generation of freedom advocates and freedom fighters may not live to see the future we are working toward. That better world built on liberty, individualism and voluntary community is something our children will thrive in, not us. If you are not fighting with a long term strategy in mind, then you have missed the entire point.

    Factions And Tribes

    Humans in crisis events tend to become more tribal in their associations in order to survive, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. I would rather live in a tribal world than under centralized corrupt government or global government any day. That said, if a “tribe” or faction does not respect the rights of the individual or uses unprovoked violence to achieve its goals, then it is no better than any other tyranny. Never trade safety for tyranny, regardless of the difficulties ahead.

    The upside is tyrants of small tribes are easier to deal with than tyrants of large nations. They are no more bulletproof than anyone else, and they don’t have the resources to prevent reprisal if they hurt the wrong people.

    Expect that families, neighborhoods, towns, churches, gangs and activist groups will rally around each other as a way to provide security. If you do not already have friends and family on board with your way of thinking, you will be isolated, making survival far more difficult if a breakdown does occur.

    Governments Will Not Disappear

    I can think of very few scenarios in history in which a crisis or collapse immediately facilitated the fall of the government in power. Rather, the government usually morphs into something else, something more dangerous. In fact, crisis is often the prime excuse used by corrupt officials to rationalize greater controls on the population. This in turn acts as a catalyst for more rebellion, which in turn acts as a vindication of the government’s tyranny.

    Does this mean people should not rebel against tyranny? No, it means that we have to fight smart and retain the moral high ground at all times. We must act in a way that exposes the true nature of corrupt government, rather than giving them more ammunition to shoot us down with in the public eye. Above all, if we fight we must fight TO WIN.  This means not deliberately searching for an Alamo.  Martyrs are ultimately useless in this kind of war because if we lose, no one will remember them anyway. Glory seekers and self-proclaimed profits will only lead people to disaster.

    Develop a tactical mindset because the future will require tactical minds. Maintain your principles no matter the threats ahead. Retain your humanity. But also, when the fight begins, fight with the intention of victory. Choose your ground wisely.

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      1. I have thought and thought and thought about it and I just cannot see any way this doesn’t end in total all out mad max civil war world wide

        I just quit my oilfield job to finish preps and be closer to my family. Things will start to move a lot quicker now , be ready

        • Brandon: “I have no illusions that a peaceful solution exists. I know that there is no such solution at this point in the game.”

          TEST, whaddya think?

          Brandon, I’m a hope for the best, prepare for the worst guy. I’m hoping for a Reformation without blood shed.

          P.S. I don’t even know how you could have a civil war when the Libs and the Constitutionalists live next door to each other in just about every city in the nation.






              • sounds like home

                right here in the good ol USA

                • EOTS – right you are, if the name Germany was taken out … everybody would assume what Acid Etch was referring to is the Goold ‘ol USA.

                  Iduno, Acid seems to be very passionate about his “white pride” … more so than me. Seems very much disgusted with these camel jockeys too … maybe he should go over there an become the new and improved Hitler.

                  He seems to have the proper motivation to be able to pull it off.

                  • I could care less about skin color or religions. Muslims are NOT anything but an invasion force. Get ’em in a big enough crowd and they’ll agree. There are a small minority who DO believe Islam is a religion, they practice it that way, and they are NOT invaders – just people trying to live their lives like anyone else. The problem is too often telling the difference! The ones running around, generally armed one way or another, yelling, “Death to the Great Satan” are the ones to worry about; the quiet religious ones are a false-front and don’t know they’re being used to get in the door, but that’s the case. As for sending them home, the ones raping, pillaging, etc. can be sent home. Urns are more cost-effective, I think, and they take up less space.

                    They really have NO idea what they’re taking on here! Americans have a bit of an image lately, and gun-toting vigilantes aren’t it, not in the M.E. They think we’re all fools who believe the crap they continually spout like, “Islam MEANS peace!” One quick look into the M.E. will tell you how much it means peace.

              • you rant a lot about boomers. I see just as many young and idealistic Marxists polluting the oxygen supply.

              • Acid, I agree with your points EXCEPT with who you’re blaming for the situation. The blame goes to the libturds.

              • I gave up Metamucil for Lent.

          • I lived in Rwanda when the genocide went down. People who were having BBQ’s with each other the day before were chopping each other up the very next day.
            I have little illusion of the bloodshed that will go down if it goes to civil war here.

          • Wait til your Lib neighbor reports seeing something in your affairs to your polezi dept.
            Or you have stored food and your Lib neighbor demands his fair share of your preps.
            Or maybe you and your lib neighbor have a disagreement over how to appease the MS13 “arrivals”.
            Libs make lousy neighbors, moving is not out of the question.

          • The “government” in D.C. can’t AFFORD to allow a peaceful solution. They intend to become a dictatorship, and NO ONE negotiates a dictatorship into being! I can read it like it’s already in front of me: “We cannot afford, in a emergency of this nature, to have countless would-be leaders running around with guns! Americans MUST DISARM. There is already an elected leadership in place – US! Now is the time for Americans to come together under their elected leader and FOLLOW!”

            They won’t have to append “Or else!” It will be understood at that point.

          • “in every city”

            the division is not conservative/liberal, it’s urban/rural.

        • I just do see Civil War as a possibility.

          The State Government would have to rise up and secede from the Union.

          The State Governments are just as bad as the Federal Government.

          So, what I think will happen instead is a “French Resistance” of citizens exacting revenge for oppression.

          Code Inspector demanding a bribe? On the list.
          IRS Agent trying to take your house? On the list.
          ATF agents knocking on your door asking about guns? On the list.
          EPA inspector saying you can’t build a pond? On the list.

          • JS, spot on. They have their lists and we have ours. Lists work both ways.

            • The “List of 100 Heads” is something they are completely oblivious to. Each of us only have to “deal” with the 100 local tyrants and their families. The priorities will change for those ass hats REAL fast once the bodies hit the floor.

              It will end faster than it began once the reality of numbers hits them hard. They are cowards that are willing to fight to the last cop or soldier; however, are they willing to fight to the last teacher or Mayor or Councilman?

              No they are not.

              • GC, I have my list also. If I come across a POS NOT on my list, that’s a bonus.

          • If a …

            Code Inspector
            IRS Agent(s)
            ATF Agent(s)
            EPA Agents(s)
            ….etc. show up to my residence demanding bribes or overreaching their civil duties … well then … I have the perfect spot for them ….

            The dingy, murky swamp that is located nicely 300 yards behind my home.

            “I haven’t seen nothing, nor heard nothing from [insert abc group here]… are you sure I was suppose to get a visit? … how strange … I’ll keep an eye out for ’em … I’ll let you know something if they turn up … thanks for your concern … have a nice day.”

            • FTW, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I like that idea.

          • Remember…only 545 of them…publish their addresses
            Phone numbers, ss numbers, FIND THEM???

          • With regards to lists and all, I’d like to respectfully raise my hand and ask a question:

            Which prepper teams/communities are going to go on offense and take out those on “the list”?

            I will be bunkering down with others, protecting the perimeter. For all the many folks at their BOLs, it’s hard to believe that they’ll go on offensive either.

            If I’m a Lib Statist, I’d kinda laugh at the notion as just bluff and bluster. Preppers are going to be holed up, and then it’s just a matter of applying superior technology, numbers, and firepower, and pick off “rebels” one at a time.

            • As a old former USAF SERE/PJ I cannot believe the posts here.
              The 1st sign of the collapse/SHTF will be noticed WITHIN the ranks of the various military and LE groups.Despite all the MSM coverage of a dwindling military, there are still hundreds of thousands of Active/Inactive and Retired Military Personel including SOF.
              They WILL BE THE SPEARHEAD! They will be The Ones who seek out and take out the traitors in office at every level.The very large number of Military Veterans (including SOF) will be key to providing support at the local and regional levels.
              Make no mistake… what’s coming and very soon by the looks of it Will Be Bloody and Nasty, but DO NOT MISTAKE our kindness for a sign of weakness!
              When the SHTF the unsung heroes of the past, present and future will make their stand!

              • Thanks Mac! Glad to hear that! Very, very glad.

            • As a old former USAF SERE/PJ I cannot believe the posts here.
              The 1st sign of the collapse/SHTF will be noticed WITHIN the ranks of the various military and LE groups.Despite all the MSM coverage of a dwindling military, there are still hundreds of thousands of Active/Inactive and Retired Military Personel including SOF.
              They WILL BE THE SPEARHEAD! They will be The Ones who seek out and take out the traitors in office at every level.The very large number of Military Veterans (including SOF) will be key to providing support at the local and regional levels.
              Make no mistake… what’s coming and very soon by the looks of it Will Be Bloody and Nasty, but DO NOT MISTAKE our kindness for a sign of weakness!
              When the SHTF the unsung heroes of the past, present and future will make their stand!

              • I’ve been out for a long time, myself. I was raised by mother who was a WWII vet and father who was a Korean War and Vietnam vet; my brother and I were “Vietnam Era” vets, and I’m now disabled. I’m not in touch at all with any insider military any longer. I’ve watching L.E. closely, though. There are a lot of great cops in the small towns, but the cops in real cities seem to be getting the good drugs or whatever they’re using on cops nowadays. I don’t always give a lot of credence to even videos, but watching a cop car pull up and before it bounced the second time from the quick stop the cop at the window had blown away a 12 year-old who was twirling around and playing with an obviously TOY gun. No words, no checking, just a dead kid. That and too damned many incidents like it spreading across the country are ensuring that when TSHTF, the police in a lot of places are going to get the wort of it and get it first! Militarizing police is about the most STUPID thing I’ve seen happen over the years. All it’s done is show We the People that too many cops are working for TPTB and NOT AT ALL for We the People! THAT change was a sad loss for America.

              • I’ve been out for a long time, myself. I was raised by mother who was a WWII vet and father who was a Korean War and Vietnam vet; my brother and I were “Vietnam Era” vets, and I’m now disabled. I’m not in touch at all with any insider military any longer. I’ve watching L.E. closely, though. There are a lot of great cops in the small towns, but the cops in real cities seem to be getting the good drugs or whatever they’re using on cops nowadays. I don’t always give a lot of credence to even videos, but watching a cop car pull up and before it bounced the second time from the quick stop the cop at the window had blown away a 12 year-old who was twirling around and playing with an obviously TOY gun. No words, no checking, just a dead kid. That and too damned many incidents like it spreading across the country are ensuring that when TSHTF, the police in a lot of places are going to get the worst of it and get it first! Militarizing police is about the most STUPID thing I’ve seen happen over the years. All it’s done is show We the People that too many cops are working for TPTB and NOT AT ALL for We the People! THAT change was a sad loss for America.

        • Captain Crunch: Your thoughts have not been in vain because that is where we are heading, I believe.
          As a matter of fact, that is one of the objectives of this sudden Muslim uprising because our president may very well be a Muslim who sees himself as an enabler of the return of the Muslim Messiah whom Christians would call the Anti-christ.

          I know some will say, BS and whatever. America, the world, is not going back to normal if the president leaves office. The barn door is open and the horses are gone. If you believe that the world, our country is going back to normal, then why come here, why blog, why prepp?

          Many are missing the spiritual issue of these events. A person with a devilish tongue is going to demand to be worship as God, if not your head will be cut off and you can’t buy or sell.
          But, they wants the guns first. That is why blood will run through the streets of America, Americans will resist. Don’t know if we will survive.

          But, in order that the world will accept this person, a situation has to exist that countries will align themselves to restore order.

          That is my opinion.

          • Ummm… I think buying or selling would kinda be a moot point once they cut your head off. Just sayin’… Make it hard to find hats, too – or a use for one…

        • Cap Crunch,
          Economic disasters are often slow motion events. They are also long lived events that can take a decade or two to play out. They hit different sectors at different times, with some sectors recovering and flourishing even during the crisis. There are some interesting books on the subject written by people that survived economic crisis in various countries.

          The stock market could drop 60% tomorrow and it would still take months for those losses to filter down into business failures and layoffs.

          Every paycheck that can be converted to preps, every foot that nut and fruit trees can grow in the meantime is real money in the bank.

        • You are correct. It’ll be pandemonium on a world wide basis. Civil war would actually be organized, planned out and fought as war is. What is coming will end up being survival in the most vicious and brutal form. Some of you need to check yourselves and reign in your crazy ass thinking. You ain’t gonna be worried about any lists because keeping yourself and your family safe and fed will be a feat you never thought would be so hard.

          • Regardless of how it happens this s not the Walking Dead. Telling a good guy from a bad guy will not be obvious and you will have no idea who you can trust. This will be one of the most difficult parts of the war. How do you suddenly trust your cousin or brother-in-law or neighbor that have always argued the progressive socialist position? How do you know the woman and child at your door are not just a setup. It becomes a shoot first world before you take one in the back. Those of you that have a core group you can trust are fortunate just remember hard times change people. As for myself I will be going it alone.

            • RG ~ I find myself in the same situation. Family members are deceased; distant relatives are… well, distant. Former friends have moved away over the years and/or drifted away emotionally. Don’t really have anyone that I can literally trust with my life. And in a LTC (long-term crisis) you can’t afford a mere 99.99% certainty, because that single 0.01% of the time that you misplace your trust will result in loss of your supplies and/or your death.

              Prep bloggers caution against going it alone; in reality, many of us will have no other choice. If you have a very close, totally trustworthy, lifelong friend and he has the same amount of supplies that you do, then you might be okay. (Of course, if he is feeding a family and you are by yourself, he’ll be burning through supplies much faster and may start eyeing yours. He might ask nicely at first… but the first time that you say ‘no’ he will be angry and resentful; and will regard you as “greedy” and “selfish” and “uncaring” –and the lifelong friendship could vanish very quickly.)

              Unless you have a trusted pal with equal supplies… enough so that he does not have to covet yours… anyone else will almost certainly convince himself that he is justified in “whatever it takes” to optimize his chances. This usually boils down to theft and/or murder.

              Bloggers say “to survive, you must be in a group” but many preppers will simply not be able to find a group where everyone is similarly equipped, skilled, and devoted to the common good of the group. Those who have family and friends that they can trust implicitly are extraordinarily fortunate. The rest of us will have to do the best we can by ourselves. I am determined not to perish with my face in the dirt and a slug in my back while a ‘friend’ stands over me grinning with delight at the thought of all of the supplies that are now his.

        • Brandon- enough of the maligning of Bundys. We understand – you weren’t consulted first on the plan so your conscience is clear.
          All others- no need to go out there to Oregon. If its true about Jsoc detachment know that Jsoc has many corrupt within the ranks. Many citizens have been brainwashed to worship the “soldier” like Chris Kyle- a murderer who ran up the numbers with women and children.
          The Jsoc is motivated by money and works for Obama. Our military is in the greatest war against internal corruption it has ever faced. This Jsoc team is part of the unit that Obama has had trained for such circumstances. Their specialty is kidnapping and killing- laws and due process ignored. Thank NDAA for that one.
          so stay home- build preps and it won’t b long b4 the war is on your doorstep. At that point the gloves are off.

      2. ” it means that we have to fight smart and retain the moral high ground at all times”

        There is no, “moral high ground”, in war if you goal is to win. There is just degradation and attrition and the last man standing.

        • To win the war you have to have the numbers, at least in the long run.

          To get the numbers, you have to convince the sheeple.

          To convince the sheeple, you have to have the position of moral supremacy.

          • Acid Etch,
            I agree on this one. The majority of people survive by keeping their heads down. It is a pretty good survival instinct, otherwise it would not be prevalent. Moral superiority and something that has widespread support.

        • Many years ago, I saw a great single-panel cartoon by Gahan Wilson: A lone fighter is observing his surroundings. His uniform is in tatters; a battered combat helmet covers his head. He’s clutching a rifle in one hand and a combat knife in the other. As far as the eye can see, there is nothing but shattered, smoking ruins. One gets the impression that perhaps this stretches to cover the entire planet. There is a definite sense that this one guy is very, very alone.

          However, there is a big grin on his face. As the implications of his situation sink in, he exclaims in wonder and glee: “I think I won!”

      3. Please understand this country is collapsing, economically and socially. The Defaults in junk bonds and derivatives tied to the oil industry are so large it may take down the economy all by itself.

        yes people are dividing along various lines based on ideas and beliefs but that is common when a nation starts to collapse.

        People are concerned, afraid and looking for answers!

        Don’t be afraid, prepare and help others looking for answers.

        • I am not so sure that people are afraid. All the people I know and I come across don’t have a clue. Totally asleep at the wheel.

          • john ~ I see some fear, but it’s directed by the media. Many folks are uncertain and scared and looking for somebody to blame; they are easy prey for skilled manipulators in liberal political and media circles. These people focus public anxiety towards guns, conservatives, Trump, white people, and ‘the rich’.

            The last is in quotes because many small business owners, who are FAR from wealthy, have a book value of several hundred thousand (or even a million) for their family business. Likewise, many retirees who have scrimped and saved all their lives have retirement assets of similar value.

            The truth is that the dollar has sunk so low in purchasing power that a million dollars –considered a vast fortune when I was a kid– can easily be consumed nowadays by just ONE serious, long-term medical situation. My mom was in a nursing home before she passed away a couple of years ago; at that place, a million dollars would have been completely used up in less than eight years. (%11,000 per month)

            These ‘rich’ people (actually middle-class) are portrayed as wealthy even though they are simply ordinary folks who are trying to survive. But it’s easier to target them for crushing, confiscatory taxes by making it sound like they are elitists who are swimming through a vault of raw cash like Scrooge McDuck.

            After all, if you destroy one small business owner so that you can continue welfare benefits to ten other people, you now have ten votes instead of one vote. Even politicians –not always the brightest bulbs on the tree– can appreciate the mathematical advantage here.

            The point is that precisely BECAUSE the sheeple are clueless, that makes it easy to manipulate their anxieties towards Politically Incorrect targets. In many cases, that means people like us. We are frantically ringing the bell, trying to wake up folks to the encroaching menace, and we are rewarded by being portrayed by the media as dangerous and unbalanced.

          • John Stiner – That’s what I’m seeing. Not one in hundreds has a clue as to how bad things really are, and clearly our “government” is going to keep silent about badly things have been deliberately screwed up until the Collapse has happened and they have an excuse to round people up. At that point a lot of people will be seriously scared (with good reason!), and to them it will all have happened “all of a sudden with no warning”.

      4. Liberalism and Conservatism have been in a verbal war for as long as I have been alive. The two ideologies are incompatible and connot coexist. Conservatives have been compromising but now have drawn the line in the sand, and say no more. The liberals will continue to press their agenda no mater what the results of the next election . If conservatives win and try to take away their free goodies and expect individual responsibility they will rebel. I see no way for a peaceful divorce. I think blood is coming to our street

        • Blackjack, you give conservatives too much credit. Paul Ryan, a supposedly Tea Party patriot just total gave the country away in the last budget. 1.1 Trillion more in debt and voted in by mostly democrats.

          Where was his conservatism?

          • Stiner, he’s a FAKE tea party patriot and all real patriots are outraged by his budget. I mean I know you’re just here to troll but your comment shows how little you actually know about the entire liberty movement. You should try turning off mainstream news some time.

          • Conservative and Liberal are MSM fictions used to divide and conquer this country. Media pushes the people apart 24/7 making viewpoints more extreme. Our problem is corruption and criminality at the top. I think a more realistic term is revolution against treasonous management.

            • What is wrong with America goes much deeper than liberal vs conservative.
              The shadow government…banksters, oligarchs, neocons…are pushing totalitarianism
              on the whole planet. For some reason, any criticism of Jews is taboo. But the
              majority of the banksters, oligarchs, neocons are exactly that. 9/11 was planned
              and carried out by neocons, not Al Qaeda. 9/11 led to the illegal invasion of middle
              east and African countries…which led to the Islamic invasion of Europe and America.
              None of this happened by accident. It is the premeditated destruction of western civilization. It is WHITE GENOCIDE. There are 46 Senators that have continuously
              attacked the 2nd amendment. The majority of those senators are Jews and blacks.
              Some people on here will be offended by my comments, but you can’t be a successful prepper by hiding from reality.

              • I think it is all premeditated. IMF has downed every country they get hold of and they control in the end. I don’t know about white genocide, we are just the last group. Every country in South America was handled this way, I felt like they were a test run for the US and it has been brutal for them. Africa fell first. People are still fighting all over the world.

                • The IMF is just ONE such organization. The Oligarch’s/”elites”/etc. want to take over the world. They THINK that if they can make it seem that we’ve financially lost our shirts, they can invite the Chinese or whoever in for MORE payments and sell the U.S. all over again. What they don’t get is that America can handle it’s own needs ENTIRELY – without recourse to the E.U.’s manufacturing, shipping, etc. Not ONLY that, Americans are ARMED, unlike the E.U. populace, and we’re just stubborn enough to fight back. If it comes down to D.C. saying we’ve got to get out of our towns because China owns them, guess what? THAT bird ain’t ABOUT to fly! America’s basic capacity to survive remains. We may need to step back a generation or so and start over, but it CAN be done, and WILL BE DONE if it becomes necessary.

                  • Ian, the US is easily self-supporting without government interference. It sounds like you are having a hard time of it. Combined families can be hard to handle. I don’t have those problems but I don’t have partnership either. It is a tradeoff I suppose. Hang in there.

                    • Yes, it’s been a bit rough. “Massive nerve damage”, seven back operations and Chronic Intractable Pain can get in the way sometimes. Thing is, I’m a stubborn old school old fart. AND a Texan, for whatever that’s worth… *grin* Oh, I could be made to quit – sometime shortly after I quit breathing. Short of that, it’s one foot in front of the other and repeat as necessary until I can’t anymore. I had almost my entire food stores and other supplies hit recently by the local junkies – three times, one after the other. I’m just one old man with one pair of eyes who has to sleep now and then. Well, that’s taken care of now, and I suspect some of those bastards may have some heart problems and “nervous disorders” they didn’t have before, and THAT problem’s solved, at least. Now I just need to get my health back, and some weight. At 6’2″, 143 lbs is NOT my optimum weight! Replacing those supplies, though, is likely going to be impossible between now and the amount of time left unless I’m ‘WAY off as to when the real troubles start. We’ll see, though. If it comes down to that, I think I might just head for the High Country for a bit. The produce is fresher, for one thing…

          • I suspect a third agenda with the budget.
            It’s my belief that both parties and the factions within them, conservative to commie pinko, all understand it’s about to go poof and there’s no stopping the “Great Depression Two”.

            If you know you will be bankrupt in the next year, does it really matter if you run up the credit card 1,000 or 10,000? You still aren’t paying it.

            The next point is, if Congress denies Obama what he demands, and things inevitably crash, which they will, Obama will likely be successful in blaming Congress.

            I believe Congress is trying to construct plausible deniability, and let the progressive Keynesian policies and economics, commit suicide, to be totally discredited for all time.

            If this is the conservative agenda, and they can pull it off, we will ultimately recover and the left will self destruct in the crash.

            I am personally furious that the coming crash has been engineered by Washington, who are purposely creating a global crisis they can exploit for a power grab. Their negligence must have repercussions.

            • When the economy crashed under Bush… it was obviously going to happen… I was trying to get my bolt hole up and running before it happened… and the banksters bankrolled Obama? Are you kidding me? The Republicans didn’t really want the Presidency during the disaster. Doesn’t seem like they want it now or they would not have 20 people on the stage making ridiculous comments like Huckabee calling for slavery. Like giving Trump free airtime every day of the week. Street theater. Again, the banksters are bankrolling Hilary. The oil companies don’t have to buy a President, they bought Paul Ryan, and he pushed through over a trillion budget just to bargain away our protected oil. Oil is shipping out as we speak at bankruptcy prices. They are purposely breaking this country. IMF has broken nearly every country. Yeah. Global Fascism.

      5. Brandon –

        This is an excellent, probably the best Article you put out here for us to read – thank you very much for sharing.

        I concur with everything you said in it – spot on analysis!

        This indeed is a must read article for everybody in the Patriotic Movement.

        • FTW is a Muslim troll, check out the crap that he spews out about Christians. Recently he wrote that he could not wait until Jesus came back and killed all Christians!


          • Nice try dipshit … no .. that is not what I said …

            “I hope I am wrong, I hope Jesus does come back and gather up all of his followers, and then Jesus can rid the other religions of the world … then, maybe then the world will be a peaceful place to live” ….

            Something along those lines…. and again No … I did not attack Christianity all by itself … I’m not a full pledge member of the “Religious Haters Club” yet … I still need to earn some more points to be fully sworn into the Club.

            Hide behind your “ANONYMOUS MONIKER” can’t show your true identity to me and others here of who you are?

            Why you scared?
            What are you afraid of?

            It appears the only troll here … is you!

            TROLLS hide behind anonymous monikers … if I’m wrong, then please enlighten me why you post discreetly.

            Thanks in advance ‘ya fuck’n putz

            • FTW
              Anybody can be an ANON.

            • FTW, nobody knows about the trolls hiding behind the “anonymous” moniker better than I do. They love to attack me and I don’t know why. This one must have been working a late shift in Tel Aviv.

              • Probably ‘Passin messing around – he never could fully comprehend my post to the full extent and has a zero tolerance for humor.

                Brave – think you are closer to the ‘Tel Aviv thing. His/Her post certainly has that Government Employee signature style written all over it – pardon me for saying so … but it was not very well done in a professional manner at all. Lacked creativity, honesty, and most of all – intelligence.

                • FUCK you FTW. Can you read that?

                  I never have hid from anyone. You keep believing I’m the only one that has your number. In fact, I haven’t been on/in, this site in a while. Been away.

                  I come back, and just for shits and giggles, I read a few posts to see the same ole shit, just another day, and bam; there is a prick with an attitude telling lies.

                  You can rest assured, if i have something shitty to say about someone or their comments, i won’t be hiding behind an “anon”.

                  You, genius, and a few more on here, are nothing more than….

                  “legends in your own mind”.

                  You pricks have made quite a few enemies here; besides me.

                  • Well hello ‘Passin –

                    Nice to see you still carrying on with your charming self.

                    “I haven’t been on/in, this site in a while. Been away…I come back, and just for shits and giggles.”

                    LMAO … now come on ‘Passin – do you want me to honestly believe that load of crap? Is it just a coincidence that you just happened to cross my post within this recent moment … seriously … what are the odds? Practically “ZERO”.

                    Now, you may have not posted that remark to me in a anonymous form, that is something I could believe. Needless to say, I did not attack you using any sort of obscenity’s towards you.

                    Do I tell lies, as which you claim I do?
                    Absolutely NOT!
                    Just because you do not agree with what I say on here, does not constitute me being a liar. You have every right to disagree with me, and likewise to you. That does not make I or you a liars … it makes us having indifferent opinions and thoughts.

                    I have enemies here at SHTFPLAN?
                    Not that I’m aware of ‘Passin – it has only been you that has made this claim against me – nobody else has given me a reason to think otherwise.

                    Granted, I’m sure some do not approve of some the things I say … maybe my piss poor humor can go a bit to far at times … other than that … I believe most people know I’m not an enemy to them, and seem to have an understanding of where I’m coming from.

                    Now lest get to the main reason why you don’t like me.

                    ✞ ☪ ✡ RELIGION ✡ ☪ ✞

                    I’m a non-theistic individual.
                    That is the bottom line with you and nothing more.
                    To you, it seems that an Atheist does not have the ability for compassion, no moral code, and cannot carry a higher standard of ethics.

                    If that is the case, then I can assure you that is not the case with me. You pushed yourself away from this board, I and others here did not do that for you. You made the choice, even though I told you not to do that.

                    All you wanted was to turn this board into those others you visit into a “Christian Network” discussion session.

                    Iduno – maybe you could arrange something with Mac – set something up on this page with a side-link called

                    PASSINWITHWIND with JESUS & PALS

                    or something to that affect.

                    A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.
                    Albert Einstein

                    Be Well ‘Passin

                  • Passin, FTW, Anno

                    Guys lets keep it civil please!
                    We have enough enemies all ready. We need each others wisdom to make it though the shit that is coming.
                    Again lease guys disagree with respect.

      6. Everyone seems to want to go it alone. We won’t support so an so because we don’t agree with the time place or reason. No time is a good time a civil war is coming where it starts does not matter. Its the end result that matters a purified government. I’ve been reading a lot on that stand off and I’ve been pretty disgusted no support for these men? Wtf people instantly calling for three heads. Are you kidding all I’ve read on here for a little better then year was I can’t wait for it to start. Now excuses and crickets. Shame on you all for that your Confederate flag taken with out even a whimper. For shame. Then they rubbed your noses in that pretty rainbow flag.
        Now this : people want a quick end to that stand off because in effect the hood has been lifted and it frightened %99 of you oh no if a civil war starts I can’t order more preps guns ammo.and your safe comfy life will now be distupted . Since when does every soldier agree with his commander. Put your preps and guns where your mouth is and fucking pick a side and stay on it.
        These are your future forfathers maybe not in name but of all the people who couldn’t wait for the shooting war this is your chance make excuses or make tracks.
        You say why aren’t I way there to help well first I’m a Canadian national. Second I heard the battle cry I for one will be arriving there within the week. Maybe I won’t get in maybe I’ll be arrested maybe I’ll give my life for your country. Why you ask because this whole nwo mess affects us all. If all world leaders are under the control by some unseen force it matters not where you make your stand matters that you did. This is important those boys deserve our support they ae entitled to it

        • angry beaver

          You said,

          Put your preps and guns where your mouth is and fucking pick a side and stay on it.


          Tell me angry beaver. Not counting you own preps and gear. How many men can you place in the field with combat load equipment? You will need to provide the guns, ammo and clothes of course but almost ALL the rest of the gear to go LRRP. And then some.

          • Me I can place one man on the field. Me. I’m not a commander and have no military training. But tell me this why is a Canadian willing to risk arrest or death for your country ? That’s the real question you should ask me. If you reread the comment I said I picked a side and I’ll stay on it. I said I’ll be arriving within the week to at least try and help. So to answrar my own question of why would I risk my neck for your country? Because you won’t.
            Stand now if kneel forever

            • angry beaver.

              I risked my life for my country long ago. It is one thing for a fellow American to throw darts at me but take some exception to outsiders. I am sure down the line I will risk it all again. I’m a Little older and slower. You have No Military training? Hmmmmm.
              I’m going to leave you alone. Wish you the best of luck.

              • No no military training but neither did colonists. They managed to fight off the British empire as we did in my country.
                Most were farm boys ww1 same thing a bunch of untrained farm boys WWII SaME thing again.minima::l training. I’ve given no offence to anyone the fact you feel insulted by my voulenteer just shows how the herd has been conditioned to attack the trouble maker even if its there own. I really did have higher expectations for all the bravado I hear. No one wants yo fight. Or rather very few. 150 brave men. May I ask an open question yo all if you were still in the military and called upon to help rescue 150 fellow soldiers in trouble? Or would you stand there and say its not the right time its not a good cause its the wrong place or would you pick up your pack load up and help out your fellow Americans. Oh you say of course you woukd . So now my question is why would you go o. That mission but not help these boys. They are asking for help they will need it. As a soldier your no doubt gone on a few missions that had a marginal success rate you maned up and did what your country asked of you. Right or wrong you did it so what’s the difference in this case there stand may be flimsy or weak but can you explain Iraq Vietnam all were outright lies to get you to fight. So what’s the difference folks? So if your willing to defend once again then I’ll meet you there and well stand guard duty together. I look forward to meeting you sir.

                • point and match to the Canuck

              • The heroes of the Revolutionary War had no military training either. Civilians win wars, always have, always will. D-Day would have failed before noon on the first day if not for the French Underground Resistance. They fought against impossible odds for over four years after their military men had laid down their arms, hoisted the white flag, and surrendered. On the Eastern Front Hitler had to commit 85 divisions to contain the Partisans, all civilians, that he desperately needed in other areas. Norwegian civilians made life virtually unbearable for the German Army while the Norwegian surrendered soldiers lived the good life. I’ve been in the military and now I’m a civilian. The killing will be the same, the difference is, this time I won’t have to worry about shaving and shining my boots or the damned parade field.

                • Make me think of the story in WWII of the French Resistance.

                  The French Resistance killed 3 German Soldiers. The Nazis then killed 30 French civilian hostages in retaliation.

                  The French Resistance then blew up a ship in the harbor and killed 300 Nazi Soldiers.

                  A note was found on the Nazi commanders desk that said,
                  “The rate is 30 to 1, your move.”

                • The French terrorism alert level has been raised from “run” to “hide”. The only two higher levels are “surrender” and “collaborate”. This action was made necessary by a fire in a white flag factory which totally disabled the French military.

        • Well said. If not now, when? If not us, who?

        • The issue is not that something will eventually happen. It’s just that this incident in Oregon is not polarizing enough for a large group of people to rise up as it affects only a small group or geographical area. What will bring about an uprising is something that affects us all equally. To my mind that something is MUCH tighter gun control or a call for confiscation. I think this recent executive order treads the line of just such a provocation but does not seem to have stepped over it just yet.

          The big issue I have with it is the definition of “mentally ill” is painted with too broad a brush. The way I understand it (and I may be wrong) is that if you talk to your doctor about sleeplessness or mild depression (s)he is now required by law (or decree…) to tell the authorities about it, thus violating doctor-patient confidentiality. Many people who could have been helped by the medical system will now have to choose between seeking professional help with minor mental illnesses and losing their firearms or trying to tough it out and keep their guns. By making doctors de jure government agents we greatly expand the police state and diminish the ability of the medical field to do it’s actual job of helping those who need help. Plus, being that none of this is subject to judicial oversight, it gives civilians too much leeway in deciding the legal status of another person.

          I also see this as a back door to confiscation. Issues with depression and anxiety are very common and most individuals will suffer from them at some time in their lives. By setting up such a loose framework, the government can now greatly reduce the number of firearms in civilian hands over time. This sets them up for a total gun grab at some point in the future after the civilian tactical capability has been sufficiently degraded.

          My advice? If this does not spark civil war (I do not think that it will) then go buy an 80% receiver and all the parts to build your weapon system of choice at a local gun show. When you do so, DO NOT PAY ELECTRONICALLY- pay in cash and buy from multiple suppliers (and for goodness sake leave your cell phone at home). After you are done, hide that gun and hide it well. It is out of the system and will exist as an insurance policy should all your other weapons be confiscated. Also, do not resist government agents as an individual. It will only lead to your death and a possible propaganda victory for the other side. Only resist as part of a larger movement that has a chance at succeeding.

          • @Winston Smith……

            If you think they will confiscate your firearms and not take YOU with them when they do it, you are extremely naive.

            Confiscation will likely work in the following way.

            1. Mandatory registration of firearms with the promise, “if you register them, you can keep them”. Possession of an “unregistered” firearm will result in severe criminal penalties.

            2. Firearms possession will be declared illegal. At this point, they will demand the “voluntary” surrender of all firearms. Failure to do so will result in criminal prosecution with severe penalties (incarceration for 10 years or more per offense) Because the “law abiding” gun owners registered their guns, they will be faced with no alternative but to turn in their guns.

            3. Enforcement will initially be limited to prosecution of those caught with firearms during otherwise routine police/citizen interactions (traffic stops, police calls to the residence, unrelated warrant service, etc.)

            4. Some event or series of events (think false flag here) will create a condition under which martial law will be implemented. At this point, the house-to-house searches for weapons will begin. At this point, if you are caught with a firearm, you will be instantly imprisoned (most like as an enemy combatant) and held indefinitely without trial. If the chaos is extensive, immediate execution may even be an option.

            Buying an 80% receiver and constructing your own weapon is not a bad idea. But when it comes down to it, it’s not going to make all that much difference.

            At some point in the above process, people will have to determine when enough is enough and the encroachments of a tyrannical government must be met with whatever force is necessary.

            The pattern for this has already taken place in California, where certain weapons required to be registered, only to have the State decide sometime later that people could no longer keep them and they had to be either disposed of out of state or turned into the police. Implement this on a Federal level and people will be faced with the choice of compliance or risk imprisonment or worse.

            But make no mistake about it…..when they finally come for the guns…..they will also be coming for YOU.

            • Tried and true blueprint for disarmament. The current government fears your firearm not only for the military threat it represents, but because of the spirit of the person holding said firearm.

            • you are right, but that doesn’t mean you have to surrender. That does not mean you cannot kill as many as possible. It is better to live as a lion for one day, than a sheep for thousands. It does not matter how they come as long as you are prepared. Yes, you will die, but not until you take some with you. That is a good death. Make as many widows and fatherless as you can.

            • I agree with you. However, I think that when mass confiscation comes that it will be the catalyst for a large uprising. You will then be able to function as part of a larger movement and not just as a lone wolf. You have to think strategically and not emotionally. Pick your battles wisely and only engage when you can win. If it comes down to it (I pray it won’t), you are ultimately talking about a guerrilla war and so you need to have that mindset.

              I think we also have to try for a political solution if at all possible. A civil war can have some very bad unintended consequences and make our lives worse and not better. Once war begins there is no telling who will win. It could be the .gov, us, or some other group we never knew would be a factor. We also all need to be in general agreement as to the trigger point where war is unavoidable. To my mind it’s gun confiscation. However, I am open to suggestions from those who disagree.

              • Well thought out. I continue to prep for the crash final outcome. I still consider it was all over in 2008. We just had enough reserves and credit to elongate it. I have shifted my plan to a more 1800s existence. With a few upgrades like passive solar and permaculture and better canning procedures. I am shutting down the grid piece by piece. Did you read about the cyber attack on Ukraine electrical grid and see that photo of one lighted window in a black city? Blackout curtains!

                • Rebecca ~ I heartily concur that low-tech is the way to go. I have little interest in generators and such; I plan to have an ‘underground’ home that maintains a natural temp of 50F, regardless of outside temperature. Likewise an old-fashioned icebox (using actual ice) made with modern, super-efficient insulation. Tiny LED lights that use almost no electricity and which can easily be powered by a small solar array. Composting toilets that obviate any need for expensive, complex interior plumbing. Old-fashioned hand pump in the kitchen sink. Small microwave and toaster-oven run off the solar, with cast-iron stove for backup (and supplementary heat in the winter). As close to zero electric devices as possible, and NO ‘smart’ / connected devices on site at all.

                  I currently use blackout curtains due to streetlights and thoughtless rowdy neighbors. The curtains are okay, but not perfect. Light seepage occurs at the edges. In addition to the curtains, copy the inner-city drug dealers and tape aluminum foil over the windows (on the inside, of course) or at least 4″ strips along the edges of the panes. Go outside at night and look for leaks; patch them as needed. Foil sometimes has pinholes but these are easily patched; and since it is solid metal (albeit very thin metal) it should block light completely.

                  • I am going earth bermed because I sorely need rainwater collection from the roof. I would prefer full underground because although my 50 degree average soil temperature is not toasty warm, it is liveable. I am planning a rocket stove in the kitchen so I don’t have to cut a lot of wood… but plan to vent through the greenhouse and use mass heat to keep it warmer. Does you sink pump have an underground cistern? I like the idea but a cistern inside the greenhouse also keeps it warmer or cooler and allows gravity feed water. I can have gravity feed water on the hill behind the housd, but it would freeze in the winter. Where would you get ice for your cooler? I have a chest freezer and want another to convert to refrigeration, it uses a lot less electricity. Lowest tech would be a Zeer pot that does not require ice. It would be okay in the mountains. I am enjoying the transition and don’t mind just sliding away from the grid. I was experimenting with a bucket and plunger for washing clothes and think I just gave up my front load washer and dryer. My DIL would keel over with a family of 4 and no washer/dryer.
                    I prefer low tech in part because I have NO skills in that area! I am better off not fussing with it.

                    I also plan a composting toilet but I already have septic.

                    • My sink pump, and all the rest of it, is only in the planning stages. I am determined to make it happen; but current circumstances prevent it at this time.

                      As far as obtaining ice, it’s not much of a problem during the winter in Maine. Rather than having to travel to a river or pond and haul it back home (not to mention the constant risk of drowning if the ice breaks) I might purchase large plastic forms and fill them with water from a hose, then simply let them freeze overnight. Remove the frozen blocks and store in ice-house; then refill and repeat. With 25 molds filled 4 times a week, that’s 850 large blocks of ice created in Jan & Feb.

                      No way of telling how long cold winters will last, though. Last month was the warmest December on record. Yesterday was the warmest Jan 10 on record. Lots of that happening these days. Unlike many here, I have no doubt whatsoever in man-made climate change. And it is projected that by the year 2100, Maine will have a climate similar to the current climate in South Carolina. Of course, I won’t be around then… but as the change takes place gradually, year by year, I may well see remarkable changes here during the remainder of my life. Sure gonna miss the sugar maples when they go; and it’s virtually certain that the increasing heat will kill them all off. Oh well, at least we’ll get kudzu for compensation…..

                    • Karl V.
                      I could possibly fill water forms and bury them, I get some serious cold. I would have to consider where to store them, I am mostly rock with shallow dirt. Maybe the other side near the road. I could not bury a cistern close to home, not deep enough
                      Planning is part of the fun, and exercises your mind. To get property I gave up chasing my city-tied career. Scared me to death. I am happy, even if it isn’t perfect, I fret less and enjoy the journey more. I did stash 4 pallets of block for my small underground home and need to buy 4 more pallets. I would feel more secure if it were all sitting here, but the area was too tight until I moved 5 tons by hand. One. Block. At. A. Time. Now I have room for them to deliver 4 more.

                    • Something to be aware of is that this corporate “government” has actually FORCED some people to go back on the grid! It’s insane, and shouldn’t be legally possible (it’s probably not, but the “government” breaks its’ own rules all the time; those are for the peons, not the “rulers”).

                    • Hi Ian,
                      My trailerstead is already on the grid, so I will already be on the grid. That way I don’t have to pay a lot for grid then maybe have it go out. I will go in fully capable of living off grid. I don’t want propane, but want solar panels, likewise off grid and not grid tied. I plan rainwater collection. If the grid stays up… okay. If not, so be it. Water is the hardest in New Mexico. I have a certified septic system, too.
                      I am planning small, with garage and greenhouse. Already have 2 outbuildings. We’ll see how it goes.

                • The best strategy is ALWAYS to plan for the worst, but hope for the best. That way, MOST of your surprises are nice ones…

              • I believe that trigger is mandatory gun registration. Once we are required to inventory our guns for a government list it is over. There is only one reason for a gun registry. It actually should be enough that the government can take your guns if you are on a No Fly List or Watch List or, as i read today, If you disagree with the government you are considered mentally ill.

                • Ruger Guy – You have it! People should recognize this tactic by now. That’s how Hitler and any other totalitarian country did it, and those who failed at it generally LOST. Gun registration and gun OWNER registration has only one reason: both are to identify those who own firearms and where they live so the government knows right where and to whom to go in order to take the guns AWAY. The only reason for THAT is, of course, that it’s hard and costly in manpower and materiel to take guns away from people who are ready, willing and able (some are even ANXIOUS) to fight back! With the “…long train of abuses…” from THIS “government”, I don’t think they’ll succeed all that well at it, either. When people consider all the “new” spy agencies and that their primary focus seems to be We the People, most of us are leery about things like that and we are NOT inclined to disarm ourselves or to ALLOW ourselves to be disarmed. With a government that has LOUDLY ANNOUNCED that it is a bully, and a lying, thieving and too often capricious and DEADLY one at that, Americans are correspondingly decreasingly inclined to just hand over our ability to defend ourselves against an unwarranted attack. This government has wandered FAR from being “…of, by and FOR the People”; that’s almost impossible to miss unless your eyes have been GLUED SHUT. The People’s opinions, wants and even NEEDS are now so routinely neglected or outright DENIED by this illegitimate “government”, that the People are becoming less and less willing to knuckle under to it. The more often it happens the worse it gets… Well, it’s too blasted close NOW with agents OF this imitation government that has long been packed against us with ringers from the Mega-Corporations, which are now (again) pushing HARD to make it illegal for us NOT to buy from them! It’s insane, of course, but then so are the so-called “elites”. They are, in fact, DELIBERATELY raised to be sociopaths, so that they have no problem with the idea of annihilating 90% to 98% of the populace along with the ecosphere simply for their own convenience! If THAT’S not insane then there IS no such thing!

                • Rebecca – without the words “…except if…” or a phrase like it immediately after the word “infringed” in the Second Amendment, even the restrictions YOU mentioned are Constitutionally illegal. I know the Framers didn’t forget the possibility of a takeover; the way they phrased the Constitution shows that clearly. The problem has become the fact that Americans are IGNORING almost all cases of “government overreach” – clearly afraid to go against it! After Waco, Ruby Ridge and on and on, Americans have perfectly good reason to fear the government! They are unresponsive, high-handed and heavy-handed, and increasingly isolated from the populace they now so poorly RULE.

                  The original intent of the Framers was that the “government” was SUPPOSED TO BE the populace – We the People, and our REPRESENTATIVES were to carry out the will thereof. Instead they represent their OWN interests and those of the interests of the super-wealthy banksters to the detriment of everyone and everyTHING else. Going by the Constitution, the actions, attitudes and outright criminality of Washington D.C. should have triggered an impeachment, a massive number of immediate recalls and other such actions! Instead WE are ignored and increasingly victimized while the illegal Administration and Congress suck up everything but our blood – no, come to think of it they’ve taken a lot of THAT, TOO – while they literally poison everything bit of food, water, medicine and everything they possibly can! Meanwhile, most Americans are acting as though everything is fine, everything is “normal” but maybe a little tough right now, but “the Government” will fix it. *sigh* As if they WOULD! They worked so HARD to destroy America as a First World country Why do people think they’d change their spots now at this late date?

                  • I don’t believe in limitations to the 2nd Amendment. Was I half asleep? What limitations did I advocate?

                    • Sorry – you missed nothing, said nothing to indicate you thought differently than you do. I got tangled up in about 3 or 4 mental tracks all at once there. I’d intended to reply to you about something, and there HAD BEEN a comment somewhere about changes to the Second Amendment, and one more SOME cotton pickin’ thing caught my attention, and piano player or no, I tripped over my own fingers! Pfui! Sorry about that, lass!

                      I was just pointing out that altering the Second – or any other Amendment – is NOT an option for ole’ Barry. Not to say he wouldn’t TRY to do it. The Congress might even attempt to back him up on it, but America would NOT. He might even feel that the Framers had sabotaged him, in which he’d be dead on! He MUST know that the moment he claims to have “suspended the Constitution” or any part thereof, he will have just declared war on the American people. The emperor or the ranking General in charge of the military of Japan said some time near WWII that they would NEVER invade America because “There would guns behind every rock, tree, house and bush” or words to that effect. A wannabe King like Barry would be advertising his intent to make himself Absolute Ruler of America with such an act as suspending or altering the Constitution – ESPECIALLY that part of it!

                      Apologies again if I startled you; you said nothing inappropriate – quite the contrary. I’ve enjoyed your posts very much. They’ve been quite cogent, and with less sheer VOLUME of verbiage than mine. It’s a fault of mine, I know. Time to crash now I think; been a long day. Luck to us ALL!

                    • Sorry – you missed nothing, said nothing to indicate you thought differently than you do. I got tangled up in about 3 or 4 mental tracks all at once there. I’d intended to reply to you about something, and there HAD BEEN a comment somewhere about changes to the Second Amendment, and one more SOME cotton pickin’ thing caught my attention, and piano player or no, I tripped over my own fingers! Pfui! Sorry about that, lass!

                      I was just pointing out that altering the Second – or any other Amendment – is NOT an option for ole’ Barry. Not to say he wouldn’t TRY to do it. The Congress might even attempt to back him up on it, but America would NOT. He might even feel that the Framers had sabotaged him, in which he’d be dead on! He MUST know that the moment he claims to have “suspended the Constitution” or any part thereof, he will have just declared war on the American people. The emperor or the ranking General in charge of the military of Japan said some time near WWII that they would NEVER invade America because “There would guns behind every rock, tree, house and bush” or words to that effect. A wannabe King like Barry would be advertising his intent to make himself Absolute Ruler of America with such an act as suspending or altering the Constitution – ESPECIALLY that part of it!

                      Apologies again if I startled you; you said nothing inappropriate – quite the contrary. I’ve enjoyed your posts very much. They’ve been quite cogent, and with less sheer VOLUME of verbiage than mine. It’s a fault of mine, I know. Time to crash now I think; been a long day. Luck to us ALL!

                    • Ian, okay then… good night.

          • Winston,
            You are right on the money.

            The BLM issue in Oregon is not understood by the average American. There are perhaps a few thousand ranchers who the BLM is waging war on.

            Until there are food shortages produced that are the obvious fault of the BLM and EPA America just not grasp the problem. Government propaganda will rule the day.

            The frightening pattern I see is US food production losses by BLM and EPA activity are just made up by imports, which satisfies the Obama regimes globalist agenda. The US food producers are permanently destroyed in the process.

            When the big crash comes because the US economy was also destroyed in this process, we Americans won’t be able to buy all that foreign food, and there will be no domestic supply.

            We are being attacked on many fronts, we must be careful and pick the political fights we can win and that will have the most impact. George Washington spent most of his time on the run, so he could survive to fight another day. He only engaged in battles he could win, then he ran for the hills. Wash rinse, repeat. This strategy works as well in a courtroom as it does on the battlefield.

            • Plan Twice
              Small farmers have been under attack by government since WWII when we became a world power and the feds wanted to use food to control other nations. They decided small farmers were too independent and hard to deal with. Since then endless trash to destroy family farms.
              As for food, since 2008 family gardens have doubled to about 42 million. That is one garden for every 7 people, including children.
              Small farms and biointensive growers are creating super yields on an acre or two. A gal I know is doing subscription farming on 1/4 acre and providing vegetables for 18 families. They pay monthly. This is something I might do when my garden matures a little.
              Most of these folks are permaculture variants but not all. It is a huge movement in the world characterized by distrust of government corruption and healing their land to produce huge yields. Their main battle is against Monsanto and it’s control of the USDA and FDA. The Oregon battle is not mainstream enough. Government corruption affects everyone. Occupy WallWall Street keyed in on bankster and wall street crimes and pulled millions in protest. Bankster and wall street fraud touched everyone. Federal and state parks are absolutely popular with people. Right wing wants to let a few ranchers steal the people’s land. My husband called that “pissing against the wind.”

              • You need a cause celebre and ranchers getting fat off the people just will not play. Banksters will play… the vast anger and hatred against them is scary. Outsourcing jobs will be Trump’s downfall just like it took Romney down. Killing Planned Parenthood is a death knell and I am talking reality not religion. So what would unite this country against tptb and overcome corporate-owned media and corporate-owned government?

                • I’ve been investing in the markets for twenty years and generally did pretty good. I saw the crash that the democrat congress triggered in the last year of Bush to manipulate the election, and no you don’t need to like Bush to follow that reality. I got out of the market early, and Obama went in.

                  Obama came on TV almost daily railing against Wall Street, bankers, big business and the cherry was everything was Bush’s fault. I was waiting for the bottom, but everytime it looked good Obama opened his trap and markets fell, of course it was Bush’s fault. I even made a few buys I regretted, because Obama decided to attack that industry this week with regulation or just his rants.

                  I finally decided that when Obama went two weeks without criticizing Wall Street, I’d call that the bottom and jump in with both feet. It worked, made up all losses from the start of the crash, plus l literally doubled my money in the next year and a half. I walked away with a portfolio of high dividend paying stocks that still pay off huge based on my cost of investment.

                  Point is I was amazed at how the banks weren’t in charge, but Obama was. With a word Obama could start a depression, and he’s twisted enough to do it.

                  Amazing all he can talk about right now is taking Americans guns, but is speechless over N. Korea’s and IRAN’S nuke test.

                  • I pulled everything I could out of the stock market before the crash. What I could not pull I mostly left alone and recovered. I am not an Obama fan. Then again I am horrified by Bush. The depleted uranium in our kids weapons sealed him in hell for me. He and his dad before him. I have more in the market than I am happy wiith. I am going all pioneer now. Growing food and opting out. Anyway… they are all criminals and we talk civil war against each other i stead exposing these criminals and tossing them in jail. I would start with corporate execs and clean up from that direction. Although Obama pardoned Monsanto for murder already.

                    • If you can, and have any investable cash. (I mean this for all readers). Don’t ignore the market completely. In the midst of the crash we all expect there will come a day when everyone hates the stock market more than anything else. No one wants to to buy this market and everyone on Wall Street is crying like a little girl. This is your time.

                      Check out the market, find the 50 best companies that still pay a top dividend and are still actually making money (and not through creative book keeping). Check out their financials and cut it down to the ten best, then buy them in increments. Look at their charts especially their all time lows. If I want to buy a 150 shares of a stock I buy 25 now, 35 just above the next low point, 45 at just above the next low point, keep it up until you are done or it stops going down.

                      Then hold those stocks, one or two may flop and die, but as we have a recovery that will come, the dividends will increase. You will be so pleased.

                      I did exactly this in 2008. There are several stocks I bought at those lows that because of the amazing low price I paid, the dividend they currently pay is higher than any investment now available, and the tax rate on long term dividends is better than the standard tax rate. As the current market crashes I will sell these while is still the plus side of my buy point rather than loose principal. Then I’ll just buy them back at a lower price later.

                      I’m talking 7 to 15 percent return on my money via dividends alone. The stock growth has been much larger. Crashes like this only come along once in 80 years. They can make many poor, but they can also make many a pretty penny.

                      We as preppers have been watching for the signs, few are as ready as we, it s no crime to profit. In fact we can become the leaders that help and save many.

                    • I envy you your farm/home, Rebecca!

                      Regarding the criminals you mentioned, THAT is one of our larger problems: no matter WHO gets caught doing WHAT, there is always, at this point, going to be someone high up enough to pardon or otherwise interfere on behalf of whoever is being accused. In addition, with the Intel agencies being what they are, any evidence can almost always be “disappeared” or altered. So can witnesses or other accusers. America definitely has her toes over The Edge, here; you can almost hear dirt and rocks starting to slide a bit. You know what’s odd about all of this for me? I’ve ALWAYS KNOWN there was going to be something like this before I died, or since I was a very young child, anyway. Well, it is what it is.

                      G’night for now, all. Nvwhtohiyada! (Ani Yunwya – Cherokee – for “Peace to you!”)

            • Plan Twice
              Illegal immigration, excessive legal immigration, and filling the country up with Muslims will play… but not unconstitutional. 2nd Amendment is popular in this country. City folks are the scared ones…
              We need a unifier!

          • It is not so much “reporting” as it would like you mentioned violate patient-doctor privilege. The way they get around it is in the billing codes. The codes are entered into the bill sent to the insurance company which just so happens to now be controlled by obummer care.

          • Mr Smith ~ I understand the concept of 80% receivers; however, I admit that I have virtually no knowledge or experience in assembling, disassembling, modifying, or any other technical aspects of small arms. I have scrubbed out barrels with a brush and some Hoppes and that’s about it. No military background or anything like that. No buddies to show me the ropes.

            So: what reference books might you recommend for somebody with no experience in this field, who would very much like to be able to take apart and put together; to build an 80% unit up to a fully functioning 100% unit; to expand his abilities to the utmost possible?

            There are a zillion books out there on small arms. A frequent problem is that a great many of them assume that you already have an extensive background. I need books that take you by the hand and explain things in easily understood terms, from the very beginning.

            I see the same thing in automotive books, by the way. A process might begin with the instructions saying, “first, remove the water pump”. For some reason, nobody ever considers that the guy reading the book doesn’t even know what a water pump looks like; let along how to remove it. Tech manuals are written by techs who assume that everyone reading the book is also a tech. It’s almost impossible to find tech books written for a beginner.

            Any recommendation for books explaining the details of how to break down and build up small arms –written for a total beginner– would be vastly appreciated. ~ KV

        • I agree with pick a side. if you are not with us, then you are part of the problem. I have been prepping for the last 8 YEARS, I am still not prepared, but ready. This civil war will last for years, your kids and there kids will remember this. It will not be quick. The answer is —the US government has never won a gorilla war. The people do not have the stomach anymore for a prolong conflict. They have grown soft with their TV and football games. This war will bring out the worst in people. Nothing will compare with the atrocities that will take place. It will be brutal. The lines are really drawn, as they have since the civil war. But i can guarantee you the outcome will be different. Let me put this scenario to you, the blacks will be killing whites, the Mexicans will be killing blacks, the Indians will be killing the Mexicans, the white people will shoot everyone as the Puerto Ricans, and others. Every race will want payback for something. The liberals always wanted a melting pot of diversity, well that pot is fixing to boil over. Those people who think they will sit on the side line and reap the benefits of the winner, are sadly mistaken. They will be the first shot. These scum bags will tell the next force where you went or what direction to save their own skin. These are the sheeple. They will have to be dealt with intermediately.

          • Mike

            Are you the same Mike I met on the county line?

            Red truck.

          • The sad thing about racial politics is that it is used to divide people who should otherwise be united. My enemy is not a person with a different ethnicity but rather the oligarchy that seeks total control and domination. A race war will merely be a distraction to ensure that nothing changes and that the same people remain in control. In fact, it is likely that it will be instigated by the oligarchs in order to keep us distracted from our real enemies, them. This is why people like George Soros fund movements like Black Lives Matter. It’s not that they really believe in the cause. Instead it lets them exercise the power of confusion to keep the poor and middle classes from uniting against their common enemies, the big banks and multinational corporations and their bought and paid for slaves in the upper echelons of government.

            I’ll also say that Trump gets it wrong. China is not the problem. China is doing what is best for China. The problem is the US government signing trade deals that disenfranchise American citizens for the needs of the multinationals. What we need in this country are politicians who see themselves as Americans rather than members of the global elite. Sadly though, it seems that electing such people is nigh unto impossible as they will talk a good game to get elected and then go back on their promises the minute they take office.

            • Hear hear.

            • All i want is to hunt progressive, socialist, liberal idiots. Color means nothing.

              • Obama and Hillary would be on that list.

                • And when you have ignorantly killed every progressive you will have killed 85 percent of the gardeners and small farmers that are working their arses off to create a small scale agriculture that will feed this country after SHTF.

                  Succeed in that venture and you still have the bankster and globalist destroying everything in sight because they don’t care if you destroy what agriculture is left to feed you.

                  Since I started blogging about my 5 acre food forest, I have been contacted by huge numbers of these people. Like me, they have smaller properties and are going no tech. Just skills, baby. Like me, they can feed a lot of people. No fat cats need apply. This whole liberal conservative conversation has gotten out of hand, folks. I have the whole gamut in my family and they will hang together. If you think liberals sold you down the river to the banksters, you have not been watching Republicans.

                  No offense, buddy, but wake up and smell the roses (and carrots and potatoes). No matter who you vote for, you vote for tptb. Prep wisely and grow your own food.

                  Team beats lone killers every time.

                  • Forgot to mention that I don’t think Congress has EVER missed voting themselves a pay raise, which is a power NO ONE should have! Even when the country couldn’t afford to raise the military’s pay, or Social Security, or anything else, they always get theirs! And a bit more I think. In effect, especially for long-timers, they’re millionaires while they’re there. It’s mostly on OUR nickel, but it all spends the same whoever picks up the tab.

              • “Color means nothing” – neither do labels, still crazy! Have you noticed that “liberals” and “conservatives” have been coming together JUST enough to follow orders on some votes? The so-called “elites” have been using bribes mostly, but they’ve made it plain over the years that NOBODY is out of their reach. Even the most STUPID pols can understand a death threat made by people they know have followed through on them in the past. Have you ever actually looked at the Congressional benefits package? It’s INSANE! And for those willing to cheat just a bit, it’s a total fantasy for us regular folks! That, probably more than anything, is why a lot Congress hangs on in the job for as long as possible. It’s the next best thing to actually BEING rich.

            • “Four legs good; two legs BETTER!”

          • Tribalism will become the order of the day. Humans always seek out members of their ‘clan’. The American revolution lasted at least 10 years. The Vietnamese conflict lasted from at least 1945 to 1975. Most of us posting here won’t see the end of the ‘reset’ and partition.

            • Tribes and families are both forms of team. It is the wise way to go. One illusion of big government is that you no longer need your team, it fosters the illusion of being able to go it alone if your team annoys you. It encourages walking away instead of working through problems. We sure have a raft of that in the USA. Fully half of adults are now single and have lost the most basic team on the planet. I am one of those unfortunates. My generation went solo and arrogant in a wholesale manner, which will impair our survivability unless we have a solid family group. In a SHTF scenario lone wolves or chickens will find it harder to join a stable group of couples… obvious destabilizers!

              • I agree, Rebecca. I’m not 100% sure, but the longer we’re apart, the more my wife seems to prefer just her and her kids. I can’t say as I blame her. Whatever that last operation did to me, it took a year and a half to recover from. Like I said, I was really lucky in a way: the brain damage wasn’t extensive or permanent. At least not as long I’m basically rested. People HAVE forgotten – or never learned – how to stay together. THAT is going to cost us.

                • Talking to my mother and grandmother before they died, they thought that people don’t stay together anymore because they no longer need each other as before. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t get any sense of commitment in men or women. Can’t imagine committing myself without that. Plus having moved recently, I don’t know anyone very well at this point.

                  Not to mention I am a romantic. So inconvenient! My sister married for practicality, and it has endured. My husband and I were well suited, goodness we could laugh together… but we also built a business together, took care of family, and were romantic. At 61 who will love me that way? Now maybe someone and I will build a retirement lifestyle instead of a business.

                  • I wish you all the good fortune there is! I was lucky that way once; asking for more just ins’t “realistic” I guess. She was 9 years older than I, and we were best friends as well as lovers, both loved the woods, were mushroom identifiers, both played guitar, read a lot, etc. For ten years almost every night I got at least a chuckle out of her, and sometimes a belly laugh! In a one-butt kitchen, we managed to work together perfectly, too. We never once in 13 years raised our voices to each other. And since I couldn’t work, I’d pet her awake (she DID work) with a cup of coffee, sometimes bring her lunch (about 25 minute drive, etc. Foot rubs while talking, letting her be to read her Sunday paper, hitting a hot spring or heading for the woods on weekends… We just FIT together, and both knew arguments were worse than useless; we talked things out, and either or both had no problem with compromise. She remembered dates and directions. I have NO sense of direction much beyond up and down, etc. She handled the money; I do engineering math okay, but not accounting. I built the soffit under the eves of the roof, and WE re-roofed the old place. It all just worked. I left an article I wrote for Care2 just before she passed away called “On Women, Love, Sex and Art”. The thing changed subjects on me in mid-scribble, but it’s all true.

                    I can’t expect that to happen again; lightning seldom strikes twice in the same place. Sometimes we just get lucky. I’ll hope for that for you, lass! You never know… It just sort of sneaks up on you, and one day you turn and look, and sonofagun – there it is!

                    • Ian, I have had my fair share of luck, good and bad. My husband and I were well suited. I fell in love again in 2008 and that was very exciting, but the crash… it did not quite work out. He still calls me now and again, he regrets it I guess. I don’t. I enjoyed the heck out that relationship even if we never married. Although I do fret about the economy and corruption, I am fulfilling a long held dream on this property and I feel content. That may just be the pinyon-juniper scent. In aromatherapy those are both mood enhancers.

        • What is a “future forfather” (sic) ???

          I’d be interested to see that charted genealogically.

        • Going it alone isn’t always a choice, angry beaver. With my medical problems, I could just as easily become a liability to an already-established group, and after a while we sometimes just find ourselves in a situation where old friends are dead or gone elsewhere, the few remaining relatives are out of reach, and I don’t know – or want to know, not well – the new neighbors. So for now at least, it’s just me and the cats the kids left when they left. My son is much too busy working and “building a life” with his wife and two kids and his band. He doesn’t believe his old man’s “paranoia”. I think he believes I’ve been leaning on the meds a little too hard. Truth is, I’ve taken myself off of most of ’em, and wouldn’t miss the one or two I’ve taken down to occasional use. I’ve found that natural remedies work better for the most part, and there are FAR fewer “side-effects” – like a flat wallet… For that matter, most of it’s just sitting around growing in fields, in mountain meadows and such places. Sadly, my son and his family will be caught totally flat-footed if things go to Hell in the proverbial handcart. I hope they don’t, but I’m not ABOUT to count on it!

          • Angry and Ian….
            I am alone at the moment, I won’t say it is my preference. The crash had me chasing my career from Texas to Seattle to New Mexico. I came across this acreage for nothing and plopped myself down. I don’t know many here. I hope my son’s family would show up… but when I bought he was sure it was crazy. Circumstances changed and they are prepping and looking for land. I have gotten acquainted here but that is not deep enough to put heavy trust in. Would I like support? Of course. Will show up? I do not know. My preference? Family everywhere.

            • At least your son and his family are awake now. It’s something anyway. Personally I’m not sure there IS a good place or a bad place to go to – a right place to head for or not. I’m pleased for you, Rebecca, that you’re not being totally blown off. No one I know here, no one around me is really aware of what’s happening around us, or of the danger, and they’re NOT INTERESTED ( ! ). Unless Obama and a couple of “elites” have sudden strokes or heart attacks, I don’t see this takedown of America failing – or not enough to help We the Regular People. Well, all we can do is all we can do. I stopped being afraid of dying a fairly long time ago, nor do I particularly want to kill anyone. I’d LIKE to enjoy a few more summers in the mountains, and Springs and Autumns picking mushrooms, snagging a few herbs (lots of yarrow, and for ‘shrooms there are usually a lot of morels in Spring and chanterelles and boletes (porcini) in Autumn; wild berries are all over the place then too. Wild roses everywhere on the mountains, as well. There’s a spring I know where the water comes from an unknown, underground source – comes right up between two old tree roots, as clear and cold and fresh as can be, and a beautiful, quiet place right by a “creek” that’s a small river where there’s a good, shaded place to pitch the tent. Once I’m done storing what I can here, selling or giving away what I need to, and packing everything for travel, I think I’ll spend a little time up there before I find a more permanent place for myself. I’ll have the time and quiet to think up there on the mountain…

              • Ian,
                I suggest eating mostly wild foods to restore your health. My great grandfather shifted cancer that way. I lived next to a guy in Texas riddled with tumors and supposed to die within month or two. I walked him around his property and showed him what was edible. He quit eating anything else. Four years later he was still going strong. When I had abdominal surgery, both doctors asked me what I eat because of pink healthy organs. I don’t eat only wild foods, but I keep them in my diet. They are nutrient dense. Give your body nutrition, it will heal most things.

                • I do what I can, Rebecca! *smile* I’ve a couple of house-mates staying here, helping me to keep an eye on the place and helping with things I can’t do. My wife (relatively new) just HAD to leave, essentially to get away from here and her ex. And at JUST the worst time, he started using the kids against her and vice versa, and THEN my condition (Chronic Intractable Pain) got MUCH worse, so I slept almost not at all, and after pushing the V.A. for tests it turned out I needed back surgery #7. That was that. Now I have this 80-some year-old house that contains three families and a few generations of “stuff” including my musical instruments, my tools (the ones the junkies didn’t steal), my books, etc. etc. Anyhow, my head was FAR from being on straight, but after the complaints (from the kids) that this house was too small, the rooms too few and too small and on and on,when she’d found a place for “us” – it had one fewer bedroom (she has 6 kids) that were smaller than these, NO pets allowed (“Get rid of the cats” isn’t a direction I can follow; I ALMOST suggested she “Get rid of the kids” but she really wouldn’t have understood), no smoking (I’m still working on quitting). And so on. The trouble being I still love the lady completely, and I can hardly blame HER for anything but being a mother. There are simply some things I can NOT do. Treating animals I’ve taught to know they’re loved and will be cared for like worn out furniture is something I’m constitutionally unable to do.

                  I’m not ENTIRELY certain about her feelings toward me, either, but I know I wasn’t entirely sane just before and for over a year after that last surgery. A few months ago I realized it when, over at a friend’s house, after a short conversation, she shouted out to her son, “MATTHEW! He’s BACK!”. I either had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, a shortage of oxygen or both. I couldn’t make decisions, couldn’t think clearly, had a really bad memory and so on. I had brain damage, beyond doubt. If I allow myself to become exhausted I STILL have some symptoms of it. Normally I supposedly have an IQ over 160, but I sure as Hell haven’t acted like it for the past couple of years. *sigh* Frustrating! Then recently I got robbed blind, had all my food stolenthree times so I could NOT afford to buy ANYTHING more that month, and lost far too much weight, and on it goes. I’m still recovering, but I doubt I’ll have the time I really need. As bad, my wife finally found a job she likes that pays fairly well, right here in Oregon, when I’m not even certain the place is going to be inhabitable a year from now. She’s just decided to ignore everything else, and… Well, I’ll say I could NEVER have just sat there like Damocles… I’m just not sure WHAT to do.

      7. Elements of the Government?

        We will have to fight not only the Guberment, but ideals of some of the scum bags that are running around taking away our Rights, like Christmas in City parks, Praying at a ball game, Going to town with a firearm on your hip, Muslines, ECT.ECT. ECT.

        This Civil war will not be like the last one. It will be very different, and will lead to all out chaos. Can you say Mad Max. Then it will spread around the world, and when a Guberment looses power the just might use their nukes.

        Keep God, Family, and friend close. This is the only way to survive it, and to rebuild.


        • And your enemies closer!

      8. CAUTION: [ HELL 1 MILE AHEAD ] Our world today, prepare and stay safe!

      9. Civil War? Naw! Race War? Maybe?

        Not to worry, most of the Sheep will be converting to Islam in 15-20 years anyway. I’ll get blend into the “Glades” and disappear off the grid.

        • just blend/not get blend- stupid keyboard!

        • We are already in a race war.

          I remember when I was little my mom said, “I sure am glad we are white.”

      10. I would like to live in peace.
        Would like to think its worth it to push myself, make a profit with my business, build something,
        BUT, the government no longer benefits the hard working people in America, it takes our money and gives it to foreign interests, and foreign people, it trashes our way of life, it sucks the life out of living,,,,

        • I’d like to know how you avoid county taxes. Mine just got cut due to age rules, but they still get GET ( you can do the wholesale rate if you have a farm) and vehicle fees.
          Please advise, keeping in mind we would never violate any Federal, state or local laws.

          • I had 14 acres in Texas on Ag exemption. My taxes were $14 per year, total. Unfortunately, my exemption was for hay. Low food production. I got around it by putting in a large runoff pond. Fish! Better protein production per acre than cattle but still keeps the hay/cattle picture for exemption. Second, I turned the fenceline into a hedgerow style food production system. If you are buying land… buy something that already has Ag exemption… and keep it. Hard to gain or change that exemption. I also put a small house billed as a shed. Texas don’t easily recognize anything under 1000 sf as a house 😉 Another thing I saw in Texas out on acreage… big metal barns that had living quarters inside. Some were very nice. Plus the county didn’t remove Ag exemption on one acre and charge $500 up for house tax. Most had barns big enough to park inside so no obvious habitation. Use a PO Box for mail. Hang out with local people… they will educate you on what works in the area.

            • Well done, Rebecca! That’s something to consider. I do still have family in Texas, though they’ve left Corpus Christi. I wonder if Austin is still a good place for a good solo musician..? I’d enjoy playing live again now and then. It’s good for pocket change – for supplies and the like. *sigh* But I sure do like having mountains and forests around me…

        • Kulafarmer – You may have noticed that the “government” and the Corporations and so on are ALL part of the same thing: the “elite” properties, which also (per them) include US. I just read a piece that says Obama tried to order a nuke attack of Russia, and it cost the careers of two high-ranking military to stop it from happening. I’m appalled at how easy it is TO believe it, true or not. It could so easily BE true! Remember all the forced retirements of all but the most robotic military earlier? Obama is no more sane than the so-called “elites” who own him, and We the People count not at all. We’re being poisoned constantly from every conceivable direction. I think those with the power have all flat lost it. Unfortunately they have their finger on all the buttons, and I’m not at all sure there’s anything we can do with all our number but hope enough survive the next “destruction of civilization”.

      11. I Miss America !

      12. Darn good article Mr Brandon Smith.. hopefully you don’t get attacked by the agency ass clown trolls.. facts are facts..



        Hope and a change= bullsh……t
        Make America great again=re-branded, same bullsh…t and lies.

        • HCKS,
          I could not agree more.
          Good article.

          I supported the Bundys when they were standing up for their rights and many other people did too. I think the government backed down from that fight because they knew they were at least partially at fault. The big difference here is the locals are not fighting for their rights and did not ask for help. The Bundys interjected themselves where they were not wanted and in my opinion it was just to make a point. I hope in the end the Bundys and the rest of the group pack up and go home. Let this end peacefully because none of their families need to loose them to a lost cause. They don’t have the support they did in the fight for their rights and will not get it. I don’t think the government will back down either.

          Know your enemy and pick your fights accordingly!

          • They won’t be allowed to just go home. Fixed positions are a deathtrap when in the face of an enemy with vastly superior resources. We will never know of the horrors visited upon the guys holed up in that building. Keep in mind that your turn in the government iron maiden can come at any time.

      13. A bunch of negative people on here. Here’s a thought, life is short live it to the fullest and stop screaming the sky is falling. And if you can’t be positive get some medicin for York phobias.

        • What planet do you live on because it sure isn’t planet earth. Maybe planet of the ostrich people?

      14. Thomas Jefferson listed 27 “long train of abuses” that merited the separation from the rule of King George III.

        First 12 abuses demonstrated how the British Monarch obstructed local representative government in favor of tyrannical ministers who constantly interfered with legislation and colonial rule.

        Abuses 13-22 Described instances where trade was shut off, taxes levied, legislation denied, and even troops were being quartered in homes of the colonists.

        The last 5 of these abuses listed military and police violence against their homes, families, townships, and systems of commerce.

        ALL those abuses are happening today in communities across America. Without question our political system has been obstructed by massive corporate lobbies and financial interests, our ability to legislate on behalf of our local interests are non-existent, the middle class is taxed into poverty, the militarized police are conducting almost 50,000 SWAT raids a year resulting in the destruction of property and lives, and worse the government has paid NSA agents to be quartered in our very phones, tracking all we say and do.

        Unlike disgraced Montel Williams, Americans are finding it easier to stand up against tyranny, Why? Because they have nothing left to lose, the government has taken it all. When government encroaches into a persons abode, livelihood, and ability to defend our families from harm you better believe the game begins to change.

        Whether you are talking about communities being persecuted by the militarized police or rural ranchers trying to eek out a living among constant attacks and thefts by federal agencies, the overreach and oppression has just served to embolden the men in this country towards a fight.

        If you ignore all the sissy/state-loving leftist talk, what you end up with is a growing angst and animosity from people who have felt the pinch of tyranny and are willing to stand up and do something about it, including arming themselves for a fight.

        What is abundantly clear, there is a growing animosity towards federal encroachment on the rights of people. So much so more people are willing to put their lives on the line protesting and even arming themselves in the face of federal tyranny. This trend can only mean in the minds of millions of Americans that the federal government and the militarized police force have become the biggest threat facing not only our liberties, but now our families and our lively hoods.

        What kind of abuse could possibly warrant people with families putting their lives on the line to thwart government tyranny?

        We are all about to find the answer to that question.

        • Realistically, all groups are unhappy with what is going on in our corrupt government. Lefties hit the streets in the millions during Occupy Wall Street directly protesting government – corporate ccollusion. Protesting bankster crimes. Time to come together and work on commonalities. Nothing else will serve. Don’t expect 320 million people to be clones! Never gonna happen. Nobody I have talked to in 2.5 years likes the treasonous act that is Washington and all agree their owners need to be gone. Great article.

          • And if these men get the support there asking for all that will be gone. I hope to soon see a convoy of pickup’s full of supplies manpower and weapons. Love to see em smash what ever blockade is in place.
            These guys are standing up to a corrupt government period don’t matter why there taking a stand and thier committed now
            Plz for the love of Christ and all that’s holy help them. Soon I’ll be trying to join them probably have little to no chance of admittance but the fact will remain forever that out of 450 million people only one came forward. Never mind the fact he’s from a different country. Were all in this together. What happens in yours comes here without fail that’s why I go to help.

            • Seriously – what fantasy world are you living in?

              You want to join a group of people, who are holding up in a small, senseless building, in wide open space with no opportunity to conceal yourself?

              If you are feeling suicidal, then by all means – join them.

              Chances are, before you even leave your precious Canada

              (A) these people will have given up and stood down


              (B) they will be Waco’d

              Anyway you look at it – stay where you are – we don’t need your help, you have problems there in you own homeland.
              So, if you honestly feel like you want to make a difference … clean up your own environment and we’ll handle ours in due time.

              • I’m afraid that might be to late.
                I never said I was going in armed I’ll drive there Cross the border and see what’s happening if I can be of help I will. Most likely you are correct government will just wait them out they’ll get hungry cold miss there family go home and be picked up one by one quietly. I’m betting by the time I get there it will be over. I’m not going to be a hero lol but think of this: if I’m thinking it so are others around the world.
                The united States is the most powerful influential country in the world if you guys fall we fall next. That makes it my business. Like we want china or Russia here. And when your civil war does start openly that’s exactly what will hsppen the UN or a foreign power will come in to secure
                Nuclear power plants
                Nuclear weapons
                The CDC
                Internet servers
                Television radio
                High priority government buildings
                So if your going to clean it up do it because if you don’t rest assured someone / thing else will.
                Like a neighbor that won’t cut his grass. Your sick if looking at it so you cut it yourself the way you want yo see it. Am I right.
                What tends to happen when any other government around the world becomes unstable ? America is there yo open a big ass can of instant democracy.
                That’s the norm now .
                Say some other foreign power decides USA has become unstable and decides to come help stabilize. Now you’ve got 2 big problems a corrupt government and a foreign power backing it. Nice.just be grateful its a Canadian wanting yo help or do you want yo.learn Chinese perhaps Russian then ?

                • Neither the Russians nor the Chinese are suicidal enough to attack the US, if only because we have so many privately owned guns. They really don’t need a military quagmire on their hands. What they really want is ascendancy in the global power structure, which the US stands in the way of. It may very well be that in a US civil war that one or both of them would help arm the rebels in order to remove the US from the world stage, without ever having to fire a shot. They get what they want and we get a chance to rebuild our country. There is plenty of historical precedent for this sort of thing from the French helping the Colonials during the American Revolution to the Germans sending Lenin with money and arms to Russia in order to disrupt the country and force it to withdraw from WWI. So don’t discount the Chinese and Russians. They may be of use to us if this ever happens.

      15. Either civil war and or death camps are coming. Once the people who have murdered over 55 million babies and have bankrupted the nation take our firearms they will begin exterminating the brighter among us. A restoration of the constitution will only be successful if a significant portion of the military sides with the people. I pray that people will wake of and see the demonic power ruling this nation before it is too late.

        • Restoration of the U.S. republic is a pipe dream. The best you can hope for is a USSR style divorce. The partitioning of USA will be much bloodier.

        • Dude… I hope you never unzipped your britches when you shouldn’t have. Because if you did and your baby got aborted… you will face God for your murder. Do you really think God does not know?

      16. So I read today, people are angry at H1-B Visa given to lower paid foreigner workers. This is completely false. Those workers are making on average 80k to start and many are at 120k. Plus there whole companies because the management is Indian, they only hire Indian (Cisco, Symbol, Phoenix Tech… just a few I know of). I thought there was laws against discrimination? Not if you’re a foreigner.

        • I’ve been in the business and you are right, in a way. The East Asian Indian Manager, hired Vietnamese, whites, and Chinese. We would put in the hours. Asian Indians won’t. Remember the ones you get on H1-B are usually PhD. I had a lab partner in a UC Berkley Graduate Physics course, Australian PhD Astrophysicist. I could barely keep up with him, but only because he typed faster than me.
          I think he went on to SLAC Stanford. Google it.
          The best paid PhD I ever worked with was a UCLA Tenured full Professor in Astrophysics, per his CV $157,000 in 2005.
          The H1-B get less, but you can get rid of them if they SLAC off.
          ( that was a pun)

      17. Interesting article. I agree that this is a long term
        rather than a quick fix except for one thing. Our
        main objective IMHO should be printing our own
        money. If we kick the Federal Reserve to the winds,
        our other problems will become manageable. I
        would have chosen the bank as my target, not an
        Isolated cabin in the woods where an army can
        easily be murdered without any witnesses. Being
        led into a trap I fear. If Kennedy and Lincoln
        were assassinated because they printed money,
        that tells me that it is the biggest threat to TPTB.

        • B,agree Kennedy may have been killed because of questioning the fed reserve/and or ending his Vietnam start by the MIC,Lincoln was killed simply because he was a muney grubbing traitor of this country,John Wilkes Booth is a hero in my book,even if he was a actor!Would have been interesting turn in this country if his first plan had come to fruition in time.

        • Exactly. The people will get behind the bankster problem. Bernie Sanders means it when he would bust them… but Congress. It is a broad issue.

          • No he wouldnt, he’d just get a big fat check from them, like every other puppet

            and hes a socialist fuck ..who’s side you on?

            • I don’t believe in Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Libertarians, Socialists, or Communists. I do believe in our Constitition. I believe in Americans. I do not believe in killing Americans that have been duped by global fascists and think the way out is to kill innocent people. So that probably means I am not on your side but I am not planning to kill you because we disagree. Run your hothead self up on my property to steal food and I will shoot your fat arse. Lots of preppers cannot feed themselves and they will just be a well armed gang of thugs in the end. You either cooperate with your fellow citizens or not. Nothing ever gets done without it.

              Bernie Sanders may be a democratic socialist but he would go after the banksters. More than any Republican will do. Don’t get all Pavlov’s Dog on me just because I give the man his due. I’d vote for Ron Paul if he would destroy the Federal Reserve.

              • You may be unaware, Rebecca, but people who “go after” the banksters, like Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the like, tend to have somewhat shortened life spans. They are SO rich, so powerful they can buy pretty much anyone’s death. Or who do you think ordered Kennedy’s removal?

                • Of course the Boyz order deaths. They declared war on us decades ago. It is not safe to criticize them, that is how you know they have power. Say you hate libturds or teatards and you are doing what they want… infighting over the last dollar they allow. They own the government and police and military.

                  • You’re right about that! Oh – and about Kennedy, he made two bad mistakes: 1) He was about to tell the country about the “elites” and Fed and all, and 2) he had a silver-backed currency all set up, financed and ready to go. THAT they could NEVER allow!

      18. A Civil war in this time would be militias rising up and stratigically taking over federal buidings- at some point I say about 1/2 of the military would join the fight with the militias. when the dust settles it will be the conservatives vs the liberials.

        The black lives matter movement people can get violent and we have the muslimes as well in the mix now. There will be skermishes all over but the main fight will be conservatives-liberals.

        Why do you think people are buying up ammo every week, I talked to a man in a gun store a while back that old me he buys $100 of ammo every single week. = $5200 ammo per year= upwards of 20000 rounds on average.
        People know that something is going on and they want to be prepared.

        • USMC1982

          What FM’s should a person be looking at for info to aid in securing objectives. Or is that in the soldiers manuals.

          • Sling-

            You don’t believe that leadership will rise up on both sides? You havent been paying attention. I’m not saying this will happen soon, just keeping the eyes open…All you have to do is look at bundy ranch to see how it may start. Its called the bubba effect.

      19. Excellent article! Thank you Brandon Smith and thank you Mac for posting this one.

        • You said you were going to sit on the sidelines for awhile.

          • I did say that.

      20. I see a war of succession,a civil war means I would want to take over the govt.,I just want out of their bullshit and be left alone!I do see this country breaking up,smaller countries with hopefully a common defense(not foreign intervention!)and perhaps travel and trade,we are split up,lets get on with it and try and brea up amicably!Yea,I know,good luck with that Warchild!

      21. You people really are idiots. The US is a nuclear armed nation. If we devolve into a civil war, do you really think Russia and China will sit idly by? I think not. They would rightly worry over who is in control of this arsenal. I would not blame them taking preemptive action. All your preps in the world will do you no good in that scenario. Morons!

        • Excellent point that is why this is so disturbing if the militia groups can’t or won’t join central leadership yes we can look forward to exactly that NATO troops coming to secure the nukes. And they WILL be knocking on doors. All seem to be waiting for the ultimate insult that will spark a revolution so what the one were waiting for
          Killing selling baby parts
          Stripping your flag
          Land grabs
          Wall street
          Bankung bailouts
          15 years of war
          Lose of freedom personal liberty
          Executive orders
          A flood of imigrants
          WMD s in Iraq
          Same sex marriage
          One thing after another and still nothing but excuses and crickets
          Even some out right backpeddeling you really think our grandparents generation. Would have tolerated that. Big fat no. There will be no one single event like a starting gun. We all have yo choise

          • angry beaver

            Nukes will never leave U.S. Hands.

            You are asking the Right Questions.

            What is the right road?

            What is the right cause?

            • I retread .y last comment j must clarify these nuke sites must be the first thing secured by patriots so we don’t give the UN an excuse to come in that is why I suggested that militia groups must work together under a central leader. For several reasons Secure sensitive sites
              CDC nuke sites power plants etc contain and isolate local government cut off communication establish communication with other militia groups. Come up with common goals adhear to them the infancy of the rebellion is very fragile the feds could no doubt crush them in an instant but that really would start something bigger. Ill see how it goes soon enough.
              Wish me luck.

              • I would not have thought of that. Then again, I am no warrior, self defense yes. Under it all I am a gardener, I grow food. Scary times.

              • angry beaver

                How old are you?

                • Angry beaver

                  In the years past.

                  Spent time aboard HMS Ark Royal Had to cash in the Grog rations on the forecastle. MOOSE HEAD ale. Warm to the Touch And a very fine set of boiler men that welcomed me aboard. Had Chinese doing the wash.

                  Know WHAT A BUCANNER IS?

                  Ahoy me far reaching seagoing adventurers . We know the hardships of life at sea better than those who walk the earth.

                  • My daddy was a sailor and I can cuss like my daddy if I get going. He was a merchant marine and boat (under 500 tons) captain. He used to let me go with him out in Cook Inlet and dock the supply boat under the drilling platforms. Alaska was awesome. I’m a hick from the sticks, life is good.

                    • Hello Rebecca.

                      Merchant Marine school on the Point Lookout Penninsular, in Maryland. There was a great seafood place there and a bad ass local bar at Piney Point.

                      High Class Lawyer, you are. ;0)

                    • No lawyer I… paralegal servant to the evil ones.

                • Sling shot first I’d like to say hope your OK. I really ment no insult you you personally. Please accept my apologies for any misunderstanding.
                  I’m 45 born southern Alberta currently residing in northern Alberta.

                  • And while no doubt your words have wisdom I must confess I’ve never seen the ocean I spent my life in the prairies and pines.

                    • angry beaver.

                      There are very few that can post here and have a legitimate point of view.

                      I love the British and the Goofy Newies Do you know what an Argus aircraft is? Can you drink an 40ty pounder and march drunk as a skunk to the orders of an Sargent Major

                • Slingshot –

                  By his post(s), chances are he’s one of those Millennium’s.
                  It appears he does not have the capability of deciphering between what is fantasy and reality.

                  He seems confused, and a bit to ambitious of being ‘gung ‘ho’. Has all the signature markings of an individual being hazardous to others … and he has the audacity to call HCKS mentally unstable – ???

                  • What’s real is 150 armed men have taken a government building And intend to hold it what’s real is cops kill civilians
                    What’s real is 15 years of chasing terrorists til they came here
                    What’s real is baby parts are sold for profit what’s real is wall street ripped off the world what’s reAL is Syrian refugees really shall I go on?

            • Some faction will seize control of one or more nukes, if they haven’t already. Somebody will pop a nuke to prove they have seized them. This won’t be an uncontested divorce.

            • “Nukes will never leave U.S. Hands.”

              It’s already happened, more than once. NOTHING is sacred, especially when “elite” power/$ are at stake.

        • So Cantstand let’s just sit by and let it happen.

      22. I think the best way to get reform at the federal level is to begin at the state and local level and hold our governors and state legislatures, mayors, etc., feet to the fire of the state constitutions. Most of these are based on the federal constitution. We tell these people what we want, which is basically the law applied constitutionally or we will obtain their departure from government service. We will do this by educating the general public on how our leadership is ignoring law and doing unlawful things that effect a bad outcome on citizens. I don’t condone violence, but at some point violence may need to occur in a limited fashion. I doubt there are many politicians that can deal with a near death experience without some sort of realignment of personal priorities. We have to use the internet because local and national newspapers and television is controlled by powerful people who want to keep us as ignorant of what is going on as possible. Basically, it will be a lot of hard work that most people will not want to do.

      23. Generally, I believe we’re being led to slaughter.
        With each rattle of Obama’s anti-second amendment saber, another million firearms are sold. Do you really believe he’s trying to limit sales? More firearms have been sold during his presidency than probably the last four or five combined.
        Meanwhile, our government has been stoking a fire in the middle east for almost two decades. Now that they’ve stirred the hornets enough, they begin to import them into our own country?
        Not to mention the current war on the police by black America with the intent to just stop being policed at all. Raising street criminals and dealers to some lofty saint-like status because they happened to be killed while performing some of their usual shenanigans.
        Eventually, it will only take a small spark to combust the whole thing. Once the carnage begins, it will be allowed to continue for a little while (the problem DOES need to be fixed) before the UN friendly forces will be brought in to disarm and quell the skirmish.
        Then either the day will end with just enough bloodletting or it will just begin in earnest.
        Once the ‘cowboys and Muslims’ scenario ends, ‘cowboys and UN peacekeepers’ may begin.

        • Worked at the same law firm as Obama and the Mrs. He is quite intelligent. Rattling the 2nd Amendment Saber right before he went on vacation seemed too contrived to me. He upset a lot of holidays of people who have called him every dirty name in the book. In the final analysis his EO was small beans compared to what he said going out. I… felt… that vibe from him. Just yanking the chain. He is on his way out the door and has taken a LOT of racial slurs and guff during his Presidency. I have seen a lot of attorneys yank someone’s chain… that was the feel I got, body language. No proof. I am not saying he wouldn’t like to take guns but he knows it will not happen by EO. He wanted to talk to his AG? Totally bogus, he knows as much as she and it just gave him an out from a scandalous statement. He sure put a lot of people that hate him in a tizzy and messed up their holiday.

          • Don’t think he feels anything but hatred for people who have dogged his Presidency. He would not cry over another Waco.

          • The existing government doesn’t have time left to continue to slowly chip away at gun ownership, and they know it. Their problem is that they aren’t far enough along in their disarmament plan to make the final push.

        • I don’t think it will go – or continue at least – as you see it. “The U.N. peacekeepers” go NOWHERE peacefully is something I’ve read, and read ABOUT, again and again and again. Mothers shot through the infants they were holding (in Haiti I think it was) because they were after some criminal or other. For all the U.N. has been leeching off of us for a long time, they are NOT grateful! We’re resented by more people than most of us are remotely aware of.

      24. The time will fast be upon us, were all of us will have to make a choice. Will you stand for what you believe, or will you go along, to get along. I for one am to old to go along, to get along, I’ve lived my life as a free man, so the chains of tyranny will not rest softly on me. When the time comes i may have to stand alone, i hope not, but I’m willing and able to stand for the values and freedoms that made our country great. I just hope i have other strong men, and woman willing to stand along side me.

      25. Not even news worthy, little skirmish will be stomped out while barley breaking the news, sorry but true.

      26. Gallup Explains Trump: “A Staggering 75% Of Americans Believe In Widespread Government Corruption”

        h ttp://

        would I vote for Trump ???

        we KNOW that with Hillary or another Bush or even these so called Tea Party types (who have already sold out)
        that NOTHING will change

        maybe it’s time to throw the dice
        at this point I am game

        • That’s my thinking also. No more main stream politicians. They have too many masters (donors)and can never be trusted.

      27. Finally, this is exactly what I have been looking for. I have literally forwarded this article to everyone I could. A lot of people are going to be thinking what a cuck I am. I think a lot of people have a gut feeling that something is terribly wrong, and this article should give everybody what they need to explore what that is in the right direction.

        Knowing what we know can be quite depressing and make us fight amongst ourselves.. After reading the comments to this real article, God bless you, Brandon Smith, whoever you are, I am pleased to see some true colors prevail. For example:

        Braveheart1776-I respect the way your mind works. Thank you.

        Slingshot-You are always right, but I think you need to chill a little bit. You only put more focus on poor posts. It also doesn’t make you look very intelligent. Maybe you aren’t, and that is completely fine but try not to reveal it.

        Rebecca-You are a genius. I love you. You remind me of my wife. Yes, my wife is very hot by the way.

        HCKS-Great name. I have no idea what it means but it is fantastic. I am so glad to see someone share my opinion about the self proclaimed godsend to earth. That should say it all. I am very outraged at the selling out to that guy that is going on.

        Makemyday-Excellent post brother. It should be the first amendment to Brandon Smith’s article as it makes great points to follow it up.

        Kulafarmer-You might want to be careful about how much you reveal on this site. After all, it is the Fed’s we’re dealing with here.

        I hope the humor in this does not go unrecognized. It would defeat the purpose. I am here to do whatever I can to help.
        I will see you all on the other side, or preferably sooner on the same side.

        “Never trade safety for tyranny” – Brandon Smith – Patriot

        • Noob1989

          Oh Man.

      28. Today was an interesting day for I had to go to the emergency room for chest tightness. Long story short. No Blockage, No tumors or growths, No Heart attack enzimes, infection, blood pressure all vitals ok considering the circumstances of stress.

        The verdict? I thought I was headed for the BIG One. CT scan showed.

        A few ribs in my chest have, “Bone Irregularities”.

        Oh and I can feel them.

        I can remember falling on my left side many times and hurting. Killed the pain/bruises with beer and moved on. A Bump of some king in now there and it is messing with the muscle tissue.
        But I am killing the pain with beer again. Hahaha!

        Damn if the Doctor didn’t touched the spot that hurts.

        A lesson to be learned here. Your not indestructible.

        beer kicking in ;0).

        • I am glad you are okay. We might have taken better care of ourselves… but I sure had a good time, you? I am trying harder now. You take care now.

          • Rebecca

            I have always been a crazy SOB. I wish you could hear my redneck friends.

            I have been drinking now and I am going to tell you a sea story because I think you are true to the cause.

            Gitmo 1978. ORE. Bar hooche, Cuanic Hut, south side. Two P.O.sailors arguing over who is more gross. After listening to them argue. VS 28.
            I suck down a six in high One point five in in dia. glass on the table, about have way filled with tobacco chew spit. Then downed the supposed two heavy weights beers, as they looked in amazement. Never got sick and didn’t buy aother beer for the rest of the night. Fucking Grunts yelling ooh Raaa!

            • Laughing with ya not agin ya!
              Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…

        • Slingshot, sorry to hear about that but I’m glad you’re OK. Be careful and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

          • Braveheart1776
            Here is another picture of history. I graduated second only in may aviation class, to the great grandson of George S. Patton. Point 003 separated us in scores.

            I have the pictures to prove It. Memphis Tenn. Turning A4 skyhawks’

        • Sling~ good to know you passed all those ER tests. Should relieve your mind to know the good results.

          Growin’ old aint’ for sissies.

        • Glad to hear it wasnt any worse Sling..

          I went in a few months back with 2 cracked ribs .. fuckin Krav Maga, and an older guy sometimes dont mix well , especially when my sparing partner was a tub of butter and landed on me like a ton of shit after tripping on his own sweat

          still a good idea to get it checked out
          hope they can help you with the irregularities

      29. glad your ok slingshot

        it’s NEVER a good idea to ignore chest pain

        good thing you had it checked out

        • Satori

          More like chest squeeze.

          My apologies on off topic but as we prepper’s grow older, there is going to be more pain in our bodies. I have jump of bridges, high speed water ski’s, down hill snow ski’s n. Damn Mogals. Demolition Derby! Jumping off high shit to solid ground. Exceeded my weight carry limit. Eating all sorts of exotic hot food.


          What you young people think as cool to out do the limits of your body.

          You are going to be like me. Sore Mother Fucker. :0)))))

          But what is life if there are No Thrills.

          • Satori, I know what you mean. I’m 58 and will be 59 in March. I also get some aches and pains on occasion. It hurts to get old. getting old really SUCKS on occasion. I understand having a few thrills in life, but I don’t have those thrills like I used to. Except when I’m at the range or at the BOL. Now that’s when I’m going to have some fun regardless of my age.

            • Braveheart1776

              You are a good dude and I have read you posts for a long time and felt you pain. If I could. Not the same as you. We are of a different breed which many would not understand our views but the are a few that are at the same level. There are some at our level that pop up and surprise us at times.

              I do cherish each and every posts reguardless of the negativity. You have to learn from it all good or bad.

              I don’t know how long I am able to stay here. in direct conflict with my stubborn attitude. Irish and all.

              Say what you will about Acid Etch.

              EsienKrutsh Spelling-5 pts. IRON CROSS

              If you can put up with a stubborn old man I will join in the fight with an alternative lifestyle’.

              Hey Braveheart, Esein has stayed around longer than most could stand.

              • I have become a Christian and asked forgiveness for my sins.

                I get turned on by women’s pussies I just think they are really dumb and have nothing to offer a man.

                I still get angry at what the world has become.

                He’s still a’workin on me.

                • Acid Etch

                  You are a Multi Faceted Individual. No matter what you say or do you will always have those who condemn you.

                  Time is your friend but also your enemy.

                • Ever wonder why women’s families paid dowries to husbands? Or why a bride’s family was expected to pay for the wedding? It was to bribe somebody into taking the bitch.

                  • LOL… ever wonder why little girls are inundated from birth with Cinderella and other stupid women? So they’ll think they cannot be happy without a husband. Then they spend the rest of their life thinking they got the wrong husband and they will find Prince Charming one day. Hahahahaha. I wish they would execute Barbie. Men and women are meant to be together and all the nonsense is ridiculous and is another divide and conquer way to destroy your support group.

                    • It goes both ways, too, Rebecca! Little boys want to be the Warrior Prince. We boys to young men might see ourselves as a knight in shining armor with a football helmet and a baseball bat, but hey, it’s America, right? You know the scenario though: whack a dragon or two, smite the Bad Guy, scale the castle wall, etc. and ride off with the Princess, having kissed her awake… The fairy tales were wonderful, but I think they set up some very unrealistic expectations that amounted to sabotage as we got older, but not necessarily that much wiser. We Americans have in general NOT done well with long-term relationships, due mostly to VERY unrealistic expectations. As soon as almost ANYTHING goes wrong, people think that means it’s NOT “True Love” or we’d not have been shouting at each other – and that’s the end of that too damned often! Also, and sad to have to add this, but in far too many cases, drugs also get in the way of ANY kind of clear thinking. Even when there ARE problems though, it used to be that people could at least count on that commitment – a determination and a promise to work things out and NOT just walk away; also not with the same person always giving in, but both having already decided to stick it out, with BOTH people counting on that promise, a couple CAN work things out. Instead though, these days people seem to give up and hit the road after hitting the first bad bump in the road. Sad. Especially considering what that “bump” was sometimes.

                      Maybe the funniest and saddest example for me was when a friend and I – well, a buddy, pretty much – and I were talking about his breakup with really sweet girl he’d been SURE was his Princess. When I FINALLY got him to confess what set off the suspicion that she might NOT be his Princess – and he had hemmed and hawed and skated around it (turned out “it” had happened at a very sweet and active but really AWKWARD moment, and finally, after who knows how long and after the room had gone dark as evening had fallen, spoken so softly I almost failed to hear it, I heard, “Uh…my… My Princess… farted!” Right in his face, no less. I have NO doubt it would have been a hara kiri situation on the spot for him had it BEEN him. OMG, though! I damned near busted a gut, blew a fuse or ten and a couple of gaskets trying not to laugh!! Of all the things..! And they DID end up breaking up, too.

                      I concluded that what with so much fantasy in our upbringing, Americans don’t do realism very well most of the time, and I guess that was a little TOO Real.

                    • Ian, of course boys get that too. Fairly ridiculous stuff, perhaps it requires a little maturity to love someone enough to feel romantic toward them after you took care of them with the flu, or their first heart attack.

                • You have become Christian?

                  Have you given up on the ass wrecking? Have you acknowledged it is the worst kind of sin and an abomination to Yahweh?

                  Are you completely, 100%, given up on homosexual activities and made that clear to all those that are queer within your circle?

                  These steps must be taken, or you are not a child of God/ Christian.

                  There is no straddling the fence on this, AE/Eisen.

                  Your talk of women’s pussies and the salty language is sin as well. I know, cause I use salty language myself, and that is a forgivable sin.
                  But, you can’t con God, and say one thing and do something else with your life. That is worse than just staying a sinner, and God is clear about the punishments for such.

                  If you are truly saved and reformed, then you get my prayers for your continued salvation. I wish you much spiritual strength in your walk.

                  There is no better feeling than being set free by the truth of the Word.
                  Just know this…there is no such thing as a “true” christian homosexual. There is a large movement in the world that believe’s they can have it both ways, but they are just deluding themselves that they have no part in judgment of the harshest kind, by continuing in the abominable acts and thinking that God just sees it as love.

                  • The Bible does not describe homosexuality as a greater sin than any other. All sin is offensive to God.

                    Does God approve of homosexuality? Absolutely not … Can a person truly be a Christian and at the same time a practicing homosexual? … No … (1 Corinthians 6:9)

                    While the “God hates fags” group is correct in proclaiming that homosexuality is sin, it fails miserably in the tone of its proclamation. Ephesians 4:15 instructs us to “speak the truth … in love.”

                    First Peter 3:15 teaches us to proclaim the truth, but to do so with “gentleness and respect.” We must uphold the truth of God’s Word in proclaiming the sinfulness of homosexuality. However, we must uphold this truth in a loving, gentle, and respectful manner. We must warn homosexuals about the eternal dangers of continued rebellion against God.

                    At the same time, the message should be focused on the forgiveness and freedom from sin that are available through the Lord Jesus Christ.

                    Acid Etch – The Bible clearly says God created you in his image. Though personally, I do not understand the Gay thing … but who am I to judge you?

                    Judging you, would be criticizing God.

                    To believe or not to believe – that decision is up to each and everyone of us individuals.

                    My choice of God today is Ra ☼

                    • The last thing a “possible” new Christian needs is comments from a self-serving man that said he wants to put Christ back upon the cross when He returns. That comment, to us true Christians, is like a dagger to our hearts. When you were faced with it a while back, you just made light of it like it was some sort of sick joke. I doubt Christ sees it that way.

                      There are only a few sins that were punishable by death until the veil of Christ’s blood was draped over them. That made those sins, much worse than others. All sin is not created equal, nor punishable equally. To say it is, just shows your ignorance and stupidity.
                      To call me a liar about my just happening upon your bablings and Acid’s proclamation of becoming a Christian, is just another one of your own lies, that you wish was truth.

                      I have better things going on in my life than hanging around with tail chasing ignorant regulars like you, genius, JPQ, ketchupondemand,etc.,etc; and concerned with what you pukes are saying.

                      Two of those sins,that were punishable by death, are rape of a child and criminal homicide, and they are supposed to still be, when absolutely proven, punishable by death according to God’s word.

                      The punishment of death by committing a homosexual act by a male, is given a pass (from being punishable by death) in this age, since Christ: but wasn’t before the Cross.

                      God has even said that if, grace was available back then, Sodom would still be here today.

                      It is in the Word, of which you/FTW have limited knowledge, so you go to man’s word for confirmation of your ideology. Therefore that is why i call you a liar, also.

                • Acid; yaaawwwwnnn

                • I will be prayin’ for you Acid.

                  We are all a ‘work in progress’

                  John 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

                  John 14:24 He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings…

              • Sling, I actually have more tolerance for acid than I used to. For the most part he makes some good posts these days. I’ve learned to just overlook the all caps and his rants. I’m surprised I don’t rant as much he does.

                • Sigh…..,yet again,I do not care about ones sexuality/monied status/religion/ethnicity ect.,you try and shove it in my face,well….,then I care and get perturbed,so,enuff with the religious preaching.The god some speak of comes across as a bloodthirsty asshole,do not beleive would want any part of that god if the truth(not saying it is!),will stick with me gods and annoying norns.

      30. Just let the food stamp cards not be any good and the welfare payments stop. and you will have the civil war, race war. & ethnic cleansing all happen at the same time. I give it 30 days or at most 60 days and 90% will die from violence or starvation.

        • Old Guy, I agree with your analysis.

        • I give it 5 hours, Remember the Walmart fiasco when the cards were down.

      31. It’s beginning?!China stock exchange closed for 2nd time this week,automatic end of day tradeing with a 7% drop in a day or partial day,more like less then an hour.Keep your eyes and ears out worldly and locally,,will be interested to see the other markets for rest of week.

      32. Warchild,

        I saw that too. Market was automatically shut down – 9:59 am their local time.

        Here We Go Again: China Halts Trading For The Entire Day After Another 7% Crash

        “CHINA STOCKS HALTED FOR REST OF DAY AFTER CSI 300 TUMBLES 7% – Following the collapse of offshore Yuan to 5 year lows and decompression to record spreads to onshore Yuan, The PBOC has stepped in and dramatically devalued the Yuan fix by 0.5% to 6.5646.

        This is the biggest devaluation since the August collapse. Offshore Yuan trading has been violent with a 1000 pips swing on Yuantervention. Dow futures are plunging… WTI trades at a $32 handle… Gold hits $1100.”


      33. Anon, phuck off prick. FTW did not say what you just wrote. I have been monitoring Agency ass clowns trolls for months ever since I spilled the beans about what 2016 to 2017 holds.. who the phuck do you think you are him a troll.. eat sh…t punk..


        When I tell people on this site that I am in contact and am friends with a real scientists, I am telling the truth..i will not name him became he is friends with one of Steve Quayle friends who is a legitimate source.
        We are going to calapse, this is a environment of the planet will callapse. California has 100,000 metric tons of methane pumping into the atmosphere.. the crustal shifting of the continents have always begun and it will trigger off volkanoes and lagars…the crust of the oceans will burst open letting out carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases unto the atmosphere and if we are not away from the coastlines and either underground or at a good safe area we are not going to make it…he explained to me what women will not survive..

        BP…purposely dud what they did in out gulf to cause fallout.. most people don’t know this.. that we’ll is still leaking into out gulf of Texas…

        with these elements and the fact that most of them don’t prep is what leads to the ELE even with women.. men in Germany are attacking women by the thousands and plenty of food an water is available. Those in the know, that are reading my post know exactly what I am taking about and this is why they keep coming on here attacking me. I will continue to our what I know..its far worst than your can ever imagine.. its going to be really bad. I am not having a problem with women, it’s just that I know what is going to happen to the are they won’t listen to people like me. The smart ones that are on this site are taking me serious.. Like 2 isone… mentioned that she has relatives and men for allies, family etc.. she will survive it. I can tell already.. then the preppers stay to attack each other for resources.. this is what I am being told. This is what when my bug out bag got water damaged, I was so freaked error on my part means my death..and my supplies taken by dred lock trolls and new survivors who are going ballistic.. Women, I am trying to help you out on here..believe me I am warning your all to get ready in a very serve manner for you own survival.. I don’t give a phuck what Donald Trump says, I am not changing my prepping just because he is going to make American great again.. I know bullsh…t when I hear it. This is coming sense.
        Guys who have been reading my post and prepping, j this post is for your all.. get ready because we have one hell of ride coming up.. I am not going to be in here much longer and the year closes in.. you guys who have BOL locations, Sarge, Brave and guys need to keep adding supplies while your able to. The city area will u inhabitable by October of 2019.. I am going to stop responding to the trolls.. let me just get out the info when I get it.. I have a meeting with my scientists friend in two weeks and I am going to tell you guys more info since I will be going to his BOL indefinitely with others of my group..we are preparing for the big event..the local govenment in Texas has prevented over 6 nuke attacks in Houston in the past 6 years.. one of them lead to a brutal gun battle that took place 5 yrs ago.. real preppers are who I am taking to right now. Re-check your supplies and inventory.. make sure to seal up your bug out bag contents to deal with the weather.. get lots of cigarette lighters and flints..prepare that if you have to evacuate and leave most of your supplies that what you have with you can save your life if your stuck out side permanently..we are going to experience the first wave and see literary a force evacuation in California. This will be the wake up call that make you guys know what I wanrned about.



        • And yet more delusional shit lol
          We didn’t ask your scientist name only his field of study. Funny you should mention earthquakes volcano’s you forgot Yellowstone anywY like I said earlier a lot of what comes off your keyboard seems to directly correspond to the headlines in a tabloid rag called weekly world news.
          Face it hcks your a moron
          Anyone else on here is held to to the facts and called out I’m calling you out now WHAT ARE THE SCIENTIST’S FIELD OF EXPERTISE? oh right this post isn’t here I’ve been banned lol
          I BANNED YOU HCKS what you think of that. Lmao
          Everyone look in your local super market for the tabloid rag the x check it with this idiots posts you’ll see they are almost word for word lol I’ll be doggin you from now on hcks I’ll call you on everything

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

        • I live in the Houston area. Do you have any specific information about your claim regarding nukes and shoot outs? Where did you hear this?

          • If you talking to hcks he can’t see your post; I banned him.

          • No lol he doesn’t as I said he gets He gets his info from a tabloids and when you call him on it he calls you an agency ass clown troll.
            Weekly world news its called if I remember right that was an artical about 4 months ago. There’s a guy where I work that buys them and brings them in.
            Hcks is simply full of shit look up any of his past comments. You judge lol

            • I have to agree. he is like Acid from the standpoint that he posts just enough stuff that he has just recently found on the internet, to make him seem partly intelligent, and draw some people into his little camp.

              It doesn’t matter how much info he gets from so-called scientists friends. They are all alike these days, they are theorists.
              What they are not is visionaries nor sent by God, as prophetic seers, or Nostradamus.

              it is all pure conjecture, of which HCKS portrays as gospel truth. Don’t waste your time with him.

              And, btw, Acid, you are supposed to be a “work in progress Christian”. It is time to stop the blame game and accept the fact that God has everything on His perfect time clock, and nothing you say will change who is responsible.
              The boomers are partially, as well as everyone that allowed the passing of the ‘Rainbow’ movements, which is more like a National bowel movement, and all the anti-christian laws. You know the one that you so whole heartedly cheered and jeered about a few months ago. I could post it but that would not be right, since you seem sincere about your transformation.
              Only God knows for sure and so time will tell, for the rest of us.
              Just sayin’.

              • What anti Christian laws? I have seen nothing restricting your practice of your religion. I know that Christian churches are losing congregants, have been for decades. I have not seen restrictions against practicing Christianity.

      34. Hcks. Always amusing and you cite a lot of facts. Where did you find the info out about Nuke attacks in Texas being thwarted? Why is the city not going to exist after 2019? Not asking the scientist name but what kind of science does your friend study? How do you know the scientist friend? How do you know he isn’t a Starbucks barista saying he is a scientist? Scientists are a dime a dozen. What makes your scientist special?

      35. This is whats really going on in Oregon ! Its not about the Bundy’s or the Hammond’s. Its about our CONSTITUTION!!!! Listen to what she has to say,about The Republic,and make a stand!!!!!!Oregon Standoff – A Constitutional Perspective

        • Exactly!

        • Thank you Thinker for this video.

          Have any of you seen this liberty loving, truth telling woman invited to CNN, MSM, FAUX, Glen Beck, to tell the American people the truth?

          Her words say more than most subjects posted here at SHTF, including this one from Brandon.

          Don’t pass this video by….

          • Amen! She has her facts straight, and that is what scares them from having her on prime time.

      36. Texas flyer, the fire fight took place on a bridge, one of the main bridges under 6 years ago, on the top of a bridge..A Texas tactical team was able to take the nuke and take out the enemy..they have busted literally dozens of terrorist in Houston with bombs, and they have kept it quiet to not scare the crap of Houstonians..I heard of the incident from my trusted retired white Hat CIA source.. I am in contact with someone from the agency white hats here in Houston…this is real it’s about time I come clean about this.. Texas is fee because the whole hats have gained back control of our State..we are in good hands with Governor Abbott. He is good people..the people I know call him president Abbott..

        I don’t work for them but u met them by accident in 2010.. during g the calapse of economy.. he invited me to meet with him and once him at hot house, that’s when I saw with my own two eyes who he was..that he was the real deal..he even told me that all this crap going on with the administration will be coming to and end soon. He was the one who told me about the Texas gold when it arrived in September 7 th of last year, and that Texas will succeed on 2 1/2-. 3 years..Abbot mentioned war, so they had to release it and ship it to Houston all 250 metric tons of it by 18 wheelers..everybody called BS on me when in fact the gold is here…they have Ben trying to take down Texas for over 10 years.. we are still venerable, and save guards have been out in place by Perry and Abbot to make sure that we are proctected in our city.. i am sue you saw governor Abbots tweet telling the president to come an ten the guns if he can.. why would the Governor say something like that, because their is something that he knows that I know..I m not able to disclose what I know at least certain things. I was told that I could post the gold info and that one’s it got posted that no one was going to believe it, so I go the go.
        Watch the attack that will ow my post.

        This is how you now who is telling the real in this site.

        I cannot give us too much o it. this is real.. just look at the comment from the angry beaver and see how they are acting up attacking me already.. discrediting me is to priority for them… they are just making and ass our of them served attacking me. This time I won’t even waste my time responding to that comment..



        Governor Abbott, internationally known locally respected..

        • Some bridge somewhere are you serious dates places times what o fallout not one civilian witness nothing but I can tell you this but not that come on really

      37. Unfortunately, the other side is winning and growing in numbers, so I’m afraid the battle is going to be eventually lost to a new world that will never again look like it used to.

      38. 3:28 AM West Coast. Sh*t getting real in many areas. Hold on boys and girls, keep your arms and legs inside the ride as we are about to take off. Enjoy.


      39. Aaron Tippin’s song “You got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”.

        • Twisted Sister

          We’re Not gonna Take it!

      40. This is not the beginning of a “civil war,” which is a war among factions for control of the whole. This is a war of secession, for freedom from a tyrannical consolidated government, long overdue.

      41. How big of a boat yaght do you need for sea travel cus major bug out thoughts may be jack a boat at a marina down in gulf coast and head south following along coast down to s america like argentina ground weather would be good for long term sustanability growing food ect and could prob find place easily remote grow year round

      42. I believe that the great legal battle will be the10th Amendment. While its wording and obvious intent is quite clear its application or lack of makes one wonder if its been read. It actually stands as a sentinel, warning of potential discontent. Its impossible to effectively govern a nation of 300+ million with one size fits all laws that control life from flower pot to schoolbook. Trying to do so is putting a square peg in a round hole. Hopefully the courts will address State concerns as the potential for trouble is probable in its absence.

        Demographically the political power with its associated values, in the long ago manufacturing states with their large populations, many requiring governmental assistance due to the evisceration of good employment are forced upon the States that now have energy and food and are wealth generators. Certainly this is a point of contention that is greatly increased when the social norms of the former are force implemented upon the latter.

        If a state with any serious intent even suggests leaving the Union the US economy, predicated upon being the safe haven in the world in times of crisis would no longer hold that position. There is no need for a revolt over states rights as an economic collapse would be a given accelerating this balkanization.

        If one thinks that Tomas Jefferson is the outcome they are historically mistaken because virtually what always comes out of this is an oppressive government on the scale of Stalin and Hitler as the baddest of the bad rise to power. One would look lovingly at the days of today as the good times.

        There is corruption and the solution is in the political primaries putting smart but otherwise average people on the ballot of both parties and then vote for new people frequently.

        Anyone that sits in a warm home with a full stomach and medical care and with arm chair commando bravado hoping for a confrontation is juvenile in thought at best and absolutely mad at worst.

        • Kevin2:

          I usually enjoy your posts. But if you think the political process is the answer to the dilemma America is in then I must deem you to be juvenile in thought at best and absolutely mad at worst.

          But how you think that political process to clean up America will come about, is certainly of interest here at SHTF. Must be a new approach as nothing has worked since at least 1913.

          Follow the money and you will know the answer is not going to come through any political process.

          • The political primaries have never been utilized as a sub fraction of people pick who will be on the ballot. The political process works; its just not working for us. The people within it are hand picked for the most part, certainly for the Presidency. The House of Reps is the Achilles Heel. What is needed is a pile of Ron Paul’s.

            To destroy the government and expect anything good to rise from the ashes is naive. Who will replace those vacated by violence? TPTB will be financing and supporting some group to their liking and the result would be far worse that what one stated with. You think you’ll get Jefferson and get Hitler instead. You think GM, Ford and DuPont will be opening up post crazy revolution and we go back to , “Leave It To Beaver”?

            The US voter is absolutely ignorant regarding who they support. Bill Clinton’s popularity is absolute proof of that as the very people making minimum wage that had good jobs pre NAFTA / China Free Trade love the man that made them poor. You think those masses will make good picks of political leaders post destruction? That rules our anything resembling Self Government so its dictator time. Sorry but this is the reality.

            • Hi Kevin2,
              I think you are highly accurate in how these things go. If you need a picture look at all the government’s deposed by the USA. Chaos. Warlords. Hard to put that genie back in the bottle. We do have to fight criminals and corruption in our government. I have started getting information on local politics and hope to get involved in some way. I am new around here, so we’ll see how it goes. I just retired early and have more time… until gardening season.
              Thanks for your insight.

        • Hi Kevin2,
          I am still thinking about your post. One size fits all. As humans we want more liberty… meaning more say in what happens in our county, our town, our state and our country. We are connected to local. When our government funded the globalization of corporations, they were thinking WE would dominate globally. We lost power over the Frankenstein monsters. They are global citizens and they want global laws. They have a lot of money to force that on us. Money buys military. In this case US military. They would buy a different one just as easily.

          We still support these Frankenstein monsters with our taxes. Our military has been co-opted for their aggressions overseas. The banksters are also global citizens.

          While we argue State vs. Federal, they are killing National borders. The battle has moved up past the state level. Talk about one law fits all. Unrestricted immigration is a way to kill borders. I have lived in the south for over 20 years, and the blurring between US and Mexico is pretty complete. I speak Spanish as well as English. Most Hispanics do not assimilate. Corruption is sensible to them, it is what they grew up with. Latinos are now standing up for erasing our southern border.

          So Frankenstein is on the streets and will have his way. Christians talk about Jesus coming to rule the World as one theocratic leader. If we don’t stop the globalists we will have one world leader all right.

          • Rebecca- “The banksters are also global citizens”.

            Almost, Rebecca – THEY see themselves as global RULERS, and they very often act like it. They have removed Presidents and other “rulers” who refused to go along with their plans, three of ours I think. Kennedy was an object lesson meant to intimidate others (as well as to stop him from instituting a silver-backed coinage in the U.S. and from outing them too soon) and to show them that NO ONE is out of their reach. If I understand it correctly, Kennedy’s speech at his next destination would have outed the Rothschilds, the Central Banking system AND the the other “elites” operating here in America. They couldn’t afford that at the time.

            • Ian, you are exactly right about global rulers. I was merely trying to clarify that they no longer see themselves as having any nationality. A global ruler could retain a sense of nationality with his rule; however I do not believe they do keep that sense of homeland. I saw a tape of the CEO of GE once, he was being interviewed about American jobs, unemployment, etc. He baldly stated that the United States and it’s citizens mean nothing to him, that GE is global and we don’t matter to him. This man has no nationality. However, GE pays no US taxes, is off shoring money, and gets corporate welfare from the taxpayers. I sold appliances for a year and a half and did not sell one GE appliance. When the rep talked to me I just said it is not a US company and has to compete straight up with Samsung et al. Later they brought 2000 jobs back to the US. They can eat worms and die as far as I care.

              • I understand. Sadly, ALL of the major corporations are like that now. Me, I’d rather deal with local producers – of ANYTHING – as far as possible. To Hell with the “Big Internationals”! Their creators and REAL owners are the ones orchestrating this Collapse now. You know, I was happy enough working ambulance, or being USN Hospital Corps. Or I could have been happy enough playing piano bar, or doing guitar gigs, writing and recording music… Delivered my own kid at home (well, his mom helped a bit there – *grin*). I’m easy to keep happy. I like cooking almost as much as eating, too. Enjoyed working at a logging camp for a time… Had a great home garden until my wife died (of COPD – Chemtrails, tho we didn’t know at the time)… Ah well.

                It’s been a good life, and I found a lot to love about it. No fear here – just frustration, because we’re NOT going to pull out of this. The ecosphere is already dying, and even if it wasn’t, the economy IS. And you know, not ONE of my family believes what I tell them about what’s happening? No friends left really, but at least I’ve still got my piano and guitars. *smile*

                Rebecca, the RICH – just plain Rich – don’t give a rat’s ass about worker-level people. Those are barely more than animals to them. To the Super-Rich “elites” we’re ALL low-level animals. They actually EAT human flesh from everything I can gather, as part of their Luciferian rituals, but I’d almost bet they sneak it on the side other times. Real, genuine Evil with a capital “E” really does exist in this world, and right now they’re in charge of it. And they’re very, VERY good at putting us in the worst possible positions. Well, I’ve made it to a damaged age 60. I’ve been a gentle soul by preference all my life, but I’m also ex-military out of an old military family,and a life-long martial artist and almost anything is a weapon for me – especially a 30.06 *EG*. These are good things. With any luck I’ll get a chance to defend those few around now that I love. WhatEVER happens, I won’t be going to a “FEMA” Concentration camp!

                Be well, lass, and all the good fortune there is to you!

                • Thanks Ian, good luck to you, too. The endless MSM degradation of who we are as human beings, trying to convince us that we have no value, just does not encompass the depth we have. My dad moved us around about every 2 years because of his job from the time I was 10. He was an adventurous man. We enjoyed life. Later I lived in Mexico Texas Washington and now New Mexico. My life has been interesting and I have worked hard. At 61 I have a bump or two. My mom had a hard shell… but she told me one time I am soft on the outside and steel on the inside! She finally decided I am stronger than she was, for a long time she worried I am too soft. I sure hope so. I suspect that surviving the genocide to come will take some deep strength… and luck. I hope my son has that, I think he has that soft exterior with steel inside. These are interesting times.

                  • Rebecca – An interesting life, then. Me too. Both my parents were WWII vets, and Dad was a Korean War and Vietnam War vet. My brother went Army; I was USN Hospital Corps, as I mentioned. I’m from Texas, with some family in Tennessee and Kentucky, plus some on the East Coast. My brother is now in Hollyweird; he’s a teleprompter; can’t get him to leave the City, dammit! I’m another one who’s survived a number of things I likely shouldn’t have, but that kind of damage adds up over the years I’ve found. I knew others in my situation or close, and they’re all gone as far as I know – taken their own lives. I’m a CPP – Chronic (Intractable) Pain Patient: “massive nerve damage and severe chronic pain”. That’s about two pages of explanation or none, I’m afraid. IT took a decade or more of trying to find a diagnosis, and more than that just to find palliative treatment, which is now being taken. First it was the assumption that a complaint of pain meant opiate addiction. Now, after FINALLY about 5 years of getting my life back and back in order, we CPPs are being told people “on chronic opiates” are dropping dead like flies in Raid. They make it sound like a disease itself. Anyhow, the opiates are now being removed from CPP if the dose is above 90mg/day. Mine is close to a gram/day. I’m in Oregon and was already looking into CBDs, which turn out to help some; not a lot, and not the same, and with that I can’t return home to Texas.

                    Well, it’s been interesting at the very least! I was pretty tough, but I’ve been worn down a lot I’m afraid. One thing I have in my favor: I’m a seriously STUBBORN old fart! I’d HAD a pretty good setup of food, camping/hunting gear, food prep, etc. until my stepson came along. It took several “raids” of him and his junkie friends (meth addicts) to take almost all of it, and on SSDI and a (very small) bit from the V.A. it can’t be replaced, especially now, with utilities plus food costing so much more. Putting together what I’ve got, and if I can do it in time, I’ll just head for the high country, take the cats, the instruments and a few other things, and hang out up there for a time. Guess I’ll likely have to just walk away from this old house I inherited when my late wife passed away. Maybe I can sell the property, but I’ll not wait long to do it. Life remains interesting, and whatever happens I won’t be going to any FEMA Camp. (An old soldier’s maxim says that, “Those of the Enemy you take with you are your Honor Guard in Hell; don’t go alone”). All the good fortune in the world you, lass!

              • I goofed; Dad JUST missed WWII. Mom was 9 years older than he.

                The globalists (“elites”, etc.) have no nationality as far as they’re concerned. Also, they feel the whole planet is THEIRS along with its’ resources and populations. If people would simply pay attention and help each other, the human race could shake them off like fleas off a dog’s back. Interesting times indeed!

                This computer has shut itself down 4 times as I typed, so I’d best sign off commenting. Take good care!

      43. Just a question to throw out here, is the real problem the legal system and lawyers? I believe no matter what the issue or law, it seems lawyers get rich and get everyone fighting. Lawyers hide behind paperwork to get what you have and to manipulate the system in their favor. I hear all saying the government is bad but really? are most of the people running the government part of the legal profession?
        So i say instead of bashing our government lets take a look at the lawyers and regulate them and stop the harassment and manipulation.

        what are your thoughts??

        • There was a small town in South Dakota that didn’t have enough work for a single lawyer but it had plenty of work for two.

          • It’s the difference between “Admiralty Law”, aka “Corporate Law” and Common Law, the latter of which the Constitution was written under and in reference to. Black’s Law Dictionary defines a LOT of terms to means things that a lifelong English speaker would never think of – and always it’s very useful to lawyers. This way We the “ordinary” People almost never understand a legal document. Too many terms mean one thing in plain English and another thing entirely as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary. Unless we know enough to have a legal proceeding or trial done under Common Law – and apparently unless we stay OUT of the inner courtroom, which is defined as “a ship at sea”, we’re easily entrapped no matter what we do or say.

          • It’s the difference between “Admiralty Law”, aka “Corporate Law” and Common Law, the latter of which the Constitution was written under and in reference to. Black’s Law Dictionary defines a LOT of terms to means things that a lifelong English speaker would never think of – and always it’s very useful to lawyers. This way We the “ordinary” People almost never understand a legal document. Too many terms mean one thing in plain English and another thing entirely as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary. Unless we know enough to have a legal proceeding or trial done under Common Law – and apparently unless we stay OUT of the inner courtroom, which is defined as “a ship at sea”, we’re easily entrapped no matter what we do or say.

        • TrueAmerican:

          Our government, local, state, and federal is full of lawyers. Easy to check out. Some are actually dual-citizen lawyers.

          • Lawyers are part of the problem. When they created a new form of partnership called Limited Liability Partnership they were no longer liable for criminal activity of their partners. They quit policing each other. At one time the bigger firms were pretty straight up. No longer. About the same time they started using their skills to help big corporations game the system and break laws instead of keeping them legal. Every step of the way they have aided and abetted the corporate takeover and helped create the oligarchs. Note I said helped. They are not themselves the oligarchs. Hired help. Just like I was hired help to the attorneys. They are servants paid by the hour.
            In their arrogance, they all thought they were one with the oligarchy. I always knew I am just a hick from the sticks servant. More fools they. Since 2008 the oligarchs have been kicking them in the teeth. They no longer think they need the attorneys quite so much. They pay the attorneys to write our laws and hand laws off to Congress. Closer to Quislings I’d say. They work by the hour for the big boyz.

            • Remember “the Bugman”, Tom Delay? He and the Republicans of Congress SOLD THE RIGHT to corporations to write laws! That should have landed every one of them in prison! There was more open corruption then than I’ve ever heard of before! America has been sinking faster and faster, and citizens no longer know anything, really, about their rights or the law.

              • I definitely remember Tom DeLay! It is worse now.

                • It IS worse – in that it’s openly and shamelessly corrupt and ignores the people – except in those rare instances when we’re a little bit useful. The “government” (which it hasn’t been for a long time – the LEGITIMATE government” I mean – since the Civil War) is the property of the corporatists, “elites”, globalists, etc. They’re now in the process of trying to Balkanize the country and finish their asset stripping, leaving us poor, sick and starving as much as possible. I really think they’ll burn the remains down after they’re done. Looking at the outright robbery of American assets, the ignoring and near-total contravention of our basic laws (i.e. the Constitution), the brainwashing of the populace and the military, etc., I don’t think we have very long before they pull the plug. There are already roundups happening, mostly of the homeless. Too bad the military just doesn’t see that while they’re out rounding up other folks’ families, their own are vulnerable to other units!

                  I really think that if enough people could be convinced of the TRUTH of what’s happening, RIGHT NOW, the “elites” would be flabbergasted at how much in the minority they truly are! And the military would likely clean house in D.C. I’d be happy to see it all converted to a headstone factory or something else; God knows they have enough marble. They could clean the Luciferian spells and other garbage off it and at least make it useful…

        • The government is OWNED, and not by us. Between blackmail, bribery and other corruption, plus the fact that D.C. is three corporations owned by (guess who), we don’t HAVE a “legitimate government” and haven’t essentially since the Civil War. Americans have been played for fools almost since its’ beginning but the “elites”. Look at how many potential charges of High Treason could be held against Obama ALONE, and with the help he’s gotten to circumvent the Law, pretty much the entirety of what we think of as “our government” is part of the same group of criminal enterprises! AND – they’ve made certain the rest of the country can ALL be bollixed up by those in D.C. and their minions across the country before the leaders – or those the “elites” allow – can shut the country down like turning out the lights before you leave on vacation and leave us, the good ole’ “We the People” (you know; the suckers left holding the bag) to face any weaponized satellites, EMPs (mostly just for fun I suspect), weaponized diseases and probably target practice for the brainwashed military left above-ground.

          Seriously, I’m amazed that the run-of-mill grunts in the military STILL have yet to figure out that THERE’S NO ROOM DOWN THERE for them all! And would YOU stand there at the doors to, say, something like the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and guard them while the bombs fell and the radioactive, chemically toxic and disease-ridden clouds headed your way on the winds??? I sure as Hell wouldn’t, especially not after watching the (probably sh**faced-drunk/stoned/etc.) fat cats stagger in through the vault doors!

          I had a dream about that awhile back, too: all those rich people were being watched on closed-circuit TV by the “elites” as they came in through those giant vault doors, the last to be allowed in. They had to walk almost a 1/4 mile to a sort of bus stop area, and just before the first of them got there, the floor beneath their feet snapped to the left into the walls and they all fell into a kind of giant composter, then the floor slid back into place over them; the fall was a couple of hundred feet, I think. I guess if people are going to grow food down there for potentially a very long time, they’ll need plenty of good organic compost. I really don’t see the banksters keeping any promises to the “petty rich” they’ve been using against us all this time. Something like this would be JUST their kind of “joke”, too. Don’t you think..?

          • Ian, your composter dream made me laugh, because it will be the politicians that they drop for compost. Just like the big corporations quit paying the attorneys that helped them destroy our Constitution and put some of them on the street. When you are of no use, you go to the compost bin. Keep your house as long as you can, it is a measure of security. Maybe a decent roommate? I am glad I enjoyed my life and had some adventures along the way. I am not wild, I worked hard. I call going on a three day canoe trip in Alaska an adventure! My crazy son used to race the trains on his horse. We went on a week long wagon train trip in Texas. I know I wish I could keep active until I am 100. It isn’t the way. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Maybe the biggest adventure we’ve ever seen.

            • Glad I could give you a good laugh! I still think the “petty rich” are going to be targets of the “elites” though. I like “adventures” like you’re talking about, too. I was a rock climber for many years. Turned out I’d climb almost anything just so I could rappel off of it! I have a LOT of different skills. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of health. I can still teach, though. Worst for me: I screwed up my most recent marriage: a wonderful lady with 6 kids, but she continued to be abused thru her kids by her ex, and he abused the kids by forbidding them to see her when he was PO’ed. (Incidentally, he’s a church Deacon – when they’ve not fired him from the last time he made it).

              Anyhow, in that last back operation either I was shorted on oxygen or I had a reaction to the anesthetic. I was visiting a dear friend, and after about a 30 second conversation she turned and shouted to her son, “Matthew! He’s BACK!” My personalty had changed, and of course I was unable to see it. The only thing I can think of is that I had some minor drain bamage. *sigh* It took about a year and half to heal as much as possible I guess. Thinking back I was unable to think WELL, make decisions, etc. When my wife HAD TO leave, she did. The place she found for “us” had 2 bedrooms smaller than mine, no pets (I had 3 cats, 2 from her kids having left them and they adopted me; one now rides on my shoulders when he can sneak up and leap there). No smoking on the property (I DO smoke though now quitting), no room for all my musical instruments… TO me it sounded like there was NO room for me, no shape there with MY shape in it, you know? SO I stayed trying to take care of all the”stuff” left my my and my brother’s parent’s deaths 6 months apart, then my late wife’s “stuff”, some VERY old, etc. Now she seems happier with just her and the kids her “ex” will allow – the older ones – and I STILL don’t really feel they need me at this point. Too bad because I’m still very much in love with her. *sigh* It doesn’t help that my 35 year-old stepson from my late wife and his junkie friends stole all my food 3 times in a row and I ended up starving down to 143 lbs. I should weigh, at 6′ 2″, about 190 lbs at least; I have weighed 245 lbs when I was climbing a lot. Starting to regain weight, if I have the time.

              Life remains interesting…

      44. Americans, white, black, Native, however, are showing that they would rather denounce each other’s causes than to fight their common enemy. They can fight their own battles without the force multiplication of others freely and independently allying with them. They can expect to fight many such enemies as warlords attempt to “lead” them when the people won’t lead themselves and the people perhaps begin to realize that warlords are what they’ve been fighting against all along.

      45. But, many, many standoffs at once would be a front that the powers-that-be wouldn’t be able to flank.

      46. All legit people on this site that have read what that scientist told that i have been posting in the last 3 months is real. You are going to see some things in the earths atmosphere all over the country. That is the first sign that a jovian class planet is nearing earth, I dont have time to respond to trolls anymore. They are trying to stir things up. Here is what i am going to do for now.

        I have decided to not post and let this site get overun by trolls. There is nothing like fear of the unknown. I have had russian spetsnatz threatening me up in my face, and a few other incidents with them and i have let my sources know about the incident. I am done posting here for awhile. Something Big is about to happen in the country. Deal with it. I know where i am going, i have access to free energy and protection on a level that none one on this site posting can even come near. Houston taught me a lesson in my own persoanl calapse that i will never forget. I was at a meeting in 2011 during the calapse when i was being told that i did’t know jack sh…t and the scientist was in the room watching me, listening, and saw them chewing my ass out from the older men at the meeting telling, since i was telling them that i had heard that the planets environtment was going to calapse, and when the meeting was over. they all left and then everyone was in the parking lot leaving then i noticed this man waiting on me and approached me. It was the scientist. He then downloded me a vidoe showing small miniture ships that he had built, floating in mid air, without any support, then you know the rest of the story. Little did i know that when he told me that things were really bad, did i know that 2 years later i would be homeless and i did call him to let him know that i was homeless at the time. He said that he knows that i would recover and that i must understand we are animals competing at higher level, that i need to muscle up to the competition, and his advice brought me up from the ashes to built a better world for my self, since he had begun serious prepps in 2009. he told me in 2010, that when 2016 comes around, the laughting a critsizism would stop. You all got the floor. Good luck, and i hope that Beaver, and others are happy with me not being around here for a while. I told you all that 250 metric ton of Gold arrived in Houston from the federal reserve in Septemeber of 2015, yet your all called bullsh….t. You saw and listened economic V, when Mac posted his video, hearing V telling everyone, that we are heading toward a calamity. Those with BOL, you may survive, you may not, but the you have increased you chances alot from what i know. I have talked about the womens survial issues. Others have come on here mad at me telling me that women will in mass numbers all over the planet, while most of them are overweight on medication, and now getting attacked by over 1,000 men mass raping them in the city in Germany, etc. That incident is the very calapse model that i have learned to take seriously. I am done posting for now. That it trolls, keep at it. You think you have won your ticket to the under ground bases. I have not heard anything about the elits taking jihadist in mass numbers into the DUMBS to be down there causing trouble for them. The sweedes are arming thier country getting ready for invasion.

        Everyone thinks i am a fake. I know where i am giong, and its out of the way of the masses. People that build technology like my friend does not hangout with fools. Like my CIA buddy told me, post it about the gold, they are just going to tell you that you dont know crap. And he was 100% right. Why would the governor tell Obama to come and take the guns if he can. Did they not try to Indict Governor Perry, now they tried to indict Abbott. You all have no earthy clue whats going on in my city.

        I have gotten up in the middle of the night to take a piss, posted a comment at 3:00am to see what happend to see a troll attack me immdiately saying that what am i doing posting 3:00 am in the morning. They are trying to silence me. So good, now i am giong to stay silent. You trolls think you have won. What taking you all so long to take down The Oregon Ranch? From the moment they fire on those patriots, what will happen next. You noticed that they cant do anything to the men out there. You see i know why.. That mistake will lead to conciquences.. I am going to just mind my own busines from this point on and let the trolls take over..The few smart people around here, the real preppers will be listen and continue to prepare. Most do now know that i discoverd this website by accident under a bridge homeless, out of food and water, as i saw women running out of gas on the roads all over Houston..I even remeber helping a women while i was pumping gas paying iside teh gastation with Quarters, nicely dressed and they are running out of money. I pumped $10.00 of gas for her to help her out. Yet this did happen and i am being told that i am a woman hater because i keep warning the women on this site who need to get ready for whats coming. The city environment has changed, so i have adapted for the next wave. When shtf stuck me, i had no food, no water, no water filtration, nothing, my house foreclosed, my car repoed, while my friend Hammer is helping me with food, etc and decided to being prepping himself after seeing what happend to me..Now we are ready for the Big one, because know we know what to do first, 2nd, 3rd, then evacuate the city and let it crumble and self implode, self annilate, destroy itself. Keep at it people. Keep at it, keep letting the dumbass dumb down men get you pregnant, keep having lots of babies, lots of kids. You thing that this is good way to go in 2016-2019, then more power to you. Good luck. Russia has attacked isis, Turkey is massing Isis in Ukraine, Putin has warned Turkey to back off, ww3 has already started, Patriots are in a stand off against the united nations muslim adminsitration. When March and April comes around, the stock market crahes and burns again. The trucks will stop deliverying food to Houston in the very near future. HEB is preparing to pull the plug on most venders because they will workig exclusively with Texas Farmers and producers. They have no choice. The other comps will be crahing a burning. Caliofornia is finished and stands no chance in hell of ever recovering from what is about to take place. You all are smarter that me, know more than me. I wont even be wasting my time viewing this site. I came here because this site saved my ass, not the commenters are attacking me calling me a fraud. Ok keep going at it. Lets see how prepped you really are. I will be comenting soon but not anytime soon. wwz literally commensed in Germany, cut off the food, cut off the water, take down the grid, you would not belive what the hell would happen in the country or any country for that matter in 4 days.

        HCKS…out for now.

        You all figure it out on your own. Jump for joy trolls, you got the floor, time to corrent all of my wrong infromation on my post with your correct information.

        • HCKS –

          Stay vigilant and strong brother.

          Don’t let others get to you and push you away.
          I understand where you are coming from, even though some
          struggle and fail to understand what you are all about.

          You have a good heart and you do very much mean well towards your fellow human beings.
          Whether your posts come off a bit overwhelming or not to others … it appears for the time being … you’ve done your job here.

          Be well my friend ツ

      47. “is the real problem the legal system and lawyers?”

        Both are the problem, because they coincide and collaborate with one another.

        “So i say instead of bashing our government lets take a look at the lawyers and regulate them and stop the harassment and manipulation.”

        Government is the Top Dog – they hand down the orders, rules and regulations to the Court System.

        Lawyers take their orders from the Courts.
        Everybody coincides with everybody.

        Manipulation starts from the Top Dog and trickles right on down to the Lawyers.

        It’s the Defendants, whether justifiably guilty or not are always the ones who suffer paying dues to the rigged System Of Laws.

        It’s nothing personal to them(State,County, or Federal Court Systems)… it’s just typical standard business practices in America.

      48. Best article I’ve read in a long time. Not only have you cleared up the Oregon situation for me you’ve given me clear guidelines on if or when I should involve myself in any type of confrontation. Thank you very much.

      49. I don’t want to come off like a know it all, but I saw this shit coming back in the fall of 2006 and my suspicions were confirmed in 2007 when the Libtards took over both houses of congress. BOL purchased, off grid power systems installed, ammunition, food, medical supplies, precious metals, weapons, extra clothes, bartering products were all purchased prior to Bush leaving the White House. Some of my biggest worries have come to pass, but entire collapse of the nation? I don’t think we’re there yet, but I think it’s a more realistic possibility now than it has ever been. I think that this Oregon issue was poorly thought out and even more poorly executed. Brandon’s correct that we have to be smarter on how we react to things. I’m not saying we continually bend over for the Feds and Elites, but I am saying we have to be particularly careful how we respond. I do like having a “list” so that when SHTF and the Govt. and Elites want to start picking at us and persecuting us…then maybe we start by taking out the top ten on the list. The Hammond’s however told the Bundy’s NOT to do what they went ahead and did. I believe the Bundy’s hearts were in the right place and I think that they are just frustrated in dealing with the Govt., but getting emotional about a situation does NOT lend itself to the best decision making and the result we see before us is the outcome….patriots that are hold up in a stationary location with FEW options available to them and will more than likely be taken out of the fight somehow by overwhelming Govt. stooges. I really think that this is an excellent “learning” opportunity for all of us Prepper Patriots. We ONLY commit ourselves to “The Fight” when things get so bad or we are about to be cornered….but we don’t do it without thinking through our plans. If we get into “it”, we have to be planning like chess players, not checker players. You need to be evaluating your adversary by looking at their next 5 to 10 moves so you can have contingencies in place to deal with what they will do next. I would suggest you all read the Art of War if you haven’t done so already. If you know your enemy and their capabilities you and your forces will never be in peril. I paraphrased Sun Tzu there, but they are words to live by and most successful military leaders throughout history did live by them, or perished by them if they didn’t follow them.

      50. Go to Oregon as witness,support can come from outside ,the govt will not attack if surrounded by
        Thousands of witnesses.

      51. “Is that what we are seeing now in Oregon?”

        They pocketed themselves into a bracket in a locality who doesn’t support them, and they’re calling themselves something similar to Alaska’s ‘Supporters of Liberties and Freedom from Socialist Tyranny’, which is not the precise title but Dave Hodges did an article on it.
        It smells too much like a setup/orchestrated. They got played and played hard.

        “And is there any way of repairing Washington and avoiding the sparks of civil war that many now consider inevitable?”

        No… Probably not:
        1. Dissidents or Liberty supporters are the natural enemies of Collectivist Ideologies such as Bismarkianism.
        2.Bismarkians cut out of the power-structure’s only line of forcing their way back in is utilizing the left-right paradigm and start Secession processes initiating a Civil War.
        Generically civil war is when a State, Province, Commonwealth, or Territory declares independence or secedes and war ensues between the two sides.
        The people removing illegitimate central powers and installing their own is a Revolution…

      52. While there is definitely a possibility of civil unrest, most of the population of America is so dumbed down that even the thought of a SHTF scenario is unrealistic. The news if that is what you want to call it is nothing but pure shit to pollute everyone’s minds with nothing relavent to what is going on around them. They wouldn’t notice until the stores get looted. There is no doubt we have fallen apart as a country, and it’s a damn shame but we’ve let it happen and will have to reap the consequences at some point.

        • Just curious. If contrails are dropping Aluminum and other heavy metals on this country, one of the results is mental impairment. I spent part of last week looking it up. Two of the results of Aluminum are Alzheimers in the old and autism in the young. Otherwise fuzzy thinking. Someone is financing a huge number of studies on the impact of Aluminum on people and different plants. Most plants have ways of dealing with excessive Aluminum and excrete it. Humans do not. One of the most common remarks across the board from all sides is the dumb Ness of people.
          Interesting also is that one study showed Aluminum toxicity in 80 percent of those tested. Heavy metals are fairly easy to remove from humans by medical chelation… if you have the money for it. Certain foods naturally chelate heavy metals, like cilantro and Chlorella algae. Cilantro is common food for some ethnic groups. I grow cilantro and have seeds in my stash. The joined everything else in my south window.
          Just sayin.
          I started looking into this because someone had link on here. I forget who, so a repost couldn’t hurt. It seems this is likely being done to cool the planet down and is being done by all major governments. I don’t know whether it is true but will do a chelation through food. I will continue research on the protection through food. Certain foods help with radiation, too.

          • Perhaps you know already, but a good blogger to follow who continually writes about this and many other subjects is G. Edward Griffin from his website, “Need To know”


            • Thanks Stan. I just put some cilantro seeds in a pot to get started with chelation foods. Lucky I like cilantro! Put a pot of beans on too. Trying out a homemade wonder box to cook them. I noticed that they not only cook with little energy, it doesn’t smell. Guerilla cooking! We used the same idea, cooking underground at the beach when I was a kid.

            • Stan522, I read that site, very good. I bookmarked it so I can read more. I appreciate the link.

          • I’ve been working with diatomaceous earth and bentonite. We’ll see if it helps.

            • Ian, thanks, let us know about the de and bentonite.

              • Will do, lass. Luck to us all!

      53. I agree with much of what is in the article. The Man has nearly all the power and authority. We hardly know who the enemy is let alone how we can fight them. I am now reading “Constitutional Dictatorship – Crisis Government in the Modern Democracies” Rossiter, Clinton L., the Kindle version. In this book, Rossiter explains how many democratic nations in the past (Rossiter died in 1970)came to be lead by dictators in times of crises, including the U.S., mainly in 1861, 1917 and in the 1940s. I find myself aggravated with the author’s excusing, and even approving, the dictatorial rule of such leaders as Churchill, Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt, but he points out that the various constitutions provide justifications for men to act in total disregard to the “Rights” of their subjects. Unless and until we face the truth that it is the very nature of government in any form imaginable to dictate how and when we act, and throw off all forms of government, we cannot possibly be free. Even then, we must restrain ourselves lest we dictate to others. It seems to be so deeply ingrained in our nature to either subject others to ourselves or we become subjects. We must learn to uproot the vile plant in ourselves.

      54. the bundys are govco shills . they are being used to draw the patriots out for identification . there will be no bloodshed in Oregon . they will resolve it peacefully after they get the info they need just like at the ranch . afterwards they will need to have an “incident/call to arms” in the upper Midwest and southeast to get the info they need on groups in other regions . stay at home folks and keep your head down , mouth shut , and eyes and ears open . troll induced threats on comment pages is the most common way they probe the populace . to get the “quiet ones” they stage an incident to rally and then identify “trouble makers” for future 4am extraction .

        • No surprise that. Keep in mind that those BLM ranchers have been on the government dole for decades. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

      55. Since an armed white rebellion is a lot more dangerous to tptb than black unarmed protesters, amazing the force of arms brought against black protests against government malfeasance… and how little against armed white rebellion.

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