Aftermath: Getting To Your Retreat When The Threat Is Real (Episode 3)

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The following fictional account is a continuation of the ‘Aftermath’ series and has been generously contributed by The Prepper Project.

Read previous episodes of Aftermath:
Part 1: 
What Will Life Look Like When The Lights Go Out?
Part 2Bugging Out After An EMP Attack


With the woman he’d rescued from the accident on St. Route 43 carefully slung over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Jason Jones jogged steadily towards the ever-blackening plumes of smoke clouding over Huntsville, Illinois. His muscles ached and throbbed with each step, but the adrenaline pumping in his veins and his years as a trained combatant carried him forward. His family might be in danger, even with the preparations they’d made, and Jason was going to do whatever he could to save them.

The firemen who had been working to extinguish the blaze that now consumed most of Hunstvilles’ meager downtown area had set up a first aid station at the edge of town.

“Car Accident,” Jason said, panting from the seven mile run into town.

“Set her down here.” A firemen and an EMT helped Jason hoist the woman down off of his shoulders and onto a waiting stretcher. There were several occupied stretchers set up in haphazard rows all around, with dozens of EMTs and firemen scurrying about them.

“Things got bad here quick didn’t they?” Jason said looking at the scene around him.

“Bad? The whole damn town’s burnin’ down!” said the fireman. “We lost power in the trucks, the pumps, radios, everything.”

“Same in the ambulances, even the damn defibrillator’s!” added the EMT who was checking the woman’s vitals as he spoke. Both the men’s faces were sweaty and exhausted, and Jason could tell that they had been fighting hard all morning and had no idea what was going on or how big it was.

“Look fellas,” Jason said, “I just came from downtown and-”

“On foot?!” the firemen asked

“Yes,” Jason continued, “whatever is happening took out all the cars, all the power, everywhere. The city turned into a madhouse within minutes.”

The two men looked at Jason with disbelief.

“There’s gotta be something still working, what about the police or the hospitals or-”

“Nothing.” Jason looked the squarely in the face, “Everything just switched off. The police were just as confused and disorganized as the rest of us.” He paused while the news sunk in, “I’m assuming that’s what happened here right? Everything just suddenly… stopped?”

“Yea.” They both confirmed.

“Listen guys, whatever this is, it’s big. Help who you can here, but get home, and get bunkered in, this doesn’t look like it’s blowing over anytime soon.” A burst of thunder crashed overhead as Jason spoke.

“Finally, a bit of luck!” The firemen said, looking up at the gathering storm clouds.

“You got a spare jacket?” Jason asked the fireman.

“Yea, but why?” The fireman asked.

“My home is that way,” Jason pointed down a long street of burning houses.

“You can’t go down there man, the fire’s eating its way right through all the dry hedgerows and fields, everything that way is cooked!”

“My home is that way,” Jason said again, and added, “And so is my family.”

The fireman took his flame-resistant uniform jacket off and handed it to Jason.

“Thank you.” Jason began to leave.

“Here,” the fireman said, “take this too.” He handed him a fire helmet, and an axe.

Jason nodded, and took off down the street.

The air was thick with heat and smoke and desperately hard to breath. Burning embers rose like hellish fireflies in the wind of the gathering storm. Six hard-fought blocks of smoldering, smoke-thick air later, Jason stood at the foot of the long winding driveway that lead to his home two hundred yards back from the road in an open field surrounded by thick woods. To his horror, the woods that surrounded his house were already smoldering. He took off in a full sprint down his long dirt drive, and as he neared he saw his wife in the front doorway holding their five-year-old daughter in the house.

“Jason!” Patricia cried out. Jason could tell by the look of relief on her face that his wife was very happy to see him.

“Where are the boys!” he asked in panting breaths as he reached the bottom of the porch steps.

“Over there!” she pointed to the left of the house, where Jason’s two teenage songs Jim and Dale were tearing at the ground with shovels about 50 yards out. The woods, which lay another 50 yards past where they dug, were a blazing wall of fire. Jason was proud of his sons, they were digging a fire break to keep the fire from reaching the house.

“Grab the bug out bags!” Jason said turning back to his wife, “The fire’s too close, that break will never hold.” He saw the sadness in his wife’s eyes as she realized their home and all they’d built was going to be consumed by the flames, but he knew she was strong and that they were prepared for worse.

“We’re going to the retreat,” Jason said, and then took off running to where his boys dug furiously at the earth.

“Dad!” the youngest boy, Jim, shouted.

“Boys!” Jason said as he reached them.

“We started digging the break as soon as we saw the smoke, the school went dark and Jim and I got out of there quick, we got home and that’s when the fire started spre-“

“I know son, I know.” Jason stopped Dale who was rattling off in excited exhaustion, “I’m proud of you, both of you. You did exactly what we discussed in an emergency, and then some, coming out here and digging this break.” The boys were exhausted and their chests heaved from the digging, the hot air burning in their lungs.

“What’s going on dad?” Jim asked, trying to mask the fear in his voice.

“I don’t know what’s happening boys, but it’s big.” Both Jim and Dale’s eyes widened as they looked at their dad’s worried face. “I also know that we’re prepared,” Jason said, encouraging his boys, “And that I got two of the toughest sons a man could ask for.” The boys chests puffed out a little now, and Jason knew he’d said the right things. A loud crackling crunch came from the direction of the burning woods. All three of them watched as a great towering pine consumed in orange and yellow flames lurched forward and toppled to the ground. The dry grass and weeds around the fallen tree began to smolder instantly.

“Boys,” Jason said still staring at the toppled burning pine, “We’re going to the retreat.”

The rain began falling in slow, heavy drops when Jason and the boys had reached the house. Patricia had the bug-out bags laid out on the porch and was pulling a camouflage poncho over Cathy, their five year-old daughter’s, head.

“Do the same boys,” Patricia ordered. Jim, Dale and Jason pulled their ponchos from their bug-out packs, and after lifting the big bags onto their backs, began pulling the ponchos over their heads.

“Are we going in the car Daddy?” Cathy looked up at her daddy from beneath the oversized hood of the poncho. Her thin blond hair was matted against her forehead with sweat and drops of rain. Jason knelt down so that his face was in front of hers.

“No sweetie, the car is broken, we’re going for a walk,” he said.

“In the rain?” she furrowed her little eyebrows in confusion. Jason smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

“Yes darlin, in the rain, but that’s why you have this special jacket on.” She seemed satisfied with that, and Jason stood again, and looked around the property before disappearing into the house. The rain, which was coming down in sheets now, was certainly helping quell the fire, but the grass near the incomplete firebreak had already caught fire.

“Dale!” Jason called out from the back of the house, “Get the wagon out of the shed!” Dale did as he was told, and when Jason returned holding three high powered hunting rifles, the Patricia was already lifting Cathy into the wagon. With extra packs of freeze dried food securely packed into mylar bags accompanying Cathy in the wagon, the five members of the Jones family headed down the long winding driveway. With their ponchos, packs, and the three men carrying rifles, the family looked more like a squad of soldiers making their way through the rain and smoldering greenbelts.

They moved steadily along the main road. Even with the rain tamping out most of the flames, it was too risky leading his family into a flaming forest. He would have preferred to take their number one route, through the trails behind the house. They’d even widened the trail enough for the truck and the Gator, but alas, those couldn’t help him now. As they walked Jason regretted not buying the bug-out vehicle he’d had his eyes on for months. By now, Jason had pieced together that whatever had happened, some sort of EMP incident had occurred, and he knew there were a number of vehicles that would remain relatively unaffected by such an incident. Stop filling your mind with regrets, he told himself as he walked steadily on, taking the lead position, stay focused.

“Ok, hold here,” Jason ordered.

“What’s wrong dad?” Jim asked. After hiking for two miles down various roads, they had reached the the trail that would lead them back to their retreat.

“I want to scout it out before we send everyone in.”

“But we’ve been down this trail tons of times dad, Dale and I could practically hike it in our sleep.”

“That’s true,” Jason said, but the forest was never on fire before, and I’m not sending your mother and baby sister into a smoldering trap.”

Jim looked sheepishly down at the ground. “But it’s been pouring down rain for hours!” he protested.

“I’m not taking any chances,” Jason replied with finality.

“Let Jim and I do it,” Dale said, “You stay out here and look after Mom and sis.”

“I can look after myself just fine,” Patricia said to her son, “Your father knows what he’s doing.”

“Actually Patricia,” Jason cut in, “perhaps it’d be good to let the boys go on ahead.” Jason wasn’t crazy about the idea, but he hadn’t yet talked to his wife about everything that had gone down. He hadn’t told her how big this thing was yet, how the whole city had shut down, about the man who tried to rob him, the people gunned down in the street, the lady he saved from the wreck. He knew he’d have to tell the boys eventually, but wanted a chance to talk things over with Patricia first.

“Are you sure honey?” Patricia looked at him questioningly.

“They’ll be fine darling,” he assured her, “It’s just a precaution anyway.”

Jason turned to his eldest son Dale and gave him instructions. Walk carefully and deliberately, smell for smoke, keep an eye out for embers, or smoldering grass, and be on the lookout for animals driven out of their homes by the fire, they might be injured and dangerous. The boys assured their father they understood and prepared to hit the trail.

“Only go as far as the creek!” Jason shouted after them, “Then come back.” The creek was about half a mile in, and after that, the trail flattened out and the woods came to an abrupt end into the meadow that presided their retreat. Jason pulled the wagon, with Cathy and the freeze dried food sacks into the shelter of the overhanging trees along the side of the road. Cathy had dozed off in the shelter of her poncho and now Jason and his wife sat in the wet grass beneath the trees.

“Hi,” he said to his wife and smiled for the first time since he had found his family.

“Hi,” she sighed and kissed him. “I knew you’d make it back to us,” she whispered, but he could see the worry and stress in her eyes from the days events.

“It’s going to be okay darling, we’re prepared for this.” She leaned he head heavily onto his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in tight.

“What is this?” she asked.

“I wish I knew,” he replied grimly, “I’ve been thinking about it all day, ever since the city went dark.”

“The whole city?!” she lifted her head from his shoulder and looked with fear into his eyes.

“Everything I could see, cars, buildings, every screen and phone in the office,” as he spoke he saw the color drop from Patricia’s face. He pulled her in close again.

“I know it’s a lot to take in Patty,” he kissed the top of her head, “but this is why we’ve prepared so well.” He decided not to tell her about the gunman or the car wreck just yet.

“What could make the whole city go dark?”

“The only thing I’ve ever heard of that can do anything like this is EMP, but those usually only happen in the wake of a nuclear attack.”

“Oh God, did someone…”

“No, at least not in Chicago,” Jason reassure her, “I was there when it happened, there was a loud low noise, and then it wall shut off. If it had been a nuke, I’d be-” Patty’s nails dug into him and he realized he was talking too much about the wrong things. Keeping high morale was as important as having enough clean water.

“Listen, when the boys get back, we’ll head down to the retreat, spend the night there, we’ve got plenty of food and water and supplies to last us an entire year if necessary. We’re off the beaten path, and we’re well prepared to deal with any encounter, it’s going to be okay.” He felt his wife relax a bit. “If this is an EMP thing, I may just know a man who has a working radio. After we get settled at the retreat, I’ll hike out to inquire about it, maybe it’s just a Chicago thing, some kind of cyber terrorism or something.”

“Who would have a working radio?” She asked suspiciously. Jason hesitated, then said, “Delmar.”

“Delmar?!” Patty shot up, “That guy’s a total nut job!” Jason sighed. “You think he’s the guy to turn to in a situation like this?”

“Look Patty,” Jason started, “I know Delmar isn’t the most, uh, conventional of people, but-“

“Sweetheart,” Patricia interrupted, “He actually lined his hats with tin foil, you had to let him go from the warehouse because he would miss a day or two every week to, as he put it, “keep the government spooks guessing about his patterns and routines.” Darling, that man is a whack job.”

“Okay, so Delmar isn’t exactly… stable,” Jason admitted, “but he would ramble non-stop about EMP attacks and how he had an entire EMP proof room in the basement of his house and that he’d be able to monitor the radio waves and protect himself even after the darkness came.” Patricia had no retort this time. “I know it seems a far fetched plan to rely on Delmar, but, he was saying this years ago, and in light of recent events, I think it might be worth a shot to go see if he knows anything.”

“I guess you’re right,” Patty said, and laid her head back on his shoulder.

“I’ll just head over there, and take Dale with me, just as soon as we’re settled in and secure in the retreat. It’s not but a few miles from here, and by then the fires should be long out if this rain holds.” He looked at his wife, and smiled, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Three consecutive rifle shots rang out from the direction where the boys had gone, splitting apart the quiet rhythm of the falling rain. Both of them turned with looks of fear plastered on their faces.

“Boys,” Patricia whispered. Jason jumped to his feet.

In the comments section below tell us what you is happening with the boys in the woods.

Check in next week for the exciting continuation, as Jason Jones battles a blazing inferno and other dangers to save his family and his homestead in the Aftermath!

Read previous episodes of Aftermath:

Part 1: What Will Life Look Like When The Lights Go Out?
Part 2Bugging Out After An EMP Attack

Michael Ulanski is a fiction writer and freelance journalist currently traveling and working in the Middle East. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he is working on a series of short stories entitled Maps of a Midwest Suburb, as well as maintaining a travel blog, and working on his first novel. He holds a masters degree in English Education and teaches writing to secondary students in the United Arab Emirates.

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    1. Charley Waite


      • SolitaryMan

        Not to steal any of the poster Wrong’s thunder
        but if you don’t already reside at your retreat,
        why not?

        • The Old Coach

          I do, but I’m retired. Most people have to earn a living, and to do that you have to be where the cities are.

            • straight shooter

              HAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! I got WOOD !!! HIT THEM AGAIN

              • trednut

                Really, what have they done to you.

                • straight shooter

                  Because they are murdering bastards………
                  And pray your children if you have any do not have to go fight them and maybe get killed in the process.

                • straight shooter

                  By the way ISIS these shit bags just murders thousands of people today some they buried alive read the headlines.

                  I would like to get some trigger time on these murdering ISIS BASTARDS and let the dogs and other scavengers eat there flesh.

                  No 51 virgins for them of course I wonder what these 51 virgins look like ?

                  Maybe that is why they are virgins ?????

                • good guy

                  You know the POPE back in the day had his own Private Army of MERCENARIES. ( THE CRUSADERS )

                  I wonder if he could get one together now ?

                  I wonder how many people would apply ?

                • Truth

                  You stupid motherfucker! Wake the fuck up trednut!

                • Genius

                  SS, Kill one your a murderer, kill a million and your a conquorer. Because they are a bunch of murdering bastards? The US military are the biggest bunch of murdering bastards on the planet! But then it’s only facsism if someone else does it huh.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Yeah, nothing like blowing up our own US tax payer funded military vehicles that were captured by ISIS. War is costly fleecing Racket. I want a Federal Tax Refund Damit!!

              • Be informed

                The two key words in this story and with any EMP attack or solar EMP is:

                ON FOOT

                The question to everyone that has a relocation place to go to is, how far is it IF I and my family and friends have to travel without use of a mechanical vechicle? Can I and my family make it hauling water and other needs a certain amount of miles? What about being attacked on the way there?

                Lots of people live within the confides of an urban area, or even a suburban area and have a retreat many miles away. The assumption is that they can get there before or after a true SHTF event occurs. The problem is that an EMP event and many other terrible SHTF’s occur so quickly that there is not time to evacuate. The lower one can get for population density the better where they live permanently. It is going to be very sad for the preppers/survivalists that have their safe places so far away that they never get a chance to use what they have saved a lifetime to accumulate because the disaster was so quick and overwhelming.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  BI, I hope to make it back to GA before an EMP or anything else can happen. There was supposedly a test done on certain types of vehicles back in the 90s to see which ones were vulnerable to EMP<but I can't find data on it anywhere, so no one can really know for sure if our vehicles will die in an EMP attack.

                • Kulafarmer

                  If I lived in a city or urban area i would definitely read Selco and browse all the material on the subject at Survivalblog,,

                • Winston Smith

                  The thing is, the modern automobile is not as vulnerable to an EMP as you think, as long as it has a metal body shell. In fact, testing has been done with artificial lightning hitting cars and they have then been able to drive away with no ill effects to their electrical systems. What would be affected is the ability to pump gasoline at your local gas station and that traffic signals would no longer function. The difference is that one has a giant antenna gathering up electrical potential (the power grid) and one is essentially a Faraday cage on rubber insulators.

                  So, would your car still function after an EMP or CME? Maybe. However, it wouldn’t function for long and may not be actually usable due to disruptions caused by the destruction of the power grid. If you want the best chance at mobility post-EMP then you would want an indirect injection diesel, such as the Mercedes-Benz W123 (240D, 300D) with the OM 616 or OM 617 engine. Your best chance would probably be the slower than slow 240D with 4 speed manual transmission, so you could bump start it. That setup also tends to be the most reliable as it does not require the vacuum pump to run the transmission and will still function if the complex vacuum system fails. Plus, it is also ideal for running on biodiesel and has long been popular for such conversions. I would also consider the old VW Rabbit diesel too as it would require less fuel per mile and allow you to stretch scarce fuel reserves. Plus, both these old cars were popular for a long time in Africa due to their durability and ease of repair in poor conditions.

                • fishandmud

                  Get an old mechanical diesel truck, or an older points drivin vehicle. Every vehicle sitting on the side of the road will be your filling station. After you siphon all the fuel out of those vehicles, if you have one of the old diesels, don’t forget the tranny fluid and gear oils. My old diesel will run on all of that.

                  You can put extra points, condenser, starter, alternator, maybe even junk yard computers and parts all in a small fairday cage in your viehicle with some tools for the ready.

                  Their are things you can do right now to ensure your transportation.

                • Mcdave

                  @ Kula,
                  Glad to see you fared OK.

                • Maximillian

                  I park my car in a metal shop, for just this problem. I have to open the doors to get radio reception. It is not optimal, it is what I have, and I still have to drive it to work 5 days a week. An EMP or coronal mass ejection hit during working hours and I am just as SOL as the protagonist.

              • Audentis Fortuna Iuvat

                @straight shooter. I hope you are lucky enough to have wood when you get droned for being a prepper,or any other reason the govt. thinks is good enough to eliminate us in the future. That whole sandbox was a training ground for tactics to be used against American people when they feel the time is right…..Hey at least you will be smiling!

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  I think with an EMP, people need to ground their cars. Meaning drive a large Copper steal into the grounds, and connect it to the frame of your car, like jumper cables. so like lightening, the current travels down the ground wire instead of your car electronics. It makes sense, but not sure of the true affects of an EMP. Plus, and EMP can keep pulsating in waves of energy for minutes, hours, days, who knows. You sure don’t want to be up in some airplane or helicopter when an EMP hits. That is a death sentence. And if you live in a flight path like close to an airport with frequent traffic, you know sure well those planes will try to land on the runway, and most will fall short. Thousands and thousands of aircraft will drop out of the sky crashing all over for the first hour after an EMP. The NTSB will have their hands full. lol

                • straight shooter

                  Solid copy there I spent time in the sand box, 4 tours.
                  If they come here the American people will be waiting.
                  I know the hogs will eat hardy too.

                  P.S. I am not a prepper.

                  I know how to hunt,fish and live off the land.

                  If they want to waste a drone on me go ahead make it painless.

                • Genius

                  Something to consider that is a lot cheaper than buying and maintaining an old vehicle is to go to the salvage yard and buy a replacement ignition and computer board for your car or truck. Keep it in your vehicle in a metal box lined with bubble wrap. If your system gets fried you have safe spare. Simple answer 🙂

              • 3rdown110yds2go

                REf: Straight Shooter:

                A couple of serious questions I would like to know the “TRUTH ” about..

                1) Who created this POS group ?

                A) And from what and where are these POS from ?

                2) Who has funded this POS group ?

                3) Who Armed this POS group ?

                4) And whom/who directly or indirectly still funds this POS group in 1 way or another ? From sources …be them new or things we left behind ??? And WHY ?

                5) Who is responsible in the fact that they even exist ?

                • straight shooter

                  Who is the POS ?

                • Genius

                  3rd down, He probably can’t answer he doesn’t care about truth. He is probably just as Hienz Kissinger told him ” just a dumb stupid animal that is used as a pawm in foriegn policy” It would be an absolute miracle if he could answer your questions..

                • straight shooter

                  Oh sorry I had to think what P.O.S. stood for.

                  Let see Pieces Of Shit ?

                  Right ?

                  Well like always things come around to bite us in the ass one way or another.

                  Lets go back in time like the 1980s when we helped the Afgans fight the Russians.

                  We trained these Mojoes guys and thennnn after the war was over there was a disposal problem.

                  Then the Majoes which became the Taliban started using what we train them on us.

                  Now these ISIS P.O.S. which we train to fight in Syria trained by the C.I.A. in Qatar, financed by yours truly the people who brought you 911 Saudi Arabia.

                  How am I doing ????

                  Now as LAUREL AND HARDY would say THIS IS A FINE MESS YOU GOT US INTO ———

                  Now we have a BIG F–KING DISPOSAL PROBLEM which is putting the HOLE REGION in KAOS

                  And ISRAEL sands alone just like ENGLAND did during the German BLITZ.

                  How is that for a educated guess?????

                • Genius

                  3rdown, As SS (good name) said, he spent 4 tours in the sandbox. This proves beyond all doubt he is a psycopathic freakshow. Completely brainwashed and in love with killing. I wouldn’t doubt for a second he is some kind of fed agent as he obviously has the personality they are looking for. A truly sick and completely ignorant subhuman piece of garbage. I believe a lot of ptsd troops are simply riddled with guilt after they discovered what they were really doing and for whom they were doing it for. Only a true psycopath would brag about what they have done and want some more. Beware of these types as they don’t give a shit whatsoever about you. Probably one of the most dangerous types there is..

                • straight shooter

                  Hey GENIUS,

                  GONG! GONG! GONG!
                  Or for you think you educated people WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!
                  I bet you got your education online.
                  Probably had to take the test 12 times to get your certs.
                  You better get your money back because it did not help you.
                  Go hide in the closet before someone bitch slaps you little boy.

                  I can not wait for your reply Can not get to me.


                • Genius

                  Hmmm, kind of suspicious but within an hour of my post my antivirus detected 3 threats. And I had a warning of an unidentified usb device. Could be a fed agent hack attempt? Nice try psycof%$k..

                • Genius

                  WellSS, THE WHOLE FUCKING MESS is funded by your masters the fed reserve idiot! Little boy? I hardly think so you fookin mental midget! Big tough soldier killing people that have nothing to do with defending our country whatsoever. Jesus Christ you are a poster child of brainwashing perfection. You are doing very poorly at answering who is behind what but then you are obviously way to stupid to see behind the curtain. You fooking moron you are just the perfect kind of mindless blind patriotic imbicile they want! Get out there and fight for your masters of evil you braindead retarded asshole! Fight for freedom? Your a waste of life asshole! Get back in your sandbox and catch a bullet or something. If the table was turned youd be singing a different tune. If you actually DID any resaerch you’d know mossad was more likely behind 911…

                • Genius

                  OK maybe I shouldnt post when I drink a lot BUT, People that love war are INSANE. Especially when they know it’s a BS war and just do it for a reason to kill. Maybe straight shooter isnt that bad. I had a stepuncle that was in Nam and I remember him coming home and bragging about all the gooks he killed and how he loved it and went for 3 tours. That guy is a total psycopath! Why in the hell would you do 4 tours in a BS war? Why do you thinks its so cool to blow people up? You get wood from watching death? Thats pretty fkn sick if you ask me. Maybe go back to therapy you may need it. Here is a brief video on psycopaths..

              • Walt Kowalski

                Love that secondary explosion.

          • Archivist

            You don’t have to be in a city or even near one to earn a living. I can make money anywhere there’s internet or phone access. I just got a call from someone in another state who wants me to do more genealogy research and write it up. I very rarely have to leave my desk to research elsewhere because so much is online. I have made road trips in the past, but I think I’m going to start subcontracting the out-of-town research. I think people need to research ways of making a living away from cities, such as farming, cheese-making, etc.

            I am in my retreat and plan on staying right where I am. I have shelter, supplies, gardens, multiple water sources, family, and friends.

            • Kulafarmer

              If your like me you can earn a living almost anywhere, ill split shakes for a living if i have to,
              Lucky for me being a farmer, money grows on them little plants over in my field,
              If you really want something, you gotta make it happen,

              • TTC

                Kulafarmer: maybe I missed it, but I’m most interested
                in Your OnTheGround reports regaurding Weather
                Conditions where you are.
                Love all the contributions you add to this site 🙂

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Looks like lots of wind damage and power outages and the water utilities were cut due to downed power lines. 2nd Hurricane look to be taking a more northern path above the Hawaiian islands. But will be killer surfing waves in a few days on the North shore. Look up some Maui web cams north shore kite surfing.

              • Genius

                Are you growing pot Kula? ha ha ha just kiddin 🙂

              • Archivist

                My father told me many years ago that the more things I know how to do, the less chance there was of being unemployed. So I know how to do a lot of things, such as carpentry, fiberglass work on boats, driving a forklift, gardening, running a store, painting, computer work, etc.

                I have never been unable to get a job whenever I wanted one. I just haven’t wanted to for 10 years. I just do work that I like when I want to do it.

            • Genius

              What! Farming and cheesemaking! Expect a visit from the FDA swat team asap! 😮

              • good guy

                Dear Mr Genius,
                I have read your nasty letters to Mr. Straight shooter,
                Here is the deal he is not a soldier never has been.

                He is a retired Firefighter from a major city on the east coast with 4 years as a volunteer, 30 years in a paid dept. and 4 years as a firefighter in Iraq.

                In his career he has been burn 4 time, overcome 4 times, electrocuted,caught bullet fragments, survived a major fire truck accident, hospitalized 6 times.

                He has received a Silver and Bronze metal for valor for saving 2 children.

                When he came back after 4 years in Iraq he did not talk much.

                1. He had to deal with coming home after 4 years.
                2. His wife was going through the change of life.
                3. His dad was dying of cancer.
                4. He had to deal with removing and hosing out what was left of our soldiers that got hit by I.E.D.s which disturbed him very much.
                5. He also had to dodge rockets, mortars, snipers, drive
                S.U.V.s the #3 spot which always got hit.
                6. He went and got professional help when he got home he knew he needed it. and is o.k. he was not as bad as he though he was.
                7. About 3 years ago he and other people that he worked with found out that someone stole a hard drive in Iraq with everyone personal info. on it and has had a time with his computer there have been attempts of hacking in.
                8. Sometimes the hackers do get in and he gets e-mails from people he does not know.

                So Mr Genius you need to cut this guy some slack.
                that’s all I have to say.

                Straight shooter does not know I am writing this unless his computer is on and working right.

                Good day sir.

                • Genius

                  Ok good guy, I will cut him some slack seeing that he wasnt a mercinary for the bankers. Sounds like he had a rough deal. I replied above too so when it clears moderation you might want to read it.

                • straight shooter


                  All is forgiven.

                  You have a right to FREE SPEECH.

                  If you want my feeling on things about the WAR that we were in let me say this.

                  1. I support our TROOPS 100%, and I am a AMERICAN

                  2. I question my Gov. now because of what I saw.

                  3. I believe now the WAR was a (WASTE) of lives and equipment. Like VIET NAM………..

                  4. Yes there was W.M.D. there we found 20 contains of Mustard gas in Fallujah weather it was still lethal I do not know ? and SADDAM and HIS SONS where real &%$#@& bags.

                  5. When I was rotating home I talked to a guy for all I knew was some kind of (Secret Squirrel) said that the reason we went into Iraq was SADDAM was taking the U.S. Dollar out of his market.

                  NOTE: RUSSIA and CHINA have just done this I do not think we are going to INVADE them.

                  ? What are most WARS fought over ?***
                  Mostly MONEY,POLITICS,CONTROLLLL, and RELIGION ? ****

                  6. When I got home I joined a motorcycle group that escorts fallen police, fire, and military,to there final resting places.

                  7. I am not some big gun guy. I just have a few old bolt action jobs and a scatter gun. ( See that Big Brother if you are Watching. )

                  8. I am not a big pepper either, you know as well as I do that the powers to be have stuff to neutralize us no matter what we have. I do believe there is going to be major civil unrest thou. or a false flag thing again.
                  The powers to be are not quiet ready.

                  9. So I pray to GOD that things will turn around.
                  If they do not then I will just have to deal with it.
                  I would rather HELP then HURT.

                  10. Sorry I came back at you with a vengeance on your
                  comments. I too like you are tired of lies and B.S.

                  11. The Middle East is a bad place now even worse because you and I know why.

                  12. We need to take care of our own house and each first…..

                  PEACE BROTHER 🙂

                  Straight Shooter


                  Good Guy thank you for your comments, and for throwing water on the fire. I think I know you but we will let things lay the way they are.


                  Straight Shooter out.

                • Genius

                  straight shooter, see my reply on the gold and silver thread, Peace, Genius

            • Anonymous

              Unarmed teen killed by cops in Mossouri– of course you’ll probably don’t care, as the victim was black– but the thing is, I was just thinking how TPTB get away with all the sh– that they do because of the cops/military. If there wasn’t the cops/military to protect TPTB, they would be hung for the horrible things they do. They are stealing everything from us- our civil liberties, jobs, land, even out west, some guy was told he can’t even collect rain water– its against the elites’ rules. They are destroying us and they get away with it because of ignorant cops who want income for their dirty work.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Honestly, why do you work in the city. Why do you need money? They call it the rat race. You need money to pay for stuff to get you to work, to make money to get you to work, to make money to get you to work. Get off the Tread Mill. Cash out your house in the city, pay cash for land, and live off the Rat Race Grid. Get out of your comfort zone and breath some country fresh air. Raise Rabbits, and chickens and some goats, buy a tractor and raise some crops, garden hay, and anything else you need. People have been living that way for thousands of years. Its just the last few generations humans have become totally useless, and dependent on the grid, jobs working for the man. I have been self employed for 20+ years. There are ups and downs, and keeps you smart and in the loop and always looking for opportunities. You can buy and sell items on Craig’s List for a job. And make money.

            I too am in the process of liquidating and down sizing, selling my house and looking for some country land. Its just stuff. Sell it all, keep your preps, and get out into the fresh air and enjoy your life. I have no idea how the 9-5’ers do that slave BS day after day. I been working from home office, now for 15 years. Get your life back.

          • Shootit

            Not really. Lots of jobs for us country folk. Ever worked as a ranch hand? For a Coop? Farmed? Ran a Golf Course? Construction? etc. Lots of jobs out here if you are handy can clean houses, or work at the nearest hospital. Take a pretty good reason not to get out now.

        • hammerhead

          Well……..Wrong is right !

          • passinwiththewind

            Unless it is murder.

            And then it is still wrong, no matter how many blacks there are in big city gangs.

            I am referring to the kid that just was killed yesterday near St Louis by a policeman.

            Evidently the unarmed 18 year old was gunned down while he was trying to run home. Would that have happened if he was white?

            I don’t know the circumstances but it sounds like another cop gone trigger happy in a black neighborhood. As in most cases the cops get a free pass and it is just another case of justifiable homicide.

            It may seem like blacks have brought this kind of injustice upon themselves due to the mindset and lifestyle of some; but, if it were your or my kid it would be another case of “police brutality and injustice”.

            We may see the day when it happens to anyone that is caught up in the wheels of LE “gone wild”. I don’t trust anyone with a gun in their hand aimed at me or mine, especially LE. Why? because defending ones self or shooting back isn’t an option without bad consequences, for the accused.

            These days, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is a crime, and it seems cops are the first to get a “free pass” for making a deadly mistake.

            At the most, a little slap on the wrist and a few weeks/months, off with pay. WTF is wrong with society?

            Since i posed the question, I will share my ideas on why things have gotten so bad, in a work that I am in the final stages of completing on how and why things are “ramping” up. It is biblical in nature, so I will advise that “reader descretion is advised if anything biblical in nature is offensive” to someone.


            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Did you hear about the cop who gunned down a kid in Walmart when he picked up a toy gun. No kidding the cop shot and killed him thinking it was a real gun. Like WTF? Ok course the cop claims the kid looked like he was loading it. These cops are getting real trigger happy for no reason. Another reason and fear in SHTF, They will shoot and never ask any questions. Fear all Gun toting Cops in STHF. I’ll try to look for a link to that cop murdering a kid in the toy dept.

              • skittle shittin unicorn

                cops have been trigger happy for years its just getting MORE attention in the msm
                post trayvon

                for the last 15 years i have seen a rise in cop on Black cop on white and cop on mex shootings were i live

                before trayvon
                nothing in the local news but a small blurb about officer involved shooting
                now is front page and top story

                Msm is just covering it more for the shock value etc

            • Winston Smith

              I’ll agree with you, but I will also point out that it’s a class thing too. If you are poor and white then you are also subject to plenty of police harassment and suspicion. In the end, the general rule is that you should just avoid police if at all possible. If they think you are uneducated and/or can’t afford to mount an effective legal defense then you are just chum in shark infested waters.

              This is also why I advise against having bumper stickers, etc. on your car. If you get pulled over, they will be used for increased suspicion. Worse yet, they could make a cop want to pull you over and look for a reason to do so. It’s all a matter of OPSEC.

            • Smokey

              ‘I don’t know the circumstances but…’

              Should have waited for more information, what it ‘looks like’ to some people is based on their own personal mindset, not on any facts. We’ll know in a day or two what happened. The police are saying the kid grabbed for the cop’s pistol and a shot was fired inside the police car. Alleged ‘witnesses’ are saying ‘Kill the Cops”.

              • Anonymous

                I doubt we will know in a day or two– do you actually believe the cops/MSM will tell the truth about anything?

                The fact is, he was an unarmed teen, shot dead on the streets… just like the Vet in Delaware who was tazered to death by a bunch of cops and all he had in his pocket was a pocket knife…the Vet was just sitting on his front porch!!

                And the Vet who had his door knocked down by a bunch of cops all dressed in “kill outfits” and they gunned him down too… WE LIVE IN A POLICE STATE and its getting worse and worse all the time. If Obummer doesn’t have to obey the Constitution, the cops think they don’t either. (SOme cops are good).

                • Smokey

                  From what you posted, it’s clear it wouldn’t matter what anyone told you the facts were, you’ve made up your mind and to hell with the truth.

              • sixpack

                Cops generally hand cuff you BEFORE they put you in the car. There is bulletproof glass between the front and back seats in all cop cars. They search you for weapons before you go into the car…THEREFOR,

                “The police are saying the kid grabbed for the cop’s pistol and a shot was fired inside the police car” sounds like sheer BS to me.

                • Smokey

                  The kid shoved the officer into his car and grappled for the gun, according to the police.

                  Try thinking based on the facts, instead of your own predisposition and beliefs.

      • Navy Vet

        In other news:

        De-Dollarization Accelerates – China/Russia Complete Currency Swap Agreement

        With this agreement and assuming the rest of the BRIC’s come aboard or each make separate agreements among themselves, that’s a sizable chuck of trade not conducted in dollars. In addition, the UK and China are also either working on or have completed a local currency agreement. What’s next? When Saudi announces that they will trade oil in non-dollar denominated transactions, the dollar is TOAST.

        How them sanctions workin’ for you now Obolo?

        • Navy Vet

          link to the article:


          (replace the dashes with dots)

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Couldn’t happen here, NV; we’re ‘Muricans.

            • Navy Vet

              The hubris is astounding, isn’t it?

              • durango kidd

                Reminds me of the time I was panning West of Thumb Butte along Miller Creek where the last running water of the summer flowed.

                Two little girls about four and six came wandering down the nature trail running ahead of their mom and dad. The oldest saw me and crawled down the bank to see what I was doing. “What’cha doing mister?” she asked.

                “Fishing,” I replied swishing the water around my pan.

                She looked at me suspiciously and said: “You’re not fishing mister!” Putting her hands on her hips in defiance.

                “I’m fishing for gold.”

                “Gold?” she asked, suddenly becoming quietly curious.

                “Yes gold. See!” With that I dumped out the water and let all of the pyrite in my pan glisten in the sun.

                Astonished, her eyes grew as big as a Supermoon at its zenith; “Wow! what are you going to do with all that gold, mister?”

                “I’m going to take it to the bank,” I said.

                “What bank you gonna take it to mister?”

                “Chase Bank”

                She turned to her mom and dad watching from the top of the bank as her little sister was making her way down the bank to see “all the gold” and said to her mom; “he’s gonna take it to Chase bank mom!”

                She turned her attention back to me and asked, “What’cha gonna do if a bear comes down the trail?” Obviously remembering her mother’s admonition not too get too far ahead of mom and dad as they traversed the trail. She was grinning now thinking she finally had me.

                “Well if he wants a job, I’ll teach him how to pan.”

                Mom and dad where smothering their laughter and the little girl, undaunted said; “What’cha gonna do if its a hungry bear?” folding her hands into claws and growling at me. Fully animated now that she thought she had me again.

                “Well if a hungry bear comes down the trail I’ll just run away!”

                So tickled now I thought she would wet her pants she said; “Silly man! You can’t outrun a hungry bear!”

                “I don’t have to outrun the hungry bear,” I said matter of factly, “I just have to outrun you!”

                Stunned by the realization that I could outrun her, and leave her to the hungry bear, she paused, but just long enough to come up with a new idea.

                She turned to her mother as she scrambled up the creek bank and rushed past her little sister, saying; “Mom, that man is going to let the hungry bear eat “Mary Ann!”

                Poor Mary Ann. Only about four or five, but old enough to understand that her sister could outrun her, she stopped sucking her thumb and began to cry!

                And that is the moral of this bug out story: I don’t have to out run the bear,I only have to outrun you! Be there to get there! 🙂

        • Dean Gulberry

          BUT…BUT…USA has a ‘special relationship’ with the UK. They would NEVER stab USA in the back.

        • Genius

          And in other news, Federal ammo has been deemed the worst junk there is by Genius. When I was a kid I did a lot of bird hunting and it seemed everytime I used federal shotshells I would get duds, the same with theyre .22 ammo. Therefor I quit using federal and never had any more problems. Fast forward to recent times, I bought a box of fed .22 a few years ago and had it stored. Well lo and behold it was just like the old days, salted with duds. I also bought some 5.56 federal and lo and behold, out of a box of 20, 3 were duds! This was 2013 manufacture. No other ammo has ever been a problem and the firing pin struck them good and hard. Federal is a good name for that crap (not worth a damn). I took the remaining ammo promply to the pawn shop and traded it for some PMC and the problems are gone. WHATS IN YOUR MAGAZINE? 🙂

          • Warchild Dammit!

            What’s in my magazine,hopefully fully working ammo that does what I intend it to do!

            • Genius

              I hope so too! If that was a life and death situation I’d be dead. Just a heads up for people here.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                I will say”What’s in your magazine?” a personal question.We all get along here but might not want to ask that in a more public place with folks you don’t know well!

                • straight shooter

                  War child

                  I think Genius has been shooting blanks all his life
                  maybe B.B.s

                  Genius you might check your firing pin if you have a real rifle my recommendation get a titanium firing pin and also clean you rifle or pistol real good over 50% of misfires are from unclean pieces.

                  You might clean your magazines good too.

                • Genius

                  straight shooter, your mind has been a blank all your life! it’s obvious to anyone with a brain by reading your replies. Keep trying low batt one 🙂

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              That’s false, the guy probably bought some 2nd hand reloads off some tard that was trying to pass them off as new in the box. That’s why I always buy new ammo from a reliable source. I have never had and problems with that ammo ever.

          • Smokey

            Same issue with their .22LR, just don’t like it.

            Good centerfire brass, though. Send all your vile, not worth a damn Federal brass to me, I’ll dispose of it properly for you, at no charge.

            • Genius

              Smokey, I would gladly do so but its kind of dangerous trying to dismantle a fail to fire, still loaded round.

              • Smokey

                Yep, I just put it in the ‘hot’ cans at the range, or if at the gravel pit, toss it out front and plink it.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Genius, braveheart has several different brands of ammo in stockpile but NO Federal. I’ve had the same issue once and never bought federal again. Problem solved.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            When you ride around town with a bumper sticker that says “Genius on board” you deserve to be messed with like somebody selling you crappy reloads. I bet you get short changed too at the MacDonalds drive through when you buy your biggy size Happy Meal. And everybody laughs at you when you drive away.

            • Genius

              WWTI, The only relkoads I use are my own and they work great unlike the ones you probably make and sell to poor fools. I never eat McDonalds either but I bet your the kind of nutlicker that shortchanges people when you take theyre order there. Do you get free happy meals for working there?

          • VRF


            I have trust issues , only mine

        • 3rdown110yds2go

          Ref: Navy Vet

          Before we had the “Ebola “…We had the ” Obola “…I am trying figure out which one will be the worse in the end.

          • sixpack

            You can avoid Ebola by keeping your distance. Not so with Obola…that f’er affects everywhere.

    2. Acid Etch

      The Wisdom of Darwin:

      “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.”

      • FuckingPissed

        Darwin had no wisdom, he only had a theory. No God and Christ in your life, no wisdom at all.

        • Acid Etch

          Go to church if you want to preach. This is a survival themed website.

          • FuckingPissed

            I can say whatever I like and will continue to do so, just as you can.

            • Grafique

              Acid’s mouth spews more filth than a broken sewage line, yet he gets riled at the mention of Christ?

              Go figure.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Grafique, I suspect Acid is really Eisenkreuz posting under a different name. His habit of calling us old people and occasional use of all caps are 2 dead giveaways. I’ve been baiting him but so far he’s resisted the bait. I’ll give him credit for that.

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Braveheart old Acid Etch sure gives you a wide berth, I think he remembers how you got him banned when he went under the name of Eisenkraut. And I don’t hear anything out of NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin either. Trekker Out. RB You The Man!

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Now that I think about it, what happened to FaceBook Page?

                • PO'd Patriot

                  FB’s Defib took a shit.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  without the slightest hint of intelligence shown to anyone here, i think acid deserves at least a little bit of credit. i mean, a guy that can barely type his name should be able to write what he CAN, even if it IS DRIBBLE. maybe we could take up a collection and send him back to the first grade? who knows, maybe the fourth time around will see better results? good luck to you, acid.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Religions have murdered more humans than any other cult on this planet. Then they preach righteousness. LMFAO!! Hypocrites.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  FaceBook Inc = FBI’s Facial Recognition, Personal Info Data Base. Here Dumb people you can really help us out by building your own database on yourself, please post lots of personal photos of you and your friends. Thank you for your cooperation – FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA, DOD, LEO’s, PD, Sheriff’s Dept.

              • CBGB's

                FuckinPissed and Grafique got riled at the mention of Darwin. Go figure.

                Coming up with the idea that the most adaptable survive was genius. The mind of the average person would immediately go toward the notion of the strongest surviving.

                • Walt Kowalski

                  “Religions have murdered more humans than any other cult on this planet. Then they preach righteousness. LMFAO!! Hypocrites.” –WhoWuddaThunkIt–

                  Once again….you are factually wrong.

                  Secular governments have killed more humans……by a wide margin….especially in the last 100 years.

                  Of course, you’ll never let a thing like fact stand in the way of your God hating agenda.

                  In the words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan…”You are entitled to your own opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

                  A lie is still a lie, no matter how often you repeat it. Though I suppose if you….like Hitler, go by the theory that, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it”…….then you might well get some of the more gullible, non-thinking crowd to believe you. Most of the time we omit the last part of that quote that goes on to say….”and you will even come to believe it yourself”.

                  As John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things.” And you obviously have a hard time with that.

                • Nopittypartyhere

                  People forget that his survival of the fittest e had NOTHING todo with thoughts on evolving from apes. Folks should take the time to know what they are talking about. Modern medicine screwed the survival of the fittest. A good EMP will take care of that

            • Steve

              The problem is he used to get paid by old white guys to put his face where the paper goes.

            • the renegade braveheart

              BCOD, to be fair, Acid has given some good survival advice in some of his posts so not all of his posts have been bad. MT, I’ve also noticed ncjoe and finx have been gone for even longer. In a way I miss those 2 trolls. I used to enjoy jumping on them.

          • grandee

            our spirits need to survive too

        • Old Nam Vet

          I’m not certain whether Darwin has wisdom but he certainly understood everything changes. After all, God made an Ass talk…just sayin…

          • Old Nam Vet

            “Made an ass talk” meaning God can use anyone or anything for accomplishing “His truth”…

            • 3rdown110yds2go

              Ref: Old Nam Vet

              Firstly…Welcome Home Brother …

              In your statement….” Made an Ass Talk “….are you referring to ” Obummer ” ???

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            I would still like to know how Noah Ark sailed around the world with 2 of every animal on the planet, First he had to sail around the entire world just picking up the animals, South Pole for the Penguins, Zebras in Africa, White Tailed Deer in North America, Polar bears at the North Pole, Pythons in the Amazon Forest. So how long do you think it too just to pick up all the Animals before the flood, and if there was not a flood yet to sail the world, how did the Zebras, Elephants or penguins get to the ark. How did only 2 of every animal know to show up. What if 3 or 6 Rhino’s showed up, how did Noah know what 2 to pick, and then have to tell the other half dozen “Tough luck.” Hey Graf, how about you explain this, oh brilliant one. lol Oh then after the flood, NOAA had to sail all over the world and drop these animals back in the same place. How long do you think that took. How much grain and feed would you need to stockpile to feed these animals for this entire adventure? And how did Noah keep the lions from eating the bunny rabbits, etc. How big do you think this boat ship needed to be, to carry 2 of every animal on the planet? Any other Religious folks out there who can explain this in real rational,commonsense terms. Thanks. -Darwin

            • Walt Kowalski


              Your ignorance truly knows no bounds.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Hey walt how about answer the questions instead of throwing ignorant insults.

                • Walt Kowalski

                  I’ve replied to many of your posts with facts and reasonable arguments.

                  Not going to waste any more time arguing with you.

                  You aren’t even familiar enough with the Biblical account to cite it correctly. So it’s not even possible to have an intelligent discussion with you regarding it.

                  Your thinking is a mile wide and an inch deep. So come back when you can present ideas that didn’t originate with the stuff you swallowed just because it was spoon fed to you.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Brcause you challenged someone to answer your post I will give you some “food for thought”.

              Noah’s flood WAS NOT WORLDWIDE.

              To illustrate the sometimes confusing English Translations in our Bible (a Strongs Concordance is a valuable study aid), I would like to make you aware of the use of the English phrase in the Bible concerning Cain “thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth”.

              Surely Cain did not mean “off the face of the whole planet”. Cain was driven off that portion of the earth INTO the land of NOD.

              Cain’s driven away was not global anymore than THE FLOOD OF NOAH WAS GLOBAL.

              Gen 4: 13-14

              13 And Cain said unto the Lord, my punishment is greater than I can bear. 14 Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the FACE OF THE EARTH, and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and vagabond in the earth (erets),( Strongs Concordance…common country, earth, field, ground, land, natins, wilderness, world), and I shall be a fugitive and vagabond in the earth (earth-erets) as in the flood, and it shall come to pass, that everyone that findeth me shall slay me. (KJV).

              (Any of you wonder who the “everyone” was that Cain was talking about, where the Land of Nod was, and if Adam
              and Eve, Cain and Abel were the only four people on the earth, how did Cain find himself a wife there?)

              After REGARDING all the absurd theories of nature that YOUNG EARTH (6000 literal years) DEVOTEES make to support a young earth and Noahs’ Flood being a global and complete destruction then we must respect their right to believe:

              That somehow the water necessary to cover the entire globe over the height of Mt. Everest (5 1/2 Miles above sea level) fell upon the earth and then vanished.

              That Noahs’Ark, of which the Bible gives the dimensions (of the Sacred Cubit is approximately 25′ long, thus the Ark was 625’long x 104′ wide x 62’5″ high) was somehow large enough to house hundreds of thousands of known species today, not to mention their food supply for a year, or the fact that they were taken by twos (unclean animals) and by sevens (clean animals) each. Gen 7:2.

              That from eight white people on the Ark, in a matter of less than a thousand years, evolved all the different races (Black, Oriental, Hispanic) and then suddenly after that time they stopped EVOLVING.

              That the Kenites (sons of Cain from Gen 4:17-24) made it through the flood to be found in First Chron, 2:55, etc., but were not with Noahs’ family on the Ark. GOOD SWIMMERS, PERHAPS??

              That receding water from a single great flood could carve solid rock to the great depth of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon extends 277 miles. It is about 1 mile deep. The canyon varies in width from less than a mile to 18 miles wide.

              What the Bible REALLY SAYS ABOUT THE FLOOD:

              Biblically the flood was to solely to kill the giants in Gen 6:1-8.

              That the flood was restricted to the area where Adams’ tribe lived.

              That the Hebrew WILL ALLOW for the “earth” being rendered “land”, “region”, “country” (and is in other places in the Bible) and also that “Heaven” can be rendered “the visible arch in the sky”, for as far as the eye can see due to the earths curvature.

              That the other races (Black, Asian, Hispanic…)were untouched as they lived in another part of the earth.

              That the only animals taken into the Ark were the animals that were found in the region of the flood.

              That God, while he could, does not create trillion x trillions of metric tons of water and then destroy it again a year later (as Young Earth devotees explain away the amount of water necessary to cover the highest mountain ranges, Mt. Everest).

              That carbon 14 and the other elements of this great God created earth and universe act and degrade in the same fashion and at the same rate as when Almighty created them (as Young Earth devotees explain away the ancient dates of fossils).

              And that solid rock exposed to the agitate action of water running across its face erodes at the same rate today that it did 4349 years ago (back to the FLOOD YEARS),

              This earth, the planet itself is millions and millions years old. This earth age is approximately 14,000 years old, just as the Bible declares…..

              Hope this helps answer some of your questions WWthunkit. You have some matters of this world figured out….there is truth to be found…..

              biblestudysite dot com

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                PO Granny. So you are saying Noah Ark was prior to Genesius? Better work on your timeline dear, you fell off your rocker. The Bible is like tarrot cards you make up events to fit your fantasy for an explaination.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  Where in my post did you read that I said Noahs Ark was before Genesis?

              • passinwiththewind

                My, my, my granny,

                You sure put some good explanations in those few paragraphs.

                I can agree with everything said. It makes entirely too much sense for most people. Well, at least the ones that have already been, “indoctrinated”, with lies.

                I guess the red thumbs come from the ignorant folks.

          • CBGB's

            Actually, Saul heard an ass talk, but then again, he was fucking crazy.

            • Walt Kowalski

              Actually….it was Baalam.

              • CBGB's

                You’re right! Typed too soon…

                • CBGB's

                  On the subject of religion and prepping, I found a video on youtube called #1 Food Storage Seminar with Wendy DeWitt. She’s Mormon and does talk about Zion, etc, but once she got past all that I found her info really helpful.

                  Another video on youtube was by Tenth Acre Farm. This guy figured out how to vacuum seal dry goods in a jar by using a Mityvac hand pump brake bleeder. No electricity required and you can reseal jars over and over. Pretty cool.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Yes I vacuum pack lots of dried food in canning jars. You use a hand vac pump and a food saver pack lid sealer. Suck about 15 to 17 lbs of pressure out and it seals the lid to the jar. I VAC PAC coffee, black beans, pasta, salt, rice, cinnamon sticks, and keeps the food good for years way beyong the normal expiration dates. VAC Break bleeder hand PUMP $45 found on line at auto supply stores. BIG AND SMALL LID SEALER about $10 each.

            • Slick One

              In the time of the Bible it was considered a miracle for an ass to speak,My how times have changed!

          • the renegade braveheart

            Old Nam Vet, Darwin never had wisdom, he was full of shit. His theories have been debunked time and again.

        • Swinging on a star


          Right you are.

          Acid Etch,

          Believing in God is part of surviving for many of us so this is the place to post inspirational scripture from our Father who art in Heaven. It is not meant to hurt or harm anyone, just sharing the word with those who believe. If it angers you then you may want to ask yourself why.

          John 1:9

          Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God. Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting, for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.

          Corinthians 6:14

          Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

        • Professor Higgins

          F..Pissed: Well, I can tell that you never even made through high school let alone a university otherwise you would actually know what the word ‘theory’ means. And no my dimwitted friend, it doesn’t mean just a guess. Now back to your little blue collar job and leave the thinking to those of us with the proper breeding and intellect to run things. Cleanup on aisle 5 FP,and don’t forget your mop.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Prof. Higgins, you bloody privileged character of a limey troll, what brings you back? None of us are dimwitted and your alleged “proper breeding and intellect” are so highly overrated. So go back to your ivory tower and ponder that!

          • passinwiththewind

            still the condescending ass you have always been…

            kinda like the current commander-n-thief.

          • Walt Kowalski

            Some of the most highly educated people who have ever lived are currently running our country and the world.

            Doing a marvelous job, aren’t they?

            • the renegade braveheart

              Walt, braveheart never even went to college. Always knew college people were way overrated.

              • Walt Kowalski

                Knowledge….much of it incorrect…can be found on university campuses in this country. But for the most part, you will find little wisdom there.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Walt, agreed, there is NO wisdom at colleges or universities; only commie propaganda. As Reagan once said, “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they don’t know anything, it’s that they know so much which isn’t so.”

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          F-N Pissed. Your ignorance is showing again. You are believing in ghosts and illusions again. Get off the Bible Babble Crack.

          • the renegade braveheart

            WWTI, let’s not go there with a personal attack on someone. You’re starting to sound like a troll. Don’t do it.

            • Anonymous

              Oh, you mean like YOUR personal attack on straight shooter? Fucking idiot.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Anonymous, who yanked on your chain? mind your own business.

                • Anonymous

                  Is THAT the best answer you can manage when you’re caught red handed acting like the hypocrite you are? You know, if you are ANY indication of the how the south thinks, you’ll ALWAYS get your asses kicked no matter how many civil wars you fight, LOL!

      • the renegade braveheart

        Acid, that depends on what kind of change you think should take place. Darwin’s theories have been debunked time and again.

        • Old Nam Vet

          Absolutely agree his theories have been debunked but we all know everything changes. The only part I agree with Darwin on is his statement “It is the one most adaptable to change.”

      • rednek101

        Religion: The cause of and the cure to all the troubles of the world.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Now just get todays religious morons to adapt and abandon their 2000 year old book of fables. When you cling to a book that promises you ever lasting life, but then at the same time your church asked you to donate your estate to the church upon your death. That is failure to adapt that you are being duped and fleeced. Can I please have another helping of BS. Yes come back next Sunday as nd Ill tell you another wopper. Like how Noah put 2 of ever animal on a barge built by hand by one man.

    3. Barn Cat

      There’s something to be said for having a motorcycle as your bug out vehicle. Roads could be blocked by accidents or vehicles out of gas. Or traffic ahead could be stopped by a government roadblock. If you’re on a motorcycle you could turn around and go another way.

      • The Old Coach

        Can’t carry very much on a motorcycle, but on a good dual-purpose bike I sure as hell can go (and have gone) through places where even the 4-wheel ATVs can’t follow. Other drawback can be fuel capacity.

        • Acid Etch

          I got my 500 cc scooter rigged to carry fuel and ammo to capacity, with only a few extras such as a rain suit, little food, filter, canteen, first aid kit, flares, flashlight, tool kit, rags, and zippo.

          But in general if you plan for your ass to be at your BOL then your preps need to be there also from the beginning. Its stupid to think about transporting preps in SHTF. I also have 3 buried caches with supplied, well concealed from these idiots.

          • Kulafarmer

            Ill stick to my JK
            Can carry quite a bit of stuff has good range and can cary lots of extra fuel, and can crawl over almost anything if i attack it right, know your area

            • deepthought

              what is a JK

              • PO'd Patriot

                From the description it sounds pert near a “rock crawler”(vehicle).

                • Kulafarmer

                  You got it, is a sleeper, looks real plain, didnt go overboard on lift or mods, will go pretty much wherever i point her.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                it’s a model designation for jeeps….4 door wrangler, as i recall.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  I have a 4-door Jeep Wrangler-I took all the back seats out and can pack a whole lot back there. Including 6 x 5-Gal Jerry Cans of Gas/ side by side across the back tail gate. And with a shaker hose, can fill my gas tank with out moving the cans. Tank holds 22 gallons, plus 30 in cans, = 52 Gal of gas x 20 MPG = 1,040 miles of driving without having to stop at a gas station. Gas will be worth more than Gold in SHTF. Put Kayak on the top rack, Bikes on the back trailer hitch, and a 5×2 basket on the front trailer hitch, or a slide in a power Wench to get pulled out of a ditch or something. Sits up high enough to run through deep water up to the engine hood. I could add an air intake snorkel to the roof line if needed. What kind of vehicle are you all using to Bug Out?

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  just remember that ANY BUGOUT vehicle you choose, you MUST have in it a GREAT tow strap(in case you get stuck) a piece of chain and/or clevis pins, shackles to connect it to ANY other vehicle(they pull YOU out, or you pull THEM out). modern cars very often have no way to attach a strap to them….also a pair of 4×6’s three feet long can be invaluable to lay IN the ditch you want to cross, or even ACROSS an obstacle…you would be amazed what terrain will stop you when you have to go off the road cross-country when the roads are filled with the fleeing dumb masses! even with “4wheeldrive”, if two wheels are off the ground, you go nowhere. also a way to fill those tires back up when they must be aired down for traction. get with your local 4×4 club to learn more about off-roading. also at LEAST a bottle jack, or better yet a high-lift jack, if you have room for it. and a small bag of tools. and don’t forget the county map, so if you DO get forced off the road, you can find your way. and jumper cables can come in handy…also with a brillo pad makes an awesome firestarter! and for shits sakes, take a celphone charger with you EVERYWHERE YOU GO! and why not a sleeping bag, and maybe a tarp to make a tent with some 550 cord……and some……what the? where the hell am i? did i write all that out loud….awww hell, never mind…..going back to sleep.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Buttcrack, no tow strap, does a winch count?
                  As he grins from ear to ear!

              • Kulafarmer

                2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler, 2 or 4 door, mines an 07 2door with a 4″ lift, LT305/65R17s
                On black alloys and a bunch of goodies

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  04 rubicon here…..and if yuh ask ME(and yuh DIDN’T), winches are for other people…..and just remember peeps, that tow strap can be used like a rubber band, it DOES stretch a bit and will make a difference when “snatching” out a stuck rig….google which is better, chain or strap. hey kula, I got a nephew with a son over there in Hawaii right now with a mom that stole him from dad….are things ok over there right now? looks like he may have to go retrieve him in a few days.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Weather is back to normal, big island got rocked on the east side but not totaled.

      • watching and waiting

        or a road block/ambush by a vicious gang.

        I would think it would be a great asset…..

      • Acid Etch

        A 500 cc scooter can go 120+ w/o redlining, uses the least gas possible, and has a better accident record than motorcycles b/c you can easily slide your legs away from the machine and thus avoid getting pinned and thrown.

        Scooters are made better now than in years past. Give one a try.

        • The Old Coach

          120 MPH? Yeah, right. As usual, keyboard commando has such a poor grasp of reality that he can’t even make up plausible fiction.

          • PO'd Patriot


        • VRF

          120 km? ..maybe .. that would be like 75 MPH

          but no 500 cc scooter is going to do 120 mph way scooter

      • Charley Waite

        Concern I would have is gas. With a motorcycle, your ability to extend your bug out range is limited. With a car or truck, you can haul gas cans to refuel en route. Maybe a couple small containers hooked to saddlebags but nothing like you would get in a four wheeled vehicle

        • The Old Coach

          In the days of Baja racing, there used to be bikes with fuel tanks sufficient for 400 mile range. I don’t see them any more. They were a bit top-heavy with a full tank, so maybe the lawyers forced bike makers to stop selling them.

          If I were in a densely populated area, and had my BOL already well stocked, and within range, I could see a dirt bike as a means of getting there quickly, using, for example, power line and railroad rights-of-way instead of roads. (Did a lot of that in the bad old days of off-roading in New England.)

          Know little about modern bikes, since I quit that business in the early ’80s, but my choice today would be a well muffled 250cc four-stroke with a Baja tank and tires suited to the terrain I would be traversing. Single seat, with frame for lashing soft bags and stuff behind. Discipline required to keep from overloading.

          • Kulafarmer

            Have some friends who ride on the Big Island of Hawaii, they strap those flat ATV fuel cans onto their packs, think its an extra 4 gallons or something like that, will get them all the way around MaunaKea on the 4x trails with juice to spare, they usually make a 2 day ride of it and pig hunt along the way, camp in the open and is basically a great ride.

      • Sgt. Dale

        I prefer a 4X4 ATV. For many reasons, but I’m not ruling out a Bike.
        Weapons platform
        Pulling wagons/ supplies. weapons people.
        Transporting injured
        Just to name a few.

        • Genius

          sarge, Your right 4 wheelers are great because you can carry gear and shoot on the fly. A motorcycle is faster and can get in tight places but very limited what you can carry outside of a backpack. You can also use a 4 wheeler to trasport a chainsaw and some mortar bags into the woods and build your plan C shelter 🙂

        • Mountain Trekker

          4 wheelers are great, you can get alot of use out of them and go many places, and haul gear that would wear you out to try and pack. Also if you take it slow and easy you can get back in the timber without leaving to much sign, just be sure and have a camo tarp to cover it with when hiding out. Trekker Out Semper Paratus.

          • Night Breaker

            MT ,
            One of those mil surplus cammo nets works good enough to cover a CJ and it’s near IR compliant ( VERY IMPORTANT!) If Thing’s get that bad hiding the jeep will be the least of your worries . Very few realise what a TOTAL breakdown will look like we can guess but no one has experienced this in modern times , but some have come close Sarajevo , Sebranechia , Berlin 1945 , Stalingrad 1943,,,

            We will be swimming in uncharted waters , like old Nam Vet says only the most adaptable will survive . My bigest fear what happens when the supplies run out and climatic changes cause crop failure . Will vast areas of FUSA be uninhabitable do to the effects of global war?
            There is a book on Amazon titled ” War before Civilization” suggested reading to add to your knowledge base.

            All our plans and preparations are ideally for the short term (1 to 3 years ) very few of us may survive, I am certain it will be more terrifying and harder than we can even imagine for the prepared survivors . Life may resemble the City states that existed in the middle ages if surviving elements band together for mutual protection but equipped with durable modern weaponry . The outland areas will be viciously violent with roving bands committing barbarous acts that will pale in comparision to what is happening in Iraq right now with ISIS. ( the mythical MZB’s from post apcalpyse fiction) Death will be a close and constant companion .
            We will enter a new dark age that will last generations . Knowledge will be the new currency , for without knowledge people will perish.

            I think a lot of mysteries of what happened to previous civilizations that have reached the Malthusian carrying capacity point will be revealed , I don’t prefer learning this first hand but we will have little choice . You prepare for the worst hope for the best . There is nothing new under the sun ,it has all happened before and will happen again .
            By the grace of God go I .



            Semper Fi 8541

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              I bought several 35 ft parachutes and spray painted them woodlands camo. Just one parachute can completely cover my jeep to the ground. The other would be used as a camp site canopy. Parachutes online, are getting harder to find lately, Cost about $100 to $145 ea. Excellent concealment technique during a bug-out.

        • Kulafarmer

          My daily driver is a Kawasaki mule 610,
          I Love it, real reliable, isnt the fastest, biggest or most powerful but she always runs and will crawl anywhere pretty much, only thing i need to do after 6 years is some better tires and a new muffler, use it every day of my life on the farm.

      • passinwiththewind

        Amen to that, Barn cat,

        I think most folks that live near town or the city, have a bug out/BO location in mind or already have purchased something that is within the realm of possibilities of reaching. A motorcycle could make that happen very easy “IF” most preps are already in place there or nearby.

        Having 10,000 dollars worth of preps an a place that is not a BO locale, where you know you most likely won’t survive “if” the grid goes down, and there is no car/truck/suv transportation available; doesn’t make much sense.

        Having those preps in a BO/out of town, location that can be reached by motorcycle/bicycle/horseback/on foot, does make sense.

      • Walt Kowalski

        I’m thinking bicycle…with a trailer.

        No fuel required. Some bike trailers will carry 200lbs. Anyone in any kind of decent physical condition at all could manage 20+ miles a day easy. 50+ is not out of the question, depending on the terrain.

        Bicycles are more quiet than motorcycles as well….And in some ways….moving at a slower pace can be an advantage. When you go faster, you might get yourself into an ambush just that much quicker. Moving slower might give you time to see it and avoid it.

        • Kulafarmer

          .”And in some ways….moving at a slower pace can be an advantage.”

          Yea, to the guy sitting off at 1200 yards trying to figure out how much to lead you with his Barrett .50BMG

          Sorry, couldnt resist, a good solid mountain bike could definitely come in handy.

          • Walt Kowalski

            No doubt. There ARE disadvantages as well.

            But another advantage, is the ability to move relatively silently……at night.

            Move at night. Hunker down during the day.

            That would help even the odds a little.

    4. Stan522

      The difficulty will be to decide at what point, based upon what circumstances will/should a flight to your retreat should occur. I would bet that most will delay that move until it’s too late. The normalcy factor will stop you in your tracks……..

      • Dean Gulberry

        You people and your “BOL”. Dream on.

        • Stan522

          If that is what you believe, you are wasting your time at this site….. go blow yourself……

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          After everybody bugs out to their bug out location, your homes in the cities, will be ripe for easy pickins for supply recon. Maybe your bug out location will be more dangerous than your home in the city especially if it is already taken over by a gang. Something to think about. Now what? Plan “C” Bug back home? You need to keep your “Get-home-bag” at your BOL.. lol

          • Kulafarmer

            Got to have a bug out bug out bag, to bug out from bugging out! Pffft””” ha, funny stuff, but definitely worth thinking about, i dont think anywhere will really be safe in some parts of the country,

          • Old Guy

            My home is located in a very rural remote place. its probably more secluded than most folks bug out locations. yet im prepared to leave if im forced to Leaving would be a last resort. And if I leave ill burn it when I go. Nothing left for some thief to make use of.

          • Barn Cat

            What supplies? I’m not leaving behind food, water, guns, ammo, or precious metals. Want my big screen TV in my big city home? Go for it!

        • the renegade braveheart

          Dean Gulberry, f#$% you!

          • Anonymous

            What’s the matter brave? Dean Gulberry hitting a little too close to home for your comfort? And by the way, I’ll bet you didn’t know your 1967 chevy pickup was designed by a college grad did you?

            • the renegade braveheart

              Anon, I never had a 67 pickup but I did have a 64 Nova as my first car that I was convert to a 327 with 4-speed, but it was totaled by a U-HAUL truck before that could happen. And yes, I managed to get out of the car before it was hit in the rear and ignited the gas tank. Was nothing but a burnt-out shell when it was all over.

              • Anonymous

                Nice try, but what in HELL does THAT have to do with anything regarding my comment?

      • Walt Kowalski

        Here’s the way I see it….

        If you wait until TSHTF….and I mean REALLY hit the fan….then it’s probably already too late to bug-out. I think the best bet may be to shelter in place FOR A WHILE. Let the initial panic and blood letting blow over. If it has totally gone to hell, you are going to be less safe moving.

        What you are waiting for is a LULL. Perhaps a killer epidemic has caused the SHTF situation. Wait until the plague has burned itself out before you move. (if you can)

        In the initial panic, the roads are going to be packed. Can you think of a more hostile environment?

        Eventually….it may become absolutely necessary to get out of Dodge.

        There are all kinds of variables that will determine when is the right time to move…if you move at all.

        You just have to think it through….not panic….and have a whole lot of luck on your side.

    5. Acid Etch

      Do any of you have large-scale storage of fuel on your property? I’m thinking of how to set up a large metal tank for gasoline without anybody getting wise to the game. I’m sure the fucking government in this blue state would love to levy some hefty fines over that shit.

      • Illini Warrior

        you have more to worry from your insurance carrier than the gooberment ….. there’s usually a restriction of some kind in the policy about flammables storage ….

      • Genius

        Acid, you could get a metal shed with a lockable door and put 5 gallon gas cans in it. Put plywood sheets over the first layer then stack more then repeat. Just don’t put it too close to your house. 5 gallon cans are good because they are portable. Be sure and use stabilizer in them and number the cans so you can rotate them properly.

        • Charley Waite

          and give up smoking!

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Charlie,the country is infected with obola,and as I recently gave up the bottle not going to give up the smokes also!You walk into a shed full of cans vaping out with a lit smoke or use a lighter to see by,well…..,you really were not meant to survive!

      • mike in va

        I have a 250 gallon tank with a hand pump. Got the tank and pump off of an elderly gentleman. He used to use it for his construction company. He sold it for 25 dollars. I paid a little more for the gas to get non ethanol. Southern States delivered it. I know 250 gallons is not much but it beats most. I have 30 more gallons in cans.

      • george

        buy a tank and set it up, preferably hidden but at least not in direct sunlight. Fill it by making many trips to different gas stations to fill a couple of 5 gallon gas containers. This is what I did to fill a 175 gallon tank. Use no-ethanol premium and add fuel preservative like PRG. Yeah it was work, I used 5 5gal containers each time. Nobody asked any questions.

      • WhyDieLost

        Acid, gas will go bad over a few months and mess up your engines. I used to have a gas generator with no gas storage because of that problem. Got rid of the gas generator and got a propane generator…it doesn’t go bad. I bought a 300 gal tank and a 125 gal tank just for emergencies. The generator will use 2 gals an hour so if the SHTF in earnest, I will have about 18 months of propane to run the generator. Go propane!

        • The Old Coach

          No longer true. In the ’70s when I was selling Hondas, gas would be bad within 3 months, and turpentine over a winter. Made lots of money every spring cleaning carbs and flushing tanks!

          Today, gas lasts amazingly well. I’m running my old Ford tractor on gas that’s probably 3 years old.

          Store only gas with no ethanol in it. The ethanol attracts water, and settles out. This may require buying the gas at a marina.

          Do use StaBil anyway. Possible that some gasoline suppliers are not treating the gas they sell the way my local company (Marathon) does.

          If you are out in farm country, farmers almost always have a “farm tank” somewhere. In suburbia, building and fire codes will almost always forbid any large gas tanks. Then all you can do is a separate shed with lots of 6 gallon jugs, combined with a lot of OPSEC. Unless you can get away with using a home heating oil tank?

          • ready down under

            I’m with you Coach – saw on a US website (something like American Petroleum Institute????) they said gas (petrol) is good for 12 months. A month ago I used the last of almost 2 year old fuel in a premix 2 stoke outboard and it went fine to the last drop.

            I never, EVER use fuel with ethanol in it.

            I store my fuel in 20 litre cans (about 5 and a bit of your gallons) and rotate it every 4 months into a car I do a lot of miles in. Therefore, the fuel in that car is always at least 4 months old – 235,000 miles on it now and still singing.

            I have lots of stabilizer but wont use it until TSHTF – no need to.


        • Mark

          I store 650 gallons in a gravity feed tank and it lasts over a year without additives. Gas doesn’t go bad as fast as most believe. Add a good additive and it will go 2 or 3 years.

        • Dean Gulberry

          Bullshit. I didn’t start my genny for two years or more. Started on first pull & that was several years ago. The engine doesn’t seem to be too ‘messed up’.

        • deepthought

          I have both, gas for the atv, mc’s, chain saws, log splitter, and it does NOT go bad if u rotate, or use pri-g. I use 55 gal blu plastic, and fill up at mapco away from my home in woods. i put sty ro foam sheets over the top, and a tarp over that, and ply wood over that to keep the heat off.

        • Old Guy

          Lp last forever. And very few will want to take it from you. Ive filled as many 100 pound bottles as I could. stashed in different locations. My little burro can carry a 100 pound bottle very easily. Placed where only a person on foot can access even if someone found it. they couldn’t carry it away. There are different blends of gas in different parts of the country. the gas in my area has ethanol and goes bad very Quickly. Gas loses its octane & Diesel loses its Cetane when stored for long peroids.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            You have any marinas near by can get non ethanol gasoline,you willing to pay the price can also get 55 gallon drums real high test,know someone who does this for his weekend muscle car.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          WhyDieLost – That’s Wrong. Facts are PRI-G for Gas will even bring back old bad gas. It can keep gas good for 5 years of more. I rotate my gas out about every 6 months though just because. Or use it up and refill it back when gas gets cheaper. You can also get PRI-D for Diesel. Read the research info on that.

      • CowboyUp

        Overhead fuel tank hid inside a shed. Buy a fuel tank/tool box for your truck bed and a 12v dispenser pump to fill your overhead tank.

      • deepthought

        I have 20/55 gal barrels, blu plastic, been rotating for yrs, and also have pri-g stabilizer from pleasant hill grain. works for me, and it is hidden in the country.

      • Mountain Trekker

        I can’t even find a refurbished 1000gal propane tank to buy. I now have a company owned 500gal but I would like to have a larger tank of my own, so I can buy propane from whoever I want, and one that will make it through winter without a refill. Trekker Out.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          MT,plenty for sale though a bit heavy,is delivery to your location the issue?

        • CowboyUp

          Buy an underground tank and rent a backhoe. Most farm co-ops sell these.

          • Warchild Dammit

            Cowboy,will the propane delivery folks fill a underground tank,i.e. can’ check on condition ect.?

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          MTrekker – What you going to doing the winter if gas runs out and there is none or unaffordable? How are you going to keep warm? Whats your back up heating plan? “1 is none, 2 in one.”

          • Mountain Trekker

            WD I have a friend that hauls propane for a independant supplier and he said a 1000gal refurbished tank sells for around $1400 and a new one sells for $2400 and he says the referbs are just as good, they have new fittings and a new paint job but are hard to come by in our area. I’m sure the shipping fee would play a big part in the cost. I live in a pretty remote part of the country, no large urban centers nearby, so I think the location is a big part of the issue. Trekker Out.

          • Mountain Trekker

            WWTI, How true. I will use wood as a back up, lots of dead timber in our area on National Forest and wood cutting permits are cheap, I would use this as my primary but my wife has breathing issues, so we can only use this in an emergency. Trekker Out.

      • Stan522

        Nowhere would it be more restrictive than the state of kalifornia….. here is what they state are the concerns:

        An underground storage tank (UST) is defined by law as “any one or combination of tanks, including pipes connected thereto, that is used for the storage of hazardous substances and that is substantially or totally beneath the surface of the ground” (certain exceptions apply).

        The purpose of the UST Program is to protect public health and safety and the environment from releases of petroleum and other hazardous substances from tanks. There are four program elements:

        Leak Prevention
        The Leak Prevention Program element includes requirements for tank installation, construction, testing, leak detection, spill containment, and overfill protection. Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) are the implementing agencies for the Leak Prevention program element. To find out which Unified Program Agency is responsible for your facility, see the Unified Program Regulator Directory.

        Cleanup of leaking tanks often involves a soil and groundwater investigation and remediation, under the direction of a regulatory agency. Responsible parties (RPs) who believe cleanup at their site is complete and are denied case closure by the regulatory agency, may consider filing a closure petition.

        The State Water Resources Control Board provides assistance to local agencies enforcing UST requirements.

        Tank Tester Licensing
        Tank integrity testing is required by law, must meet the requirements of the State Water Resources Control Board, and must be conducted by State licensed tank testers.

      • Winston Smith

        I don’t, but I wouldn’t either. If I ever hit the lottery (or have a middle class income) and get to finally buy a BOL, I will be building it off the grid and able to run without petroleum fuels. My idea is to build an old pickup truck to run off of wood gas and to run electrical appliances off of solar. The engine build would be optimized for wood gas’ shortcomings and as such would have higher compression than a typical pump gas engine. Cutting wood would be accomplished either through electric tools or a power take off on the pickup truck. I could do that with it in 2WD and a large belt run off a bare rim bolted to the rear axle.

    6. onematchwoman

      There was probably a wounded animal, and they shot it to put it out of it’s misery. And it will provide some more food.

      • hammerhead

        BUT , Were the shots fired from the creek or the grassy knoll ?
        Maybe the book repository. I dont know.

        I think the animal idea is best though it still could be the DHS or FEMA hiding in the bushes.
        Or maybe a gaggle of community organizers milling about in the bush.
        A wilding of obamacare navigators ?
        UH , How long till the next installment?
        I hate cliffhangers.

      • Navy Vet

        If you go to the website listed at the bottom of the article you can read all of the episodes. I read #4 last night.

    7. eppe

      We can only do what we can do….

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Eppe, your statements are so vague. “We can only do what we can do….” lol Ever hear of giving 110%+. Too many people give up trying then use dumb remarks like that. or it is Gods will. lol Its a cop out attitude, of trying anything new or more. You do everything you can, do then do some more….And after that do more. lol Successful people do the things, losers refuse to do or even try, because they can only do what they can do. And if all else fails tell a joke to really avoid the problem. Not meant to pick on you, but your thoughts become your habits. Its negativity to get a jobs done. People need to think work is fun, not hard, and they too will get more done in their lives and find success. Just ask any winning athlete. You think they say “I can only do what I can do.” It is a state of mind, of what your body can do. Athletes break through pain barriers, and hit the next wall and break through that one.. Winners far exceed more than just what they think they can do.

        • eppe

          WWT, they are supposed to be vague. all the chinese wise men used the minimum amout of words to get a variety of thoughts going in someone’s head. For example, ‘May you live in interesting times?’
          I do not need to write a book to get the point across…
          And since you mentioned it, since you are an athiest, where did we come from? Aliens? Where did they come from?
          I and others would love to hear your version of how we got to where we are today?
          Have you invented a power source that would do away with oil, gas, lng, electricity? I know I have not, but now you see why I wrote ‘We can only do what we can do?’
          Not meant to pick on you, but we all here would love to hear your version of a higher power, if you believe in such…. Could make a good story like Scientology…

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            So now you are Chinese. Confutious says ” He who lays his head on railroad tracks ends up with splitting head ache” and I’d you really like vagueness or clarity go read the Bible.

          • JohnFornaro

            Woah guys. Don’t get into the higher power argument. Both viewpoints, religion and atheism, as far as I can tell, are faith based.

            The atheists say, how can you prove a God?

            The religiosts say, how can you prove that the universe sprang into being from nothing, guessing right on all the physical parameters the first time, with no purpose whatsoever?

            I don’t mind any faith based belief system, but they are all faith based, without objective proof.

            Still, there is some merit, and also little merit, to both sides of the discussion between Eppe and WWT. One the one hand, “Winners far exceed more than just what they think they can do”. On the other “We can only do what we can do”. Either viewpoint can be held up to emulate, or dropped as a meaningless aphorism, depending on one’s personal viewpoints.


            • eppe

              But we still did NOT get an explaination from WWTI?
              I am a skeptic about everything, I would just like to hear his story about how humans came about, I guess we will NEVER know…
              Thanks, JohnF, HE IS ALWAYS TRASHING PEOPLE HERE, go look up some other rants he goes off on, just to prove my point. But I thought we had buried the hatchet, and would be civil to each other.
              Makes it not even worhtwhile to come to this site any more???

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Eppe, Everything about you can through that umbilical cord attached to your Momma after you daddy humped her.

    8. Burt Gummer

      A suicidal child killer?

      • the renegade braveheart

        Could have been some zombies, gangbangers, etc. I’m sure the boys had a good reason for shooting. I hate cliffhangers too. The story is interesting.

        • the renegade braveheart

          PS, when I was reading “One Second After” and a copy of “Lights Out” I had downloaded to my laptop and printed, I had a hard time putting them down. I really hate cliffhangers. Both of those stories were very interesting with very plausible scenarios. So far, this “Aftermath” story has been interesting.

    9. Acid Etch

      Mixing Clorox and ammonia to make mustard gas wouldn’t drive people out of a nest. It would incapacitate or kill them, and the door the structure would still be barricaded.

      A bunch of gasoline cans on fire wouldn’t cause an explosion; there’s not enough compression in those cans to do anything like that. It would however make a good accelerant.

      • Sinner

        Mixing Clorox and Ammonia will give you chlorine gas, not “Mustard Gas”.

        • eppe

          Working at Winn Dixie, 16 year old, night stocking, was told to mop the back area. Grabbed Clorox and ammonia, created a storm cloud of gas. We had to evacuate the store, fire dept. got involved. To this day, ammonia will get me woosy… Lesson learned..

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Eppe So did you get fired for that?

            • eppe

              No, actually waiting on a response on where humanity started in the WWTI Book of History….

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Eppe, Everything about you can through that umbilical cord attached to your Momma after you daddy humped her. got it?

        • talon1776

          At 1000 ppm would be instant death..hydrochloric acid build up in the lungs..anyone in your “retreat” will take down those barricades and give up…got it?…AE

    10. JRS

      Being on patrol, Delmar was situated in the crook of a tree about 20 feet above ground decked out in his recon gear consisting of his Raider football helmet, camo paint and a mylar survival blanket draped around his neck.

      When he spotted the NVA patrol sneaking under his perch he swung down on his monkey vine, planting a foot in each of the boy’s back causing the older one’s finger to tighten and a three shot burst to…

      continued next week…

    11. Darkstar

      I just read the next chapter and this is what happened……………………….nahhhh !! read it for yourself !

      • the renegade braveheart

        Darkstar, I think there is a link to Chapter 4 back in the last article. You did exactly right by not spoiling it for anyone.

    12. Sgt. Dale

      Here is what I think.
      The boys found that they need help, and the 3 shoots was to tell them to come on. ( a code with my group is three quick shots means to come fast we some one needs help, but this is their story.)
      When they reach the BOL by having to take another route.
      They go and find the tin foil hat guy (Delmar) and they find that the USA was attacked by ISIS and we are now at war with the damn bunch of the Muslim extremest around the world. Or Putin has WW3 Now UN forces are on US soil.

      Prez Obullshit has surrendered with out firing a shot.

      Jason, Dale, and Jim hook up with some Patriots and kick some major ass. Sending many to their 72 virgins. Or they just stack up a bunch of Blue Helmets!

      This my version.

      P.S I like the kid Dale already.

      • Genius

        Sarge, you mean the isis that we funded? The good thing is they will have US weapons so we can use theyre ammo after we toast them lol.

        • Kulafarmer

          Yea, didnt the us military disarm the iraqui people?
          Isis crap is what happens to un armed people, i have a sneaky feeling their god wont protect them if they think they will kill us off and take over our home,

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Yeah, Religious people should just turn in their Guns. God will protect them. They have no need for guns, do they? No need to have bullet proof vests either, God already promised them ever lasting life if they believe. Why Prep? When God will provide for you. Right?… lol If you don;t think so you need to pray harder…

      • passinwiththewind

        On the 72 virgins thing……

        what if……

        when the dead/killed, muslim terrorists, wakes up in “his” heaven, and there stands Mohammed. Not as a king all decked out an on a throne as they have pictured him all along, but as a shaggy looking bum of a pygmy character.

        He hands them a piece of paper and directs them to a doorway and the paper shows ownership to 72 virgins.

        Behind the doorway is their virgins, all 72. But; “not” young pubescent, dressed up, daintly little girls as they had expected; but all of them 90 year old men, that suffer from Alzheimers’s…..wearing diapers.

        In disgust they all run back to Muhammed each time and scream WTF?

        Mohammed says, “Not what I was expecting either, but they are yours for eternity, so clean ’em and weep”.


        • Babycatcher55

          And there’s no death I. Heaven, so they couldn’t kill themselves, either….brilliant!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Only virgins today are ugly 5th graders. If there were 72 virgins in heaven for each jihadists. Maybe that why Israel is killing all the children to help resupply the virgin count. That religion is some twisted warped BS eh’?

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            I bet Heaven is just one big FEMA CAMP in the sky. Doing Gods work everyday long hours for no pay. But hey the views are spectacular. Anybody know of a single person who actually made it to heaven? You know show “proof of life” any body a preist or rabi anybody?? Let me know. If not I have some swamp land in FL here to sell ya. I promise its high n dry.

        • JohnFornaro

          When Obama bin Laden died, George Washington met him at the Pearly Gates. He slapped him across the face and yelled, “How dare you try to destroy the Nation I helped conceive?”

          Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and shouted, “You wanted to end our liberties but you failed.”

          James Madison followed, kicked him in the groin and said, “This is why I allowed our government to provide for the common defense!”

          Thomas Jefferson was next, beat Obama with a long cane and snarled, “It was evil men like you who inspired me to write the Declaration of Independence. ”

          The beatings and thrashings continued as George Mason, James Monroe and 66 other early Americans unleashed their anger on the radical, socialist, leader.

          As Obama lay bleeding and in pain, an Angel appeared. Obama wept and Said, “This is not what you promised me.”

          The Angel replied, “I told you there would be 72 VIRGINIANS waiting for you in Heaven. What did you think I said?”

          • eppe

            Excellent one, JF….

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Eh,see myself more as a Delmar kind of guy!As I have not progressed in story to next chapter could see I might regret saying that!

    13. Sgt. Dale

      “G” YEP!

      • the renegade braveheart

        Sarge, good evening. I’ve already read Chapter 4 at The prepper Project. It gradually becomes more interesting…..I’ll leave it at that.

    14. Greyghost

      three consecutive shots is universal for “help”.

    15. Paul

      You really need to go back and proofread your material. There was a ton of errors.

    16. Dave

      After an event like an EMP where violence and chaos reign, you can bet that democrats will introduce bills to ban guns, “for the children”, of course.

      • Kulafarmer

        After an EMP event do you really think it will matter what any POS politician tries to do?

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Um Dave,after emp even if congress was in session how would they get the word out to the public,I understand your frustration and disdain,just better examples might help your points.

        • Night Breaker

          +1 on that , they will resemble the cadet in the movie “Animal House ” parade scene ” all is well , all is well”

          Semper Fi 8541

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          A massive EMP event in the US will actually be good for Americans and our freedom. The Tyrannical Government will come to a grinding halt. Their digital data bases and communications will go Poof..No more. I hear manual typewriters and carbon copy paper will make a come back. Not electrical ones though.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        I hope he and others like him take cases to juries and get jury nullification,the day we no longer have right to jury trial,kill all that enforced insane laws as we no longer have according to powers that try to be any rights,then it is all over for all laws.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        NE of Tampa, FL there is a big land owner that owns land on both sides of the Hillsborough River where the water shed springs begins. This lady tell me she used to kayak all the way up the river to the springs area where this guy owns land on both sides of the river. Farther South down the river is Hillsborough State Park for campers and kayakers.

        Here is what this guy did. The Guy figured out how to block the kayakers from coming up the river to the springs by falling trees across the river from his land, to stop all river navigation up to his land and fresh water springs. He does not want people to see what he is doing at the springs, and the reason is, He is robbing the fresh spring water to sell to Zepherhills Bottled Water company. But when you have a lot of money you can buy politicians, and law enforcement to look the other way. And this lack of water flow causes sea water to back up into the river, ruining below aquifers as the salty brine water seeps in. So There needs to be a balance of water control.. This Guy is a Corporate fascist thief robbing resources. Pay attention to the conflicts in your areas. Somebody is usually abusing or robbing someone else.

        • Jim in Va.

          Because of an executive order the govt. controls all water,lakes,rivers,streams puddles and even stream beds that have been dry for a hundred years. That guy will get his some day. He might own the land on both sides but the water is not his.

        • Charley Waite

          Sickening… Zephyerhills loves to squat on fresh water springs here in FL. They took the old swimmin’ hole from my childhood and bottled it up. If I want to revisit my childhood I just go to the water aisle at Publix. But seriously, you are damn right about buying the law and the politicians. Read any of the James Lee Burke “Dave Robichieux” books. Every book, the cause of the crime, evil, what have you is always the corrupt connection between local politicians, sheriffs and old money.

      • Jim in Va.

        Unfortunately the federal govt. trumps Oregon. Federal govt. owns all water from lakes to puddles and rivers to creeks. Obama signed an executive order that covers that. Can you say Agenda 21?

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Well,Jim,I could,rather say “Fuck that noise” though!I have a few ways of expressing that sentiment.

        • The Old Coach

          I know nothing of Federal ownership…. In many western states the STATE owns the water, and it is parceled out according to policies set by the state legislatures. This put a stop to the violent “water wars” that were all too common on the 19th century.

    17. talon1776

      A Time for Choosing
      If you have never understood how we got to this point in our country…please watch this…

      Live Free or Die

    18. the renegade braveheart

      Dave, if the EMP will be as bad as we’ve been taught, neither Congress nor anyone else will be “in session”. all the rules we live by for now will go right out the window and it will be “anything goes, no holds barred”.

      • passinwiththewind

        Yep and for those without firearms/handguns… it will be …

        NO HOLES barred. >>> O …

    19. CowboyUp

      I’m unfamiliar with the terrain back east. Out west, Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, Western half of the Great Plains a good saddle horse and pack horses would be the best transportation option after an EMP, CME or nuclear event.
      Being a prey animal their night vision, hearing and sense of scent is equal to any predator.
      The problem is they require a great deal of expertise to use them effectively and safely.
      If your disposed to think this way I would advise taking some horse riding vacations out west and ask lots of questions. You need lots of time riding.
      Horsemanship unlike bikes, motorbikes, ATV’s ect, cannot be self learned. Horses are not a possession, they’re a life style.
      A pack horse that is properly conditioned and packed correctly can carry 200 to 250 pounds of dead weight. A saddle horse properly conditioned can carry 350 pounds of man, saddle and gear.
      Mules can carry more but are sometimes more flighty and cranky.
      When traveling in hostile country with a pack string a point rider must prob ahead in daylight and return at dusk leading the main element thru at night. A drag rider brings up the rear and in open country outriders protect the flanks. U.S. Cavalry small unit supply logistics strategy.
      Also read Rhodesian mounted infantry in war.
      In non hostile country in daylight a pack string can cover 40 miles a day in mountains on a good trail.
      Everything else is relevant to conditions.
      Hope this helps.
      Happy Trails.

      • talon1776

        Until they 50cal your horse…then what? ya gonna feed that beast roaming the country side with blackhawks and drones will be in deep kaka. If that horse throws a shoe, gets spooked by a get thrown..break your own whatever..a live animal can only be a liability not an asset.
        Here’s the point I want to make…would it be easier to take out 1 million stand your ground locations or take out 100,000 coagulated BOL’s? Guerilla urban warfare is the only chance we will have…hiding away from the boogie man means only certain capitulation or least in guerilla warfare…the fight is taken to them…with BOL’s…you’re waiting for them to come for you…hardly patriotic and by that time…those in the Frey might have lost and you’ll just be a mop up operation..sorry if this offends anyone.

        Live Free or Die

        • Old Guy

          that’s why I prefer a burro or pony. Not a flashy paint that attracts attention. just the common gray burro (Rough looking like Clint Eastwoods mule in the movie a Fistfull of dollars) or bay pony. Mine are range animals I never feed them grain. They can thrive on the wild grasses. Ill simply turn them loose a distance away after they have packed whatever I wanted. I could bait a pen with salt and trap them later if needed.

      • Mountain Trekker

        I would venture to say that very few people on this site have the means to keep a horse and even less have the land to keep them year round. I live a stones throw from a Outfitter and even closer to a Guide and also have friends that all have horses and mules. And not a one of them keep their horses a their homes year round. They all pay to have them boarded at various ranches. Also hay ain’t cheap by anymeans and when the SHTF it will probably be as hard to get as gas. Trekker Out.

        • Old Guy

          Dunno Ive always kept a horse & livestock. cant remember a time when I didn’t have a Equine. I bale my own hay. Folks give me fields of grass to cut for hay. I make those small square bales. I can sell enough right behind the bailer to pay all of my cost. I understock my pasture and only need to feed hay when the ground is covered with snow. one burro or pony could graze on a half acre.

    20. Tree Guy

      Could you not make us wait 5 weeks this time? Thanks

    21. Earnest P. Worrel

      If everyone bugs out during shtf then that means I’ll be the only one fighting…

      • Old Guy

        everyone wont bug out. just the better informed & prepared will bug out. mostly dumb asses and lowlife,s will stay. Katrina is a good example.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Some stayed in Katrina as they could not take their family pets,who some consider just as much family as any blood relatives(I feel that way also).I would rather be with folks committed to saving all family members to best of ability like that then be with a herd of running deer for a fema camp.

          • Old Guy

            Katrina happened at the last of the month. The free shit army lowlifes stayed because they where waiting for the EBT & government checks to arrive at the first of the month. Like many here speculate 90% or more will die. risking my life to stay with a pet isn’t a priority for me. Like Is stated mostly dumb asses. Worrying & risking your life about a pet is a dumbass decision. Having the correct mindset and the mental fortitude will be very crucial to survival. Anything that pet eats can be food for a human. I like my dogs & other animals. However if necessary I could dispose of them in a heart beat. I love my family and would give my life for them.

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Old guy,expected that response from you,what you call a dumb ass decision I call caring for a family member.I would say from the posts here(all I can go by)you really are not a very happy person and really wonder why the hell you even bother worrying about surviving,am very comfortable with my mindset.

              • Old Guy

                Warchild are you happy living amonghst the aborginnie jungle bunnys in Memphis? Are you happy that you don’t own any land and plan to mooch off relatives in Georgia? You reply is typical of those who when they cant refute the truth & logic of the Message they resort to denialism and attach the messenger. I have plenty of incentive to survive. Comfortable?

                • Warchild Dammit

                  Live in Memphis/relatives in Georgia?!Nothing against the city or state(never have been there) but live no where near either spots.I do own land(admit,got a deal on family property)and work in many areas/travel where work is all around the”New England”region.You’re message as I get it is you do not consider pets family,I on the other hand do.I would say you not only seem kinda a unhappy fella but really do not pay attention much to others posts as I have stated many times on this site I live in “New England”.Yes,will also live in denial as unlike you in your past statements would not burn/destroy any property goods could not take with me,have hope some4one good comes across them and not only utilizes said property or goods but perhaps helps another along the way.Tough times have brought out the worst in folks but also the best so will roll the dice on it.I really do need a note in pack saying if found dead please use my stuff and help others if you can,hard to word it right.I also see no problem with friends/family what have you working together on a bug out location,not all even when they work can afford a home stead/makes more sense due to area rent/what have you.I am lucky that have friends all around that give me a place to rest as I follow work,and,they get some free updates/maintenance,could not afford to do this if renting rooms all over the region.I live long enuff will be a old coot,just hope not a miserable old coot,go pick some clover.In fact,in the spirit of sharing when I get home gonna see if I have any federal ammo and send it Genius’s way(only kidding!).

                • Old Guy

                  My bad I suppose I got you confused with braveheart. Im old and do make opposed to being young and dumb.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Old guy, I’ve previously enjoyed your posts and hell yes you got Warchild confused with me. So let’s get some things straight. I’ll agree Memphis is a concrete jungle with “undesirables” and the biggest reason I’m still here is my job here which pays good money and since I’m debt-free I can get more survival supplies at one time than I could have otherwise. My time to bugout of Memphis will come and I will be glad. Most importantly, when I finally get back to GA, I won’t be mooching off my relatives either, you old fool. I’ve never mooched, begged, or any of that crap in my whole life. I’ve always pulled my own weight, working and paying taxes into the system just like anyone else here. I only recently made another trip to my cousin’s BOL to store more of my supplies in her barn which I DID pay for out of my own pocket. I’ll pull my weight helping them with various things in any post-SHTF scenario. We’ll stand together against whatever the NWO throws at us.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              If more than Half of all Americans are dependent on some sort of Government Assistance, food stamps, welfare, Social security, pension checks etc, and the direct deposit banking system crashes due to a power outage or EMP, they are going to be soooo screwed, since most live paycheck to paycheck and do not prep. For many of these people, including those who get a paper check, they will be Bugged out camping by their Mail boxes waiting in frustration for a check, which will never arrive either. Then they will get pissed, and start their pillage rampage on the prepared, stealing other peoples food, and stealing and killing people’s pets to eat, start robbing grocery stores, and this is when the shooting starts, shooting people, cats, birds, and anything that is crawling. Another reason to have fruit trees, and gardens. But you will need to protect them from thieves.

              • Paranoid

                Who,I don’t disagree with you but what difference does it make about the Gov benefits? If the ATM and the E system goes; do you think your check is good? Do you think you can get anything out of your bank account?, Even cash, try to buy 22 ammo.

              • Slick One

                WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
                Comment ID: 3201652
                August 10, 2014 at 3:00 pm If more than Half of all Americans are dependent on some sort of Government Assistance, food stamps, welfare, Social security, pension checks etc

                That we who work have been forced to support.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Look on the bright side Earnest,you may have the whole area to yourself,might be a good thing.

      • Ugly

        No. It means everybody will take their fighting in the woods. This gives you free twinkles at Wally World because everyone is gone….

    22. Cold_War_Relic

      Off topic here but I think it’s extremely iportant for us;

      H.R.5344 – To prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions.

      [link to (secure)]

    23. jacksofhearts

      foolish doctors are endangering rural communities

      have two do-gooder christian doctors from my town heading to africa to help with the ebola outbreak next week.

      i bet they will receive the new ebola anti-bodies vaccine there and come home infected carriers of ebola in 2 months when they are scheduled to return stateside.

      just goes to show you even moving to the farthest reaches of the mountains one is not safe from the stupidity of others.

      especially delusional christian hopium doctors.

      this is going to be a constant problem and common over the next few years as amerika is invaded by illegals and health workers are exposed to a increasing diseased population , no matter where you live.

      healthcare workers and doctors are carriers of disease.


    24. jacksofhearts

      15-years old ‘Knockout Game’ Attacker Asked Man If He Had A Gun Before Punching

      A teenager playing “knockout game” punched a Florida man in the face after making certain he was not carrying a gun, the victim told police.

      According to a witness who saw the attack unfold, a teenager approached a man who was walking alone on Neptune Beach on July 31, the Florida Times-Union reported Friday.

      According to the victim, the teen, who was with three accomplices, asked him if he had a “glock.”

      While Glock is a weapons manufacturer, the term “glock” is also used generically to describe any type of handgun.

      After the man said that he did not have a weapon, the teen punched him in the face.

      Instances of the “knockout game” have been widely reported in cities across the country over the last several years. Carried out most often by teenagers — usually in groups — the goal of the so-called game is to knock a target unconscious. Several people have died during the attacks.

      Fearing that outcome, the victim pulled out a folding knife that he was carrying and pretended it was a gun, according to the Florida Times-Union.

      The attackers fled down the beach but were soon apprehended. The victim identified his attacker, who turned out to be 15-years old.


    25. jacksofhearts

      Amerikan Teens are not so Innocent

      Armed victim returns gunfire, killing 14-year-old gang member, police say.

      ‘Teen arrested twice in two years for robbery with firearm, records show.’

      An armed Lakeland man killed a 14-year-old gang member in a shootout Wednesday evening after both drew guns and opened fire, according to the Lakeland Police Department.

      Virgis Canteen, 43, had accused Davion Smith of burglarizing his apartment last month, records show.

      At 7:49 p.m., Smith and two unidentified companions began taunting Canteen in the courtyard outside his Oregon Avenue apartment before the teen drew an handgun, a witness told police.

      Canteen also had a handgun and, according to Canteen, the teen began shooting at him first, striking him several times in the “upper extremities,” police spokesman Sgt. Gary Gross said in a report.

      Canteen said he returned fire, striking the teen “numerous times.”


    26. jacksofhearts

      Rabbi murdered in Miami on way to synagogue


      (Jerusalem Post) A Miami rabbi was killed while walking to synagogue on Saturday morning, a Florida news station reported.

      Rabbi Joseph Raksin, 60, was walking to a North Miami Beach synagogue with a friend around 9 a.m. when two young men reportedly approached and shot him, Miami-Dade Police said.

      Raksin was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where he died shortly thereafter.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        One less Jackal

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        One Jew in Miami gets killed they call it murder. 2000 Palestinians Murdered by Jews in Gaza, and in which 1 in 5 killed are children, Jews call that justified and A-OK.

        The world has awoken up to these Criminal Cabal Murderers.

      • Charley Waite

        Let me wash my hands after scrolling by your post.

    27. jacksofhearts

      Drug addicted man, jumped into ground instead of swimming pool

      The guy was high on bonzai drug and he wore his favorite swimsuit and went up to the roof to swim. Then he jumped from the roof. But there was a problem that there was no swimming pool around. It was just hallucination.


      • sixpack

        One less idiot.

      • sixpack

        There was an old used-to-be pool there — he just didn’t hit it.

    28. Mamma D

      Dale and Jim are carefully making their way through the woods, looking around, trying to be aware of what’s around them when they hear a gunshot, it hits the tree right next to Dales’ head. The boys take cover behind a downed tree, sweating, hearts pumping fast, breathing hard from adrenalin pumping, look at each other and know what to do, their father having taught them well. They look around and see see a man about 50 yards away looking from behind a tree in their direction with a rifle pointed at them, the boys ready their rifles, and Jim throws a rock off to the left as a distraction, the man looks in that direction for just a split second, and the boys both get one shot off, accurate from the many times at the range, and drop the man. They are in survival mode, and the reality of what happens hasn’t sunk in yet………………………………..

    29. Uzziel

      Wow… it’s like a “Choose Your Own [Survival Fueled] Adventure” story book.

      You need to work in a half-naked Indian spirit guide somewhere… only for the protagonists’ hearts to break when they discover he’s only Puerto Rican.

    30. Old Guy

      Pack animals . a small burro or pony can carry 250 pounds. it can go places no motorized vehicle can. you can buy them cheap. ive gave away burros & ponies. You can buy them at auction for less than $25. And if it came down to it that pack animal could become food.

      • Mamma D

        Dang right! Free on CraigsList here all the time! I like a good old mule best myself 🙂

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          A sample of Craigs list add from Naples Florida, Time to grow your own Fruit.

          Many kinds of fruit trees, mostly $35.00 in 7 gallons.

          Sugar apple, fruiting now, $35
          One atemoya, $50
          One Cherimoya, $35
          Bananas, Burro (cooking), and sweet, in 3 and 7 gallon
          Barbados cherry, 7 gal. $35, 15 gal. $50
          One black sapote, $45
          One canistel (egg fruit) in 15 gal. $55
          One brown turkey fig, $35
          Grumichama, $35
          Guava, white $35
          Jaboticaba, $50
          One june plum, $35
          Longan, $35
          Loquat, $35
          Macadamia nut, $50
          Olive, arbequina, spanish, $50
          Miracle fruit, $40
          Passion fruit, panama red, 3 gal. $20
          Pitomba, $40
          Papaya, 3 gal. $15
          Peach, $35
          Plum, $35
          One sapodilla, $45
          Starfruit, $35
          Tamarind, sweet, 3 gal, $25, 7 gal. $35
          White sapote, 15 gal. $75
          Allspice, $35

          • Charley Waite

            Man, if I only could get some mayhaws. That jelly….. Mmmmmmm

      • CBGB's

        It’s people in the cities and suburbs who’d need a way to travel to their BOL. They’d have no place to keep a burro or two in the meantime.

        • Old Guy

          Well its said over 90% will die. Anything that makes a tire track can be followed easily. engines make noise & require fuel. Those who live in cities & suburbs likely are fucked. Im 63 and in better shape than most 40 year olds. I can walk all day. However I couldn’t carry a 50 lb pack very far. Those fast food fattened tele tubbies are not likely to survive even if they make it to a bol.

        • Warchild Dammit

          CB,remember the old coffee ads,Juan Valdez and his filthy donkey in your pantry with coffee bags on donkey!I was not surprised Juan and donkey in pantry,really just figured was a cover for Juan as actually bringing up smoke/coke from Columbia!

    31. Warchild Dammit!

      It’s official,obola has struck the island! ht tp:// .I feel bad for me mum and others on the rock with a thinking mind but since the majority of folks on the rock brainwashed deer in the headlights that fawn over folks like obola and billary,well….As me mum lives next to bridge that ended Teds potus run(Ted,congrats on soon 5 years sobriety)doubt she and others in area will have a close contamination risk of obola!

      • eppe

        Amen War, add to that Whitney and Amy Winehouse, just less than 5 years….

    32. jbird

      Question to all you men out there….. How old of a vehicle do you need to have so that it will not be effected by an EMP? 1975 and older?

      • Ugly

        That would be the era….if you are unsure, just look under seat of old truck and if you see camel cig butts then you know it is old….

    33. passinwithewind


    34. Anonymous

      UD is For Sale / Will Go Offline

      Personal circumstances no longer afford us the time to work on this site, so we’re putting it up for sale or if a buyer can’t be found, it will go offline. It’s making a little bit of money and has some decent links in with over 3,000 Facebook followers.

      We would entertain giving the site away given the right people and the right situation. [email protected]

    35. Sierra Dave

      The best BOV is a 2 seat Ultralight. You can use GPS and go cross country and hide fuel caches everywhere.

      It could take a few days, but you can ferry your family one by one over long distances.

      • sixpack

        There’s only me and my cat in my family, and the cat’s not afraid of heights either.

      • Kulafarmer

        Rotorway Scorpion,,

    36. KY Mom

      Japan Prepares To Release Thousands Of Tons Of Fukushima Groundwater Into The Pacific

      “A few days ago, with over a three year delay, Japan finally admitted what was clear to most from day one: the consequences of the Fukushima disaster have been far, far worse than officials had reported,

      and not only is the containment effort out of control, but that MORE nuclear fuel had melted at the Fukushima nuclear reactor than previously reported, suggesting that neither TEPCO nor the government have had any success in mitigating what is now the worst – and ongoing – nuclear disaster in history.”

      No need to be concerned…
      “officially the water dumped into the Pacific will be “decontaminated”…

      Highly radioactive water at the plant is seeping into the earth and mixing with ground water. Experts estimate around 200 tons of contaminated ground water are leaking into the ocean each day.”


    37. River Rat

      Be it a book, story, article, movie, or whatever that’s fine; just remember this, when the First Bullet Fly’s all of that is thrown out the window. What is coming is as real as it gets. We will be dealing in life and death! Be safe my friends!

      River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        RivRat. Got my cast Iron pots an pans delivered on Saturday. Time to try our one of your dutch oven recipes. When the grid goes down I will still be eating. The unprepared will be eating Rat Tar Tar… lol.

    38. River Rat

      Is it me or are we being conditioned to except uniforms. Look how more and more companies (as they put it dress code) are going to blue shirts and khaki pants, or at least khaki pants (for the most part) they are everywhere. Again, it could be just me.

      River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

    39. PFM1

      3 shots = SOS

    40. Warchild Dammit!

      As Jason jumped to his feet he felt a hand on his shoulder roughly shaking him.
      “Jason’Jason”Patricia cried out.
      Rolling over and opening his eyes,Jason realized he was in his bed with Patricia yet still cried out”Patricia,where are the boys?!”
      “Relax Jason” she said,”You where having a nightmare,the boys stayed overnight at their friends Stevies”
      Looking over at the clock on the night table and seeing it was on Jason realized she was right,was just a bad dream.
      Looking over at Patricia with her bed tousled blonde hair he grinned and asked”When will the boys be home?”
      With a smile of sin Patricia replied”Not for a few hours”
      Cue bad 70’s bass driven porn music ,the end!

      Yeah,I know,a happy ending,I am living in denial!

      • eppe

        War, like your version better…

    41. Pissed Off Granny


      I took up your challenge about Noah’s Ark as I see no one else seemed to want to……

      You would learn a lot and actually be pleasantly surprised if you would go to the Watchmen site I left for you.

      He also has some things figured out that you just might find yourself in agreement. There is truth there WWTK.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Thx Granny but I prefer nonfiction, and get my info from the library sections called History science anthropology physics math geology dna, ect. You should pick up a library card some time and check out a few books. They are a real eye opener.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          I might find that some of the books you prefer might interest me.

          Care to give me a list so I can do some research. You see, I am willing to have a “look see” at what your reading preferences are unlike what a closed mind you seem to have.

          You stated I said Noahs Ark came before Genesis. Where did you read that in the post I made, it is NOT there. If you choose to discredit what I posted please be truthful about it.

          You have let yourself be led by something to believe that the Bible is false. Would be curious why you believe that. Might be all the false teacher/preachers out there twisting God’s word…..hope that is not what seems to have led you in the direction you are going.

          Funny, you have the PTB figured out, but seem to know nothing about the truths of the most important Book ever written. Just for your information Jesus Christ also had TPTB figured out long before you were ever heard of; and it is the same PTB you and I rail against. Does that surprise you WWTI?

          • eppe

            P.O.G. I agree with you, still looking for his answer on where and how humanity came about…
            In the WWTI Book Of Human History….

    42. Be informed

      Atka, Alaska is active again. This means everyone can expect Yellowstone to once again also start rumbling. It normally takes a couple of days to a week. The quake at Atka was a 5.0, so probably so 3’s and some more uplifting around Yellowstone is in order.

      • Ugly

        The good news is maybe cabins will be 80% off….damn! they are still expensive. Will have to use my canvas tent….

      • Paranoid

        As long as the up lifting doesn’t get to be so much the roads get snow; going up there in a few weeks.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Para which entrance do you take from Casper?

          • Paranoid

            I’ve used them all. Usually go Cody, and come back Jackson

    43. River Rat

      6hrs and counting.

      River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Uh Rat,what happens in 6 hours,hope just more esoteric recipe posts and not some disaster!

        • River Rat

          WD: Was in mod for 6hrs on my comments.

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Perhaps time for a recipe anyhow,get another site tradition going,we have eppes jokes/your recipes/sarges aim small posts,my tired shop worn classic”The smalls add up”/Saturday relocation article/Kentucky mums live links ect.

    44. Ugly

      I think The End is near….

      • Kulafarmer

        Repent, the end is neigh,
        The Lord cometh!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Kula as was reported that was like the biggest storm weathet cycle in 22 years to his Hawaii. I wonder if HAARP had any hand in weather manipulation?

    45. Old Guy

      Breaking news! The jungle bunnies are Rioting & looting in St Louis Mo.

      • Slick One

        Time to call in the USAF B52’s loaded with napalm bombs and roast out the rioters and looters. A few men with flame throwers could be added as well for ghetto supression.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Go after murdering/steroid raged/trigger happy cops with said equipment also.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        You can take the bunny out of the Jungle, but you can’t take the Jungle out of the Bunny!!

      • Warchild Dammit

        I understand folks pissed cops killing unarmed civilians,but come on,burning your local stores/destroying civilian cars and stealing is not going to help,attacking the cop shops of denial and their cars can understand,but the stores ect. did not attack you!

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Charley,the civil courts do seem the only justice for folks murdered by police(not sure of story in this case circumstances),review boards and courts seem to side even with video evidence against taking any actions against police,when the civil option is out,there is no law at all anymore.That said,burning your neighbors car and stealing from local stores/burning them is a insane response,take the fight to those who started it.

            • Charley Waite

              Agree 100% to both of your points. Be well Warchild.

        • slingshot

          They attack the store because they think it is their right to do so for compensation for what think authority does to them. They face no resistance or the possibility of being killed for their unlawful actions.

          Let them burn down the stores. Drive commerce out of the area so they have to bus or drive to get things. Then they can complain about that. Just tell them to STFU.

          Al Sharpton is on his way to save the day.

        • Old Guy

          From what I read a unarmed teen was shot several times and killed by the police. That just seems to be wrong in so many ways. So then what was supposed to be a lawful legal protest turned into a excuse to riot & loot. Why is it only the jungle bunnys who do that? and they always riot in the hot weather. never a boogla boogla riot when its cold. those inner tube lips are just wanting to take that which they desire without earning it. Some how they justify their wrong actions and think its ok to be unlawful. They will eventually get what they deserve and deserve what they get. Civil unrest race war & martial law is already beginning.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Old Guy:

            Your truthful post says it all. If the cops would shoot a “white” kid and whites decide to riot, steal, and burn we would be shot down like dogs; and deservedly so.

    46. Alphonse

      Repent, the end is near. You bet this is a true statement for everyone at some point in their life. During my younger formative teenage years I thought it true during the Tet Offensive in 68. Later, during 22 years of police service, I was clutched by the thought several times during police line-of-duty shooting circumstances. For me the aggregate hasn’t spelled the end yet. Someday it will and the causation might be benign (He died of hemorrhoids). For all of us the match is going out for the the final, “Rage, Rage against the dying of the light…” Meanwhile, relax, i.e. went out to the Academy the other day and they let an old man drive the skid pan course. I didn’t turn in the same time I had as a 20 year-old recruit but still scooped a barely passing score. Smoke, mirrors, conspiracies all same-same stateside.

    47. Anonymous

      Aug 11, 2014

      those poor black people have it so tough in life.

      Looting Ferguson – Shooting riots after Mike Brown killed by Police Ferguson, Missouri Shooting & vandalism riots at Ferguson, Missouri – unarmed Mike Brown killed by Police Ferguson, Missouri Riots Looting Weave Shop Looting reported during vigil for teen shot by police A few thousand people crammed a suburban St. Louis street Sunday night at a vigil for an unarmed black man shot and killed by a police officer, while afterward several car windows were smashed and stores were looted as people carried away armloads of goods.

      The candlelight gathering was for 18-year-old Michael Brown, who police said was shot multiple times Saturday after a scuffle involving the officer and two people in Ferguson, a predominantly black suburb of the city.
      Ferguson Looting: Looting of Ferguson After Mike Brown Killed by Police || VIDEO
      At the vigil, people placed candles, flowers and a teddy bear at the location where Brown was killed. One group broke off to spray paint “R.I.P. Michael” on the street.

    48. Satori

      news you NEED to know

      Case Definition for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)

      Updated: August 7, 2014

      Early recognition is critical for infection control. Healthcare providers should be alert for and evaluate any patients suspected of having EVD.
      Person Under Investigation (PUI)

      A person who has both consistent symptoms and risk factors as follows: 1) Clinical criteria, which includes fever of greater than 38.6 degrees Celsius or 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and additional symptoms such as severe headache, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or unexplained hemorrhage; AND 2) Epidemiologic risk factors within the past 21 days before the onset of symptoms, such as contact with blood or other body fluids or human remains of a patient known to have or suspected to have EVD; residence in—or travel to—an area where EVD transmission is active*; or direct handling of bats, rodents, or primates from disease-endemic areas.
      Probable Case

      A PUI who is a contact of an EVD case with either a high or low risk exposure (see below).
      Confirmed Case

      A case with laboratory confirmed diagnostic evidence of ebola virus infection.
      Contacts of an EVD Case

      Contacts of an EVD case have different levels of exposure risk, as follows:
      High risk exposures

      A high risk exposure includes any of the following:
      Percutaneous, e.g. the needle stick, or mucous membrane exposure to body fluids of EVD patient
      Direct care or exposure to body fluids of an EVD patient without appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
      Laboratory worker processing body fluids of confirmed EVD patients without appropriate PPE or standard biosafety precautions
      Participation in funeral rites which include direct exposure to human remains in the geographic area where outbreak is occurring without appropriate PPE
      Low risk exposures

      A low risk exposure includes any of the following
      Household member or other casual contact1 with an EVD patient
      Providing patient care or casual contact1 without high-risk exposure with EVD patients in health care facilities in EVD outbreak affected countries*
      No known exposure

      Persons with no known exposure were present in an EVD outbreak affected country* in the past 21 days with no low risk or high risk exposures.

      1 Casual contact is defined as a) being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) or within the room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., healthcare personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations); or b) having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD case while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations). At this time, brief interactions, such as walking by a person or moving through a hospital, do not constitute casual contact.

      * Outbreak affected countries include Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Lagos, Nigeria, as of 4-August-2014

      ********** lets repeat that last part**********

      1 Casual contact is defined as a) being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) or within the room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., healthcare personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations); or b) having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD case while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations). At this time, brief interactions, such as walking by a person or moving through a hospital, do not constitute casual contact.

      this new variant of EBOLA can and is spread by droplet transmission
      this is not the same as air borne

      but it’s pretty damn serious tha it has made this jump

    49. slingshot

      Woke up this morning, (Good Deal), opened the faucet and No Water!
      Some people are freaking out today.

      • Old Guy

        Yep its no fun when their is not any water coming out of the faucet. For me that means I gotta go find out what went wrong with the well pump.

    50. slingshot

      Old Guy

      Have a shallow well. Good water but still filtered. If the electric goes down I can run the generator to it. If that fails I hook the inverter to the truck and move on. Even if the well pump fails I have another one or a pitcher pump I can plumb in. After that I have to head to the river with buckets.

      I do have stored water too.

      • slingshot

        Oh Yeah they piped city water out to me. Must be a break in the line.

        Backup doing fine.

    51. Warchild Dammit

      Sling,as shallow do what I did for me mum,attach on well side if you have not already a pipe to prime side of jet pump(assume jet since shallow)for shallow with a shut off of course,works just fine.For those with real deep wells they do make models 400′ pull and deeper,a bit pricey but we are talking water.

    52. slingshot


      The city in the past has checked for well attachments to homes and they do frown upon it if there is a pipe connection. Have to use garden hose.

      In there past on the news is that the Authorities have forced people leave their apartments because they had a water interruption. Me? I am used to an outhouse and woodland freestyle, but if you live in a subdivision it may be terrible for people. I have a older home with toilet tanks. I can flush by filling the tanks with well water. Imagine the new homes with those super flush with no tanks. Might have to put on the swim trunks, go out on the back deck and take a shower from the well water.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Sling,have a black bag solar shower,even with long hair felt it did OK,in tough times not only from a hygiene end but also a mental end a shower might be the uplift to help one face challenges to a small degree.I take it you have city water but also a well for say lawn ect.?Either way nothing if pump in cellor/shallow well pit a few pieces of pre purchased pipe and a few heavy plumber wrenches couldn’t handle in a few minutes,would have extra seals/water cups for pump,a decent picture pump about 30-40 bucks.Keep in mind also those bathtub bags,things getting dicey but have time fill one up,good for about 120 gallons I believe,buys one a lot of time on the water end.Damn,gotta stop coming home for lunch!

        • River Rat

          WD: On your solar shower get a kiddy pool to stand in to catch used water for watering garden. No waste.

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

    53. KY Mom

      Repost…1st post disappeared

      Vandalism, looting after vigil for Missouri man

      “A candlelight vigil for a young unarmed black man who was fatally shot by a suburban St. Louis police officer was followed by unrest as crowds looted and burned stores, vandalized vehicles and taunted officers who tried to block access to parts of the city.”


      • VRF

        the race war seems to be building ..little by little

        its totally stupid that they go and destroy their own towns..but one thing in all of this that most are missing

        the back lash that’s going to happen to the police when that “group” has had enough..If they are that thick in the head to go and destroy their own neighborhoods when pissed off..just wait until they get pissed off enough to destroy the entire police department and everyone working for it.
        They will take out their anger and feelings of being done unjustly , its not going to take much to get it started

        • the renegade braveheart

          VRF, if they bring their BS to my home, they’ll get the “Trayvon Treatment.”

          • Anonymous

            What’s that? You’re going to get the fuck beaten out of you?

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Our SHTF class clown is back in all his gory (not glory, nothing glorious about anonymous)….cute, anonymous, cute. We are all in awe of how damned intelligent you are. Barf!

              • Anonymous

                But of course granny, WHERE would we be without our resident religious nutcase who salutes her picture of Hitler daily and has memorized Mein Kampf?

        • .Old Guy

          Yep those jungle bunnys are really smart. they think ill show whitey yep the answer is to loot and destroy our own neighborhood. I commonly drove through Cairo ill. The riots in the sixties burnt down 75% of the town. The vacant lots and decadence are still there 45 years later.

    54. Mike the Gardener

      Just curious … in a non natural disaster SHTF situation … and you had a mountain home, would it be best to bug in, or try and make it to the mountain home?

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Mike,? too open information wise,a non natural disaster could be man made disease/emp/what have you.How far is your retreat/vacation home/what is the situation/are troops/mobs on the streets,where you are located now safe/supplied,everyones situation in a bad disaster will be different,really,you will be the best judge with what information you have as to whether hit the trail or stay in.

    55. River Rat

      Just remember after it happens walk the MILITARY CREST of the hill.

      River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

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