After the Crash: “What Does the Future Hold For Average People? Feudalism.”

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: It is difficult to say exactly how, or when, the next collapse will be triggered, but of course all the conditions are ripe for it.

    What can be certain is that the technocrats intent on controlling the future are already engineering the post-collapse society. Many of the Davos elite have been pushing “universal basic income” for all countries across the globe, and are leading people not only into a digital grid where cash is banned, but also into a society where private property and ownership are outlawed.

    They are designing a future in which you must borrow or rent everything you need from corporations or the government, if you are allowed to have them at all.

    You Realize The Universal Basic Income Is Feudalism, Right?

    by Daisy Luther

    What does the future hold for average people?


    And they’ll welcome it with open arms, convinced that they are embracing a smart, fair system that eliminates poverty. The greed, entitlement, and lack of ambition that seems inherent in many people today will have them slipping on the yoke of servitude willingly.

    Here’s what I mean.

    Have you ever been around people who say things like,

    “I can’t afford it, but I deserve it…”

    “Having [fill in the blank with a material object] is a basic right…”

    “Losing that right is okay with me because it’s for the greater good.”

    But the thing is, what we “deserve” is the right to pursue our dreams freely.

    • We deserve what we earn.
    • We deserve to be secure in our life, liberty, and property.
    • We deserve the freedom to go about our lives and decisions as long as we aren’t harming the life, liberty, and property of others.

    No one owes us anything other than that.

    But quite a few people are ready to give up their freedom so that someone else can take care of them.

    A lot of people disagree with that list of rights.

    They feel like they deserve a living just for drawing breath. As Gawker’s headline reads, “A Universal Basic Income Is the Utopia We Deserve.”

    The idea of a universal basic income for all citizens has been catching on all over the world. Is it too crazy to believe in? We spoke to the author of a new book on the ins, outs, and utopian dreams of making basic income a reality.The basic income movement got a significant boost this week when the charity GiveDirectly announced that it will be pursuing a ten-year, $30 million pilot project giving a select group of Kenyan villagers a basic income and studying its effects. As an anti-poverty solution, universal basic income appeals to impoverished people in Africa, relatively well-off Scandinavians, and Americans automated out of their jobs alike.

    Sure, money for nothing sounds great on the surface.

    But what would the real result of a Universal Basic Income be?

    Feudalism. Serfdom. Enslavement.

    UBI would fast track us back to the feudalism of the Middle Ages. Sure, we’d be living in slick, modern micro-efficiencies instead of shacks. We’d have some kind of modern job instead of raising sheep for the lord of the manor.

    But, in the end, we wouldn’t actually own anything because private property would be abolished for all but the ruling class. We’d no longer have the ability to get ahead in life. Our courses would be set for us and veering off of those courses would be harshly discouraged.

    People will be completely dependent on the government and ruling class for every necessity: food, shelter, water, clothing. What better way to assert control than to make compliance necessary for survival?

    (If you’re like me and a life of serfdom is not the future you want, you have to take your independence into your hands. Go here for a bundle of self-reliance downloads, absolutely free, to help you do just that.)

    Here’s a quick glimpse at peasant life in the Middle Ages, for comparison’s sake.

    The period of history from the 5th to the 15th century was known as the Middle Ages.  During this time, the law of the land in Europe was the “feudal system.”  This system was the manner in which the upper 10% (the nobility) controlled the lower 90% (the serfs or peasants).

    It is estimated that just over 90% of the population of Europe were peasants.  Most peasants were basically slaves. They were provided with a small shelter on an inferior piece of land and the “protection” of the noble in charge of that area. In return, they worked for the estate, farming the land with no recompense, paying taxes and having no control over their lives.  Some peasants were “free” and had small businesses: blacksmiths, carpenters, bakers, etc.  They paid for the protection of the “Lord” with money, goods, and services.

    Peasants had few rights.  They could be taxed at any time, were obligated to use (and pay for) services of the manor like mills or large ovens, and had to request permission for marriages, change of locations or educating their children.

    Each year, the peasant was required to give the best part of his harvest to the lord of the manor. The peasants were not allowed to own things that made their lives easier, like oxen or horses, for example. A peasant did not own the land on which he lived and was therefore obligated to live where he was told, grow what he was told, and farm in the manner in which he was told. They were not allowed to hunt on the lord’s land – poaching was an offense punishable by death.  They were not permitted to cut trees for firewood but forced to gather fallen branches to stay warm.  A peasant was not allowed to have real, effective weapons – those were reserved for the armies of the nobility, to keep the peasants in line and immediately quell any quest for dignity and independence.

    Most of the peasants seemed content with the arrangement because they received security and safety from the Lord.  He was obligated to protect them from marauders and barbarians and provide enough land for subsistence. (Learn more about feudalism here.)

    People will be trapped into servitude because they feel entitled to a lifestyle.

    Over the past years, the education has drummed a sense of entitlement into students. And now, world leaders are counting on using that feeling of entitlement to march society willingly right into a tiny gilded cage.

    The World Economic Forum is held yearly in Davos, Switzerland. It is at this meeting where a couple thousand of the world’s top economic and political leaders meet to plot our future.

    If you think I’m crazy for the comparison between UBI and serfdom, wait until you see this year’s vision for our future.

    Ida Auken, a Danish politician who is a contributor to the World Economic Forum, doesn’t believe we should own things. She doesn’t stop at personal possessions, though. She believes we should eschew privacy in our homes, that cash is unnecessary, and that even our thoughts and dreams are not really ours. You can read about her idea of a perfect future in an article for the Annual Meeting of the Global Futures Council titled “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”

    In her article, Auken idealizes feudalism, and the kinds of people who believe they “deserve” certain entitlements, like the UBI will welcome this loss of individuality and freedom with open arms.

    Watch the video below. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

    For more information about a futuristic feudal society, watch the documentary Obsolete, available for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and, where this article first appeared. She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  and Twitter.


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      1. Obama’s bubble has burst ‘HOOOORAH’… God bless President Donald J Trump.

        Nationalism not Globalism is a good place to start – MAGA.

        • Trump isn’t in office yet.

          Best to hold off on the celebration till he is.

          • They will run out of enforcers when they attempt to run people off their land. The enforcers will all be buried some damn where, burned, put through wood chippers, in cement, at the bottom of lakes and rivers. etc. Dead is dead. That’s why the American public has hundreds of millions of weapons and untold billions of rounds of ammo. And pissed.

        • “But what would the real result of a Universal Basic Income be? Feudalism. Serfdom. Enslavement.”


          Look around folks, that is what more than half of Americans have now, as more than half of all Americans make less than $32,500 BEFORE TAXES and BEFORE MANDATORY CAR AND HEALTH INSURANCE, neither of which is tax deductible.

          From a philosophical perspective I oppose UBI. But what are people suppose to do in ten years when data like androids will be commonplace ???

          Remember that I sounded that alarm here more than a year ago. Data like capabilities are on the shelf but have not yet been integrated into a single unit. Within five years that is a virtual certainty; within ten years, androids will be ubiquitous.

          All jobs will be at risk, including white collar jobs. The only jobs NOT at risk are political jobs, so run for office. 🙂

          • I see a LOT of androids at Obungler chant ins. But apparently they are using the old Intel 386SX processors, which one MSoft exec called “brain disabled”

          • So, if there is no need to work and no one works, where is the money for this UBI going to come from? The government doesn’t produce anything and the elites aren’t going to give up their money. I guess this is one of the flaws they mention in the video. Damn, there I go using common sense again.

        • Under Obama, the fundamental transformation of America
          Part time and temporary jobs – No benefits, low pay, no loyalty and no job security.

          No wonder the huge growth of those on food stamps. Under Obama, for every new job, 75 people were added to food stamp rolls.

          Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% of ALL NEW Jobs Under Obama Were PART-TIME

          “We find that 94% of net job growth in the past decade was in the alternative work category,” said Obama’s former top White House economist Alan Krueger.

          In other words, nearly all of the 10 million jobs created between 2005 and 2015 were not traditional nine-to-five employment, but low-paying temp, on-call, contract workers, independent contractors or freelancers.

          ht tp://

        • Arresting georgy schwartz would be a good faith act to seal the deal in my book!!!

      2. “I can’t afford it, but I deserve it…”

        “Having [fill in the blank with a material object] is a basic right…”

        “Losing that right is okay with me because it’s for the greater good. (The Greater Good Starts At Home!!!!)

        “I took it because I wanted it more than they did” Quote from a person I arrested.

        In the beginning a lot of these TURDS will become worm food!

        This the words of the Hitlery and Burnnie sheeple.
        That is why they will be in servitude. And I won’t

        I see this as a good time for me because I’m self motivated. I’m as free spirit and serve no man. I only server my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The way I see it is that I will have them TURDS working for me!!!! Because I’m ready mentally for this type of scenario, and worse. This is what 30 years of Prepping has got me.


        • Sarge, sounds like the POS you busted was one of those who were taught to see the world as a collective. I won’t be in servitude, either. I’ve been prepping for the longest myself. I’m also mentally ready for it.

        • Jesus is my savior too. All that really matters.

      3. “The greed, entitlement, and lack of ambition that seems inherent in many people today will have them slipping on the yoke of servitude willingly.”

        Well heck, isn’t that what they already do under the guise of ‘freedom’….they keep themselves in debt up to their eyeballs, working as wage slaves, hating every minute of it and repeating it year after year.

        Feudalism or slavery only works until the upper crust manages to ‘free’ their serfs so they don’t have to pay for supporting them, especially when old. SO much better to give them the illusion of freedom, yet keep them in debt bondage….people are such idiots.

        • TnA

          “Well heck, isn’t that what they already do under the guise of ‘freedom’” I would only agree with this statement using the idea (keep themselves in debt).

          Freedom gives you the chance to get out of debt. That is if you work hard and keep yourself from getting into the situation in the first place.

          Just like anything else you have to get in debt to feel the heavy burden it is, and how hard you have to work to get out of it, and how long it takes to get out of it. It is a life lesson.

          The problem is that the Guberment has made The Free Shit Society. When the Guberment changes or Crashes is when TFSS finally dies off and we start a new.


      4. When times get tough, only the tough survive.

        The others die off.

        Or so the evolutionists tell me.

      5. Credit to whoisjackschitt. Corn
        For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, “You don’t know Jack Schitt!” Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, you can now respond in an intellectual way.
        Jack Schitt is the only son of Awe Schitt.

        Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married Miss O. Needeep They had one son, Jack.

        In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt. The deeply religious couple produced six children: Holie Schitt, Giva Schitt, Fulla Schitt, Bull Schitt, and the twins Deap Schitt and Dip Schitt.

        Against her parents’ objections, Deap Schitt married her cousin Dumb Schitt, a high school dropout. After being married 15 years, Jack and Noe Schitt divorced.

        Noe Schitt later married Ted Sherlock, and, because her kids were living with them, she wanted to keep her previous name. She was then known as Noe Schitt Sherlock.

        Meanwhile, Dip Schitt married Loda Schitt, and they produced a son with a rather nervous disposition named Chick N. Schitt.

        Two of the other six children, Fulla Schitt and Giva Schitt, were inseparable throughout childhood and subsequently married the Happens brothers in a dual ceremony.

        The wedding announcement in the newspaper announced the Schitt-Happens nuptials.

        The Schitt-Happens children were Dawg, Byrd, and Hoarse. Bull Schitt, the prodigal son, left home to tour the world. He recently returned from Italy with his new Italian bride, Pisa Schitt.

        Now when someone says, “You don’t know Jack Schitt,” you can correct them.

        • Reminds me of a funny bumper sticker I remember seeing many years ago:

          “As a Matter of Fact, I Do Know Jack Shit”

        • Nail
          Thanks for the Laugh. EPPE would have been proud!!!

        • nailbanger, you remind me of Eppe with that joke. My first time thinking of him this year. Eppe, R.I.P., brother. We all miss you like hell.

          • If I’m alive cannot be this way; my ammo supply will last longer than that, way longer.

      6. Right on Daisy,,,Happy New year!

      7. One aspect of the Salem Witch hunts that history rarely recognizes…is the fact that the condemned Witches land/ property was sold at public auction after they were hanged. ( btw burning at the stake had long been outlawed)
        Also the young girls that testified against the accused Witches were very well aware of their parents disdain for the accused.
        Their parents said the accused were odd and very secretive people… didn’t fit in with others…
        Just sayin

        • Anyone like to play connect the dots.?

          ht tps://

          ht tps://

      8. My Great Grandfather left Sweden to come to the USA. He came because he seen a advertizment for the homestead act. He wanted to own land. Gambled everything came to a place where he didn’t speak the language. Arrived pennyless. and owing for his passage. He was sent west to work on the Transcontinental railroad. He didn’t aquire any the free 160 acre homestead land. He saved his money and purchased a entire section in south Dakota. and Owned three sections when he died. That’s what made America great was the freedom to own land. The Right to be king of your very own castle. And be entitled to all the fruits of your production. The author didn’t mention about those folks other favorite saying (Fair Share). They claim those that prosper have more than their Fair Share and it needs to be robbed from them and redistributed. They robbed the middle class jobs and prosperity and redistributed those making producing jobs to undeserving places. All justified by them under the guise of Fair Share.

        • Nice post. My Swedish side did the same. Too bad my leftist/feminist/PC cousins squandered all that away in their willing ignorance.

        • The term “fair share” irks the shit out of me!!! grr…
          It works on the false premise that there is only a fixed amount of wealth available and you can only obtain it at the expense of others…(aka: theft).

      9. This is a good description of the UK already today. Most young people will never own property or ever save and/or earn enough to own property. At some point they will give up having to work minimum wage jobs to pay off their debts and accept a guaranteed income.

        Something to remember with the role of peasant is the loss of sexual sovereignty. Under feudalism, the Lord and his tax collectors always had their pick of the best young girls (there was no such thing as an age of consent then: you could marry a young girl as long as you were willing to pay for her keep) and woman for sexual services. As they traveled the countryside collecting taxes and tithes, they would also have sex with any beauty they came across.

        We are seeing something similar happening with the Muslim invasion of Europe. They believe European women are there to be sex slaves. Muslims also believe the Dhimini (non believers) must pay a jizzma (tax) to Muslims. In short, Muslims and Islam have a feudal view of the role played by non-Muslims. Muslims are the shock troops of the neo-feudalism. It is in how they dress, how they organise their families and sex roles, the fact they are reluctant to work and prefer to draw welfare (a guaranteed income).

        • So; they should come to Wyo. The cute chick with the 38’s, actually has three of them; And her father, brother and boyfriends likely have at least 45’s. Eventually the Brit’s and the Germans are likely to remember they used to have balls and will solve the problem; if not; they all deserve each other.

      10. I had a family member ridicule me for buying land. They Stated all you do is build fences and pay taxes! They drive a newer vehicle and make payments rent and draw foodstamps. All their children carry a cell phone. I SHTF I will let them starve. Or maybe even have to kill them.

        • Buying land is a savings account.

          • With negative interest…

          • My dad alway’s told us that there are two things you can’t re-invent…the wheel and land, buy land!

        • I had heard of this attitude about not owning and thought is was fake…I don’t understand people much of the time…

      11. Old Guy, this article really got my dander up. I get so sick of hearing this crap about ‘entitlement’ ‘fair share’ and ‘redistribution of wealth’ til’ I’m ready to barf. I’ve always taken responsibility for my own needs and well-being. I’ve never been ‘entitled’ to anything and never will be. No one owes me anything and vice-versa. The only other mouth I had to feed in my life was my wife when she was alive and that’s it. They can damn sure take that crap about ‘fair share’ and stuff it. If you want something, take your ass to work and earn enough money to buy your own. Don’t go trying to take something from someone else if you want to live. You can go to the bank that our own sheeple would jump on the idea of a ‘universal basic income’ like flies on shit. They’re already brainwashed with all that socialist garbage anyway. I also expect to have to kill some after the balloon goes up because they’ll be on the prowl going to other neighborhoods to steal from other people. The drunks and dopeheads will be the most dangerous, next to the gangs. They’re all going to need culling. I won’t give them anything except lead if they want to start something. It’s all I can do to provide for me and my own. Not responsible for anyone else’s family and never will be.

        • Noah didn’t let everyone aboard the Ark!

          • Old Guy – to set the record straight – Noah preached repentence & Judgment for 100 years while building the Ark – NO ONE in his generation cared or listened to his warning of the “coming Flood”. You know the rest of the story. Jesus commanded his followers to preach about eternal Judgment & HELL… see how the world is receiving the Gospel to Salvation? But God cannot lie – this time HE will destroy the world with FIRE. Repent and believe in Jesus – the ONLY “Ark” we can count on to escape the coming fire!

      12. Frank, good one. In normal society in our country, women are rude, arrogant, selfish, and don’t expect them to pull over on the street to help you if your man, much less a woman. Most of them will be learing some bad lessons if this collape commences.


        • I’m up at 3:00am and walk 3 miles to work everyday…
          just what I special nothing.
          My bills are paid and my wife respects me.
          I prep for the same reason…
          just what I do, no special nothing.
          I don’t expect an award nor a hand out.
          Those who scoff and mock deserve neither
          respect nor aid when it comes to it.

        • No offense but my daughter is a loving christian woman but I made it very clear long ago not to stop and help anyone because these days it could be a setup and bad things can happen. Your point is a good one but who can you trust these days.

      13. I have to agree with Old Guy. Fuck entitlement individuals. I have to get up off my lazy ass 6:30 every morning busting ass to make ends meet, trying to convince people to do business with me, while some tell me to kiss their ass. My prepper food was not purchased to feed usless eaters, while I starve., fuck them.


        • I take little mini-breaks to come to this site, but otherwise work thru lunch and generally to midnite. I do stop for dinner and some time with my wife. Last year, I worked Christmas Day and New Years Day. Meanwhile, my lazy azz neighbor is on disability and I see her out jogging two miles all the time. A sister in law did an early retirement at 56, and is no making $7,000 per MONTH after working 9 months a year, plus all the massive holidays these teachers get. I could go on, but I need to get back.

          Key thing is I’m going Galt, and then all these free lunchers can all live off of each other… just like they are doing now in Venezuela, Greece, Zimbabwe, etc. I’ll work til I’m 70, and they’ll be stealing from me. I don’t intend to assist them with their theft.

          The fascist left are the true oppressors. Fact.

          • **now making $7k month** Sorry for the typo

      14. It depends. In the Black Death, there were a lot of people who died. For the people who survived, times weren’t that bad. Labor was more valuable. There were a lot of vacant homes. It was the healthiest people who survived. The old and less productive died off. If most of the people who died were old retirees, the unfunded Federal obligations would be seriously reduced. If people on public support died, those support payment wouldn’t have to be paid. Think about the dead people’s houses, cars, and possessions. Squatter’s rights. It all depends on how it would go down and how many people died. Really morbid.

        • A very good reason to avoid the magic potions being pushed on the elderly- it is no way in the ptb’s interest to keep retirees alive.

      15. HCKS, AMEN to that. Same with me. I bust my ass 6 days a week to keep myself going and do my prepping. I’ve always got something for ME. But I NEVER have anything for FREELOADERS.

      16. The sad, deluded “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting idiots at university, who often owe $100k for taking six years to get a degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology, just *willingly* sold their lives into permanent serfdom in their arrogance and willing stupidity.

        Yes, these are culpable; however the vile Learjet leftist banksters and Keynesians are even more culpable – and reprehensible.

        Similarly, there are many intelligent blacks (incl. B from CA here) fighting this horse manure. But the majority are actively campaigning – with MAJOR exceptions like Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Alan West, etc. – to be put BACK on the plantation after generations of their forebears gave blood, sweat and tears to get OUT of the plantation – and then they call it “black rights!!!” What a joke! They just LOST their rights. It is, as Huxley said, the height of propaganda to get the slaves to LOVE THIER CHAINS. Blacks, university students – not to mention a massive number of ignorant white adults – are all doing this. That is their right. I just want to be in a different country from them as they turn the best, most prosperous nation in history into the next Venezuela.

        • You are so right: the blacks do not realise the free money WILL come with strings attached. They will be told how to live and with whom they live. They will be monitored electronically 24/7 and if they dare to move out of their geospatial location, they will be set upon by the police and put back in their n#gger box.

          I also agree with Brian: I lived through a major crisis and this is what happened. Most of the guys aged 40 plus drank themselves to death. Guys from teens to their 30s were broke and had no money. and were viewed as losers. That left me, some guys who worked in mining, some US soldiers, who had the pick of the best-looking women in the country. They liked us because a) we had money, b) we were fit and healthy, c) we had bigger schlongs than the local race, d) we dressed better, e) and we had more exciting and interesting lives. That meant we had a quick in with any chicks from 16 upwards; as for women of marrying age, they tended to either be widows or have a drunk for a husband, so were very accommodating.

          • Sorry, Frank. Your first paragraph was right on – thanks. But any woman who marries for, as you say, “money, “schlongs,” “clothes” is a woman who will be divorced in a few years, and whom the man will be dissatisfied in the same time frame.

            It ***********also leads to the dissolution of the family***** which is one of the critical things destroying this country.

            With all due respect to you, my wife didn’t marry me for money, your so-called “schlong,” how I dressed, what I wore, or anything else. We married for love, and while she is a knock out, we were both more concerned about character, a strong walk with God, integrity and things like that. It’s now 30 years later, and our marriage is stronger than ever. Imagine if the vast majority of Westerners could say that? Do you think there would even be a FRACTION of the problems we see today.

            Your first paragraph is extremely perceptive. Perhaps I mis-read your last paragraph (let me know if I did!), but it seems like a paean to shallowness (not in whole – interesting lives, being fit and healthy, all are good things). I, myself, was not looking for a woman to be “accommodating” as you put it. Rather, I was looking for someone who had integrity, a respect for her own sexuality (meaning you wait until there is a complete commitment, i.e., marriage), and a commitment to spirituality. Truth is, those who live together before marriage have ~ TWICE the divorce rate as those that don’t. Reason is, research shows the lack of commitment leads to inadequate bonding, so people more frequently leave. So, again, with all due respect, I would take issue with what appears to be implied in you last paragraph

      17. Why didn’t more slaves in the Old South just run away? According to Holywood, it is because of being terrorized by slave owners.

        But the reality of slavery is a little different. Slaves in the old time were generally happy with their lives on the plantation. They were clearly better off than poor whites, whose jobs they had replaced; similar to the way illegal Hispanics replaced domestic Negro servants and agricultural employees, in recent years. Even today, educated upper class Negros still are contemptuous of “poor white trash”.

        We, Americans, are already one foot into Communism (what you call Feudalism/Slavery). The J*w Banksters are the Plantation owners, together with the J*w billionaires in business, media, publishing, entertainment, Academia, Sports, and Religion (J*ws took over The Vatican in 1958) (and control most Protestant Churches and all TV Ministeries). J*ws are the power behind the scene; and lately, they don’t even hide the fact, coming open by putting their people in Government positions, erecting “holy” symbols in place of Christian symbols, Netanyahu speaking before Congress (wtf).

        Yes, with so many slaves and so few Masters, why don’t the slaves just run away, or take back the Plantation. Unlike African slaves, there was nothing but wilderness before White Christian European Americans built this great civilization. Will we allow ourselves and others to live in America as slaves to rich J*wish and some nonJ*ws in Ivory Towers? I decline. What say you?


        • Yes Masa!I be a good knee grow. I has a job ans supports my self. Whatever duh gubment say I votes fo! I gots free cable and shit, How dare these whiteys try and stop payin fo my shit beeech! Iz entitled to my stuff mo fo beeech! I be senndeen my gangster son to kill your white cracker ass! You white bitches best be payin up!….

          • Avoiding moderation…..

            Yes Masa!I be a good knee grow. I has a job ans supports my self. Whatever duh gubment say I votes fo! I gots free cable and shit, How dare these whiteys try and stop payin fo my shit beeech! Iz entitled to my stuff mo fo beeech! I be senndeen my gangster son to kill your white cracker ass! You white beeches best be payin up!…

      18. This would not work, we have people who are way too greedy, who want to run and control the show, haven’t we already seen this. So with this they can control how much food you have and how you live in general, there isn’t enough now so how bad would it get if it got spread around? The elite will never go without, but you can be sure the average person would be starved out.

      19. In a sense, the majority of folks live in wage slavery today. They have to get up, commute to, work at, commute back to a home they don’t really own- all the while paying taxes on that home and everything involved in the process from food to gas. And if the carbon taxers got their way, they would tax your personal gas if they could.

      20. Once again, SHTFPlan hit the nail on the board.

        Did anyone care to read the last paragraph ? More fearporn from the dinky-doo bloggers. There is a right way to do this, and a wrong way.

      21. We have been in the crash since 2008. There has been a recovery for debtors. There has been no recovery for the average worker where now 1 out of every six American citizens have less than 1000 in savings.

        Most all good paying jobs have moved offshore for cheap labor and the CEO’s love it. They get to make even more earnings having cheap labor and I believe even if these jobs were to come back to the USA most are so beat up and stressed out they just gave up and moved into section 8 housing and they will not want to work.

        Do you blame them for feeling this way ? Not everyone is a taker and wants free hand outs. If these jobs come back they will most likely be low wage paying jobs for high tech service. Everything has been destroyed by design by corporations unions and government all working in concert with each other.

        Trump has some good ideas to jump start dead Amerika and make it great again. Lets see if he does what he says he will do.

        We are in very deep shi* and I hope good things happen for all in 2017.

      22. If you have a mortgage on your house and loan on your car when the crash really comes, and it will, this fantasy land of debt and deficits will not go on forever; you’re going to be someone’s slave or just lose it all and live on the street if you refuse to do whatever it takes to stay in your home; because you will not be able to afford the payments once the debt pyramid blows up.

      23. So really umm we already live in a feudalism I mean you don’t own your land the govment does. I mean try not paying your rent in the form of property tax…..we are all slaves. Technoserfs if you will. So this idea that a crash would be bad well maybe if your not prepped and don’t have a like minded community of at least a hundred people already living in close proximity to you and oh yeah helps to have a plan in place… of luck to you all

      24. If you are very young, you are the intended target. The people planning to enslave mankind, so they alone will be the undisputed masters of the universe, are serious. You are in disbelief. How could they possibly succeed, you ask yourself. I say it is because they planned this 3,000, perhaps up to 6,000 years ago. They have tried and failed, only to return to take up the challenge once again.

        Research the history of these people. You will find that they have a history of “oppression”, of “discrimination”. Why? Why do some people not like J*ws? Because 1. They want to kill EVERYBODY. That’s right. Their plan is to exterminate the entire human race. That is their ultimate plan. There will only be J*ws and a few sex slaves or other toys for the J*ws. You say, that’s nuts. It will never happen. You would be wrong, my friend. It is already happening.

        Go to Isreal. There are young blond girls routinely kidnapped from Ukraine and kept legally as whores. They have no rights under the law. Only J*ws are considered human beings. Therefore under Isralis Law it is lawful to rape and make a girl or boy who is not a J*w have sex or even to kill them or take their organs if you want to. A J*w is the only one with rights.

        You find this hard to digest. That is because J*ws lie and deceive. The character of Satan in the Bible is the closest thing to a description of the character of the J*w: a trickster, a charmer, a beautiful seducer who only wishes your total destruction, your soul, if you will. That is why he is the promoter of perversion, gambling, war, and dependence. He makes you dependent on him.

        Your laziness, your willingness to take the easy way out is his opportunity to insert himself into your life and ruin it.

        The devil J*w created all the wars in the past hundred years and before by the tricks of the Banksters criminals: “If my sons did not want war, there would not be any.” (Wife of Amschel Rothschild).

        The last world war gave the J*ws the power over the world. Now, using America as their proxy Army, the J*ws continue to gain complete dominance over those places in the world that are not yet completely under their control.

        By refusing to face the devil J*w and taking a stand for yourself, your own race (whatever it is [even the white race] you are aiding the devil who is committing mass murder on a grand scale in order to gain and retain power. You are therefore guilty of complicity. Your sins are recorded in the book of life, so to speak. “You are either with the terrorists, or you are with us.” The devil twists the truth. The definition of a lie is “the alteration of the truth”.

        __ “You are of your Father, Satan” Jesus
        __. “You are the master of liars” Jesus

        Jesus is boiling in a cauldron of oil in hell for all eternity.
        His mother, Mary, was a whore. Jesus is a bastard.

        These are the teachings of the devil J*ws.

        Take a stand before it is too late. Research these things.
        Claiming ignorance is no defense under the law of God or man.


        • You tell it Bfrom CA! But the bible idiots will never look into TRUTH! Ya know what? I love humanity….It’s people that I HATE!

      25. I am a fan of shtfplan and its authors but to state that Ian is a fan of UBI and Fuedalism seems to be stretching it. This article states “Ida Auken, a Danish politician who is a contributor to the World Economic Forum, doesn’t believe we should own things.”. I went to the website hyperlink and it stated for good or bad and felt this is where we are headed and wants to open the discusiions surrounding UBI. It does not lend itself, nor does Ian to a bias. Hmmmmm…..maybe I have just been duped myself….maybe this is how the elites win in the end. Get thinkers like me to see their “unbiased opionions” and believe they are “thinkers” for the good of mankind and not really disinformation propagandist. Be careful who you trust as they may have alterior motives….

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